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Look to friend me on my facebook page or look at the bottom for my Discord chat page, if still up, that is also here if you need invite and here if you are already a member. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not and it fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Psi power balls

  These things are really psi balls that are 'placed' by a mental hand into your body. The mental hand you can control and make it do as you like. It acts as a normal hand.

  In order to do this trick, all you need is to imagine a hand form in the air and near your body. When you imagine the hand, imagine it forming psi energy into a ball form. Using the mental hand to 'place' it in your body is by mimicking with your real hand the action, near your heart. You will gain energy back in your body. And, you may feel energized for at least half a day.

  When you are imagining the mental hand holding the psi ball, thinking to it the thought, 'don't be programmed except when necessary..' and the rest of the programming is up to you. You may form the psi ball in your mental hand and state the programming or command you want it to do.

  If you want an elemental power ball that projects forth the element you deem necessary to have effect another. Then program the psi ball with the thought of, 'emulate [element]', and either mentally toss it at someone or something or imagine a 'beam' shoot forth of the element it emulates.

  This beam can lance forth and spear another target. What you can do to the beam, is bending the beam to your will. There is an unlimited amount of things it can achieve to your will. You don't have to use a psi ball as it can be Hara energy. Your Hara is located a few inches below your Navel and has Greenish energy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Coelescing Power

  Coelescing power be where you collect power in an area, into a coiled  energy form, enough of it that it warps an area. Allowing you to create a pooled will effect and effort is formed by that will. Thus, you can cause any effect, with enough energy nearby. As though it were a coiled snake. This be like the pools of energy from activity, except the coelesced energy is allowed to be greater. The effort is the key to forming the effect. Any effort can be used. Thusly, the way to make the coelesced energy, be to will the energy from the places of existence to start to collect to where you desire the greatly coelsced energy to be. Mainly your willing wild energy from a few solar sources, any anime worlds, gaming worlds and whatnot.

  This energy, coelesced, is very great and will wield you if your not careful. The will is done by programming the energy nearby to coelesce the energy, while thinking of the energy sources. That you can work with at your willing it to do things. When the energy has coelesced enough, then things will happen as you speak them or as you think of them, given enough time. The pooled energy turns into a resource for yourself and others, if you will it. You can even lock it off from those whom you don't want to use it.

 Although, on use of it, there's not much you can do except to will it to do things. Or, to speak of what you want to happen and it will if enough energy remains. Don't draw it into yourself, as you only need to direct the energy outside yourself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The pass the effect effort

  To do this trick, is to think of the person you want to effect. And state while you are effected, 'I pass it to you.' or 'As it effects me it effects you.' And, the subconscious should pick up on the idea you want to happen, and cause it. If the person is unsuspecting, then they won't mind it and seem to change their attitude or actions to suite the effect. Saying it too many times in a short period of time to a person will get overirritation and will get you weird looks.

  However, as you pass the effect, the effect disappears from you. This effect could be anything that seems to be there. As always, when you want to send the effect back or effect someone else by what be happening to you then say, 'Back to you..', while thinking of the person.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Point Protection

  Using objects: This is the three point protection using objects. Get three items, rocks, gems or stones of any sort and arrange them into a triangle formation. Then, touch each object that makes the points of the triangle, and after that, the 1st object you touched. Thinking of an energy stream that passes between the objects, as you touch them. And state or think, 'contain my bad and evil', 'make things safe' or 'make things better'. Towards the shape. Then you should feel safe and all bad qualities about you are in the triangle.

  When or before you attempt this, think that the Bermuda triangle is powering each object. This links a power source. Any disruption of the pattern or area, e.g. the positions of the objects are changed or stomping or loudness happens. Then, the protection must be recast. Using lights in this pattern, you must turn on the light to activate the protection.

  Also possible is 4 objects for a buildup of effects, 5 objects for chaotic effect or 6 objects for sealing and elemental effects. With 4 objects you may use a square formation, 5 objects are with a pentagram, and 6 objects with a Jewish or Davids star formation. Amazing effects you can get with this, so be creative.

  The human object: Also possible with the 3, 4, 5 or 6 point effect is using humans or beings as objects would be used. But, they must be willing to help first. This is to think of the person and sending energy, to link to the person. Then act as though the other person, and think energy to pass as a stream from the person to another. Repeat the act as that person and make energy linking come back to yourself. Or, let the person decide to link and pass on linking energy. Be sure to explain your intent and have them explain their intent. After which, you state your intent to occur it. As in the 'make things better' or 'make things safe'.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

One with the Land

This is a technique to double your energy possibilities and to gain awareness of the land. Mostly with allot more energy from the uniting with the earth and nature. This is basically touching the grass, rocks or ground with your bare feet. And feeling the upsurge of energy as you will yourself to 'be' one with the earthly nature energy. Touching cement won't do it, and your connection with the planetary energy is mostly blocked.

Thus, you are connected to the earth network and are aware of what happens to it. You can do powerful or nearly impossible things easier. You also discharge bad energies that lead you to negative results. And, renew your positive reserve of energy while you do your connecting with nature.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The easy void meditation

  The easy way to actively use void meditation, is that which causes less strain and worry while allowing for more energy. This is to decide to meditate, then don't think and just do, allowing your instincts and intuition take over. As your subconscious guides the moment, then you will have less problems. There's no stress and your body can adapt to anything. If you allow your body to react to things that tend to happen. Then, the body will do the 'right' thing that you or others condition yourself to do. This gets rid of headaches easily. With this, just breathing in and out as usual feels different. Use that method to do magic easier. So as your body reacts, you can do as needed without thought.. unless its pointed out. Then you can tell yourself to do things to correct the situation at hand, if a correction is needed. That's when ya subconscious takes over and when you just do things. The less thought you have while doing magic, the more effect you get from your magical action. As, its very good for visualization, and its quicker than standard meditation.

Mirror Trap, Astral Mirror Dynamics

 Difficulty: Intermediate
  Prerequisites: Casual Conscious Projection, Energy Manipulation/Vampirism

  I first came across this technique during an encounter on the astral. I would rather not detail the exact circumstances, I'm not particularly fond of this memory. This being said, I did not invent this technique. This technique was stolen, then refined in practice.

  In reality, a mirror is just a sheet of glass with a coating on the back that allows photons to be reflected back at the viewer. However, the mind when viewing a mirror creates a subspace behind the mirror from the illusion created by the mirror. Energy flows where attention goes. Resultantly you may project your consciousness on the flip side of the mirror, and collect the energy that has pooled there. Astral mirrors create this subspace with greater intensity, and efficacy.

  Using this magickal property of mirrors, you can exploit, and amplify it's effects with simple construct programming.

  Here is one technique to get you started with this skill. Modify as needed to suit your optimum functional state.

  Step 1: Obtain an object with a mirror-like reflective surface.

  Step 2:
- Option 1: Project your mind into the mirror subspace and wait for someone to look into the mirror. When the psychic stream of attention enters the mirror, use it as a link to pull as much of there energy in as you like. Note however that pulling too much energy in a short time may alarm the target.

-Option 2: Create and program an energetic construct to wait in the subspace and absorb energy as it comes. The construct can be farmed later. This is very effective to deploy in public areas such as washrooms.

  Note: When this technique is used on the astral rather then physical, the effects will be dramatically increased. It's so naturally effective that it commonly creates a state of mindlessness and submissiveness in the victims. This is especially prevalent in astral beings and occurs almost instantly. As a physical being you will have a moment to avert your eyes, when you feel your life force being drained from you.

  From here @ the Magocracy.