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Friday, January 29, 2010

Basic traditional meditation

The basic traditional way of meditation
For the other ways of meditation go here @

Today I'd like to talk about the basic steps of meditation. In essence, meditation is a general term that has many different applications. It's an activity where the participant quiets the mind and embraces the power and mystery of the universe in an attempt to reach a higher state of enlightenment. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Jainism, and Taoism are just a few of the religions that practice meditation, but non-religious applications are practiced worldwide as well.

Let's take a look at the aspects of meditation that are accepted by all traditions.

Step One: It's likely your environment is at constant risk of being disrupted by distractions. Turn off the television, shut down your phone, and try to do what you can to reduce jarring noises. If you're in a shared space with people who will likely disrupt your meditation be sure to talk to them ahead of time.

Alternately, you can find a place outside of your home to practice meditation. Parks commonly have the perfect place to find inner peace. Some Universities and Community Centers have places specifically set up for the purpose of meditation. You'd be surprised how common but hidden good peaceful places are. Just be sure to plan ahead and know the location you're going in to. Comfort is key when finding a location. Once you've found your spot, sit in a comfortable position (close your eyes if you wish) and begin step two.

Step Two: Control your breathing. You've probably heard it before, but breathing is one of the absolute most important aspects of meditation. Breathe in slowly and rhythmically letting air fill your lungs. Feel the life essence of the universe drawn into your body as you bring it in. And as you exhale, understand that each exhalation is an opportunity to feel the joys of inhaling more life. Goal oriented people may find it more difficult to meditate at first, and that will manifest in quicker breathing. Understand there is no rush, and that the very activity you are performing is the goal in itself. After understanding this your deep slow rhythmic breathing will fill you with a sense of life and joy.

Step Three: This step is the next level of meditation. Detach yourself from your mind, by observation of your own thoughts. Do not judge your thoughts or try to change them. Just observe. As you observe your thoughts you gain insight into who you really are. You cease to be the mind observing the mind. Your conscious elevates out of the subconscious so you can see what is really going on behind it all. This step is one of the most difficult for some people, who must always be in control of what they're thinking.

Step Four: After observing the mind and becoming detached, you may find some form of inner peace and understand that you are immovable like a young tree in the wind. Though larger trees will be snapped over by great gusts of a tornado or a hurricane, the sapling bends and remains rooted to the ground unmoving. In this way you too you will feel unmoving and solid. Around this sensation you will feel serenity and peace.

These basic steps should take you far on your journey.

These are powerful basic steps that will lead you on the path to serenity and oneness with the whole universe. Next time we'll take a look at a few steps toward deeper meditation, and look at some of the more ritual aspects such as the classic and sacred "Ohm" sound.

Now that we've talked about the basics of meditation, I'd like to take a more in-depth look at what we can do to really achieve a higher stage of enlightenment. Last time we talked about breathing and how it is widely considered the most important physical aspect of meditation. I say physical aspect because the state of the mind is, as always, the most important. This week we're going to talk about the verbal aspect of meditation.

The Omkara

You may have seen others meditating and uttering a single syllable at a specific frequency making the "Om" or "Aum" sound. This sound is considered to be sacred to several religions and spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The sound "aum" is formally referred to as the "Omkara," or "name of God" in Sanskrit and there are several ways of speaking it.

There are five parts to the Omkara. First begins in the mind. Open yourself up to the universe in a meditative state until you feel peace, then work on your breathing.

After breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth in a deep rhythmic pattern begin with the 'h' sound, which should come from deep within the throat and be barely audible, but felt by the speaker. In this sound you should not be speaking in the way you speak to others, but rather resonating your voice and using your body as an instrument not only of sound but of energy.

From there we go to the "ah" and "oo" sounds. These two go together because the transition between the two should be blurred sufficiently that it will be difficult to tell when one ends and the other begins. Though you are making sound, the sound itself is not as important as the feeling your body creates.

Finally we reach the "mm" sound, in which we feel the vibration, which began in the heart chakra and climbed up the throat and to the mouth. This sensation of energy rises up to the crown chakra.

Omkara is the musical sound the universe makes during a ten million year sigh. It is the symbol of the universally present being within every drop of rain, every speck of dust, the ice crystals around Saturn, the aurora borealis and the muscle making up the heart. It is the energy that binds us all in unity, and from which all matter came and will go. Upon understanding the unity with this sound you understand the interconnectivity you have with all things.


Now that you've been practicing breathing, I'm going to elaborate on the specifics of posture so you can maintain physical discipline and truly have a consciousness expanding meditation experience.

First, it's important to remember to keep your back straight. There are several meditation positions, including laying on your back, but we're focusing on the traditional posture. The back must be straight, and the head held high with the chin pointing forward, but not looking up. An easy way to achieve this posture is to picture a straight line in your spine, and have your head and body follow that line. As you achieve this posture you will already feel an increase in confidence and independence.

Second, though the back is straight it is also relaxed. This may be one of the more difficult aspects to play around with. If at first your back is unable to fully relax, or feels tired that's okay. There are several reasons people cannot meditate for long periods of time at first. If rather than meditate you must spend a few sessions building up your "posture muscles" in and around your spine then it's time worth investing in. Once you've grown used to the feeling you'll be surprised how powerful it is, and how invigorating.

Third, your mind must master the art of letting go. When we first start meditating, we constantly want to move around. The clock in the other room's ticking can become obsessively bothersome, an itch on the arm or nose can suddenly crop up out of nowhere, and the pain in the back can feel at first agonizing even if it's only very minor. The reason is your mind has nothing else to focus on. Our minds constantly demand stimulation. Meditation is not about being content so much as it's about "being" without the body to drag us down. If at first you feel an itch, and find you cannot ignore it, scratch and move on. Don't beat yourself up over the small stuff. Noises are a distraction, but our entrainment programs are specially designed to melt away these distractions and focus your mind exactly where it needs to be. These recordings are always here to help you at: meditation.php

As the hands are concerned, lay them flat on your lap. A great posture for your hands is to lay them on your knees with the palms up and your thumb and forefinger touching. The hand position isn't specifically important, however, and you can lay them face down on your knees if you prefer.

Though traditional meditations happen with closed eyes, this isn't required. Often people will meditate with a visual aid or simply stare into the room in front of them. Others meditate while making eye contact with another person, though this can be distracting.

The face should be relaxed, with the jaw unclenched and all the muscles in the face letting go. If you have facial jewelry, you might find it distracting at first and should probably take it out ahead of time.

The legs can be crossed with the feet under the knees, or you can attempt to do another position called the Lotus position. The Lotus position is similar to leg crossing, but the feet are pulled up over the thighs. This position is fairly difficult for many people, and care should be taken not to pull any muscles while attempting or practicing it. Alternately, you can perform a half-Lotus in which only one leg is above the thigh while the other rests comfortably beneath the knee.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Physical shield effect

  This idea is to hold an object at some point that absorbs the energy of the assault and if an energy effect of say taking something, then it seems the object you used to shield with disappears instead. If it was a breaking spell effect, then the object breaks instead of the targeted idea, spell or item. Basically, the object that absorbed the taking effect is taken by the effect of the absorbed spell. Or, the breaking spell can cause the idea of breakage an etc..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shadow magic -revisited

   The shadow forces are unimaginative and very as you see it, it is or as you see the need or effect to be. Meaning its black and white, and very as you imagine it to be with the effect of a steel clamp for the strength. When attempting you need the attunement to shadow and the merest concentration as to what you want it to do. Whats new in methodology is shadow manifestation and sensing through the shadows.

  To do this, feel the darkness and make it yours by filling yourself with darkness from thinking of darkness pouring into you. Then feel the effect or visualize the action of which you want to happen as it is now apart of you. Ae manipulating the dark as if you were using your own force to do as you would want or will with it. If it works, you will feel the darkness move and see the image of the action appear in mind as it happens. This cannot be detected as its using emptiness or the nothing of darkness, Thus what things it can do are manifold as in steal, attack, drain, deceive, disrupt spells, form other spaces or realms, form raw or made materials, hiding by shadows, shadow manifestation, sensing through shadows, restraint balls and other things like shadow bombs. This is listed from lesser to greater effect to make an effort of happening.

Stealing with the shadows you playact the scene while focused on the object, as its dissappearing into your hands or near you.

To attack you envision or act out the part of the attacker and shadow will form as you intend. It takes three hits to knock a person out, Four to erase the person from history as if not ever born.

You drain by imaging or using your mouth to suck the energy of a targeted force, like the wound on a person that will disappear immediately albeit slow. For unaging, suck the lifeforce out of shadow to give you back youthfullness, to suck from a person is anathema as it can weaken a person, unless that is your intent. You can suck emotion, energy, wounds and destructive acts to safe effect as its very energetic to do. To drain a spirit or ghost is to kill it as you absorb the energy, so remember that ghosts are energy. There is more energy in emotion than there is in calmness. Anything else like draining objects will destroy the object after a while. Optional is to drain part of the sun.

To deceive with shadow, think on the person or think "project image" and speak. The image you project is yours, the voice you are heard as is the person you think on.

To break a spell is to disrupt a spell by draining the spell itself. Use the drain activity above.

Forming other spaces or realms is considered forming dimensional spaces, To form this space is to imagine yourself in the scene of another area, Then allow yourself to shift there by saying or thinking "sift" ae english, Or, feel yourself there and pulled to the space. In this manner you create a dimensional area or dimensional pocket. Whence you shift, you will disappear from your reality and find yourself there either asleep or awake.

You can form wrought materials by feeling the object or person and feel the form appear as you pull it to you. Whence the yank happens, the person or object will move from nothingness to you or near you with the "move" of darkness. This works though shadow because shadow is darkness is void is in substance that creates with thought directed, at the point to use is as energy in thought as a thought source is what is enough.

What in use is energy and thought with effect is effort to creation as the shadow energy is thought, as share and you are if in thought you are capable, you can create with shadows and given is emotion energy as that unuseful feeling that is in useful things to do except love.

Hiding by shadows is the effect of feel yourself not seen and blend into the background. This can be done real easy if you use the indian scout method ae stand still while hidden in shadows. Move slowly to evade detection with possible camouflage. Then people won't notice if you master it in practice.

Shadow manifestation is where you think of the shadow force and then imagine the shadows doing the effect, as wherever a shadow is there will be an effect if you so choose it to be there. The shadow force will do anything you need, at the moment's notice.

Sensing through the shadows, is as you might think it. Simply put, its to manifest a sighting effect or image that you can feel with in your mind after asking the shadows to give you an image or sighting in effect of what you would want to see or sense. The sighting effect is what gives you the sense of being there and its accompanied by an image that could be black and white shades. The image is just a visual of the idea you want. To direct the vision or sighting effect, think to the shadow what you want, and to stop the effect is to think to the shadows to stop giving you the effect.

The normal way to sense through the shadows is to stare at the area around yourself and this is in darkness, sometimes near pitch black. Then blur your vision and blink your eyes. As soon as you do, you might notice the differences in the area. Focus your eyes and see the differences of shape and try to denote the area shapes. Done correctly, you can see very easily in the shadows.

Restraint balls are the coelscence of shadow into the form of a multi-tentacled shadow ball that restrains or hinders. The way to achieve it is feel a ball form in the shadows and playact placing a ball in mind or physically. The placing is done when you feel the darkness move and the only thing left, is to cause it to activate by feeling the shadowball form the tentacles that enwrap or close around the person or place. This will impede the area or person to effectively slow the target down or stop it entire. To break this shrug it off mentally or annul it some other way. Warning: it can effect more than one person.

Shadow bombs are the essence of shadows put into a destructive mode, Feel a multi-tentacled form into a ball that you place by playacting into the area of the person or object. Then feel it explode into a burst of which hits the person or object. When you feel it gone and the shadows move then its placed, and you absorb energy from the target for the time of which you allow the bomb to happen or its dispelled. Use a mental hand and "push" it away to get it away from you or have it attack the shadowmaster.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Levels of 'perceptional' reality

  Document modified on 3/21/2012 

   The levels of perceptual reality are of a moments perception and based in reality. What I regarded as levels are labelled as: normal reality, reverse reality, mutated reality, power reality, positional reality and the wild reality. Considered with vowels and set off by some sort of vow. As it takes a vow of effect to get realization of these realities. The levels of perception shift is sometimes slow.


  It starts with the normal idea that you get using the 4 senses to note the actions and by a vow to see what is there. This is the level of dim'a'nsional reality, and this is the perceptional reality of actions.
Level e

  Then there is usage of the sub-conscious, in perception of the other reality and the reverse reality in perception by itself. Or the imperceptible level that is with no actual rules except that which is what ya think there is. Meaning the energy and perception is the key to the reverse reality, as we perceive the idea of the reverse of what we want.

   Sometimes we say, 'don't want that' and we do the opposite as its a bad example. This level of reality is based in idea and is with allot of stupidity and stress by taking things literally or causing reaction. Some of which is necessary, as it gives us the idea we have to do or not do. So, its a necessary stage of perception and extremism that is with the vow of understanding and knowing what could happen. This is the level of dim'e'nsional reality.
Level  i

  Then there is the thought and perception of extremism itself, based in action perception. The mutated reality is a monstrous reality of interactions. Where things perceived are mutated in some form from the base and original reality perception. This is where extremism is accepted and then made into idea that is done by people. This is categorized as the level of dim'i'nsional reality with a vow of what I can become. Where, the level diminishes itself and those in it, even as it is empowered by thought.
Level o

  Now there is a power reality, where everything is thought of in levels of ability. Things noticed on the power level of reality are interesting and the level of ability can lend a hand in actions that you do. Here is where you realize power is as reality and can achieve almost anything. Almost everything is out of proportion in the power level. This level of reality perception is the level of dim'o'nsional reality which is guided by a vow to see what I can do.
Level u

 So there is a level of reality that consists of positional thought. Ae what I am seeing in relation to myself or the reality thats normal to me. This is the personal level of reality that involves you and me thoughts. This level in perception is what can drive a person to do things and is based off a vow to do as they can in relation. This is the level of dim'u'nsional reality.
Level y

  Finally, there is the wild 'dream state' level of reality. This is the upper astar 'higher astral', It is the hereditary idea that is expected, but anything goes in this level. The reason of its a wild state is, because anything is acceptable and is sometimes done, even in lucid dreams, except what you don't like. Sometimes, this is to be where the wild situation is in a dream state. Where in thought to act right and create, as if with thought people do things and realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real to them.

  Where the people that were doing anything at a whim and getting things done or the people that were singing in perfection and in tune in a singing contest were "just a dream". Due to this fact, it can also be dangerous to consist at the wild level and try to make something for themselves. This is the dim'y'nsional level of reality and is consistent of the vow to do things anyway thats possible.

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