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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, February 29, 2016


this was written 100 lives ago, that was rather incredible by feel or accrediting to the times they were in. I remember their technology quite well. the time that the alien invasion was over, was when the humans that were then there left the planet. so who knows where they went.

priorities of alien invasion; No I am not an order dog sam. Subtly yet not recently do I see this, as when I do I think this is true of him or her. As this ideal is acting normal otherwise by thinking of priorities and creating with what he has. Sometimes acting the point otherwise is when his defense or her reactivity is there. So I think in his or her use that is thought or thinking to act normal. So any use is done if I thought, then I am not going to borrow unless necessary from the function to create what I want by feel. I will never want to borrow or take again though. So this is just a point or reminder.

That is where this is use by prioritization, some where he or she thinks right to show his ideal or her point. That means you no or he shows what he thinks will work. So thinking he will pay will get you nowhere. I think this reaction when you do, uses the ideal or think point is used to create. This is with some point, that is realized to create ah yes what you consider. So yes you really should save money, otherwise don't do it. Think to use things or work "with the thought, as I am in them or then your aware to what you can create".

So think the point then work with the point. Crystals will do nothing except make him or her a little more stressed. As they are the messenger, you are with a focus point that can be a medium. So think to the crystal to create what you want, as the crystal uses stimulation to work or create better feel by peaceful ideal with expression as though I express that. That is where you know what you think from what the person does. Bum rap is bum rap.

That's the theory that you work with basis, metal or ideal. So you see a point, if there is no reality then why do this? if hemorrages? For practice by ideal by feel. This by feel is use with prodiginious ideal, if you think with ideal you have then use or work comes naturally. If you think by or as the ideal with focus, then achievement is there as you focus you work.

You just sense by the weather patterns like a bum leg. Think then you are aware that your ability or power by energy, that exists is created as time allows. So think if you sensitive yourself to the area, as this is defined then your body is what senses things. Such as weather that your aware exists or your subconscious tells you by feel in some other way by feel. That is how you tell the weather pattern change. Some condition must exist to tell or detail the weather pattern.

There is no reality, the reality is thinking to do something. So you see what creates by the flow or energy, that is there then you can care to think better. See that's the ideal so far. So copy paste it if you want to manipulate the thought, as you change it to create what you want.

So that thought is expansive ideal that you think then create with feel. If a ghost is there he or she can seem perceived, so think by the ideal that is thought or the emotion is the observed. Then learn or shape by words, lera. As for yabanci what you wish you can direct this by a thought.

lera yabanci

a note:

this is enough.

Think to go as you look at it then if the device is a toilet piss in it, think to return as you think to create with the device you used. Think the right things are known, that the creator shows you then you return. Break the mold as you think to the use you consider. This is the area you use by feel so think as you want or use as you feel the need. So I think this is a point I think is right by feel. This is a mold, that is jello mold or area mold that exists on as a surface. Off as a point that is missing something.

This is the end use for this area that I sensed by senstation, by sense this is sensation. That is there by the area I so subtly think by feel, so think now if you think to create by feel. So if I think I am done for now, I think I realize things so I know now about this so no doubt this will end badly if not good. So I will raise no hand as though against people if you raise no hand against me. This will ensure peace if nothing else occurs. So think as you want then, you leave as you consider the point by feel.

So I think this is what you want to create with use by the creator. So think then use what you want, if you know what is there then you know things. This is use by the destruction or what appears that is there. So I think this is energy by now, that you if you thought you would know what exists. I no longer follow the nwo as I don't either use things as they were there, this means there is no nwo so think what you want. After this is ideal so all you have to do is state the point. So there is no longer a cabal. The planned wars are no more so enjoy yourself.

lea knottin

Sunday, February 28, 2016

noted effects

a freeing contract that you can sign or think to create things such as a stirr with feel. Then think the passion to create what you want or wish. This is what you can do with this.

So seen or not this is what you think, then your free as you think you know then you know what you feel. As I am free by life I am free by now so I think then I know as now I know or gnow what I am doing. This I think you feel not create till you think the right thing then the ideal creates itself. I have no karma so I have no debts I did not choose to pay or have. This effects those I think it effects.

So I think I will be or bear freely if I think to do so. However I will not lose any money as I don't need to spend freely where I shouldn't. However I will not be overweight, that means I am free by the ideal that I do. So I am free from need as I think then can continue things, that I wish to continue this does not mean void contracts I no longer want. So this contract can be changed anytime I want to change the ideal.

I am not bound to any thing heart and soul, as I am aware or not aware I don't have to be here. So now my soul is not bound to be here so my spirit is not bound either until I decide to be bound. I can do things by feel or by the feel. This means that I am able to do what I deem is possible by now. So I think this is used as an ideal I had by feel that I can do what I want. I can even so I think goto another planet, as I think I can or I end up there that I decide to goto.

What am I? Nea Arapnea is what I am as I can form into any shape, if the reason is there for the subconscious. Arapneo is indian energy beings, that create what you want or feel by what you think. there is a point that exists, that if your creative your not dependant on things or conditions. This is by my own ideal and written consent, unless I no longer desire to have this contract then this contract doesn't exist.

I think your dependent free, then your not effected by anything that is there as non afflicting you. thinking that your not effected your still effected by the drugs you want to be effected, this is use by those that want to use this so otherwise your no longer showing the disease or disorder. As I am aware I create the effect to work by the feel, seen or otherwise I work by some point that is made. I can die whenever or however I want to die.

There is no fine assigned to this contract that if you do sign then your free from all other contracts that you don't want to do. I am not legal bound to do what I don't want to do. I do what I want to do until I don't want to do it with no consequences set to me as myself the rote roleplayer or ideal maker. I am no longer effected by brutality or violence. Nor will I show violence to others, unless I have a need to defend and I won't be arrested.

So there is no dependency, there is no fear associated with this ideal, there is no ideal that can't be done except brutality. So if your aware then your ideal is dependency free by the feel that you have so this means I don't depend on anyone. This contract does not renew if I don't want it to renew. So when it ceases to exist, then the contract with all contracts I don't want will be void.

Whatever it is or whatever I am I can void them as this is my legal right. As I am free by aware thought or others thinking, I am aware by thought that I am free for life. I am as I can do what I want from this point on or not do, as I can do what I want. This is freedom from any contract, decree or ideal that exists that I am no longer needing to be bound to. As I am not effected anyway. So farewell to the effective world I am free from you. I won't have to do what I don't need to do, unless I need to do some ideal. If I am free, so I will do what I want.

Clause 100

I don't have to do what I think. Since life is perception, I can do what I want without fear of attack or reprisal. I will remain clean and others will respect me. I will clean the area as necessary, where the area is necessary to remain or become clean. I can bear not having family so I can stand not having anyone. I will go live somewhere else if I don't desire to attack, if I can live somewhere else or can't stand the neighbors or area. As I don't need to live here then I will.

I am whatever nice whatever I do. I am doing what I can do and that is all. I won't be attacked so I am aware to what I am even legally binding stuff, won't effect me if I don't want this to effect me. I am not noted for freedom where I am going.

If I am going to be attacked for it. So in all contracts are not renewed, thinking as you are if undesired. Think the end then you get nothing, as nothing happens so this is to except the point that you think. Then think what you want to work with others, as your aware to create a portal or area shift effect then you know.

Whatever I do I don't object as I think, seen unless it is a contract I don't desire by feel. Whatever I do I ain't hellbound yet I can go to the heavens, so the stars that are with planets are now known. The livable ones I can breath or live with are possible choices.

The heaven above are no longer heaven, as the stars are in the heaven. So I can go where I choose or want to go. The creator knows where I can go so I can accept it if not heaven. So I will go when I want to by the creator, as I am now aware I am free.

signed chris m
signed ________
cosigned by ________

Saturday, February 27, 2016

a random few

contracts; see or done as done is the need, this is use by thinking is the point or need is done then your need is met. so this ends our contract not ever will it reoccur. so think in what you want, the creator creates it if not a contract. if the contract doesn't exist then the ideal need is met. that is sometimes how the contract works. so if there was one or wasn't one, you could use the subconscious to create with the ideal you felt or need in use. so feel by what you want, this is what you consider.

Booness; Create a boon by focus or exchange to work with others, as this in the end you exchange things. some things can be accounted for by money or items otherwise known by speech. so this is some things not all.

Boo; So just by thought of a random few, then is the case or cause to create things, now is sometimes the soul created solution by the energy or things you feel that is what you think not what you consider. A boo then is a hatchway that is a walkway made of boards. That often covers holes, so this is or was what I hid where in I was unfound.

Then I found my way to go somewhere else, undetected then I was away from the land. I think they sent someone after me but I am gone from atlantis as I am now a refugee with him that created me so I might as well enjoy the day. I only had to create something that seemed innocent, but was in a hazard way so I was running thereafter.

Hiding in ground surface; Think a point then the subconscious creates the point, that uses many techniques as you think time pause then. You think to create a hole by quick actions, as the person creates the point. Then as you help dig the hole if you brought a shovel, if your aware you can take as much as you want with a certain amount of time. This is the use in the moment that saves your day. Otherwise you could use the holes, if deep enough to hide yourself in otherwise by feel.

Where you distract them by stating something else. When done you can hide with a hole cover over your head, until they are aware consciously. Then you are aware to what they are likely to do an so we're free. As non focus with thought, then your aware you change back.

As your body adapts to where you are or were, so you are where you want to be. I will not actually be caught anyway, since I am well away from there. So I think you can understand my means I put in this ideal something that explains it better. Just follow along if you can understand.

a little one; no arcing here in space now you know what I know you can do things as well. so enjoy yourselves, ciou sagan. no arcing here by the feel, as the frequency has gone down. so I think to work things out. this is where I appear as an old friend of mine, then go about my business to work with the area focus I built to prove the arc is possible. so I think I am done.

so I think to use this around the machine to work things out where I mean to understand yourself. thinking to create a persona I could use I was aware to the chance of victimization or ideal use. so I think this is where I am to step out to think, so you create with a big world out there. this used my faery born prince or princesses that were energy from arcing energy, as I know what this is for so this is use in need.

Thinking to use the ideal that exists by feel, I think to aware parts of the brain. this is where things work out or I leave the area. so this is what I will do for today. taking a look around me I found the area changed by perspective, so think to use things so this means things are by awareness that I see by the feel or work by the ideal.

Thinking I am myself I am aware to what I am doing, so there seems to be smoke in the area that my third eye showed me. see as I work like myself I am myself. so I thought that I was aware, so I could get away with things otherwise unknown. if I thought then that I am alert or aware then I am aware. so I will go now to do my day tasks.

Above average; Think as your above avereage thinking. Thinking this I thought a pattern by feel, then found out I was being observed by my ancestors. So then I created something by feel sometimes this is by potassium or some fruit, that was with flow energy from a plant, power plant or water then this was what I found.

That if you imagine the object grow or shrink by or with your body changing if you want this too, then think to create by the imagination you create by the molecules. "As you imagine the object or person grow or shrink with the molecules expansion by feel or unexpansion with thought, then you create by the feel" with some ideal the creator has done.

Thinking to use something I created what I thought, unless I didn't intend to create the effect of magic. So I think that thought is there unless useful, avoidable otherwise by the feel that things exist. So that is all to my investigatable ideal. Now I get to live what occurs to me, if things are needed to be lived.

no use feel; no hit necessity nah no need line. ne no ine nah not be christian in ne nah special or challenge neh nah great ni no ne ine line scene use or dine by feel. think to create so your use is special. this means you were picked by a few to work with us by in feel dendrites by profession, focus in what controls you is what works if you control it.

so your free as your not of guilt, as charge is free by rubber or iron rubbing. so focus free energy to reduce the frequency then your free from influence, yet allow those that are human to have humanity serve them. then in the end you focus free use energy to work or make better, as you use the aura to focus towards someone.

making magic; So just think of what you want an then think of a point to create, as you think a thought to work then make something or think something. Then you make the effect from your thought that you create, this is used ideal by some use or making that is magic with baking by thought what you think. This isn't supposed to happen if you think it won't.

This works if you think it will. This by use is thought an thinking is there, so your subconscious causes by what you make into something else. That is use as some point is use by an ideal stopping or en point. Then you can state your point that you want that is done, an is done by you if you can't get another to do it.

So think you don't have to then, as a point is ideal an to leave is some concept. This is making magic too, as you think to make some magic then you made something this is not always sabotage if this works out well. This is some ideal to do things well or what is by feel is there an is thinking.

I have seen an use this as this is with thought to create by creation. So an ideal by ideal if their use is over, an this is done then you are aware. If this was a bad result, then we seem to have left or are where we remain.

So we are aware to the feel that we have from area feel, that exists what is there as though witchcraft this is there focus. This is where we get to have fun so go enjoy yourself in town. An this is with the town controlled by cops that I note this from observation. Martial law is a bitch, so think as you want to do something.

Bethasba the cowriter, he stated it I wrote it. For I don't write this stuff if I think not to write. I think this was a stunt by demonists, that called themselves accultist. So don't be too surprised by the working reslts.

Bethasba the demon wrote this through me, so I know I was possessed yet not possessed anymore as I was forgiven by myself. So think what you want this ideal might still work.

nasty letter

This is a warning think to next one you think will work, as your seeing to the energy with conscious use where you think to the crystal to work with things. So then you create, as though created where you thought to work as if done. An you bear the life or frequency by the tower, that is a musical focus thought as some device that relays the sound or frequency reduced by steel, iron or rubber rubbing without plastic ignoring glass. This can even put cracks in the screen. That unforms things as you think a will or ideal. Think and this can work as you are willing to work with others. farewell chris michaelsom jr.

Signed heracles the simonist demonist

en ib eb ne
an iss eb ne
ab en eb ne
en ne eb ne

en is no erkb
an in en ne 
en is en ebbe
en as en olay

let us think this is done
this is some farewell
think in the life
work by the focus will

end this now end jealousy
end war seem well your well
so your well to the end, ebb n tide
think your well then you end well.

This is in en as farewell this long gone person, as this is in death an think of the pastime to correct for the time by the feel. This is in the end, do nothing do what is right. Now nothing you know what is due, do what is right. Nothing is due by feel, so do nothing for nothing. Then if due is right pay as you must. Then this is the end point done by the ankh.

Then due nothing is done so you are through. Now ciou for now. This was told to me by a friend of mine in his head I think it made me look servile in action as I looked crazy till he told me to not do that so now I am well this was interesting. Think to the ankh to create what you want, then the ankh is using the creators energy. Thinking to create the area feel or activity, this is used to create what you want.

I used the chant above to end a war so there you go. ciuo for now.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Old Souls Experience

These 6 Universal Problems
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- By Dreamcatcher - Jul 17, 2015

This article was inspired by 10 Universal Problems Old Souls Experience

Old souls are people who are just different in heart, mind and soul. These differences have led to some universal problems that each old soul can relate to.

Old Souls are special kind of persons who find themselves different, isolated, and alone since birth not because of their attitude, habits, or temperament, but rather because they are simply… old — in mind, in heart, and in soul.

In a phrase, they are different — a difference for which the world has never become accustomed to.

Hence as I think, old souls have come to experience (almost universally) one or more of the following problems in life:

1. They Are Often Misunderstood

Old souls are often perceived as strange people because of their lack of interest in worldly possessions, their unconventional ideas, and their standards of living.

In a world where consumerism is linked directly with one’s right of self determination; where wealth, authority, power, and income are a measure of personal respect and self-esteem; and where communities, relations, and sense of belonging and purpose are created by ones ambition, old soul’s evident separation from the “real world” is uncanny.

Furthermore by ideal, this in use with ideal you have by thinking this is some point an age exists, where everyone accepts wearing masks in society and try their best to uphold their image. The “different” set of expectations that old souls demonstrate through their character, day-to-day lives, and how they treat people, often raise red flags.

All of this creates a gulf, making it hard for them to truly communicate with others, often resulting in them being left misunderstood.

2. Their Intuitive Decisions Are Considered Illogical And Not Taken Seriously

Old souls understand the inherent power of intuition, accepting it as a language of their inner self, and hence rely on this gut instinct to make personal and professional decisions.

Their continued use often sharpens their intuition to the point that they are often found relying on intuition to make “informed” decisions.

Given that intuition was relegated as an unreasonable form of human faculty throughout the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and post-Enlightenment epochs, and that remnants of that thought still find authority in our contemporary world, many people resist accepting it.

See hence with feeling, when old souls rely on their intuition to make a decision, people often find the “logic” behind it unreasonable.

3. People Can’t Grasp Their Forgiving And Easygoing Nature

Old souls look at life philosophically, often pondering the circumstances that different people from different backgrounds, cultures, locations, and religions may have experienced; their limiting biases and beliefs and perspectives, and more.

Hence by feel, they gain a deeper sense of empathy for people around them by allowing them to be forgiving to misconducts and misbehavior with ease.

Furthermore as this is interest, old souls take life non-linearly, with good days and bad days ebbing and flowing through it.

They realize the interconnectedness of life, and hence take it one moment at a time. Their easy going nature and their ability to be forgiving towards others and towards themselves allows them to see each obstacle in life as an opportunity to learn.

In a world where failure is stigmatized as an “end of most things”, the ability of old souls to accept it so easily is nothing less than mind-boggling. It often creates a perception that they were nor serious enough about it in the first place.

4. They are Often Seen as Social Outcasts and Loners

Old Souls believe in developing and nurturing meaningful, impactful, and lasting relationships in all facets of their lives.

They strive to spend their energies building a few close relations rather than a platoon of acquaintances they hardly know.

Consequently, they loathe being pressurized to socialize more, and hence come to be seen as loners or social outcasts.

5. Old Souls Yearn for Solitude

Old Souls are always comfortable with their selves, often seeking solitude for themselves. They draw their energy from within themselves, and so self-reflection and isolation recharge them.

However, it often comes at the expense of frustrating their family and friends.

6. People Gravitate Towards Them, but They Find It Hard To Disengage

Perhaps it is their serene personalities, their heightened sensitivity and consequent (uncontrolled) empathic reactions that etch gentleness across their features, or it’s their aura, the fact of the matter is that people get drawn towards old souls.

Hence, old souls often find themselves on the listening end of people who may be complete strangers, unable to disengage from the conversation or stop themselves from being sensitive, empathic, and expressive towards the other person.

Their sense of duty often clashes with their yearning for isolation.

7 Earthly Pleasures Of An Old Soul

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Inspiration / Spirituality
- By Dreamcatcher - May 17, 2015

Do you think you are an old soul? Have you felt alienated from your peers? Read on to learn more about old souls.

There are those amongst us who simply do not share the same experiences as the rest of the people. These people always tend to have their own perspective on things, perspective that generally does not conform to those of the majority.

Such people usually find themselves in solitary situations and derive pleasure from it. The pleasure is neither born out of an antisocial temperament nor a preference towards avoidance. It’s simply because these people were born old.

We have come to call such people old souls and we do so in reflection to their mature nature and perspective on life. Such people are old at heart, mind and soul.

When considering old souls, it is no surprise that they seem to find solace within themselves rather than those around them. For that, the interest shared by most hold no real significance for such people.

Having an outlook such vastly different has a strong alienating affect and experiencing another old soul would probably have similar influence as most have when socializing with their peers.

A child who is simply unable to befriend his or her peers because of the prevailing differences does not generally have to be considered as a social outcast or socially different.

Most of us know such a person from school or from somewhere else. Such people are old souls, who simply enjoy a different perspective on life.

Are you an old soul?

The following are some of the pleasures enjoyed by old souls. If you enjoy these things, chances are that you too are an old soul.
A Few Pleasures Enjoyed by Old Souls

1. You Enjoy Your Solitary Time

Since most old souls are not interested in the same goals as their peers, such relationships can be dissatisfying for them. Without the ability to relate to one another, no one, especially not old souls, can enjoy such relationships.

Consequently by understanding, old souls tend to find pleasure in the company of themselves.

2. Spiritually Aligned

Old souls generally exhibit a more sensitive demeanor towards more spiritually inclined things. Things that seem like a life long struggle for most, such as overcoming one’s ego or seeking enlightenment, come naturally to these awakened souls.

Old souls are matured souls in younger personas. They usually derive pleasure in pursuing peace and fostering meaningful relationships where there is an actual connection. To them, there is no wiser way to spend one’s time.

3. An Inherent Love for Knowledge and Truth

Old souls are naturally more gravitated towards the intellectual aspects of life. Although, no one inherently possesses wisdom, old souls have a natural inclination towards acquiring knowledge for pleasure and in the process, a significantly more accurate and educated perspective on life.

For example, understanding the theory of attraction would seem more appealing to them than reading the current edition of some popular tabloid that has all the spicy secrets of everyone’s — supposedly — private lives.

4. A Holistic Perspective on Life

Old souls are more likely to be reminded of the fragility of life and implications of mortality. This causes them to develop the pessimist’s loop thinking about the unknown and make them to withdraw.

However by feel, such a perspective on life also helps them to decisively and wisely dictate the trajectory of their lives and try to find pleasures in even the smallest of things.

For example from what you know, instead of taking pictures of an event or experience, they will choose to experience it in its entirety and engrain it within themselves once and for all.

5. An Introspective Nature

Thinking and contemplation are acts that come naturally to old souls. In the moments of silence, when one can truly hear their own thoughts, an aspect that one needs to delve deeper into their consciousness and examine life and other things introspectively.

It is also these dissective thought processes that allow old souls to learn so many lessons and acquire insights into such varying life situations.

6. A Rebellious Outlook

Since most people are more inclined to conform and comply with the herd mentality, old souls on the other hand are more rebellious in the context.

Whether it is religion or utilitarian laws, if you are able to dissect the supposedly natural order of things and form your own causations and find pleasure in the process, than you are more likely an old soul.

7. The Pleasure of Feeling Old

There is no better feeling to an old soul than to simply feel older in relation to the majority of people that surrounds them.

What I mean by this is the feeling of wariness or no hits necessary, that forces one to sit down and enjoy the idyllic beauties that surround us.

The watchful patience that is necessary to observe and understand thinking that exists your thought to do. The feeling of calmness one gets from detaching oneself from the fast-paced nature of life. Thinking is also one of the main reasons why old souls are generally viewed as aloof or cold, which are just one of the many myths surrounding old souls.

Empaths — The Spiritual Empathy Residing Within Old Souls
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- By Dreamcatcher - Aug 14, 2015

This article was inspired by Emotional Frequency: Why Are Many Old Souls Empaths?

Ever wonder why so many old souls tend to be empaths? Well, continue reading to learn about the connection between empaths and old souls.

Empaths are people like you and me. The reason why this particular group of people has been categorized is because of their unusually impressive ability to sense external thoughts and emotion.

I am sure you have heard of the social issues experienced by empaths. For example, they find crowed places to be quite overwhelming; the continuous external emotional stimuli lead to the confusion of their own emotions with those of others around them.

The simplest way to describe them is through their ability to absorb the emotional frequencies of others, just like an “emotional sponge.”

The chances for you to encounter an empath are quite low, because they account for around five percent of the total human population.

But interestingly, a lot of old souls tend to exhibit the same qualities that empaths do and there seems to be a link between old souls and empaths.

In this article, I will try to analyze the relation between empaths and old souls and see what I can find.
Historical perspective of “Living Energy”

But before venturing any further, let’s take a brief look at what history tells us about empaths.

According to knowledge that has survived the test of time and several wars, the Incan civilization was aware of this trait prevalent in empaths.

According to Incan view of the world, there was a concept known as living energy or KawsayPacha. Meaning, they viewed the nature as a living and responsive entity and a part of the larger cosmos, which is a vibrating field of pure energy.

Incans used to believe that the world they were born into was just as conscious and aware of its existence as we are. And that every living thing is capable of experiencing the energy emitted from another living thing, just as it was its own.

The people born with this ability were considered to be blessed because it allowed them to effortlessly cultivate a soulful connection with all forms of living energies that exist in nature.

They would learn to harmonize their existence with their surroundings and energetic reciprocity called Ayni, which according to their belief exists within all living creatures.

When the living energies of two entities, such as humans, animals and plants, interact with each other, the different energies collide and create confusion.

Empaths were the few who were able to differentiate between various forms of energy, whether it was a completely similar frequency or opposing energy. This understanding would allow them to harmonize the energetic encounter of living forces.
The connection between Empaths and Old Souls

All of us can experience empathy to some extent. Empaths, however, differ because they experience on such an intense level that they have difficulty distinguishing between their own emotions and those that they absorb from their surroundings.

Highly sensitive people, on the other hand, are a bit different in the sense that they possess hyper physical sensitivity since birth.

Meaning, the neurochemistry of their brain allows them to be overly receptive to emotional stimuli. Their sensitivity allows them to experience the emotional changes within people, as they occur.

But it is important to understand that not all highly sensitive people exhibit the qualities of an empath.

When it comes to old souls, there is a difference. Their sensitivity is slightly different in the sense that there is no physical relation to their sensitivity, but it’s rather their spiritual capacity.

This doesn’t necessarily means that all old souls can be considered empaths; they are capable of experiencing the living energies around them because they are spiritually attuned.

The inherent spiritual attunement possessed by old souls is further enhancing their energy by being reborn many times and appropriating many lessons. The more a soul’s energy experiences consciousness and then returns to its origin, the blurrier the lines between “I” and “that” becomes – it’s a purer perspective of the world, as a whole.

Through this process of soul aging, the consciousness becomes less defined, leaving our intuitive receptors to be left open to freely experience our own emotions and, in the process, the emotional vibrations of those around them.

We tend to believe that with age comes wisdom. Similarly, as a soul matures, it is less concerned with superficial aspects governing our mortal realms and this erosion of self, ego and all other inherent impediments, lead towards receptivity.

See hence by feel, old souls are much more likely to be empaths due to their willingness to experience more than what they are.

Always remember that being an empath is more valuable than anything you could possibly hope to achieve. If you are experiencing trouble adjusting to society, you simply need to learn to center yourself and become more aware of your ability.

See in the experience, your awareness will allow you to filter the continuous stimuli and prevent yourself from shouldering the vast and endless suffering that exists all around us.


Although not an actual representation of what an old soul might be, these are some of the things old souls do and find pleasure in life. If you feel like you conform to some of these stranger pleasures , you might be an old soul.

If you possess the drive to acquire more information and develop your own understanding, you might actually seem one yourself.

For now, please keep visiting this blog for more such wonderful pieces on spirituality and life.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

the escape key

Thought frequency use; you see by using modulation by power to use the open us with opportunity understood. the moment of employing is now uponst us, otherwise you seek death to work death. think the use then your body does the correct thing.

Employing the chimes of frequency death, they were thought frequency protection. where you can create some area ideal, then work with the point to create by the subconscious. announcement is ann died by feel with some other thing we did, see or what we did was focus the chimes of death or energy frequency. The escape key is the leave out key for some of the towers programs.

That if this was not done and you would feel like you still live there. the ideal is this if you focus energy with suggestion that are high pitched from towers or use by "modlation" or modulation then, you create with what area reaction that you think until you think don't react. so you end the modulation or chimes of frequency by thinking them off.

The object frequency or energy by the object is the life energy that is off, if there is a little energy of the person in the object. you could think to the object to turn then the chimes off, this is using kineneticism some use a focus device to do this. as a land eye could be able to shift others, as you think to place two rods close to each other then natural ionization is there known as a spark.

thinking to the use that exists if you think about the energy formation, this with enough frequency varience then you can hear the pitch in your ear. this is a visual frequency in-between the rods or area that such as a eye formation forms.

This frequency is made by the energy of the high frequency arcing together. so if you use a rubber strip or imagine using a rubber strip, as you rub in one swipe across the surface you diminish to the ear the frequency by act that is heard. think what you want then, as you are aware you can create by feel. then thought of the ideal that by the arc, thinking you can shift to go somewhere you thought to go.

This is a warning think to the energy with conscious use where you think to the crystal to work with things, then you create as though created where you thought to work as if done. an you bear the life or frequency by the tower, that is a musical focus thought as some device that relays the sound or frequency.

If you can call the frequency music. the hearing range is the point that the eye exists that you can mimick closing, where the point of ideal or your thinking is the eye. so think the eye closes then rub rubber to cancel charge, then the frequency diminishes the effect it has.

See or not as you don't have to use them so no deaths occurred. perhaps this should be a lesson to the us, that is where they use the control tones instead. so think off to go out, now just deal with them. they were our use to protection no longer needed.

on in; go on in if you want to work with another thing or person, unless there is noone there. this by feel is a thought to a point, so think as your considering what to do.

en an; think what you feel then work with those that exist, if you wish to gain what is wanted then the point is where we can use peaceful measures. the fairy language is trick with words that mean good in our lanuage, so their language could also mean attack or create by feel.

in an en; think of an ideal way then follow along the ideal then thing to stop things that should not be. as you in use or feel are recognizing things. then stop things as you could if you consider them, this is important to create for or work by the use or not need to create by feel where you seek in a moment. then think to create by the use or this is not here as we are aware.

an an; in en ensume "seen or in ek un in felippe concept" or in en an release the bungie chord this is done.

in palpous; Think the best to use the best ideal then you are free by what you can do. Thinking some use is appropriate to think, then think again as you see what you look at you know by stateement in ideal what this is. Some in public view by use, ideal or machines. So think as you are ware then work, as your awareness is there then you avoid the machines that are with mistakes. Think to use things as they are there, then you create as you feel.

extra communication clothes; think the ideal then you see the point or feel, that is some scent or scene that exists. the area you think to send a message that is exposed by feel, then you think or say a message then the clothes send the ideal as a though message. As though our mind is what can cause the change in area reality. This is a point you step. So in fact its freedom.

in an out; use in explanation is what works for you, as they tell or explain what is there by feel. so this is use by feel that you create with interest or love, that exists by ideal you have. so understanding what I think I thought to do things by the feel with what exists. then things didn't always make sense. that is until the creator that created this all stepped in, by thought to work this is use by ideal with your feel to create what you thought by intuition.

en all about; A thief visited me during the day. He only attacked me because he thought I can't have it. So don't think about it or your done, then this doesn't effect you. So I will setup the body bonds to not effect the area or myself, otherwise the ideal is the bonds disappear. This is the last thing that I do, as I will find a way to go as I leave to another area. As with all things done, if with orgonne then turning off the machine changes by the pattern or ideal that stops the effect. So I think this will work.

en is enough; Think the end is here, as I hear the rumbings loudly so time to go. I will leave as I think the creator shifts me to some planet, that I think is supporting life as though the planet of orion. Others can go to the animal ruled planet is good enough. That is there in the crab nebula. So I think I don't really matter, as this is a hit or ideal then I think I will go by now. I will let the ideal subsist or work for a point of time. So I think this is there, as I go along with touch to the mother planet. Then I will go to see what or where I can go.

the escape key; Press the escape key or imagine the ideal results, then you aren't creating with some thought to steal or work things out by feel. As all bonds are no longer there as though cut, you are loose in the wind or area thinking what to do. Then the creator creates what you think.

If you want to create some result, that you imagine as the end result. You can set any actual result, I thought to create by feel. As a point to them that concern themselves, I let them do what they wanted around me. So this is like an association.

This is where you think then know, as you think of the ideal or association then the subconscious creates the ideal. If you want to create the ideal you think or have a showing point, then its created or otherwise this is not there. This is how the association works.

So look at these, as an act is associated by feel. Then think to create them as associations if you want them. So with a thougt is association and think, as you want the ideal then this is sometimes there by feel. Sometimes the ideal is associated to what the act is by feel, sometimes they miss the things they write.

So think of minor things to catch the people off guard. This is an act by association. Some told tall tails of the ideal you know, some tell ideal you know by feel so listen to the expression that is the by response to tell the difference or know what they think. This is use by all that want to act by association, so think as you want to do things so you think as you are aware.

esc = create by feel then think to work by the area. this turns off by a family thought or ideal you work or come by use. anything can be work. there is several things you can do: thank you or go as you wish. as a form of thanks this is great as you can say or do, what would you like thinking the spirit here is ideal I think I will leave. Not to mind things. Now you know I am not that type of thief. So I think I will head out now.

Just think about it then if you esc. Then if you thanks or "then think" the effect doesn't occur, then those that you imagine or feel the need for are not always with things as you think of the ideal.

flare bonds; Think to create a bond energy to your stuff, that you can see if you think to locate by the third eye. That is released by the thought that you are free. If your stuff is taken without your permission the bonded energy, set by a touch this is flaring up then you are as though knowing.

Don't think to turn this off as though some ability, think the effect is turned off as you can or want. Because this tends to disassociate then you shift from them that do things, if you want a physical change think the effect is turned off as you flip a light switch.

You know where the stuff is otherwise the thief is caught. This is energy that assumes you are the thief if you think to steal so think to do what you want then, so it won't as you enjoy yourself so work with this if you want yourself to use this.

Death art; curse of contradictions; the more one respects with the lives of living people, the more death energy is released. With the other hand, if one doesn't have respect for living things. No death energy is released. Create by focus with death essence, that you think to release if you want to live longer by this ideal. So I can't concern as I care to help out. This means that I appeased am appeasing others.

Ethernanos; Create by absorbing energy that makes you seem full, if then you can cast magic as this an effect to create by the feel. Think then the creator or being that is you that creates by thinking then, the energy creates for you by the energy consciousness. That is where the wizard's body with blood flow transforms the energy into useful chi. The strength of the wizards strength is feelings. Use is order and chaos by this.

Think you feel or work with what is there then you create by ideal. This uses focus by activity or meditation where you don't have to think, but do things with the heart so if a weak area or heart. Then things of you won't have an easy magic effect. Meditation is the most effective means to absorbing energy. Drinking water that you think to energize is creating.

As you ingest the water you also absorb energy with the health benefit. That is with longer or shorter life by impurities. That is the point to live or work, then you know how to use this. As I work I feel I can create by the feel with energy. So I focus my mind to create the effect, that I think then energy is used. So think as your aware that you think of others, where you concern yourself with area creativity so you are aware to what occurs.

That is blood flow where the heart beats but still faster. When you think to use magic that creates energy effects by the brain waves. Causing the area to create with your influence, by the energy that is conscious energy. Everything is living, so then if you think you know. Using energy you could glow, where this is absorbing energy.

However there is a special magic of the soul, think what you associate with as the color is what is useful. So orange is sometimes fire, red is blood energy, grey is poison, white is air, yellow is disease or drugs otherwise hazards, green is poison with the body yet sometimes tree or plant if cleansing, brown is earth or shit, blue is water where indigo or purple is emotion or fighty.

work; think in as a form to work then you do, so then this will work. if you think you can crystallize a form from energy, then the energy forms as you consider oe will. think so your form is energy then you can create the form by choice. think so your born or thought is so you have your methods back or remembered, then you are able or willing if you can think of a way to create things by feel. So I think the government should be creative by area tactics.

chamelion; thought change is ideal as you think to change the formation by appearance, then the outside changes as use with electrostatic otherwise. this I think is if your ideal that is with the chamelion circuit. you see we could appear any which way we want, we could change the shape to anything else except for natural disasters. we left it that way. then ended up where we went.

em n no hell; hell a place where you can't shift from except by this gravity effect. this is a hell release spell from hell as you raise yourself into the air then your free by use, that by the creator you can shift from: this is where use or not except this is not bad. so I think I am in hell no longer by feel. this I realize is the point by feel, think then you work or gain by activity without exercise. think as your aware then you know what you can do. so think as things are aware you are aware not to the moment but then to other things. those things the creator creates by feel, think to seem nice, then you are as I think this is true for activity or false for no activity as I except for the things you do by feel.

then think; as your in life your in life from hell, this is the thought release as though a travelor on the road of the dessert. cia around.

thanks; thank you, rebirth is not our future. that is your future if you think it is.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

thunder game

I don't create the thunder. this is an interest in thunder. this is a sue if bee by a point. you didn't have to until you needed to so think as your aware. that this is flat rate robbery. what I think is true in an ideal that is a full body slam, move or slap to the face or a friendly ideal, somewhere you can accept what you think or ignore. this is what you think a listing. just by focusing you know what is there just by thinking. thinking is sometimes activity so think as you like or don't like.

So think in ideal is some thought, for this is a point or ideal you work by feel, sometimes by dead people. because sometimes the dead people are disproven, as though live people. that is all there is thought to this. so there is no attack here there is just people that do things. so do as you are aware to the symbolic means or meaning. this is just a warning if you are getting worser results. intense feel failure is the heart pounding till bursting, where you are aware to the point their will is done. this is why we listen to thoughts, thinking as you are capable yet no longer are we hearing people except by the creator.

So this is use in substance use an thought is important. this is a murder by feel so you think, then your there to get the ideal or get the wallet. so if your aware, then think to create with the use or vehicle or shift by shicle or vehicle vibration with some other icesickle. so think what you want or wish then the creator will sometime occur it. so think or do things without loss or you can allow by farewell by feel.

Soul searching

it is so iz uz nu be na uu. uu na no uu se by fe wi id. so it be no id ne uu ni no id se or no. uu id ne be by si ro. ye or I fi other pe ne. why not or so you think go. ne in so se or on in me wi card that fits or works with a modern bank. thank yo. ta no in ba ex to wh I be in ekh kk. alright you found it again. so no in th again so good to know so yet no attack as necessary so no steal money no in cr ed kked. That is there again so no thanks, so thanks anyway I can break free. I think to have credit or debit card. Fine no steal. No stealer here so stop.

If you find the ideal then if you are aware of use, that is then this is now so you are aware by what that forms with or without things. So as you think things creatively, if you think to work things out. Then you are calm so you are aware by the area you feel or not needed, as your useful somewhere else. So think the use then if I feel I can do it then I will as I am there. This allows you to work otherwise have sex or go work, if you think to have sex or work things out by yourself.

However if you no to think to work with the difference. So if you touch the body as you think this aversive that is a hit that uses the flab or tissue, that you create from to form some object that you think to exist. Then you can create more by forbearance or use by feel. So think then you could steal less, as you are aware of what your options are by now. So think what you want by the area feel.

response; no this is some use, let me search. this will take some time or there's some search. nothing there so I will use what I have.

He knew bye now; He or she came by for this, so he or she can find it. That's no problem as that is there. Then think as your aware to what you do from now on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Freedom or work

A note I found. This is work to translate or use as thought to discuss. I live in another world that is parallel to this one, I can channel my energy to be heard by those with psychic ability with symbols or ideal understood a visions. So I think I will start with this. Freedom or work, think to work by ideal so you can create with freedom that exists by the feel. As you realize the right thing or thought, then the area can adjust as though to your will.

Otherwise or not you see I am not here with the use by senses feel. I know how to hide myself by thinking alike others there where I think I am myself. As you imagine you can shift. Ormus helps this by causing equalized thinking with thought that you are somewhere as heat is there or cold area feel your back. That is how you can do this. As you use ormus that is powdered gold, otherwise energy salt water that is magnetized. Lieutenant I am sorry I can't stay. So do as you want or enjoy yourself, as your aware to do so or feel.

Then I create with the point, that I hear by now. So here are some translated noted down things, from my language to yours. So think ahead is think of the future, as I think I am where I think. I think I have seen a ghost that was down the hall as this place I manage is haunted. As I have seen things appear in the middle of the night I think this place is unsafe. So I will leave on a moment's notice, then I am not so I am unsure of what I will do.

As I think the ideal job is there, so I think it safe to leave then. As though this is so on your order I don't come back. I hope that I find a person standing there by area feel or use with ormus, that shifted in when the person shifted away as he said he was a ghost. As this is where you leave then come back or just imagine that you go somewhere else, then things are feeling normal again.

This is funny so I will go, as I don't want to watch materialized body parts floating around. I accidentally called by energy a ghost to be here, so I will leave when I can. As you realize this then it appears, so think it won't as you don't need it then its gone. So think to do the right thing, if you realize the right thing or if as your aware then you can create what you think.

power phase; Think to do an what if you want as you think then work, this generates actively any energy by feel. That you can focus then think your somewhere else as you think of the place or the activity so thought exists by what you think. This results as some ideal as a power form or phase form that is spiritual.

You could where you think to seem activity appear by the activity as though a ghost with energy or emotion by now. This ends when you think something negative, so you end up returning by the feel that you have. So think as your aware that this is a dream ability that is power based, so I think to stop then as this stops a dream counted as a negative that is positive.

So beware what falls over as this could be a ghost instead that visited the material plane. That was a vistor if not dead then otherwise is dead by feel. The two are the powerform that is formed by area energy, otherwise the body energy is what generates the form. If not then this is a shifted form of an actual ghost, that you can sense by area perception or recognition.

This is geisting by not noticing if not an act of an ideal ghost. So enjoy yourself by this, if you have enough food or drink. Think as you know where the activity there or exercise, this by thinking is enough by the activity to burn off the weight with thought to keep the weight down.

Then you could geist forever or this only takes a little food, others use some water that you drink. If nothing is in drinkable or edible form, then you won't get things as you think the result that you thought to buy. Because you can do it, think what you want then you get. This is a way to preserve money.

As the thought you project is suggestion enough, this is there to release as a feel where you generate some activity. So I think that you can describe, if what you think to know is possible. So I think as this is not always thought this you know by what is possible. Otherwise what is there is not always there.

Not or use if not then feel no need. So not or accept as nothing is possible. This is where you may not do this to others. That you think don't deserve this, otherwise may have things to do. See this is the use by now, where I think then I know what is the use that is there by now.

So think not if you don't want to get some result. So the end result by method is tense then if untense to create with feel by what you use your thought to direct by the subconscious. This can if you have ability creates any result.

See that is what you think to create or stimulate the body, though think for ideal by thinking something to the person. So yes do stop so you think, then continue as your aware. Then as you think to do you create as you feel.

A translated note:

Oh I don't mind; So this where there is a will by ideal. You can manipulate a ghost by orgonne, orgonite or use the planet energy as you think to the planet you create. Orgonne is not always where that is clear soluble, solidified with parts of things that creates by the things in it. You can use power tools, then as you think to use ideal or think to create some thought. If you can create more easily your thought.

As there is metal or things in it or just the clear substance by itself, you can create with this. Just think the thought to form or create with it, as you hold the orgonite or think to type then you are aware. I just realized that this is a point you thought, So just carry on.

In Em Er: Freedom IV; I am carl E Huitt: If you think about it, so don't do the dare or desire or don't think about it. This is the way that I feel. Think as your aware, then don't do things if unavoidable or unadvisable. I think to the use then, your free if thought to be good. So think then act until you don't act. This is my ending so use is as this is by now.

This is a bend of light to change or work with gravity. Any object or thing can be attracted or repelled. So an ideal if you think your in a spot or stand in a spot, then think to shift as your aware the spot is existing somewhere else then your consciousness shifts.

That means you can experience what is there. Then shift by thinking that your in the spot so then your there. So think to shift your body if you want to go somewhere, as you are suddenly there or here as you think to exist where you are. Otherwise this is where you think to explore. By the power of ormus.

As though a magnet were pulling or attracting by focus, as I think to create with sometimes with the hand or body part. If heavy enough this moves by sliding along or lifting up otherwise. So I think otherwise this in truth is magnetism by some activity. This is really weird by the particle feel. So think about the effect then you create by will.

This is helped by focus with use or without ideal, as ideal can get in the way. So think as you think you are another person, so then you are acting like one. So I think my thoughts are true, that is why what I think is true thought by the feel. So I think this where things get expensive, so I will create with what I have. En here.

Seen is ormus water, so I think I created by focus with thought to a drink. That has water with salt or copper by the effort you do. So if the magnetics of ormus are in play then you create by focus where you are thought sometimes, so you leave as thought sometimes you are another place by a shift.

When the ormus pulls some item to the spot. Most ordinary people that don't have abilty can use ormus to create, this is use as though thought where you think activity was ability. Thus you think then can create, where you think the point is ideal.

This is ormus ability I used so I think or feel, that you can focus to activate with body heat anywhere. That was then where the body or item shifts by the area heat. When the area cools down then you, the body or items shift back as no interest is there. So think or do what you want.

Some interesting special focus interest: by now

Some things to do; Think to lose weight or create some effect, as you feel intense or imagine the words. Then you are the weight by feel or creating what you feel to be as you want this effect, this is used as a wish that you want to seem. Seen or worked to create with the intent, as ideal if this is using the fan as a point to create with you realize to know by thought or pattern. So think of the sound or point, then you know what you realize or bye now.

So think a message then you hear a response from the person, you need to know things from the area you were in by feel. Think then you recognize or know the response from your own by clarification. If there is no need, don't do this. If there is never enough things to create or work, then there are things feel like. If they are in by there then you imagine the scene. As you think to imagine things to create or do, you see you can imagine nearly anything.

Then think "correct" otherwise, so not or accept if you don't want to imagine the words then. So you will still seem aware and not beat a friend. So if eating, think no by need then walk away so you won't eat. So think the ideal as you think to use the ideal where you need or no need.

Then your aware or feel that then was use by need. Where in this is your ideal or this is done by feel. So feel no need then do things or otherwise if not then, then you don't do things by feel or feel no need then if you don't you do other things. Then if you think you do by feel.

sleep paralysis; in an ef in use agree or not agree. this is the imbillical cord that you press against. that you create by pressing against it, that can appear as you think to awaken where things you think are evil or with the base unpressed. as you think then focus to awaken. this is where you try to present yourself in unillness. then your okay by feel with us.

so I think to move the thing on you aside, then your illness disappears then you are wakened. waking; what I see is that I am not awakened, so I see to think as your focused, think then you waken. this wakes you up. then I was awake. as I woke up I was aware to the area my past and I had slept in my bed for 1 month.

so this is a dream, so that when wakeful I was sleeping in then away I was ok. as I felt sane I realized I was in a building, that had collapsed on me so the age of the building was obvious. so ok I think this was when I was aware. that then your ok, as though you are sane. so as I felt my way out I was creative, as I felt the way to work then I woke up by feel with a cry of let him go.

warezhouse; I am ware or aware as I think in or out of consciousness. So I think I am awake then I am as I am with the creator. Seeya around world.

senaste; I am aware to the point where I think, then I am coupled or can dream travel to any world. I am aware to the point that exists when I think to work the feeling is dream or travel, that I drift off leaving the body as though paralyzed then come back as I think to return to the body.

So I think thusly I am existing, so where I am waking. This i act as though alive, then am aware to what I do. As I think to move I move the back, then I think to wake up fully by now.I think then I know so I am a warrior, a dream warrior for hire or activity by feel. So I think if I am aware then.

I create as I am feeling like I can do things. I figured out that I can use energy from the aura, to create with feel or work with materials. This allows a dream form you think is there to manifest by feel, so think the dream form away. This counts as with ideal as though dismissal.

See I think so I know yet now I really wish I was awake again, so I could figure out how to get out from under this. I hear a dog bark someone's coming, I think as I am so I know I am dreaming so I think I am aware by now. I can continue now journalling yet am remaining unsure of the body I inhabited.

As the body was non irratic in truth. So I will leave the body alone. That's when I left the dream harvester, thinking to go on my own as I found out I only lasted a month then collapsed and never woke up. I then soul drifted to another world, so I think then I was sure to not be caught in the same wreckage again.

I did expire after that, as the world never ended, so I travelled thereafter as a hybrid that was not dead. Yet could by a touch drain the victim as though a reaper. Then I woke up as though I lived in the same body, then I think the dream paralysis disappeared and I woke up for real. ciou till next time. The end.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Seen is the point though if you sense things out, you know what is there by focus where you realize things. So sense by feel if what you decide of that is felt, if you feel then they feel so they are aware to act right by feel think a suggestion to them. If you know they are not a thief then alert them to the point. What you don't want to seem to do, so you won't or so you are with what you want. Then the ideal is there, as you think the ideal is there by the creator.

Then act as you think this is correct, as your normalcy is there as your normalcy is ability if you think the point then you can state the ideal to suggest things are alright. Other ideal is you are not used by the use with feel. If you think this is alright everything is okay then your right. Don't alert them then work with them. As they were if they exist by what you think is there, then you can create by the air foci or element you associate with by ideal or feel.

So this is where you catch them off guard, thinking by feel are aware to the point that exists. This is the point you think by feel or nevermind the ideal, so I think that you can think by this or "not" at the right time.

That is where you think the message to the right place, this is with some correct point of time. That you think or the creator uses, this is thought to work with others by the feel that is there by feel otherwise. Then NO in use by the mouth is sometimes other substance non radioactive.

That is alcohol or other things like poison with bacteria seen. Seen use as the teeth has bacteria with food, this is used by the mouth is you want to add baking soda with Iodine no is no swallowing the substance. With sodium oxide or SO, then you have tooth paste. See that is safe, if useful by ideal.

Then you think where you want things, then there are things by ideal placement. This is the point then that your aware, so then you think or feel is right as then is the point you can do or know.

Think then if use you do or don't do sometimes wisely, as you think things are right. That is the green thumb rule, so think things to work with things. Sometimes there are things that exist, by what you feel as then if by them. So think then your aware, non hit by focus energy or thought is there as though you speak.

So think and things are real or if you don't want things, then things disappear unless you need them. There things are if you fear suddenly then something is about to occur, then when you don't the feel disappears except the point. Where you think then the ideal occurs, then is when you think to direct the point.

As though a suggestion the right ideal seems possible by feel, so then you are aware to the point by now. The colors in use by this are able to knock your eyes out, as they are vibrant which I love but I believe they must be computer enhanced. Either way, I love it

That is where you think is correct, as they are suggested to by us or not as they think. They are effected if, seen is this or they are effected by what they think. This is true if they think to do things wrong. This is false if they think to do things right, so think as you like if your aware then your alert. So if by aura flare you can create a daze.

Then with suggestion or use thinking by thought or ideal. You can use the flare energy sometimes unperceived to create with, so with the people effected that are doing things. This is with ideal or thinking, that are cause with different reactions.

So think then your aware, then no substance that is poison is gotten over unless mild. So oregano is a mild poison or herb that more or less poisons no one as they get over it. By the ideal you think, this is thought with ideal situation.

As oregano is used with the kitchen then you know by feel what is there. So think what you want as the body is exposed, then the body gets used to what is there. As this is on the wound if you make NO with salve, this is done by exposing I with NO then if pure you can add it to the water.

Then thicken the water with some thickener agent or corn starch that is a cream. So that includes Iodine that is sometimes I then you create healing quicker as a medicine. So think then your aware, by the area reducing with salve the redness if a burn after the reaction to the air. So lets see what you can come up with, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

As you think you see this, then you don't except in real life. So IN is Iodine with nitrogen, that once combined sometimes is a salve not eaten yet combined by spreading it. So think to use it with the skin, as this is a curative by breathing nitrogen.

No though as though doing something else elsewise. You can change the response they have as the point is use, as though they are themselves without the weight. Seen is the weight then the aura energy effect that you sense is a cure to the body as the fetus were there.

Seem to agree with some of the suggestions then you are aware, so you seem to act in accord with those around you by except by backlash with light. This could be a flashing white light with the aura shining forth, then they work with you otherwise.

As they could tend to dodge aside in life. Seen as a spirit dodge then you avoid the disaster by feeling for the ideal use, the otherwise ideal is situation to know what or when this is a disaster. This is all about water chemistry. So if too technical don't worry.

This is through thought with the subconscious. Contray to belief you can suggest anything to another, as you think death essence or energy from some cells energy to effect them. As though a flash of light, this is set off with use done by the subtle energy where you see a body or light flash.

All the eyes need to see is energy that the flash or flashlight light is there by, so use then is where you can suggest things that they think about later. That is the conditioning, then there is relocation by feel so think. Then think that your subconscious is aware, that to distract someone is to create.

As you state something else or not as you realize, so I think that they think instead. See this is a point by discussion or suggestion. Nothing more than that. So anything said isn't always gonna happen. What you think is interest is interest, till no longer necessary with no feel.

That is how you do it. So wherever you go you are aware, so I don't hate you. This is the best example with this thinking the earth or planet creates the white flash energy that effect some that you want effected then the right right suggestion is said or done. See no by us is NO, just as a chemical compound or air breath.

This works by a daze then a point. Then this is where things blink, so you are aware by area station or some area that is a place. This is seen with ideal thought to what occured. Then we already occured it. So if you think your aware as you are, so think as you wish to use something in this like a flash device.

So if the end is done then I am am done with this so this is now finished so go now. This is the end so if you are aware, think then you get things back by a finder stone. If the end is there then this is the end. en end fi now lets end this.

This is NO3 with two parts that cures anything. SNO is what creates a curative if you smell Sulfer then breath it in your not cured per say, so think then your restored to normal brain function. This leads to working with others, so you know what you do. You are the argument, this is without arguing in arguement by feel. As though a point is there, you put the point then bioorgonne energy is created ideal or items. Then I is iodine then use is orgonne.

So (NOS)3 is something else by (NOI)3 that is larger in weight with less breathing unless your large by body weight, as converted by NO you use the soluble or powder mixed with water for burn medicine. Anything else the body adapts to see a doctor so feel as you think or want something by feel, then your aware by the energy then no use is done as though (SOI)3 is applied to skin. If transformed to salve for buried ideal, that preserves the body as though alive.

See the point to this, you are burned by chemistry then worsened by the water with pollutants. Then cured by a compound. By feel that is your conscious mind to see by what is there, that you create or this isn't actually working as a solution.

So if you want to cure scitzophrenia, use lemon water with or without oregano mixed with honey, that uses cilantro as a mild effect added to water with vanilla. That is use by a temporary relief other than S(NO3)2 as an ideal water additive, O is a point so think to use of this with care in mind for yourself.

So think as this will work, so think or SO2 with some imitation effect by vanilla or lemon with soda water. This also works so you won't have brain chemistry solutions needed, this is with changes to the body by O or oxygen with nitrogen to work to counter high fructose.

So if your use is awareness by feel, as to what you think then you know. By awareness you can figure out anything thinking by feel, you can navigate by thinking with need fulfilled by the spirit.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Water cleanser

Spellhawk interest

If it returns then accept it as this is there. As this is in an use is end points or an ideal with feel. Think then as you feel is the thing then they you project to feel things, so then they might react as they feel your need. Until no they won't react or don't act on the feel, as I had it on a retrical or retrying ideal that is sometimes opposite to know what they feel. Other than that do what you want. So don't feel entitled for things. This is what is there. That is all in your animal half. Ciou use for now.

Theory?  Like a definition with this? I am offense no more as aware. If you state the difference or think a point to say, then this is allowable by feel. So that testing makes a theory, the thesis or ideal you use makes a point you use. So a cell has a degeneration point where the body decays as this is formed by the point they in use are forming decay energy so this is the point that their ejected by either shitting or pissing so this is either an animal rite of death or decay or nontheless done activity.

So en if you think to direct the decay energy then the endocrine gland creates a release by feel to go where you think as sweat or, shit or piss. As a lack of death essence is healthier body, this is where your more lively or focused to create shit. So you focus then you create by feel, as a more lively body is less likely to die or the organs won't wear out as fast. So all you have to do is realize your problem, that you no problem or then this is a situation so then it will stop.

So drink water to cleanse the system of death essence that is death decay energy essence that you can direct by feel. Think to go then your away so you are awre to what you want by active use. That is the thesis to this ideal by use with soul you use liquor or water, so you aren't needing liquor if you use sugar alcohol that is not alcohol enough to make you drunk. Contained in food, in liquor or ideal solubles that think to ingest. That you can strain out by using a water filter.

Scientifically is theory, a theory is something that has been tested and reproduced getting the exact same effect or result over and over enough times to be considered the way things are. Think as you delight so you are aware. This is to set a market value to the use of food. So you are aware to the point that you think. Then if you think to use ideal, then you are aware to what you think as you think to know what is there.

A hypothesis is something that is based on evidence gathered but has not yet been tested enough times with the exact same results to be conclusive. That is what this is in theory, that is true if if you work with food enough. That is if you think to the user feel or use you think.

Then you are aware to the point or fact, this is where that is where you realize things doesn't always work. So drink water, think your strain the drink effect out of you then your free of the drinking need. See to think about things better is to drink healthy stuff without high fructose. So then think about what you want to do.

Things involving origins in science generally are hypothesis because they have yet to be reproduced repetitively with same results.  However, science tends to call origin hypothesis a theory or fact, even without the reproduction of the event. So think to reproduce this if you want to as you think by ideal, so you are aware to what you feel or know to work with by some use. Other ideal is this is not done if you don't need to eat, unless you can get anything out of this ideal. Now think of what you are saying, so no then you are free to do what you want.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daedric soul creation

See the point is use, the daedra are demons or devils that are archons created by the placenta, that is thought to freeze as the placenta stops growing. So the created ideal is where this some set ideal, so the daedra are like vampires. Set is point their use is the source by feel that you think to create or soul created.

This is used by energy conscious an set to shape or if you focus you could form a soul. Set is the source by the thought you think to create. So you are aware that this ends now, so if you think then are aware to the focus or ideal that you think. This is energy use that's lasting thought not 31 years.

If a fix happens they fix things by themselves, this is sometimes by waiting as they focus to heal by restoring the body. Yes I know but you deserve to live as long as you want as 71 years is a vampires actual lifetime. Unset is the soul by vibration from the body.

Then use by feel with the water flow is to shift away the soul. That shifts to the area or place by the subconscious that creates what you think, as though an energy wave causes shock waves or separation waves to create. This is by the feel or flow of air otherwise.

The elements are a possible use for what you focus. Energy is there by the energy consciousness, from thinking as you focus by thinking the form to create if by the sound or vibration or ideal use is created instead by now. So think then you are aware, so this is the point you create by feel.

So from thinking as you focus to create you can create by the resonance, where you create restoration by tuning the energy with a, c, d tones or use is a tuning fork on a table. This is energy creation of the daedra, this is using the creator that you see the use before the means are done by feel. See the point by thinking the feel or knowing by the spirit then, before you make use of this as this could change.

Think to form as you imagine or see a natural shape as the end result. As thought if use is there by writing or your wise as a source. This is energy that uses what you think is creation of the daedra, this is using the creator as a source.

Spell interest agreement

Uu a; This is the time that is with some feel. If annoyance think by the imagination to used ideal by them to create or correct by feel. Then the aura fixes things by energy that you can hide by or reveal yourself by the thought, as you think to fix things then with the subconscious you can manipulate by feel with particles.

Some think to work if some think to do things so that is all you need to know. Something is off by missing some point or letter. The ideal is imagine or think of the letter, thn you fool yourself into not paying for what you should not pay for in the first place or use. Whatever you do is on you so you don't have to do it or use things that create by vibration. Use is the ideal.

So think as you put something of or off an is what you think to yourself, this is a breaking of this agreement by feel or created positioning with ideal. I don't mind breaking my agreement. My agreement is my own choice. This is by what you think by the bank or banks, normally you are aware you think so your thinking is with what you have. As though seu they are though, entry is where you don't have a broken mind. As they are en then you know what to do as we are not the placenta.

See to thank yourselves for being here, you can get yourself something so think then your aware. See as your thinking this is an illusion, so if you think your aware or alert then think the illusion is real. Then the illusion is real to your senses that you think to sense. Otherwise if you think the illusion isn't real, then the illusion or fake reality disappears away. So a hack is allowed.

So your illusion is the spirit representing things to you, as you think that the ideal is there or the spirit shows what you think is there. So think then is the use now is the ideal by suggestion we create, this is the use by imagination we can possibly do with ideal or not use imagination.

Think this use or work by feel, then this is nonetheless as though you work by imagination otherwise we do as we want to create.. So use what you want then work to create what you want, as I don't agree so I change what I like. This is so called reality hacking.

So I think if you disbelieve that this is real or not real, then you are free from the illsion as you sense it as illusion, then you know or feel what this is there. Now you are a complete or adequate mage by nw or easy use. What you do with this information is not important.

As this is use by allowance or what you do that's by feel. So think if reinvoked its not reinvoked or reinstated, as this is now non invoked as there is now no contract to follow. Follow along a point that allows you to work, this is with the point so your allowed by thinking.

This causes the ideal overlay to change by feel, otherwise this is with the point you made sometimes. This is use by imagination or belief that makes something that is there. So dismiss the entity then the creator removes it from your mind. Think then imagine then you are aware so think to what energy exists by things.

This is things by themselves, that you think that exist or work by feel. Then their way is a way to observe or work things out. As you don't agree to a fake or mock reality, you think then you feel or work by the ideal you express. So uses are as think if I don't know it, its not a part of the agreement. The ideal is the soul is vibration particles that exist what you think, this uses the subconscious to create by the creator. That you think or work with to create, as you speak or think to feel.

Then you create what you wish by voice or ideal, then you are aware to what exists by feel. So as you are aware if you don't want it then, think the ideal then dismiss it. Then it dismisses itself by the point, this is where you have things by ideal. Then it is dismissed as though I agree. So think of what you want then you create with what you get.

Now I don't agree to this, this is a point you agree to disagree as if acceptance. So a soul energy feel is the knowledge or information, that exists things by the creator that even includes actual soul creating by construction or soul construct by feel. If it returns then accept it as this is there. Other than that do what you want.

This is what you can think to work with others. Thank the people as your acting by this you could appear as an archon, unless they might murder you if you want more help. So you can imagine what you want just do what you want. So think as you imagine then, then you can create by feel or with imagination. So think then you are aware. Ciou.

Friday, February 19, 2016

end point

Some things by use:

ticket home; Faster response is think your practiced with faster response after thinking. See if you admit what you are, so then if they could agree with you everytime. This is with a trade or two. Seeing a sight or two is what doesn't hurt in the right circumstance. Imagine the ideal as you see it, then you recognize things by feel or work.

Know you know how to deal with this situation, that is overspending by your time. Imagine the ideal till completion then as you wait so you don't spend too much or go too far. As you think then the spirit knows whom is there or what is there is known to you. This is senses by feel, so think then you realize where you know.

So this could be your ticket home as you think sometimes you can drive. So think or feel not to overspend so you are aware to your options that you use to exist what you have. This means you are aware to your choices, that you make or ideal that you have so think then you know.

Then as you think the cellular spell thought you think the activity, otherwise think your home when you are as you create with the area to work with. What is there or accept what or whom is available. Then the energy is faster with slower responses, that you focus then create with ideal.

Think then you are aware to your area, this is with people or options to do things with or realize. That by the spirit is with the creator that is where you work or then you create, as you feel so you know. Now focus or think, then your body does the correct activity.

lying spell; think to lie or not as though lying down or working with someone, this is only suggestion then what you say or think is the thought you have the subconscious makes. The truth or ideal comes out by structure, then the lying spell ends.

Think to create; Think or not if you thought then your aware, due to the brain with body energy plasticity people can adjust their body. Well that's sometimes obvious, as you think about things then they form focus to create what you want. If not then you obviously can't do things by spellcasting that is focus by ideal to create what you think.

Without alteration you change things, with alteration you change things. So they could appear different by now. That's all there is to this, as magic is there to the touch. Oregano cures this effect sometimes with cinnamon, where I call this natures cure. So take it or leave it you get what you ask for. So this is true an they then are aware.

So you think then they are what they create, that they are aware of by change. This en is where they adpt then are just giving in by feel. So think then your aware as things work, then they are existing by awareness. They are aware of us if they aren't wanting to attack, then aren't aware that we exist if they are needing to attack.

The end is the think point where you think then you get to create even better ideal, so think to create what you consider then your aware to the soul that exists. This spell causes you to see the soul, unless the soul is the body or cornered by feel is pressured or allowed. So by need to exist where you think to work by the feel, your aware to the point you think. So think to the point if that is what you want to do. That is what you get while sensing others. So no or yes is okay by me.

So if you think; So think the end then exists as you want, then you create as you think then focus to work. This is the point your aware of then that creates, as you want or use is by feel the point as you consider by this spell. This is from a rememberance of the cell energy, where you take it or leave it you have what you came for by feel.

The effect is use where this is the process of thinking something to exist, so think to create the ideal then think to exist things. So your aware to what should exist or think to be done, as you are aware I deliver things to him or her. So since you talked to me I will inform her of this effect.

Meladrama; True as good, false as bad or benign as removed is done. So I think no meladrama this is done. So they know then we are awakened by feel if they do come. Think to realize by using china as a focus point, then we know by what we feel with then as we sense. Otherwise now as we await them by late 2018.

So think as your away to work on some skills. That is all for today, as we are aware china will try to invade. So we dont have a commitment to god, we are to be what we are born of free will as stated in conversations with books or ideal. This is benign as a false positive, your needing removed. So this is the ideal or area you feel not much else matters after that. As its in there now or was there. This is cool nonetheless. So think or arrange or use some time by the spirit. Then this is done like that. Ciou.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

postmordem dead or alive

This is an interesting note by notice that mentions that when you create something with something. That is what this reminds me of, things with ideal that you can do by now. So as you think, this is use of use so this is of them. So think of them before you use this, if you want to use things they react to or you are closing your account then use this ideal instead.

So if your aware of someone you dislike or use is them, then use this psychological note on the person. Don't try to prove it yet the point is simple you will know this is hard to believe at first. I was aware of this ideal, so I hope you enjoy your day. This where if you read this, you can detail dead but alive ideal. Where the only thing alive is where you seek others aura energy or use your body to generate energy by energy.

That exists as the butt as you think the subconscious is telling you something, that is you joke but you might get this but the feces is the thing. That is the energy an transmitter, so I think he or she died by backlash out in the front except this is unclear. As there are many metaphysical explanations for this. Suz there is with a point to work, with or without what you think to things that exist.

This is the point their lives count. As you go through life think the point then work the ideal then think your not the but of the joke, then you are living as you energy blink that you exist by feel or your aware by feel. This scent is the undead scent cured, this is use by lavender or essential oil or whatever you think cures you by feel.

Think before you speak or you use what you think by feel. See this person died by stroke that wrote this ideal, that was on the spot so that was the last he remembered that I sensed. So noone noticed that he did die, then he was was aware no longer. As this was there by the power of using orgonne to stay alive.

So now you know what this means by the term dead or alive, otherwise wanted dead or alive is something that is fanfiction or a fan of fiction. See I think this is bullshit so the subconscious creates this as bullshit otherwise, you can eat normal food or drink what you wish to drink except poison. So then I think this is true so this creates by ideal or not, what I think that if true you are as you want to seem.

As he was suspected of lying by witchcraft or a higher dimensional being anyway, this is the end point that he thought by actual use of a point then if he was aware. If the machine breaks down, he could collapse very easily. Run outta energy or die by accident. See he was dead as he collapsed, yet awakened with a horrible scent that only was left with undeath.

As he was saying I will live after I die till I think I will die, as I want not to live as power goes out. This was the power that was unallegable to begin with. It was the power that sustained him so if he were to outlive death cutting the power, as a release to death as he is gone.

He would collapse and never wake up again, as effect is effort so he was feeding off of people or energy.That is where someone lied to get near him then struck.  That is the last memory, that I saw from the cellular memory that could be faked. What cannot be faked is the pattern you act in reaction that is due to what is said or shown as known.

This is the end of time speech he was thinking when he was struck in the back of the head as though a fatal blow. So yes he is dead now as he died as though a death blow crumpled his body, that he was doing math problems in his head. So I think this is the fitting end for him.

As this is where any scented thing is what he remembers last. As he is now acting alive till no longer acting and just drifts along with life otherwise, this is with the focus point of a non born child he was holding in stasis in himself. So I think this end is for him. Whats his name? recardo or pecardo. I can't remember so I think this a fitting end point.

So I think this is the perfect end. He was dangerous to the end so I had to do it so he deserved to die yet I was aware to what he demanded so I did it as he was aware to demand more. That is the story of the one whom hit him in from behind. So that is the result of the ending one thinks for the undead, that means he was alive till death struck him from behind.

As he only had to cancel the orgonne out, think to stop the animation of the body. This is sad to note he was animated by the higher being only to replicate, what he saw as he died by bizarre incident. I hope this doesn't happen again.

if en there; Sing or work along with this so you can say happy day. I sell or work is ther if you don't. So now not to keep you not to stay you where you are. Now that I learned how to be mean I will seem nice. The ideal is use a filter then with a cup is a point, that you think or look to work with something. Such as focus energy to purify the water, as you think to work with water or you grab it.

This works by the feel that you say things, then the spirit creates what is with a point as if there. Then you create with what you can get. So this is the way things are where you are by now. Things in use is what you think are things in use however. If you act an ass or act nice, you can always make it up to the person if necessary. Consider: in needs or want. Think before you speak. See you for now.

endangerment or wonder moment by moment; This is the report of someone that I knew, that exists as a prankster yet things turned strange as he described them. So you come out of them then let them, think what they want as he was aware to what existed. See this was a point you think to use or think to create as alright this is good. As he was aware think knowledge is a way to cut the cord, as you are aware to the point put something off.

As the knowledge as you watch the effect you will know, see this ideal is where you think this is a fbi agent in a fbi class. So you know to think well without a hit, so you are well this effect you really know is gone as though jack flash. So think what you wish with them, you are aware to the facts of life.

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