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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, May 31, 2019

idea point fine tuning

This is indicative of an active non trapped spirit, so when you think of things to do. Realize what is done. Then you know the idea or way of life that the point you think forms. Enjoy yourself, think about what is done to realize what is there. This is a point in the past. Feel free to use things that you think are useful, as always, ciou and farewell.

Some spells

fig vecc e cur stryn = pronounced [figh-g vek ee cure strinn], this cures anything by the matrix energy.

kk = cure all or kill the killer.

ilya laus sirya penia paw = energy flow (matrix) fix illness, pronounced [ill-ee-ah laws sear-ee-ah peen-ee-ah paw].

ilya laus sirya hela sanwe hela matha pica-talma avorn = matrix energy flow, thinking or focus will lessen weight fast despite spelling mistakes and there are no teeth filling loss. this works by movement, the more you move around the more you lose weight. pronounced [ill-ee-ah laws seer-ee-ah hella san-weh hella math-ah pee-cah tall-mah aye-vorn].

ilya car-mirian avorn = pronounced [ill-ee-ah car meer-ee-an aye-vorn], make money fast despite all language mistakes.

weight; instead of weight gain this is weight loss. So whatever I weigh, I weigh less than 160 lbs.


dental filling; the dental fillings doesn't get lost. trhe weight does get lost, however.

drop muscle weight; this effect drops muscle weight, that's as if not gained weight yet muscle was there without stress.

sanguine; think a point and you are sanguine otherwise known as pleasant and calm feeliing comes from you.

shifting; If you see the process of shifting..the physcial body gets suspended and the soul becomes one with the higher self..using all of a person..they shift the body and you don't remember when you re-enter the tuned up body because the veil goes back down unless not needed.

eating; you eat less, then you lose more weight. Think to use you even less.

writing stuff

The four stages of skills and proficiency:
Unconscious incompetence

        The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. They may deny the usefulness of the skill. The individual must recognize their own incompetence, and the value of the new skill, before moving on to the next stage. The length of time an individual spends in this stage depends on the strength of the stimulus to learn.[5]

    Conscious incompetence

        Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something sometimes, they recognize the deficit, as well as the value of a new skill in addressing the deficit. The making of mistakes can be integral to the learning process at this stage.

    Conscious competence

        The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires concentration. It may be broken down into steps, and there is heavy conscious involvement in executing the new skill.[5]

    Unconscious competence

        The individual has had so much practice with a skill that it has become "second nature" and can be performed easily. As a result, the skill can be performed while executing another task. The individual may be able to teach it to others, depending upon how and when it was learned.

Familiarity; Some have been experimenting with "familiarity" for example. I talk about a certain subject with people
or with a friend, for example say we started talking about electric cars with you and then we finish the convo, and then you head out to get some groceries and in the store you see two people tlaking about electric cars and then on the counter you see a magazine about electric cars.

Then you take a cab and the radio talker is talking about electric cars. I started calling this "familiarity" its interesting how far you can go. Still dreams are included in this too. So years ago this made me believe into the destiny-karma concept, but then I realized if its that simple. I mean I asked myself if its as simple as just calling it karma and moving on.

However, its random because you think its going to happen and things happen in their own time. This where you see what you think about is sometimes generated by the subconscious. So it will seem there if you need it there. I believe its that simple.

This is like the baader-meinhof phenomenon, Baader%E2%80%93Meinhof_effect. The Baader–Meinhof effect, also known as frequency illusion, is the illusion in which a word, a name, or other thing that has recently come to one's attention suddenly seems to appear with improbable frequency shortly afterwards (not to be confused with the recency illusion or selection bias[1]). It was named in 1994 after the German Baader–Meinhof Group, when a contributor to the Bulletin Board column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported starting to hear the group's name repeatedly after learning about them for the first time.[2][3]

Yes indeed its like that bader meinhof effect, however I made many experiments to make sure its not a bias, so there is also a selective cognition thing. So this is what I think sometimes, I think its because when we focus on something we sharpen our minds to notice it elsewhere, like if you think "i need to find a deer" your mind is sharp towards anything looking like a deer. Also, we're always only noticing like 1% of what goes on around us. Same reason focusing on good things makes us notice the good more, and focusing on negative makes us negative etc.

See for example if you're interested in spiders you start hearing about spiders all the time.. its like filtering out that specific word while many of them are being used. actually this can even be used to reach success. The more you think about career success the more you will start to get together with people who will help you with it etc.. but familiarity is a broader term to even that. Yes it can even be a part of subconscious. See we have stronger intuition than we think etc,
though where do we draw the line between that and magic?

So this is how you can use a mirror magically, actually. This is if you state to the mirror what you want and its energy consciousness will do the idea. This is actually an effect you can do. Try things that interest you, then you can remain assured that things will work out well. Think positively and you can make with familiarity as a positive force of attraction. This is a known effect.

the matrix of life

If you think this effect is within the matrix of energy, that death decay energy dissipates from the body also known as death essence, this is decaying energy from the cells breaking down and sugar use. Also, you can think to target bateria with death decay essence. Think then you can get a better health and body energy. You can cure anything with that technique.

This works because the matrix is known to regulate all human and other life supported by the energy itself. This matrix energy is what is responsible for the point you experience with drugs, if you choose to use them. The idea is simple, think of the point you need to create as a want then you create by the aura and what you realize is what you think is done. This is the power of the matrix, think and you know what to do.

Think about this though before you extract yourself of all death decay energy, this will hurt pretty much where the essence leaves the body. So think about cause and effect, this is where the death decaying essence energy is used to cleanse yourself or surrounds you as though in your aura energy. That is a point the cold causing bacteria disperses back into energy. This can be used for anything you need to use it for by feel. So in effect, the weight you would have gained isn't gained instead.

So go figure it'll effect all those within the matrix. However you think about this, the idea will leave you sanguine. So think if too sanguine or erratic, then think the effect of oregano and turmeric effects you sometime as though you took some in with water or food by feel. Also to cause lost weight, celery seed is energetically used by the body. That is done unless you desire to gain weight. Then you get some essence of weight lifter powder instead. This is caused by the matrix itself using a reiki moment.

The matrix will do this idea you have if you think the matrix does things, this is following the intent and idea you can achieve anything. Otherwise you can always will the result for the effect. This effects those that are needing it, also if they aare gene resistant. Then you could use reiki in a moment to effect someone by healing them, that is done with thinking the point that makes the matrix do a reiki moment or imagining a green energy imbue the body. This can even turn wraith energy or beings that want to kill someone. Amazing, right?

reduction; the point is done if you think its done, so think as you like and things are reduced in price.

in spector creation; The spector is a death being, that directs death and deceased energy. If you think of the moment you can picture what is there and detect the death being for what it is. However many spectors there are, you know things about them as you think and do, this is a point of idea that the matrix creates. Death beings can target diseases and cause the illness to dissipate by targeting death energy. They are easily controlled as well, so think of what you like as a need and desires that you have are completed.

definitions: (skip to end)

geo surran dale = world in that surrounds in another way the room that exists. This world area looks and acts likr tron and works like a real world.

game stuff

cell world; The cell world is a place or area that is virtually in the body cells and known as the inner world. The inner world is a place in time that is what you think and nothing much else, this is excepting the inner room cell that is a place where you think of the idea and the energy generates what results you need as though an end result is a granted wish. This allows multiple places and area that exist by thinking its there, then all you really need to do is explore. Enjoy yourself as you explore, the options are almost endless in the cellular room.

This is including what your body takes in and absorbs in itself, the fact that you take in poison means death or decay of things and people in the room. Any drug can create a drugged effect, that is feeling good for no reason, sometimes. In fact, there could be a cell room for the person that wanders into the area. So the possibilities are endless and things are what they seem. The point by fact that you mention or think about and the idea forms. This is as though the point were done and by a wish that self-generates the effect. So I will suggest this for those in a cell room, make what you can and you can get the best result from the area that exists.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Think and realize

These idea helps you realize things by feel. Think of the use of wording to use the ideal.

They exist; they exist by need, the telepathic people are what they are. Think and you know them.

The people; we the people can make use of what is needed. Think and we are what we seem.

This is knowing; killing now or realizations from the soul. Think about what you wamt to know and you realize what is the point.

These idea are just random thought. Make use of the idea if you need to get results.

Some spells

Here is an idea for something to do; make a spell to create something to do. that's the simple way to handle that. So here's an example spell; sumtin e fac if stip, pronounced [sum-tine ee face if stipe]. translation: something to do if necessary.

positivity; This is where you think to seem positive, and abundance flows by feel.

position; the position of manager is filled and nothing else comes along to make the manager quit. This happens without stress. Think and do well.

gaining; I will gain 71 dollars by the weekend or next week. Simba agrees to load me some money.

gain; I will gain no weight and lose 1 to 2 lbs by a day or two from now.

peaceful nations; this creates peace around the world and makes nations to be at peace with no chance of war unless non nuclear.

These idea; if you go then you go somewhere in this dimension, if you do then you shift to another place or area. this is a do in idea and feel.


penny luck; Drop a penny on the sidewalk early in the morning and if its gone by evening time you and the person who took the penny will be blessed with better luck for a week.

tooth decay; Teeth last awhile and this means the tooth decay is halted by feel. This happens with no stress.

herbs; oregano and turmeric help allot, so if you take it in you improve 100%. this happens without any stress on yourself.

money; I gain more money that I save up and work with by feel everyday with economics. This happens with no stress.

writing stuff

glutton; things of gluttony aren't eaten. this happens by what you think or do and without any stress.

Think; So what I am doing is allowing my third eye to direct the subconscious mind, this works as I learn of things and my will is the conscious or unconscious thought that directs the third eye. See yanno, there was some reason that popped up and the tornado threat dissipated. That's why the spell of warding works.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Focus and know

A ward spell is a point you think and do things to create a warded effect with the right reason. So what I am doing is allowing my third eye to direct the subconscious mind, this works as I learn of things and my will is the conscious or unconscious thought. See yanno, there was some reason that popped up and the tornado threat dissipated. Its how the spell of warding works.

Other things that come up, they are what you think about and produced by the energy influence of the body. This energy is influential on the area of the place you think to effect, then you know the aura effect. The idea of air for example. This is a point put to the past.

Here is a spell about this effect:

Here is an idea for something to do; make a spell to create something to do. that's the simple way to handle that. So here's an example spell; sumtin e fac if stip, pronounced [sum-tine ee face if stipe]. translation: something to do if necessary.

Here's a summoning spell for creating by the aura. Think of what you want as a need exists for it, then make things or idea manifest with the point you speak. The point creates by the influence of words, the idea is what you think. This serves as though a concept you need or want as a need as though intended. The idea manifests by the point where the aura or body energy burns away the air, and leaves trace gases of nitrogen and oxygen or carbon dioxide.

This the body breathes in and lives on with the idea, that by feel you create and the point is created with the third eye or pinneal gland. This is making the subconscious or brain activity, that produces what is done by bioenergy or body energy waves and the area consciousness that makes what you need. That is done by what you do. This effect is the true reality version of a spell, that sometimes its done in your inner world. So think about what you need or want as a need and you could get what you think.

Think about this though, the energy is from the blood flowing through the veins, if no blood existed then the energy is from the area your in and used by feel. So in order to lower your weight by feel or using the soul to create with the spirit, you would need to create with the point  of thinking the body weight dissipates away and then all you need to do is move around. The exercise lowers the body weight and this does what you needed, basically that's used as though intent were done as though another body existed in the body's place.

So remember that intent is what the thought is that you need to do, this is with the effect of the body energy and blood flow. That creates what you think by the aura burning away the air and causing the air the break down the moment its burned away. This leaves what you think to say, then you say it and your consciousness instructs the "smart air" to be what creates what you intend. This consciousness by effect instructs water or some material, then you create with the essence of items or the elements.

This effects even in yourself the water that exists, then you create by air or water unless no water is there so you can create with dryness, earth or fire. Focus and you know to create, this is a known effect due to realization. If no realization, act and you create or then you can create by feel. Feel the need for something and you make form what you desire. This is a possible effect, nothing more than that. If you base it upon the point, then you make what you need by feel.

This is the consciousness of everything and the universe itself. The consciousness of the body is cast upon the area and the burning air waves, that creates what you need all the while you think about things. Otherwise you may get no results, unless you use the spirit and make what you think into occurrence. This is happenstance and idea that is there, that is what a manifest is and what or where you think the intent to make what's intended. So think about things and you could make what you need or feel into existence. Also considered a practical illusion, this is a point you think about, not always do things to make a form.

So used in essence its a summoning of effect, that means this is what you think and what you have is where you thought about. Thats's about all for this effect, that means its called magic. Otherwise creating with the illusion of life. This is what I mean when I say this is all based on perspective. The use isn't evil, the person could be though unless it was justified. This is a point to the past and created for the present to make a better future. I think I will leave you with that thought, so enjoy yourself as you create. Learn to get along with each other. Peace be with you and etc.

What can you use this for? Think about things or need things and they exist by feel. Getting them sometimes is what you think to go find and get for yourself. This is sometimes called loving yourself. The idea is simple after this, the more objects you gather, the more you can do. This means you could cast an illusion or area effect. Such as a fireball or airball, that's right its an illusion based upon reality. So if you need something you could just ask. The illusion part by feel could be where you think some is there and its perceived as though there. This really isn't there. If you start thinking its gone, then you dispell the illusion. So you get what you think, thought is a point you can consider and create into reality.

This is point though I learned from my past. Some think magic is a point and create idea, in part it is. However, if you consider it further you could create a complex reality. This is reality where you think about the point and energy creates what you need by feel. Otherwise you could say its not there and the consciousness of the universe makes it so. The universal consciousness is called Ben. So bending to his rule is making what you think, that means you create by abiding his rules.

This is a point that is long in use and words are what create with Ben, so think you speak to everything and Ben replies back if you think to speak to Ben by feel. He can form anything, so can any God or Goddess, think about the idea abit as I think about what to write next. This is a point you could say is put forth by me and is a original essay on magic. This is a point you may use. Feel free to use this effect by feel. Ciou (see you) and farewell till later.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Focus and do

This is a point that you think to focus and do what you think will create what is necessary. This is the results of the technique.

Normal idea:

money; this is en, think of the moment and you get what you want as though a need were given.

Late; If late, then its belated.

If normal; then the idea is normally expressed.

Think; if you know what you do, you can work with the point otherwise do what you want. This is so I am karma free by feel with what I do.

en; the point at the end.

worm; I am not worm. I am a darkmatter being.

wyrm; I am not attacked by my or others worm. Otherwise this is a self-affliction face.

think; this is in idea that I do things and get results. So I think and what I think about is generated by the spirit that is energy of the body. This is a point to remember from the past.

Some spells

illi ista-imi coi illi car-tengwele = think in life, everything makes sense. pronounced [ill-ee ist-ah im-ee coy ill-lee car-ten-g-well-eh].

illi ilya na mai = all is well. pronounced [ill-ee ill-ee-ah nah my].

omni ishal ull = all is well.

Don't live too fat; This is a point, you stop being too fat. Its as the words say, don't live too fat. An excellent weight loss suggestion.

I can live, not too fat; This limits how large you look by feel. Yet you can live as you want.

Don't live fat; This suggestion makes you slender by feel.

ilya car-cas laiwa gwanna = make headache or head ill dissapate. Pronounced, [ill-ee-ah car-cas lay-wah g-wanna].

your welcome; this is a point your welcome to do what you want as a need.


ilya car-nwalma mis = make pain less. Pronounced, [il-ee-ah car-n-wal-ma miss].

ilya talma car-ni talma mis = think of the number or state the number after stating spell, this is to make you weigh less. Pronounced, [ill-ee-a tall-mah car-n-ih tall-mah mis].

wan ivai-wat ci ezh a mata uat = lessen body weight 6 lbs no matter what. pronounced, [wain eye-vay-ih wait c ezz-h a mate-ah oo-at]. This causes suppression of the body weight, that is only temporary so you might eat and drink the right things to cause less weight. That is all there is useful to this.

me ca et ri t e caz wat ryj = I eat the right thins to cause weight loss. Pronounced, [meh cah eat rih t ee caze wait ridge].

me ca et necay e ganh uat = I can eat anything and not gain weight. This effects from before the moment and makes what is now. Pronounced, [meh ca eat nee-cay e gann-h oo-ate].

70% chance; Think and if you want a 70% chance of success, then think this at water and drink it.
"The creator creates what I need as though a wish."

Conditions; Have a condition? then, have the atleantians cure it. Think of a name for your condition and write it down. Then state it with an h at the end of it. That h softens the last letter, by the way.

High energy focus; Think to have focused energy into a pinprick of a point, that the left hand shows. Then have the left hand send it forth right through the center of the ship, target or thing. This destroys what is there within a city block.

writing stuff

If you need a faith or religion, then use this idea of a magic faith. Energy consciousness comes with awareness and things work out by feel with balance due to this energy. I call it Ben, where Ben created most of this universe by thinking and doing. He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness of the universe. So by the source I mean the universe. Thus, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen. I believe ben calls himself the creator, at this time. So that's the basis of a spell or prayer, btw, that can get results. That's especially true unless nothing happens, if you think the idea is an end result. Otherwise things are as they exist by some point and didn't respond to your will.

Some can call this a part of an energy trinity. The three parts of this energy awareness trinity is this: the universal spirit awareness or Ben, the beings set in their own dimension that serve a purpose, the people otherwise called divine and spirits of the land. This is where you can bend things in the mind and create reality by feel. That is all done by using the power of the energy trinity.

This is where the creator was created as the spirit of the universe, that was done as a point to work with by feel. If no results occur, then you know there was a counterwill somewhere that came after you thought things. This then was a point by feel, that was done in mind and created outside by influence of the aura. No worship necessary, all you have to do is think about or state what you need or want as a need exists. This is a beautiful idea, don't you think?

Thusly I think, the point is made we go our ways. So be it and what happens happens. Let the wave commence. The people serve the wave of askers, the point is the wave of life. The point is the end is nigh, so think and you will know what is there and what you can do. This is a point in the past. The present time, the idea is set or settle with people and dismiss your disagreements. So be it where the future is up to us to decide, and so we know let us now reign in a new day and age of peace. Ciou and farewell until next time. good-bye.

predestiny; the moment you know something the moment before it occurs. This happens with the spirit experiencing the moment of its creation, then you realize the moment moments before it sometimes occurs. This is realized with a visual point, and this is where the sign or moment is almost always there in sight.

spectral hit; I think this makes you deathly and you create with the death essence, that includes targeting diseases with the essence of the cell that is decay.

Focus hit; think to use this right or not try to make work what is there, and you get a webhit to the webcounter.

essay; they are what is used as a point and the essay is what you do, think of the effect and the en is an ending you want by what you feel is appropriate by feel.

en; the en is at the end, so think and know what you need by what you feel, you could get what you desire with what you think to use the feelings you have for effect.

en is; this is enough of a point, that I had to add this suggestion, "Think about things as you like, that's what you do and is what you get."

geo surran dale = world in that surrounds in another way the room that exists. This world area looks and acts likr tron and works like a real world. Pronounciation is this: [gee-oh surr-pain dale-eh]

Feel free to leave a comment, if you think you got results.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Texture point 4

This is yet another texting point. Think to use this as you may.

Mail; the mailman comes earlier with my packages and mail. No stress occurs by this.

Wellness; I am well, the aware state makes the mind done. This is an angellic message of peace, enjoy your day.

Time travel; The quantum level sees information as though an event. So think the right things and the subconscious creates what you want on the time you intend.

Yes, quantum physics is directly connected to consciousness.  This is truth. If time travel actually existed, it would use quantum physics easily.

Focuses by feel; the focus you do will create what you think. The idea you have is intent by feel if you need the idea. This point by idea will work for me and you. This is an idea put to the past.

Ups or usps today; they come to deliver my package early on with no stress.

Ilusionous point; Here's a spell work that you can use to dispell the curse, state "heyy" pronounced heh-why-ly otherwise hey-ee. It makes the idea you don't want into illusion that doesn't effect you by feel.

Paul Moisant; he comes to watch anime and things work out for me and him.

Think; think and do unless you have something done. This either uses think and create by the aura or the energy consciousness. Whatever the case, think things work out then they will.

Loans; they pay me what I am owed in loans and by the 3rd or before that time.
I don't mind immediate payment, as long as I am paid.

Things; things work out by feel. Brittany spears gets off the conservatorship.

Energy consciousness; I call it Ben, where Ben created most of this universe by thinking and doing. He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness.

This is the aware elemental energy. That is what you think or state to so you create by feel. So with doing things by the source I mean using the universe consciousness.

So basically, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen.

Dr appointment; the doctor will see me earlier by feel and this occurs with no stress.

Lift; the lift in the air is done, think is and you got the effect.

Flight; sped up atomic energy, that'll cause what you see or think by the energy awareness.

Autonomous ultra instinct; I've tried enchantment, and it does work. Its like a mantra. Of you're about to be hit, it hits itself.

Whatever; whatever causes things isn't causing bad things. This happens without stress.

Think to get results; this suggested idea works, "eat what you want and stay in shape."

Weight; I manage to lose at least 1 to 2 lbs by tomorrow morning.

Excuses; any excuse to eat is not done. This is done as you hold the food. You put it away without eating it.

Giving; if you give away food, when done enough times you could cause the person to gain weight.

Living; you don't have to live through it.

Mail; the mail comes earlier than usual, those needing mail will get what they want. This happens before 1 pm and without stress.

Aftermath; after this I will get my money, this happens by feel. Also without any stress related to this.

Weight; the weight drops away by feel, I no longer have excess weight. I lose at least 2 lbs by tomorrow. This happens without any stress. I do not gain any weight and become slenderer. I do not get fat by doing what I do.

Inspection; the inspection Candace does for me I pass and with flying colors. This happens without stress. Candace does this in moments pretty quick.

Relief funding; the funds come from someone or somewhere, the reason is what you think is necessary.

Doa = donate, this is what it means to give money and contribute.
Ia = is
Ues = yes; guess
Thr = the; (through) the, thrive
Th = the end by feel.
Ah-kk = Neura; neural or nerve disorder, that leads to drastic loss of weight quickly done unless treatment is done.

In this condition, eating is naturally lessened. Use oregano and turmeric to cure it as though mixed with water with the need to cure it.

Then your subconscious makes the body use the herbs and the condition dissipates into energy. If it does, thinking its gone restores the body's nerves. Then you create what you have in need.
Eu = pee you; stink
S = weight; scale
Xat = Oternative; otherwise world, sexual (idea or comment often thought as innuendo).
Xet = xey, weight; exacto knife
Yey = energetic yay.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Focused in energy

Think in idea that this is a point, that is where you think of something in energy and the energy creates what you want as though a need. The point you create is a manifest and things you think of that are intent are created if you need them created. Here are some basic idea that you can use for this:

Some spells

juu; what do my spells do? Whatever you think they did. Its perception, that's what they alter to create what you need.

ply; hunger disappears after you finish something. This is the way it works as though something interrupts the eating habit.

ayy; future spell: the spell that's stated unless not needed. this spell forms things that you state. think to halt the spell if to stop the spell is "this", stated as "thigh-s". Otherwise you can create what is there if you need it there.


writing stuff

dream ability; this is locking onto certain spaces unless you don't need to do it by thinking you do with feel even when you partly wake up a lot, so you can go back to the same dream content by feeling. So you dont lose the dream in the moment, but also recall it better for memory and dream journaling.

Other stuff

Think; think that you get what you want as though a need were granted, then you get the idea as though a wish were created from your ability to create with energy. That's the trick to this point.

Think again; If you think this will work, then think this will work out by feel. Then you get what you want as though the need were a wish granted by djinni.

The fire beings; they exist as though a point were there, they tend to create things for their children. So they are aware of what you need or think, this is a noted effect in time.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Think and do idea

This is a point that you think and do things that suit your purpose. So when you reach that point, then think of what you want as though a need. The point you think will manifest or create itself. Then you will create your desires and get what you want. This is the idea and point you think and you state a word to create the point you think about. This is a point in creation. If you want to do something, think of the moment to achieve and you can create the idea by what you do. That's just a suggestion.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Texting point III

This point is a texting idea, that I perceived with the text I wrote. Feel free to use this as if suggestion.

The end; the end is the ending you think or imagine that occurs.

The as; the point is done as I think creatively.

Ready; I will be ready and my apartment will be ready for inspection. This happens with no stress.

Death tron; the point you feel like dying yet are alive, so you death sleep. Then come back by feel.

Herbs; just like drugs, take them in lesser quantities and you avoid depending on the herbs themselves.

Quality; the point is that they do things, so think about them and you know the quality they have.

Them; the point is done with those you knew. This is my end.

Maintenance guy; the maintenance guy comes in time to place the stripping. This happens before 7:40 am.

The cure; I created a cure as well, this is a point you start acting normally, then you get what you want. So this is an effect that creates as you want things, and works with a psychic idea. That is done as though a need were addressed.

See this cures the virus you may have and makes what you think.
However with the virus, the body feels colder and you create as you think. Without it, you make idea with a psychic energy. Otherwise things pointed out are what creates by feel.

Focus; the focus point is an idea to create with the point and make with what you have.

Think; think about things and you become aware. You can see the area you go to before you are there by this method.

Getting too much; I can get too much money, so I think this works out by feel.

Free stuff; the stuff is free and no conscious decision is necessary. Act on your own regard.

Think; the en is enough so think what you like.

Height; my height is 5'11" if not that height by shrinking with age.

Real law; they follow the law that they swear to uphold, otherwise this is the point they get creative.

Jawing; no sound comes out. I abide what is law.

Suggestion; the point you suggest does happen, think of what you need as though a want is granted. This is a wish put in effect by itself. 

Subconscious shift; this shift is where you focus on a world in mind and the general area otherwise. Suggest by statement that your there, and then the subconscious shifts you by feel. 

This uses a moment to shift or phase you to the area. The point you make is almost always done. This is the moment your conscious aware of the new area and then you know your there.

Weight gain; think no weight gain occurs to happen. This suggestion makes it so weight loss happened to occur instead.

Illusionist technique; this is a point you see something different, this is usually done by the aura showing what you think. So in order to do the technique, think of what you want shown, then focus by idea being thought. The aura shows what you need to be seen or served. 

Flustered; the moment you drink enough wine.

Due; the amount that's due set by value or feel.

Pay; if paid enough, the due amount is settled.

The device; the device is psychic by the consciousness of energy that picks up on psychic vibes or energy vibrations. So telekinetic ability is possible by thinking or stating what you think.

Weight loss; eat half or a little of the food on the plate and you will possibly lose weight. Also if you drink 1 cup or nothing of diet drinks per each week, the weight comes off earlier.

Business; think of the idea and the business works for you. This is with less fees by feel.

Space-x dragon crs-17; the launch gets off the platform and goes to the ISS with no problems.

Subconscious fix; ask yourself why you have what you suspected, then you are cured by feel.

Mail today; the mail comes earlier than usual, then my mail is delivered by feel correctly.

134; this is the amount I earned by feel.

Natural nature herbs n medicine; this is herbs such as turmeric and oregano amongst water and drinking it. This sometimes can cure disease.

The argument to this is that you use actual medication, then you are assured if the correct drug is used to cure your disease. 

This can bring on ideal moments, if you think to use meditation to halt the disease. So think about this, the fact is true if it works. 

This is true if you don't have genetic resistance to the point of herbs or medicine. Otherwise some strong medicine will work. Think about this and this is true if you can get what you want.

Psuedo medicine; they say if you can fool the mind you fool the body. So think this is a cure and use some substance like herbs or water drinks then it is. 

This is especially true for snack food, that has a special property. Think and this property fools the body, so you cure the disease of the mind at least temporarily. I am well with idea by this point, so I know it works sometimes for me.


Toot = fart; slow release of body gas.
A; s
I = yes; aye, (in) agreement, agreed, on (things).
Gasy = Gassy; the release of bodily made gas in almost extreme amount.
Gesy = wild geese
Tiy = Tidy; make clean, cleaning
Faux; imitation, duplicitous with -an or false body.
Pas; body, reiteration.
Cetaa = Caretaker; the body handler.
Sugetsu = Suggestion; the point of statement and subconscious doings.
Tik = Think; I think it was a great city.
Run = rune; ruins now.
Aal = Novel; book
Ciou = good-bye and farewell with a happy ending.
Ciau = catlike and good-bye that's happy. Otherwise this is slapping.

Monday, May 6, 2019


I decided to keep adding to the psts count sporadically, so I will create what I may use with self-made actions or think to use others idea. Whatever I do, I always give the source. So enjoy what fruits are here. This is the lastest post:

Some spells

in is th = what you think to discuss or show is acceptable unless abusive.

ou by emo = if you think to work with this you can change the world or the point that's discussed. Good job.

ait bij emo ale ustry -o- batan = alright by feel unless abusive or fighty.


Me en fid ano = I'm at the end, find another.

Benix Paypal prol e moh li t disipa ti eagy = Ben's paypal problem is no more as though it dissipates into energy.

wat e thadan -n- disipao ti eagy lavy wath sox = Weight is absorbed and dissipated into energy leaving no weight gain. Otherwise you may use uu-groi or a breathy spoken groih.

no more; I am aware, no more.

The end; feel as you must to create the point and work with a concept world. This stops happening the moment you don't wear any metals other than copper.

\ = ewe; eww, the moment you say or think disgusting.
/ = uwu; inter, enter and create with what you may use.
; = exit; the exiting from the area and creating with what you have. This is where you create by feel and make work by thinking of what you need. What you think, the spirit that goes through everything does. Then if you need something the idea is done.
| = owo; owwy, in pipe to the area or create by direction, what you directed is there to effect what you need.
- = pause; stop point or consideration is done to ponder what is necessary.
: = think; The thought you think is what is used unless you direct through the spirit to do something else.
. = end point; the point at the end of a sentence or the idea in quantum physics that translates to another point.
, = consideration; the pausation of time or idea that is done.
< = The point; The increase in volume, output and in mathematics is lesser than.
> = The output; decrease in volume, this is the out pouring of strength and feeling, that effects through stamina the idea you intend.
( = mirror; curve back with the curving back of the energy to send back to the sender. In statements this means open bracket or open with another thought.
) = thine; thine is your thought and action. This allows you to effect only yourself. In statements this means close bracket or close with another thought.
{ or [ = think; This is in comparison and means things you realize or know. This in statements means open curliques or begin separate thought to do sometime.
} or ] = The divine energy; this is the end of the thought and comparison of idea. This in statements means close curliques or end separate thought by feel in or out with idea.

hath; the spell hath creates by you focusing and uses what you have.

illi viirin hosta-ma alima = get something good, pronounced [ill-ee host-ah-mah all-ee-mah].

good; gather something that you want by feel is good.

scat; I ca go as needed.

illi car-hya ea valima = make or be happy, pronounced [ill-ee car-hi-ah ee-aye val-ee-mah] in elvish.

resurrection; the point is the body, think energy goes into the body that is your own and then breathe into the body with intention and thinking of making the body live. Do multiple breathes and the body comes back after pumping the heart several times repeated.

writing stuff

wild cherry A@W; This is how: take a quest wild cherry (full of fizz) and add the A@W root beer packet to it after the fizz goes down. So then add vanilla extract. After that, cap it and shake the ingredients together. Just be sure to drink down the quest drink, this is before you add the packet and vanilla. See after the drink settles down, enjoy a carbonated sugar free drink. So yes it can fizz over the top. I love the taste, good luck in finding the A@W packets.

watermelon apple dark chocolate shake; The dark chocolate stevia is added to the water and the combined ingredients of chopped up apple, water, nutrition protein powder and essential herbs. The herbs can be celery seeds, oregano, turmeric and pink himalayan salt among other herbs. This blended together with ice creates a smooth shake sometimes with enough ice. So all you need to do with this is imbibe it and the hunger goes away for a few hours. Useful, right?

eating tactic; eat half of the food on the plate or half of the food you have to eat, then you can lose weight as you save the rest of the food for later. Any food that's in excess you can give away. This tactic you can use on a daily basis, and still you lose the excess weight at the least..

hav = haven't
ha = have; has

game stuff

The idea; as if they listen, you need to do things they can do its followed, this is where you write something and its followed as though a mini law by feel.

difference; as if normal, they listen and do what is required by conscious.

thought; as though the best choice, they listen or observe and create as usual.

laws of the land; they make up the point and if followed and depending on the circumstance. The outcome is followed through idea.

law of the inspector; the law is what you think, think positive and the point is made as if an alternative point of view existed,

incidence; as if they were behaving, they work things out and avoid arrest.

think; in order to make this work all you need to do is write or say what you want.

money; I can keep what I earn by feel.

catching; no this is done in catching unalleged people.

catching up; no caught up moment that done by unstable people.

law; the lawman can make up whatever excuse as a point, if allowed for the idea then you get what he says.

fair; the idea is known, think and thing where this could be if revised then you know about the idea subconsciously and this is consciously stated sometimes. If not, then you realize the point.

here's a suggested thought to counter that point; think and do, this is a point in the past.

exress; if you can't abide by these rules of thumb, then you can use what you want.

Because; if you already did things, then no point really exists to do anymore.

Illusion ending; oh well at least the end is in sight. Just did then go. Thank you.

Illusion make; focus through thinking of what you need seen, and the aura creates the sight of desire that's percieved.

oh well din; Oh that's well, didn't you know?

end; the point is done, make with things or not do them even then you are set free.

after hours; no answer and no attempt to knock by feel.

end of story; The end of the story is in sight think of the sign and dream symbol then you know what it means by interpretation. Then the dream cancels itself out.

this is the worst; This is where you think to create better by washing off and doing things to clean or clear away things. This is an essay that expresses the point. So think to read the idea if you need to by feel.

hell; if you goto hell then you form a hell body, where you are a physical worm in the sea. Your spirit is a demonized being. The soul is what guided the idea that your worm body does.

The escape; the escape from hell is making use of memory and thought, that you feel and focus by feel to become aware of the moment that your no longer in hell. Also when aware of this, you can seem to be in a form of choice. So think of the moment, think the god releases you through angellic actions and you reincarnate as a point is put to the past.

the en; the end in sight and done, think to use what you will as you can think of things not easily understood.

Hunger; the hunger I need or feel is not reacted to and I don't need to eat.

Friday, May 3, 2019

the reason for this sight

The reason behind this site blog is to have one, so I think to use the information on the site is the point you choose to do. This is a moment in time that I will remember always, this site was based off a sighting I have had. So I think the idea is a point and what you choose to use is what you use. No need for guru's and other things as long as their techniques are written down. I say, this is a point I normally would have forgotten and continued to use my resources. So the reason is simple, the idea is to evolve, if you can use this information then that's fine. If not, then no worries. This simply was not meant to be. So I think that there will be a time when this blog site goes down, think to use this site as you can.

If I may suggest things,the magic idea is the art of suggestion and doing the idea is incorporated that you can do magic through statements and suggestion, this art is suggested idea sometimes and things work by ene energy consciousness that you manipulate by the suggest or point that the subconscious does. However the subconscious only knows moments, so if you think this based off a script that the subconscious does, and state "the end of the script" then you stop the moment that the subconscious does. That's how the subconscious creates magic. So think what you want and act as though its a need, then you could get what you desire. There you go, that's the art of magic in a nutshell. Enjoy the act as you can.

This is incorporated all the way through this site. If you think its not possible, then its not. The idea is a point, that you turn into what you need to be. This is an idea by itself, I think a site called it khepser. Otherwise you think and create things, the point is made though. This is a point or idea by itself. Enjoy the site as it lasts, I think this is my last post, until I come up with something else to write in that works with the idea of magic. The magic btw is physically manifested events or items that you get. This is a point put to the past and created as in a concept that is now. I believe this works by what you think, so enjoy what you do. Ciou and farewell, good-bye for now.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Some Egregores

These are some egregores that are souled images, that you can use by feel.

On egregore; destroy the picture, destroy the egregore. It feeds on attention. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Edill D Runes and sigils

Here are some Edill D. Sigils for your consumption.

                                           Here are some more runes and sigils for you:


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