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Monday, March 19, 2012

Shapeshifting revised

 Shapeshifting, this is where you think about the shape and it changes your form by activity that sets it off, sometimes activity you do, that is the active part of the brain..this creates the shift in the body. other times, thinking about the change, that makes the body's based on hormones. it's tingling of the body, that is what makes the change and it's an indicator that you have. look in a mirror then you'll know, especially if you state the intended shape to the mirror, however there is a point that it stops and your body is done with that for now.. So think about that and you will do what is necessary.

  Shapeshifting can be done more easily on the full moon or new moon. But once learned and strengthened, can be done at any time after. Full moon is a time of unlocking and the new moon is a time of slightly lower chances. However, if you link to lava you don't need a full moon.  Lava linking is described later in this article. This shapeshifting isn't for everyone as some people just can't do it.

  Shapeshifting has to be conscious. As you think to shape yourself you transform formations by your inner world that changes, if you want it to to your physical formation occur. Think of the form or shape you want to be, then go into trance mode by breathing in and out while you think of your need that is your intent. Then feel energy as it flows within and outside yourself. Then, will it to change you into that form of choice. Feel the morals flow away from you. What helps it is to decide to change and stating ahm, pronounced ah-m, to get higher energy. The shapeshifting form last for as long as you want.

  The herbs are area aware if someone dies near them thinking about herbs or think to create is what your creating by area herbs or not think to use them. If you use turmeric you restore brain function with ginger or marshmallow root as use is a "pacifier by area feel" think don't, non set then this you see is use by feel to think someone else. See or think to use paprika when you think.

  Thin or become with someone you are to be, seem or create with energy from request. You are aware by feel to what you are or shapeshifted as though a shapeshifter. Think to shapeshift back as you use ginger with paprika, stevia with death or theory is cinnamon keeps shapeshifter or able activity normal or use is by feel the chilli powder is a mask by energy effect. So cinnamon with marshmallow root, hot chocolate no is nitrogen with oxygen by estrogen by two parts with ginger. No energy is there except psychic or marshmallow added to turmeric allows ability by this as no restrictor effect. See ginger with cinnamon is a nono if your tired of it. Think to not go too far.

  This can be taught to anyone. Self practice makes it possible. Anyone can do this with enough actions, and that is anyone whom wants it enough. The more things you do, the higher the ki. The more you attempt the effect, the better you get. This is done by doing actions directed at or with the shapeshifting attempt. For an Q&A and a better method on shapeshifting, look on Blazes guide to shapeshifting.

  Shapeshifting actually occurs when the third eye responds and makes the effect happen. This requires opening your third eye and keeping it open for as long as necessary. The way to open your third eye, is to think its open as you imagine it opening. Then command it to stay open and command it to do what you want. Command is done by thinking what you want of the third eye to the third eye. For third eye practices and more information on the third eye. Read this article on third eye practices.

  What helps this better is to get energy from the earth or space. Then, try to do a linking to lava or space. This is where your imagining a stick figure image of lava or space and yourself. The lava or space infuses you with needed energy. Wait for 5 minutes and then attempt the transform. When you attempt the transform after this, spike it by thinking lava or space and the words 'spiked with 100% energy'. Then, after a week of this, spike it with 500 % energy. After a few days, try 1000%.. and etc. Then, when you achieve the shapeshift, you get the shift easier the next time. You don't have to spike it whenever you want. When you want to speed up the transform, then spike the lava with essence of yourself every 10 minutes.  The speed up point for lava spiking, is at 1000000 %.

  So to give back your unneeded excess to earth is to think your giving energy excess back to the planet, so you ensure that you don't get overloaded with too much energy.  This is to think of earth and state or will, 'I give back to earth the unnecessary excess.'  Afterwards, you should feel purer and have less likeliness of illness. Too much energy has a black look and feel and can cause instability. The body could get a bad reaction to natural stimulus.

  The shift can be shaping yourself as another human as well. You can become another human formation. See if you just think the point to become something or someone and feel the need happen, otherwise feel the need to change your shape then think of the formation. Then the spirit causes the subconscious to make your form into that formation, otherwise you can be shifted to become that form. so think as it does then you shift change.

  The alternative method, with the third eye and spiking, then is: Imagine the third eye opening. Spike the lava. Then, imagine the form you want to be or have a picture or the person right in front of you. Then, say or think 'I choose this form' or  "I want to be this form" and feel the energy flow like water and shapeshift you into that form. The open third eye will cause it. Feeling the energy flow helps the process by opening all your chakra points.

  Be aware, if you have any counter intentions to shifting form. For example, if your afraid you'll get hurt from shifting, then it wont happen. Because, then you hold an intention to stay the same. Don't think you will get hurt, specifically, think you won't get hurt. Spend some time creating feelings of safety and wellness around the experience of transforming. So you would only transform into that person and you would keep your same clothes.

  At first there will be pain, but your body gets used to it. There is no instant result with the first times you try this. There is possibility of it working, the more you try the effect of shapeshifting. The more you try with directed energy, the faster it becomes. You might feel hungrier after your attempt at shapeshifting. So avoid eating after the attempt, for 10 minutes. Until the urge to eat dissipates.

  This is an alternate method. On the ground, a circle drawn. Use the star of david connecting the sides. Have a stone of quartz central. Use candle flame, or bowl of water at each point. This is used as desired. Stand central of the ritual area, behind the quartz stone. Kneel or sit. Press hands in front, and invoke energy into the circle. Using the mind to imagine it lighting up with blue light.

  Now charge the lines of the circle until you feel the energy is sufficient. Then concentrate on the desire of what you want to change into. Go and state aloud, "transformatius opum." This is best manifested under full moon's glow. This will give you the desired form that you decide on getting.


  1. Does it actually work. Ive been looking for a shifting spell or instruction for a while. Everyone I talk to says it cant be done. I think it can. Have you had success personally?

  2. I can already shift :P into almost anything I want, and control which parts change

  3. Can the shift be into another human? And also could someone help me I don't understand the things you said above.

    1. yes it can, you can become another human formation. just think the point to become something or someone and feel the need happen, otherwise feel the need to change your shape then think of the formation and then the spirit causes the subconscious to make your form into that formation or shifted to that form. so think as it does then you shift change.

  4. Replies
    1. As long as you want it to or as along as the moon is full.


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