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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, February 1, 2013

UO spells

   This is very simple in theory.. all you need to do is think its possible. This is to create the open mindedness needed. Then, think of the effect and state the phrase associated with the spell in UO. This can also be the saying of a word that describes what you want to do. As in, 'Done' or 'Mai Fx'. Mai is pronounced [May-Ihn] without the n. Whatever phrase you catch, you can use in this manner. Using a wand like motion with a stick of wood or wand and then stating the phrase like 'an corp' will cause the effect as well. This can even be your finger, thats the wand. No reagents needed, unless you wanna try to make some for use. This uses the subconscious mind to do the effect, by thinking about the effect you alert the subconscious and thinking or stating the activator word (which is the spell phrase) will cause the subconscious to do a recreation to the effect. There's no Mana Cost or Minimum Skill.

Following is a list of Spells possible from UO:

   Magery Spells: Use Mai or Done with the Spell name to cast these. The spell name is what they do and this is obviously done to a target that you think of at the time of casting.

  First Circle 
Create Food
Magic Arrow
Night Sight
Reactive Armor

  Second Circle 
Magic Trap
Magic Untrap

  Third Circle 
Magic Lock
Wall of Stone

  Fourth Circle 
Arch Cure
Arch Protection
Fire Field
Greater Heal
Mana Drain

  Fifth Circle 
Blade Spirits
Dispel Field
Magic Reflection
Mind Blast
Poison Field
Summon Creature

  Sixth Circle 
Energy Bolt
Mass Curse
Paralyze Field
Reveal - This reveals any hidden thing or being.

  Seventh Circle 
Chain Lightning
Energy Field
Gate Travel
Mana Vampire
Mass Dispel
Meteor Swarm

  Eighth Circle 
Energy Vortex
Summon Air Elemental
Summon Daemon
Summon Earth Elemental
Summon Fire Elemental
Summon Water Elemental

Necromancy Spells

 Animate Dead
"Uus Corp" Brings dead creatures back to life which attack nearby monsters.
 Blood Oath
In Jux Mani Xen Creates a pact between the target and caster. Any damage dealt to the caster by the target is reflected back.
 Corpse Skin
In Aglo Corp Ylem Target becomes vulnerable to fire and poison damage.
 Curse Weapon
An Sanct Gra Char Briefly enchants the caster's weapon to gain the power of life drain.
Ort Corp Grav Ghosts in Champion Spawn regions without a corpse are sent to the Chaos Shrine.
  Evil Omen
Pas Tym An Sanct The next time the target is hit with magic the results will be enhanced.
  Horrific Beast
Rel Xen Vas Bal The caster transforms into a great beast with enhanced Hit Point Regeneration and physical attacks.
  Lich Form
Rel Xen Corp Ort The caster transforms into a Lich with increased Mana Regeneration and other abilities.
  Mind Rot
Wis An Ben The target of this spell is forced to expend more on mana when using mana.
  Pain Spike
In Sar Target temporarily loses health.
  Poison Strike
In Vas Nox Target and adjacent enemies take poison damage.
In Bal Nox Target is cursed and takes poison damage every few seconds until the effect wears off.
  Summon Familiar
Kal Xen Bal The caster can bring forth a pet. Each has their own special abilities.
  Vampiric Embrace
Rel Xen An Sanct The caster transforms into a vampire, becoming immune to lower level poisons and is granted other abilities.
  Vengeful Spirit
Kal Xen Bal Beh Summons a Revenant to attack a choosen target.
Kal Vas An Flam Creates a ground frost around the caster which deals cold damage to all valid targets.
  Wraith Form
Rel Xen Um Transforms the caster into a Wraith. The caster gains mana leech and other abilities.

Mysticism Spells

 Animated Weapon
In Jux Por Ylem An Animated Weapon is conjured and attacks nearby foes.
Corp Por Ylem Conjures a magical boulder projectile to hurled at a target. This spell also has a chance to knock-back and stun a player victim for 2 seconds.
  Cleansing Winds
In Vas Mani Hur Soothing winds cure poison, lift curses, and heal a target.
Eagle Strike
Kal Por Xen Conjures a magical eagle-like creature as a projectile that assaults a target with its talons.
In Ort Ylem Temporarily imbues a held weapon with a hit spell effect. If  Mysticism and Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) are over 80 the weapon is temporarily granted Spell Channeling.
 Hail Storm
Kal Des Ylem A torrent of rain brings down a storm of hailstones damaging the caster's enemies in the surrounding area.
 Healing Stone
Kal In Mani Conjures a healing stone, usable only by the Mystic.
 Mass Sleep
Vas Zu Same as Sleep except works on multiple targets in a small area of effect.
 Nether Bolt
In Corp Ylem Conjures a bolt of nether energy to assault a target with chaos damage.
 Purge Magic
An Ort Sanct Removes one random beneficial ward from a target.
In Zu Puts a target into a temporary sleep state until harmed or enough time passes. While asleep, the target will be unable to attack or cast spells, and moves at a slower speed.
 Spell Plague
Vas Rel Jux Ort Inflicts one or more victims with a terrible curse. Each time a victim hits with a harmful attack there is a chance that they will take an explosion backlash of fire damage.
 Spell Trigger
In Vas Ort Ex Stores one Mysticism spell in a spell stone. The stone can be activated to instantly cast the stored spell.
 Stone Form
In Rel Ylem Infuses the caster with the essence of solid stone, making him slow to move and fight and cast spells, but gives him resistances to damage and a slight bonus to physical damage attacks.
 Nether Cyclone
Grav Hur Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina. The effectiveness of the Nether Cyclone is determined by a comparison between the Caster's Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) and Mysticism skills and the Resisting Spells skill of the Target.
 Rising Colossus
Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem Summons a colossal stone titan that selects a Target to attack based off its intelligence and proximity. The Rising Colossus disappears after a set amount of time. The Rising Colossus' stats, skills, and duration are determined by the Caster's Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) , and Mysticism skills. Requires 5 pet control slots.

Spell Weaving

 Arcane Circle
Myrshalee Creates an Arcane Focus crystal which enhances other spellweaving spells.
 Gift of Renewal
Olorisstra Heals a target repeatedly for a short period of time.
 Immolating Weapon
Thalshara Enchants the caster's melee weapon with extra fire damage for a short duration.
Haeldril Creates magical shield around the caster that absorbs melee damage.
Erelonia Deals mass energy damage around the caster and may caster a Faster Casting Recovery penalty on victims.
 Nature's Fury
Rauvvrae Creates an uncontrollable swarm of insects that attack nearby enemies.
 Summon Fey
Alalithra Summons one or more controllable Pixies. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Friend of the Fey Quest.
 Summon Fiend
Nylisstra Summons one or more controllable Imps. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Fiendish Friends Quest.
 Reaper Form
Tarisstree Enhances the caster's swing speed, spell damage, and resists while penalizing fire resist and movement speed.
Haelyn Creates a field of fire that damages enemies within it for a short time.
 Essence of Wind
Anathrae Deals cold damage and gives a swing speed and Faster Casting penalty to nearby enemies.
 Dryad Allure
Rathril Charms a target (non-player) humanoid into doing the caster's bidding.
 Ethereal Voyage
Orlavdra Prevents monsters from being able to "see" the caster for a short time.
 Word of Death
Nyraxle Does massive damage to creatures low in health.
 Gift of Life
Illorae When in effect on the caster or caster's pet, the beneficiary will be resurrected upon death.
 Arcane Empowerment
Aslavdra Enhances the caster's healing/damaging spells and increases the toughness of summons.

Paladin Spells

 Cleanse by Fire
Expor Flamus Cures a target of poison.
 Close Wounds
Obsu Vulni Restores Health of a valid target within 2 feet of caster.
  Consecrate Weapon
Consecrus Arma Caster melee deals the weakest damage type towards opponents.
 Dispel Evil
Dispiro Malas Causes monsters to flee from caster and deals damage to Necromancers in Horrific Beast, Lich, Vampire, or Wraith forms. Can also dispel summoned creatures that are aggressive towards you and nearby.
 Divine Fury
Divinum Furis Caster realizes a small Swing Speed Increase, Damage Increase and Hit Chance Increase, and regains stamina but suffers a 20% drop in Defense Chance Increase.
 Enemy of One
Forul Solum Caster's melee damage increases 50% towards a single monster type but caster will take double damage from all other monsters and people nearby.
 Holy Light
Augus Luminos Caster deals an area of Energy Damage within a few tile radius.
 Noble Sacrifice
Dium Prostra Resurrects, cures, and heals any targets within range of caster, while reducing caster's Mana, Stamina and Health to near death.
 Remove Curse
Extermo Vomica Removes time-based negative effects that have been cast/imposed upon a valid target.
 Sacred Journey
Sanctum Viatas Allows the caster to travel to a Marked location. Functions same as the Magery Recall spell.

Ninjitsu Effects - Use Mai with the Spell name as the word to summon its effect.

 Animal Form The Ninja can use this spell to take the shape of a beast, granting himself animal-like ability. Animal form gives the Ninja the ability to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses unique to each type of creature. There are 12 animal forms available to a skilled Ninja. The Ninja cannot use special attacks or cast spells while in animal form, except for Mirror Image and Shadow Jump.
 Mirror Image Creates a Mirror Image of their self, which can absorb a single attack from an enemy before disappearing. Ninjas can create up to 4 Mirror Images at a time, making it quite difficult to determine which Ninja is real.
 Focus Attack Besides giving a small damage bonus, Focus Attack also increases the effectiveness of any magical properties on the weapon the Ninja uses for the attack.
 Backstab Backstab requires the Ninja to be in Stealth mode in order to initiate this special attack. Backstab applies a damage bonus to the attack, matching the Ninjitsu skill.
 Shadow Jump While in Stealth mode, the Ninja can jump a considerable distance while hidden. Upon landing, the Ninja’s Stealth ability determines if they remain hidden from view.
 Surprise Attack Surpise Attack is an attack that can only be initiated by a Ninja in Stealth mode. It inflicts a defense penalty on the Ninja’s opponent for a short duration.
 Ki Attack The Ki Attack requires superb timing and quick movement of a well trained Ninja. In order to execute this attack, the Ninja will have to initiate the Ki Attack by quick movement and then quickly close the distance between himself and his opponent to deliver an effective blow. The farther the Ninja travels to deliver the blow, the higher the damage bonus of his Ki Attack.
 Death Strike 5 seconds after receiving a Death Strike, the Ninja's opponent will suffer damage determined by the number of steps he has taken since the attack, and the average of the Ninja's Hiding and Stealth skills. Ranged weapons only do half the normal Death Strike damage. The damage dealt is far greater if the Ninja’s opponent chooses to run away rather than stand and fight.


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