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Look to friend me on my facebook page or look at the bottom for my facebook page. Otherwise use my whatsapp number to contact is 1(405)706-2328. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not and it fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it. This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, March 29, 2019

to infinity

This is yet another one of these texts that I made. Enjoy the effects as you think the effect and need a manifested idea. This idea can be your own thing, so feel free to use these points as a concept to build off.
Money infinite; infinite money comes your way by what you think is abundance.

Tired; you are no longer tired by feel. This does not effect cars.

Think; think to focus and create by idea being expressed or thought and felt.

Waiting; I can wait for what will come with out complaining. This delivery occurs for me today.

Tricks; think what you like, if you state something then think it will come to nothing. The thought guides the moment by the aura that causes with your body reaction the point you think.

This used the power of thinking and the aura is your emanated feel. That is why I believe this works, if you need the effect of things you state or do to come to nothing.

Drop-down blow off your feet wind; the wind is blowing hard and things work for almost being blown away.

Think; the effect is the same wherever you are, so think of the moment and you are free.
Free or nought, your given the same chance that you are without freedom. So enjoy things as they are coming along.

Doctor appointment; I get in early for my appointment and get my shot. I get cured by feel.

Mail today; the mail comes earlier than usual today, this happens by feel. The mail for Mickey is her check.

Soyuz launch; they succeed in launching the space crew into space by feel.

Pausing errors; the pause or error during the broadcast ceases to happen.
In ye thine; things work as they are to work out.

Sugar; too much sugar or sweetner will cause flaring of conditions.

Oregano and turmeric; day 1 your feeling a little bit better on it's use. Day 2 your feeling good and have an energy pep due to substitute sugar. Day three your up and about, thinking with your brain more. Some improvement to the body functions happen after this point. Continued use is the point where the body works seemingly correct. So I think its Safe to put to use.

Wgs-10; any launch issue is no longer an issue as it's solved. They do the launch as they are and the launch succeeds. The tracking network is ready to support the launch.

Weight; I do not gain any weight on the point today and this in the end of the day too.

The point; the idea is done by now so think of the idea and you create by the spirit or other idea that is expressed.

Relaxation; this technique allows you to relax even while doing things. Think of the idea that relaxes you and suggest to yourself that "I can relax even while doing things", then imagine a relaxing point.

Then even as you relax in the mind, you can do things and are relaxing. This allows you to easily do magic by feel. The point is made by activity sometimes, so think kindly of those that work. This is intended for those that work.

Beat like a penny; this is where you are beaten like a penny is shaped. Yet not in the eye.

End is the point; the end is the point by feel. So I think this will create by what you do or don't do.

Stio = stipulation; thought concept that uses time up.
Auigeo = one with the earth or planet. Think of the planet to be one with it.
Putin = emitting gas
Uio = without ado I must go.
Farewell and goodbye, ciou.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Written magic stuff

Focus upon the moment and you get what you desire, think about what you intend and things you mention occur to happen. This is the methodology for this post. If you can use it, then you can create what you want by feel. So enjoy what you make.

Here are some spells to try out, that really work if you think they do.

Abundance; So think or do to gain abundance, that it's not luck it's manifesting abundance and being connected to my higher self. Feel free to use the mantra "I have freedom and abundance in all aspects of my life and reality" with the definition of abundance being "the ability to do what I need to do when I need to do things". Then you get what you want, this is a point in the past. So I think I will do what I can and get along with what is possible. That's all for now.
Goodbye and ciou

thinking point: Think; Think in a focus point and make the idea you have occur by needing the point to happen. This is an escape from the plane. Think this shifts you if you need shifting, then if your need is great enough with the energy to do things, you shift away from the plane your on. So this is an interesting point though this is done, I think this works for your best benefit. If you need the result that you think, then you create the felt urge in others unless they are knowing this trick. The point is made and sometimes things occur. That means this is a magic effect, the point that you make is a point that is done. That is all there is to your trick. I think if you think about the point, then work or do things that you decide to do. The point creates itself. This is a trick from the past.

A trick; think someone else does things if you don't want to do things. What ever it is, you create by feel if you need the idea. The subconscious does the idea for you sometimes in a vision or imagined point, so I think its as if another person were there doing things. The end of this is where you are aware of what is done and the imagined or visual point disappears. This is a point in the past.

This is the last of my philosophy, that is where magic creates what you need as you think of a want.  Then what you think is sometimes set by what you say, so if that is true then magic is easier stated then thought. So you can teach that way,  it feels as if it will happen very distinctively. You can use candles to do this effectively. As you look into the flame and focus your thoughts to create with then state the effect of desire, your creating what you needed.

I think you can get a lighting effect by focusing your intent and the spirit creates the idea using the subconscious. So water, fire, cold, you name the effect, then the subconscious creates the idea by influence. This is all in a written idea somewhere so I believe its hearsay in a courtroom, unless you use the third eye. I think that is all the way there and back. Think and you know this as intent, the idea you think and create by needing the idea with or without a will. As they say, this is a small step in magic. That they do drinking water and sometimes herbs to feel not sick, that's if your stomach feels queesy.

This is a noted effect, that you feel hungrier after doing the trick. Think you won't eat and you avoid gaining weight. This is known as a doppler effect, where you think and the thought generates brainwaves. Then the waves interact and cause by your needed idea as influence what you want as though a need were given. This is a point in the past that I used it, so I think this should work still.

If no effect occurs, then there is a point of pause or no time and then the point will recycle the energy spent or the brain stops sending signals. This is a point that works out as though you think of a point and then things just work. This is a note that I realized from a past life called alzheim in experience, the condition he had was set by magic, so he used magic to fix the point. So I think this will work creates the brainwave of repair, that causes the effect of conscious will direction.

This is a concept that works out well if you need things to happen, that is where you are or somewhere else that you think of the area and focus your thoughts. Then you make things work with what you can do. I have used this several times, thinking to fix my computer. I fixed it with no actual problems, if you think to use it now you wouldn't actually know it was once broken.

This is an amazing trick to watch, if you want to heal yourself by activity or something. I believe I am healthy today, that is because I am doing this with water and herbs. So I heal myself as I wake up, I weather the day and sleep soundly at night. I know you can do this as well. This trick is easy, think of the idea and you know what you can do. If nothing comes from this point, then you know the idea was coming to you as information.

Think and you know, that's the rule of thumb for this effect. Oh get this, what you don't want won't happen. The general effect is magic, the idea is a point done in the past that creates what you want todays time. That I know well as I experience needs and idea that I write down. The point is always done, if you think this is done. The effect lasts until you think the idea isn't effective or whenever you think the effect isn't done. So this is a point of recalling, that you can do to know if you get a result. Enjoy the idea or result, even as you think about other things. This is a noted effect.

wan me wat ci ezh itra darco dax u mata t av = lessen weight 6 lbs within 3 days time no matter the point.

writing stuff

interesting; See that means they are forgiven if they can realize the why of their actions and fix it. This is made so the penalty is only reserved for the unrepentant\ as addiction is a complex process. So forgive and let live or die. That's all I will say for this to end by feel. Seeya.

quick weight loss; This is where you have green tea and exercise enough, that is 20 minutes to 1 hours worth per day then think and you know to stretch by feel to relax. The point is done when you loosen up and work the bones by feel. This can possibly cause you to lose 6 lbs in 3 days time. The point in the end is where you get results.

think within the matrix of energy candybox game.

definitions: (skip to end)

Fa = fat; this doesn't come upon me as I think to do the right things. Otherwise whatever causes me to gain weight doesn't occur. So I gain everything back at least double or triple except for the body weight. My double chin disappears by feel or sym bol and my weight drops to a certain point that I need to become.
Fe = far; far enough to go.
Fi = find; findings (fie), fire
Fo = for; forward
Fu = fume; fumble, smoke, smokey.
Fy = fit; in shape
Squi = squish or press flat
loy = Louie; left
ryf = Ralph; right
akuk = upchuck; spew, send forth
cani = copknock; certain style of knock
nuay = negative; no, not, nothing
ls = else
aadic = abundance; the ability to do what I need to do when I need to do things. this works with the mantra of "I have freedom and abundance in all aspects of my life and reality." Otherwise, "Me av ian e aadic n omni aspix t me bio e relyy", in atleantian.
relyy = reality; things or people that are there, otherwise the idea that is there.

Friday, March 22, 2019


Theurology is something known as created use and idea that guides. This is a point to use things and you get some result. The idea is a concept to the theurologist and the point is equal to a pen stroke or a concept in use. The idea is a point, then is the pointed out idea. The result is a cooling off and think of the moment concept. This is a point by use for what is done. If you actually go through with things, then the idea id known more than usual, at least to yourself. This is a point to what is happened by the feelings that you get. So think of what you want and you might get the result called a made up moment or an end result that favors you. This is the theurologists main point in therapy. The point being made is what is reacted to, so think about the idea and wait. Then hold off your decisions to strike out, this creates what you may find is a win win situation. So think of what you want and you may get the result you desired. So I will go now and farewell until later. Ciou.

Some cool thoughts

Here are some cool thoughts for spell research and stuff that works like dieting. Enjoy the listing. Remember, to use use them as suggestion, think of the idea and state a word or two for activation with the subconscious or creating the idea for manifest by the use of subconscious magic.

Some spells

This; the idea is a point you consider, if you think to observe your not hit. If you think to interact you are aware of things. So think of the moment and make what you need as though a want.

En; The point you imagine, this is the end moment.

creative result; That is done by thinking of what you need and then imagining the result. This creates what you need as an end result.

Thought; State the effect to use this package that psionics or mind practice allows as "silver insanity", this package works as you need the idea to work for you so then work with the point. This will make a nueral net of virtual reality and you can realize whatever you want. To separate from this neural net is to think of idea and then mimick turning it off. The turn off could be a light switch. That you label, on and off. Otherwise think your lifting a fine mesh of the neural network off your head and mimick with your hands the lifting, this is usage in your hands near your head that uses the hands surrounding the head and lifting in a motion.

This is easy enough, all you gotta do is think the idea to get the result. I can heal anything and do anything while this is usage of the net and based in the idea. The point is a reference, so I think to speak the idea is to get a result. The point at the end is already done, so I think to get what you need is to use safe things by what you feel or think to work with this carefully if you think to effect reality. This works by the idea being used or worked with by feel, then you feel energy or ohm vibrations that create for you. This is in effect for you.

That is done by your mind manipulating the reality nearby or wherever you need an effect. Then when you turn the neural net turns off, the energy does normal things for those that need this to work normally. That's how this works by feel. So feel free to use this idea, that is in full and uses what you think to use. This is a point in the past. Think to turn it off by what you do. So if you think to use this this will be there, if you don't then you will find that this neural net turns off. Otherwise you probably won't sleep.

That's how you can use this in an example. So feel free to make use of any thought that you want, this idea works for you. This is done by feel, so you know that this works. That is all you really need to know about this package, except for this point where you might not be moving if you use the neural net. So think to move around and you won't be temporarily paralyzed by limbs that is what went to sleep. This just a safety point, I would recommend exercise for a short period of time and meditation otherwise. Exercise, this is great with this, meditation is badass.

writing stuff

E; the exception or some point that is acceptable.

Deim; Those in Deism, believe there is a higher being that exists in his or her own universe, that created all things here with help of others. Whatever you think he or she will give, sometimes by the request, he or she will give time to you with what you want as you think its's with a need. The creator created us with the help of all things and other beings. He or she made us as a living memory. The point is a concept and what you think or feel he or she will do is what occurs by feel.

What you think and feel he or she feels as the point is thought necessary or this is otherwise felt knowable by empathy. Think and feel the point to work with the idea. So this means what is where the deist is using a point of reference. See that is creating feeling by the subconscious mind or empathy. That allows the creator to make what you need, this is where that point you need is desired and the subconscious uses as a concept.

So basically, there is no jesus and there is no christ unless they are memories as well. The other beings can act as other deities here and there really as a point is no god unless you want to call the creator God, the beings exist as we think about them in some manner as a god or divine form. Meaning me, you and others such as spirits are divine beings and whomever is with extra energy is godlike.

There is only the creator and divine that exist things, I think the god is divine so that can be whomever he or she is at the moment you think to speak. So you speak to the creator by feel. In Deim, this is with a point and an ideal expression, that is a point you think of as a need and this is intent to do. So what you wanted by the point, that happens and sometimes this uses a physical approach.

This is where the spirit that exists sometimes with things and this spirit goes through everything. So thinking of the need and idea basis, that being is the planet consciousness and can also be a thing. This is what will create what is needed using the subconscious to make a manifest, That is done of the point you desire by feel with the creator. This is where the spirit is creating what the subconscious mind needs consciously or unconsciously by the point.

That is where you direct the subconscious by expression that causes happiness, this is done by what you think is important. Then the creator can create what is necessary using your need as a basis. So think of the moment and you can create what you think as a need or a feeling is done if you think about it. That's there if there is a point to do, this is if you don't feel or really there is no point.

So then you can create by statement, that is a point only by what the subconscious makes into influence and this is created into existence by using the influence of the creator in idea. That's the creator to a deist, so think what you want as a need and you could get what the desire is though use or idea that is deism by feel with life or death moments. These moments are what you call ideal points or idea that increase wealth if you need the wealth. This information is a point in the past.

keto diet; Keto dieting [] is a high good fat and moderate protein diet, except you can have no bread and your dramatically red ucing carbohydrates. That means this is with almost no carbs and thinking to eat only protein and good fat. You can also eat bacon, eggs and cheese with whatever you want without high fructose or fructose.

So after losing all that weight, think to slowly reintroduce carbs and work off the weight by exercise or workouts. This is the key maintain off the weight. One thing to note id the keto crotch smell, this is where you create weight loss snd get a bad odor from the crotch area. However it goes away by losing enough weight, and getting to the maintenance of a lower weight. So no worries, there is likely chance that keto crotch disappears. Enjoy the diet though, this diet actually works.

Here is a list of foods that need to be reduced or eliminated on a ketogenic diet from []:

Sugary foods: Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc.
Grains or starches: Wheat-based products, bread, rice, pasta, cereal, etc.
Fruit: All fruit, except small portions of berries like strawberries.
Beans or legumes: Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
Root vegetables and tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc.
Low-fat or diet products: These are highly processed and often high in carbs.
Some condiments or sauces: These often contain sugar and unhealthy fat.
Unhealthy fats: Limit your intake of processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.
Alcohol: Due to their carb content, many alcoholic beverages can throw you out of ketosis.
Sugar-free diet foods: These are often high in sugar alcohols, which can affect ketone levels in some cases. These foods also tend to be highly processed.

What you can have is: eggs, olive oil, meat, fish, high fat dairy foods such as cheese, milk, and butter, dark chocolate, berries, garlic, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, coconut oil.

Yet you should base the majority of your meals around these foods:

Meat: Red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken and turkey.
Fatty fish: Such as salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel.
Eggs: Look for pastured or omega-3 whole eggs.
Butter and cream: Look for grass-fed when possible.
Cheese: Unprocessed cheese (cheddar, goat, cream, blue or mozzarella).
Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, etc.
Healthy oils: Primarily extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.
Avocados: Whole avocados or freshly made guacamole.
Low-carb veggies: Most green veggies, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc.
Condiments: You can use salt, pepper and various healthy herbs and spices.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Welcome to today

Welcome to the idea of a point, this point we see changes and things that occur that we want. So I think I will create the point if possible, this is a time effect to do if you have spare time. Think of the idea and work or do things, so when you need the result you can get the effective point you wished for by feel. This is a point to remember. Enjoy your day!

Ciou and farewell until later. Goodbye.


Here is a bit of idea that works with this point: the ten sacred rays or flames,

Saturday, March 16, 2019

syndicate magic effects

This a list of happenings that you can use as spells en point:

Normal idea:

starting: this is starting by the feel with a point to do with life.

think; the point is done, so you don't have to do things unless necessary.

feel; the idea you realize is what you consider with emotions or feelings.

almost; the point is almost done, unless you spell the idea to occur.

Some spells

illi car-lare = make happen what is needed at the moment. Think of what you need to create the idea you want. Lare is pronounced [lare-eh].

illi hosta-mirian et illi = gather (get) money; hosta is pronounced [hoss-tah], mirian is pronounced [meer-ee-an], et is pronounced [eh-t] and illi is pronounced [ill-ee].

g t dylau = This spell is pronounced [g t dill-ah-uh] for getting the effect, think of a candle flame to seem the effect more easily.

Me did oet = This spell is pronounced [meh died oh-ett] for I don't overeat.

me ca bide fo t ad stip = I can wait for it if necessary. This spell is pronounced [meh cah bide-eh foh t aid stipe].

illi ren-ana car-kwa = remember to do something, prononced as [ill-ih ree-n-aye-in-ah car-k-wa] for the effect.

myw le fig = remember to do, think of the idea to achieve as you state [mew leh figh-g] for the rememberance to do.

Some tricks; Sometimes this works. Think of the indigestion or body illness and state kk. That will cancel out things of the body. Otherwise try oregano and water with tur meric. That can settle the problems of the body. Unless it's genetic. Ah is a natural diuretic, meaning its a feel good idea. Then you might need meds, if that doesn't work. I think if it is a dark flame. Think the fire is dispersed by imagined water that flows over the flame.

This works sometimes. Aqua creates water where you think it exists.
Agh will disperse a windy day to a become a milder day. Unless the weather turns out to be raining. Then you can opt for aghe and the weather dies down. This is all temporary, so think to work with what you can. That means you focus on the area and state the need, this is done to form the idea in a manifest or creating the point you need or imagine. This in a way is how that works, this uses the subconscious and the body energy to create by aura what you want or need..

doppler shift; the doppler shift will create a shifting point where you walk in a direction and create a shift of body such as teleporting. The way to do this is several different ways, but I think this way works for some. The point is expresssed or thought about and created by the energy of the body. This is how the effect works by feeling out the concept or magical spelunkin.

The point is created by idea though, that's for certain. Other wise you create the point by needing the idea, and the subconscious does what you say or feel is necessary. Then you know yourself somewhere else and what that person does. This is all in an idea that's done, this is usually by the spirit and the subconscious feels you needed. That is when the subconscious acts as a guide and things tend to work out by feel.

Think then do; The point you think to achieve is done as you do physical activity, this works by physical activity creating what you think as you do physical activity.

The time trick; this trick is what you can do if you think to create and need a result. What you think you imagine and the idea is a point that the subconscious creates by itself. This is created in the time as though a moment, that you think about to create in by feel. So the point is created and things are what they are by idea.

life trick; the life trick is the point you imagine a lifetime or life moment and sometimes need a result that you wish or want to manifest, this is where you think of the life track or thought of moment and things work out. That seemingly is like a video with a slider on the bottom of the window. So all you need to do is think to cause it to play to learn of something, and stop it as you think of the idea. The subconscious sees things in moments and not always the time of the point. This creates what you know as advanced knowledge. I think you can say that you are advanced if you know things and get things as they come.

So I think this is a beautiful idea, that allows for you to know things before they occur. This especially works if you come across a moment, and think to interject a point that you do like. That's when you pause the moment and change the idea that's there to reflect the point you need. This as a concept is where you think of something and imagine the point, the subconscious then creates what you need to happen. That as a point is a time of life trick, this is where the subconscious knows the point and causes the idea instead of what normally would occur. So use this trick as if you feel its necessary.

writing stuff

what do spells effect? Bioenergy is what the spell effects. The aura is the energy that is effected with the body that responds as a result. It's interesting as a result you can get is fast enough or this result works as a point the mind goes through by feel. What the mind experienced the body will if you need it to know what is going on and done is the idea.

This works as a realization to your brain and things work out by feel, that means the body caused the energy to go through the blood flow and you have an effect on the body. Healing is what this means by feel, so think and you can know the point as a result or response and realized is the idea that goes on by feel. This is how the spelling idea works.

However, you can stop someone from casting a spell on you. This is how you block such activity if it is not invited. Think it doesn't effect you. Its that simple, your thoughts reprogram the energy sent from the mind as brainwaves. This uses the pinneal gland to do things such as focus and create. So yes indeed, some speak their thoughts to cause the energy to do things. I think you will notice a change. See if you give it an hour or something like a drink of water. This causes the body to readjust to the idea you have, then you will find the point is done and your no longer effected.

2000 calories diet; Quite simply put, eat lesser quantities and avoid or eat less (small quantities) of carbohydrates and sugar such as spaghetti, bread or sweets. Such as smaller portions. Avoid high fructose and your all set with enough exercise. Btw, enough exercise is creating exercise by walking for 10 minutes to 1 hour of activity. That is you can walk until your tired upto 1 or more hours, and possibly take warm or hot bathes where 1 minute in the water is 1 minute exercise. So I think I will ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Central point

This is the central point of what I do, all I need to do is concentrate to do things. This is a point in the past, that I recorded by self-hypnosis. Enjoy what you read as its something to remember. So I will ciou and farewell till later. Good-bye.

Normal idea:

Something about the religious figures; The religious figures are Jesus, God and The devil. Something warns me that this is true, as stated by a viewing psychic. This earth has an ability to trap people or figures here in a human or animal form, all done by the karma. They are here to pay off the karmic debt. So I recently contacted a psychic about them and he reassured me they are avatars now, this means there is now God incarnate that lives off an island making children toys, sorta predestined if you think about it. Don't laugh when you think of him, because bad things can happen due to temper flare up. The spirit of him is what does prayers though, so don't expect miracles through the subconscious.

The Jesus incarnate is what lives as a Buddhist in a buddhist community hiding from the christianity, he tends to create with the spirit the prayers his subconscious instructs the spirit to answer. Again don't expect miracles as he is a physical figure, that tends to avoid the christianity physically. The devil incarnate is also able to manipulate souls, if allowed to. So he is aware of this and will try to manipulate yours, if you think about him but he is countered at the moment by magic. This means that he is no longer a threat.

Think about it, if those religios figures exist as humans, so do other gods and the spirits are what answers to your felt need. This is true as the spirit is the earth consciousness. The spirit goes through everything as a point and conscious response of people or things is a point of the spirit that serves us all. This is a point in the past. Of course take this as you work with it, the psychic I talked to reminded me that not everything a psychic sights is accurate. So take them as they come. This is a point in reference from the past.

Some spells

illi ui gar-nare lare = no hold will happen. lare is pronounced [lare-eh].
illi in ma nare car-tars = the thing will work.
pep did adam m fo ua me shall = people don't mind me for what I do.

Energy focus; this is where the focus of your thoughts and energy create what you want or need. This is where you create by focus, if you focus your energy among the weapon then you create more damage or you can get an effect that works with the point.

writing stuff

The spirit; The spirit that goes through everyone and everything, this spirit creates by feel and works willingly with the idea you have. The spirit is the earth mother consciousness. So think to the planet and you get a result. Sometimes this spirit is a "holy" spirit that is not so holy. So think about the point you get and you know his or her response.

indicative case: The indicative case is a point you use words to create meaning with a word that may temporarily the indicated thing. This is all depending on the usage and this is used in the idea to work with by feel. So by feel, the word means what you think. This is all in a word and usage is what you make of things. So I think this is a point to the use.

rejuvinative bath; This one is simple, in warm or hot bath water place essential oils of your choice. Then bathe in it. The longer you bathe, the more you are rejuvinated.

within the matrix of energy candybox game.

definitions: (skip to end)

atreu = atreyu, betrayal; betray you, betrayer
atrey = betray; renege on something
eu = peeyu; pee you or stinky
eus = target; think or state that suggestion of "I am no longer a target" to stop this effect. This effect does not work for roaches or bugs.

game stuff

Imbue weapon uses energy focusing, this is where the focus of your thoughts and energy create what you want or need. This is where you create by focus, if you focus your energy among the weapon then you create more damage or you can get an effect that works with the point.

Accelerate is where you focus energy of the body by thinking you do, then think faster and if the body aura is doing your thoughts. Then you focus the thoughts of being faster, this is done to create the effect of faster movement. Especially if you focus energy to the feet.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Focus point III

This is a focus point for three idea, create the idea, focus the idea and make manifest the idea. This is how the text manifest works. So feel free to use this as it's freely written and done with a point.

Think; think of what you need as a want and the subconscious created moment will occur. This happens with or 
without a statement.

Thanks; the restaurant visit is over by feel earlier than usual. No stress occurs by this.

Think things; think about things and you get them.

The katt 100.5; the daytime morning show producer gets time to gather the information he needs and I get what I need to do what I want. This happens without any stress.

Mail; the mail comes after I get back from Antwaine bringing me places earlier than usual or early on today.

Think; think about things and you get the result you desire. This works by association, the idea you assume or associate is what you speak. So think and the effect is the point, that's created by feel or spiritually done things.

Weather; you can feel the temperature warm up by feel and things will work out by feel.

Shawn; he doesn't mind me for what I do seems to help him.

Space-x dragon; this launch is watched by me, and things work out to create a launch of the demo dragon launch. Whatever occurs, they succeed.

Internet; it stops cutting in and out.

Today; things happen for me that I need by what I want or feel. So I relax by feel and create by idea.

Icy conditions; the ice melts quickly enough except around the north and south poles.

The power of three; the power that three or more people in a group have, this is amazing to watch. If you watch the idea then you can do what you intend to happen.

I m you; I give them to you. Otherwise I give 1000 dollars to you.

Clayton; he decides to come today earlier. He doesn't slip up or crash on the road or pavement.

Mail; mail today will come earliest possible or after I get back from my trip earlier on need, this is done with no stress.

Things; whatever causes things not to work that are safe doesn't cause it not to work.

Mailman; he or she comes quickly with no stress involved. We can wait for the mail patiently and he or she delivers me my packages. This is done so the mail comes sooner than later.

Dentist; they find nothing wrong and I get what I need, if I need novacane then it's enough to counter the pain. This time the filling stays in for the point it's done.

Q-q, whatever they do, they don't extract a tooth. However, they serve me sooner than usual. So they cease their merry meet and get back to work.

Ups or amazon; they get here before I have to go to the dentist. Otherwise they get here after I get back.

Rules; pay 100 dollars if your going to hit someone. 50 if your insulting someone or threatening. 25 or less for a service. 0 for dumb looks or ideal expressions made in conversation.

Marriage; I meet a nice and slender woman that marries me. I know her on sight. I can get along with her, and she is willing to get along with me. Whatever happens, she remains slender and happy with me by feel. Also, no blemishes mark her body or face. This is a knowable person.

Mail; the mail comes to me by feel that I can get. This includes the FedEx delivery. So I will go now, think positive. Ciou and good-bye.

Astralian Shepherd; nervous dog around strangers. Sometimes this is with black fur and a narrow snout.
A penny; one percent of what you will get.
A nickel; you get five percent of what you will get.
A dime; ten percent of what you will get.
A quarter; one quarter of what you will get.
A dollar; you get wholly what you will get.
A haypenny; you get one half of 1 percent with what you can get.
A fifty cent piece; 50 percent of what you will get.
Thak = think; then you di.
Ae = your born
Zantes = there it is.
Know = nail; nearly hit
I = idea
Ie = ideal
Dag = Dong; dick or investigator

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Focus and create

The idea you focus on you can need and the subconscious will create the idea in a manifest. This manifest is what you can work with or make ideal preparations to get. So the point is mute, you create what you have and make with what is there. This is how the world will work by feel or some point expressed, think as a need will do. The point is a concept those that need things, they get by what they can do. This is a concept written in the stars, a point you think to the sun will create what you need. This is because its emanations, that are waves of energy and focus is what makes those emanations felt. The idea is in empathy, this means that things you do are what create the effect of what you decide to make. So I think this makes a point. I will ciou and go now to do what I can or need something as I express the idea. The idea created is always what you intend. Remember that, I will go now and ciou till later. Good-bye.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Think of you

This is where you can think of yourself and do what is necessary. If you think of others first then you will consider others feelings, right? Well the reason you think of others and yourself as well, this works with what others do and what you can do. So I think you can create with an idea and if you can use this point, then you can create with a point of your own. So think of what you want and work with others feelings by ideal expression. This is a sure fired way to work with what is done. Enjoy yourself and think positive. Ciou and farewell until later. See you, here is a point to remember.

Something about the religious figures; The religious figures are Jesus, God and The devil. Something warns me that this is true, as stated by a viewing psychic. This earth has an ability to trap people or figures here in a human or animal form, all done by the karma. They are here to pay off the karmic debt. So I recently contacted a psychic about them and he reassured me they are avatars now, this means there is now God incarnate that lives off an island making children toys, sorta predestined if you think about it. Don't laugh when you think of him, because bad things can happen due to temper flare up. The spirit of him can guide you and is what does prayers though, so don't expect miracles through the subconscious.

The Jesus incarnate is what lives as a Buddhist in a buddhist community, he tends to create with the spirit the prayers his subconscious instructs the spirit to answer. Again don't expect miracles as he is a physical figure, that tends to avoid the christianity physically. The devil incarnate is also able to manipulate souls, if allowed to. So he is aware of this and will try to manipulate yours, if you think about him but he is countered at the moment by magic. This means that he is no longer a threat.

Think about it, if those religios figures exist as humans, so do other gods and the spirits are what answers to your felt need. This is true as the spirit is the earth consciousness. The spirit goes through everything as a point and conscious response of people or things is a point of the spirit that serves us all. This is a point in the past. Of course take this as you work with it, the psychic I talked to reminded me that not everything a psychic sights is accurate. So take them as they come. This is a point in reference from the past.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Many thanks for suggestions that you could read. Otherwise the thanks go to the creator for not causing me the system reset today. So I think I will do what I naturally do, work or relax as I do things. This will be fun as I can do what I need and I get the results of what I desire. This is an ideal known to work if you self-suggest the point to yourself. I think I will go do what is necessary though. That is a sure thing. Hopefully I will do what is right for the moment. So I will go do that now as I await results of what I self-suggested. This has been a fun day so far. I believe the fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. This basically means the subconcious did what was suggested, unless I didn't suggest it.. So I will ciou and farewell till later

Friday, March 1, 2019

some magic effects

Here are some ideal effects that I got off just recently. Enjoy them while you can.

Normal idea:

Think; if you know what you do, you can work with the point otherwise do what you want.

en; the point at the end.

psych 101: mention something larger, then you can get something smaller by feel.

Excel Saga is a good anime to get.

Some spells

Silent spells? There are those that use their soul or spirit communication, then to make silent spells work. They are spells that you dont actively cast, but make it happen as in a state of being.

Spell chances; So why do spells have power? Shouldn't they be all or nothing? This is like either 0 or 1, not 70% or 30% but still they are chance. So I say they are based on chance with unknown predictability. See maybe there are so many micro counter spells, that work against every spell we make. I think it makes me think there is a progress bar, but actually just I can't calculate all the counters. So it becomes unknown chance. The more energy you put into a spell, the higher the chance of success. So a candle spell will almost always work. This is the way a spell will work sometime.

fig a cilq t aomnte ovoman = gather the information requested quickly with no stress.

illi hosta-isse = gather information. pronounced as [ill-ih hoss-ta is-seh]

writing stuff

orgonite; The orgonite is a harmonizer of the body. This uses resin, metal and gemstones. So what you can do with orgonite is protect yourself from harmful radiation signals, this orgonite converts what is signals nearby into positive energy. That are what you call radiowaves. This orgonite also allows you to create by energy, the idea of things you think or state toward the orgonite. So if you think of something you need, then hold the orgonite and think or state your intent, you create by orgonite using the converted energy what you want as though you need the point. This is how your mind can interact with orgonite, and you create what you need as a wanted idea.

definitions: (skip to end)

kood = could; good
haf = have
al = all; had
koods = could have
koor = good
ali = ally
ili = is
eyiy = epiphany; end moment

game stuff

Spell system; you get all the spells that is considered the effect, though one thing is this you do get the effect and that is thinking the idea to create realistically the point that you think or feel. You can't do things to other people unless they do things to you. Also your limited to a certain amount, that means the level of magic is done by level or percent of energy that you have. You regain energy as you wait or rest. Other things about this system include that you can do anything to monsters. You live through enounters, however as you think you can do things and if you die you can always be resurrected. You can get restoration of health and magic by what you do. There is a regen rate of energy of about 10% per minute. and if focused during melee you regain energy by every second of about 10%. That is all about this system, except for this fact; the heavier you weigh the slower magic will occur. Well, thats about it.

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