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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

spacial existance

 this is a placebo effect that you think to replace something so the correct time or ideal is done. this is a study of spacial existence where your aware as you sense. sometimes use is protection or not as your aware you lose the sense then reality comes back to you. you are aware as no sense seen is the sight you can perceive or no  you sense or think or consider you don't lose a thing. then the dream that is perception fades away. so you are awake as you are aware or creating with creation. so you think you create or you work as you focus you know or are working by the creation.

 the 1st dimensiuion is hell so what you feel is what you think. this means its hell so you really can't if you want to avoid the pain it sends. the 2nd dimension is a world you detect the shades a or ideal as color. the 3rd is to work by feel to sense what is there using the bra awareness as perception by sensation. the 6th is use with bodies that are darkness or inner world that can be deadly, outer world the emanation of death that effects those it targets. the 4th dimensional body is an inner world born as the soul is with a younger body, that is if there is a world withing with the normal world you only have to think about to see or experience woutside youtself. the 5th dimension is with no outer world or inner world as all the ideal is seems or is perception.  think or feel to not split your perception if you want to stop a thief, think hell stops the stealing before the ideal is stolen from. think yourself outt hell then the creator releases you.

 did you know the 5th dimensional world is what you sense to detect with the third eye that is the pinneal gland or energy focus organ that is almost defunct by lack of use. so basically you can work with the area to create as you wish or no longer create as you want. the ideal is to trick the persons perception to not respond if angry or you are allowing violence upon yourself, as you think you use things, beware the area or the fey trick can get interesting results.  so basically you tick the senses by sensual perception you think they see by use. seeing this is an ideal to what you want or physical dreaming that you wake up. the area is perception that you sense to work with by the feel.

 as you think you see then perception is there or otherwise used ideal, this is not always to seem done so that  is area perception noticed to see the real area again. all you need to do is think them to see some other area then they don't always see or sense the planet or area you are in to know what is there as you are aware. they don't always sense what is around them you see or not by your own ideal, as you think to allow or see things then they are appearant. this means there isn't any reason to ne necessary ideal as ne is not with some. this is essay use or area feel to the point you think. this was to see by senses with use of a drink so you create with a sense of sight, that is relaxed feel with a sense of focused ideal with greater perception as though your free that is perception as a dream sense or area sense. as you sense you know so your are aware.

  so you only need tyo think then the organ awakens to create you hear music to work with perception. using the 6th dimension as a source? this was interesting so I thought then created the effect to what I saw with this then figured out that the 7th dimensional world was sensual impulses that you can tap into to work with. you can use the wire to create what you see or sense by the 7th. the 8th dimension is energy sense to depth perception by elementals or you wouldn't see it. the 9th is the depth of space with planets that exist to what you wish, as you need it to nearly or you think to exist there. the 10th is your omniscient by thinking the point then the area you consider is awareneness by senses where you give the sense then you are aware to ware or not ware to unless necessary to create what you wish or not create what you think.

ben, caz, sh, libbyhawk

saved points

emsa en; rthis is fair energy or in the point you think then go away with as your with out a thought. Its not hard to leave no matter the point, don't want or have to sex them to appease them. this was im em as free sex stuff. this was a memory of some area that was in an abandonded house. so a sailor moon area was noticed then that was it out en. Some I think may note this feel, thinking to work you can do the lawn or the sexual urge dissipates then your inner urge is there to work. so this is what is ideal. i think the place is unique so i will attempt to get there to live. seeing how i am aware the place costs i think i will help pay with others helping out. oh creator allow me to move in with the house, thank you to the point i can get there so i wonder what i can do. I think i understand by now this over so i will end this chapter.

em in; kill with the ideal. is your free as you think to kill in sight. En me si is a hairy manifest that frightens or allows. This I used as some ultimate weapon that failed at the end. So I will quit what I am doing to rest. roach breeder not. think to work by feel. this causes a roach free breeder. think so you are aware this creates what you thought. I don't no is what I see. except for what is some point no longer to the head. allow to work with normal things. don't need a license for everything. Things get restored to me. This restores itself. I didn't have to steal, as most would say I expect you to understand that. I think I will never steal again as I don't need to as I never again need to do this. I think this is where I stop so I act normally to do things correctly as correct is what you think. No need is seen to the point you consider sometimes with contrivance.

Monday, July 27, 2015


thought transition

this is a lesson in thought transitioning, think to create or or not create by the area feel. this is some reminder though i found interesting when the ideal was there.

if you think your there, then your there otherwise if you think your not you can think to no longer bear to stay around so you dissipear. there was only a point that the area occured naturally so i will stay off this way. otherwise i think repair or things seem to whatever you do, don't then you won't unless you want to. this i think is area begotten to the work you do. so you think i think you quit so you could get a better job. so whatever you do you are liked by feel. think a positive way to work with positivity. a powerful feel is about to happen. This is with a point you did.

thinking is difference by the ideal you consider, with a thought you consider by area creativity. think to change then you can create what you consider, no havoc is done by what you consider. there is no more time so think your own things. farewell.
miss martinezI did smell it this was through the mouth. Probably from a bad byproduct , this was from moanders pit. this was too evil a scent so amenessi is amnesia. think to create as you are aware. If roaxhes are progress no hit occurs as roaches are progress no more. this is the point, think or think to create. if its a happening point its a happening point,don't have to do what is unnecessary till you want to do the necessary.

rthis is fair energy or in the point you think then go away with as your with out a thought. Its not hard to leave no matter the point, don't want or have to sex them to appease them. this was im em as free sex stuff. this was a memory of some area that was in an abandonded house. so a sailor moon area was noticed then that was it out en. Some I think may note this feel, thinking to work you can do the lawn or the sexual urge dissipates then your inner urge is there to work. so this is what is ideal. i think the place is unique so i will attempt to get there to live. seeing how i am aware the place costs i think i will help pay with others helping out. oh creator allow me to move in with the house, thank you to the point i can get there so i wonder what i can do.

front lala with various artists
hardcore with music
bottom never done in history was that or not

Sunday, July 26, 2015

thought transitions

thought transition

  If you think your there, then your there otherwise if you think your not you can think to no longer bear to stay around so you dissipear. there was only a point that the area occured naturally so i will stay off this way. otherwise i think repair or things seem to whatever you do, don't then you won't unless you want to. this i think is area begotten to the work you do. so you think i think you quit so you could get a better job. so whatever you do you are liked by feel. think a positive way to work with positivity. a powerful feel is about to happen. This is with a point you did. so if you want something think to see things things then you can create. something you care to do is thinking so you are aware. seeing the point sometimes you are considering I think I will seem things to be better by feel or not as em sa with area.

  other ideal

As for Infini, every living thing contains it, obviously. When something is used, Infini is acted as the fuel, though Infini is never actually 'consumed'. Everything, including Cosmeria, was derived from Infini. You could think of Infini as the light that hits a prism before it divides into seperate colors of light. And because of this you'd need enough power to force the seperate colored lights (elements) back through the prism to attain and control Infini. A feat that has thus far been unaccomplishable. There have been some cases of people all of a sudden encompassed in a golden light. Everywhere they look is goldent, though this doesn't last long it's a wonderful feeling. This is the closest (in my opinion) that man has ever gotten to infini.

Its warm and very sweet as if your fed but unfed. I know infini is a deep fire that is in space contained and it effects as is if possible. On feel and idea-released motion its only but in idea an its effects are effecting the reality if there is thought that it does as its sometimes by feel as its an interesting element. I know there are several types of infini with different colors other than Golden. I just know the brown Earth one of shit and stuff power, the golden one that's Fire, red, lavaic like action, and the blue, water one of lightning like watery butanol flame.

And now Ice/Air is clear or menace of psychic wave with a white/pale blue and freezes of liquid nitrogen works like light or an addictive substance known as drugged item, as to just call it an inverted item is a truth, or spirit manipulation of the grey matter. And that void is a black devoid of most effect except for what is manifest of death and gaseous states. With the void infini, theres a pull that disrupts the target at first and then it causes a 'pull to the other side' or a pull from within that pulls and ruptures the target into a disappearance from within.. The voidal infini one is one that I would not recomend to do, nor is the normal void sight because it can drive you insane and the water/ice one is addictive.

To use golden infini, do the prism trick and imagine what you want it to do as you feel it happen if you see the golden light. Anyone doesn't actually feel it though. As its substance is a fire that is sealed away in space that is a combined type. Its one that can disentigrate anything, What it disentigrates through the process it is possible to make it materialize again as you feel it should be. So if you were a pyromancer then it'd be easier.

To use the rest of the infini's, maybe excepting voidal and to summon any element from the void, focus your mind on the idea and the element of choice and feel it being pulled from the void and through the void, from the elements plane. To become formed where you want it formed. It naturally acts and reacts on things near it, except that which you didn't want effected.

For void infini, imagine the idea of a black flame in your mind. Feel a hardness within you as you think of the nothingness. Now imagine the black flame engulfing the target. It should do so with a fizzling and popping sound, that accompanies the target drawing into itself, till said target doesn't exist.

The infini is apart of a classification to other fire types. I found these out by usage of idea in expenditure. As if its in expenditure its with energy.

This is of fire. There are seven types so far of normal fire, Infini fire, Void fire, Crossfire, lieuhs fire, death pyr fire, invisible fire, chaos fire.

Void fire, the fire type usea a idea that it absorbs anything of energy and corruption to power it. While appearing a cold fire it heats up thing and you in another way can cook with.

Crossfire, its to use it and in the end it pursues the user. Sounds to me like a chaotic form of fire as its of based off chaos and follow up behavior with law to structure it by using a fire form. So with law it seems to push events on use to cause an active idea. So it seems like the elements have a certain... tree to them. Anything its used with is to be destroyed later as it is a cause of lethality. It seems to cause much problems after its used as you don't really mention it and its liable to 'find' you as if to cross you. Now that crossfire is mutable and you cant put it out except by will and smothering. I wouldn't advise touching it, as deadly elements can be used with as a an catalyst.

A construct that uses it for you, you can use either with a catylist as the death of something always causes events to think about. Things that you do NOT want to do yourself because it's so dangerous can be done by a catalyst. Make a construct that uses crossfire, and instead of you dying, it dies but it still works. If you transferred it's ability to use the element to you afterwards, it would that cause damage to you. You make it, it learns to use it, and it does and then it dies and then the ability is transferred to you. Not the energy, just the ability you will you die. Then the crossfire follows, Wherever memory of its existance is. Don't risk using it close-range ever. Just for using constructs that go far out of sight.

If you made a permanent catalyst that can dodge any forms of death by time control, About to die, time skip, and other than that, it avoids all concept of time entirely. Freezes all time around it first then goes inactive. Or it skips to the next time I need it, its the good point and the only point to saving from cross fire. Yeah, to freeze time and keep it from occuring. Then suddenly skip forward without any existence in the between-times. This could even handle lieuhs energy, where there is lieuhs energy, it is to convert something into raw lethal force by simple measures. Its hotter a the flame goes down.

There is a form of death fire called pyr fire it can burn anyting and is white hot. It can burn out anything as well for as you use it you have to contain it by some meta media means. So you have a limited time with it, not like infini. So then is the chaotic form of, say...water, the same an similar in some way. With eventual guaranteed death. Some use it to send the spirit on but the soul is somewhat consumed by this energetic death fire.

Did you gnow the invisible fire is oft to leave black smudges on the wall. Its just invisible when you burn in with it. Its invisible by being as if to burn down the mental scapes. You can smell it so well its seen but never clean. It can 'clean' out an area of taint. There is an invisible kind, really considering how fire acts in daylight. Can't even tell if a fire's lit at times. just so.

Chaos fire is the fire type that changes color but is mostly black. It can burn anything and it is fueled by chaos energy. As long as theres chaos nearby, it can still burn until its put out.

Butane flame being blue infini, as the only reason blue's harder and is because it tries to evaporate so fast. With blue, there's the butanol water. With use of it, you can feel a wetness.
In a /second stage a non-explosive blue too or the mana stage where Blue infini turns into mana like water.
Chemical then chemical explosive is the third state of it. The essence of change in chemistry, its at first nonexplosive as its self-contained and then of at that level it causese chemical reactions where there could be none and to use it you think of the chemical and it forms then to air as it reacts to create itself into it, lets just say if its chemistry and in the air and its self contained, so its brought to explosive ice state, by so much energy and self-exposed then the self containment stops by use of fire infini. Then its chemical explosive like a 3rd degree burns near where you an think it of forms.
The fourth is as your supposed to see it everlasting chemical effect. Just think the effect and it does. This is the basic idea of an interchange level of chemistry.

Gold infini being fire infini, its as easy compared to the other types. I make using fire, but it has its own too. Gold infini and blue infini is not to be done anything destructable.
The next stage of gold infini is what plasma really is. I know that it's a step up from fire. since it's solid>liquid>gas>plasma with fire (heat) being the primary element behind all of their shifts. Golden infini can take on any form at all and it'll pretty much still retain the same color.
The third phase as for Golden infini is physical golden fire, manifested from almost nowhere. This explodes anywhere you think it.
The fourth phase is fire that won't go out unless you smother it. It just seems like its still there even after though.

Everything used with the second phase infini tends to pop out and seem to live. Everything used with the third is burned at least.

Brown infini being shit infini, any shit, even objects, its to believe in anything and nothing and to draw in energy from around you including the shit, it is to focus the energy on anything you want or as with imagination to get the effect and its fueld by shit and stuff.
The 2nd phase of brown infini is object influx or what its power quantified is.
The third phase of brown infini is voiced comments and cussing as it is of a moment to listen to. You can hear these voiced idea from anywhere as if near.
The fourth phase of brown infini is addictive substance. Its so addictive it takes just touching it to become addicted. This often means leaving it alone only to come back to it.

White infini is wind/ice infini, I sorta think it's more wind 'cause wind makes things colder. Ice is just a colder form of water and its in the wind as particles. White infini is like addictive substance for use.
White ice is the 2nd phase. The ice that forms over anything only to reform from spirit particles.
The 3rd phase is freezing, it freezes the idea and moment if you can think on it. The idea is so many voices and actions go through your head its like stopping you where you move.
The 4th phase of white infini is permafrost or to freeze and then refreeze again after spreading about in a spread out of effect.

Black infini being not quite death energy, I mean just straight death energy with plain void. Again, with the void infini, theres a pull that disrupts the target at first and then it causes a 'pull to the other side' or a pull from within that pulls and ruptures the target into a disappearance from within, till the target doesn't exist.
What a second state of black infini would be either, think of it as a physical cloudy effect of expanded area which is a black death zone where everything is turned dark, it literally can turn anything bad.
The third phase of black infini is death by life, or to bring back something after you kill something else. It takes the form of widespread death to keep things alive in a widespread circle.
The fourth phase of black infini is impossible to achieve, as if not to go as far with it but its to take the form of permenant death after disaster for formation of some sort.

Red infini being lava infini, if you combine Golden and brown infini then you get lava infini. Up to you for uses. Excepting one thing, it can burn you and incinerate the target.
The second phase of red infini is af or the red twisted stage of lava that doesnt seem to cool off. The idea of this is amazing as it can warm you up.
The third phase is formed lavatic effect of which is directable by in ef will.
The fourth phase is formed of will with desire to cause lava that is everlasting and melts things near it.

Silver infini being electrical, can paralyze the target and its like focused pure energy of the electrical wire without actually touching it, if done with a right thought to occur, it can temporarily cause the sockets to go bad, or thats only with using the electrical socket. So just use the wire.
I made a ball of it and I focused it forward and it automatically took on the shape of a wire (probably just my way of doing things though, imagining a route for it to go through, and since it's electrical...and then I bolted it forward and it was like a thunderbolt but it was OBVIOUSLY more powerful, you could cause surges with it, silver infini.
It seems that we do not even know what the second form of this one is. Well those that do find out may find its to touch raw electricity and somehow survive or paralyze whole groups. Its electricity that follows you, in the wire or outside of it and Silver infini-second stage-is alive, it will follow suggestion, if formed and thought to do the act. Like its force of energy that ejects out of something.
The third form is guessable but its seeable as living electricity that acts as a live source of intelligence and will respond to will. As its like physical in wire but can project itself out of it.
The fourth is practically of nonexistance but its like pooled energy of electricity, sometimes in the air.

You can draw to do it safely, to just draw it from the infini elemental realms. What follows is the levels of it.
The first state is always meta solid,
The second is as you describe it morphic where it shifts its solid form on you,
The third is physical where it physically forms,
The fourth is permanence. I only played with it once but I saw things reformed and not changeable back unless you rechange it, it was was wierd. I was done with playing with it then.
As a fifth stage of it, the stage of interactivity, whatever you inter it does it can if it can or if it is your will to.

Suds is of sustainace and expenditure of the effect. each stage takes more energy to sustain when the expenditure of the element is what can tire you. Thiers more tiredness per an upper idea of effect. But if you get to level 5, the element sustains you and its constant in expenditure and that pushes it to greater effect unless you don't want it to. Theres always a way around things.

The methods to use it are many;

Focus on blue infini
Let it cover all your body
Try seeing it
Then close your eyes and meditate for a while until you stop your inner-speaking

Open your eyes, stare at heavens or at the area
Will to understand earth's need of rain
Let the blue infini put itself into your will
Release it to the heavens.

After that, close your eyes again
And cast the word 'Tengri' (Ten-ri) and open your eyes with a blue infini flash
Say it again for seven times and asure yourself that they're cast with blue infini.

Will for asking rain from Tengri and load your will with blue infini again
Then release your gathered infini mixed with your will.

Ask for rain


Focus on blue infini
Let it cover all your body
Try seeing it
Then close your eyes and meditate for a while until you stop your inner-speaking

Open your eyes, stare at heavens or at the area
Will to understand earth's need of rain
Let the blue infini put itself into your will
Release it to the heavens with the thought of rain as your will mixes in with the burst.

It will rain.

Self-Empowering With Infini

Go outside and find a place you can watch heavens without being disturbed or light a candle inside and do it there.
Close your eyes and meditate for three mins. until you stop your inner-speaking.

Raise one of your fingers and let it pull blue infini from the heavens or the energy around you.
Feel it and let it give you mana power.
Get up and do some excercises for a minute.

Then sit down and focus on your candle.
Concentrate and try making it a 'golden infini candle'
Gather your will and light it.
Absorb it's power as long as you can in a minute then remove it.
Get up and do some excercises for a minute.

Sit down again
And raise one of your fingers, point out a cloud or point out something.
Pull lightening infini from it
And say these to yourself:

"Thus lasts my power gaining,
Tengri (ten-ri), let my power last until I go to bed
So mote it be
So mote it be
So mote it be"

Clap your hands three times,
Get up and jump for 20 seconds.

There you go ;)

Making animals understands you directly

Relax your mind and focus on your third eye.
Try making it revealed.
Focus on your idea that you want to send and mix it with blue infini.
Now, with high possibility, you are seeing aether around it's aura.
That symbolizes it's emotional state.
That would make it angry if it doesn't know you or doesn't know you much;
because you're seeing it directly.
And it's aura will become red.

Focus on the area between it's eyes.Send your message with a calm mind.
It'll be shocked and will blink it's eyes to make sure if that was a dream or not
Because it got your message.

Any effect with infini

This will to relax your mind, an then focus on your third eye.
Try making it open an revealed.
Focus your idea an that you want the idea to be, as to send.
This is to make occur an mix with blue or golden infini for safety, but any other color if you wanna.
Focus your hand energy of blue, golden or other infini.
Now even if you can see aura, if that is it it symbolizes the state of things.
Blue or golden is good and red is nearly bad off an broken.

Focus on the area an you want effected or to focus on an area you have to visualize.
Think of the effect that is of you that you want an that you focused on.
Then release the color of infini you chose to be an effect.
This is your will changing it an to effect a purpose.
The purpose is the thought on an focused idea.

It will be an happen.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

gate uses

es ga en;prison gate: Seeing the gate you imagine you are aware your options are narrow, you can create what you think or work with the ideal so i think your creation is able mindedness. Seeing this is to create what you wish so when you do you inter meaning to relate then if you violate or create to procreate you are in jail by violation that leads you to jail. The sentence ends by a . or a period you think to create with or work that is illegal trade otherwise then you are aware.

Seeing how in some are thinking this, I think to not gain mass then you won't as you think eat less to gain or lose weight. to cancel is en es ga or entry is achieved now. think something else or not bother. If you don't bother others then you are non effected or attracted to no longer need to goto shift or shaft to jail. If you think to continue this your point ceases. So if you think to read something then the subconscious allows you to read or fills in by a blank dark screen with words.

sex gate; tThe area is okay by feel if you allow for the other, if the other is willing where your thinking to have sex with them or sex, live trade The sex is the key to somewhere else that you get or create as you wish Think your there then the sexual lust builds as your ability is there to attract. Think to shift then your somewhere as a natural or not there as a point or no use is no longer there As long as you are with sexual feel. the items or other ideal if you can't have children where no sex no lust think to create otherwise. Think so you are aware then the horror ends by now being thought.

this where you say you are is what you think creates items not objects that are roaches. so whatever you want, somewhere you are while visually or graphically aware seeing the point you think your aware by feel or active with area concept. The sex is optional. you could always use a trade gate. this is sex that builds up desire that creates as you consider or need is okay.

dream gate; the dream gate is where you think then suggest as you trick your mind to get somewhere else as you think to be somewhere. this is what you think to consider or not use to create with no lust. dream warrior or other symbols similar are thinking your assured by area feel. this uses sleeping or dreams that you exist with whatever form or shape you wish., Things that happens are sometimes related as a dream or dream vision that cis possible to live or die in yet you never die. Think you woke up to avoid the trouble that could occur by feel.

The process you think you go through to dream gate away is likely to leave you paralyzed so think your back if you don't think, thank to create what you want or work to get. beware the dream images you see as live action as that is a symbol of some area ongoing with dream. don't do this is trying to suppress yourself by no longer allowed activity or all this is is some area by feel Any ideal point is translatable the dream translatable time is easily translatable as ideal time you spend with some hobby.

so this is thinking what you want that isn't what you can get. Any act of suppression is shown with need that seems to be there then goes away as though you wake up or a dream that fades away. The dream is often a way to represent a way to cope. thus a dream within a dream you wake up then wake up again then your awake the dream gate fades away. the rules you make are what you think so your rules are what you consider.

You don't have to follow them. So if need is to kill think to not kill them. This is what you think you sense is the meaning that you think. This transforms a person by thinking or a dream into a lie moment that you don't dream for you wake up from the ideal as the dream state is a mobile. A dream area or drea state is a point by feel to create by the area you think create what you want. So do as you want.

So you create by feel or fear no longer to work as you want. So think as you feel things so you don't have to worry or worry if not allowed is no longer needed. So this is what can leave you prone so think before trying things out. Otherwisss as you move or think you work to create or no longer be. This is what allows or controls lucid dreaming so ur not is this nothing point called limbo. Thats where you are when you dream or work.

Seen as illusion revealed you know what is there. Anything illegal is think is illegal isn't as you are just trying to ontrol yourself or not. Think or no longer allow to create by intuition. Think to work by intuition if allow is the trade word. so you know your own danger. So deny yourself or something there then your awake. So think to allow sometime as you could get too controlling then go off on someone as they are doing something nice.

So a healthy relationship denied could be danger. Otherwise method use is not actually useful.So a healthy relationship is a point represented by sexual need as you due don't think love so your not no longer where you want to be. Don't suppress to no longer do as your aware you know what is there. Don't be to seem, think time to energy user feel. Sometimes if you suppress you need to be or not no longer be desiring. That is to some people, so if you don't need things you won't need the desire. Seen as some people see sex as the object or desire.

  Proven energy is what you think the matrix is what creates. Not to be something if not wanting to get or be that is ideal to prove something. This is the time that I thought about it. This is a point I think should stop as most can do different things or ings.

Don't overdo if you think to do as if you don't need. Don't think to have sex by this to compensate or you'll ot want to stop. This is not to use the ideal of sex. This is the point I think is being. This is never with an existing point by feel. No real desire no real need this is all fake. Occurrence then is the point to desire. Thats why you do it. Think to see a point with the creator. Then as you think you are aware to what is available or a point you don't do unless necessary.

Then you do or do not do things by area indications or feel. Then if you think your free. Your free by what you think. Your not as don't is then obeyed as if a thought. Then you desire as lust dissipates away.Then I think your awake. This is by free exchanged desire or no need no use by usual feel. Don't is then as you do to work. This is then end of my dictation as you think the person or yourself to wake up.

trade gate; think the trade that is the way to shift you to see or seem to be somewhere you think to do as your mind thinks or not as you guide your mind. The trade is the appeasement so your ideal you have with a cool point or cooling off if you don't get along or get a trade..

Friday, July 24, 2015

think or thinline

spells called zulu that god he called that caz talked to.

Abundance Spell:

Perform this spell on a Waxing Sunday night (waxing moon is the period between New Moon and Full Moon) ,

You will need:

A few drops of Patchouli, Bergamot, Cinnamon OR Ginger Essential Oil (Just one of these oils) If you don’t have any essential oils you can use dried patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon stick or ginger.

$1 Bill

i_A08.c; no need to restart a roach colony. s i_a08.z

Paper and pen

1 Green Candle

Light a candle think what you want then the candle will form the ieal or user ideal is what you do. Mix a few drops of your chosen essential oil with some carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil. Put a few drops on the $1 bill. If you are using the dried herbs or flowers powder it and sprinkle it on the bill. Now write what you wish to manifest on a piece of paper. Say it aloud and burn it. When its burning visualize infinite abundance coming into your life in miraculous ways. Thank the Universe. You can keep that bill in your pocket/wallet or altar as a lucky bill. ieal is use by no area use so you are aware. this is what you tought to what occurs our not by feel. no placenta effect here. so do less to get more effect. i think this is more closer invega by item use. if you go the oregano route , use a supplemnt vitamic or vitamin c. this is nothing by the use. this cause is disclosure so don't always do the closure. if you think to work with others think again to actually be a psychologist as you can simply do other things by ideal. no be man think to work better. this was recorded from the mind of a persecutioner that was a zealot white cloak torturer. so go figure what they think i wonder if any are left as they are pretty well hidden by what they do for some government. foreign agent or otherwise I am thinking to work as ma I to to do as a worker with others. so I will go to do other things now. If you don't need this effect, think gnoe by this ideal otherwise uoui uin prononced you-owe-us-in each use is oo-in also works. Seeing ui or no use. So to allow or not as uoe is also useful as agred.

don't rephrase with the u.o.e or you could blank the ideal. This means erase by feeling to work your own way each their own style. seen as uoe is cured by body feeling. you do the feeling.this is the area you feel so you live by the time you don't realize to live unless your dead already. thinking this I corrected the known ideal to work with the area point you work by the concept already known. I think this covers the point to the area experience so I might already have an answer. their way is illusion so your own way is what you are feeling is by or when you concern what you think to work by applying the moment you consider with the area concern. fixing things is already done so your ability is what you consider. this I knew by feeling better you shall see what will happen as though a flash before your eyes. Then if not you can create what you wish to create whaatyou want by your feel. think to work as this is better for you yet if you think to work with disablement meant.

As the opposite to working or use by volunteering seeing this is a point you think. so what your concern really is uses disinterest by the area feeling that you are aware is there. so dont see to use others items as you think is appropriate with no permission we have that allot around here. So there is no reason to concern yourself so if you think to work go ahead. I am not stopping you as if you work you get better. noe is still a good halt word. This is the point you know as thinking is known you know things. That means you are aware to what you are capable to create. I think this spell therefore was meant to work a creation to create what is the point? Think to work or near enough to the point so your ability is what is thinking that is an able mind. This is thinking to shoo out a person to move the unwanted from the area mind. Think so I am done now writing this spell so I will quit while I am ahead in essence.

En es sc; Thought of something, see to create viewing by perception the creation when it was formed. So most ideal is what you think so the end result is what yis considered. This is with moments you think to see someone. yea is something understood.
see to think is to understood moment so you are aware this is nothing as you are aware you don't have it if you don't need it. there is something by ideal that is in essence so think I may. Thats what a scarecrow would think if they were near them so I was aware by the feeling that I was near someone I knew. I think nearness is enough. No problem, no court necessary just think then your aware. I think I will end this here. This is my last note. in memories sake I will go now Think then know that is corative ideal. The 6th point thats the way with living as agreed by the feel. If you lived or honor by concept. This concept is over I see to work as I work.

See to condense energy to create wha the skin can recreate by feel is to shift. This makes the roach harder to not catch. So this is a cathador or cathode ray tube, I think to caused by reaction to a roach or focus area with light energy. Think to absorb energy to see or look to appear. Think or create to see or work better or not bother so seeya. its its ezy or un herb herbally.

 Thinking to appear your energy surges then your there if you want or focus to shift. This came from merlin the 3rd as a point with merlin the third. the achievement was energy money to create work or appear wealthy. This is a look to work with he says with a las glance away. So this is the last story I will write. As a news story this was unique to my senses so think to work things out. Feel free to write a question to abbey. See no is a note that says this or isn't a some story as any ideal is a viewpoint. That is what formed my oopinion.

You can go do what you think is justified. Your good but think about what your doing with people. That is all. See now I thoink so what is the big deal? Thinking before you get things as you are the one doing the activity. I'm thinking the point here is you get what you want so this usis or use is clean for awareness you are aware this means creativity so I will let you go. This is right yet is rotten. Think before you place things. The ideal you happen you see I didn't find anything. So thin now I can think to stop eating wrong.

Isis Inspiration Spell:

On a Tuesday of a waxing Moon(waxing moon is the period between New Moon and Full Moon) , cleanse your home of all unwanted clutter. Then light a white candle amidst your cleansed environment, within a circle of sea salt. Now you have cleared and cleansed your space. Call on Isis three times and creativity and inspiration will enter.

Aphrodite’s Love Spell:

Perform this spell on a Full Moon Friday (upcoming Full Moon, July 31st is on Friday). Oh I don't think to blackmail people. This spell is discusting by that. This means you are aware yet don't allow till necesssary. So I will quit here to go on with something else.

Take a warm bath with rose petals (fresh or dried), you can also use rose essential oil mixed with some carrier oil if you have. Gaze at the Moon and say ” Aphrodite, please shower me with your energies and help me bring more love, beauty, sensuality and creativity into my life”. To enhance the spell eat strawberries and sip some rose tea or rose petals infused water.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

normal life

the insect shift; the black knoight survellience satellites effect is to lessen the insects. i think this needs some area work to create a quicker result. as you think to shift them away to the largest bat guano pile then the satellites does so. the shift could occur yet does not shift you the person, as the insect or roach does not come back otherwise happens as you squash em. this is use by em in ideal. this use is usually or the area shift by shield.

the changewind; the changewinds kill off those that are prospectors that are evil by feel after by description, so what you work with or think is what the changewinds seem to create if there because it depends on if your there or not if a dry storm otherwise you see not done is the thing you think as you describe is what is created or uncreated.

the worker; the dimension shifts the insect to the largest bat guano pile. jubilance of the kill is hell. this is all around you think not to kill, as you do so exellent yes this is so you can create what effect you think. so think as you are aware to work with what people are around you. this is what you are aware of that exists or not exists what is there. so think to work as you are aware or are able to create oherwise or not thinking is no longer to be created. so think of a positive ending to work by the feel or you will create no more. you will beat no more if beating a human. whatever you do you won't build up roaches. this is poison that is a sure kill.

 E Homm ius, for the roaches, seen in general the roaches of today are really the remnants of an ancient race of insect-like humans that lived to destroy and are with the blacks ancestry. They thought to breed seeing the point they created was offspring. Transformed by one of their own with their energy by ideal, from other races being done by feel this was thought changes into the hommius. This was where he that lived later created with the ideal, seeing she who sought revenge and use was transformed even himself into a roach called hommonius. They were notorius for continuus activity and forever could repeat something if it felt good. They were roachlike as they liked certain places and only moved on when they needed to. It was they were festidous and harmoniclike.

 They could use harmonics like a master. They were interesting but annoying, as they could make a pattern out of vibrations and its seemed as to what they could trace was through harmonics to go however they are nice or however they are. Able to trace anything by what it was or is. They thought anything was a solution as to what they could want so they could be doing it. They were psychic with mind reading and control over frequency and idea manipulation. They used the negative as if it was a positive, in energy manipulation. Versitilitude in byproduct. They are likely able to be withstanding almost anything. They are were energy if thought to be energy, after taing or using a form in the mind.

  They could shift to other forms at will including that of roaches. On my glance at them I sensed they werent too perceptive. As I sensed their relation was 'okay I can do with that but while I do it even if I hurt you it is as it is.' They didn't seem to mind it as they had no actual control over their reactions except to observe. They could take any form, and hardly any disease touched them as they were hardly ever sick. They were commodius as they were ever sated by peace and singing about peace, but were rapaceous around negative idea and things.

 Yet being festidious, they had a compromised idea to become fastideous being as they were they were able to overcome any actual boundary as they could null effect and make it seem legal. Yet here you are no one else thought it and the universal energy helped make them survive and they were surviving even then. The idea is they are as contemporary, as it seems as they were also boodthirsty and able to eat almost anything.

  The cockroaches were known as hommius, and even as they were human in appearance, they could so delight in states and be rapaceous and as fastideous they could take any food and eat it up. They could be contemporary in mood if in use of food. They could be fast for session and they would eat it up as well. And so the cochroach for the known lay fantasy for today's time as to say 'you don't want them to with varied care.' The roach when they were human, thats an analogy which is so old, as their technology was near our own and they had more technology that was crystal based.

 The Hommonicus means homicidal lunatic tendancy or area death as they were normal roaches before they were large black roaches with the absorbed souls of those around them, who also had insect-like forms as well. They seemed to attempt to gum up the way you think, by tracing your mental patterns and your words. They have the hyperpotential to absorb any energy, and they can cause fear in those who see them.

 They will open the target's mind to their own fears, and attempts to give themself a psychic boost based on their energy and your energy. If you have friends, or someone who is standing by you through the fear, then you will not be effected, because the fear instinct is over-ridden by the sense of security with the friend. They are a dangerous type of roach that will harness the souls around them. The roach today carries many diseases and if you eat after them you could get sick.

  As when they die, its as if there is one type of roach which is capable of entering the body, and reproducing using human tissues. The result is death, normally from diseases brought by the roaches. They will initially use you as a host, used to spread their population, and once you have died, they will scatter. It can be as many as thousands at a time. Consider them the demon roach.

 The roach humans were left with no afterlife except an idea demented by compressed idea for no demonism afterlife. This is what caused the demonism is what your use by killing cause is to create with life. Tis is energy to the basic point of view that your life was the idea life in the use, tis is the 6th dimension viewpoint where your point created. As you think and smash the bug you can see the effect is manifest if necessary.

Monday, July 20, 2015

after life point

listen is silent think to go then you are going, as you think seek the nest to kill it. baphomet is a joke. molech is some evil. hope lives lucy aka lucifer so this is dealt with by facing in dm. otherwise is if you think to appear things then it doesn't come as it doesn't exist. so its not there if it doesn't exist or you don't want it there unless it is some object. hell takes all the roaches seeing their bad anyway. i think i am done.

thoughts use by the ideal i noticed are no longer likely to work if you think no use to not cause a use by drugs. this is the ceasing point you think to work with otherwise not use from some use.

magic; the area i sense is something or somewhere near here, so think to the use to work light magic to create your result. think the end result to create the ideal you think to exist. think to the use so your aware by your focus so you see or create by ideal.

thought magic forgiveness; this works by depossession with forgiveness to appease the person that exists things better after the fact. So think appeasing or work thought to create by the ideal you have. then they that exist work by the feel. seek the point you are aware is there to work with by feel. convergance or unconvergence is what energy is related to the point, by what you consider or not consider by feel or considering as your considerate you are aware this is usually with your own ideal with time.

psi killer; How he works is anonymous uses, to create by the feel that the other has. So don't is all he has to do then is think to do things so then he causes energy to hide the activity, with other activity that is done thats all he does to get done things achieved or not do to offend. Then he causes a identity change that is with a possible theft to create what he or she has done to some cause by the atomic spin. Then with some of that water you can think to focus then really think to the area feel, that is faucet as a water point that is intense activity to create a jump as thinking shifts you by feel. Nothing is demonic by what is here or whatever necessary is indication.

as a game of darts he was saying poltergeististic activity from angered spirits that are demonic that turn nice after calming down. then your ability is the point you think by the feel you hear or think to use. he or she comes to help. so think to create then if disease is from the point you consider, so you are hearing ideal as psychic notions are from people that you aren't doing by the ideal. The electrons order as you think or use reaction to seem the nucleus of the body or thought with subparticles that are psoitrons with neutrons create things that you think, as you are aware resembling stability that if you lose the mental stability the cellular stability forms. see as you want using object particles that dissipate to energy, then the cell structure restores itself do as you want some subparticles form with no exchange some use exchanges. that is when the aura or the electron particle field with the body creates a glow, that is sometimes physical exchanges this was exposed as light. they that don't need things don't want it won't get it or won't get hit. think to not do then you won't.

so whatever you do don't panic. think before you speak as you want to live before whom you are near. he or she is a psi killer that can look like yourself. what i know about him is he's cleaner than what you think as you suspected he's the mobster type that kills by magic with hidden words that are short. so aspects are done what you need to do is avoid him as he's always in a good mood. he also may have claimed the soul to cause less victimization less use by some feeling as he does it too. so i think he can cause you trouble. his name is always changing he doesn't keep a shaping ideal he is your neighbor. so think clearly before you speak. that is all the warning one needs to not be near there so think to work better as you know i hate doing that to people myself. so i have to agree think to not piss him off. thanks. anonymous.

the inertial shift trift; this is thought to shift by inertial gravity to lessen the weight as you think lesser ideal or think the body has the inertial mass, thinking to shrink the body as the weight goes down so does the body weight or mass. the inertial mass is gravity that you think the use then goes lesser to no longer effect you so badly. so this is the mass that responds to your will less anger less area disruption. this is usually as you think or focus the body mass is absorbed to the light. this is effective so yes it does. this is pulling the center of gravity in to think, as your well of gravity is what can shift you by thinking or ideal is focus.

then as their; then or their by the use is the uses you think to work with the uses you consider.

then if their; as if a suspect if your there by the way you shouldn't do the shift trick as the trick nearly pulled down the ceiling. if is earth movement. if you shift then your okay.

think roach destroy; without destroying things you can kill the roaches activity rather uses by ideal or feel so no seek secret or destroy. by the feel i think this works, keep working for the point. so no epidurmal hemurage is possible. this was an aspiring to die author.

efficient trap; this is efficient by the use, mostly the super efficient way to deal with things. so think as your aware use is not always emforcement, think to area use so your use is what you think or avoid the area issue by the area you can feel you are aware to know. so you see the point look outside or see to consider the sight, as or not as you think the area changes to what is actually there not to do. so you see the area change or seem to shift to what is threatening or seen, as relational point with a view is use "in s ess" or access so fair. so think to place something not related or object out from sight. this is to hide things so think to look as you are around or aware so you find things of em or not. gotten with this is chris s moisant, robert f michael, ross or more thats allowed in by the feel. this i think is energy that allows the regret you feel. Don't have to do the demonic thing that is poltergeistic in the mind by the feel of the land you are aware. Think things work so you are creative as you speak. That makes it efficient as you are aware you control yourself so things are cool by the feel. The things you are aware exist are observable.

seen point affair; see as you are aware. so i think this is the point you are aware so you create by the area, think well with me by the feel oh okay this is good enough now i won't steal from you.

asperger cure; curing aspergers syndrome is restoring the brain functions by geomagnetic, use is gemstones with energy by magnets surrounding orgonite that has copper cleansed by quarter or penny used as focus. a quarter with a penny with a dime stack, that can cure the schitzophrenia that does work with a pink stone orgonite. Then if you think you can create aware individual people that use exist ideal or not.

disinterest shift by fairness; now if you are aware or don't think to show about the person, as your disinterested then you find yourself somewhere else as though shifted by the feel or fairy life. there is no love rutz by ideal.

spiritual is there; Spirituality is zoneness where the feel is what you think to create. Spirituality, seen for consciousness with our place in the environment, society or the universe, can exist separate of religious beliefs. Practicing spirituality is reminding ourselves of our place and our privilege. Wonderful things usually ensue. This is partnership that ensures what you do. Thinking ahead is theory by the feel you have. Thus I think this is something not always to do. See as you are aware your awareness is not closed minded or not clouded seen not by the feel accepting by feel.

untrapping; "think go untrap" me to no longer be trapped. so your not a villian by what you do. now remember one exchange can exchange another.

thought free trap; with the thought to user feel is the feeling you think isn't guilt by the thought you think is some other area you work.

oblong phone access; if you are oblong or awake or aware you can create no trap by feeel. The Pope recently shocked supporters and detractors alike with stunning proclamations during a climate change encyclical. For starters, he claimed that the first step in combating climate change is to ease mankind’s carbon footprint by sterilizing all unwed mothers. If your yard is filled with weeds, you pull the weeds. We have an over-surplus of individuals food or energy who are having children at younger and younger ages till not in need. These people have nothing of value to impart upon their offspring. They are a burden to society as well as the earth. If a young lady has proved that she is unable to deal with the responsibility of motherhood once, we ought to be the possibility of things ever happening again.

the offenses uses; people who spend their money on experiences, then not the objects are a point they deal with things. people who deal with experiences aren't because the ideal they expend on makes them not the sex offenders then not more. the more you do then the point is made.

offender in thought; don't think to offend thats how it works. i think to not offend seeing so i think to work, so i get away with what i am so I do not get under warranted by the ideal area that is not the actually disclosed place. so what is your lesson? think to do things before you do them or no longer do them to offend not to do. there's no right to offend unless defend. no there is none by the use. no sex offender is there if not use.

dea use; don't do it if you don't have to if then. think no use to not then do it. then if it is in nothing. the effort is by the use or area feel.

then use is done; if you are then you don't always go by feel so think to create as you feel.

ceasing life; work as you want then not go to the bathroom on people, as you are aware go or not do as you want if you point something out then this is life by what could cease by the life you use.

from whom that used this;
erik viking
jay sven ali
paul the saint
danny the sven dm
chris a saint savant is ideal

add regan plucker then I am not fucked. so if you have sex with allowing, say no more then your dead by accident. so the roach don't spread out. roachen binge. Manga and movie packaging. Say the package name to get the package. You know instantly whats in the manga, as if you read it before unless you like the suspense which would cancel out the whole package.

This also goes with movies where you know whats in the movie, as if you saw it before unless you don't have to get it or don't use it like the suspense. An Anime is considered a japanese movie. so i can wait they did say. humans that train gift aren't hit by a roach bomb. imminent ending here. whatever it is i can get out of it. so you can always tell what is poison or not by high tension with poison, or low tension with no poison. this is what or where you are aware for ideal you do with things. this is the use you think to create with the area you consider, as not doing or no longer doing the ideal that can waste time. this is a strange thought.

naoi is e nami. so you can kill cockroaches as that isn't murder its creative creaturial. this is area energy by theory feel. you are the heart that is the feel that is the art, that is feel to what you think or so as the feel doesn't exist. there are heart transplants you know by walk in feel. so you know the area or ass as association is what you are doing. this is not assumed or is to be done otherwise no longer necessary as you feel not do. Thir use is not to do until annoying. so things you do are reduced or no longer unless to create reduced in size in your mind things, see that is seen that allows you to look down with people or look normally to work with them.

nothing is too perfect, so think as you think not to do things that are annoying to create what you wish by some thought. you leave by the exit you think is there. its the point you think thats there. you can sometimes go out that way its my effect for you to live or die. sae farais is faery with some point you wish to create un use. that is the use you think. so just remember, a claim is a claim until not proven. this is at the end point now so creator stop the replays.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mirror studies

 Think the subconscious creates what you wish or work with, people as you know think to create by their aura, unless your alone then to create by your body mass or area to work with. The aura you think then focus is thought to make by thinking or not by the feel. This is the point you can think this works, if you see the working ideal that you think to create by a point or are done by now.

  Mirrors package; "Like the mirror assault of insanity or cool ideal, where there is a being behind it as always there is a way. I visited and saw so many mirrors behind things that exist. A lot of times is some times you live or not, a thousand different alternatives back there by the feel. They alternate to adjust. Many have no use after their used. Their based on power items that
are near." But their use is idea in this package as you think you do and you
do where its like an egress. With this package, you can use the alternative
mirors as a instant way to somewhere else an as if a pro. In a dimension
above if your use is by focus, then you could notice an energy gate appear
that is caused by egress through mirror or some door gate. If you use this
then you could appear in the dimension of the egress.

   You use the alternatives as to effects you can gain. As where you are to go
is up to yeu. If you think about it, then 'its egress abc' where you are shifted
to the enemy area or the area considered to seem gotten to. But you get disguise kits as well, to hide in plain site. Relieve yourself by being uncertain from this type of energy. This mirror energy can cause high stress within a sustained moment. And to try to focus a mirror by imagining where you want to go, then touch a mirror and inagine it closed from thoughts on it or ik on the beside of it and to focus it. Then walk through a door and your someplace at least in spirit. That imagined mirror, Self directive measure by means to acts as a focus and you become aware and as to where you are. A vision can come upon ingenerated or generated by you as to where you are.

  This allows a portal to a mirror trap or travel effect that isn't always a trap, if you think to no longer be trapped or another way to generate electricity. is mirror teleportation, the astral dream travel nightmare is by the area ideal.

  The energy sheath package; To have a sheath power up, this powers up a sword blade which is held in an energy sheath. Release the sword and its sword goes to swipe in a point or an invisible sheath forms around it to power it up till its release. Don't go so bad that you can't get out of it.

  Subconscious control package; Makes it easier for use of any subconcious just in seconds and usage by an statement in phrase and you get the result. This is all you are in need, need to do is state the result. And so by in view of your subconcious in can become very useful and unique as you can do. Imagine, but do in or do not as its just basically in an subdue or link. Not to happen: fortunately its like in solved or motion to create pattern by thought and action en if use is the endpoint with use. The action is somewhat up to the person or otherwise is sometimes a roach.

   Scare package; Just say the name to get of the package, To show them their death before they do things to you as in their minds. It starts with a
partial scene at first, but you can be getting more potent in blatant mind
control. As an offence. It is as a self-defence mechanism, something attacks
me or you and you show it it's own death, You make it feel fear, but you
could if increased ability, play out an ENTIRE big screenplay in their head
that makes them in this huge horror film, with them as the victim. As they
don't die in the end but that's only 'cause, just as they're about to, yu
bring them back to reality with the option to run away.

   The fact that this even works against beings that're too strong for you.
If you can take control of their minds and make them see what you want them to see. Then you can make anyone at all run away with their tail between their legs. Course is set by thought, you could just use it as a way to avoid actually having to kill. Think just to make them run away. An alternative is to go the way you wish with an idea that they did. This was you so energy is not always by the feel. Bad or good is sometimes the use by the user feel.

  So their trip as a shopping trip or something else without seeing you, And as they walk through the door in their minds they do in real life. Totally missing you and going on their way. They are released as they walk though the door en an use.

   Untrained skill package; Just say the name and you get the package. Even if you don't remember exactly what the words are that do the spells or effects, an so you'll know the effect and you'll be able to do it. A part of you will remember it and you'll kind of, do similar to pressing an 'just do it and
use what is working' type of button in the back of your mind. And then the
effect happens anyways. Unless you don't want it. If you choose to use it.

   The natural shield package; Its how ever long they do, they are protected as long is this goes to the activity as its to the activity as long as they do it
that their protected. The activity can change too. It takes a moment and
allows you to have adrenaline for that. The natural shields can fail if the
luck coinflicts with it, and the attack is used as energy and the attacker
is turned to water or your shield fixes things as the aura is not in a colliding
force as into things your getting inferred genetics. So I would be certain that
luck is on your side.

   Anyway it might happen, if an accident you recover for it by energy and
some in insight is sorted of this activity. This could be entail actions that
account for the activity. Don't get me wrong, you can have natural psi shields that are unnatural shields too, that shield you from crippling physical blows an act as support. You can also have supported other shields as in demonic shields that you have to consciously put up. They just don't want what you got to work with so you are not of a thought so you kinda run in with it, as you don't care and don't do anything but shift away as another teleports to another space.

   "Dating and friendship" package; State the name of the package to get it activated in your subconscious. This package allows you: new friendship, companionship, time and energy, to make sure she or he is comfortable, after the love with some sort that comes thats fair or doesn't take advantage so there is understanding. This isn't to make you look better than you actually are, its to make you look better as the info is apart of you. These idea are governed by this rule list. This package will help you be a giving
machine, To don't seem more worried over losing the person than the going or gaining in of them. To not worry over looking silly/foolish. To have patience and a commitment with support.

   This package will help you realize these rules and regulations in idea that
are necessary at the time as if in to in and out let it be as if you were a natural. This will help you get along with people. As you might see it, its like
a moment to see things. The difference between male and female will be
obvious. Theres alot more to this package but its as if a hidden influence.
Including the not matching of the partners weight. Some of this is to prevent
losers from coming to near as you will recognize a loser. "If the marriage
or relationship is one sided or not. This package will be like its to end the relationship as its one gives and the other takes almost always." To be knowing the creator can form anyone that is use of necessity for a match.

   The chaos suppression package; This package is gotten by saying the name of things, thought is use energy to create elements that presents light and raw order to restrict chaos and cease its activity otherwise on necessity. This package goes worldwide and acts like an idea or effect. It acts from the idea and effect of it and this works with others too. But then too much order is boring. So this is too much where the chaos is from car engines or vibrations..this is chaotic energy impulse. This may use a balancer package, to make you ... 'somewhat normal'. So raw order is used to restructure the chaos into order.

 Still is not always still, but pure order is kind of boring sometimes, so it stops effecting you if too much order or it corrects for you if too much chaos. Its you that make it a little more better. Like it fuels you to make you into a more effective system. So through light action can you cancel incidences an you wield raw order or shape an event an use void as a shield or thought for shielded action that is sometimes a physical defense. This helps you to don't treat chaos like an enemy, and treat those who use it against you effectively sometimes as an enemy. So chaos will stop if decency and you let your result no is be as not known of raw order. It could be the god of purity and goodness or evil itself. Raw order is different from order as light and raw order feel similar to the normal aura. It uses a chaos effect trough iron or steel to shape its actions because it can only do what its alerted to.

 But if there is things, this is not useful or referenced by an ideal light. The light is anything that prevails with it. Where is the moment there is an order result in thought and in not a usage of light in an area that needs guidance. Raw order uses iron and steel as a pass through for energy. But not a single pound is actually gained using it as raw order might do.

   The legend-set package; If ya want the package, just say 'legend-set' as ya read with this, as i look at this or as ya think of this package. It'll make you a better person, it will make people get along with you more easily, and vice-versa. It will do this by the forming and merging of multiple effects, though it will also subdue animalistic fears in many people that you think to exist, via the multiple effects. It will also bring about peace. Ultimately this i think, will write you into 'legendary status' if you think to create positive use by what you do. This is by causing more people to remember you, and your memory will be passed on or spurting it out. Some suggestion will be viable to do what is necessary so its as auto-suggestion before the moment as predefined by pre-existing and present idea when you mention it.

   Impervious energy package; This is an improvement to the area feel that is there with impervious. All thats needed is to say the package name to get by ideal. Its all in the use of it the energy to make things impervious. As you use it you become as impervious as the objects which also become normal or hard an think to effect. Like Kellog; to be impervious the more you use it. Whats impervious? its hard or easily to effect by use with an action which can be energy or just unaffected by energy. This can also make you impervious to need, so your apetite could go down as you don't need the food.

  Sometimes it could drag or create the apetite but when you can ignore this is in thought but heal in thought too, as you do you consider or not use as you see in thought you do what you want and things go well in and out you are well as you are what you think. Otherwise therapy ideal are subconscious consciousness use. You can use a shield that is polybiomorphic with polycloth armor as the cloth armour spell.

   Optional package works package or not think to use, this package may attach itself to others so think to get the package say the name of it. As it works an idea being of assimiliar nature to being a optional idea and chosen in option that then is good. As you think of something, it, an idea comes to you as an optional idea to which it is of use in improving your idea. This process can continue until you feel it unnecessary so your not here. Thought can use or be precedented in mind as its of a necessary use in some cases. To use something also gets an idea of use for it.  This i think is the point you consider. Use is the fates after those that deserve by the fate  they think they deserve.

   Destiny effect package; Its to help you do wiccan and destiny magic as these phrases were wiccan all others are pure willpower. Its pure will with energy, as when will is strong all things come naturally. And thats where in an irrational sense, that is what makes energy come and serve naturally as well. So to avoid trouble, and thats where we can get in trouble, we can naturally with this package watch what we want or say. As we might want something irrationally and natural energy can come to give it despite the cost, well our will is what occurs when enough energy of focus comes together.

  Theres energy in every action so think assertive or no this is okay or positive to get a positive action, as if it naturally serves us and then things go our way, if not then they go another. Thats destiny for you to work with what you think as the will of energy. A thought of this is used as energy in cloth armor that you use as magus to treat things with in thought. Thats what this package helps you to be talking about. This an what an use is there if this is destiny that effects more without you knowing it before the moment unless they think on what you want. I mean this idea can direct destiny but sometimes in accidents were not the director.

  So it is what you think, the package helps prevents them. As some god allows us to control destiny as its God we use to control it with sayings and know how. This helps to access the book of knowledge. where is all the words of knoweledge. Well this destiny by magic attempts to use destiny to its own ends. Where the words and knowledge are written down as wisdom or instructions. Its easy with this package, Just have to feel the energy around you, think and say a few words to create the point meant for the destiny effect and the energy does the rest.

   Leadership package; This package will make yo realize how to be a leader. It helps with the idea of being a leader. It will help you reflect on and use
these idea, sometimes without you gnowing it. To use assertive communication, as in I statements. As "I feel (emotion) when you (action) because (why). Or medicine use is I need to/ would feel like (explanation). This is reflective be chance or action of an idea to self-confidence. To talk positively to yourself and this leads you to experience success and set goals. To take chances and make decisions. This reminds you that leasders are motivated/ motivating others.

  Think or use the ideal that is water to fiire to be a self advocate or speak out for yourself. To plan is thought, gather support is thinking, focus your efforts is meditation, ask for or get what you want or to use what you have. To assert calmly and be firm and persistent, also to be brief. To get this package just say the name "leadership". Any loony comments do not effect the owner or creator of this package.

The rumpster package;
   Only say or think the name to get it where the forces of antigravity cause
the lift of things by thought, and the dark matter supports by use and idea
with just being there and directed by your thought. The forces of antigravity
and movement are caused by dark energy. To use matter as energy and direction through set actions and thoughts by the matter and the energy thats imprinted with alpha waves. To set the result that you accept by that means.

  The general matter as some drive materia is generating energy by thought the dark matter as drive and dark energy as the lift and movement. The theory about this is to think about going there or it going there, and feel a shift in your mind. Then you or it will be there in mind and body. The In action is necessary anyway as you sit or stand and do as it is to think. As you do exercise, and you created with ideal by the rumpster you are able to mind things easily.

   There's no matter in dark matter, and dark energy waves where dark matter makes dark area light energy where move is as a collective point for dark energy to thrive and exist in. Its a way to a collective measure of dark matter in how much repulsion is there. Allows you to measure the dark matter. As customs replace down repulsion of polar dark matter. Dark matter has an inward gravity force and dark energy has an outward or extensive collective one. It repulses even the universes from each other.

  They only call both of them 'dark' because they're completely invisible
to the human eye, or any tool that we have. Because they don't interact in any way with any form of matter that we have control over, exept for light, and use with light or darklight, sometimes has to be way further away to have the kinds of effects scientists actually what to look for such as creating a energy source. As this brings you there and back to here, you are enhanced in brain as you can decide to do and get better results. As if you never left.

The adapt things to do it package;
   It is the effect of change as if you don't change, you won't adapt and you
die. So with global warming you will survive with the idea of this. As with any incident or action, you with this package willas change as this is necessary, adapt and live even if you don't always realize it.

Tune up package;
   Say tune up package while thinking of it, everything tune-up related that you can do to yourself to repair the body. The package itself is a little giftwrapped bundle that holds a copy the little psi-machine. When you say the name while thinking about it, you get the package, it auto-opens. And it does what it's asked. It's quite an interesting little machine.

   It was created with the intention of repairing everything deemed possible.
Clears the lungs, repairs the nerves, repairs the muscles and tendons, repairs the skeletal structure, aids in the healing process (and that's only about 1/10th of the list). As in kidneys stomach heart arteries, etc..

The explosive deflection package;
   For an element that would deflect the bad thing noticed or the bad influence. Just say 'gimme it' and its yours to do with, automatically delivered to you as an explosion to the body area or other area the skin heals more rapidly as a body suit that is a biosuit an its on you when you wish it there. It diverts the influence on you and does a mini explosion of it to get rid of it unless I say or not and calm down.

Cazzy's packages.

   High-force energy transmitter Say energy transmitter to get it, then configure everything and latch it and your done. This package is used on an unreliable or other force of energy such as a star, which is prone to sunspots and flashes. The package is a transmitter, latching to the energy point and drawing in the energy at a fixed rate, and cancels out any of the star's abnormalities, then it processes and stores it, and can be transmitted to you or a building, warrior or package in safe amounts without the usual haphazard of a star's energy field. The transmitter is forcefielded on the sun by its own energy, this is only broken through the elapse (destruction) of the star core itself, the transmitted energy travels not through space but an alternate dimension created by regularly or regular use by the package, and turn on changing every so often to avoid attracting leeches, this removes all energy parasites.  Don't be to hand picky.

   After a dimension is replaced, the old one is destroyed and then mutilated, the energy being processed then sent to a crystal, which is extra energy for
the transmitters owner if you have one of them, you can drain the crystal at
any time, but you must be in the area by the person that allows as we can't lie to you. Unless you want to be lied to or we can have pickup drones escort it. The transmitter also has a control device that you can access at any time, showing the ratio of soul transfer energy being gained from the source, how much longer in time the source can drain at that level, the percentage of chance of malfunction (although very low on most reasonable settings) resolved by the sun energy repair. This device is suited for continuous streaming of energy, not quick bursts. We are developing a package like this for quick bursts also. You could always store the streaming a point in a container and burst from that. So yea but don't.

   The Esp package; State "A An of not Act", to get the package. Not dumb so don't act is the effect of this package is to stabilize energy sources especially those that are especially volatile. How it works is a dimension shift storage
to draw in the energy before you will need it, when used it goes before the
needed event to get the energy on time, using time travel and so is the dimension shift.

  Thought use is this ideal, choose your energy source like volcano, star, etc and bond it to the machine. With the thought of a string of energy from you to the source. The string is the construct. Blue coils around the string can be turned to increase or decrease energy infusion, and the dimension shift stops all time and location complications. The resulting energy is extremely stable, usable by the feel when needed until the source is ran out. Can also be configured to search for other energy sources and notify you when any are running low or more found.

   To get the package say 'ESP' and think of the effect and the package will

 Crazy making package: Read through this description, or state "crazy making or no longer" with intent to get the package and it stops acting up on you to get the package. This package causes your spirit to cause yourself go do things that if you don't need it it won't make you look crazy, as though you have mental problems, and when you need to start looking crazy or need to be examined. You won't get easily entranced by patterns on the walls, simply put, you start staring at the patterns on the wall. If needed there, is 1 day before it you start to appear distracted, most the time and unfocused.

   You start to talk about magic, and your experience with it. You start to
talk to yourself, you stop shaving or not, as though at least 1 week ahead,
you start to not make sense and use inconsistent speech patterns, you start
to reflect other lives and you wear your crappiest clothes, to the examination. This package unactivates when you are no longer in need of it. The package repairs it, as your mind and body does not damage you as you don't do it at the moment, that a time effect disrupts the effect of this package.

Herons packages

 The idea energy field package;
   This is by Heron, just saying or thinking the name 'bug-fix', with intention
to get the package, will get you the package. The package is an idea with
energy that effects the area your in and is also setting up a special idea
energy on a different frequency all over the body to suck away energy bugs
that tire you out and bug energy without interfering with the body energy.
It should be undetectable to you unless you decide to see it specifically,
just deactive and reactivate at your will unless you don't need to do.
It removes bugs and sucks in them into a different dimension that is void
that is made into a construct and not basically does this burns as they die by their own energy with the creator where they're destroyed by him or her and thus harmless. So if you think to create think what you want to cause what you will as an wish with energy engathering.

  This is where you can get on or use a usable energy source thats usage is to use the concept that is there. As you think the effect, you think about it dispersing with the area energy. Also by feel this is effective against 6th dimensional roaches, any attempts to remove bugs from the area
physically are naturally done too. For chaos bugs and energy bugs, that
adjust to this and use the energy fields energy for empowerment, the idea
energy field is readjusted this is using the order element of iron particles.

 They'll be destroyed on the same frequency yet in a non-interfering way. For the area you think is the area you work, if you use chaos on a chaotic being, the being will adjust and use it as use is an energy that is the creator. This is the area by intense area concept you think, then you can noe no way or think to spread death energy from the death cells to create the aura energy that effects death to that you touch until you think or don't think to not harness death with focus.

   There is use of an optional fireshield or infini fireshield to keep the bugs
and bad influences away, activated by need or demonic presence detected. This fireshield by ideal effect that can even ignite area fuel nearby, if intensified. The effect is the moment, that is inattentive but as you do you are using a thought to cleanse your aura. This mass energy inducing fire from within is destroying them by fire sent to effect them. The moment ends as you are in weakness. So you see this you recover your energy with food or drink that is spiritual.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

art area effects

 Creation you won't do if you create to work. This is using the creator to create what you want by thinking the ideal then the point to create is where you wish. This is then the point you consider or consolidate if there is creativity.  So if you think art then is creative with focus by this.

Limited adrenaline control package;
   Say the name of the package to get it. Think to create then you do as you
want. When necessary by feel, you will Feel can't do it then deal it for a limit break. Think to create positive then your positive. This I then think is a point or no by feel is then en ending things by the area you see.

  I think write things down so in a limit break what you write gets the effect by air being pushed out where you push out, then outside is the person mentioned that may or may not die except at the time the person would
die but you have to power it by break or use if they do or the person powers
it sometimes by their own dealt with blow. But if the person's blow is
blocked, then the person a will live on and b is up to this rule, that is the
person dies to power the idea they represent and the command happens
naturally as niogo to due die di. Sometimes to die is to be shifted to another
space. think in ef(ficient) use is if as efficient again, ni niogo as if to go on. Now thought to realize is thinking to keep the beings effected, thinking from going very no very far overboard. Lord shavner by feel is not sex its sense by sensation, the root of use is all evil unless thought useful all ideal or magic natrium.

   non horror; stop the terrifying see the use. not knocked as thought so thought energy is take or used with a point or snail pig or human. think though if christian to no longer as its your choice to no longer be christian near those non usual by christianity. there is no other choice except to no longer have religion that is food its all use by what you feel or not use. this is their way to say what is there. this i think is this by that use is there. due note fraudelence is fundemental or work is as you think. think to end things, as you are aware. this is making pastries by past victories or concept or else. no order form here.

The momentum and info package;
  Just say the name to get it, This helps you in moment that you are standing and use is thinking, either to adjust by your area in idea to use your fat in a touch as energy thing a ring to use your body momentum as you are moving and extruding energy from the object is um en. Think use by your idea to work balance then in thought to help balance, stand there and do something. This in standing or on one foot for balance and then let your arm drop for when your done or to throw. Seen is a point like, to close the fridge door seen is to turn to grab a plate by going on one foot and tossing my left arm to my left side, just sort of twisting from the momentum of the weight, think to get it or grab it, seen as you want or etc.

   This a brilliant idea. The very act of brilliance, that is self aware thought
distinguished by self actions. This lets you use or think up an idea too. Kinda
sit as if tossing around various pieces by info in one topic in my head hoping
to one standing foot in on move suddenly notice something I never did before or to be in as a toss around for pieces of info like their people and listen to what they say. So you say all the insects die off anyway think what you want then the creator creator creates anyway. The area you think is the point they could appear. This is the area you consider to remain quiet then go. Otherwise you get what you are aware of or experience things as they are.

   Essential mind fight package; This will make a strong battle where in mind
the primal self takes hold. With this, there are three minds to one person,
the normal you, the primal side and the "grey white magic" concious. The more levelheaded you are while using magic, the more powerful it is. I call the levelheaded as in 'white magic' or 'gray magic'... 'cause it's red (primal),
you (neutral), and white (levelheaded/'Godly'). This is energy you'll use when
in that mindset that feels 'godly'. There's the normal you, which is a neutral
combination of them both, then there's the other two. I used to think there
was a third, but it's just my subconscious.

  You don't forfeit control. You'll work with them but when you absolutely snap, then the primal side definitely takes control. It's more than adrenaline , your aura turns the color of the primal one (blood red, kinda), and you go primal. THEN adrenaline hits you, AFTER primal-ness does. That white magic self is the it reflects time, events and actions sometimes of the future. Limiting the subconcious is sometimes by actions to accentuate the idea. It hardly ever takes control. It just does but replies as i f calm and concious. This will aid you in protection in 'a fight.

 In three ways,
1 Load it up, condolent it negatively or Positively, dismiss it.
2 Be a pardon, burgeon it, dismiss it or beat it.
3 So do go. So 'de go'. Assault effect for the death blow if its needed.

   Annette's contain energy package; Too much energy of witchcraft which is bad is bled to the earth for what it is to make for best as trying for is to contain energy. This basically work in the idea to keep energy from being of too far widespread nature. Its basically a multileveled crystal field, and
each one will work on absorbing it at the same time. If a lot of a motion
kinetic is physical and then there are a few set points through something
called veloxies that the energy will be sent to. Energize the plants so that
they can more effectively get rid of CO2 in the process of stopping the
effects of too much energy. Mainly trees, since they live so long. And then
it'll slowly work it's way back into the earth at a pace that people can
stand. Instead of just a huge explosion. The energy travels in arcs in a
parabolic shape up into the air, so that it doesn't pass through anyone, thus
preventing from them going insane/berzerk. Only for severe damage control.

   Size package; Its as size able, to base yourself as the size and become it
by view. To be of it and become oef it. The views are, based on yourself
and off of objects; Large, a major, minor, small mini tiny. By thinking about it you become of it so when you are small you gain as of the ability to fly, and Mini to Tiny you can become a white dot of energy as at some point you turn into energy representing the form. You can become any size in any part of the body with this. As with the size, you can control or manipulate others by energy mimicing or thaumaturgy. Remember this, 'So it doesn't mind the matter of what they have said, as it matters what you do.'

   Universal conscience package; You are able to use these commands, by stating 'Universal conscience', think with intent to get the package.

  'Yu-gi-oh' This is as to be game master that controls what you need controlled. Whatever 'ef in be'. We are one in universal conscience yet we are of singular purpose. Therein is our escape and idea. Self-supportive respite. You know the hits that just don't quit. As you think to create or correct you will if too much not do.

   "As if ef and be as not in". Anull hit if in use is there by ideal. As if in efficient use. Where we are one but do as we need, to besmirch with universal energy. As thought if in this is efficient use by a twist. This could anull any hit by energy twist impact that heals and changes the blow by healing it. Considered the healing blow or healing wave.  If you could use the energy, then you could exist as though a god sometimes as things manifest or are there. This is there by the area feel you think to create as though a point existed to work around. This I think is the point to work by walking or use a bike. So think to work by the area use so you are aware with the ideal to the point that you think.

   So the last part of the package, you can use the energy to do things Act
like a god to manifest things, and create a event by seeing it.

Friday, July 17, 2015

various en packages

  Seeing the point your subconscious creates what you think. Written by the point you consider. Written by Ben and others. Addons also made by Spellhawk.

  Impetus Package Sends genious-level ideas to you and those around you, an use ingenious ways that never counterintuitive that cannot seem twisted into evil by no intentions. They are sent to you, and to anyone around you, except people that do not deserve it, as long as they are guaranteed to use it for a strange moment in good intention. They do not even have to have the package. Over time you may develope sensitivies or ability, this is a good way to reinforce the community, and perhaps make the world a slightly better place. It will give ideas which will help things move along smoother, and help things in the short and long run. This won't repeat if you don't want it to. Must be specified is the effect you think to exist.

  (Note: "Impetuous" (im-pet-you-us) is 'hotheaded decision'. "IMPETUS" (im-pet-us) is something that moves things along.)

  This package passes impetus notion unless not appreciated. Impeccable and interesting while being conniving and motivated or worthwhile. I wonder at what it means? This will tell you. Its absolute in tender motions in meanings, this is similiar but this won't work if it is unneeded.

The crystal change package;
 Say the name of the package to get it. By using the crystal technology. The
change by crystal of any sort of one thing to another. It will change on cue
or any sheet via her or his as one thing by crystal power lattices. Except for
that which is unchangeable. Akasha is in idea an use as that is an can seem useful. It can only be formed into shape not molded unless a reverse force is availed that acts an on the object. Just focus on the element and will what you want or item, as an idea by voice or looking at it and imagine what you want it changed to. The object cannot be another human, unless you intend an object he or she may hold. You can change anything with this. This is the new message, as this makes as you input. This package made by Spellhawk.

 The cloning package; To clone yourself using whatever that was/is necessay and the clone would be progressed by universal knowledge and seen grown retroactively. appearing right where you want. In the process of being by te life they think they lived grown, It will then use a time-lapse spell to allow it to grow into a full grown clone. Just think about getting a clone and you have one and then where and its placed  To think or feel or say the name or effect of the package and you get it. This may not be used for destructive purposes. If you don't think of where to place em them they are where you are. Package created by Spellhawk.

 Manga and movie package; Say the package name to get the package. You know instantly whats in the manga, as if you read it before unless you like the suspense which would cancel out the whole package. This also goes with
movies where you know whats in the movie as if you saw it before unless you
like the suspense. An Anime is considered a japanese movie.

Elemental vision package;
 Elemental visions package allows you to see the vision of elements easier.
By the basic elemental vision consisting of elements and their related color.
So to see in elemental vision, its to relax your body then feel the remaining
body tension and think of the element by color, feel the element represented
shift your vision, using gut instinct and relax the tension by letting it go.
This allows your eyes to shift by as it blurs then unblurs and then only for
a moment, Basically, how you manipulate it is reach your mind out and just do things by holding and molding, forcing the element as if it was putty in air.

  If you havent released the tension, release the tension for easier control. This is basically using othersight for elements. There is thought or time for ideal nothing else. Its the basic elemental vision including; fire (red/yellow), water (blue), earth (brown), void (black), air (extremely light blue).
The Infini elemental visions reach infinite to include; fire (golden), water
(blue), ice/air (pale blue), earth (brown), void (black), spirit (grey).
The voidal infini one is not reccomended to do, nor is the normal void sight
because it can drive you insane and the water one is addictive.
Fire vision is almost as everything is on fire and you can manipulate it, and
don't use air/ice infini because it's addictive.
Fire infini is almost like a golden liquid, more than real fire. It's easy to use
where everything looks golden, but according to some people, it can be too explosive.
A few drops can be equal to a small atomic bomb.
Water vision, You see with the precipitation in the area, and all of a sudden
the individual moisture droplets, where you could manipulate them but with
water INFINI vision, you see everything in a much deeper shade of blue, and it acts more like a lightning-water cross than actual water. Its like
manipulating electricity.
Earth vision everything's a bit more brown, You might not see in all brown and I don't see dust particles any better than normal, but earth manipulation's a lot better, like with pillars and stuff. This is one that some of the visions are just to get into a mood where those are what your concentrating on, more than anything. Earth's one of them.
Earth infini, everything is just brown and you can manipulate shit and values of things. Thinking the point or thining the area thought you think exists creates what is.
Air vision, you see air currents as a really light blue color, not much else but
you can use air as wind blasts, wind blades, just huge gusts of wind that can level opponents and etc. Don't use air infini.
Void vision is similiar to, seeing everything in a darker shade, and void is kind of like a gas. If you want an example, look up what is left behind when Nightkrawler teleports yet is blockable in the X-Men movies. Don't use voidal infini, 'cause this is raw death energy and can drive one insane'.
Omni-elemental vision is grey, and you can use any element you want in it. It
is all elements put together. You probably won't like it because it's all in
greyscale. Omni-vision and omni-elemental vision do not have to be crossed
together, but you may say it works that way. Because of how wide of a scale of things you will see, but you will have no problem using omni-elemental vision is it's own. To use it you can percieve the thoughts of even objects for
which you would want to pase out. Though you can use the grey infini and then bring out different elements from it, Sometimes controlling the elements once you change them from grey into, say, normal red fire, can be difficult, because you could be in the mindset to control spirit infini, not the element of fire. So it's better to fling grey infini and convert it at the last
moment by use and drawing it out.

Global warning and unwarming pack;
 Part one is the point you consider;
  This package will spread like a virus from person to person; it will spread
to anyone who does not have the package, whenever they come into the general vicinity of someone who does have it, without trouble, and immediately. It will make plants intelligent, and make them take in more CO2 and convert it into Oxygen. They will also give off more seeds, to make more plants grow. Make plants everywhere grow faster, much faster unless not possible. Humans and humanlike will be less inclined to do things which will harm the environment and begin to breathe oxygen and nitrogen through the skin. They will get more energy to do things by energy infusion.

  This package will solidify glaciers and icebergs, make it rain when necessary and attempt to put the environment back to what it should be. More nitrogen is converted from other gasses, in order to help fuel the plants converting the CO2 and to cool off the atmosphere cooling down the glaciers. This will shift people's mindsets away from things that'll hurt the environment and make them more aware of it. There will be two suns to prevent the global warming and power it, the package. This self-renews itself to the full moon and can draw from activity near the affected person.
The nitrogen with oxygen will blend into form, as an added energy. But the
glaciers on normal land won't occur in extremity as its through distributed
heat as in the ice age glaciers not allowed to form. Its a mass with more equal spread of distribution. The infusion of energy will help fuel this. As there won't be any misunderstanding if there is about this pack.

Part two;
  Theirs a second part. Its on a mental basis, way harder to
explain, It'll shift as to how people think about global warming and the
earth in general, and anything natural that they come in contact with will
instantly have energy surged into it to help repair it. The first part is on
the side of restoration and making things work more efficiently. In contrast,
this does a little bit of making things work more efficiently, but it's
almost 100% changing the mindsets of humans to make them realize the area beauty of what is around them, as well as some restoration as well. The first part is the technical side. The second part is the mindset that helps fuel it. Freaked out minds will be soothed. Pack made by Spellhawk and Ben

 Get a job package; Just say the name to get the package . Just say the name to get the job of your dreams. This will set up a less embarassing moment where you say all the right things to get the job starting in the interview unless you already have a job. The idea is simple you get a job you have free time to pursue other pursuits such as writing or other things. This sets up an attraction to you that says I will do anything for you by your aura. All they have to do is hear of you or be in your presence. Whatever you do, some most often won't get jobs so this animal magnetism is important to get a promotion or to attract of good press. So next time you will be assured of one.

 The interview and the letter after you will feel obliged to do as to thanking the employer after as with getting hired. Lying on the job won't be detected, the rigorous attention with detail will pay off. The hiring is up to them and your good tongue so it will seem like you got a silver spoon as a gift. If it doesn't work then you will find other ways of funding. You don't have to work at all as to these government SS and SSI funds. So its a lesser job that pays off, if you do all the right things to fake a misery and have some an sort of disablement. So theres two ways of this job, actual work or SS/I and you know the fault it is if it doesn't work out.

Drive package;
 It's not the same thing as driving, you become more or less active
efficient and avoid accidents and prevent driver sloppiness. To drive a car
more effeciently and drive on rollerblades as well. Being more responsive
and aware as if you have a knack of working and do it being able handed as
though by bearing practice. steering's not a problem for rollerblades and
if its not necessary its not active and your not there. It's this difficult
just to easily gain the skills needed to go forward on the blades and avoid
being knocked over. It's not getting the impetus by feeling the need to get
better and get the go easier. So practice makes better itself and known to
be getting a drive to get better. Its not just steering however, its getting
the gas or push forward and back and stopping. Its not the same as doing it,
so go out and get practice/activity done, as you'll feel like to go out doing
you want to, just avoid people and go on. This is just as to give you the
knack for learning it, you actually learn by yourself. If your drunk then
it reduces your drunkeness by eat bite of food or drop of drink.

 Get along package; Just tricked into action, just say the name 'get along' or not to much detail and you get it. Its either a he or she that responds compassionately and if no response then the method is known how to get on with or to the person seen except for known evil. It comes to you as a personal interest. Just so this is the ideal, so you just have and hold and so on. You get along with just about anything or anyone. Even without having to fatten up. Exempting the person from harm or harassment. Excepting slimming down is always acceptable.

 The bi-art (package); What the package does, is cause the brain to use the
manifest 3rd eye, and allow for the right and left sides of the body to be equally powerful, while the left would normally be stronger. It can adjust either way the left or right as stronger. But not if you don't desire it, and don't design by desire either, unless necessary as it is accountable to being
somewhat evil minded. You can both use the right hand as deft strong as the
left, and it makes the left hand deft strong again as you would. But if you
get lazy then it will not do this and allows you free leverage without the
additional strength. Or its a pain reliever as well as it applies hotmonal
relief. This may appear as if the hormonal balance is schewed a bit. Leaving
the body overweight or underweight. Skinny as heck or over the weight limit
not set yet. It does the work for you (not 'torture) if you let that one go
your so if you are the soul of desire. So don't resort to torture with this
unless you have to.

Monster control package;
 Package that controls monsters by charm and other is to think to add a monster package if you want to know what they do that is disguise by
means with makeup. You might actually impell the monster even sometimes not inside of you. However what they think creates a person is their own ideal, they sound like the polite point as you sense is a want. The secret of this as in this sorcery is to be willfull and concentrate. I think some aren't to be a monster so isnt always a bad thing, we all are at some point so we can control it eventually. The top idea is to be the secret controller by allure in the monster to do what is best and efficient. What you want, of this can make everything and everyone thin much like a carrot held out to do with another that is to going forward.

Secret control package;
 Secret control by secret means developed by SH, or some other. Secret actions or regular actions not everyday that control behavior and no denial as no is no. Secret denial is possible to deny in the action as in a secret. This even controls a torment session. As you are invisible to the mind, you are in secret as you are in your mental room. To not go mental, is what you do as you want good results.

 Pestilence control package; Control pestilence by linking tp the pest and
saying go away to drive the pestilence away, or share to share what they see. It can be like a drastic measure though and raid or some chemical bomb then is where it could be used.

Vermin control package;
 To control the level of pestilent vermin and keep it low to nonexistant.
By similiar means that could by anything be anything. One time it was an
attempt to get rid of pestilence by a chemical bomb that wiped out a possum
too. This uses the "I" to do the result as you intend it and where and when.

 Area creation package Say the name to get it. All that you need in order to
create an area is an object inside of which to contain the area, and an idea
as to what the area should be like. From there, you merely imagine the area
being created within the object, in as much detail as you wish inclufing how
to enter and leave. Upon entering the area, you are automatically sized down due to compatibility spell so that you will fit within the area as you wish. Because you created the area, you can set the rules - You can change
anything, such as how to enter and leave by thinkong about it or seeing its
name or touch the object with a certain thought, do anything, and even
restrict what others can do during their stay in that area. This idea came
from Bridge to Terebithia.

 The getting stronger package. To get this package is to say the package name. This package will help you as a way to get your power, to get the feel for your power and to know your power. It's one of the harder and easier parts of magic. It can take a little while to learn to perfectly manipulate energy with or without molding anything with your hands and just using your intuition, but once you get a little grasp on it, the rest comes easy. This
package eases the way into doing just this by example shown and by usage. The technique is to be practiced until its proven, efficiently done. The people I see to know are still trying to get more powerful as a higher priority than finding more techniques. I think techniques can make you strong. Where you've already established the power so when you do magic, you make techniques. But practicing the techniques and making progress is thought energy and getting the feel for it down is the first idea and that makes you stronger with patience.

  The second is power is uses as energy known as energy in technique. As it can take on a while things to guide energy by energy influence by intuition, this is the spirit interaction and your energy is not done if you don't want to seem effected. but by the time you mastered that instead seems to exist guiding things in want by sight. That's not exactly right as this creates nothing to your purpose, and that's another reason you could be
so powerful. So similiar to as one of my friends to be those who can't do anything to a person if they're out of their sight range, I just go "do this to that person" and it happens and so can it be for you.

 You can have feel for it down more than the sight most of the time, which is why he's learned since, but that's how he was before. Thats the basis to get stronger, but you'll ask yourself this, thin what you want as with life you live and with death your created to exist by will and what is stronger. You can get attack-technique ideas like this, things that just come out of nowhere. Sometimes you can learn like this a lot. Seeing the point you see is blackout from hits. Thinking the area is cool or hot you realize the heat is therapy. So you can learn something new in the middle of a test by feel, don't understand it at all going in, thought is sometimes betrayal as this
just clicks in at the last second.

 There is an aid and energy is the moment, think not your need and your yield is done.Thats when people sometimes attack and what they do gets converted to technique, but the thing is that your not actually fighting. You are in an astral body but not this one, and the knowledge is subconsciously
shared a little bit. Sometimes you wonder if that really is happening. It
seems like that but in your imagination you are. You may or may not feel
multiple bodies branched from your one subconscious, but at the same time
your not as it stems from this. Its an astral body that shares its technique
as it does it. Every so often, when you feel spread out too thin (literally),
you have to call your bodies back into a general location.

 These beings are known as equay or equator beings. It helps as if a symbiant, works as if separate. Their equal in a wild way. They are unusually born when you or me are born. Any project you do is likely because of this, I think I mean specifically you or me. This is the point thats yes or no as it does happen to other people. So anyone has one, as their half angellica half shinigami. They normally follow people around unnoticed. You might notice if you focus at least two beings. That have signatures strangely similar to you almost always following you around. Don't let them get what you have as what they take they don't return unless duress.

 Thinking the point you create by the point or what you wish is not always sex to what you can see is cool. The hot matter is there if you think it there, so you are aware that you are able to work. Think to not work by the ideal you consider by the feel you are with by now. So if you think the point then you are aware that things work by what you are aware exists in a pattern of light to work with others. This is thought used to direct by the area you concede exists. This does not have to be used.

 Authors note, The technique described here is to be to done, and say bye to bad and sometimes temporarily made efforts, then the element achieves itself by some other attempt, the element can be any aeffect you want or need. My view on magical "power" isn't so much how much you can blow away in a single attack, how much energy you have, or how many
techniques you know, but your skill in being able to use what you do have. Someone who can only use one element can be just as powerful as someone who can use all of them, depending on how flexible they are within their element. I have seen a fire user bolt around a giant water-monster with speed and precision, and convert the water-monster's entire body into steam.

 By most standards, the water-monster was "stronger" - it could use tidal waves to stifle the flames of the pyromancer, while the pyromancer could do little else than somewhat large bolts of fire or opposite lage bolts of fire. By my standards, the pyromancer was more powerful, because of his ability to use his magic with great skill, and defeat the water-monster, even though water normally does defeats fire. Magic by quality can win against magic by quantity any day. Keep those ideas in mind while considering what "power" is to you. This is considered in the package.

 Not really an idea for the package. Food for thought, think and useful information is there by the feel. An end to this is everyones getting stronger. As you need things, your spirit becomes aware and the subconsious knows of it. Then, it can get any safe package by whatever meats necessary.

Safer network package.
 One this does not to let the network crash just when another is a linked black hole to create network crashes or other connections do not crash other your connections. Think by the feel to create with this or otherwise nothing happens. Two let and allow the step out to try new things idea in a separate procedure process, thus your network expands and becomes better Then you know the results before the actual finish or start.
Three this will utilize and fully expose and foolproof any net/internet idea unless even if uninteresting, so lets say any net in is new to experience by itself so you have to experiment as if its a process by procedure thats separate in itself. There is a point you think nothing happens. Anybody caught unaware is dispelled of their illusions.

 A Symbiant Power Recovery Package; Any very powerful mage has a symbiot, one or more, to help them deal with their power. They spread the power amongst two or more bodies, though they are linked to one another, and to you. Your conscious mind is their subconscious, and your actions are their conscious mind. You send thoughts to them and they take it as a directive suggestion. When you require more power, it is sent to you by them. Most of the time, they are resting a spell, though they will accept commands from you, if it is something that they would not dislike doing - the way to determine this is by thinking of what you would like or dislike. These are the symbiants, think to handle over extended things as if a physical project. The concious energy with the symbiant is the universe to share concious, subconscious for a small moment when power comes up enough.

 Not like a doppleganger. They convert the power into useful application
unless too much for them then it may pass off. The problem with Symbiants
is as such: If one of them is killed, their power will either be transmitted
to you, or it will simply disspate. One can remove diseases this way. What this package does, is make sure that the power is sent to you. If the symbiant dies, all of it's power is sent either to you or another of your symbiants. If you are in a situation where you cannot handle a large surge of power, it will be as you can and be sent to a symbiant. Otherwise, it will be sent to you. If you do not have any other symbiants, this package will create one, and the power will be sent to it. If you need a share of the Symbiot's power, it does get sent to you, being rather resistant and then the symbiants power transfers to yourself. Think to use something as Ravent rune to remain safe.

 Raven's Rune affects you from the symbiant by incremented speed, skill, and power. It gives you the guiding ability to overcome great obstacles that you wouldn't normally, whether in battle through speed, skill and power, or in every day things, by simply somewhat guiding you to the choices that make you benefit the most and sometimes to concentrate some strange force. You can form your symbiot into another form. The most it sometimes
does is concentrate some strange force. It be what percieves some very potent force. Seen is the course, say the name to get it, the package.

Empathetic Suggestion package;
 To get this package is to say the name of things you do with anyone that can use it gets it. Whatever you do, this makes it so you don't feel an emphathetic link to someone that enduces weight on you because you feel sympathy. This is the magic or psi way that you'll end up doing. Much like Telepathic suggestion, for emotions. It works best if you think in emotions instead of words. Notice the energy signatures of certain thoughts, emotions, and objects, and use these as the basis of empathetic suggestion.
The format of this skill generally is that you send an emotion to the person,
almost the same thing as broadcasting positive thoughts to the person, and making them accept those thoughts. If you wish to make them feel a certain way about a specific thing, it generally follows this basic layout: Energy signature of object, Emotion you want them to feel and Recognition of the emotion by them.

 For example, if you want the person to sit down, you can send the following:
Energy signature of chair, 'Good' emotion, making them want to use the chair .

 Or: Basic thought of feet, 'Tired' emotion, making them want to sit down If
you want them to sit in a specific spot: Energy signature of all other chairs,
'Bad' emotion -- Energy signature of the specific chair, 'Good' emotion.
Theres a nonmagic way to empathize that what most sometimes do and thats
what I describe for what you'll do. You'll be guided in its use by this means.
Remember of that as the inadvertant idea or action ceases a normal or a bad
event. Emphayic reactions are securing the idea action with reassurance by
stating what the person feels. So state the problem as a question and put
passionate feeling into it. It should work to release the tension and improve
communications. By the power of Emphatic communication.

 Seeing is the endpoint its to be as assignative because you feel good or somewhat better in reaction. This solves conflict if you point out that you were not trying to command but point out something. I mean showing up the problem with words of feeling to show concern. Or treating the problem like an object and pointing it out. You might like the magic version better as in, harder to lie. A subsequent solution to most nonhuman or human gent. You can use the nonmagical way too, obviously, but if one fails, the other can back it up. Again is the safe or sane point, otherwise to state the problem as a question/statement causes the problem to disappear or the magic way to work.

 Sight to back it up but give them no reason to lie. To resolve yourself and others due to training intrained in use to see or empathically command in using empathy. You can sometimes feel like this with the package so its easier as its your choice.

Fairy baiting package;
 See this is to get this just say the name Fairy baiting. Fairy baiting is as simple as it sounds. You might find yourself doing this by the package. It is making the events that are slightly annoying for as long as it takes to draw a fairy to your abode, using a fairy trap or put out chocolate and not be annoying as all you should say is fey three times or feyly (feh-lye) once. Till you get their attention. When the fairy appears, seen is to try to talk with it or the object.

 Say as you are aware, "I feel your presence fairy being. Please work with me for as long as it takes to complete my experiment." Never not complete the experiment say, for you think what the experiment is. Then say as you will, "I will make it interesting for you as long as you stay. Please, give me your name as trade?" This must be done as a quavering voice. Sometimes as your able, you would have to pique its interest to gain its help.

 Always answer its questions or you might gain poor service. You have to keep slightly amusing events happening for it to be around. When you need something from it, make the name of the fairy and explain in slightly bored but intrigued tones "I need you for my experiment, the part you can do is ...". The area you think is  the point you consider. Thinking to create with some is by concent. Use is what you consider to see import with. This can be replaced with the explanation of what you need. You won't feel the fairies presence.

 Except the point, things will occur without explanation. When you no longer need the fairy as a helper, dismiss what you have in your mind and this makes things boring for it. This is what one person did named kevin. This is one who summoned a fey, 'I put out chocolate, said feyly (feh-lye), sounds like lie, and when it came its speakin and it sounds like a mouse sorta. I use tunnel vision, visualizing the area near the squeek. imagined the voice the squeek is, was squeeky then calmly. Then it changed as I could see it. Then said translatio, and what should I see except a white aura and I speak to it. It should speak as I can hear the area and the voice, as it speaks in an understandable lang if lucky. But I wasn't and nearly lost most of the chocolate except that which had a nibble in it. So I asked it for something an I got it, I asked for beauty.'

Universal knowledge package;
 Be well linked to the universe and use a universal time field to gain info
and think. To think about it like this, its written down on a sheet of paper
that you can read but its scrambled. Think on that paper and it unscrambles
as is what you need, then the info appears in your mind and you can say it
out loud for your ears. Instead of the sheet of paper it could be a person
speaking for your mind. Knowledge shall be yours. Also get your know how from surfing the oneness concious by the area you think is uses. Being willing or be willing an use of the elyssion fields by wishing and the thrust isn't with forward motion that goes forth then is gone and somewhere in a football pocket is a ball field where a tackle will happen in thought. The area I think is existing is way out in space so this is where your no going there.

 The polymorphic material package; Just say the name 'polymorphic material' to get things, the material in what for imagined. Do what you want as this package summons a liquid that is compressed of tightly placed material into a ball. It follows the owner if it is lost somewhere, by moving it's liquid form
either on the ground or through the air. When first made, it is a blank slate, and anything can be done with it. It can even be re-imprinted as seen fit. The idea origionally intended for it, however, is to think "Equip" to work with a wormhole, this is where things will disperse not to latch onto you in the design/way that you want things to work. Think or get it off, think "Unequip" to it.

 It can also grant abilities or skills when equipped. For example, it moves with you to add strength and speed, a string of it can fire off of the wrist to emulate Spiderman's webbing abilities, and instead of hanging there once released (like Spiderman's does), it returns to the suit without slowing you down at all. It can even be designed to take on any form while unequipped - a wristband, headband, or a simple orb, etc. Make sure of not to make the suit thing alive. Just to make it blindly follow orders. So it doesn't become a horror movie idea.

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