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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Immersion fields

Immersion fields is an immurized pooled energy that is there, in a trapped area that keeps itself, as a desired energy contained. And, it is the effect of a 'dip', or making thoughts of entering, into the pool of energy and that can cause constipation and diarrhea, unless its countered by the mind. By willing it not to be there. And, just taking from the pool and then the energy pool can cause an effect of an increment in ability. Depending on energy saturation.

The increment can cause increase in effects or just an effect. The energy pool is also possible to make things hazardous to be around. As they can burst into flames from a nearby effect. Or, there could be a moment of confusion, from so much energy. One thing to note, its not actually a concentrated energy that is in the pool and one thing it is considered an effect. As its energy that freely floats around. The act of doing things in it, can get interesting results, due to the commotion as the backlash effect can be concentrated. If the backlash were immediate, then the effect would become deprevated. A person can become wobbly, after intense concentration. Also, immersion fields are great for area effects.

The increment comes about in several forms;
 Where the idea of power consumption creates the actual effect, the affect of the diarrhea and constipation disappear.
 Where the idea of power usage there is an idea that is manifested.
 Where the moment of actual achievement is done, energy from the pool is applied and then the achievement is greater.

An idea of this pooling is mana and gaia where gaia is a free form of energy. Mana is like an underground ocean someplaces and in others, its a lake. But you can create an Edwards field, that is basically a pool of trapped energy in an area from a pool. This pool can create allowance to effect the area by spoken or thought idea. Simply thinking things with a focused mind, will cause the effect, as though it were a willed effect. An Edward's field has a lesser saturation of energy that is like an underground energy pool. And this is also considered a lesser immersion field. Thus, the immersion field is very useful.

How to make a immersion pool of energy, is Think energy to be in an area Have more people do the same. Then, instruct your and others subconscious, by focus and phrased idea or willed idea, to do the effect of putting more energy there. When enough time has passed, this pooled energy is a new immersion field. Taking energy from a large body of water nearby will form it quicker. Make sure its pure energy, as corrupted energy will cause body decay and problems.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sprite splits

Sprite splits, when enough dissidence energy by a dissention happens the mind and body split off in thinking by the spirit separating, for a time. And then the body does one thing and mind does another. It causes the mind to be more influenced, for the lack of body warnings. The dissention occurs from sprites that are made or formed from somewhere, to be here and caused to do the job. And also is then idea of a split off from the body's decision, to not want something long enough. Oftentime driven by the sprites. It causes directly easy suggestion. This can lead to easy mind control or persuasion. It only lasts until the effect is nulled, and when the spirit returns, and by then the body is talking again to the mind. Deciding to not be dissentive on the idea it rejected.

Dimensional sight

In order to do dimensional sight, you need to understand the effect that allows for the sight to exist. It works off the premise, of the moment and this moment is due to thinking about what you want. Then, using that thought to focus your mind, state the idea or will the thought to exist.

This effect is ruled by the thought, 'to see alternatives' or 'see other dimensions' and name the location by how you think it is. Thought can be more direct, by the idea effort of feeling yourself shift there. And your spirit that shifted to the space will link an image that your subconscious will show you. On request.

Thats about it, except the special places, like the opposite dimension is everything is opposite of the norm that you see here. Except for physical things. Then there's the mind dimension, that don't expose the effort, but does expose the moment of achievement. This place follows whatever you say and can manifest it. The area can make for benefit or woes, where the idea is exposed can become a truth, that mind explores.

Due to noticing, its important to see, that the moment builds up the vision and this reflects what you want, by what you want causing the moment to begin with. Where, the idea gives you a clearer perception. And knowing this, the starting point of the dimensional sight training is the logic. So, its a far reaching idea you can achieve with the point of this logic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forcecraft Spacial Elements

This list intrigued me, as I used some of the elements myself.

The categorized spacial elements, summoned by forcecraft.

ele-a = Alezium, the active absorptive element that causes you to do something. This element receives its energy from the activity near it and yourself, as it causes you to feel active and absorbs the problem influence.

ele-b = The life element, belzium, it creates life and effective idea into existence. It can cause life emulation from peoples energy, that be counted in objects and bodies near it. Its grey blue and black in color.

ele-c = A criminal element, where it can turn impulses into desires and cause you to do it, as it makes you want the item or idea of something. These impulses can become criminal, if its not watched.

ele-d = the death element, causes death to nearly anything it's influence enters.

ele-e = The element of what is called elezium and its creating energy from literally nothing, about 3 times the energy than whats put in.

ele-f = forgettance element, the element that causes you to forget and turn feelish with fighting possible.

ele-g = The feel good pinkish spacial element, called ginorium, which is very unique as it soothes any pain, unless the pain be too insistent. Think it where ya want it, as ya can even put it in ya mind. Its more potent, in making ya feel good the more energy ya put into it.

ele-h = A halting element, it can halt nearly anything near it. An element that would deflect the bad thing noticed or the bad influence. It diverts the influence on you and does a mini explosion of it to get rid of it. It receives its energy from you and the sun.

ele-i = The intelligence inducing element, the more energy you put into it, the more intelligent you are.

ele-j = The causal element. This element can cause a singing effect through vibrations and what it effects, it amplifies the energy of. Whoever be near it bears it, can hear it, and its an song thats ethereal to them.

ele-k = The killing element, kills nearly anything by its radiance of energy, after a period of time.

ele-l = Gravity pull element, whatever's near it is pulled toward it, by a magnetic force that effects material, including plastics! The element can pull something into a straight line.

ele-m = Medicinal element, it can cure any sore place or disease and repair the body.

ele-n = The element that causes knowing, and numbing by the knowledge of the people or person near it.

ele-o = The turn on element, where it makes a person become more feeling and attracted to the other people near it. Its also possible to turn on something with a focused pulse from it, towards the object.

ele-p = The personal element, causes the person effected to be more personal and in idea, as though they were thinking.

ele-q = The elequint quieting element, for the element of the quietness, its great to nulling sounds by its radiance and being there.

ele-r = The reversal element that reverses nearly anything near it. Direct negative energy at it, to stop it.

ele-s = The element that causes a person to be sleepy and gain temporary swelling of the body weight.

ele-t = Communication element, this can cause the televise effect, where you get signals from anything and it forms into an image that you perceive, one can send massages through it. Also possible, is the revising of things through a telephone, from thought of which you send.

ele-u = Element of ulqerior, it does actions and these actions include making you feel relaxed, making you feel better, relieving of stress and all by its rays.

ele-v = The element of visions, it uses any vibration near it thats mixed into its signals, and it causes you to see what you most want to see, as though a daydream. The mind can direct the vision, it ends when the person wants to see the real world..or does it?

ele-w = A dark gray element that causes withdrawal, it withdrawals any symptom that may be in you.

ele-x = The element of x-rays, as it emits the x-ray, and is similar to earths elements that do the same.

ele-y = The time element, yttrium. This element can cause timed actions or events, thats directed by your mind and through vibration and your programmed bio energy. That be directed at it. Anytime and anywhere.

ele-z = The white elemental shield element that causes nulled feeling and almost no energy to pass through it. The element is hard.

ele-em = (ele-E-M) A gaseous spacial element that creates a disease or the problems of a disease, of the target.

ele-ge = The perfumed element, it smells nice to be near.

ele-lz = Shielding element, called elezarium, that can prevent things from getting near you, and when it can dissipate the energy and effect thereof. This element can deliver a spacial defracted lazer effect to those near it. As it works, it can displace the effect of air through compression, to cause it to dissipate. It in fact, dissipates the effect from your room and it appears in theirs.

ele-nu = The element that is nulling life and stimulates the brain. It uses brain activity, to cause it to go.

ele-og = Ogman element, that is with the release of putrid scent from the body, as its near the spacial element. The element is similar to the PU element, but it has its full effect just being near the idea of it. Where you breathe it in. This element can neutralize scents near it, as it draws them in and oxidizes the air. The element only needs energy to go through it, to cause it to send out a wave effect to those nearby it. It has very noticeable fumes as you get near the element. When the element is active, it also sends out a energy wave that is an offshoot from it, that kills the skin and causes it to smell a bit. As, the element is described as a pinkish yellow rock. Its not actually visible to the naked senses, except to the third eye.

ele-pu = The element of Putreim. Seems like a harmless black brown stone, but can be causing a putrid scent from the body. That you need a charged bath to dissipate the odor, and if you swallowed the broken up substance of PU, it can almost permanize the scent until you shit it out.

ele-zz = The wide awake element, this element can cause you or an object to be charged with energy and its powered by the humans or objects near it.

There's a package for it as well, the summon element package! The summon element package is thus: To think of the element and state or will "sua it!" [Pronounced Sue-ah itt] And the element will be summoned to be near you, to use, as you would want. Normally, its near you by summonings off to your right or left and in front of you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Body doubles

Body doubles exist because we sometimes want to become in more than one place and view other places, where sometimes you don't. They can be physical or astral bodies. And yet, you have a body double. These body doubles, are existent because our subconscious makes them exist, and we have more energy than our bodies can normally handle. Or, we are about dead except the spirit is keeping ourselves alive. Thus, through a selection process, we jump to another body, using some idea and energy to make the moment happen. This can be the thought that we are in the other body, and our subconscious can make it happen. Then, we are. It sounds preposterous since few manage it, but is very doable.

This moment can be a shared conscious where we can shift our minds to the body and back again or we are in another form entirely and then another body, as we desire. We can even temporarily jump to another body. Whatever we do, the body remembers and can do it again, as effortlessly as possible. Thus we can repeat the act and so can the body we jump to. Thus, it becomes the case of point, where we are and yet we aren't in the body we choose. As though a conscious form, or formless, where we can inhibit others albeit the form they are in. Whatever the case, it requires the energy to make the jump, which can be aided by a gemstone. As, when you desire the jump to happen, the gemstone makes the energy appear for you.

There's the idea, that you can send your extra energy into the other and then have that energy cause them to be a body double through the copying of your spirit and idea from the energy to remake their body. Its an alternate way to do the body double trick, and allows your mind to slip into the other body. Then your like twins with one mind.

The body double is sometimes considered possession. Which it isn't, in truth. In the process of possession, you don't know what the other knows when you possess them. And neither do they know what you know, but they do know with body doubling. And so you also know what they know. This knowledge comes from the shared conscious effect.

Some might not even think a body without a soul firmly attached is sustainable. A body can sustain itself without a soul. And, with no soul or spirit to guide it, it can rely on stored data and programming. Yes, the subconscious truly makes the body's life support functions happen that are ingrained in its programming. The greatest manipulator of the human body, is the subconscious. Even though, the body can become weak after 1 week to a month without a spirit to guide it.

Sometimes you are not aware of the other body, just that you may be in one thats not actually where you are. This is the case of body doubles. This becoming aware is necessary, to perceive through the others eyes, as your in one body and then another and you can jump between the two. Sometimes you can perceive more than two. Its as if you are one conscious and many bodies. When we are aware of the other body, its possible to mold it magically. To cause it to shape itself or to become different, in actions, by our own will.

It turns out, that the soul can support the spirit that jumps into the body, but the desires are what the body follows, that are of the spirit. We are of the moment and the moment defines us, when we attempt to goto others and be alive in their body. An in the end, its in the thought that the body goes through what we do in our normal body, when it happens. And, at some point after.

The easiest idea to accept of this, is that we are in one body and yet there are other bodies that our conscious shares, that allows us easier use of our abilities. Where its the bodies ability to do certain things. Its thought that we have its ability by manipulation of the body. This is especially true, if we do things to cause actions and events. Such as getting a criminal arrested. Making a person aware of the moment or momentarily causing them to reveal themselves. This can be done anytime you want, if you can manage the trick.

So, it ends up that we die in one body and end up in the other that we choose and decide to be in. Where, we normally go about the idea to effect a change or body swap. Its, again, on the deciding to be where we want, that allows our subconscious to cause the switch over. When we consider the effect, we actually might notice the body is decayed a bit. After several tries, the body switching is easily done. Sometimes its done by the subconscious deciding to do the switch. and then we end up elsewhere, wherever the other body is.

How does one deliberately deattach from his body enough to move to another? Well one has to bunch up energy and then send forth the spirit force with the release by that energy being focused, at the target that you imagine. Still, some would think that the physical body would have to die or you loose control of it completely and something else takes it.

One thing to note, what we knew in the other body sometimes fades and we start remembering what the body knows, in the one we jump to. One might consider this skin dancing, but that is a more ritualistic and evil process than just jumping an it comes to another by will. Intent sets off the effect, most easily as if there's no intent, and then we don't jump. This, inadvertently can cause death energy, to surge and go down. This surge can kill a returning spirit that got pushed out, if there's one, by proxy or natural overwhelming of the body. When we inadvertently do the deed, then we become the owner, of the body.

One other thing to note, is that when we are aware of the other body as being ourself too. Then we can find that the others body habits may become our own, this is the case of overlapping. Where the other bodies are influencing the original and other bodies. As, our conscious is shared and becomes one with the body its in currently and the other bodies are on autopilot. Tending to do what we do in the current body, somehow, unless we instruct the other bodies to do its own thing and then by intuition or instinct.

In conclusion, we tend to believe that we are in one body, an there are several that respond to our will. And we can tease the body, that can be swapped with or jumped to. To make them our own, temporarily is the idea one sets out with. But this can get to the point where we own the other body, or nothing actually happens. The soul, can support us wherever we may be, and we can use the other bodies to get effects off, and make desire happen, where we normally won't get the idea result.

Prison trap

Prisoning is to catch someone for something they did to you and force them to stay in spirit in your room, even though they leave in body. Till the problem is resolved or the effect is undone. The actual doing wrong from the act, is what keeps them there, from the subconscious making it so as its working with your subconscious. Then the deciding to cause this imprisoning and from actions you perceive them doing, will cause the moment as your subconscious then causes the effect. The deciding could take the form of a sigil thats drawn near them, to form a imprisonment ward. Your subconscious is what does the trapping, with help from theirs in truth. If its a imprisoning ward, then another ward of release might be needed.

They literally are spiritually separated in a dream world, from their body and sometimes their mind is not wanting to see the effect, so it goes off on its own. If their mind goes on a journey, to the dream world, then their spirit self might want to make the effect too, thats expressed in the dream. Them pointing something out or saying yes, to you in the room, might cause their freedom, as its agreeing with the other person. However, a person's fear of reprisal may keep them in the room.

In the spiritual room, its as though they be in a mental room in your head, but its elsewhere and its with the timing as of 1 minute happening per every 10 minutes outside of the imprisoning area. Thus, the event will have occurred and the person might actually point out an apology. If, they feel guilty for the act they do.. and they always seem to know what their body does. Also, you may point out anything to the person being trapped and they will remember it.

You can also possess the body by things you do, take them over by making them do things or thinking that they are going to and cause them to take on damage or act the way you want them to. You may act vindictively on them and they will accept it, if they feel they deserve it. Except their spirit won't really accept it, and may attempt revenge in the end. In actuality, the spirits being trapped in a dream room will cause all damage to them to disappear. As, they will heal and regenerate, as though in a dream. You have absolute control of the room they are in, in dream.

One thing to note, is that the person won't accept everything done to them and thus the effect disappears from them. For varying reasons, namely that if they don't think they deserved it, then it won't stay on them an its effect is annulled.

Other possibilities are to make the walls filled with jade, in the prison room that is the idea area you put the person in. For, it creates better effect with possible creation of a correcting influence, with dreams and calming effects.

Due note: you can put a person's spirit in the room and not have it imprisoning. So that you get a treatment of sorts and sorcery on them. To 'correct' their problems or enchant them. The room can have an area that they walk out of, by their own free will. And, they are in their body again. Its a fascinating idea that works with the trap area.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Active meditation

Active meditation is to release stress and cause intented actions, when your doing things and then focusing your mind, as you do it. Then the stress sorta drops from you, because as you do things, you tend to block out the thoughts and idea that would normally go through your mind, and thats not associated with the task at hand. Thus, you aren't as aware of what other things are there, except the things that are being focused on, including the thoughts that you might have on the task, to do the things you want with more energy.

With this meditation, your speaking your thoughts, so your still using thoughts as a catalyst. And, energy is the fuel, where your thoughts are the catalysts for the energy. The energy around you are the actions you cause. Some of the energy that you have, is food and drink related. What you intake is what you make for yourself. Stress is one thing that is a catalyst. You can use the physical energy, as a way of focusing your mind. By directing it in some further actions. In this, thought and stress are the catalyst, to cause more energy is to be put as you thought to be put to work on a single devoted task in life as work is done.

Thats about it, except that when you open your mind up, to the things around you, you become aware and can use the active meditation to percieve things. When you focus your mind while doing things, and again you aren't actually thinking, except on that which you focus on. The beauty of active meditation, is when you release the thought of what you do, by speaking it. Whenever you do, then all stress disappears. As, thought of what you do equals what you focus on. This is purely stress release and idea generating, as you can state something and that focuses your mind in on the thought spoken. And, the action you do creates thoughts.

This is a simpler way, as you tend to see what is spoken can become the necessary task to do. So, what you think about is what you end up speaking. Since you want to keep down inner speaking, to achieve results and DO things. Its like an instant intent. Where, intent is used in magic as well. It may seem like your talking to yourself, but it isn't, as your directing yourself.

The danger to the active meditation is that your liable to bring up more stress the more you focus on it, unless you don't think about the task. The stress comes from failures that are remembered or potential failures bogging us down. This meditation can cause you to act stupidly, as you might find yourself acting on impulse and badly. So curtail that effect with idea, spoken out and the basic idea that you will to replace that impulse will come into place.

Some found during active meditation, that it is a time that the subconscious is doing things as well. Because, your unconsciously manipulating it. So, if there's every act thats done, is due to focus and attempt, by your focus. And, magic is a ritual done to achieve a result, then magic actions are what be done by focusing your mind and then causing an achievement, by the idea and meditation. Then what you do in magic, is what you DO and when you think about something, you don't actually consider unless its pointed out. So, using your spoken thoughts as a pointer, you can be pointing out that necessary idea. Thus, the direction be provided and a form of physical magic is done, where the subconscious is made to do things because of the statement or thoughts.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reality hacking

Reality hacking, going about and changing things, sometimes by bending the rules of the idea and reality and effecting a different pattern to be 'set' on the area imprint, of our minds, as we decide them to be on the impact of an event. As, everything is a pattern of sorts that appear to be seen, we can change the way of how things look and act. When we want to and how we would want to. But, basically its by the effort of making an impact in the area, and then making a reality form around that impact as you decide what it is to be caused and changed.

As in a cutting through of a shield and then changing the shield from the cutting impact, as though it were something else by the waves of energy that come from the influence, in a form of a reality hacking weapon. The impact can be almost anything that we want, including making a point and thought as to what things will become. And from the waves of influence of which the said point, in the reality, things warp to become what was thought on.

Or, the impact could be used to change the akashic records, by the idea of which is written down and the akashic records change to conform, by the intention and the waves of energy from such a written impact with intention, And, the impact is very useful to cause events that come from such writings. First the event will appear as a sign and then it will occur and be there, as you look at it. Except, this can be counted as a spell and is what is considered in this patterned event. As, the spell is one of the things that can make reality hack impacts.

There could also be multiple waves, that cause another change, through conformation, right after the first change. This conformation can cause many things, one it could add on to the effect that is there, two it could modify what is there, three it could make the pattern or what is seen cancelled out, and four it can readjust the effort done by those in the area of the reality hack, including the spirit of the individuals. Or, the spirit of which is effected is cancelled out, too, with the conformation. That is when you target another, and you find you can't do elsewise.

On hacking someone else in the reality there is the idea to make an impacting point on them or something near them and then you cause by deciding what you want to happen and intention, to change them or the thing.

Due note: What we decide on is oftentimes instantaneous, in making pattern adjustments. As, the pattern of conformity is what we sometimes can use, to make the changes we desire. Things can be stated right after impact, to cause such conformed pattern changing. To note that one would ever know that they have succeeded, is to notice notice the other person or thing acting differently.. so you observe another reality in place of another. So, we can actually be on the lookout for altered realities.

The impact has to be made first, though and then what you decided on changing is caused to be changed. This change can also occur, if it didn't on the impact by your point, by you further stating or willing the change to happen. Then the effect is not thought on, its experienced.

There's a creed to the reality hackers, this is..

I am a dynamic force of change
My victories belong to everyone
My defeats are my own
Boredom and drudgery are evil
The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved
Freedom is good
Attitude is no substitute for competance

Friday, October 1, 2010

Magic ward for pain

  Using a ward for pain, be easy and effortless. As ya just need either sand or imagination for the ritual ward. To do the ward, make the circle by drawing it in the sand around you, or imagining a white circle to surround you. And then you 'program' the circle. Think to it, 'block out pain' and then, 'travel with me'. and there you have your ward. This blocks out any pain and can also block out presences that cause the pain. What helps this is to state, 'mai pan go awa', pronounced [may-in pain go aye-wahn], in the circle or at the circle.

Why power is gained slowly

Life can interfere with the gaining of energies, as in other people and idea. They project at you to use things in self control, where power sometimes requires the freedom of choice. Part of the control is to denie some effects that are to become of energy use. So they fear it and project to your subconscious suggestions, to not actually use it, the energy. Thus it seems like its not there, as you expect to see the effect to prove its there, oftentimes missing the point of when your power manifests.

This also accounts for your thought of the control and be free approach, where you attempt things, but don't always get what you desire, so you oftentimes forget that the manifest happens. Very curiously, it will seem like the power wasn't there. So you see, you do have power over certain things, but thats about it. Its just haltingly slow, as normal people's subconsciouses have more power than it seems.

If this makes sense to you. The way around this is to break the energy 'threads' that tie you to other people. The force of them pushes you and molds you into the shape they intend. To get around the subconscious suggestion, is to master your ego.

To fill with light

To fill with life and light energy, you cause yourself to become better at thinking and not with thoughts that cause your downfall. This process is to cause your thoughts to become a guidance to create a cause, for better effects to come. First make conditions senseless, by stating UUM, pronounced [You-new-m]. This makes the condition of what you think is there, including darkness and bad energy, seem useless to yourself or others. Draw a circle in sand or imagine a circle to be around you, of white energy after saying this, and state the effect you desire or state the mantra to make happen.

One such mantra, that can fill you with light is E-Gyp-To, pronounced [Ee Gip Tohl]. Make yourself feel light and fill with light, this is energy power use to make things otherwise happen. With the light energy that surrounds you. Another such mantra, is Fa-Ra-On, pronounced [Fahr Rahn On]. To make the effect of commanding radiant energy to empower you, you must intend fo this to work, as you state it. If you want you can imagine shine or light energy fill you up. This is a must to be full of and all over your body.

The more light energy you have, the more darkness and corruption is displaced and the better your body does. One result, of this procedure, is that your body will feel better. After your fused with the light energy, you feel that you can do things.

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