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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Astral travel across the veil

  Astral travel across the veil is simple, as all you need to do be to focus your mind and calm your thoughts. Then, you enter the astral plane by thinking about entering the astral plane and falling asleep. As you fall asleep, you are then in the astral and thus its a thought, that allows us to go across the veil using the power of the veil wall. As, the veil is a part of our minds and is somewhat physical as well. So it will respond to our thoughts and 'shift' us there. Thus, by our will we are then on the other side of the veil, where all the energy is.

  When you are there, it will only take two minute or less to turn into energy. And, then we are formed as we want to be formed, physically and inphysically. Able to go anywhere by a thought, except where you aren't willing to go. So, when you want to return from the astral plane. Think of returning to your physical plane of existence. And, fall asleep in the astral. Then you will wake up in the physical plane again. Or, have someone 'pull' you back to the realm you came from.

 Most information by Immortis, the rest from Skyhawk.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Moon Fang

 The spell to cause the idea of which you want, while you are causing harm on someone else who you thought on, while chanting the spell or willing it. How much harm thats done, is due to the moon phase and it also makes a difference in how the fang that forms from the ritual effects people. Its cast, by stating or willing the words 'cause the moonfang!' Or, focusing the lunar energy and casting it forth to strike into a person as though it were a fang of a venomous snake. As, you think on the person or thing. With a positive moon the Fang that forms, is also positive.

 The Fang thats positive causes damage by making energy overwhelm the person as though bitten by the fang and energy flows through. This can be used to knock out defenses. The positive moon starts on the beginning of the waxing cycle. Making little impact on the starting stages, of the waxing moon and has allot of power, on a full moon.

 The negative Fang, is opposite of the positive Fang, in that it drains energy to you and the moon. On infliction of the Fang into a person, you will notice the person falter or become slightly pale. Then, the energy is drawn into you. This can selectively draw in certain energy, but must be stopped before it causes the person to die, unless that was your intention. Another effect is the person is more easily suggested to. The power of the negative Fang is weakly done effects on the beginning waning moon, and allot of negative effect on the new moon. An eclipse is very unique as its likely to cause double the impact in energy of negative means.

 The Moon Fang also does what you want as in manifestation of almost any effect, except that which is blocked. This is done differently per positive and negative moon phases. The effect of a positive moon is to create idea and through energy thats from the moon. The effect of a negative moon is to cause the idea to occur from drained energy and by people interacting. The Fang can look like a hook made of energy. So, its sometimes a surprise for people. As you might notice, the more activity you do with self, causes the moon fang to be more powerful.

 The base idea is that when the fang of the moon forms, it can effect whomever you want. So it can be used to target diseases and cause them to be removed. It made one person inflicted by it very nervous around people, and they found it quite hard to talk.

 To undo the effect of the Moon Fang effect, think to the moon 'undo the moonfang!' Or, imagine the sunk in fang to disappear from the afflicted person. And, it should dissipate.

 There is a greater moonfang,  it is adding in energies to the moon fang effect from other sources. Mainly earth, wind, gravity or other energies.

 Due note: This be a reminder to adjust for the phases. The new moon is when no actual positive magic actually works but there's more physical activity. The eclipse is when the energy is doubled and with a negative impact as it causes physical activity to be doubled or tripled.

Magic colors classification

 This article is an attempt at classification about the effect of different colors with magic and what they mean when used. Its only an interpretation so its not entirely true, unless you want it to be. What they do and how to use them are possibly included. So, when we think of them, we can get a basic idea on what they are.

  Dark blue or Deep blue magic is mana magic; It's related to 'mana' reserves and meditation by being about mana and how to use it. Mana would best be described as a special magical energy that is especially infused with will. It's not seen or thought of much, but exists in some form or another and it's related to meditation as good meditation can be used to replenish it. Clearing your mind draws energy to yourself, and a certain form of meditation is to do accomplish that exactly: relax, clear your mind, and draw in the energy to replenish and increase power.

  Meditation can, in turn, be used to focus that reserved mana on carefully intended effects. It has advantages and disadvantages versus more whimsical attempts at effects. A good chaos mage can cause an effect with an extremely willful focus that is disguised as whimsical to himself to bypass the inhibition of his conscious self.

  Silver, Gray, Red or in-between magic is all the same and is partially mind magic and more white and black magic. This red or Gray magic is a study of neutral mental arts of white and black magic including poison, curses, healing and idea effects. The active balanced magic is effective of taking the bite out of black magic and using white magic to do this. Making it neutral and doing things with a conscious modified to allow for idea with an open mind and not open to evil thats unnecessary. If you keep this in mind then you are a red mage as you attempt both styles. An added benefit is psionics are way improved as it takes your focus to improve effort and make kaomancy (chaos manipulation of destructive forces or raw energy) or alamancy (art of depicting an act, speaking, feeling or imaging to get an effect). But rituals by kung fu are most useful.

  Silver blue magic is electricity magic, in which you draw the power within yourself to manipulate the electricity from without. Meditation helps draw in an etherical form of electricity, for use as a personal force. Its very bad to use if you use it for a long time, as you can get delusions and a big head. If used carefully, you will not be unconscious after the first jolt of electricity is applied to create a manifest.

  Blue magic would be absorption magic, where you absorb the magic to use it in a directed and focused effect. Blue magic is the actual act of capturing any spell or radiation sent to you, albeit an attack or aid spell. To do this you must be born with the ability of the blue mages. However if you were so lucky as to be born with it, you can use it using this technique.

  Alright, you need to focus, Focus on the thought of a auratic shift of yourself. When you attempt this, shift focus your magic by imagining a blue coloration to your aura or feel the effect to occur. Then, Allow the spell or radiation to hit you or if recognized, feel the energy sucked into your body with a felt energy suction. It will be absorbed into your body which you can use to fuel your body relieving fatigue. It can also fuel your spells creating even more effect. When you want, use the spell or radiation energies as you want. This is blue magic.

  Green is earth, so it has an earthen magic form as well. Channeling with it is a part of this, as well as causing blocks and idea manifestation. Green magic is to cause effects regarding and through nature and the power of our earth. an advantage is to draw from the insane power that the has to offer, but as there many great sources of energy, such as the sun, this isn't its most unique feature. What is unique, though, is to work magic through its power and work with the earth.

  For instance, asking the blessing of the earth, causing effects that the earth finds beneficial, and attempting to meditate on the earth to tune with it. This will sync your wills to some extent, causing more harmony and better and more powerful/mutually beneficial cooperation and will prevent you from acting against in the earth through some effect. So the earth is like a big mother willing to help you under certain conditions, but its conditions are pretty fair and easy to work with, so it's best to use some green magic in most things you do to make things work out better.

  White magic is study of good and manipulation arts along with god magic. Healing and control by arranging events of area. Use of herbs are very restorative or poisonous to bear usage and either purge diseases, wipe unordered chaotic energy or cause diseases. A white magus can be used for a cleric replacement and is a priest of order or order magus. The attempt to make idea happen by focusing the words for positive magic effects, is to allot for prayers and ritual with sometimes more than one person. Banishments are necessary for an order priest and will detail by you effecting to know the ghost and then use the name if possible in the ritual with at least one lit nonred candle if possible. but you can use a circle of protection or iron will and critical thinking as a protection. The iron will reflects or resists the effect and the doubt of the critical thinking allots for disbelief of the negative magic. Think, its just an opinion. Now the ghost can be gotten rid of by saying the ghost name or just "ghost" and then "begone!" in a demanding voice.

  The rest of the functions are to write their book of shadows and efficiently illustrate it, while you effectively keep your secrets. For a person to write they understand what to erite, so do not write with unclear mind. Unless its purposeful ae protrection sake or any other. Self practice makes any ritual and a ritual is kung fu or continuous practice on a thing or idea until effecient in it. A way to gain the information is to ask, apprentice or meditate. To ask, find the right person and only in a good mood or a mood to get away from you, In their irritation they will answer for purposes of getting their irritant away from them or to quiet down.

  Due note, those of white magic are noticed unless distraction is there and may be with practice; afflictive or unafflictive in personality. Those of afflictive nature will accost the irritative and manipulate as the want to unless theirs no gain in it. The unnafflictive will do as necessary to gain their needs but not accost as it might get attention.

  Black magic, the study of deadly and deceitful arts shown by Necronomicom, and the book of the damned and dark art rituals book. This can also seem like yellow magic as well. I will explain the deceit spell as an example, use 3 black candles or feel three being lit near you. Even if not seen, they will still be there and the subconscious will make it real if you imagine it as well. Then feel your self speak on things after using an inversion filter to aura and invert the aura. The aura should change to a blackish color. and when you speak it will be deceit under pressure.

  Another way is to speak or say mentally to none or think 'ether' and then speak, "May I speak coy under pressure, where necessary, I wish not to be under truth serum. So mote it be!" To undo it speak "unn" but this spell offers hope even under truth serum.

  Brown magic is study of most magics including time and god magic that are put to use. Plus, manipulation of corruption. Some might think brown magic is also earth magic, it really isn't. All examples herein are a study of this field. The idea the practitioner follow are to gain what they can using balance, nonviolence and individualism. Their goal is to profit where they can and use what they learn to promote better idea and attitude amongst people. Causing peaceful intent by somewhat deceitful or manipulative actions with crooks and openness toward honest people but only if they aren't threatening. Otherwise they will avoid it and shift to else as an activity, and the effort to achieve makes it seem a necessary principle for businesslike professionalism.

  This may go so far as to be a unreasoning or controlled killing behavior pattern to make a bad idea go away. This may go far the other way of stealing so its only if they see no other way. Due note: the act of owning is divine but you may get hostile reactions. So persuade by hypnotism to avoid destruction or psychology and reverse psychology to make things smoothed over. Alternative methods use reverse engineering on the situation to see how to fix it to you advantage. Using these tips you create an idea image to not step on peoples toes to go up a level.

  An example of time magic is a long and short method. What you need is focus on three events related to the time. After this think of the place and the moment with you appearing in the area. With ability and event focus you then say "tysyt" (tih-sit) and feel the shift. Then you might feel a tension in air with a slight blackout or a motion of disturbance and then you might wake up where you wanted, or appear with a little nausea. The worst that can happen is you can wake up in another body but you can get in your normal body. To get back is to focus on any one or two objects or idea of home and it will shift you back. What might help is to say "syt" (sit) and feel the shift.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family and psychic links

 Have you noticed psychic links between family members or perhaps even really close friends? Or maybe even someone you wouldn't expect a psychic link with. We've all heard about twins with ESP, but that's harder to understand stuff. Psychic links are useful when you can finish each others sentences and communicate without words.

 What I've noticed is definite but not necessarily intended psychic links between different people. Immediate family members seem to be born with them, and of course, these links usually only strengthen with time, although surely bad things happen to weaken the links- families breaking up, relationships straining, inner-fighting, etc.

 People in love obviously develop links over time, probably in quick spurts too, although the strength and rate of growth of the link is variable in any situation. Friends can develop psychic links, owners and pets of course.

 I think a large part of friend/more casual love relationships is 'strands' of these links that develop suddenly, almost poofing into existence in some cases. Sometimes the links solidify due to more time spend together and more strands of link created by interaction and stuff.

 So if you have some friends that hang out a bunch, they'll almost definitely have some sort of psychic link, which is of course largely dependent on their magic attributes, whether they're practicing mages or not. And at this point especially, I'm using the term 'psychic link' for more than just telepathic/empathic communication, now more extending into a connection of two or more souls in multiple ways, including but not limited to psionic links.

 And when those two friends, for example, stop hanging out for weeks suddenly, a lot of the more recent, quick-emerging but not-really-mature/developed links tend to die off, perhaps leaving one or both with a feeling of disconnection with the other person, although the developed/mature links between them will still exist as long as they're not somehow destroyed, or neglected so very long that the whither away.

 A key truth is this, any sharing of energy will form links. The more energy thats shared by working with someone or something, the harder it is to break that link. Its the breaking of those links that is almost too hard, if you share enough energy. So its best to let the link energy dissipate after not dealing with the person and then attempt to break it by refusing them.

 And, some psychic links are possibly carrying the emotion and terror you might have. Where the link also may carry the neglect of the moment, too. So since some can't break the links easily, bear with it till the linkage effect ends. As by thinking of the person, you can form a link that shares your mind and emotion. This could be a key that allows you to end the link, simply not thinking of the linked person.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Strategies to get what you want

   To get what you want, is very simple and may seem like magic, but takes strategy and the right tone of voice. Also, doing something nice for the person will cause them to be more agreeable. Your will needs to be strong and that should be reflected in your tone, but not enough to anger/alert them, to get the job done. There are four strategies so far with an optional one.

  The ask to borrow it strategy: This strategy is the strategy that consists of asking, 'May I borrow [whatever]?' And this takes an innocent but firm tone in your voice when you ask. Otherwise they might be suspicious.

  The ask to have it strategy: When you ask to have something, your asking to get something from someone and if they don't want to give, that the end to the this. So to begin, 'May I have that?' or 'May I have [whatever]?' is asked. Then you point to the item you want and you either get what you want or you don't. The right tone of voice is the 'I seem to not be able to get it' tone.

  The ask if you have it strategy: This strategy is to ask a person, 'Do you have [whatever]?', and with the tone of voice that you expect them to have the item or for you to get it requires a firm expectant tone. If you did something nice for them before, then they might give it to you or they will just say yes.

  The stress and pressure them strategy: The stress and pressure technique is to Tell them that they owe you the item or money, first. Then they will feel pressure about it and somewhat guilty if they do owe it to you. Adding a 'May I get it from you?' or 'Do you have it now?' will cause them to be spurred into action. The right tone of voice is to state the idea with firmness and seem forgiving or unforgiving if they didn't have it before. Be sure to remind them as often as you want, but only ask once per day. This technique of a strategy is very good at causing them to remember and do and works better than the other three strategies and very important is willingness to work with the subject.

  Optional peer strategy: There is this peer strategy to get what you want. Get someone of authority to put in a good word for you and the item, service or money comes to you easier. This is optional and more easily done, with the right people associated with.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The world onion

  These onion levels are levels of the world onion and each one represents a general level that holds similar connected levels. They aren't exact, but they will work in a pinch. The levels of perception listed herein, are here @ .

World Onion levels:

Normal level
  This be the general level where we normally perceive things. This is effected mostly by the A level perception.

Positive level
  This is the predominant level of which is having things that are built up. Some things can leave you feeling dominated. There is a general outlook of positive nature, to the levels within this general level. Considered to be effected by E level perception.

Reverse level
  This general level is represented by reverse idea or moments, where there are recorded of two reverse levels. This is being effected by I level perception.

  In reverse world 1, things can be reversed in a moment and idea is opposite. This level houses most the opposite moment levels.

  In reverse level 2, is where people are reversed in their nature and yet naturally seem positive. It houses most the opposite type people levels.

Straightforward level
  This general level precludes things and makes them straightforward. Like making you think going straight is to get somewhere. This is to house some of the stranger levels of the world onion. This is effected by some O level perception.

Pattern match
  This general level is where there is matches in the pattern or some set moment of reality to help recognize idea and events there. Time seems to move by the pattern. This level holds some of the different levels of reality. This is effected of personal U level perception, mostly.

Pattern Recognition
  This general level uses memory and makes the memory helps you understand the reality of the moment. If you don't have a memory of whats occurred, then you won't remember some of this level. This is effected by the Y level or the wild level perception. This level houses many of the different levels that exist in the world onion.


  To shift between them, you may think about them or the level you want to be in or do something of the pattern that is suggested by the level. It depends on the memory and anything can bring the memory. So speak about the level or place to shift to, and you might end up there. When you are 'there' things will shift naturally into place, as well as your outlook. When you goto another level of reality, you may actually cease to exist on the level you came from or you may actually have forgotten you shifted your perception.

  So you can return to the normal reality of the level as though you were born there by becoming impacted, in the body and that impact brings a memory and that shifts your perception. Such as a pinch or a hit of some sort that causes you to remember the normal reality. A touch will do it. This touch can make you come back to your senses. Perception unlocks the realities. And sometimes you can dissassociate with other levels.

  To some, they're cool ideas of what else exists, but when they try to shift, the vast majority of the time, they end up just creating their own space on the astral realm where the same rules apply. So this doesn't fit with everyone.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The shapeshift trick

This method only works, for those who need it and desire their body to change, as its only a trick. It won't work for everyone. However, it might also work for those who believe it will work and desire it, while using the phrase as a key release of tension. Its real enough that its full on if you wait long enough thinking to transform into some shape, all your doing is altering your DNA to create the shapeshift.

Shapeshifting, this is where you think about the shape and it changes your form by activity that sets it off, sometimes activity you do, that is the active part of the brain..this creates the shift in the body. other times, thinking about the change, that makes the body's based on hormones. it's tingling of the body, that is what makes the change and it's an indicator that you have. look in a mirror then you'll know, especially if you state the intended shape to the mirror, however there is a point that it stops and your body is done with that for now.. So think about that and you will do what is necessary.

Say you think to shape yourself into becoming a fox human, although this takes a longer period of time. As long as you can imagine the shape and form you can do the idea. See you have a backup of your original formation in your RNA, that allows you to seem like any shape or form. So your not in any danger of remaining in a shape that you don't want to be. As if you needed to seem yourself again, then you are transformed back into yourself. So what you do in that body doesn't affect your old one. So if you gained/lost weight or something in your transformation, then your old body wouldn't be affected at all.

So when you see something then think on the idea as you drink a drink, then you can transform yourself or those you think about or feel into what you see. That is the trick to weightloss, if you see a thinner person then you think your that shape. Then you could feel and act it as acting it, as though your a transmutable shapeshifter. This is where your transforming yourself to become, the shape you want to be. So that is the trick to shapeshifting.

So when you are doing this, don't distract yourself from driving or you could have an accident. Instead suggest that you could be the persons' shape, feeling your likeness to them and you are instructing the subconscious to make your shape not unlike that persons form. Just remind yourself, that you should be happy with the form you have. This is with thought to stop the transformation or somesuch way you come up with by feel.

By feel is mine, if by feel your satisfied with the shape then you can rest assured you will remain your own shape and size. Adjusting to that as you relax the mind and think of the form, that you think to transform to or from so you are wanting to seem something then you are the shape you are. This is only a seeming, the moment you lose concentration on becoming the form then you shift yourself back. Then, you are your normal shape again. That is the improved upon by thought shapeshifter trick, enjoy.

For changing into a woman or man form: If you need assurance then your emotions are up and that means the hormone level peaked. So the change will occur sometime soon unless you know for a fact that your emotions changed. This means also that some of the insecurities come from higher feminine hormonal levels that you get used to things, otherwise you get used to aggressiveness with more male hormone levels. So I think it might have worked unless you decide to change back to a man form or woman form. Then the hormones readjust and you react normally.

When you want to shapeshift another being or person, think the shape that they are and they become the shape that you think. This works through the aura energy responding to the brainwaves, that you think to send forth and the air transmits as energy to form and shape as you will the shape to exist. So think about this, if you thought to transform a roach into becoming a water bear, then the roach or roach influence causes other bugs to become by morph into a water bear or a microscopic never dying bug.

This can cause all the roaches and unneeded bugs in the place to become what you think they should be. So think about things, you will get what you want. Oh if the person is whom you wish to transform, then they could resist unless they agreed to the transformation. This agreement can seem gotten by the use of spirit exchange and communication. So think and you know what they will do. This is a point that exists by feel, so think to them for spirit communication or actually talk to them. You will know by realization their answer, that is gotten if you think about things.

The shape shift trick is thought to use in idea, you create from the energy as thought forms what you want of the form you wanna be formed as a point. Then as if a concept with use by thought direction, then state the command phrase or concept if you need one to transform. On use of the phrase, breath slowly in and out when attempting the change. Focusing your mind on the form you want. As you do so, imagine and think of the change, feeling it happen. Feel free to use phrase words as a mantra thats repeated. There's possibility to just will the change and have at what you will. If it works, there might be more hunger or form shifting right off.

How this does that work, is that this uses the subconscious and this can work on the physical and astral plane. This works with the aura and shapes you by the idea you think about to become. Sometimes food and drink energy is what creates the idea if you transform your own body. The trigger is a thought and the medium is the energy. What can you do with it so far, is with a catch, that you gotta want to be the form. Need the form to be you. And, you can transform into the form you desire to become. You can successfully become other human forms. There's no actual proof of other species. But, the trunk of the body is the harder to shift part as it resists more. So you really can't become a dragon or mermaid, unless you have enough power to do things.

If your a male trying to become female, you maybe no longer biologically male, no penis and having breasts and everything. What you gotta do to keep the male organ is to tell the subconscious to leave it there. Then it might shrink but it will be there, still and unobvious. You will know its not that hard sitting down to go to bathroom. But, after years it will be harder to regrow back. Literally after years of this trick the male body part is not that large anymore as it 'shrinks'. Also, the voice will rise a bit in quality. If your female trying to become male, then your breasts shrink and your stomach enlarges itself a bit, there may be a growing male body part. Thats after a little while. Most definitely the voice tone will drop.

There are words you can useas if a effort, if you are a shaper of effects to help fascilitate the effect:

To cancel out the effort, of a shape shift use En. Pronounced [N], it can be used in front of the shaper word or by itself as you think of the effect. As in, Enezeim, pronounced [N-Ee-zee-imh] to cancel out the womanly shape.

To make yaself a woman, state Ezeim stated as [Ee-zee-imh], the male man forming one is Bezeim pronounced [Bee-Zee-imh].

Ezeem pronounced [Ee-zee-m] is the female girl forming one, Bezeem pronounced [Bee-Zee-m] is the boy form.

For a grandfather or grandmother in essence, use a bel in front of the words. Or, use ezeep as for grandmother, ebzeep for grandfather.

For causing your third eye to cause the change, is to use Ezium, pronounced [Ee-zie-um] for woman change, and Bezim, pronounced [Bee-zime] for man change.

This works because you only need to think an association or intent, that is what you want to occur then state a word or two to cause the change. Try it if you want some effect. When you want to shapeshift better then that or no results, you can use ormus to help your ideal. That is water with a pinch of any type salt or sea salt with baking soda to cure cancer or fruit flavor packet, that is thought to add flavor maybe put into a blender. Then blended is when you get with or without white foam, that you end up with magnetized drink or ormus.

This is white foam made with magnets taped on the outside of the blender liquid container. Activate the blender until you see white foam, then think at the drink you made for the point. That you think to shift your shape, so when you drink the mixture your aware that the drink is colder or heavier. Then as you look towards the picture you could change after you drink the mixture.
Otherwise think towards a drink until the drink is by mind energy heavier, with ideal to shift your form as you think your the shape when you drink the figure forming drink. The drink can be fruit juice or anything without high fructose.
What works better, is the drink as you think to the drink then you are aware that you shift the shape. If it works or you state the ideal to do, after you either look at a picture or think the shape as you state the ideal to create. Ormus improves the change yet water is only required.

These words are with a ancient turkish word that came from the use of words with 'eze' pronounced [Ee-zehn]. As you can use b for boy and g for girl. There's m for yourself. As in gezeem, for female. And its bezeem, for male form. Alternatively, there's x for man and y for woman, making use of the chromosome pairings. Making Xezeem for woman form, pronounced [Xee-zee-m], and Yezeem for male form, pronounced [Yee-zee-m] or [Wee-zee-m]. In this action, your body goes through a girl or boy stage to preceed the adult stage.

It may be noted, that some ancient languages usually have some similar derivitives. And most the magical phrases that are words in the ancient tongues are not in the dictionary, old latin was one of these magical languages, look for some old latin words, its harder to find them. These are taught mouth to mouth and heard, being remembered. So feel free to try the words out or make up your own! A bit of warning, you probably won't get any result, or seem to. So try ty again until you get bored of this.

The easy ritual

To do a ritual the easy way. You can basically do the ritual ceremony in your mind. Yes it can be as effective as actually performing it, but most don't actually think of it that way. This is when the subconscious takes it as being done and you save on material costs. Try it sometime, I call it a precept moment. Although I found when you get distracted, the mental ritual isn't so effective.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chaotic divination

These methods are optional ways to do a card reading using chaos.

Chaotic divination; When you do this, keep in mind that you allow chaos to be your fate. Basically, the premise is this. You take a card and chaotically toss it to a table or ground somewhere and then if its facing you facecard up, you read it for its meaning. If it lands sideways to you, then it is the negative version of the card, in meaning. If somewhat up and down to you, then it is the positive meaning. Do this as many times as you want, till your satisfied. You may use tarot cards or playing cards. Generally do three cards at first and then make it a set meaning you ask of the cards, for the idea you would want to know about. You also may start the reading with a 'Chaos, lead my way'.

Sporadic divination; This is the card reading of a true chaotic pattern. The premise is the same as the chaotic divination reading, except it is take 5 cards and turn the stack of those 5 up facing yourself. Then toss them to a surface in one smooth motion. Read them as you feel the order is that you want and the cards being upright are read and the cards being facedown are unknown fates. Again, the sideways facing cards are negative meanings and the somewhat upright cards are positive. Start this process with a stated 'May chaos reveal the way.' And then ask a question you would want to know.

Due note: Choose the best meanings of the set cards, using intuition and gut feeling and by considering the moment. Also to be noted is the fact, that you might get an impulsive need to do things after you invoke the spell. This is chaos's influence. You may deny it as you would want to, usually by intuition and logic.

This is a extraction on how to read playing cards to get a reading..its only a suggestion as you may have your own proven system.

From an exerpt of the Atleantian dictionary in the card divination section. 'Spades are a painful moment as of death or disease like a death scene or fire for a sometimes pain.
  Hearts are a warming feel of triumph by desire or stealing or like air or hurt.
  Clubs are desire or whimsy of justice as it be by self deterrent type set of actions in justice and as it is a thought to act by self-redress and redeclarating to be at the end of disaster.
  Diamonds are the idea of forbidden passion or allowed wealth with interference and this can by some means be expensive by the love of it or playing ruin.
   Jokers are anything goes with chance. This is by almost anything happening and its chance of something or to be at odds for things.

  Use the above association as in above type idea as in an of this effect. Above
seen is not the chain spells. Its like to use the death as a killing to suceed. No
actual death. The passion is not forbidden. Its passion that is forbidden, if
nothing good is gained from it. So we see that the card numbers have an importance and this is a bit of info being added to the reading. The card number meaning is added below. Like the oppoSiTes to occur of death for the spades card is to the side, aN iS to get it by being to the side. In it, 'I' is condolated as to what 'I' want. The card meanings are likely obscure but its in the face to be forgiven of face. As to none of the bad but some of the other good. So I would use the intuition and add to the meaning, or change it as is to suit your need where need is desire like in money but passion ruled by diamonds.

  To tell what it is for these numbers to mean an for each particular divination, this has meanings set by as of the heart, spade, diamond and etc with the meanings of the numbers added on., take a deep breathe and imagine touching the tapestry of whoever the numbers were developed around. Let your inner intuitions guide you, and use # 0 - 13. The Ace is 0 or high in end is 14 and the king is 13, Queen is for a 12 where 11 is Jack, but 10 to 1 is 10 to 1. You can sometimes combine the meaning, of the 0 and 14 numbers for a reading.

0 = z, deho, fortune, nothing, zilch, brought to nothing. Also, death, zyl.
1 = en, une, won, one, on, Inspiration, new beginnings, determination, ideas, creativity. Also selfishness, pushy, & willfulness.
2 = duou, tu, too, to, two, be, also, become, Intelligence being channeled, patience, understanding, sharing, pair/ing, good relationship. Also, impatience, stubbornness, bad relationship, and intolerance
3 = darco, tri, trin, three, contest, triumph, unite, unity, Expressing emotions through words, communicating, enjoyment, love, and friendship. Also, energies scattered, over-reacting, criticizing, and not communicating.
4 = thein, au, for, four, going, Building things on solid foundations, practical, organized, planning, growth. Also, dragging of heels, opposition, creating limitations.
5 = cel, five, clap, quin, quint, A balance of spiritual and material worlds to find truth. Challenge, change, new thinking, opportunities, spirituality, travel, and curiosity. Also, fearful of changes or failure.
6 = ci, six, sex, yes, position, Turns for the better, progress, harmony, upward trends, balance, compassion, concern, care, able to overcome difficulties. Also, lack of concern, stubbornness, fixed in beliefs, anxiety.
7 = sent, syi, luck, seven, lucky, motionless, Faith, inner development, spiritual understanding advantages, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, meditation. Also, skepticism, ignorance, doubt, fear, faithlessness.
8 = huaccel, et, eat, ate, eight, late, humility, Power from within to accomplish goals, success, capable, strength, faith in one's abilities, determination. Also, over-emotional, abuse of one's abilities for selfish ends.
9 = nan, ni, nine, hit, non, homecoming, leave, remainder, Completion, doors closing with new one's opening, last stages of a cycle, fulfilled, wisdom, generous, letting go of what was once important. Also, loss, emotional ups and downs.
10 = doul, ti, success, ten, balance, belief, order, A (hexadecimal). Also, negative reaction, thoughtlessness, impertenance, mischance.
11 = doulen, onz, enen, combination, combine. Also, chaos, eleven, misunderstood, national fate, B (hex)
12 = douduou, tulv, noon, harsheix, tuio (too) harsh lessons, amplification, twelve, explore, C (hex). Also, falsity, bad relationship.
13 = doudarco, triz, thirteen, teenage, trial, conclusion, D (hex). Also, (too) much focus and bad idea.
14 = douthein, quidiz, fourteen, share, metal, baker, coincidence. Also, defense, defensive, E (hex)"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drugs use in magic

  This is about drugs in energy works and magic, by sgt pinkerton, haon, pinky and aloha. There are some individuals in different places talking about the use of drugs for energy work or spiritual exploration purposes and everyone seems to condemn them right off. Some can go as for as not to encourage the use of drugs, but that doesn't mean they don't have their place. Some shamans have been using drugs to help them on spirit journeys and various other reasons for thousands of years.

  Since different people have different views on it. Here's a warning that it may be considered as dangerous and/or unethical by some people. Thus, keep in mind that this is an open minded view that is expressed herein. Try not to be offended as its only a viewpoint. I am not responsible for others views.

  Some may also realize their potential by thought that's more taboo because of the mass media social stigma surrounding it. Ie the war on drugs. Most people don't even think about what that means. They're useful tools for altered states, the problem is they often cause damage more than they help over the long term. a quick getaway into technicolour dreamland but you can get better results from the learning process to produce the state yourself - and to control it.

  There is a point of view, that you can control the drug and expunge the addictiveness and bad effects of it. Stated here.

   As from Skyhawk, "This might be dangerous, so try it on a last resort idea. To pass poisons by mental will is to be well as though by magic, so try to force your mental will on the poison as it is in your body. Now Visualize the poison as a ball and visualize the ball to pass out of the body. Utilize the feelings of panic and think convert panic energy. The state that comes over you will be of absolute focus and calmness. Will the poison out and believe that it will pass outside of your body, to make this happen. This works in seconds.

   When this happens the poison should pass outside of your body through a case of the shits, farts or a stomach cramp will occur and you will throw up within 30 seconds to a couple of hours. Or you might piss it out if you drink something. The combination of the poison, the converted fear to energy, and the visualization that was done will all come together and make the object in your mind happen. The poison will be neutralized. It takes three events sometimes to allow it to occur for you."

  This idea is in order to help people not to be abusing the drug, as you take the addiction out of drugs, otherwise, they are not safe to use. The shamans used a spirit technique, to do just that.

  The general idea:

  Well now we have to know the general idea on them, as different ones definitely have different uses in different degrees. They all have various effects on magic and those effects probably affect people different too.

  You need to especially watch for drugs that stunt your magic or using a drug/drugs so much that it halts your magic ability., as weed temporarily increases magical ability, if you remember to use it for magic. amphetamines cause your energy to go insane, LSD and salvia seem to increase magic ability temporarily too. And salvia seems to have a lasting positive effect.

  With weed, lsd and salvia though it may seem that if you don't have strong intent, you may lose your goal with magic and just get caught with the fun ride. weed and lsd especially, weed is easier to use for magic than pure recreation, lsd creates a better environment for magic IF you have a strong enough will to use it properly, rather than just hang your head back and enjoy the fractal fireworks and faces coming out of the walls. and of course anyone who uses salvia probably knows how it corresponds to magic. it's strong and highly useful, although even with it, it'll harm your magic if you're dumb enough to use it as a fun drug rather than the tool that it is.

  From some peoples experience, alcohol and dxm don't have a strong effect on magic. of the two, dxm has a stronger effect on magic as it's sort of like a cross of LSD and alcohol. anyway, dxm seems to take you down to magicless mode unless your unbending goal is some magic use.

  Now here is a breakdown of the drugs:

   Salvia divinorum is the most useful magic-helping drug, but you need balls because after taking it and if you're not prepared you'll be like "HMMM... not doing that again", it can give you a vision quest or it can just make you see the universe as a spinning disc. Some have never met the 'lady salvia' people seem to talk about, but it does seem to have an overall positive effect on magic. If your fear doesn't take you and you swerve off magic forever.

   But some think they are all past that point. Some can hear that quidding, chewing enough of the leaves, produces a more controllable quest rather than dropping you in 5 seconds so you forget you exist as happens with extracts. As though you gain energy from the leaves, and as most expect, a nervous tension and awareness. Along with a more focused view.

   Cannabis - Comes with weed and it increases magic perceptions on use, makes it easier to view concepts 'outside the box' of ordinary thinking. The problem is having the self-control to use and analyze the state without forgetting it 5 minutes later, or trying to explain it to someone. The bs that comes from this is useful to no one. Some also may notice that weed raises the vibrations while using it, but then decreases it overall on the longterm.

   Alcohol - Wouldn't use this for magic. a beer or so tends to put one in a balanced mental state, but it's not inherently useful for magic. Unless you intend and charge beer with inducing states but that's where using it in large amounts weakens your defenses and lets entities in. You can actually see them swarming in a bar late at night. Long-term alcohol/hard drug use causes black spots on the luminous egg of your aura. Short term causes yellow spots on your aura.

   Cocaine - Don't use with magic unless you want things to explode. Physically. With fire, and sonic booms.

   Caffeine - Nice for focusing. If you drink too much you will get addicted and the effects will be less, but if you drink maybe 1 cup in 2-3 days or a pot on one day per week you can use the good effects. Withdrawal includes a bad headache.

   Smoking - Works like coffee but tastes worse and murders your lungs. Can be pleasant when on a boozer, the combination works well somehow. Kinda like how everyone is possibly drinking energy drinks + vodka. Same idea. For some, nicotine can decrease magic and for others it increases potency. Some do spells involving cigarettes - There is some people writing something they wanted to intake to themselves on the cig in food coloring then smoking it, 'drawing in' the thing of their desire.

   If you want a good drug for magic - jump from an airplane at 6000ft. without a parachute. let's see if you can fly.. It might wake you up or kill you as with any other drug.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Best Superpowers

  The best superpowers are often the powers to manifest effect and idea into becoming real. As in making flight and the moment an that may be considered super. Then the super ability is really what we are doing. As you can utilize other sources of energy to help cause the extra oomph of the ability manifest. This is also included with extra strength and larger effects that appear and not being able to get hurt. When we actually consider a superpower, we are actually doing physical magic. Where the magic is physical an in a natural force that's greater than the norm. Which may be whatever you call it, but isn't really much in effect. So in retrospect there is only one actual best in superpowers, the manifestation of an idea in an effect thats possibly physical. So The term for this is to be inphysical physical.

Alternative Works

  When you want to knock out somebody, or cause a physical effect elsewhere, use the alternative works. The alternative works involves the astral and the other dimensions, as they can interact here where you are. When they interact through some sort of effort done by you, in released energy they exchange energy and cause results from one object to a body or other object.

  Simply put, if one object gets effected then the other thing linked gets similar effects or events to it, too. So if you crushed a leaf here and it were linked to the astral body of something or someone. The link is produced by the thought you have of the person/people and the subconscious forming it from instruction. Usually on the action you do. This can be spoken or a stomping on a leaf or anything else.

  Thus the crushing of the leaf would cause a disaster to the body linked to it. If the body appeared and imitated some form here, then that would count as a link. And, the third body would fail in some way, as well. Because the crushing of the leaf would cause a negative energy that traversed time and went to the linked bodies. So, it all depends on the type of energy you send to another place.

  By acts of desire and some physical thing. Such as doing some thing in a certain direction, to cause a directing of the time flow on someone or somewhere. Or, saying something with intent, to cause the effect on someone or somewhere. As though an implied force that the subconscious acts out, using the alternative elements. Try not to control people who don't deserve it, as its possible to attain karmic energy that is made good sometime.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Forcecraft lovespell

The best forcecraft lovespell, is amore deductorium, or eroa dedico. It causes the dedication of the effort and emotional feeling toward someone. Thus, you get the effect of the full spell when you start doiing things for the person and thinking about them constantly. This spell can cause you to not consider the turnoffs that a person gives.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Other similar earth and water elements

 Here are yet other similar variations of the elements of earth and water, these are of Rock, Deep earth, Fresh water, Ocean water, Plant life, Wood and Metal. How are they different? Rock is different from earth by being a more solid form of it, deep earth is different from rock or earth by being a layer of the earth, between surface and molten core or the mantle, an this is almost orange cream flowing plasticlike material that's partly of earth, fresh water an ocean water are nearly the same as water but different as they are drawn from different sources than pure elemental water, plant life has its own energy, wood is offering an energy containment and focusing material, metal has its own energy.

 How to draw and use these elements is done with a connect by imagining the element or thinking of the element as though it were to appear or rise out of the ground and form to your will as you would want. Your will directs the element and you can't get hurt by it, although it might be painful to hold it.

   Rock is capable to being manipulated into animated rock by imagining what it does, to be as a power source, or to being communicated through via thought projected at a person through the rock. There are many types of rock, too. As sources each different type can be different. There's sandstone, versus limestone, versus granite. Imagine a rocky path, with rocks on it that you would desire energy from, and energy the color of the rocks is then streaming from the rocks to you or entering you.

   Deep earth is more dangerous, though useful to being a power source, morphing things, melting things. It is often preferred as a source for healing. A deep earth ball can fuse things or cause a person to lose consciousness, if focused enough. It can be used to materialize nearly anything. Though its slow to react, at times of hecticness. Simply imagine a thick flowing orange cream pudding pop liquid thats mixed in with dirt, going to your hand. Then applied as you want to apply it. Or, to materialize with it, is to imagine the thick liquid becoming something.

   Fresh water is useful for taking into yourself and refreshing you, becoming a life source that can cause living conditions to improve, or making the area cooler and cleaning things it comes into contact with. Just imagine a river of the freshwater flowing through you to your hera or a freshwater waterfall coming into you.

   Ocean water can be a huge source of energy. That uplifts you and causes you become more energetic as you take it into yourself by ocean balls placed into the self. Formed into a ocean ball, it can corrupt things or as a pool of elemental energy, cause corruption to the area, if not used for the human body. Imagine ocean waves flowing through your hand to you. Also when working with ocean energy, more so than freshwater energy the moon plays a part. The moon can charge the ocean energy even further! A waning moon is with negative charging. A waxing moon is with positive charging. Deep ocean energy is the same as ocean water, but more condensed and energized.

   Plant life is possible to be used as a source of energy to yourself, drawing from the plant life energy, you may be able to manipulate the plant life. Into emanations of whatever effect that you would want. Do this by thinking to the plant life, what you want it to do. Imagination of what the plant life does will make it sometimes do as the imagination depicts. Different plants have different feels and are the similar as energy sources. For example; jungle plants have entirely different feel of energy to northern forests. For Jungle, imagine jungle vines and green energy and vines into yourself. For forest, imagine a scene with evergreen trees or other trees, and deep green energy. Have the deep green energy entering into yourself. With forest, the air's cleaner and it's colder too and you can feel happier.

   Wood is a chinese element, that is from earth and water that offers energy at a cost of slowly weakening the wooden material. To focus its energy, think of wood and imagine the wood doing things. Their is also possibility to focus the wood energy, so gather it into the wood or into yourself. And, when you feel the moment is right, you can release the energy you gather from the wood or focused through the wood, with a thought of 'release' and willing an idea to make itself known as to become from your idea and with the released energy. Wood energy balls can bring a sudden relief and manipulated thought. If you put the wood energy through a person, you disrupt their doings. For wood, imagine trees of the type you want energy from, with no leaves on them, and brown energy coming from the trees to you.

  Different woods also have different properties. There's live wood, an dead wood, but most wood is alive. If its been cut up, it just wears down quicker. But after enough time it goes to deadwood, which has almost no energy and turns brittle and crumbly. Its proven, that the more wood energy you use the more it is possible to kill the wood. If it were a tree, then you let the tree recover. If you take too much energy from the live tree, then it won't recover.

   Metal is a chinese element that is possible to elongate life and cause you to be energized, taking in the metallic energy into yourself through metal energy balls placed in yourself or linking to the metal. This works by the effect of the energy thats shared from the metal, making you like the metal. As long as its whole you will be whole in mind or body, too.  Its advised not to try the metal element till you get used to the others. Then you possibly won't spasm a little, but it might hurt a small bit.

  Also, you may be able to curtail pain by thinking or imagining what the metal is doing and stating what you want it to do. A metallic ball of composed metal energy, will be able to knock someone out if thrown at them. Thinking to the metal, will cause it to make the thought manifest or convey it as a message. The metal can also vibrate at a certain pitch from your thoughts, and this helps the manifestation of idea. So, imagine the metal streaming energy to you. For generating the effect that you want by imagining the metallic energy forming or doing.

  Different metals have different properties. As in, steel can be clean and live a long time. If you linked to it or got energy from steel and placed it in you, then you could live longer as the steel remains intact. Iron is able to absorb energy and magic and seal things. Lead is the most dense and is able to make you stupid as you use it, in any way you want, including links. Cause a link by thinking 'link to me' while touching the material. If you set the link to delink right before the metal breaks, then you won't break in some manner.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Duality and effect

  Duality can can be used for effective balance and self control. Duality, a term used in Necromancy. When you completely accept both sides of yourself. Light and Darkness. Good and Evil. The counterpart of your dominant force is born within you. It can be used, to understand the effects going on. It can be used to control, if the force is negative. If the force is negative, then it can be compulsive in its attempts. But, if used with positive dominant force, it can be control. If one force is used to cause impulsiveness, then the other can be used to project that impulsiveness on others.. so how to do this is up to you. The summation of reason, is to be used by enactment on others.

  Controlling others is not stalking, Its all about triggering change in people. Willing the change, by effective moments, thinking about the idea you want and using spoken idea or intent. All is perception with this. Its more the manipulation of others. Implanting and removing thoughts and emotions. Change the perception, and the person will only see what you desire her/him to see. There's a ritual which should shift a person's perception. To control all 5 senses, if done right. This will come later, when its developed.

  If you want to learn to control animals, or mostly bugs. Animals and mind control, how you can go about it. Put a construct that drains them and gives them an addicting sensation, and make it express your will. This can be used on bugs, the bugs will do it if the addicting source awards it. Or, also possible is to change your nature into that, of the beast you wish to bend to your will.

  Mostly by Veneficus

Friday, November 5, 2010

Magic psionic patterns

A magic psionic pattern is to cause an effect of some sort through applied force that's directed by thought. Being a wave effect, it repeats itself by some variation of the original moment reoccurring. This can cause the effect of whatever is done, to be a repeated result. Sometimes, the effect is caused by two or three things being done in an action, to get a time lapsed moment. Also causing a pattern to be affected through the different things in the action. This would be a magic psionic effect pattern, that can keep repeating even though it is the events that set off the reactions that were similar.

When someone observes the moment and likes it, they end up repeating it. Just as though they were very incredulous over the fact that it was done and tries to get the same feeling they got when viewing it by repetition. There is such a case that one views an event and doesn't want the effect, because it felt bad for the involved.

One can become aware of an event by the waves of energy that are caused by the event, counted as vibes, an they then try to observe subconsciously, unconsciously or with their spirit. This has the potential to become a repeated moment, due to the subconscious causing the event to happen again, to live through it again and cause remembrance. This is rare though, as it is counted as dejavue if its noticed consciously. As every force has its signature vibe, some might want to be original and not repeat things, not doing a magic psionic pattern.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The dimensional object

The dimensional item; The dimensional item is an item that allows itself to cause reality to be effected as its directed to effect. It can shift to other areas or planes of existance, or both! It has awareness that be made to work with whats around it, and it can be effected by energy put into it. The object is made dimensional, by placing energy into it by will or imagination. It can be the imagination of imagining a waterfall of energy from where you want, that goes into the object. The programming is done by thinking to the energy you put into it. Where, the thought can also be expressed and it will charge the object energy, making it behave in certain manners. Under whatevever circumstance you want.

If, you make the object behave like a normal item, to all appearances. Unless a command be given to it, it will work to your advantage. It will follow you to wherever you go, if you command it to, unless it feels like doing so by itself. Simply put, it will appear where you go and 'find' you. The dimensional object is very useful, in truth as it can work like you, making you hard to locate. It helps to 'lock' the object to your will and when your don with programming it. Your will will unlock it as well, but the object cannot be changed to others will, as well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Immersion fields

Immersion fields is an immurized pooled energy that is there, in a trapped area that keeps itself, as a desired energy contained. And, it is the effect of a 'dip', or making thoughts of entering, into the pool of energy and that can cause constipation and diarrhea, unless its countered by the mind. By willing it not to be there. And, just taking from the pool and then the energy pool can cause an effect of an increment in ability. Depending on energy saturation.

The increment can cause increase in effects or just an effect. The energy pool is also possible to make things hazardous to be around. As they can burst into flames from a nearby effect. Or, there could be a moment of confusion, from so much energy. One thing to note, its not actually a concentrated energy that is in the pool and one thing it is considered an effect. As its energy that freely floats around. The act of doing things in it, can get interesting results, due to the commotion as the backlash effect can be concentrated. If the backlash were immediate, then the effect would become deprevated. A person can become wobbly, after intense concentration. Also, immersion fields are great for area effects.

The increment comes about in several forms;
 Where the idea of power consumption creates the actual effect, the affect of the diarrhea and constipation disappear.
 Where the idea of power usage there is an idea that is manifested.
 Where the moment of actual achievement is done, energy from the pool is applied and then the achievement is greater.

An idea of this pooling is mana and gaia where gaia is a free form of energy. Mana is like an underground ocean someplaces and in others, its a lake. But you can create an Edwards field, that is basically a pool of trapped energy in an area from a pool. This pool can create allowance to effect the area by spoken or thought idea. Simply thinking things with a focused mind, will cause the effect, as though it were a willed effect. An Edward's field has a lesser saturation of energy that is like an underground energy pool. And this is also considered a lesser immersion field. Thus, the immersion field is very useful.

How to make a immersion pool of energy, is Think energy to be in an area Have more people do the same. Then, instruct your and others subconscious, by focus and phrased idea or willed idea, to do the effect of putting more energy there. When enough time has passed, this pooled energy is a new immersion field. Taking energy from a large body of water nearby will form it quicker. Make sure its pure energy, as corrupted energy will cause body decay and problems.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sprite splits

Sprite splits, when enough dissidence energy by a dissention happens the mind and body split off in thinking by the spirit separating, for a time. And then the body does one thing and mind does another. It causes the mind to be more influenced, for the lack of body warnings. The dissention occurs from sprites that are made or formed from somewhere, to be here and caused to do the job. And also is then idea of a split off from the body's decision, to not want something long enough. Oftentime driven by the sprites. It causes directly easy suggestion. This can lead to easy mind control or persuasion. It only lasts until the effect is nulled, and when the spirit returns, and by then the body is talking again to the mind. Deciding to not be dissentive on the idea it rejected.

Dimensional sight

In order to do dimensional sight, you need to understand the effect that allows for the sight to exist. It works off the premise, of the moment and this moment is due to thinking about what you want. Then, using that thought to focus your mind, state the idea or will the thought to exist.

This effect is ruled by the thought, 'to see alternatives' or 'see other dimensions' and name the location by how you think it is. Thought can be more direct, by the idea effort of feeling yourself shift there. And your spirit that shifted to the space will link an image that your subconscious will show you. On request.

Thats about it, except the special places, like the opposite dimension is everything is opposite of the norm that you see here. Except for physical things. Then there's the mind dimension, that don't expose the effort, but does expose the moment of achievement. This place follows whatever you say and can manifest it. The area can make for benefit or woes, where the idea is exposed can become a truth, that mind explores.

Due to noticing, its important to see, that the moment builds up the vision and this reflects what you want, by what you want causing the moment to begin with. Where, the idea gives you a clearer perception. And knowing this, the starting point of the dimensional sight training is the logic. So, its a far reaching idea you can achieve with the point of this logic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forcecraft Spacial Elements

This list intrigued me, as I used some of the elements myself.

The categorized spacial elements, summoned by forcecraft.

ele-a = Alezium, the active absorptive element that causes you to do something. This element receives its energy from the activity near it and yourself, as it causes you to feel active and absorbs the problem influence.

ele-b = The life element, belzium, it creates life and effective idea into existence. It can cause life emulation from peoples energy, that be counted in objects and bodies near it. Its grey blue and black in color.

ele-c = A criminal element, where it can turn impulses into desires and cause you to do it, as it makes you want the item or idea of something. These impulses can become criminal, if its not watched.

ele-d = the death element, causes death to nearly anything it's influence enters.

ele-e = The element of what is called elezium and its creating energy from literally nothing, about 3 times the energy than whats put in.

ele-f = forgettance element, the element that causes you to forget and turn feelish with fighting possible.

ele-g = The feel good pinkish spacial element, called ginorium, which is very unique as it soothes any pain, unless the pain be too insistent. Think it where ya want it, as ya can even put it in ya mind. Its more potent, in making ya feel good the more energy ya put into it.

ele-h = A halting element, it can halt nearly anything near it. An element that would deflect the bad thing noticed or the bad influence. It diverts the influence on you and does a mini explosion of it to get rid of it. It receives its energy from you and the sun.

ele-i = The intelligence inducing element, the more energy you put into it, the more intelligent you are.

ele-j = The causal element. This element can cause a singing effect through vibrations and what it effects, it amplifies the energy of. Whoever be near it bears it, can hear it, and its an song thats ethereal to them.

ele-k = The killing element, kills nearly anything by its radiance of energy, after a period of time.

ele-l = Gravity pull element, whatever's near it is pulled toward it, by a magnetic force that effects material, including plastics! The element can pull something into a straight line.

ele-m = Medicinal element, it can cure any sore place or disease and repair the body.

ele-n = The element that causes knowing, and numbing by the knowledge of the people or person near it.

ele-o = The turn on element, where it makes a person become more feeling and attracted to the other people near it. Its also possible to turn on something with a focused pulse from it, towards the object.

ele-p = The personal element, causes the person effected to be more personal and in idea, as though they were thinking.

ele-q = The elequint quieting element, for the element of the quietness, its great to nulling sounds by its radiance and being there.

ele-r = The reversal element that reverses nearly anything near it. Direct negative energy at it, to stop it.

ele-s = The element that causes a person to be sleepy and gain temporary swelling of the body weight.

ele-t = Communication element, this can cause the televise effect, where you get signals from anything and it forms into an image that you perceive, one can send massages through it. Also possible, is the revising of things through a telephone, from thought of which you send.

ele-u = Element of ulqerior, it does actions and these actions include making you feel relaxed, making you feel better, relieving of stress and all by its rays.

ele-v = The element of visions, it uses any vibration near it thats mixed into its signals, and it causes you to see what you most want to see, as though a daydream. The mind can direct the vision, it ends when the person wants to see the real world..or does it?

ele-w = A dark gray element that causes withdrawal, it withdrawals any symptom that may be in you.

ele-x = The element of x-rays, as it emits the x-ray, and is similar to earths elements that do the same.

ele-y = The time element, yttrium. This element can cause timed actions or events, thats directed by your mind and through vibration and your programmed bio energy. That be directed at it. Anytime and anywhere.

ele-z = The white elemental shield element that causes nulled feeling and almost no energy to pass through it. The element is hard.

ele-em = (ele-E-M) A gaseous spacial element that creates a disease or the problems of a disease, of the target.

ele-ge = The perfumed element, it smells nice to be near.

ele-lz = Shielding element, called elezarium, that can prevent things from getting near you, and when it can dissipate the energy and effect thereof. This element can deliver a spacial defracted lazer effect to those near it. As it works, it can displace the effect of air through compression, to cause it to dissipate. It in fact, dissipates the effect from your room and it appears in theirs.

ele-nu = The element that is nulling life and stimulates the brain. It uses brain activity, to cause it to go.

ele-og = Ogman element, that is with the release of putrid scent from the body, as its near the spacial element. The element is similar to the PU element, but it has its full effect just being near the idea of it. Where you breathe it in. This element can neutralize scents near it, as it draws them in and oxidizes the air. The element only needs energy to go through it, to cause it to send out a wave effect to those nearby it. It has very noticeable fumes as you get near the element. When the element is active, it also sends out a energy wave that is an offshoot from it, that kills the skin and causes it to smell a bit. As, the element is described as a pinkish yellow rock. Its not actually visible to the naked senses, except to the third eye.

ele-pu = The element of Putreim. Seems like a harmless black brown stone, but can be causing a putrid scent from the body. That you need a charged bath to dissipate the odor, and if you swallowed the broken up substance of PU, it can almost permanize the scent until you shit it out.

ele-zz = The wide awake element, this element can cause you or an object to be charged with energy and its powered by the humans or objects near it.

There's a package for it as well, the summon element package! The summon element package is thus: To think of the element and state or will "sua it!" [Pronounced Sue-ah itt] And the element will be summoned to be near you, to use, as you would want. Normally, its near you by summonings off to your right or left and in front of you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Body doubles

Body doubles exist because we sometimes want to become in more than one place and view other places, where sometimes you don't. They can be physical or astral bodies. And yet, you have a body double. These body doubles, are existent because our subconscious makes them exist, and we have more energy than our bodies can normally handle. Or, we are about dead except the spirit is keeping ourselves alive. Thus, through a selection process, we jump to another body, using some idea and energy to make the moment happen. This can be the thought that we are in the other body, and our subconscious can make it happen. Then, we are. It sounds preposterous since few manage it, but is very doable.

This moment can be a shared conscious where we can shift our minds to the body and back again or we are in another form entirely and then another body, as we desire. We can even temporarily jump to another body. Whatever we do, the body remembers and can do it again, as effortlessly as possible. Thus we can repeat the act and so can the body we jump to. Thus, it becomes the case of point, where we are and yet we aren't in the body we choose. As though a conscious form, or formless, where we can inhibit others albeit the form they are in. Whatever the case, it requires the energy to make the jump, which can be aided by a gemstone. As, when you desire the jump to happen, the gemstone makes the energy appear for you.

There's the idea, that you can send your extra energy into the other and then have that energy cause them to be a body double through the copying of your spirit and idea from the energy to remake their body. Its an alternate way to do the body double trick, and allows your mind to slip into the other body. Then your like twins with one mind.

The body double is sometimes considered possession. Which it isn't, in truth. In the process of possession, you don't know what the other knows when you possess them. And neither do they know what you know, but they do know with body doubling. And so you also know what they know. This knowledge comes from the shared conscious effect.

Some might not even think a body without a soul firmly attached is sustainable. A body can sustain itself without a soul. And, with no soul or spirit to guide it, it can rely on stored data and programming. Yes, the subconscious truly makes the body's life support functions happen that are ingrained in its programming. The greatest manipulator of the human body, is the subconscious. Even though, the body can become weak after 1 week to a month without a spirit to guide it.

Sometimes you are not aware of the other body, just that you may be in one thats not actually where you are. This is the case of body doubles. This becoming aware is necessary, to perceive through the others eyes, as your in one body and then another and you can jump between the two. Sometimes you can perceive more than two. Its as if you are one conscious and many bodies. When we are aware of the other body, its possible to mold it magically. To cause it to shape itself or to become different, in actions, by our own will.

It turns out, that the soul can support the spirit that jumps into the body, but the desires are what the body follows, that are of the spirit. We are of the moment and the moment defines us, when we attempt to goto others and be alive in their body. An in the end, its in the thought that the body goes through what we do in our normal body, when it happens. And, at some point after.

The easiest idea to accept of this, is that we are in one body and yet there are other bodies that our conscious shares, that allows us easier use of our abilities. Where its the bodies ability to do certain things. Its thought that we have its ability by manipulation of the body. This is especially true, if we do things to cause actions and events. Such as getting a criminal arrested. Making a person aware of the moment or momentarily causing them to reveal themselves. This can be done anytime you want, if you can manage the trick.

So, it ends up that we die in one body and end up in the other that we choose and decide to be in. Where, we normally go about the idea to effect a change or body swap. Its, again, on the deciding to be where we want, that allows our subconscious to cause the switch over. When we consider the effect, we actually might notice the body is decayed a bit. After several tries, the body switching is easily done. Sometimes its done by the subconscious deciding to do the switch. and then we end up elsewhere, wherever the other body is.

How does one deliberately deattach from his body enough to move to another? Well one has to bunch up energy and then send forth the spirit force with the release by that energy being focused, at the target that you imagine. Still, some would think that the physical body would have to die or you loose control of it completely and something else takes it.

One thing to note, what we knew in the other body sometimes fades and we start remembering what the body knows, in the one we jump to. One might consider this skin dancing, but that is a more ritualistic and evil process than just jumping an it comes to another by will. Intent sets off the effect, most easily as if there's no intent, and then we don't jump. This, inadvertently can cause death energy, to surge and go down. This surge can kill a returning spirit that got pushed out, if there's one, by proxy or natural overwhelming of the body. When we inadvertently do the deed, then we become the owner, of the body.

One other thing to note, is that when we are aware of the other body as being ourself too. Then we can find that the others body habits may become our own, this is the case of overlapping. Where the other bodies are influencing the original and other bodies. As, our conscious is shared and becomes one with the body its in currently and the other bodies are on autopilot. Tending to do what we do in the current body, somehow, unless we instruct the other bodies to do its own thing and then by intuition or instinct.

In conclusion, we tend to believe that we are in one body, an there are several that respond to our will. And we can tease the body, that can be swapped with or jumped to. To make them our own, temporarily is the idea one sets out with. But this can get to the point where we own the other body, or nothing actually happens. The soul, can support us wherever we may be, and we can use the other bodies to get effects off, and make desire happen, where we normally won't get the idea result.

Prison trap

Prisoning is to catch someone for something they did to you and force them to stay in spirit in your room, even though they leave in body. Till the problem is resolved or the effect is undone. The actual doing wrong from the act, is what keeps them there, from the subconscious making it so as its working with your subconscious. Then the deciding to cause this imprisoning and from actions you perceive them doing, will cause the moment as your subconscious then causes the effect. The deciding could take the form of a sigil thats drawn near them, to form a imprisonment ward. Your subconscious is what does the trapping, with help from theirs in truth. If its a imprisoning ward, then another ward of release might be needed.

They literally are spiritually separated in a dream world, from their body and sometimes their mind is not wanting to see the effect, so it goes off on its own. If their mind goes on a journey, to the dream world, then their spirit self might want to make the effect too, thats expressed in the dream. Them pointing something out or saying yes, to you in the room, might cause their freedom, as its agreeing with the other person. However, a person's fear of reprisal may keep them in the room.

In the spiritual room, its as though they be in a mental room in your head, but its elsewhere and its with the timing as of 1 minute happening per every 10 minutes outside of the imprisoning area. Thus, the event will have occurred and the person might actually point out an apology. If, they feel guilty for the act they do.. and they always seem to know what their body does. Also, you may point out anything to the person being trapped and they will remember it.

You can also possess the body by things you do, take them over by making them do things or thinking that they are going to and cause them to take on damage or act the way you want them to. You may act vindictively on them and they will accept it, if they feel they deserve it. Except their spirit won't really accept it, and may attempt revenge in the end. In actuality, the spirits being trapped in a dream room will cause all damage to them to disappear. As, they will heal and regenerate, as though in a dream. You have absolute control of the room they are in, in dream.

One thing to note, is that the person won't accept everything done to them and thus the effect disappears from them. For varying reasons, namely that if they don't think they deserved it, then it won't stay on them an its effect is annulled.

Other possibilities are to make the walls filled with jade, in the prison room that is the idea area you put the person in. For, it creates better effect with possible creation of a correcting influence, with dreams and calming effects.

Due note: you can put a person's spirit in the room and not have it imprisoning. So that you get a treatment of sorts and sorcery on them. To 'correct' their problems or enchant them. The room can have an area that they walk out of, by their own free will. And, they are in their body again. Its a fascinating idea that works with the trap area.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Active meditation

Active meditation is to release stress and cause intented actions, when your doing things and then focusing your mind, as you do it. Then the stress sorta drops from you, because as you do things, you tend to block out the thoughts and idea that would normally go through your mind, and thats not associated with the task at hand. Thus, you aren't as aware of what other things are there, except the things that are being focused on, including the thoughts that you might have on the task, to do the things you want with more energy.

With this meditation, your speaking your thoughts, so your still using thoughts as a catalyst. And, energy is the fuel, where your thoughts are the catalysts for the energy. The energy around you are the actions you cause. Some of the energy that you have, is food and drink related. What you intake is what you make for yourself. Stress is one thing that is a catalyst. You can use the physical energy, as a way of focusing your mind. By directing it in some further actions. In this, thought and stress are the catalyst, to cause more energy is to be put as you thought to be put to work on a single devoted task in life as work is done.

Thats about it, except that when you open your mind up, to the things around you, you become aware and can use the active meditation to percieve things. When you focus your mind while doing things, and again you aren't actually thinking, except on that which you focus on. The beauty of active meditation, is when you release the thought of what you do, by speaking it. Whenever you do, then all stress disappears. As, thought of what you do equals what you focus on. This is purely stress release and idea generating, as you can state something and that focuses your mind in on the thought spoken. And, the action you do creates thoughts.

This is a simpler way, as you tend to see what is spoken can become the necessary task to do. So, what you think about is what you end up speaking. Since you want to keep down inner speaking, to achieve results and DO things. Its like an instant intent. Where, intent is used in magic as well. It may seem like your talking to yourself, but it isn't, as your directing yourself.

The danger to the active meditation is that your liable to bring up more stress the more you focus on it, unless you don't think about the task. The stress comes from failures that are remembered or potential failures bogging us down. This meditation can cause you to act stupidly, as you might find yourself acting on impulse and badly. So curtail that effect with idea, spoken out and the basic idea that you will to replace that impulse will come into place.

Some found during active meditation, that it is a time that the subconscious is doing things as well. Because, your unconsciously manipulating it. So, if there's every act thats done, is due to focus and attempt, by your focus. And, magic is a ritual done to achieve a result, then magic actions are what be done by focusing your mind and then causing an achievement, by the idea and meditation. Then what you do in magic, is what you DO and when you think about something, you don't actually consider unless its pointed out. So, using your spoken thoughts as a pointer, you can be pointing out that necessary idea. Thus, the direction be provided and a form of physical magic is done, where the subconscious is made to do things because of the statement or thoughts.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reality hacking

Reality hacking, going about and changing things, sometimes by bending the rules of the idea and reality and effecting a different pattern to be 'set' on the area imprint, of our minds, as we decide them to be on the impact of an event. As, everything is a pattern of sorts that appear to be seen, we can change the way of how things look and act. When we want to and how we would want to. But, basically its by the effort of making an impact in the area, and then making a reality form around that impact as you decide what it is to be caused and changed.

As in a cutting through of a shield and then changing the shield from the cutting impact, as though it were something else by the waves of energy that come from the influence, in a form of a reality hacking weapon. The impact can be almost anything that we want, including making a point and thought as to what things will become. And from the waves of influence of which the said point, in the reality, things warp to become what was thought on.

Or, the impact could be used to change the akashic records, by the idea of which is written down and the akashic records change to conform, by the intention and the waves of energy from such a written impact with intention, And, the impact is very useful to cause events that come from such writings. First the event will appear as a sign and then it will occur and be there, as you look at it. Except, this can be counted as a spell and is what is considered in this patterned event. As, the spell is one of the things that can make reality hack impacts.

There could also be multiple waves, that cause another change, through conformation, right after the first change. This conformation can cause many things, one it could add on to the effect that is there, two it could modify what is there, three it could make the pattern or what is seen cancelled out, and four it can readjust the effort done by those in the area of the reality hack, including the spirit of the individuals. Or, the spirit of which is effected is cancelled out, too, with the conformation. That is when you target another, and you find you can't do elsewise.

On hacking someone else in the reality there is the idea to make an impacting point on them or something near them and then you cause by deciding what you want to happen and intention, to change them or the thing.

Due note: What we decide on is oftentimes instantaneous, in making pattern adjustments. As, the pattern of conformity is what we sometimes can use, to make the changes we desire. Things can be stated right after impact, to cause such conformed pattern changing. To note that one would ever know that they have succeeded, is to notice notice the other person or thing acting differently.. so you observe another reality in place of another. So, we can actually be on the lookout for altered realities.

The impact has to be made first, though and then what you decided on changing is caused to be changed. This change can also occur, if it didn't on the impact by your point, by you further stating or willing the change to happen. Then the effect is not thought on, its experienced.

There's a creed to the reality hackers, this is..

I am a dynamic force of change
My victories belong to everyone
My defeats are my own
Boredom and drudgery are evil
The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved
Freedom is good
Attitude is no substitute for competance

Friday, October 1, 2010

Magic ward for pain

  Using a ward for pain, be easy and effortless. As ya just need either sand or imagination for the ritual ward. To do the ward, make the circle by drawing it in the sand around you, or imagining a white circle to surround you. And then you 'program' the circle. Think to it, 'block out pain' and then, 'travel with me'. and there you have your ward. This blocks out any pain and can also block out presences that cause the pain. What helps this is to state, 'mai pan go awa', pronounced [may-in pain go aye-wahn], in the circle or at the circle.

Why power is gained slowly

Life can interfere with the gaining of energies, as in other people and idea. They project at you to use things in self control, where power sometimes requires the freedom of choice. Part of the control is to denie some effects that are to become of energy use. So they fear it and project to your subconscious suggestions, to not actually use it, the energy. Thus it seems like its not there, as you expect to see the effect to prove its there, oftentimes missing the point of when your power manifests.

This also accounts for your thought of the control and be free approach, where you attempt things, but don't always get what you desire, so you oftentimes forget that the manifest happens. Very curiously, it will seem like the power wasn't there. So you see, you do have power over certain things, but thats about it. Its just haltingly slow, as normal people's subconsciouses have more power than it seems.

If this makes sense to you. The way around this is to break the energy 'threads' that tie you to other people. The force of them pushes you and molds you into the shape they intend. To get around the subconscious suggestion, is to master your ego.

To fill with light

To fill with life and light energy, you cause yourself to become better at thinking and not with thoughts that cause your downfall. This process is to cause your thoughts to become a guidance to create a cause, for better effects to come. First make conditions senseless, by stating UUM, pronounced [You-new-m]. This makes the condition of what you think is there, including darkness and bad energy, seem useless to yourself or others. Draw a circle in sand or imagine a circle to be around you, of white energy after saying this, and state the effect you desire or state the mantra to make happen.

One such mantra, that can fill you with light is E-Gyp-To, pronounced [Ee Gip Tohl]. Make yourself feel light and fill with light, this is energy power use to make things otherwise happen. With the light energy that surrounds you. Another such mantra, is Fa-Ra-On, pronounced [Fahr Rahn On]. To make the effect of commanding radiant energy to empower you, you must intend fo this to work, as you state it. If you want you can imagine shine or light energy fill you up. This is a must to be full of and all over your body.

The more light energy you have, the more darkness and corruption is displaced and the better your body does. One result, of this procedure, is that your body will feel better. After your fused with the light energy, you feel that you can do things.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ogre strength, endurance and speed

  The ogre strength spell and the other ogre spells are the spell of greater strength, the spell of greater endurance and the spell of greater speed. It is not required to have muscle, to get these off. These spells are cast like this. First you meditate, on focusing on the feeling of the heat around you and on the idea of 'gaining strength and effect from energy'. Do it for one minute. This causes you to be able to convert heat as energy through your body, when you focus on the intention. Feel free to repeat the meditation, and repeating the idea of, 'gaining strength and effect from energy', as though a mantra. Till you feel it will happen, when you actually attempt the spell.

     Ogre Strength: Now to cast the ogre strength spell, as you focus on the intent of energy passing, through your body and you will strength to become from that energy. So when you feel energy enter your body, make a flexing of your arm and focus this strength along your arms and legs. After this, the energy should come easily and flow through the muscle and body with the effect that you can lift nearly anything. You only have to focus on thought of energy coming and strengthening your body to see the result. The result is larger muscles and the body slightly rocks to the effect of you being able to lift one ton or more. If you can't lift it, even with ogre strength, then it would strain your body. Sometimes to an unrepairable condition.

    Ogre Endurance: Think of the energy and heat around you and use the intent, of causing endurance as you think draw the energy into yourself, by focus, to continue effort in the activity at hand. With lessened fatigue.

    Ogre Speed: With the speed effect, basically its to do the idea of making speed with the strength added on. As your stronger, you get faster. What helps this, is to consider the idea of 'faster' as the intent, while drawing in energy to your body, through your focus.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meaning of anonimical

The meaning of anonimical can be gotten, from its parts: anon and nimical.
Anon = anonimous
Nimical = evil effect

So anonimical = to be evil, anonimously.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Material linking

  The effects of linking yourself to material, can be drastic as it can make you become similar to the material presented, and there are several traits that you can get with the material grade, as well. To link yourself, think of material and think at the material, 'link me to you!' or 'link me to you?' as you touch it. Now, the linkup isn't instant, but it is going to happen, eventually. Or, it is instant, but it takes some time to feel the qualities of the materials join with your qualities and traits.

  As always, you get the energy, of the object you linked to, slowly but surely till it comes upon you as an awakening force that keeps you awake. To break the link, is to make thought and imagination, of the link being broken, in some manner. And, upon using a freehand hexing sigil, drawn in the air to show intent. Its broken.

  With plastic: the trait list is mainly: Uncorruptive nature (except to acidic behavior like nasty comments, acidic comments and repose with bad views), easily pleased and you become easily pleasured, you can store fat in obvious places, unbending (except with the bending type of plastic), easily brittle over a long time, living a long time (if the plastic material lives a long time), moldable (easily suggested to), lethargic and unthinking in nature.
  With metal: The trait list is mainly: you become personal, very long living, corruptive, when in arguements you get moldable (suggestable), not so easily pleased, supremely sociable, easily alert, unbending in nature, focused, energetic and strong.
  With ceramics: supreme attitude, breakable (easily snapping at the bait or accident), easily focused, living awhile (in some cases, it depends on the lasting state of the material), unsuggestable and heat can toughen you to the effect of maturing natural attributes.
  Gemstone: You become like that of the natural attributes of the gemstone color, very long lived, understood, focused in activity, easily working with things, suggestable, thinking and you can easily do magic.
  Glass: See through (the thoughts are easily seen if the person tries), focused, breakable (as in accident prone) and this depends on the thickness or type of glass too, living a long time, meltdownable (you can easily change your mood), unthinking, you become easily cleanupable, but it can restrain your magic (if it isn't magicked first) or cause you to be resistant to magic and you can get temper fits.
  Chemicals: Reactive (tempermental or somewhat explosive), understood, transcendic, easily focused, while reacting to something you can be unthinking, contained in temperment (after reacting) and formulaic.

  Due note: If you link to several things of the same material, you can strengthen the effect of the material, on yourself and your body. If you link to multiple things, you can get the attributes, of the extra materials and idea associated with it. Some attributes are easily cancellable, where when you get both, they cancel out, or one overrides the other and some combine, so feel free to explore this idea.

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