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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to see better

  This is a way to see better and not actually need glasses:
1. Decide that you don't need the glasses and use your third eye.
2. Then tell your third eye to improve, heal and 'be your vision'.
3. Finally attempt to see through your third eye and not your actual eyes.
4. Keep doing this, till you get results and automatically see through your third eye.

  The adjustment can take minutes to years, even for people who can do it at all. So it's kinda impractical, unless you also attempt to heal your eyes as you see through your third eye, and attempt the healing everytime you attempt to see. Then the adjustment period takes way less time, even if you wear the glasses as you see through the third eye. It works faster if your third eye be open and commanded to cause the result. If it works, then your eyes will blur and you will unblur and have better vision.

  Important to notice is this, if you do that trick and your subconscious makes your vision better. Then you have a good connection to your third eye and subconscious. The good thing is sensing comes from the subconscious connection and can make up for a big chunk of your vision, but for everyday normal things as in seeing street signs, it doesn't help as much. As, if you leave your glasses on the adjustment period takes way way longer. So it is up to you, try this if you want to unless you have a better way.

  Otherwise, what you can do if your vision gets blurry is just visualize your eyes as somewhat damaged, since your vision is imperfect, and then going through a FULL healing process, mixed with a feeling of clarity that basically 'brushes the cloudy vision away'. To also sit up straighter and sit forward a bit (but not lean forward to see by getting closer) makes it seems like 'getting ready for action' that makes your vision sharper. Then try to keep it that way.

  Due note: The second method generally takes repeated attempts, making your vision significantly better after a week or two or more, but makes a noticeable difference each time.

  On a side note, it also may be noted that the third eye is thought to only be seeing into the astral and higher planes. When, in reality there's nothing that can keep your third eye from seeing the physical.

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