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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The unconditional effect

 The unconditional effect is the effect you accept no matter the point as logical. If you accept the effect as there, then the soul can create what you want and not freak out. What you do is create with the point of idea that you have to make what results you intend and cause what effect you think to make. This is an effect that you make what you want as you need it, then you create a point that is the idea you speak or think as you intend it. So if you speak what you want then you make what you can. This is the known effect. 

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, by what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

germany; they no longer believe that getting off of russian energy will cause them to go into recession.

in en enn; in the end by a good ending.

good ending; whatever the point, you are safe by feel and working better.

loan; cashnetusa gives me the 300 dollars loan and I manage to pay it off quickly.

creativity; the sound waves cascade and act like surround sound.


Iran; the deal has gone through the end.

trifecta; the trifecta will happen results, it is a success and things happen anyway for the U.S.A.

The effect; what you think will happen will occur if needed, except for russia.

Iran; the deal comes to an end.


the fact of life; the facts of life are the voice of reason, the reasoning is what creates peace.

the 6th stimulus; it happens to get me a stimulus check.

whitehouse; no more misses ocuur by them.


if the en, then the ending is possible.

germany; they stop complaining and aren't skittish on the U.S.A deal anymore by feel..

kevin; he successfully gets his songs from the asylum music live on songcast music no matter what.

thought; this is where I say, faretheewell. I am leaving and nice as I am I leave to you all my things. ciou.


inflation; the inflation no longer sustains itself by feel.

chub; I no longer chub up from empathy because of large people no matter what.

interest; the interest payments don't go up.

Food regeneration; think to regenerate as you eat food and the consciousness of energy makes you regenerate. Drink water to regenerate faster. Monstrous regeneration is using weed or some chemicals as you think to regenerate.

Controlled change; this is where you point out things as you change yourself by feel.  Such as: when changing your shape to something else,  point out the shape or say as you look at some picture "like that shape " and the subconscious forms that instead.

Fat empowering; the fat on your body can be a source of energy to the soul.  This means that the thought that your fat is energy makes it possible to empower your spells and you lose weight.

Money effect; this effect created by the energy of money or exchange by feel, is where you exchange money and get something in return in order to make the result by the energy of money.

focus; the point of focus, you create by feel with the idea you have.


release; the release of oil to reduce prices works by feel.

putin; if he did not make the financial payments, he gets told on as to what he did.

boruto episodes; it gets easier to get downloaded in full and english subs.

joe; he finds that he can donate 100.


inflation; jpal has the tools to bring down inflation, no matter what is said.

message; no anneurism is given by what is said.

know; I know what your going to say.

knew; things work out in the end.

paid; he pays me no matter the point.

stress; the stress level remains lower no matter the point.

stress II; this is a point and that is an idea you know in an idea.

money; money is easily gotten, think by feel and you know what will come.

money II; each idea or thought is worth 100 dollars.

claim; each claim is thought or spoken and answered as you get the claim by the creator.


claimance; think you know and you get what you claim.

end; the ending is nice enough to get along with anyone.

negotiating; you negotiate a deal and get your services.

payment; you pay what you have and its worth what is claimed in gold.


thought; the thought is not always paid until you have it if a card.

spending; I spend carefully by feel and don't overspend. If a bill, I can repay it, except for russia.

russia; anything I don't want russia effected by is not effecting them.

6th stimulus; it's no longer confusing. macron in france is re-elected by feel.


economy; the economy of the U.S.A doesn't get worse potentially.

consumer confidence; this is not at it's lowest.

macron; he gains in popularity and the french population votes him in on the majority.


moment; Songcastmusic can transfer or remove a place the acoustic angel album to kevin wade ellis' songcastmusic account.

amazon; my amazon packages ship and arrive earlier than usual and I get them.

there; I am there on the cs-137 planet as a being.en

instant funding; this is funding that you need and can get by feel. don't think to get a credit card to pay your debts. this means you can get what you intend by other means. a loans allowed, if you can afford the payments on it.

focus; the point is made, use it for what it's worth.

inner earth; the earth has an inner pocket or subdimension that exists with a weather machine. explored by a explorer through the entrance at the north pole. This is the point that nazi's used to hide with their ships. So it's understandable that it was nuked. the entry is hidden, even today.

this; things that are done are known so think and do as you want.

whatever; whatever it is that doesn't want me to get deliveries no longer wants me not to get them. whatever delays the delivery from getting to me no longer delays the delivery.

if; if you listen enough you can get a result.


regain; I regain 5 or 10 dollars no matter the point.

in focus; you are no longer heavy by feel. in focus this.

no death; no death happened.

if; if things get better they don't get worse.


writing stuff 

full body switch; the body traits are switched with yours and they switch back when you don't need the traits. this icludes the toughness and resilience of the body.

Amazon kindle books; I successfully get my ebooks published on kindle, no matter the point.

afford; I can afford my boa credit card bill twice over.

I succeed; I succeed in whatever I think to get done.

recession; we're not heading into recession next year.

for dnd

feat: Golem making; This feat creates a golem or animated being from materials or energy itself and that's including flesh. Whatever you use as a base material is what its called. Such as iron golem, formed from iron particles and otherwise iron scraps. Each golem formed has 100% hp, your character stats and is immune to energy assaults as it absorbs the energy damage as additional hp. The golem also has to have direction to get it to do things or otherwise it does nothing. It uses the point you make as direction, see with no point it creates with no activity. What it isn't immune to is physical assaults. This means you can cause it to do things for you, and you only need to watch and direct it by voice. It only responds to the creator's voice to make results happen. It has a long range assault of generating a beam of energy, that strikes its target and creates an effect you describe. 

If damage or healing is done, then its with a 3d10+focus or concentration rank as a total in result. There is no duration results and that means you don't have an extended period of time for the effect. Each effect is instant, where the golem gathers the energy from the air heat energy and sends it beamed forth..that creates the effect it has. When degeated, it has -2% hp. See it either stops working if made of materials or disappears if made of particles. You can summon to life up to 2 golems at any given time. Any more and you risk losing control of the golems. If you do, they could strike out at anyone nearby on a 1d10 dice roll where 6 or above is beserk state. Each bezerk round or second, you can reroll the 1d10 and they can become sane and under your control again. This is what and how a golem works.

feat: Elemental creation; This feat allows you to create elementals out of energy from the elemental plane of energy. This can be any element that is used as a source from the elemental plane that it uses. This elemental is a living element in the shape of a humanoid. It absorbs energy from the air to exist, is immune to normal weapons as they pass right through it, and only can be defeated by hitting it with a magical effect or any element that is used against it. It starts at 100% hp, it's stats are your character stats. If hit by a magical weapon or element in use and its where you cause it to be a solid energy form at the moment, then it will be damaged. 

If it is in non solid energy form at the moment, then the weapon passes right through it. The elemental can shift to anywhere you intend it to be, as it is energy in shaped formation. This elemental heals absorbing the energy of the element or energy attack used to attack it, if its non solidly formed. Its damages or healing it can do to the target you decide to effect is 2d10+character focus or concentration rank as though an instant result. It can cause effects on the target/s or hit, at 1d20+character focus rank and you have a 10 or above result. It can heal 1/4 your hp % each time. You can summon 1d6 elementals at a time, this is without risking the elementals dissipating. Once too many, they could dissipate harmlessly in the air and disappear from the area. They do what the character needs and can easily disappear and unform themselves at will. 

After level 20 you can summon a greater elemental instead of an elemental. This greater elemental has 200% hp, your character stats and cannot be effected by normal weapons. Again, it heals the greater elemental the same as the damage dealt to it. That's if it is in non solid energy shape, and any element is projected at it. Its damage it can do is instant, and it can shift around the area to appear where it can effect the target/s. Its attack amount it can do is (half level as number of dice)d10+character focus or concentration rank in amount. It can heal 1/2 your hp % each time. You can summon 1d10 of them without them dissipating harmlessly in the air or area. They do what you need, and disappear and unform themselves at your will. If it disappears, you can always summon another one and they will do what you need.

feat: quarter shield; This feat alters your aura so your aura acts like a shield, that makes you reduce the amount of damage dealt to you reduced by 1/4 each round and each second outside of melee. 1/4 your hp % is restored by a fast regeneration effect 9+Con mod times per day. After level 20, 1/2 your hp % is restored by feel, possibly 10+Con mod times per day.

reform; This is a reformation in idea of anything that allows for the concept to work. This means if you think the creator reforms things then he can reform anything and thinking about the point or idea expression makes the intended result.  

fix; the extra weight goes down and remains away from the body by feel.

circle wards; This feat is where you draw a circle and think of what you want it to do as you state what it's for by feel. This can be a ward against evil, a ward against bad people and etc like ward away attacking..and its effects are to ward off or drive away the thing not wanted. They literally avoid you.

radiance effect; This feat allows you to cause what you wish through the radiation of energy wherever it is by feel and statement to the gm that you "use a radiance effect of energy to [name the idea to do.]".

Modern tech

Airplane; the passenger carrier that flies.

Jet; the 2 seater flier that flies fast.

Telescope; an ocular device that allows you to see very long distance.

Gps device; global positioning system,  this is the point of consideration where you use a device to read a satellite in space that allows you to read your position on the planet. Also is the map system that it displays,  to make you routes and area that is known about.

Camera; this takes a picture or video of the area.

Sticker; a stickyness on one side piece of paper.

Pens; a set of 10 inked writing tools.

Marker; a colorful writing tool that can write on anything.

Microwave; an energy cooker that uses microwaves and dehydration of food to cook the food.

Stove and oven range; this is a cooker that is a top of an oven and with 4 elements. The oven has heating elements in an enclosed area that holds racks you place things for cooking on. The controls are on the edge at the top of the unit.

Desk; the table with sides.

Table; the surface with legs, that you place things on by feel.

Paper; a writable sheet of something you write on by feel.

Rubber stamp; This customized writer uses a design and ink.

Ink; This is ink either for the pens or the rubber stamp.

Stamp; This you stick on envelopes to mail off to some address.

Envelopes; This can contain what remains as a letter or paper.

Notepad; a pad of paper that you write things in about your idea.

Bed; this is a soft place to rest as you lay on it and includes bedding or sheets and pillows.

Radio; this device plays music from radio waves and is changeable in what it plays.

Power Generator; power generation from radiation and radio waves. It helps power devices.

Remote; this is a power crystal empowered remote control that controls the device it was meant for by infrared radiation and the right frequency that you can adjust.

Tape; the stickiness is there on one side of a strip that sticks things down or whatever tape is that you use.

Fan; this is a air blower powered by a power crystal and powered on by a switch or remote. This could even be a ceiling fan hung from the ceiling..

Shelf; this is a rectangular stacked wooden surface with spaces between surfaces that you can place things.

Apartment; you can rent the apartment or visit it. It has everything you would need in it.

House; this is a living place that you can rent or own.

Dimensional living space; the dimension is your living area and your space to do things in with no cost to you.

Computer desk; this is a large desk that can be what holds a complete computer setup.

Nightstand; The nightstand is a small table that holds items on its surface.

returns; the return is not an object its a service with the object and things you want are replaced for the object or money is gotten back.

feat: Mirror summons; This feat summons whatever you want into existence by a mirror that serves your purpose, is directed by your will or does what you want. Thinking to dismiss it desummons it and it disappears to wherever you got it from, so if you don't need it its gone. Whatever form you intend it to be here is what it appars like. This feat doesn't summon the elements like earth, air, water, fire or void.

feat: Mirror effect; This effect is cast by statements to a mirror or mirror-like surface. What it is is an elemental effect or cast forth idea, that creates itself as a form of manifest. Sorta like a cast shift spell that you think to be in some dimension by the power and consciousness of the mirror energy, otherwise you cast a null effect or you cast an ice spell. The mirror elemental effect is with a 3d10+focus rank amount, like 3d10+10 for a focus rank of 10. This can cause damage or healing by feel that is instant.

Were special ability; This special ability, if allowed by the DM/GM, creates in you a were shape from energy as a werewolf or were animal of your choice that comes forth and serves as you. Increase your strength by 5, Constitution by 4 and intelligence by 6, add Were to your special ability list. You change into a wolf-headed humanoid on a full moon and back again after the full moon passes. As a part of the Were ability, your able to shift by will anywhere you intend to be. As you are a Were, you can summon items, effects like making the combatant cease to exist and the elements like earth, air, water, fire and void to exist and do what you want where the elemental effect is 2d10+focus ranks in amount. 

The duration of non instant effects like a fire or freezing effect to be 1d6 rounds in melee, or unlimited outside of melee/combat until you don't desire it. You can make with meta ability whomever you think to effect, think anything you want. Your damage and healing amount receives a +2d10 bonus that is instant on the full moon. Otherwise, your able to "Were" alter your body shape or reshape yourself to appear like any actual form for as long as you want and instantly heal to your full hp. 

An instant were assault or dodge is possible by you thinking to strike or dodge and bending time so its really quick. As you do this, use a +5 to your speed and +3 bonus to dexterity rolls, and that is temporarily there as you strike or dodge. You are psychic. You as a Were are able to sense things out, and know what will happen by the power of your subconscious. You can also know what is there or the properties of something, as you think to know. You also regenerate quite fast, as a Were you have 2d10+concentration skill ranks in restored health on focus to heal.

for later:

windows; this is a see through area of glass in a frame.

glass; this is a piece or pane of glass. It's clear and you can see through it yet it can replace the window pane.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Tea Magic

 This is magic done by tea. think of what you can get or need the idea and the energy of the drink creates what you need.

some magic
state the word to the left of the ; or = sign and don;t state the ; or = as its a separator, then when you state the word or phrase you think of the idea or look at the idea to do.

Paul t; he doesn't mind what I do.

Lying; any lying is dismissed by feel.

Tea d magic; tea time with a drink and things work like you want or imagine.

Tedium; boring never had a name.. think and things get interesting.

Cups; there is a cup for every person using the keurig machine. Any clean cup can be used.

Payment; I can easily repay the credit card from boa and still use it.

Shopping craze addiction; my Shopping crave ceases and I no longer need to spend more money.

War; canceled is the war. Canceled in the war.

Oil; the oil prices drop drastically by feel.


Theodore; he no longer loses cups or he always has one for the Keurig machine.

Friend; its no longer a disturbing feeling to be contacted by people in life.

Credit card; i don't have that much minimum due and don't have problems with payment towards it.


Shopaholic; I no longer am a Shopaholic.

Aholic; I no longer am a aholic.

Pun; unpun intensifies

No longer; nolonger I run from answering questions.

Donald trump; he doesn't manage to wriggle himself out of trouble.

Crisis; any Crisis is no longer a Crisis by feel.

Lalate; he no longer has stress no matter the point or reason. Where he mentions Crisis the crisis goes away or is solved. Whatever problems he mentions disappears by feel. Any stress in his voice is gone.

Ricardo; he doesn't mind what I do. He easily can offer me ice drinks. He doesn't mind Steve.

Steve; he gets out earlier than usual from the store.

Stacy; she finds a good daycare.

Trip; Stacy can bring us to our places we need to go.


Trouble; I don't get in trouble for editing and publishing editing edill d stuff using his account. He gets his latest book published.

Transfer; songcastmusic can transfer the Acoustic angel album to Kevin Wade Ellis' songcast account..and I don't get in trouble.

Kevin wade ellis; he is fine with what i do for him by feel.

Trouble; I don't get in trouble and keep trouble away no matter what.

People; they are appeased by what i do or did. I do not get sued.

Lafayette; he calls me and we finish our business. Otherwise Lafayette answers his phone no matter the point.

Trouble; I do not get trouble no matter what i do.

Money; I gain at least 7000 dollars.

Acoustic weight therapy; i spiritually receive acoustic weight therapy and lower my body weight. I keep off the excess weight.

Focus; focus on the weight number can, if needed, make you that weight. I don't need to eat double or allot by feel.

You aren't allowed; you can't come in and aren't allowed here unless necessary.

Focus II; think of what you want and you can get it.

Lazy; Paul t is no longer lazy.

Entry; the entry is the exit,  think to make use of it.

The fat on my body is converted into energy and that energy the body uses to keep itself awake until I need to sleep.

Its a 50/50 chance that you create what you want if you use a coin flip to make your results and that is inevitable.

Chris; i lose weight no matter the point or reason.

Paul t; he answers either his texts or his phone when I attempt to make contact. He pays me what I am owed.

Whatever; Whatever I do, I don't crowd Paul t.

Whatever; Whatever it is I am not impatient for it will come if needed.

Paul; he finds no troubles with what he does by banking and finances. He finds it quickly done and he isn't out of money. He doesn't mind what I do.

Kevin ellis; he doesn't mind what I do and gives me an easier time.


Then; the point is done by feel and creating with the creator is easily done.

Juneau; he understands what happened and gives me an easier time.

Time; its sped up by feel or normal if necessary.


Nice; nieces
Nic; nice, niece
En; end
Naht; u, not

Thursday, April 14, 2022


 This is Creationism, think of the point or idea and with a source energy the consciousness creates what you need, and that is focus on creating the idea as you state your intent. This is what I attempted with it..

Margaret; she doesn't mind what I do and treats me better.

Amazon; they don't push back the time on delivery today any longer.

Think; the point you think, your soul creates if you need it done as a result.  This happens without problems and quickly enough to suit your purpose.

Understand; things you say will work out in the end.

Political luck; I get lucky on the Political scale.

Recognition; I recognize when things will happen by feel.

Germany; they pivot towards the American way.

The boruto; they don't mess up the next episode by feel that I can download.

Dnd archives; they finish quickly uploading to my server the dnd archives.

Travis; he manages to keep his doctor  appointments.

Oakstreet; they don't screw people over with being picked up. They pick up Ricardo today.

Chris; they no longer want to break into Chris bowies apartment.

Mj; she has a good answer on what I need.

Focus; the focus is interested attention and thinking of what you want as you need the results.

One; its now 1 dollar to stay here per month.


Entrails; the dogs Entrails tells by the energy consciousness what will occur. This is done by glimpses and visions that occur on touch of the entrail.

Entrail en; at the moment its the end of the visions that are glimpses.

Different; the energy used in the area is radiative and very able to turn the target to dust. Focus and you can direct the radiation by thinking it into going to the target area and it effects what you think to target.

Conclusion; the point is the effect of energy failures in the city due to solar flare.


Anger; no anger comes to me with results.

Whatever; Whatever happens the Amazon shipment time isn't pushed back any further or its tomorrow early on.

Stacey; she likes me and works with me by feel. She doesn't mind what I do.

Think; the point is a sign or presence, think to make it show itself. The creator makes it stop its influence and it doesn't manifest again by radiance.

The area energy consciousness banishes the unwanted presence.

Bbb; the build back better bill becomes law.

Mj; she remembered to ask Stacey about the snake pet.

Solution; even if he says no solution there is a solution.


Focus; the points of the death are known yet they don't have to happen by feel.

Situation; the best way for things to happen is the creation effect to make what is necessary and create what is needed by feel. There is no recession after inflation.

Joe make the call; Joe biden calls ss to create the swap between cola and inflation. Leaving us with 200 or more extra per month that I get.

Jon; he does more vids on genshin impact. No matter what.

Shocker; the Shocker isn't a Shocker when heard.


Food regeneration; think to regenerate as you eat food and the consciousness of energy makes you regenerate. Drink water to regenerate faster. Monstrous regeneration is using weed or some chemicals as you think to regenerate.

Stealing; theft is not happening by feel.

Money generation; i gain 10 dollars per minute in funds by some way. I am paid as I am funded. So I agree its easier with metamagic than it normally seems.

Can; she repairs herself and creates positive feelings by idea.
Money effect; this effect created by the energy of money or exchange by feel, is where you exchange money and get something in return in order to make the result by the energy of money.

Messaging; the messages sent aren't wrong messaging anymore.

Oil; the international price of oil is brought down easily.

Stimulus checks; I get some Stimulus check money from the irs sooner than  later.


Bigger; the bigger you give the lesser in weight you get.

The view; the view you have the more you can get in objects or objectives you desire done.


Judy; she needs me to go to the store. She feels like allowing me to goto the store for her.

War in the country; this doesn't occur by feel.

Ending; the end of the moment.


Enmorph; the end morphation is a point done by feel.

The release; the Release of energy ends the effect on you.

Tiredness; if you release the tiredness energy as though a source,  it no longer makes you tired.

The release; this is the release of a computer game, using the material that i put out. Mention the release to make it occur.

Less; the less you have in food the less you weigh. Although, i don't earn less.


Antwaine; he comes earlier than usual. Thinking to pick me up.

No; when I say no, I mean no so that's about it.

Now; nw of here there is a store. So if you want you can get things from there.


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Fluency magic

This is for the fluent moment, that is where you speak and are understood.  This is changing the way you are seeing things with languages. Here is what I learned is interesting.

Omnilingual; all languages are understood and easy to be written by feel.

Walking steps; steps can be walked for exercise. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you walk to be effective.

5 dollars; i get 5 dollars by feel nearly everyday.

Stimulus; i get an over 600 dollars Stimulus payment.

Sneezing; I no longer sneeze on my phone.

Manage; I manage to lose all my excess weight in pounds.

Biden; he no longer is senile and isn't deranged or stupid.

Eating; eat half or less, otherwise eat till your full and you lose weight.

Stagflation; the us avoids Stagflation.

Cursor; the curse of weightlessness is bestowed by feel.

Curse; the curse is this. If I intend to lose weight no matter what if i move or not I drop away all my fat as energy that can be used as other things by feel.

Life; life is weightlessness.

Sustain; the weight that sustained itself on the body disappears.

Warpigs; I give my weight to the warpigs..and they keep it.

The fat weight; its taken in by the object and used up by the body to make the body lose weight.

I; I am not suspicious or fat anymore.

Am; Americans are no longer broke or fat.

Waist; my waist reduces itself.

Gotten; i realize when I get what I need or want.

Speed force; the speed force reduces my extra weight to nothing energy.

Increase; my weight decreases itself and my wealth increases. This is not English pounds. I am. Thee.

Putin; poo thats in the toilet.

Underweight; I am underweight and not counted for it.

Thought; thought abounds and things work by feel. This is the unknown effect.

Things; the things I eat, reduce the body in weight instead of making it more.

Easy; easy gotten is the money of the 6th stimulus. Think about it.

Long hair; if I have short or long hair I am not brusque or fat.

Mgr; she finds her lost key.

China; China doesn't get sanctioned by the us. China doesn't give Russia things or money.

Juneau; he doesn't transfer his fat or diabetes onto me. Nor does he enhance my shape without me needing it.

Juneau ii; he gets his woman shape and women internals, too.

The clothes I wear or have doesn't make me more womanly or fat, no matter what.

Extra funds; I always have enough cash to pay for snuff for my friend.

Moderna; I end up getting my 2nd booster shot for covid-19.

No longer; I no longer make financial mistakes.

Sam; he doesn't mind what I do.

100; The 100 per month is passed in congress by feel. Nothing blocks the bill in the house and senate from it passing into law.

I am em; I am condemning bugs.

I am bugs; I am hating bugs.


I am relaxing; I relax by feel.

Shipping; the Amazon shipping to my place no longer gets pushed back in time.

The game; the game i am trying to upload is successful in the upload quickly.

In the en
Think and the mind creates the result using the creator as a source.

Stacy; she has time for me and does what I need. She sets out the keurig machine. So she also places it back in the lock closet, when the time is right.

Thi; the point this is done, I will be gone and people will be here instead. Enjoy yourself as you do things and know nothing is wrong to try and do.

Inflation; no matter the point,  inflation goes way down by feel.

6th stimulus; this happens no matter the point to get us stimulus checks. People no longer get skittish on the 6rh stimulus deal, whatever causes them to be skittish about the 6th stimulus deal no longer makes them skittish any longer.

6th; the 6th stimulus is no longer crippled in passing into a law.

Recession; the recession doesn't start if you reduce inflation.

Oil; the oil deal with Iran,  isn't dropped with the US. No oil deals happen with Russia.

Germany; they get off of Russian oil soon.

Iranian deal; the deal is being done sooner than usual.

Kris; he goes down in weight no matter the point.

Farmers; they manage to make a good response or profit from wheat sells.

Russia; Russia doesn't make the principal payments including the 3 billion dollars principal owed.

Effect; think to energize the air with kenaz the rune, then when enough energy is there you create magic or elegance. You can even create warmth out of coldness.


Alliance; the western alliance of Germany,  France and U.S.A remains intact and working by feel.

Nothing; Nothing that is compulsive is done.

Jebus; he has good luck with his new house. He manages to keep it.

Germany; they are getting off of Russian oil no matter the point.

Pauls check; he gets his check today or tomorrow in the mail earlier than usual. I get 70 dollars from him.


Larry; he gets kicked out of the apartment and forced to get another one.

Mail; the mail comes earlier by feel and things work out by feel.

Start; the idea is achieved if not Russian.  Think and you know what to do.

Paul t; he doesn't mind what I do.

Mj; I get permission to get a snake..


Money; I don't overspend anymore. I don't overeat anymore. That is all.

Last week; the Germans decide to get off Russian oil.

Mail; the Amazon mail comes earlier and I get my packages.

Energy resources; Russian Energy resources are not used outside Russia.

Mgr; Whatever happens i don't push Stacy butts too far. She doesn't mind what I do. She feels relaxed by feel and responds well to my attempt to chat no matter what occurs. I am not blocked by her and she responds to my communication. My is not minding the response.

I; I don't mind what occurs by feel.

Noone is tired of each other an they aren't critical of each other.

Amazon; they get to me my packages that I ordered if slated for today.

No; number
Dun; don't
Wyl; shall, will, shalt
Don; wear
Ou; out
So; some
Th; thing
Et; eat
Ne; need
Tu; too, to, two
Mu; much
Em; money
T; it
Th; that, there
Se; search
R; move,  movement
Ru; run
Und; understood, understand/s
Ba; bath
Rum; room
Cl; clear, clean
U; you
Cri; crime
Crim; criminal
N; nonsense,  no, non, not
Bul; bully
Bil; bull
Sh; shit
Non; Nothingness
Il; ill, illness
Preg; pregnant,  pregnancy
Pre; before
Ful; full
Fu; fun
D; die
Du; due, do
Do; die off
K; kill
Ko; knock out, kill off
Sce; scent
Poo; manure, dung
Cul; cool
Ho; hot
Ma; make
Mai; making
Go; go
Fa; fat
Uu; undo, undone
Ur; your
Urg; urge
Gu; good
Gud; goody
Ay; yes
Det; teeth, tooth
Spr; spread
Ba; bad
Bad; bade, urged
Ta; take
A; act, action
Y; actively, action
Me; me, I, my
How; how
He; heal
Ha; had
Had; hadn't
Ca; can
Can; can't
Los; lose
Losy; losing
Hed; head, sense
May; maybe
G; got, gotten
Wa; wait
Li; line
Ro; root
Cana; canal
De; deadly
Red; reduce
Bel; belly, gut
Batt; battery
Ag; again
At; rate
Ra; rage
O; of, off
Mom; moment
Ty; type
La; later
Er; there
Wet; weight, dosofud
Eno; enough
Ya; agree, agreed, agreement
Dos; dosage, dose
Fud; food
Ge; get
Awa; away
Eh; Whatever
Ey; hey
Unu; unusual,  unusually
Sle; slender
U; return, back (except for weight)
Ai; paid
Aid; help
Cra; crazy, craving
Sta; stay, stop
Mas; mass, many
Y; why
Wa; what, was, waste
Wh; where
We; when
Wai; waist
Right; law, self-law
Ri; right
Le; left
Fo; forward
Bac; back
Ciou; cya, farewell, bye
Ca; can
Can; can't
Red; reduce

Friday, April 1, 2022

The evasive maneuvers

 The evasive maneuvers are what is considered as use of magic to distract the person, think of different results and cause them instead, or create what result you desire using the energy of the effect. This is all done by thinking about the result you desire, then breathing or or not you create by the thought with the source being or creator making what you want out of imagination. This is what I could do on a good day.

Here are some spells I did attempt though:

Some spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, by what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

sending energy; look at their image or description.. think that they receive the energy as you say the name you associate with them. as you focus the thoughts of sending then energy and looking at their image, breath in and out until you feel something happen. Sometimes they are blocked at the chakra points. so they won't actually feel it. however you can cause them to do anything..they don't perceive it and think ing of what you want them to do sends that as programmed energy to cause them to do what you think.

Vibes; We have energy vibration that helps us realize the level of reality that we're in. Say positive things and do positive things so you keep up the high vibration level. The thought sets the vibration and this vibration is set off by our aura. So our vibrations are what sets aura to a specific energy or color in life. It seems to have an idea associated with it, a frequency

that your thoughts set it to by feel.

Send; the sending of a soul can cause you to have an accident and you are there where your soul is unless you send a soul copy instead. this can end your life, so don't do it if you don't need to by idea.

patience; he waits till I am done to say anything about my presence. he isn't too quick to judge me. he doesn't mind what I do.

lupus; he doesn't get in trouble because of me.

acting; I am acting right by feel or idea and creating with the soul copy instant results.


death elemental; 3 death elemental go against vladimir putin and manage to kill him.

focus; if you focus on a thought you can create it by feeling it's needed.

panic; the panicky moment doesn't happen. everything will work out in the end.

the inet; the internet works no matter the point or idea, quickly and efficiently its restored if down.

Guided change; think of a change that is an effect like a change of body to create the change more easily with some expression or statement you say that the subconscious makes into existence or manifest by feel. Then if the person that is either you or me that's effected tends to ask about any changes, state something that you know about and this is what you know by intuition that their subconscious uses as a suggestion so it makes that change and you can keep at it until the process is done if you need to be sure. 

keep; the point you keep isn't the disability, its the money you earn and you create with life or make off with payments.

oil; partners to america give oil to america and thinking works out by feel. russia no longer gets its way with iran on the oil deal. iran doesn't give in to russia.

creative; my focus isn't flawed and I can keep my focus as though I rested enough.

bad off; we are not that bad off so think and things work out by feel.

kevin; he gets his music published on songcast music. they accept it online and make it live.

lalate; he is no longer anxious and gets enough sleep.

deswell; the body adjusts itself to not be fat in appearance and no chemical swelling occurs.

fluid retention; because of the lack of nutrients in the soil, the stomach could swell with fluids injested. so to deswell the stomach, use multivitamins with nutrients or minerals.

See they not that We have made the Night for them to rest in and the Day to give them light? Verily in this are Signs for any people that believe!

read this verse and believe that you will rest

if you read this you are alive and working after the collapse of the planet and restoration by rite.. enjoy yourself.

Focus; the chinese president falls ill and feels not like trading or giving things with russia.


ww3; the ww3 is avoided by feel and things work out by feel.

fire summoning; All you need to do is focus your mind on the thought you think. That means you think about forming fire and think it exists as you want it to exist. Then you think it goes to the target area and strikes the surface. See if you can do it, you could form a red speck in the air and it goes to cause a black spot on the area you think it to strike. if no red speck, you could still feel the energy form and thinking it hits the area surface creates it as a black spot.

what can  happen, is your mind compresses the heat and fire energy in the air into a small red speck, eventually. the smaller you compress it, the more likely you get a fireball. however, the smaller it is, the faster it is to go through the air. 

bad no luck; the bad luck from the void converts into good luck in idea this is done no matter the point or charm by feel.


peace; there is no war anymore, so think to go and not come back unless necessary by feel.

hit; there is no hit anymore. This is exception to the webcounter hit, of course.

thought; the thought is what is done if needed by us.

think; think of what you want and my subconscious can create it if it's not warfare.


generous; if generous, you get the money by feel that you ask for.

mattman; he gives me at least 20 dollars out of generousity.

focus; people perceive themselves as they are and don't need changes unless necessary.

skindancing; Don't do this if you don't want to be insane. any use of the demon self will possibly drive you insane as it will do anything you say. so, if you will it to not make you insane, it will not make yourself insane. basically the point is this, allow your demon self to take the body. the demon will they physically shapeshift into the form. you don't actually tell your demon self to take the other body by thinking the idea to it. you would still be able to control it. think to it what you wanted then the other person you don't like would be skindanced to by feel. so I tell my demon self to take the body of a wolf and I become that wolf. that you would skindance to by idea.

Skindance is the shift of your demon to the other form. don't use this, use angels instead so your not driven insane and the demon doesn't think to control you instead. you communicate with my demon self by thinking you are and it answers. all you need to do this right, is you need to think that your demon self takes possession of the other. when it takes the body of whatever it is you choose for it to take. your conscious will be split for a bit.. seeing what the demon does. you think to it, that you see through it's eyes. 

Ok. If it goes into the body of an animal or person, it temporarily will kill the animal or person and animate the body. Then the animal will get it's consciousness back when my demon self leaves. You see when it leaves, it shifts the spirit and soul back to the body unless you don't desire it. Its your choice to restore them as they were. The myth that the more a skinwalker shifts, the more traits of that animal it gets in human form when the demon shifts back to you is true. So if you want to keep the traits then keep them, otherwise, think "purge" and it purges those traits.

Every time you shift it to an animal, there is very small changes each time. they are noticeable to your senses. this would take multiple shifts to make them noticeable. if you do multiple shifts, you will still be able to keep your human consciousness when the very long transformation is complete. the longer your demon self is in the body of the animal, the more you control it. your body stays the same until the demon self returns. 

The more the demon self goes in and out of that body, the more my body changes. When you call your demon self back to you, think to it, that it returns. If you possessed a wolf, the first changes will be when your demon self comes back from the body of a wolf. Well, you temporarily seem like the wolf, except your standing on two legs then your yourself again. The small changes that start when you repeatedly shift your demon self into a wolf and back.

This is getting you furryness at first with an undeniable scent. You see that scent is cast off from a demon's form, this is the decay of the dead form it took. Then the senses and instincts happen. This is later on as it continues back and forth with the shifting. So if you want to know about ears, tails, claws, and teeth, those aren't really forming if you want to know the truth. If they were in formation, then you'd also get them as a shapechange that is slow. So don't actually expect it and it may happen if it does.

different; it could be different if I wanted it different.


the banks default the russians and things work out for us by feel.

genocide; the idea of genocide doesn't happen. think and you will understand.

t'he = take it and do what you think to create by feel with the deed you know.

th'a = that is the action level of this dimension, think of the point or idea and you can make the action happen.


en = the end of your life.

pass = the moment of a child is the passing of it to someone else.

I am = I am not vladimir putin.

one hit displacer; this is where you hit once or several times, and by the soul guiding the energy with programming you shift the person you hit.

focuser; if you notice an invisible weight weighting the bed down, then you can sense the form.

focus; you can focus in on anything and hear it by feel if important.


haste = create a hastened moment without the sped up aging.

win10 update; whatever causes the win 10 update to pause at 20% install no longer causes the update to pause.

focus; the focus is achieved by feel, what you get is not warlike but peaceful.

curse of thinness; your body is cursed with thinness and good health by the power of an amber ring that won't leave you. No matter what you eat, you don't gain weight so you aren't fat. You always have six-pack abs.

curse of slenderness; whatever I eat or drink, I lose weight from if I intend to lose weight.

balance; my excess weight energy is stored in an object or ring instead of me. no matter the fat it turns into money that I have.


weight; my weight drops away by feel. leaving me thin.

focus; the focus improves the idea and shape of the moment.

ss300; joe makes the call to ss before late april to swap cola with inflation.

workouts; it doesn't matter how fast or slow you walk, if you get 8000 + exercise then you work off the calories you eat extra. if you wait some time before exercising, then muscle memory allows you to more easily get back into exercise again.

Star; germany still seeks to get off of russia products.

bagona; he can force you to realize the reality of the moment and that it doesn't have to happen.

bags; bagona releases you from the curse.

writing stuff 

gentle fist; the gentle fist martial arts attack.

Physical magic; With magic it's the focus of your brain that your thought intent creates with the brain making thought waves through the aura. where the aura sends out the energy frequency set by the brain and the brain wave made by the aura creates your change. you don't however, see energy manipulated. The pinneal gland is the psychic gland of the body and is what sets the frequency in the brain to create results. thought that you needed to create wealth, if you think that long enough, your brain causes the aura to send out frequency waves. this energy wave creates the idea you thought with it's influence. 

If you eat or drink something..the attempt then speeds up with the added energy. However, natural stones also speed up the effect. You see natural stones would also amplify the aura wave. I heard this.  If we imagine that we are in a place with natural stone, we can attract that energy. 

"I am" stated will cause a manifest since it is a positive idea you state. If you state it out loud long enough you create an instant idea. Also, think of the idea you want as you state that, the moment you intend will be attracted to you if you intend it long enough.

What will you say?  Let me give an example. "I draw the energy of natural stone all day long" or "I am" will work as you think your intention. It makes your intention, you don't have to say the intent to get an effect. You could make up a word if you wanted to for an effect.

Think positive to get positive results, so if it doesn't happen even though we think positively, its in a clogged chakra points the chakra points could get blocked so you only need to unblock them to get a result. That blockage is really in your blood flow where blood flow energy that goes to the pinneal gland = chakra point energy that creates your thought. 

The blood flow sometimes runs across fatty buildup and that can cause a chakra block. Some bad luck can occur from the blockages. So cleanse the chakras to clear your blood of fatty buildup, and it turns into good luck so you have no excuse of why you get bad luck. Its a thought in itself that is cancelled out by thinking or stating, "nothing happens if bad". 

The point that's bad is where you can consider things and feel bad about it or get a bad condition. So think it's good if you can it's a positive in some way. If you think positive you would think that "Not that it's bad", so if you don't feel bad then it's not. If you don't feel the results, then you have a chakra blockage. Now to cleanse the chakra points, either do exercises or listen to chakra cleansing youtube frequencies.

Here are some suggestions..:

1 hour cleanser:

30 minute cleanser:

quick cleanser:

God; You see as you ask Him for things he asks you to believe. The being will create things using your energy. Yet he asks you to do things as well, its usually simultaneous. What God asks of you, though? Ah to believe in him. So just to know that He is real and that people love him is all He needs in return. If you do believe in him, you send some of your energy that keeps Him existing. So yes that's all you really need to do. Its a weird relationship. 

The confusion is thought to be the Devil's work to try and get me away from God. Know you really aren't away from Him. He exists in you, around you and everywhere. But to follow more Gods than just Yahweh sounds wrong, yet your not. God is with many aspects, Odin is one of them. You see each aspect reacts as expected, he really is just One being like a gem of God that has many faces. It leads me to think that he has many personalities.

What about the Greek gods? Like Zeus and Hades, Hermes, Ares, etc? Same, the Greek gods are just different personalities of the same God. The belief of the greeks, made the aspects seem so real they appeared on the planet 10000 years ago. It was amazing as each aspect was different. I think He is actually neutral and wanted to create using our energy.. so He created the aspects asked for and served as a power base for them. As though the aspects were lesser lords. Its interesting at the same time a curious effect of the God.

for dnd

Action counter: this is the counter to someones actions as you state or do things.

However there is the possible action counter, this is the counter to someone's actions or something as you state "I counter the action of [name action here]" or do things that counter the action. This uses a 1d20+[strength mod or dexterity mod] with a 10 result that makes success.

wish ability; If you gain this ability by learning it, you gain the wish ability as unlimited wish.

Eye shift; The eye developes with the rinnegan or multi-ringed eye with focus, that causes you to shift to a new area or time and there is no negative response like illness or hurting the eye.

Bagona; the god of curses that does requests in life. He is neutral, so he won't attack you out of spite. All he asks in return is a favor that the GM comes up with and the person that is corresponding with you talks about needing by feel.

in; inter into objects.

UFO; They have the option of having in the ship a gamma radiation beam defense in idea, that can knock out and stun a target or targets. The damage dealt is with a 1d20+concentration chance of hitting with a 10 or above. This has 3d10+charisma mod instance damage, that knocks out the target like a bird for 1d6 rounds in melee or minutes outside of combat and it's dealt by feel. Of course, the ship responds to the mind as you think to it's consciousness to create what you need. So if you are in a need of a UFO, then you know this will fit your bill.

Healer class

The healer serves a god or the creator so he must either list a God or the creator as his God

necessity skill for the class, healing 6 ranks or higher

Class Ability

God will; The will of the character is reflected through the creator or his God and creates whatever is needed at the time. This is a point done by idea, including making the attacker disappear, that is where you think the idea and the energy consciousness creates it using the creator as a source. Any healing or attacks done is 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus ranks. Any duration or how long things last, this is infinite until not desired out of combat and in melee or combat is a 1d6+focus ranks in rounds.

Phasing; think to go somewhere and your subconscious makes it happen as your body seems to shift and disappear to reappear in the area you think you should be or its not done.

Potion making; This ability you use to make the mixtures that include water mixed with herbs. These herbs are ones that heal or cause other effects, and this includes the right herbs.

Elemental defense; the character can absorb energy and cast forth any elemental attack using it. It glows green in the aura and counts as a health shield forcefield that lasts lasts 30 seconds or 5 rounds. The effect is able to be used from the energy itself being formed into one or two elements, that goes to where you will it and has 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus ranks damage. Any duration effect such as someone catching on fire, where the extended fire damage is 2d6+focus rank rounds or outside of battle until the target is burned up. 

This leaves you with nothing left to work with as what's burned is destroyed and water can put it out. Water can create a drowning sensation or area energy blocking that's absorbed into the water, otherwise you can carry on the water particles in the air what energy is there such as programming that you think it does or illness energy. If illness energy is transferred by water particle waves, then you create diseases in the target that last until cured.

Ice energy can freeze the foe for 2d6+focus rank in rounds during combat, or outside of combat is unlimited time until it thaws. Earth can smother or block something out, for the same amount of time that fire can burn. Air can carry or hold things for the same amount of time that fire burns. So in carrying or holding, this includes radiating diseased energy or focusing death and decay energy from the body that deadens or kills the foe. If you focus on the thought of all your death and decay energy gets projected from your cells, think and it gets projected from the body then you live longer and lack diseases that occur from pooled death energy. 

Healing; the character will heal by taking the wound energy into himself and repairing the body from it like he or she is with monstrous regeneration (2d10+focus skill rank) in hp recovered. Also they regenerate lost limbs and this is within 1d6 rounds in melee or instantly outside of melee using creator created compressed time. That means there is instant recovery outside of battle using a creator made subconscious time difference effect, so that is a mental time zone that's allot quicker than usual. Also, the character recovers from any disease or poison using this time zone.

Improved healing; Heal after a sword or weapon plunge using water particles, otherwise its word of mouth or poem directing the  energy of the weapon. Then you heal using water particles directed by the energy consciousness. This heals 1/3 your hp during the round or fully your hp outside of combat.

Auratic healing; the character will create by aura presence 1/2 the hp back per round or Instant recovery of full hp by being nearby and thinking of healing outside of combat. Also, the aura will cause instant recovery from poison and diseases.

Shield effect; the character is shielded by feel, any damage is absorbed as energy that is used for effects you think the shield to do. This includes focusing energy to cause damage or healing, that is with 1d10+focus ranks in percent that's done, thought or making some effect that you think about is the idea of this done by feel. As it is done, it's buffing up your hp to 100% if not there already. 

Faith healing; with the power of the creator or some God, you restore anyone you focus on including yourself and think to heal perfectly as though nothing was wrong with them. This effect is instant and all hp is recovered. All diseases and illnesses are healed up.

Illness and poison resistance; the character gets resistance to poison and disease. Roll a 4 or less on a 1d10 to check if you got damage.

Immunity (Ex); the character has gained immunity to any disease and poison. They can no longer get sick or poisoned.

Elemental immunity (Ex); the character becomes immune to the elements, unless they allow for it.

Avatar (Ex); the character becomes an avatar of the creator or some god he serves. His stats get increased by 3. His hp gets increased by 100%. His or her damages dealt increase to 2d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus or concentration ranks.


rfu = refuge; refugee, refugees

mew = cat

mews = cat call

stag = shrink; stagnation

omni = mind; all

ayo = hello

ntaloa = interloper; intruder, invader, enemy, azaoc (berserk attack)

dfns = defense; defender, deafens

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