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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to do magic and examples introduction

  The document below I found interesting and is the introduction to the how to do magic doc where the rest is in example, from here or here.

Introduction to how to do magic/k

  Magick and magic have sometimes come to be known as two different things, although to some, Magic and Magick are not two different things. Magic is just another way to spell Magick, and Magickian is another word for Magician. It's all the same to them. So I will talk about it using Magic an Magick interchangeably. So, to others magick is rarer as one can manifest the force as visible to the eyes.

  Some magick is visible through set patterns, that are detected in a physical event. They represent a wave effect, set by the subconscious causing actions in the real world. So magic can also be the invisible effects or affect by force. You could cast a magick light spell and gain a flash in the area or a light flash that lasts longer and sometimes else. And magic/k can occur by thoughts alone or sheer focus with or without words. The words are an added focus to make the effect more plausible as its extra instruction to your subconscious. That instruction is enacted upon sight of it or hearing it. As you hear it, so does your subconscious.

   Some believe that they could do things without magic, well then, theres an idea of truth that you are doing magic by focusing your mind on something. And your subconscious picks up on that as a suggestion, to make it happen. So in fact you are always doing magic, but in a lesser ritualistic form. Yes, you can call that magic. However, if the person doesn't allow the spell or doesn't want to change, then the spell doesn't effect them. Blocking out the personal expression itself prevents it.

   The basis of magic lies with the subconscious, but no actual spell lasts forever, it will wear down. Eventually its effects are to stop, unless maintenance is done to the spell, or the spell effect is recast to cause it to effect more. Whereas, if you gut feel, mind mime  or otherwise feel the effect, as in make a feeling appear from thinking and then it will occur via an emotional channel, and using emotions, you can channel the effort to greater action. This causes inadvertant and unavoidable reaction. Especially in some that dislike the idea or don't like to hear and see it.

   Some might think magic/k is stage magic. Magic isn't really stage magic. Stage magic is illusion and sleight of hand which can be difficult, whereas some good stage magicians are Hudini who died during a trick, hanging upside down in a sealed water tank chained, handcuffed, and with the effort of getting out of the tank.

   Some magicians are Merlin, who might be considered fictional but is real, I spoke to his ghost to make sure and found that he is known for being able to use magic to the aid of King Arthur and he also guided a Legend. There are some you might not know except in stories or even then, as in Sorcera who made the definition of sorceror to unknowing people and also by a lousy upbringing to make her with the intention of destruction if peeved.

   Now a sorceror, is not a magician nor a stage magician. Plain 'sorcery', is fulfilling your desires on earth using psychic skills, and is NOT Magick, that's the difference. Where Magick is a spiritual path of effects, though it has lost it's former glory since the New Age movement, the Wiccans and the Pagans sometimes call every psychic act they do Magick. Magick is all based on the mind using a focus point, energy source, as well as the direction of need to make it happen through aether or mana, by intention.

    Aether is free energy that is made up of most of the elements, and can be directed by thought or feelings of what it should do through Ether. Ether is the idea and effect causing element made of spirit effort and essence. Mana is what is the old energy of magic that is more powerful, as it is built up and everlasting in effect, till you end the effect. So after everything I went through, I daresay I believe its mana that does some effects. And with the imagination to guide, it is also a way of life. As, your thoughts can take on life and by effort the imagination is proved real.

    What is needed to start? Discipline by repetition, unless its wrong to repeat it. Do every chore unless its destructive that a taskmaster or task mistress tells you unless you can't do it, for at least a month and you will be ready for the next step if you do it without grumbling. Remember that with magic the way you live your life determines how the energy called magick or the focus of Chi for female and Han for male, both meaning life force, will work with you. This comes from the idea, that by doing, you are making a focused idea and this focus counts as focusing meditation. Now Chi and Han are the same as magick, as an active life force from Martial Arts in eventful activity. Where magick is an active life force from the event in Magical arts.

   If you hate yourself then so will the magick of yourself. Otherwise, If you were a carver then the magick will help you carve a perfect figure every time. Again, it in itself is a way of life. It will support you when your down as long as you support it. If you dejected it, the magick, then be prepared for a little harder time to get it back, the more you lose it by abuse, to your mind the harder it is to get it back. With Magic practice it is everything to the effect. If at first you don't succeed, then if you practice enough with a creative purpose, it should happen for you.

   The next step is to have a belief system down and a will that will allow for creative idea to work. If the belief system is Christianity, study a new age book on magic and memorize it. The book has to work for you as it will be your guide. Christian beliefs have a tendency to make magic tough or the person thinks they are immortal. The Christian belief tends to the thinking and training that someone is greater than you and will take care of it without you trying and all you have to do is pray. According to some this makes you lazy and too dependent on others. This can cause failure of the self in hard times and emotionalism or self doubt. If your faith fails for some reason then those states can be caused. So, what can be used to replace this is belief in yourself by the Hindu way that can lead to a stronger mind stability. The Hindu system of belief is to take responsibility for yourself causing self-dependency.

   If your interested in ritual magic, the practice herein is to make a pattern for ritualistic magic. Use meditation to achieve this. Meditate in a comfortable position on clearing your mind and on a bright light that surrounds you while it penetrates you. And afterwards, on bridging the gap between yourself and your subconscious. Do this by a vision quest of visualizing yourself on a ledge and a gap with a sign that says draw the bridge to go across. Across the way you see a clouded ledge. Try to draw it in your head and feel the need to have a connection to the ledge at the same time.

    Or, also to strengthen your ties to your subconscious, think theres a invisible bridge to go across. and run across. When you succeed to reach the other side, imagine the words "nobody but myself can use this bridge." The task means that if you have the desire and the imagination to do something then you will succeed at anything you try. Repetition is key to success in this. So, if at first you don't succeed, then try try again. You know you have succeeded if you have a boosted energy level as well as a younger look, and your memory has improved by an increased melatonin level and some female or male body hormone which feed the process. By process I mean in moment magic, or things and stuff thats happening around you.

   In belief, it is like the key to self centering. If you don't believe in at least the knowledge you posses then you are like not too strong willed. Weak wills are likely to fail at most magic. Some won't believe because it is hard to understand, you make it hard so to understand it, think its not too difficult for you, find a similiarity and pattern in it, then try to understand it by a use of it or by what it is.

   Everything of practice that uses the mind can be considered magic. even prayers and math. some magic is very wide and the "magic" you speak of might not be the magic that someone else considers.

    Where, Latin phrases are alike in its imitation. Latin is the weakest language for this though. Its not only mostly some other people and high magic users that use it. High magic is the use of phrases and words that are believed by over one-hundred people to have an effect in or during a ritual. This belief can make effects easier to be, in occurance. Some magic or magick that use words, acts as if theres a word 'insulation'. Words from other languages are used for magic because if they're words that we use too much and are far too familiar with, then your own feelings for the words will cloud the magic, and you'll lose sight of the objective. Nonsense syllables work just as well as they center the mind and prepare you by focusing yourself for the effect you want. And only you sometimes know the purpose for the effect spoken through nonsense syllables.

    The most difficult magic is the magic that you use yourself. like powers. but it is still magic. it is still your doing. and even the other kind of magic is considered the magicians doing. Some real magic can be done in the veil of a magician. The fact that workers build a building doesn't mean the architect made the plans and there is natural and unnatural magic. Natural magic that is derived or found natural to the surroundings, and unnatural magic is done using the spirits and demons to cause effects or supernatural events. But in every natural thing holds a magic inside them of its own kind. Latin is like the weakest language for this kind of thing. only sometimes do high magic users and others try to use it to cast spells.

   There is the effect of magic on machinery, as to cause it not to work right. Just remind yourself of this idea, that this could be true listening to music and it becomes easier to avoid, this excerpt is from a friend who got the result of almost broken machinery, "And then the music began to skip. I grimaced. Like I said, I have this effect on machinery. It has something to do with being a wizard, with working with magical forces. The more delicate and modern the machine is, the more likely it is that something will go wrong if I get close enough to it. I can kill a copier at fifty paces."

    How to get an effect quicker, is to me the 3ownz idea. No matter what may happen, anything may occur out of the three:
 Magical idea.
 Magical phrase.
 Magical moment.

   If you can get at least one of these idea actions, then you can get a magical action to occur. If you can get two or all three of these idea actions out of the list then you may get the result easier.

    As an idea, looking into someones eyes to see their true self is possible. From an wizard investigators view, "When I look into someone's eyes, into their soul, their innermost being, they can see mine in return--the things I had done, the things I was willing to do to help, the things I was capable of doing. Most people who did that got really pale, at least. One woman had passed out entirely. I didn't know what they saw when they looked in there -- it wasn't a place I poked around much, myself.' Its to see their potential, thats all it is as it was or thought on.

   If your in trouble or sense something out of the ordinary, think "I was a wizard, throwing around real magic, I was not afraid of big men in big cars. I do not get rattled by corpses blasted from life by magic more intense than anything I could manage Really. Honest." To reassure yourself, and the thought helps out.

   There could be spiritual life to things, other than energy or magic so be understanding that it is possible, such as the supernatural in unnatural magic. As "Once I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a twitch of motion from the dried scorpion that sat at my desk. I blinked and stared at it. It didn't move. Cautiously, I extended my senses toward it like an invisible hand, feeling about for any traces of enchantment or magical energy. Nothing. It was as dry of enchantment as it was of life." Just as the example quote, to talk it out and it will be okay.

    "You are trying to make an excuse for being into magic and paganist thing despite your religion. your actions define your religion. Rules and tradition doesn't define a religion that defines you. All main religions are written knowing this fact and knowing it is everyones nature not to believe and trust. If you want to have a peek I don't think God with all his mercy will throw you into the magicians hell."

   You must know everything you can and then try the effects out to really come up with a result. if you are afraid of the result will be evil, then you don't deserve to be an unquestioning believer anyway. There are some magics, that once set will go wrong if you do them wrong, and a set will will backlash and attempt to make you pay a price. Its an all in one concept for everyone scene. For every good is a positive result by good idea.

   Those that follow the Christian faith have no true belief of themselves without their God. And, there is plenty of Christian literature that says magic is evil and anathema is in the Christian faith. Based on the fact of money is the root of all evil intention you are blindsided into not doing magic and theft. Seeing the whole quote makes more sense by anonymous of "Money is the tool for the root of all evil intentions as people will do as they will do, based on desire and evil bias with good intentions to pave the way, for the one self, and money is an unbiased tool in this. Absolutely neutral in just being there.

   The idea of being without money or values is like being poor and starving on the street. Dead within years if no support of yourself by self-support and with no money and values. So money is not the root of all evil, it is a neutral tool and the support that keeps you alive.

   People will do as the foolish will do. Most fools will do as they want where the road is paved with good awareness. Consequences are damned, where consequences are desired are limiting except in between duty and desire. And where the idea is thought, consequence will recur events unless you think on the acts within as being greater than the whole for the desire or hope be barred by sacrifice. In the motion of self-concept, a desire can fail leaving worse behavior like stealing."

   If you don't know how to meditate then read the meditation how-to and the dream walking and OBE documents. Every time after this idea is understood, try to think up a different solution for every problem every time you run into it or a different problem. What this will do, as in the "Art of Creative Thinking" by Robert W. Olson, is a spell of force on the the person to think and be creative at what the person does as well. The norm for a person is that the person is stuck in a only one solution mindset and if presented with a problem with a too tough solution said person will quit and try something else. People simply don't want to think. Somewhere, I heard someone say "It hurts my mind to think". A reason for this is that people are trained at birth to adulthood to accept tradition, and this is creating a pattern of resistance to change, but the pattern of resistance is allowed to some degree.

   When a change comes about, the older one gets the more resistant to change they are. The more steeped in tradition the more harder it is for people to accept an idea. The answer is to get into a habit of thinking of a different solution for a problem if it comes up when he/she thinks of a different answer for it every time. If the original solution doesn't work, the person will easily come up with another solution. Then slowly the person will become aware of the solutions that are possible for any problem as well as the ability to pick up on things unseen to said person. This in turn, turns people into geniuses.

   Combine with it the visualization of what you would want to happen and making it happen will be automatic. Whether it be by you or someone else. All it takes is a small action on your part to urge someone else to do something that would make it happen for you mucho easier. Learn to see patterns and observe everything. If you see the patterns in things, you can change it by simply trying too if it is not working as you would want. I try to visualize everything beforehand.

   When I actually am attempting to do the act that I Visualized, I use my innate instincts to make certainty that what I want to happen will happen in the visualized pattern. Thus, if anything goes wrong then I can always get out of it. Like, to say or imagine a new scene of a upcoming conversation as a positive result. Most times it will happen in that way of imagining. A backup plan is to see the result of another way, with a different ending. Always have a backup plan so that there is a definite possibility of winning through or getting out of it.

    Something to remember is that when the moment is right then the event will happen. Yielding your subconscious with the power of your soul by imagination, as by making use for other energy sources will make it happen, by the power of belief of unusual things. A spell is sometimes the repetition of words in a pattern using your need, desire, and understanding of the phenomena to make it come about, with a mental collection of energies. Another explanation is investigate it yourself and remember what you learn. When you cast a spell there, is never a vacuum and it will occur no matter what you do, unless you do a counterspell and a taking into mind that whence it is cast and the more difficult you make the spell, the more time it will take. Be assured it will always happen at least once, unless you undesire the effect by a counterspell. Some may say this is a "miracle", that it happened by God but you actually did it with a inspiration and realization as through it is all it is, by learning and imagination. This is temporary at the least by belief to do.

   First thing that we sometimes do is that of thinking and applying an idea to something, on the area concept of defense with psionic or magic, as what you think on the moment that will occur by mind over matter more so, when preparing, allow negative to support the positive in a strengthening effort by "seeing the negative filtered through an anchor, object or energy pole and sent to the object and then use it through voice as a guide and feeling from the gut to support". This, the attempt, would strengthen in the end and weaken at first. The included efforts help to cause more confusion and chaos. So, in a fight be prepared and bring none at first, except to keep them, the others near to cause a win without destruction or detribution on then.

   A few rules to use from Terry Goodkinds for wizardry and magic that I found were true for  magic.

  Rules of chaos happen if too many things an is shown in Terry Goodkinds "Sword of Truth" series that I found .

  The first rule of chaos, to use effective force by focus made by expedience and change, honed with proficiency to make effect, this is added by simon and pug as to proficiency, where mixing doesn't make a match except for some cases.

  The second chaos rule, you can't deter what is not deterrable or turnable although deterrance can make a concept.

  The third rule of chaos, most rules are in effect except by a undeterrable force and only because of belief, you don't have to do it and peace deters the motion.

  The fourth rule of chaos, make hazard where its allowed or hold off, and do the good intention and best action, mention it and stops.

  The fifth rule of chaos, good is a definition of an idea case of varying grades of expertise to give pause, and get applause, with desire or fame or deter the moment of conception, or be of positive nature to do positive acts of self-desire and to help others with achievements or do respectful balancing actions.

  The sixth rule of chaos, demonstrations are necessary to give an idea for consideration, to recreate the event and make a better understanding in two forms, destructive for a reproving action, and attraction to cause promotion.

  The seventh rule of chaos, disrespectful behavior and chaotic harmony gets the ambitious going and makes more havoc or play. So do things using activity as a fuel for self concern; that allows for gaining cold deliberation of power and invention with intervention.

  The eighth rule of chaos, self-disposition create havoc or thought ae illogic or logic. Self-respect creates a consistent balance that conserves by useful activity to balance things out. Use with conservation of energy.

  The ninth rule of chaos, the efficient action is to think of yourself first and others second for improvements; use grudge campaign to achieve bad results.

  The tenth rule of chaos, bad is defined as expertise to prove an ability and create fear, or to do evil in the name of good; money isn't the root of all evil as you need income somehow to live, its what people do with it that counts.

Terry Goodkind wrote these in the sword of truth series. They also are true to some extent, that is up to you the reader.

  The first wizard rule, positive for good and negative for bad activities make activity and trade, because people are stupid as they will believe a lie.
  The second wizard rule is: self-learning is balanced by others who intercede or are against it, consider that which is there because people do the greatest harm with best intentions.
  The third wizard rule: Interactions create from reaction or reactivity a result or consequence; Leading things on will guide the consequence because passion rules reason
  The fourth wizard rule, belief is suspended by the actions to your reaction, unless your opinions or options aren't allowing it but theres magic in forgiveness.
  The fifth wizard rule, mind what people do, as deeds betray a lie and good intention proves out, short moments without availability to watch makes a quick escape or unmindful behavior.
  The sixth wizard rule. the only sovereign to rule you is reason, yet reason can bring ruin through chaos.
  The seventh wizard rule, life is the future not the past and lived in the present, unless there is no future.
  The eighth wizard rule. overcome problems by realizing that you deserve victory. Persistance makes disbelief so after problems the victor gives in or dismisses it.
  The ninth wizard rule, no contradictions in reality, "We can all only be who we are, no more, no less", unless we act different.
  The tenth wizard rule, Negate through belief because belief overcomes most, to do what you need to get done, to do it anyway even with the fear.
  There are also paths that magic can take, that you do of this where you can move on with this idea. This is a magic flow chart that describes the idea of paths of magic and in psionics.

  The rest of the how to do magic is in example, from here or here.

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