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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shakugan no Shana Unrestricted spells

 I made this a slightly bit different. So it would avoid the preconceived notion and might work. I am thinking about writing about using it and prove that some effects from the tv anime series will actually work in real life. So these described effects are due to the unrestricted spell based on the anime series Shakugan no shana. As described below it is real but not real as its in realness as is described here in the Real anime document.

  In a nutshell, know as is if unrestricted by the difference between the unrestricted spell to the restricted spell as to comparison in what it does?

 An unrestricted spell can effect idea to do the imaginary and impossible where a normal spell is to do what is possible but not impossible. Most Anime events is a reflection of the mind as to say the effect will cause it. As some effects stated of the effect will imprint the mind. In anounced education it is standard. To use a unrestricted spell it may be an event that sucks the event thought up of energy an before use. If used its as a way to siphon it to be used for whomever, or as for whatever as it is the target person or machine to fuel or not. Some use to drain fire as a source. As it if you want as an effect, just siphon and use it the energy to power an effect as you think of it with a circular flowing pattern. The pattern is not necessary but it acts as the flow for the event and an event that you wanted by word, power flow and energy manipulation including any action energy that may occur. Think of a pattern here to allow it to follow and you get more effect as well as you know what the Anime effect is likely to be.

 Where normally it the effect would occur as it is and from nothing, which is the second way of casting one that uses the events from which exist. Like saying fuzetsu and you see a time stop an your energy of whats around you causes it. This time stop is like you moving and those that hold the power of soul existence will not always be able to move too. Yet events seem to go on where time has stopped but new events don't seem to happen. Its your will that powers it and you let it drop to have normal time again. Using a soul energy for existence in effect, it makes a process of progress and it counts as an idea of the effect. In itself, it creates an effect of scenes that seem separate from reality. 

 To where it effects energy as if spiritual an one on one to where it works but not really seen. So effect is a necessary. As it is, if you do something, theres always like an echo as in effect, this echo is possibly redirected as the write or cause of effects as in the clothing effects of idea, just think an feel the actual flames in your mind and condense into clothes. These clothes are as you would want. Some people who watch the show will have preconceived notions about the idea and it won't work as an idea. So to think of the effect and feel it occur an imagine the scene as if roleplaying it it may or may not happen. What do you think?

 Things to do with the power of soul existence. 

 As another idea is to feel your power shared or extended then to 'burst' the energy by exploding it and near or through the target. Will knock out the target or kill ghosts and apparitions by making them unconscious and unconscious state for a ghost an apparition is nonexistence. But for what if it was the soul? 

 To feel the control of an in area and control the person or thing sharing your idea. Think of the force of an existence and feel the flow to gauge it. Sense the initiation of movement through a shift in the flow.

 Synchronize to do things by sharing their memories or your idea with them or you and feeling thier force as if yours for a moment by sending your force to feel it synchronize and match up and control with them getting a sometime some unseen vision. Then feel the force of yours and thiers of a concept meet. When the meeting happens by doing what is in the visions to some degree you focus on the idea of them and you can feel their energy as yours. But your empty at the end of it and the beginning of it as a bottomless pit and as you disconnect with them by visualizing the meeting to end, as the person is their own self again and you 'lose' their energy and thier memories except that which is important. Be sure to withdraw your force from them but as some might think, its only brainwaves that may effect. 

 To cause a dream, that is built with their memories and a chime effect that causes the distortions to create and begin it. They get to watch as their memories are replayed from an idea beginning. It might seem that everyone is stigmatic. But here is the idea, it stems from you concentrating on the dream to occur as structured from the moments recorded on the brain and cause a bell chime to occur or sometimes a bell chime will ring by itself.

 To effect flight, by bunching the fire energy under you to push you off the ground, feel yourself lift off the ground to where you want to go in the direction you want. One could lift off the ground several meters by this technique if enough heat or spell energy is around. This might take several tries to achieve. But if you can't just try something else. It seems there is another methos to this though, If you have a book of power then you can make use of it to cause you flight.

 Location and sonar spell, the idea is find someone an something to get easier bearings. To find someone, think of the person and the idea clues you have and think "find" while you imagine an outgoing circular energy that is a pattern undetected to bounce back after hitting the target to give you a vision that is the key to locating him.

 The antithesis of this is to cause birds to become in meta effect a resemblance of you and they gather somewhere to be as able in idea. This distracts the location spells as to have the birds regather after being spotted as to somewhere else. As it seems that you are there. When you are not finished but almost finished then you gather your energy from the birds to yourself again. There is also the idea to practice being someone else and being open while not admitting to being the person under suspicion. 

 The plantlife can support you as well as it is to get and focus on the plants to do, and send you existence energy by symbolic link to be of extended use that is of use for an effect. This is done by an idea of what you see is what you need, your need is what causes this effect to occur just by thinking on it. As you use the plant energy then the plant gets older, growing out more with each use as in a few centimenters. This way is to use the plants as an undefatiguable energy source up to a point. Some might say that if what you do is of enough energy you will burn out so try to not go too far.

 Eulah [Eu-wah] causes certain idea upon saying it that runs the multiverse of alternatives in ambitions that rise up and cause actions. Sends a self-centering then by self-automated movements in any actions almost all by depictions.

 Euweh [Eue-weh] is the verb which upon saying things may in action cause particular moments that are dimensional. Actions are as if pause or stop by actions which makes it so. These moments of an action are seemingly paused in the mind but seen as if psychicly visioned.

 Essiel is earth field. a fascinating moment to where you are as in dozens of moments where you are benevolent and in movement but extract that an things like to start ahead for a minute and whom you are is it. As it is with a possible fire. Now theres possibility of careless pure water as it is every time you drink water. As your actions are likely charging the water even with effort of what you do by some action before the moment to get your energy back. To drink the water is to cease the visions or moments. 

 If as to time effect in of a wave is when you use idea or things as it to do things as using your voice to cause from a distance a timed event and motion is what occurs it. Like a motion of a car. Just say what you want, then imagine a pattern to occur of what you say as its released in a circular wave of energy that is e to occur a mental change. To deal with it by seeing it as what you want or what you perceive it as, some perceive the result of the wave as a vision and ignore it after while some take note and may use the idea as if what they want. This energy is like a white wave that may cause snow to fall. It spreads about in a circular area very quick and from your adverse self to effect a time of changewinds. These changewinds are as if you were standing there and change occurs to cause events to be different. Where then you are left to explore the new idea if you want. Most could dismiss it as it has no effect to there present. To make it more easier, use a devising to make a sound and then say or think what you want to happen.

 The effect wave is to cause as an a effect to be cast forth by metally seeing the effect as released from your hand as if a weapon. Its to form in your hands as a weapon by seeing it there or imagining it there and a use of it as to cast forth and strike through an indivisual or an idea target. This causes them the target to die if spiritual and to be out of it if humanoidish. To place yourself mentally 5 places and shoot all at once a spell effect into the target is more effective with your spirit in a high place. The effect will look like crystal shards that are broken off. If done right, it seems as if a wave. What powers this is power of soul existence. Keep a candle lit and the effects get absorbed into the flame. To be handed to your soul. 

  Cloaking fog; to hide the presence of the more powerful presence, it smogs the area and absorbs the reiatsu energy to spread it out and hide the presence easier. It hides the presence by usage and the fog is the distraction with everything touched by the fog seeming like the presence. This smogs up the area too to prevent good vision. 

  Tracing is to trace the past and use it to control and manipulate a person. This is immoral, but can be useful to be in control of the person inside their mind or physically. Another variety is to cast forth to bring forth energy and trace the past by the feel of it to control someone of the past to cause you to do things.

  Feel the intensity, think of the idea to occur and feel it happen as you draw in energy to achieve it..sometimes from all around or as is necessary to end up striking in or by will you feel what you want to happen. As in draw or think E and then say lifting up or whatever you want to happen an as its to be displaced into the air it is as if it can lift you or dissipate harmless as i'n. Say things to cause you to want to and to remember why your doing it to make it E and more easier. To think of a symbolic link and have that link cause the effect. This is a core part. Think 'its E an' to make it easier to make events. This can even be used to cast a unrestricted spell like fuzetzu on stating it. 

  Streamers are to feel your ability bring up the power and the soul energy of existence. Then imagine them and the energy turn into streamers of white light. These streamers can cause you or someone to knock down toilet paper. But only when you see them as formable and gathering to your will. Hold your hand out or both hands out to gather them further and cast them forth. Then imagine them to be seen an if you try you can control where they go. The effect of the streamers is they can punch right through things or someone. Disrupting their effort, and try an seem to be as natural to the area. 

  You can form them into a spear by thinking the spears there and bring it forth. To cast it forth or whatever is necessary. The appearance and effect of the streamers can be to make a person talk. You can choke people with them, distract people an do things to dispel ghosts appearances or energy effect. You can use flames for this or any color light. In the streamers that are ribbons, to cast it forth is to raise your arms and then throw your arms forth. To just raise your arms spread apart causes a wall effect to what you want deflected. To pursuit is almost nothing in anything as this takes some intensity or energy. As to put streamers around your body is to effect a soul shield. These streamers are wrought to absorb energy as its your purpose unless its not as thats how they work. 

 The idea to use some other method with the ribbons is possible, like the exploding of ribbons into firey force after wrap or being torn to shreds. As like causing ribbon parts to explode in a circle around you. Then there is an whirling effect of the ribbons in a cone shaped form that is projected by a thought, project, whirl a whole lot to inflict through the target and then explode it. To be and cause with friction the worse damage is to make it as a rubbing force. The ribbons can be made to appear like a person, as you get close to the effect of the wrapping in appearance it takes form as the person.

  Cast about, The effect is interesting. To cast about and make gestures after drawing up energy to do things. It consists of casting forth slight bursts of energy. These bursts can be released and then shaped to strike as needed or cause effect as you feel it and think it. If thought is blocked then state the effect. To use the idea and have an object to do it for you as you direct. The object can become intelligent. If using flames as a source try to keep it to a candle. This is as practice till you get summoning down or you cast it down.

  Instant action is to think is your low point so the key to this is to do and is to become an if it is as meant by your thoughts as your thoughts are of your will. This creates as necessary of the effort of will and thinking into your action. To get an effect on you, an to defend is necessary. But to cure your effect that you get is staged as a step between. So feel the effect if you can then talk of what you want to cancel it out as your using the effect to power it an the effect only has so much energy. Some, instead of talking cast or bring forth an effect to be powered by the effect. This works on diseases and moments. 

  Faux body is to cause another you to come about. By using an effect of seeing then using energy to split off some of your soul existence energy and make it form as your shape. As you feel the form make itself, it will contain memories as you would have it. And you can reconnect to the faux body to make it disappear or share its memories. You might at rest after of this use observance. Memories and abilities can be developing fast after awhile as the body is exposed to experiences.

  So observe manipulation is to be an force being of idea you can cause an idea of effect as to be of observance and manipulation. To cease the movement of the person and send your energy to a surround the person. You can do anything to them after your power has paused the person. But it is instructed of the energy to cause observance and manipulation by use and hand action or feel by visualization. Its of formentioned idea to do this as secretly as possible or as is. As you observe, open your mind to the person and see what you want to do to him. As to observe is to open your mind and percieve what is happening or to see is to percieve the entire being once you do this. To percieve what you want without any problems just open your third eye and let it send you images of what it percieves. As if thier you can cause a withdraw of the bad. But to get them to act on something is to cause a revealing by act. This can be cast from anywhere on your body and returned to the hand by withdrawing the energy.

  To shift places is to feel the soul energy of existence form as a sphere that compresses inwards and feel yourself shift to the place that is out of place that it draws from your memory that you would want to go to. When there the sphere should disappear an draw you to the place as you have it in your mind. The place around you should disappear and the new place you should appear so seal at.

  To seal something is to create a bell chime to get things attention and then ask it the thing to recede. Imagine a staff appear in your mind and then in your hand to stab through the container that it came from. This container can be a human body. So say "seal" to seal it after and withdraw the staff. This can leave a person in the state of "I can do things but not actually remember it and actively know it." You can seal anything with this. But if determination ifset is of the idea that blocks the seal then it is sealed but weakened so by a force of will you could and alot would break or it would break.

  Firex wrap is to cause fire to wrap around your arm by envisioning it and to cast it forth is to cause it to spread fire as in a minor explosion as when you cast it forth. To where you cast the flame is where you think it is. This can be ice, water or love as other elements that work best. But you can try elements other than those that might be summoned by and for you. Once your aware of an element then you could use it as you understand it.

  The weapon effect is to pull or feel form the weapon as to form it from your hand is to feel it and watch it form right out of your hand or body after focusing enough energy around you. You can encharm a being by feeling that it is the effect on a hit and of a hit. It forms at your will after that. Form is formed into existence and of intervention.

  Animation effect is to be of an idea that the artifact like a suit of armor is to be veiwed as fully animated. It must be thought of carefully as to its attributes, as moving and fully capable to do as is necessay except to strike you down. So send energy into the suit of armor or the artifact and think it to 'live' an be alive for you or others. It will be 'alive' to you but not always to others. So to recap it its by a moment that you send energy into the suit of armor or artifact that it may 'live'. To feel it come alive is to animate it. To feel it stop and then feeling your is energy back from where you animated it is to 'kill' it. To part pull the device is to stop it, by stating 'a zet sui'. As of the idea that you can twinkle a bell or imagine a bell to be rung and its animated or unanimated after. One could animate someone thats frozen with this.

  As the cleansing flame, is to focus force on yourself and call it to clean in cause. Just think an feel the actual flames in your mind and condense into clothes. These clothes are as you would want. Come upon you and engulf you leaving you clean. Feel the energy build up within you burst out from the flames coming in. An infuze you in a cleansing flame. You can use it on the objects to purify them and other things like corruption. These flames of the mind are similiar to fairy flames. You can cause other effects on a bad moon as if craziness and insanity of feel and may alleviate certain pressures. These pressures come from a bad mood's influence or corruption as in a bad moon being crescent. As its death to the disease and germs with dirt.

  Energy focus - Focus the power of existence that shapes your body, feel the animus or spirit working inside you that's controlling them instinctively. Put it under your control. To now collect the small amount of power that trickles out of your existence that is a trickle out of your body into your hand. Opening up your chakras will enlarge that trickle for more effect. Just to collect a pinch of what you could collect would be enough. Since misjudging the use of the power of existence is bad, misjudging the power of existence in aptitude or the amount of the power of existence will gain you unfavorable effect by result. This allows you to fight with unrestricted spells. Focus out with your mind as imagine the result and it will occur. So to imagine a flame from what you just collected to materialize in your hand, this can be the color you imagine. Don't break it by preteding to do it. Now expel the flame to hit a target and give all of the flame.

  To hold back could cause you to backlash or regenerate it again. Because if you give your all your not having it recollect back in your hand or where you have it. To give your all is to give whats there. As any power you form into a shape, you give to use it all. Keep going until you can hit multiple targets or a target, and make the flame under five seconds. The same goes for other effects, to summon the power of soul existence is to be under five seconds and then to use it in effect is to feel it happen or imagine it. Imagination may take longer than 3 seconds, so to say the effect is to cause it as well. You could do this or you could do what is called a possessed like state to do it more effectively. But thoughtless progress is counterproductive in the matter of amount. As resolve isn't something to be made in the head but with the attitude and sometimes by actions. Refardless of which, the fact of doing so remains the same. 

  Reforming formation of things -To command something in your mind as to form into something like a bookmark or something else may transform it. This could be the original shape or any other shape. To form it back, try to focus on the item you made it into and then think of the original form as you command it to be the form.

  Firewall: to cause fire energy to shoot forth as a wall or cylinder. It is as if to become a moving firewall and this fire consumes almost anything the person wants in his path.

  Stigma, To see and cast an unrestricted spell that causes wounds to become worse till the person dies or passes out. Considered an instigia effect that knocks out the victim. To cast just think that the wound of the target gets worse, see the wound get worse and feel an let out a lil energy to effect the target. In an instant the energy arrives and causes the effect an as you see it in the mind..or feel it occur in a suggetive type idea to cause it.

  Continuus supply, The secret to the continuuous supply is your focus of energy is everywhere if something. Your focus of energy is by meta smugdes in an on an area and so with that energy you can focus on one area to do things to effect. When your killed you can come back by the excess energy being as a copy of who you are. Its limited by you only being able to focus some energy on one area one thing at a time to get effects of your choice. Then you draw from continuuance supply of energy to back you up. You put on the energy and output to freely go about and freely exist. 

  Antisigma, theres the mystes enigma antistigma, focus energy in a pattern and that is a pattern that is to cause it to be on things or be near things that are effected by a stigma. To uncause a stigma, it causing it to not be effective. As to say unnstigma.

  To cause a shell of energy by imagining the event of which a whirlpool replenishing shell comes up as you feel it does as if there that is based off a whirlpool and to think of the qualities it has as if it gets to be absorbing of everything that is put to it, including weapons. As it reforms itself using the disturbance as energy to reform. There is only one entrance near the top of the dome that is formed as a whirlpool tunnnel entry.

From the examples of the Shakugan no shana the Anime series

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