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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Astral travel across the veil

  Astral travel across the veil is simple, as all you need to do be to focus your mind and calm your thoughts. Then, you enter the astral plane by thinking about entering the astral plane and falling asleep. As you fall asleep, you are then in the astral and thus its a thought, that allows us to go across the veil using the power of the veil wall. As, the veil is a part of our minds and is somewhat physical as well. So it will respond to our thoughts and 'shift' us there. Thus, by our will we are then on the other side of the veil, where all the energy is.

  When you are there, it will only take two minute or less to turn into energy. And, then we are formed as we want to be formed, physically and inphysically. Able to go anywhere by a thought, except where you aren't willing to go. So, when you want to return from the astral plane. Think of returning to your physical plane of existence. And, fall asleep in the astral. Then you will wake up in the physical plane again. Or, have someone 'pull' you back to the realm you came from.

 Most information by Immortis, the rest from Skyhawk.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Moon Fang

 The spell to cause the idea of which you want, while you are causing harm on someone else who you thought on, while chanting the spell or willing it. How much harm thats done, is due to the moon phase and it also makes a difference in how the fang that forms from the ritual effects people. Its cast, by stating or willing the words 'cause the moonfang!' Or, focusing the lunar energy and casting it forth to strike into a person as though it were a fang of a venomous snake. As, you think on the person or thing. With a positive moon the Fang that forms, is also positive.

 The Fang thats positive causes damage by making energy overwhelm the person as though bitten by the fang and energy flows through. This can be used to knock out defenses. The positive moon starts on the beginning of the waxing cycle. Making little impact on the starting stages, of the waxing moon and has allot of power, on a full moon.

 The negative Fang, is opposite of the positive Fang, in that it drains energy to you and the moon. On infliction of the Fang into a person, you will notice the person falter or become slightly pale. Then, the energy is drawn into you. This can selectively draw in certain energy, but must be stopped before it causes the person to die, unless that was your intention. Another effect is the person is more easily suggested to. The power of the negative Fang is weakly done effects on the beginning waning moon, and allot of negative effect on the new moon. An eclipse is very unique as its likely to cause double the impact in energy of negative means.

 The Moon Fang also does what you want as in manifestation of almost any effect, except that which is blocked. This is done differently per positive and negative moon phases. The effect of a positive moon is to create idea and through energy thats from the moon. The effect of a negative moon is to cause the idea to occur from drained energy and by people interacting. The Fang can look like a hook made of energy. So, its sometimes a surprise for people. As you might notice, the more activity you do with self, causes the moon fang to be more powerful.

 The base idea is that when the fang of the moon forms, it can effect whomever you want. So it can be used to target diseases and cause them to be removed. It made one person inflicted by it very nervous around people, and they found it quite hard to talk.

 To undo the effect of the Moon Fang effect, think to the moon 'undo the moonfang!' Or, imagine the sunk in fang to disappear from the afflicted person. And, it should dissipate.

 There is a greater moonfang,  it is adding in energies to the moon fang effect from other sources. Mainly earth, wind, gravity or other energies.

 Due note: This be a reminder to adjust for the phases. The new moon is when no actual positive magic actually works but there's more physical activity. The eclipse is when the energy is doubled and with a negative impact as it causes physical activity to be doubled or tripled.

Magic colors classification

 This article is an attempt at classification about the effect of different colors with magic and what they mean when used. Its only an interpretation so its not entirely true, unless you want it to be. What they do and how to use them are possibly included. So, when we think of them, we can get a basic idea on what they are.

  Dark blue or Deep blue magic is mana magic; It's related to 'mana' reserves and meditation by being about mana and how to use it. Mana would best be described as a special magical energy that is especially infused with will. It's not seen or thought of much, but exists in some form or another and it's related to meditation as good meditation can be used to replenish it. Clearing your mind draws energy to yourself, and a certain form of meditation is to do accomplish that exactly: relax, clear your mind, and draw in the energy to replenish and increase power.

  Meditation can, in turn, be used to focus that reserved mana on carefully intended effects. It has advantages and disadvantages versus more whimsical attempts at effects. A good chaos mage can cause an effect with an extremely willful focus that is disguised as whimsical to himself to bypass the inhibition of his conscious self.

  Silver, Gray, Red or in-between magic is all the same and is partially mind magic and more white and black magic. This red or Gray magic is a study of neutral mental arts of white and black magic including poison, curses, healing and idea effects. The active balanced magic is effective of taking the bite out of black magic and using white magic to do this. Making it neutral and doing things with a conscious modified to allow for idea with an open mind and not open to evil thats unnecessary. If you keep this in mind then you are a red mage as you attempt both styles. An added benefit is psionics are way improved as it takes your focus to improve effort and make kaomancy (chaos manipulation of destructive forces or raw energy) or alamancy (art of depicting an act, speaking, feeling or imaging to get an effect). But rituals by kung fu are most useful.

  Silver blue magic is electricity magic, in which you draw the power within yourself to manipulate the electricity from without. Meditation helps draw in an etherical form of electricity, for use as a personal force. Its very bad to use if you use it for a long time, as you can get delusions and a big head. If used carefully, you will not be unconscious after the first jolt of electricity is applied to create a manifest.

  Blue magic would be absorption magic, where you absorb the magic to use it in a directed and focused effect. Blue magic is the actual act of capturing any spell or radiation sent to you, albeit an attack or aid spell. To do this you must be born with the ability of the blue mages. However if you were so lucky as to be born with it, you can use it using this technique.

  Alright, you need to focus, Focus on the thought of a auratic shift of yourself. When you attempt this, shift focus your magic by imagining a blue coloration to your aura or feel the effect to occur. Then, Allow the spell or radiation to hit you or if recognized, feel the energy sucked into your body with a felt energy suction. It will be absorbed into your body which you can use to fuel your body relieving fatigue. It can also fuel your spells creating even more effect. When you want, use the spell or radiation energies as you want. This is blue magic.

  Green is earth, so it has an earthen magic form as well. Channeling with it is a part of this, as well as causing blocks and idea manifestation. Green magic is to cause effects regarding and through nature and the power of our earth. an advantage is to draw from the insane power that the has to offer, but as there many great sources of energy, such as the sun, this isn't its most unique feature. What is unique, though, is to work magic through its power and work with the earth.

  For instance, asking the blessing of the earth, causing effects that the earth finds beneficial, and attempting to meditate on the earth to tune with it. This will sync your wills to some extent, causing more harmony and better and more powerful/mutually beneficial cooperation and will prevent you from acting against in the earth through some effect. So the earth is like a big mother willing to help you under certain conditions, but its conditions are pretty fair and easy to work with, so it's best to use some green magic in most things you do to make things work out better.

  White magic is study of good and manipulation arts along with god magic. Healing and control by arranging events of area. Use of herbs are very restorative or poisonous to bear usage and either purge diseases, wipe unordered chaotic energy or cause diseases. A white magus can be used for a cleric replacement and is a priest of order or order magus. The attempt to make idea happen by focusing the words for positive magic effects, is to allot for prayers and ritual with sometimes more than one person. Banishments are necessary for an order priest and will detail by you effecting to know the ghost and then use the name if possible in the ritual with at least one lit nonred candle if possible. but you can use a circle of protection or iron will and critical thinking as a protection. The iron will reflects or resists the effect and the doubt of the critical thinking allots for disbelief of the negative magic. Think, its just an opinion. Now the ghost can be gotten rid of by saying the ghost name or just "ghost" and then "begone!" in a demanding voice.

  The rest of the functions are to write their book of shadows and efficiently illustrate it, while you effectively keep your secrets. For a person to write they understand what to erite, so do not write with unclear mind. Unless its purposeful ae protrection sake or any other. Self practice makes any ritual and a ritual is kung fu or continuous practice on a thing or idea until effecient in it. A way to gain the information is to ask, apprentice or meditate. To ask, find the right person and only in a good mood or a mood to get away from you, In their irritation they will answer for purposes of getting their irritant away from them or to quiet down.

  Due note, those of white magic are noticed unless distraction is there and may be with practice; afflictive or unafflictive in personality. Those of afflictive nature will accost the irritative and manipulate as the want to unless theirs no gain in it. The unnafflictive will do as necessary to gain their needs but not accost as it might get attention.

  Black magic, the study of deadly and deceitful arts shown by Necronomicom, and the book of the damned and dark art rituals book. This can also seem like yellow magic as well. I will explain the deceit spell as an example, use 3 black candles or feel three being lit near you. Even if not seen, they will still be there and the subconscious will make it real if you imagine it as well. Then feel your self speak on things after using an inversion filter to aura and invert the aura. The aura should change to a blackish color. and when you speak it will be deceit under pressure.

  Another way is to speak or say mentally to none or think 'ether' and then speak, "May I speak coy under pressure, where necessary, I wish not to be under truth serum. So mote it be!" To undo it speak "unn" but this spell offers hope even under truth serum.

  Brown magic is study of most magics including time and god magic that are put to use. Plus, manipulation of corruption. Some might think brown magic is also earth magic, it really isn't. All examples herein are a study of this field. The idea the practitioner follow are to gain what they can using balance, nonviolence and individualism. Their goal is to profit where they can and use what they learn to promote better idea and attitude amongst people. Causing peaceful intent by somewhat deceitful or manipulative actions with crooks and openness toward honest people but only if they aren't threatening. Otherwise they will avoid it and shift to else as an activity, and the effort to achieve makes it seem a necessary principle for businesslike professionalism.

  This may go so far as to be a unreasoning or controlled killing behavior pattern to make a bad idea go away. This may go far the other way of stealing so its only if they see no other way. Due note: the act of owning is divine but you may get hostile reactions. So persuade by hypnotism to avoid destruction or psychology and reverse psychology to make things smoothed over. Alternative methods use reverse engineering on the situation to see how to fix it to you advantage. Using these tips you create an idea image to not step on peoples toes to go up a level.

  An example of time magic is a long and short method. What you need is focus on three events related to the time. After this think of the place and the moment with you appearing in the area. With ability and event focus you then say "tysyt" (tih-sit) and feel the shift. Then you might feel a tension in air with a slight blackout or a motion of disturbance and then you might wake up where you wanted, or appear with a little nausea. The worst that can happen is you can wake up in another body but you can get in your normal body. To get back is to focus on any one or two objects or idea of home and it will shift you back. What might help is to say "syt" (sit) and feel the shift.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family and psychic links

 Have you noticed psychic links between family members or perhaps even really close friends? Or maybe even someone you wouldn't expect a psychic link with. We've all heard about twins with ESP, but that's harder to understand stuff. Psychic links are useful when you can finish each others sentences and communicate without words.

 What I've noticed is definite but not necessarily intended psychic links between different people. Immediate family members seem to be born with them, and of course, these links usually only strengthen with time, although surely bad things happen to weaken the links- families breaking up, relationships straining, inner-fighting, etc.

 People in love obviously develop links over time, probably in quick spurts too, although the strength and rate of growth of the link is variable in any situation. Friends can develop psychic links, owners and pets of course.

 I think a large part of friend/more casual love relationships is 'strands' of these links that develop suddenly, almost poofing into existence in some cases. Sometimes the links solidify due to more time spend together and more strands of link created by interaction and stuff.

 So if you have some friends that hang out a bunch, they'll almost definitely have some sort of psychic link, which is of course largely dependent on their magic attributes, whether they're practicing mages or not. And at this point especially, I'm using the term 'psychic link' for more than just telepathic/empathic communication, now more extending into a connection of two or more souls in multiple ways, including but not limited to psionic links.

 And when those two friends, for example, stop hanging out for weeks suddenly, a lot of the more recent, quick-emerging but not-really-mature/developed links tend to die off, perhaps leaving one or both with a feeling of disconnection with the other person, although the developed/mature links between them will still exist as long as they're not somehow destroyed, or neglected so very long that the whither away.

 A key truth is this, any sharing of energy will form links. The more energy thats shared by working with someone or something, the harder it is to break that link. Its the breaking of those links that is almost too hard, if you share enough energy. So its best to let the link energy dissipate after not dealing with the person and then attempt to break it by refusing them.

 And, some psychic links are possibly carrying the emotion and terror you might have. Where the link also may carry the neglect of the moment, too. So since some can't break the links easily, bear with it till the linkage effect ends. As by thinking of the person, you can form a link that shares your mind and emotion. This could be a key that allows you to end the link, simply not thinking of the linked person.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Strategies to get what you want

   To get what you want, is very simple and may seem like magic, but takes strategy and the right tone of voice. Also, doing something nice for the person will cause them to be more agreeable. Your will needs to be strong and that should be reflected in your tone, but not enough to anger/alert them, to get the job done. There are four strategies so far with an optional one.

  The ask to borrow it strategy: This strategy is the strategy that consists of asking, 'May I borrow [whatever]?' And this takes an innocent but firm tone in your voice when you ask. Otherwise they might be suspicious.

  The ask to have it strategy: When you ask to have something, your asking to get something from someone and if they don't want to give, that the end to the this. So to begin, 'May I have that?' or 'May I have [whatever]?' is asked. Then you point to the item you want and you either get what you want or you don't. The right tone of voice is the 'I seem to not be able to get it' tone.

  The ask if you have it strategy: This strategy is to ask a person, 'Do you have [whatever]?', and with the tone of voice that you expect them to have the item or for you to get it requires a firm expectant tone. If you did something nice for them before, then they might give it to you or they will just say yes.

  The stress and pressure them strategy: The stress and pressure technique is to Tell them that they owe you the item or money, first. Then they will feel pressure about it and somewhat guilty if they do owe it to you. Adding a 'May I get it from you?' or 'Do you have it now?' will cause them to be spurred into action. The right tone of voice is to state the idea with firmness and seem forgiving or unforgiving if they didn't have it before. Be sure to remind them as often as you want, but only ask once per day. This technique of a strategy is very good at causing them to remember and do and works better than the other three strategies and very important is willingness to work with the subject.

  Optional peer strategy: There is this peer strategy to get what you want. Get someone of authority to put in a good word for you and the item, service or money comes to you easier. This is optional and more easily done, with the right people associated with.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The world onion

  These onion levels are levels of the world onion and each one represents a general level that holds similar connected levels. They aren't exact, but they will work in a pinch. The levels of perception listed herein, are here @ .

World Onion levels:

Normal level
  This be the general level where we normally perceive things. This is effected mostly by the A level perception.

Positive level
  This is the predominant level of which is having things that are built up. Some things can leave you feeling dominated. There is a general outlook of positive nature, to the levels within this general level. Considered to be effected by E level perception.

Reverse level
  This general level is represented by reverse idea or moments, where there are recorded of two reverse levels. This is being effected by I level perception.

  In reverse world 1, things can be reversed in a moment and idea is opposite. This level houses most the opposite moment levels.

  In reverse level 2, is where people are reversed in their nature and yet naturally seem positive. It houses most the opposite type people levels.

Straightforward level
  This general level precludes things and makes them straightforward. Like making you think going straight is to get somewhere. This is to house some of the stranger levels of the world onion. This is effected by some O level perception.

Pattern match
  This general level is where there is matches in the pattern or some set moment of reality to help recognize idea and events there. Time seems to move by the pattern. This level holds some of the different levels of reality. This is effected of personal U level perception, mostly.

Pattern Recognition
  This general level uses memory and makes the memory helps you understand the reality of the moment. If you don't have a memory of whats occurred, then you won't remember some of this level. This is effected by the Y level or the wild level perception. This level houses many of the different levels that exist in the world onion.


  To shift between them, you may think about them or the level you want to be in or do something of the pattern that is suggested by the level. It depends on the memory and anything can bring the memory. So speak about the level or place to shift to, and you might end up there. When you are 'there' things will shift naturally into place, as well as your outlook. When you goto another level of reality, you may actually cease to exist on the level you came from or you may actually have forgotten you shifted your perception.

  So you can return to the normal reality of the level as though you were born there by becoming impacted, in the body and that impact brings a memory and that shifts your perception. Such as a pinch or a hit of some sort that causes you to remember the normal reality. A touch will do it. This touch can make you come back to your senses. Perception unlocks the realities. And sometimes you can dissassociate with other levels.

  To some, they're cool ideas of what else exists, but when they try to shift, the vast majority of the time, they end up just creating their own space on the astral realm where the same rules apply. So this doesn't fit with everyone.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The shapeshift trick

This method only works, for those who need it and desire their body to change, as its only a trick. It won't work for everyone. However, it might also work for those who believe it will work and desire it, while using the phrase as a key release of tension. Its real enough that its full on if you wait long enough thinking to transform into some shape, all your doing is altering your DNA to create the shapeshift.

Shapeshifting, this is where you think about the shape and it changes your form by activity that sets it off, sometimes activity you do, that is the active part of the brain..this creates the shift in the body. other times, thinking about the change, that makes the body's based on hormones. it's tingling of the body, that is what makes the change and it's an indicator that you have. look in a mirror then you'll know, especially if you state the intended shape to the mirror, however there is a point that it stops and your body is done with that for now.. So think about that and you will do what is necessary.

Say you think to shape yourself into becoming a fox human, although this takes a longer period of time. As long as you can imagine the shape and form you can do the idea. See you have a backup of your original formation in your RNA, that allows you to seem like any shape or form. So your not in any danger of remaining in a shape that you don't want to be. As if you needed to seem yourself again, then you are transformed back into yourself. So what you do in that body doesn't affect your old one. So if you gained/lost weight or something in your transformation, then your old body wouldn't be affected at all.

So when you see something then think on the idea as you drink a drink, then you can transform yourself or those you think about or feel into what you see. That is the trick to weightloss, if you see a thinner person then you think your that shape. Then you could feel and act it as acting it, as though your a transmutable shapeshifter. This is where your transforming yourself to become, the shape you want to be. So that is the trick to shapeshifting.

So when you are doing this, don't distract yourself from driving or you could have an accident. Instead suggest that you could be the persons' shape, feeling your likeness to them and you are instructing the subconscious to make your shape not unlike that persons form. Just remind yourself, that you should be happy with the form you have. This is with thought to stop the transformation or somesuch way you come up with by feel.

By feel is mine, if by feel your satisfied with the shape then you can rest assured you will remain your own shape and size. Adjusting to that as you relax the mind and think of the form, that you think to transform to or from so you are wanting to seem something then you are the shape you are. This is only a seeming, the moment you lose concentration on becoming the form then you shift yourself back. Then, you are your normal shape again. That is the improved upon by thought shapeshifter trick, enjoy.

For changing into a woman or man form: If you need assurance then your emotions are up and that means the hormone level peaked. So the change will occur sometime soon unless you know for a fact that your emotions changed. This means also that some of the insecurities come from higher feminine hormonal levels that you get used to things, otherwise you get used to aggressiveness with more male hormone levels. So I think it might have worked unless you decide to change back to a man form or woman form. Then the hormones readjust and you react normally.

When you want to shapeshift another being or person, think the shape that they are and they become the shape that you think. This works through the aura energy responding to the brainwaves, that you think to send forth and the air transmits as energy to form and shape as you will the shape to exist. So think about this, if you thought to transform a roach into becoming a water bear, then the roach or roach influence causes other bugs to become by morph into a water bear or a microscopic never dying bug.

This can cause all the roaches and unneeded bugs in the place to become what you think they should be. So think about things, you will get what you want. Oh if the person is whom you wish to transform, then they could resist unless they agreed to the transformation. This agreement can seem gotten by the use of spirit exchange and communication. So think and you know what they will do. This is a point that exists by feel, so think to them for spirit communication or actually talk to them. You will know by realization their answer, that is gotten if you think about things.

The shape shift trick is thought to use in idea, you create from the energy as thought forms what you want of the form you wanna be formed as a point. Then as if a concept with use by thought direction, then state the command phrase or concept if you need one to transform. On use of the phrase, breath slowly in and out when attempting the change. Focusing your mind on the form you want. As you do so, imagine and think of the change, feeling it happen. Feel free to use phrase words as a mantra thats repeated. There's possibility to just will the change and have at what you will. If it works, there might be more hunger or form shifting right off.

How this does that work, is that this uses the subconscious and this can work on the physical and astral plane. This works with the aura and shapes you by the idea you think about to become. Sometimes food and drink energy is what creates the idea if you transform your own body. The trigger is a thought and the medium is the energy. What can you do with it so far, is with a catch, that you gotta want to be the form. Need the form to be you. And, you can transform into the form you desire to become. You can successfully become other human forms. There's no actual proof of other species. But, the trunk of the body is the harder to shift part as it resists more. So you really can't become a dragon or mermaid, unless you have enough power to do things.

If your a male trying to become female, you maybe no longer biologically male, no penis and having breasts and everything. What you gotta do to keep the male organ is to tell the subconscious to leave it there. Then it might shrink but it will be there, still and unobvious. You will know its not that hard sitting down to go to bathroom. But, after years it will be harder to regrow back. Literally after years of this trick the male body part is not that large anymore as it 'shrinks'. Also, the voice will rise a bit in quality. If your female trying to become male, then your breasts shrink and your stomach enlarges itself a bit, there may be a growing male body part. Thats after a little while. Most definitely the voice tone will drop.

There are words you can useas if a effort, if you are a shaper of effects to help fascilitate the effect:

To cancel out the effort, of a shape shift use En. Pronounced [N], it can be used in front of the shaper word or by itself as you think of the effect. As in, Enezeim, pronounced [N-Ee-zee-imh] to cancel out the womanly shape.

To make yaself a woman, state Ezeim stated as [Ee-zee-imh], the male man forming one is Bezeim pronounced [Bee-Zee-imh].

Ezeem pronounced [Ee-zee-m] is the female girl forming one, Bezeem pronounced [Bee-Zee-m] is the boy form.

For a grandfather or grandmother in essence, use a bel in front of the words. Or, use ezeep as for grandmother, ebzeep for grandfather.

For causing your third eye to cause the change, is to use Ezium, pronounced [Ee-zie-um] for woman change, and Bezim, pronounced [Bee-zime] for man change.

This works because you only need to think an association or intent, that is what you want to occur then state a word or two to cause the change. Try it if you want some effect. When you want to shapeshift better then that or no results, you can use ormus to help your ideal. That is water with a pinch of any type salt or sea salt with baking soda to cure cancer or fruit flavor packet, that is thought to add flavor maybe put into a blender. Then blended is when you get with or without white foam, that you end up with magnetized drink or ormus.

This is white foam made with magnets taped on the outside of the blender liquid container. Activate the blender until you see white foam, then think at the drink you made for the point. That you think to shift your shape, so when you drink the mixture your aware that the drink is colder or heavier. Then as you look towards the picture you could change after you drink the mixture.
Otherwise think towards a drink until the drink is by mind energy heavier, with ideal to shift your form as you think your the shape when you drink the figure forming drink. The drink can be fruit juice or anything without high fructose.
What works better, is the drink as you think to the drink then you are aware that you shift the shape. If it works or you state the ideal to do, after you either look at a picture or think the shape as you state the ideal to create. Ormus improves the change yet water is only required.

These words are with a ancient turkish word that came from the use of words with 'eze' pronounced [Ee-zehn]. As you can use b for boy and g for girl. There's m for yourself. As in gezeem, for female. And its bezeem, for male form. Alternatively, there's x for man and y for woman, making use of the chromosome pairings. Making Xezeem for woman form, pronounced [Xee-zee-m], and Yezeem for male form, pronounced [Yee-zee-m] or [Wee-zee-m]. In this action, your body goes through a girl or boy stage to preceed the adult stage.

It may be noted, that some ancient languages usually have some similar derivitives. And most the magical phrases that are words in the ancient tongues are not in the dictionary, old latin was one of these magical languages, look for some old latin words, its harder to find them. These are taught mouth to mouth and heard, being remembered. So feel free to try the words out or make up your own! A bit of warning, you probably won't get any result, or seem to. So try ty again until you get bored of this.

The easy ritual

To do a ritual the easy way. You can basically do the ritual ceremony in your mind. Yes it can be as effective as actually performing it, but most don't actually think of it that way. This is when the subconscious takes it as being done and you save on material costs. Try it sometime, I call it a precept moment. Although I found when you get distracted, the mental ritual isn't so effective.

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