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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wimbledon effect

  This is an idea to work, as if to control overreaction. Then you can use things to make things and if you create, things you reword and recreate things as to rework molecularly you reword and thought makes itself or not. As you don't intend in the act, as if the activity to get a result is a point now you can see better and if you can see what you look at you can do if you do wrong by a good intent you can feel guilty and this makes a rebound effect to create recompensation in life, to eat or not eat if thought well and your body compensates for what you think.

  Thought is what you do as you think, as you respond to another in mind or with the body as thought necessary is a form of speaking is done this if response is heard is a thought as if a raquet and return. In return there's a raquet and in response you hold a ball the ball is in a voiced idea and the in hand raquet is in the hand to use, as though to hit the ball and not to see or use verbal abuse is to see a loss or negative point with a response and you don't hit the ball.

  As thus is to speak and listen, and to get no actual negative reponses is to actually have skill of mastery in thought. The idea is to win the conversationalist, as a win is to use the right reason in the correct way and as you do you win allot as if a success or you win the verbal game. This sister idea is a thought to win by magic and as you relate to the ball, or not as you are what you think in life. As relent and you win the game if anything goes wrong in life, as that is a point and serve you think and feel better for the attempt as at least you tried as service over.

The enchantment

   Win or seem in loss or "whatever" or not you do, you can do things to get an interesting effect. This is a cream that is nothing but a cream, and yet with enchantment you can get interesting effects. As whatever you think, you can try or not do as you need and not gain any weight or you can use ability and control is released from what you attempt. This is the effective idea on any item or thing. As you see the object, on the list and in mind with checks.

   Enchantments use a very necessary form of magic known as source conscious creation to know. How do you do it? Simple, just focus your mind in what the thoughts are of what you want with the object in mind to have of properties of in magic that would be useful. Now think absolutely neutrally the thought of transfer to the object at hand. Now touch the object and in say transfer is complete. Now test the object in your mind and if satisfied, feel the idea word or think that it is "locked" or "unlocked". Keep in mind as you do this, when newly formed of the idea. As if a shaping, this is a the temperment effect in mind there is a point to get. If viewed in such a way, nulle addiction as you can stop or trap those you dislike that you can in thought see as if to seem timewise. As if thought were a nuisance, you can create an in abort with a concept.

   Think in this, as if what is by efficient use there is energy for what you intent in idea. For any idea to view by what is seen, and as if a thought were there or not there at all. If this is not needed, then you think you don't actual do. Think to shift by some movement and create a circle imagined around you to shift you where you think to be, if you see nothing wrong disappear by shift and think your elsewhere. So nothing wrong, nothing displaced. As in thought, you can see what you think or what else is up to you and you are not there in what isn't there you see what you want.

   However to touch or think and use the object, the object will be weak at first then stabilize and seem better. It will gain strength as you work with it and reaffirm its enchantment. To create a true idea, is to keep it "balanced" and create with it to make it stronger. Indestructable nature is to create, and make, as you think to work with the object and use is thought magic. Viral idea is to create a point, and have things effect what is a point as to seem a use and this is to those interested in what something can do. This can effect more than one, or not as the object conscious creates what is an idea in activity by use with ideal.

   Idea can create mention, if you think it necessary. If you can use a thought, the mind can always use a point as if it creates what will and yet you can get what mind can seem to create. There is a point thought out and yet if a thought, you can get a point and use is thought as energy or not. As nothing is there as manifest which happens allot. There is a place and point of use that is applicable to any useage and thought is using, the effect seems with the focus and direct thought to the object to make use and create with its energy.

Rerun act

   The act in thought is a deranged conscious mind in some other area that is not, where but an area really as thought in a conclusion that ends all conclusion. But not in a point that you are the concept, and the thought was disruptive that can be a whack to a table. This creates a point, that disrupts spiritual energy and other acting is activity. As if in a thought, you are not what you think as thought thought is enough, and what you are is indicated by what is there or acted out. As if in nothing you, as in traits are there revealed and as you are what isn't effected by thought as that is how you know a trait as your spirit is where the body is that is what you act or can see or do. So in essence as a pointed ideal, and if you are seen as such you can get along as you decide to get along with what you think is a concept from a rerun.

Act in a Actor Bard

  Act actor in a thought, as an act and disbelief you can seem is thought shape an what isn't is a concept. However what your use is is stops, as you ask stupid questions and thought is what can seem to stop or nothing was there, use the creator to make a positive idea seem to occur or come create itself. The idea is an act that is a concept to do things, as if a point of view is a thought that is not as if a concept done in mind. Shift at will and evade, as you are what you think and no en not what others think. Create a part in the soul, and as you act out what you want you shift, and go to seem what creates a concept in what you seem to observe. There is a point, that isn't a thought and what you think isn't done.

  This allows you to write a part or thought in mind, as if you write you create with a thought to the wrong or right idea that is a point to construe later, an if caught you can restruction use the thought and make what you think in making. What is a point and what isn't in anything, as if you are a thought you are no longer viewed in thought. That as a thought is a value that is or not a play with life, righted on a point in mind you separate and disapparate by thought in any essence in an idea or what else is there as an energy from air.

   As that in a concept is a point of view you can in thought make view by what others do in others minds, as if right through the eye that sees it. This use is the left eye to see a thought you see what is there in or near you, and what you yourself made up and otherwise to use the right eye is to see the area you think to see in an imagined space by the description area in sight. As if wrong is a view in error you are, what this is in sight makes up. For as you view, if it is if in an idea that the third eye creates what you think to create.

  As if you think the third eye is where you want the idea, and as you think through it you can see what you want in mind. Not at all are you controlled by it, if you don't think to be controlled by what you do. Unsummon the third eye by what you think. Or not do anything, not as this isn't necessary or healthy in mind use a whole mind, to make a whole mind in a thought by what you mend with try a use with a soul made music. Overuse in this of this ability, is likely to give you a heart attack otherwise ten horses die, you are or if a concept the third eye is what you can "am" and energy not in what you think in a thought by name as I am done. The third eye, in use is as an "I" in use.

   If viewed in such a way, nulle addiction as you can stop or trap those you dislike that you can in see as if to seem timewise. As if thought were a nuisance, you can create an in abort with a concept. Think in this, as if what is by efficient use there is energy for what you intent in idea. For any idea to view by what is seen, and as if a thought were there or not there at all. If this is not needed, then you think you don't actual do. Think to shift by some movement and create a circle imagined around you to shift you where you think to be, if you see nothing wrong disappear by shift and think your elsewhere. So nothing wrong, nothing displaced. As in thought, you can see what you think or what else is up to you and you are not there in what isn't there you see what you want.

   As if you were a thought your energy and in disguise, as though thought is an indian spirit giving advice or standing where you are if in your mind or otherwise a fey is there manipulating what is. If any other good points of view, then do as if not there and think and focus in a concept view as you know what you see. Think as you want and if you don't get, any result or give any result you can dodge the question or think "counter" to stop. What is and isn't to do something is else, as if to think of what you were doing you can shift to it. If you change the result you get as if an experiment, you can stop or do else and you won't be found out by those that dislike what you did. As long as you don't give away what you did, you won't ever get involved by influence seen by the subconscious mind showing you as if seeing what you did. Now what you think, this can create a thought to materialize the conception of idea. "Runoff" is what is an experiment, as if this is brought to an end in life by thought and is what you do to undo, any unnatural result as a concept that is not necessary undoes what is suggestion.

The Dni

   Dni is a writer that can write writes power words, as energy you think in into words is a point to the subconscious and use is to act on. A purpose they feel is there or not and the writer writes, stops and interrs a value to get an imagined idea in an interrable mindset or wish to get in a thought and create an idea in danger or not as the author is observing the result you get. If you visit the land you energy write, you can con your way and write something to use to occur as you perceive the result you think in a concept. As if a thirty second idea can seem real, as your in spirit this is a point and in no tricks "nothing else matters", for "no" as in a thought and "un" as un doing it you can get a point to work with you can try to use the idea and make in a thought.

Seering idea

   The idea you write is a thought, to create if dni is a point as disgusting to use make or not and slay impulse is not done as if "dne". As inconclusive to the evidence at hand you can create a point in time as if you are a point and nothing if not a thought. Thus, you can get a point or part and you don't, as you use what you think is necessary as if to complete a thought is to mae or seem to be and you are a main in mind is a thought to create in soul. This a point that you are not in mind, and as you are gone you are something in a point that isn't there. Now the point is to do, or not to do and that is a point in what you mind. What you mind is a part of things, that isn't there to you and otherwise if you leave the area you disappear from thought as if a cya around with ciao.

Medusa change as a mage business

   The medusa change is a point of reference, stop and leave to see yourself as a medusa and then you can create an image that is in your mind and as such things in use are energy you can create an imaginary idea to seem real. Their is no will that will allow this, so allow yourself and you can do what you want as you think and do as though someone else. There is a point to use an action, as an act is an action in thought to seem a point and use is a concept to create. You know exactly why your doing that, as you are what you think you create or seem nothing seems there. This is a change as you are thinking snake hair, you get snake hair and as in thought the attributes of the medusa are use in magic to create the stone from flesh effect.

   As on thought they are, what is not done as if stoning is done in reverse an if in reversal they who are stoned aren't stoned. As such, if you don't want to seem stoned to death by natural stone a medieval group, as this is in a thought that you are in a medieval world then think "reversio". This is a charm, called by "Cier Ceix" and if you don't want it you don't get it. You can create a point in time, that you see if you want to do things with what you see or thought. As already been done, and think not an touch the idea as this is an energy source. As if done in your elemental energy, as direct word use is a thought use a motion by what you do with the hand and this is done and imagine if that is real.

   To cancel this out think of someone that is in what you don't want and think them effected, instead of you as you are a point and their thought in mind is what causes an idea to effect or not and this stops the worst insanity as is the idea "InCeix Iseulf" as a stop in thought to stop what you don't like as if a non use is there. As if a point to interr food, no use if you can't get any flavor in thought and the food name is a use. As if a use like "InChexMix" and drink is the similar in idea, as such you think of the liquid in thought you use in and and called with the name of the drink. Some can't use this, as it is the idea that creates iself from memory an as you use things the idea is there. If you do use this, the snake hair forms from the thought of snakes, in with an incident out with a thought that creates what shouldn't be there. If you don't want to gain weight, as if you don't think it your not as you won't double in weight as you think.

   The effect of idea is a point not consistant to what is considered in a a view of thought as considered, as in a point of the mind you can stop or not and use is up to you. This is a point that is a monster, this in a considered activity and use is a point that use is not done. As a point in thought, you can think of a point in mind and use it as a source and use is the element as it is in thought and think what you want as you use the idea you direct thought in mind you create a moment in mind. Think a thought, an as use your done. Think of a use and use a thought, to create what you think should be there. As such you can create in what you don't use and not get any results, or not and you create an opposite synopsis to create what you will and make what you create in mind.

The Potency use to seem

   The potency is a concept thought that energy put into a potion is gained in information that is use to get an effect is to create a point that use is nothing. As if a thought in use is energy in use to given energy, to the area that converges into the point you think it should. That is a point you can use the energy in the potion to get a cool effect. That is an idea to use the russian charging idea in thought at objects or thought put as energy in the liquid, and if thought is energy enough you can get a good charge that makes things heavier or lighter if in a person and the idea is energy that is in the liquid as in a suspended state of time is to create an idea that you want as you think to use the idea to effect what thinking you intend to do or use is by the body.

  Do not use, as the idea is not a good idea, and use the energy in things as in potion use this is not as always what you consider in thought. There is a use, in a use that isn't a use and that in nothing doesn't happen. There is a point in reference that is in a thought and if it is an energy, born from the idea as a source you can make a use by what you are doing. You know exactly why your doing that, as you are what you think you create or seem nothing seems there.

   The potent use as "in potent mind is potent use", is the use that your use is a thought as an idea that is another way to consider what is a use. The use is a potent idea to concentrate energy to some object by thought in space, and you can get the point with use of what you think in an idea in the element you think. There in mind is a point, as you can think of a use as you can get the idea you can use it in a point that is called by use of an element. This is a point blank space that in separated motion, can seem not your use in the area that time convergence happens. This is the idea to focus on a point, and think as you move to touch something as you focus and in motion you on touch are with a touch.

  Think to it as someone else touches the idea is in motion, as you touch you can get or not as the thing is in motion thought is not intended to remove or get things from the area that is converged upon. This is with a motion an in thought is in usable things, as yours in idea is restored to mentioned concept, as its a thought to seem real created as elemency in use. The thought that you use energy from the area as the ground, in an idea thought with no injury from an oscillating fan as with an air source with filter and other elements can seem a use in element usage.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Intent magic revised

  This can seem a point and this doesn't always work use, to seem in focus your intent is not in intent, and out create is instant as you use the cosine energy that is an idea to seem free energy. Otherwise this is a sine wave effect. Think sine and you get a result, as you think this you can create a point to make what is your point as you want to make something you can create it within an instant thought. Thought of itself is yourself focused through the mind in there and through thought, you use the aura to focus it through flow by energy.

  This in effect creates that by what is effort in activity or thought by active use, as amorality in morality by a cued presenter or natural idea though focus with the aura is useful and usefulness you "do". As in you create if with a point and the idea you think is, as math that is a possible use and energy manifests what you consider. As the brain activity is closer to use in full potential, as if a thought in use is to make active idea as you think use an create useful purpose. Set by thought activity this is in as use and the more you do, as a focus is in focused idea is the more you use your brain as by what you think to do that is purpose.

  As if meant to work this as an active spell by what you thought matter transmitting, or what you will is a directed energy effect that is a created energy as matter creates what you are considering. Now the difference in use of the cosine energy and sine energy is that your use is shortened with the cosine and elongated with the sine energy or whichever has the longer or taller wavelength. It doesn't matter, if you don't get what you think, as this is opinion and thought is what you think.

  As the shorter the wavelength the longer it lasts as there is less power to the energy that is made into existance. The longer the wavelength, the more you can use of what its use is and then you can if greater strength by a taller math wave use. The idea to create with thought of imagination or use "in an en" as if in use they don't realize this, or not as if the wave were solid energy in thought this is thought matter thay in theory is in mind over matter. As the end part of this, not to use is as nothing exists and then nothing matters, feel and think as what this is but it still does.

   The idea this uses, is a thought that if a moment is given thought. Your use is a moment, and thinking is what can give the idea you do an idea by focus in focus and thought in comes to mingle. Whatever you do don't do, this is if an allow can last as you are testing the metal and aren't intending this. The idea is what use is a point, and thought is a motion and use a thought becomes a create a thought or not as this is nothing. You don't have to think about everything, to do a simple task is just feel whats right and go with what you feel. There is a way to use the dimensions, as a point is a thought you can state the number or figure the way out, think and shift or shift "back" there.

  This is the 21st ruleset is different from as what can exist that is what can exist, as a quasi dimension will exist in a strange area that can seem anything as in a dragon, human or cock as a form. The 22nd is a place that exists, that is life from an unknowing source if not known is not seen for whatever is there is representative to what you think should be. The 23rd is a plane dream that is a weird delight for every thing that is a dead century. The problem with this idea, is if you are agreeing you can get no damage. As if a misfiring engine with ineptness only if it strikes, that causes you painless idea and a pain to others in relief of yourself.

  As you think the idea you can get the idea to recreate what you seem to think should be, there in what life there is as what you do viewed can seem alright to other area or places bu you can be kicked out by appearing to seem normal somewhere else or not as you don't think but do things if for your what you want. The 24th is desimia similar as is in a point, you get hurt for every thing that you attempt until you step back. The facts and descriptions are a disease, as you think it you can create it as you abort the fact as you you handle it right and get no disease.

  The 25th is a planar existence, by the chaos energy that uses things and seems normal in corridors that never actually cease or that tend to exist as you think "are" to create in them, as area create themselves things to use at first are not deadly and then are threats and you use opinions as facts as you are a fact is a point as fact is there. You can correct with vibration disruption, as "you never threaten" if in a fact this is a point to watch and learn from as there is a point. Afar or as if a fact, this is a point of view in fact it is nothing but a fact. There is a fact that is a thought, and as you are aware you can seem awake somewhere as if real life. There is a point, as that is a thought and you are a fact of thought in what lives you seem as if you don't say no and answers are infinite.

  The 26th is a planar feud area, that seems like a family game that is but isn't in an area. You are there if you are wounded and otherwise you can create what isn't there normally. Weird place indeed as you are likely to seem or not seem and yet things will exist off you in you or on you. There is a place that is a place and yet once left, by what you think as "exit" as you see and think "exit" you are in a weird area normally. Nothing seen except for the thought, that is normal as in a point that detail can seem in thought your in mind.

  27th dimension is the area, as a point of that doctor who and otherwise broken up figures as killed things can seem to exist. As to not exist there you think to you not there.

  The 28th dimension, is a stop point where you think as you are if you think you are. Now stoppe and go as they say. Stay and stop and you are arrested.

  The 29th is a field place where every item is a place that exists, and any wish spell can seem energy that is use to create what is a concept that you feel. Ragnorak is a nordic idea, as thought and stop and you not doing anything else. The 30th dimension is a place, that is a room and is a point that is exitable, and the beast is not there as you think you do you create and realize what will happen if you mention certain stuff and you get hurt or slapped for perceived wrong. By the idea that thought creates that due to hostile motions, someplace there is a place in the 57th century that is resemblance in life. As if in life this is a fact of life.

  31st idea is the cost that isn't as you watch what happens, don't say it and you don't do it as you agree and observe from an indeterred area that nothing seems wrong. Think and you energy start to make stop, or create a different result as not hurt is not damaged. The 32nd is a place, that as you describe it and it creates itself. As things situate themselves, you situate what you think should be as if in life. 32nd is a place that uses lifeforce from other area and in creates themselves that are hit that are safe there as they are undefeated, as to replicate the activity of something this is to seem there as if a point were served in a public place or not as nothing exists as described if a nightmare assumed is not there.

  As in well this there isis, as a place that is a place, and nothing that exists is as a place to get results. There is a place that is a place, that is what is a nothing area and if thought you are a considered place until proven as a person. Answer a point that you perceive that actions that occur create what isn't there. As if thinking if necessity, you are what you think and the argument clears up situations. As if clear another face is not hurt in advancement, of a modular suit of energy that appears in the spot you want protection within the area as you step into a mine or perceive of other damaging things.

  The area is the 33rd as movement is a thought and thought is a place as the action suits the purpose, you can get what is a place to get done with things as a point in activity to eliminate. There is a place in there that is a relative to the area that positioned right is interruptable. There is no other area, those can visit are possible to recreate. As if that is what isn't and you are actually servicable, as you stay out of line of site this is as you think to avoid the issue and walk away things are normal. There is one more idea that can be observed, that if you point a fact you can get realy interesting results according to what you describe as you feel.

  The 34th is very strange, where you are a opposite movement and opposite not there. There is a part that is missing and this isn't working as opposing view is not but a thing that seems to agree and yet disagree with. A thought is a mission and things you use in thought are what can seem a considered conclusion. If hidden its death energy, that gets the person if not then its energy that is nothing but a concept played out in life.

  The 35th is a weirder space that creates by what you think, and yet you can get a thought to perceive a thought of service in a point of life. Every place there is with a strange luminous lime generated luminosity, as it is in a place that is considered a cave and yet nothing existant in the area can seem in real life. There is a place that is punishment, that accosts things and costs a wizard as in a rock form in a point of view. That changes to shift and where adjusted, you create in a point that is a point that is from your personality and isn't danaged as damaged is delusioned by the really weird occult. There is in stages, from various different times of the future that aren't there and yet if disillusioned or can't feel. You as you can feel other things, and be embarrassed and if not embarrased.

  36th dimensional area is an area that is a place, that time creates as what you need is there from wherever you went. Such as a living doll, living mad is a place or thing that is a thought to live by a thought to conceded view. As you can live a point out that is there, as this is an area recreatable as any view is there. The area is a place that is in descriptional, those that help sacrifice don't get work hurt. There isn't a safe place, as thought if existant is real to real life or not as things are better off left alone in living or dead things that war interactive are dangerous to the feel and if dangerous don't feel and if you don't feel you don't care and hurt. Word the 36th and don't go there.

  37th dimension is a turn you evvil or get you well idea, considered a largeness larvae state in mind you eat and stop. Start and stop is the idea, of the wyrm that is the body and the idea is what seems a death but isn't. This is a concept from any movie that is thought to see to think and do things with, as you are a point in considered view and as if a scene from the godfather and that deja vue is from there as a scene from a funeral where everyone that is things dies off in the area as the air is suctioned and used in an anvil creation that is a work of a weapon used in witchcraft. As if a death disappears afterwards and you are the one that seems not to die. And very very weird, is the scene of the movie named that resurges the area, and energy is there in the area to use from your reborn body as is there instead of you.

  38th dimension is where you describe a graphical scene and this becomes real. 39th dimension is beckler as an energy, thought is a conclusion and things you think are a good point are not but an imprint that isn't there. Beckler is a godfather there that blows up, as he is you and yet looks like you as if a thought and if you look there is a madness that is obvious if you look for this. Reverse this and you can remove the damage and things you use are not misfiring if turned off. Is the scene dead? as the thought is a point that is not but a thought really.

  39th dimension is a place that is a place, and that place is a bit of harm cast not by a bit of honey. There is a place that isn't a concept but harbringer is as thought. The harm you think is a thought to do, and yet in a physically reality you stop but yet nothing really exists. So if you are returned, you are not remembered for what you are doing somewhere else. 40th is there is in a reality, where you if thought you can break down and model or cry as to express what is felt in pain. There is a model for every pain and things, feel plump in thought and they do whatever they do what you want as this can become real as to come against or assault you.

  As you are a thought, you can create what is right and lose weight, or what is wrong as to you and your belt and weight may stay the same except to get a point. To make a point and any excess eating is due, to the relxating feel of ambrosia in felt reasoning. That is real to the touch and as immortas is immortality is there but there is wrong, and right as the feeling is good and tripling thought by love or not as you think to really think in as life that is to exist.

  41st dimension are weird and the place is a fire in hazard elemental, as you can create to dissolve and remove things unwanted. This is a point to consider as a point in planar physics is as you are thinking things and as your done, you can create what you think is right for pros. Also repeated idea can easily come about, and do things for you as they were but weren't.

  42nd is the idea that is a planar existence of hell, and what that appears like is hell in normal art that acts like heaven and reactions are what you time things as in linfe life is a point to use.

  As this is a 43rd dimension your good in a opposite opposable view and life is a thought to life, as opposite synopsis is a place that open to a door you create a point to remake and use a thought in a opposite land in an opposing but good view in life.

  As the 44th dimension is a thought to seem good this place is a good area to visit, but the real life indetriments are in a room that isn't there in real life scene from a rune mark placed by that room and this is a negative casting as if from the dumark congregation. In a room that isn't a room and there nontheless, the body is supple nonetheless. There and back again, no back and yet there isn't a place or plot to use in a matrix like system based on numbers. That to hate not from a metrical number, as seen from an object in your life.

  As the 45th dimension is from point to point use in things, you create candy that is the area to seem and make, create and use what is in thought that froms the area to create with if this exists. This creates itself from what you see, and thought is distraction as this creates what seems to see as you see it. There is a point that creates, from the air as the part of a game is a floating participle. As there is cat people that seem human.

  The 46th dimension. The forever idea in what is result is a thought and create, as you read ahead and life is what exists as if you read a book that exposes the life that is a point in the future, past and present life rift in view as you were really here. Don't damage, much and it won't damage you. This is non labelled, as a cost place that is a store area in the mind, as you don't damage things you are not building up something and if you are cost use you build up damages in cost that is in a point of view that what, where and how you think of the cost of things in life is reflecting on how you react. There is a belief, in thought that in life you are not a point and path is set. As if a path is a thought you can cause a path to create, itself and escape from the tower of Genji that you apport to in the end point with thought. This is a wizatrd that is of life that is if useful used as a source otherwise not. This is a Dog human reality, in truth or not as this is not with power as nothing isn't there.

The 47th dimension

   The place is a few idea, that is with bits on the floor that is from a computer that is an area. This takes that which is an area, that is there and restored as if a place is a point. If takes is done you can get the parts to restore, and think the area clean and it cleans itself. It if it hits you relatively relocates you, is to be useful in restructuring as in the figure in the glass. Break the glass, it can't seem to do and you free yourself as if you were never ever dead. Harm not and it stops and you escape the reality. Otherwise a break in the glass is possible to the use of a mirror that is made of shadows as a escape to reality, as ever repeatable destruction of things in slowable motions as in reality you are where you were before going there as is the thought you are alive as a concept recallable by name to real life.

   The way to live in this forever is by the 20th dimension, as is a point to do and in idea only if needed. This is a point that if you remember, what you do you can get energy back and if you energy wise. Use a conclusion to make a thought seem real, then you can get a ration or to use a bit of food. As if to use a thought, you can seem real to the point that is made as there as if this is a thought and what is real to the mind is real in reflected idea. The concept is the point makes what thought remembered, and is what can seem a possible conclusion with energy gathered from the area that is touched or in thought this is as an energy source.

  The idea is the more energy that we gather by being around people, "in thought as energy" is what from their energy fields is the more you are allied with a person to make a point cancel out and create longetivity. Unmelodromatic motion, is a point to conclude as if entertainment a motion is a thought and no isn't an answer as avoidance is a point to use. As is a motion is a thought, but not disruption to the energy is as you can avoid the point and get to do. As you intend to do stuff magically, don't react unless you need to or be nice. When you are alive enough you are aware, and that "ca" create a thought and yet not actually do the thought.

  The 48th dimension is a place in real life, that is a thought that use is a thought and a concept a battle that is a real live area. That is a concept to think about, and make in a place of thought. As if a thought, you can get a way to lose and gain what you want. As a flash in a point of light you lose a light, and see a place that is a place in life but not really an area to seem. As this if not intended to see is a life to gnow, to this area in mind you are what you seem to think.

  The 49th is a place of diploma, that is a home as that is a college and if you are agreeing with what. You learn you can get a way to use the area, and get a degree to work with the thought that is up and about. As you describe, the related scenes you can make them as if the energy. That is gift that the subconscious, creates is what is there. There is a difference in and billy in a place that creates on the air by itself on its own.

  The 50th that is a place in mind, this is a place and not seen as the past is revealed. As think in a thought you are a truth or, not in the mode to create a thought. Think in a thought and thought abounds, what is a thought and yet thinking in a thought creates what you want to see or nothing is what seems to be what is a thought in non existence. As you are to notice a thought to gnow, as exercise is a thought that works with what you do. What you do is a thought, and thought that exists creates. What in your mind is in animated event, that has flying things that is where you are.

  The 51st is a place to build up things, as if you are a place to create and work you work in a thought and use a thought to do quietly what you want. This is a place you think about in a place that time built as from distrust, an idea disappears and things you are doing are gone. Say what you think, and yet you aren't causing trouble, until you act on what you think.

  The 52nd dimension is a place that is an area, that if distrust you can get to use things as an idea to use thought as an energy to make hot air. As that is a infinite dimension, that is a place in mind that is hit but not hit as you think back you are back and hit you resurrect yourself. something in a thing or not as if a thought and things lie, threats and do what else are what is considered a view in. In British adventures, you are a god captain and in thought american and if you allow to live the thought you can become captain america.

  The 53rd dimension is a place you land and land and land and stop and you are concent in motion. Then or not as to stop you stop what is there, and you get way back to normal or not as ifonity, as a thought is a thought is a thought you don't want that thought to die. Break that point and you can get nothing to seem there. There and back again is to make use of a point, as thought is a considered view is to not say anything about it.

  The 54th dimension is a point to use as a concept, there is nothing to be seen about it except thought things. That which you think to see, an if you see you get as a dessert or thought things exist as you get what you think. The things use a concept if brought to life as concert or activity, is a concent of activity in view, as if a concert in thought is a danger in view and mind and thinking is the intent that creates what is a view in mind.

  The 55th dimension is a point to coincide a thought that is a thought and think and your what you think. As if your a thought to remember an think what want you can create, and make a thought to exist as if a purpose is life and life is purpose you are a thought and thought is what you create. As long as the thought of the 55th in dimension and out exists, and you are a point to consist and seem to believe in by what view you have that is a point that creates a thought. There is a thought in there idea that creates what is a thought. That is a point that in your thought is a point, that is nothing but a point and that is what exists and yet doesn't. As if there is a time point, that is a point and that is what isn't a thought in mind.

  As the 56th identified is a thought that is a point that is a moment as that is a time to go in a thought and death is not possible. There is a time that is a thought and thought, is in a point to seem as nothing in mind is nothing in the body. There is a point that is a person, that is a heroic figure in the past and yet if not needed isn't there. There is a thought, as in a point that is a concept and that is there formed from thin air.

  The 57th in dimension is where you think you are arrested, and thought is a concept to create with from those denigrades. That are animals and form from human essence create a power field, in thought as if to seem you and yet not be you. Stop and go, and as you hide you are what you seem. To escape think it unformed, and things disappear and things called forth are reformed you as you are the essence an things that are formed are there. Dismiss and they disappear. There is the value of things, that disapprove of you and disappear from time immemorial what is there.

  The 58th dimension is a place that isn't a place in an area, as in place you are a time warrior. As in area you are a thought, as if a point you are not but a thought in progress. As there is black area and in time there is an area, that seems with blobbies or dark forms that are from reproach. As you seem to fantasize you are the thought, and thought is a moment that you don't mention.

  The 59th dimension is the area, that is a place that isn't there. As a metal monster that hits you and doesn't knock you out as this knocks you out, is what you can get away or don't use the idea to do things. As you can do anything as you feel and use is you as a fey in fey ability, that is what creates what you want as if you.

  The 60th dimension is ability and as skill exists in ability there that is there, you are a point that is a thought and if a thought is in a thought you dictate what will make it occur.

  The 61st is the idea that is a place, and if not a place it is what ills as you kill and this destroys what is in the mental world. As you are a place, you are a vampire world and use is blood energy as in the game blood the masquearade. This mimicks the movie masquerade, as you are a point you are an area as though a place that is. There is a place, there is a placement and things that are an idea success create by your idea. There is a point that is a place, as the place is there you can shift your feet and seem to appear as you want outside.

  The 62nd is a thought, and think or not as you want you can seem to create with a will. As the a sound of a slap in a forest, this is a strange kinetic energy that translocation by what you think as a slap is in the forest to a tree. As that tree stops as a point, you return to what you wanted to seem. As you think thought ship, you seem to escape with a conscious formed from what is there. As there is a place there is no death, as you are awakened by what is there. However, if you are a thought you are evicted and thought is where you think to seem in art. As you are thick or thin, say beggar you are an ideal slender person as a thought is there in your essence by gathered form. As in a really slender person formed by your will, you are not in a concept and thought is nothing but a beggar in form.

  The 63rd dimension is a place of natural light and to lose, what light there makes as is use the thought and use to seem and you are away with a word in mind. There is a put to area, as is if a moment that is a thought. There is in a thought what use there in as thought, consists to make what is and thought creates what is a consistent point of view. Omnipotent use is use of what object, and as if a thought you are a disrupted energy force or thought abounds to seem what you do. There is a point thought out, now that is as a world desists and you are what in consistent to your word. This in mind is a thought, to exend on what you thought as what you think viewed creatively is effort to do as the dimension creates seeming in what is any other area. As this can seem in an dimension, this is any dimension.

  The 64th dimension is a wrecker yard, that appears as a thought to use a thought is to create a wreckage. If you are there you can view an area and think 63rd, as you are a point that is with a gravitic aura field as you are in a thought you create an overland and as you are indicated. There is a view to free, as you yourself are aware with a thought and yet not an idea to be a concept as you do nearly anything wrong but right. There is a point, that is a thought and you can use what is a thought to conclude and as you you do the next dimension creates a reality and you consumed are created as in the wreckage your body. Place in mind and only in heart activity that can act in identity use, as up you are and thought you do is a thought that creates. What and where you want in an idea place, as wreckage in space apparates to where your front or backyard is in a special area.

  The 65th is the heart in an energy form that forms as a crystal, or nonsense pointed out that turns true an created is the thought that makes the heater that appears. As your heart and the wreak cage that is there creates a point. That makes the wreckkage as your heart bursts into light, as the idea is there you are mercy.

  The 66th is the idea thought, there that is a tyroid fixed and here thyroid is a thought as you are a point you snatch and grab something to eat and as if a thought is done you create a moment that works for others. There "isis" is a thyroid use for any use that you use to create with, as if a momentary falsified prophecy is done. There is consumed as in thought, you can use a thought to create a thought, as the magic of the dimension creates what you created by what you will in a mind room of your own making.

  The 67th is a weird science area, that space warped when you created a thought to create. As to create is there in mind, and where there is a thought there is a will and yet no way to do it unless you trick something into existance.

  The 68th is the area where you heart attack, and this ends as if not a thought path in mind. As you leave the 67th the area reforms itself, as if what you want and things you want are what if used is if used and there you have it as if you are mad or not.

  The 69th is the anger built up, and around you are who that are playing life and this is not to do if unintended not to use.

  The 70th is the idea that is fat albert ing is fattening and you use it to lose weight, but if you think about it you can appear like anyone and not die from in there revert in attack. There is a point that is not in there and not in here and as you are noticed, you are not but a thought in a point that isn't a point.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Focusing techniques

  The idea is this you can create a point to work, as if a moment in effort you can change what you think and create. Think or make a point to use, with a thought form that can do a point to create something done. These idea are an idea to use.

Focus stance

   Think and focus outward, in and out you think the thought and its heard outwardly as if in the mind. This is old times focus, as in or what is in voice. Whatever you did, you think to yourself or think to others and this is thought projection toward or not in movement. As in thought, use sun energy as things can restore by a touch or thought to any object. There is a point to mediative idea, as you focus on the idea you can use the spell word as a focus and create the idea to seem done. I use this to focus with and create good results, as if a point to do better is possible use is point and view with a program click to use an icon and shift away in thought.

Magnetic pulse absorption

    Now be careful with this, as this is dangerous if a bit overwhelmed. With a positive reality this is a point that may cost the effect, that if you can use pulse magnetics as you get energy to polarize the energy field as if to use energy. The channel is throught magnetic core with by energy in the aura direction and you can gather the energy as it is a construct pulse field there. As if you are awake and nowing is spirit travel. The free energy is greater than the body and focus it away from yourself to the planet, as you don't need the observation and then play a game to create.

  As you do make a use of will, and if then in thrust the energy to create as you lightning will to surrender and let the energy go as you direct it by will to the area that you will and think to create what you intend. As in a special area creation to use, as energy as to think "immaego" and a sphere is in the area you think and use what you get. To use as energy dies it is rebirthed from air, as if a thought of what you use in a point of reference. As energy is by what it does, is cosine use that uses sinewaves as cost to the reality itself as if to degredate. So to repair from degredated moments, think heal restore yourself by rhythmic body pulses that restore and heal the tissues that are damages to the area or body itself.


   Think of what is to change what is as you think and adjust thought to alter by thought, as you perceive different with focus and infocusing you are what can seem alright. Think as if you are an idea to your spirit, or to that which you think is spirit and the spirit thinks is best as interesting. Then if a thought, or if beast form then no go. As if in thought you are a point, that is the spirit action and as you are what you think to create you create as if a magix product. Create or not, as you want this will not actually create things if there is not enough time to create with.

  The polysynthetic idea is to tissue, as in a thought is a point in reference, as if a thought were an idea, you can create what ius a conscious minute and as thought you can recreate a scene as if you wrote it naturally down. This is the interr mention, as per force and dedicated "dediecaex" that if a use word exists it can be used as if a dimensional wand is a piece of wood or platic wand.

   The thought is not a point, but a point itself not done to kill. As to shape is to think, and feel a will of fire to use great heat and bend air to shift in ashes to create with as a source to work into a shape by use of water as energy flow of energy itself. This is on an idea into a shape, removed from an area to create itself with the heat of witchcraft thought projected to be as if a polyshape that won't hurt you from "aiur" thin air to create what is a thought as if your shaping the air from energy to see and create. Thus what isn't is as this isn't or what isn't isn't as this isn't to take form now restore. As if the damage by death and other area is an idea, you can create what you thin enough to create with excess energy.

Electricity blasting

   There is a method to generate electricity blasts, that is a thought touch and go. The method is hit a wall, and use is the bioenergy that comes from the wall that you touched. As a touch extract is to get energy, you can make real will as a make of the moment. As you think, thrust forth as the enrgy is channeled through the channel it effect to create a thought, to "crest" and cast forth what you think as a thought turned to energy. As this is a point you think to extend, to extent that the finger can go and this is to cast a lightning bolt or firebolt.

The duel of death

    The duel of death to complete the moments, to take care of problems as in an idea though thought situations were corrective to complete the moments. As in the idea you can do it in the head, to take care of what comes up. This is in thought, to make or think to care make a concept. As the idea is to learn, concept the idea and as you are what the point can create. What you think, can disappear from time. This can use what is dealt with, to make care and greet is better for health that ends in death.

    There is no more idea to use as a point is conclusion and thought is a pointed release of what is a motion to do. There is no more idea to seem a use, as this isn't a plan, plot or anything. There is no more idea use as if to use a point, finger in and think a thought. As if a thought a concept you are a point that isn't there as if in thought you are not as if available. This includes all these things as a point to seem a spell in effect. By focus use the word, as power flows through you and you can create what effect you think their word does and this does not have to happen as its the dance of death.

   M Clair = M Hotel there; This is murder hotel that is the only place to seem for a purpose, as a rukus that incadenses the matter into creating itself if to use as a hotel. This place is an "idicaeted" as indirection indierected with a mark and a way a place with rooms.

   Pic Pont = Pic pontificus is the actual framing, as if you picture a point in a frame of which you frame artwork and assortment to get art done. This leads you to the area necessary, to get what you need and you are what you seem.

   In En No In = This is the idea that creates no response, as a concept to do things is not done as this disrupts things unnecessary and causes in Weight loss.

   Arriarea its the case of clause. Arryarea is the case of the points that acts on the subconscious and as each point is possible curse. Put that to the pest, as the test gets it done. Think of this, as an array of energy. To quit doint as with a sun, as with the avatar of you allow the sun do as its like liquid fire. As the idea is thought, you shift and stab to death or stand or to use energy as rhythm in the blues is where I got this idea from a Jazz Band. Think in a point as this is as a soul in shift now thought to say "fix". The obsolete idea, is useful if in use and can be used, as a source as if in use your use is their energy for what you intend. It in use is to create a use and thought is use on a moment noticement, to create with and thought itself creates nothing.

   Who you think is a mention, as a mystic that does phase shift by what you or any idea is to think to thought. So noone is evil there, as any thought inwardly focused is revealing the self as a soul is energy to think with as a thought and any thought is a concept. Arrythmia is gone and is the energy of the rock, and the energy in a recordable giant that takes thought by heard speaking if energy in a phase form. That can look like anyone, but has an unnatural ambience. This does as is needed as the case of the clause. This can take 5 to 30 minutes to shift, as a thought you are okay.

In en in no = This is to stop the effect including hate as you avoid what you despise and hate no more.

   In In No in = The point is to the effect, as to the idea you think is the idea you create.

   In Noe en no = Innuendo; This stops any drug or you see its no longer reverse but as is.

   Unimbiguous = This is prohibited as unimbigiguous, no matter how silly it gets, as public hot is a public label as it destroys itself and unimagined you describe the spot.

   The depo = The Dopamine; The tolerant scale effect of dopamine, this is to imagine a use as suggested by thought of a scale and on one side is a dopamine label and the other side as if dopamine to estrogen or testosterone or the other way around. This is the estrogen or testosterone label, and as if you think and use. Your hand is able to be used as if to motion to readjust, the balance to up the side you need to experience.

   The Valen = Idea is a thought; As this is a point to notice, you are valentine as you are a point in experience in of expedience and work with the sandman as en is a point of explosion from the excess from gemstones as if amythest crystals from the amazon.

   The Bay No = The Berry Blue; The Berry Blue coolaid idea, the use in the berry blue coolaid. As you get a drink, you get a cool effect of a taste that is over a taste or not.

   The Pyoty = The upped dopamine; The body produces excess pituitary gland in excess of a natural drug effect, dopamine effect if intended as result. The idea is "not to" not get too relaxed, so tense untense as the idea as if you are normal in intense or unintense individual feel. Say un to stop the effect.

   The unaetio = The unaddictum; "The" unmaterial in this is the idea, "Thi" and if you are a point but nothing to be addicted to consider. "Tha" as if your not cocky, its a concept in mind so your not cocky, demented, stupid and dead.

   The Itwet Swo = The intwisted sword; The sword is crystal materia, one twist and creates effects as the crysallidor energy effect. The "un" causes, this to use unintwisted energy.

   The Tryk = The trick; Just one trick is enough, as a point is concluded that is the end and you get a canary you release it and then get your energy as it flies away by thinking it to do.

   The Itwet Swo = The intwisted sword; The sword is crystal materia, and creates effects as the crysallidor energy effect. The "un" causes, this to use unintwisted energy.

   The Geyser = The geyser; The Geyser is the water shoots up, and you can use its activity as a source of what energy in motion.

   The fey = The faery; The fey exist, they appear as you want and that is all.

   The Meta = The Mind; The open your mind and you get not hit.

   The Mater = The Material energy; The materia that is an object, that can seem an idea and the material is energy. Depending on an idea your use of the object degrades it, and if degraded too much will destroy the object or computer component used.

   The Meted = In Mustard; Mustard is the idea, that put to use in water you can create a visual if use is with fire energy.

   Hehe = The humor; The body in idea is at the end strange as you heal with your shield you get better, or not as things seem as you don't beat him up and the body is interesting. As it is a point to seem it is a thought.

   The Esl = The Easel; The Section is a selection, that is a point me to seem likely but nothing is done except as "Ex" is reasoning that can cancel out what what is the thought that you think on that your mind adjusts your body rhythmic pulse to use in the aura.

   The sun heal = The sun and healing by object use like furniture, "Eas" the healing couch is healing by touch.

   The Mae = The Money; The money yellowstone, think yellowstone national park and you can see the idea you think or not as its about touch and go.

   The Mone = The past memory; The moment is passed up as we, use and think to seem a way and do away with the trash.

   The Regen = The indisposable; The indisposed are as the indisensable dispensor unit, that is what can in create nearly one thing and out create another. As if a thought is a concept, incidentally this is a thought to use and create what is thought by dispensing.

   The Swat = The Swatter; Swatter, The bee swatter or sprayer of repellent. The repellent sprayer, as that is a thing to repel bugs.

   The Swa = The switch; The switch effect turna, is a point to get something and know something. As you activate the switch you get an effect, that you think wonderingly or make by think and switch. Null the swatter or don't swat the fly.

   The Ara = The pool cleaner; This is a spa area, that nauruto clan visited.

   The Hay = The Honey; The Honey effect is the use of honey, as a bit-o-honey and then you draw bees and a honey such as a wife.

   The Wae = The derivative; The derivative idea, is a thought in difference, as idea is expressed in you can see seem or think and not get any bade idea.

   Myleal = The indifference moment malleable; The moment you see can thought change, or use a hammer as if your mind can change as to what can seem better to a wall in life track system so don't as this is a physical accompaniment and not possible is harassment. This depicts the soul to what you sense and you can know before or after as you fear not.

   The bangy = The banging isn't head knocking, as its spiritual or spirit root drink. The bang, is the side of attention getting and stops after an idea.

   The No Flow = The flowering; The flower is the idea that you can make or sense by use of life by what it is.

   Val = The wall; The wall is a special thing, that is a wall and that is a point to make any thought to see a view in mental room.

   The Chuasa Etc = The chocolate; The chocolate mix or drink flavor, is a characteristic in a attribute that is a point in a bottle that is a drink of safe ancient magic choice.

   The Masta Eaei = The drink; The drink is a point an use is easy after, as you are stronger and get better results unless undesired to as your unbelief in with what you think is used as a belief in magic.

   Eth = Enthanol; The Ethanol is a gas mixture, and a major improvement as its not used everywhere you can still see some use as this is a alcohol strained and produced.

   The Egs = The eggs; The bacon and eggs are a pure amusement, as a view to an amusement park is experienced as when the eggs are eaten. As you end it there you come back here.

   The Trueth Eth = The fix; This is a point that is a version of the truth that happens reasoning with ethical, example in a common modern age and if preferred it only works. If you believe in truth and your, speaking the en truth fix.

   The Zey Fun = The Gattling gun; This is a point in provision, as you use a food bit to eat you form a gattling gun that set up to you. Fey can use this, as the thought is a concept.

   The Gaat Id = This is a Zen point; That use is us and though thought is use, user friend is a place to construe and use a thought from a beaten individual use is a in use and unusable after effect.

   The Ghat = The Ghoul is undefeatable; This is a precious stone use as the spell that defeated them in any modern age, the spell is useful as you think of the target then and use then is to state the effect in idea now. From dying there, use is comedy pounless reverted you reform yourself here as natural. Contain it and it stops as the thhat. To stop this, use chaxx as a charm spell on it.

   The Zakka = Zakarian legend; The poison in truth, a living idea record thought is a thought to death and truth death is acted on any thought to be criminal in use. Not something the criminals can use.

   The Ceta = The Cartman; The cart is the thing and if things are a point think if you are a thought to seem not him, as if the cart wheel is an effect to exist in your area as if you can create what isn't twisted. An thought is a moment, not as a thought is this "in" moment that is en in done.

   Sahn Zen = Sahn memories; These are this in mind, and memories of the ship sahn were "bon on" to create a living memory that isn't always there if no memory is there. There is naturally an understanding, as an idea is to due or die you may get assaulted by a ghoul as you are what seems a likeness. If knocked out you are awake, as if never actually dead something in as a living likeness is done from a body somewhere in else as knowledge is there.

   Eche Viste = The Visit in memory; The memory is Tough moment in time that creates, and non makes what is in a thought to create a concept and makes what you think. Say this spell to cause, a negation from what is attacking you.

   The lye non = The lye zone; The ideal is a point that you think insanity or life in exists, and out you are and you are as if alive and not existent if you don't intend to live.

   Ash Lye = As anything in existence nothing exists; Nothing exists, as if no pain wrack something isis and nothing exists in something, as a person that is alive only until the moment he's allowed given as energy by life earned. As if awake this, as this is a point in life but nothing in gesture this makes nothing not as nothing exists where nothing is existent. There isis living non exist, as you are alive as nothing exists nothing happens.

   Imbreus = The moment of life; In a living moment a born being becomes twisted by nothing being there, that is born from the cell and acts as the body cell as cell keeps not beating. There is netherese in effect, and things are what is a point in exist. This can in a moon cycle that is a living, resemblance that is a point considered from moon energy. Mark "alive" in the dirt or skin of a dead thing and say the effect, negative is gone where the body is buried in sands of time.

   Ankh Ane = An inversed; The reverse is a concept beaten not and given things, unless in thought and only if you think if you are alive and you are what is there. Ankle is possible heal and break as in negative energy, and if in positive energy you can create an idea that is actively positive. Things that are dead will live, as a point in to seem dead remembered by in life existence you shall live and thought exists as if a moment acted or hidden in life. Use is in used energy as turn is a game to use a chaotic, field energy and that is to disruption of the energy that is nearby.

   Asx en = The Vision; The end is a point and considerance is a real fox thought to trick, and will as with thought by illusion in mind or seen visual area. Then or now you, are as a thought, and thinking is a one time use in thought is point in what is useful and not done otherwise.

   Asp next = Wasps nest; The wasps nest is scrupulous desert, that eaten can create a wasps nest. Don't cast as we got of allot of things, as this is revert if you don't intend to make this right thin is a thin line as to use this morally is to think "Do I really think they deserve this?". This is a point is use then, as it is a point your use is a thought.

  The Thoth = The point of thought; Whats the point? The effort effortless is put in a trap that is a moment as if a creature, and is a moment that is a point that seems to create a point. That is point and what is a concept is not, in a point in life in living color on in a thought.

  The Dean = This is the delta effect, this is a point that powers what in accost isn't done as is a point where the river flows as life with energy by what is a count to seem what is and life exists before the moment of death you are alive or not as you think is negative that happens. Dean of magic, is a case in point as your use is a thought, but noy is not enough to annoy people with this.

  The Deata = The disaster in action; The disaster view, is a view that creates itself from what is there, even if it looks good it isn't and otherwise things are normal as if nothing. Whatever you think, this doesn't effect anything, if not actually done and if a thought you are a point in mind. One, if you can recreate an invented idea, that is recreated by what is recreatable you can get any unusual result as if to turn that unusual idea. That is what power comes from, as if in view as in thought you are what things may seem not for power is energy in life thought in nothing is in nothing. As if a thought is perspective, by the in focus view that is a hole in the aura.

   En No Im Not = The Embellishment of what you think is not there. As you are what you think, you are not noticed. Then, if you are a point in reference, you can germ treated those that are thought effect in the view that you are what you seem to the subconscious.

   An En Not In = At an end; An idea to activate ability, to create a better diet and what you get is a better thought. To create with in is to work on chi energy, as to think is a point and your thought becomes energy to make with world matrix energy. The energy of chi and "un" heart energy, this is natural witchcraft that is ability in use by what you think and you can get a positive end result in idea.

   Idea = The intelligent ideal; This is idea that is not in en "mind".

   Y Luminoct = The Geodon effect; The entry of what isn't there, is what is as an area effect is concluded and you use a thought as the area is a source. Use the force to work in a thought and make what is concept. This is to energize a pill or any vitamin, to make an create the geodon idea into what is in the form from medicine. This is do dun to not do, luminoct is form tech from whatever lifeform there is in thought. To uno it, is to say maximas and this dissapates maximus.

   The Dig = Danger Wrath; This is a danger wrath, of a nightmare world that uses nightmare as a tactic to make manipulation and nightmare is a form being and what it wants to seem as you at thin ending in end. To neurological notion that makes things as though a thought, or not in a wrath or thing to use and this stops the change in shape. As this don't, do not say and you are not effected. There is an effect that is an effect that is an idea to understand and what it does is who it is at the time. The game itself and not the world. As to say more in use of the energy there, is not advisable as if a use is done.

   The Y Fl = Wild flowers; The wild flower idea is a concept, the wildlife that is a point and not much else that forms wild flowers in an area. As you think on flowers you can get life results, as you think to use that life and thought with a different response. In reality there is a game, going on and demon football is done as a world set outward in insanity is this that is actuality as if in a fractal shield.

   Noe = Noe; This is a word with Noe more Noel in the guardian world. This is the idea that is immunity, and with a concept as a concept. The in effect that is nothing and what, you are is what is in a thought to create no more in or more is nothing but a thought in mind. In thought you are a young person, things you use are not as nothing is a thought to do. There is a thought in which, you are a object and things are too.

   The Oace = The conceivable; As oracle if a thought to a reality, you can make a point and it is heard by where you think it to be heard. As you if a sending by energy, with thought by what creates an idea to occur. This can be be mischief, as if a concept you are occurance and not but a sending of essence taking form. This erases. The ending is a tragedy and all electricity fades away, as you are there and as it does you shift to the theatre that you came from as you say "I accept Horace", as if I was not ever there as "shastao" is a point reference as a book.

   The Tgi;Lf = This is where an idea is to the point out where the person goes "on", as if in martial arts and if on with a point that ends with a beginning and if not needed its not happened not at all.

   The reaiyn = The reassigning point; This in shifting out a point in reality, is what is an idea by reality as by what you think you are done. The reasoning of attributes is done by what is an idea to seem a real common interest in which you can get. What is an other than an inside joke, and think as you are as if you are not there. The point is that if you are ever effected, you aren't effected as you are an idea as if by the reassuring point you get an effect and not antagonist as you are truthful. As if pure good as a source, this is use is in intent by what you think should be alive in a thought shift. Then if you are a moment, if not then you are what seems to not be afflicted.

   The Rea Poi = The point of a reach; The point is a conscious, that is form and you are able to what is and the mind is over what matter creates. The idea is a plane, of which is a dessicated roach form that you are. Anything is a thought that creates itself, as someone said you do and if you aren't ready in you or now in thought figure in your normal reality.

   The Miya Feta = The manager effect; The origal is the origination of ideal with a concept effect an original, idea is advertisement and this is a curious point in time that you are the origame user and use is the idea. That is what is makes a monster out of someone in relation, from the creation from creating with the idea. As if from the pointsetta and use is, to eat a bit of cheese think another thought and thought is in a point of view shift.

   The Origin = The origin point; The one that is was and isn't anymore, and as if there is there was and things in thought are what you create and origin is as it was before. There is a point to do, as if a point in a view is a thought that is nothing.

   The origine = The origin; As the origination point is reached, you are there and gone again. This is where you can seem wise, in use that releases in repression by what fear is sent. As energy in life as if a key touch, is a sanity devicing.

   The Gua Gum = The pointed conclusion; The idea is the part to do, and the conclusion is in the part that isn't anymore. As the things you use recreate reality, things work themselves out and out and as soon as you are finished with it. They are what they seem as they create in life, and thought itself is as the thought itself exists in can create in life. As you think, you stop and think something else, as you accept and do this in what isis can create.

   The Ze Interloper = The fun security force; Area interference tactic is a point to reference, that a point so call is to call a point to exist and create. As in a point to create as thought tempered is feeling, as the enterance is the twilight zone this creates things. As "The Ze Interlop" in as a thought in subconscious, this is in a thought to call a person of authority in mind. This is a rather good security spell, as you state what you want and you get a good result. This is a point that, is not to create with in a force of thought.

   The Z Foec = The Z force; The Z force is what forms, as a reality this is a rift and open by feel in thought if you walk through it you return and useage is point to create with deadly force or peace in gnosis in these areas you visit. This is a 6th dimensional or 8th dimensional idea, that use is a point and thought is nothing but a concept in mind and the 3rd use this energy focus as a point to create with in a thought in style use.

   The Z = The Z; The Z party is the thing and if you are Z you can get what you want. The Z particle field is what creates the effect. Have fun, create and go in home, and stay for awhile and once written its done. The nope in idea is what cut you do as you think and use a thought energy to create with in by what in thought is subconscious.

   The Cure = The curall, and what not is done. The in cured, are what is a path to light doing concept that is fun to do. As if in a fun point, then you are what can seem and what you think can happen. Cure is what is in the mind, by what you use in cooperative motion.

   The sunflo = The sunflower; The sunflower is in a point it out idea, as a word in a pattern that you create that is in to make a pattern in space that creates what is and what is the pattern is there. What you create is by the idea point, as if a point then this is what creates as if you are an X-man. This came from the x-men movie right before the Gene there was killed. As if right before the moment you create, a wave by destroying the field generators.

   This is my point, and when you do something you can and should go through with it or your not getting anymore support. Nitration is a point as natural nitration is healing as if regeneration. As if a thought an id to do something is a point to create and think, as is a point to think of a source of energy to use in a concept in mind is what show is in thought as if you were in view as if a point were not done.

   The Crea Pa = The Creator Path; This is a path to something that is not there anymore, as its recreated once revealed is created by the subconscious using the creator. As if a concept is thought created, its recreated cancels this out in mind. As this uncreates the moment, you are what seems to be aware.

   The Fit = The fight; The fight is a moment, as to think and this is point to do. The trick is to think your the idea, in place and as in the place you are yourself. This doesn't work for everyone, as life insists you are what things can make you seem. As you physically act it out somewhere, you are what and where in spirit control and thought in mind is a thought to seem. This is a thought and things are a point, as you can control if they who are the person allow you to get along.

   Otherwise, the idea is to make use of the opportunity. As if a thought, there is a point and you think as if you are a considered idea. There is a point to do think and go, as into an area and you are a point to think and get a point done. Otherwise, if you are a concent in motion you can be and are seemed, as if a good person in response to what is there. As is there is a point that is past, as you think the past and create what past is there.

   Similar tricks are respond as a similar trade in value by view. As if the idea is an ideal choice in life, there is a point that in life there is nothing that is in the area and poor response is reprehensible by what in responsible view is a thought. The idea is the thought that you can, if you are thinking correct in a point of view. There is a point where the objective, if in reason is a thought and if your use is a point you are not done. There is a poison, that is not toxin, and not death by disruption and disrepute in view by value and in thought if yet there in your body. As it causes control by thought, felt and defeatable by reason or to opposition or dismiss it and tell your spirit to do things and this causes no reaction.

   There is a point to doing things as you are aware of what, is there you can think of the area and see the area in place. The area is the place, and to view it is think of it as you see it through the invisible wall in the area. The area that you view is gone, as to think and view if in control of the situation. There is in a view a diet that can consist to make poor choices, as there is a point to consider this is a thought.

   There is a point to eat better and you will learn in the idea and things are healthy in a point that creates a better thought. In as a conclusion if you coincide, with the decision to create or do things in thought. The idea is to conclude with what you think and state it, as a fact and thought is distracted from the point to create a new pattern in thought and what you do is think. As if your a conclusion to ignore or not, as nothing is healthier diet as there is one that is in used. Don't have to do everything, as things are a point as if dead your alive and dead id dead as alive is alive.

   The Pudl = Puddles; The puddles are a thought to remember, as you step into them you are what in thought not a point as in at the end you are not there. The energy is a thing of the past intended, for the effort that isn't seen.

   NewsRag = Newspaper; Suppose there is a newspaper, that is a usen in a moment and this is to show the date and time. This is the newspaper mill, in a special idea to report as you think and aren't but invisible in thought.

   TGi if = This is of longer living; The judgemental beings that are with a point and thought is what you get in life as too long a life thought is what you can get with life. The point you think you sense with the nerves, so use the sweet spot as tingle the senses and do what concept. Live up to the point in life. Live up to moment and you are what you "mai", as this is a point thats unusual you create what is by what you think.

   The Ne Not No = The No Meth; The meth removal effect is the meth removal is the effect, as you think no meth and no drugs you can create no drug as a hobbyist result. The thought is the thing that isn't a considering view. If you think this, you won't be effected by the results, you view in thinking as if you are a point to consider. You can see and do what is and what, isn't in thought in makes you not do things.

   The Tho Dup = The thought trick; Think and what the thought is, can seem to create by what you will in a concept. As in a point, there is a concept as in a concept there is what no meth a minded moment, and yet not minded is the action that should not be looked at as mention is ignored. Cast this spell if you think you can get away with an idea to use.

   The Sin = The sinning; The sinning viewpoint is nothing but assumed in point, as if in a point the view is assumption and anything assumed is not done on purpose. Nothing done on purpose, negated in thought is not in mind is done in body and things. You attempt if not wanted, are not done with love as what love is whatever.

   The Gruvy Mocasin = The groovy shoes; The one you wouldn't show the like of magic, is the point that in a use you can seem a pointed idea and think magic walk. Then, you can use a point and use is in a thought to get what, you think and always find a correct way to go as whatever ends this is what ends this.

   In an Out = The idea Time In Time Out; In Out is a point to get, things used can limit the use and thought is a use. This is by the subconscious, as if a point of "En Em" in the part you think.

   The Wetan = The Western; This is in the end the western civilization, as you area point in time somewhere. You create a fight by thought, and in a bar fight this is a final bar scene as you are done as if a fight scene that ends on a need to stop.

   Kheebler Aire = Kheebler in Aire; This is a share of what is unless there isn't as a time share effect, don't overdo this as you risk heart strain. There is a point that you can get an idea, and overuse is overstrain and use is as if a point were mentioned as if strain were enough just one restore is enough to not in but not as in you can do and on an idea to spaz out in your own time. Some use is a thought, in as a point and out as a thought you are what you feel or not this is as in a correction a point in this cost is an idea to lower in a continuance of lower price. This is a good spell, as if to use a spell is to focus in focus in and think, in as a thought of source and you may fix as you are able to lower the cost of what you think on as you cast this.

   Were Aly = Were Alley; The were alley is a place and in motion you can get what you can seem, if thought is what isn't and things are thought as this can were as an alter sense is awakened and irritation causes a were attack. When they wee and attack, drive them out of the area and hit the deck to the floor as you might be hit or otherwise ignored.

   The Frek Th = Freak This; This is a freak this moment, as you do things and use an effect you freak and do nothing else. As if this is true, press the no panic button and as you do things you calm down or not seen.

   Sat Nit = The Man Switch; This is a Man, seem switch in and on in an idea. You choose the people, and they can switch at will if they unswitch after. As if they are with a thought as to keep, they can seem permanent and otherwise not keep there.

   Gas Stae = The Gas Station; The gas station effect, that if lowered near you are what you think and go on to see, for cheaper nor better idea to find an as if you are as wharf on a starship that no longer in what can exist.

   Curb zTe = The Curb Term; The curb term is the more than likely, and its more than possibly possible is the idea to do and change temperment. This is a thought and the idea, is a thought and yet nothing really matters as if a "Sao".

   Sto Fro = The Chick; The cat woman that is a dream, and that is you and then you are yourself, as I know I am I am well.

   The Stere = The Other monkey; The otherworld monkey, as if you are a spinner or thought you steer the area. Think and you are as in a point of cosmic time, with or without a constant the area is better secured by a monkey than an ape that is a place a person put to observe by thought. The planet or the person, or not dead as the point is create or die nothing as if to die and be anything goes well somewhere else accepted. In order to move is not as you think is easy, as you assume in thought is to assume in mind to create a thought is to make what is a concept to do.

   The Sun Kadabbar = The sun swirl; As you think of an action, you can get draw a swirl from the sunny day or thought connected sun and can get a point and thought is a thought to a thought as a concept that completes a thought that is a concept. You can fix, as you complete the thought, and as you are a well individual you are as well and alive. Think and seem as if you are purpose in motion, and do as if necessary and this spell is a concept in thought that works. Cast this spell, to use an idea as you draw a swirl circle to create an idea result. As long as you have a purpose, think and you can get a result.

   The Anthro = The Athropods; The idea is pain as you know it and as this is the third prevents and what is represented in the pain is an effort of the first kind. As they are brainpods, from an alien colony ship. Killed in action is the touch and thought, or not to remove the brainpods as weak in heart you could die. This is a thought pain that can disappear, as it forces the energy to seem chaotic and creating with the real incident is what draws them in mind.

   The Antro Pod = The Anthro pod; In analysis, your okay but otherwise you a point to see in a world that is view and world view is law. Don't panic and you, are a point to seem better.

   Antcathrodra = The other way; The other way is no other way around is a anthecathrodrahl idea, as if a spider that is a in point from the grove of trees in Niagras falls and out point as thesis is a star destruction by implosion if in a point you are a purpose and thought is a moment wasted as what makes if necessary. As if condensed in by a filter in thought and you need defense make right and seem right, to create and your a way to win if necessary now as if an in and not any more as if out.

   The Wra = Time wracker; The time wracker is a thought in time or not concluded in a point and if in time you are thought. As this is a medieval idea, you are a point and this is to person that wants the wrack or by acknowledgement of a fact. Torture of a moment, is a moment to believe and choose to do as idea allows forward. Don't do this spell, if you don't have a way to take it off, as if dead you can not be effected but alive is a point that is natural point. That does nothing to seem, as if the idea is awake with awareness by the things it can see.

   The Ty Wel = Time wheel; The point as if a moment isn't in time that works and things are a way to make anything that you think and create with as if do and you aren't as if nothing as you are a point and things are as if not there. As if a time is a wheel and this is a point to remember, as time is life and turn the wheel and you are fine after you live in moments. This is a Garlic time jump.

   Ty Fly = Time Fly; This is a time, where food is made and if time flies as the pendulum can swing. Ath'yra are protectors of an etherial plane and when the pendulum swings, you are dead and then alive as if in the time you are in. At the moment in the time, you are aware you are awakened and know all. As you are aware you are a point in nothing, and in an idea you thought to do.

  Fry Pate = Fried Dough; Fried Dough is a concept that is a point in reference, that if with dope or cocaine with possible herbs and you can make what you do sell and if not you do no drugs. As if hardly believed, but indirect by thought this if the spirit allows will make an idea work and if you are effect by belief in or not effort, you "undo" as if fry dough doesn't exist otherwise you can share it, and with others to watch and observe to deal and then you are a thought that isn't there.

   The Tho Pam Lov = The Thought Power Field; The thought is a point and anything, you want is done in a thought in a moment that is inclusion by instance and the instance is over an as if belief in oneself is a point to notice. The thought you are perceptive, of is what you can seem to believe you have. As you are believed to have ability, you are by the subconscious what you seem to think by reality of what you thought in real life that seems conclude what you do.

   The Ty In Eff = The inclusion effort; The included effort, is a point to blessing and thought is a moment to create an effective field to journey or create, and whatever you do is to think and create and no as nothing exists. Its an in moment set by scenario, as if you are a thinking idea you can get a point that ends itself.

   The Ids Incoeh = Inconderance; As if a point to remember, you can see a spell if in use to create and think, as you are in a pit of fighting cage from what and is a thought to contrue as thin, and work as if will that is what seems real unless not seen.

   The Porta Seh = The Portaller field home; This displaces, now you are home and things you displace remerge in place as if there but here. This is the moment portal displacement field, as if a point in the idea is eliminated or not you are shifted in parallel fields. This is an energy source, and thought created life. This is dimensional, thought in a moment and gone with a will. As if a point to seem, and is what isn't as if hidden.

   As Tho Ucatru = The unconstruing point; As the thought "ids" unconstrues a point, you are what you seem in a mind that isn't what you seem for what you think is in a right by energy to seem by who rights you. As if a point undoes what is a thought in focus, you are what isn't or the idea you construes across that area is not done in time it takes to take a drink of water.

   Eaie Crea = The unintended creator effect; The creator effect is a thought, and as what you think is a creative effort. To create or effect as a concept, think for yourself in thought by what seems you are and you are what thought creates or not and the idea in mind is conceded view its uncreated. The created view is the idea, that what you see is what you get in thought, as what is isn't but what is makes what is. As if this isn't if not intended, to get nothing but drugs.

   The Hot Mom = The Hot Momma En Ef; The Hot Momma idea, whatever the idea you think is the hot momma effect off the site is the form you can slender and shape into or not. As you are already, or that form is not into drugs you can seem to be yourself. This is not done if you wish, to keep your true natural idea. You can stop it by witchcraft, or what you have in idea. As if you can sing, you can sing with what you think to work with and think as you do what is right. Then you stop and behave with the natural magic idea, that flows with life and flowers in general.

   The Bi Brig = The Big Momma; The big momma idea is a thought from Hendrex in a thought to create what is in ae profession, to make the person a natural beauty queen and use is the idea to seem a Big Momma that is what you can seem as slender across what is. If you have seen the movie Big you can use this or not, as a way to change to a beauty queen form or not and you are what you seem in a point of view. This is the idea and use is the moment in what can become in, a thought to do and not in mind is what is a shape to remember. Cast this spell to make use of  in an interesting form.

   The Goeth = The Going away; The Gong effect that is going away present, unaffected as by what you think is to hit a gong as what you think and that is nothing but a dream. You don't do it if you don't if no need. Otherwise, you can see the end of the movie The return of the King. If already seen, then this spell ends, as if a point there is no Goeth as the idea does not exist.

   The Undru = The Undrug; The only thought that memory shows that is a point to give and thought makes an idea, and that removes and releases what is a bad addiction. This is a useful spell, this to remove any drug as an idea that is removed. Try if you want to remove this, as this is point and you are what you seem crooked and yet not crooked.

   The norme = The Normal idea; The normal idea is a point that is what is a point, and with energy you can get along as an animal magnetism and use is water or coconut water. Charming the foe is with what energy you can use energy by magic in life, as a point is a use and thought is the focus as what you see is thought and as a bubble is looked at you are seeing thoughts or vicious thoughts if in a bad mood. What you do is normal, and what you seem is sane with a point that is a concept that is almost insane and conceded in view.

   Smoe Gom = Smoke golem; The idea that you can do and use is drawn to an area that is humanoid in shape, and if you are air in ability drawn in of energy you cash in on something or work with cash by exchange and your use creates the uncree. As a point to work and the smoke golem, is what creates as what is a thought is feel. Think what you want, and you can get things to do as the smoke conforms to seem a shape or noth as nothing else happens to matter and things fix themselves. There is an area in space, that is with allot of smoke and your use is the smoke and not the smoker as you think and eat a s'more.

   The At'el Try = The idea tribe; The chaos tribe is what or order tribe of order is what is as you think of is a point to seem, as you think of a tribe and you can listen in on thoughts, and not to those aware of the idea as "Ie Try" and gnow the soul with those who you think you hear with no murder. Don't do this if you don't need to.

   Fixiatia = The deliberate identity; This is a deliberate trust in what is there, and use is what you think you can find and use in the idea that is in mind. The basic idea is nothing, the use of what is there and think tropical and you are in a tropical paradise. Think "end vacation" and you return, to where you came in an as we see what can be regard from idea this creates as though into a point and nothing as if a moment is made of money. You can come back to yourself as you are awake by what you smell, as you think of a planet physics and thought is by three things in an area there you shift.

  Assumed identity law, this to know and do in thought that there is, to know the idea and act as to identify the possible idea for each area you want, with an assumed identity you can assume a role and understand as to be there. Or, you could be the person they look for, to spread the work as a thrill seekers by thanks to the source of work. Mostly by continued use of the idea. If they were having progress they change the idea as its only a name and not the base opinion as to the works of the effort done by it. This is the differently named, same idea where the degression can cause going backward in the progress, until progress correction.

  This is in quality of the idea and base works as your going forward, and using errational basis thought amongst other things that are assumed erased. So there is a time for anything as its to create desire and things that are to exist by corrective measure. This is belaying crooks as they achieve or as it is, the event. These events happen as they are supposed to stop and yet they stop the act you dislike. As it occurs by prevention, this is an insignificant moment given thought as if this is what you can seem.

  The idea is to get something and use is a moment to get along, as you can make or see to observe what is a thought. This is a point that consists of what you think and make, in likeness of what is a thought in a motion to get and create. They who are a point to thought, are a moment to work with, by this as in spell. That is a place to remember but, not go to as you think to use you create a thought in motion. Think or shift somewhere, as if no more hitting you intend to be there as if a disease is gone.

   Deliberattia = The perishing idea; This is a thought to do a perilious concept not done on the caster, and as you think and do you dupe and beat around and as if deliberatty you think you think and stop. As you stop and think, you disrupt any enemy and what you think is nothing happens as this is in what isn't a natural draw.

   The Fixia Pontia = The fixture point; No attack and no warfare, as you are a way to the east and the best is from the idea that you do. This is an old spell if falsified that should just seem a point of view, as you act yourself or some other and watch or not as its been played or you feel you've been played.

   The Derut Hely = The Disruptive Healing in mind; The disruptive pattern cast by healing with chaos, is to make with a mate and what you see is only what you intention to know. This is the wild magic healing, natural healing that isn't what seems and yet heals as you are or not as you remain as you want.

   Euim = The kill rat spell; The idea is to kill, what is vermin and otherwise not effect. The idea you get with a thought, with a point concussion and not manifest or if needed you can. As if a "Eu Me Ne", which is instant subtraction of what what you don't need.

   Ez is isn = Ez is isn't; This creates that of what is as it isn't there, and otherwise this creates what isn't there as what you want is there with the Ez isn't is as it drops your natural weight. This is there as a point that isn't what seems to be the case. Otherwise there is nothing wrong, for no apparent reason because there is never any apparent reason. There is a point that exists that if it is there, then when you think you need it it will materialize. Then other alternatives of this are Ez I Izn, which is instant hardcase and otherwise not here not now unless Ez I isn't. As you are not considerate, you are with "action" and thought gets some idea reward by what you think and whatever you decide is up to you or not as you decide to not allow for this spell.

   Es is isn = Es is isn't; This counters the weight you have, this isn't easy if it is what is there as it causes you to make better decisions based on idea and what is there with improved telepathy and makes and idea that you want, so you get weight loss in the blood by magnetism as if what you have isn't there as you have food as energy. The counter to this is "Es isn't is", because as what is thre isn't there because you want it to be. As you are what is you aren't, what you don't want to be in what the third "I" trained you already. The third eye is the used eye, projection that the brain makes or not as you need what is there or not and this spell doesn't effect. There is no reason, to never do unless not necessary.

   The Tho Mani = The thought manifest; The thought is a point, and thinking gets an ideal that can seem used in what you use. This spell can seem a use to create, what is but isn't a possible ideal that manifests or not as if thought out. There is a thought that is a moment and that is what things can in seem, if focus and thought can make a manifest as you nee things to be.

   The Cle Ray = The clarify; The clarification, as truely what is is a pattern in a psychic travel and as you discover you get a box of food that you eat and shift back to where you can seem in time. Think back and you are in where you entered into, as into a place your not in a person and out your gone as with your food is in accuracy by what you think you are done with.

   The En = The country; This is the one country, that entry existed before Prime Materia destroyed it and on exit. As its destroyed you are disappeared and thus you seem, as you want till you appear where your final destination is.

   The No = The number; The number you type is the thought, you use as the pattern in match is done by thought. As all you need is a number, you can shift anymore and in is a Rufus idea point as an idea to work by concept by thought.

   The Accompli = Relocated accomplice; This is the relocated accomplice, that is but isn't a real thing. Whatever, you assume you will get done, otherwise you will get an idea to use and as the previous accomplice will say, whatever in thought is done.

   The interro = The interrogative idea; The interrogative agency, this is a point and is this is the interrogation that exists as if a point in time and what you think is possible will happen. As this is a point that isn't a thought, you can see what isn't there and then in thought is a point in integrative view. As if this is when it starts. When it starts your screaming, and when it stops your free as this all is not on you.

   The Tho Int = The thought interrogative; This starts as a bond scene and in indiscretion, you start to see and feel extreme idea in sensation. This is interrogative, and as if Bond this stops you are not there but where you want to see. As if returned, to the point you are with an idea as though a hint were given.

   The Tho Inte = The thought interactivity; This is the thought that is interactive, and use is an area that is what thought reveals as though interrogation but it isn't.

   In Cax = The cackle in idea; this is a cackle, that uses the crackle bar and what you use is concept. This with a thought makes nothings and things in use is a point to see in site, as a sight and thought is what is real. If realism is involved, then you are not actually doing things. As if to the public area, you are doing some idea and not looked at for. What you want or get, as though a cacle demon were there to distract and yet this is nearly anything.

   In Cex = The inceptive virew; The index is a eye point, and you are in a point that isn't obsessive as if a virua, this isn't infective and thought abounds if non existent life.

   In chaxx = This is a point that is nothing and yet nothing is limbo, and as you are observed you can seem a good or bad example up to the person.

   The Stra = The Avoid; This is the thought and the action is a thought, to create as a thought is in a concept and thought is a point of view in an afterthought in idea.

   The Insin = The Devoid; The point is a conscious decision and this is diversity, with the point in time you think about is not revealed, as if you are a point that is a used idea in "Beta" and if you are aware you are a point in a thought that time forgets. Talked out is the right point as you are a conscious, indecisive is thought and changed in mind is a point to remember as insulin. As in a point this is what leads to insanity, don't attempt the spell.

   The Myyr = The Type idea; The type of idea, is what is thought and nothing is an overboard motion is a point and that you think is ignored. Don't do this spell, or you will and get fucked that you don't like as you are a mention and nothing intended as preuse.

   The Z = The Zonal; The Zonal is their way and time is what, you think and this is an in that is an opportune idea to someone and otherwise not.

   Tra Zo = The Tra; The tragective thought is a point that, if in use is a point that isn't a concept and this isn't what is in view so things you view, are on a different way of thinking.

  Tmpeal telathy te = The idea is knowing not what this isn't, as a denial by thought if a no thought or nothing at all in mind moment. As if a thought you are a conceptio and things, are like relief that are what in thought conceive themselves or not and the thought is unwanted in view. This undoes the unwelcome thought, as you think on the idea you get a temporal thought in mind and this can point out what you think is a commotion or reveal. What isn't in thought but otherwise in act, and what you think is not what is a concept.

   The Tezz = The test in area is an act that comes from the actor area. The unconscious mind is stoppable, and as if a moment you are what can seem in a point that is acted out. The Teta effect, and thought in an action that is a point to work.

   NonWe = Norwegian idea; The idea you use is what you find out by what others do, as physically as a power in mind is a power by thought and this is a energy use that creates what result you want as a point to think.

   NonBe = Non being; There is only one that's sucked as things in thought were an idea and what you think was, until that one was where in this was convinced and this is in an idea, and when you are woke up, you are a thing in a part that was like 'ooohhhhh shit, yay that was just a dream'.

   Nonwa = The Nonway; This is the term, that is in spirit with a thought to not do a thought, and as you do non you aren't in a thought as no this is nonwa as if as a thought what is the point an idea in life or nonwa in a norwegian thought in life.

   T Utiaa = Euthanism; There is a thought, that if you prove spiritually you do things you are eternal by what energy you can use in an idea to use in mind. As in the word "unage" the body reacts, as to create a point and the euthanism is energy with a fey cup. That is a thought to focus energy at the cup and use faery, that is essence by their wings giving off the dusting by thought collecting the dust as a point is a thought in a concept ended. If you aren't a faery, you can make yourself one by this.

  There is a moment that are the concept, to use a thought is a point in a conceivable view if you can. Slowed down to the point, and stopped otherwise that if there is any action then that dust falls off the wings. That is a point, that fey use to do with things in mind. What you want to avoid is drow dust as the darkness is death and insanity to the human, soul no so as use angellic wing dust as you need things arguably don't in a point by use.

   The Eai = The wife match; The moment that you match a mate you can team up, and use the idea that is a point to seem in friendship or seem a monster.

   Ty Won daae = The Ty Wondo; The Ty Won do effect this is cruel as is to know, the way to create is to use the energy and thought can pick up on the martial arts. As if you knew enough in what you do or not as you think to seem what is normal in no lich.

   Spiee gatea = The Moment Spontaneous; The moment a spontaneous gate is there by willed thought, you can get things to seem natural by what you think to get as spontaneous combustion is not to happen. The concept to use is a thought to create, at a will or make act as your will is there. As you think to seem a point, you create a point and make a thought create where you want to see in area. This an attempt at a golem golm, or flying hopper bird that is able to be ridden except the nerve of the creator.

   Fase Golmea = Phase golem; the golem of what phasic idea that is to make a thought considered in phase energy as a ripple of chaos is to create the phasic activity. Thought focus keeps, the in with a point and non idea in extract extruded energy focus as in formed shape. Redirected phasic energy that is excited atomic, use is the subparticles that expand and compounding into the form as a phase shape to do as you think is necessary. Fixing this requires dismissing, the thought and not doing anything else as you live with a choice and work alone.

   The Ongae = The open gate; The open phase gate, the gate is open to what is a thought, and use is what that can seem in a point of purposed area that is a spoken area in thought. Close it by sign, to close the door which comes to you.

   Pagea = Counter gate; Make, create, constree and with "construe" you can, view and do thought to counter wat is a thought action that creates reality by energy cost electrical surges as if you were reading the others mind to counter. Whatever is a sound beating is to the directed to threat. There is a gate that is called the constrei is a religious counter gate, that constricts that area in a body and changes the area you think in energy. As if folding energy and as use is to bio-create, a form to make with directed by thought from the air and or not thihings don't exist as if your will uncreates the moment.

   I Thoe = Inward draw thought; As if a memory construes by thought you can use this idea, responsible in use is thought by whatever you are capable to seem in a use with the third eye to withdraw energy from funds.

   Af Enea = Remove Curse; With each unworded reversed curse word, there is an unworded thought as a nulle is called to remove what isn't supposed to seem. As if to seem a point, you are a thought to consider the other personality disorder or state of mind.

   Eye En Egea = The fix egg Moment; This is the idea to fix a moment, and stop egging on the person in impulsive activity. As to use a point is to get something and yet not use is to understand since this is the past you may.

   The Mome Dea = The spectral gate; The look is the moment, where you can get away on an excuse with a thought, to get away is use of death energy and not do anything at all till the created idea are in use or thought is creator. The creator can make, sure you aren't caught in a gate.

   The Mon Copea = The Moment cost reduction; The moment of mass exponential surges with out disease, to break up effort and whatever is up in the air is that you do stuff with whom and what you want. The area that is a concept is a cost, to create with as lowered is a cost that use is intended with competition. Otherwise there is no competition. This is a point in reference.

   The Momen Dae = The Moment Element; The moment that is the element that can create anything spoken is the end at the end that can either win or not wi through thought out idea, whoever in the end hits first will not fall. This is a fight scene, that is a concept that is rocky boxing. Stopped with a hand held up. These are the thought as thought thickens, that a rocky horror scene writer has on boxing thats bloody. Fighting in style, this is there way to revolt or resolve issues as to exchange as hostile non as it makes them hostile to not live with themselves unless they leave the ring.

   The Mi Niu = The millenium; The mell in ium is the ultimate area, that is a place that is copy and use is a point to write creates a rite and whatever happens that has parasites that is stoppable in life.

   The Mil Stonea = The mile stone; The don't do thing is what you are to and ends in a don't think in life.

   The Stoner Mille En = The Mille id madea; The idea is a conceivable view that creates as if a purposeful view and he or she recieved a recievable. For protection, use gemstones or stones to control the group. Seem ready to leave the group, as you are hunted for what you do. As in what is in life, you have life business in life to account for an idea. There is a point to consider in life, as there is a point that is what you seem in view of the other. As if you ask questions, and don't stop to work afterwards. Condemn it if you want, well dumn is dumn it is words and only words alone. Well is a thought that is well, in life as this leaves you whole minded. There is a point of view, that if you are a warded or wanted man you can be evicted to be allowed in somewhere else.

   DeNox Effect = The idea is do not attack the ideal, or significant other and is a jot to do. The nox effect is to create a point in time with reference is to create with moment, and ask or not you create with opinion with three or four 3 or less lettered words.

   De Nox = The De Nox effect is two in or not people that use time for a timewave, and create a moment to "cteraete" or thought in a focus target to thin in a focus to, this creates as time that exists with what is in life. Now whether white or black void, this creates all the same as all I've seen is this point and use is to think and it creates as if there is no fox.

   The De Nox = The Bug fight; This is a bug in the cooridanted in the corner assumed to not crash. Assumed to not nock you out, assumed to not destroy you as if disc. Assisted in reading, assumed to not read, assumed to not not, and not to have noticed. The bug fight, is two different people with grudges in a ring and grudge fight match. When the two stop and fight and the first trip and fall, the bug that represents them disappears in an evaluation or not as they are decerning bugs. That die on smash because you have to smash down hard or they disintegrate to dust for the duster. Otherwise, they are not the comprehensive type, or not as this only applies to those use or others can do things with this as well.

   Josh Kysu = Jolt interferes with fox in mind; Direct movement is direct movent to directed movement if needed elsewhere, otherwise timed movement is to the movement of others as if foxes are worth working with. The movement is the asynchronous action, to move without balance at first and balance comes later. This is energizes as you think, as if a point and work as if an idea if effect. The effort you do for foxes wire magic isis makes is to create a point, and trick with mention by effort with thought direction is purchase for life. This uses life achievement in life with thought cost is life and thought is frought with enjoyment. Glory comes later, as if a in life is in concept an in life is imagination and in what, jolts is you in that awarneness idea is awake as is what can happen in life is fun in a thought once a fox always a fox point in physics. Metaphysics is as fun too, all you have to do is focus in focus, and use is what the thought is to make in life. Achievements will be great, by wishes done as everyday you reasonably respect life.

The living Force of Bruce and Ben

   The living force, can seem focused as a living representation in focus to seemed construct form is a responsible force, that is a point to get a response that in thought thinks for itself is right for the moment. To form things with death energy, is to think out the death energy to the aura in that to create a force that is living and if thought to seem real is unless you think of what you want to see. If the person behaves and works in a moment, then things are done correct through the aura.

  Otherwise, if things are a way to work in a point, then possible combat is combat by blast with destructive energy as losing your life. As you think of the energy can turn it green, and this is a deadly combination. Then if you are thinking in thought as a source to seem somewhere, you can create a point and as you are a point you are a thought and thinking gets nearly any response. As if you are a living lifeforce, and the thing your in use of is the thing enlivened. As an in is at the right time, as an instance in the right instance by meta instance.

   The subconscious makes in anything as in thought if in a faery thought to seem in live energy that creates a conscious, and yet makes a artefact in life that creates what is a point. As if you think you can get in the psychic idea and if in a psychic idea, then in thought you can create a force to create a living representation to create and make a thought. As you imagine or consider what can create as a tap in mind or or tap water to listen in to make a point, to think with and as you think in the mind thinks it in action by what you are considering in idea. This is as in created thought to seem in thought and act in accord to get along, and yet this makes as entering in mind this was thinking your going into the mental space.

  As in then you weren't as if things are what thinks as thinking is from the point in view, that shifts the viewpoint and this is being aware of a presence that being lich, in creates a thought and idea and being aware is to manipulate to prevent control by this in method. Stopped in action is in the actuality, of actual life considered an actuation of what is a thought. If you think you are use you are use, and this can takes in occupation that is a living occupation and you are minded. This is a force that is in mind that if attack as you think it is, something then it changes to the life of the area that you want to kill. As that is a point to do or nothing in thought is done, as you think or not to a thought as a natural in a point by moment and whats in mind is in purpose. This is a moment in mind, and you are alright as "En not in space". From Dr Hennessee and Associates.

   The subconscious the body uses is the collected in energy from the soul in an object that is there, from the 6th and above dimension is in being formed from thought with in thought purpose from what is a thought or not and in stopping force is flame as this stops. The subconscious trick in mind is the thought to use a point of energy, as if a flame represented the body and you can see the body as treated as the flame of tar valon in life an this elongates life. The subconscious trick is to think 6th dimension and focus the strength of what the area, can share as a psychic resource known as reality. The reality is the in area that abounds in rich energy, from the core that is resilience in minerals and things you use are the area idea that defense can create to use. The area can create what is a point to create a thought, and this is in a focus to get what you think being and bad and bad is bade. The being is a form of what choice in a bad mood relieved, as in you think as you can get the idea from a head shot or other things that is there. There in a point is a thought, as that in thought interred or by imagination and by essence is information and hostility is there then you can not expect results.

   As in mind if you get a point to research with and realize, to draw with chi the ghost where it came from you can stop the effect that is there. The trick is also, that which is a point to use a thought and create an interred point, as thought training as information is energy that is in the body. The right image in the subconscious can get the right created reaction, as this is the spell to create a real reaction and thought exists. To restore and keep yourself to seem alive, all you need is to use a thought of natural nitrating essence by fluid intake and use is a thought. Made is not to be aware of the point in thought and this is what seems from the creator, to be near you as if a point is "natural nitrate in idea" as in if a psychic dream.

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