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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Reality backing magic

  With reality backing magic, or magic being backed by reality, there is a sign everytime that magic works. So there are signs that the magic effect will cause, to indicate an idea of the reality of magic. When these signs pop up, you know them for what they are, sometimes when you think about what you see. As you see it, when you see it, and how you see it is up to the eye of the beholder. So, what you get with this is that when you do a spell, there's something there, as in a feeling, a physical activity, or other things such as mental activity or idea that suddenly seems to be there and gives the magic a sign. Which is sometimes reacted to and sometimes given a physical form if there is a possible reaction.

  Sometimes the strange or unique idea pops up in the mind, from the indicator, to spur on a moment and behavior. This momentary behavior could good for the effect or bad for you or both. When you consider what the best course of action is from the moment as it happens, then your mind might get implications and gives you even more idea. Thus, you could use this for writing things. That be so when you want to write things down.

  So there you go, the sign of a moment is a momentary point of reality that is a possibility of the magic and its helping you to realize the event and actions to come, by being a sign. Often this causes you believe in the effect and give it strength by you sending thought energy or feedback. Sometimes you may be acting to cause the event as you 'forsee' it and if the effect is there or about to happen. Some actions are more likely to help the effect by feeding the momentary feeling about it or feeding the effect positive energy. Thus, it becomes a stronger effect of magic, to your perceptions of the event that may be coming. Although you might want to talk about it and when you try to explain some of this, it could be a tough sell.

  As, the people you talk to could think 'this was only a coincidence'. Most times, they will accept it and go on, forgetting about it from lack of usage or thinking on it. So, if they think your loony or deranged, or have mental problems, from spouting 'nonsense' , then let them forget it and its actually as though it never was spoken about. In a rare case, there will be agreement of some sorts. And, there might be people who remember you for saying what you want. Then you make what you say seem innocent or harmless. Or, you might get interference.

  Now finally, you get the picture of why people can seem like nutcases when they really aren't. However, there is a few cases where they really are nutcases and they act on the signs of magic they perceive to create harm or chaos. These people are best avoided but don't seem as though they are nutcases until they start mentioning strange stuff. And, it depends on if the stuff is strange to others, as it may not actually be strange to you. So, this sign phenomenon can pass as plausible or acceptable. So be warned! Those that remember it can sometimes try to correct you for it.

  One side note: Most of the time when a person receives a sign from magic being backed by reality, there is something that is spoken of it. If the right person hears it, and the wrong idea is gotten, then they could correct you for it but in their attempt they could do you harm. If you were badly mistreated by such a correction, then any correction afterward are possibly perceived as unnecessary threats and unasked for, as though it were unneeded.

  When such a case happens and it was actually bad for you, don't heed the correction or decorrect it, as your mind focuses on the idea and then makes the fixation of the mind happen from the reaction, so make it disappear. Distract yourself and make yourself forget the correction, if you want to.

  Or, stop the correction as its happening and continue on your life path. And, there are many different ways to do this. One such way, be to affect the person doing the correcting. Distract them with another thought and they forget what they were doing or were about to do. But, its best if you find a way for yourself. So, now you know a way to react and keep yourself from being effected by others.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plasma wind

  The plasma wind be a very hot wind that can sometimes melt things. Its when the wind passes by something, that the melting can happen. When you consider the plasma wind, it is nearly impossible to form here on a planet. Unless the planet has no actual surface, you aren't likely to see or feel one.

  So, it comes down to summoning, as summoning can fascilitate the plasma wind effect, on a planet. If there be enough energy. So, to start the idea off with summoning, you need to conjure up extra energy. Get it from the planet core and the sun. By making a focus and this focus can be any magically impelled object that will contain the energy. Then, try to imagine energy coming from the area and the sun and the core and fueling the focus. Think to the object, 'collect and keep the energy from the sources I chose.' Wait a few minutes, and then try the next step.

  After that, tap the energy focus after you attempt to make it collect, any which way you want. And, then start the actual spell effect. Which is to state, 'May it be, may this bring, my will to be a spread energy, becoming a plasmatic wind to where I want!' And, imagine a super hot wind coming through the area you want it to be. Melting things, and causing intense heat in that area of need. Need it to occur, and it will happen quicker.

  Optionally, you may use forcecraft instead, which is for this effect, to state state with intention, 'Mey beh, mey bry, ahotta sprea nagy plama wynd' and if there's enough energy, either ways you try it, will work out and a really hot wind will come through to signify it is going to happen. The focus will be drained a bit. There's no guarantee that it will happen anytime soon to the area you need it to happen in, though. You may also optionally will the words to happen, after imagining the spell effect.

  There's no guarantee with this, again, so feel free to experiment. As, one person who used it to manifest it in the same room stated, ' did pretty well considering it only took 5 min to manifest, and it burned my hand and neck a bit. Wasn't too painful though.'

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sending energy to cause effects

 This is the action to send aura energy to cause events by intent and applying your will. So you can send auratic energy through the chat room or area, to 'liven it up'. This is a trick that seems to work, as long as you have in mind the thoughts of making conversation or activity.

 You must remember, to withdraw the energy when there's a doubter of magic in the room, as they can give headaches if you send your energy into somewhere they are and they start doubting it. And, then resend your energy. Otherwise, whatever your considering or thinking of for happening, the energy you send will cause. Till you dissipate the energy and reabsorb it into you or withdraw the energy.

 It works because, where thought goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, things happen. More to the point, thats how the idea of the moment can work. This is intent that drives thought and where the thought goes, the energy flows to and helps the thought you want done, to happen.

 If a person is aware of the energy, then they could trap it or effect it by their thoughts and you are almost bound to do what they think. Unless, you manage to resist their thought, and their thought will appear as an impulse you 'find' yourself wanting to do. Sometimes you don't think about this and just do it. It depends on the person's personal power, to how much effect they have on you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to see better

  This is a way to see better and not actually need glasses:
1. Decide that you don't need the glasses and use your third eye.
2. Then tell your third eye to improve, heal and 'be your vision'.
3. Finally attempt to see through your third eye and not your actual eyes.
4. Keep doing this, till you get results and automatically see through your third eye.

  The adjustment can take minutes to years, even for people who can do it at all. So it's kinda impractical, unless you also attempt to heal your eyes as you see through your third eye, and attempt the healing everytime you attempt to see. Then the adjustment period takes way less time, even if you wear the glasses as you see through the third eye. It works faster if your third eye be open and commanded to cause the result. If it works, then your eyes will blur and you will unblur and have better vision.

  Important to notice is this, if you do that trick and your subconscious makes your vision better. Then you have a good connection to your third eye and subconscious. The good thing is sensing comes from the subconscious connection and can make up for a big chunk of your vision, but for everyday normal things as in seeing street signs, it doesn't help as much. As, if you leave your glasses on the adjustment period takes way way longer. So it is up to you, try this if you want to unless you have a better way.

  Otherwise, what you can do if your vision gets blurry is just visualize your eyes as somewhat damaged, since your vision is imperfect, and then going through a FULL healing process, mixed with a feeling of clarity that basically 'brushes the cloudy vision away'. To also sit up straighter and sit forward a bit (but not lean forward to see by getting closer) makes it seems like 'getting ready for action' that makes your vision sharper. Then try to keep it that way.

  Due note: The second method generally takes repeated attempts, making your vision significantly better after a week or two or more, but makes a noticeable difference each time.

  On a side note, it also may be noted that the third eye is thought to only be seeing into the astral and higher planes. When, in reality there's nothing that can keep your third eye from seeing the physical.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Controlled folley with magic

  Here's a great tip for improving your magic success - stop caring when you try for a result by magic. Take a step back from what you want or 'need' and consider both options as outcomes, and ACCEPT them. This is important - to succeed you need to accept everything. Accepting things will stop you losing energy to them. For a graphic example, you're a semi-permeable plasma membrance in a epithelial cell. Ok, I couldn't find a good example. Maybe a rock in water is one. As long as you care about something, you will push against the things that don't go your way. So something happens, you have no way to stop it, but still you waste energy pushing against it. If you dont care the energy will just wash through you and leave you unharmed energy-wise.

  But, this is on the fringes of controlled folly really, the main theory of how controlled folly aids magic is because this conscious pushing and caring about the outcome disrupts our magic. It gets anxious and craps up. If you accept all the outcomes yet still will for the good outcome, it will come a lot easier. Here's an example that I got today - going for a meal with people + people I didn't know. I didn't want to eat with random people but I accepted that it would be that way, even though I willed them not to be there. They phoned up and cancelled. Controlled folly at work.

  So accept every outcome, as it's good practice to consider for every outcome and accept it, this is just basic life strategy so your conscious feelings won't crap onto your magic.

  If thats what you've tried to do, and when you've failed to do this bad shit happens, then use Tengri, pronounced Taen-ri, to prevent the bad shit from happening. It is very useful to use his name and state what you you want him to do, as he can manifest anything given the circumstance. However, for this to work right, you have to choose an outcome on a whim, without the needy energy getting in the way.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ability Activation

   The method to activate ability is basically feeling the persons ability from within them or from what they do, thinking to their subconscious 'activate ability to manifest' and then feel it being awakened by sending your energy into the person with the programming to activate their ability. As simple as that, you activated someones ability. Due note, its not foolproof, thus it could fail if the persons unwilling.

   Another way is to let the ability activate in others naturally, by their need of something they want to manifest, if they want it enough then it will 'click' in the person to be able. This ability to do something sometimes makes things allot more easier than before.

   Notes on this topic: The second part is especially important as it's easy to activate some trait in someone by that method, and this can be anything at all, whatever it may be, but if it's impossible by that method, it may be possible to accomplish by setting for circumstances surrounding that person to cause the trait/ability/whatever to activate in someone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magickal Spirit Wards

 A magickal spirit ward is a spirit ward that protects like magic and is cast using a ritual. There aren't that many that actually work. Unless you believe it will and then your mind manifests the effect through intent and will imprinting itself on the ether to cause the effect.

 There be several such wards, and these are what works, at least for me. Imagining a white circle around you and the spirit enacts the effect through will and intention imprint. Then another type of spirit ward is putting sigil marks on the entryways and windows or somewhere in the room and these sigils use the surface material to power them and imprint your intent and their intent by your will on the ether.

 And yet another type of spirit ward is to work with chalk or a pen and draw the circle to be where you want. This doesn't work as well as imagined circle wards, as the circle ward thats imagined can move with you and the drawn circle ward cannot. Unless you think the circle ward thats drawn will 'move with me' spiritually. If you leave the drawn circle area then the wards no longer effective, unless you did the 'move with me' effect. Then when the ward is physically broken by erasing or smudging the circle line, the ward is broken.

 Colors can be used to enforce this idea of protection. Usually red is for pain and yellow is for a forcing away of something or someone and are good colors for this. Use black to absorb the spirit into the surface material. Blue to cause the absorption of the spirits energy and thus to weaken them.

 Then finally, there is the salt barrier. Which is salt sprinkled around you in a circle and it acts as a protection, as long as you don't leave the circle or barriered area. Or, to break the ward iby smudging the salt line.

 More examples of circle wards be here @ and other wards be here @

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Banishing Ritual

This is a banishing ritual by Veneficus and it really works! Side effects are the people in the area are happier.

Requirements: 5 candles, knife. Optional is a first aid kit.

The ritual:
Lay down the candles in form of pentagram, you being in the center of them.

First light the top, soul, then lower left earth, then high right water, then left high air and as last lower right fire. Mention the elements as you light them. And finish the fire one by saying, 'I will use the power of fire to, burn down all enemies, burn down all negative energies, and to cleanse this house, this ( person you are helping )'.

Visualize, the lines of the pentagram forming, glowing gold. And create your magick circle. By, thinking about a circle surrounding you thats white. Or, drawing a circle in chalk on the the ground.

Clap your hands together, and then grab the visualized pentagram on the floor with force. Almost as if you really are grabbing something. And then focus on your purpose, see the energies forming, see the bad ones fading. See your spell coming into effect.

And then as last state with intent, "I hereby shall power and seal this ritual with my own blood" Grab the knife, which was already put in the magick circle btw. Cause you are not allowed to leave circle/pentagram. And cut yourself, draw the blood out. Pour a few drops in the upper soul candle. By cutting yourself you also devote yourself more to the cause, and strengthen the magic.

A tentacle of some sort will rise from the bottom of the pentagram and pierce you. Right into the center of your soul. This tentacle, will drain you dry of available energy. When the tentacle has retracted, you should be feeling quite tired.. You then sit down in the middle of pentagram. meditating on the purpose. And to finish it saying "I hereby conclude the ritual, Person/friends/family shall be harmed no longer, My.. Our.. will be DONE." ( litterally punch the rest of your energies into the pentagram while saying Done). The tentacle uses your "soul energy". This soul energy is the real fuel of the banishing ritual.

Put our the candles in opposite order as you lighted them. Meditate on purpose and what you wish to achieve. You may tweak the spell. Wait for the candles to dry and then you may leave circle.

Curious about the idea of spitting blood instead of cutting yourself? This is lending the body energy that's in your spit, which is just as saturated in your own bodily energies as your blood is, and wouldn't be near the same effect as a few drops of blood.

Aura of Fear

Some energy is interesting, as it can scare animals away. If the aura is intense enough, then they don't approach. When you want to be friendly to them, lessen your intensity of your focus and your aura energy becomes less intense. Then, they aren't threatened anymore. Its magic in effect.

I call it the aura of fear effect, as it can be used to scare people away or an amazing thing to scare off a burgular. Although, you'd have to intensify it many times over to scare someone. And thats easily done by putting your energy to become intense with focus of a rage or anger. The person can get scared off with that as only then does the human become aware of the intensity. Where rage amplifies the intensity by 4x, and anger amplifies the aura intensity 3x.

But a warning is that when you do it to some animals, they feel fear and then feel threatened, so instead of running away, they strike out. This is not a reliable technique for a tiger. For wild animals, you might be more well-served to just kill your intensity and walk slowly away. Or if you're not trying to escape, you can kill your intensity, and instead take up a peace of mind, and see if they come to you.

As for people, it can take a lot more intensity to be noticed by people than by animals. It works though, with both fear-causing and peaceful emotions. This may often have to do with their level of sensitivity to energy; some people will actually respond almost as easily as animals, but a large majority of people do not. Extreme emotions may highly intensify your aura, and negative ones may cause certain people to overtly avoid you - despite what emotion your face shows. Usually, though, it just makes them a bit more visibly 'on edge' toward you than they might be otherwise.

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