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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

6 types of empathes

This came from with permission.


 6 Types of Empaths: Which One Are You and How to Make the Most of Your Gift?

Empathy is the gift of being able to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and feel things as if you were them. However, there are several different types of empaths, each of which has a different set of empathetic abilities.

1. Emotional Empath

The emotional empath is one of the most common types of empaths. If you are this type, you will easily pick up the emotions of others around you and feel the effects of those emotions as if they were yours. The emotional empath will deeply experience the feelings of others in their own emotional body. For example, an emotional empath can become deeply sad around another individual who is experiencing sadness.
For emotional empaths, it is important to learn to differentiate between your own emotions and those of others. In this way, you can use your ability to help others without becoming drained.

2. Physical/Medical Empath

Those with this type of empathy can pick up on the energy of other people’s bodies. They intuitively know what ails another person. Many people with this type of empathy become healers either in the conventional medical professions or in alternative ones. Physical empaths may ‘feel’ an awareness  in their physical body when treating someone. They may also ‘see’ blockages in a person’s energy field that they sense need treating.
If you are a medical empath, you may pick up on symptoms from others and feel them in your own body. Taking on the physical symptoms of others may lead to health problems. Some people with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia or autoimmune diseases might find it helps to strengthen their own energetic field so that they can turn this ability off when necessary. Taking some training in a form of healing can also help to hone this ability.

3. Geomantic Empath

Geomantic empathy is sometimes called place or environmental empathy. Those with this ability have a fine attunement to the physical landscape. If you find yourself uncomfortable, or really happy in certain environments or situations, for no apparent reason, you may be a geomantic empath.
If you are a geomantic empath, you will feel a deep connection to certain places. You may be drawn to sacred stones, groves, churches or other places of sacred power. You may also be sensitive to the history of a place and be able to pick up on sadness, fear or joy that have occurred in locations. Place empaths are highly attuned to the natural world and grieve for any damage to it. They watch with horror when trees are cut down or landscapes destroyed
If you are this type of empath, you will probably need to spend time in nature to recharge. You may also find helping in an environmental project very healing for you. It is also important for you to make your everyday surroundings as harmonious and beautiful as you can. You may feel happier if you fill your house with plants and natural scents. You might also like to choose natural materials such as wood and linen for your clothing and furniture.

4. Plant Empath

If you are a plant empath, you intuitively sense what plants need. You will be green-fingered and have a true gift for placing the right plant in the right place in your garden or home. Many plant empaths choose to work in parks, gardens or wild landscapes where they can put their gifts to good use. In fact, if you have chosen an occupation that involves plants, then you are probably a plant empath. Some people with this gift actually receive guidance from trees or plants directly by hearing it within the mind.
If you are this kind of empath, you will already know that you need a lot of contact with trees and plants. You might like to strengthen this bond by sitting quietly by a special tree or plant and attuning more closely to its needs and guidance.

5. Animal Empath

Many empaths have a strong connection with animals. However, an animal empath will probably devote their lives to working for the care of our animal friends. Those with this gift will know what an animal needs and may be able to telepathically communicate with the creature.
If you are an animal empath, you probably already spend as much time with animals as you can. You may find that studying the biology or psychology of animals helps you to refine your gift. You could also consider training as an animal healer as your special talent can enable you to find out what is wrong with an animal and treat it accordingly.

6. Claircognizant/Intuitive Empath

If you are a claircognizant or intuitive empath, you will pick up information from other people simply by being around them. One glance at someone can give you all kinds of insight into that person. You will immediately know if someone is lying to you because you can sense the intentions behind their words. Those with this gift resonate to others energetic fields and read the energy of others very easily. This is closely related to the telepathic empath who can read another person’s thoughts
If you have this ability, you need to surround yourself with people who you feel aligned with. With this gift, you may need to strengthen your energetic field so that you are not constantly bombarded with the thoughts and emotions of others.
Being an empath is not easy. You may find it confusing, disorientating and exhausting. However, understanding which of the types of empath you are can help you to use your gifts and abilities to help yourself and those around you.

Focusing delight

Focusing on the delight you feel then thinking of what you want in life, this creates the point that you need. The point is the idea that you know about and work with, this is thinking to create by the feeling that you get. So think what you want and then eat a delightful thing then you get some result that may be what you wanted.

This reminds me of the time I went to the store without a shirt and had to get one to get to the delightful games. So I think this means things are done with and thought is over, I will do what I need to get what is possible. So I will ciou and farewell till next time, good-bye.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mindless snacking

This is an interesting article I found online, that basically holds some truth to what it claims. Let's see if it holds true for you.

The site is:

I want to know your opinion, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The focus

The area is the focusing point, the place is the thing to work in for effects. The effect is the items you may have. This is the roundabout way to work with the point that you think. WHat I consider I think about, so I know by realization that I am awake and aware as though I had gotten a good nights rest. This is a good suggestion to use that allows you to function, even though you didn't.

This is what I ran across lately that I implemented and worked with by feel. So I know that it works to some degree. This means that I can have something and the point is done by thinking and use of an item. I love ths idea, but I know that I need to use spiritual consideration as well. Where I have something and the spirit can cure the body by use of water. So I think this is apt to get arguement, but who really knows what is in the water unless purified. Anyway, I will ciou and farewell so I will go now.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The four types of light workers

This is reprinted with permission from

The 4 Types Of Incarnated Lightworkers

The 4 Types Of Incarnated LightworkersSome of you might be wondering, who are the lightworkers? Well, this term might be new for you, but it is something that ‘Doreen Virtue’ thinks is very important for understanding the spiritual realm. So let us see what they are-
Lightworkers are people who feel a sense of duty towards the world to spread love, education, healing and greater consciousness.
They play a very significant role in the spiritual advancement of the world. Dr. Doreen Virtue categorizes  them in 4 different earth angel realms.
The earth angel realms are:

1. Incarnated Angels

These people have distinct features such as- heart shaped faces or light hair. They are generally calm, follow rules and are patient.

They usually carry artifacts like angel locket, books etc. Due to their polite nature, they seek work in fields like teaching, counseling, nursing, etc.

2. Incarnated Elements

The incarnated elements can vary a lot in terms of looks. They might have wavy hair, short nose or anything that represents any element of nature.
Their personalities are usually very energetic, they love to play, laugh and have fun.

They have clear affinity for nature and animals. They usually take up jobs like being a comedian, actor or a musician.

3. Starpeople

They took birth on this planet with the mission to spread kindness. The demarcating feature of their physique is their almond or inverted U-shaped eyes.
Males are usually tall and thin. They are intrigued by UFO’s and technology. They often work as an energy healer.

4. Wise Ones

These people have a serious demeanor and are highly intuitive. These include people who in their previous births were witches, wizards, shamans.

They enjoy learning about
the dragons, wizards, mythical eras and so on.

So, these are the 4 categories of Lightworkers. So next time you meet one, try to understand the world from their perspective.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Focusing group

Sometimes you need a focusing group to get a witches spell off, so the difference between a prayer and a spell is the god that they say their need to get effects from by feel. This is the focusing effect, thinking to get something achieved and state your need, where the group can strengthen that effect by their own needs. This is a point in contention, however, if the need expressed goes against the other need and cancels it out. So you know this is a point in effect by feel.

This is a point I think about, when I state the spell effect and use an angel to create the effect. So this is what I do, think the need and state what you want then I get what I need from the source of the ability.This could be an angel, a saint, a god or goddess or thinking the point to create the point that's needed.

This is done with an effect stated, where you could think the effect and get a result. So otherwise think your need and you could get it. My favorite source of activity at the moment is angel haaiah the angel of getting you out of trouble and omael the angel of peace. So I thin k I will farewell for now and ciou. Good-bye.

Friday, August 25, 2017

textual hacks

This is where I am textual and writing reality hacks that effect like orgonne. So think and you know the things you can do.

These are moments that occur by feel with the written text as short description; long description and as always you can use the hacks as reality changers by using the short description and thinking of the long description. This is what I think up sometimes.

Reality; realness is the thought, reality is the point you think you perceive. Changing it is thinking of ways to do things, sometimes outside the box or boxing range.

This is where you name reality. If you want to end this hack, think to name nothing so that you name no reality.

I an none; I have no reality, this is no possessions and no problems, except for the lack of things.

I need some; this is where you lack something and things are sometimes given then as a point. This includes begging or understanding. So don't go I need some when you already have something.

Un prejudice edujice; I think this is the one you live once but that is all. Just to unprejudice yourself. You learn allot, as though you go down a long hall with speeches.

A tour; this is a setup point where you see people learn about the area, then the idea is to learn by speeches if necessary.

Internet; he fixes his internet by feel. This is without tiredness.

Thought; think kindly and go about your business, this is the way of the land.

The win; the win is had by feel for andrew with what is done quick and sure for overwatch or tf2.

The loss; the loss doesn't occur, this is done by creative use and creators luck by feel.

Maintenance; the maintenance on room 14 is done. This is finished up and the room is better than ev r.

Larger sound Tesla coil device; the preparer makes it perfectly with no pressure on him or her. Nothing is wrong with the coil as the coil gets fixed. It won't cause a fire. He can desolder anything easily. He can work with anyone.

Cordel; he comes up with the payment he owes.

This; Mercy is acceptable so things work out between us. I find the right things to say, this is whenever I need to say the idea or point to do.

Reiyel; call this angel to be free from hate and despise. Think to do what is necessary to get things done.

Think; think the point to create the idea and state the concept to make a result. As if "if I think it I can do it." That's how this works. Think the end result to create a point to be done.

The end

The rite of the total eclipse: think to get two red or black long tapred candles. Then on the morning of the eclipse, listen to suitable music.

Think and meditate on doing what you want and then how you will achieve those goals. All the while your to be focused on the candle.

Light the candle. Then say how you want to do things, this is like "may fate do what I will", so you don't have to carve what you need into the candle stem.

Otherwise carve it into the stem as it's lit, and then state the "may fate do things for me as I will or need to have things done."

Of course end the rite by a, "this meditation is over." Thinking to the candle "Hera, make what I need or want to occur by the power of the moon."

This is a rite that's finished as the candle is lifted up to the eclipse, and this is done as the eclipse is happening.

Other things:

In; end or at the end of.

.; Create as you think the need.

Me; me, myself or other people that you don't want or need. Need is otherwise known during a me time.; will end the life of the person that says it. Otherwise going in to an area. me; ends real life as you know it. This effects you in 2.3 seconds.

In.mrs me; ends the female self that you have. Leaves you as a slave sometimes.; fixes the pituitary by energy going through the body. Ends the pituitary me.; ends the fish me in 1 second flat.; ends the woman me in 2 seconds flat.; ends the manly me by feel.; ends the man persona me by feel.

In.little.miss; ends the little miss me by feel.

In.dr me; ends the doctor me by idea or feel.; ends the film director me.; ends the girl me by activity.; ends the boy me by actions or the creator.; ends the creator me as he or she exists.; ends the angel me and all addictions really in the body.; ends the injured body that likes to come out.; ends organs persona.; dissipates off the greed impulse and your need is selfless.

In.aggressiveness; the need to be aggressive and what possesses you dissipates away.; removes the fear me that feels.; removed is the fire me by feel.; starts in acceptance and ends in no me unless necessary.

Out; out of something.; going out side or out there.

Keep; keeping something by feel with what is there.

Keep.things; this keeps things by the feel with what is necessary.; this keeps whomever in what they want kept in. That is unless not necessary.

Leave; leave something behind.; leave it there or not and hope it's used right.

Other idea:

Andrew; being on a game isn't claimed to be cheating. He isn't attacked online.

Eating; I don't eat an byymore, I lose more g to f f. This will be more fun.

Visitors; He or she's in the mood for visitors. He or she didn't change his or her mind about letting people come in to the room, visiting. So he or she accepts me for what I do.

This was the textual hacks section I thought up, so I will see you later and ciou or farewell till next time.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Assertive bill of rights

These are a list of 10 assertive things that you could do with your life.

1. I can work with myself and assess myself.

2. I can disregard or compromise with others.

3. I can judge whether I can help others or do as I must.

4. I can change my mind.

5. I have the right to say I don't know.

6. I have the right to make mistakes and stand up for them.

7. I can be independent of others.

8. I can be illogical during decisions.

9. I can say I don't understand.

10. I can say I don't care.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Expenditures are what create the point, so you say and know the reason for some things that work and some things that don't. Just think about it, the point you spend something is the point you realize that its a possibility, so think of the reason to spend and look at your finances. If you can then you will spend at some point. This is with the idea that you have what it takes to spend and make things work. So begin the game and end it with a point. That is a point you could spend but don't. This is all for the main point in life.

This reminds me that this public broadcast took a turn for the better and the past life noticed it. So I think this is a point for the spend thrift time, spend only if you have to spend and save your money otherwise. This where I would go ciou and farewell till next time, so see ya.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


This is the vendetta, the missing of things that were wanted at the time. Then unwanted after wards so I think I will do this right. I however I was nearby, was not near enough to have taken upon myself things to do that shouldn't be done. So I have not done anything that was wrong, this is in the eyes of the creator. I think that this is amazing as the vendetta is cancelled, I am free of guilt.

This point the past life is speaking of a vendetta brought up, and let go afterwords so I think this means he was free of charges brough by the police. The idea is simple, if you have an idea or vendetta then think it gone and accept it. This is the way of the land. The point remaining is this, what to do after? So often those with a let go vendetta, have nothing to do. This means they risk boredom and things pop up. So in this case go look for opportune moments and create for yourself. This is the idea that exists. So I will go ciou and farewell till next time. Good-bye.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Rite of Total solar eclipse

This is simple, as it occurs, look through viewing glasses or view it online of the eclipse and think to the moon as you state "Oh hera, make things good and working as I need them to work. Use the power of the lunar energy to create what is necessary that I decide is necessary. Thank you oh beautiful moon."

This is the easiest of the clipbook that I have that describes these things, the idea listed within it are modern day idea and in ritual by feel. So I think this is suitable, the last "coast-coast" eclipse was 99 years ago, but we've had total eclipses in the past century. So I will just use what I have and can get wherever I can get things. This will work with me. I think I will ciou and farewell till next time when I talk to you again. Good-bye.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

North Korea

The thought abounds that most would love to not be involved in a war. So lets just use the angel haaiah that gets us out of physical trouble, thinking to not have a war occur and denuclearization happen. This is the point that occurs with peace on earth and world war not happening. The point to do with haaiah is think the name and state the need and you get the result. That is how you do it.

The point this selection makes is simple, you think the need as you think the angel name and you can also get a result or resolve by feel. The idea is the point you do things, the need is the thing that you feel. So I will go now and now say ciou or farewell till next time. Ciou.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Think good

Think good for yourself, then work for what is there for you. That is what should be done and thinking, I think this should last till next time. The timeline is not in trouble as I see it, all it is is usage of a principle. So the point is this, I can do what I need and need what I want, then the need turns into a point that I gain what I want. That is all for the point by now.

This is a reminder for the public to think the good in life to get the best, as I see it it is a little point of the moment. Then the point is made. I need things then no longer need them. That is the way things go. So I think the point is this, the idea is made into existence and as you speak you gain what you seek. So the idea is made by feel. So I will leave you with this thought, and ciou or farewell till next time. See ya.

Some recipe:

mini smores; place in palm of hand after sterilization of the hand: some mini marshmallows and special dark or mini chocolate chips then toss into mouth and eat. Remember its the taste that counts.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Think abjuration

The thought creates the result, state it out loud and you create a result for yourself. This is a point in working and using what is possible, then you know success from what is done. This is a moment of working with what is available, so I think this means work is possible by thinking it is. The idea is a point you know or feel.

The statement reinforces the idea by being a subconscious thought that, once stated, creates what you need by being a subconscious suggestion unless you don't need it. So I think this can if used right, seem used to keep yourself from temptation. So that is basically a rite in the point by statement. This is known as an abjuration or casting, this is done by statement of words with intent to get results. So think your intention and state the result and that's all you need to do.

This reminds me that I have several affirmations myself, that is what a positive subconscious suggestion is. Maybe I can use them to better effect and just by a statement or thought, think to get better results than what I am getting. This is a public reminder that affirmations do work and can be used as a mantra by stating them over several times with music in the background. So I will ciou and farewell till next time. Good-bye.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Think success

Think success and you get successful, this is a point that you are aware and can create the success of your life. The dreams are a guide to your success. So I think the success is the point that you know things then, and work with things such as thinking at a point that you need the idea to occur. This is the success pattern of the rich and successful, adding to this is what they do. They go out there and do what they need to do, this is with thinking to get the job and that they are done. They are in and working by feel, so think and you know what to do.

This is of my past life that I was aware of and I think this information guarantees you a successful idea to come. I think communication is important so that you understand what really goes on. So this is what I mean to get today. I mean to get a point of communication and thinking, so that's done by feel. This is the end all solution to what I need to occur, but if it doesn't happen then it doesn't matter as it was just a jesture in the right direction anyway. So I will go now and ciou with a farewell till next time. Good bye.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Think big

Think big and you get big results, this is for money, wealth and idea you spread about. What you think you may do, you can do and seem innocent for today is the moment you think your unaffected. That is unless you intend to hit someone, so if you think to create the point of fame then you can credit only yourself with the results.

The end all idea for this is that most don't want the fame, they just want to be able to do things. So I think this past life quote is nothing but erroneous. If I had to quibble it down more, I would think of what, why and where and then think of the reason to work with things. So that is all for now as I know by haaiah the angel, things will go my way. So ciou and farewell till next time, good bye.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Extra credit

This is an idea of reality jacking, like plug something in and think of a place or an area that you can do things in for effect. Then focus and create by feel.

If not needed, then the point is done and things are as they are. This is where your aware and things happen that you order, or not anything happens.

When done, unplug the jack and the feel is the thing that alerts you to area activity, so listen and you know what will come. Think of what you want and the third eye creates it if you need it to do things.

You could even do some reality changing by focusing on what you want and creating by statement or thinking about things to create them.

Losing jinx; the losing jinx ends here and there.

Chris; he Chris does mind me, Lafayette terry jr, for this is what I do.

Medical idea; I know the correct medicine or herbs to use, that are able to mimick a shot that cures schizophrenia.

Technophobia; I no longer have technophobia or technological phobia any longer. So I will carry on with what I was doing.

The exit; the exit shifts you out to be near your designated vehicle, or the alley area that's safe for you out back by feel. That's if you or I need to shift near it.

Kim Jong Un; By the angel haaiah he loses his nuclear missiles by them exploding and even as they're made, and he can't get more of the material to make the missiles. He doesn't loose them on the world. He gets what he deserves.

Game; reverse unluckiness to luckiness.

Holey spirit; the creator's spirit that is solid and very much not needing a religion to work with by idea. This works by looking through a holey stone, or thinking energy through the hole of a holey stone. Then accepting what comes.

Dr appointment; they have a shot and medicine today ready.

Success; I am successful and can create wealth with what I want to do. Things go well.

Cherry squares; they are a success and not burned.

Tf2; Andrews team wins and Andrew wins his games by feel.

Richness; I get rich off of doing things for people, the idea is simple: think to earn and give to the right idea, invest or put money to save money and then you gain more money than you spend.

Coming and going; I can come and go without worry and there's no danger of assault.

Moving; I will move out as I can move, this is where things end for here, I think it's easier if I had a job though. So no surprised moments will occur.

The end; the end is no surprised moments with no surprises. So I think I will ciou and farewell till later.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The burrito

The burrito is an idea to do, think about it as its food and scrumptious and very nutritious. The variety I talk about is this type I get, beef and cheese or beef and bean. They are both very good. All you need is to heat the burrito up in the microwave, then cool it quickly for 4 minutes in the freezer. That's it and all that's necessary.

I think this made me hungry today for a burrito, the past life has a certain expertise when talking about the burrito. This means that their is no problem so leave it alone till ready. This is a point to remember. So ciou and farewell till next time, good bye.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

physical healing

There is such a thing called physical healing, this is with the peace of mind that you have when you work with others and try not to bother them too much. The peace of the moment adds to this, so I think as well that things will work out and people will get along, even if not well I believe that things will work out in the end. So physical healing comes from the body suddenly perceiving the peace of mind that can come from a peaceful moment. That much is true, however you think of things thought is what is done.

This was a reminder from my past life that came to bear fruit and I remembered it by feel. This allowed me to heal up by what I could do, then the moment is what chance I had with the thought that abounds. This isn't the random idea that comes to me, this is the idea or thought that exists if you think it does and only when you need it to exist. This isn't a private thought that you don't need to read it, so I think I will ciou and farewell for now so this is till later. See ya. Enjoy your peace.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Post mortem

The post mortem idea is already here for a past life, I think he or she, I couldn't tell, is about to die by accident. The means up to his or her subconscious. The idea is simple, I think it and it happens the moment that is necessary. That was his or her belief, so I think the idea is done and over with by now. This is an idea to do for now, think or state what you want and things will work themselves out to create what you want. This is a past life recapitulation.

This came from my past life, I think he was talking about someone and I perceived the basic idea that was just described. I don't know how accurate it is, so I think and things create themselves to make what you want is a belief of mine. This is all in from a past criminal life, so I will ciou and farewell till later.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good idea

Good grooming
Allows us to be good neighbors. Enjoying each other's presence. Thinking to get along. I try or you try and we succeed.

This is with picking up on those things that should be picked up on or think not to do before you do them. So you don't get in trouble. This is so you aren't a target. I am with the whole idea and is thinking to get along with others. Done.

Walking exercise
Walk 5 to 6 times a week for 45 to 1 hour each day with no breaks. That burns 500 to 700 calories per 45 minutes to hour and that burns 1 to 2 lbs per week. Eat 4 to 5 meals, with 150 grams of carbs per day for 1cup rice, 1 cup oatmeal or potato otherwise dark green vegetables.

Think of an appropriate use and you can use this, too. The effect of taking a hot or very warm bath to use heightened heart pacing; this is exercise that causes less weight on the body for 5 mi utes.

This usually works if you can do things with a bath and not a shower, so do what you want to do with things sometimes done by feel. Think "People aren't bothered by what I do. So this doesn't matter." Then this really won't matter.

Cleaning skills; lemons with baking soda or white distilled vinegar cleans the surfaces. Otherwise, you may feel like using white distilled vinegar, baking soda, water and a little dish soap in a squirt bottle.

Knowing things
To clear depression is cleaning the environment around us, eating right and sleeping correctly. If we take care of ourselves and there's a good impression. Think about things or feel your way and then we are gone.

Be observant and know what's going on around you, think of things to do and work to make things better.

This is with thoughts from a past life that followed a Dr. Fuhrman.

So I will ciou and farewell till next time. Ciou.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Think and do

Think and do what you feel is right, this is an ideal rule to or these idea set as reality hacks.

As always, the reality hack is done by reading or thinking the point and deciding to create it somehow, even if it's by spirit influence.

This could be reading a point with a short description and a long description, separated by ; (the non logical and) and you use the short description as you think the long description.

This is what I came up with:

Game play; Andrew will play a game by feel with what is there.

He; he thinks to work with what is there to create with the idea to do. No stress is there to react to by feel. This is thinking to do what is necessary.

She; she thinks to make with working by what is needed to be done. She does what is needed to be done.

End; the end of the moment is the idea that is wanted. The weight is not gained back. Usually by walking.

Other things:
Think; you do things then intuitively you are knowing in feel or thought and do what you think is best.

Killer jinx; the curse that keeps coming back and causing killers is ended. Things are normal and without the killer jinx.

Haaiah; the angel of balance and light. This angel can bring you out of a bad situation. I think she can make you appear as young as 24 and thin, that is if you need to appear so youthful.

So quit; smoking? Quit already, it is a nasty habit to get into. Deny by feel the need. The need is not there to do.

Think; think what you like, then you might get the point.

Focus; think to focus your will to create what you will to exist.

Create; relax, lets get to know each other and if a new experience, you can create a new reality for yourself.

Medicine day; So on the next shot day they have the shot and medication on time. That is all for now.

Bananas; I get enough bananas by feel.

bad luck jinx; The bad luck jinx ends now, this is by the creator and haaiah the angel.

The message jinx; the message jinx that causes the similar message or messaged idea to come to the phone is ended, this is the end of the point. Enjoy yourself. Ciou.

Other idea:

Companion; We can have a companion. We can choose the temperament.

Irish parfait; this will be made by Andrew and me. Hope it's good.

Thesis control; the thesis is based on control of oneself to work through others and create what you think to make better things work out. This is powered by haaiah the angel. This is in an effort to make things better for all.

Thesis allocation; allocate or allow them to relocate by feel, this is allowed by what you think to do.

This I think or know, that is what you know is by what you realize or know about. So think or realize what you want and it is there sometimed. Be careful what you in specifics ask for.

Gaming; by haaiah he or she wins by feel. So we won with no pressure. However I act as if not influenced. I will not have played if it will be bad.

Return; I think I will return now and make it seem as if nothing bad will happen. The bad luck streak ends now. This will be interesting since I know what will happen.

Allowance; I will allow what will come and as it suits my purpose, so I will an go and do what I need to do.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Family life

Family is okay, but what if I was just alone and most of us were with loved ones. I would say this would be different, think alike for the benefit of the doubt. I think this means I will be going to get my shot today, so I will find a way to deal with the loved ones. I think the moment is done with what may be. So I will leave this alone for now.

This is is a reminder to me on this day another shot day, to get along and work with others by feel. This is a point of reconsiderance for now so I will do what needs be done to get along with life. I will now ciou and farewell till later.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

An immediate end

This is an idea to think about, its the point you die and relieved your memories, this includes the end of phone tag. This is where you think to create a better idea, and find an immediate end to the point where they no longer seek your services. So I expect things to get better or no longer worse. This is the end of the day though. Your normal end of phone tag is early in the morning. So I don't expect much else.

This was a point from my past life that I was aware, and I am aware of things to come. So what am I aware of nowadays? The point that doom will come upon all of us and we have only a few options. So I think we should be aware of things, as they stand, and do things as they can be done right. This is all for now and so I will ciou and farewell till later, seeya.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Thinking joist

This is the joist or thinking point that you work to put better, think to work and you get a point to do. This is the joist itself, the idea is the concept that you create and work to make work by the feel. So the point is the done deal, the idea is the thing that is actually done and not what you think was done.

This was a reminder to me one day, then things turned normal. I was aware of so much yet so many concepts start out by the feel, only they end in the moment you think they do. So I think they are aware, and I am aware and things are working out. This is the reminder of the day. So I will ciou and farewell till next time.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Interest point

Think things are going to be peaceful, then they are with peace. This is the general rule of thought.

This is the idea: The interest point you might say, but by leave of acceptance for what is said I thank you for your basic idea. If you accept it, then that's good enough.

The point you might get off from this is think as you like, you get what you want. Think what you need and the need is felt, then the point is either given or ignored.

This is how orgonne works, the machine is the idea, where it's the energy generator and you think the need. The energy does the idea you think by your thoughts guiding the moment. That is how some things can spike in energy by feel if you think to the point to create the moment. Stop when you feel its not that fun or important to do.

This is what I came up with:

A game; He or she wins his games. This is with or without any pressure or stress.

Games; I win what games I play, this is with no pressure or stress.

Printing; I can print for 10 cents a black n white copy sheet, 50 cents a color copy sheet.

Fear; I fear noone by feel. Yet I use wisdom and caution by idea or activity. I do not fear intimacy any longer.

Idea; I am and do what is in idea unless not necessary.

Chris m; whatever keeps me here no longer keeps me here, this is if I wish to go and Niagara falls does not keep me coming back here.

This is a short ceremony that was done on a certain day, and can be done by two or more people.

On to the other ceremony:

The cleansing on focus and then use of essential oils will naturally complete this one. This begins with one and ends with many.

Other things:

The angel of communication; ihaal consaen is useful for communicating with others what you need.

Ihiin highn saen; this is insider area by authority with what creates.

The end; the end of the rite, where you focus upon the four corners of the room with a lit smugding sage stick.

Other idea:

She; she gets better. Things work out for her. She is more balanced.

Overwatch; Andrew wins the game and his team improved. He's not pushed into alcoholism. Things get easier, he loses interest in alcoholism. He doesn't keep dying, whatever hero he chooses. Alcohol doesn't effect him by feel.

Bad luck; the bad luck ends now, there is no more bad luck. The right people are chosen. His or her losing streak is finished. He and she wins their games.

Inspection; Andrew and I passes his inspection with or without my help.

Car deal; cordel makes a good deal. Andrew returns and lets me in without pressure and doesn't feel tired.

Black star David bowie; get the album. Work things out.

The exchange; exchange the need of alcoholism for better magic as a sacrifice. So he thinks to go and he does better, this is done even though he doesn't think to win or lose. He acts as though he gets enough sleep.

Objective; Andrews team gets their objective. They get their win everytime. Overpowered characters that are against you aren't any longer. The play of the game is showing normal things. Things you do allow you to win.

Visiting; Andrew comes over and opens the door to let me in and I can visit with him. This can be caused by a symbol drawn to do what I need. So if you had water or fire nearby, think near the element that it forms the effect of what I want. Then that is all I need to do. You can enhance the moment with lit candles if you want to go so far. But, this usually does what I need.

So this is as though a candle were lit. The right suggestion were made at the correct time to do what I want or need. This is not used against me. If it were used against me, then he or she will stop.

Mae; she gets over her anxiety and the anxiety never reappears. Things work out for her as she does things.

Relaxation; relaxing is fun yet nothing to do, so this is done for passing the time. So I will go and do what I need.

The end; the end of the moment is matching a point and doing things to make work with what is possible.

Ciou; so I will ciou and farewell till next time. Seeya.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I think payments should be done in a timely manner, thinking of the time you make a payment if you can. I see that this is not easy sometimes, but I believe that things will work themselves out. I can see the use in allowing the paying point. The idea is the point and the point is made up.

This is a concept to work with by feel, if you don't have it don't do it. That s what I learned the point exists for and people can allow you to get off of. So if thinking works out I will be all paid up. As I think the point is made already, I believe I am creating with this in idea. So I will ciou and seeya till next time.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Normal things

Today is all about normalcy, if you think about it then you know that you can act better and work with normal points of view. This is the point in fact of the idea, this is the fact that created is the point so you can work with things better. That means this is a point to your favor to work with others and not against them. So what I think does matter if you think it does, think about things in the long run. That is all for the point of view.

This reminds me to work with others and create things by idea, if the idea is worthwhile then I might do things for the person. If not then I might attempt things to do other effects and this means I will do what I need best. So I will ciou and farewell till later, seeya.

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