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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amoral Shift

 This is the shifting of the body into whatever form you want. The shapeshift happens after interring energy into the body and the mind tells it what you want it to do. Then, it will become as you want. This tinkers with the brain, adaption, body and DNA. The body can change to the form or shape by spirit need and get the qualities that you want it to do and then need by the statement creates what it is, whatever happens. This is totally amoral and does allow for anything at all to be gene interred as an inherited quality, as it is you that can change your genes around its by spirit or will intent. The Telling your subconscious of what you want, will make you that way or amoral shifting is done by it, which is mass of the body or the spirit, which changes the body the natural way to know. What stops it is an influence of energy that is interred to the body and placed into the body that is anything that you want it to do, including the thought of 'En stop shaping up body' and this can be transferring it into anything including a rock to 'En stop the shapeshift' or 'If En'.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Molecular influence

  This is the influence of molecules on the body as they are programmed to cause effective thought as you need them to do by suggestion. The programming is done by thinking at the object, clothing, or body. What you think is what you need, and the molecules do the effect. This allows the energy thought, as it can form and do as you will it with your thought as a energy thought as the thought travels the electron field. You may make use of your fat as the fat possibility is to energize the fat and will to transform the fat molecules of weight into energy and you can create the weight energy, and acknowledge trap to drop it, as if to travel the electron path to bring it to the singular form that can become as many forms that you need as you decide to be somewhere in thinking about being there.

  Then know it as you create by particles of your body that can form the release of adequate formation where the electrons sent it to be nice as your spirit sends energy to it and it is nice enough to pass as you in whatever shaper formed as you need it as. This is the way the subconscious can form the particle form as though an adequate form that is seeming real, if it wants to be seen as though it were a ghost or actual person. The brain controls and reacts to what the particle form can do, as with the effect of what you think it reacts as thought comes to it, and this is as thought suggestion that it acts out if it needs to. This particle form can actually be formed by lava, as you let your spirit link you to lava by thinking you are and believing it as you think it happens. Obviously, believing a particle can form, makes it form as to your desire.

  However, as you need a living organism to form, then it will as you can form what shape you want from it as you quality need or need it there to be. Even a non organic shape can form to your manifested thought as with will, and as your subconscious needs it its there to be as you want it included there. As the non organic life consciousness can form to your will to it, this is spirit casting as it can formshift it and it is possible to make you what you want to be, by you getting your interactive will to it. If you need energy to do things then, this can count as transfer of energy from the lifeform back to you, is to be as though you get feedback energy.

  This can make what you will to manifest as it can happen, as thought occurs to it or then what you think of can make as though it was naturally done by what particles of the molecule is doing by your will as your aware by what your spirit knows in now. Think and your there in spirit by sending of energy to manifest and manipulate the energy. And, thought is by molecular influence to make effects as to your desire as though a different be.

  Thus, fill in the pattern by your form as you think and thinking your brain will form makes it form that which comes from the dimension, that you think yourself to be in, is that which can be erased so that you can not be effected by it. To not be effected by it, drop it as a link in your mind as it is linked by an object to you. Share an attribute to it and it can do it, form at will and with thought to by anywhere you want to explore. Drop it in thought and it stops and if you don't need it anymore, then it ceases to exist and you get back what you lost. When the possibility of the electricity drops in a blackout, then it ceases to exist and you are yourself. This cannot form where there is no lava or make a difference as electricity isn't there. As its not wanted, then your not in whatever time you exist in as you don't think to need the effect and this is as immunity to energy.

  If, you sleep in particle weight form, then you can understand and act according to what others think, or to what you think you should do as though naturally reacting to stimulus in thought by thoughtform with thoughtwaves that can transcend time. And, the thoughtwave from you is what causes it to do, as it feels the need to do it or thinks its needed. The thoughtwave is yours as you need it and it perceives what you think at it as perceived thought and it treats what you think as though a subconscious consciousness. This uses mana to make it as it is formed by mana as a natural energy source and it can be nice as mana makes it so. Thus, as you think it you know it. You can even influence the germs, to do things by the thoughts you have with molecular influence.

  And with mana it does enhancements thought done to it make it do better as you start doing better. The thoughtform can shift to anywhere in existance. This is where you can do nothing and it will respond by your natural intuition. This is also where you can get anything done, as you need it done. As though you were there, the thought you send can feed it or cause it to rest as though in a bed, then you can seem to make your brain believe you rested, and you awaken or thought better as though makes you seem to have rested. This can be used as the subconscious or the spirit needs a form to do things with any upper or lower dimensional plane of existence.

  The molecules effect by making an influence on the body through casting forth some of its energy at the body and its interred  on the target area you have in mind to effect. The body or target can absorb the energy and make it modified to be with the condition you wanted. This is also caused by thinking the thought or stating the thought out loud and thinking of that which you want to effect, 'My object will make [whatever condition] to happen to [target you have in mind].' This can be, 'Do make unless unneccessary.' or for the long version 'My object will make whatever condition I need, to those that happen to those that want shaping.'

  The object can be clothes which in example is 'My clothes I wear, will cause me to weigh 150 lbs, for no reason and understand people above 150. Even if I don't wear them.' For a change of body. This can also be spoken. This will make you become 150 lbs, despite what you retract from your body. Unless you cancel it out, by stating 'My clothes will no longer effect me unless I want them to, for no reason.' Also, the effect is indefinite, unless you no longer need it to be effecting you.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chaos time

   The chaos time is where movement is space time is with black gray or raw primordial chaos is introduced to silver energy. This turns it into dark silver and it is very effective in breaking down things and barriers. This chaos time can allow you to be anywhere as it arranges things. It arranges things as though they are where you want and shifts you there if you need to be there. It only requires a slight mental adjustment. And add energy infusement by feeling your crown chakra open to yourself and then you can see it. This is where you can be mentally stable, and your mental adjustment period is reduced greatly. Program the energy to shift your conscious perception to seeing the energy as it is in the world. Just a statement of 'Make me see energy patterns.' Or, 'adjust my mental view'. As you think of the energy as a dark silver ball in your head and it expands to become an energy vista or scene. Which you manipulate at will or saying what you need and needing it.

   Then, you can see the chaos time break into energy and will it by need and focus to do what you want. This lets you travel, and get places by telling yourself where you want to go. Then, you mentally tell the black energy to bring you there and let it shift you. Or, focus on the space ahead and shift by thinking that the dimensional energy shifts you there. The energy is wielded by such the idea and can be used to show you stuff. This is done, by thinking to the dimensional energy what you want to see and making a statement of 'show me what I want to see'. Its the basic energy of the crown chakra and viewable when the crown is open. This trick opens your mind to the dimensions and what is there. Try not to mind what you see as its a view, until you use lava or electrical energy. Then, you enable yourself to shift with it. For a fast walk think, 'fast' or 'spe' to speed yourself up. If you find yourself aging, then 'unage' to reduce your aging to a younger age. 'See it fit' makes you fit as you can be for your weight. Think or say 'unthicken' and you will be thinner after your body swells up, if it does. The statement or thinking of 'encleus en' creates an end to the high energy cycle that enduces larger weight by taking the food you eat and making a reversal of the fat to the body. So, what you eat causes you to lose weight to a point. Energy itself does not swell you, the body with a condition may react to the energy and then cause that unless it does not happen. When the dimensional energy crashes down on you, then you could shift dimensionally and may get tired or find yourself blacking out or becoming slightly insane for a man or crazy for a woman. Then, before that, shift dimensionally and you may avoid that fate. There are millions of similar worlds.

   To enable lava is to think of the lava as a red ball and then putting it into yourself. To enable electricity, is to enable yourself to electrical energy itself. This is to imagine a blue silver sphere and place it into your body. This is the same as surrounding yourself with the lava or silver energy and it entering you. It helps to understand that this is an energy that is represented by the ball and coloration. Then, the placing it into yourself makes you uncripple yourself from what you do to yourself on a daily basis, as you place it, you attune yourself to the energy and this allows your body to summon it and wield it to your need with the spirit then cause its energy from the source to be added to your energy by the elemental energy coming into you. Until your spirit doesn't want the energy. Then, you can optionally remove the electrical sphere, by taking it out of your body. This makes sure that you won't be inclined to touch an open electrical source. However, each new sphere does not incline health except strength, endurance, stamina and balance, it inclines extra included energy.

   The thing to remember is, that the energy itself follows your command word that you want it to. The energy will form to what you want it to be. There is a price, the energy use can tire you if you aren't aware that it can keep you going forever. So, think it can keep you energized and it will. The more you use this, the more your body might try to grow up your height or concentrated weight a bit or not unless you exercise it off or think to the energy that you want to be thin or slender. Or, make the thought of, 'I am the shape I was this morning.' Then, 'Stabilize' and, you are as the energy works. The energy balls work as they expand in you and when done they de expand. If that happens, then the shape you are in unexpands and you are sometimes thinner than before. But, you can weaken a bit until you need the strength, then you are strong again.

   Electrical spheres draw from any electricity power source nearby, so use of this is sometimes causing energy blackout. Thats if you enduce too much effect energy. The lava spere can tire you out the longer you use it. So, the lava itself can do what you want it to do, except that it needs a resting period of until you aren't tired, maybe of 10 minutes, after use then your used to it. Unless, you think of your energy and will or think 'spike' to the lava and the energy you have will send itself to the energy sources will double the energy you have. And, your tiredness drops away. Think or speak 'fix' or 'fixed' and it fixes things that went wrong or corrects the source of the problem. Since time is the source, it corrects for all things that you want corrected and leaves the rest you don't want corrected. The thought or spoken 'fixes itself' causes things to fix themselves. Albeit, it may take some time. This includes the fixing of idea misconceptions and overreaction. One thing to remember is to believe in the energy to do work. This makes the effect of what you want easier and quicker than usual.

   When tired, this trick doesn't work too well, except when you work with energy infusions. Enfusion can be useful, as it energizes from the creator and places energy into the body to be used. This induces the energy to goto the skeleton and muscles of the body. The energy induces balance and from that balance is endurance, stamina and strength. You can even get energy from energy snacks or food bits that go through your body energy. And, if you need energy to keep going, then think of this idea as words, 'Every part of my body is energy.' Then, the statement is done by the subconscious, sometimes stating a 'done' will activate it if its not yet active. If you find yourself going at a crawl, then state 'En crawl' and the silver energy comes into you for extra endurance. However, its infinite non the less and ends the tired fits and restores infinite energy. If you are too weighty, 'change weight' makes you the weight you want to become.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time Shift Movement

  Time shifting is easy with energy and enough effort. Just gather energy to yourself and then think of where you want to be or go. Then, use kinetic motion to shift and be somewhere. As you move yourself by moving the body, the time shifts and you go somewhere you think about. This is done by thinking of a giant hand or feeling energy come to your aura. The hand scoops in energy and allows you do anything you thing about. Then if now, when you shift somewhere and the thought is energy that goes to a construct, your thought is when you release the excess energy on shift.

  Time activity an of change is in an eye blink but this may not show up till later. This is because the timed events take some time to rearrange themselves. Sometimes it starts in the head and can end up in physical in activity. If your happy with what you have the urge to change things done, or felt need to cause a shift if perspective is prospective for success in life and if not in thought is not done. There is doner things in life, as think done your thought is not actually dismissed as things exist what is in acknowledgement.

Written by alt akeisha

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time effect

    The time effect is the act of doing things and creating results from those actions. The acts you do can result a shift in perception. The act you do is only perception. Nothing is real except that which you percieve. So, to change time, you think and state or intend the action you do to make a difference. Each difference creates an impact and then that makes influence. The more influence, the more time changes. The more time changes, the more different things are. However, changing time can be as easy as making a suggestion to your subconscious and this makes it create the effect. The effect is what you need and what you need your subconscious makes as though it were intention. If your connection to your subconscious is strong enough, then whatever you say it will do as though you requested it. Whatever you say, it strengthens your mind and then you get a more focused mind. The more focused your mind, the more things might occur. The time effect won't occur in the wrong circumstances. The time effect can create nearly anything.

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