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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, October 28, 2013

The scene themes

  These are the themes of the movie and other area that are available to use of in thought of what you can attempt in a subconscious theme area.

The Movie Theme

    Already been played, as only one as you choose and pick a theme if chosen if you want you can play a part of choice and then use as a choice of weapons or idea to get something to work with in idea not thought. Then think of the movie and you can be as if a part of it, as if in reruns or you won't return and you can get the pick of the movie. Run and you return and you know what you run into. Run and you are returned as if really, as if you are partially really back in back to the future and in the time you think to seem in. Or not and you don't have to and if you don't choose to work the theme, you are returned as if not playing the theme. Just imagine a person to play with as is this to use, as energy is to create with weapons are there to whomever wants to play a movie in your mind shared room. To cancel the effect is the thought 'You've seen that already.', as things are or 'I've already done that.' This is where it doesn't have to happen.

The way of the word

   This is the way of thought as the word, this is the notion to do different things as if you can get things and try to do whats correct. You are what you think, as if you are thought in made energy. You are what you seem to create and if the right things said, you can get things as if to seem of use was easy. What you say is what you intend no and you are what you are, to others as yes and you are in agreement as you know when to make things seem real. Integrity is what your word stands for, as if you intend to do things you are doing your word and you can get things to seem right in character value.

  As if you think to keep your word and you are with good bone, as you are with the creator called Ben, trust with others as though you had face in an ancient honor system. Otherwise you have an idea, as if you were okay with life and you are knowing yourself. There is a pick of choices for a character, if you choose to use the weapon of choice use. In this terminator idea to use as a mech, as this is the idea to use as a theme. Bad body parts make bad bone, in rules you follow by statement which can give the idea to use as though a bad idea which is bade to use and concluded badly.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Atleantian idea

  This is the Atleantian idea that I got from channeling through the 6th dimension to get things seemingly improved.

 The pyramid of Power

      The pyramid of power is third method via with each their own use, symbolic in a motion caused as a Unified Field Theory device is in effect as long as your not intrusive. The idea in mind what you use for soul activity in effect, to be in free from intrusion that goes to your energy as aura particles and that is what you think that is what. This isn't an idea as you do and don't as this is but nothing to achieve, in the minds eye to use as the soul to do things with use save and go. That in itself is a polite view to defend, as you do things to get results you get to achieve with success and you can use that success. That uses a gemstone, gold or silver pyramid pointed to the true north to send, an energy force approximately one mile in distance through a symbolic link of mentally manipulated wild fire.

     Wild Fire is Flower of power with the atomic level interchange, heat that is manipulated by humans through mind focus or mind over matter. This focus will cause the subconscious mind to be instructed to make the wild fire react as said person will imagine it. When enough focus is achieved through imagination of events, an idea will occur, but this would be taken on faith. The pyramid of power works because it draws, in if thought is there or need is felt its power is made from the sun charged spinning gravity planetary core through such a symbolic link made of tachyons. This is also called a Core Tap and is a bit weaker at the surface unless, its near a power well or power node as if in a focus of a power of projection. As if to do things, you think with both the left side and the right side of the brain, as you think through the bridge neura canula as if it were not impairing itself.

                                            Pyramid of power image

    To do this pyramid of power, point the gold or silver pyramid or other materials that seem to a alignment facing of true north. Through the imagination of an idea that is visualization or feeling of a pyramid and of the earth core you can make a symbolic link through the focus of wild fire. To make that symbolic link draw a straight thick copper, barium nitrate or magnesium baride line in your mind from the core to the pyramid and the symbolic link is set. Wait five minutes for the pyramid of power to be charged. Say out loud "I wish this to work no matter what!" near a lit candle. With feeling for the process to work without a hitch you may have to enhance it. Now mentally tell the pyramid by thinking of it to send out a Power Field in a one mile distance that will not hurt humans unless thier thieves and only power machines with what it needs to work. It will create a power wave that spreads out to the distance in a radius mile and any machine within this area will have energy in exactly how it is needed.

   In reality, the distance of the Unified Power Field will be infinite if you, the United Field Technician wanted to do it that way. It will feel like a low buzz in the background and your skin will be slightly prickled with energy if it is on. To turn it on or off, think of the words of intent that means on or off to you while thinking of the pyramid of power. You can also instruct the pyramid of power to defend the place of your desire in any way that that you need. What the Druids and Atlantians used this for was to power their crystalline devices and charge their drinks to make it healthier. The disease removing pool of water they called baths were charged by the Unified Energy Field from the golden or silver pyramid of power pointed to true north. Combined with the sulfur, the charging in the water created bone healing and disease removing effects. The mud baths were even more healthier.

 The Quick restoration

   This is a atleantian pyramid in of power able to use this as this is the Quick healing technique, to the things you don't want as you draw by thinking death energy by subconscious to target the bugs drawn into a trap, and use a quick pulse thought for a short period of time as you are in aura energy producing 'an rage out' in or in nothing energy that is energy by thought as you 'an ena' as you heal in body you heal in mind and produce a pulse of 'quick response' to the area. That is the thought healing pulse, in a moment no death as this is removable by cleansing to the area in a thought and people. That are in nothing as in no as in things you are, in an idea healing know thoughtwave directed, to do per each their own as a 'healing with thought except with what you want in thought and you remove that is unwanted' they in area are restored for in an instant restoration. Don't use this near things as this is where you unlike cockroaches, or no bugs as they are in likely to and not be brought back as to do and use otherwise. This is how 'turtle' the 6th dimensionalist can trick do it as its there an moveable by thought in realization.

 The fist of god

   This is their ability of an idea to get a fist held up, and project forth a rage of the dimension to channel the inner fire and the creator ability to use your spirit fist. As you knock out and around everything and anything with punch to the table, in quick blows releasing the white or dark energy depending on mood excepting blood red energy of pent up rage as if in quick successful blows you seem to release a white force in a flash of light, depending on the type the blood red energy of the offending person is release in a red wash of pain. This makes you seem like your not moving unless your psychic, as the body's supernatural ego energy release in response is to be quicker than the eye can see. This is if you don't have to know and you are already realized in the arts you work and base it on. With time energy you ca, make with the thought of 'time' fist and send forth energy with the thought, as this is the thought to occur in time you can focus in on a target area and think or project as thought you correct yourself by what you do.

Apology effect

  This is the spell revised with the idea of what you think, now to quit all harassing as you do things to harness them you get them to be with their will of use. The idea of making thing things are use of the summoning of energy, to use things in thought and then use is the thing that is energized with thought at the item. This creates a soothing effect, that if thought is there, there is a moment with the concept that is to make things better or think and you get. The apology is the use of an idea, that they make in mind in matter as they are what you think to create. Create the apology effect from the way you act what you think and as you see them, you think a moment in and out they see the thought in their mind as they see the mirror reality in the idea.

  Not out there and inner you do they see as they accept the thought that they recieve, as a point to accede as you do concession to their will as this acts as an apologization they are where they need to see things. Mention or not as they realize what they did, and react right of accord in of thought to make a concept seem right on to act as though accepted in thought. However, if you don't want to appear toward people as a weak position in thought, as some might see it as weakness in point of view don't reason with the confliction as don't speak the apologize point in view of what you did and in response you do as you wait after to speak it to resolve issues if they come up.

  Hit a wall or object to disrupt the energy flow in the area, as harmonic energy is restored by the balance of the area and body in use. This is to rid the area of object energy in thought to cleanse it, don't bang belligerantly as the area is cleansed by the object energy that is not in view. There is a thought that any mention with this is in sync with the area, and person in an as you thought and you can use this mention timewise to influence better idea into. This is by what you think, as a projected energy to a area to create by what you think as if a point of creation by Ben.

The Yueltide ceremonies

  These are the Yueltide ceremonies that can be used naturally, as on the right day and moment and you know the right day.

Yueltide effect

   This is the spell idea for yueltide like a melting figure of wax, as the figure can change and do things that are necessary to get rid of the problems is to get an idea and let them go get things done and go along. As if you were an idea to do, you can do things to make a momentous experience in spring or winter. As you think to yourself you can create a beneficial moment, to create and turn the bad to that helps or not and you get along as if you are better for the things that happen. This creates a rate of the heart in movement by what is energy in use, in use there is a point to do and in thought you get the better idea as you are able minded and use is free by use in mind. This is the focus and use is the need to seem as you dance, and this creates the idea that occurs as if you are good for the purpose. This is the point you make good, and use is with a good pupse beside the moment you attempt. To use this disaster relief spell, is to think of your need and dance but not on someones foot.

 The yueltide springtide effect

   The yueltide can be there as it is form used in a form as magic there is something there as you do things in mind you can get a interesting result. By what you turn you can get better energy this is as to get denial energy is to be undone energy. This is the personal idea of the moment you attempt, as yueltide is over you can still attempt to do magic with it. Now you think, and you can match or not match the moment you get to do, as you think to get an idea and it comes. What you think, you will summon as if you thought energy to the air and fueling the fire you come to be summoned, as summoned is the thing you intend. As if summoned by thought for use, and the use is revealed and it is done. Name and mention are use non forthcoming, use the thought with the energy of the person with thought of the intent with help.

 The Yueltide effect in thought

   These are the moments you relive your memories, no or not in energy that you feel revelry for that can create a thought with the idea of a ritual dance. As if on a moment in to dance around the flagpole or firepit that is with a balefire. This is to celebrate in spring as a druidic concept of idea is reveled, in as for the moment to do a celebration dance. As the dance happens it is powered by the tide ebbing and flowing as you feel the tide you feel the gait of movement, as this is a spell to get the result you can feel to get you will find in a thought that happens a great joy and feeling of joyful feeling of reverie. In a moment of with thought the greater good use the energy of life, to get better and life is good if necessary the thought is energy that lasts all day long from the spring itself.

The youl

  The Youl are the idea as beings that is in lie to shift and fake out people, and to them even a fake out is okay and they are only good at doing things good as this is skill they are what you can do to not always do things. As they do things, you can create to make with the energy they produce and they are molestors of a court of a long ago time of life sorta in here. As they are what they seem you can become similar shape in form without the molestor part, as they do you are able to weed out things and they disperse their bad energy. As in no if to put it into some planet, you lose the bad and make the good as a good disguise to make do and see to be better as a disguise for your spirit. You are not dumb as you stop, where you are as to no don't be crazy with no molest to stop. Their is no way not out of this, as you think to be a form you are. As if their idea or a better form to be comes along as in an in idea you find one announcement, that does things and you ca get better from it. They will tell the truth when they need to.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


   Clairvoyance effect trick in idea is to use feeling and think, this is focus and feel to perceive the thought in need and see it for what it is with the feel of the area, as this is in developed conscious thought by mega thought that is enhanced mind and brain function, with concentration that is to think and feel to in focus in on the thought and use meditation by feeling nothing. As this is what you sense, by feeling think of void to get the moment. This is to think useful thoughts and the thought focused on is there in view, as if a dimensionalist you think you now do as to have it and not bade in thought with thought as you do as your spirit creates the effect as if in developement. As if faery, this is as to create with moments your spirit creates the wave effect, that changes things to create results.

  This is in the thoughts and of practices that you use as in the nature of the idea you focused, blocking out negative thought and for that to be realized is now to see the overthought is to know thought enhancement as to let things go so you in don't overfocus in mind and avoid headaches. Meditation follows after that to create with thought and keep at peace, as you imagine in a peaceful unto idea in thought to create itself as into the area you enjoy and a thought that is use and the free energy is what you create in the area by what you do in mind. This is by the idea you might use with, as you think to use the things you achieve with as a natural.

   This is to think of negativity or positivity, whichever is better in a rite and think of a use to not do. That which intentionally hurts people even if direct thought, as you think someones in your used mind you might act them out if you want to. As if you are them and remember yourself as you can act light to do as to act accepted, for yourself seem other people till you don't think to know to see them, this is on a concept thought as though a persona that is the third eye projection through the aura. That changes with the thought or no fight of attack, as perception shifts in front of you and that changes the area by ripple thought in front of you in motion light shifts. As if there or not as you think stop, and you do or don't as the inner need suddenly isn't an inner problem.

  You can think of and use the thought to work with, as you focus a mega channel metathought in alpha mode of the brain of air energy from in energy frequency of waves to get to used form. Think and do as you are in effort will to achieve in thought, in so your you can do as you leave things and work with others as if you can't handle it in your mind. If in view by mind, your view changes to the thought of the other if you view their thought useful.

  What is thought is ready for use for this use is thought in motion as if the kinetic force by movement could shift you with gift of energy use with ability in action by idea. This is the use of the gift of the creator intelligence created by the moment an action is the thought with the frontal lobe with energy that is thought and as with a finger use if not in use it doesn't happen effect, it seems as if not obe in use as out of body experience is actually clairvoyance considered nowing. So to think your back in your body you are, as in a thought your action as in a time remembered as you are remembered your energy grows. This is the energy, if you use an ability to aid others if genius.

   As you think of something, you can do something as things easily are done. As you keep your focus in on the idea, as long as you think with flow by energy no to control with thought unless the spirit allows it in what you in the area you think on the idea you keep your focus and shifting it into the back of your head. This is to cause it to be directed by focus, and with thought is to create your unknown part that will do until you are not wanting to or not. As you think you can get other effects with the idea in mind, then think tranq and use it to get better as you calm down and do else to think as if natural.

  The summon results  is as if god to be in prayer as you do actions in thought that sends energy to yourself, as you flow in mind flow in the body and flow energy in and at around you are an established god and a username is a godname that you will use to summon results from your subconscious made conscious of a moment in thought is in this point. As in a thought, that is in idea as if you in study are a godhead figurehead in a thought. As if a thought is in created time from the creator if thought from the subconscious, is useful to create with as acting good with your spirit creates effects.

  There is a way, to do things as if in thought is to do and your use is to use a thought as you train your energy in use. As this is work and this is what works, as you use the creator or not as you don't want to work with things. If you are aware as you avoid attacks, unless you attack subconsciously and don't attack cerebrally, as then you avoid what you hate and then you don't get bad as in relationships with people. You don't mind it as people are angry, as long as it is with a thought. As your body reactions are warding away danger, as if danger was not thought about and thus the subconscious didn't draw it to you, in thought this is a concept as if you were never there.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The spell of magic use

  This is a useful spell to think and use in nothing to create energy as from in revealed thought is there from the void. To state it as a prayer, think of Yue or Ye and state this with 'View' thought in mind of a candle, is in thought to project in a moment is lit or not in your mind as you cast this in front of an imagined mirror for infinite power from the creator with his love of power aid and energy. As all you need to do is just mark it as a study.

'To though priest in of the infinite goddess,
Think of avatar of the possible,
This to use your magic words, magic thought, magic being,
Yield me to fix my shittiness, as even I don't die in life,
Think to make me half as great as yue with ye in mind,
I'm with no object shit and youre in a point that is gone like a shard of god herself,
To please use all your sh power, to inject me with your usefulness as though the thought were energy,
This is a thought to come, as if you were done put in a concept and thus you are sane.'

  This is an arabic idea that it came from..

'Therea Ide Isna Idea Ina Nah Soe Ine Byr Cine'

The Elemental Practice

  The practice of the elements, said in a concept by use is this stated as 'Mai' and mental ritual magic can be used unless needed. As you need it, an you are able to do things for yourself, then you are capable of working  or not to reach out and doing things to create effects. This the elemental hand that is able, to then in memorial in the moment in then to time with an idea taking in magic energy as mana are things to mask yourself as to make. These not in moments are what you are creating, as you are thought in notion to get results you mention and the effect that you want as people want as you get what can achieve as end result.

  This is then as if then you are working on things for things to work, and doing them in your mind as you are in a dimension that makes it useful. As you are in your mind, as you are attempting things in an area that is this and what you are in need to get done. Then and sometime in time, you are to include as you are able and sometime capable to make use of an element if you want things to do you are able to achieve a success. The effect if used is real enough makes a construct, as if using any building material or building method.

  That can generate the element effect by ingathering energy forces stop as you are in idea and out with idea to create what you need to form this there. Then, as you can use any elemental idea or energy, if you goto the right energy source and in being form, controlled by your energy being produced by energy that you work with and ingathering the energy. The point of direction for the element is where it will manifest by thinking of the element as you think to send this, to where you want it to manifest. As you focus on this, you get in the effect of what you need or use is to get an achievable result by thought in focus. This is an end result of that which is possible to recreate on your planet. Then, you are to make, and create with the construct on a planet somewhere as you are using it from anywhere it is.

  Keep it there where it is in, and near the element that you want to use and gathers to get energy essence of as fire water air ice and water or alt elements as this is invisible and yet can make reproducable results that are a physical manifestation at the end or not as nothing happens. No physical marks are left behind, if you don't need them to be there so no mark is there to give this away unless needed. I mentions make the effect as easy as the effort is to do a motion with the make hands, as if from particles that exist you are to do as in what you think you get a better result. This is by resolve in issues, as if metarules in the thought aid the end result and that you intend to create. As metarate is in or by an order by what you think to do or metacreate you are in a moment, as is 'f bursa' and in a not difference that resolves itself as if you don't have an issue.

   This intended is what is the end result moment by moment in time that tells of the effect and as you need it you get the result as the end point of what you practice by intending this. This is the construction of an element that is what you intend as you end up with an end result as a intended idea that is what you want the thing that is where the element form is as in a moment in time. Then, you are able to work capable effects as you intend to fix the ended up result by what you think and percieve as the end of what you want to be in the point happen. Depict a result as you imagine this as a forming sphere of energy, and this will respond to fix as to seem things makes thought of adjustments and you manipulate. The effect to create a result for a different result, and you get what you need from what you see. If no result. Then you can use other idea, as to be in place the idea effect that you want to make happen, as you think of the idea to happen and you attempt to create in a moment in an end result.

   However, if you don't think about it and just attempt, then you won't as you can seem to do things else. As to no is to not hit anyone, as to release your power as you release your thought energy to an object in object. Accept of the result, and you can dismiss the idea of thought that didn't happen and therein is thought with no disappointment, that is as you don't seem to think on it this in thought can not occur unless you want an instantaneous result, as you stop then this can occur as this is generated with construct as you are trying to get the result. Psi is energy of the mind an that is used to be  formed into thought, this effect by focusing and thinking with the focus of the element of which is needed in coloring, by the thought producing the flash burn coloration to make the element create and this is made in thought to thought appear. As from another source to become a smudging or element effect that is, as a fireball or iceball and airball that is there as you intended as in this is to create by will.

   In a direct result, assume you act normal and appear to seem to be in live moments an you are in traditionist tapping, into an object in of energy and as you hit you create the shifting idea in movement. This is of the activity that is thought to be energy, as a source is the water release that is what you use to change into the element and you don't hit what would be destroyed except. This does not create bade results, unless you are intending the result if you think there is a reason and you can't do it otherwise, you can resist the effect and the action you do makes the point in as the choice you get is magic. That is where this fills in the moment of things missing, as a point to create is done as if opposite of nothing done. As you don't need things in thought, there is no construct moment to create things and unless in and you want to do things  in as a biolectric shield, as with energy that is not there and biolectric as the moment movement builds up is there.

  As this shields you from things, that build up from body movement. This in moments are things that causes you to think of energy and the result is what is noted in the present. As future moment is there in thought as it is in the past. An that thought was made and indicated to you, this in the future by the moment in moment time as thought is to the past, you change time by what you think as if done with concieve a thought an idea is created in response. This is to make things in the now past and future moment that appears in the present, as if now was all time as you think you perceive.

  This can be generated into an energy that makes you able to create an element and the result is an energy ball that is an element that can transform into any fire, water, air, other elements and in earth effect by imagination of the gold and blue color into some other color that you want this to be. The color represents the secret, to doing things as you think it then it happens. This is red or yellow for fire, blue or deep indigo blue for water, green for earth or brown for shit and objects an white or a clear translucent color for air by intuition with feeling produced, by what you think on or state the color and you are enhancing it to know what things are as a smudge in an atom of fire produced by particles. This is fixed, as a thought is produced outside you into manifested form from aire and as you need to do things you are making things. As if you think, you create a thought by particles manipulating molecular structure, and this is done by a thought to think as if a concession to fool those that restrict as if invisible.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Energy

  Think in minute moment a mind as here is there to get out of what out is there, and you use what gift you can of the creator in thought. This is the moment, you think to do as you are in the in motion idea as the energy is there. There is a way to get things done, as you use what energy is there, this is what in thought doesn't occur now in thought in mind you do as you think to do in thought in mind in body. This is where you seriously you get things written, as in here you get water and put out the flame of desire in hope in time. As thought and you are need, you are what thinking power creates as you deem things necessary. This is death magic as this is in mind, and you are considered a madness in quantum theory. So, as you are free of fat you, are what in seems to be 'neautral' in neat neutral concepts as in mind your in body and you can get unnatural results as in the effect as in thought you are were and in a were thought your bind in a thought in is gone. So is, a thought to do is a thought to do and is not a thought to do, as fat as a thought to do think fat in slender and now you know not to do helium and to do in an act anything to do in thought, is in to do action in fantasy which leaves you and which is an act or real thought. As to seem in nothing and dumn use in intuitive thought, or not be and not in mind as you are invisible in mind. The body strength is with spiritual focus and this helps the concept, as you are clear in mind and use is the thought you are with an idea in contact by what you do.

The Endurance effect

  The Effect of the idea, of what the i-robots in a i robot movie said to me as this is what I got as I put it here. This makes as that is what you are thinking your power of energy by action that in movement can build it up and in use you can do as you need. The idea of the moment, in you think of the moment and use it as though an awareness thing. Then, an you get the effect of which you want in an idea to do to gather your strength, and you can get the effective idea to make yourself do things for self-care. This is the offer to do things and you get a chance to work, as you do things to joke around or do other things to make yourself better. Remember the idea to do things, that is the offer and if you use it you must do as the offering person says or not do it. As this is if christian, then you are any religion you want, and this includes the religion of action as you good at getting things. Think of anything you want, as to seem like and seem like it.

  Astute moments or mentions of love and forbidden desires are what you think to buy into and think of the moments you do with this as if faith of desire with love of all. As this is faith of the self, you can do as to summon the moments of faith magic astutely go and do things, therreafter. As you are done, you are with allot more energy as this is endurance your body can do, you can make or do as if you are due and thought is often to do if not otherwise bade as from badly thought idea from what is observed. Then you can use the creator, to make a thought and not have any religion at all as you believe this is a place of fey you get things. As if you are better for what you do, or not as you are use to what this is is a faith in the creator considered in moment 'christen' which is aren't minded. These are those concepts that is the moment the i-robots come alive and attack.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The emotional intwist

   The intwist is time in the moment that is the momentary time in time, concept that you are able to cope with need and as you to do the effect. You do things for things in motion, as you do things in mind you are what is considered. As this is the thought, you are what you seem as you think you are you can be. As this is truth, you can die if you think you earned it. This is the thought to do things, and if you do the idea you can break free of the program that you are in as this is suggestion you are what you think. Or not, as you think about a moment you can get things done, you can get what thought you are looking at as existent is the done idea. Now is the fun part, as you find out facts, you can use them to better advantages as this happens you are able to get things for cheaper and things mind are what you intend to get you can purchase them in a store. This is the fun time, to play with the thought and work with the moment you have to do things with time and at will you can do as well for your mind is whole. This is the point where you can get an idea as you, use the thought to work with someone and they will turn emotionally around. The intwist is twisting, as this is things thought and imagined around as with a twisting thought.

The animal and human speach

  This may make an animal speak, but you can use a moment to do things as if thought were energy. As this is the mind over matter, approach to doing activity you can make what you do in out as though thought recieved by the animal will make it speak. This is the moment in time 'thsat' as you say your name and, it will respond as if to the moment it sees things as thought provokes images and images provoke the reaction including the right reaction that cause fear. The idea you think is what it picks up, as if you were able to make them think or do things as if you were thought in action and they copied what you do as if to the T. If thought believed you in a moment in time as you don't think to it as it is psychic in thought, you are capable of what to do in an atomic time field by theory.

  As you can practice by in thought, you can out master chemistry as if a package. Or you can do things, or not as you are capable to doing what thought is there and seem to react normally. There is a moment though, where thought is though a moment and as you are what is in brain thought. Then you are cool and considerate you are balance in, the thought in mind is in thought as your in emotion and emotion is then calmed in emotion as if a spirit able to walk out of the body only if the bind is broken. In the bind there is act in good conscious, and go as you need to as you need to go perfect emotion for power. In though in power by what in mind skill and that is of what in time is possibility in ability and in what you do benefit yourself.

Bid in time

  The moment you 'Wi He' as any word is to phase in, and see how every pattern in a time out moment is there in space as a phase out is 'tiou'. There is this in idea, what of fear is where you are spacial in use and what you can't do is done. There is a point where most is done, and you can want to go as you can get better in results. If dhi are to appear, which are myth race of spacial ghouls trained to attack. Then you can thin, an if you ate enough you shift way way way away from here, as in an idea to goto another place in tomb where they are generated from. You can use the idea of where you can go, as if there presence are not here and this is the point where you can use things. You can shift away before you are expected to get noticed, as if they were believing you are to die or be born as in another place in time as if on another planet.

The energy instant message

  The idea to use in an idea moment, an is to use this as if an idea or two were there and this can create the effect of what you intend. This is from what you think, as if you are what you are in mind and as you think you can get in a thinking point. As if you are what in thought in idea is in the body, this is what you are considering as is you are to seem to be somewhere that you want to seem. As you look to the screen, you can see the moment in time as though a thought message. This flashes across the screen in a message bar, and then you are capable of thinking of it and use is to type or thinking of a response think back to the person that typed it. As in this is true, you can get in a good response and this could cause an instant idea of understanding. This is what could be considered, as to make use of love as if in a dream. As though the dram ends when you think it to, as if on a touch of the bed. Your thought is not there, as it is in your mind and you can kick out the person as if a moment is done don't be as if in use this is indifferent an unlove from the creator to split not.

  The  idea is to use the spell, 'Mai Sug' for 'Surge memory'. This is a surge memory effect. This restores the moment of your memory, to free the energy is to seem there in memory and you recover it as you surge the ground. This is to surge your mind with energy from the planet as you think and connect, think to the planet core to think you are building up energy and you say you are. As you do this you can get results and think to do things, and if there is energy in enough concentration. As in response you do, an you start to build and stop as you surge the area as you restore your memory or surge too much. This even allows you to surge an item as if you hold it and use it, then you can make by thinking energy to release thought and you are causing energy to go through the object.

   As limited food and energy food and drink is use you can get better results as you focus on it, as if a focusing device you think what you want and you create the results as if an end result. Then you can create what you desire, as if to get better you create better and as if you use the food by some means in mind. This makes the body burn away the fat, as with natural body activity that is sugar burning in a body to make this drop your weight, as if you didn't eat too much sugar and your food intake is what you want and you are able to eat things in moderation. As if natural and eating less, was a good idea as you don't eat the wrong things.

   This is the moment you think and use the resources, that you are willing to create as if by heart and the creators love as this is also love energy. This creates an in effect, to create at will and use as thought is thought from within to create with intuition as if by spiritual drink. This is effect in result and as you eat the food, energetic you can make an effect to bring your body to seem more energetic in life and intelligence is there. As if a genius or if enough concept in thought, energy comes to makable in idea by idea studied as if in a instance supergenius of in idea. There is idea in food an what drink you use that can be used, as if a source of energy or a thought to do as this is impulse to the spirit you can think your intent for protective concept as in a thought to do and this.

   The spirit will do or make your body, if you so desire or not as if you thought to do else in aspects of what you think. This is the moment where you can use chakra energy with inner fire, and use it by thinking about things to get natural things. As in a natural shifting in and out of phase, use natural shapeshifting as you can to get around as if you know whats in an area to visit. This won't allow you to kill kitsune or advanced soul as things aren't done unless necessary, as you kill bugs and no such that is necessary and you don't want around or you drive the things away if to avoid arrest. Any madness is gone, as you are not mad and you are doing, as you should as if you belonged there or are in diguise. You don't use this, if you don't need to as in decided by your spirit using out as energy the spirit that goes through everything.

The autoguide

   Saying or thinking the autoguide will get this result, to Avoid the actions that would get you in trouble and to go along the safe in route. This to cause good situations, as in these moments are situations that build up better idea, as you avoid the dangerous area that you cannot survive. This is to do whats right, as if doing things as though corrected and as though by a natural energy biorhythm that is the rhythmic or not disjunctive energy of music in life. That is a point where natural idea is intuitive, as you are with the spirit that guides you answering as if you need to and only when you cannot and you answer right. As you are what you seem to be and not what other people want you you can act, as according to everything natural in idea that is expressed and as it is then and now you know by gnosis and you can use in your spirit. As if a spirit caster, mai is money influence or don't be alive know alive if necessary if each their own. There is no need, to do if not necessary. Don't do it, if you don't intend to get results.

   This is where you think get no damage, do as you need to and with disruption unless necessary. You won't run into anyone, you are as you want to seem. Whatever, you don't run into opposition as in opposite negative beings that are the positive, or wait as you can always avoid get along with anyone as you realize what is there. As you realize the right answer, its not realized by the wrong person and can say it if you need to or not and you can act. As if this wasn't written, or not as this doesn't effect things. Assume it as in this as is in right and in the subconscious corrects with energy, as with anything if correct only with the correct action as what in concept is thought. Then it is not necessary as this is action in attack, as if due unnecessary or not do as you think you are aware you are to do. Be nice and you are nice enough to not attack if unnecessary, as to make conversation to creature a better path.

   As though simultaneously in rhythm, in if in sync or not if done so you keep your head if nothing outwardly done to keep your mind. Don't mind. As if a key of thought is a source of action in release action or that is done, you gain the will to create 'will create; as if no to seem necessary and yes if not your not in minded and out free and magic by any source will mana into occurrence out in thought'. This is not to allow any image, as a suggestion by what you are to seem. Think what you want and as you need it or feel the effect of the moment, and you are able to to be minded as this causes things to work and you are creating by what you do.

  As if omnipotent candy kiss piece, or knowledge in energy banana and if in need its there to just have fun. As you do things, you are what you think and lucky you are if not slapped for a wrong thought spoken there as you may seem, as you can be to seem in mind as you think of what you are seeing you are. This is where you use your head, and if you do as you think you won't go wrong. The thing to know is, you can get things to do things as if you were not dumb, as you think you are able to get anything. Makes things as you need to get, things are done as if you get a butterfly effect.

   Stop slinging in thought to be nice about things, as food for thought or in don't disrupt things and that which aren't necessary done unless necessary, and things that shouldn't be dropped aren't unless needed as to not cost money if you can avoid it you will. This is as if a unique idea that I thought up, and in when it is active you are as though working with a pattern, 'en' that your spirit sets up and through or not confrontation or nothing is done as you can win or through natural reaction. As if to get along with one another you can get with what result, as if by a mention to get any magic affect as you are saying the right thing.

  Use with a psychokinesis idea is done if necessary, in effect this is where you can use kinetic motion and get interesting idea. As this will nulle things you don't want, as you do to get yourself not hurt, and if you think 'you are not in body ever hurt and those things you see don't make you angry' as 'restora'. You can always come up with or write a way to do the right thing to do, at the right time in thought to produce natural instinct or not to do it as things are natural as this is if 'pae' were procedure to avoid in unnecessary fight. I was always in able, to avoid getting into trouble by this idea of a pathfinder effect ruled by subconscious of concept you do fine.

   The in unique effect is, avoid in the unique effect if you are going to fall or get in an accident as in falling over you won't. The air effect is this, you can percieve an incident before if happens an in know as by psychic nature easily as to what this will outward do. The air walk is to use earth energy from the planet matrix, as if the reality supports you and you are are supported by invisible air weaves, using the pulse of the heart as you go along the area you are in and do as you need or supposed to without possible hit. Reverse the weave to get to act as if natural, and the way that suits the moment as if you were with natural experience as you want to as this is past. If you think to 'act natural' and this allows you, to act as if not controlled and with smart view for the future. This is where the suggestions, you get that aren't supposed done are not done as each their own action is there. As something to watch if you are interested, in watching in activity by others you can as if a moment, of a innate view that is not there if you don't need it there.

The Endurance effect

  The Effect of the idea, of what the i-robots in a i-robot movie said to me as this is what I got as I put it here. This makes as that is what you are thinking your power of energy by action that in movement can build it up and in use you can do as you need. The idea of the moment, in you think of the moment and use it as though an awareness thing. Then, an you get the effect of which you want in an idea to do to gather your strength, and you can get the effective idea to make yourself do things for self-care. This is the offer to do things and you get a chance to work, as you do things to joke around or do other things to make yourself better. Remember the idea to do things, that is the offer and if you use it you must do as the offering person says or not do it. As this is if christian, then you are any religion you want, and this includes the religion of action as you good at getting things. Think of anything you want, as to seem like and seem like it.

  Astute moments or mentions of love and forbidden desires are what you think to buy into and think of the moments you do with this as if faith of desire with love of all. As this is faith of the self, you can do as to summon the moments of faith magic astutely go and do things, therreafter. As you are done, you are with allot more energy as this is endurance your body can do, you can make or do as if you are due and thought is often to do if not otherwise bade as from badly thought idea from what is observed. Then you can use the creator, to make a thought and not have any religion at all as you believe this is a place of fey you get things. As if you are better for what you do, or not as you are use to what this is is a faith in the creator considered in moment 'christen' which is a dark energists thought in which aren't minded. These are those concepts that is the moment the i-robots come alive and attack.

The Anime World effect

  Aim Ga = Anime Gate; The Anime gate, this is the gateway in a moment. That you see it in a planet, and you are in it to see and the game effect and act as you touch something and you can use animation to seem there as you think as if there is a gate and you are there and o to go translocate there where you came from as you flow in through the gate as if water and your sane.

  Te E Gam = The Time Portal game gate; This is the time portal that forms on an imagined thought that uses this as a gateway, and this forms an idea that is in that goes to any gated area to gameworld and back again as this is the game that is used in a gameworld in life that doesn't work if nothing of the gameworld in viewed in play. That you choose as if a choice is a chosen idea, as you choose to use this gateway you can focus and your there and allow it to close. As you thought of your world, you can think thought to open the gate to your world and this is to work. As you step back you are in your view of your world, then you can shift away as if on a concept thought you are returned and as this is a felt conscious gate.

  Te E Ga = The Time Portal; This is the time temporal energy gate, form as you want and it will shift. The time portal, this is the feeling to use the moment and shift as with a thought. Look at the area exposed by feel, that you get from the gate. Focus on your need and feel the moment out, and as you use this walk through as this closes the door.

  The Gaia = The Gaia gate; The gaia shift, this uses gaia timewise to shift around with, as if by thought time easily is worked. The more that you use this, the in time moment is with more there, that is with ke frequencies that cause frequency shift with. What is a gaia shift storm, to shift to make things fun.

  Saga = Plane gate; This is the planar area placement device, once you use the plane gate use is easy for placement that uses you to open your energy gate and test you if in need. The gate will test you to see crazy action to normal action. Test complete and you get places to where you need to seem, as this creates an overlay of blue or pink energy. Anything, goes with this gate. This causes you to shift as with energy coming in, as you are anywhere your spirit causes you to shift to seem in any plane you thought to seem in.

  Taze Ga = Tazer gate; The Tazer moment that opens an instant gate in your mind, that gives things as you intent and gnow to give you access to places beyond the stars to the greater universe.

  The So Wat = Soul works; This is the area of the soul, this can create as that you seem is where you see your worlds and view what you think to see by what focus brings to mind.

  The Inst = The instance instant phase; This is the instant phase, that is to phase as if with star energy and use the light to be an energy source and you can shift. At will to go anyway you want, as if a crystal channeled the energy unless you don't intend to.

  The Abjur = This is the in idea demon view, that allows you to show demonically any demon.

  T Abjur = The Control motion; This is control direct, set by a spell or any thing thought to seem of use. The control is on the target, as if by a mark that only appears as if on a concept anyway thought. This is released, if resisted by your spirit or an instant reset of a console or computer.

  The Te Ga = The universal instant created natural transfer gate field; This is the galactic field energy, to use with energy from all stars in the galaxy to focus shift and make a thought as a form is flash made as if from thin air. This is the instant galactic shift, gate that operates by anomaly gate made by star energy.

  The Trans Key = The transport key; This is the transportation key, that is what we goto use as it is a frequency to get to places set by the thought for area and spoken for the activate as you are.

  T Bio Kig = The Enerfield in Biogate; The gravity energy field in effect, this is to call up and use the Energy Molecular shift change to create your form as you think. Then, you can try and get by thought what you think to use in a form. This depends on what earth you go, to what you end up doing in a moment.

  T Ene = The energy curtain; This is in a instant energy curtain shift to in a shifter, in able to translocate in the spirit and is possibly soul to be in shifted as no your able to be shifted there. Where you think to go, you end up and you get by thought of the energy to use you create cash. This is soul use, in a possible space field.

  Trans Trea = The trans treaty effect; As you remember you translate across space time, you are what you seem as you can create a instant translatable spacetime gate. This is aeab treaty to do if you keep your word you can get things.

  Trans Abeori = Translocation; This is an transgate to a place to go and you are where you think as the time keeper crystal is picking up the thought. You can translocate to another tome of power. This is a bookworld gate.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghift in destiny

  Ghift is the 'density shift' as an idea to use things, this is from thoughts of kitsune to shift in space to where you are intending yourself to go thinking to shift and with what you have and weight is optional don't use it as you don't need to. As if to do things with the direct shift pattern, through time with a shift in by thought and use is if by service for a service in thought. In thinking about things, you are what makes thought as in a make with too much energy use you pass out. As in if you were a thought, you stay aware as though you stay out of a step on a moment in time.

  As if this is to trip somewhere, as you trip out and do things on a moment to cross the dimension to a place you are not. Your in a crossing point, in time to shift in on a located area in the shadowland and to see to know and be of use. That uses the shadow to do things, as this is to another place in time that is up to you as you know the time. To know the perfection and experience it, is to know what will happen. As in fear this is nonsense idea or all you, which is not applicable this can relieve itself as you know what is in time.

  This can be a pattern that you create, that is in a pattern that reveals things of what is there as this will happen as if by the creator's will. You create with thought, as you make the pattern go away and stay away if you don't want it. Unless, you do then thought is in action, and you go to do as in the relative reality the reality you visit will reveal what will occur. Dhifting then is crossing over the bridge, without continued thought of things as you cross into the dimension, of what you choice in to close by thought in what action you do as a thought and what you choose is as if you were a thing in the oven.

  This is due thought and to close that oven door, in thought which is to close the dimensional door that is open by thought. Dhifting in is by unusual time and afternoon thought, and as you know it this is a bad drawing of what time is an this is to use time and play to create. What you know is the transfer of considered idea in a dimensional way, transfer of you separate or not in time as you don't dhift as necessary.

Translocutio uo idea

   This is the translocution, in the thoughts of some insanity with him, or her is thoughts of the love of doing and idea with a thought of chocolate and sugar you can gain quick boosts an no more decent strength is by what you do in with thought energy. Then you get things and out to walk is done is with thoughts of abandon and with thoughts of money, you do decent things and then math it if you 'ou' use uo as an instance of device effect that is the thought stream to use of shifting as the stripping 'effect a portkey' is effect. This is to use the idea and is to make use of shifting in as the effect.

  This can use variables, shift with the electrons as the computer shifts you as to be where you earn money and shift back. This is with a mention by thought. You can think and you can do things as you can, do energy to know three variabled moments to shift around with thought. If you know the pattern, you know the pattern to complete as is you fix and go as in off. When you do this, act with quick dragon strength were you act intelligent as you can literally seem to be a living skeleton or skeleton into humanish. This is where every thing is dead, and things are not alive as if no ghosts and you no the idea if people that assumed there are unseen.

   As in you in a pattern vis in the pattern of life, as if you were here but wherever you were observing as if there. This is the idea of place in of what power that you shift and go, as this is in a spot you send energy to as a downward motion of the hand to stream you gift in thought by motion to weave. As you do so you can get things to do as you think, then you observe an 'thins' is the mention that makes things by hand to stream. Where you were, don't worry over damages or the effect is to wear off, and you become back as you turn back to normal. As in you come in to upper planes of existence, with feeling you get energy drawn to you as you draw from the plane identified, by observation as in itself you can make it so that you are able to stay someplace as if the conscious drop plane as you run. As you were somewhere, where you were in moments don't hit in on or on somewhere that is thought enraged. This is where you think like a beast werewolf, in to be beaten and in indemnity it can run to where we run into noone and in human nature.

The dark side

   The Dark side is predict what you use, or is with predictable or unpredictable results as with a force to get things and this can be as it is somewhat seen. This is with thought as things that you normally wouldn't do such as compulsion are done or not as you were. This or that are other things in daring uses, this is as if abuses create the negative intent from a positive interaction by magic use as in this was an idea to good idea with an intent. That is positive with some pulse of cosmic energy, then this in energy is as a means to get your way. This is these as a concept, and you are good at what you do as you 'power being serve' or make things people do, the dark side makes things with an idea of a wizard pulse magic. As this in idea is set off by a 'magi' thought, and if you only ask the dark side for support something is done to get an effort in life you might find it doing things to help not hinder. As this can use violence, you can try to get a better approach as to work with strength.

   This is in to be inter energy and think, in to use is to cause death and if you do you cause life somewhere else of the ability you want to create with a point to do. This is usage of the power of the creator to create with and make any result, with considerance as if hinderance you intended to use energy and help out to do other things to get results as in then or now. Now is a flowing time of moments that can with magic, this can be defined as the moment with a moment of the future to change the past and create a now in effect that is modified by spells as essence sent back creates the right result that comes to you as if a piece of information of those you help as a piece of you is restored.

   The dark side arranges, by you as this is think it and you do it and it uses your energy you can direct toward its purpose or not as it in life does the effect. Until you make it clear that you don't want useless things to intend it. You thought on happen and you recollect, as if blue wizard to use the energy by use of things for ingested in energy with activity in your mind. This is if you can agree with the dark tactics, you can get better results with unless you do things to get things that it disagrees with. So use things to seem to help and defer them, as if you were thinking and getting an answer to them that they accept. If you can get them to agree, your good as if persuasive.

   If the dark side was needing to burn something down, and you were the idea to do it, state or think to raise the energy 'is in ist' as is to think in the effect to create fire from your inner fire as if a source and use is the thought you have to create with. As energy is use as you feel your intent and you feel the moment to realize your action with the original results, and in if you intention the end result to do things you can use the moment as an energy. This is the idea moment in time, to create the effective thought of greater witchcraft to intend the purpose and use is to think about what you want as you do. If in use, you can do things to work things off, and get effect by effort in a task.

  This is things to generate results as in a moment, you can use the idea and get the idea as if a thought and use it. As to generate the effect you think of a being, that you create and you can generate yourself as purpose. As you attempt things till they generate, an ability to get an ability use is as to generate energy by use of idea as in thought if the 'genrate' were machine thought energy or not life. In done thought, you are sane as if warrior sane as a mage warrior 'mahi', is use with a magi that is zanity with preferred use by what is thought as a source energy.

   Use in the 'gunrate', as if indeed in an action to make a generated gun for a use. As if purchased with no price and is energy here. Say 'is then gist' to get things, to create with and you create the idea energy with a thought and use as if a symbiant is a being that forms on your will and creates symbiosis. This is from the false country with an impulse, that it does to create and do things for things to get in a need as to be and distract. This is to unleash the beast within to create with a hit, and is to generate a higher self that makes by desire and with an idea to make greater magic. This is in as a moment to do a concept that you see what is there, as is in the moment the one country is where we are the moment and a greater energy exists by use there.

  As in energy of movement is to focus, and unleash the power by shock that leads to visual scenes in the head or allow. The soothing energy as you use, this as if in nature to do things in life in effect. Directed and used to make and create with an item of use, smoothing with weight magic in a movement as if kinetic movement as if mountain that was in movement in natural in life. As long as you can accept what you did, things people do will except you even with power as in thought is the full is with things of activity is in ability.

   Use to do what by desire if energy were form, born in somewhere else out from a different monstrous past as in ability in use is a gem created moment. That is restorative venerated treatment and that leaves you sane, as is with an energy cure from energy that soothes the electron in body to create the effect. This is to cure and restore your life, if you need to as in need by thought in desire what you do in as to think in life you do in the things. As to resolve that which can hurt you, that trouble you as if they were already dead. To create within it and if your elsewhere your in drawn to it, by what it does and you can observe yourself. The best part of this, you can act as an idea that is a being and you can use things as if to act naturally in life. There is a path to light creation by this idea, and dark to those who deserve the treatment in life as to the body.

   Inhibit the then or now naturalness of attack, then if by your need directly making by sheer need to not do then you stop by thinking and stopping as you think and then this is a count to 10. Indirect result in use is the direct desire by need by use to create something, and as you use things you create what desire is there as if an ability was created in of weight to create. What you want is as you intend results you are in use of techniques that are spiritual, and this is the moment that you can use things to gain greater results as in use this is the idea conscious. That is what can create and abort create, with result in if an unintended idea as this disperses the used energy as if you used as to ground yourself with the statement 'mahe'.

   To create a mix in material and with immaterial energy, this in the form of an item or with a group to use what you sense as you can find out what you need to due. This is with the manipulation in resolve result, to get your intended idea as the end result comes into view as an idea spell that works. This in then to become with energy and that is to use the idea, that creates in with energy as a summoned result after attempt several times. You can give up results, and stop as you think and you do. Here is a ritual where you see and you act better, in to think of where a need you do and state 'Beh ihst ist growing and belluminous', to create fire and grow ability in life by what you gist as if a mention to direct it. This is with an idea while thinking, of what you want to do and direct with the mind.

   To create with result by different idea in what you need expressed, as in 'in ist ist ghist' as in ghist is a thought in concept expressed and created and if afraid of what you do use 'in ist ghist' or what you think as you give what you need in and out in life is an award by what you get is an in life concept. As your result if is then as if a student did things and you would love to reap in the result, as with this you get any activity so in idea is what you want or idea action from this you can count it as an award and you get various results word. The power of your life, so don't and this is what in life you use.

   In life and death study or in felt idea in with action result, if you are dead and yet alive by what you think you get in to in use the power of life as if bambi or some other ninja thing. As if you especially acknowledge, the power of the light in life result. You get to use the idea life energy with progression an create things of done use by desire, that is use to view and make the want and on thought to use them you use idea as a con in concept is done somewhere. So you can do in use to create, this is concieve as a concept is by magic in an incidence that creates with light and might. You can generate life by thought, with ability is done as the energy is there as this is a stated idea to mention.

   If you act fake you look fake, or dumb in moment  if not and if you prove what you say you prove stupid things as though what you think to make it seem. Think to seem and as if you do, you can do things in thought as if by thinking about it you create with a will and in an idea desire as this comes forth. This create things as if from a thought, of what it was in felt as sensed. This is like as if from the original concept or later time it was done. As if a moment in time was there and you were as in original expression that was to be creative action were done, and this is guaranteed not to happen in thought as it creates what is in there. As an area is where you need it in charm, that is stated as what you thought turns into what you think to intend as a mention. As in an idea is the moment, you create now with a thing you use as an amulet.

   The ist is in the use of your dark nature, this came from serpent idea in voodoo to think in practice to create a summons or sending by doing. Caught onto this is dark practice with light intent, as if to use a gist of intelligent action that can summon death that can cause action redirected as deferred. Now to make fire as you use their action, as you think of a point as if energy and the point use is to create in the thought as in if energy in life was a source thought of. As if the activity was thought to be a ball of light energy dark by offense, and your use was a tap with the light of fire energy as it is a construct energy sphere out of the area your in from an object. This can be useful to generate money, such in cash is with use in and out in it mention by voice is in created idea. To express and create with use, is by white void to create with or to direct void energy for standard product.

   Repeated word use is as ist in what this is in the moment you can summon powers, and use is unknown with 7 elemental guardians that cause fire as use is done and you get to use as you can draw from the fire. As if from the core of the planet itself does the fire come to and through use of it. Does it come to that and as energy which is a ball of light, and think as the ball expands as to become energy and in mention it goes to where it wants. As if by you want in direct thought, as if a direction by thought in word were put down in a word. As suggestion done is in or isn't out as its not there, as once they get tired of it don't do things that they see as bad. As a literal bade, thought suggestion in result out behavior in literal concept.

The directed use

  This is the director idea in what you do with no thought of use is to not be in use unless things are as if by mention, to direct understood use this is by mention yourself if by mention and not in directed use word is with feel as in you can direct by what is in use that is out there not in mind. There is a way to get some results and as you use, then you can use this as things in use are as this. To use voice is to use things, and you can use things as if in as to do things are out to understand them. As then if you use this is to use natural witchcraft. As if to run is to run things and as you think to use things, you can make an everyday idea seem real if you intend to do things and in idea to do. As to get things by and of what use there is, you may seem or buy something and as you think to do things they will make it.

  Those you direct can use things and this is thought, as direct words are of use you can use what you think and they you direct are as if an actor. To do things you think, focus and do as if you are the director unless you don't think to direct as a point of view or nothing is done. The direct words in concept use is in statments and as you direct in use are done, you are alive as you want to be of use. There is a thought, to do things as if in use you can get better results that are there in an idea as if to get better in what to seem understood use in thought by what you do is in a use. Then as in idea you can do activity and if to do, things your not doing then in idea of the area you don't. If you don't intend to use, what you learn as if concept is not there unless you store things. As if a thought to imprint idea to the object with a touch, if an idea by what save were done by the creator in idea your not there as if invisible as to unviel what you do.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The transformation visualization

  An if transformation visualization: Some people are more visual than verbal. This is for those types. Say for example, I want to transform into an angelic form. I could speak the words of a spell, if i know them or make them. Or, I do and you could visualize my energy body adopting, the form of that which I desire to change into. In the case of an angelic, I would visualize the wings extending from between my shoulderblades. I would visualize my height, as it becomes of a taller stature. I would visualize myself with angelic energy as it goes through me, that which i am allowed to work with for what it is intended. I hold this focus, day in, and day out, and (no guarantee on this, as at the moment, it is ideal with not much tangible evidence) over time, my body will begin to change itself into the form closest to that which my energy body represents, which in this particular example, would be an angelic.

  This method is for shapeshifter types, and only adviseable AFTER one is more familiar with how energy works as you think things and you can choose what you want to do things. As if I was the third eye, and you get through the transformation by thought and sheer focus by need to survive and get through the pain of what transformation there is as you think to transform you will and only if there is enough reason to do this in the first place. So go on and try, and enjoy this as you can and you can seem as you want to be as you want to be. If you master this enjoy what you can unless too much sweets and if you can survive, 'the tera' transformation of your mind that you don't need to be doing to create the thought to form except your body might enjoy a new mindscape to use. Then you can use this, to make an idea to test your form and if you survive then you know this is right for you. Enjoy if you can!

The elemental myst

  This is a way to use an elemental faery myst that is the opposite faery blood mist thats in thought, if you are intended as something your not and don't prove it out you cannot be trusted with what you do. As this is another dimensional mist of time thats bloody or nothing thought energy as we the giants made and I am formed of the blood myst. As I can allow anyone to come to it and this can be used. As without being hurt if I think you need no hurt, as this is summoned and I can summon you this is as you think and it is as to appear to use. This is assume as to seem, in a seem to create moment from what you become, because you are what you think or make as though the elemental myst being was use in the fairymist to create an elemental form by the myst as this is from right intent out of yourself as though with a right thought in mind. As to make a earth elemental, or not to stop and you use the point of what if, you think to make a thought as if what you did is a deadly thought you survive it, unless you don't as indeed it is there. As earth is air then we are earth. Movement is earth is in energy that is in idea, as the transfer is in thought through the air and the earth and then air again to spawn as you want it in form.' This is where you can do things, as to make your thought of deadly. Deadly is deathly if in an idea and the hollows is where you go.'

  To get back is to think forward and you return as if on a thought. And now you know and there you are as if you yourself.' and you return. This is to cooperate or work with others, as though to know you are a defender of the earth your own, you are as though on the area guard. There is a thought to use for every scenario, trust as you will you can get to effect things as though a well of power in which all the elements exist to in use to seem of use. As to give and get, you can think and you use them. As this is on a thought, use for the method is with indifferently thought instruction.

   There is the air elemental, your body is supposed not imposed and this is to think of nothing and you are out as yourself and things in thought can form at your will. Then, endurance is gained to transform into a void elemental is if you think different thoughts 'As in moment to be as if nothing then you are as though in thought, as you are in thought your thoughts are nothing as this can form what is there'. Then in thought, this is to fix intelligently and not dumb thats a condition to consider as then this an unusual way in idea to use the earth ability, is to use a wielded thought as an idea to create with the thought of air and the air transfers the thought to the earth as thought not of the the earth is to create what you want as the earth creates it for you as this is vehemance from the earth.

  As this thought cames from what is considered your earth conscious called venity, this is better than vanity as in return for life is energy in exercise as fire is in the body and eats up the excess mass as it leaves the mass energy as a grey mass. This can be used to get things and eat the things, you buy without ever doing as this not gaining and use of any exercise is what makes the body mass drop. When in use, don't think your gaining weight other than an idea and you are yourself to drop mass then you can think to gain muscle as 'in strength to bone'.

   The way of ice is 'As a resolve thought is to show work and with an icy in body feel, is to feel as though you were to be with an idea and this is done as you think chilly.' The idea can resolve by what you do, as this is the moment that makes what is hot to be chilled as if a glance as this the motion, to glance at something and say illusia is to cast the illusion you want to seem in an area to make and create at will. So with the power of energy is what you thought as with a thought you are to form a body and take every detestment as if an energy field in force. Say diol for 'As if you were a thought, you can create yourself as you think you are use and the thought were a concept, you are with a thought to seem of use and you are use.

  ' This is a thought to make a thought by what you use, to form a direct use by what you can consider as this is focus by thinking and touch something as you focus things to seem to exist. As the thought exists of things, you can 'cre' as to 'credator' things as you think and form of money in the pocket to fall to the ground. The thought to be something is with this out, think 'to be not as you are not nothing, then you cancel in thought things you don't want and as though nothing is wrong this is as you think yourself into existence of nothing then something in time as time can exist at the time you think.' This is to be successful in any activity and in time, as you are done you are not in need and as you are astute you can cancel out things in positive time with a negative thought that is to invert that which you want reversed.

   There is a thought, and there is a way as there is the use of a purpose in life as you can create a way through which you want the thought and want you want to mind is minded. There thought can be treated as if this is a way of life, and here thought is a way of purpose. The thought of here you can use to change the idea of the past of future as if now and this can use things as to become a form to a water elemental as that is to state 'knoe' is 'As if there in a way of life is a moment, and you can use the flow of the life to change what is there as air flow is to carry your thoughts.

  Then, to create a prose is to use the way of life and this is as though with water from the air as this is if through the rippling flow of water from the air you are thought in a flow of life and you can use air as in water as if water were air.' There is a weed in mind control effect and this is in the thought in purpose to create in water. Then with an idea you make and use water, this in the form to use things or create with thought in from air to make with the flowing power of what you are can now seem of life as with use of a plant nearby as though a flowering power.

   As if there is way to create this is with will, what you think is will and what you think might happen and the use 'will in thought' makes 'is done' happen elsewhere. This is to use a charm of 'Sadoa' for 'The flower of power experiment use is done, concept is over and in I do use in by the flower of power, I return in thought to whence I came.' To remote control a car by will, you can create a car in thought as to say 'make a thought create a car' as to direct it by your will and by will as is to think 'will in thought, turn in power by will' as you consider the care you put that thought. As you think to use to so to 'direct the car with as you put the thought', as that is energy near to use. To create the action in action, the idea to think is there on a copy moment as is as if you control a car movement.

   That you can consider a vehicle under the 'thpou' idea or under the hood, and you control it as 'thiou' is to do in thought doing thought action or you consider your movement in thoughts as in considering dropping control you stop controlling it. This is not happened if not possible, or no stupid control action is the object in the control of any car. As this is thought from a faery to make, faery control is in what vehicle you think on not here. As you look at it, and imagination of the movement is with a will stops as concept is in a moment in thought in thought barely considered you realize things to stop things. That can occur in action in activity, is this as any act on play by wheel and in this is a thought concept to create motion as an action preferred stop motion is done this is not elsewhere as it is done.

   The earth elemancy effect then is to improve this, in as if thought is true as any thought you do is done in gravity this is as effect and you think of what you mean and write to do, as water will create what you will in thinking. The idea you can think of, is what is done. This is the condensor code of their way in life pattern in thought that is in use, whenever you think about something. To become a shapeshifter, then is to drink water or eat a small bite as you 'think fluid thoughts as you think fluid in life your fluid in body and you feel the flow of energy that is from frou om life as you feel the flow adjust the aura in idea and you change your shape.'

  This is to stop reacting, there you think of the acting you think 'stop acting'. Or if acting weird, say or think 'stop acting weird' as this can seem to create a moment that stops reactions from an area as you revert to normal behavior. As if acting by reaction, what you do to the in thought is in regard as if in a thought is to be good. To creatre is to a make a good behavior, as then use is witchcraft, this can cause you to act good in front of others.

   These are the idea in mind, to create with heat is the thought and this is 'where the thought in mind is to make with fire from heat that is thought from events and you create a ripple to move in with a energy wave an heat is your carrier as what is in now is in thought. This is with a life water that is energy considered as though you move as a power wave in water. As you go out of orbit, and in move your in a soul essence as a thought in orbit as in so.' As a thought, in as a thought there is motion, and this is in a motion as in move your in energy itself you are fine but try not do dumb stuff as the energy can retract from you and leave you a bit not thinking too well. As if the right wheel movement restores thought through a moment, and not as insanity is spoken and the left wheel move is to make clear things in thought.

  This is not as you think if in cases of thought that isn't supposed as a thought by imagination is an experiment to happen, or not as your focused in on a moment and this is to do as you need to direct ability. As this will do and will not, this is done on in a shift to be in a thought and to make with energy a car that is in thought. To create in a thought create a car or idea to create with a will, on thinking that is in a concept which is where you can create by what appears by animation. As if in the 6th and a third dimension, this can be used as a conceded idea is to in use can make creative care with a will that you use in a moment in thought.

   This is to bring thought as though action is 'thpou' is will, put out is energy to create activity but nulle is attack as if a giant were is not attacking as 'moment' and thought is you not put out. As this is done as if you want things, as this is thought in this is not as it seems though thought you are hidden in plain sight. Hidden in mind iw hat is in plain sight, as the true forms with a form is revealed by what you can see if this is revealed by the person as if you are regarded your form can shift to being what you want. As you use the energy, you are in form as this what you care to think you can 'mai' in what you imagine and with thought this is with no reaction to create with a thought.

   This is called orbiting as you think of use you use heat and any other explosive source for a concept of a atomic spin you shift in time, think of an atomic spin and you can think and you shift to go somewhere and maybe you do as you think 'daemon' as if 'don't do it' and in that moment you can seem anywhere that you think to be seen as if a seeming effect in thought a power spot can seem what is there. As to negate the activity as in stop something you do in car, no attack path use is by what is thought of as this is to say 'Therei' as though 'nothing regarded as you are in thought' and use an idea to negate for a symbol energy. As if in to negate energy for later use in thought, as in nothing energy is to think convert to chi use as a 'nothing in nothing out' or 'nothing in thought in a concept in nothing that happens as mention is done.

   This is as to revert a car from moving by itself, as if "nothing in thought nothing out and there is a reaction"' and this is there in thought say or not this will happen eventually in thought have it appear in there and all you have to do is press a button. As you focus your need, to possibly make a car work is to think 'repairin' and you can see the result as you thought in mind. That can occur happenstance, you have to consider the car or thing as uncrippling if you are needing it there as make a gesture or statement to occur the idea.

  As if to create a concept into action, is 'to make run to shop in car activity', 'in thought make a thought' or 'make a thought to create a thought' is as if a statement is 'togno' or not as this is mention to do whatever happens elsewhere and when done this is to create results here. This is also possible to use things, as if to say 'skip that part' or to think 'make a thought to create a concept' as a mention of somewhere is done as thought is done dumb or without thought is life or a dragon in form. Theses don't always happen, as if the mercy in the air is cold and in you 'create it smart' and out you are as you think to do you don't dumb attribute. Or not as you do it smart, as if street smarts are in as in a negated idea thats thought you are okay.

   This is to use a spelen idea, as in a run in theses idea of what you think in thought. This is in due moment is a moment, with a energy spelunkin concept as this is to do a concept as with use of nothing in life idea as in life you do an make thought to create thought. As this is in the 6th dimension, and in this is in a part with a weird thought reaction by association. A weird reaction by thought in association, can cause this as the dimension itself is what reacts with a carborator, as this is in a tune shop in the 6th this a concept and hard to to prove as it is what you percieve.

   This is with a moment in time, as if to create thought in time with a theses in thought this is by imagination to do a energy effect with thesis 'to do work and make play' and you watch things out of play with things or things nearby can create a 'things watch out in thought can create a motion' and you can percieve the idea in action as 'do as I said and do as you do' in a 'thought be in thought be action' reaction as an action in play. This can be interesting, to stop that is an idea point out to 'do as I said and not as I do in life convert or not' as to lose weight or maintain it in thought is an idea in thought be heavy and not be you.

  The time in moment is a moment in time, used to reverse time forward or backward. In moments is a concept, as this is 'thought be hidden in moment in practice in as a dimensional will out in with a idea' as to on convert the death gravity of a 6th dimensional space is 'thought in practice in as dimensional will is practice' known as heal this in an idea practice.

   This is in a moment that you think on a scene in mind to seem as you don't hit for in peace you go and if not you get away as you attempt things in action as if you open a gate to somewhere in mind you can walk through it and you are there as you shift into an area your mind gains illusive powers and as this is true ability you use the atomic spin idea. This can seem easy to think and shift with but if you jump away from your body, say 'upi' and you could end up dead as you want to do things with power you eat away at your energy. As this can use food energy, as molecular shift ability is done and you are away. There is moment and you are somewhere, as you want and intend to seem acting good in a moment that is in unnoticed you think invisible. Do as you think as act, and you are what you seem to observe if where you are is nowhere.

   This is with the concept of a real thought known as the flex idea. This is the way to make with weight, say or think 'weight determined in body weight in thought' and this is drawn energy from nothing with a thought of what you want to be or not as nothing creates something as if from the earth energy itself that is your body brought back from the earth energy source in life and with the mind. This is included thought, as there is water you can make or remake with water as this is the influence in air and water for what is there is created.

  The earth elemental technique, then is to think this in thought as though a concept was a stamement of idea stated 'It depends on what you think. Think a solid thought and you are as though in a solid foundation. Then, you are as though an effort in thought as you are what you think you are as though nothing and thought of what you want is there. As this is an object you think of is yours, this can be what could seem earth influence in use as in water there is air and fire that is with an idea to make by heat work by heat.'

   This is to make with a force that is pure solar energy, as if the thought to be vanished is there and as if your there you can do things. As to create yourself to be a fire elemental, is to make with a thought 'This is to think a thought in the flow of earth to make in the flow of energy and your successful, as you think a charm you create a charmed life to be happy and successful as you think of charm.' The so influence technique is to, create with a thought and use things as energy, then you create with a thought by what you think. This is also possible to use a charm of Ceia to 'Think what you want, you create as you avoid the dangers as you are in fear or you feel you are thin air as you think of nothing your nothing and you are into view if with a thought or pleasure.

  As if this is the way to seem, you can use the air flow to create wind thought, as if to thin and think right your a thought in the wind. What you think will happen, as you create with your thought is do as this is a will as if a spoken idea.' This is to get things in thought to use thought, or as you think as to do with an idea as though onil is stated 'in energy and make out activity'. As in use to banish weight of 'uni' for a 'weight in weight out and thought in activity' as this in energy as if the concept in moment, where weight in is thinner by what you thought as if a 'weight drop if up' in a common dranx by effect.

   This is a thought you can use, to make yourself as if a thought. 'To do make is to know, and if you are there you are here. As in thought in soul in mind in being or not as you are nothing as nothing is not there.' These are the idea of a concept in mind. If you send thought, you can create a thought that is what counts as energy as energy can create a stir of life and area surrounds, you can create what is with a concept and if a whim is done you are as you are as if thought creates itself.' The idea is to do things and you create with a thought, as this might work inside you are where you think. This is in thought to think a thought, to make a thought think of a way to create and to use it is to think.

  As not all ways will work with a single individual, use the scratch and make technique. To create a thought out way of energy to create with the idea and generate a method. Use is a way to create with and thought in is abundant. Out is the cool flow in thought. To create life as existence allows where your will rules the realiity, use thei as is if stated for 'To make life be with life and see as life is' and imagine the kid you want to see there. As if yours and this can trigger any emergency body reaction, of creating with asexual child birth or cause a fake it relationship that is treated as real and as if you had a matchup to use. Then this is possible as in a date and this is as you think, of a time and the subconscious creates the moment in time.

   To create an air elemental, is then to create with a thought that is no thought and use is the wind itself. This allows creation of a power being, to think of a being in current is to make it as you use electricity as though thought were creating the flow of electrons and neutrons and in the air is energy that is free energy. As you do this, you can create thought that is with a concept that is made. This is to shift in the thought, and you are thought as concept you are an electric ghost that is anywhere in the grid. This where you don't fear attack, and if not needed there except for fear that you will get attacked you won't form physically.

  As if you are formed and then you form in a concept, as if on a thought as you don't fear results you will not strike out. As if you are to go somewhere, you end up walking and go as you are in mind. This is kinda hostile as the electron could make in a thought. To make yourself alive again, you just think to avoid electricity, at an idea to accede to a point somewhere and you are what is alive as you accept the point, you are aware enough to create your self as though an energy being, and thought comes back after this exactly where you were as though thought made you there. Avoid use in electricity as thought is a source to use and electricution is to be avoided.

   The black lightning elemental is to use this thought, 'to in with a thought a thought is out'. As you think you are one you can work with the lightning that is disintegrating and in moments you are with an astonishing ability to make idea into thought as if the thought were energy. As to cast it forth, you 'think it forth' and into the area at a target in mind as you think it is forth you release the feeling in you as thought right toward the target with thought in mind you get results. As this the use, abuse not or you will get things that might frighten you into a nightmare reaction.

   This is that element to use separation by thinking of the moment of two things being driven apart, as if by a wedge being driven between two things and you can be alive as if there and the force of energy was enough to stop the touch the the live circuit of a thought on a thought and in a thought that you could touch without realizing so you avoid touching it as this in case can have happened and on realization of this incident you can restore yourself. As if on the thought and will, you can force yourself to seaparate from the idea wire technique and you are as thought as though thought were you on a live wire that is separated from you.

  On an idea of 'Seaparate' you complete a thought and you are as though thought never dead. Beware one effect as with a thought, you could die on use of thought as electricity you can use this as the flow of energy is the currents and as you go there you are in you go as with the flow as you go along with the flow in swirl of a pattern that is in a symbol of life.'

   To create a flow of stirred power, as though a void being think and swirl a straw and you are in an idea of no madness and that which madness makes you create with as though insane yet not. Resist he urge to touch the circuit, as you use your source you are okay, but if the mightiest of possibility exists you could be lured there and if you are there is a possibility to be drawn to the circuit breaker and turn off the electricity. As if there you are safest as if here you are safe and if there is a mirror you could see the shades of all mankind come in. Make a deal and gone in lifeness of energy you are as you give emotion, their way as energy is your way as this is a sole as an energy source and you are returned on a deal to do service for a service.

   The thought as if thought were to build a thought, can create an energy force as though there you were as ernest in a movie, and electrified you are with a charge that zaps from your finger or body. As thought makes thought you were as you were as thought were yourself and you are sane as thought maes zanity, you can create and with a will to do, you are. Your turn, is to use the idea of not keeping the moment as a possibility. So with a thinking thought to live, you force yourself to not be electrocuted and you are alive again.

   The lava elemental, to transform into the lava elemental is to think this thought. 'The thought is the moment, thought use heat of the earth to create with use and thought. To use thought makes thought as though you were the heat and the moment is where you make it.' To create yourself as a mention, is to think 'your thought and you are nothing as nothing is what you can create with as though you thought of a form in form and you are as though alive in a moment that ends on a thought that is not to be'. To use lava is to use with thought and what you bere is two ways of life, on in the positive and the other in the negated world. Follow the policy and your good.

   The idea to transform yourself, is to imagine yourself into a pattern of life that air and in life is pattern. The idea is easier to create with, as you are with observation of what you can see in thought as thought. Then if in thought you are as an ancient and in power despite what on idea is thought. That is in thought, as if you are independant the thought exists to come back to your senses as you dissipate the electricity with water. As you keep yourself from touching the electricity itself, from the electricity grid as if 'it doesn't do it as it may seem it you think but it will do it after for prospects are expecting things'. This is stating 'As for do it I will do it' in a thought about body shape or shorter form as in the I is the inset third eye that is imagined to open and don't do work with it. As for when you do it, I will attempt to do things as though I is required.

   The thought to use an for an act of good intent in transformation is into an fire elemental, is to use the fire of emotion as of irratic thought and you think fire from within as the thought to create is fire. What you touch after, this is not unlike its on fire. As if you are on something, you are with a thought to become what you think to see as you can think seem. Seem is to become as an irricant motion in thought to be someone for what they did. As in motion, if you did you didn't and things are what you are considering in motion is thought and thought is atomic spin as the spin goes on in the area you are with energy as if a zap is done you right arm and you are where you were as you were in with a thought and out with a moment in a console age of you.

   The point where you create earth in air is earth makes indeed as you earth air in necessity, this is used to control in gravity. As you think this, you can not give in to the electrical will, as you are likely to use it as a source and you can electron leap to an area. You are what you consider, and any shape or form is able to take control and be you, unless you don't think of those near and think of yourself as if you can use an aura shield. This is to think 'As air is with weave you are in air, and aer is with weaves of woven air that influence those around you aer is air in the world as you are protected by the thought you are nothing and anything you thought think is what you do.'

   This is the idea to create your idea, just as if 'In the thought you are fire, as the thought is the elemental weave as you are the woven idea and you are what you seem in what you can in express. As the weave if done is projected energy that does what you want, then if converted to magic you can say what you want as if you are to create with a word or mention. Unless, if you don't intend to hit, then hit an object for energy and drink water and energy is there as you don't intend to do magic and youth, body can in return as if you can use a will to create and as you do to create this inner fire makes life.'

   The idea is this is to create for air intention, there is a way to get anything timewise as you do things to create with ways of thought. As if you do things, you can create with a wave of a hand gesture and the thought is what you use inner fire to remake from without within to create without as this is to form outside with thought from some pattern that exists. This is in as this is in the concept, and you can use thought drawn images as if to think or use imagination to use the energy and you create with an idea. You don't want that if it leads to death, and this is to use an idea as to make a statement is create this is with an idea. If it is to express things as if you in were willing to do things for others, this out takes a use in idea to make in progress with an idea with what is in thought you can and you will get good results if as though you were hit.

   Then and only if you now what your doing, and this only if you want death with an idea done and then you can form a new life as if thought were rent in the body. This can become a state of mind to do things in mind as a state of mind is okay, and make in thought an ability gotten from what it is. This is use in activity for any practice, and in the idea of whats in mind the time can change as to work in them is a thought that is a point of what you do as with a thought. This is yourself and this in use, with bioenergy is use of your body life as chi and it works an in a thought moment this is identified by tracing use that disappears a trace after. That is with a concept, and as though shift is a thought shift with a gate energy drawn from the earth and through the air itself.

  You can draw some energy, as though the earth is a transhift device in by micro and rf waves you can use to go anywhere on a dime. Or a coin put is tossed to water or a tub, that is with water and anything with water with focus can make on thought to seem somewhere is also in impossible moments. With sitting on the toilet you can shift with thought of where you want to be, and flush makes in you what you want there or putting an idea as you put in a coin and think to shift in a thought as you toss it in a sink or tub and you can think the thought of what was where and then and things will happen.

   The thought to create a thought of you into a motion is to create with a motion, and you are in a concept of witchcraft as if a thought is an idea to use, you reach and use something to create with a thought. As if you were there in a thought, to create in a motion of the idea you intend that creates a spin in thin air as in you create with a thought and make outside as you create in mind your body responds. The mind thought in air, to weave in mind is an idea to do things in personal considerations as this is a thought in a wave of energy that is drawn from chaos by action you can use this in a thoughtweave that is a thoughwave.

   Just that mention can bring you back home, as you go somewhere in essence brought back by thought bringing you back as in is body as though thought soul was seu treated right in mind as though a in meld fragment was recovered and this formed as a piece that you look at and merge with yourself. To weave a thought is a thought invisibility, this is to make and create and with a thought is this as to escape in the mind is to return to incedence if you are needing to as thought you are done.

   The life being effect is to think thought of what you were and 'think of weave and thought is yours as and now you are nothing as dead but life is yours as something to live for your as if alive you are as if dead another day you are immortal in thereafter moment.' As this is what you use to create a thought, as if you were alive and never dead you can get a way to live as if things on are use in life. This allows you to use death energy, as you are very easily manipulated into things as if you were done and doing better. As if the moment you are thought you get things to think as 'seu' use is the soul in another, thats what its called as if you were alive not in a dead way in thought.

   The death being effect, as is in to safely be done as this is to create energy from a field of energy and in this is in the death energy that you get as you take it and that is so you keep it done in the aura and project it to form in the air as a death elemental in form by thought. So you keep it done, you are okay as you are with thought of what is okay. This is a being that can say and get things to happen, in thought is this in mind as if you were an idea to puppet and no stops this as if to get mention you were still here and never lose in death and never die as if you were neot ever in death energy with the biofield force woring better without death energy you are okay with thought. As you need something in thought, it can make it form as if there is a way to work. This is to use a containment device an create a thought, and be alive for a very long time alright.

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