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Monday, May 18, 2009

Convection theory

  What is an convection effect? Its of and in a theory, that says you or an object can cross to another place by use of an object or psi transfer ball that holds energy or becomes by belief. Its by the use and before you know it and you can return. Its a real energy energy that works for us, as its able to cross us over by use but its sometimes our use and gnowhow. So some say that if you speak enough about it, it can be real and be as if you were there as if only to relive the moment in memory. Then at some point your mind converges to the area by using the effect of shared atoms that exist here and as if there, where its 'then' we are also. You could cross items, to be across by convection, an by the moment of use and thinking its across as its belief that may cause it. Some things cross by what is called zero point energy. The energy of convergence by a eventful or eventual buildup.

  Well for the advanced idea an work on this read on, and it is that you build up energy in or of an item and think to 'cross over' and you see the energy flare as it reaches a atomic crosspoint as 'en' and it could disappear an then you could disappear as though you were apart of it, unless you didn't want to. It is interesting that it uses a push pull force to do this and again its caused by zero point energy or the energy of a convergence by inferior force.

  To say the least its like a crossing point to cross over onto empty space and with it is a push by thought energy on the objects energy or a pull by vacuum using the energy within, as its there an by imagining the effect of an object there pulling you, or the idea is to send the object by its energy. You see if theres nothing in the other spot then it acts as a vacuum and sometimes with the thought 'cross over', its crossed over to there.

  It stems from the idea that our thoughts instruct of the energy to do of the action and the act is an action, that is achieved through energy transferrance of the atomic structure, so as its here its also there too, where it is suddenly in two different spaces at once and then one as its just because we believe it and our intent guides the moment, with the fact that its conveyed by electrons. Borrowed from the quantum physics idea that we are just of one atom placed several different places too.


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