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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magic servants

Magical Servants have been around for ages. First, the servants were called by the druids. Now, because of their example, the people of the earth have copied them. The ideal are improved upon every day to every hour. But, the practice is similar at the base for any method. To start say the name of the servant, say it three times. Then say, "I call thee to my side servant of magic to serve me as I will even into death". That is the servant calling method at its core. The making of a magical servant is different in approach. The simple statement with will behind it of "Servant of magic in which I make. I call you into existence. I call you servant of magic and name you [say your personal name choice here]. I call you out of the element of ether and magic! Come to me and exist now to serve me as I will even into death!" It will manifest in a form that will please you personally. Its normal form is pure invisible essence. But you can have it clean your house, it can serve you as any other possibility as well. Including the time scout position, the instant translation position, the maid position, and the defender position.

Another way of doing this is to imagine the properties of what you want the servant to look like. Imagine how he will speak. Imagine how immune he is and in what manner. Imagine the gender of the servant as either female, in-between sexes, or male as it suits your senses. Finally, imagine the servant's name and role said servant will play in your life. Now either imagine saying this or saying this out loud."I call you into existence, [say servants name] for the purposes I imagined you having as well as the properties you have in my mind's eye!" Say this in a strong sense of wording and of a voice of command. If you want to say the purposes out loud, go right ahead. It is your summoning spell. This is a shaping spell.

Summoning djinni and genies are following this formula. Imagine the genie giving you any wish you want. Imagine like a play in your head the djinni interacting with you. Imagine the responses and now at the last moment of imagining it, imagine the words you say as "Will you come tome and serve me as you do now where I live alternatively?" Imagine the response as "yes, my master, I will come and serve you at once!"Now, wake up. When you do, there will be a genie in some form in front of you or he didn't come at all. Why wake up? Because of the fact that you have to lure one out of imagination and dreams. That is in truth where they live. If it says "I will give you three wishes, master." Say, "I wish for unlimited wishes in unlimited amounts" Now, you don't have to worry about having just three wishes. Normally genies give unlimited wishes without any compunctions thus watch what you wish for.

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