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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, April 30, 2012

The ultimate magic milkshakes -n- smoothies

These recipes are for milkshakes and smoothies that do magic for the energy.. enjoy as you want of them. All you need to do is place the ingredients in a blender and you get to blend them.  In place of sugar you may use honey.

Peanut butter milkshake:

 This tastes amazing and is actually surprisingly healthy as it gives elongated energy.
ice, milk.
peanut butter.
and sugar/stevia.

 These smoothie milkshakes hold the power to restore lost energy and for a few hours longer.
 Russian smoothie milkshake:

4 bananas
1 cup milk
Russian tea
1/3 cup sugar/some stevia

 Fruit Smoothie milkshake:

1 cup ice
1 cup pinapple
1 banana
3 tablespoons of sugar/some stevia
1/2 cup coconut milk/chocolate coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

 Alternative fruit smoothie/milkshake:

Milk/Chocolate milk
Sugar, Stevia or Splenda

 Strawberry Smoothie milkshake:
2 cups milk
1 banana
1/2 cup sugar/some stevia
1 pkg strawberry koolaid/any flavor fruit packet or frozen strawberries
2 cups ice

 Optional is the chocolate milk as a replacement to milk. You may use chocolate stevia as a sugar replacement.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magic faith

  This is where magic is life and life is the action you do. It is different from the magic religion, as we don't worship anything. And, we try to do whats needed. This is where we breath life and magic in. Magic is everything. You show faith by doing and showing the action. This faith is dedicated to a way of life. In this faith, you create by however you want, with magic and mana. This is creating with effects and creation. Your actions create the desired result. By doing so, you can create the effort to work with creation. This is a Zulu belief. This is what I remember from the previous universe.

  So, you can create by this effort, any result. By use of thoughts with kung-fu (doing repeated exercises and other activities) and doing activity you make results with that raise a collected ki or life energy. It is associated with life, which is ki raised by kung-fu. You may optionally can create things by causing them to come from alternatives or nothing. You create by creationism with intention for the effect from nirvana. Nirvana is nothingness, that is also an unlimited source.

  You can revert things or yourself, to become to a previous state in mind or body. Mind is body, and when energy is applied in large enough force, then by surging it you can make your body better. You may improve your mentality and put you on the mend. How to surge, is to focus your mind on a thought by stating it as a mantra. Then feel your gathered energy form and condense outside your body, in the aura. Then when you gathered enough, you burst it forth from within. This is using your energy within yourself, to cause the energy in your aura to burst forth and go through the body.

  If you respect the creation you make, then you get good results. If you treat things poorly, then you get negative response and bad results. You get the effect you intend. You get the effective response, of what you do to others, and if you accept it and laugh at the result, then you get things from it. Otherwise, you get back what you give. You accept responsibility for what you do and react accordingly. There is no morals, except for what you think are morals.

  When you die, you don't get anything of bad energy on you. Then, you gain the knowledge of what will happen and know what the spirit does. You can go where you want when you want to. You are able to rejoin the body, and raise it from the dead. Mainly animate it, and keep it alive by drawing in life energy or essence energy left in and of things. Otherwise, you may be in energy body form and go shift places and other worlds. This is the magic religion on another planet called dharma.

  This faith has no conscious cross or religious symbol as its a way of life. Thus you don't have to have one. Thus, if you have personal energy, then you can get nearly any effect. If allowed by other repose or response, unless you don't care and just do it. You get the respect you earn. If you earn the respect by doing things for people, then you get better understanding. In respect to others, you can defend against their actions by reactions. They only do things actively, if they think they get something out of it.

  The subconscious is mind that makes what you want a spell. This is where you make the effects become existant. This can be guided by the conscious control. Where you get results when you aren't known for them, or where you are known and the other subconscious respect is allowing the action. The subconscious can allow it or not not make it happen. When you go and do things against others point of view, and do them in accord of others. Then you can get allowance and make things possible.

  You accept your accord and do things in others respect. Otherwise, you get nowhere unless fate decides in your favor with what you try to do. You get nowhere out of respect of law, unless there is a law that allows for what you do. Out of discomfort, you can easily get rejected. Out of comfort, you can get acceptance. A comfort is allowance of others, to make them seem to get their way as you get your way. Making ways by arrangements, with the person's subsconscious or spirit is sometimes necessary to get better aid in results. Making results is then requesting from the subconscious or spirit.

  Ask the subconscious to get a result or ask it why things are. Tell it to do so by instructing it to do the effect. State your question or think it to the subconscious. Make the subconscious do things by using will. Thats an idea stated or thought of, with your need and intent. Tell the subconscious to give the answer by making it obvious or having its voice heard.

  If you or the person is channeling the subconscious, then you get to speak your idea and its heard. Ask your subconscious to do the effect and then you get the effect. The subconscious is in control, and can emulate by mimicking the idea you need. Ask the subconscious to fight for you and it will. And that is your will on magic that makes itself by subconscious control.

  Karma in this faith of magic, is where the ki actions you do tend to build up a positive or negative reaction energy from others. This energy thats positive, gets positive feedback and reactions according to what you do. The negative energy is where you get negative feedback or creative reactions.

  It is in safe sanctity, that you get reason to cleanse yourself by conversion spell or grounding yourself of those bad energies. Taking a bath or shower is a form of grounding yourself. You get to pay the person back, using the next life you have or when you want to. Karma is use and disuse is bringing distrust of yourself.

The magic religion

  This is the religion where you treat magic nothingness as though a god and your serving magic and doing what you want. Magic itself has a conscious that works with you, anyway you want. Its with ancient rules and imposes what it thinks is right, when you want it to. This religion treats the magic conscious as though it were a source of energy. If you decide to use it, you may perceive a blue or deep blue energy that is everywhere in the background. This is the mana or 'life' energy. It is in anything and can act on anything you decide to influence.

  Without it, people die earlier and tend to forget things. So, with this religion, people don't express the religion of magic, except by just doing it. With this religion, you don't express your faith, you just do it. This religion of magic will do to alleviate the possible eternal torment. This torment is caused by not having any religion set for yourself. So, by using magic as a god source of energy, you count as having a religion.

  With the mana energy, you get elongated life and very interesting results, everytime you think about using magic and casting it forth. This is to think of the magic 'blue' energy and think of what you want. Making a spell is simply using ritual or stating and willing your intent. Then, you have options of using candles or imagining the candles being lit and then performing the ritual. A ritual can be use of candles and then stating a spell or intended words that make the magic do the effect.

  This is through you and things you use as a source. However, when enough magic is too much magic done, then you have black energy. On thing to worry over, is the karma energy you build up with each action. Sooner or later, you will pay the karmic debt back. Some say, payback of karmic debts are a bitch.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The practice of Kudilini

  Kudilini is newly made and is from working practices with the actual practice of thought body control. Due note: kudilini, can do heart damage, or lung trouble, for those of weak stamina, or medical heart conditions. Unless, the person is physically strong, then no problems will happen. It starts with the meditation, the art of calm focus, and uses the lotus stance of yoga, or pretzel stance, that is folding your legs, underneath the body, as an alternative, sit in comfortable position.

  Then it goes with practice, as described below. Finally, it is the mind acting upon the body, to make the body do whatever you want. This was taught first by kudilini the magician, who got killed by the escape, from a glass tank filled with water, and he himself was upside down with being in chains, in a life jacket. Ever afterwords, the practice was actively done. In thought, in mind is a thought to use practice.

  The method is the secret to this. To start use these stretching exercises to do things better @ here. It is the meditation that cinches the idea. When you begin the meditation, have the thought in mind of control, of body to perfection. Have been thinking about it, the meditation begins with the yoga stance. This is one leg over the other, with the feet tucked inside the legs.

  The process is thus to, focus your mind on making, the body loose without tension. Then think, "mind control, over body". Keep focus on this by thinking, about it for 5 minutes, to 30 minutes. Thats it, except for the next step! Do this practice for a days, timed intermittently, to a few weeks and you, will be ready for the next step which uses the thought "Shifting ones concious makes a change." The methods listed below.

  Some actual practices of this are to:

Kudilin for fire control
Almost stop your heart to be apparent dead..
Burst anothers heart.
Healing yourself by sheer willpower and knit bones as well.
Feeling no pain.
Making the body need no sleep.
Being double jointed.
Being energetic while awake.
Wielding your body to make a power fist.

Kudilin for fire control

  Kudilin is the basic art of fire manipulation and is a different form of Kundalini. It starts by feeling your inner warmth and intensiifying it as you summon fire from without. This is by feeling the warmth and fire energy that surrounds you. Then, you feel it and think it to come to you and surround yourself. Entering into the body. When you do this, feel your inner warmth rise even more.

  Move the warmth of the fire all the way through the body. Start by imaging it to be spread throughout the body, from your head to your toes. This is where you get relaxed and lose all tension in your body. Then, it forms on your skin, as a shield against demons. This shield raises your body energy that raises the body temperature so your never cold. The fire aids your every effort. To make yourself colder, imagine the fire turn light blue. Emit death energy by thinking your death essence can mix with the fire, then you get an instant death effect or you can create a death fire shield.

  Then, you can feel your strength increases 4x and the energy potential of the body raises itself. Your energy effects are likely to increase. But, you can only draw so much energy into yourself, before you burn out. So ground yourself after your done and as you do this. Use this technique when you feel the need to. Keep it up as you intend to be stronger. This effect will allow you to cast forth fire effects easily, and allow more intense magic thats possibly instant. However, with this effect, you get the idea of what you want. Then, you can make suggestions to yourself. These are suggestions you hear that are almost always done.

   This grounding is done by taking a shower, bath or imagining roots enter the earth from yourself that stretch to lava. And, feeling the energy go to the earth and purifying itself. What you put to the earth, you get back pure. Keeping yourself grounded is necessary for the body to be in balance with the flow and ebb of life. This is only necessary, as you use this technique.

  Either one, kundalini or kudilin which is fire manipulation, can make insightful visions that occur at moments where the fire energy fills your head. This fire energy can be intense and the intensity can make the visions come. The fire can go off from you in waves, as in using it constantly 2 months or more. Thus, you create a pulsing effect of fire.

Almost stopping your heart

  Making your heart slowed to the point, of the body appearing dead is simple, yet needs discipline. Where the meditation comes into play. is it gives you the discipline. All you need, is feel you body, feel your body slow down, and think "body heart almost stop". Keep focusing on the idea of this, until you have made your body, bend to your will. Stop almost when the heart, beats very very slowly, as if you don't, the heart would stop completely, so to come out of this, try to make your body, awaken by focusing on the word awaken, for you will come to unconsciousness, only to awaken a few hours, to days later. Your body should come out of it, as this prevents damage, to the body as well. For the effort to slow, down to heart, will cause metabolism to be disrupted. If the heart comes to normal, the metabolism is restored, if the heart is stopped, your dead.

Thought in Progress

  The heart in focus is the think you yourself is thought in the progreis, you make and not always what you think. As you seem a possible use, there is a thought and in progress is a thought in use becomes what you think. As you think in a thought in progress, what you think is focused in and as you see and somewhere you did not see as you ask things is what you can see and use as if to focus in on a point in time is a thought in focus that if the answer is stated then this depends on the point of view as if you heard it before and the aware thought becomes shifted to that thought you heard as it depends on the answer heard, if heard this is not always seen if your subconscious mind does know by the sprite.

Heart bursting

  The heart bursting technique is similar, to the indian heart killing technique, which was done for revenge. But only by the shamans or braves of the tribe, if trained. This technique is rather, amazing, in its simplitude, for it can be easily done. You have to be panicked, and focus that panic. Alternatives, are to focus any other emotion, as the fuel, for emotion never dries up. When focused, try to will, the opponents, heart to burst, making sure to think on or feel, the persons first. Then close your hand slowly, imagining the heart of victim in it. Simple technique but it works, for it uses three parts, a power source, a ritual, and a focus. Or focus your mind on the adrenaline surge and will it towards your foe to burst foes heart. This best works at a distance, for at a greater distance, the more the effect.

Healing yourself and knitting bones

  To heal by willpower is to say, while focusing your emotion, "I will make your body knit". When your body knits together, or someone else's, you will be drained. Its simple, for its just a phrase, whereas the alternative, try to touch the persons, back or heart area, and think "hel"pronounced as heel or say "hearepro" pronounced as heh-lane-reap-pro. Think heal, and will emotional power to heal the victim you thought of or see wounded. This will cause the person, to heal quickly. If focused with enough emotion, like sheer outrage, pain, hatred, love, as if after a disaster or disruption, it will heal the person, perfectly within minutes.

Feeling no pain

  To have no pain is amazing! You could have a wound, yet there is no pain. Only, laugh a little, for the effect of no pain, is no emotion, creating the deranged effect, where the body will do anything, of wounds, inflictions, and burns, without flinching, with an added benefit of uncaring nature. This can lead to easily killing, without fear. So, focus your mind on the thought, of "no pain in body", think of yourself. Feel your body disappear, in a numbness that spreads, all over yourself. Force the remaining pain to go down, and out of your body, into the earth, to dissipate. The pain will have disappeared, by this moment. You still have to treat wounds, and make focus to heal, yet you won't realize their is a wound. Use the energy of your, own body to do this practice, by focusing calm, or other emotion and thought.

No need of sleep

How to achieve no sleep? It is focusing your mind, on the thought of "sleep without sleep". Your eyes will seem open, yet your body is asleep, where the body is awake while, the mind part awake, is the thinking part. To maintain this state, have the thoughts of you, remaining wakeful, to maintain this state. If the body seems tired, drink water, or anything with water, to rejuvenate. You always are wakeful, at least in the mind, and somewhat the body and mind. Keep focus on this, and you will be fully, awake and refreshed. Once your focus is relaxed, you will probably go asleep. This could cause heart, trouble, through the stress, of staying awake longer than the body, naturally is awake.

Double jointed

  Being double jointed is simple. To do this, focus on your body being double jointed, during meditation. This is where you can bend, your body to extremes, and not feel pain, and this has no deranged effect. When you feel your body change, from within, you are ready. The test is making your body, at the leg bend backwards without trying at all, or getting your arm, to bend backward around your back.


  The levitation is a simple, concept of release of energy, of feet to cause lift. When the person focuses, on a supportive energy, in which the energy is, the focused near the feet. Think "lift me off the ground, as in levitation energy, of my feet", or a happy thought as you release. Finally, the release of built up, energy. The release is simple, think and focus, the word release! This must be done after, at least a minute, of energy focus.

Being energetic while awake

  To become energetic while awake, all through the day, think of and focus, on being energetic. Think of happy thoughts, to achieve this effect, with last thoughts that, should be "because I thought this, I am now energized". Focus all day long, on being aware burning awareness is nowing before the moment as if a engine is directing the will as your energized, on the thought or the word "energized" your awake.

Power fist

  To make a power fist, this is a way to do just the idea just focus on keeping energy of the mind in and of your fist or body place you want to fight with. The body should be able to make enough energy in which to work a minor to major auratic shift as perspective shift. The more focus, the more chance of thought being disintegrative in amount of interesting force that called lunifer force.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dealing with problems; 7 styles

 Dealing with problems is dealing with the people that caused it. The thing is, it depends on whom your dealing with. And, the normal approach is talking it out with them. Cause them to realize your problem and then get resolution by getting agreement. Otherwise, when the problem is too much, you can deal with the problem magically using any of these seven styles. If you don't have the personal power to do the magic effect, then you always have the option to chat and talk it out. This is useful with dealing with disturbances. Discipline works while working with people.

 Dealing with problems; Fighting style:
   This is to deal with problems that are personal and by the mind using fighting. Face it in your mind like an avatar event and treat your problem or emotion like a monster thats fighting you. Slay it and it is gone.

 Dealing with problems; Draining Style:
   If the fighting style doesn't work for you, drain it from you. Think the anger or problem goes to the earth or a rock. Then state '[problem] goes to a rock'. Then, feel it go from you to a rock that your subconscious decides on. Touching the rock or earth will help initiate transfer. With the problem energy drained from you, the problem seems to disappear.

 Dealing with problems; Magic Style:
   When you want to try the magic style of dealing with personal problems. Then, think of your problem and state 'Unn my problem' or 'Unn the emotion'. Then, feel it dissipate from you and where you want. Optionally, you can use a stated 'Make things better', as you send energy from you to cause the problem to disappear.

 Dealing with problems; Symbolic Style:
   If you want to deal with the problem symbolically. Think of what your problem symbolizes and draw it in the air, then draw a countering line straight down the symbol. Otherwise, draw an extra bar across the symbol. Remember to use the energy of the problem to draw it. Then, empower the symbol to make it into a sigil as you draw the cancellation mark through it. The problem should disappear near and in you, as you attempt this. What helps this, is a stated 'En problem' or 'Unn [problem]'.

 Dealing with problems; Reversal style:
   The 5th style is dealing with a problem by reversing it. Mainly thinking of the problem and optionally stating it out loud. Then stating, 'I reverse the problem that exists', or if you were running into people's ego. Then, state or think 'I seem to go the opposite way than I went, and go forward.' This also is the application of stating a simple 'reverse' or 'revas', pronounced ree-vase. As long as you have energy of the problem, its reversable.

 Dealing with problems; Defensive style:
   The 6th style is using a defensive stance or effort to neutralize the things you dislike. This is self-explanatory, but you use the actions you do against the person or cause. Until it disappears, it can be very bad for the health. As, it can cause higher stress. This often utilizes a defensive strike or neutralizing effort to get rid of the problem. This is anything goes to get the job done. Don't get defensive, work with things and have fun, as in making the moment a challenge.

 Dealing with problems; Luck style:
   This is the style that proclaims a lucky moment will make your problem solved. This is where you get a lucky streak and say the right things. Or, you end up doing the right actions by feel and intuition. Then, you find yourself getting more effort done for you or by you and then you get an extra benefit from your luck. This luck is fickle and isn't always there for the benefit of the doubt. However, you could find the problem disappearing, by finding some action sidetracking the person or making the trouble person realize something. Then, you can get away with anything. This isn't for the unlucky person with no good excuse.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some interesting tidbits

  An alternative channeling method; You focus on their energy, and drawing some of it in. When you use their energy you focus on it, and make it send them a message. Then, by keeping some of the energy, you receive their message and more of their energy with it.

  How to focus; Gaze into the air at the point were contact or where your seeing things. You'll start to see a form take shape in your mind's eye. Wait till it solidifies and you'll see what you want to look at. Keep looking until it appears in your mind sight. Thinking about what you want, will help this process.

  Musical magic; Magic done by thinking what you want the music to do and sending a bit of energy to the music. Its very unique and capable of being undetected. This can make the mood shift and they become better, emotionally.

 Abacus effect; This is the effect of making spirit fire of blue and red energy. This is with the intent of creating a computer activity that your subconscious perceives as a computer system. The effect is to make them who are a part of the system, seem super energized. Unless, you are doing intensive computer work, such as multiple tasks at once. This can use objects as a source to keep it working. Then you won't get tired and those apart of the system won't get tired. This tiredness goes away with enough sleep.

 How to find spirit guide;
  1. Find a comfy space with no distractions
  2. Make it sacred(I.e.: candles, incense , burn sage, call upon the four winds, or say a prayer.)
  3. Take deep breath and ask for guidance to your spirit guide.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Potion making

Document updated on 9/3/2014 also here with some form of body effect.

  The potion making is a time honored skill that druids and other magic users take decades to actually learn. How to start? know the herbs and spices. What next, know how to balance them for the best effect. Next is thought by use, know in some how to prepare or mix them and in what condition.

  You can mix potions with food you see except mercury or other syrups or use with illegalists that use illegal hazards. There is radiation or not use, as no were or other group that is use can seem use in no use as this is interesting as you see or as you are well.

   Optional is to use magic by use in practical idea and make it perfect, thought to your needs are energy in every time you think energy to as you think of a place. As you think use is magical in essence by when or not, if you know what the herb or idea does as is.

  The basic potion is to have water and focus at it with the thought of what you want it to accomplish. Focus at said water in a container for the moment to make it a heavier weight and cooler to the touch. To keep the original strength of the potion as you put it into more liquid, think and feel your energy to flow into the potion as it pours.

  As if chicken boullion is use in soup that can create calm or create soothing by nerves as if a rite or ritual turmeric. Beef boullion is for creative use to cook or magic use, tis is feel to sense or non created by energy to not seem use to feel as you don't feel unless necessary by idea as if tea.

  Tea soothes by use or no more with caffeine is satisfied use, nothing is no more unless the use is feeling to stop to do right. Certain quality with tea causes cool calm, energy resolve or focus. See as you are with is the idea a concept, so think fixed is some ward point where no insanity is there so not always is this seen in focused idea.

  Think intense thoughts as you do so or think the water and the conscious of the energy responds, or think 'intense' with feeling or need at the pouring potion. You may use any technique you want for this, that is based on what you think that is the technique to use. Seeing how that is "or not" unless not needed whatever cancels it out is gone.

  The source can sometimes reform things unless unwanted "not always sore not all the time as times" or sometimes take that energy, think and form what you want as what is there isn't there at all so feel it exists. Unless it is not existed or not as unwanted is still undone. This undoes what a potion can do to the body, that you think is wrong as what idea you use or create in use by herbs creates what you think as you focus.

  Potions and cooking are used with herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are plants that are dried, unprepared or prepared in form that have unusual properties of which do myriad things. As thinking precludes that if your mad as made, as if from the idea that energy and plant use is caused from a thought in use by removed thought energy. Then and thought madness or energy, that is to cure with creates by the focus. These things are in a list below. So if you need time, think your free and you are.

This was learned from the valley of the Hawn.

Possible Ingredients:

 Alcohol = A general usage or unsafe to drink substance, sanitizes and fades pain away or you realize. Strongest to lessest in alcohol beverage. Ever clear, suki, rice wine, oisk, malt liquor, brandy, tequila, whisky, wine(red or white), beer and other to avoid as use is issue use or issue is not needed in not an area not allowed.

 All spice - Can cause a polymorphing ability, think to create the idea to seem as the energy creates what you see, want or create by what you release as thought to be. This is causing the polymorphy by thought, will with intention or idea to seem in use.

 Amino acid = That is interesting to use as this reduces te urge to eat or create better health as thought. Think balance before use or creating an idea, an in effect or else not faked. Think of alternatives to this as this is life essence energy in a powder form by Beta Alanine in use, so not use is when you can overdo with the asset or if overuse then you could feel a little weak or drowsiness in use as baking soda.

  There is he the creator aspect that isn't is the worst is worst or the best is best, as this isn't what you think necessary. If the creator made an aspect this can seem the best until not needed. As challenged to not be think as you were not needed, then the effect is wannabe or ideal to seem till the creator stops or no seeming is the aspect. See by what you think as however baking in use is however soda water otherwise is a feel with this or otherwise.

 Aspen tree or tree bark or Aspirin - Pain reduction and sped up healing.

 Bay leaves - Energy of mind and body booster.

 Baking soda = Neutralized cancer energy is gone as alchemy is as energy or alcohol energy is dissipated, use as a source as cancer dissipates away is nothing energy. This not only cures near anything or seeable is alkaline from what you can use as aloe vera, so that is oregano is energy in sight dissipates by use energy feel is through a point by water or water treatment by cool idea as we will improvided with use is make or not "iuse".

 Baking powder = To create with baking is with powder or not too much as you are aware, see the area so use is done by feel or intuition to not overuse as too much. This is no result so that is creation by use by thought use in mind is use in idea. So you see that is to rise or use is allspice to lower the bread size with paprika by some idea to feel. Use is all purpose flower to thought as corn starch to use as a thickner is cool or not in use.

  The reason behind this is no created cruelty. Now to go as some are irritated by the feel of a released person, that they wanted trapped or not forever as I did nothing. Except disrupt roach energy to seem healthy if near or raise some dough by feel with sugar or see use is an instruction, so done you see or not to do is just leave alone as you think "no effect or not". There is no reasoning to use or create is with no reason to exist a thing as result.

  As if a wheat grain is a chemical base or not a threat to the body there as effect or nothing needed nothing done is nothing use. There is think as you were able or as you are you were, so moving right along any idea in use to use correctly what in is use is not always good.

 Bees wax = See to use is with water to cure by or not create with some focus. Energization is fading away by thought not effect to see use in your favor or not as well adjustion creating feel. So turmeric is use as defender: So consider, feel, or use positive or thought, focus concept is energy to use as your aware energy is concept focus is energy awareness. As your feel is focus, create is considering the area clean to work away the water additives effects by use to "cleanse" the idea or area. The area dissipates the disorder the area energy is cleaning.

 Cannabis = This is weed as a possible body restorer and the idea is not overuse as the point your usage makes to the body is thought that it is not overwhelmed by the energy. Energy activates the idea and your use is a point to not use this, as to create a metabolic cure where the endorphins are overwhelming you or not and this stops from a thought that isn't a bad example so avoid if possible.

  Unless use in a concept, tis unless you are as a thought if to think, that you have to assume something is inner conflict and resolved by insight with resolution. Note  that this is over the idea use, as only a little is needed and nothing more. As this cures by what the body reacts to be the feeling or feel less do nothing reaction. Don't use if your healing as the drug use can create more need, thinking this is a thought to be illegal in drug use by a point to spike things as a sprinkle and caught where you can't get out of jail.

 Celery seed - Healing and bursts of energy.

 Chamomile - Brain adaption and brain and body function restorer.

 Cherry - Brings momentary energy and knowledge of anything focused on. This also allows easier gnosis, where you intuitively know things from the air and can grasp idea easily sometimes as an uninhibitor.

 Chili Powder - Makes the body heal faster, the hotter the pepper the more effective to use. Uninhibited idea is sometime with use, think by the area to use things by intuitive use.

 Chinese ginseng - Energy balancer for men and women.

 Chocolate - The tooth decay remover and tooth and gum repairer, also a relaxative that makes happiness. Can be chocolate extract or essential oil.

 Cocoa - Creates elation and positive body relief. Can be cocoa essential oil that is with cocoa powder and water with orange tea.

 Corn starch = Creative cooking by user feel or use is use by some created made, as not usable with inhibition is watching as you want. As you see the area energy gathered to create is the use by created idea, a time use or thickener is not to the use is some waist reduction. See or not use is the focus point, so for non evil is possible with magic or think as you see non use or "wit feel" or magic use by rite.

 Their seen idea is some area energy to feel or focus is a source to feel by a concept, some use is some to put it back as you hold the stomach back. So the secret property to cornstarch is its a inhibitor, as you see the area use or feel in use to create.

  Cinnamon - Healing, equal feel and strengthening as the healing is possible as rhythmic energy. This if use is feel by too much rhythmic energy can cause pleasure or need, that is often noted in the behavior as obsessive or not feeling the need to move by really good feeling. As if this can stop change by focus of energy, this is focus through the cinnamon essence. Don't overuse this or lack of focus is due by concentration in the use. Don't ever use too much unless to overpower the senses in no cocaine like feel, or if you prefer other things you can hate to avoid. No as no is an idea is weighed as not done after or a   hit, as this is referdant or not if not useful or no balance.

 Cloves - Making red blood cells and improving blood flow in or out not use as thought is to expense net use.

 Coffee grounds - Can cure drunkenness if prepared with brewing and if not brewed it is a poison.

 Divinorium - The idea focus on creation with magic, this creates the potion effect of a little stress and potential to focus and create improved magic.

 Fennel Seed - Absorption of magical effects and healing effects.

 Fruit - Juice from a point to use restorative energy, think is in thought juice formed from the idea to use a blender. As you use the blender in the room sometime, you can think and direct the energy from the blender from what this seems. As the right fruit the right idea is a point to use in thought, fruit juice can create a cure to anemic response or bugs otherwise as if fruit is your cure to the body.

 Garlic - It restores lost tissue and disrupts bad body diseases.

 Grapefruit - Can cause weight reduction and reduce hunger.

 Honey - Improvement of potion effects approximately 50% - 100% or if energy focus as more chance to not lose its flavor.

 Honeysuckle - Lessens hunger and makes the person who tries it in a potion more energized. This can be in flower form or essential oil form.

 Lemon juice - Can reduce cancer, nulle brain tumor and fat reducing as not use is use as citric acid.

 Mandrake - Can cure immobilization effects as well as being a poison. This can cure military poisons.

 Mandrake root - grows off just dead bodies that were criminals and gives poison and disease immunities except when not prepared, as this comes in the form from unprepared then its poison in mandrake. Think to gather the essence of mandrake particles, thought if any to create is te essence effective with the body.

 Majoram - Tooth healing and body energy restoration with the concept that you think to the herb and the used idea is done.

 Medication - Place in any medicine of choice to get improved effectiveness of the medicine. The medicine makes the effect of medication in the potion sorta like tea not crack.

 Milk - Dampens and fixes problems that occur in the body.

 Mint - Positive enhancement to the brain and creates enlightenment.

 Mustard - Sight improvement and vision repair or enducement. This is a recreator effect if thought in powder form.

 Nightshade - Deadly poison till prepared by boiling, then it can cure anything. Use is the idea that thought is to think in the potion the idea as essence unless poisonous as you don't overdo the effect that is to use and with thought produce an effect or not as the effect dissipates into thin air not as energy but as the substance that it seems like.

  There is possibly in thought the preparation by essence. With the thought, that imagine thou and imagine the right idea as in the thought is energy and created point. Things in view that if you don't need it as negative idea in the essence disrupts, as things not liked as not existing is nothing in essence.

  That creates with the statement or thought formed, as the in energy essence or energy from thought that the plant exists. As if this creates from in what you think or use the cure in mind, to cure the disease that is possibly what forms beauty from energy as a cure from belladona.

  Smoking Belladona is interesting but can't get very good results. Think don't and you won't do things that shouldn't be done. So do or not and still you can get creative curious health benefits, that can appear as tiredness if overuse can lead to death.

 Nutmeg - Grounding agent that grounds you and allows energy to flow easier. This releases the nastiest stuff from your energy. The idea this is energy that creates calmness in calamity, repaid idea if any can be done with this if focus. This is reformative if necessary but unless unnecessary not used.

 Orange peel - Extra energy for body.

 Paprika - Can safely be used in place of nightshade and does positive effects without the deadliest effect of the nightshade. It holds the power to clear your mind. As you realize the effect, as the property has the feel of nightshade so think as the idea is done where your cured as thought the subconscious uses. As long as the point exists, this is the herbal essence in the thought that effect is gone.

  There as thought in use as the concept exists, there is a point as there is a way around and you can get what you want by appearing as you need to from Paprika essence. This can create a diahrreal or no stomach effect if overused, think whole wheat bread use as thought to cure te cramps or use is relational.

  As anything you think is where this cures or focus is property enhancement, related to the banal moment that you use thought energy by feel to not be effected think the thought energy stripped of the effect as thought is from a source. The transforming effect by focus on what to change and use is thought, you can restrict the use as this is referring to what you see.

 Pepper - For idea and taste, it is likely to cause effects such as hotness and weight loss. Black pepper is good for the health, thought in energy and red pepper or not as negative strength is good for cursed poison cooking that can cause things to happen.

  As you think cure you are cured, move in thought as what you can create with a thought, and magic in a concept by disease form is with effectual idea from aura that is energy diseases that are not made as the disease disappears.

  Think of a real pot as "H3N2I4O2 with handcream" in use, use the pepper in the idea, as you think of the idea you can use an idea to cure what you want. As pepper is in use can create many forsights, this can cure nearly anything.

 As you think you have the disease you say you have. As this is body madness you can say or think anything, in the mind your able as your an idea in mind to think cure and do as you need and the old energy idea is the ancient use. There is no more use to this idea, except to use things as idea you think is best for the use can seem in a possible use.

 Peppermint - Brings innate ability with energy and gnosis to awaken and allow knowledge to the mind. This causes less hunger as needed.

 Pumpkin pie spice - Chi energy increase and body healing increase.

 Red Ginseng - Energy boost and healing of the body but not good for women.

 Rose petals - To restore balance in the body and allow adaption to events.

 Saint john's wort - Healing of mental problems and balances moods.

 Salt - Faster healing of teeth and gums with possibilities of the body itself.

 Smelling salts - Can wake someone up and can heal unconsciousness.

 Snake root - Cures poison and diseases in small doses otherwise its poisonous.

 Snake venom - Can cure poisons of most types with the right preparation.

 Starfruit - Can be Starfruit extract, this fruit reduces cravings and makes improved health.

 Thyme - Temporal adjustment in ability and memory improvement.

 Tulip - An essential oil or dark tulip petals that brings about inner peace and illumination on any subject. This also brings body balance back.

 Water - Good for brewing potion in and is also the universal solvent. Can cure or slow poisons if drunk immediate or before patients death.

 White Ginseng - Energy boost for women and extra healing effect.

 Wheat = Use to calm stomach feel as you see the stomach flu can disappear, make sure you don't double take with a little or disrupt by a little grain by wheat germ to use in life self-fulfilling. So see as you are your not feeling, so you feel as you see you are with life yet not needing to.

  Your body is yet there what you see, yet you can as you focus so energy cures by the feel. See as you set or not as you see, the area contaminents are what you can see won't effect by idea. As you don't wish, you won't by feel get effect by chemical use.

  As you see this is quelled stomach ache by wheat grain, just so what not is not happened so this is netherese effect. Set by just necessity is thought use, see or not use if too much by mismeasurement can do. Fixed to see as too much is baking, soda removed unless necessary or do as you see. So the need to not is what you by the point that is used.

Potion preparation:

 To balance for best effect any of these herbs above try to make the herbs you think that compliment each other. The effects should have no negating effects. For healing potions try to use the healing herbs, aspirin and honey to speed up the effects. Do not get too much of any herb or it could turn the potion destructive.

 To prepare the materials for the potion try to cut up the roots and herbs while you could buy them prepared already. There is a difference, unprepared herbs are stronger and more rich but need chopping. Dried herbs need chopping and prepared herbs are already chopped but less potent unless magic is used. To mix the potion, try to make it by using water in a pot with the combined herbs.

 The more the ingredients, the longer the brewing in the time you think. Normal brewing time is five minutes to thirty minutes and the use of focused energy will bring the magical effects to bear. The spell with focused energy will speed the effects up. When the thickness becomes palpable in a potion, the potion is done.

  Honey makes the potion thicker naturally. Because tis in use is cool your not likely to gain weight, otherwise you are not so likely to get results by magic as bread is an inhibitor honey makes you weak. Don't go back there with your cursor as you can not get results those that use magic can effect you.

 To use magic to enhance a potion, things in focus your mind and focus your thoughts on the potion while trying to mix it or when heat is applied. This also can be used to get the desired results with the potion itself. You could cause a fat removal potion while making use of a healing potion.

  The technique is to focus energy to the water, the feel and create technique is the effect that you think it will do as you focus the energy conscious creates what essence you think.

 Where you think no overuse where more energy is thought to the water and the subconscious doesn't form it after or not done, for a thought if this creates as you can use in essence the idea to create with water in mind. The in essence concept or things not in essence is the idea you want. Think no problem caused that can form as in from thought energy from a energy source, think as the planet awareness is from the herb or energy conscious.

 Thought formed in reality is in energy progression, as if to respond and create by your thought with spirit energy or nothing that in energy creates realistically made thought. As a point as the cure effects by thought is an idea, thought and all if you have to do things seem as is to think and the energy creates what in thought can safely if possible see a use.

Some potions are:

 Cinnamon boil cure is to boil cinnamon in water and drink it to cure diseases like the flu. This boosts your immunity and causes diseases to disperse more easily.

 Cinnamon and Paprika in water is thought to prevent tooth decay, sorta like the curative potion and use is energy as focus is a charge in drink as retardent to not see effective decay.

 The potion of healing. This is the potion that starts with the fennel seed. It continues with one aspirin to reduce pain and increase healing of body. The marjoram is for tooth decay removal. White or Red Ginseng according to sex. Celery seed is for bursts of energy for the body. Orange peel for energy that the body converts for healing. Something with calcium in it for the teeth. Cinnamon for strengthening and healing. Pumpkin Pie Spice for mana increase. Salt for binding wounds and the teeth and gums healing effects.

 The potion of curing is often to use water and place in almost anything by energy focus telling the water to create the effect you think up. This is also possible to add drug effects and focus by feel effects with paprika or cinnamon and liquid stevia any type. This can cure nearly anything, as your with thought to just stop the unwanted effect with pepper as red or white ginseng is interesting.

 As redirected or not used energy is a use, things with the right time for better creative effort create interesting idea stopped by paprika or cinnamon in water by use of focus energy water. This can even cure epilepsy as any disease is curable, think to cure and the idea that causes disease is no longer there or not see use.

  Finally in no regard, at water in a pot this is for which you place the ingredients in while boiling. When it is boiling, pour honey three times into the potion of tooth decay removal and extra healing. Say these words while focusing on the heat in the potion "This potion of healing will heal the gums and the teeth while healing the body too.

 The honey is not drugs done thrice is an ancient idea that use by focus energy into this potion increases the effect 10 percent of the potion of healing and tooth decay decreases by healing. The fennel soaks the enchantment." Now let it brew. After one minute say "I wish for the potion to draw in energy until it is thick enough." Now try to make sure that while stirring, it is finished by being thick but not in the mind.

  The anti-love potion to stop loving someone;
Here's the ingredents: ginger, cinamon, salt, pepper, lemon, water and rose petals.

  Here's the tools you will need: black candle, something to light the candle with, spoon to stir with and a rock and cup.

  Now light the candle or imagine a candle lit and say one time: 'dark sides make me stop loving this man/woman Name(say full name).' Then Take all of the ingredients and put into the cup but before drinking say this 3 times: 'With this potion I banish my feelings for (say his/her full name) Forever.' Now drink the potion. Then Put the rock at the foot of your bed (that will turn your love for him/her feelings into hatered). Now the spell is done, but it only works for some people and there's no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

  The potion of regeneration is the combination of red or white ginseng, 3 parts honey, water, aspirin and place it in a pot of boiling water. Now while it is boiling, say with focus on the heat "I wish this pot to be self stirring and by the power of three as in the honey the effect is 10% more effective in this potion of regeneration! May this effect be set permanently upon the person who drinks it!" Be sure to have set 3 swirls of honey, each separate, into the potion. Finally say after 2 minutes to the potion itself "I wish to have you to absorb energy into you until you are thick enough to be done."

  Potion of invulnerability has these ingredients: White or Red Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, think energy from one Aspirin or ginseng and 3 parts Honey for sweetening. Place these ingredients in a pot of boiling water. When boiling with ingredients for three minutes say these words while focusing on the heat of the potion "Make this potion into a potion of invulnerability! Increase its effects by 50 % as activity is what makes up to 10% activity this creates in thought a point to do. This is natural strength to the spirit, as you think better with the effects of the honey."

  Now let it brew for until it is thick. Increase the thickening speed by by saying while focusing at the potion "I wish for you to draw in energy until you are thick enough to be done!" Now what it does is make you think that you are invincible to any damage due to the mental strengthening effect and the mind strengthens the body. The body is healed by the ginseng and honey. The spell increases the entirety of effect by guiding the mind of the one who drinks it to not get hurt easily.

  The cocoa cure is consistent of chocolate or hot cocoa mix, chili powder and milk. Melt the chocolate into the milk and mix the hot cocoa mix with the chili powder while placing it in the slightly boiling milk. When said mixture mixes together it is done. I learned this from a movie about chocolate and this was one of its cures. It does work. Due note : Do not boil fully the milk or curd skin will happen. Just heat it up until it is slightly boiling slowly.

  The idea to cure drug use or abuse none as you will, thought is to focus to create stevia in idea to seem essence to create te idea to see with mustard powder. This is energy by thought to seem the essence, that is except this is not actually the substance as this is as pseudo drug use. So what you see is add in as in paprika, any stevia that works except the illegal stuff.  This is with honey as put in the honey, then say "the honey is three times te potential to the area energy that is adapted that cures this by what you do."

 "Three times the energy from the creator that improves what is." This is to say separately, "The cure is in the potion, as your will is energy." As you cure to think "I dispel cocaine or other unwanted drugs to seem to be gone." "Three times the potential through the aura to cure by water with honey." So as you think "Cu To Be", "break the curse of cocaine now as it dispells itself in the bodies, that this in essence to dissipate itself from the body that it is not effecting you even if infected or not to seem affected not."

  So use cinnamon, aspirin or any pain reliever except the opium pseudo drug like yours, green tea, other herb as necessary as saint john's wort or nutmeg, ginger, cloves, turmeric or whatever you think that is some idea. Just no illegality here. See as you want but don't abuse, feel free to fix as you want.

  Cure all potion is to boil nightshade powder created by thought that exists the essence but the dry root is most potent if you can get it. Then add orange peel, cloves and lemon juice. Swirl in honey three times stating "I wish for you to cure any malady that may ill the body. Let this be so!" Let it brew till its thick or ten minutes.

  Think in a purpose to water, as you think you add to the water some ingredients. As there is a point there is a reason, as if in thought your thought is in use and that creates ability. As your thought is projected as though to the water in mind or nearby, your use is thought in ability and energy is interred with ability to create as you think.

  The otherwise known activities are power, as energy against you is converted to the use as purpose is thought into the drink. The ingredients are what is making the extra effects, as if bayleaf is to make energy and energize the body. This is useful for days you are tired. The other ingredients are useful for what you think. Now as if you are your own energy, your energy is use and thought you do is the purpose to create an effect in life for what you intend is the creation by life as thought is due or not as your thought is to create in life.

  A potion to drive away roaches and fleas will consist of water, nightshade, coffee grounds and to prepare. Mix boiled water with the coffee grounds, powdered nightshade or ground up nightshade and then spread it in a water spritzer, and squirt it everywhere there is a flea, roach or tick. This isn't immediate as it takes effect to drive fleas away and kill roaches slowly. It may render the roaches uneggable.

  Soak any herb in the list that heals, with alcohol for one month to a year and it becomes a tincture. This tincture can be intoxicating yet reduce pain if drunk and heals nicely over a short period. The longer you let it sit, the stronger it is. To focus the effect of the cure, state "By the gods, I will this potent brew to be a strong curative. I thank thee gods."If you don't want anyone knowing, state "maitbuzx" (maih-t-buh-zx) = make this very potent.

  For 10 times stronger than tinctures in healing, ae elixir of healing, take ever clear and soak the herb of choice for one month or more and then sip it slow in small quantities. This can knock a person out in ten sips or less unless the person ate stuff before. To focus the effect of the cure, state "By the gods, I will this potent brew to be a strong curative. I thank thee gods." If you don't want anyone knowing, state "maitbuzx" (maih-t-buh-zx) = make this very potent.

   Mint Julip potion; This causes an enlightenment of the mind by the mint being added to boiling water. And, then thinking energy into the potion. Maybe add 3 swirls of honey and a drop of dark tulip energy essence or tulip essential oil. This essence is added by thinking it there into the water. Then you say the words, "I strengthen thee and make you into the enlightenment." When the cocoa is added for the transmute, wave hand over top and utter "eshata".

  Mana potion: Add a spoonful of honey per glass of milk. Heat slowly and mix continuously until milk is lukewarm and honey is dissolved. Take a dried mint leaf and crumble into the mixture or dried mint thats crumbled. Mix thoroughly. Refrigerate until cold, and do NOT charge. Drink quickly if at all possible for best results. Energy potion, add a drop of lemon juice and charge, and do not refridgerate. Drink slowly if at all possible, while still warm. To distinguish between the two, mana potion should be light blue energy. Energy potion should be purple energy. Thats if you can see the energy.

  Extra energy potion: Milk, honey, mint, ice and nutmeg thats mixed with infused energy and heated up. Mix the ingredients into the milk and add the honey last. Infuse it with the honey swirled three times into it as you say "I infuse thee with energy to thicken into the right consistency. May you become a potion of extra energy." Directing your voice at the potion. This potion allows easier drawing from the ether and other energy sources. The potion should be drunk in small amounts, once made. Thus, drink a little and store the rest in the refrigerator.

  Pineal spark potion: Water, honey, and lemon juice.heat until honey is dissolved, then add splash of lemon. Drink slowly as its for slow, controlled pineal release (best for extended spells that take longer to manifest.) Cool down in the refrigerator and drink quickly for a random "pineal twitch," intended for quick manifestations on the spot. It's also a good potion for burning off excess energy quickly. Best taken with an open crown, so the extra energy can actually escape. Meditation helps to make it a slow pineal potion. meditate while you use it and its more effective. Drink the potion on the go, for the quick twitch.

 Sleep potion: Mint and milk, don't infuse except by added heat. Add them both to a pot and warm it up to near boiling. Drink it warm for dreamless sleep. To cause a relaxative potion, infuse it with energy and while its heating up. This is with thought of 'relaxative' being projected at the potion as ya state towards the potion, 'Make this to be a relaxative.'

 Do this as you you wave your hand over the potion, in an inward spiral symbol. Any direction. The direction counts, only if you concern yourself of the energy type. This is what energy you draw to make the potion as the symbol is done over the potion. As in the point by energy, the leftward spiral is chaotic energy and the rightward spiral is creation energy.

 End cravings potion: This is to put water in a pot and mix in cocoa, starfruit or peppermint, in an orange peel think energy or orange, allspice and paprika. Boil in the water and add honey, in three swirls. Stating, 'Make this a potion of craving reduction and weight loss and yet I do magic as necessary.'

 End hunger potion: This is to put milk in a glass and peppermint, and the peppermint is possible with two forms. 2 drops peppermint essential oil with 2 drops of fennel essential oil or peppermint candy. If choosing peppermint candy dissolve it in the milk and add some sugar or stevia. Then if necessary, drink it and the hunger disperses.

 Potion of mental clarity: Boil water and put Paprika, Fennel seed and Tulip. If Tulip essential oil, put one drop and state 'Eshata' while waving your hand over pot. When your done with that, put three swirls of honey and state towards the potion, 'May you thicken and draw energy to become a potion of mental clarity.'

 Mental clarity restorer: Boil water. Put Chamomile and milk with Turmeric with a possibility of Stevia or Stevita into the water. Then, optionally put three swirls of Honey as you state out loud at the milk, "Make this a mental clarity potion, strengthened three times more by honey." Then, take off of heat and mix with ice cubes and state out loud, "May this potion of brain restoration be strengthened further by the cooling ice." Possible is the addition of Paprika, which adds extra transformation effect. Restoring the brain balance restores the body activity balance.

  The potion to cure petrol: The potion is to make in and create, by thinking thought to be in energy of energy passing through the thing and use is to make use with these elements, paprika, stevia or sugar, mandrake (thought to the energy in the pot), Parsley, celery seed, sesame seed, cilantro. This is added to a pot, that is the moment you add water and use is this chant as if at the water you add the honey. The chant is to think this, make thought create thought as if thought you are thought the elements of oil are gone and things in thought that are not wanted are separated out and things make thought unless you are and things can create that you seem to need. This is the point you feel the elements that are oily, separation of idea is only done as things you don't intend is to not to be there and things are cured of all ill. As if your sicke and yet positive, you are able to use the potion to cure and think with as with thought. This can be a trick, as you are what is needed this can restore, unlimit and restrict as is needed.

    The elixer of youth is the elixer, that is with honey and other additives that use things like herbs and other things as with aspirin. If you want an enchantment for fun, think the youth effect in the potion as the potion is a potion with thought that in the old times that were before. There was an enchantment in the water and that it is and the right herbs brewed create the correct effect. That can create what is forgotten or done, the unaltered version is to think of the point to make or create and you create the effect.

   The elixer of restorative youth, is sesame, paprika, celery, thyme where by thought you think 'fix', and think as if your youthful self as you think to look in a mirror saying to the mirror 'unage to a point in time'. The additives that are to make an elixer of time, is to add a bit of thyme, paprika, sesame or celery seed, as any majoram is the added ingredient that is what can seem used if things are requiring balance in the flow of energy.

   The chant if you need to do things with time, as you think or you go to the point of the time is to say to the water as you think of the time. The right herb or place and the thought is what you intend to do and the chant is 'Made by the rite of time, the nature of herbs are with things of the nature thusly made is to create the point that is in time and time made flows are corrective to this as a point that is for what is makes better. As the music of time, as this time that is contingent this is the idea to think or create with if you are. To make or think and create, if you need you can create with a thought as if a wish as thus the time is restored.'.

  The time if you think as if to say to the water, as if to think it is where you go or seem in as if biolocated. The Actual chant to the water, for protection is 'This is inarguable for the moment as you are unaffected and this acts as a warp of a concept from an area to effect' as if water in the energy and for the elixer if in need if you need potency is the mint for life expectancy. This is not a thought to do if to avoid use triple mint liquor if you wish to create an alcoholic elixer, as you use a little bit more sesame or other herb in as much as you want of each ingredient to achieve the result.

   The idea that is twisted by herbs is what can create with thought, think energy through the herbs as with the time they are in place and you cause energy to seem in the water with fine tuning adjustments. This is anything that you target can be an energy source that uses the idea, as it is use you can create and recreate the effect that you think of. Focus and percieve with feeling and this includes the point of argument and thought in mind that can manifest and create itself from air. As it isn't a hit you can shift in and out of reality, as if phasing in and phasing out by imagined gateways that open by an imagined open idea as if a door. This allows peaceful idea in resolve with rythmic idea and this is with, an open mind as if you were an idea to do you are observed in an idea or not as you are invisible.

   With a closed mind you are in the right frame of mind, and as you are closing a door in your mind you can use the idea and still be closed minded to do things unobserved. As this is what can occur, you think about the area as if an area were thought and seen to be viewed by your focus. If you get no effect, then to think you do might create the effect if you focus energy into the area as if a thought were in a piece of food. This can seem a use or not as if something were focused through, and used to get the charge spread generally into the air. As if there were a thought, then think this worked as if you are considering that it didn't. Use is thus, and focusing thought at the water, as if you were thinking the thought at the right time as is 'done'.

Infinitium by potions

  As if to know what you see or create in use, you can feel or gnow what you see in use. Tea or idea energy is an element or creative feel, thought to changeable approach unless through with it. This is an idea study to the useage of thought and herbal energy in the 6th dimension with a bipartison view.

  These are made of the 6th dimensional energy by the life I saw in past life viewings in past life rememberance, from something to do with your energy to remember by meditation trance. As focus is aware idea with conscious idea from the insight. This is thought by some ancient to think of use with the 6th dimensional energy.

  Where you think to focus by thought to view in the water, as you see what you can feel or focus to think or see if aware. The area energy is energy by thought, so the wise use is over if your energy is not studying by what you think. That will come into play or use, if to use potion energy or create with potions.

  This allows the seeing idea. The view or feeling you get from that you focus as if a source, to think to some area or place other than here. Think the idea you want from the area energy to be nice with or be dead with, because as the energy to use as a source is there you see or react to as you think "not effect me".

  This is 6th dimensional energy that I saw, blue energy is mana from bruises, disruption and distrust or disruption. Use is preserving, as the energy is thought or not done idea. Red is energy is thought from pain or avoided area destruction, green is grenade energy or frag use that is from released fire. This is the energy to not act out, so don't use the idea if not to use anything bad off thus if you are aware you create, this by the thought or create is not what you see not unless necessary.

  Well is enough to get done in use with thought. Well whatever the source, the area source you create, overuse in energy is paralyzed to the use in thought or disguise resulting. Black brown or brown energy that is from shit or objects to the use of love or created idea not always done, until you don't see the need to do or do not do what in is out that isn't supposed to seem. See as you want or not is tough thought, that can happen to those that deserve other than you.

  This is black energy that you create with if over energy use, the energy that is energy to use as destruction and al the disturbance is there. That is drawn from with thought as a source to create, death impulse to use or not as use is the end result. There is a point in negated momentes, that is what in time and where as you think or anything you think up is a moment.

  Change as you create or focus in trance to change by meditation, this to think you create change makes change. The silver energy is change off the area to which your familiar with, the user idea or time by events that you see or create from are with an idea with the source known. Thought by imagining the 6th dimensional silver energy you don't use, as this is too destructive or insane by the time you sense or not do.

  As the spirit knows or not if an overload to the senses, this in the most destructive sense is destructing or disturbing idea meant to help. Say or not get better or no use is no need or not. With ion energy use to heal with no drugs needed are an anachronism to the 26th century I was observing with 31st terran century techniques.

  The 6th or above as 6th and a third dimension is what you can use, to create by feel to see if use or focus is to water sight. So what you can observe is interesting, like I saw a place that was attacked by some being that shifted to cause hitting and shifted away somewhere else. Tis is energy though so your created idea is not whom, so you see as you are focusing to water in but what you know.

  So you focus you create what you want, with their energy or the area energy to create.  So all you need be to do is focus as the idea in the area is conscious awareness. That is energy that tends to disrupt what you do or create with by life, events that I can imagine or you imagine to created area energy tend to manifest, avoid the thought or avoid the feel see if not you can resist the impulse to do things.

  As you create or avoid the "thought butt" purpose that is done. You see the subconscious manipulates the area in the 6th dimension, not that you don't is creating as you can work the area you think. The use or thought to the moment as the feel is energy by focus or think not to do not unless now you think need be. This is a concept or conceded idea to use things, there or not is up to you or think not use for what you think about. There is noting to use so go on to create what you think if you see water use is without what you dislike.

  Think or use focused thought to manifest where or not is actual ore, that is not there if positional idea to avoid corrupted ore to allow magic easier with destruction avoided. The circumstance that exist from focus are what creates, as you think to use or don't or you have no need. As you don't have a need or feel what is there you don't have to do the idea you hit or see, as the 6th dimensional impulse unless resisted can get you in death by the use.

  Thus you can use the human element, thought to create effects and the other elements to create by creative or dealt idea or no idea. Don't think you are and you aren't what you think or aren't what you seem or not you see your idea is not actually compatible with the area so it reacts.

  This is preventable and proven by the idea you see or sense as reaction or death dealt in some way. Still if you think your not corrupted you aren't, as you won't be feeling like drug use or wrongful use is done. As you feel in life death or otherwise there is wise actions or not wise actions.

  That creates what is to match the energy to the impulse or blood energy by circulation. This is the peach energy probably rotten, unless you think to not use the energy to create with no as nulle instance. This is the human element collected by those in the 6th that die by death. As the use is energy by concept to use the area machines in life by human energy or not, as you don't need to not want to do it you won't. This energy restores except what you notice.

  This is peach energy to use energy, as if fruit energy incorrupted is to cure by or create with use. There is nothing by energy essence if nothing is thought needed as that is if black energy the nulle energy, you cancel out what is energy by focus as use energy is what it seems or this is nulle or nullification. Think to what is unwanted there that you kill, seeing is creating or create is with thought by water to nulle. What is no longer there after you focus blast energy, that is black energy at the target as if a beam.

  The condition by focus you set is by the theory you are material, not physical as unseen isn't or what you think no to do. There is no or nothing as this space to the use is the theory that is to cancel in out, the effects by what you can see or feel this is done in the 6th to nulle energy. There is noting to do here so what you buy is what you create by a drama act or dream act, you don't do that if what you say to do in an act to create is there or sent to here unless not needed. The things there are deadly if desire is by the area were alteration or not by focus is the imperfection.

  Were there is here by energy alteration that is what, that is by claireaudience or clairevoyance you see you can be or use if necessary as thought necessary. That is the thought in theory, that was thought one day going down a street that I noticed to avoid with no accidents that occur with light. There light is gravity, so bend the light as you will the feeling away to not do. As that with life is dying off that is where you do die, you don't do notice meant as activity unless necessary.

  So remove death as the area can come alive, still if by thought focus or creating by the feeling to direct or redirect with activity energy. As thoughts to see or avoid death energy that you can face later. This is from chi energy use by what is in the energy or what you avoid you might face, still or feel as you direct to dissipate the energy that known as death influence is death in practice by essence is necromancy.

  Don't do that practice or energy caught, as sent in idea to disrupt what you dislike. Necromancer's are knowing this as cellular death essence that is creatively removable by focus, as if to see the essence in death disappated to somewhere in the 6th not near you create better health with the point "less distrust" or no distrust is by less destructive energy. No distress less in effect so let the energy go as you think "immunity by self" to not seem effected.

  By Shiela Madelin modified by Spellhawk or gotten with use of a 6th dimensional god nearby.

Infinite potion by motion

   By the use of motion or finger movement, your ability creates by use or no feel you create with a potion. So what you thought "thin to think" is what you create by the idea to create with no dog additive. As dog is korean in use, this is focus by feel to create herbal essence. Assume by the thougt focus you won't hurt anything to create the peaceful idea to create by the calm forest feel. Tis reflects in the aura and anything else, tinker with this as this is what energy use water with fire by earth that can create by the area air.

  The area is clean to begin with so use sugar or stevia, so what you feel is energy that doesn't cause your insanity. So the area with herbs are a cool use as energy is fire, this is mint as earth where the turmeric is an additive calmer. Tis potion is with thought intuitive hand focus in idea, think or the energy is superational by the gesture use as if you think to create something.

The stove is heat or energy in the air is fire, fire from a focus thought and tis the energy of a motion sensor in activity or not that is what you see if ions. This is if right your smart, think of a motion sensor creating. The added energy is what you give to water in the pot, as you touch the herb think "or not" as ions are healing in use. The focused healing thought is earth by thought of dirt energy to use or aloe vera is useful.

  As your ability is thought in motion to feeling better the solidified from water to ice, this is added to the pot to cool off by focus done with the area energy focus as you think "three times the energy potential" to create cool idea. As you focus to sense things you feel what is there, think or gno water effectively in not by thought patience with nothing. The idea is not to go through ritual unless necessary, as if your ability creates what you see or think to create by sight in mind. This increases the supernatural ability manipulated by the spirit with the subsconscious.

Infinite potion of insanity

  That was energy by the will to use watson type energy, the watt energy to create by feel or drop in weight to use. As you think you know what is there, you know me from the inside or outside. So is what you say true, to the use by feel or creative brain. As your aware of those answers or thought not, figure out the source as you think the creative energy is resourceful. As you not creating with focus, this creates by feel with intuition by thought or motion with any herbs with non of the essential herbs as vitamins.

  As you think or give herbal energy as this will is energy conscious to respond to the water my favorite herbs are mint, basil, bay leaves, turmeric or focus energy to create blessij with or creative by thought creates better. This is aspen tree energy use as green energy is thought to a potion, such is the case you see that herbs are with the creator energy or as you think "Did dissipated by thought not eternal waste".

  The energy is what you feel or create feel by thought, such as empathy is once known as ability now awakened. So your an idea that creates by feel that is thought, assume what is thought or conclusive in idea is added energy from what you see. This one is brutal so I wouldn't do things with the energy you produce by activity from the idea you can feel.

Infinite potion of weight loss

   As you are aware you see your awake by thought or not life, the idea you present is what is respectful or created equally by your will. As you respect or think to see better by days, your ability is water based energy to create by tea with a thought. As what you want or ask as you think in life, the god is what you can see or focus in ability to create what is better off than nothing. This is energy to water, thought to use herbal energy essence as you use what mint, basil, lemon or lemongrass, paprika, turmeric or creative as with as this is peaceful in thought with energy by art or water with energy to cause weight loss.

  Think to boil the water, use the conscious feel to empower the water. Then create as you want in life, not as that will create nothing or idea is concept. As what you create by subconscious or thought is what you will, you create the cure by the ingredients added to the pot as supplies last. This is 6th dimensional blue for chi energy or green planet area energy added or not as ions to the potion. Think to empower as not is what actually blocks the bad thought, to lighten the mood as your thought is strengthened by 3 drops of honey to use.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zero point breakthrough

 Zero point breakthrough; This is a convergence where you can get negative feelings by recieving a negative thought and you turn the fire into frost fire. Otherwise, you feel the fire you summon into the hands, turn to coldness while doing negative action. This negative action could be the attacking or stopping things. You basically use this frost flame, to seal the flames of another.

  This is where the fire energy you use and manipulate is turned into frost effect, and any negative action or attack you recieve can strengthen it. Basically, your converting the positive energy to a negative state for a period of time. Then its dark, as is your energy. To turn positive again, think a good or positive thought. What this can be used for, is to make people stop in their tracks. With this, you can bring things to a standstill.

  Be warned, you may not care at all about the person you effect, as you are dark in nature while using this frost fire. So avoid being in the state for very long. As, this can cause you to become negative with emotion and give you determination. This freezing flame allows you to absorb the energy you get and what the energy is, is an action generated effect force. This is directed by the mind and your innate ability of fire manipulation.

  You can absorb any type of fire attack only too well, so don't absorb what your not wanting. Thus, avoid the attack and you wouldn't over absorb. The good thing is that you can use whatever energy comes at you, and it doesn't seem to effect you. When it creates the effect you want, it can be very interesting. This frost doesn't unfreeze except to magic flames.

  As this works, this converts the targets fire energy and feelings to dark fire, this is to fuel it on them. Whatever you hit with it, is frozen. To master this technique, fluctuate your fire, on and off, and be hit with energy as you are feeling things in the negative state. This is to make you more energized and force the negative state of flame. As you are warned or given energy, you get more potent and you can get more effects off. When this is mastered, you can feel coldness coming from the fire energy and it will be light blue in the hands. To cast it forth, is to feel the frost flame form in your hand/s and think it goes to the target.

  Where you achieve it, the effect is going to be amazing and somewhat incredible to watch. This is when you produce enough frost upto temperatures of -30 degrees. To freeze someones activity or actions, cast it at them as they do it. Then, you can freeze someone solid and create the desired result with enough focused idea. This can be disturbing to the other whom watch. Thus, the positive thought can be that you didn't lose by your effort, or you didn't die from it.

  You then convert your fire energy back to normal by fluctuation of your fire, on and off. Will the fire to be heat fire while thinking or doing something positive. Turning the light blue fire to red or orangey again is also possible. This is by imagining the color shift. When you succeed, your going to feel normal fire heat again, in the hands.

  Then, cleanse yourself after the usage and ground yourself in some way. The grounding can be done, by taking a bath or shower. Or, through imagining yourself rooting into the ground. And, allowing the negative energy turn positive. And, you get positive results afterwards. You also remove the negative feelings. Don't do this too much and you avoid being power hungry or worse, you turn vampiric.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flame color changing

  Changing the color of the flame is possible, by the subconscious doing the effect. The flame color makes the effect. The method to summon flame to your hand is this: Focus it to the hand, think its there and it appears as to what you want it to be. Imagine the color of flame shift to the color of choice. Thinking it or feeling some mood can shift the flame color. This only takes seconds. The flame fits the mood, as it does the motion that you feel. This means that when you have a dark mood formed of bad and negative encounters, then you use black fire to heal and restore yourself by. Otherwise, the values are what they seem described for a positive mood.

  If you just do it and don't think about the fire burning you, then you can do the fire summoning without hesitancy. If you think the fire will burn you, then it will. Otherwise, thinking it won't will allow you to remain unscathed by the summoned fire. The fire does what you want it to do, unless physically there.

  In truth, summoned fire won't hurt you, unless you have a wound or bad tooth. Then, you might get an instant flare up of firey pain. This is alleviated by not touching yourself by the summoning hand that you summoned fire into. Unless its an pain reducing fire color, then it won't matter.

  It can be any actual color. It can be any actual color. The symbol of mastery, works to help the elemental mastery. Which is this. However, different colors mean different things. This is to get certain effects off by fire associative with colors. Where you manifest such effects is anywhere, mostly from the hand. Any black fire is withering and aging.

  White flame color is holy flame. When cast forth, it uses your holy item and your ability to manipulate holy energy up. Draw it back into you and you get your ability back.
  White blue flame is the ultimate flame that absorbs, as it consumes things you intend to destroy, with a very hot fire. This can make a lasting pain relief.
  Pink and hot pink flame is good for reducing and keeping down pain.
  Red fire is devestating to that which is touched by the flame.
  Blood red fire is a pain reducer fire that seems like a narcotic as it works on someone. It can be addicting like dopamine for an adrenaline rush.
  Rose color flame is cleansing flame and devastating to demons.
  Rose red is healing and somewhat less pain flame.
  Rose peach and rose peach gold fires create an effect that you desire. The energy for the effect comes from burning something with it, as in air or demons. All you have to do is to think and focus on your need of the effect you want. This is as it burns and after, when you get the energy.
  Rose gold fire can improve things, mostly by devouring the bad that you want devoured. This can correct people its used on.
  Rose grey is bad fire that corrupts and distorts by its haze.
  Blue fire and Light green fire flows like water and gets into anything and it has no heat (butane flames have this property). This flame also absorbs things to keep its existance.
  Blue Purple fire is holy essence fire that allows you to feel great and elated.
  Light blue is frost flame, this freezes nearly anything. It can absorb anything to fuel itself.
  Light blue red is distinguishing flame it outlines things in a red haze as it destroys it.
  Green fire disintegrates things.
  Green red gold fire makes greed effects. Green gold fire cures it.
  Black fire is dark fire and this is where you absorb essence to create shadow effects. You can heal dark beings with this. Black fire can absorb emotions.
   Dark Black Rose is Dusky black rose fire, a good feeling fire as it burns away things that can cause corruption.
   Dusky black fire is undying fire that brings undeath.
   Brown fire is for destroying things by corrosive behavior.
   Black blue fire is warmth and invasiveness, this allows you to do an invasion of the mind easier. Except, it consumes what it touches.
   Black red is the fire that turns things demonic.
   Dark Rose and Dusky rose flame causes somewhat less pain.
   Dark purple flame is a mage fire, considered magic fire that can incinerate aything. When cast forth, it can cast your mage ability forth to create the flame. Draw it back into yourself, again, by thinking it into yourself. This is to get the magic ability back, you cast out to form the mage fire.
   Purple is the fire that makes violence possible.
   Purple violet is for violent strength that disrupts from within.
   Red violet is the fire that causes violent reaction and a somewhat unconscious state.
   Gold fire is for erasure and disruption as it transforms.
   Gold grey and green or gold green and grey fire transforms and changes the pace of life.
   Silver fire is for time and this allows timed events to occur.
   Silver blue fire is time restoration fire. This flame can restore nearly anything energywise, as it destroys physically.
   Silver red fire is timewise destruction fire. It reacts to nearly anything you direct it to and strikes at any time. Silver red fire can do larger lightning effect. This can drive away people and things you don't need, easily.
   Silver grey or grey blue silver is an electrical fire.
   Gray fire and silver white fire and can make disruption and poison, as it goes through time to make a effect.
   Red gold is the fire of transformation with destruction.
   Red silver is the fire of timed destruction. This effects when you want it to in a faster or slower effect.

Depiction magic

 Whatever you write comes true. Whatever you say or depict is occurred by inner ability formed by ki practice. What ki practice is is the doing of effect or actions to build up energy. This energy surges forth and is occurred by the inner ability that releases the energy. You may have to make the ability manifest of the depiction magic. Do this, by thinking the ability is there as you do enough activity. You will feel the ability come into existence from nothing and you will feel warmer.

 This uses the bones of people, animals and other things as an energy source to help the fire in the air manifest and create a result. Without explanation, it creates itself. This can be formed by willing it there where you want things to happen. This can make an indefinite moment, when the eternal side things is used as an added source.

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