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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Buraks metaphysical rant

   For those that claim that metaphysical energies don't exist because they have failed to prove their existence trough experimentation; the simple fact that an experiment being subject to the modern tools and receptive apparatus' is enough reason to conclude that these energies simply can't be perceived using our technology or that the traditional science doesn't include an experiment that would bring out the conclusive evidence.

  A primitive experiment the said skeptic puts into action is a simple object being put on the table in front of a said practitioner of telekinesis\energy working and ask him to move the object using these energies at his disposal. The practitioner focuses on the object and the object doesn't move, proving the skeptic right.

  Now the proof here is only self declared because of the fact that by comparison we can all experiment that there is almost no physical energy that can move, lets say, a wooden object either. Take electricity for example. How much would it move if you connected 2 cables of several volts into a wooden object? None. Even if you decorated the wooden object with serious measurement tools of electricity, there would still be almost no output since the wooden object is not conductive.

  So how smart is it to directly apply direct telekinetic notions from a single doubting mind towards an object that is not know with its ability to receive or react to these energies, let alone being able to determine this reaction by having the right tools to do so? Is this the right way of measuring metaphysical energy, since its not even the right way to measure a very definitive energy like electricity?

  Many things are not conductive, making it impossible to witness direct current by using only these objects. Many objects are conductive which made it possible for us to discover the energy of electricity. Some objects are semi conductive which causes electricity to show a different effect on different matters that are observably effected by it.

  The effectiveness of an energy on a single type of object using a single type of method or energy can't be a definitive experiment. Some objects could be totally immune to it. Hell the fact that almost every object being immune to react or show these energies in a direct manner might be the core reason for being unable to perceive these energies on the daily life to begin with, like many organic objects being semi-conductors having resulted in the discovery of direct current to take several thousand years.

  Does heat have the same effect on every object that it comes,in contact with? Different kinds of objects have different conduction or radiation of heat levels, some not doing it at all if the heat is not enough. Cold is the absence of heat and it can't be measured without having a certain amount of heat in the measurement tools or the environment. Should we declare cold an energy too, since its observable?

  Or should we discard static energy because we cant measure it without implementing kinetic force on it? What if we didn't know about kinetic energy, would that mean static energy didn't exist as well?

  What if for example we haven't yet discovered the technology to forge the materials that happen to be conductive? We would have never discovered electricity. What happens when you implement a high degree of heat in a very short time to a cube of ice? Nothing. Can that be used to prove or disprove the existence of heat energy?

  So just the fact that we are trying to directly use the metaphysical energies on matters doesn't mean that these energies don't exist. And the amount of the observable output (telekinetic energy has been measured by using very delicate tools but the amount is so small that it is counted as insignificant) being too small doesn't mean that it doesn't have any effect. After all if you can lit a candle and apply it on a piece of rock it wont do anything, whereas it would burn a wooden object.

  But I wont deny the fact that large amounts of any energy mostly have an effect on almost everything. For example you cant move a wooden object with a bit of electricity but you can turn it into crisp or even blow it up with a larger amount. I only say that we having less ability to transmit huge amounts of telekinetic energy doesn't mean that it wouldn't have *any* effect. Or doesn't mean that these things don't exist to begin with.

  Also we can make an electronic motor and attach wheels on a wooden object and *move* the wooden object using the electric energy. But directly applying it can't be compared to this. This also shows that we simply don't know the right method to apply, the same example, kinetic energy on an object to make it move.

  So its all a matter of finding the right method to apply it and the right tools to put it into effect. Actually energy workers already claim that they have the right tools to observe these energies, just not all of them are able to be converted into telekinetic energy.

  So yeah, experimentation goes as far as the technology to do so. Before that point only exists philosophy and that's what we use anyway. Don't let skeptics and realists confuse you! Reality only goes as far as invention! If you told a man from 500 years ago that his body is made up of countless tiny animals that are producing acid, he would laugh at your face too.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The stable instability

  This is where you create an instability in something to create more energy and potential. Basically, choose a target and this can be a target. Then, think its instable and send energy through the target thinking iit. Then, draw energy from the target by touching it. Then as its instable, you get allot more energy. You may need to repair after your done. Think, 'repair' at the target and they repair themselves and remain in a state of stable instability. Due note, under stress, the target may break down more easily. This is due to chaos. Due to the need to allow them to keep their energy. Don't draw energy from them and allow it to build in them. That way, they get allot more powerful.

  Sending the object power makes it becomes more powerful. Then, it tends to break down more easily. That is the instability, the ability to work right. Same for people. You can use the instability in a person to let the person's mind go. Know when to stop doing it as it is potentially disasterous. When to stop, then, is when they stop reacting normally to things bodily or become unstable mentally. The point when their mind starts to break down is when you can go too far with the technique. So, even if you missed the earlier signs and you must observe them to catch them, then you can stop then, safely.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The natural flow of energy

  Energy is Everywhere in time, if you have the presence of mind to realize it. What you do with it is up to you. This energy can flow and stop at intervals. The important thing is you can program it by thinking and stating things with need and your thoughts act like intent. When it does things it flows to the area and your need that is programmed into it is done. Your words can direct it. The subconscious can gather it, and make it do things. So, your thoughts can direct it by the subconscious manipulating it. You can add energy to the flow by physical activities. However, it stops when there's a blockage somewhere. This block is overwhelmed when energy builds up and forces itself past the block. The blockages can form when the objects in the area interfere with the flow of energy. However, this is the basis of Feng Shui. The placement of objects and getting better results by the energy flow.

   However, there is what can and can't be done. There's just some things that the universe will work with you on, and some that it won't. Those are usually greedy goals. The universe does not want you to be a petty tyrant. That doesn't mean it'll stop you from doing a money spell, but it will pack nowhere near the same punch. They go 'against the flow'. It's like trying to move a mountain, versus trying to shift a river. One will fighting against the wills of all the billions of other souls on this planet. If some others are in agreement, it is like the river. But, if others stand firm in opposition, then it is like the mountain. 'Make me ruler of the world' is like the mountain. 'This person needs help - i Wish for them to be helped' is like the river. Your soul moves with theirs, and with those of the people who agree with you, toward that goal.

   This is like magic, the most that magic is, in such a situation, is the channeling, the agreement, the activation. Some of the universe's energy is already free-flowing around it, wanting to be put toward that goal. But until somebody perceives the direct, intentional application of those energies in a way that is something other than purely wishful thinking, then it may send good vibes, but it will not be a precision effect whatsoever. Perception is like the key that opens the universe. But, there is so much more than that. You can effectively DECIDE which way the future will go.

  You just won't know shit about the details unless you want or need to. Then, your subconscious provides the details. We are all one, all of these earthly souls, human animal plant insect and microbe, form the unity. As such, you would probably guess that one will screaming something out, would have less than 1% of the impact required to achieve a massive result. But, that is not the case if there are scores of others who wish for, as the same thing is the moment you think you get a reason. Think in concept to use as reason is, as to seem in felt earth sensation your vibes are what use there is.

   It's a weird reversal - the way that we all operate within the whole of the universe, separate and equal, and yet it also operates through us. You can make your decisions hold more weight, you can leverage your magic in ways that makes it more effective despite a lack of agreement... but there's still some things that the universe will disagree with. That god/tao/whatever-else will fight against, And, hell, you can even win over those. But, that is not an advisable effort. The key is to feel yourself connected to that great glowing expanse of energy beneath your feet and the vast infinity above your head, for all is one. And after that, the trick is to feel yourself flowing with it. And the kicker is to feel as though you are the only one who is flowing with the energy. Because in reality you are. There's countless other spirits, other intents, other flows of energy... but all is one. And another thing. If your own goals are tainted by a lust for power, a greed of money, a wrath geared toward revenge, etc etc etc... that is what makes us flow separately from the rest of the unity.

   To finish up, we have this quote from anonymous, "All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves. Now, here's Tom, with the weather." It's one thing to read an article and believe that you understand and another thing entirely to experience.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dream magic

  This is thinking of the dreams you have and using wrought magic to make them real and blood is not real as this is in effect that you art and do. What you art and can in a corpse seem to murder if you used necromancy that you prove this and are capable of what you are thinking not of doing, as you do you acknowledge as you dream. The wrought blood ritual is what you are incessant about, and yet for a gate to show you use fire weaving in a pattern as you are thinking in thought and doing in the mind a pattern dance and think of doing the idea of which uses your blood as energy with the thought wrought you are possible to seem, as you get what thinking is necessary in privy to information. As your not a point to do, as in a point you make is in to create as you want or do things to what you will.

  As you dance the dance your fear pattern emerges, as this is done then you are dealing as you are thinking about things and shifting to the acknowledged root. As another in an conclusion work that is based on instinct and worked by guidance in intuition, from insight as though in concept your will is concept in energy. Nothing worse can happen under the disguise, as things in thought in that you want you are not doing, an the blood wrought magic will do instead as you are able in ability and tings you want are done. The warning of this is if any abuse or any emotion is thought as you do things with the risk of what you do and this is done then you do as you can to dare not and you are wanting to go do things then, don't ever do the worst case scenario in your head.

  As you do  get the urge if thought of emotion is bade, then "think not do" as calamity is resolved and to do this thing. This is to do and get things to do, as you get what you mean out of life you calm down to do what is thought you think. Then the thought is due, as if in a moment of a moment done and thoughts come to be done and things calm in mind. Calm being and animal passion, is what is there this can calm the soul spirit and this takes you away to make you what is thought as you want to be and you are now in this. Not any thought of what may seem, in this or any other life exists as this is true your other life lives and blood wrought magic can shift you back deem you safe for all eternity.

  As love or not you are deemed dead, or other people in life that and this is what you remember what is then life. If you died you become, and you are as if never born and this is done to seem written this is as though thought is evidence and you are no longer in a blood idea as the realization makes your reality to seem as though normal and your wrought mind is calm as ice as though thought was done and nothing bad happened. You are not amiss as time resets itself, as this is done and though thought on a blood wrought moon and you are as you were.

  As this is to nought, why do anymore as dark energy is at risk this can become damaging as it is in thought in done moments. As belief becomes real, and life becomes visible an thus life is death you can be a victim of your own death that is the price of blood wrought magic if a victim is killed the price is blood and once thought gone is your monster that is born. This is a monster that forms, of madness which and of you and becomes you in a moment you are enraged.

  If you do not kill due after a blood wrath moon wrought by moment and then you shalt bring life to a lost life thought lost and if you are due nought as free of thought you are benign to all. This is thought in life that you do, as you are wrought with blood get rid of the stain as you do as though thought right. This will end the moment you kill, as the second kill you will die by what you kill by night. There in the moment is the nought of what you do, as you are free of resolve you are undoing what you killed, innocent or not you are but a pawn to the fate that lives. The theory is this, as you are due resolve you are done with life, and you are what you think as though are a concept and not in due thought then the thing is done as the bidder becomes the bidden and things you thought are not done and due no more you are what you to think as all wrong is undone.

  The thought of life in a conception is what of one warning, the thought of life in abuse is another, and the thought of what you battle is the third. There is nought but a bad deed after as you are but thought and travel is with no ease as if burdened you are what is in thought and only an illusion you kill in you are but nothing to them who are your own. As when you die you shall be born and be but a monster reborn. Here's the dweoma thought, here's the motion and you are done what frees you from your fate is what you do, as you are doomed to fall if only to get free and do you need, then magic is done on a clear free night of a full moon. As this is what you are in thought, you are a monster in thought and turned by the belief in your self are yourself. So may it be.

  You are dead but once and yet a dhampire in reborn state. Then, the thought is nought but a concept of a vampire as they control, and you due in intelligence not beat from animalism and thought is due resolve and figure out time and the victim is that you love or live for as with what you dare do you can only choose to live as any violence done is done as though thought of what you did kills them instead. This is but one wrought magic ritual in the book of lore that is once thought burned by the church. As yet there are more, you are but a thought in what you kindly consider in lost art. This thought, is undone by art lost recovered as art is magic you are living in the art as proof that even this can be undone. And never be more thought of as a monster, that is in thought and nothing more than a thought as that which is born that is in need is what was once and once again a born child thought dead and once monster no more, as the idea is surrendered to this is as though you are who you were as this is thought you are as thought you are as you were and always as you were thought to be a normal human that once was once surrendered to the faery evil not retributive reborn.

  As the concept is use the thought the idea is making, this may seem a pattern match as you are gone and as you are though walking this is done through the entry and thought place become real as you are the thought of what you saw as a living memory there is illusion illuminated in blue, and thought is activity and things are what they seem as you do what things are intelligent need done. The blood wrought moment is a scene in mind, as the monster in you can not form in need to get help, in the effect otherwise you can release the killer in you is the effect that makes the monster moment and is not seen to the eye of man as it is hidden. As else, if you have other idea to do with blood magic, then you get that effect instead. As this is a root dimension, that isn't blood then you are safe from suspension and live within as reasoning use is within reasonable usage is a ease of use done. The idea is what you think as things are thought about, as thought is what you are and doing is perceiving, things such as what you do is none as you are done. You survive differently, live differently, so may it be or not as this may be nought done.

  Enevitable in blood wrought essence is the use, to nulle abuse or other things as you can not be effected by jedi thought. As you where you are by the subconscious mind in jail for what is not wanted, and seen not is thought that you want to be seen and that is there. As natural reaction is a scene of denial, then don't acknowledged and the denied monster you release by violent reaction. This is as though dead in thought, and in this idea you are frought with peril and dead by what attacks you as believable results are believable in by in thought motion considered in action.

  A thought of what you do is what, you believe and when your dead you are gone as what you don't want you then can do and with thought attacking what else in thought of dimensions and this only is in thought perceived. As clairaudience that is turned on by thought and turned off by thought. That  can setup what  you believe, is what you get as you are believed to be then is real to the mind of the believer as the eye of the beholder is what you in and in idea you are dead.

  Mind over matter makes with thought thaumauturgy, or not as decided in tought moment by what you do and then brought up as illusion is intended to seem there. There is the thought that you are not here, as you are dismissed from thought otherwise, stop and desparation forms fire thought as you thinking about what you sear and think thought and it happens, the fire tongue by the word spoken 'Dweomer of that Nevyn that is to be mine as this is mine' can make quickly what you speak or  as you are seen near the area do not and walking away and this is reuse invisibility to some as you are thinking to study over and done.

  And watching as demons come and go, and when struck red energy happens and the red mists are there and you are a dhampire as you go hunt and slaughter isn't done as invisibility happens to cloak you as the people that should not see you are in seeing something connected to you as though a watcher as though thought is done or not as you say nothing and disappear from what is thought in in struggle by thought ability through a demonic destiny gate. The demon is a monster named Demona that without slaying in mind you are killing the criminal as known as the code of the despiser made by the demon Ogdar.

  The wrought magic is making efforts and things that you use are energy to use as what you are intent on doing and using the subconscious to manifest is what seems as though the dream a lich can think on. This is the effect of doing activity and using spells to create the real dream. An example to use your subconscious to make wrought magic, is to think of the dream, feel the need for the effect and think of or state 'create' as the intent word. This is easy with an open mind. To end a wrought dream, think of the dream that is reality and state or think 'end' with the intent to end it and nothing more bad can happen.

  This is a concept of what they fear of responsiveness in nature, of what you do is that in thought and is not to be feared and this is the thought of what is to seem real or not to be real. The fear gaze is yet another one of the aura ritual effects. That isis is use of weight to energy and made is what you seem as you in their mind that can seem to be needed. The fear gaze is then what, you need by intended will and you think fear to them as you gaze into their eyes and there is no reasonable response in you to them as their mind perceives them in you you generate fear as energy and reasonableness and this is fear itself as then your thought is fear in generated nature.

  Stop when your randomizing fear as their will is reaction and reactive to your aura as though thought makes them run away, as them your in their mind and as then you not in an idea to not take what they give as you are nothing but invisible. Your subconscious will, help the desperate soul out and you are what you need to be. There if in thought you are to think of the desperate thought from what you see, and you are what your in mind to seem and as cast is gone. Use the idea of what you think, and think wrought fear and put it through the aura.

  You won a soul and you lose a value of something you don't like as you are getting there you remember this, and you are casting fear forth. Whenever planetary fear or nought but what is there, you feel what this is as you try this, you do and you are doing thing as you thing in to scare and you do only for the desperate. The sought moment is there, as you get idea to do you feel what happens that triggers the response and you fear none but make. Use the fear and when you get the fear responsive nature their will is turned in on them and they in fear you as though thought of death.  Stop thinking of what you do in their minds and this feat of fear is removed from them as the subconscious removes all incidences done

  Death fear is when you are in thought as you fear swoop of a person by someone as disturbing as death seemed to be warmed over there as you imagine the scythe swoosh through you, you imagine holding a scythe there in your mind is no death that can touch you. As you die you come back and you are in there with a death scepter as the clue is that you pee in the pants or sorta do else and do death illusion. Casting forth from the mind that you claim back from the object you touched in mind and nought else.

  Thei does this very easily as you are death and holding still as you are death no more as you assume a stance you are easily due resolve thrio is used to move to another dimension that all together you are whole in mind and body that is what creates the illusion as defeat death and you undo your demise every time and their mind perceives death your thought is their thought as you think of and you get information, you get their information. Stopping this is what is the disappearance and as you leave you are alive as dead and death is warmed over a hot stove of stew which my brother paul made one day.

  There is no christian love or loss as you are in dead starting to become alive, as this is the moment you are doing a stage act. You are doing things, of what you were wont to do as eddy is tied and you are to the ground. You produce a were reaction. As their is nor wood you are good to go and you get away. You are gone as you run as then no more daniel or chris and gone you are. Thee are dead not more as you are were and cosmic in motion as cosmio serves in your need you are done. In a moment you are done you are in yourself, and your able and more willing to do as you do.

  Their will is done and your in your mind as the mind, as your in mind and doing things and you are doing things by something served up you are released. Their is no concept after this as you were done way before your time. As you release the staff, you are struck dead where you stand and you are in a dead and fully alive where you are alive in truth. Trick and treat as you want with this as its a parlor trick. And, if you don't want the killing, gaze go on as you are as you defeat death and the scythe disappears as you are yoyo usage. Their is a will and a way so write it and death is done as this is ending as the end is shown in real life and their way is not changed if foe is defeated as this is done as dealt blow makes you unconscious and you wake up untouched with the last blow a failure.

  Their will is done for you are their threat and their will falters according to the way of what you think as this is exposed to what you are pojecting at them as their will is deflected back at them win is lose as they figure out your ploy and this is what wylle come.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gaming effects

  This is where you get games to do what you want and the energy you work with does it. Its simple, think of what you want for your intent, need it and then play. The game responds to your will and intent. Then, it will happen by the subconscious doing things to create that effect with the game itself. This even works with videos and movies. The thinking of being there and doing things there. Then, needing the effect and this acts like an intent. The intent is acted on by the subconscious and the effect is done. An example of this is to think of needing a level boost, then need it and play. The subconscious can fully manifest the boost and makes the game respond to your will. Try not to jinx the game by causing quirks in game play. These are the moments glitches can happen.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Alternate Game of Life

  This is idea taken from The Elder Scrolls series and it is unique to its own way of gameplay.


   To start off with this game effort is the focus as thought in an inclination, as there is use or skills, abilities and levels this game isn't for the thought to use and win as you attack, things used is for the use to learn, discover and get better results in life to hurt by purpose the criminals in an act. The skills are what you learn. When you use your skill as if use is skill to gain the use in ability think in a point and the ability will come with energy thought in purpose.

  The ability is where you get results. The ability is measured by how much result per actions that you do. The ability goes up the more you do with your skill. The skill makes the ability so there is positive actions and negative actions. The positive actions push up the ability which are done by doing the right things to do with the skill. The negative actions are the wrong things to do with the skill.

   The skills are many, but the actual skill is the ability to get things done. Whatever you apply your skill to, you get results for it. Even no result is a result that says you need but try again. The skills even include magic. The ability is what you think it is and with others input.

  Magic metaphysics

   This is use of metaphysics and using the elements to get results and magic is counted as a meta skill.

   The nature of metaphysics is the basis of all magics and physics and can be considered metamagic or metaphysics based in empirical science.

   Emperical natural science, To those who observe facts can make free standing thesis laws till disproven. Often getting nowhere in the end till added with those of scientific basis. The spiritual laws work with metaphysics or natural laws that underlie science. It works with set conditions or cluse as is the clues you see and several cluse allows for a basis or how one thing reacts. Science works with physical laws based on physical interaction and to not destroy unless necessary or to create something better. In combination its to use natural observance corrected by feeling and understanding in examples by theories and correct with philosophy for explaining why.

  In compliance to cluse of empirical laws of metaphysics, we can make a strict law of general observance with both sides to reflect, the physical law with the empirical law for use as a example. A rule is a set example or law that can be gotten around by changing the conditions that were set for the law to work. With this rule in place you can use physical laws in spiritual lands. So to set the law of a varied conditioning representing a single effort with scientific and spiritual basis, makes it allowed in this case.

 Example 1: a clinical case cannot be founded on facts alone, the case has to have guidance by some philosophy to be correct.
 Example law 2 is "A setback of information can be reclaimed by doing things over or make use of the backup, but if no backup or hostile reactions to your claims, your not likely to succeed if consequences are against."

   Depictions of a theory or opinion is to claim information is true, with two or more similiar opinions, the basis is true unless the opposing view is to not accept. There is nothing in endless conclusions so empirical science fails in physical world but succeeds if combined with scientific basis as the fundemental reason how and for why as the Empirical reason and people quit for the wasted time of just Empirical. For Empirical laws tend to take months and working off rumours to create the cluses and clauses and then the basis for the factual law. One problem, the cluses are opinion until proved and some aren't, so most give up after moonthes or months.

   The nature of metaphysics is that it is set on three rules and the intertwining of such rules.

   Rule number one is: Affinity

  The affinity of something, is an attraction and unattraction of objects or humans in and of a relation. Think about it as a magnet. Hold another magnet to the magnet with a negative to negative pole of force and one magnet will repulse the other without ever meeting in the middle. If the poles of force are positive to negative or positive to positive, they will attract each other and they will meet in the middle. Chemical actions/reactions are also good classification for this rule.

  The second rule is: Thaumaturgy

  Like actions that can control or manipulate like actions through linking actions, exerted force over an object, or visualization from a person. 'As above, so below. Make something happen on a small scale, and give it the energy to happen on a large scale.' Witchcraft is a very good example. The act of witchcraft is when the person visualizes an action, and does a moment of action to incur it, that is physical. Thus, making the imagined moment happen through that action. The ultimate goal of thaumaturgy, is to occur an action through exactly the same, or almost the same likenesses, by applied force.

   The third rule is: Mind over matter

  How much focus, and how much idea that you put into the moment, to occur the moment by instructing energy to make it happen. The amount of thought equals amount of energy. An approach is that you are on a project and the focus is on that project. The more energy you have, the more chance of manifesting or finishing it. If distracted, the project sometimes never gets done, because of sidetracking. The more will one has to occur the project to completion, the more power one puts into it. Eventually, the project is finished. Think of this as power equals amount of will, and focus of energy that gets transferred. What one is philisophically brought up in as beliefs, will flavor the project and how it is achieved. The power of persuasion is based off this, as it is a sheer focus to convince people of your belief. The more will one has, to make the other person believe, in what he or she has said, the more chance of it occurring an action from it. Observation is also keen to this rule of the mind.
Mixed rules:

  Since everything is in a state of change, it is only natural that these rules get mixed, or used in union with each other. Where one rule begins, sometimes another ends or works in conjunction with the first. Think of this like a chemistry experiment, where the reaction is equal to the other parts in balance to result in a product. Take one part this rule; and mix it with that rule, to equal the original rule. The objective is to get a reaction by appliance of the new rule.

   The elements
   The elements are many. The elements are manipulated by imagining their doings and feeling the effects of them. Sometimes stating the end result will occur it more easily as the subconscious makes your intent happen.

  Earth: Objects, rocks, anything made of these materials of the planet.
  Fire: Chemical interactions, fire itself from heat combustion, self-explanatory
  Water: Liquid hydro and things made of liquids.
  Air/Thunder: The psychic nature, winds and natural lightning of the clouds and energy nearby.
  Void: Anything that is sucking energy that is nothing to create results.
  Mana: This is natural nature energy of the planet. This also allows for psi energy. Psi energy is directed mana.
  Chaos: This is raw primordial energy from existence itself. Its generated by activity and interactions of many things going on. This energy can lead to decay of what its used on. Also, it could induce a reduction of a working state. In effect, its use is limited to those who want to take the risk of its use.
  Elemental Interactions: Elemental interactions and what comes from them. This could be ice from air and water, lava from earth and fire.

   Also, there are various ways of summoning them and other skills.


   The Alteration arts are a usage of the aether by focus of will and imagination. This works by the aether being of a framework of magnetic particles in nature. These particles in nature manipulate the subatomic bond interactions which occur beneath the human eye at on-millionth the size of the atom. The only way to measure use of the aether is to make note of the change of the state in itself of the object being changed.

   How to use it is quite simple. Focus your mind by thought provoked in some manner. This thought provoking can occur by: a single word which expresses what you saw, a moment of imagination and a word or two to cause the action, imagination alone, focus on an action word, focus through a device in your hand or around your neck, or to make an action happen by other people believing in it. Once the thought has been achieved, it will make an imprint of the material of aether. The aether will cause the focused upon idea or person to change from within in shape, form, or desire. One note: this effect needs to be practiced until you get a result. Then you can do it anytime afterwards.

   The examples are: to see a vision and to mentally change it by imagination if it was dire enough to provoke fear. Another example is to see a spell in action and to be able to mimick its effects by a descriptive word alone that is meaningful to you. To imagine a sequence of events in meditative trance and to see the events happen before your eyes. To speak a single word while provoking the image of the effect in mind to make the spell effect happen through some sort of focusing device. Enchanting an item through the effect of thinking that said item has that power while in some way touching it and "locking" it afterwards, at least, in your mind. Changing your shape by focus on an image you want to become for at least two seconds. Finally, the attempt at morphing an item. This is the alteration art in a nutshell. Expect the result to happen when it happens and not before. The result will happen in the quicker times if you wish it to happen faster.


   Destruction is where our skill is destroying things and is measured by how we do it with what results we have. When we feel the urge to destroy, always do something with the urge and try to get rid of it when you can. Unless the destruction is hazardous, then ignore it.


   The Art of Invocation is to invoke the power to work for you by imagination, linking, idea provocation, and focus. Invokers are ambitious and stubborn individualists. To accomplish this art, call out mentally or physically "I call to you power that I bid! Come to me and serve my purposes!" Now expect power to come to you. Now imagine the events you would want. Wait for them to happen. When you are finished, thank the power that aided you.

   Another way to do this is to bid the power to come by the method above. Make the action you need by thinking about what you would want and call out the name of said item or person you'd want to affect. Now, focus on what action you would want done by imagining it or saying what you would want to happen to it, her or him. Thank the power after your work is finished.

   To do this, by idea provocation, make a call to the power and bid it to do what you need. Now think about an idea appearing in the back of the mind that said person thinks is his. Now imagine the entire idea as if presenting it to a science fair crowd. Afterwards, thank the power for helping. The alternative to a science fair is to project the thought as if in conversation. When the conversation is over, mentally draw yourself back into your mind. This is also called thought projection.

   The focus idea is a bit tough, so I would try to do it in meditation. Meditate on an idea that you would want to happen. Keep focus on the idea until it occurs. The idea you were thinking is a certain thing if you feel a shift in the air. When you do, thank the power for helping and allow it to work unhindered by your mind. This is accomplished by you associating in your mind the fact that it is an equal partner. This be in a high level, of yoga practice, by meditation.


   Evocation is the Art of evoking a reaction to get the result desired. This done through this method of idea. Make a link to some source by imagining the source and yourself as stick figure drawings. Now imagine a line to yourself from the source you chose. This source must not be human! This also cannot be corrupted. I would choose the sun. . The earth is the other choice of mine. Now find a concept in your mind that you want to have happen. Make the concept happen by imagining a hand that scoops up the source. Imagine said hand charged with the purpose of making things happen to your purpose by evoking the right reactions. Thank the source after you are done and dismiss the hand mentally. Evocation is the simplest technique.

   You can do this effect through a focusing device as well like a ruby for a fireball, a diamond for cold spells and a wand or staff for almost anything.

   A fireball is evocation. You evoke the fire from raw fire force.

   Ice or freezing effects are simple, take a diamond and focus raw cold force through it. Now when the cold gets notable as freezing, try to make imagination focused through the gemstone of what type of cold effect you would want to happen and to whom or what. Try also to focus on the target. Now, mentally release the ice force contained in the diamond. Watch it do exactly as you imagined it.

   Air is also an evocative force. All it is is taking a compressed force of air to make a puncture in the target.

   Mentally imagine a concept of something doing something and it will Same thing for a person.


   Conjuring is the act of summoning items and people in general to you or anywhere else you would want. When the conjurer does the act of conjuring try to make a circle of power protection to gain protection from meddling minds and evil natures. Or as an alternative, think and visualize a gray wall that pushes meddling thoughts and evil natures away from you by causing them to not sensing you. When you are protected from meddling and the evil that could be drawn by the act of conjuring, think to yourself the object in mind that you would want. Now imagine that item or object in your hand or on the ground near you. Pull the item mentally by imagining a powerful flow through the link of your needing the object using the knowledge of where it is.

   Draw on a piece of paper an arrow of the direction of the flow that could be from the object to you in meaning. Say out loud "Come to me object of my desire to where I need you the most". Now, imagine the object appearing where you want it to be and that would be the place of the object. Just keep imagining the energy flow and feel the power pulling through the flow pulling the object to you. When you feel the moment is right, let go of the energy and the item should appear sometime. Then, cancel out the circle of protection or imagine the gray wall disappearing as you no longer need the protection. This will work no matter what you do so be prepared to wait a period of time unless you put power behind it to make it work faster. The last time I did this the time period was twenty minutes of waiting until it appeared.

   Conjuring elemental energies is simple but takes focus. Take in mind the focus of energies of the elemental power of choice. Now, find a focus for the elemental power. These are general descriptions on gemstones: diamond or clear quartz is good for drawing ice or cold energies and if trained, the diamond or clear quartz can do anything else. A ruby is good for fire energies. A piece of copper or semiconductor material is good for electrical energies. Poisonous and bad effects can be made to happen with a black diamond. Good events, healing, and the trapping of energetical spells by thorough focus can be occurred through sunstone and aegate. Onyx or black quartz can be used for deflecting spells, negation, absorption of negative energies, and capturing of spells. Holey stone or a piece of meteorite can be used for healing, protection, and to enhance psychism. Conjuring can be aided by the birth stone of your birth month. Clear quartz can be used for anything.

   Conjuring takes endless practice. I took five hours of sheer focus to make my first fireball. Afterwards, it took less time the more I practiced it. When you can summon the fireball within milliseconds of thinking about it or just by instinct then you would win a spell battle. The bigger the summoning, the less refining and power it takes to do it with. Usage of the rule bigger slower smaller faster makes the summoning more powerful the less size it has. And the smaller you try to make the summoning the more power it takes. The larger the summoning the lesser the power it takes with less mental defining in your head. This works with any elemental power base. With poison, care must be taken because when you yield the power of poison there could be poisoning of yourself and mind.

   NOTE**** To charge any stone or object: Go into Alpha state by meditation. Once in Alpha, hold the stone or object in our "projecting hand" (right for right handers, left for left handers or those who were supposed to be left handed, but were "changed" by parents) visualize your need, raise your personal power, tighten your muscles until you actually tremble, *push* the energy out of your body (while visualizing your need) and into the stone or object. Then say, "I charge this stone (or object) to catalyze my every thought and deed by my will. Correctly and for the good of all. So mote it be."

   For more idea on magic effects, go here @

  When you attempt magic, there is one simple rule to follow. If the intent is there then magic will be done by the subconscious. This is with ability that makes it gather energy and use it for manipulation of the elements that are needed. So thinking of what you want acts like an intent. Then, stating or thinking the end result or a simple 'done' as an activator phrase word will cause it more easily.


   The class you choose is what you do to support yourself with and what we learn from it. This is where you are making do with what you get and the class name you choose is what you do for a living or for support. Such as, wizard or energy worker for magic/psi use and worker for the work you want to do.


   This is where you measure your life by percent each point is a pecent point. This is where you start off at 100 point which is in the morning, unless your sick. Wounded, you lose life points. Critically wounded, you could die from it. However, life is regained and you can recover. even if you go below 0 points. Then, if you still live by some means, you are undead or a ghoul and immune to diseases and poison to some degree. Poison is counted as a sickness. The measure of the poison is the degree of how lethal it can be.


   This is where our bodies and spirit make the use of the energy that abounds and we use our divine energy to amplify what effect we get from it. This magic meter is measuring the ability to use energy and is what we can get from the activity which happens. The activity in energy points is what energy that is there. This is from what you can get from any activity. So, an energy point is the point where energy is used. The more attempts we do, the more points we get. Think energy comes to you and you get it. Divine energy is added into this meter, this is the energy of our own divinity. Which is endless and unlimited. Our subconscious makes the ability of magic possible. This is where our subconscious can make any manipulation of the energy we gather.


 The stats are intelligence, wisdom, charisma, luck and stamina and come from various games.

  Intelligence is where you can outwit or think of things to do with what you have by creativity.
  Wisdom is where you are wise and more able to cope with things. You even get insights from this.
  Charisma is where you can charm a person to get results or things in return.
  Luck is where you win at things.
  Stamina is where you are measuring how healthy or unhealthy you are.

   The gameplay

 This is the interaction we do and by use of ability we measure our results. Then, when we had enough of the effect we got we get to stop and do something else. This equates into a flow of life and mana. Where, we get results of that which we want or earn. The greater the flow of life energy, the more we can do. The greater results we build up. Great enough results equal success. The failures also can be used as a learning lesson. Failure is where we get negative results where we expected something more. Where we fail, try try again.


   The experience we get is what we earn as a result. This is where we gain life points or brownie points. The life point is the point of where we experience things and then get our body remembers it. We gain valuable insight from what we observe. There is no levels except for levels of ability.


   The postponement is where we decide not to do things and get better results and have more energy from our not doings. This means we can choose to do things with the time we have but we get to do things when we want.

   The end

   This is where you can decide to end your life and go onto some other place. This is the end of our time and gameplay. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Soul gazing

 Now this win is loss and its very simple as if you are done, think your seeing someones soul and intend it with your need. Then, the subconscious will make it so. Relax your mind and make it calm by soothing thoughts, and you will perceive the soul memory that the subconscious shows you. A soothing thought is thinking your on a beach, reading the memories that your soul gazing on. Saying 'done' or something along the lines of your intent like 'do' will cause it more easily. This the moment of no fear, as you do things their way and yet do your own idea to get what resolve what you want. Their is way too much energy here, so you can get what you wanted from him and go on your way.

 Their way or your way, you choose as you get responses and their way is over is if your way is better. What you do is after word is spoken, you can get understood as though thought is were and what you want is done as if permissive to think in mind and do as you need in the thought zone you are good. Shadow is what you do in moment is this moment that is that moment in time this is over by now. So gone is my well, in and now were good done is my weyr so do as you want as I am now gone. Does this work no as it is? Answer is no everytime, as if you are a were you are an idea no in mind. But, you can get better and know not even as you think of what you are in were to an you do. Wrench not as it is as if you were you were not to were now. Thought is what  you were to do, as imagination is used and you were to were to open it. Change i to imagination without taking it out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Diablo III effects

  This is taking from the game diablo III and making the effects become real. If you have enough energy, then they will manifest. The subconscious is the key to the techniques as it makes it manifest through your intention.

   Monk effects
  Fists of Thunder: This in effect is the effect of holding bunched up energy by thinking the energy is in the muscles and energy body that is bunched up in your fist as in use and striking quickly and with allot by energy with the fists.
  Deadly Reach: This is projecting forth lines of pure energy from your body. And, telling the energy by thought to kill what it touches. To project it, think the energy goes forth as you feel the energy flow from you and to tell it, think the thoughts you want it to do at the energy.
  Way of the Hundred Fists: This is similar to Fists of thunder, except you strike with the fist over 20 times.
  Tempest Rush: This is where you rush forth as you think to your auratic field 'Slow and cripple whom I strike'. Run into and through people to bowl them over as you do.
  Wave of Light: This is where you form a light wave by focusing your mind on divine energy. Think it released in the form of a light wave from divine energy in the form of divine punishment. The wave of crippling light will deal serious damage to whomever you want effected by it.
  Blinding Flash: This is where you build up light energy by thinking it builds up and think it or feel it release to blind the target for a small amount of time.
  Breath of Heaven: This is using your divine energy to cause a healing restore in people that you want healed by your divine energy.
  Serenity: This is thinking of the divine energy encompassing you and entering you. This causes you to feel seren and repels damages.
  Inner Sanctuary: This is imagining a circle of white light that surrounds you and puts off intrusions and wards off dangers.
  Exploding Palm: This is the open hand strike with energy. You strike with the palm at the person and think or feel energy going to the palm area. Then to add the exploding effect, think 'explode' at the target.
  Sweeping Wind: This is imagining and feeling wind form as a fast paced circling cyclone arond the body and effecting the area including people.
  Cyclone Strike: This is thinking divine energy form as a circling wind cyclone and instructing it to strike and pull people nearer you.
  Mystic Ally: This is thinking to an upper dimension to 'help' and it draws them near this place to effect things on your whim.

  Fleet Footed: This is making use of energy and gathering it from activity thats happening somewhere. The more energy you gather, the more speed you have, when you focus it near the bottom of the feet. The way to gather it, is to think of a hand that you feel gathers in energy and from the area.
  Exalted Soul: This is where you think wormholes draw in energy to your soul from the planet and cause you to be exalted and more energized. To imagine wormholes, think of a black hole that appears and draws the energy from the planet lava itself.
  Transcendence: Every time you do things, spirit energy heals you of your problems. This is imagining a wormhole open up to a higher spirit dimension and come to you.
  Sixth Sense: This is opening your 3rd eye by thinking it opens and then commanding it to sense things out. Also, telling it to dodge attacks makes you untouched. Tell it by thinking of what you want it to do.
  Guiding Light: This is amping your ability to do things as you heal by divine light. Think divine energy to heal you or a target. Then, this make you more potent in ability.
  One With Everything: This is the ability to be one with everything. This is where you open your mind and think your one with everything as you spread out your conciousness and start percieving things from the evironment.
  Near Death Experience: This is basic necromancy, where you summon divine energy and tell it by thinking to it, to 'bring me alive after death.' Then, you will either die now or later and be alive after as though it were a miracle.

   Witch doctor Effects
  Poison Dart: This effect is where you imagine a dart made of energy appear between your thumb and finger and think it is poisonous as you feel radiation pour into it. Then toss it at a target.
  Corpse Spiders: This is where you go and think of highly poisonous spiders appearing in the area that you want to target. Then, you think at the spiders to attack the victims. These spiders use the body they attack as food.
  Plague of Toads: This is where you imagine poison toads made of energy appear and attack anyone you want attacked.
  Firebomb: This is where you feel your inner fire and pump it with energy by thinking energy goes to fuel it. Then, form a firey sphere thats made of your inner fire and heat by imagining it form in the hand and toss it to go where you want effected.
  Grasp of the Dead: Imagine the hands of the dead reaching up and pulling the victim down. This brings them to hell or astral.
  Firebats: This is where great energy bats made of fire come into existence and attack the victim. The way to do it is stoke your inner fire and reach in and pull it out to form by imagination, firebats. Tell them to attack someone and they will.
  Haunt: This is where you call a ghost name that you know of to 'haunt' an area. Once the name is called 3 times,tell it by thinking to it to 'haunt the area'. Then, offer it some energy to do so from yourself.
  Locust Swarm: This is where you imagine locusts appear in energy form to swarm the area and the subconscious manifests them. When it works, you will feel a colder area.
  Summon Zombie Dogs: These are energy dogs that bite and form zombies. They deal a decent amount of damage too. Just call them into existence by thinking them there. Once there, wherever you are, you will know to tell them by thinking of them and thinking thoughts to them. Tell them to attack the victims you want hurt.
  Horrify: This is where you start thinking horrifying thoughts and projecting them at the target through energy. Feel energy form by thinking there is a energy ball that is made of those horrifying thoughts and think it hit the victim.
  Spirit Walk: Leave your body and spirit walk for as long as you like. Think you are elswhere and in spirit form. And, you walked there by thoughts and projection. The images from there, which is anywhere you want to be, will come to you if you are perceptive.
  Hex: Form an effect by making a sigil. This is to make a symbol that you think will make effects. You trace it with the hand or fingers. And, the effect will manifest like a freehand hex.
  Soul Harvest: This is where you feed off of peoples souls and en masse. This is done by thinking of their souls as energy and then drawing it into yourself, thinking it into yourself. Feed only on thier excess.
  Sacrifice: This is where you go and sacrifice something to get results. This sacrifice can be to not do something or need something and then you get something in return. Also, you can make your zombie dogs disappear and explode by not needing them and thinking they disperse back to energy and explode while they do so.
  Mass Confusion: The effect is simple, think everyone nearby is confused and not coherant. Then, state, 'done' and they become like that.
  Zombie Charger: Summon a suicidal zombie that forms from energy to hurt others and make them confused. This is thinking that a suicidal zombie appears from nothing energy. And, then tell it to do his deed of causing pain and suiciding.
  Spirit Barrage: This is where you think energy to bombard the target, that forms from nothing and bombards till you decide to stop it.
  Acid Cloud: This is where you think and feel the air turn acidic and cloudy, Then, think the acid cloud to go where you want it to go.
  Wall of Zombies: Imagine zombies erupt from the ground and they are made of energy. They block those you want blocked till you desire them not to. To dispell them, think the zombie wall gone.

  Circle of Life: This is where you form a energy circle that restores people. The circle is formed by imagining the silver blue or white blue circle appear around you. Think it to radiate outward and cause healing on those you want healed.
  Jungle Fortitude: This is static energy that is used to reduce the amout of damage taken. Produce it by running your finger through your hair. Then, direct it by thinking it where you want, in the body.
  Spiritual Attunement: The spirit is attuned to the element at hand and you get less bad effect from your interaction with it. The energy is atuned by standing still and thinking yourself to be attuned. Feel the element and make it your own.
  Bad Medicine: This is making thoughts of poison as you feel radiation collecting in an area to make the poison worse. Think the poison to the target and think the radiation in after. Saying 'done' will make it so and weaken the opponent.
  Blood Ritual: This is pricking the finger or other part of the body and needing something to occur, stating 'done' or the effect you wanted done after you put the blood on a candle. This is very potent.
  Zombie Handler: This is the idea of handling more zombies that normal. Get energy summoned by thinking it to you. This is used to make more zombies and makes you handle them and others. To summon one, think it is formed by the energy and then made to be used by thinking it is controlling them and others.
  Pierce the Veil: This is where a veil of energy is made by thinking of a energy wall that streches a certain amount of feet and is high enough for you. With its presence, all magic is amped and all damage is increased by so much. To remove it, think the made veil to be gone.
  Fetish Sycophants: This is the best amping spell to use, summon energy of fire by thinking lava sends energy to you and all your spells are improved.
  Rush of Essence: This is commanding energy to 'speed up recovery' by thinking to it to do that.
  Vision Quest: This is where you calm your mind and sit or lay in a comfortable position. Then send your mind to the place you want to be. And imagine what happens there. The subconscious supplies the vision.
  Fierce Loyalty: This is where you get fierce loyalty by using magic and doing actions that inspire people. Use thought and word effects by thinking of what you want to do and then stating something. Then do actions that are worth peoples attention.
  Grave Injustice: This is the idea of using corpses energy and amplifying your own. Basically, think of what you want and make a symbol that you want to effect it with a 'done' being stated.
  Tribal Rites: This is where you get to do tribe rites. This is beating a drum and stating an intent with syllables repeated over and over.

   Wizard effects
  Magic Missile: This is forming a missile of energy that strikes at a target to disable or put off balance. This is imagining a red or yellow fire ball forming that compresses itself to the point of a pinhead and is sent forth to strike the target. Feel the energy form the ball and compress itself. To send it toss your hand forward.
  Shock Pulse: This is to form pulses of electrical energy that flow in a direction. This is feeling energy form as you imagine energy flow along the grround towards your targets.
  Magic action: This can create any effect you need to happen, as long as the energy is there. This is done by thinking of what you want. Then, feel your need for it and state 'done' or any action word you want that describes your need. Give it at least a second and at most a week to a month to fully manifest, unless you thought of a date that it will happen to effect.
  Spectral Blade: This is imagining a blade of energy form in your hand and then you use it any way you wish to.
  Electrocute: This is to make lightning or compressed blue fire flow from your fingertips towards the target/s. This is to feel energy build up in you and imagine lightning form from the fingertips in a release of the energy. This can kill if you made enough built up energy.
  Ray of Frost : This is to imagine cold white blue energy pulse forth in a beam from the palm of the hand. This freezes a target for a few seconds.
  Arcane Orb: This is to imagine white energy form as a sphere and strikes forth to hit a target. This spere should be fast so it should be small.
  Arcane Torrent: This is imagining allot of red or yellow small energy balls form. Then, telling them by thinking at them to strike forth to hit the targets.
  Disintegrate: This is imagining the target turn to dust. Feeling the energy flow forth and stating 'done' or 'disintegrate'.
  Frost Nova: This is to form by feeling and imagination, the ring of frost energy that expands till dismissed. This is feeling cold energy as you imagine cold white blue energy form as a ring around you. Then, expanding that ring in a bursting effect.
  Diamond Skin: This is to imagine and feel your skin become like diamonds and then you aren't effected as much by external things.
  Slow Time: This is to imagine the hands of a clock slow down in their movement. To speed time up again, imagine the hands of time on a clock speed up to normal.
  Teleport: This is thinking of ether as a gray energy that forms as a gate in the air near you. Think of where you want to go. Then, imagine yourself appearing in the space you want to appear in as you walk through it.
  Wave of Force: This is spreading out a wave of energy that causes a target to back away. This is imagining clear energy that is felt to go forth as a wave toward the targets.
  Energy Twister: This is imaginging red and blue energy form into a cyclone that moves at your will. Dispelled by thinking it disperses.
  Hydra: Imagine a 5 headed hydra appear near the target/s and firing energy at them. Disperse it by letting what they did to you go.
  Meteor: This is imagining an energy meteor come down from the sky and strike the ground in a great explosion of energy.
  Blizzard: This is imagining the blizzard form and strike an area. Let the blizzard that forms within the month disperse by itself.
  Ice Armor: This is forming icy armour on you. Basically, imagine blue white energy thats cold form around you and materialize as ice armour.
  Storm Armor: This is feeling and imagining silver blue electrical energy form in your aura and shock the people near you.
  Magic Weapon: This is making any weapon you hold into a magic one. This is by thinking of what you want the weapon properties to be and touching the weapon. Then, think 'lock' at it. To change it, think 'unlock' at it and think of the properties such as fire damage, ice damage and ect.. Then, think 'lock' at it again. To erase it, think 'unlock' at it and then think 'erase' at it.
  Familiar: This is simple, just think of an animal you would want as a familiar and give it a name in your mind. Then, think of it being near you as you call its name three times.
  Energy Armor: Think of boosting your energy by thinking energy comes to you. Then, imagine that energy form as a colored armour around you. Air energy is clear white, fire energy is red, water energy is blue, earth energy is green or brown. Mix the colors as you want.
  Explosive Blast: Gather red and golden energy around you by imagining the energy form as a red and gold sheen. Then, imagine it explode around you outward. This is having it hit any target that you want to hit.
  Mirror Image: This is imagining two or more of you appear near you and as you move. To dispel it, imagine them disappearing.
  Archon: This is imagining golden energy stream into you till you feel a change and more poweful. Imagine a sixth finger appear on your hands, another thumb. This makes your abilities into super abilities and you into an archon.

  Blur: This is done to blur yourself and give you a cloak of energy. The blur is done by thinking energy comes to you and blurs your form as it wraps around you like a cloak. The cloak is the energy itself.
  Evocation: This is done by stating the effect or a 'done' after thinking on what you want to happen.
  Glass Cannon: This is actively using the glass particles as a source of energy to get results. The use of glass is interesting as it makes you less resistant to elements. But it increases damages you can deal out. The use of glass particles is done by thinking of glass and then attempting an effect. This can be any spell.
  Prodigy: This is done by inducing yourself by energy into a state of mind where you get any result easily. The effect is done by thinking energy comes into yourself and induces the prodigy state of mind.
  Astral Presence: This makes astral planar energy come into your aura and increases the potency of the spells you do. To do this, imagine a blue dent appear in the air and then think to it to pull in astral energy. This induces an increase in regeneration of your body and others effected by it.
  Illusionist: This is the effect of making an illusion from believing the thing to be there. Feel energy come to you and think the thing you want to appear there to being there where you want.
  Cold Blooded: This is the effect of using cold energy projected by an emerald. The emerald can be anywhere on your body. The effect is done by focusing cold energy to your aura and having it effect people when your near them.
  Conflagration: This is using fire energy, focused by a ruby. The fire energy is amplified by your personal energy. Then, any physical thing done is with more energy and any effect done has a firey effect. To use the ruby, have it on you and touched at least once. Then, think fire energy go through the ruby to your aura.
  Paralysis: This is energy thats increased by energy that comes from the surroundings. This energy is thought to goto your aura. Then, applied by sending your energy to the targets brain stem. This can induce paralysis and makes lightning damage dealt to the target.
  Galvanizing Ward: This is where you get an influx of energy by thinking it to you. And drawing a symbol that is with a circle around it that you think will empower you. This is a ward and is empowered in the air. This sigil is thought to be a galvanizing ward. This sigil that is a symbol is empowering you and all your effects.
  Temporal Flux: This is where you use silver energy of time itself. This is done by needing the time around your target/s to be slower and you to be faster. Doing imagination of silver energy flooding the area. To remove the effect, imagine the silver energy dissipate.
  Critical Mass: This effect induces your ability to hit critically anywhere on the body. The effect is done by by summoning energy and this is by thinking it to you. Then telling the energy to 'cause you to do critical hits'.
  Arcane Dynamo: This is done by thinking of silver blue energy coming to your aura. It improves drastically any spell you attempt.
  Unstable Anomaly: This is when you summon energy to form an unstable anomaly. This energy causes people to be pushed back by an invisible force as it slows them down until the anomaly dissipates. To summon the energy, think the silver red or silver black energy comes to you and heals you and goes out in a shockwave effect. The energy absorbs your bad energy and makes it used when you think to it, 'push back and slowdown' as you imagine it going out as a shockwave.

    Demon Hunter Effects

   When using demon hunter effects, think of the hate you have of something the target did. Then, use discipline to hone the effect by attempting the idea till its as good as it gets. Too much hate can lead to unbalanced actions, so use some love of actions to counterbalance.

  Hungering Arrow: Imagine an arrow of blue energy that you tell to seek out targets. Then fire it at the target with an imaginary bow.
  Entangling Shot: This is imagining a shadow arrow or an arrow made of shadow energy. Then firing it with a imagined bowshot at the target.
  Bola Shot: Imagine a shot of a firey bola that shoots out and wraps itself around the target. A bola is a weapon consisting of balls connected by strong cord, which when thrown or shot entangles the limbs of the quarry.
  Grenades: Imagine a grenade made up of white fire energy and you pulling the pin and tossing it at the target. Only you tell it by thoughts at it when to explode.
  Impale: Imagine a stake or dagger that is made of fire energy. Then, think it impales your target.
  Rapid Fire: This is rapidly forming arrow shots and firing them. Summon some energy to you by thinking it to you. Then, start firing them quicker.
  Chakram: Imagine a chakran made of fire and has a razor sharp edge that you throw forth directed at the the target. This is a flat steel ring with a sharpened outer edge used as a thrown weapon (thrown like a frisbee).
  Elemental Arrow: Shoot a fire arrow that impales the target. This is an arrow that is made of fire and you shoot forth with an imaginary bow.
  Caltrops: Imagine caltrops made of energy that you 'place' somewhere and foul up someones movement. A caltrop is a spiked metal ball thrown on the ground to impede movement.
  Smoke Screen: This is using an imaginary smoke bomb thats made up of energy. And tossing it in the right area.
  Shadow Power: Draw the shadow power of which is of the 1st dimension. Think of shadows and the 1st dimension and then try to do any activity or spell.
  Companion: This is thinking of a raven and thinking your connected to it and thinking it comes to you. Then, you can see through its eyes and direct its movement by thoughts and feelings. To unconnect, think your unconnected to it.
  Marked for Death: This is using a mark of a skull thats imagined to be on the target as you trace the crossbones and skull in the air. It marks them for death.
  Evasive Fire: This is drawing in dark red fire by imagining it formed as arrows. And, firing them off at a target. If close range, closer that 15', then you imagine a backflip and seem to evade.
  Fan of Knives: This is using red energy knives and imagining them formed and thrown out in a spiral from you.
  Spike Trap: This is an imagined spike trap of red and blue fire energy that arms after 1.2 seconds and goes off on anyone whom gets near it.
  Sentry: This is dropping an energy turret on the ground and then thinking 'fire' at it to cause it to fire off at nearly anyone whom is in reach of its fire arrows. Except yourself.
  Deadly weapon: This is where you imagine a sword, war hammer, axe, dagger or any other weapon formed by thinking its there. This is where you want it. This weapon is made of fire energy and can be any fire color. Use it like a normal weapon.
 The fire types are red for hot fire. Blue for absorbing fire that deals decent damage with little heat and is fueled by mana or life force. Yellow for the hottest fire that is possible. White fire for holy fire that is fueled by faith and deals more fire damage than normal red fire. Golden fire is for extremely hot effects with more fire damage and its life enhancing to the summoner of it. Golden fire improves the summoner's life. Dark blue for dark mana fire that causes disturbance and firey effect by mana or life force. Dark red fire is impulse fire that makes fire effect and impulses happen. Black fire for voidal flame that eats a person or thing targeted from within.
 Mix the colors as you need to. As in, a dark red middle part and yellow edge or something similar like black fire middle part or handle and yellow hammer head with black edges.
  Strafe: Shoot energy arrows at any random target near you that you think deserves it.
  Multishot: Fire a massive volley of formed fire arrows that go through the target, disrupting them temporarily.
  Cluster Arrow: Imagine a cluster arrow formed from fire and is fired off at targets.
  Rain of Vengeance: Fire a massive volley of green fire arrows around you. Arrows fall from the sky dealing fire damage for 5 seconds to all enemies in the area.

  Tactical Advantage: This is the taking advantage of the situation and drawing in blue green energy to your self. Then, using the situation to gain a tactical edge as you speed up 60%.
  Thrill of the Hunt: As you attack, project forth your feelings towards the target. And, this immobilizes them for a few seconds.
  Vengeance: This is thinking of whatever ill the person did to you and thus strengthening your resolve and devotion for revenge.
  Steady Aim: This is where you think of 'steady aim' and 'increase damage' as you fire off firey arrows at the targets.
  Night Stalker: This is when you think of a night stlker and think 'inter ability' and use it to attack with.
  Brooding: This is where you think of whatever happened to you and why. Then, feeling better about it as you take actions against the foe.
  Hot Pursuit: When in the midst of pursuit, there is chance of increasing your movement speed. This is done with drawing in energy and having it increase your movement.
  Numbing Traps: This is using the blue green fire energy that is thought to come to your aura. And, making traps of any sort that are made of this blue green fire energy. Place them at your need.
  Perfectionist: This is where you think 'perfection makes things perfect.' And, using that thought, you perfect whatever you work on.
  Custom Engineering: This is using personal knowledge that is of engineering. This knowledge is used for creating better traps and weapons and improve any machine energetically.
  Grenadier: This is using blue green and red energy for your energy effects that effect others near you.
  Sharpshooter: This is the effect of thinking 'I am a sharpshooter' and firing off shots for critical hits. This also induces long range sniping with accuracy.
  Ballistics: This is where you fire off rockets made of dark blue and red fire energy that explode on impact. Imagine them form and hitting the target.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Talking to trees and things

 Talking to trees and things is easy.. but harder for the beginner without an open mind..each object and tree has a conscious mind. It can respond if you have the ability to receive visions or perceive things. All you need do is have an calm mind and focus your mind to think or say your thoughts to the tree. Then, the tree might send back its response as a vision or something similar. To make sure of where the vision comes from, you can feel out by sensing where the vision came from. You know that your senses have not been deceived by intuition. If we do fool ourselves, then thats the risk we take.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sealing light

  This is where the light of divine ability that is in all of us is used to block out what we don't like. Just imagine light welling up from the fingertips or ground and touching the target that you want sealed of the unwanted thing. To unseal, think of what you want and this could be 'unsealing' and then you imagine light welling out of the ground or fingertips and touching the target.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dimensional walking

 Dimensional walking is simple. Think to go someplace and then try to walk or run as you feel the energy gather. Intend to be somewhere else and you will tell your subconscious to get to there. There is the place you want to go and think on. There is where you end up through natural shifting. This is the point where energy creates a caused way or tunnel in time and space. Then, you walking or running can cause yourself to 'be' there through the tunnel. This tunnel can be formed, by thinking it there and then you naturally go through it. This is going some place else in another dimension, but in the third dimension you stay in the same place.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Demonic art

   To use demons is to use indecisiveness in action. When you are weak and indecisive you tend to summon demons to solve the possible problem you perceive. When you decide to do things with acceptance or forgiveness and attempt to do them with love and understanding, then the demon disappears. You are not weak, until the wreck you are is as you decide to be.

  For more on demons, look here at

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Psychic ability

   Psychic ability is often caused by a car chase, some sorta accident, some trauma, something wrong or emulation phases by sinuses. This allows for you to sense things out and the way is easy. Relax your mind and think of what you want to see. Then, think the images and sensations will come to you. Allow them to come by tensing and relaxing your body. Then, as if they come your psychic ability is active and you can get and sense anything that you intended to sense out. This can include visions of accidents, sensations of far away places, focus in focus view to see things in long sight like knowledge that comes to you and most important visions of events.

   True in life, as you think use you are use as to think in useable idea is if thought and practical is psychokinesis by any other name. So we have to treat it like it was the true type deal typographically speaking. Some can reach, that thought is concept or overeach in energy by whatever power that it is. And turn the true ten spurner. It becomes a challenge whatever it is. So treat it fairly and it will treat you fairly. Instant insanity is education of some rough form of it gone too far. The idea behind this is to focus your mind on what you intend to get by thinking about it and feel each word that you type or perceive or think about each thing you see. Trust what you need. Need is of desire for wherever or whatever need is there. So what need there is is there for you sometimes. This can be greed, workforce or desire. Sometimes its representative of illness or sicke idea.

   Fun can be had by energy is the thought "activator" to activiate psychic ability, this by use is by energy in use as any or all that is with this. Some haredity by some can come forth, to say that its there and is reflective of what may be there or not be there. With the psychic ability, its possible to do anything. What is recieved as impulse is recieved by anything the subconscious sees as a mend or mind thought control. It is laying down plans we see, or hear but the subconscious can make it real. What happens in subconscious idea with psychic ability is the sub-c still sees the act and makes it so as you read of it or intend it.

  The act is created equal as to the real life effect, as you imagine with alpha waves from relaxing that the event was perceived as in thought or the author intended and with writing it down or showing the information as an ideal. What the idea of it is is if this is written, or gotten some other way it is truth by familiar idea. Directed by some force or calling in energy, you summon an idea to use an is for what you think is a point that you pick the phone up as a representation if necessary.

   You can see the effect of it by whatever it is called. Compare to the moment it happens and if it matches then you know it easier. If made whole by actually happening then this will be shared as its a famous opinion. Its an opinion of itself or others. If it, in necessity, became real then the effect could startle you or seem to agree with you. But if it always seems to occur then you get used to it in some form. Where your area is oftentimes not selectual but associative, for the moment. This is education in considered moment as its only covered/known by use. By some usages the moment is some sort of strange idea, that is seen by subconscious but remains a given. We give to the moment but not allot of it. As its an addition in things that is a fair deal. What we see is what we get though as the saying goes, it ends there or nothing is gained from it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Opened heart meditation

  Close your eyes and focus within. See within your mind's eye the source of what you feel. Press your hands against your chest, and inhale slowly, focusing on the emotions that you hold inside. as you exhale, release all negativity, leave none of it to linger within.. speak, think, or feel the words "I forgive the world for all wrong that has been done against me, and i forgive myself for all wrong i have done against all." Continue to inhale and exhale slowly until you feel ready to open your eyes and live through the rest of your day.

  Repeat as you feel desired to do so. This is only a meditation. No one is forced or obligated to use it.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


 This is where you think of something and feel something shift and you switch with another. This is undone by thinking it is undone. This is the doing of the creator and he makes it possible. This can be anything that shifts and on the moment of displacement, you are shifted and the person you want to be. You may setup a rule that the reality that you switched out of gets benefited too because realities touch and are interacting with each other.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mastery of sleep

  When the body sleeps all the muscles in the body releases. So, when you start working on something you will get tired more easily. Then, when you think 10 minutes before 'I am gonna sleep' with intent to sleep. Then, your body follows suit. You need to keep focusing on that thought till you do. That forces sleep, and stating it will get it easier. What helps this is listening to meditation music. This has a 50% chance of failure.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dissonant Simba

   The process of dissonance is the use of chaos and positive energy to get a result of making progress and shifting. This shifting is the end of the dissonance. So think positive thoughts at collected energy that is thought to be somewhere. Then, gather the chaos energy and make it by some chaotic frequency. The chaos gathers itself and makes effect with the positive thinking of what you need. This positive thinking is directed at the chaos. The effects manifest with your intent of 'manifest thoughts'. This creates the result, and when the events are enough, then you and others 'shift' to another place and time. It helps to establish a predecided grounding point before this technique is attempted.

   The dissonance frequency should stop after your done. Then, the effect should be thought about to recreate it. Shifting is the placement of yourself to another plane and dimension of existence. This is easily done with a higher amount of dissonance. When shifted, build up the energy again by doing activity and use meditation. Then, you can get more results. At first, you only have a certain amount of energy and the body can only safely hold a high amount for a certain amount of time. The higher the energy in the body, the more chance of heart attack. The higher level of dissonance can cause deadlier effects the higher it is. The haarp relay towers are a good source of this dissonance. This can be used with Irricant. On machines, the dissonance can cause malfunctioning.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 The irritation of someone could bring up ability for a short period of time. This is like emotion that is an ability boost. Except, irritation can allow greater strength in effects longer as you remain irritated for longer. The ability boost is very noticeable. As you attempt to work with people while irritated, the duration of the activity is shorter and the anger effect adds itself in. This can impede thoughts and thinking, however, you can get lesser activity results. The duration is very likely an indication, except for the boost itself. As your irritated, you can't think and lose some focus. Just focus your mind and as your irritated, then say an incantation. This is an intent that is spoken or thought to get effect.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blood wrought magic

   Disastified in life and thought is what you are even thought is as thought is in an as this is enhancement by a unsafe version that utilizes knives, symbolism and killing for sacrifice. Their is a safe variety that makes things real even though its not originally. This is the version that I will describe. The version thats safe uses your own blood as a power source and can be achieved by thinking blood is your energy source. Then, thinking or doing actions as in stating effects or acting something out. This activates the blood as the source of magic that is there in the body. This happens to occur things and makes a bit of heart strain everything its used. It can cause death or spasming if overused. Therefore, its only safe for momentary uses when you need something to happen.

   Whats wrought in blood and sacrifice is brought to more effect. That is when the safe version becomes unsafe. Where death inters itself into blood magic, is where it becomes very unsafe. Whats wrought in blood is brought back to life in a needed moment. So do not wrought blood or cut yourself for greater effect, this wastes blood and you need to replenish it. So you might feel hungrier after several actions of blood wrought. However, every act of blood wrought magic, you get stronger in magic (metaphysically) and body (physically). It only takes a little creativity to do all of that without the need for sacrifice. However, vampirism or drink charging may be necessary to energize the blood and keep from becoming anemic.

Negative understanding

 Negative understanding is where your negative and yet understanding of all things comes to you. This trick is simple, use negative energy and instruct it to 'let me know' state it as a suggestion and with negative thoughts and feelings you gnow. Learning with this negative energy is simple, hold negative feeling and learn the things you need to gnow. To stop learning with negative energy, let the negativity go and use natural energy and positive thoughts.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Magna Force

  This is the force of unified life and unified existence energy with lava energy. This unified force builds up positive energy till its 4 times the strength of mankind. This is using molecular energy till its added enough to a person. Then the force is experienced and made into a living energy and its only cancellable by energy pushed at it with a unified mind attempt. Ki energy adds to it and makes it 1000 % more potent. Thus it turns into magna x. Lava turned into life energy, from usage of lava as you experience the activity. This force can share itself infinitely. When infinity energy is introduced to magna force, you can get very immense power effects. The time can literally stop, except for what you pretend to act out. The magna force can make or break a person. Its magnification of a thousand stars. When you pretend, the magna force can recreate in an unlimited way. This is an actors energy that can be mixed with magic and create itself as you wish. The place you create can change by revision. The revision happens when you think of the place and state what you want or think of what you want.

  This force can create anything and symbols strengthen it. The effect could appear weak at first, but it builds in intensity. The unified magna force can make you aware of whatever you intend to use or know. Once its stopped being used, by a decision to not use it, it disappears from the mind. What conditions you set are what you speak. Any distrust and keeping of it hidden, causes it to seem not to be there. Some things to suggest to set.. stated or thought as 'to not ever overuse it'. It could strain your heart.

  There's a dark magna force, this is amplied magna energy over 1000 %. Using darkmatter energy to be used and added to the magna force. Adding darkmatter, is only necessary when you need a force to create with. The darkmatter forms the reality to be what you want. It can match a picture or animation perfectly. When using life energy, be careful of what you intend it to be. That could bite you in the end. Magna and Dark magna energy only shares itself with those with likes, not dislikes. Too many dark magna uses can bring distance between people. It can be overused to become dark enough to drive apart people. When you build up things positively, you get the result of a built up effect. When you build up negatively you reduce the effect you get.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deception trick

   The deception trick is making things up and having them believe it. Then getting things as a result. This can be used with magic by tracing a spiral in the air to create results with. This works through the subconscious creating the result, if magically made by thought intent. Any act of deception can get a reprisal if found out. Or, it could be considered bullshit and easily undone.

   Eventually karmic return will bring any deceptions into an open revelation to those affected. If done with good intent, the result would bring more good than the initial deception. Greedy intent does eventually attract increasingly negative manifestations to the one using the technique. Remorseless intent (against the good of another) can manifest horrific results as creator consciousness increases the strain on the one doing so with said technique. Basically, if you're doing it just to hurt people and be mean, there's a lot of bad stuff that's going to happen to you. Use discretionately, and make sure that if you have to lie, it's because you're trying to look out for something worth protecting.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wartune Effects

These are Wartune effects from the online game Wartune.

 Elemental tornado

  The fire tornado is a fire manifest of fire with air in formation of a whirlwind. This is done by imagining fire form and become a whirlwind. Then, send it forth be imagining it go to the area yo intend to inflict with it. This can mildly form heat physically. The opposite is an ice tornado. This is also formed by imagining a column of ice pieces form and swirl. Sending it forth can make anyone freeze. It can cause cold damage to the area.

  Another type is the water tornado, or water spout, to form and all you need is to imagine water forming from the particles and ground. And, this is swirling like a tornado to be in the area where you want it to effect. Its effects are cleansing things and shorting out machinery. This has possibility of forming a flood. Earth tornados are where you imagine earth particles (imagine them as brown particles). Imagine them swirling as though a tornado and going to where you want to effect with it. This earth tornado is capable of causing energy effects to be absorbed and just to keep it going. Until it gets dispelled.

  The air tornado, is where you summon air swirls that form on feeling the air start to swirl. This psychic tornado can cause psychic drainage and energy to flow and almost overload the person or they could be used to transport you as its an energy vortex. Otherwise, when physically manifested, it can pull things into itself. To send it forth easier and help manifest it, say 'Elemio mai ez' pronounced [Elh-ee-mie-oh may-ihn ee-z] without the n. Doing the stating of it while thinking of the effect. Combining the elements that are effective with each other, will cause the elemental tornado to have like a pelting blow or combined effect. Like a fire and earth tornado, this will cause absorption to deal firey blows at the area and people.

  Elemental tornados can be easily dispelled by sending blue auric power at it, this is to dissolve the cords holding it all together. The tornado will disperse into the air as it realigns with its natural element. A chaos tornado will cause disruption and overwhelming sensation. This is the element of disruption. Its true raw energy of the primordial plane. This can cause chaotic influence by just being near it. Summon it by thinking chaos comes to your calling and thinking it is formed into a tornado formation.

  Mana tornados are gaia tornados that can cause influence by words and energy to spike and flood the area. This is using mana which is deep blue energy that comes and does what you want. Summon it by making thoughts of 'mana' and power comes to you. The mana is formed into a tornado by imagining blue energy swirling and going where you want it to go. Dispelled by imagining the tornado dispersing. This truly is a devestating tornado that can quickly overpower nearly anyone in the area.

  The nothingness element is of darkmatter, which is void. Summoned by making thought of 'darkmatter' and then put to use by telling your subconscious to cause a tornado of it. Tell it by stating or thinking with intent of 'make tornado' or imagining dark energy swirling. Void can suck the life energy from energy itself and push away the people around it. Unless its commanded not to. So, to cause a voidal tornado is to make literal damage and degradation of nearly anything as it sucks the life force in the area. The void can make things harder to focus on. Its dispellable by willing and thinking it gone.

 Shadow strike

  Shadow strike is where you command the shadows to strike for you. This can be done as you strike or when the shadow is commanded and is near someone. The shadow strike is done by thinking the shadow will strike as you want it to. This is where you feel the shadows moving and doing the strike when you want it to. Basically, imitating a strike will set off the shadow strike by you intending it to strike as you imitate a strike. This can leave bruises or kill by commanding the shadows to 'kill' with thought to them. Think of the target before trying. This can effect anywhere there is a shadow.

 Delphic mode

  This is the state of awareness that allows for greater effects and results from the same application of a technique. This came from the Delphic mode in a wartunes game. This is focus of energy going through the crown chakra to go through your body as though a flood of energy. Peak energy makes peace that ensues itself through the body. And, when peace is achieved, then the body is restored in energy balance with greater potential in activity. Mix with blue auric energy for greater results. Mix with blue auric energy for greater results. For even greater results, take a few minutes to focus the energy. Remember, open heart open crown chakra. To open your crown chakra, think it to be open. This makes the crown chakra more able in doing the deed. This can allow delphic attack mode. Which is taking in and flooding your body with black 6th dimenensional energy.

  Making this an unlimited delphic, is taking in raw primordial chaos energy through the crown. When doing so, be warned your mind may blank and you could not remember much till later. Other ways of making this an unlimited delphic, is to take in and flood your system with 6th dimensional blue, red and silver energy. Enhanced delphic mode is to link to the earth and think of additional energy of the planet entering in through the crown. To link to the earth, Imagine a stick figure drawing of you and the earth. Imagine or mentally draw a line from the earth to you. Then, your linked and if you want to be destructive, feel all the firey emotion rise up from within and allow your emotion to direct your body to strike allot of times.

  Sending forth energy from your movement and in a wave pattern is also possible. This is possible by making movement like a arm slash. Then, doing the intent of releasing power toward a target. This is thinking the energy going forth and spiking it with delphic power to hit the target. The delphic mode enhances the energy sent in a spiking of which is to the degree that the energy could hurt or hinder. This is where the energy appears like a wave that goes forth and collides with the target. Doing a sending of certain energy gives you different results. Such as, sending the fire energy and lava energy you collected will cause disruption of the target. Or, for the full effect, send in a moment all the excess energy you have from going delphic. This is thinking all your excess goes with the release toward the target as you think 'strike'. This can cause you to go relaxed and the target to collapse with enough energy.

  Delphic Thunderfrenzy is where you cause thunder from delphic mode power sent to the sky to cause thunder strikes to hit down and where you think it will be striking. This is on command by thinking a command to 'strike' and exactly where you think it will hit it will hit.

  Delphic powerstorming is where you send delphic 6th dimensional black power into the sky and having hell rain down to attack an area. This is where you get to cause a hellish storm as you think delphic energy to the sky. And commanding it to storm at targets with the thought of the targets. You get people off guard and rain down blows with the energy going through a storming motion. It makes its effect by your thought of what you need as an intent. So, it ends when you want it to. Sending void energy at the sky or storm, will cause the storming energy to rain down voidal energy that leaches energy. Sending chaos and all the rest of the energy will cause a massive blow that lands on people and personal targets. Dimensional energy will cause displacement of things hit. Dimensional energy is the energy of the dimension itself, as its reflected in actual life and looks like gray and black streaked energy as it works.

  Delphic powershot is where you think delphic power into your weapon or projected forth as a shot. When projected forth, it is imagined to shoot forth like a red shot. This is where you project the delphic energy and think it hits the target which dazes them for a few seconds. When it hits, it can leave a bruise. Or, it can leave the target not thinking correctly. This is possible to make multiple shots, to effect multiple targets. Just think the energy to be shot multiple times very quickly and hitting the targets you intended to be hit. This  is the delphic hail of arrowshots.  Delphic hail of arrows is where you get multiple red shots shot through the targets of choice.

 Plasma storm

  Plasma storming is using lava and plasma energy to create a storm that deals effective damage. This is releasing a storm that can be powerful and then moreso because its the combination of lava and plasma. To do this, summon plasma energy with lava energy by thinking lava energy summons the plasma. Then think the lava and plasma energy is in the sky. When you get the effect, you will know it. Plasma is very powerful, so be warned this is dangerous and can make things melted and can go off like a volcano. Use clay energy in case of abuse, green or yellow discoloured clay to stop it. Clay energy cloys it, by causing it to not happen with covering the effect by its energy.

 Freeze arrow

   Freeze arrow is to use ice energy from a high air icy area. Then, focus that energy by thinking its focused into an icy air attack. That energy will freeze the target and slow the target down. This is thought hit to the target and it goes right through them. This can hit multiple targets.


  Agoran shield is the formation of air that surrounds you and this swirls at high speed. This makes a shield of protection that deflects damage for however long you can keep it. This is usually a 10 second shield. Imagine air swirling and surrounding you to protect yourself. Then tell your subconscious to cause the effect to stay there. State it out loud or think it with intent, 'Make the shield stay'. Think that it will be there till you don't want it there.

  Apollo shield is the creator's shield that protects everyone for as long as you want. This is formed by asking the creator to protect everyone with a creator shield you want protected. This shield wards away 1/5 or more of the damage that would normally be taken. Locking this shield takes allot of focus and skill that the subconscious uses to cause it. Stating or thinking "Lock shield" as you intend the Apollo shield to be there will cause the subconscious to make it stay and be there.

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