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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weather magic

  The art of weather working. To do it properly one must be grounded in some way. To be grounded, do a earth linking. Just imagine yourself and the earth with a line connecting you to the earth. Now, link to the weather as well. Stand in the rain or use a little water. Make an image in your mind of you and the water linked by a line. Imagine the water linked to the clouds by a line. That part done, go on to the next step.

  The next step, or the draining step, is to feel the energy coming from the storm. Allow your body to act as a buffer to the storms energy. Will the energy to pass through your body from the storm to the earth by the links of the weather link and the earth link. Don't use any of it. If you do, expect to be electrocuted by the drawing in of the storm and by you attempting to use it. You can use it if you want to electrocute someone else by imagining a bolt of lightning to come down and strike the intended victim. Also a good practice is to imagine a lightning bolt to strike in a certain spot. Imagine a duration as a number in your head. Then say "cap" to cap the storm energies for no cases of "3-day storms". To nudge the storm and end it quicker just imagine the winds pushing a little faster from your area. The idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

  To keep a long summer drought from occurring, just try to imagine a storm and say "To affect with no bad side affects. To have no tornadoes and no power outages." Now imagine the time frame you want it to occur in. That is the spell act to raise a storm.

  This spell is experimental. To raise a storm quickly, channel by thinking that the energy is coming from the earth, and going to the sky to cause a quick shower storm. When doing this, want the energy to achieve the effect. Need the energy to make the transition for you. By thinking the energy to doing this you allow a link to become into existence. Wanting the energy to achieve the effect, you supply the final effect for the energy. Needing it to travel starts the action. To stop the effect, will the energy by thinking 'to stop transitioning'.

    You can channel the energy like the previous method to do just about anything. Just imagine the effect you want and need the affect to occur while allowing the desire to make the flow of energy occur. An example: Make an image of a light ball floating above your head. Imagine a light ball floating above your head. Want the effect of the light to be what you want. Need the flow of the earthlink energy to make it into existence. Now, imagine a looping effect. At the moment of light creation, imagine the light to return to that brightness.

  Imagine the light to come back in time to the moment of light creation. Think "loop" and when you look up you'll notice the spell effect of light. It will be pulsing, however. Simply change the color by imagining it a different color. You could even program it a course to take or to make association to someone. When you want it to disappear, dismiss the loop and the light from your mind. Programming it to disappear at the moment its usefulness is gone will make it disappear by itself at the moment of not needing it.

  Furthermore, by thinking to the clouds what you want them to do or thinking to the area what want to happen and imagining what you want to happen, optionally stating the effect, your innate ability that lives within all of us, in energy as the spirit-that-goes-through-everything will cause the effect. Its possible this is in supposable mind over matter.

  As mind over matter influences the weather, all you have to do is imagine what you want of the weather. Or think of the clouds and think to the rain clouds to stop raining, forming a energy pool. It might feel as though whats going to happen becomes as a stagnation field by the energy pool or makes it a sterile energy area, and this halts the rain as you think it stopped. So to have the storm start, is to feel that energy pool drain away into the earth with some of it going into a container that you have for it, like a crystal or box. As in, think and imagine the clouds going in a direction andyou nudge the clouds. This causes the weather to cease as it goes somewhere else. Again, the idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

  If your use of weather magic uses emotion and in your use, emotion is thought projected at the clouds and throughout the sky then it will cause rainfall. If you project in itself, emotion at the rain clouds then you can stop the rain. The more the emotion, the more the effect to the point of a tornado. And so to feel the emotion, then the urge of it by remembering things is to cause more. Then to think the emotion is sent to the sky, and you sent your emotion to the area where clouds can form, if none, or clouds can be broken up if there..unless you intend to cause a rainstorm. Balance is needed to manipulate the weather.

  Some have reported that they caused rain of long duration, or in the end ceased rain an altogether. So if you thought of a tornado, then there will be a tornado forming, until you think of the storm and the tornado dissipating with it. As to send energy and then some thought after the energy, is to cause the condition easier as you 'program' the energy with your thoughts. To send emotion and the thought after gives the emotion voice, which could mean it makes it lash out by causing a condition or you can hear a 'voice' that you intended to be there.

  So in other words, to start some effects, see the area and think of the effect and then imagine the area you want it to be in with the effect or be seeing the area that you want the effect to happen, while seeing in your mind the area with your effect as you would want it to occur, or stating the effect you want to happen while looking at the area will justify to make it happen. Thus it can be used in forming clouds or storms, in an area of no clouds and on a hot day or other weather effects.

  Such, it is as easy as in making a cold breeze come by and maintaining itself by thoughts that it would. Some other effects not related to weather magic are that, as to make an idea occur by thinking on it and the idea will occur as you want. As it sends your energy to the right area and this energy is charged by your thought to make it happen. Sometimes, you can be powered by a storm if as it rages on or off. Thusly, you can be helped by thought of the storm and attempt to cause the effect by thinking on it or doing your ritual that causes it. As always the effect fades as the storm does and it disappears entirely.

  Another way to do this is to use a personal groups way and that was formed by Libby and that is once prayed for as to a god of choice, rain and snow can happen on a clear day. It is like a prayer with chanting etc, some shamanic stuff like magical passes and praying out to your god to cause it, the rain. Rain can start in an hour on a clear day from this, snow can come 3 days later. It does take some time, so be patient as is necessary.

  From a group who tried it, 'It took about 20 minutes or so, but we were drunk, it made things quicker maybe, but alcohol and other abnormal or normal drink affects the mind based actions, but not shamanistic stuff. If you get into the right mood, it can actually help.

  The connection is nothing specific. Actually nothing about the mind. In a mood when you don't actually think of nothing, so it can happens easier. But, still your having a connection with something divine. So we caused rain in an hour and snow in three days after."

The stone effects and color healing

  We grow up in a world that teaches what is normal but not what is true. Until that fades we will be doomed to repeat it all over again. A big LOOP of life and death.

  What is happening here needs to happen so that we will wake up to a truth that has slipped by us. We will be forced to relearn what we always forget. And we are teaching ourselves what we keep forgetting.

  The idea is that we cause the loop and the matrix supports, as we loop event for better results. To say the first time is of luck but the next and last time is of values that come from the repeated loop to reteach us what we forgot. To see the truth that slipped up on us, we need to get out of the circle that we create. To step out of the idea of the loop and do things different unless it seems necessary. Then the circular pattern changes by including whats outside of the loop and we grow.

  This is of healing with colors and stone effects that is an abstract as can be. To actually color heal you must understand something of energy, how its built and how auratic idea is an included idea with it. Then the uses are by technique to be of use for the colors and stones.
How energy is

  I believe that I can say that to do things is an energy builder, where the more we do the more energy is build up. The stress relation in this as to build energy you build stressful relation. Except that we are somehow tired from the work as work by stress acting as an entropic force an its so that there is a happy medium that will exist if we thought on it. Where thought is energy and moment that builds up, it goes into work and then activity. The more activity even the more work your acted out on is as applied energy that is to gather a force that is made from others energy applied to your own. 

  This then if reassorbed back into yourself would quadruple the energy you have to act on with action and outwardly as to use events as energy to act on. To cause relaxation as an idea in mind is relaxing and color can do this as color is made up of energy. For every good action theres a good response and equal action that is of action that can be bad that is equal to the response of the action.

  To suggest that this is nothing, compared to real work well it uses real work to back it. To suggest that this is work related is true. As energy (at least kinetic) works by movement of some kind. We are products of our own world and to know this, helps us know we exist. So to take that energy back into you yourself by drinking water is the cause by force that your body is to work better due to the charge of it. To effect the aura by strengthening it and the aura shield.

  In auras btw. that energy goes most places, it just leaks off and goes to burn away but it is selfcontained at first and builds up energy by activity to break away from our gravity well. It goes on but its also its recycled. As the body constantly reproduces it by activity. It feeds off into objects, people around them and you and then the other people who recieve sometimes an energy boost. Its how auras can effect other people by emotional idea and emotional feedback comes from this. As our in auras feed into them, its provable by feeling something for more than 1 second and thinking of or being near another as then they will feel it too. 

  Some knew that part but weren't as sure about what happened to the aura energy an it always seems to just be going off like a DBZ aura. Straight out into the atmosphere, basically thats also where they go as in the earth and atmosphere to feed the gaia. But some thought just nearly 100% burn-off. No if it was 100% burn off then it'd go to the area as well and cause life to grow and exist. Some can do that at least once, an cause 100% burn off by special chakra and mind tricks and see grass growing. I was at least amazed. It can make colors more real to you. The aura is a good way to start with healing with color
What the colors mean

  What the colors mean is in that which what they can be for you. The chakras are like working with the rainbow an everyones energy will balance out the system.

  Red is strengthing of the life force will and sexuality. Red also strengthens the phyical energy and will. 

  White strengthens...idea, purity and amplification. 

  Orange means energy reserves as it helps food digests it also can also assist in healing. 

  Peach colors strengthens the aura, power and perspective. 

  Yellow, yellow means mental activitys ability, an awakening. 

  Green is balance, healing, and calming. 

  Blue is creative expression and expressed moment along with expressive idea. 

  Indigo strenghtens altered states of consciousness and some type of death by change of things. 

  Violet is transmutation an spirituality that helps balance the physical along with spiritual energies. 

  Aqua is multi pourpose healing and many types of altered state. 

  Royal blue helps a body to assimilate oxygen, breathing. 

  Brown is grounding, earthen, life 

  Gold is strengthening, able mind, belief. 

  Lemon is mental stimulation, generation, thought. 

  Pink to gain soothing of an anger, soothes feelings of neglect. 

  Silver is intuitive, clarification. 

  Black is absorbation, neutralizing, transformation. 

  You might notice certain colors work with the bodies aura....and so do the rock people as thiers spirits within that are in the rocks.
Color healing methods

  There are two methods of color healing and either one can work for you..the first one is color healing choice 1 and the second one is color healing choice 2. 

This is color healing choice 1:

  Just imagine the color as its doing things and what it means is as decided beforehand. As to think color red mean pain an aggravation, the color blue means healing, so to see the color blue overwhelm the color red near the spot that hurts dissipates the pain and reverts the wound to nothing. And so on the color you decide on means an what you think it does. To revert the type choice of the color is to see it and reverse it in your mind. This causes the near opposite of the effect you think on in euphorics but its the same effect. To see the color means its active so to see the effect is to cause it being. To see it as of yours, and then of others and to disrupt an the effect if its bad to you. 

This is color healing choice 2:

  Another one is to imagine the color of the disease or the color that represents the idea of the pain or disease and imagine it leaving the body. With the color leaving, as it leaves the body it lessens and removes it the disease or pain. 

  Relaxation with colors is to be relaxing and this allows your mind to relax by visualizing your favorite idea and color so it is to heal your body without stress. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, move your body until you are. Take a couple of deep breaths and follow your breath without influencing it.

  Then gently move your attention from one color to the next Begin with red, and stay there for about one-two breaths. While you open up to the color. Then simply sit down for a little while. Let thoughts pass by without consciously dealing with them. This is from relaxation exercise colors.
Stone effects:
Basic stone information

  A yuwipi man is a stone dreamer. They can do two things so far, dreaming and healing by stones. The lakota knew the rocks are sacred because spirits dwell in them. You see spirit remains constant living core of thier energy. Its as if they are alive at times and animated when spoken to or of. This is thier stone spirit that may dwell in them.

  Stones share the same electromagnetic structure as our bodies do an the spirit remains the same....where stone vibrations, nature vibrations and sound vibrations with thoughts /dreams/images/visions and actions. Reveberating waters in all conduct the rhythm of what is life. This rhythm is through out in the mineral kingdom, as stone beings (spirits)(gems). 

  Water responds to the energy field that is around it. We are comprised mostly of water and we respond as well.Its actually pointing out that of water doesn't hear, its effected. Its being effected by the vibration of the word and thoughts as if it was spoken, where writing is a form of speech. Its being vibrated to and by ourselves and other things as well as our brainwaves to effect the materia of the fluid. So water in truth responds to the energy field that is around it.
Stone applications and effects

  Know theres stones that you can make elixers with. Like amythest/quartz crystal place in a bottle of water will help strengthen and amplify the healing. Smokey quartz strengthening the auratic field. 

  Then in stone dreaming, put a stone of amythest, citrine or quartz near you as you go to sleep and you will remember a dream that you had. Have an amythest or citrine near you and if you focus then you will will remember even dreams as if it was a wierd vision. With clarity as if it was its sole purpose. The vision comes and goes with focus, if you wanted to remember what something was and have a citrine or amythest near you, then the vision of you going about it comes. As so forth. 

  Healing by a holey stone is possible. The nitty gritty of the technique is to Focus on the victim. Then feel a pull of energy to you from the victim, while thinking of the disease symptoms. Feel within yourself and will it to happen a pull of the disease into yourself. Most have thier own rite but to say heareparo (heh-hare-repare-oh) to improve the effect. What should happen is a drain of your body to some degree, with a lessening of the victims condition. Use of a holey stone, or meteorite improves it more by holding it over the area while channeling disease. The most you can expect, can be 40% improvement of the victims health everyday. Repeated healing sessions may be necessary.

  To assist the body's healing process by holey stone to become faster at healing, charge a holey stone to absorb the disease. Place this stone in a tub of warm, salted water and soak it for several minutes. Repeat once a day for a week. Cleanse the stone via salt water after this and repeat as necessary.

  To enhance psychism, try a wild and lonely place, preferably in the moonlight and hold the holey stone up to one eye. Close the other and look through the hole in the stone. It's said that you will see visions, ghosts or nonphysical entities. I can't vouch for this. I have no interest in being in a wild and lonely place, in the moonlight and seeing anything more than I already see. It is also said that to look through the hole in a stone, (even at home and in broad daylight) will improve your eyesight.
Some stone properties are 

  The amythest is for chaos or dreams. It will give the weilder of it the power of using anyone's spells for themselves. It will also give the wielder the ability of control of anyone else. Given enough energy, it will give the wielder prophetic dreams and visions by focus an concentration. It is useful in futuresight. The amythest is chaotic in nature. It is powered by any controversial or chaotic event nearby. 

  Amber or raw amber is a stone form of solidified tree sap and is soft but hard. when using the Moh's scale. It ranks usually from 2 to 2.5. Your fingernail is about 2 and thus it is very difficult to scratch amber. An American penny has a hardness of 3.0 and should scratch amber. Steel wool, which has a hardness of 5.5, when scraped on amber produces powder or very fine granules. If the piece is plastic, shavings will likely result. 

  Amber is fluorescent. That is, when ultraviolet light (UV) is directed on the amber, it will fluoresce. Common fluorescent colors are yellow, blue, green and orange. The intensity of the fluorescence can be different with different types of amber. This is a simple test if you happen to have a black light. Just shine the black light on the sample and observe the 'shine'. 

  Its used in healing of sorts that range from up close, auratic and to distance healing. Keeping it near you can cure your sickness as it is or happens. An or another use is to focus the stone from where it is as it is By thinking "heal for me' at it an think of who or think of the stone and its effects an think of who by seeing their name or knowing them. Then think or say 'heal him' or 'heal her', but if you want the Harry Potter style then go with 'heal reap' or 'heareparo' and know the person is healed a bit. You might feel a surge or coldness go through the limbs and then you know for sure that it worked. 

  To focus the stone with it being near the wound. by holding the Raw Amber stone near it the wound. Then say while visualizing the wound closing or stop hurting 'heareaparo' or 'heal me'. This statement could be anything that means heal with a me, her, or him added on. This is considered in reiki use, where you are focusing your influence onto another and this influence is sometimes combined with another item or person as a more potent efect. 

  The black onyx and black quartz are known for reflection and removal properties. You can remove a disease by thinking to your onyx amulet the idea of what it is you want removed and thinking the thought remove that bad disease from me. When the moment of the removal occurs, it will slightly dim the energies around you. Onyx or black quartz can also make an absorption of negative spells to be able to use the spells for yourself. They are powered by the sun and mostly by darkness. 

  Citrine is as healing properties reduces toxins in the body an eases skin problems and allergies so its a good remedy for deppresive illnesses and phobias. Citrine cleanes dark spots in the home caused by restless ghosts or negitive earth energies. As citrine helps pets settle into a new environment, its protective functions drives away darkness by creating a light that is on the invisible spectrum. And night fears and protects fron negitive people with the psychic properties of citrine that makes one more intuitve where it draws wisdom from the collective all using your own powers.

  Fossil stones are useful for time spells and reaching for the idea of the past. When the person wants to go anywhere in time he/she simply wills himself there through the fossil stone. It is powered by the age of the fossil. 

  Hematite, those are the ones I use as you can use them as focus stones. You can use energy to like, solidify them to a harder state, kind of like stones that break to stones that don't break. So like...While my old ones broke in half the time that I've had these. These ones don't seem to want to break at all, which is good where it's not really a NEW idea but the whole thing that you see in a lot of Jedi movies, when they wave their hands over the person's face or over an object and the invisible Force acts on the object/person, some can do that with hematite but with a visible force and because if you can seem to work decently well with the stone it ends up amplifying the effect.

  Holey stones are what the Sioux call their protection stones teaching stones. As the teaching stone is any stone with a natural hole through it that will bring protection to the holder. Also called holey stones, they have been able to heal by the wound of energy that is being sucked to the spirit world. 

  Most holey stones, are used in everyday things as well. The tying the holey stone with ribbon to hang near the bed to prevent nightmares is a traditional use of them that is still prevalent since ancient times, as people hang holey stones near their doors and even over where their pet sleeps to guard them.. Some take no chances. they wear thiers on a chain around thier neck and sleep with it also. If you also have a dream catcher near the bed. Then you won't have nightmares.

  The jet stone can hold your soul. Never lose the jet stone for it can be used to manipulate the owner of it. It can also be used to hold an effect or spell more effectively for as long as you want. It is powered by the earth. Gemstones of similar nature can work together. It can simulate events well just by focus.

  Obsidian stone can manipulate anything in a large area. It can even be used as a subconscious manipulation device. It is powered by fire through thaumaturgy. When you absorb spells through obsidian, you can immediately use the force of them. 

  Pink quartz is used for love spells. It also has the properties of sex change for people who use it with sex change spells. When a multicolored stone is used, it has the properties of what the colors are. 

  Rainbow obsidian draws out negativity and pain, both mental/physical as well as absorbs and causes clean states. Its a good stone for healers to have for cleansing your aura after a healing it as it is very strong for all transformations rituals ..for scrying and for night magic prophetic abilities are made stronger by focusing near one. It allows easier use of night energies that are radiant. 

  Rose quartz is a must for healers as it eases pain, tension and emotional wounds such as grief/stress/fear and anger. Just by being near.

  Sunstone has the effect of taking positive energies and deflecting negative. It will absorb any spell and make the restructuring possibilities a lot stronger if enough energy is near. It can also dispel shadows of any type. It is powered by sunlight. As it stores the sunlight for energy that it uses later.

  White or clear quartz gemstones can be used for anything at all if programmed to it. In fact, some are particular to quartz. Native americans have always used clear quartz crystals for focus and clarity, as in always being progressable and programmable. 

Skyhawk & Naia

Love effects and attraction

 There are several methods in love effects and attractions. So far there is three methods, but more are being made.

 Method 1:

  Pretending attraction.

  Use the power of pretending, pretend that you are the most gorgeous person ever and that your pheromones were really high. In a few days to a few minutes, some chemical changes are going to take place in the body and in the metaphysical world and through the power of the law of attraction, your seduction increases. 

  Warning: This can get stalkers on you if you aren't careful. But it works generally for anyone near you.

 Method 2:
  Instant eye love technique. 

  In this in method, Is the usage of chi from hara and putting it in the iris of the eye by thinking it goes there, and programming it by thinking of the qualities of the feel of love. So, in the programming, remember that love is a chemical addiction in the brain. There are three stages of strong love which are Lust, Attraction (intense focus on the loved on), and attachment (idealizing the loved on)as the qualities of the feel is both psychological and physiological. 

  Then, with the thought or statement to the held chi area of, '..make them fall in love with me fast and they are addicted to me, they feel lust and attraction for me, they focus on me and they idealize me and are attached to me. Thus, they are in love with me. So, when i say the word 'release' and its with intention, the chi effect of love on you will finish and you will return to normal.' 

  It, the chi is charged with the purpose to make a woman or man fall in love fast by seeing and thinking of the woman or man while passing the eye charge, and that by will they will fall in love fast., Then in transmitting the chi from our eye to theirs by feeling a shift of energy to the eye of the woman or man, as if by feeling the charge pass from your eye and into her or his brain. So because chi is bioelectric, the effects will be fast. And, the effects work by the eye meridian an in the eye meridian, it effects by transfer charges through the optic nerve as it does.

  This is alright as long as you think of the person and have the intention that chi will make this happen. So its now to practice it, to make our minds used to the technique and to practice, we can go to a trance state by breathing slowing and thinking of what ya want to happen and visualize ourselves applying the technique. This way we can improve. Although an idea way to release the effect of this love from someone, is to just say 'release' while intending it as a release for the love effect. Another way, is to think at the person that, "this love is to fix itself not to be..", and it will act as a charge to the persons mind. The subconscious will then act on that charge, and treat is as a programming. In which, it acts on by acting it out an making it happen.

  Notes: This quote is from one who used to use love magic, "I think 'love magic' should be renamed 'lust magic'. Because it works wonders until it wears off. It's great for a one night stand. But I'd never even consider using it for anything longer than that. But I have used it before that and it never ends well. It, the love spell, undoes itself when it feels like it or when the caster gets weak. And when it does undo itself, it's disastrous and the relationship crashes and burns violently as some love to love, and hate to sway love with magic for this reason."

  For the feel of love, I interviewed three females and four males so far. For what to cause in psychological and physiological condition is important, so we go by how to feel when in love. 

  How females want to feel when they are in love is emotionally sound, happy, pretty, in appreciated, useful, supported, cared for, better than anything, and validated. Sometimes if pregnant or negative its to physically feel painful, as when you really really love someone it hurts. And sometimes to get physically sick when around the male, to the point of always looking like a fool because your sick. 

  For a male, how they want to feel to be in love is really good, to know someone cares about you and there is someone you care about, happy, perfectly and aesthetically in aestheticity where it feels right, sometimes confused. Some also want to feel important, cute, validated, in fantasy of love scenes and supported.

  Method 3: 

  The intention love approach.

  Say with intention on this happening, is how ya want her or him to feel, by stating the idea as thought and as it will happen, or has occurred and think it causes her or him to love ya. A simple 'love', 'love me' or 'love me again' will do or if for someone else, a 'love him' or 'love her' while thinking of both of the people. As ya think of him or her, even if you don't think there is anything you can say. While not being near the other, but if you want to get more direct results then state it near them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shakugan no Shana Unrestricted spells

 I made this a slightly bit different. So it would avoid the preconceived notion and might work. I am thinking about writing about using it and prove that some effects from the tv anime series will actually work in real life. So these described effects are due to the unrestricted spell based on the anime series Shakugan no shana. As described below it is real but not real as its in realness as is described here in the Real anime document.

  In a nutshell, know as is if unrestricted by the difference between the unrestricted spell to the restricted spell as to comparison in what it does?

 An unrestricted spell can effect idea to do the imaginary and impossible where a normal spell is to do what is possible but not impossible. Most Anime events is a reflection of the mind as to say the effect will cause it. As some effects stated of the effect will imprint the mind. In anounced education it is standard. To use a unrestricted spell it may be an event that sucks the event thought up of energy an before use. If used its as a way to siphon it to be used for whomever, or as for whatever as it is the target person or machine to fuel or not. Some use to drain fire as a source. As it if you want as an effect, just siphon and use it the energy to power an effect as you think of it with a circular flowing pattern. The pattern is not necessary but it acts as the flow for the event and an event that you wanted by word, power flow and energy manipulation including any action energy that may occur. Think of a pattern here to allow it to follow and you get more effect as well as you know what the Anime effect is likely to be.

 Where normally it the effect would occur as it is and from nothing, which is the second way of casting one that uses the events from which exist. Like saying fuzetsu and you see a time stop an your energy of whats around you causes it. This time stop is like you moving and those that hold the power of soul existence will not always be able to move too. Yet events seem to go on where time has stopped but new events don't seem to happen. Its your will that powers it and you let it drop to have normal time again. Using a soul energy for existence in effect, it makes a process of progress and it counts as an idea of the effect. In itself, it creates an effect of scenes that seem separate from reality. 

 To where it effects energy as if spiritual an one on one to where it works but not really seen. So effect is a necessary. As it is, if you do something, theres always like an echo as in effect, this echo is possibly redirected as the write or cause of effects as in the clothing effects of idea, just think an feel the actual flames in your mind and condense into clothes. These clothes are as you would want. Some people who watch the show will have preconceived notions about the idea and it won't work as an idea. So to think of the effect and feel it occur an imagine the scene as if roleplaying it it may or may not happen. What do you think?

 Things to do with the power of soul existence. 

 As another idea is to feel your power shared or extended then to 'burst' the energy by exploding it and near or through the target. Will knock out the target or kill ghosts and apparitions by making them unconscious and unconscious state for a ghost an apparition is nonexistence. But for what if it was the soul? 

 To feel the control of an in area and control the person or thing sharing your idea. Think of the force of an existence and feel the flow to gauge it. Sense the initiation of movement through a shift in the flow.

 Synchronize to do things by sharing their memories or your idea with them or you and feeling thier force as if yours for a moment by sending your force to feel it synchronize and match up and control with them getting a sometime some unseen vision. Then feel the force of yours and thiers of a concept meet. When the meeting happens by doing what is in the visions to some degree you focus on the idea of them and you can feel their energy as yours. But your empty at the end of it and the beginning of it as a bottomless pit and as you disconnect with them by visualizing the meeting to end, as the person is their own self again and you 'lose' their energy and thier memories except that which is important. Be sure to withdraw your force from them but as some might think, its only brainwaves that may effect. 

 To cause a dream, that is built with their memories and a chime effect that causes the distortions to create and begin it. They get to watch as their memories are replayed from an idea beginning. It might seem that everyone is stigmatic. But here is the idea, it stems from you concentrating on the dream to occur as structured from the moments recorded on the brain and cause a bell chime to occur or sometimes a bell chime will ring by itself.

 To effect flight, by bunching the fire energy under you to push you off the ground, feel yourself lift off the ground to where you want to go in the direction you want. One could lift off the ground several meters by this technique if enough heat or spell energy is around. This might take several tries to achieve. But if you can't just try something else. It seems there is another methos to this though, If you have a book of power then you can make use of it to cause you flight.

 Location and sonar spell, the idea is find someone an something to get easier bearings. To find someone, think of the person and the idea clues you have and think "find" while you imagine an outgoing circular energy that is a pattern undetected to bounce back after hitting the target to give you a vision that is the key to locating him.

 The antithesis of this is to cause birds to become in meta effect a resemblance of you and they gather somewhere to be as able in idea. This distracts the location spells as to have the birds regather after being spotted as to somewhere else. As it seems that you are there. When you are not finished but almost finished then you gather your energy from the birds to yourself again. There is also the idea to practice being someone else and being open while not admitting to being the person under suspicion. 

 The plantlife can support you as well as it is to get and focus on the plants to do, and send you existence energy by symbolic link to be of extended use that is of use for an effect. This is done by an idea of what you see is what you need, your need is what causes this effect to occur just by thinking on it. As you use the plant energy then the plant gets older, growing out more with each use as in a few centimenters. This way is to use the plants as an undefatiguable energy source up to a point. Some might say that if what you do is of enough energy you will burn out so try to not go too far.

 Eulah [Eu-wah] causes certain idea upon saying it that runs the multiverse of alternatives in ambitions that rise up and cause actions. Sends a self-centering then by self-automated movements in any actions almost all by depictions.

 Euweh [Eue-weh] is the verb which upon saying things may in action cause particular moments that are dimensional. Actions are as if pause or stop by actions which makes it so. These moments of an action are seemingly paused in the mind but seen as if psychicly visioned.

 Essiel is earth field. a fascinating moment to where you are as in dozens of moments where you are benevolent and in movement but extract that an things like to start ahead for a minute and whom you are is it. As it is with a possible fire. Now theres possibility of careless pure water as it is every time you drink water. As your actions are likely charging the water even with effort of what you do by some action before the moment to get your energy back. To drink the water is to cease the visions or moments. 

 If as to time effect in of a wave is when you use idea or things as it to do things as using your voice to cause from a distance a timed event and motion is what occurs it. Like a motion of a car. Just say what you want, then imagine a pattern to occur of what you say as its released in a circular wave of energy that is e to occur a mental change. To deal with it by seeing it as what you want or what you perceive it as, some perceive the result of the wave as a vision and ignore it after while some take note and may use the idea as if what they want. This energy is like a white wave that may cause snow to fall. It spreads about in a circular area very quick and from your adverse self to effect a time of changewinds. These changewinds are as if you were standing there and change occurs to cause events to be different. Where then you are left to explore the new idea if you want. Most could dismiss it as it has no effect to there present. To make it more easier, use a devising to make a sound and then say or think what you want to happen.

 The effect wave is to cause as an a effect to be cast forth by metally seeing the effect as released from your hand as if a weapon. Its to form in your hands as a weapon by seeing it there or imagining it there and a use of it as to cast forth and strike through an indivisual or an idea target. This causes them the target to die if spiritual and to be out of it if humanoidish. To place yourself mentally 5 places and shoot all at once a spell effect into the target is more effective with your spirit in a high place. The effect will look like crystal shards that are broken off. If done right, it seems as if a wave. What powers this is power of soul existence. Keep a candle lit and the effects get absorbed into the flame. To be handed to your soul. 

  Cloaking fog; to hide the presence of the more powerful presence, it smogs the area and absorbs the reiatsu energy to spread it out and hide the presence easier. It hides the presence by usage and the fog is the distraction with everything touched by the fog seeming like the presence. This smogs up the area too to prevent good vision. 

  Tracing is to trace the past and use it to control and manipulate a person. This is immoral, but can be useful to be in control of the person inside their mind or physically. Another variety is to cast forth to bring forth energy and trace the past by the feel of it to control someone of the past to cause you to do things.

  Feel the intensity, think of the idea to occur and feel it happen as you draw in energy to achieve it..sometimes from all around or as is necessary to end up striking in or by will you feel what you want to happen. As in draw or think E and then say lifting up or whatever you want to happen an as its to be displaced into the air it is as if it can lift you or dissipate harmless as i'n. Say things to cause you to want to and to remember why your doing it to make it E and more easier. To think of a symbolic link and have that link cause the effect. This is a core part. Think 'its E an' to make it easier to make events. This can even be used to cast a unrestricted spell like fuzetzu on stating it. 

  Streamers are to feel your ability bring up the power and the soul energy of existence. Then imagine them and the energy turn into streamers of white light. These streamers can cause you or someone to knock down toilet paper. But only when you see them as formable and gathering to your will. Hold your hand out or both hands out to gather them further and cast them forth. Then imagine them to be seen an if you try you can control where they go. The effect of the streamers is they can punch right through things or someone. Disrupting their effort, and try an seem to be as natural to the area. 

  You can form them into a spear by thinking the spears there and bring it forth. To cast it forth or whatever is necessary. The appearance and effect of the streamers can be to make a person talk. You can choke people with them, distract people an do things to dispel ghosts appearances or energy effect. You can use flames for this or any color light. In the streamers that are ribbons, to cast it forth is to raise your arms and then throw your arms forth. To just raise your arms spread apart causes a wall effect to what you want deflected. To pursuit is almost nothing in anything as this takes some intensity or energy. As to put streamers around your body is to effect a soul shield. These streamers are wrought to absorb energy as its your purpose unless its not as thats how they work. 

 The idea to use some other method with the ribbons is possible, like the exploding of ribbons into firey force after wrap or being torn to shreds. As like causing ribbon parts to explode in a circle around you. Then there is an whirling effect of the ribbons in a cone shaped form that is projected by a thought, project, whirl a whole lot to inflict through the target and then explode it. To be and cause with friction the worse damage is to make it as a rubbing force. The ribbons can be made to appear like a person, as you get close to the effect of the wrapping in appearance it takes form as the person.

  Cast about, The effect is interesting. To cast about and make gestures after drawing up energy to do things. It consists of casting forth slight bursts of energy. These bursts can be released and then shaped to strike as needed or cause effect as you feel it and think it. If thought is blocked then state the effect. To use the idea and have an object to do it for you as you direct. The object can become intelligent. If using flames as a source try to keep it to a candle. This is as practice till you get summoning down or you cast it down.

  Instant action is to think is your low point so the key to this is to do and is to become an if it is as meant by your thoughts as your thoughts are of your will. This creates as necessary of the effort of will and thinking into your action. To get an effect on you, an to defend is necessary. But to cure your effect that you get is staged as a step between. So feel the effect if you can then talk of what you want to cancel it out as your using the effect to power it an the effect only has so much energy. Some, instead of talking cast or bring forth an effect to be powered by the effect. This works on diseases and moments. 

  Faux body is to cause another you to come about. By using an effect of seeing then using energy to split off some of your soul existence energy and make it form as your shape. As you feel the form make itself, it will contain memories as you would have it. And you can reconnect to the faux body to make it disappear or share its memories. You might at rest after of this use observance. Memories and abilities can be developing fast after awhile as the body is exposed to experiences.

  So observe manipulation is to be an force being of idea you can cause an idea of effect as to be of observance and manipulation. To cease the movement of the person and send your energy to a surround the person. You can do anything to them after your power has paused the person. But it is instructed of the energy to cause observance and manipulation by use and hand action or feel by visualization. Its of formentioned idea to do this as secretly as possible or as is. As you observe, open your mind to the person and see what you want to do to him. As to observe is to open your mind and percieve what is happening or to see is to percieve the entire being once you do this. To percieve what you want without any problems just open your third eye and let it send you images of what it percieves. As if thier you can cause a withdraw of the bad. But to get them to act on something is to cause a revealing by act. This can be cast from anywhere on your body and returned to the hand by withdrawing the energy.

  To shift places is to feel the soul energy of existence form as a sphere that compresses inwards and feel yourself shift to the place that is out of place that it draws from your memory that you would want to go to. When there the sphere should disappear an draw you to the place as you have it in your mind. The place around you should disappear and the new place you should appear so seal at.

  To seal something is to create a bell chime to get things attention and then ask it the thing to recede. Imagine a staff appear in your mind and then in your hand to stab through the container that it came from. This container can be a human body. So say "seal" to seal it after and withdraw the staff. This can leave a person in the state of "I can do things but not actually remember it and actively know it." You can seal anything with this. But if determination ifset is of the idea that blocks the seal then it is sealed but weakened so by a force of will you could and alot would break or it would break.

  Firex wrap is to cause fire to wrap around your arm by envisioning it and to cast it forth is to cause it to spread fire as in a minor explosion as when you cast it forth. To where you cast the flame is where you think it is. This can be ice, water or love as other elements that work best. But you can try elements other than those that might be summoned by and for you. Once your aware of an element then you could use it as you understand it.

  The weapon effect is to pull or feel form the weapon as to form it from your hand is to feel it and watch it form right out of your hand or body after focusing enough energy around you. You can encharm a being by feeling that it is the effect on a hit and of a hit. It forms at your will after that. Form is formed into existence and of intervention.

  Animation effect is to be of an idea that the artifact like a suit of armor is to be veiwed as fully animated. It must be thought of carefully as to its attributes, as moving and fully capable to do as is necessay except to strike you down. So send energy into the suit of armor or the artifact and think it to 'live' an be alive for you or others. It will be 'alive' to you but not always to others. So to recap it its by a moment that you send energy into the suit of armor or artifact that it may 'live'. To feel it come alive is to animate it. To feel it stop and then feeling your is energy back from where you animated it is to 'kill' it. To part pull the device is to stop it, by stating 'a zet sui'. As of the idea that you can twinkle a bell or imagine a bell to be rung and its animated or unanimated after. One could animate someone thats frozen with this.

  As the cleansing flame, is to focus force on yourself and call it to clean in cause. Just think an feel the actual flames in your mind and condense into clothes. These clothes are as you would want. Come upon you and engulf you leaving you clean. Feel the energy build up within you burst out from the flames coming in. An infuze you in a cleansing flame. You can use it on the objects to purify them and other things like corruption. These flames of the mind are similiar to fairy flames. You can cause other effects on a bad moon as if craziness and insanity of feel and may alleviate certain pressures. These pressures come from a bad mood's influence or corruption as in a bad moon being crescent. As its death to the disease and germs with dirt.

  Energy focus - Focus the power of existence that shapes your body, feel the animus or spirit working inside you that's controlling them instinctively. Put it under your control. To now collect the small amount of power that trickles out of your existence that is a trickle out of your body into your hand. Opening up your chakras will enlarge that trickle for more effect. Just to collect a pinch of what you could collect would be enough. Since misjudging the use of the power of existence is bad, misjudging the power of existence in aptitude or the amount of the power of existence will gain you unfavorable effect by result. This allows you to fight with unrestricted spells. Focus out with your mind as imagine the result and it will occur. So to imagine a flame from what you just collected to materialize in your hand, this can be the color you imagine. Don't break it by preteding to do it. Now expel the flame to hit a target and give all of the flame.

  To hold back could cause you to backlash or regenerate it again. Because if you give your all your not having it recollect back in your hand or where you have it. To give your all is to give whats there. As any power you form into a shape, you give to use it all. Keep going until you can hit multiple targets or a target, and make the flame under five seconds. The same goes for other effects, to summon the power of soul existence is to be under five seconds and then to use it in effect is to feel it happen or imagine it. Imagination may take longer than 3 seconds, so to say the effect is to cause it as well. You could do this or you could do what is called a possessed like state to do it more effectively. But thoughtless progress is counterproductive in the matter of amount. As resolve isn't something to be made in the head but with the attitude and sometimes by actions. Refardless of which, the fact of doing so remains the same. 

  Reforming formation of things -To command something in your mind as to form into something like a bookmark or something else may transform it. This could be the original shape or any other shape. To form it back, try to focus on the item you made it into and then think of the original form as you command it to be the form.

  Firewall: to cause fire energy to shoot forth as a wall or cylinder. It is as if to become a moving firewall and this fire consumes almost anything the person wants in his path.

  Stigma, To see and cast an unrestricted spell that causes wounds to become worse till the person dies or passes out. Considered an instigia effect that knocks out the victim. To cast just think that the wound of the target gets worse, see the wound get worse and feel an let out a lil energy to effect the target. In an instant the energy arrives and causes the effect an as you see it in the mind..or feel it occur in a suggetive type idea to cause it.

  Continuus supply, The secret to the continuuous supply is your focus of energy is everywhere if something. Your focus of energy is by meta smugdes in an on an area and so with that energy you can focus on one area to do things to effect. When your killed you can come back by the excess energy being as a copy of who you are. Its limited by you only being able to focus some energy on one area one thing at a time to get effects of your choice. Then you draw from continuuance supply of energy to back you up. You put on the energy and output to freely go about and freely exist. 

  Antisigma, theres the mystes enigma antistigma, focus energy in a pattern and that is a pattern that is to cause it to be on things or be near things that are effected by a stigma. To uncause a stigma, it causing it to not be effective. As to say unnstigma.

  To cause a shell of energy by imagining the event of which a whirlpool replenishing shell comes up as you feel it does as if there that is based off a whirlpool and to think of the qualities it has as if it gets to be absorbing of everything that is put to it, including weapons. As it reforms itself using the disturbance as energy to reform. There is only one entrance near the top of the dome that is formed as a whirlpool tunnnel entry.

From the examples of the Shakugan no shana the Anime series

Healing Properties of Music

Music can heal people faster than 1 day if it is constantly being played. Plus they get a musical ear when they learn to listen to music. If one doesn't want to get tired of music they listen to the music off and on and they change it to different styles by listening to different pieces. Music has been around for 1000's of years. It was the first art to have been practiced for entertainment. The clowns at hospitals have used it with the routine to heal people faster while making them laugh. This is done when you meet the mood of the person or they match the mood of the song and slowly bring the person's mood up with the music and this is where you or the person can do what is called music therapy. It also improves the mood as people always have songs they have liked. This helps with patients or patience as well. One irish tune "When irish eyes are smiling" was hummed to a comatose patient by the doctor. The patient joined in and hummed the second line with the doctor, and then became conscious.

It is because the parents are such staunch supporters to some degree of music that they support it and what they support they will sometimes respond to, except for some rare cases when the parents hate music and restrict their kids in some way because of it. So the animals such as cats and dogs can be soothed by playing music. It also in part may act as a stress remover in stressful situations if you allow the music to soothe the raw edge while working. Music is the language of the emotions some may say. But some people don't know how to express themselves and music allows for their expression of emotion. Music is the universal language, everyone may understand it. You don't have to speak the language at the moment that the other guy speaks to be understood.

Music can master you and make it where your mind becomes more transmutable and changes of the body may occur easier. With this in mind, music can help you lose weight and it causes you to not think about eating. So if you weren't listening to music, then you might go in an do your urges that are bodily unless you are rare and do urges while listening to music. As through the music you are more easily and rapidly responding except to voices. Unless your unconcious. where you rapidly regenerate and respond a to voices an at least in your mind.

The radio station is a good example of full time streaming music and soothing at the moment. I have two online streams below on this document that are good examples. They are up constantly and make it interesting to hear the songs being played.

One is called Music launchpad and the other is a link to online music streaming. The Rock Music Radio Stations Online lists Rock stations that plays alternative hard core rock & roll and other. The Musical Launchpad website launches many types of music that is for soothing the nerves. Both are relaxing radio stations to work while listening too, of course you may have your own preference.


Click To Listen

Katt 100.5 and other Stations Streaming Media Music

Skyhawk and Jean

The power of magic in words

  Saying to yourself "I will live after I die with regeneration and none will know of it" everyday for at least 6 months and when death occurs, it won't be death. The act of repeating a word or phrase that is positive over and over again by yourself makes it happen over time. When you say something while insisting that it is fact, or when you put energy behind spoken words, you will cause the spoken event to take place. For example, by saying "I can manipulate energy" or "I can manifest energy in any form I desire" to yourself every day for some amount of time, you will cause it to be fact. 

  If you say "I can manipulate energy" to yourself while believing that it is true and putting energy behind the words, you will make it fact much faster than you would by simply saying it to yourself. Every additional time you say it, you will nearly quadruple the effect of the words, if you put energy behind it. My father died at age 60, and the reason is because of the saying "I will die at age 60" at least every other day. When he died it was at the age of 60 years with a brain tumor in a hospital surrounded by loved ones. 

  Thinking to yourself a positive thing, or a positive saying of yourself where there is a positive or negative idea of yourself. There will be a positive upswing of your mental image. Never say anything negative about yourself because it often brings ones own downfall like a self-prophecy. Thinking this stuff does the same thing. The energy of the person increases if the person thinks positively as well as with saying it. Doing it in meditation increases its meditant powerful effect. After a while, the person merely has to think about it to make it occur and self happens. The idea is that the person is in absolute control of himself and if the person helps in some form then their power increases threefold. 

  The potential for weight loss at every meal increases if the person says to himself "I will lose weight at every meal I take in and I gain unlimited stamina from the food without become anemic." Do this by thinking and saying it at every meal and every day. The potential for this repeatable phrase is very great. This also effects other people by saying things similiar to "you lose weight" and they will. 

  In the idea of the secret is the advanced word command theory. As this goes along the idea of the secret, which is the advanced version of this word theory. By everything that rebounds and has energy and rebounds back to the person as an objective force. So if you send out positive energy by an act you get positive energy back and it happens at the end of the day. Like imagine or say the event as you would want it and it will turn out that way. So to lose weight you would imagine yourself or the person as with less weight already and it will have happened as with thirty or forty pounds less as an active lifestyle. Then you will be as such thirty or forty pounds less and active. To say your desired goal to a mirror with imagined lit candles and its with better, more possible effect. 

  For a child, imagine as self with child already and you have gained one. This is basically if you imagine you having the baby and it doesn't quite work out. As to imagine yourself with self center and having more energy and you have that much more energy by three times. This is more effective as with the body such that be it is yours or others is spurred on by the visualization and it happens to do just that and causes the scenerio. Like take a 20 $ bill and put 3 zero's after to increase your wealth. If you put this bill up on a mirror and glace at it everyday then its possible your fortune will increase. 

  This is in all representive idea of force as its within nature and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, basically energy where each and every thing has force of energy and where what you put out you get back in. Govermed by entropy, everything eventually comes to a stop or nothing via a void force except in space where once set in motion it keeps going. Or with the 2nd rule of thermodynamics, whatever force puts out directive energy and has force back in of representative as feedback to you. Now each bit of energy to you is universl energy as the universe itself basically is what you put out you get back in but if too negative where what you get back is too negative you get a positive instead put back by you. 

  Theory is correct where you put out and then you get some back, some enough if its bad enough then its probably not where if its good enough you get back some you lose some. Some examples where the gn-en-hi effect is, you make a gesture upwards and make out to grap something as reach out grasp and you grabbed it. It works just the same as the real thing where you reach out and grasp it you grabbed it. Make doubly sure of vulnerability or invulnerability. Other representative forces are too in the navel. Where too much navel is pushy where where too little navel is pushover or too easy as within yoga for dummies document. You can use any amount of bills or any bill for this. This little effect may take weeks to effect. though so be weary and patient.


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Fairy baiting

 Fairy baiting is as simple as it sounds. It is making the events that are slightly annoying for as long as it takes to draw a fairy to your abode or not annoying as all you should say is fey three times or feyly (feh-lye) once. Till you get thier attention. When the fairy appears, try to talk with it. Say, "I feel your presence fairy being. Please work with me for as long as it takes to complete my experiment." Never say or think what the experiment is, unless you are ready to. Then say, "I will make it interesting for you as long as you stay. Please, give me your name as trade?" This must be done as a unquavering respectful voice.

  Sometimes, you would have to pique its interest to gain its help. Always answer its questions or you might gain poor service. They will do things out of self-interest. You have to keep slightly amusing events happening for it to hang around. When you need something from it, they will know and do it if they feel like it. Or, you may make the name of the fairy and explain in slightly bored but intrigued tones "I need you for my experiment, the part you can do is what you think is necessary". You won't feel the fairies presence, unless it wants you to. Except, things will occur without explanation and by itself. When you no longer need the fairy as a helper, dismiss it in your mind and this makes things boring for it.

  Winged fey love lemon juice. The wingless fey like chocolate. Feyish humans like sweets and chocolate or almost anything they crave, they are summoned by thinking of them and needing one nearby. How the fey eat the offering is through essence eating and how the feyish human eats it is by ingestion and essence sucking. Thus, all you really need is to give them energy and they appreciate it. This is done by thinking it to them. Essence eating and sucking is much like a energy vampire sucking energy. When they finish feeding, they can sometimes leave the food flavorless.

  Fairies are time beings. Some humans describe them as being in the fourth dimension. The work done there is able to manipulate the world that humans live in. The time there is much faster than on earth. Thier world is called aerth. When you go there, every minute spent there is 10 years outside of aerth. If one did research there, you would find that life would pass on earth from you and when you were finally done and came back, you would be forgotten. If you were a thief, it would be a perfect hiding place. You would only have to wait a minute before coming back. They would have forgotten you entirely. The fairies can be bought though. So, I wouldn't count them as a force to be trusted. You can create a time gate to pull you there and to make a mental query to it "allow only me to pass through to anywhere I desire and pull me back to whence I left to make no time pass at all since I left to go where I did go through you."

This is what one person did named kevin. This is one who summoned a fey, 'I put out chocolate, said feyly (feh-lye), sounds like lie, and when it came its speakin and it sounds like a mouse sorta. I use tunnel vision, visualizing the area near the squeek. imagined the voice the squeek is, was squeeky then calmly. Then it changed as I could see it. Then said translatio, and what should I see except a white aura and I speak to it. It should speak as I can hear the area and the voice, as it speaks in an understandable lang if lucky. But I wasn't and nearly lost most of the chocolate except that which had a nibble in it. So I asked it for something and I got it, I asked for beuty.'


How to become an envoy

   To be an envoy, one must be neutral. An envoy is a person willing to risk said person's life to keep fighting down if possible for a purpose of positive growth. True neutrality is their cause. Said person must believe in peace. Said person will have to do extreme things to keep the peace. If not, said person must learn to step aside and allow through blind guidance by council the events to happen. When all is said and done, said person will have to forgive the participants. Said person must not have any cloudiness of mind by being flavored by the knowledge they have. Thus, to be able to see clearly to the heart of the matter no matter what is essential. In effect the correct action necessary must be done to clarify the situation peacefully with any tools available. This includes death.

  The first thing to do is know your enemy and know yourself first. If you know this, everything else is obvious. Always be observant of things around you. This includes objects. Always listen to people around you and your reactions. Always be willing to listen. Think of things with a three track mind. Be able to say one thing and think another while in perfect control of your body. When talking, never be remembered for important facts but for the funny remarks as well. Never be obvious that you are manipulating the people through every action of your body, glance and speaking patterns. If caught, things could get ugly for you. Get an understanding of the situation before you do. When the idea of success happens to your mind. Make certain you don't get too cocky. This rule applies: cocky, stupid, lazy, and dead. Get too cocky because of so many successes. Stupidity happens because you think you can do anything. Laziness is the result and sloppy mishandling of a situation occurs through reactions. Death happens afterward in some manner. Thus to be an envoy, one must handle any situation without cockiness.

  The second thing is to say an oath of non destructive acts to solve the problem. After that, learn yourself by observing yourself and memorize everything that you do. Analyze during the night. When you feel that you know yourself you can start studying people. Know people through the actions that they do and by what they say. Thus, the art of language is learned in this manner. When one knows this language, learn body language. This takes a little longer. When the words a person speak and the body language they show are understood then you ready to be an envoy. Now try to find how to be an analyst in yourself. Understand psychology as it will be one of your weapons. Understanding the bargaining and barter ideal also helps. Now you have the abilty to be an envoy.

  Finally, the idea of practicing is necessary. Where one travels, one can find trouble is a hindu saying. Thus, practice it on the arguments you find. Find trouble by going somewhere and diffuse the situation by using an envoys tricks of manipulation through non destructive actions. Keep doing this until you are good enough to face a criminal without flinching. Thus, you are on your way to becoming a master. A envoy could be considered a translator of actions and events. Try not to be a target if you can. It always keeps you on your feet.


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All about runes

  What runes be are a symbolic line drawing that are empowered by thought and actions. The runes are a dialect of symbols meant for reading/writing, divination, and magical (re)actions. There are thousands of runesets that come from across the globe. Amongst thm be the alphabet with 26 letters, the elder futhark with 24 letters, the chinese alphabet with over 1000 letters listed here and here, the greek alphabet with less than 26 letters, the sea-elven (atlantian) alphabet of over 1000 and letters and the arabic alphabet with 40 letters. To make a rune ye use a runequest to make a new rune. 

  Now to use the runes in reading/writing, divination and magic and the runequest look at the small menu below: 

The Runequest
The rune efficiency 

The runepage of 200+ runes
The Elder Futhark magic use page



Reading and writing runes  

  To read and write with the runes ye must be familiar with the alphabet itself. The way the culture writes the words and phrases are how to use them. Such as chinese write downwards and english be written left to right. Atlantian is written any direction that be a line. The arabic alphabet is right to left. To read the written alphabet ye think of the meaning association that fits the letter.


  The way of divination be to make the runic tile first by carving or burning the entire runeset into or onto an suface while thinking on yer need for divination on some form of material sliver called tines. The tine material should be used as to yer craftsman level. What materials be there? Wood, stone, paper, metal or bone be the prospects. A runic tine set is a carved runeset and these rune tines are kept in a rune bag for divination or magical purposes. When making the tines wait a day before usage because each rune takes a little energy from the air and after the entire runic tineset be made thier is very little energy so things could fail on ye. 

  Now after the runset be carved and a day passes, draw the runetines from the bag one by one as the drawn rune will impart an image of the future to yer mind..Draw the runes till ye get a clear enough picture of what might happen for the person ye drew them for or yerself. thus ye write the vision down or try to remember it. Its best to do this live as one live future tell will clarify many things and try to use instinct as instict will tell ye true. The Elder Futharc Divination meanings are here.


  The way of magic with runes is to draw the rune or carve it into something while knowing and thinking about the purpose ye have for it. The elder futhark runeset for magic purposes is here @ and some others are at the runepage. Upon ye drawng the rune ye will find the rune had taken energy from yerself, the air surround, and the rune creator. This achieves the immortality of the runemaker and grants the runemaker power for each time is done as to mention a name of that which was created by a person gives him power by its use. The magic rune comes in three forms of script form, lockrune form, and simple form. 

  Runescripts are the runes in a straight line in certain number groups called magic clusters of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. The metallic numbers or antimagic clusters are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. These rune clusters are for indicating a certain outcome to make happen by influence. A working common sense of the rune itself be necessary for a competently made runescript and that includes knowing the rune. The Antimagic clusters work because of the material bonding of pairs and by using the pairing numbers ye use the power of the logical consequence and metals. The use of the antimagic makes the effects opposite of the intended meaning. Using the magical clusters ye use illogical influence to make things happen as depicted in the sequence. The effects of the magical be positive results to the intended runic sequence. 

  The occurence of Antimagic actions can be to do the action sequence from right to left and opposite as depicted by the runes in a line. The effects of the magical actions can be to do the actions in order from left to right and as the crafter would want. Now the lockrunes are combined into one flowing design to make something happen. The effects flow together to have an effect of single purpose and the same rules for the runic scripts apply here of magic clusters and antimagic clusters. The magic cluster lockrune makes an effect of the total number of runes wheras the antimagic cluster lockrune makes for the single effect to be negative. Flipping the rune reverses its meaning making positive negative and negative positive. The antimagic runes are all negative and have devastating effect from a positive source(ye) and the bad energy of the rune create havoc, for in math ax-b=-c or 1x-1=-1 unless handled right as in not thinking of yerself as ye draw it. If ye use a negative source with the rune from source linking ye will get a positive result, as a negative with a negative gets positive. Like in math where -bx-a=c, or -1x-1=1 where the positive source with a negative rune gets negative. 

  As temporal runes are temporary runes considered temporary for the fact that thier objects placed that look like or mean the rune or are in the shape of the rune and resemble it. And they can interact in time as well as if they were long lived runes an its as 1 minute of effect can be 100 years or a minute of effect somewhere else. As in a scarf that is placed in a pattern which acts as the rune and in whatever time as necessary as all runes carved or otherwise may do. To do as is in efficiency what the rune is. 

  Finally the single rune by itself has the effect of the magical effect ye know as listed in a runic listing like "A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel." This be excepted by the effect of making yer own runes in which ye make the meaning. The Magic of the rune itself comes from the belief, and the will to allow the rune to enact itself as most runes are intelligent by ye imprinting the object on use with yer mind, and will do as it must to achieve the result. This makes the rune sometimes unpredictable as it chooses the route of idea to achieve rune of movement.

The runequest 

  The rune quest is by two methods and the first method that makes the rune through effort of actions done toward the rune thats created by yer mind and this starts with the concept ye want to achieve with a rune. It must be a worthy concept or the effect is wasted. The rune then starts taking form in yer mind as ye do actions while thinking on the rune and after each action that ye do the rune takes on its form. After a while, the rune will cause ye to draw itself in a moment ye be unaware of on anything including air. After being drawn ye will recognize the rune anywhere ye look as it will give ye immortal power the more its used. 

  Then a second method is of the runes that are quick made are through thinking of the effect and drawing the lines as to what ye want of it or want by it. The effect is of runes that are drawn and powered by the mind in a form of soul harmonizing by use and the actions are the drawing. Sharing the rune by use or drawing/carving it will strengthen it. Once its made by any methos, its to use it or see it as made into things as of objects or a persons use. As its used, ye are empowered each time of its own integrity in use. 

  But if ye disbelieve, its just the same as though they still might work if created by someone else or they won't if created by ye if its yer design and desire, as its only a drawn line on in something without yer belief. ye can also break a rune by pouring energy into the weak part of a rune, especially if its just created. The point where a line meets a line is the weak part. Yes ye can use part of a rune as the focus for yer energies. 

  So to just try to make a rune, is as to feel the power of a source or nothingness going into the rune and that makes it happen easier. Just feel the rune effect by imaging it and let yer hand draw it as ye don't have to see it. There is the fact that a rune exists, as also other somethings as an object somewhere in or of an objevtive force that will work with the idea, as ye have at the moment an interaction or intereaction happens to occur the effect. This something has a useable symbolic link that may be if used as a rune.

The rune efficiency

  Inscribed runes on paper, or other medium have the 'balance' power of the runes. We measure runes power by the base of them being inscribed on non-descript writing material. Surfaces such as wood, stone, glass, cloth add extra power. The different colours used add differing properties. The time taken and dedication to the rune inscribing will add potency. Accuracy of the rune being inscribed also increases potency. 

  Runes, drawn on the body with pen or paint, have slightly increased strength than written paper runes. As the rune rubs away so does the power, though an astral residue is left.

  Residue - This is left when a rune is scribed on anything. The more violent the destruction of the written rune, the faster scatters the energy from the birth site. Runes on stone, worn away by time leave an astral print that ebbs away for the length and potency depending on the original rune. Runes inscribed on flesh follow the spirit and soul once it has left the body. These are nekros - false and dead runes.

  Runes inscribed into flesh (scarrification) have the ability of giving instant power to the one it is written on. Properties better used on different chakra points or limbs, the power granted directly linked to the rune carved. As the scar stays deep and visible, the power continues. Power decrease for small scars and others that have healed over years. 

  The power-giving property is why rune carving is seen mostly as satanic. It has the property of instantly giving energies without divine intervention from spirits or gods, highly disliked by many religious sects though ye will see the priests and tribal priests use it themselves. As the wound heals, the rune is bound to the spirit of the person. (Think of the canisters in Geneforge, without the madness) 

  Incomplete runes on skin have a decreased power and a distortion in the power, though it can be fixed by the completion of the rune, harder to do as it ages. Badly inscribed runes and malformed runes also have a decreased and distorted energy signature. Rubbing ashes (Only use the natural antiseptic wood ash unless ye want blood poisoning) into the wound when open can darken the scar when healed. It is hard to judge the appearance the rune will be and it's strength due to keloiding though with body manipulation this can also be negated. Tattoos as runes give the same effect as writing on paper - because of the soul link they do not bond with the person and only a slight increase in power is seen. For more skin carving information 


  Material properties have an effect on the rune, as inscribing on wood will give a connection to the earth element, inscribing on crystals will add the original crystal property which is why it is good practice to use materials that work in harmony with the rune intention, just as ye would with elementalism. 

  Rituals also increase the potency of any type of rune. 

  Colour properties in runes -


  The runes to be given the least of all strength are ones drawn through the air, figurative runes and astral runes though in effect these can be quite powerful as an abstract item. 

source from A Practical Guide to the Runes


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hell and its levels

This is an idea of hell, and what its like. According to Ben,, and

  All through this, remember that if ya there in hell then ya physical body is that of a giant seaworm, that dies on the idea you send to the worm no suspect. That body dies when ya escape hell. If ya escape hell in soul form or physical by the creator. Ya see ya body, its intertwinned with ya astral and spiritual body yet you are separate as you think to not seem there. Ya astral body is free an ya spiritual body is residing where ya think about. That is until ya think of hell to reside an then ya spiritual body becomes like a normal powerful physical body. Your only in hell if you think to be in hell, as purgatory is a state of the soul and since this is only a perception anyway, this is due to what you believe and what your subconscious makes you see so you are judged in purgatory as to where you go. So think as this is a visual point, this is as though a vision quest. Where you think to see something if you want to see it and your spirit allows you to notice it or you sense it, otherwise you don't see it as you think you no longer need to see things.

  But or not to create is focus or use is create, not if ya use things better that is there if ya think of that is imagined by moment where ya went against or for the laws ya decided to use. See to follow somehow ya power is subdued, see or create is better than the feel as you see by feel you say so you create. So feel free to imagine the feel to things you set free. Feel free to imagine or is hit, the area you feel is feeling you seem as whatever shape whatever happens you are. So free is a use as energy as you think ya transferred as is, ya see the em use is concious by use that is theory. So that you see or send, this use or that is some worm to see ya didn't get hit by and willed a change of shape ya might be free or step to change not due. See you are aware, as your energy aware think to a picture to thought focus the create to see. What you imagine you create or is the use anyway.

  See or not your not any religion. If you think this is true then you can see or see others to get a result or frazzled, as your thought energy is reality and forms or create some use. Think by what you think otherwise if not true this is movement as you create a point or can use this. As material to work with and this is as as point, if you think about interesting thought or need the idea to use as a book or not as if you don't. As to think this is true as think in a concept, as not be be a monster with a point this is the thought by feeling use to escape with feel by chi thought. Due to this the first witch or the watchers, you see you are as your lucky, uses are imagine the area then you create lives here to hell dive so don't mention or mention that is focus is creation never effected as the creator allows you shift as the creator creates. See or feel to work as you focus you create, yet think your aura seems someone else.

  Now to the levels of hell:

  • Pre-level 1

      Purgatory isn't really a level of in hell as much as it is a state of the soul so think that its within a thought and without a bad thought. So lets describe it as if it is a pre-level. It's where you go before you get sorted out, another planet, reincarnated, another dimension, heaven or hell. Its a place where ya purge ya mind and body of bad malinfluences. Once ya decide where ya want to go. Ya concede where ya want to go and if you think its deserved. And ya go there by an apparation effect. As purgatory is where ya purge ya self of anything ya don't like on ya conscious or your thought that is with activity and awareness. You see its fascinating, its where your soul is your "ship" or dimension your in and it shifts you to where you intend to be. So think and you can be where you want to go.

  • Level 1

      The first level is limbo. Its not bad, its made up of ya dreams and desires. And, by all the bad effects turned good that ya did. Limbo is where Charon ushers you across the river Acheron, and you find yourself upon the brink of grief's abysmal valley. You are in Limbo, a place of sorrow without torment. You encounter a seven-walled castle, and within those walls you find rolling fresh meadows illuminated by the light of reason, whereabout many shades dwell.

      These are the virtuous pagans, the great philosophers and authors, unbaptised children, and others unfit to enter the kingdom of heaven. You share company with Caesar, Homer, Virgil, Socrates, and Aristotle. There is no punishment here, and the atmosphere is peaceful, yet sad. Once ya got to limbo ya can decide if it wasn't too bad of a place to wait until the time expired. Limbo is a place where ya go and find ya true self so no violence can be done despite intentions. As the viloence seems not to happen, thinking frees you and fades the violence away from ya psyche as if you psyched up and thought you could do anything. This is thought as you stop getting psyched up by feeling its unnecessary and you are in vision.

      This is often of fraud and thought clears the idea up, since the purpose is set by what you decide to do to prevent fraudalent creativity, as you do fraud and other crimes of passion till the excess point that you can't escape as you think your the one and only thing to work with as though thought in what life to live proves and provides by what you do. For your purpose and life leads you to sleep and wake up as thought fraud isn't done, if you stop and keep where you are and don't actually leave. As thought of fraud only occurs to you, as you leave the area and not only if you do acknowledge or accept this. Thinking is used to do things, as you escape by thought with what you thought to get. Think to yourself or not, to do things as you suddenly shift back from Hell by the power of an angel that frees your soul and you are on the normal plane again..

  • Level 2

      The second level and the River Styx connect somewhere ruled by Hades. As this use looks like a river of blood and guts. Its where you have come to a place mute of all light, where the wind bellows as the sea does in a tempest. This is the realm where the lustful spend eternity. Here, sinners are blown around endlessly by the unforgiving winds of unquenchable desire as punishment for their transgressions. The infernal hurricane that never rests hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine, whirling them round, see or use and smiting if emotion manifests it molests them.

      You have betrayed reason at the behest of your appetite for pleasure, if ya come here, and so here you are doomed to remain. Cleopatra and Helen of Troy are two that share in your fate. It may seem as if someone there was walking by screaming because they had no eyes. It's not that there's no light. It's that their eyes are gouged out. It's perfectly well
    lit. Think as thought is where your able to form reality to your will, as thought forms the space and your will is what you think as energy is a leaked essence.

  • Level 3

      The area around the eighth level is the third level of hell, a dry plain. Where ya can create effects with a thought as with a like wish effect. This place is of the gluttons that is level three. Gross fat people laying in their own filth still eating anything they can get their hands on. The thought is what can give the moment and as thermoment ends, your likely to seem with seeing habitats, free of charge and free use. You just have to go through with it as what you say is done, as if a chaos wave point is forming a place in your mind as a place and dimension is thought as though a place that forms with a will and with a thought arouund you. Thinking as if a point is done, your able to shift a will and use the energy that you get.

      As use is your use or your own if a source after you get out of purgatory, as if you think of the idea that is of use. This can release you as your able to charm or use raw chaos by civic disorder, and used thought while in and out of thought by an activity with so much eating done. That the idea might be a little too much on the dry grounds, as if a feeling to digress reliquinshes and as you feel good. As if condolence breaks apart the area in your mind and your body is what is restored to you in real time, as life is not adequate in something and this is but a moment in a clear idea to suddenly felt as coolness to your area. You can if your aware of the area and use psychic skills, seem with the harmony of life or song as if a medley is a perfect thought perfect idea in understanding.

  • Level 4

      Just before the river Styx is the Fourth Level of Hell. Here, the prodigal and the avaricious suffer their punishment, as they roll weights back and forth against one another. You will share eternal damnation with others who either wasted and lived greedily and insatiably, or who stockpiled their fortunes, hoarding everything and sharing nothing. Plutus, the wolf-like demon of wealth, dwells here. 

  • Level 5 

      There is a gate in the eighth level hell castle, it leads to here. That is, after the gate ya are in the fifth level of hell, into the river styx. Ya see it was attuned to send to a special place, as to the river of hell, styx. One that ya can do things in an it will cause events. That is, events ya thought on. It's a completely pitch black cave with allot of heat. And as ya apparate there, your standing on some rock. To hide ya actions, its pitch dark an ya are snapped to a death place. The valley of death. The dark cave that's under the river of hell, is with all of the souls and bodies trapped just underneath the surface, or, it's one part of it.

      The fifth level of hell has the river Styx run through it, and in it are punished the wrathful and the gloomy. The former are forever lashing out at each other in anger, furious and naked, tearing each other piecemeal with their teeth. The latter are gurgling in the black mud, slothful and sullen, withdrawn from the world. Their lamentations bubble to the surface as they try to repeat a doleful hymn, though with unbroken words they cannot say it. Because you lived a cruel, vindictive and hateful life, you meet your fate in the Styx. Which can also attune ya to death and make ya forget things.

  • Level 6

      Level six is the City of Dis, where you approach Satan's wretched city and there you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You might join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, think as if you eat the hand for a supposed steal with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this 9th circle circle of Hell.

  • Level 7

      Guarded by the Minotaur, who snarls in fury, and encircled within the river Phlegethon, filled with boiling blood, is the Seventh Level of Hell. The violent, the assasins, the tyrants, and the war-mongers lament their pitiless mischiefs in the river, which make them forget their woes while centaurs armed with bows and arrows shoot those who try to escape their punishment. The stench here is overpowering. This level is also home to the wood of the suicides- stunted and gnarled trees with twisting branches and poisoned fruit. At the time of final judgement, their bodies will hang from their branches.

      In those branches the Harpies, foul birdlike creatures with human faces, make their nests. Beyond the wood is scorching sand where those who committed violence against God and nature are showered with a hot Sun that rain down against their naked bodies. Blasphemers and sodomites writhe in pain, their tongues more loosed to lamentation, and out of their eyes gushes forth their woe. Ushurers, who followed neither nature nor art, also share company in the Seventh Level.

  • Level 8

      This is kingdom hell. Theres castles on this level, level eight, made up of souls formed and tormented by torture into a shape. As its a reddish plain outside the pit and the great hell castle. Where before the castle there is pit with a legion of zombies, demons, hordes of things. This is the eighth level that is with the Malebolge pit that is around the castle of a hell. The pit is with many and varied sinners that suffer eternally in the multi-leveled Malebolge pit, a pit of despair which is an ampitheatre-shapped pit Wholly of stone and of an iron colour: Those guilty of fraudulence and malice; the seducers and pimps, who are whipped by horned demons; the hypocrites, who struggle to walk in lead-lined cloaks; the barraters, who are ducked in boiling pitch by demons known as the Malebranche.

      The simonists, wedged into stone holes, and whose feet are licked by flames, kick and writhe desperately. The violent and panderers are all here, as are the thieves. Some wallow in human excrement. Serpents writhe and wrap around men, sometimes fusing into each other. Bodies are torn apart. When you arrive, you will want to evenly put your hands over your ears because of the lamentations of the sinners here, who are afflicted with scabs like leprosy, and lay sick on the ground, furiously scratching their skin off with their nails. Indeed, justice divine doth smite them with its hammer.

      With a castle of time in the middle of it. Where time rules the land and time also rules some of the earth. Events that happen there stop events tha are else if they're connected. It's how 1 sec can be turned into 200 years or so. You can rule on the eighth level in a castle of your own, but there is the castle as well of hell itself. Separate and by itself in the eighth level of hell by the other hell levels.

      It is a fight heading on your way to the great castle, the great castle of hell I mean. The castle is big, more than 50 levels in it. You are fighting with death energy or ya dead trying to be in it. All you could do was flick at things and they poofed into energy and dissolved and blew away in the wind. A cold ethereal wind that was pure death energy particles. Think of were and they calm the area the creatures, within were incensed so you see of death energy to those you don't like. Ya could have stretched or use ya arm out and scream and phased through a wall. Its death energy that can make ya kill ya family. This is definitely some sort of death realm.

      One person who remembered hell was standing in such a place as the plains of death, his hair looked a lot like his now, and he was coated in death energy, and the winds were like sandstorms of death particles but he just walked through it casually, unshaven, hair blowing everywhere but not sunglasses, his eyes just glowed with energy. They were the only things that you could clearly see at that time, with twin glowing points of pure blinding white light and big-ass robe.

      If theres a Big ass boss dude, then he kills so fast one can barely even see it coming but then you can pull a death curse. The Big boss just starts glowing and explodes with it. After ya get cut in two then ya can pull ya body back together after the thing explodes and just keep walking. Utilizing the energy produced when the thing dies. What ya could really die from, was this weird god-level dragonheaded creature thats emanating raw death energy, bat/dragon wings and a fucking ancient sounding roar. In defeating it, it could defeat ya.

      In the attic, think yourself wherever you want tiy seem and your shifted there from anywhere at the very top and lower of the castle there is the tip of the tower and its the summit of the castle. There are special toys as in a portal that was a toy to its creator. He used it as though to toy w/people. Maybe this isn't a portal as it really wasn't at all, as you touch it and you start glowing bright blue and white. But, as it used ya force to activate then it was as then ya body started flaking and you start teleporting somewhere. Into a different level of hell. Its believed to go to the fifth level of hell.

  • Level 9

      This is the deepest level of hell, a land of ice formed fom the forgetting chemical added to waters where the fallen angel Satan himself resides to create with those that drink if not ice that freezes over to the area use by reforming. His wings flap eternally, producing as your use is feel or feel is chilling cold winds that freeze the thick ice found in Cocytus or emptysus. The three faces of Satan, black, red, so we aren't effected as we don't see the area and yellow, can be seen with mouths gushing bloody foam and eyes forever weeping, as they chew on the three traitors, Judas, Brutus. So seen as Soe is a trasp trap set in the floor. See by cosmius and useful in useful area see to use and Cassius. This place is furthest removed as the portal portta bathroom from the source of all light and warmth. Sinners here are frozen deep in the ice, faces out, eyes and mouths frozen shut. Traitors against God, country, family, seen viewers and benefactors lament their sins in this frigid pit of despair sometimes forming dopplegangers. See as despair or use is nasty or degenerate to use, you see health by corroded area or don't cause couse ice or corpse ice to cause corruption to the use. This was the land of idea with diablo depictions, deliberately to create things that would seem protections that draw you was you want to go somewhere.
  • Level 10

      So you see how to handle this this the hiding area to avoid places, so the area you see is run or granting wish by perpective peaceful people that if you run you left. See is the point, the area is the rhyme or reason is release so if the voice to soothe away nerves. As you think a rhyme or create is purpose set by the desire or thought you see to sense to form as you really are this non cruel as your aware. See as you are this interest you create by the area point so whats the point though to see or if you create it will make you a cretin or not use them to misuse things. So thinking is use, use is purpose set by what you think to do or hell. See as some area is in there feels wrong or no use.

      They are unsought so you are left alone, see or so uncall the despotic heroes that exist to serve yet on completion is what. So you see or use to create with theory, as you look real or not real you see what you realize if you are thought to seem. The words you speak shift you to seem or where, you want to use idea or noet is not energy eating as the body produces weres or cretins to guard. See as you feel or fell down you create a good or bad not by illusion to use. This is a hellion use in feel or not torture though, to set up things you use cerebral focus or energy feel you see no use to bear against you or can lie about near area. Anything can see or seem to present, as you see to schematic use. So feel free to let live or die to shift, remind to tell or imagine the point with some space between to cool off or see to shift. See as your away yet your claimed by those that own with the reason, "see for I owe you or not so this" is what I see in use there.

      As you see the real reason this to release yourself think to imagine some created idea to see not the same place, as I don't care to this as different places different body area containers are energy. See don't as you are so you think see, as you feel as you are think to feel so you move around. Sore is relieved so your imagination is subconscious use, so this is focus is useable feel by rest that is sore foot use or creation is user feel to use cool idea. See hot is theory in value yet normal is from creativity, see or not so your area is clean if water runs so creation to use see the reason so you realize what you do or life. See or say is the rule or feel, so to use is feel not release or think to go as you release to see something you leave the area.

      So imagine if you think about hit things you create, as this depends on a point that indicates what is linked to the area is made you are representing thought. See that made by what you see is a success if in a fight as if you make some point, as your an idea or you work with things see to ignore. See or not seen is if fisted or allow what is a black leprousy effect or neurotic narcotic hell to existing points, so you see by what you see made use by mention or not if a jail or jawbreaker. See that is the most narcotic neurotic idea hell to exist, as if on machine as this does exist this uses some demon the cult made doesn't exists by things. So tell or think your original plane of existence, so you see to not be there or use in senses are use by chi use. This creates what you see, so you thought to shift to somewhere you are wanting to see or seem.

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