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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Love Spell Ritual

If you are casting a love spell, the words should be full of love and from the bottom of your heart. So, in order to do this spell, you can imagine black candles lit or actually light some. Then chant toward the candles as you think of her or him, '..bring [her or him] to me as a beloved. Let her be attracted to me.' Three times say this. Then, State 'Mai Ez' pronounced [May-inn Ee-z]. Wear a pink or rose quarz stone to amplify the effect.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The art of darkness

  The art of darkness uses darkmatter as the dark energy and materialization. This is using a small amount of dark matter into yourself by thinking it is in yourself and feeling the energy intensify in yourself. The intense energy is focused by need, so your feeling the need to materialize what you wanted and speaking of what you want there. Then, thinking 'its there', and speaking of what you want to appear, feeling the need for thought will as a point manifest darkmatter. As if a motion of energy by use is really felt or willed your thought can exist if you feel things  are necessary. Stop the effect as you want and think the effect is "8" by what you want.

  This is the true art of darkness that will make anything appear from nothing. As though it made itself from energy. On manifest the intense energy is released. Too much darkness can lead to bad feelings and a worsened body. So mix some light energy into the body. By use of darkmatter, you can drive things or people apart. If any intention is used by the art of darkmatter, then you can by the equipment be controlled and that is by darkmatter.

  To materialize something, you must accept it there first. You must accept yourself having whatever it is. This is by knowing and believing its there. Envisioning helps. If you accept the nothingness, you have everything. Believe nothing can materialize something, to materialize from nothing. Use suggestions that help make the moment. As in, 'This will be where I need it to be.' Or, intend it to be there and its there. Thinking of your intention and saying what the intention is, makes it more likely.

  Shifting with the art of shifting is possible with energy. Once energy enters your body, as it enters your body moves to shift to that space the energy came from, and you shift there as though teleport through displacement. The art of dark shifting, The dark energy can move into you and you shift by moving to where the energy was coming from. Air or other energy can be used, by thinking it to yourself. Once you shift, you materialize a body by dark matter to be there. Dark bodies can shift anywhere. To generate one, tell the subconscious to 'generate my dark body' and shift it by thinking of where you wanna be. A dark body can do anything you want it to do. It knows and does, as if thought were a perfect solution.

 This technique will work eventually. The thing you want formed may take some time to form from the nothingness. Then, when it does, you will find it somewhere. This takes some energy, so allow for energy gathering. Gather energy, by thinking of a hand reaching out and gathering blue energy. When you gather enough, then the thing will manifest. But, not always will it work straight off.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making a weapon ring

   Making a weapon ring can make life easier or different as you desire. You can make materialization and use it as a weapon ring. You can also duplicated it and used it elsewhere. The weapon ring is great and can even makes portals and portals stuff. You need a ring with 3 or more facets. I myself have a 7 faceted ring. This must have some type of stones on it. The quartz, diamond or fake cubic zirconian diamonds can easily get programming from yourself. You can project forth a beam effect at your whim. This can be any color or color choice.

   Each facet has to be programmed, separately. Optionally, you can imagine light of any color beaming the facet for added effect. Each light is an element. Usage of the elemental colors make the weapon ring better, this is where you can choose which color and element type by intent. With each facet there, there is possibility of doing greater effects and this allows basic and advanced concept for use in creation.

   Your best and purest ring will most likely be black with stainless steel, and three or more stones, one of each element representing the post alchemic era states of matter, not including plasma. The stones and colors are below.

  The stones are:

    Quartz is earth.
    Sapphire is water.
    Emerald is air.
    Ruby is fire.
    Diamond and cubic zirconian is ice.
    Lava stone is lava.
    Sunstone is plasma.

   Go for trielemental with those first three and you won't need fire. Otherwise, fire and earth stones can be used for lava with any other stones for added effect.

The colors are:

   Fire (red), water (pure blue), earth (transparent, brown or green), void (black), air (extremely light blue, emerald green or white), emotion (purple), power (ultraviolet), health (yellow), energy (orange), senses (dark indigo), self-mastery (dark orange or gold), control (dark yellow).
   The Infini elemental colors include; fire (golden), water (blue), ice/air (pale blue), earth (brown), void (black), spirit (grey).

   The voidal infini one is not recomended to do, nor is the normal void because it can drive you insane and the water one is addictive.
   Fire is to make everything touched by its light on fire and you can manipulate it, and
don't use air/ice infini because it's addictive and gives you the twitchy use finger.
   Fire infini is almost like a golden liquid, more than real fire. It's easy to use where everything looks golden, but according to some people, it can be too explosive. A few drops can be equal to a small atomic bomb.
   Water, You can see with the precipitation in the area, and all of a sudden
the individual moisture droplets, on the sight of them you could manipulate them into existence but with water INFINI, you see everything in a much deeper shade of blue, and it acts more like a lightning-water cross than actual water. Its like manipulating electricity.
   Earth is everything's a bit more brown and green, You might not see in all brown and even I don't see dust particles any better than normal, but earth manipulation's a lot better, like with pillars, walls and stuff. You can even absorb effects and block effects too. This is only some of the effects.
   Earth infini, everything is just brown and you can manipulate shit and values of things.
   Air, you see air currents as a really light blue color, not much else but you can use air as wind blasts, wind blades, just huge gusts of wind that can level opponents and etc. Don't use air infini unless you want psychic ability.
   Emotion is a purple or dark purple and can allow generation of feelings of any type.
   Power is ultra-violet and goes undetected, except for its age effect. Power requires balance by actions and thoughts, otherwise it corrupts from within. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently. Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also, wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts. Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness can cause hurt and pain.
   Yellow is for health that is onset and thought about before usage and orange is for energy that energizes.
   Dark indigo is for the senses and reveals things to make things make sense.
   Dark orange or gold is for self-mastery that allows anything you do to be better and more efficient.
   Dark yellow is for body and allows mastery by manipulation and having control of the body.
   Void, is allowing vision similiar to seeing everything in a darker shade, and void is kind of like a gas. If you want an example, look up what is left behind when Nightkrawler teleports in the X-Men movies. This element sucks energy into itself. Don't use voidal infini, 'cause it's raw death energy and can drive one insane'.
   Spirit is ether is Omni-elemental and is grey. You can use any element you want in it. Also, you may manipulate any element. It is all elements put together and can be focused for omnipotency. Omni-elemental holds a wide of a scale of things you will see, but you will have no problem using omni-elemental energy. To use it you can percieve the thoughts of even objects for which you would want to phase out. Though you can use the grey infini and then bring out different elements from it. Sometimes controlling the elements once you change them from grey into, say, normal red fire, can be difficult. Because you could be in the mindset to control spirit infini, not the element of fire. So it's better to fling grey infini and convert it at the last moment by use and drawing it out.

   If indecisive, go pure blue for water, seeing as it's the balance between the fire/earth/air combination used to make the metals in the ring.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is the point where you take the disease that you sense out. And you synthicize it with a manifest by feeling and energy focusing a vial of molecular nature that 'separates' the disease from reality. When the vial materializes capped, then you get the disease removed from the world area and reality itself. Depending on vial type, some are unbreakable and some are breakable. The soul strength of the person forming them, makes them unbreakable if the soul isn't too weak from formation. The more you form, the more you have to wait and drink something to recollect your energy to form more 'vials'.

Listening meditation

  Listen to the sounds, around you. If you have ringing in the ears, listen to your ringing. Listen to it until it becomes different and then listen to the sounds around you. When you have mastered the ringing you'll see that no matter the ringing you hear the sounds as well. Master every sound one by one, open your ears as if youd open your eyes. Don't think about time. After you do this, try to hear with your mind. Try to hear the people around. Like people above or below or someone next room, etc. In this method you master the physical sounds, and then try to go deeper and see whats under the surface. This is not telepathy exercise btw.. just calming meditation. And, it gives you ability to meditate even when there are loud sounds around. Or, when youre feeling tired and dont want to fall asleep while meditating. Some kinds of meditation are opposite of relaxation, this relaxes in the end but in its own nature its activity. There are different kinds of meditation, void meditation is another one. One more thing, try to be patient a bit with this.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magical drinks

  These drinks can restore ability and energy that is not there.

  Drinking dried catnip tea is a surefired way to get heightened senses with increased potential. Mixing with Earl grey tea or oolong tea increases potency. Then there's lime juice, sugar, water, and a mint leaf. Similar effect, easy to purchase at any grocery store or online.

  Drinking charged drinks by 'thinking positive thoughts' at the drink, will cause it to gain a heaviness and coldness unless you think fire at it. This restores energy quickly and can quadruple it nicely. Don't overcharge or you could get tired. Thus, send your excess back to the planet by thinking it there.

  Thinking what you need at the drink, and this could be any drink or water, will make that ability of yours manifest the thought with intention for it to manifest. Drinking charged tea will occur energy recharge quickly. Don't charge coffee unless you want to bounce off the walls and stay up awhile. Charging really sugary drinks will cause you to be charged up for longer than thought.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Life drain

This is the thing to do to people that deserve it and its temporary, otherwise do it to objects and take it from the air. Ask, before you life drain as the person may want to keep their energy. Drain a bit of energy from the air to get the knowledge of whats there. Basically vamping but people do it naturally with air unless they are mindful of it. The trick is imagine the energy in you as you draw in breaths. Then, the energy comes to you and gets used. Only, to return to the person after expending it. This is life return, which happens when you breath out energy. Kissing, that is a restoration or balance restored in energy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Death implosion laser

  This is the 6th dimensional laser effect using death energy and 6th dimensional thought here black energy. Basically, this is using your forefinger and thumb. Thinking of death energy and 6th dimensional black energy. Feel it form between the thumb and forefinger. Then release the projected energy at the target by pointing your hand towards the target and squeezing the forefinger and thumb together. Noted effects are anything that is hit with it erases itself by self destructing or imploding. Doing it too often may cause you to feel like using it on impulse with allot of despise. Much too often can cause the hatred of nearly anything. However, master your thoughts and your body then the impulse to decease dissapears. The impulse to kill things disappears with letting the death impulse energy dissipate. Mainly wearing it off with activity.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Material spiritualism

 This uses particles in objects, as energy. The soul and body is where you store the energy. This is done by tapping the object with a mental or physical spirit tap and raising the level in the spirit of energy. You just need enough objects. The design helps gather even more energy. The pyramids, it allows for a focal point of concentrated energy. Big objects hold more energy. Thus it allows one to materialize their spirit as physical, anywhere. However, you don't want to kill the body, so don't tap into a human body as though it were an object. The more energy you take from the object the less it has. The less it retains and the more likely of it to break. The object can literally deteriorate. There is a point when you don't need objects. Thats when you stop accumulating things and feel satiated with something else.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mirror scry

  Mirror scry is easy, look into a mirror and this could be any mirror any color. And, think to the mirror.. 'I want to scry' and think of what you wanna see. Allow you perception to shift. When you see the visions come to you from the mirror. Then, you succeeded. This technique has a 50 % chance of failure. So its like flipping a coin. You either see something with an open mind or you don't. Beware, what you see also could see your mind.

 Another way of this, is to think the air is reflective. As though it were a shiny mirror surface. Then, think to it 'I wanna scry' and think of what you wanna see. This is to show you what you wanna see by visions cast psychically from air. This takes some effort. However, when you pull it off its worth it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dark daoism

  Dark daoism is the practice of dark acts with intent for self sufficiency. This leads one to believe in dark law. Which is the act of making a law by stating and actions, that is for personal use. This law is using magic to get it subliminally followed and worked with as though it were the targets own. To the dark daoist, magic is life itself as its in anything. This is what the subliminal messages are all about. This is magic that is law magic and it works to enforce a change in people, without them realizing why. The dark daoism, is actually not prohibited, since it works towards aiding control. But, it can get bad suggestions used as though a law thats self made. Since their god is the creator himself, things can make their presence known by showing consciousness. Their creator can make anything happen for love of doing and love of relationship. Will is the dark daoist's master. They will follow a will or stated effect, as long as it serves them in their purpose. A dark daoist will seek for and know ways of longetivity that will elongate their lifetime.

  Dark daoism is very useful if you serve your own intent and use it from a positive viewpoint. This intent is a positive one, the actions can be hidden, dark or neutral in nature. I have yet to see it actually used positively, though. Thus, people tend to avoid it as it can be a cancer in a womb. The cancer is cured by dark tendency and means. This can lead into disaster. So use this with care and personal use. Try not to speak of the dark actions, speak of the positive things you achieved with it. Have a good relevant reason to get it accepted on when you use it. As the reason could be to help, expect reactions.

  However, the energy dark daoists use is the dark matter itself. It tends to drive people apart and force things to be pushed into action. Dark matter can be harnessed by believing nothingness will do the action or support them and doing action. Nothingness is nirvana to a dark daoist. Dark matter is easily used by the subconscious. So by belief that objects hold an energy matrix, then you get more energy from the object that you think is tapped or used as an energy source. This adds to the dark matter materialization. It tends to materialize with little effort or there's no materialization. So, stating what you thought about will make the subconscious create it as thought will cause it. A chant or mantra to raise the consciousness for a dark taoist is 'ahm' and 'ohm'. Pronounced [Ah-m] and [oh-m], respectively. Another mantra for materialization is 'uhm', pronounced 'umm'. For generating energy, chant 'ehm' from the pronounciation [ehh-m].

  With dark matter, the dark daoist will possibly make a dark or light being form. This is where they raise their consciousness and meditate with a thought to 'form a dark being of themselves' or 'form a light being of themselves'. A technique for meditation, is void meditation. Usually, this entails thinking what you want to happen or nothing and doing actions. Doing this as they dismiss their thoughts of anything else, by telling their mind that the thoughts they don't want is unimportant. That makes almost anything possible, except for that which they do not want. Then, they explore the existances of many areas and places that are dimensional. The higher dimensions are explored with a light body and the lower dimensions are explored with a dark body.

  They can make the dark body or light body appear by telling the subconscious to manifest it. Basically, state out loud or think "Make my [dark or light] form appear where I want." When they do, they allow for anything as they follow this thought, "The way to live life is to accept what you get and allow for it. If necessary, they cancel things they don't like out." They tend to laugh off the problem and relieve stress by doing so. What they don't like is things that irritate them. When they give justice out, they let the other person make their own fate. They allow for things and they get people to do things. This makes them gain what they deserve. They sometimes deny their enemy what they want. They try to prevent criminal behavior as they hate crime. In practice, just meditate and do what you want. This is with dark daoism in mind. I don't suggest doing the dark actions for it could make bad end results. So, be aware and acknowledge what you do, at least to yourself act your best.

  Chaos can rule this body. As its a mask of a person that wants to show something else and chaos can rule this mask. A mask is something that is an act that makes them appear different. Chaos can make one insane by too much risk and activity. Chaos can be the true will of mankind. Separated by some realization and allowed to be dismissed, dismissing the persons own power. Reconnecting to their source by chaos realization can make one get his full potential. Thus, its realized and able to be mastered and brought under control.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chi mastery

   With the mastery of lifeforce you gain ability to work and manipulate everything as you want with a little bit of effort. Its efficient enough to work a form into another form, or cause a solution from a problem by controlling reality. This is a self done technique to improve the mind and body without much excercise and allot of meditation. Chi is the female life force alongside Han as the male lifeforce as yang/ying, described here, in the Yin Yang Han Chi document. With this lifeforce is an advanced focus technique to make an easy usage of the elements.

  As you attempt this, relax and feel the energy of yourself form inside, as though thought from the heart creates love for the effort, this is for focus with Han and the Hara (below the navel), for the Chi, as its a lifeforce for use and coax it to being felt by memory, want, negative or happy feeling. When its pooled as thought energy inside, and use outside is your aura in manifest as desired through a focus method of directing your thoughts at the target area, person or thing and thinking the energy is released at the target.

   This uses Kungfu or human effort to gain ability, where wushu is martial arts. Kungfu is in anything, ae the theory of thinking in which the person goes over all the facts till they gain an opinion, sometimes through actions. To begin, focus in yourself, and awaken an inner awareness by meditation with a mantra of "kum-jala" and think on "bring awareness". Try for ten minutes until you feel awake, after this feel your lifeforce and think on the want of what you desire, to achieve and start the move of energy or have an idea for it to do as you release it with your focused thoughts. The lifeforce you exert will effect your trial of movement with how you want when you think of it. So when you work, you do ten to a hundred percent better or more with production with a standing meditation. That is focus your mind and work at something while holding your lifeforce somewhere that you can collect it. And directing it by thought or feel to make effect as you work. This can replace food and sleep need as you focus on it.

   Next, that kungfu is easy compared to thinking on what you know and expanding on it using study, with the lifeforce being focused. This will expand your knowledge and intelligence with added sharpness by very little trying. The way to enhance the effect is to meditate on it being there and strengthened, enough times per week. Then, you will strengthen the chi and han effects and be able to use the lifeforce. Possibly with the weapon or item of which you use at the same time you focus your energy through the item, as its used. This is called, "Aura of glory", and its considered awe inspiring. The "force focus" is to hold out your hand or focus on a point in the air and feel the focused lifeforce to push forth from there as one with the moment and with added emotion and intent with this there might be a push away effect except for the strong willed thought drawing the person back. This force focused is possible to emulate any element. Its possibly a force of chaos. Emulate the element by focusing the force of your mind, as you think of what you want to copy and manifest. This can make water appear by thought of water being projected with the force you 'gathered'.

   The ability to channel lifeforce into a force ball and toss it forth could be useful after you get away from the person or to assasinate someone. Feel the force of your body to allow life to gather and push out the hand or fingers to send a part, of the energy toward the victim or air and cause any effect by stating the words, or feeling it happen when the victim is affected. To focus Chi or Han, and think something will happen or state what will occur, makes the lifeforce cause the happenstance. It only happens, if there's enough of it though and if the temperature be right. As for air being the target it can be used for the causing of air effects as barriers, portals or other such as practicing. If you feel tired, then send chi energy to the brain, for at least two seconds. This is part of natural ritual. The ability to do a rite of effect and magic (chi or han) by speaking it at least once. If your life force is up enough then this becomes natural ritual in truth.

   In cases of problems as angry or unconvinced crowds. To convince the crowd or person try to focus lifeforce with feelings of hardness or conviction and project forward. Sometimes stating the words that you want them to do, or be effected by.

   Life emissions can be you focusing a chi ball or life energy into a ball form and then have the chi ball emit a beam of light or other elements at the target with a thought that it will. Add Han if you want the stronger element that repels and attracts what you need. By giving focused chi, you can restore health and make one younger. Giving focused han, you can draw life and energize the target. To much emitting can age you a little bit at a time. Giving a focused chi and han emission will give a balance to the emitting element. It depends on how much you put with the other.

   To keep yourself young, focus the lifeforce to remake the body younger in a standing meditation or standing trance, stating the mantra of "yeut" (yee-lut), as long as you want. You may use normal meditation ae pretzel stance or some comfortable stance as desired.

   Time shifting the area in its motions, by slowing down or speeding up time, is by use of Green energy of chi or yin and just the pink color of han or yang. This technique can be done by use of the arms spread wide and somewhat to the side and summoning the energy in the order as described. Also possible is the Light green of chi yang. To summon the han or chi by colors, think of the idea color or let your subconscious pick the right shade and then focus the energy to the whole body. Again, the han energy comes from the heart area and the chi energy comes from the hara thats below the navel.

   This is where you summon the pink energy by imagining it surrounding the body and the area. Then summon the green energy to interact with the pink energy where you want it slowed down and the time should slow down around you in the area you intended to be slow. Possible, is the memory and experience lapse. This is where you lapse in memory or lose memory and track of time for a short period of time. To speed time up, summon light green energy to surround your body and be in the area you want effected. Then summon the pink energy that interacts with the light green energy and think positive thoughts. This will speed time up in the area. Add extra green energy and you time slip forward. Add extra pink energy and you time slip backward.

   Time restoration restores lost memories and experience from time slipping. This is summoning through thinking about it, brown and red energy or brown, green, red and black energy. Think it surrounds you and it restores you from your time erasure. Time erasure can happen as you time slip backward. Time erasure is permenant memory lapse.

   Time shielding is where you use the colored effect of red green and silver energy. This blocks any effect of magic done towards it. Also, it makes you stable enough to withstand any activity of energy. And, you won't feel stress. As, you will be calm and understanding. This really stabilizes you in time where you never get effected by a time effect, till you drop the shield. To do this, focus your mind and think of red, green and silver energy forming as a shield thats a shell and surrounding you. Alternate forms of this shield include red, blue and silver and maybe black energy imagined to surround you. This does nearly the same thing and also restores you with your energy.

   The aura chart describes aura and meanings with others for the purpose of aura manipulation. Once you master this, then you will truly be a master of Chi and Han.


  Sources from: Everyday experience
  Terry Goodkind books of the sword of truth series
  Gained from

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