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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Truth meditation

   Next time you meditate, ask the favour of those airborne of wisdom (the owls) to grant to you their eyes of truth. Request respectfully that with these eyes, they guide you to awareness of any truths you may have missed on your path to enlightenment, and likewise, to bring your attention to any illusions that may have taken you down the opposite path, away from your true self, and to comfortably assist in return to the path that was meant for you along with others around who may have been also misguided in the same way. Ask them to grant instruction and assistance if they would be willing, and heed their knowledge as it is meant to assist whomever they may intend it for. The main thing here is RESPECT for your guides, as it is you requesting THEIR assistance and guidance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


   This is activating your emergency body reaction that is your last ditch effort at survival. This is causing the body to give birth to a child without having sex. Basically, you only need one thing.. to think of having a child and stating, 'Mother earth, make a self-birth from my body.' Possibly, just think 'self-birth' or state 'se nat' pronounced [sehn nate] doing meditation. Optionally, you may use a power word, mainly 'done', 'ganesh' or 'barbie' as a mantra or as something thats spoken and needed to occur.

   Both men and women can get this effect. This can be painful to a man and easier to a female. Yet, no less painful. Stating 'delores', pronounced [dell-or-ezz], cancels it. Optionally, you can press three body pressure points in succession to cancel it. These points are touched with imagined and thought energy being at the fingertips, right inner breast, right middle side and belly button or right stomach side.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Diving lucidity

  This is diving lucidity. Find a place to lay down, because when done right, this one will be a doozie. Close your eyes, and focus from the top. As you feel the top of your head disconnect, imagine yourself start to fall, down and down and down, through nothingness into the depths of your heart chakra below the earth (your subconscious will know what to do.) Feel yourself falling and falling and falling, and immerse in the exhiliration as if you were skydiving. Enrapture in the rush that comes from becoming one with the infinite depths of yourself, then as you become familiar with the rush, submerge. lucidity.

  The risks are self explanatory. Do not attempt if you're afraid of falling, or getting lost in yourself.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Raising bodies with the sixth dimension

  Focus silver blue energy from the 6th dimension and state as a mantra, 'cie la vie moni mi ciao', pronounced 'cee la vee moan-ee mee cee-jay-ow'. Alternatively you may use, 'cie la vie voni mi ciao', pronounced 'cee la vee vonn-ee mee cee-jay-ow'. Then to allow the soul to pass on to its destination, state 'cie van dajonga replica' and it causes a replacement soul to appear where the original soul was. It replicates the soul knowledge that was there and transmigrates the knowledge from the original soul to the newly created soul. This method uses 6th dimensional energy that animates the body. This energy makes the body seem alive and yet its dead. Also it makes the resurrected become able to kill anything nearby.

  One thing, you may want to prevent body decay. When a person dies, the body generates allot of death essence. The body can generate death essence from your body cells death. This makes a death charged energy. The energy of decay, that makes the body degenerate and decay by the presence of this energy. This is removed by a stated or thought, 'dejonga', pronounced 'dee-jonn-gahn'. This converts all death essence in the body, to being life energy and this energy is reused and elongates the person's life.

  You may use a death shield effect as an optional storage place for the decaying essence. Think and will to do. Your subconscious will know how. Pull all the death essence from the body and imagine it formed as a shield shape of your choice. This can hurt rather badly when the death essence is extracted, but it prevents demons from assailing you. Also, think the death shield to keep pulling out the death essence as its there. Then, you elongate your lifetime. The shield will smell like BO after awhile. So, you have option to send the death essence energy into a rock. Think it goes there, and it will follow your line of thought.

  So use a cloaking spell, to make you seem like something else. Masking your energy will cause the body to target things it dislikes. However, you aren't targeted. The cloaking effect is this, the making of a dark sphere of energy through imagining it surround you. The animated body becomes alive 5 minutes or less after the attempted spell. Then they never die as they come back to life everytime they do. Thus, you achieve this effect of awakening the body and the body remembers what they knew from before death. When they are mentally aware again, the need to kill the raiser is not there anymore. The person or being thats raised can goto the 6th dimension without dying from it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spirit fingers

 To release yourself completely from hypnosis or mind control, use spirit fingers. Charge your fingertips with pure energy. This is chi and life energy. While your fingers are charged, press them to your forehead. Then, life energy release. This cleanses you of programming and mind control. However, a penny in your pocket can keep you from being mind controlled. You can always wear pennies around your neck for added energy purification and protection.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The seven rays

   They are referenced into alchemy and lead to self-awareness. They are different color signatures, the 7 colors tha lead into awareness. Sort of similar to a ball of light. All going into one point, imagine them entering you and they become part of you. You become awakened more with innate and inner knowledge or greater intuition.

   The colors are Red Blue Purple Indigo Brown Black and Green.

  Red for lava and emotion.
  Blue for water and inner knowledge.
  Purple for feelings and understanding.
  Indigo for the space with stars and belief.
  Brown for objects and makes inner need and developement.
  Black for the void of nothingness and nirvana with absorption.
  Green for life and earth.

   Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness can cause hurt and pain. Ultra-violet is for power. Power requires balance by actions and thoughts. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently. Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also, wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts.

   Other colors: If your interested in added health and energy, use yellow for health and orange for energy. Dark indigo is for the senses and reveals things to make things make sense. Dark orange or gold is for self-mastery. Dark yellow is for body and allows mastery by manipulation and having control of the body.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spirit spider effects

  They are the spiritual version of spiders that cast webs to paralyze a person's energy system. They also are venomous, if incited to attack or see a juicy prey and they are hungry. This effect can be used as a defense by us. The defense is this, to imagine energized webs going to the persons ear (any) and connecting to the ear. Then, think the web paralyzes the person. Or, you can glean knowledge from a person, by thinking the persons energy travels through the web to you. The person's energy contains their knowledge and what they are thinking.

  Casting the web on other parts of the body can turn the person cold. Then, it traps their energy in that area to be able to be sucked out from them. Effectively causing numbness and a very good feeling that indicates the effect. To more easily cast the web, think 'web' at the victim and then feel the energy web form where you want. This can paralyze thoughts.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cleansing yourself

 Cleansing yourself is pushing the bad energy down and causing it to be shit and pee'd out. It only requires one word spoken three times. The word is 'restore'. This is stated, starting at the crown chakra and doing each chakra point in sucession. The energy disappears and can get dispersed with allot of peeing and shitting. End result, the body will be purified and cleansed of its illness.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The coin purification

  This is simply placing a dime, penny and quarter, in that order and stacked to form a pyramid somewhere in the center of the room. This purifies the energy of the room by cleansing it of its badness. This can be used with good effect, after purifying the air with a scented oil in a smoke generator or diffuser air purifier. Otherwise, it can be used after putting air freshener in the air, like ferbreeze or lysol.

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