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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weather magic

  The art of weather working. To do it properly one must be grounded in some way. To be grounded, do a earth linking. Just imagine yourself and the earth with a line connecting you to the earth. Now, link to the weather as well. Stand in the rain or use a little water. Make an image in your mind of you and the water linked by a line. Imagine the water linked to the clouds by a line. That part done, go on to the next step.

  The next step, or the draining step, is to feel the energy coming from the storm. Allow your body to act as a buffer to the storms energy. Will the energy to pass through your body from the storm to the earth by the links of the weather link and the earth link. Don't use any of it. If you do, expect to be electrocuted by the drawing in of the storm and by you attempting to use it. You can use it if you want to electrocute someone else by imagining a bolt of lightning to come down and strike the intended victim. Also a good practice is to imagine a lightning bolt to strike in a certain spot. Imagine a duration as a number in your head. Then say "cap" to cap the storm energies for no cases of "3-day storms". To nudge the storm and end it quicker just imagine the winds pushing a little faster from your area. The idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

  To keep a long summer drought from occurring, just try to imagine a storm and say "To affect with no bad side affects. To have no tornadoes and no power outages." Now imagine the time frame you want it to occur in. That is the spell act to raise a storm.

  This spell is experimental. To raise a storm quickly, channel by thinking that the energy is coming from the earth, and going to the sky to cause a quick shower storm. When doing this, want the energy to achieve the effect. Need the energy to make the transition for you. By thinking the energy to doing this you allow a link to become into existence. Wanting the energy to achieve the effect, you supply the final effect for the energy. Needing it to travel starts the action. To stop the effect, will the energy by thinking 'to stop transitioning'.

    You can channel the energy like the previous method to do just about anything. Just imagine the effect you want and need the affect to occur while allowing the desire to make the flow of energy occur. An example: Make an image of a light ball floating above your head. Imagine a light ball floating above your head. Want the effect of the light to be what you want. Need the flow of the earthlink energy to make it into existence. Now, imagine a looping effect. At the moment of light creation, imagine the light to return to that brightness.

  Imagine the light to come back in time to the moment of light creation. Think "loop" and when you look up you'll notice the spell effect of light. It will be pulsing, however. Simply change the color by imagining it a different color. You could even program it a course to take or to make association to someone. When you want it to disappear, dismiss the loop and the light from your mind. Programming it to disappear at the moment its usefulness is gone will make it disappear by itself at the moment of not needing it.

  Furthermore, by thinking to the clouds what you want them to do or thinking to the area what want to happen and imagining what you want to happen, optionally stating the effect, your innate ability that lives within all of us, in energy as the spirit-that-goes-through-everything will cause the effect. Its possible this is in supposable mind over matter.

  As mind over matter influences the weather, all you have to do is imagine what you want of the weather. Or think of the clouds and think to the rain clouds to stop raining, forming a energy pool. It might feel as though whats going to happen becomes as a stagnation field by the energy pool or makes it a sterile energy area, and this halts the rain as you think it stopped. So to have the storm start, is to feel that energy pool drain away into the earth with some of it going into a container that you have for it, like a crystal or box. As in, think and imagine the clouds going in a direction andyou nudge the clouds. This causes the weather to cease as it goes somewhere else. Again, the idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

  If your use of weather magic uses emotion and in your use, emotion is thought projected at the clouds and throughout the sky then it will cause rainfall. If you project in itself, emotion at the rain clouds then you can stop the rain. The more the emotion, the more the effect to the point of a tornado. And so to feel the emotion, then the urge of it by remembering things is to cause more. Then to think the emotion is sent to the sky, and you sent your emotion to the area where clouds can form, if none, or clouds can be broken up if there..unless you intend to cause a rainstorm. Balance is needed to manipulate the weather.

  Some have reported that they caused rain of long duration, or in the end ceased rain an altogether. So if you thought of a tornado, then there will be a tornado forming, until you think of the storm and the tornado dissipating with it. As to send energy and then some thought after the energy, is to cause the condition easier as you 'program' the energy with your thoughts. To send emotion and the thought after gives the emotion voice, which could mean it makes it lash out by causing a condition or you can hear a 'voice' that you intended to be there.

  So in other words, to start some effects, see the area and think of the effect and then imagine the area you want it to be in with the effect or be seeing the area that you want the effect to happen, while seeing in your mind the area with your effect as you would want it to occur, or stating the effect you want to happen while looking at the area will justify to make it happen. Thus it can be used in forming clouds or storms, in an area of no clouds and on a hot day or other weather effects.

  Such, it is as easy as in making a cold breeze come by and maintaining itself by thoughts that it would. Some other effects not related to weather magic are that, as to make an idea occur by thinking on it and the idea will occur as you want. As it sends your energy to the right area and this energy is charged by your thought to make it happen. Sometimes, you can be powered by a storm if as it rages on or off. Thusly, you can be helped by thought of the storm and attempt to cause the effect by thinking on it or doing your ritual that causes it. As always the effect fades as the storm does and it disappears entirely.

  Another way to do this is to use a personal groups way and that was formed by Libby and that is once prayed for as to a god of choice, rain and snow can happen on a clear day. It is like a prayer with chanting etc, some shamanic stuff like magical passes and praying out to your god to cause it, the rain. Rain can start in an hour on a clear day from this, snow can come 3 days later. It does take some time, so be patient as is necessary.

  From a group who tried it, 'It took about 20 minutes or so, but we were drunk, it made things quicker maybe, but alcohol and other abnormal or normal drink affects the mind based actions, but not shamanistic stuff. If you get into the right mood, it can actually help.

  The connection is nothing specific. Actually nothing about the mind. In a mood when you don't actually think of nothing, so it can happens easier. But, still your having a connection with something divine. So we caused rain in an hour and snow in three days after."

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