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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, September 30, 2016

The swan orgone

This orgonne organizes the swan and bird flight. Amongst other things. This is a point to observe but not use the orgone, if necessary because you could turn into some bird by a point you decide except for what you beside the point from. Here is the basic idea:

Orgone; the orgonne is simple, you think the point and then you experience something that. If you type or think about by feel, that your alone then think the point. Then you know the form you think you are by now.

Movement; moving is easy think the movement or feel the moving body, think to direct the direction that you go.

Other things you can use intuition for and guide by instinct, this with the act is not done until you decide not to act.

Thinking; think the point then you are yourself. So think as your free, being free as things are note the prices rise to match. So the current prices actually are the price you pay. This means you aren't trapped in your brain.

This is beside the point. Your focus point is the pinneal gland that acts, then you know as a third eye is active. The pinneal gland can do anything, that you imagine energy come from some other part of the body. Think to activate if the bird form had a pinneal gland, that would be nice.

Think; thinking god you are god and can act by conscious awareness, otherwise unless you act normal. you aren't allowed anywhere nearby, unless you buy something.

Act; do as you please and pay as you go or work things out, this is usually by thinking things through with intuitive insight. Otherwise no as no that could get you in trouble.

That describes how a bird acts or feels, due to flight or activity. Its up to you to remember how you behave. So seeya till tomorrow and farewell.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The atleantian dictionary orgonne

This is used by the feel material, left over from the remainders of the atleantian dictionary. This was from where I was thinking where I think to know and then I realize, what I want to know as though I asked or ask if I knew. This is before the moment sometime else. So this is old material made to light.

Reading; the activity is there, all you need to do is think you know, your spirit helps you realize what you read from a book or someone's mind.

Calm; calming down is focus then, work with the feelings by breathing in and out or talking.

Escape; escape is warm ormus as you think of somewhere, return is cold ormus then think your somewhere. As you think about something, your there where you feel like going. Thinking this is right, go to the area you can shift.

See that is an area that feels more empowered. Then as your there and you think of the place, the place is there and you are there by walking or going someplace by fee or feel.

Then the place fades around you to reappear as the place you want to be, at least psychically by the subconscious view or feel. Then your there.

That is all from the orgonne file I had. That was nearly destroyed on my computer, so don't mind the gaps in knowledge.

The gaps; the gaps are where you think, filled in by the creator. That is the main point to this, as you think to know something then you do or will know.

As though you fill in the gaps, where you have information from a source. That your subconscious calls upon to allow you to know. This is called interdependent gnosis. Think by feel to create by idea.

Where you think to know and your subconscious guided by your soul, with this thought you will know by use of the spirit. See that allows you to realize, the hidden silent knowledge.

Rent; the rent goes down. This does not include burning it down.

Candles; the candles that are plastic aren't burned. No fire that's a hazard is started. None goes up and tries to steal from my place, none ruin my phone nor attack me for it.

Messing; we won't mess with you anyway or anymore, nor are we messing with your flights. I am not messed with either unless I want to be messed with.

This is by suggestion, such with the power of the subconscious. Where you can do anything, just by saying the right things. Often gnosis or subconscious thinking follows along the line of how you feel then think.

So feel yourself lucky if you live beyond this point, where death occurs where and whenever you think to go where you are unsafe. Ciou to the place I live till I return.

If en in; infemity or you do things and are laughed at. so if at the end the end in sight, you don't have to do much or any thing at all. I think this is in the end that you do things, so accept what you get and go on home.

Ic: shit, shit is done or your shitting downwardly. This in ancient language is shit.

Back pain; the back pain is reduced and goes away. There is no back pain. This is done by the creator.

Mail; the mail today arrived earlier than usual. So I think the point is done by now that I can see it.

The play; the curse on Oklahoma play is gone, not actually have been there it is now no longer stopping us from winning. This is used as ghey have a game. As they get a game plan to go.

The bill; the water bill or other bill dollar amount goes down in amount. For a building water bill, thinking is done as most can work with the idea.

This will work by machine en ergy, thinking to lower a bill amount. Yes for those that like anarchy, you can use this to lower destruction bill costs.

Empathy; feel for the person if you want to fee or feel for them. Just think so you don't feel like eating. Think the point then, you will go down in weight.

Thinking; this is the point that you think to yourself, thinking now should be on the poles. Just think of the place and place the placement in the hole. Thinking to cement it after, that is all by feel now get to work.

Insight; so this means most insights nowadays are just getting you clear of what you were doing.

Work; she gets some of the paperwork done and gets out of here early. However I am not physically effected, until I am aware or think that I should be with some effect.

Space-x; no breaches occur to the rockets that are going for launch.

Tension by reaction; there is no longer any tension reaction to speak of set by the creator. No edginess exists.

The movies; the movie and film industry does not catch me trying to download torrented movies and it seems I am breaking no copyright, as I do things safely from this point on.

Think and focus; no single exodus occurred the whole place, due to a fire alarm caused it to temporarily make us leave. The place was abandonded and then we were allowed back in. This was by the graciousness of the firefighters. Thanks to their services.

May there be more service time to come. I think this taught us a lesson, thinking to cook not to overcook where smoke occurs when and where the smoke alarms will go off.

Timing; the timing is right if for the moment to pass or create what is thought by desire, as though a key were useful with points or before the manager leaves. See by feel this is where the time is right.

So that's what I thought too, then I found out that most likely I would not see the time of day with those I wanted to see time spent. So I quit trying to get a job, I quit on life mate searching and I quit on trying to make out with employees.

So there is the point and there you have it, since most people work nowadays that means I quit trying to bother people with bigger things that they don't have time for now I can go on living a normal life.

All I have to do is ignore the annoyance and treat it like something that has been dealt with. Seen is the point and now its over.

All right if we do we do, think what you like this is done now. This hasn't been updated since seventeen centuries ago. So make what you can of this idea.

So ciou till next time and ciou till you next need to see me, if that's never then the point is never say never till you need to see me for something. So time to go teach or do something else and see you well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

last life

 I am thinking what is the point to this area I visit, if all I get is tension reactions. I think I will stop coming until I think to go there on emergencies. so there it is. that is all for today, ciou.

 See that is my blog post that I get from last life. I set that blog post last life. That was a copy life that I observed things and worked with things that I got. So I wonder if there were other lifetimes I left blogs. I am still soul sourcing for one or two. Yes he had a great many soul terms that were useful for this and that situation. So there's interesting points as well. I will call that life, tiesca.

 Where his actual name was tiesca de miescant or Chris D Moisant, see this is a rather interesting name that I noticed him use on a written form. So however I have to use the creator to translate him. I think his language is like ign night knieght thieght lie down. So I guess the point of this. This is the point I do now in this place.

 ghost in the shell; the live action version is completed and I get a copy of it by video download by torrent. you know there is more videos being downloaded everyday, though the torrent sites aren't that great.

 tension reaction; there's no need for reaction. there is no tension reaction, as that is nothing but normal reactivity or idea points of view that doesn't set it. you can come in here anytime you want your tea or coffee and other things we have, so that's all for now an this is what I got by feel. so I think I will leave this alone.

 ploy; interesting ploy of an idea, I think this works because you work and I get served. therefore all is fair as I will do the same with you so this is fair by fair practice included by the point or act with feel. since then I feel this is the end post. so ciou for now. this is an ideal, for an interesting end of this story I might use later on. ciou till later.

new entry of the remainder of last life:
 I think this story should end here, so I can continue my normal lifetime. hehe I think I can manage that. that is all I can do for now. so I think if I am suspected for anything, I can go on and not be arrested. so ciou till later on.

 interesting points of life don't you think? I think I will use it in a story. labelled the story of chies miesent that is an interesting plot of its own sake. I wonder who would win. whomever it is I think I will leave this alone for now.

 update: now its time for there is only one more till I give up on updates. I made a picture site and its somewhere on the net to be posted later.

 update now: the site is and its old so I wouldn't visit it. this is my last update in awhile, so I think I will sign off and scrap this account for good.

 interesting blog I read that from. your thoughts are appreciated. this blog taught me to not go and post links that go outside the site your in till necessary. so I think I will put that to good usage. ciou till later.

 that was the end of the blog entries off the site tiesto logs, that means I will leave this alone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

focusing points

I believe this is an end point where you end things so things can begin. Whether or not they can begin is up to you. So the sought after ideal is then out of reach, so think to get another and work with her. So I think this is the point and failure of the craft that I observed. Seeing that this is a point that is not much done I recorded by the third eye pinneal gland the lifetime I noticed. After pretending to pull out the third eye I noticed noone suspected me, so I think I was safe and less than sorry as none messed with me. What follows is this life, that I watched though the third eye pinneal gland.

The way the third eye sees the walls is as though a bound force of energy, that seems to hold together until you doubt the balance of energy or think with the power of suggestion. That the third eye unbalances the energy pattern, then and there causes the walls to collapse. Otherwise nothing seems to occur. That is what I believe to have happened and this means my third eye, can resolve technical issues without acually being there. So I think this life I observed through the pinneal gland is interesting, it could do that very easily and other things as well. So this is what I noticed about him.

potion of unattractiveness; If you have in mind whom you don't want to be attracted to you and use celery seed, artichoke, turmeric with water. So that you think on the person and you cause them to be away from you, This is where you can use whatever extra ingredient, that you want to use. I would use artichoke with celery seed to lose weight, though artichoke can cause unattractive moments.

potion of attraction; Have in mind the person you want to attract, then think the point to use as you mix celery seed, honey, bergomat or cinnamon. Then swirl three times in the water honey, the water is mixed with the herbs using hot water to attract or cold water to be attracted or atrocitized the aura does the deed. So think and due notice of the person, nearly anyone could be attracted to you. So if you want to unattract people, use artichoke in liquid form to cause attraction or pill form to cause unattraction or powdered formation to cause neutral thoughts. This will take care of anyone though, so be prepared for the response you might get.

one left; I believe there is one left of what I like so I have to work with things carefully, thinking ahead and making sure not to make mistakes. so I think this means averted things are possible if I budget right and work towards the correct agenda, so what I think is the point and the ideal situation I believe. I will strike tonight my target and leave this subject alone.

the end; as I am sure the ending is the point or the main point that I lived through already, that others may live through if they want to live through the idea. That they think at all is amazing by what is going on. Rushing around and servicing people, I believe I am doing good for a living if I can call it that. So I think I will do just that, work and leave this person alone until he talks to me again. however I noticed something about him, he is poorer everytime he shifts, unless the creator steps in for him he will be left with nothing. so he will have no excess weight, as weight loses itself from him or her.

I wouldn't bet on it that he is already poor enough, just to be able to afford the apartment he claims he rents. So seeya around he says, I think he really misses something or some other thing or he would move on by now. I think I will borrow his salute and farewell this time, since I am tired of this topic already. So seeya around and ciou, I am gonna eat something healthwise and more tea please. As this where we were before and this is where we managed to find ourselves, as I believe I have dealt with the problem. I bet he never thought to see another pagan down there.

This was were or where the wors could come out, so I think this is safe now. So now I will return. By feel I am still down there so I have to tread carefully, yet I know if I die there I won't die here as the creator can transport me back and I won't be there anymore. So I hope that he or she transports me soon. So I think I know myself and now I am free, as all I had to say was I was amop, thinking a way out of the dress up ceromony, seeing to the area and thinking the way back. I am returned. So all I have to do is do normal things, as I am aware of what will occur. Maybe giving information, as to what will occur is thought by feel to those that want to or would know if to work with something. That is all for now.

the end.

object lesson; I think the perfect object lesson is to think about the point that was made or not think about it and let them consider, what they did as a point is thought that they improve by for what they did they can think to improve by feel. See I think this is a unique way to deal with a point, that's what your way is sometimes to point things out and make things obvious. Most druids had this as a make a statement and a point is made, so you can think about it. See this is seen as a point or building up from the idea.

That you work with the street level and add levels if your building, then think or add onto levels till you don't need to do so by feel. Something has to be done to calm the nerves of the animals so think and do, so think to calm yourself and focus your feelings towards the animals. An sometimes is a point is them, that is story there by them. That is radiative calm as though you had a radiative element, empowered with thoughts so if it is the animals that are nerve wracked or creating problems. They subside toward one another and then work to gain gratitude from youself. That is how animal husbandry works, creating calm, relaxed or excited animals that are well controlled.

As you think to work an react by the feel, this is the moment that is there. So you know to work by the feel, think and you know the main point. This is a point that you will know, by thinking about the point an then you know by what is done. That is all in a fair day's work. So they that work usually can enjoy the day by feel. This is what I observed psychically, when I observed some druids building. Thats what I do with an object lesson or moment, that you can react to create by feel. That is the moment with ideal situations, usually by what is there. If you don't react, you won't make a scene. However the sense is there, your well aware of your options as that doesn't give me control of you.

This is until necessary as, anyway I won't have control of you seeing you have control of yourself or there will not be any result by effect, other means are the effect will happen badly for you by thought now. So to leave a maze, think to relieve yourself from confrontation then use some calm ideal as the area is a point. That soothes the mind to allow you to aleve your area situation. That resolved any situation to my senses. This is a point you think to cool or calm down with by the way.

You only need to read the introduction, but the examples are there for interest. You might think the moon that you might notice explains how the moon influences magic, like a non full moon is good for some magic or thought thats non destructive magic. As the energy level is the influence, where you feel things or not so felt as partial magic potential. Where a full moon in use can seem useful by feel for destructive magic, this is the full magic potential that exists by manifest.

So usually if you are aware all you need as potential influence, manipulation is thinking the point or imagination by ideal to create what you wish. Unless you already know about magic then the magic examples are there for you. This is useful as though a point if your using some area your dreaming. Till you decide to go or leave the maze by the opening then walking out with some open area. Think "not" to wake up where the things you read, see or think are represented as a conept or ideal. So think positive to create positively with your own point.

I have a collection of documents that are amazing but its just as though some of you might know of the idea in them. Because of the fact that I built this blog from documents already posted by me elsewhere. So don't be surprised if you do. Now if ye don't want to do things you won't get the things not needed. Then in the spirit your will is message or create by the creator.


uu-ma'at; this is a release from where I am held and releases me and others, from the netherworld otherwise called the underworld.

uu-at; a trembler or earthquake is not unlike nothing a kick in the square pants is. this is more like a point that you go along with things, then you know what it means for the ground to shake by now. Once you know, then you go along and do what you want. An if a kick in the legs or groin the blows miss.

uu-fat; I believe this counters the excess weight in ancient terms.

orgone thinking:

some article to do:

The zodiac is a constellation that the planets, moon and sun pass through. A person's zodiac sign is based on astrological positions, which are determined by the position of the sun relative to the constellations.

Many people are freaking out believing that NASA changed their horoscope.

NASA emphasized that astronomy is not astrology. The agency explained that it didn't change people's zodiac sign, it just did the math. Astronomers said that the positions of the constellation used by astrologers were from 2,000 years ago. The sky is not static; the stars have shifted positions in the sky already. And the Earth, like a top, wobbles on its axis because of the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. This wobble changes the alignment of the zodiac.

The recent uproar is not something new. In 2011, NASA released information that changed people's view about astrology. It announced that the traditional zodiac dates are not correct. The biggest announcement, however, is that there are 13 zodiacs. The 13th constellation is Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder.

Here are the new astrological dates:

Capricorn: January 20-February 16

Aquarius: February 16-March 11

Pisces: March 11-April 18

Aries: April 18-May 13

Taurus: May 13-June 21

Gemini: June 21-July 20

Cancer: July 20-August 10

Leo: Aug. 10-September 16

Virgo: Sept. 16-October 30

Libra: Oct. 30-November 23

Scorpio: November 23-November 29

Ophiuchus: November 29-December 17

Sagittarius: December 17-January 20

This is an energy pattern that I read, then and there was a point as what I read here was tiagnon is renewed until things go wrong. That's right for china invaded the US here. So I think this occluded point of view is very obscure and very unique for its kind. So ciou till tomorrow or whenever I can write. As I expect a huge wave of water preceded by use, this is with an energy wave that occurs it to create the waves or tsunami from the control device I depict will hit the earth on the 27th this month of september 2016. This is the end of my world as I know it, so think and enjoy your own.

Monday, September 26, 2016

inn focus orgone

This is inn knowledge or activity that I noticed, that I watched or observed.

Inn; just goto an inn and stay there, until you are aware you can't stay any longer. Being a millionaire I can stay nearly anywhere an inn is, unless a house is ready for me.

Quietude; Outside the room there's activity. Inside the room there is quiet excepting for a old Georgian feel or activity you do.

Focusing; this use of ghosthunters I watched summed it up, its haunted yet able to be worked with unless you can't stand it there. Its haunted no longer as I move away from it. Due note: the ghost can cause confusion or focusing problems with dizzyness.

Wrecks; the wrecks are not happening so often, thinking often of her helps the stress. All I have to do is walk. However there is this one wreck I saw, that means stress or activity is on the rise and that is not always a good thing. This wreck happened off of Classen Blvd and 13th street. The wreckage resolves itself.

Payment; he lays on me what I am owed. Otherwise I can lay on the salesman, what he or she is owed if necessary. Whatever occurs by this, I don't gain any weight by this.

Extinction; the largest marine creatures and animals aren't going extinct. This is by the creator with the main point, that you don't need to worry with this orgonne. However its okay if you go on extinct, since extinct is extinct.

Other things:
Soyuz; the Soyuz made by Russia doesn't have a problem after this, so think an you know w en things will be created that is by what is done.

Wont; I am done for now so I am wont for nothing, then focus for good. I just want nothing right now, so things seem to work out. This is used as though the want is a need no longer, I wonder what he meant.

Just as I just met him, who wrote this and I got this somehow so he was interesting. I think he meant spiritual satisfaction though, just to make sure I got abundance and found my need gone.

Whatever I eat less with or without activity. Whatever else I do, I won't overspend or give myself too many cash advances. This is a sign of my spiritually awakened mind. However long it lasts, then act normally all except for spending less.

An im; an immediate use is thought based on fiction or reality, that you can use. If no use intended, then no use was done.

An em; the wildfire is put out, if there is any wildfire.

Zodiac; if you meet someone who is perfect zodiac, don't strike them or those that exist near you. Nor the device or thing being held, unless you want to know what is being held. Thinking what you want is what you can or can't do.

I think this saved me from a cat and a car wreck that I was driving in at the time. I think that was what the ghost was using to possess people. Released by posing thought. So I think with or without what i do so I will go do something else, like clean a table and dust it. So ciou till I do something else.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Etherealness an more

This came from the point of a book I read, that described dnd stuff as a point that was with special abilities.

Distinct Etherealness; Phase spiders and certain other creatures can hit to exist, this is by sharing energy of yourself on the Ethereal Plane with a hit to somehow sharing energy to them. Without a hit, so can people with this ability. While on the Ethereal Plane, a creature or person is called ethereal, this is usually by touching or drinking something thinking "shift me". Unlike incorporeal creatures, ethereal creatures and persons are not present on the Material Plane unless they will themselves to be there in a solid energy form. They can become solid energy for as long as they want and unbecome solid energy at will.

Ethereal creatures and persons are invisible till they want to be seen, inaudible till focused and want to be heard, insubstantial towards water by mirrored reflection, work by feelings when they focus their feel and are scentless to creatures on the Material Plane. Even most magical attacks have no effect on them. An ethereal creature or person can see and hear into the Material Plane in a 60-foot radius, though material objects still block sight and sound.

(An ethereal creature and person can't see through a material wall, for instance.) An ethereal creature or person inside an object on the Material Plane cannot see. Things on the Material Plane, however, look gray, indistinct and ghostly. They are what they feel like appearing as their feelings focused can create their presence to be known or give them an appearance of a ghostly emanation.

An ethereal creature and person can't affect the Material Plane, except by their physical body and not even magically will things change unless physically done, unless they make themselves into solid energy or use their body's energy to create magically. An ethereal creature and person, however, interacts with other ethereal creatures and objects the way material creatures interact with material creatures and objects.

Even if a creature on the Material Plane can see an ethereal creature or person, the ethereal creature or person is on another plane. Only force effects can affect the ethereal creatures and persons. If, on the other hand, both creatures are ethereal, they can affect each other normally. A force effect originating on the Material Plane extends onto the Ethereal Plane, so that a wall of force blocks an ethereal creature or person, and a magical element blast can strike one (provided the spellcaster can see the ethereal target). Gaze effects and abjurations also extend from the Material Plane to the Ethereal Plane. None of these effects extend from the Ethereal Plane to the Material Plane.

Ethereal creatures and persons can move in any direction (including up or down) at will. They do not need to walk on the ground, and material objects don't block them (though they can't see while their eyes are within solid material).

Ghosts have a power called manifestation through feeling their area and focusing their minds, that allows them to appear on the Material Plane as incorporeal creatures. Still as I think about it, they are on the Ethereal Plane and another ethereal creature can interact normally with a manifesting ghost. Ethereal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as air. Ethereal creatures do not fall or take falling damage. This means they are aware of what they do in their surroundings, they are seen as a eery visage and they are more aware of other people by their own sense of time. So in a sense, they are immortal and can create nearly anything by feelings.

Thinking about this, I experimented and found that there is possible chance of manifest as a physical ghost if you thought to use your feelings to focus a change in the area. That is all I found out, before I was escorted out and not ever let in the door again. So that is all as I will do what I can, for the living and for now, not to be hit again ciou.

This came from later on, where I was going on about a lifetime that was obsessed about death.

eioue; I am no where near you yet I feel for you so I left you some money in your bank account. Ae paypal, the point is a return of something for your efforts as the paypal accunt you own is use by what you did for me that day. So I where I stand wait till I can shift away and go back to my own time and space. All I have to say is, I am aware of you. This is a post I saw somewhere from my past life, that I was aware exists yet exists no longer as I try to scan him I feel that the place is voided out. So I will describe something else and avoid describing this place I sense, so now I know the creator is possibly creating as eiou I go along. So sallie vie and this is done as you think it is so ciou for now I go.

This came from a partner of mine, that came from a past life and was aware of everything that could exist with the advent of articles that were existing by feel. I believe it pertains to dieting.

"I found women can lose weight if they eat under 1500 to 2000 calories, drinking water and avoiding beer and alcohol, about 7 to 8 glasses of water a day based on a 3000 calorie day diet."

This came from the wheel of time books, this is then by feel with permission by the now dead original author.

The wheel; the wheel of life if depicting the liftetime, that you can feel or think to see with focus by feel. So that means I was looking ahead and as you think to see by some means. If you think to see the life, then the creator shows you.

The ability; The ability is weaving and magic, that is where you think then focus the point and feel to create by whatever you think appropriate. Thinking of the idea or ideal situation to resolve if you wanted to create something, this is with your heart energy that you think to put back to restore if you took too much.

If you think to use the elements as a source instead, then you create by a heat energ, a cold or wet source, airflow or use psychic ability that you feel to work and think to awaken, flowing through things such as earth or using the energy of a solid to create what you say or think as a work in progress or wish. You can use the words as a sop, as they mean a person gets some of the energy you channeled.

Corruption is resolved as you clean the source or objects, that are used as a source otherwise don't bother with the source as there are others from the elemental plane.

The elemental plane; The elemental planar existance is channeled from using water or ideal situations or objects you think to by feel, that involves focusing by feel with some things you can use and the greater the capacity. The greater the chance by that chance, unless it won't crack if an object seeing if the creator allows it not to crack. This is usually by you thinking your object or objective won't crack up or not do it.

The resolve; the end resolve is the resolution to create, thinking to work by whatever destruction or creation that is necessary. This usually reflects in the resolution of the story that you can read.

That was all and there could be learned from here so for often you could seem of use, think to be where you want to be so you shift by the creator's willingness. If there is a way back then, you may see it here as a point. This was the thought of the creator, before I passed out and awakened back home.

Since then I was wondering what he or she was doing there, an other than the book story I think it is to be expected. So I think I will go where I need to go and remain where possibly I can until I don't need to be there. That is all for now an is a point by feel, so I say sallie vie and ciou.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

clases orgonne

This orgonne ideal came from working with others in an ideal that appositively or positively things seemed well by feel.

Is; what is or not is is concluded by what is done. Sometimes what is doesn't happen, if you don't need it to happen.

Id; identity and identify, think and you will know the right response as you know the right person. That is all that I remember from that lifetime. What happened next, was I was in another life. I merely visited the place and I was fine.

Orgonite; this will not leave me as its there. This includes the orgonite and other various objects, however actual body body weight will leave me. So these items won't leave me, unless I want the items lost.

Thought; think and I will know, if I am thought about or need to know. However no thought will come to me if I don't want to know.

Myths; myths and legends are true, if you want them to be true. That's all there is to this.

Judge; you don't need to keep or hold onto the man, if you perceive no threat. So this k is think and you will know. That is thought if you derived it is the letter k, as kill or demise from latin. Thank you you may go ahead. Amazing how wisdom and intuition counts.

Space; the government does not put off the mars mission till 2030, instead allows it sooner.

Boredom; things of bori g nature are usually, as natural or dealt with this is used by fee or feel. I usually find something to do. So sallie vie and see ya until next time.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lily's life

This came from a lifetime I will call lily, so what I thought I saw was things that were there or out of sync and personal or area created by what is done or felt. This could easily shift you away from somewhere, return by focus on something thinking of what you were doing or wanting. As I think about things, this want was awareness. She dies by tragedy, directly to the heart on a night of halloween, 1972 going on 1973.

Her ability was the mind and subconscious suggestion, as baking or cooking was her second best thing to do. I remember her well. I also remember the day she was no more, as though she was aware of her thoughts and her mind was clear. So she was thinking of herself and her life as her life energy faded out of her eyes. So that was all I knew of her and I didn't get to see what occurred to her remains.


#1: You “re-sync” with your elemental nature in order to best discern the right kind of relationships, to suit your needs and energetic style.

#2: You sync-up with your correct Triplicity in order to best manifest the relationships you most desire.

#3: You connect with others in a way that supports your authentic nature as revealed by your Element, Zodiac Sign and Triplicity.

money; whatever occurs, I always seem to have enough money to handle the situation or point to point sale. so I will have from this next check from aunties estate over 900 dollars. I won't spend it before I get it. there's no worry over things and things get easier except for spending too much.

I said; I think I said if I got it or not, as I think differently near him whom delivers it. So I am aware because I am relation. So I think I am now in the know, I am done with this and recieved it, whoo! time to spend a little and save allot more. I hope to enjoy this check more than I did the last one. So this is the last check I will get from her estate, knowing her funds are limited and going towards those that are also related. I think this is now done as finished up. I will now concentrate on doing other things other than getting money. I hope to enjoy this more than the last one, though that lasted still to this point. So ciou till now is a done deal. Its now a finished deal. Ciou and farewell.

I thought; I don't have any blocks and I have no problems with aligning with my true astral self.

orgone thinking:

aoai = ah something with interest or no worry.

aoae; This is the idea that were something in use, this is when were in usa as cool or not on a hot day note decay was not found. so I think I will go about my business as usual. so if they are awake or aware or not asleep by feel I believe that most would surface at the bottom of the lake and go up or down and resurface at their own world lake. so this was the way to and from the druid realm, that was near glass isle and I note that they the druids had to be really good swimmers to do this trick with the sword. so thats one legendary lost sword of the isle that we used for sacrifices was used afor and brought back by none other than merlin himself. I believe he was in his second reincarnation responsible for taking it, too. so there is that point. I wouldn't bet that the cup or meteor or carved life is there as well well we will see.

As I suspected he had it, this was magic with that and all I had to do was trick him into returning it for another similar cup that made people believe there wasn't any cup. this was energy for you and an everyday occurance for what you will and was once there for the use. so I believe I will leave and travel and wander about, thinking maybe to create with what I could mostly dream or desire of. this ends my logbook of the deeds and day of the druids. I might as well start a new one, of my travels abroad the land as all the cup was was focusing energy to the cup that changed the harmonics and vibrations of the cup reached the liquid.

If any within the cup that enchanted the water or drink to create, what I only dreamed of before or at least thought about that I needed at the time as the need set the vibrational tone. with the intonation is the effect of the words directed through the cup or water and you can get what I can get on a good day. rejeuvenation and a good dose of medicine for those in need. that is what I used it for, anyway I think about it. I think the cup of life was a frolicking fairy in the fairy mist that caused your focus to create what you wanted. so there it is, the cup of life, the serpentine sword and that is what occured so that is all.

fun; I think it is fun to listen to them, but just don't do the suggestions. so unless you think its a good idea, stop and do something else so you can think and make things better.

law = log cancelled by uu-law or undue law if else, as if this was true or false. when your ideal this is usual points as if satisfied or satisfaction was there.

ia ie iu = create to work and adapt or thank you as you please. Feel or think to turn off the trainer.

return; The return is by focus. Think to be there and you are. I happen to remember a time I was playing a computer game, so I was thinking I will return to that life. That was easy going and very farfetching for my soul to put me here. Anything I do is wrong or right to my father, so I will return now and hope I don't demise till I need to die. Seeya around and faretheewell as I am done with this blog now so ciou and farewell to all my readers. So I think so I see, ciou and seeya.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

effective use orgonne

This is a memoir from the past and it was to remind the person to work better, as you worked possibly less hostile with people. As you know people are there, then you know how to treat them. That is the memoires gist.

An is effect; an is effect that creates or corrects things, as they stand or are existing to be good. Feeling as you could seem out on another planet maybe proxima b.

But this only means there is no war, so you can enjoy life even if it is nonetheless boring. So think what you like, then the creator will create for you.

En is effect; at the end is where the effect is done and you are free from influenced thought. So think free of influences, then the point will seem useful to know others or what you do is think to work. Then they are forced to wait on you.

So you see if then they are aware, there is a reason behind this calm. The reason is to get along with others that by feel are left alone. So enjoy yourself with this thought, that is all to this idea.

Seen; seen is the thought, working with the idea and editing is in the soul. Writing it is where you want to write the point.

Froze frame; this is a frozen frame where you read the picture, at a glance you know what is there or what is done is the project.

The end; the end is the point, there is none more to do for now. Might as well rest and relax till tk or exercise time. Things may come to fruition, but I am done with her for now by feel.

So now the age is over, so I will do my own thing on my own time. For now is the time of ages to come and the age of Christians is fading away. Only to be replaced by an age of prosperity.

The end.


Age of prosperity; Prosperity is now where you get what you wanted and this is not unlike a wish. If your nice, then you are aware or awake, as you get aware of better attitude.

Atleantians; they exist yet aren't as you expect, so don't be surprised if things come and you notice an atleantean out of the corner of the eye. Trust or not, none will take things that they shouldn't wrongly.

They can appear as you want them to appear. However due note: they are here and watching us from their dimension, that they could dominate from by feel.

Thinking you do things, otherwise you are aware and can rest and can relate by relaxing moments. Sometimes this is used, as you do this idea of things even if you do not follow the rules. Dear friend, befriend. B 1972

Due note; the elevator button will work now, so just go to the first floor to use an exit. Did you know this place was arranged like an exhibit in Mario land castle? It easily could be that so to note I think it is, think to create and work to make better your escape. Your friend, b.

Easily; there is something here in the castle, that is causing torment and applemated moments. Sorta like a gold mine ruled by a witch. I like you enough to visit you but that is all.

If you continue to be cold to me then I will call it off. I will never visit the store or area again. That is all I will say to you, good night and have a ciou on me.

Thinking; this was a past I didn't know existed, till I thought about it. So I think till I know her I will work neatly or near her store. Entering it when I need to enter for some reason. So I think there is some ghost, nearby that is where I saw the glimmer. That means things will be rough for now, so hang in there. T.b. 1973

Thought; thought is allowable, thinking is more allowable. What I think however, is that ghost is causing problems there. That is until it can draw energy, from either people or nearby things.

So this I have planned, I will act a ghost and draw it away from there. Driving it away this I learned was one from goosebumps, so I will drive it away before it can kill people by revealing where it died. So that is all I will do for now. Ciou.

Think; this is an ancient practice of ghostbusting, think towards the ghost that you don't want it there and it will disapparate away. Do this if you feel an eery cold presence standing near you.

This will work out, believe it or not by becoming calm on the area you stand and you won't have to do it anymore. However if the eery presence is physical, then its not a ghost.

True enough, the ghost presence disappeared that quickly when I thought it was gone. Just think to dissolve. So try it and the creator that created us all, that crested the wave that day he gave a speech will dissolve the ghosts presence.

Thought form; thought is a presence, thinking is an energy source to it. Think to know then, it stops. Fee can dispel it.


Useful baking; you can bake with this ideal situation. You can work with people with disability or use idea that work to condition the point or feel by thought. Feel comes first, thought comes second and people come third.

Tactus; tacticioner use is focus the need, then the feel then think the thought to occur. This occurs things by the feel, that you do things nicely.

Tacticion; tact is all in the ironing out the problems. Think a thought fast and you shift through time to see the point you want to see. That is all from this life, reflecting on a past life activity. So ciou till tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

focus orgonne

This was from a piece called Syria written in 1972 by a person called B.

Syria; Syria stops fighting, then and now by what you or they do. The end is syria rebuilds and the cities in Syria are remaining at peace.

Divine Circumvention; I circumvented the globe, now is my time to disappear and let the great eagle reaper take me.

Free; I am free from a ghosts influence. I was willingly sharing some energy to a ghost, because what happens thereafter follows behind the point. So now I am myself, I am Aware of what I should do.

Awake with a purpose, all I need to do is await and do my business. That is all there is to this, because if I have his soul. So just as I suspect from the basis, that I felt Charles die.

Then I had his memories, so what I think is I am his new body. Just as I sent my old soul off to another planet. I suspect to return when I think myself back to my body. So now as I await the death of the age, I will return to my work an allow others to live or die.

What I think is this, I control reality but others do too. What they control is their mind, their mind manipulates by the spirit the area that exists. The hell vision is in the mind, nothing more than that.

Other than that I realized that I always have my soul as my soul returns when I think it does. The subconscious controls reality this way, the mind can create what you wish or desire to become yours.

That is all I learned from this experience. This I learned was a point that was from a recluse book, a hidden part of it that the author indicated that's unknown. So that is all for the book, called recluse BTW. When you think to mention recluce you get out.

So what I think, is still as I am I might as well move as I am in the way. Think as I am about to shift and return to my family, I might as well inform the family by a call. Then stand up and think shift my way home.

Thinking my way home, has never been easier. So seeya around. There might be other entries after this, but don't mind them as they are orgonne or machine coded energy creation. Meant to regulate the area or things that are mentioned. Ciou.

Weight loss; the weight loses itself from the body. You lose weight by what you do. Think and you will know release.

Shift; think of a place, stand or sit still and think of the place. As you imagine the place, you feel the are if the place exists. Then you know by the creator if the place is there or not.

Thinking your through with things, feel your there as you believe you are shifted through the area to appear there then you are there. All by the power of the subconscious mind.

Now this is done by the count of five and as all I need is spelling or to count to five, I am there where I imagined by the power of the excited atom that is unexcited after. 12345.

Balance; There is no imbalance, the balance is there by feel and here by notice. That is all as the imbalance, if any here is gone.

Focusing orgonnic notion:
Source; the space-x spaceflight will have a speedy recovery, the company will not have a bankruptcy anytime soon.

TV; the TV and YouTube are a great source to have, as you know the source you know the information is true or good to realize by observation.

This means that everything you need to know is possible on the net and by talking to others. That is all for TV though, some sourced information is old.

So this is where I think you can be assured looking up newer info or talking to others will reveal the latest news. This is all for the news.

Attractions; sole attracted mo tions are where, you can be left alone but not now until you want to be alone. This is a business, accept people as they are. That is all, if you note the city you will notice this notion effection very subtle and there nlnetheless.

So ciou for now and see you later is like a dismissal for it. If you modify the listing an there if guessed, then you are aware of changes to the area. Often the road construction, first its an expression of the point and second its a point to recalling things.

The third thing is most obvious, how people act or react is what gives this away as a hived men tality mind. Where four is your lucky to be alive if this is leading to war over things misconstrued.

This mistaken mindset is what led Lebanon to war, led afhghanistan to warfare and Syria to have civil war. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. The sides bode I'll will towards each other, so that is gone by now but the strife leads to lies told or lost lived life.

That is all accountable to war, peace comes by truce and effort usually is leading us to believe that we can rebuild lost lives. But really we rebuild buildings.

So the deaths that occur are recounted and not lost to mention. So think as you are aware, the feeling is lost to war and strife but the building cost will never end.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Motion orgonne

These are tidbits of memory that I was aware of, that I was focusing to create with or remember usually to remember things by feel. So this is amazing by feel if it works.

This is used to cause eating or feeding yourself, thinking as want or as you will. Beware forests that are dark, for they could have goblins in the shadows.

If never; then you won't and will not eat unless you want to eat if not as your sated by energy.

Eat; you can eat your fill now you know things, as one rule exists for this. Stand as you might, you get what you want sometime in the end.

It; it's a hit and a send off of court or course by feel. This is the departure time of your soul to another world. The gate is your own making.

The creator that made us all can send us there, to another place or back if we want not to be there. This could make us eat unless we drank cold water.

Time and place shift; The way to go shift to someplace that we or you decide to goto, is feel to go and describe the rules of the crossing point. When you meet the rules or match the conditions you are there. This can be anytime or any place.

If you come back, you are sometimes mat ching the rules or not matching the rules as you wish to cross back over. This is as though you matched the rules. When you cross over, its like a gate opens in the air or with your element to go and close the gap to make the crossing.

Think and go; if you go and come to a place with people you don't like, then think and go so you aren't there anymore.

Other orgonne:

Repairman; the repair man accepts the offer and goes with the point but stays as long as he wants to work.

Thought; the point is made and you are free, do as you want.

Thinking; the thought is had and things are given, as a point accept and continue on.

Congruence; the point is there, do you have to be there or do you have to remain, you can go where you want to go by now.

This came from the workman's mind that I scanned, so I could see what he thought. That was just a guess, so I think this makes excellent orgonnic.

Thinking; I am done with thinking, I am going now and not returning. So seeya.

Other things:
Real heal; the healing completes itself and makes things easier, as things work anyway as finished. This is as though I hadn't wounded or sprained my ankle.

Thinking; if I had some point to hide, the item is hidden till not hidden by looking.

Theory; think in a point an you know, what you realize is usually by what you can do. Its not the not the hand in motion, its what you can do.

If this timeline; if this time doesn't end then you know things are better off than we thought.

Focus; the focus point is their way to create, so action is ours by what we can see reason to do. Just remember the soul is what can come back into the body after the demise, so whatever in hand is whatever in motion unless you don't need it to do so or choose it to do things.

Life in hell; just life buffy series, hell is just like earth. That means we can get things to go, work or play with what we have gotten.

Time to go; there's time to go. if I live or die, I think its time to go so now we know, that not all things are done or possible. That is true if we don't need them to be.

Otherwise false if we need them to exist, as thinking is potential what I think is that we can do things if we need to do things, that includes healing for 10 mi utes quicker.

This is especially true in a group setting. Whoever agrees with me is with me on this point. Otherwise they aren't thinking about it.

Other points I remembered:

This is orgonne that allows me to act the creator out, that I want to act out. Think of this orgonne to use it or make use of your own thing. Whatever it is, even if gorgonzella.

Think then know; what you think then the creator let's you realize so you know.

Focus; focus the point and then you create by your will, the creator creates what you wish or will into existence. That means all I need to do is feel and think, then I create using the creator.

Gorgonzella; this is a gorgon or stoner in the shell, I think so she or he knows what is there and if a she. Originally she was born in thete. Originally he was born in ghey. They both shared the same trait. The snakelike, oily hair that was very unwashed yet they were very good looking.

Their charm was the striking look they had, that alerted others to their point they wanted to do. Otherwise they were quiescent then struck. That's all you need to know. There is more to this, just think and you know it. The creator reveals all.

Whatever; the ideal situation that occurred during the store visit taught me to work with others. So whatever the reason, he or she has no reason to steal. He or she won't be killed, unless he or she wishes to die.

Reclaimed soul; I think at least from the experience, I reclaimed my soul and work again as I should. So now all I need to do is wait out the line.

So somewhere this is occuring, I now await the earthquake denoting an eruption. So I will wait till later, as this is the last I will write on this topic. I wonder what happened to charles e. goodall, my friend that disappeared. He was here one minute and gone the next. I think there is a point I got that he missed some family and he disapparated back, thinking so he went to his family and friends might see him later by now.

Other events:

Far man; think as you like but you can do as you like, unless you are aware of thinking by things that occur.

This is what the far man did, that I noted in the past. He had orange hair and slight build, with a mental disorder that could disperse by fee or feel.

His tattoos were eye catching but his ability was said to be accurate with irate moments or precise points by what was done. So when I saw him, he was happy as he just battled someone but I hardly expected to see him again. Vote Hillary an she wins.

So that was all I saw of the far man in fall. What happened next surprised me, I didn't expect to see the point occur and I collapsed to the ground not to wake up again.

So now I am in a coma by the far man and in the hospital, so think as you think for what I think is this is now over. That is from the memory of a past life. What I hope is that it doesn't happen to me. So ciou till tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2016

feel orgonne

This orgonne is a variation, for feeling and processing amongst other things. Thinking that you do things, does mean that you could attempt it unless you are in control of your own body. So you think thoughts that if you want to you can feel. This means you are in control of yourself.

Thinking that I wrote this meaning intent to make better than what was thought or needed by feel. So this orgonne uses Isis the goddess to do what is necessary, with Horus as the protector of knowledge.

Things set in motion were by Charles e Goodall or Odin. That's unless you don't accept them as deities, then the god served the point or creates what is wanted if necessary.

Think; think as you can as you want or as you will, if you want to work with people you talk to the person or not bother them.

Focus; the focus is the thing, think and you are aware.

Go; go as you want to go, this is my life point that you use or you can use your own way. Then your soul is released back to you, unless it was not taken.

Though; you might notice that your life ends in horror this time. Enjoy yourself and remain at rest until you need to go.

As I do; when I think of the place I link to it, when I feel about the place I recognize the point. Where I work to create things, I am till I don't want to be there or create by imagination.

So as I eat, drink or do things, I heal by the creator. Then the point is the main point or theory, thought to work by the feel and do as I want.

Think as I am or as you are aware, you are as you are. Thinking to change you would change or have change. Otherwise there is no change.

That is unless you want change, then change will occur. However if you covet things that are not yours, then you won't get things that aren't yours or not try to get them.

So think to hold off or be nice and your treated nicely. As you feel to go. That is all for today, seeya tomorrow an ciou.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

P. orgonne

This is idea used to mainly fix my computer. So think as you like, this works if you think it does. If opposite meanings or means were used then, you will know what will occur.

As opposite meanings or idea are what they do sometimes, I think the computer can create interest by feel and thinking by result. I supposed accursed meanings, other than what is there are useful too to hex or spell the machine to make it work.

But that rarely works out, unless the creator makes the machine work anyway. So enjoy your time with your machine, thinking by proximation works wonders for math. Keep up the good job. Love ya, Chris.

Some things to have been done:
 Peter Paul; he brings me to the store today or does what he wants with no pain and if possible low pain. What was done to cause him chemical tolerance.

This is now undone and he doesn't have that many medication needs as no chemical needed to fix me or him. So things work out and he isn't always tired.

Hell; This starts with "I take your soul" and ends with the idea that
"I free your soul from hell" or "I release your soul", although sometimes "I release your soul from hell" frees your soul from the hell. That you were brought to by the statement, "your soul is in hell" or "I take your soul to hell." This also works by a soul rider hell effect, otherwise a ride to hell. Where "I am unaffected by what you say, unless I want to be effected." frees you from being effected.

Heaven; this is where you goto another planet of your choice, thinking to go to the place brings you there.

Heaven ecology; the heaven you see is the heavens with the stars and planets and the ecology is not always known, think to know by observing reports to see what the conditions were thought to be like.

Focus area; think the point then you create by the feel. This is the point that exists by work.

Thinking; focus to create and you usurp by what is there becoming something else by fee or feel. So if necessary, the point is made or done by fee unless your done with this idea.

Technical; technical expertise is the point there, so by fee or feel you can make things happen or made is a concept that is done. See that I named.

Seen after the concept that was is is the goddess by feel, that really was use with preparation. That was a way to go or feel, before you went to the bathroom by feel.

That most people got way before this, that created by the feel what you felt safe by activity or you could feel that you know is true.

The end; the end is the poi t or ideal situation, that is where or when you think to do things is where you know the point. So ciou till tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

cmoisant's orgon'ne

This is some of my creation sometime ago, while thinking of an appellate court. I was either the culprit IRL of some crime of passion or a juror, that got off by proxy.

So this is rather interesting, as a view point of how a judge works. The dream ends as I am comparing notes:

Thinking; thinking about this I think separately I know what I am doing, as a part of myself I know by feel. So I think then I know, as I feel then process information quickly so I am not a target.

So I see the point as an end point, thinking to work quickly and provisionally I create what I want. So I think that this is done. So thinking this is time to do the enchantment. This is time now to do things, so things work out. This is a note of what could occur. Ciou.


Occurrence; think what you like and you get what you expect or need. Need nothing and nothing occurs.

Tree moths disorder disease; think alike and you create less tree moth activity. As the tree moth disappear, you notice a better feel to the area.

Working things; whatever you spend is minus whatever you spend back to you.

Guilt; I don't have any guilt over taking that donut. It was a mistaken moment and that was that. Things will work out in the end. This is for being guiltless without embarrassment. Anyway, things work out.

Things; thus is the point, think you do and you will do things by the creator unless you don't want to do things.

Creation; Use the right fee or feel or think things through and create as though the right situation or ebbing event. This governs the tides and waves of the world.

Thinking; think and you know, this is what works by energy flow. This is what governs the moon.

Focus; focus and you realize the main point to this idea. So what you see reveals more, than what you realize till you think to see the poi t.

This is from a self help lesson that came to me, as I focused to know and realized the truth. That re vealed itself to me, before the moment was due fruition.

Think a thought to work an appeal, then you create what you wish by what you world work. Think a point to do as though the right things were done.

So this is a concept of art, for this to work out is the creators doing. Otherwise a point will be made by others or yourself, otherwise you will never get free stuff or get free by stuff. Unless you think you are free. Then you act right to the senses to create the right situation. That's how I did it, so ciou for now.

Friday, September 16, 2016

george orgo nne

This came from a past life named harrison that I call george. He was an engineer and worked at creating things by feel. That is what I read from him, with my pinneal gland. With him I am not surprised that this has a tendency to work as this is his subconscious, where some orgonne had a tendency to get out of hand and do something sometimes unexpectedly so you can call to stop. So I am not surprised, that this either works or doesn't work to plans that you may have had. With this, think while your ahead.

The George; the George are aware people that create by feel of idea concept or stature and work with others unless they choose to work with you by what you do. There's nothing like a second chance, though he usually does things by what he feels then thinks so your luck is your luck and his right to know. This is as though I got it right, then focus was easy an I was a patriot of the usa to him.

Space-x; the answers to their questions are revealed to them by the creator. they no longer have a problem or any situations even during static tests.

Crater; a part of a book, we find a crater that is a size of a canyon, that we manage to cross. That then after crossing, we face no problem worse than before. Just by seeing it, we know that there is more to this world than what we once thought for think not to know is to know.

Thinking; focus points that exist redirect the statement, that you do t want to occur. The subconscious doesn't do the suggestion, unless you need it to occur of course.

Focus; Focus or think: think a focus point and you get a focused idea, that is the name if the game still is played. The focus is the point that is the idea, think of what you want and you can use the focus point by mention to get a result.

Think; think a point to work the idea, thinking a point won't always get you a result. Sometimes you have to apply the point, this by thinking is used to get any typical response or end result.

End; so this means if you think, then you might as well know that's all you get by this point you express. Sometimes nothing sometimes a point in return.

This is what reminded me of the point I experienced, as a bad episode of life this was where I was amazed by watching. Thinking where I was aware this means, I think I am done by this.

So whenever I enter the coffee shop, they don't tense up when I talk to them. I also don't feel like killing myself, when I think to go there or anywhere nothing bothers me or if I leave there I don't perceive a slap or hurt.

I don't seem to feel rejection by what I do, this is usually done. I am thinking or reacting as though I had coconut, that cures my senior moment.

So I will go my own way, thinking to be off of course. So as I am still thinking of the game I played, I will add this as think as you need a result and you get a result. As a cross between the end and the result.

So you can expect anything adhoc as chaos rules this game point. The gm has the final say if required. Directed by will with activity, this is an ideal will magic yet if considered wish magic.

Where you think an you might get what you wish. Just don't think the electri city nearby is a source for it or you could cause a blackout. You can get interesting points as the rest of the game is a point and results.

So yes it is wish magic. I am as I am well able to do things as though a god. This is usually, as though I am well. Now you are complete, go forth my Ceres creation.

So think as you go or as I will, that you are complete as well. Now this is done, mind to mind transfer the well and the creator guides you instead.

Now as I think, I will clap three times and you will do as I command. Now this is done. None shall know about nothing, unless you deem them so by now.

If you think of things that you want to do, think of the arc and its gold dust inside that act like a capacitor. That is the power source and warning enough. Ciou, SH.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


This came from observation, that did exist till disbelieved in with uses by feel. From the creator, that creates things and the events that support what is created.

I bet you wouldn't realize, it came from the subconscious suggestion by idea or ideal situation. If you don't need it, then its gone or stored excepting for food.

These are the things that are possible. Nothing else really matters, except for what can exist or does exist. Note these are things that I noticed:

Colossus; the colossus is born every 150 years or from a barren womb, that changes its form by thought on a night after abuse is done. Then at a certain time, you create something.

So an idea that was thought is, if this is used by him or near him. Then he grows to the height of 8 feet tall, only to disappear an not have been born at all.

Theo; he that exists is there, by the time you think of him or her if you need him or her there. He exists for you, she exists for herself.

Then; the thought that exists, will exist till not necessary.

Thinking; think and you shall achieve, thought exists what is there. This is non religious. Don't have to if you don't need to. As to do so is suspicious.

So think as you are aware, that thought doesn't always apply, this is seen as proof that magic exists or use is there as you think it you could create it unless not creatable.

Cancelling suggestion; just think its a thought, then don't do it. This is as you feel the need or want. So if you don't need to do or want it then, you won't do physical activity that creates the idea. So when you don't suggest it, you don't do it. When you learn it, don't use it or do it.

Focusing; think or fee by feel is the way after this. So expect the non expected and work, as you can you can work by feel or fee. Play is what you think.

Results; from space living you won't have your face swell up and your bones won't become porous and weak. If physically in the gravity of a planet, then maybe not. But if in space with nothing as gravity, then definitely you won't by orgonne.

Empathy; empathy is up or where you won't have to eat, as you feel they eat this by feel. Otherwise you won't feel to eat, so you won't have to eat.

Rat; the rats no longer effect the body, any larger body will not increase the slenderer body by empathy or eating being sensed.

Mirindy's son; no longer has a chewing fetish and loses his excess weight, as though he had a point to do things.

Birds; bird feeding is fun if they eat the bread. Just think and they can eat what you throw at them, if not too close to you. Something's they eat, something's they don't.

Osiris-rex; they have a successful mission, by what they do and what the satellite does. It doesn't die in the point that it does. Whatever occurs, I am through with space.

I machine orgonix; I will work towards better government, making for the better benefit of all.

This was from a other of my old past life present, that I wanted to work with as in formation and unique ability. His ability was creative adaptive adaptability that creates what he wants by ideal situation.

He never died according to my memory unless he chose to die. As I recall he recalled from what is several hundred life points, that could be called death. He is still immortal, though I bet he passed his soul on to see. As for what he would b ecome and it was them that chose to die.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

mirror life

This came from a past life mirror life, that was rather reknown because of the hawk that could consciously be a guide to him, I think mirror lifes are interesting as you only need to look in a mirror and see yourself. So this the dangerous part, they could haunt you, since they are mirror lifeforms. They can haunt you by the effective thought, that materializes by the power of the mirror and the mirror can act as a two way channel. So think your not here and you are safe by fee or feel that incourages others.


money; I won't spend it before I get it, thats forif I have a big check coming.

etc.; think then you know, then you are aware by what you can do.

mirindy; she recovers quickly and creates better from what occurs.

#1: You “re-sync” with your elemental nature in order to best discern the right kind of relationships, to suit your needs and energetic style.

#2: You sync-up with your correct Triplicity in order to best manifest the relationships you most desire.

#3: You connect with others in a way that supports your authentic nature as revealed by your Element, Zodiac Sign and Triplicity.

money; whatever occurs, I always seem to have enough money to handle the situation or point to point sale. so I will have from this next check from aunties estate over 900 dollars. I won't spend it before I get it. there's no worry over things and things get easier except for spending too much.

mark banks; he brings back my bicycle in one piece. yet he keeps his job and doesn't get sick again.

danny moisant; danny moisant gets to me a check of the funds today or thursday or a total thursday. he responds to me when I speak to him or communicate with him. this is where I am right now in thinking, he will say so I think I will work with what is given. so I will work with what is necessary and get what I can or not do things with what is there.

i in nnoob; an if nobody wants this unless necessary so things aren't done for it an as things are there for it. then things aren't there except what you want.

I have it; whatever it is I have or can get it with wisdom. I am good at managing money, I can attract and keep abundance in my life. I know the law of attraction, I also know how to use it. I also integrated it with my personality. I can act fast if I need to act fast.

I got it; seen as I am in an ideal point, so I think I will work this over the week or weekend. Thinking of what to do and working with others as though i in ie oh that means I am in money or idea 6 days or less from now.

breakdown; something I don't want will break down and leave the things I do want.

stuck; I am unstuck and going on, as I am moving on "big time" as though by faith being kept even if its not. there is no divorce by feel. whatever I do, I won't put too much demand on others.

iced latte; almond milk with diet mist mst soda.

bother; I am giving wait and for a period of time or not, then I am going to come out or ask again if its not too bothersome. that means you are aware and capable to do what you want and if necessary by what you can do or what is thought that will occur.

dangerous; I am not dangerous to anyone, as I am aware of this I am with the time of day to do things. So ask or be away with what you want to do. Thank you for the advice, with the right explanation. It caused me to not have to move out when my mom died and the house went default. So enjoy this day well today and be well. I feel like I am rescued and this is the end of the game, so I will let this go for now. Enjoy your day.

gut yeast; bad gut yeast disappears and its under control, as its maintained 80% good bacteria and 20% or lower bad bacteria and not causing me to eat for two. sugar loses its addiction by abd or abiding and not causing more need for sweets. substitute sugar stops causing more gut yeast to be there. this effects since the beginning of the year as though you had probiotics. this transforms sick people into healthy ones, as though a point were simply, quickly and effectively done. this is without any negative side effects or extra effort, think "not" as bad yeast bacteria is neutralized. think "yes" as you feel like doing things. this is the 7 day challenge.

bank; I made it there to the bank and back again with no trouble. so all I have to do is deposit the check.

orgone thinking:

aoai = something with interest or no worry thats something for you.

aoae; This is the idea that were in use, this is when were in usa as cool or not on a hot day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

some fbi life

This is a fixed moment in time, that I re orded and worded to reflect the moment that is there.

Chris smith; he doesn't get kicked out and he creates no problem for people that aren't annoying is fun. People that are supposed to be gone are gone.

Mirindy; she doesn't fall further behind at her jobs. This is what allows her to work two jobs. Also she catches up with her work, first and second job.

The computer; the computer doesn't stop working good, so this means that I am spared a few dollars.

The laptop; the laptop is always able to be energized and the battery charged. So this means things work out well.

The end

This is the beginning, middle and end point to any story:

As it is; I am allowed with time, thinking to do what I need to do and I get thinking or things done.

Focusing; I create with time and create by focus, so I know what will come.

End; the volcano erupts, as you think to create a flare or what have you with ideal situations. This is what I saw. That's fine, as you think you can do things go for it or dont do what will get you in trouble. That's all I have to say.

Ciou; the farewell of friends or friendly nature, if any farewell to create a scene.

Parts of a story:

Joyce; reactions are normal, so you can come and do what is needed. Otherwise you come and somewhere you go. So that is what you do. You don't ha e to come at all. So enjoy your day and do what you want.

Chris; all that's needed is to sidestep and your normal, as everything is normal you might experience some different things though thought or activity can clearify with ideal by what you think. this clearifies the situation and you can get things elsewhere if you need them and can't find them here, else were now somewhere else that you know of known with a point by a few places.

Jay; he shows up in weird or different places, whenever you call or think his name he's there.

Paul; he's where you least expect him, expertise or not expected by those that are there.

Danny; he's near where he needs to be to get his message across, so think or he could deliver things.

Other people; they are there, when you expect them or least expect them to be there.

This closes the files of the FBI self that thought to catalogue everyone he remembers. This past life had least ability except psi and intuition, that died by a fire that consumed him during the night with his house.

Loose wiring caused by a spark. That made the house go up in flames, so after loose wiring was rev ealed as the cause. The investigation as to his death, was closed and not looked into after the fact was thought. Ciou till later.

Monday, September 12, 2016

services and information

Information is free by feel, people activity is with the price I pay. Thinking is free, working is creativity and doing tea or drink time is up to you. I am now done as thought this is uses in business, I am thinking to work for a price or do this exchange idea for free. That is all for now. This came from that ideal point:

Psychism; use of whipped cream, coffee, sugar (that can make you fat unless you exercise enough), substitute sugar that includes stevia or xilitol, food, caffeine or carbonation can make you psychic or at least see what calms you down sorta like playing a game or a good hex. Done to perfection, this is elemental or elementalism at work.

However you may notice this is temporary, so think and you can do things. This is including that you can direct your thoughts, that create what you want.

So if you are aware of the point, watch the stress level. This is so you can address the problem or work, with the ideal situation and create with what you need.

This is all that you need to know about the element, excepting physical elements that are hot. I believe you can touch elements that are cold. So think what you like, this is an amazing fact.

Seen is the point and you don't touch or you burn yourself. This is safe idea to work with by feel. However I don't get larger, that is by this effect.

So if you think the effect then you can get an effect. The element is this by feel or otherwise that point you think about. The expression is sometimes what gives the elemental work away. So enjoy yourself and see yourself to safety as things could get rough. Ciou.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Creative orgonne

This is what I saw for use with orgonne, visiting several places:

Created orgone; this is created work as everything is created equal. If you study enough, an what is there you can land a job with as its easily done.

Manufacturing; manufacturing improves by feel, with less cost by idea comes better stuff.

Manufacturing ii; the manufacturing is improved by material grade and things that make it work better.

Manufacturing iii; chemical manufacturing improves by the safety use and development of better techniqued materials. This is production improvement, that makes things easier of the chemical production itself.

If the cost is lowered. The produced result is more efficient by what is done. With lowered cost, this makes it easier to process and mix or produce results by less toxicity release and other things.

Chemistry; chemistry works like to like by bonding and chemistry is cost efficient, this isn't always less chemicals that are used. I see so you think.

So you act as you like, the cure is in hand with junk food or spices. Good chemistry is less toxic and used for something, bad chemistry is explosive and unstable.

So use the good and avoid the bad, avoid the bad chemicals as you know when chemicals get old enough they are unstable. So treat them with careful grace.

So care is taken by the effort of water use for toxins and acids, as water acts as a base. The point is use them with careful consideration to what you do.

Thinking; thinking like this is with a will an a way to work or appease a judge, so you know this wasn't easy. I think you can create by will or activity easier, than creating creationally by focus. So that's what I think.

Thought; when the idea is there, except nothing and work with what comes. As you think to improve, things improve, so no pushing too hard is necessary.

The creator ensures that things go right, seen is the evidence that we figure things out and after one explosion there won't be another.

Fix to the bicycle; this is where the bicycle is fixed. No matter the point, fix a flat or some new inner tube will do the point.

A king; I feel like a king of Spain but I know I am not, as I am aware I am good at what I do. I trade goods like computer parts or ideal for conversation. That is all I managed, so for today I will work with others.

Banking; as I am aware, if you want to preserve your bank account. Put money into savings or you might spend it, otherwise safely use the deposit and supplement with credit wisely with things you want to buy. Be sure to pay the creditor off. That is all for today. Ciou.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

last trace

This was the last a traced someone, as they went into a movie theatre and didn't seem to come out.

Time use; this is the time uses. guiding the time travel. That you know, by what you think with the present ant work with the past.

Time focus; think point go do or work with otherwise you are aware by what is done.

Thought; thinking is time trading where trading blows is not done.

High feeling; think your way back to the present and you might be surprised to really notice things. That aren't really different.

High spirit trace; trace the point by thinking the point, send energy by thinking and then your subconscious reveals things by what is there or done by feel.

If nothing is there, then you are aware of your own place and not other worlds too unless the creator reveals things there by vibes or energy vibration. This is with nothing, except for what the creator reveals.

High spirit travel; With the high spirit bridge, think your there then the creator made you there or your here if you want to be here. This uses the spirit as a bridge and the soul, as a point with thought to bridge the way. Think your way across to the world you want to goto, think to see the place and your there in the time you wanted.

Time passes by. This is a point or area search now with the past life, so he's thinking don't worry about the rest of the ideal unless you want to deal with the consequences, you going against someone unless you didn't do much.

Thinking; think a point and you know a point, so the point doesn't always get revealed by the creator unless you want to see it.

Deli very; the delivery will arrive of the thing that was ordered. This is before or at the right time.

A ie; a diet he made was eat less and don't mind, what you eat excepting high fructose or fructose not in fruit is useful dieting interest.

Un a ie; think to use what you want and do as you feel like.

A point; a point he made was use by the usage to remain hidden until wanting to be seen, think its magic and if it works your unseen by thinking your not seen.

That is all. Ciou for now.

Friday, September 9, 2016

time log

This is a timr ymer time travel log:

Normar; the world we were on. It was a normal world based off of fantasy and creationism. Exited by what you think plausible.

Ie; normal in appearance and action by activity, you are normal hereafter. Normally you can define what you think normal is. So hou or the house is our destination.

Normel; the world we went to, based off of idea and seclusion for a conclusion.

Norm; the leader of the ideal situation, he was thin and fat and then thin again. Thinking by fee he regaineth his wits, so he appears acceptable in public and works as he wants to work.

Regainef; the world were going to, so I hope we arrive there as we knew what was coming to this one. Ciou.

I ien

This is a rite of interest, where you think the point and there is interest. So I think this works with what is needed for a rite, where I need or have had done things and these idea come to fix it faster or slow it.

The item bag; the bag could be a spare backpack, but think and you know by what you feel. You might check that the bag carries, this includes only what you want or need carried.

The item list; this is the item list by what is needed or otherwise you don't bother me for things.

I IEEE ie; the fat city craving end, the end of the fat city craving need is what you buy or want to get unless you don't need so you get the poi t. You don't need to rob a mail truck for this.

Walmart; there you can always find a bargain and work with those within.

The end.

Facebook; facebooks free internet plan is not totally doomed. The creator makes it work out right.

Music; when I play I prove I improve by improving music.

Misc; think thin and you are thin by what you do. This also accounts for miscellanious stuff and that's about it for this listing. That accounts for the things that I've done and that's all I need to do for now.

Other things: just remember, where something doesn't work some other thing does.

The digital cable TV; the cable works with the digital mini cable box, the mini cable box works with the TV. So overall there is a non messed up connecting signal, that relays a perfect picture.

This works without much trouble an with no signal interruption. With that cable is some munchy, that will bring you right back. That you don't have to eat.

The candy machine; the soda and candy machine works, the change isn't eaten and the dollar or 5 dollar bill is accepted. This by exchange is with a finger press, releasing the food or drink item.

The lights; the lights aren't burnt out or if or they are replaced. They work no matter the point or get repaired.

Appetite; this is an appetite that's settled before the bite. So even now you aren't hungry.

Work; if you work at things, then you get what you want by fee or feel.

Piss; if necessary piss anywhere there is a drain or drainage, you won't get caught even if your smart.

Thinking; if you think then you know what to do. As you think, think about things as though an envelope that's vanilla. What s inside is revealed if you do things right, by the correct actions. So think and you get things right.

Follow; so follow along then you might get things right. Things could come to you. Wait patiently and you might notice different things at different times.

Along; come along the path of light to discover your destiny.

The light; the light guides the way, the dark did too if disclosures are done by fee or feel.

Time; time is on your side, loyalty comes with wisdom. Wisdom comes with the ages, learn what it is that could be there. Don't text while driving. Don't be hit by passing strangers or stealers of your items or time.

On your side; your way is your belief, think and you know by the spirit what to do.

That came from a rite to purify, this was by some darkness and light energy so i think it might actually work. Ciou for now.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

orgonne idea

This is idea that is orgonne that is needed or there and done, as it is inspired from the past. This doesn't always work, if it wasn't meant to work in the first place. So here is my final list:

The point is there; think then do to stop and do something normally. Otherwise think to achieve a point and do a shift out, feeling or thinking yourself to another place and time.

Think and know; this you think then you know by what is done.

Think and show; think and show what you know is useful to the area.

Thought; think to go twice as fast as the light speed you walk, run or jog to work a pace. This is just as you feel and you realize what is true or false or there or no longer there.

So as this is a game, this is touch and go as you may think. What I think is this, so you or I know what the creator knows, even if hidden from the creator.

Its been a year since I knew this, so I think that in order to do this stuff I will have to want to do it. Otherwise I will just do whatever I always do, work with others as they can request work.

So I feel or I do what I think is cool or needed for the moments notice. This is the point that I think is done, nothing more than that.

So think, feel or notice, that is the way of the female where the man feels, thinks and noticed what he did. That is all for now, just think before you do things then ciou to go. That's how you go, so ciou for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Frieza world

This came from frieza before he was destroyed, by a friend of mine by being dissolved into nothingness. This came from a world I have known about by observing things, as I did things by fee where feel revealed what is there. This ended by the thought of the "end". Where they prepared and did things and the end is done, that is thought imagined or thought and spoken. This was there and done by a few people where I saw them do so.

The patrol; the patrol is there, that exists by the feeling and the point that is made is what keeps people under self-control by feel.

The use; the use of a device creates what is wanted or needed at the time. Due note: a need is not a want or wanted man. So don't jump on everyone that walks through the store or area.

The path; the path is the projected area walkway, that the scientific physicist side of the brain can conjecture. This is where you see something and you can do thinking with ideal situations or use.

The way; the is the path, that is not always conjectured and known by the spirit.

Sleep walking; sleep walking is not always done so with the right medicine, you can do anything.

So do things; things that exist are there if you need them there. So think and feel the need and you have it.

So do thought; thought is the owner idea, where you own it and it is there to buy or sell unless you no longer are interested.

Thinking; think and create what you want and you know by what is done what to do.

Do; shift is to feel as you think or use water, as you feel the point where the energy surges. Seen and work is working or creating where you were ideally creating, you are there where the real world is sometimes use by feel.


Area search

This is a point or area search now with the past life, so he's thinking don't worry about the rest of the ideal unless you want to deal with the consequences, you going against someone unless you didn't do much.

Thinking; think a point and you know a point, so the point doesn't always get revealed by the creator unless you want to see it.

Deli very; the delivery will arrive of the thing that was ordered. This is before or at the right time.

A ie; a diet he made was eat less and don't mind, what you eat excepting high fructose or fructose not in fruit is useful dieting interest.

Un a ie; think to use what you want and do as you feel like.

A point; a point he made was use by the usage to remain hidden until wanting to be seen, think its magic and if it works your unseen by thinking your not seen.

That is all. Ciou for now.z

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mist world

This is the mist world and its functioned points by the feel of the area I sensed when I walked into a store. That seemed by sense to be in hell.

Mist confusion; the mist of time swirls around you and activates to shift you somewhere. So your there and back again before you even know you were gone.

The broken staff; the pole sometimes can age too much and is replaced, by another staff that doesn't break too easily. That takes your life and changes it, while your alive to the pole form.

The shift point; the shift point is the end point, that you decide to use by writing energy commands to shift the body with sometimes confusing code.

The pole point; if you recou ted the ten commandments, you will have one where you first are hit and this is by a car or bus. Otherwise you are let by blood letting free your form, as you relax and you shift to the next life by what you do, think or act.

Just so you know the point of what you want. During this point, you lose your religion and you go your separate way. You can get your religion back, if you want the virtue but don't fee or feel sad by this. Your fine without it.

The exit; the exit is the door, that you think or act to open and your in the normal world again. This ends the world in-between, if you describe it your there if you want to be there. So you got what you got.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Some ideal everyday orgonne

These are ideal concepts if you think of them, as often or not they are aware thoughts I had influenced by the past life points. They are unique because they pinpoint things that could occur not what is what occurs until it does.:

Focus point; think or feel and you can do things. She allows me to talk to her.

Tapes n CD; they can buy tapes n CDs through me.

Reusable rockets; the reusable rockets made by spacex work well. They work and lift off without any problems, as they also land with no problems as well.

A way to proxima b; they find a way there and back again that's reasonable.

A wish; I wish Daniel Moisant would respond to me when he can, this is by texting him unless busy and needing the time. So this is sometimes irritating.

See as I think he's seeing the message he could respond but sometimes doesn't. Seen as this is, yet doesn't have time to respond. So I wonder what gives, as he gets the message so now I got a reply.  I think this is worthy of my time to give him some of my time. I think I will let this rest.

Trees; these tree look fine and don't have a problem.

Tree lights; the tree lights look fine and work wonderfully.

Finances; the finances get done unless already done, this is quick without stress and quickly done, the finances are with me over 1000 or 900 dollars.

Al eit I can wait for things to work themselves out, by ideal concept there is allot that is doing this by feel. By our element, you didn't break him or her.

Space-x; they find the reason for the accidents before any incidents. So assured are they that they don't make a mistake.

Mark zuckerberg; he isn't bad off by this satellite incident, with or without a commucation satellite explosion.

Woat; weight with a counter of uu-woat.

Uu-woat; to lose weight quickly.

End; end by result.

These are secondary thoughts, that are there and don't overwhelm the thinking as they are there. So they are from a previous life I nicknamed woat. The life this came from is a step between this life and another life. This life is yet another example of the poles, as it is another us that holds the head of the one that would understand.

Seeing as this is true, this doesnt mean your dead yet he doesn't always want to speak your language. It lies between you and your next lifetime after that life. This is an example of tvd lore of the dead:

The ten poles; every time someone re counts the ten commandments, the pole is there and they hit themselves with it.

The the ten heads; the ten heads resides on the ten poles.

The ten positions; the poles are positioned nearby by feel, where you can see them in a circular pattern of light that shined from their eyes.

The head pole; the pole that holds multiple heads and is demonic. This allows you to uu-woat your figure.

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