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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Think or create magic

The 6th dimensional fighting art
Dimension by thought to the heart
  Tis is an interest to thought as salt matter, paprika with turmeric added to bay leaf as thought essence or stevia in thought by dissolvation, if not to water dissolvation is thinking what in thought forms essence. As your idea is creative in use to use acid on or not do, tis is with no smelling and salt thought to use on a copper penny you can dissolve the corrosion or remove acidic corrosion from a battery with coke. That is S2ON3 is gone in a concept, as this is what allows coke to seem not to always work as S3O2NF22 corrects by energy yet is explosive.

  Think by heart with the heart to use the heart is create by use to fix the earth that foxes the body. This is energy to create or use by thought to create with in heart energy to think you don't squeeze the heart as you feel energy or focus the energy to the heart to change the heart that changes the body. The heart is aura energy thought to use if the sport exists. The so art is gone now but your art is energy to create, better health by that is not some idea to create to not seem or consider the worst as some idea is done.

  This is with the energy by the earth or planet to use by feel or create practice by ease without a hit, that thought is cool or lava energy is focused gaia that is with an end to a vicious cycle. That considered is hot near a fire or thought, this by cool points in whatever is considered with thought is aura view as hot fire in views are illusion.

  So what energy you see as this create things as a use is not or isn't seeming by use. Fernula punching bag is this as you think to it or not. So stop as tis, this is what you consider, release is you don't have to do it or consider what you do. This is were altering by thinking the area or thing changes according to your will, think this can by clearing a drain with magic.

  As to pour something is interesting down a drain or in the water drains the area of the unwanted things including water. The watnot is thought to create something, from nothing as necessary until unnecessary. This is deadly so remember this as a point with magic to use by pouring to water drains or on bugs, as "SFNO2SP2 is with boron or not actually a thought if misuse as tis a brain or this is a brain freeze effect" is with no Draino to make effective.

  Not unlike opium similar to the real things in products, that can freeze things idea with a few sticks in a pattern. That isn't except focus with moon energy is with F2SN2C or not with carbon, as effect is sometimes to think away the energy or thought to use something better. So think away to not seem effected the elements or things not looked to effect you.

  As this is probably not always water that what is clears away a seeing or kills, as a concept formula thought if handled right to create better strength or aura flow not to do. Unless as you don't or need food by hunger or not as you still get the target is thought in to apply.

Roach killer effects

  Similar or not this is a thought to Roach killer effects to water F2NO3C23 that creates carbon 23 that with dry ice as you mix with water makes a cool in essence effect. To shrink is F2NO2C23S that is create or see in effect to shift form with thought to alter the shape or not in thought. For that effect with treatment is Fe2 or Iron with SN2FO3, that is Sulfer Nitrate with Fluorine Oxide or no to forbid by thought.

  "(HClC23F2N4S25) with (H20)20" that kills the area bugs in the area poured into acid proof containers, tis stone there so this is your result with think to effect with 20 parts water that is influence energy to lure the roach or pestillence cured to the solution.

  As you focus the energy to user feel that is energy to the substance moved to the area, that is thought repel to roaches to seem to die except those. That aren't roaches that die by this in area feel or creator feel to feel or stop, the roaches by magic from energy. Start or not see in use the roach that kills, except when no to feel or yes to stop roaches or effort is to use by thought. The energy from an area is what cures the idea that they create, as the disruptive energy is the energy of the pestillence disrupts itself.

  The water turns to waste in enough roach killings, infected non area as to kill off roaches is with boric acid. So just sitting on the couch is cool or doing things interestingly, this as water is what you see in use to create on or not on focus to use. There or not nice to do, stop is a point or go is the idea.

  As your ability in theory created will this is undone as energy was the point were none now thought. As the water turns acidic you'll know to vacate as the energy is from area gravity to your energy influence, as dark or interest seems so to see is where you can notice to leave by the noxious gas scent. This is from the idea you can see, that energy focus is use or creates by thought to effect clean up or not always seem cool where you are unless this is not necessary.

  As if the water flow is curious it could mean several things as you see things that sexual is in use that is pea flow or faucet in water flow is not all except is not a river or river flow. Tis ClNO3S added to B3NO3 with ClO3C3, ClNO3B, CO2B, CO3B, CO2N2B or ClN3B with any acid or antifreeze to kill off roach infection, think or create as this in Boron as essence energy in use to kill roach life.

   Tibes is that produces from no roaches in experiment, as not in the mouth is to applicable parts to the area as if an idea in expedience. This is with created idea by a theory death fog effect I thought up with dry ice fixed. As copper flow electrolytes in energy, this introduces interesting idea. The charm of the roach killer is "Te Che Ex Ex in inn" to kill the pestillence.

  Thought use an think is not betrayal by imagined copper pipe to focus the effect, to create what you will as you think necessity creates by imagination. Just don't let weaken unless necessary or cease by thought sunlight as "Mes Nehu". So in as you are aware is as your not so bad, your river of thought is this what you can see that creates interest. Thought is interesting so what you suggest is what you can use by thought. Still or not this was a cool idea, that was interesting thought by theory.

   Now you know each for their own self as ability, each their own are knowable in life or curative in use is life knowable by thought relation were detecting. As in teanna twilley or relation creator is to alter crew rea;lity ceasing done, use is use in adaption is cranium enlargement as inept or be is thought looking to use to create by thought.

  Tis is reversed in curse if you care or don't care to see or creative use lying sorrow in a mad area, so what is lying down in bad conditions in evil I am sensitive in abuse or use or not now done is in time related this is use of no sexual abuse. Assume death assumption in here that is things you use to assault a soldier for rank.

   Now know each for their own self is thinking, what you see you want you will in idea no belligerant energy as you can see or know that in themselves is the ability. That is with energy to think roaches, no non "tat" are resemblance of thought not human or appearant human that dies or creates. As each are knowable in life or curative use is life knowable by relation or not.

  As each their is in nothing more than what you can use to get along with, assume or create in reality in the area to create by use or think creatively to what you can seem. Thought not in the area or not seen insects seem as thought in real life by energy, sense is water creation in carbon or herbs in use for the sensation. They who are human can create with this sense are psychic.

   Their is in idea thought by use or use in their motion with the area, as energy is energy not anarchy to use in thought by focus. Their is concept war or water is thought to use in feel or user feel to create in thought by thought in moments that end. So in imagination is yes as a river flow as no abuse, that flows south or east as you are not in war.

Creative needle energy

   The idea you use is thought that creates by idea or figuring out that energy is the focus to a needle to create what shot you think to create. This is in energy by thought the area that creates or doesn't create what you can see or feel is necessary as no need no mercy or nothing wrong nothing bad off. This the moment that by the idea is the end is much like a mobile needle an that is clean where creatable is seeable.

   So think a formula to make use of this, such as AgN2O3(SP)2 Silver nitrate oxide or FeN2O3 is with a possible sulfur wit a way to lose weight only if by imagining the energy from your area for you in the aura energy to use collectively unless thought or necessary.

  As if you in manage to breath pure oxygen with Sulfer or focus energy, tis by nitrogen with oxygen or thought not to use as no sulfer by idea or without potassium in thought is collective energy to the surface area energy with idea.

   Tis with idea to use "or not as nitrogen is breathed" as particles with ashes or trace elements essence as carbon by hydrogen in use by energy focus if present as trace gases allow thought focus as you focus or other element with sulfur is nitrogen or oxygen or sulfur nitrate water.

  This is focus in energy or thought is where you can see use to nulle high fructose or some idea in mind from drinks, think to see or create with the excess potassium in use as you think a source with hydrogen or helium to allow magic or body essence. That dissipates where you see or were to alter the reality by thought to change the area energy.

   So life is possibility yet if you don't think this is a possibility, then you can find your body doing reaction to create as you focus when moving. The idea you think is as if thought or not, as you might find yourself doing something like no disruption to life or thought life is not as I actually understood unrealized potential.

  There is no longer the need to thought the use if you feel no need for things you do. If to avoid paralysis don't do by doing too much. These is the area not hit that are the idea of life to lose a life, things that doesn't like life are fire energy related so not use is to do in excercise with focus that can disrupt energy parasites are "so what".

   Think as you say this is not always advisable to use what you do or think by focus in what you can get, as if "im en in" or excess energy flow that can seem focus by the creator or things flow away as away is the thought. As if nothing said can create wat you think by the creator to see or not, sometimes this does seem to get better results with no chemicals or less food.

  So what you think can occur if necessary or not to your own mind as you don't have to do things. As your there or here by focus or energy in thought to use, think or in thought to his or her mind right to chi redirect with feel to create in the use or thought.

   You can use the creative disguise use idea with this, the magical disguise is you thinking of a persona. That is the person's shape and size as you need to be the person, you manifest the form to seem to be there and this is where you fake their form as you make it manifest through the auratic shield. Seem to create the area energy to take shape if necessary as if a shaper. Thinking by skill is thought with programs or thought with energy, that is energy by idea to use by feel or create isn't necessary without judgement.

  Think with idea to see to create with an alternate shield idea thought or consider so whatever no attacking, this is think your able or creative with the magical disguise is you thinking of a persona then uses area energy. Fix is thought use and this isis allows you to see or fake their form, as you make or feel alter manifest through the auratic shield through realistic idea.

   Think as you say this is not always advisable to use what you do or think by focus in what you can get as if "im en in". As if nothing said can create water energy you think by the creator, sometimes this does seem to get better results with no chemicals or less food.

  So what you think can occur if necessary or not to your own mind as you don't have to do things. As your there or here by focus or energy in thought to use, think or use in thought to his or her mind right as you think to chi redirect with feel to create or not by focus.

  Seem to create the area energy flow by air or fire focus, think to take shape with your theory by thought element or associative by element if necessary. See in use or not as you know things to gnow what is useful for what this is, as if chi focus with linked or thought to restore is focus by less trace gases more focus.

  Intense or unintense unless necessary to release, the unlooked for things in smaller quantities as you don't especially share equivilent. Seem areas that are what can seem in the area to not, be as you are not with more than one area as if intelligent as if intelligent use is intelligent purpose.

   As that is water the spirit can use that is there or put it back by chi energy or not to put it back. This is to release the excess water chi energy, so that is FeNO3 is magma release in the end with lava energy. That creates energy flow movement release or wait with FN2O3, that is so to soothe the flow with life or not do what isn't necessary is seeming or not done.

    In specific quantities your use is restrictive to the area by thought to create or not by use. This created by the thought creates in use the use or need by energy that is expended to the ether energy or spirit energy to see or create in use the area energy to form by focus or create with feel. This is an idea or creative art energy to create by feel, think to focus in thought or physically the energy to form or manifest. This is thought by feel in focus energy to thought in the area that conscious energy is universal energy.

   As that is spirit in energy water or real water the spirit can use that is there or put it back by chi energy or not to put it back. This is to release the excess water chi energy, so that is FeNO3 with energy release or wait with FN2O3 that is to soothe the flow with life. Migraine release is to think not so if as you focus energy no agony energy, where this is Fe2Ag2NO3 thought is use as a metal influence in serums.

  So considering meta energy this creates a different choice to fix by focus thought. Create more thought focus to use better bets or results in life. Some thought is SAg2Fe2N3 is Sulfur with Silver by Iron infusion or less weight is by thought, with Calcium is Zinc by Nitrite is (AgSO2F)N2 or think with AgSO2FN if this is useful as AgSO2N if headache release is tension relief.

  Some thought warning is no reprisal or not to get near area sockets with this as you focus energy. There is no other were idea or thought to use energy, if this is not to alter the energy in an area is a way to create with in as feel. The area in use is energy free so as you think sterility or thought create this is not to use if noting results don't use, if the area in the city is near you  to correct with feel by intuition or you can use the feel to eat or suppression to the feel by energy focus not to eat.

  Some warning is not to get near area sockets with this as you focus energy. There is no other were idea or thought to use energy, if this is not to alter the energy in an area is a way to create with in feel. The area in use is energy free so as you think sterility or thought create this is not to use if noting results.

Creative idea without drug use in thought neccesary

  See this is a create by use idea as energy manifests with hydrogen or water by things reduce in ability what you think to dissipate, think or not as you know things by gnosis or not as you gnow what is useful for what this is creates with thought.

  As chi focus with linked hands or thought to see in sight is under restore, this is focus by less trace gases more focus unless necessary to release the unlooked for things in smaller quantities. As that is water the spirit can use that is there or put it back by chi energy or not to put it back.

  As you seek to live your idea is creative in use or thought in motion, live as you are to survive so no the use as you yes with thought. There is energy in the area for free living, so see or create there as you are to area use survival. Creative deadliness is not SNO3SC except with dish of water that is water based to kill pestillence better.

  The point to fail in life is not always to fail in opportunity with pain or misuse. That is from non active movement or not if you fail if thought was healing to create with thought or create by concept. As you bang a surface without banging your head, not or use energy to make a loud noise your not hitting anything till you are area aware so stop before your ahead. As they offer some type or idea with mercy to situate the situation.

  This with blood vessels and thought to do is exercise. Seeming in life or creative geodon to not go psychotic is paprika with turmeric or CN2, nothing with O3P3Fe or Hydrophenol considered is SOAg3 effect to revert weight to normal. Added is cloves with cinnamon added to Stevia as cinnamon in use seems, thought with hot chocolate or a poison if collective root essence from area body that has killed as buried for mandrake.

  If energy focus used in the idea for this on those that die or seem use that are sick, as it doesn't always work or fail if pain or creative thought to dissipate harmless. As effect this is not always do or not if creative use this isn't done in love of life.

  As tis do on or die or never do at all. This is done as you will energy to create what you will. As of this moment I am free by the power of the third eye in myself "that manifests". So this if there is no unfortunate point as a personal god in use what now is tis as it or its personal god idea that user based information is not always true, always informing those that create nothing what you think as creative no or trying is use as any as its been tried in moment.

  So don't talk about if necessary as your use is thought, think to keep quiet as your credible or crediting is good detail as with this is method. That is to focus energy to create or cause energy source. Set  use is the area is thought able minded to use in effort by in thought in use to create or not waste, no in thought is no area not acceptable by thought to people in telepathy use. As thought in an area is thought, as your interest is my interest or interest is by the heart.

  So is the individual point in individual use as your individual use is what you do, as if your body life is to your pulse or thought is creative idea if your use is a pulse focused with energy to write or create what you do as if thought to thin or by what you think energy or creates what you want. Te Ching is useful to reveal with I Te Ching an ancient american Seh tribe, called Seiao that is what is targeting the criminals that are violent as your thought creates with individual results.

  Say or so is see or believe, the idea in the area is energy to the death removal or seeing is believing to use by actual points in view. The point here is sensing in an use or created idea to see or believe, no what you think is incorrect or yes what you want. Ciao is what you get with an applied happy area, see or create what you think to do is with results.

  So if your use is usage by individual use, then you can create by the feel your use is create or use that is applicable to what you do. There is energy by the use to shift to where you imagine, you walk time is creative use this by focus energy is thought less in weight to try to lose weight. As you can seem by imagination or feeling to the heart use by thought.

   All you create in the area where you are is not there as militia is military art is done, as no is non military to create good idea with the feel in light of what you see. As you relate by feel to the thought to create, your idea is energy to create in use or thought programming use or not see.

  Think to use programming in the idea thought out where you create with no war. Don't go to war as you thought this is where you are, as you create or are in the area be nice or go away as necessary. Think real light to make yourself as light or weightless.

  See or create is in a subspace to not show what you hate, where no hate no use or not use hatred to avoid what you hate. This is where you can see to create with no war from no hatred, as something thats real if your idea is no war this is without hate or not. Done as your in cool without hate or what you see is water use as energized is focus to use.

   This is without animalism as your ability is thought by energy or energy is idea to do or not, so use in idea focus use is energy directly in thought projection or out by their in idea is out by thought. As the creation is the creator or not use as energy unless not needed.

  Considered in te article I read is "We are the dhampiric idea considered evil or not so evil that were the ones or not as thought being vampiric or not in use, so wee are faery that were created by the idea to create by inner energy gating useful by nothing to the point by idea to thought or not in focus is in focus. This is a separate area by idea to create or make use, accept by the use or concept to create better. As you think heart energy to the heart as this is to say what you consider." As the article is called "Dhampirism intrusion with a natural art" this is interesting.

  As if the area is clear of gas, you won't destroy things. As this can create as excited particles in life energy creative is chi energy, this is a particle explosion or in distilled energy effect to create is will by thought. Think in that life you live, as each life you live is a point to use in life to live as you want.

   As a thought to use or think not do not is this as thought is godlike in production not to the area, the balance point in thought by nothing or not thought area that those that are considered are sometimes not things in focus with the actually dead. Don't say you don't have to do it just don't as no reaction or as things are as things are interesting, think so to make use or by the idea powered by the idaho potato as a current "en" is at the end.

   This is thought that is created as think to create a focus disruption is thinking to tap energy to make use with things to touch or use, thought your use is negatable is not what you can actually not to be used or not create by object tap with the thought energy to create with in life.

  Thought that is said or felt in magic is thought temporary as temporarily done magic that is a stopgap, this is stopping by an object tap or hit if thought is aggressive so don't react. The area you think to cure by is with an idea energy to create a cure the body with ion use.

  There is what is in turn an energy to use if user friendly feel is necessary, thought to use is over or use is focus fire to coelesce. The area red dots as if to seem thought in the aura to correct, the body is what you create with by feel to use, see as stop, focus thought that is pretty good created with thought activity.

  Think to create with the creative use to make with thought realistically by focus that your subconscious creates. As you are aware or not if no is reasonable idea, to seem alike or not be alike this creates by what you can create as the excess energy drops or lessens weight.

   See the use is concept to thought area concept or use in feel, your thought is done to create by chi to make what you stop to use energy released to the body. The energy converted to use is to create is with no as assertive is with a monsterous or creative idea, this creative approach or changeable use of an idea to create is created idea to make with care to make care with water purified by thought focus that you do.

  There is an energy to use in energy to cure by to a place, any thought to it an object is sometimes possible to use as energy the aura is energized or think to thought to disrupt the disease. Think to restore by use or concept as thought is sometimes use in focus movement, if tai chi thought to use or considered feel to create a correct point of view.

   The energy use is creative use or considered area, that is an idea if any item is expensive or not needed also think to realize use by some user attack. As energy is tai chi in nature by thought in realization an area by idea. As not is essentially created area or in use activity, the area by thought in movement is gone as you think to show.

  As creative use is imagine to the use, now that focus is manifest of the third eye the chakra shifts you. The chakra points are curable by imagination of a white light, think your aura is shining from the body as a nova energy burst is spiritual fire that removes all parasites or corruption fix.

  Your moving is thought activity to think otherwhere to be as you are creative or can do in the life or not you perceive in, this to heal by thought energy created to the aura is without some disruption. See to except things to attack by hand aura, focus well or with entertainment purposes no physical attack or except pure insanity with idea to the criminal violent.

  As if think or use a thought to tap with to create a positive idea considered in an area. There is energy to use, as you think or intend to understand or realize what is said you are aware with focus. So as you feel free or create with use to see a better day, as your energy is use as you feel to do better or thought to do better you make better to create better.

  This is from a shell of a body, that if you use things the body creates the body could find you or use the energy or not in a siphoning idea. That use is aura or create by a straw or what is energy that is what you can see to use. As your thought is creating in use your idea this is an optional idea to see, create as you if you create with an idea to use.

  As a shift to seem prepared in not to be not in effect, think about this as nothing to unaffected area idea done is not seeable. Till you focus energy to feel some illusion if there, as if thought or breaking the area energy is keeping it from collapse or what is hidden is seen.

  This body died by a bus hit as disoriented with fever and a strange form of black plague what was use is in what caused it to die off in life as it was crying out "why?". There was no incidence reported as the body was seeming alive by the creator till the conscious decides to die. The conscious is the idea things are to use or the body is to fix as needed as you think.

  This is the "Queng de te" area as angel made idea, thinking to use is creative in approval or making thought to use or not. Thought is thought of passing through so go do what you like.

Veritable food

   This is energy passing through the food to clean its energy to purify the food or seeming energized drink, thought by energy matrix to make it seem good and not kill you by a bite. The idea you see is what you can sense with this is as you think so, so be the wise man and don't eat pointed out poison.

  The right method is known about to cleanse the water or food as you cook it by whatever you think to use and whatever poison dissipates away. A good point of view is if its there, then its not if unwanted there by what you think. This is in unusual interest to the public that your interest is sometimes my view or thought use is concept credit or nothing.

  As you were aware, the area creation is over that you disallow to cure by things with concept to think in use. Thought to not allow uninerrant energy is that or things dissipates corruptive energy to the core flow, think if a volcanic reaction in to the core surface called by another idea the liquid mantle. This is where you channel your considered energy, as relational view is an idea to see.

  Think to create with the feeling or thought by aura to think, the right symbol in idea or created imagination idea flow thought is creator shield locked in place. This is water in thought that creates with mindful idea, think by the area you create or think better results in use. Think realistic that your energy is influence as you in this. Think the flow or suppress the flow to change what you see or feel thought or feel to create, that pulls your essence or energy that you focus to some substance.

   This is just like the cleaning idea to use from here or changing water to wine or any other substance, recognize what is there is pure focus in energy that you summon and you beat it as an easy task is thought done. As if from except watch what you feel on, think or not feed on or not eat, that isn't always to seem human or focus that is tracing or done.

  Actually as purpose if thought in water cures what you see or are ailed by from stress, think or purpose or thought exists some restorative part of the brain to use as energy. This is witchcraft that is ability as energy is the focus by use. There is use or idea concept by the thought to create or made use is made idea.

   You see tis is what comes from natural artistic ability, intwisted or creative as the third eye can untwist as you think to energy the energy can create as you want or not need. This was energy born from disease that was a reptile that magic adapted, that doesn't exist as its melinot or in the melinot effect is from rotting in crocodile egg rot. That creates teeth or body rot for now or not to seem idea in use.

  As your wondering where you came from, think and your aware by what you feel as is the source with tis information. To get rid of information, think it gone as you do or move something so you create the removal of what you can seem by thought. Think to those by use in life experiences to remove what poison. There is that causes this idea as if sucking blood out of an open wound or not if not intended.

   Beligot is energy as power introduced it from what you got that you shouldn't in thought have gotten that is kitsune that energy creates or by mark where belligerance is formed in use from a herb, this is energy transferred to another by use or focus feel or thought to those.

  As if that are concept in marked idea this creates height or thought to do what the kitsune wants, as you think to do what the kitsune wants if in a passion to strike as caused by fermented crocodile eggs. This is also found in the forest that has a bright red and blue flowering not cocaine, tis was found on some outer planet or other planet that is called Xeion.

  This is where brilliance formed from belligerance is not core energy, that is fix as a flower restores with thought to fix the schitzophrenia as a white with yellow concept as mana in idea is from your aura energy influence. That was by the core activity to some energy object, but not by the idea as that by what you will think to use to release to cure or in mind no threat or end unless thought.

  This is z energy that is relaxed mind as focus tension, in release as if energy were the source seen or not that was by use. That is a concept or with frustration energy to create with as if a source. That goes away as you realize what is a cure for what is ailing.

  This as energy from a source or can do to see in life to fulfill or create an interest. Clean your aura clean your body from energy in the air or fire particles the area can seem to be made of that are gravity particles represented by red particles, if the thought is in projected idea the particle can seem purple to see or use is with the other color.

  That represents the color of the element you focus to think or what you thought by supposition, that is a moment of truth or feel in light energy that do or do not is dark in nature except light in activity. As a goldfinger effect your use is not so, think that as to use water is thought. Tis as you are but not if magic is concept in use. This is to think by time to use in idea or create, by thought in use or thought is energy by use in what else you think.

  Though is what  is that is water or energy by the selected elemental by thought or feel in earth is not always possible as a full manifest, as you resist the energy to the feel useable in thought. The more you use the elemental energy by thinking or use in feel the more your energy is by feel with more sensitivity to creative or made curative in thought. Release by thought to create in a loss of the telling or things in energy.

  What you think can create what you feel as if there were an upper dimension, that thought influenced particles in the area by what you can feel to create in focus as a creative feel influence and sometimes you do or don't need the influence. That is inside the particles or objects energy. Think to realize by focus the problem with a calm mind to create a fix or calmness that can cure through or not by the aura.

  Tis a plant that is energy also possible rotten egg energy, that is what you think formed into some area that is very rage creative by the body. As that is what recovers this is from the belligerant blood or irritation activity, it works is not that this remains or is what you piss away is to a toilet as you create or uncreate to emotional release that dissipates without a hit or dismiss the idea by the felt auratic energy. Dragon flower is thought another name, as this in use creates by feel or not thought is what you know. Whom hits me by idea vehicle as your aware with focus.

  As a release in an thought to use of or on a surface, thought to the core of whatever a planet surface is where you can see what you consider or you see is release as you in idea is not to seem. Calm is thought with no feeling to display, see to that with concept or created feel is where this creates what you see in use or in moments not there.

  This is in use to the area energy that you seem or this in use by thought is felt in presence, that is where your buried. Calm and your not effective to cause disaster. Now what is in dream is not in focus, as the right reasoning the chosen idea as other than religion or thought disappears that bothers you. If you see this perceive what you want or control your instinct with a thought by intuition with insight.

  There is the idea that you can sense or create pleasure or thought to in pleasure, as sexual urge is gone or thought is as if think "untoxicity" or purify by thought to what you sense the area is clean or feng shui is not always punishment by arrangement energy as this is where chi is cool. Thought you create nothing or wish, thought energy will or energy create is a were alter thought focus.

  So the tits is use for women in thought is sometimes not by appeasement except by inward spiral drawn on the bust, breast or groin thought is thought possible with groin to reduce things with, the size goes down as weight goes so appease yourself but not use or not use is thought.

  The area is considered a use if you find a plant that causes tooth rot, that causes a disease that disappears when you don't take it. A bellidona plant, or focusing as you see this plant is the plant that is yellow and red or yellow and blue with black flowering in thought cure prepared.

  As you can't be effected, tink or not as to hit a object surface to disrupt the energy, think thought or as you are sensing. Consider as your point or seeing is as the elvish formed the word, the thought is "Ambarte" by what you can say is corruptive ore corrupting yellow daisy.

  As you see paprika or poppy releases the focused or natural endorphins, thought to change will or body by energy in influence to use living energy to correct. The point to walk in an area energy conceived by aura to correct as tis corrective thought by suggestion.

  That is why you don't have to do it, as you can see this in effect is cause of hallucination as this is not here or thought is not effecting you. This is the creator thought that corrects for this, idea then if you have then to notice in life things focus to use the energy as you feel you sense.

  Hydro is water need or releases for what that is by use in manic state that creates what you see as dragon flower, that if you release the energy your thought is relaxed with no ill activity. That is what poison is in the area you can feel corruption, this is by the feel but not see any sign of the disease or not if you can use aura energy to restore yourself.

  As thought if this is an idea to use, supernatural ability is creativity by the area energy in focus not to do or create as thought will occur. There is energy use to the place by thought, though use is energy to the cat or animal to change or create by creative thought to watch for or not if thought. See as you focus this is considerance or creative to feel the area energy, as your thought creates by the creation thought to be. This is the creator idea or not to do.

  As if you think and translate things you see, you can use this information or not as this doesn't exist. As unexisted as thought this in thought in concept is non existed, think as non thought or fight or flight reaction for no reason. Don't if you aren't needed or create by arrest thought to do, that is what you think in the subconscious. There is almost no ability or not till you drink water as if you think ability is or whether chi energy is use for it.

   This is energy before the point to create is with thought as nothing is not as done, think or unless not as your ability creates or uncreates as if your on that. This in writing means or creates what you write that is a thought, positive curative idea by this in possible idea is by nothing or creator undestroys by will to stop.

  What it creates or what you were creates, what is ideal for thought as the shape suits the purpose you seem. Think by adaptive ability that energy is changed, as thought named in cureative or curate diseases is that you don't have or create in use by a creator thought.

   As you think what you want or not, see as nulle is "do" or not do make as your ability is reality based in what is written if physical magic or metaphysical seen as nulle in this realm by concent or with thought. That is energy from or with objectivity by thought.

  This can repair by what you feel in focus so your energy is if your as aware thought, as awareness is the idea to think by thought in concept some don't see in the area energy focused by thought gathering with a chi hand to create or necessity to don't in untwist "or not necessary" as this is concept by the creator or not at all unless necessary.

  This is the legend as the Aes Sedai said one day that forms were forms, that is not all there is but thats enough as you accept what tis as though you and unform. Think the were form as you think to create or not, as thought you unform by will as balefire is releasing inner fire that uses enhanced area thought energy to beam forth as you thought to hit or consider for the rough nature. Now for the nice nature, if you think your not so nice you are if released in feel. Time to see is the area as nice to create nice idea.

  The feel to shadow to use that leaves you with no feel till ability is realized. As a source or think if life thought is event seen as energy, this is not to think as you feel to beam forth energy to create credit or disrupt with a projective chi hand pass as if a credit exchange.

   This tis sometimes to dislike as like is "like you thought", and dislocate or work with the like, as your energy is what removes it this is thought as you act. To remove a disease is lab work to know water cures as thinking you can cure or fix the idea, as you cure with a energy cleansing water feel the energy of the disease freeze as it dissipate to the planet core.

  Tis is this in thought that is non curative or curative and curative as it is a natural plant or belladona effect. The other way is thinking the energy, this dissapears into a water stream. Be or not be is thought as you are, acceptable to public or not be there, is some area thought to be slain by awareness as if an indian or burial ground or area with bad energy by heat.

  Illusion with life energy the use or area hustle is easy, look and know to stream water or movie as bits is energy to use to undo the effective removal of in thought energy. The trace ends here, as you realize or not as you can make idea to create or do if in or discern is nothing.

   The tv show on cable is called survivor as viewed tis is energy by the idea, as tis is diagnosis in or out about life. That is what you see to senses in life by some sensation that is possible. To see is remove by targeting death, an think remove is the toxins by "purify" that is done. This removes by energy the toxic essence in the energy, by dissipation of the item or food and drink.

  Life is chi or not as ionic is energy by willing nature there is no toxic food so use is energy created by feel, seem oftentimes is signs by the subconscious to show by the thought or scene to seem by what is cool. This was what I saw somewhere by focus viewing in life energy chi practice.

   Focus is force in energy by holding or thinking the body folds in the weight, this is use as thought is by thought you receive as any object absorbs. The energy is then use energy that can restore and operate something or some idea, that you hope doesn't go wrong or will seem wrong till thought is correct or is in right.

  This is to use things with your hand around the water container is energy, thought by the feel that the subconscious dies from in body shape or does as what this does. There is no there or other life if life is lost by possible activity. There is energy by the area or thought by the use in life, so if your idea is in thought or not in use your idea creates. This by a point or not if your energy creates what you think.

  Think and imagine an energy stream going through the area or otherwise and draw from the stream, think the energy unless no more water as no more waste to the water container by going from four fingers to thumb. Thought is energy or noting to thought otherwise is stop by or try not to bother.

  This idea undoes treats energy or no threats, think "no" in disruption to daily life as if to some dog or use unwanted is ignorable or no nothing. Think by what you feel or that thought is a fix, in relieving by thought stress release or light energy is "sometimes things for noting is sometimes nothing" or not. As a thought this is an editing of some source, that is not accepting people or considering your viewpoint your not in wrong or right.

  So don't think of the person to not get their mental attention, if you write the person as a train of thought or character from what you think. Tis if idea if you don't want them to get in trouble. If there is any trouble, then if your ability is flaring or manifest of things not liked you can see or sense what isn't or is what can seem cool.

  There is no reason to not put information or think of the thought, unless you don't make sense as the area is not too clean. The focus or fire setting to use is based off by will to use some area or thought in idea, as use is thought is energy considered espers is magic energy sources. This mA thought is by energy that forms from a soul crystal thought in use.

  This makes by satisfied feel or realization by seeable energy, that if a dog or cat in a way to see what was there we never meant to hurt you. That is curious by thought or forseeable future use, forsentious is thought that "I can't protect you" is thought as imagined to see or do unintended harm that is there and intentional idea is done. As your energy is thought, you can hear or see as you think is focusable to create with the created idea or creator.

   Keep charging the water until turns into wine for the wine trick or thinking removes the toxic essence by in toxic influence dissipation, and to change water to another sometimes with the right herbal essence is thought to purify or dissipate the diseases in the water. As you drink just change the method above yes I know if to create better results or drink water is to remove the idea, tis a cool idea and gift of life to make the thought of change in water in essence this is whatever is not always poison or not if not used.

  That is nothing in comparison to brain loss, that if you use too much energy you can create or not if you feel sick or considering a brain freeze or thought that you suddenly don't realize till water or thought is there you use insight to feel or to know. Now he or she that is there is cleansed by thought to an idea to create by energy with restoring in mind. There is an idea to use thought with an  energy ending that is a beginning.

  Think to the drink of your choice or not as I is the third eye manifest, you think to focus energy to create. What may help is if you say out loud, under your breath "change water to my desire drink!" This is energy what you do to create with in life, that is where your energy is your home or inner body that is formed by essence or created by the feel to see something or some person that disappears to dissipate as by use in energy to magic created this in thought can occur.

  This is with as much thought of the crown chakra, use not to create not in idea. See to think alike in this or this could happen, as you see the emperial kingdom idea disappears as nothing really is there to use it for.  As you think alike you don't always do alike or seem alike.

  For once this thought is there that is there to use or create with idea, to see or in idea to get done by thought in life or not in life to not always be in life. There is in no reverberation in thought to see a concept to use, seeing to use or create interest is thought to use.

  No crown interest by idea is thought by subconscious, this uses the crown chakra to the use with third eye manifest so think as you see democracy you get some better idea. So if you see the idea as concept, you see them as they can be or seem as they are better or as they truly are in life.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heroism Magic

  The power as heroism is magic foci is thought be so let magic rule, heroism magic is heroism in thought as if there is thought to created in concept. This is teleporting out of the way, treasuring a concept is creating by the feel or made idea in thought. So anything you see or feel in sight to use, creates by the earth elemental energy by the use in what you can see or not.

  Think as a focus is there, to evade your wraith in thought create or as evasion is necessary if you create a wraith by killing innocent people or not as no arm intended is nothing done in harm's way. Then there's no harm done, as harm is intentional as no curse can happen. This is freedom by a pulse with realization to create.

  As you feel is thought for use or by what you think in life. This is energy use to feeling by the point in an area. Once to do something or what you feel is thought, as you can seem to be allowed to speak you can avoid excess by thought. Thought is the moment you think to do, as you don't do to create by energy free in use to use. As water is curse or energy in liquid form you think elsewhere. Think no curse to prevent what is a curse or as if at the right time.

  Sadow as time in shadowlands in described by thought in a book detailing Shannart as a Shaerl Shannara area is the world of Shannara that shadow being considered a shade created or created feeling is given to the shadow, this as use to form energy in batteries in an area is concept or thought in a point by activity. This with the thought is created by what you focus, don't think to do as if not is nothing if you feel like it in thought.

  There is thought that what you think is release creates, compatible or competant release so be it the area is with many idea in possible use. Te use or death of the person called in as this is by Spellhawk that is up to him, people do as they please or as he lives astrally in an area or wherever as thought creates an ishalleas. As thought that does create by creator standards in some area, home that doesn't exist anywhere except the time that he as time will create.

 Set out of time is in frozen time where there is a place in time, this is exitable or creatable as unfrozen in a moment as you think the area. This is energy to use or he is alone or dead, as he wants to bring death to those that are doing things he doesn't like. As he leaves alone things not necessary as if an antitode of "N" or NCu2.

  This you got or don't not mind, as you think to use or create to purpose. That are interesting as people, that are violent users in life. As he is a thought your thought is controlled, set or not is to see what you are in mind seeing. If you so want to do things with the dimensional thought in idea.

  As Ashalleas herself says or illusion to the area, this is a past life called Shalloc as you can create or see what you will. Just don't destroy the place as if you do any damage the damages, this will come back to where in you go is up to you as you think of the place if you want. As where you are you aren't aware till you think your aware "or if not if not needed there", this is a reasoning and that is why you can create what you see.

  Consider or think to create, as you are doing what you are in life. This is energy to the area in energy by your idea in the area, in the irritation by moment or if not that energy is conscious creates or not do what isn't necessary.

  Thinking if thus this in thought, consider is what you can see to not always want. As you think this is understood, you can see what is written "or in no interest or not if you don't intend it to be read." Except by those that won't track you down for things are not done, if harm intended unless no harm intended.

  This is with anything not dejecting by what you see is heroism, thought if as whatever it is not against you. There is in thought the thought to do in thought life, stop, think and don't do unless necessary with less food or think without food. The area in use is an area in ability to use, as energy is thought by telepathy or not is nothing created is. This as unused energy in use or not, free energy is this as nothing in interest that creates what is done.

  Consider the thought as what you are, nothing in use is use to feel or thinking in concept to use with release by a thought to release. Say or express is excess stress by a point to the ground area, as you think to focus feeling to the dark area shade is done by the person or "thought is what you think to get creative with in thought."

  The power is the open third eye to create as a focus the area or air to manifest from is the area that you create by the crown chakra, as you think to create by manifest to think. As you consider or think this will to create by will in thought, things energy surges for is willed to exist by focus to create with atleantian idea thought do as the area responds.

  Thinking with a real good feeling that isn't always there is objects there or not there, as you think to manifest fully to get what you wish. Think as if to make yet don't and with ad-hoc you stop to feel, as you cool down to create what you think is necessary or not interr as nothing to use.

  As if you think nothing, you won't manifest things in use to be what condition you think is there. As if any source is with stevia, think or as candy is what won't actually work. Unless you focus and use thought create with lust or love, this by what you consider necessary to do and what you figure out.

  Think you don't have to do tis as you won't consider what the area energy minds or what you don't mind don't mind somethings to create cool effect. This is possible is if you use the thought created idea with CNO2P, as adrenaline or CNO2 with or not with PN that is thought as influence in the area by area aura use or piss if no water.

  That nothing badly thought is or not as you feel energy given, that by aura perception is focus by energy thought in a spot in awareness. That you leak energy even is in or not when you think to do things, to do an idea if necessary as you want or no need no use is nothing done. There is nothing use for nothing done, if not illegal you create by the creator in the use were not there so no is nothing done unless necessary.

  If not applicable by feel or not is, if you think with that as the mind does for things they seem to want. Testosterone in use by body is NSOP unless not needed by aggression or thought if unwanted results happen, as in Nso is a place where a chemical idea in balance can occur or other places in mind are usable.

  As tis Cu2NSP or just N  that is Nitrate or copper thought with Nitrate or if through the nose you can breathe by sniffing Oxygen through both sides of the nose, that causes better thought or not as ions area is curative where you are as use is Sulfer with Potassium seen in a thought concept metadope.

  Think or create by concent if use by use with water or this is estrogen, that a womans body doesn't always as concept creates but not if  you don't want to gain anything by thought "nulle extra weight". This outside the body or any actual synthesis, with there is intended thoughts, no intended harm is by any of these chemical formulas.

  There is no problem in thought that is what you can see. So what you can figure out is things in charge or not as ionic use is energy focus, imagined to the in thought is not as this is imagined to use if you can think to use the area tools. So as you imagine this you balance the testosterone with estrogen to not seem, think to take a hint thought to gain no extra weights as this drops to the floor.

  Think and those you don't "or not" are not unlike sources. Don't whatever isn't necessary, as you think to those nearby they could think or reply back or leaving the area. Thought you have are to use use with magic or art. This is not always magic necessary, or as thought not is not to bother or you can consider with thought given as good idea. As this is the art with the thought of sedition. Thought of energy cures, you can say or think a formula. To create a thought in the element that your energy can use if a bit too complex.

  As this is art of the blood without sacrifice where no need, not is free energy in undoing if concept is thought. This is not so useful unless thought to do is equal opportunity moment, think or use is focus to create as the area is energy to respond or response. There is no thought unnecessary till deemed till in thought is the point not necessary to do things with by life.

  As your necessary to use, thought isn't enough to not do what is not uneccessary. Thought no power is no eating, as thought is power eaten this is eaten or not eaten. This is creating equal to the moment you need or feel not to do. Then or now is nothing done to create nothing more, so stop with the solipsism in life or creative use. That gives away what you think or sense is there, if vibes are good if positive feel or bad if negative feel.

  This in thought is up or down as you wish or leave up the site, this in thought as an aspect out as a person as your talking your use is your own with free will. There is what or think not in thought the things not needed, as be nice or create niceties by the use in moments in concept out by ionic thought if not to use that is ok.

  Think before you speak, consist or speak as if you know what you think or speak. As no eating or eating less is with sedition. Thought is no need, or not is yes unless reverse as if your thought is coordinated by what you see if necessary is not always needed or not as you think, feel or conclude to create generally in feeling or thought to do. This is to create by what you think is to exist as it exists, somewhere unless you don't want it to exist.

  Accept as you are in, not any jealousy is as you are this or nothing. Think or as you were is whatever tis this isn't paralyzing. As sex energy is not by thought, as that isn't energy manipulated by the feel. This is blockable by the feel, or by the feel is tis not as you do or feel no need except you if you can you won't be in effect. This isn't paralyzing as tis isn't energy thought by the feel.

  The creator cures the area energy from what is there, however your use is concept in use so the actual creator is you yourself. This is what energy you can create with by the area, with the creator thought to use as if by water use. So the creator creates as time allows, tis is creator thought in activity in use by considered idea.

  So what you feel is created thought by the creator, as I am aware that in use is what you create with as the creator is what feels necessary or tin, actinium in some area oxygen with nitrogen restores the brain. Think or not is what you can discharge from the skin or energy dissipation. If the physical body isn't effecting by aura or effected, then this is not what is the body with in minding things.

 This dissipates in the energy the area is wish dispelled, this creates by an idea in area that energy is thought to be. So living area arranged to use is creating no matter where the area is in thought. This is the technique, that energy you focus in energy to create. This by what you consider is nothing or not, see as you think otherwise you don't so you don't have to do what you don't do anyway.

  Tis is the thought of the day, as you think that create the effect of nothing there by thought in mind is useful. Information observable is by the creator making what you think to good use or not to seem use as the safe idea. Tis the use of area energy, as your in concept this is focus think of water as you feel the vibration of the earth.

  These are vibes that are vibrations that are influenced by what you think, as energy created in a point where an area or your aura creates. This by thought or programming in an in air idea the area you think or create as you feel from those linked to you. The area energy is what you see, so tis what is there as you can see nothing there. This creates what you can create or not, if you think to focus energy from the area to create in real life.

  Think to not use energy to not do anything, thought by the idea that not to do is if that this depicts anything. Think to not be effected by the thought, as thought your skill is what you want to make use or seem useful for in life. See to create or think to make in idea, as you think some idea exists the idea will manifest or not if this is not manifested.

  This is the point to appear acceptable if allowable or accept what is thought to be acceptance from others. The earthen area is what creates in the area what you created in mind or thought to use in a field in energy once called kinusics. That uses north with south pole energy you create by thought to use less, think to create with an idea to thought out idea seeable that is concept or seeable if you focus.

  As you focus you create or nothing, think this is concept to which you use that is noting in mind. The area you see is energy so if you focus, you can create easier idea that means as you can see. Thought to use is sometimes thought or see now, so what is missing in thought is creative in use that you make with thought.

  This is where you see or energy being use thought. That is the use to create by feel or make in gravity the area energy, tis as that were you feel unless not necessary in the moment. The inner energy being is what creates effects if no magic unless necessary, thought is things in nothing are an idea. There is in no mind by mention to creation, so no paralyzation is possible if nothing necessary is done in dreams unless lucid is dreaming or not in real life.

  As if the area you feel where you thought things out, the energy supports you as te energy is in the body by what you need. As this is "an en" tis or you can consider in life energy physics as natural use. So your use is what you can see is if to create by the subconscious that is use to the energy to in use that is your conscious awareness using the subconscious by the creator consciousness in effect as your not dumb by what you consider.

  So as energy is aura non induced you are needed, don't dip or do drugs that are illegal as you can block this effect. As I say this is blockable, by the thought and magic that you think subconscious suggestion to not allow the elemental energy drug effect. Still as you are you can move, so if you believe your in a block. Then your mind is as this isn't blockable, till you don't need it as things that are needful aren't there.

  Unless as you think, don't assume or thought as you feel is where you think or really you don't need it anyway. I think to earn things is thinking or thought to earn those things, needs are payable for or you need to pay for are not them.  They pay for themselves, psychic idea is what you need to stop successfully.

  You see you don't have time to do what is, as you think things in life are user friendly animal handling. So I will thus not use any drugs, to understand them or you do not have to do things if you appear to appease. The area is energy or not do except water or not do by focus on nothing, as you do normal undruglike activity as you think to do normal idea.

  Yellow area energy is where you can see aura and area energy, as this is movement from side to side or not use this scale. As if your idea is to feel cool your not needing drugs as no need no bad bad feel. This will show as you can feel the wind to shift as the solar winds, are the area that is an area to feel intensify to create as to will movement as tis is also body piss energy.

  Create as you feel or see to the area need, as touch will tell or you find a reason to flee. The superstring is sometimes a will that comes in thought to a way that if use creates a concept to watch to gnow the way, that you live that creates not to give you a way to the things illegal. The area is solar winds that you can feel area flaring in area aura, in negation you can create or thought to need the movement away creates as you thought.

  The use is not done to drugs as you can meditate, to create the feel by focus is where this is or use is yellow piss in water with sugar to imagination as you think to yellow energy intense spirit fire to cleanse the body out completely. As this removes all parasites, you can create or feel normal to the point you see not to do. Similar to the area energy that the creator cured me with by the thought.

  So just easier thinking is meditation. As you think or meditate on the thought, breathe in and out as fast or slow as you want, or fast breaths first and then slow breaths. Then wings on your back drops your weight as if you imagine wings being grown and appearing, where you want to speed your idea along on your back.

  If it works as long as you think wings are moving you in your mind, then try to work the idea of pain from the growing wings out of your mind. As you create or not with ions to create the speed up of body created movement, tis is movement as correction to cell pattern made by the body. As if there will be some pain associated with this or think to not do, as "N to the use as if Cu2NP" is a chemistry base thought. As this is interesting idea Cu2NO3N2P is draining the energy weight with Cu2N as a curious idea, as its pissed out as out of mind out of body.

  Ash is in use with sulferouus oxide to create cures by, the area in thought to create with metallic area is influence. As focus energy is feel where you are use, which you create with stoppage as necessary or nothing bad off. This is nothing done by the area felt in wrong area vibrations, as bad chi energy is disruptive energy in area or bad is bad ore. That corrupts or use is not thought to avoid in corruption, what you see or intend that you feel not is in done.

  The method is area energy focus to seem water is energy focused to a point in the ground that is not what actually absorbs, this to create what if you are in useful idea for as if you are not or nothing was had in activity tis by lava in use with an uprising energy.

  This is water based in the thought transferrance, think or not by the use if thought is this is not excepting concept is think to lava and energy. That in spikes the area that is from lava energy, think in a surge that your energy improves the area by feel or idea in use by aura influence is what cures by thought in disease cured by water.

  Thought is as you recoup in movement is energy focus by nitrogen or oxygen use feel, don't read the mind if your going to strike out of weight or creative water use without sodapop.  Basically this is the focus or use of water you create artificial flavoring by the substance in use by moment in transfer of energy.

  Think or not as your ability is in thought energy focus use in energy to mind, just don't and the mind is not there as tis not even near you.  There is no theft if you use in the mind room the chemistry effects, as your subconscious creates water effects you want or feel in use that isn't what you feel its what you consider in life.

  So you are unlikely to get the energy excess, as energy is thought where power is electricity your area surge is possible by electricity. Otherwise the area is curious not by the area, as if not by the feel this disperses weight down quickly.

  Try this method as long as you wait you want or not and with use of as many days as you want. Otherwise this doesn't work for everyone, so if you find this is true, think or cool off to try other methods. Hope your feeling lucky.

  Red is fire that is coming close to your area. Think or thought is the path of light to create an egress, as you see or don't think to do things you can go anywhere or some planet to visit as you glance or look where your going. So as you consist by view, your life is your life as the mind can do anything.

  Blue fire is going away to somewhere else as the thought is better, as your idea is thought you can get what you consider where your subconscious creates what you will or think or not to do. That is energy to see or not be of use in thought, that is what your ability in mind is what you create in thought so your mind is what your energy in thought creates in the area by the energy you think to create or make as you want things right.

  Thought from the area is not in the moment, that is energy to block you in an area energy to seem as he does none. Thought from the area is the decay to dissipate, as if seen removed where you are removedia. Thought with the area point and click is remouse, directed as this is source from life or use by love is not so easy unless easy isn't what is illegal by focus.

  This is feel or use in nothing by idea, thinking is of feel in intuition that is driving better for good idea. This is the thought use, done by idea to think in use not drugged by in thought to get better results. Think to create or not use things in useable form. Think to view or create improvement, thought in health to get things done.

  Not in is nothing by the area, that energy doesn't create unless necessary or not in thought is not to do. Think or think to do to see or seem not to be, tis with the area to not be there if not assaulted by the area. Tis a safety precaution to avoid, the danger before isn't there as the danger is not there after or not to create unless necessary.

   This is where green fire is telling true what is in thought creates thought. As your green color is chaos energy, this is a deadening feel that is what kills the body by use. Otherwise the area with green fire is only movement necessary, that is creating feel to created ideal to use what machines or medicare are medicine available.

  That feel or directed need is use to get away, use is this as you create or remake ability by observation. This is a chain idea by human cells that regrow to your thought to become with water, thought to form creates the form from air to create in the myst. Thought to reform changes the changeable shape, this in size by moments with energy changes weight.

  That need or directed feel, that is use in concept as used thought. Think create creates or remakes to a chain or mantle energy spell spell fix. This does not always create what you think, as if this is not done this dies so move on. Imagine black energy as you want to absorb, this with thought or imagined idea is like mattman in use as a god.

  So as death is essence, removed by thought is what you consider. Essence removed is death essence energy removed as decay disappears, this allows the body you have easier recovery recall with your easier thinking. This is athough as you were so ionic feel is non toxic to use, in as an aspect out with the flow as you are that is nothing but idea. This is as if a shadow in a shade from the pool of aspects that appear in a book about the druid of shannara with the middle of the night that is not you but is advisor to what idea or in reviewer.

     As also ionic travel is travel thought, thats what you see if nothing use nothing wrong. En in Em as you think or not you don't as you don't feel the need, "were with no need so yes that is fitting" this is the way to travel or create nothing done in life. This was what you feel in life, think if too much energy or not too much is with focus by energy feel to thin or create use by what is useful.

  Ionic is travel is think, try or not as the ions are focus points by particles to excite to create in life by dark. Thought is not done in this view or not done concept, think to do things if you feel them necessary. So that is what is creative or not bad idea in life, thought to create with the use by what you think to open is to think by what door an area magic makes by creator thought. There is a point you see or create or not, as the creator will fix this creation is by focus you create with energy in the ground.

  As you see what you feel to use with mustard silver powder in water bowl, think to see a vision to create or do to a group or area. This allows you to see what you are going to, so you see you can be where you want to see or create idea or not. As you are there you might as well do something right, unless nothing is right till the creator fixes by what you feel.

  If your magic blocked, think as you clear your mind as your ability is energy. There is no idea dopamine feel, so your awareness is your mind that is possibly able to think if irrationally. This is safe in use until you drink water, as you until you think your not blocked. There is a way to avoid blockage, as a block that can prevent as this is what you create with energy focus.

  Rites in magic are in there or not as you say, there or not is a place or created is an area considered. This not always a place in thought to select what you want, think as you feel there is something better as there is with the area you make sense or make to conclude from observation, so get some idea thats better in the area or not. As if you are aware of him if to avoid by thought ward, this with an idea is a ward by not being near what you hate.

  If you find yourself near him, thought or in thought is not actually what you do. Think a city block exists, that is the block and walk out as the door is what brings you to the outside of it.  As if your block is a blockade in a city block. Aura of curious idea is creating by what you think, as this is created with an idea thought out enough for what your mind does or your not an idea.

  Think dismissed in thought where things you create are what you think, thought to make is easy if you focus or create as if "mais" is what you see. As the game you see I got is great idea, this is from Hexen by what is created by what is a monk pot energy.

  As your able minded, you in life are out of mind to get what you think or seem better by water and if herbs are safe to use. Threaten not or you get not to get away by the area you get in idea, you can seal away as if in idea with a green, blue or grey bubble to surround the problem or whatever color.

  So this is a thought by procedure or not by the feel, this is thought procedure not normally done. Their way or your way is one way to remove this as you leave this alone this is good or bad, so don't do it if you don't need it.  This was seen in a seeing one nightmare, as I looked in the water in thought is a bowl. I like to see that isn't ordinary is this in thought, see to create as think in to see or feel yourself in thought is out by what you do.

  Tis is in set in the motien by what you can think in motion to go or do what you want if not illegal drugs use. As I think this is good enough you can think clear is what you say really, if you break away to breath nitrogen you cease the area effect to breathe clean air.

  Think as this is if you can seem not burned out by energy in use. Seem not to bum around, as your you in intention go around it think. As you go around the city area, your area is able to get in though your area is there to use or your able timewise to get or get somewhere else.

Focus energy in concept

 This is foci energy in use, that is thought perilous as pointed out by you. Tis is to get fact or face value idea, in with focus is by attention and focus is energy. Think from response, as if if redone is creative as you tin, iron, possibly foam and metal shell is where you can use some things. Think as you want if redone, or you did ideas from things if necessary. See not use if use is there till necessary or not as you don't feel the need. Use is creature use or focus energy or feeling by something concept so use is focus create is concept yet focus is direction.

  This is stop, find a way to do effects and continue.  As you manipulate or not manipulate or go and get things better, if you are what you are as you can do what you seem to think is acceptable or right to the area. As if you are able to be okay to the area, as your idea creates or create as you go or do. If you were okay with what you do in life you won't get a demon.

  This is thinking that is where you think to heal you can heal or think not to heal. Inner balance is inner strength, think as inner mind is chess in peace. This is interesting that you see vision by glass. Empowered by energy this is there, think by use to use a crystal or stone as a holey stone is healing by holding the thought to heal to your the wounded area. Feel it healing or withdrawing the poison or thing unliked away from your body.

  Thinking control crystals, this is not done by that you think is not always necessary. Think to the use in thought to be done, as this is holding a crystal and thinking to create a visual of that the thought is past and you are use to stop or create with idea to give what you think is feel to use or thought to be sent energy to a free viewing or sight to watch without being near for energy entertainment.

  Inner balance is inner mind with peace in love, feeling by what you consider to thought is fixed or not fixable by the idea you can do unless its not dead yet as you feel the area energy seem to change by your will energy to water that will restore thought. Cabon Oxide is a curable to things. This is in chinese as I forgot or remembered, think in use to balance the honor or soul in what I call humours as I remember this uses the third eye by focus manifest. As you think control you can get control or work with those willing to work.

  Thought with the use is the focus, think to fix by focus or create thought by typing if necessary. Through the capillaries in the cerebellum to fix the damage caused. Thinking as no problem, no need to fix or use with this is frought or peaceful intuitive feel. Think and enough is to be done, unless nothing needed as you are able your sanity check or other idea needed is done.

 See if right is there when or if you can accept any wrong, till you can see what is interesting or thought to commence or quit. So the idea you see is any activity if a price or work is done is deserving or not if not, if is engilsh meant to use or deserve revert by sight back to normal as if or not were use done in by ourselves.

  Whatever is correct is not always correct, think thought as creative use is useful. So to think is where you can seem good or not do if not interested, see or be as the right idea as you get water fixes the humours correct themselves. Unmaterialized is there or seeming else as nothing is in reason or not needed, if in the body as if a serum in the blood. Think as you don't you are not a fix to the drama or dream, that is drama magic or dream magic to wake up or need to waken from in life. Thought to hate what you avoid avoids bad situations.

 Think crap and think allot of delusional field area energy, that is sometimes the dream of tel'aran'riod or dimension of dreams or animal dreams in the 6th dimension area that allows dreams. As once concluded is the nether world view think nice things to do nice idea for brownie points that what you think is not wrong in writing. This is what you see, as you see nothing don't go as energy is water or other energy that allows the idea.

  As if the normal action is energy by the use, there is noting in dimensional strength by will or nothing wrong by what you sense. This in the publicity that you get, that or just dismiss as you think or get things done. Think as this is or seems a concept conceded as if by what I did, this in moments is do or not do or moments that end are not noticed by natural idea.  This is to think and do or feel in moments think to create, as what you want or if not needed no need to do.

 Think as this seems a concept conceded, by the I statements or "I did" or "I think" is  this in moments, this in nothing expecially results is to use things as energy. As the thigh bone is used or that is useful, think by the area energy or by what you want to think by the area use. Think nothing unless necessary or something as you are useful. As you are concept to create, the spirit isis protects from or use is a spirit by chi. Thought as returned by natural means or whatever can happen, this by feel or a point is thinking as you reminence shifts you back.

  A spirit energy is the spirit to work and focus, not is sometimes yes till necessary as this is ions with the good or bad bone. Think is with the energy that is from the brain f;low, circulation is by what from the blood is drawn by the heart. This is energy to use if the use is thought in motion or you don't have to do things or it. This is water intake to find a body balance in use, think in thought to do or not do or this is with nothing unless necessary. Some however restore themselves by natural sleep or creative use by thought that something that is at rest is sleep in idea that is rest as you sleep or alpha waves.

  This is safely usable, by the will thought that works. Manipulate by pulse energy as in blood pulse, energy in life feel by chi to restore. Thought that or this is pulse energy through, the cerebellum is with thought energy to make or create by the Amygdalla. Make or think good as noting is nothing else, the thought isn't always useful if "the thought isn't to concentrate to create as you do things in life to make good by the use." As if nothing this is just to think.

  Think to water as you think a need in a different thought, thin or think as you feel the necessity to not in what you do if not needed. This ends up where you get a different feel for a different thought to create with. There is nothing that is wrong till you feel things are not correct, the idea to the vibes to the area sets what you think that can seem to happen.

  The idea this can be is not a suggestion, more or less lessened feel to the area if too much energy unless focus is done. As a snail bit of energy can in seem to do allot or create, is what you feel to create what you think by manifest what you don't want so stop and do something else. So where other than eating thus you don't have to eat or drink, think to create better area energy as all you have to do is rest or clean up as if to use Feng Shui.

   This is a magnitude by thaumaturgy, think by thought or otherwise if with the point or this is thought. Think with a difference by by old feeling of the source, created is thought as this is or with a concept or thought by time effect with no actual corruption. This is no result if corruption in area.

  This allows the diabolical disjunct, where your use of evil or our otherwise thought idea is the point or thought to create better as a source. This is the feel in a form to create a big or better, create and go where there is no mutation if not thought to be or you notice the idea with the feel.

  As that can if thought can come to fruition or no fruition is gotten except by water, realization is cancellation if concept to use energy if necessary that would be used in an otherwise idea. Think balance to not be a balance to another, so you think not to see not if not trouble so no wrong will come back.

  Think in thought or conclude by thought to use what you see, or not keep using the same thing over and over. Think in energywise motion to create or not, as touch is a point to an object think to help or not touch as if a person.
In you feel the form shape, you are going with energy and flowing water returns you.

  As you ask for permission, think to objects for the weight to drop away as that disperses from you, think to do as you can create to the energy to shift to an object as to think not done. Think easily to thought in an idea, thought to adjust is adjustment to the body by imagination with fire woven in air surrounded, think by thought energy in air as if you were not able to think. You can this is as that water infuses the body to shift or change by chi, that is if thought to create a draw by thought to what you want seen or noticeable.

  Think easily as thought in an idea to adjust, creates in a movement of things. This is not the point or thought to do sometimes, as this has side effects not the person that stops to revert the area to normal unless you want or see the need. Where the chi energy energy shifts you or things to isn't you yourself.

 This will cause earthquakes so be careful by this idea. Think to shift the floor, as this will create psychic energy air flow.  Thought to flow the air to effect the air gravity flow, causes the area through the flooring or not to cause what you see to cause or if to create by flowing water. That is concept to remember, as things are useful this as if a moment.

  This is regenerative or not by the ions, thought by the curiousity is if you use your ions to create by what you seem to need or the area energy is use to bond by chemistry to them or not. Think as if you consider what you do,  then project as to create or feel heat rise to create by what you think. So think is thought as to think in idea, as you think and focus is what not yours or what you do is in your inner body. So you don't have to do it unless you feel its necessary.

   Think to give back unless you buy or think this creates, Thought as a point is interred as a point is genetic information. Not allowed though is things you don't intend to occur, at least to yourself in unallowed or unallowable situations. This is to shift as any technology is possible, shifting back your body to a normal area is thought to happen by the creator.

  All if this is a disappearing idea, as point is necessary appreciable by cool  magic. Act is normal actions are acceptable, as if in public view not always seen. So you don't always share a downward thought or pull, spiral is what that leads in to your death.

  As in em is what you see to believe or what you think as if now or nothing in mind to use is what frees you, from what yo consider to the use that is what you see so use is a vitamin. That if energy infused or taste as something enters the mouth, and not appreciated is what you don't always do as you think now to do.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The power in potential ability

  This is a power of suggestion to create with will or made is something that is not always war, desire in the hearts or minds of the people near the area you see to use allocated. As your area is what you feel in a cool vision or see in life, tis what indicates by the state of the area what you can feel to the use or do. Now I see what is the damage from use if use is damage to the self to not be damaged or not you see your immortal.

  There is no price except what you think of or not you see if you think a rule is there then there isn't. See to not get hit or see by feel use is not to get worse in life. As just one way of doing this as more than one. Ecleist to clean off the blood as this is a heck of a day now you owe me no more as not by feel risen. Use is creature use or feeling by concept so use is focus create is concept yet focus is direction. See in nothing or create is focus don't force.

  Think a thought is memory where you memory, this is in thought so your aware. As if you think a thought is concept in mind is awareness by spirit, the area energy is chi in thought use or the idea you can see is the thought you use. Fixing or what that is whereby what to think a memory is what this use is use, because that is thought or not as you consider where there is no need.

  As fixing the area up as the cleanliness is indicative in the mind this is not the evilness that you think if dirt disappears, tis by the state of use or mind that you see to appear. Now no war  is created as the state of mind that allows shape changing for energy or concept, tis not considered disfigurement nor disruption by menace or not if nothing to be nice.

  "As your state is to appear your idea must be or see or seem useful, this to use is to create or uncreate by what you seem to do that the other wants to see done." That was a statement of a paralyzed man that every action or idea in use got reproach by thought or murder, if you did no disfigurement so no reproach would be with the left hand focus or aura effect as he would say and go on in there. As he ignored the area or showed some positive thing, as this is where or somewhere in life something corrects things by what this energy is what you say or is as it seems by what you do.

  This is the power by infinite ability as your energy is cool or use expect cruelty if caught in the point you are in or feel. Some feel what you expect then achieve if you they can't or don't you or you can, then as if a teacher position they could get jealous to attack or cure yet not. See as use on jealous or off by too much of themselves or use, that changes them to other forms or see tendency to many area that is what you set use. Think about this as though a gun in a gun shop if you aim by feel, focus by idea or use is desire what is creates by use is done or use is the area.

  As you see or believe as you want in idea or to hit not slap as work with aura, as focus is possible to common aid if not to overwhelm the aura. The idea to cause away or knock out or not interested I can seem informed. Things there are is with a concept or thought, the area isn't there as you see or feel things as they are there are things. There are things to use or no create with the use to work or not with the thought to where you use things.

  Think or people proven can seem to be given idea not always as you think necessary, till given reason to use what should be done. As a mark is crediting competance he would do and track down things, this was to get reason and create as if to your credit the idea that was written down. The bugs are interesting but your thought is better off, left alone if you don't intend to do anything. This was an interesting tidbit that was not always true. As you are aware, this is what you see or aware nature is not always there.

   The power by potential is released by the activity you can seem feel with the energy you have or thought to use, this to create with the Beta Alanine restores to create but no overuse if not eaten in use by each application by fat stuff. The potential increase is thought to clog the veins, this if by no bad energy from the area as the dizziness is thinking.

  If clogged drains drain through aura thought or felt, this is things in thought by felt genetic buildup then drink water. The thought is to use what you consider for once water that is there. This drains that fat essence away, for the thought to get what is not considered except weightloss as excersize you figure less removes the buildup.

  This is disrupt energy by the willing nature to focus in not too much energy, as you create the effect in the aura energy by feel or focus with thought. This is as you can use the power in potions or food and tastes nearly nothing, an a thing to say is to create with the creator with him or her that works.

   The ideal you see can create things you want, create as you want as long as it flows along the guidelines you see. This is idea with as the cement is setting, release is the area you think to create with the feel by focus or recreate is recreation if not. The idea you create or stink no more, tis is what you think on with in use or observing idea. Don't stink if not to sicken or die from things or not if you live or die, to not attack unless necessary things in done nature.

   This is in memory to use or creates is by realization, with use or nothing done you do as necessary. Now focus on the use as you feel the need or urge as create is necessary, tis is as you are or can so if you were cleaning up; after hearing things the energy can come back. You could also get an apetite, not until its recognized by what this is so telling is what use is water use or what is the right of way even in "narrower" narrower spaces with focus or not of water to see use as if the idealist gives what you think.

   So if the function is where gather or meet, need is things in observation or nothing there no use. Touch ups to repair as the point is where you feel tings necessary. This is cryonetics or telekinetics that doesn't always not work, as you feel better you get better idea by things you do. That is a nice feel or what you create is with energy as if you get what you want necessary.

   This is the things that are good idea or not till they are done, as provided otherwise this scene is there as you are aware by the use of things the idea can go sour or go good if cleaning the energy by cleaning your things. As this is almost or not similar is exactly done this is where there is not to do or not but nothing. The area is area cleaning by feel with the energy, tis to create by effort that is cleaning as necessary or removing the debris for respect.

   Thought to do idea or things are cool to see and not but nothing. As if in thought as efficient use energy or the natural pattern in routine that is thought to be natural rhythms in use, if you don't work to a goal you aren't going to do things. This is the idea to giant psionics, go the flow know the flow use is no attack as no is live disruption by what you do or you can see possible defense. Realistic approach is things in use that are creative by use in feel, this is where things are as you are aware by focus or water with spirit seen fire or firey in the fire aura.

   Think as the idea in effect you channel is the energy to create or think, as you walk in by air if air flow is cleaner there as if your seeming nice as being is seeing to clean yourself or creating in the effect or unless necessary as you realize by focus this is bi directional airflow. Now as you focus you create pattern to create arrangement or feel, by the use in ideal to use the world your on as energy to dissipate ka energy. Useful is useful, as you know or can see the use.

  Tis is energy by the feel to the rhythm in the feel, as flow focus with energy to not be arrested and behavior inconsiderate by what you feel. This is travel from an area to an area. Now that is focus and walk to quit walk as necessary to shift as you think, as you can focus on where you are or do as you start talking. The feel energy is not always felt with invisible effect, if not necessary unless in by use or not by use as energy is not fire by thought.

   This is to focus energy inwardly to the purpose or other idea in mind, as you focus on your faith to direct at the area to disrupt, things as with the key that is inward feeling. As you think the idea to get done, tis as no wreck problem so think things to do to some idea. As each layer is a thought to create or made in energy is inward spiral, as manifest is this by subconscious in use of sigils or thought energy put to use in the area. This is outside where you think this is to thought create, think or wish not create is not to do as this is not with some idea reverted or created in feel.

   Feel flow free is the idea to create, an extended gut or inward drawn gut to see weight loss. That is the theory that if you use your energy inward as energy you do things in physical magic, the object has to withstand severe damage if touched or not as this has material energy that is a matrix field changeable by feel or creative by focus in with the creator. Physical magic is with object energy or noting abrupt disruption with the energy and copying as the area effect. The fifth way is creation by the need or with feeling, the thought can exist to the creator is fixing thought to create tea.

   Thought or get things the right way as a way to nulle to corruptive feel, all you do is feel and realize as this is seen by thought. That is example you create to realization with fruit no energy is there or think, as you are aware by the reality changing by energy feel as you can change the idea by thinking about the point in the area air force. As you are aware my father was an air force worker with help, so I realize what I saw as I know what I do.

   This is what I did with things sometime ago but now I am reborn, as I wish to be I am aware of my past lessons as life itself was nothing just a thought. As I focus as I am knowing what is as aware or not aware I realize. As you create to feel or work by wield your thought is unraveled, think to idea that is the point that you desire as you are aware you can think as you feel you are you create by thought.

   Then as you are realizing by creating or seeming, things you do isn't desired sometimes by what you think in life. This is a storyboard creative use that was created by a cutting board conscious, the energy if dismissed as a person dissipates that makes the story. I thought it useful at the age of 13 years, as I am now 92 so I appear 26 I can say this I am not using this anymore.

  Time actually sped up you see due to movement or focus energy, as you think to see yourself in the mirror you are actually older till you think your what age you should be. Think your younger as you can act, younger or not is where you are young as your heart allows. You always gnow your true age by thinking you do. This is one second of your life other where, as you don't attack and avoid what you hate or don't deem notice.

   Think as you want as you realize you are going to do things and you are aware, tis what proves you are what you think and this proves this. The concept this idea is by thought makes of what you thin, create yourself to be or feel and create, this is a cool idea or can do as awareness is what you feel option are possible to do. So you can act psychic if you want or use is life to use love, what this is with the info you have this for what you want to seem is as we are in older than we seem as what you seem is a thought.

  Now just dismiss or feel as if the creator corrects for things done. A god thought is a memory that lives till you choose or not as to not live or exist considered the subconscious creative in feel. Often avoided for its dangerous approach till you change the idea, behind the approach is realistic as this if this is done is realistic to use by the thought thats behind the scene. This is the chaos field by use that is nothing, where nothing in thought nothing in feel with people or good work by relating of the feel or no secret.

   This is an energy to the touch as the use, this tis is the energy focus to created view in mind. So if you are near someones aura you can use, think by ciao this is a version as an idea or happy thought ending. Think with an aura touch that focus is in area, energy creates as the idea to manifest is outside the point to see in concept as concept done is viewed. You see if you realize in the thought, not realistic is not actually your ability by will insight by energy manifest and you can create. As you time or create in the idea of things or seeming of life this is debt paid off.

   Tis the point of balance and inner balance is inner feeling with thought, think to seem inner strength to the use of energy that is necessary or if you will you create the area you use by thought. Where you are as life is where you exist is up to you so be or not be, as you bear or create as thought necessary to create. There is energy to exist what you feel is correct to see done. If you feel this rift closes you are aware again, as the rift is the gateway to well of souls. As the way is across the idea to do or this is not the way to create or not to do if not necessary as a scam.

  The idea you create is magic that will do temporally the idea you feel is thought in focus. So what you think is what you see as you feel you know, what you intuitively can get is by what you accept. Accept what is in the area to do or not create, as thought is necessary to remember as I believe in the inconsequential.

   The thought that a sigil is with an area effect once drawn or you live in war, this creates what is conclusion to a different feel. Resolve the issue or demonstrate it as the people decide or create with their own directive, as with your or their idea by enough energy to work with by life with thought in life by the thought to correct. Think it will and this does this as is created will as energy is possible. This is a lonely day so I was going to the store when I saw the past energy as in the area I saw what I and others create so I wonder am I truly sane or insane as the law says?

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