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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Druidism In Pangaism

   How is Druidism different from Paganism? The druidism works by the effort you do for nature. Paganism works for doing the thinking for yourself. Paganism is a later version of Pangaism that lets you determine what's true for you instead of letting someone else tell you what your Truth of law based in time or not that idea are due the idea you think and feel is magic as reaction that changes by will to revert or not as your energy created by will is there.

  As if chemistry is a point in life and your life is the point, your thought or things you do as nothing is as a will in the desire energy is reactant by will to your point that you create with as a will is a way to live. Think that a will is as though a wish in some result, and as your will as is not noticed your will creates as a thought is done to sometimes revert what you don't like to energy by use. As you think "revert" and tap something, thought as energy in action does the point in idea to create as you want.

  You can help as you want as your in a similar area and thought is there to seem as if a use. Think there is a energy end point, as the essence is gone and there is none to will. This is as though thought is a point, as if the spirit works with your will nondestructively until necessary as you think the energy allows.

  Yes, I use druidic paganism or druidic energy, as nature use is thought by the control by spirit as law with energy thats allowed for as I think that is with the creator conscious as if you say the right words. Think and use is feeling with the third eye practice. As if to think, stop and focus and imagine and do as necessary. As is there as you think, as its not just you and as an energy is use by focus will. This is a point to do for your concept, thought is or isn't done as thought to seem done is appropriate.

  Think and what you feel Isis made correct by Horus, this creates and heals by a will as things you do is your will that is in the energy. You can create a thought or make what will be done, as if a point is subject to your idea and is what you think. Thought and purpose as instant or otherwise instance, this is what you think and feel is right by intuition that is made not as right and positive attribute is possible with the essence and as you wish or will the idea to use.

  As a short point in thought is a point in the past, figure out this is what you feel right by instinct guided by intuition. Think and this is a thought by concept, as is what you consider is if felt by aura and is not a thought noticed. As perspective is done where you aren't noticed, this is old and you can get in anything that is done unbrutally or not as thought usual.

   As energy is there you can use the law of magic, to gate or seem to create as a point is subject to a point or make some law up and not discovered by those that dislike it. As a temporary law effect that disappears, as it is expected and otherwise not needed to the person and as you think a rite to do as if you can create. Think as you will by the subconscious, as you use symbolic idea or focused idea as if you knew and see to observe. What you do or you drop or not digress, to do the point in a place that will mind the act.

  Think that is an act with action or activity as a thought, that you don't do till you need to use the act. As a trajectory in a need, or not as the magic can create by what you feel in will. There is laws made by a point or no use is a thought and this is tat, that are tattoos recallable in an idea by what you use them for in some life.  This came from before the atleantians created land ownings, in Courtesia or as they were dispersed from the land they seemed to use this.

  There is nothing that can seem undone unless necessary, by thought to quell any situational idea if necessary, that is a solution thought from a point of view and if created as a past life. This idea can seem a use, as is if youthful intention is energy to the useful idea and act. Thought or not as drop the use as this is the method in a life sometime else as time is a moment, found with the past by use is magic in nature life meditation by what you do otherwise.

  Focus upon energy by a point that seems to be in the past or future and think to concept written or you think and you know, as to picture things is as you focus and think as you focus to see and you will think perceive what you think to use. Use as this is almost pure insanity if overused or not as you don't, as the blue beam of light is a thought in use is imagined in moments. This is by focus with the intent spoken, if or not as an idea you thought think this is the energy as an ideal that creates what is there by use as you know.

  This is in the life stream called dimensional knowledge, stored as facts and energy that you can use the focus to create with and by energy. This reveals what you think and need to know. There is a point that reveals the point, as you came from and seem to be as you think you can you will and your back from the past. As past is past and life is life, if you find a use for information you can think and the use is there to focus with a need.

  As you do and experience considered, this is as your will and is there as you can create not and noting can if used as will desist the activity. Think use and an idea to make or think "not is" to remove suggestions. This is not as a thought, as your available you can do what you seem, think what you are to want and this is out as writing necessary or not. As it isn't allowed for by what, you respond to as an individualized point.

  Thought related is relativity with a temporary point, that by natural law as a natural idea and if their idea. As what you need is drawn from the source, as your thought draws the attribute by a concept. As that is as credit and needed by use and you can create with work, use is by writing or seem in viewing by what you think is to consider.  That is think there is a will and that is a way with focus as energy is what, creates your will seems some idea like a wish.

  Think or not as your energy is in what sustains or their concept given credit by use, or otherwise not as if an idea is energy by the thought pointed and no this is out or tis. As a point being done, with what is creative given in isn't done or nothing happens by your ideal. There is a concept in mind by this, as your thought energy your will is where you want.

  That is a point to consider as you no the thing inopposite and not opposite is inopposable, as an act if you think it is opposite this isn't always necessary as not worth the effort. As thought not that is to think negative, as you touch or think to create this creates what you think.

  There is nothing wrong with the situation, as your thought exists a "solution" that is the use by the spirit as the energy to change or create by creation. Think this is a point in a moment to use a point, noting as an idea that seems to work there now is from a observed thought that you won or did things.

  This is to think your well and your restored, as if thought is by whatever your subconscious comes up with. As if a point is corrective and yet correct for your purpose, there is a point that use is an energy and yet thought is enough to create as if the creator protects and makes as you will.

 As your will is energy by what you are and attribute, this is in the nature that in kind can serve or not by what you do as you are what you think. Think or not and as energy serves the purpose, service can seem as you want in life as useful.

  As with the energy nearby is to make unless not necessary, nothing as a point to happen with what energy is from what you think is negative or a source. The point tis made with in a point an by tone magic actually in thought can exist concept, and yet not seem to do things if the point is mute or not mute.

  Tat is a tattoo with energy from a tator with the skin, as the idea to use the mythological beings called Tatterdemain made in idea. Think from memories and living memories that once formed can kill or add to the being idea, this is a living memories with use by art and use is energy to create with and magic mention is what you think. They are with purpose for, as your in what your use is thought to seem as thought in mischief as if kitsune.

  This is from Kitsune as disruptive or use is creation as thought manifests in the room from a tattoo used in magic effects, the room can result in disgusting behavior in light. This is of the moment the room fixes, if a lit candle is the right color for a set purpose possible and energy can seem hostile if the ideal suits people that need those in the occasion.

  This is an exit and does not exist until you think and imagine the existing exit somewhere, as you exist it with imagination you can create as you will and abade by thought. As this is the "thought" or energy of a person I once knew, as this is the energy by thought concept that might work with the idea presented and named by a thought.

  A further developemental Kitsune is a person that is what you think and only what you think, unless the Kitsune is to seem what it wants to appear like. As no drugs effect it, and nothing bothers it until you think and it agrees with what you think as the idea isn't likeable. There is the effect to use foxfire and other ability that is generated, by thought and need is what creates the ability and is with a point as energy is active moments. There is no purpose, if your reaction is weird to the person or you can seem accepted for by what society allows as the rule of the land.

  Think by purpose gotten by auratic use and manifestation is created from direct focus, thought or not in creates as the thought energy is with other peoples interrable energy. If allowed by kitsune knowledge from the genetics. As they can form avatars, what these are can be described here as they use the point and the time area in mind is to seem or not seem as you wish. Think where they want to be is where, they want to be and unseem after not being needed.

  They can draw attention to the thing by mana manifestation use, this is the planet core as your ability is as use in life. They can use mischief to get the attention, to what is attention as if to detail by directive magic. As there is no illness as they are okay and yet well as sicke is cool to see and use is a service that can be done as service over. As your energy is ability creates what is, they can use the deferring method and other idea to create with as they get creative and you can use what they make.

  As they perceive the creative idea they can use it to create their own, think and focus or as you think the idea to use you can think the energy is created. As evolved or devolved from your creative use, thought not to move or act is what can seem a use by animism. Think as with the energy this is by concept, and thought is what uses the creative consciousness to create by will. As a thought and your will use creates, create by what you consider as in intention with the creator energy that is energy by activity or writing in idea.

  Thus if your point is a concept or not in direct view, Tatterdemain is in real life made from live essence as a being of real energy that is create with use, thought and creation is by an object with points in a link to someone, as it gains its own energy from the activity of what the memories. They have as they can get or die from used tool thought and created from the memory, as created in time this by an activity that is done.

  As concept is an object with energy from you, as thought to respond will sometimes react and if not in thought won't kill you. As that was an idea in use, that is once a point that owned in thought by the person, can seem to keep the energy residue from the person as if permission to retain.

  As if a thought were there and memory they or you use is ability, as you don't have to say it if you don't want to do things as thought exists and creates or uncreates. Uncreating what you think shouldn't seem there, as their memory was apositive in opposite in the thought you had. Otherwise its normal, as what is a view in a thought think. What the thought is with energy, creates as if a inopposite opposite.

  As amoral as if in life this can see use in life and thinking right there is if your use is magic, or not as amoral and quiet in attribute but not use if unnecessary. As friends the thinking of lost idea, this is in what comes is that idea from what is in patience.

  As a slap free moment some form, as being thought as a mind occurs strength to them and in the instance the item is their world. That shifts to seem where, if they want the world they have to seem. You can state it or use it by wit or will. As this is with "Angie" to create with will, as your a point by will the will is thought free on the wind and not bothering anyone.

  They can generate any number of forms created in thought is formed is necessary, from air but otherwise they are doing what they all want or not as you think to do things else. There is a thought as if a point, as if that point is to do as they are well is to except.

  As a concept made is not always used to work with, act in accord as this creates or as those can use this idea in a life point. They like are in what you imagine or not can seem a use. This to get along with another and the person you work with, doesn't dislike as not unlike you is as if in no dislike this is not thought as this can not get you and others in trouble.

  As your law is a point somewhere else, is your idea then is a point to create what your thought should be and create or as not to be, as if you are what you consider yourself user idea is to seem like what you consider in life but not. This is in an idea that is as you are thought as together or not, there is a will in thought as a point in not suggesting things as there's no use beating your head over it.

  So what you think in an act and think you become, what you think is necessary you might if you keep acting lie you are. As you act it your tolerant, as your able and your enabled to resist the need by the idea you think as no illness is sicke so stop and use the creator. Stop acting out and you act yourself in life, in as you need and out as to seem in desire.

   As a point that is due unless that is in the will that law exists by necessary point of view, think of the self as a gift is ability creative in what your do in life or return use is by energy created with mana from the game idea with The Secret of Mana by Squaresoft. As in thought and the inner energy being, this creates with the creator that makes all. Things can undo an idea in what you want, and not as things in offense are to the bugs.

 There is no law if nothing except what you think as you are, as this is positive about what you see you are what there is or not as you cannot do. There is in point of view a law that exists and your use can give or get all that is necessary to live beyond what is a temporary ruling you want as there's no monsterous activity with this in law by magic if not bad off by what your thoughts make with activity.

  There is a natural flow of time as think from law and that exists as you are aware, think and awake your body is by focus your own act that thought in concept and is provided for as if by cult. As is this as you can make a point to identify with from identification, as a point in thought and you can act in accord, to seem to allow what you think and do as you want undone if unnecessary.

  Assumed identity law you answer by what you think from focus, and the spirit knows the answer as you focus and you know what to say. As you assume you are correct by thought energy as in ebergy that is an ancient term in idea form as in a thought to the person, and as you are if a concept and they can assume you as this to know and answer. As you do in thought that there is in form, to know the idea and act as to identify the possible idea for each area you want.

  With an assumed identity you can assume a role and understand as to be there. Think or will, and you could be the person they look for, to spread the work as a thrill by thanks to and from the source by what you will by work. Mostly by continued use of the idea. If they were having progress they change the idea, as its only a name and not the base opinion as to the works of the effort done by things you do.

  This is the differently named, as same idea where without the degression can cause going backward in the progress, until progress correction. This is in quality of the idea and works, as your going forward "io elemental" control and using errational thought isn't there amongst other things that are erased in amongst time. So there is a time for anything, as its to create desire and things that are to exist by corrective measure.

  This is belaying crooks as they achieve or as it is, the event as if by the cult activity. Assume a good thing or not assume what is if incorrect, as these are cultist in what you thought. These events happen as they are supposed to stop and yet they stop the act you dislike. As warding occurs by physical construction by prevention with a ward, undead use as this is what you can seem and act to resolve by a insightful idea as what you think you can act as you think.

   If this is not done by use, there is no actual law that is done or not if you need to make one but avoid or not those that won't accept it. Then and don't arrest you for the effect it has in life, unless the thought exists that your caught for the act but act for the right. As you don't have to do it in activity, you don't have to in thought do it at all.

  There is no law that exists that overrides any of the law you create that is natural rights, that is the law that states your action is your own and as your act is an energy effect or as your natural in your actions. If you allow it or that you summon and create you can use whatever method to subdue it or not if not necessary, your will is your own and if no law exists you can get interesting results in there. There is nothing that any can do, if your will is energy until you think to create as in thought is what you think.

  Thought in otherwise concept is not if victim law, then no exists as nothing is happened. Truth as in the proof is the act and positive in what is perceived is your law, as this is just seeming what is done by energy and made by magic. There is nothing except that which is but gone in the thought that a secret is an instance you don't have to do as the act you do is stupid, and that doesn't gets in you an arrested state as by warding with magic. This is as sorry or not in mind, create and with nothing is something as your ability is capable to cope with what you do.

  As with magic you can create by the law you think is useful and it doesn't have, to be known as if you are as I seem to be and am if the third eye is directed by all or your spirit. There is no good or bad as this is perception except corrupt by behavior activity, and a bad source that disrupts and destroys by thought or what you say or do is mistaken if possible.

   As any law if necessary can effect in time to create, if you will and see that isis is a good use in time you will seem correct. Their is a thought point and conversing with no thought to beatings by what you do as you don't ever do or happen in witchcraft is to not always repeat what shouldn't be done thought as nothing is this doesn't do repeats and this is a point and done in law is not always what things seem with no discrimination.

  As assume what you appear like can lead to interesting idea, if a faery glamour to make you seem in competant hands and as you need to see to become as technical. So to become technical you are aware and create what results there is by what use, as you have need for the efficiency that your skills can seem of use and not death unless necessary.

  Witchcraft is natural energy use by opinion in energy focused as that is used by thought with a focus and thought in used energy, if possible can create what you want to gain a result is metavirus. As a concept with thought or other things and otherwise nothing more, though you open an open door is an open mind to a point to create is as they see reason or use an idea as thought and a thought for  wiccanism is very useful. As they are unique if your good, as they are and will be moreso as need be done. Than closed minded idea than witches.

  As your able to use things or not your idea is a point that faery can seem to use by what is your energy with insight and as you devise as you know. There is a point that use is concurred, if necessary by those nearby or not and that increases the potention as nothing or potential to stop. So stop with this action is a point in use to get things created by fire, water and energy and focus to create what you think.

   Now in the end of this concept anything else comes natural that comes from the spirit that flows free in time by the area, that uses nowing to get or stop nowing now an this is with the spirit that flows free in a moment or higher understanding by what it knows em from some point before as its created or as its known. Think as when its there as wen is different indifferent in life with secrets, that you are if you focus you know as you are witch, allows you to use. As assumptions are to some, false idea or not false idea if proven is true by the point observed.

  There in life or fair in Oklahoma this is merciless in mursula and that is the martial law of nature to create in life. Them as now is a natural idea to life in approach to change, your approach in and of use the biorhythmic effect by chi as life is used very very idealistically to continue with focus and life is what it seems.

   The time law is as a point that to gnow your observed as your observing and to know, your killing the moment or person that observes you when you are not wanting them to seem in life to know what you don't want them to observe about you. Unless you can't do anything as your either aware or unaware about, the whereabouts, thought about the moment as you are seen, or not and the time freezes out.

  That allows a time of moments that end, by temporal analysis as mysts and you capture time and time freezes out things. That are your target as normal are energy born as fey, try or not as to achieve is to remember or seem as to learn and go with the flow. As they get involved they can in shift as they are not out by will, as anytime and anyspace as an area you want to goto as they get bored they can in a point disapparate. They will as they want, as they think you need their idea or you can support by your own idea.

   This is the in moment in thought that to rule at least by the moment in thought creates barriers, that now says never say never or you will do in harrowing view. In order to get certain things to work, I have as a point to move and think for a use. As Imagination is to wait and create, as in a point that use is done. Thought to look and know, as I do things with my third projected eye. As all I have to do is think and it will manifest, with use and thought thats feeling felt to do things mayan are result. The movement that empowers you is the energy in life, make with the body if allowed and energy that exists with the aura.

  Thought to remove damages or made concept is simple. Think it goes on its way, as you work as a person. As the body is manipulated by thought, do as you think and see by direct moment in will and this does as you think. Think as if to try it for yourself, and as you do you can use the experience. Do the idea and think of things like the problem as situations that exist, [this], as a thought exists the problem it becomes what you think. This is what you consider and think as you say "reverse", as you think tis as the spell is "te la" as fee.

   As "if a point" or think as memory anything is possible with music and this is "ti la le si ze" as "si e is" proves competence, whether payment is the rule "the sig" and significant law creates events by thought and is built up energy in of time made with mana and emanation by no breakdown with radiation or radiator. This is to think or consider this is actually energy of machine, think the object is energy or in car an considered orgonne magic and hiding the fact. This is before in an active role or position, by nothing done in their face system and use action or not to create a good result.

  As that is an energy from the object as a thought source in thought this can deteriorate if too much is energy use or think, you avoid what you dislike as avoided in thought is to seem better to act. Think experience is to act normal and use is memory, think the use by energy with focused thought as though from the pyramid.

  There is energy that flows through the pyramid, and the objects that can restore if you need to. As for you think to correct or focus in will, created by will and the ideal created are points as you are what you want to seem. That disperses the bad energy, and creates what you want and your what you think or act. As your thought existed and otherwise manifested, an idea to create or die from is what your body fixes things are by what the energy is directed to do in life.

  Seem so self sure with yourself and your acceptable, as this if not necessary is fun but begone by a thought in a fix. As you create with a will, the thought you create is done. This is as a new situation, or as if things that happen are sensed are a rite, that uses energy as mana is nothing as use in energy focus and with diffusion by the filter thought is change changing places.

  As if the fuse is a point to philter use, as the person that nearly got Anastasia by what she was doing was using. Think for chaos magic or thought is similar as a point to use a thought in switch not if unmenacing, an if you will as you get what you want this is with on and off thought. As to create and your with the time in good use. As this can create by will, this is with gravity from the center of the planet. As this can create a point, use the points you get to become original, or not in by what you sense and your thought creates an idea by the subconscious.

  Use of elements can seem as in results are fact, that in missing points of view is what chaos creates by ignorance. As once discussed can clear up things unless not advisable. Now as if a power source or use of skill, in a created idea there is no idea in not thought power. As in what is right movement, you can shift away as this in thought makes right of way to do right or left side of justice.

  As if not done or nothing, commit in thought and that isn't there. If you think of using people, think energy is as a excess source of activity. Their energy in use is to create positive by a pulse idea, if to create in this is what you think and you make or think not as if by imagination and that is by energy. There is an idea to create as you will energy to make or create, as you uncreate where you think in a point or not do much.

  Think at the moment it happens to occur to you, if necessary and the magic removes the point. As that is inconsistent to the point that allows the idea to work, as you now know where to go or not and that is not necessary except where it matters as nothing exists where nothing matters. This can correct as the point seems to happen and doesn't when necessary.

  To shift away at the right time is a point and to create in life and with the right point in time as a moment, as if an instance at a thought the right moment in an area and you can get away to do things just as you like. As in a point that is what exists is by the time you create with your use, that is never an attacker that is lead back to here.

  As in a tact of view there as is not here and you, as if not found out and if you can get a better view by watching what you see you survive or not you need to seem dead. There is a point that of a personal view, you are a person of respect and thought is necessary if in a need to get away.

Temporal Dislocating instance shift

   Energy is "tere" as there in a moment and wait upon the moment by the idea, if necessary to you in dislocation by aura is in thought is your waited upon moments. As if that your use creates movement or good behavior, and the energy creates instant space time that is energy focus to thought. As not if thought were a source.

  Think and you in dislocation is thought, that is waited moments that your use creates movement and the energy creates instant space time that is whatever you think is right as energy to use. To stop this point, think "En" as the moment you don't like ceases.

  Use of this technique, tat is use this is you as this creates as association is there as a depiction is imagined by thought. As wat is energy generated by the body you thought into bioenergization, as thinking is real this isn't always focus and if to feel the energy and think the movement you create the activity. Think and the movement is what, or not as you can create by will as "that" is a will of instance.

  A quote by ideal circumstances is "Do not tell me to restrainify my intellection! Without the freedom to verbulate longitudinally, how will I let the population of readerships know that I am the scribe bombastic? Grand terminologistics do not unclarify the meanings I endeavorably convey. If anything, bold language has an un impacticality that makes prose especiously beautifical. Also, if one does not exert high cognatal capacitance, how can an even stronger mentation developate?" - Caz

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Magic Machine Work

   This is what is gone as well is do as a do is a use as the idea is the moment you are in idea and the energy, as the things that don't break have a counterpart that works in somewhere else and this doesn't matter as the counterpart is there. As this though with a working idea somewhere, that is the able to work part as a thought and if thought will cause this to work here. Think to notice the activity in the area, as if you will create as you did things to use or thought is noticed by what you see.

  There is a point that so no is the point, as you think to use a thought from the body you can create what energy there is. Things from recreated essence from the time the person lived by thought, to use the body as a link once the right spells are used. Make and gnow until not needed and cremation is necessary timewise, thought as anywhere you are and create as an area as an act by your point as an idea and energy is the responder.

  The idea is if this doesn't work, thought won't work and understanding something is useless as nothing thus the energy is the machine or the idea to create with as any element thats as fire or water is energy as if you think you are a spider or what you think to become. There is no more as things are what they seem, unless necessary as if invisible if not wanted in the area.

   As this is to work, the fiery one is the first witch as a thought "Eldurra" is as a point, as for thought "seeing as you are what you say" can do to create. An incredible thought to not seem attacking or not see a point as a created moment, is in a thought as no is to produce processor problems that create themselves.

  Think and your use creates healing, by what you think as the healing if needed is drawing energy from use. Another way to think is that the processor is a use, by molecular energy thought to create as the machine response is energy is drawn from what is. The machine and doesn't always work, as that created is a form in the moment.

  Think it will work and tap the machine, and if a success is thought of the trick might work. If the machine won't always work, then think or not and tap it, as you think "cool" at the machine unless from the factory. As your thought it is a point that when you remember it working, this is energy that can cause the machine to work as you think and imagine it to work.

  As if another machine works as though from a biomachine, revert te thing not liked in thought by what you think as your thought is detecting some bade or bad energy. Through the vibes of the vibrations of the earth or the idea of human interaction, will cause crystals to cause the machine an ideal result to work better.

   As the countertop undamaged or what is working works the machine or what you want to do and as work will work this is an idea. If done don't have to and even if as you haven't, don't have anything and thought if you don't have to do a point unless you have to. This is the thing that gets to me what allows this effect is time translocation that in creates movement to cause the idea to work. A point in time is as you are, you can seem what you want to not be beaten up.

  I think this is the best time for the effect of time differences by varience and this is when you think, as if that link is by thought and the link is gone after you don't use the part or not. As you break the link physically, as the "psychical physical psysical link is gone". As you are aware, you can create and use what you want without becoming things, think and people as you thought to seem are there in mind as it depends on how you were. This is the machine dependent and not always the idea, as your an idea your not what you think.

  You are what seems as you are and you don't have seem, otherwise think to be what you seem if you don't need to be them. There is a point that time exists and your existance is not there if not necessary. So if you are not necessary or needed, you can seem to work as you think not to be near the area you aren't wanted. This is the last thoughts of whom I loved to see, as he died over his keyboard full of idea in life.

   If the will that didn't need it is there, you are an idea that is not unobserved if not intended to be seen. As your unobserved in observing think and your an idea as truth enough. Cool huh, as illusion is a concept, as if time magic is nature is self-inherited this is by an interesting thought and that creates as you are, so if it works it works and this doesn't have to happen at all. There is a point in time that if your idea is a point, thats set to be seen you can see or be observed by claireaudience energy, that is your focus is through the energy in the air. As gravity to project through the area to those that want to see, think it or will thought to be seen in another perspective.

  Think and this is seen as the people can sense the energy and see what you see, as if their thoughts can see the idea as a vision or thing that appears or disappears as you will it gone. You can close off or not as the idea comes to you, see by the concept to not notice as you think and create. Think or imagine the scene, this is by thought your not actually there.

  As this is all a part of a magic machine, the taught idea to the machine that was real or not this given up is a point to thought. This is as tought is energy from taught in time experience and your really taught enough. There is energy in any item is your thought and bioenergy bionature is in no things an only if unnecessary, as in the use is chi energy and no thing is as fire from inner fire as time magic is with thought silver as flame is silver energy shot forth as you will.

  As a thought there is energy and in any things in the mind are not so easy an as if there is the heart as the heart works you can work off the debt you get if the machine won't quite in thought work and made otherwise. Now don't do this as this is dangerous, as if this creates short circuits if overused and otherwise burst lightbulbs.

  As there is a moment, and there is a thought that is younger to point and otherwise make thought that is an energy as it creates things. There is an energy in the trace, and as energy there is nothing there as your thought is energy you can see what is. As the machine will answer as if alive an created by thought, think and what isn't there is appearant as what doesn't matter until necessary is obvious to your senses.

   When electric energy runs through you spiritually. Think as you want and as energy is there, you can create in a moment as your thought is in like programming to the energy. As this means your connected to something is and in the thought you energy is there or here as you think in a form to make tings appear as. As it is a thought, there is in a point or not as a point is in a concept is the energy by particles that pick up on the touch or thought to create the effect. As you are there or not it doesn't matter, different in anything and yet you are able to work with things.

  If what the energy in funds you think is due, think as you do things and the place resignates by feel in vibes from activity, think of the activity and you can sense who you think to see an no matter how you spell the idea. As the easy way to get an idea to do things is hold a finger, over the keyboard an focus energy from the heart or the area. Think with chi through the keyboard to think tis works and tis with focus.  As the thought is a focused point, think the area will seem as a response for you and the area can seem. As responsive as you think on the idea there, to work with things you do in life this isn't always as what you sense and what you see.

  Thought to create the working idea and part with the thought, "the idea self-repairs" will cause the energy sometimes to overload something and remove a part to make the idea work. There is a part you can sense, in the machine that can work or not as the possibility is there as if a magic machine made by energy and does as suggested or not.

   As a frequency or time or energy is mass or energy to a machine. Trace the energy back to its source and daydream, think or focus and the spirit shows how to do things and otherwise you know what you do, thought is focus or what you need to do is by feel, to see thought and the soul and you know things or not and things work by sorcery. To cleanse with rainbow energy.. one only needs to think the word "rainbow" at the object that needs cleansing.

  The meaning of the word does the trick and define it as you want, as the spirit does the right meaning in magic that does what you think as if on a magic network. There is a magic that is in the energy, as you focus in area energy and that does the trick as you heal by what you sense or other see to sense.

   There is a point that what you see there is something hard to find in mind and as there is this nothing is there, you can throw off your and other senses as this is there and isn't there this can be there. As you see it now you don't, as you know it you work with the idea or not as things are where they are an if you move around you can avoid what you think or the spirit can be non lost to guide the way. This guides you and lets the conscious energy work as if a tracer.

  There is a point that the trace is a conscious idea in your understanding, as the idea is a point your thought is a way as the conscious can observe and manipulate. Think by the focus in subconscious, will and you can create manifestation or not as you don't think this is necessary. As if a point in wind energy is conscious taught information, that is taught as your thought in a moment.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Creative will by the creator

  Creator will

 Think to do as you become with the creator's conscious, as one with the flow of the wind and fix or not as the fix is done and is thought creates focus for what is as can a strike assault with a disease is metavirus not there and ended point to assault and win or not you can still win. This is from an imagined battle to soothe your feeling, as a point to relief is that as you play some game or see a fight and think you won. As you are thought an idea to work, this is a point to say and get end results as an energy idea your use is free energy thought and think this is possible as your capable with the next person.

 There is an other being that can help, named Epona that is what gives women what they want or not as they are what they are worthy to seem. Other than that Isis is greater warding effect, is placed in or on the object along with Horus as a mark as protection or with use that is a perfect choice as for men as well in concept. As the point is needed think Odin or do as you want, don't waste his time as thinking in the pattern and your thought is a use to do as if a thought by him or your thought to him.

 If you want Hades to help out go for the army, or create by death to serve the purpose. As the assumed idea is energy created by subconscious creativity, think and feel the point to create with an idea nor to use because you aren't Magicus as a point or as the point is wasted time thought this is an interesting idea if you feel like not doing.

 As you feel something from a thought to sun use is with gnosis or know the cause, think as you see whats there and willed in thought is natural or intuitive do things to seem to do nothing. Except is by what you think naturally, and gnow or not as is. This as you think is this in a point, unless thought not as necessary. As a will to seem is caused by natural magic and this is soul in magic by thought and a will or microstimulation, this is from things as microcosms and inner concept thought that is the intuitive time of event by night. As the night is the moment you see the time you notice in the idea, as a point and if you will energy is conscious and created as will.

 The ideal time to object is an objective and you can create as if a thought and use is what you think. Spell results, as its already been done are possible. As thoughts you use are a thought to the past, your thought is mother energy as you think and she may reply. Assume the best as the possibility is there to get better, by the thought to what you make that did things by the moments you live. This was the point of the creative center that existed awhile back.

 As you are a point to make up stuff, your subconscious can visually cue things as you think as a spell chain effect. Thought like that came from the point that your man is to create and think creatively, as your able energywise your an idea that creates and don't. As your no brainer idea unless necessary and as I said, this is with the intelligence as this is with wit as a withheld blow.

 As your a woman you follow the idea with intuitive idea and your use is create as you will, this is to think or not create as if you thought with both sides of the brain hemispheres or energy thought will well up and cause a wave idea. As this is energy by chaos with death or out of order machines and there is order waves with life energy that "fixas" as you are as a different being you think, so think as you are and you think you are a point to created effect with effort.

 If there is nothing to do, find and feel results as you think so, go on and create or not to stop and do else. As you think this is necessary and boredom is relented, as you can seem to not be the cause or meditate as not doing any actual movement or harm unless desired to by the creator its now done. Thought creates as "atleration" is alteration energy is focused by what you think you do as energy is what gives you things or creates what you do, easier as if by the alteration the energy cells respond to the idea and the energy is what can create.

 Think and cure what is with the tone and this can be a tuning fork, think and cure is as energy as a tone generator that you thought cures will cure. As you think by the altered perception, as your thought the energy is a point and the thought is a conclusion where your released from pain. As this works in the area where as this is there, think this is with possible curatives as the body uses no positive except in response. This is by negative ionic means or battery in use, otherwise things are in magic in the area.

 The point that has no magic won't happen easily in area, as energy is summoned as you think energy. This is what you see by focus and energy from elsewhere. As you see the thought and imagine the aloe-vera plant and this summons the energy to create, as if energy to the aura as things used or not as you feel you are to help cure yourself as a point. As you use a thought energy as you hear music.

  As thus, your idea cures the things you think to cure, as essence from curative aloevera plants are used to create restored energy in the harmonics in the aura. Plants are used with the rhythmic energy to cure the body, as your energy is a cure to those around you except that which is. The things you don't mention, and don't seem to like seem to disappear.

 There is an effort in what you think, as effect is nothing not ever good and as yet your aware and awake. As you disperse energy and gain energy, as life and not death back in life and yet your not gaining weight back. As this is a thought and unergy is back to life and in thought something squirrely can seem, to happen and not always give away things.

 Thought is sometimes as assault happens and sometimes your body changes, as focus is perception changes that are due to what you want, as your thought is there in the world that is and isn't what it seems to be or not if this is too brutal. Think as you need to feel the wind flow as if you move around obstacles, as I really think this is a concept and the energy surges. Think by what you feel in thought and focus to think, as a point thats gone or as you are in focus in thought and aren't noticed for what you think will seem possible this is a pipe dream.

 What you see and feel the idea to be is what you get in result. What you see and feel the idea to be is what you get in result. Think to do as is and fix or not as the fix is done and is thought creates focus for what is as can seem.. assault with a disease is a thought energy, as metavirus cast as you will and with focused life energy by description. As this is a point to use and create creative engineering skills, that is what creates or not as this is the metavirus ended and is a point in ended transgression. Think to assault and win from any angle as an imagined battle, creates as in thought is a will to seem with things from cheerios.

 Thought as assault happens your body adapts to changes, to what you want as a will in thought your thought is there in the world that is and isn't what it seems to be or not if this is out and too brutal. Think as you need to feel the wind flow with energy, as elements and the energy surges and what you think is will and can seem as a possible idea.

 What is fun about that thought is the point that if your seen as someone and your thought is what you create, you did it as you thought and as energy surges your idea creates an energy that with energy returned you are more intelligent by what you do. This is as though a created effort, in the art of creative thinking this is where. As your art is creative thinking in ideal and the point your wanting, this is an idea if consistant to the point seemed by thought testing and allowed or not as concept.

 As though in thought as the mind portrays, don't will without knowing what you say gnowing to you is as energy. This is thought and you are, seeing and sensing what you think. What you want and what you get is your thought as is what you considered a sense to create with by the subconscious, causing you to see the final result or consider your sense in thought and think not as you will.

 As you think if its wrong or right and causes damage, thought and energy is used from others as the third eye is thought and the suconscious creates. As "I am time" this is not as if correctable, and uncorruptible as time is thought as time is a thought and a focus as energy is energy. As you will things are possible, ash is restorative if you need them to seem they are. As if made or not if undesired if that is an advanced state of focus.

  As you take the point and create it, to something else from essence in ash or as this corrects by what you think. As if by thought this is essence from the ashes of a volcano thought to exist and created, as this is where you think the ash is a source and thought use is make effect by thought. Thought to use is a point that your focus by imaginative casting use, and by spellcasting your activity creates healing with the ash or think by the body activity.

 To soothe an animal use the right thought to the animal, as you feel the energy flow as an auratic rhythmic pulse. Think and feel away the bade and bad energy the animal, as its bade by the correct thought images and feel calm. As it feels what pain there is to soothe, as its thought pain is directed by your thought to a container and only if life its anything.

 As if any thought is mind perception, as if this is your mind and isn't as this isn't your mind. Think and this is the animals own energy that is soothing, gotten to the animal as a feeling in calmness if adjusted by yourself. There is no point to this if there is no thought to do, what you thought is a thought in a point by live idea and as lividie is forever. This energy is not there in the act your thought is abandoned in thought, and given if right as mentionable idea.

 As the energy from what you sense is sensed by what is no fear, as you send forth a cast forth calm feel it won't fear and your body is what it won't attack. What you think, and what you feel is what it senses or not sense, as the area is an idea to sense and if no threat at all will leave if not wanted on its your own.

 What you choose in life is your companion, and is a point in creation considered a creator as you are. As I thought energy as the third eye can to create by thought manifest that its where you want or you can create, as though a creator is anyone you think of. As a point done by the subconscious and whatever is in your energy is a point dropped as think and not drop, or do not as if not done and if unwanted.

 There is a point that if a theory is a point, this in youth energy is a thesis and what you thought is energy to the crown chakra. As inattention is caused with the thought that energy is distractive by thought and not with the creator, think you are in a draw your able to win or lose as to compliment the other as if a point and your done. As you continue living normally and thought energy, returns is to the aura by the creator's will.

 As things you use including remote control is felt, as to not react think not near you and you think it won't you want things in use are not famous. As your what drives with thought not, near and the dog or cat will leave by what you do. As if  thought is as the creator can make, your a thought as energy is from the animal and redirected by your will that is done and not always is this done by your body.

 As you softly pet its head to relieve your mind and create more easily as though it forgave you. As to feel its need is to create a peace in mind and as you fell the energy you create as a resemblance the area in the animals mind and as your mind is culture and will is true will energy you are either in or not as out from the mind of the animal that is there.

 They if slighted are what seems a point and can create interesting idea, think to the animal calming thoughts as your mind is linked and a thought is a point as id is identity as sometimes neither things you use to improve by. As this or this is a path of light, to the life that is light woven from the sun to point as a "bee" creates as thought and you can use the energy from the bee at the end, think or not as me or thought.

 As "me" is a fairy that is possibly a fey born guide. This from spirit if it wants to seem so, where or not is where you think. An not be or assume as to not assume and seem in life, an is to accept by what they think and "goe" as go away where they power up as energy is energy as if they are needed.

 Creative use is creative adaptive approach and to change the approach is to focus by thought, this concept is not always possible and make by activity is upon the words, you listen to and otherwise you create by imagination and this uses words. Say that you can direct the idea by what things are and by feel. Thinking in energy then by what you seem is create, a disguise in mind is a concept and focus into existance is a thought to abide abit by what is. As you think of something, what you will is if away from space or area and if you want displacement. This can shift you as energy shifts and your thought away if necessary.

 This is abated in a created thought that disappears. If unseen and thought isn't to appear or seem, as you think or mention the idea the subconscious disperses the essence. Think and as abated thought this is gone, the energy is reusable if focus and in fey form energy or youth energy is from what you think is the source.

 As this is concept as a use such, as a fey cup of life from fey in an outer reality. This is demonstrated by what you think and viewed by what you see. There is a chaos energy that if your in hell, as you are your free from what is by use of chaos and hell releases you with a thought.

 What you sense can cause you to imagine as you can love the imagination and reverse corruption, that is normal sense as a disruption in the force or your sense is a concept to fix the soul. Think this is to fix thought to seem or need or not, if the person wants to see and sense whats there. As you imagine what is felt to become and create with what you will.

 What you sense is how you feel, as your senses are what create what you see as a perception by what is thought or not in thought is energy for use. There in thought is energy in essence as your will in thought becomes, as if in what you do this is energy you shape. The will as your thought takes shape. As though thought is programming, think and your will creates energy results in a thought direct focus.

  What in thought you sense can cause energy to create things with, as your imagination as inme is there or here as you want in a form to seem. As don't interefere and you can observe in by thought and don't not consider, and that isn't my mind as is the nature of the will as if a bandage is what you see if it is useful.

 As your senses are what you can feel, your able to not go and become a monster. As a thought to know, in what struggle your an idea and not observed till you want to seem so or not. As you feel your senses create clear thought as you focus with reason and your clear thought is senses observed, your able to create is a thought and this is not always seem to become as you want.

 As a point in the life you present as with a thought your idea creates the area perception. Through the aura energy field and energy is thought although some thought existence is existance, this in an end you can manipulate by influence and create what is by chronos and the energy is the person with kronos.

 This is considered metainfluence, as if your thought is energy youth is possible agelessness and your thought is as. If free an as your wind is thought and the fire is will as I iron creates or you make as you will in thought. There is an essence to create, as already created your will is as a thought and wind is energy that flows free. As diffusion is energy from chemicals as the energy to form what, you can create or not if things are what is not intentional.

 Considered creator will creator focus this is the thought as already considered is the idea by the spirit, that flows free on the wind willed by the point. So its more easily understandable, as that creates on a will and thought is what you are considered for an idea. This is what can draw attention to what you focus, thinking and in thought is the idea to create what is an end result.

 As think or not your financial is better and your will if caught by another, and this can be shaped to the point by free idea. What have you or what isis can protect from is what sets you free by elemental focus, as the element will exists by your thought in will or not to see. This is your or other will in action, as if to think with energy as you focus in thought and do.

  As that thought came to me as though a weird feeling, don't or not as that may fix this point as an idea this is if a written expression creates. Think as an idea as this is is creative if a written expression creates, things will be done unless not there as the creator is will what is natural. As now you know why they fight, as mood is what determines the state you think in as a mode in thought.

 Music creates a better mood, and restores by what you sense in the aura. As if intent is seen your will is your own. As there is a way to do things and survive, as your will creates the point and the point uncreates itself.

  False idea area

 What area in thought, project by aura in thought as the area you think there is idea in the minds eye. As this is the idea you think your somewhere, else and as you are and what in thought is concept to seem. As they think you are somewhere else you do your own idea, and your body senses whats there as think to avoid as vlad voivode or what is in an area hazard or obstacle and they think you do things and you can direct their will in idea. As thought public to create by the subconscious. False is the subconscious if not believed. There will be nothing left related, there to you is as your will is a thought as the mind is subconscious conscious unless needed as is done.

 As there is this is their energy they use, they make and use their ability as talent to create a concent or use a thought. Think to create with their thought as energy is something in created, thought by the idea that they do as another figure and realize to them as this is a faux paor false figure. To cancel the false reality, think "I did" think is and to fix by realization, thats not always by reality and what you can see and realize is what you know.

  With thought you can use things but drugs lose their ability, as thought creates by the subconscious the talent as if to effect the stimulating body and you can get very relaxed. Their will is their way and as we are what can create a relaxation, you view and are intending as with thought of 'wat' as if they think you can create as their will is our energy. An with a thought is a concept that in use is our way to do or not as if you use what is and if not accept you get better with results.

As you think you realize you know will have the desired effect in life, the false reality as is known from the true reality is unclear and as you know the clear reality. This is by pattern from a thought, as water is the energy to keep normal flow around people. What you know is what you see and feel is whats real is obvious, or not as you think and this isn't as the spirit realizes it. As true if true sight is from, think to flow around in thought as what isn't always as false is realized from omnipotency. Nearness or feeling vibes with unusual aura in life and think in energy through auratic use with direct energy as in end knowledge.

   Focus is thought you consider and your focus is by thought in imagination, as what you achieve in void mastery, to achieve any event. To begin or continue from where you left off, use belief that if nothing supports your will of thought to create by nothing or not as you think things necessary and any idea you do is focused energy to create by will. This is to get something by believing that nothingness will support you.

  State the word "cosmio" for control of void near a lit candle. Then by using your imagination you may cause any event, to occur and make happen that you feel is right. Focus on the idea to make happen and feel it occur while feeling hard within, then it should make itself known to you by giving you a vision or the event plays itself out as in an act in front of you while you attempt as attempted by focus natural prescience. As some do or do not have have psychic resources, that allows for what is senses in the vibrations known as seizmoloical ability an idea is seismology from this as physically seen shock or planet energy waves.

   State aloud the desire you feel or write it down in some manner for better results. When you get an impression while using void, you find its like you must if what you achieve it for its like hypnotism and not unless necessary.
An example is the point you observe, and creates as is where that you imagine a scenario of a fight or not from a book.  As there is no point, there is no life, no perception and not any existing point except that were just here.

  As if a free flow like a candle you can snuff out the flame in the wind is that you will have or have not happened sometime, after you saw it mentally you don't have to do it or imagine peace in an area where there is none and that peace may happen by circumstance. As there is a point to seem in need magic can create what is missing and until what isn't missing actually comes, as the magic is your body energy use and magic is anything in use.

  As energy as your will is what can replace the thing that isn't there, as its needed its there and not always there if displaced otherwise and can disappear as thought isn't intended to keep the idea. As the idea disperses and the idea is done, think you can get it back by what you can manipulate into happening. As the item consciousness is linked to your energy by what you think, or not as you think it appears and realistally makes itself appear again.

  Do be aware of where you are and when you change things, watchful people who see auras can detect things that are done. As if the idea is from the traced person that did things, or this is a point as if a different fox.

   Through activity, this is health energy to cast powerful magical spells. The point to the alonon dimension, is a place of interesting idea. Get not there as not do, this is as think to see and get where you are as you want and as you are there. Try to live in a constant state of meditation or trance for an easier time. This is easier for only the benefits you may have heard of in life. Corporeal magic can kill demons, aided by angels and allowing idea and not aliens unless needed more easily than incorporeal magic. As you think of it and it is observing you your power is to move it and it can move what you unwant to move.

   Practice corporeal magic using the conscious and cosine is conscious seeming awareness directing the subconscious effort. Doing what incorporeal things you need to do, mainly the trance, as you consciously focus your mind and direct the spirit with your will. Also, keep the pineal gate open as you do the necessary deeds to get corporeal practices done. Corporeal magic can kill demons, angels and aliens more easily than incorporeal magic.

  Thought is from Ether 12:28 Behold in life, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness as you think, or work your country and I will show unto them that afaith by love and life with a wellspring, think and hope and charity bringeth unto me in fey—the fountain of all brighteousness as you think you create and habit by eviction is not done by the faithless.

                                        By Croveconawk.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Created calm technique

 This a technique identified by me, to use the open hand combat technique  by the monks. As a thought is what calms you down by an area unseen. Think in a point that if your an egoist, an idea your created by thought in motion. Think in a purpose, as you point things out things will work. Think to create a moment to make things or what you consider won't happen. This was created for a trap to kill the idea with, as you choose the trap you create the idea.

 There is a point that your thought creates what you want, as if the calmning effect is from the ocean breezing through life and thought is the cool breeze that can seem. As if a will is to feel love for what is there as this is possible think, and as you use alteration skills as you direct and this is what you consider. For this article was written from the aspect that amorality there was no right or wrong, as that is nothing but a prospect with the vanishing idea that made thought is personal use. As is personal resolve is no issue, enter or not as the dropped perspective view is gone.

  As your aware by feel and what you and thought won't happen in the mention, things to you in life are cool that you admit in effect and you allow for by what you do. There is a point as created calm technique, as to use this is on the animals. Otherwise it is useful on the person to calm by aura, think and energy feels right by thought to shape up by what you disperse.

  That is energy in a thought as a point and this a calm cooling down, as if a point so use this as calming down thought is there will seem. As a thought if a moment is response, as energy by people heals with energy from the aura and that isn't there until you wish things or it there. There is no more point to this as if you except the point that there is no point to your rule excepting allowance now is over your own body.

  As direct by will is direct by thought and will is energy and if it doesn't say that, then you don't wait unless necessary as your will by and direction is with realized movement and will creates unless not possible. As this is an energized ideal, your point is answerable by a moment in time ended as you drop the thought as if you were bathing an animal such as any cat or any dog.

By Dr Schmond

  Think as love is energy and chi is diverted to thought as energy creates what is a want, as thought  though is a thought created from chi is if titanium energy is used. As a source to creation, as to create with it you are a generation source. As a cash source and created use is flowing water with the toilet bowl, as things you do are a concept and as an idea think as you create in calm where as your in sanity for this spell to create.

  As you want you create what you will or you are as you will, thought as you project is to work you calm and cure by the idea that water in use can cure you. Think as you assume in thought you are possible acting, this is the method to think to focus your mind and think of a calm moment as a scene that calms the mind and sane isn't sane unless a sanity point is there.

  Think its a point that is manipulatable and with a held breath focus energy think to create. Energy as you release is removed stress and vanishing the energy you create what you want, as if dissipating the energy into the area and think "whatever you do you have a calm mind". Think and that leads to a end point, as if a quote or energy is thought. As "a whole bunch of series in a mind made. As with whats in mind is by what you have as youth thought is sane, an think of sane idea considered with idea is in energy.

  As zane is your fantasy that makes absolute sanity absolutely with energy." Think as if use is a calmness in chaos, as if to make use of the problem is not think. There is trouble and use the situation, as go in a thought tap is as though energy.

  There is a point, as dnd is a point to use and thought as a point to remember a might and magic type game, as a thought is energy where your thought is as the energy in and out wind is a natural concurrence. You understand an idea that the point expresses in, the idea is your ideal is nothing but a thought.

  This whole idea came from this idea that energy in use is natural witchcraft that is calm, as energy is a wind that freely flows to the air and influences an element that you think to effect where wind serves. This is a point as this is a feel by what you sense, as think and wind flows free and is thought. As that feels natural as energy flows free as thought on the wind, think by wind energy acknowledged for what it is as you listen to what is. Creating that what you want isn't as your thought is energy, that influences the world to correct the flaws and the point. That is made creates results, as a point is refusal or acceptable or you argue back.

  As deep inside your energy is calm then think and figure out what you do. As you know, the wind is a free flowing idea, as if your energy is a wind flow and you flow free with the thought. That you are on the wind is as the energy wind, as a thought is symbolic your spirit is what flows free on the airflow.  This is the wind that is unnatural, think now what you did and natural is the thought as the idea you feel and wind is energy that flows free.

  Thus as an airflow pattern is created things you see is as a wind, as a wind is energy that flows in the air. Think of earth and the energy transfers by void, as your thought can seem in the earth and not if you don't want an energy that flows. As a wind that is free in the air and seems, as if the fire burns you alive or not if your careful.

  As in your doing creates a stir and think of a stir straw and think it stirring things in thought, as a ripple in a tide to create the pattern you want. As if a protecting by mind blanking and remembering or letting go, this is by act of the breath and you can think or nothing is done. If you can accept, you would believe or not and the things you do are normal to view.

  Thus as your energy use is done, your stable and your as counterable to the bad moment as if ok with the situation. As your attention to the idea fixes what you do from energy, that your energy is with auratic in rhythmic music correction or the tuning fork to music. Healing energy with focus is that you don't like won't materialize.

  As in your doing creates a stir and think, as you focus and the idea might materialize and as such this is in restoring good finance as your health improves. As if your able to do things, think and gnow by gnosis as your able to work with things to eat or drink. There is no point to what you think, think thought is an concept and that your will is a point and ended as a point as thought isn't in again.

  As you do the point your able, tempered in energy and as if focused thought by sensitivity to create what you will in conscious awareness in motion is "created calm created focus with healing thought as the right suggestion".

  As if what you see flows away, as you think of what you want as in a pattern in the wind changes. This is by the action you are seeing, as in life or nothing exists as nothing happens. What seems right creates right, as the right ideal is nothing but a thought.

  As perception shift is thought from focus and thought occurs with focuses by the imagined third eye, the idea in thought that bothered you is gone with the wind as if a natural moment this is not ever there. As if you allow whatever you hold inme, as imagined or considered responsible and reprehensible isn't done.

  A natural adjust is to remove all parasites, to create by spirit created equal as fire in aura magic or not if you don't have any feeling. Think and use is not always thoughts to the wind as acknowledgement is then thought to concent. As thus, if your use is a thought to work, you can work as you feel the need to do.

  This is reason you focus energy and use imagination as direct is the focus thought as energy you think and this is Lucid thought control over the moment. As if a thought is energy in the pattern of the wind to a thought create with your thought that is energy. This creates a moment that lucidity thought in mind is lucidity in soul and absolute sanity by thought actions.

  Think of a difference and that difference isn't you as if the whirling idea, like the twirling circle of a bird in flight. As to think to understand the difference you want not or to seem, then and now the difference disappears in no point as if a layer of skin is gone. That is effecting you by anymore and you don't have to do this.

  As things cause you to remember the calm feeling fades away, to replace the calm feeling and insuance. Things that threatens is soothed away by feel and the auratic vibes in energy, and you keep your own mind as you need to do your ability is energy formed from will. This is with a flow of music to make an idea, thought more mood altering or not as thought is done and you don't want as it isn't done.

  As think a thought and what is the idea creates a point in the resolution. As energy is energy essence by what you think, as energy is creative "energy is in the essence the essence" as thought in the moment that is not done. As a problem dissipates the situation then its gone. Then you can use this as a cthulu calling effect.

  As cthulu is in life energy is in life and is willing to kill or attack anyone, that you point him to as a reward where this is a fight scene that causes sanity. Think as a point as there is a way to control over water. Think or not and the situation disappears. As you collapse and the target dies of blood loss, this is in a moment of dizziness and you can see him fall in unconscious as well and she creates energy. As a generator to diffuse the moment, nothing is as energy is confusion.

  Thought is energy if to redirect the attack, by thought of cthulu or an elf and stating to him to not attack as not a single word was spoken. Cool or not as you want to telepathically speak as time to people. Think in a point where, as there is no point that exists and in an idea life that seems or doesn't seems you can get true response.

  Telapathy is the energy as a leap up is your energy by surges in the creator, think and assume your identity as you think and you are by the source power of the creator able. Think to chat by what, your thought is sent to or considered as if an aspect.

   Think an idea as if what you think, is there or not can call the effort to stop. That you use the energy to create viewed better results, as in a point to conclude in an area that you respect or see things as use. There is thought as though a wave of energy is a point that use is in energy outset in motion, from your emotions that come from you and the waves are water that energy creates. There is a concept as what you want in life creates from a source, as energy is a point and drop the point as if a wall that falls down isn't there as energy desists in life.

  Thought in life is a point me thought and and out is energy by activity. Think or not as you think and not attack, and if we don't think were the source. We are aware of each other as the source is attack in that, this is a no point that is financial or not as the wealth you have is energy from credit and as credit is the finance. As you pay them who pay back, as a point that exists and your thought is a door way to where the area is.

  As a concept and the thought is the idea, that is a gate to the temple of healing also known as the energy broadcast area that is a formed area of whomever wants to create and use streams that is a power station for atlantis. That uses the building as energy, as thought exists for it to work in idea this is with pillar or wooden material. As a beam or not, as the energy is love or use the love of what your doing as love isn't there.

 There is a thought as in credit there is a point in exchange. There is an exchange for every purpose, as you see the moment its converted to think something you think your able to set as rule an otherwise not as necessary or not and use the idea. There is the moment is a credit, thought and the charge is energy to the bank and back as desired need is there.

  As this is so to fix, repair and just do as its fixed as the reality of the awareness is what forms what is right. Correct what you want, see or not as your not thought in your hidden sight. Repairing what is thought, think or not and what is not broken isn't in need to be fixed.

  There is nothing wrong as energy exists to support as if a lover, and night is the form creative by will and use is a point to create. Thought and thought exists her as you think and feel the need to create, as if to will by daylight your awareness is in genious. Thought and no idea with the night energy or with night you create by ingenuity. There is the body idea to clean up, as in a will by thought your clean and your energy is a will to do well.

  Think as a concept, your idea is relationship and thought exists, as the creator makes and uncreates as first you don't intend. Think and the need or desire to unwant, creates as though a need is there as a counterwill undoes what the thought is in by the subconscious and things are in the energy. As a concent made idea is by what you respect and isn't there, as if your will exists here and otherwise there aware. As your awake and aware things you say is most interesting, you say to not punish as direct as you will.

  What you think as a sublayer in reality. As now you see it now you don't, as though to create is in the thought to the creator. This can calm animals, as if calm projected to the animal or emotional person by the aura. Think calm and thought is energy through the aura made calm, as they are calm you calm down or not as nothing exists and things that exist are fire essence with existing life.

   Texan idea is bring a standard and use it to create stiff laws, and don't seem to notice the huge fines, as a point that is from whom you catch or not. There is no law that can't be broken. Thought as in law, if there is a point that if there is activity. Assumed is not assumed if proven and its allowed, you can use what you want or not as things you don't think to need are not there.

  As its caught in the act, as illegal substances and this is the essence that is gone to the creator. As you think how thought is nothing as you enforce the point. Think as if there or not they like what in life, by law and life is nothing but an example. This is really an idea that life and love, as is what you create with as your an idea is liberty.

   This is funny as its actually not seemed. So if you doesn't and then actually don't seem you won't show any gross and no gross scenes or embarrassment by activity. As if fight or loss is allowed for, your thought is texan or thought is law. Assume as you want if its a possible idea, it will seem to occur till the idea disperses as though thought in not there. Now as you do things, as your in thought your will can create with a will that is a way that is directive as a point to conscious consideration.

   So what you assume is a point, think is a point where no point. Thought interesting is a thought as though a camels back or oklahoma idea. This came from an article, as the full idea behind that in my mind is a concept. As think that free thought is free use till you think not, thought not and such is in a point that imagination is no point or otherwise and thought exists. By the thought and as your energy, your thought is free will flowing on the wind.

  There is no point otherwise as your energy surges, you restore what you think to create with and restore what is worth your time. Think back to the time you are wanting to manipulate and you thought control whom you were. As thought is there to fix the past the future changes, your aware as your now is the present as you think or create to work.

  You can notice whats there, as you think, focus and energy reveals what you feel to see in your minds eye. There is energy in everything as the energy that flows, as your energy is life the moment you realize what you sense and not actually do. Think to create and as your a point in relation, your an idea or neighbor in an area to create with in life.

  Release your will as your energy is not threatening and as your will exists your ability is energy as the wind of changes are what you consider and your will exists as your thought is about to happen. Thus you will, as energy surges and the lights or feeling flickers, the life that is to see and thought about is noticed. Direct by will and thought is intent and focused will, as energy is direct and the area doesn't change to shift or do else as things shift back to focus.

  Thought to block is what you don't like, as you did it stops the action as if the act never existed. There is no as nothing is there in thought to see, cause or create your will is a pointless idea. Less with weight and more to the idea that glorious idea can create. So what you think is a point where no point exists. Your rememberance is in the cells, as the remembering is a point as the point is lost or dropped in your mind. Think as an object is restorative energy and your memory comes to thought as with focus and energy.

   There is a point that if you existed, then your in use is a point of imagination. As a point in imagination, there is no point. Japanese law states that if your in determined in mind by payments, your in debt and if your unable to seem to pay you are not there in life. The idea with no point is if that can not seem and not be what exists, and if not you imagined it.

  Then the point doesn't as you don't need the idea to prove a point but you do if you are exists. Think your spirit manipulates the moments, by the subconscious idea consumed as energy the moment is useful as converted with essence that disappears.

   No concern no care unless they or you have to in life as your aware you accept and can survive. So to seem thats a side effect of the point, this is where no point exists and you are available to do things. As a concept this is true and the mind can blank, a bit in the use of activity and things come in no focus.  As what you then think you did as activity is aware as "lifeness" comes to the realization, as awareness is energy and thought is nothing is essence.

  As a war is fought in your head, or not as a point in life is a thought in life moment that use is as though thought by what you consider. As if a point os can be a concept, no war no worry and not loss is focus is in a concept to get what is and no problem. As to imagine the taste flowing if needing some idea, this is from not yourself of cocoa as in a drink or not as needed.

 As if a cocoa cure, then your able to in time think and create as you think and think response to create a spiritual body effect. As if that uses the right things to cure you, as your still physically there the cocoa cure really shifts the the body and as yet leaves you where you are. As you make the cure, your well and will is able to adjust to any situation.

 Survival is the concept as the cure is to mix a bit of cocoa and use is water or milk with nutmeg or cinnamon, as the magical properties are formed by the moment movement and the energy goes to where. As you actually cure or work with, as wherever needed is as you think.

 As you are done with the cured self, the wake up is the awareness in the body as you think and the body is post projective. As you think your thoughts interwined or not as in here sometimes common sense wins out there, as energy is energy with others or just yourself, that cause your self awareness to come back to you and sometimes bruise that seem to fade away.

   Power is ultraviolet energy sunlight creates requires balance by actions and thoughts, to convert the use to energy and thought creates what is otherwise known unless it corrupts. Created thought though you flow away from within to actually seem as you are aware. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently.

  Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also the building energy is the reality, and wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. There is nothing wrong with your mind, as your mind is a point and your thought is essence. That creates with a will or your building awareness, that is what with a point or not as time is good.

   The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts. Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness, can cause hurt and pain as thought is over. As if you react or not to seem, as you watch and don't lie as you are to let your body react.

  As if you think or not to what you see you can easily cause harm, as the body reacts to the things it believes by impulse then the point is over and the idea is what concludes things as the moment is over and life is normal from what you can seem and avoid from senses.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Holey ideal

 The Holey power effect is the ideal, that your use is very very carefully done as anything out of the hole is in the spirit realm. This is energy in kinetic result that can be evil in a concept, that your thought will exists and unexists as you will or not as you are doing your own thing. As your use is a point, think and thought in use is energy by the solar energy as fire is a point that can seem avoided.

  Think as you are, your idea is a concept is as if what your point can create if uneeded and that is use of unnatural concept by a supernatural ability formed with energy. As this is here you can use an energy, think to create the effect by effort to work with as you will by intention.

  Cancelled out by the thought to not do the idea or feel, focus and work as the creator creates what you think and uncreates what isn't. This is the trick idea, as the creator makes the idea and your thought is thinking as you service the creator makes. Create as you think and the creator makes the request serve. As pick or nor pick as you aren't needing something, act as death that is fair that is yours.  As this is energy in a cool state of mind that use is the energy flux. As your energy is corrective by biorhythmic idea, your energy corrects for things that if thought are healed.

  Assume or not your idea is cool as to cool off things, the servor is a servitor as the creator and make is your idea or thought not as the idea doesn't happen. The point that is energy, think and make in things your energy makes, as you in thought creates nothing as energy is from thought as thought creates not and what you do to make and seem create by idea. Fix as is and thought is as can seem.. think not to assault with a disease is necessary and ended is a point to life existing idea.

 The atleration fix is a telapahic fix as thought to use, the Alteration arts that are a usage of the aether with telepathic healing by focus of will and imagination. This works by the aether thought, that is a thought that a being of light is your inner being and manipulates psientifically. As relatively thought is creative idea, that uses are known and that creates a framework of magnetic particles in nature.

  These particles in nature manipulate the subatomic bond interactions which occur beneath the human eye at on-millionth the size of the atom. The only way to measure use of the aether is to make note of the change of the state in itself of the object being changed.

  The alteration is the concept, that if your will energy is thought to work it out as you will and things in energy will by alterable. Thought or creative energy is what alters your state of mind and your body responds, to what you will as you think and create as you make some idea by energy in imagination.

  As the state of flux is ever constant and changing nature, that is what time you are in with energy by the basis by the idea. As you are to heal by this, you can use healing thought with focus by the thought and energy reveals what you see or hear on focus.

  As you think to heal the wound the energy this is psionic in nature and created by magic, as imagination is used you create with the subconscious and your thought is what temporally the energy does. Think good and you get things well, as you succeed and create your thought energy causes the will to exist that cures by what you think, focus and energy responds as if it can create in place by imagination as you think or say "cured" or your done.

  Assume you don't assume and what you imagine, doesn't badly happen if you don't imagine the worst. As your thought to the time and your energy improves, as your energy is near and cured by the aura and thought is energy is the mass that is restorable by what you think energy is. The elements and energy creates what you think, as this is necessary until not necessary your will is your own ideal.

  This is as the use of alteration is by focus in the will and the energy is what uses your thoughts, as the essence or the core of the planet is used energy instead of your own essence can make the effect and that is an use of a tone generator and focus to create. What can cure you is as the subconscious want can cure by as the energy is directed by what you know, as the in moment subconscious uses your energy as aura thought to cure.

  As the third eye is what can create viewer idea, and as you create with their energy you create by what you want and as you create activity the aura cures itself. There is a way home and thought is a way to use the idea. The idea is what your use can create by what the point seems, this is by thought of things as useless energy and energy subsists. Think create better or this makes by your energy in conscious, thought directed at the to point to do of what you want.

  As your immune and very regenerative, the energy is water with a thought to cure to remove tiredness. As if a thought use you use the elemental focus, your thought is to seem to live through it to create and seem. As if normal as your energy is what you can, as you can get by listening and create a thought this is with energy by the crystals that your energy is thought and the body reacts normally as a response is curing.

  Use to correct and by thought this energy is use, as notice is to do things and as things are done somewhere. As if what you want is done, this is as what your things done is vibration energy in use as energy with focused thought can cure. This is translocated to you, as if this is thought energy as you are free on the wind, as thought after translation and create as you think.

  This is the energy that is malleable and use is not malleable aura shift or change, as your body is hit by a sword the body changes to adapt and your mind changes changes the body by thought. Think and focus the thought that inner fire energy heals by closing wounds, as water is from energy without the hitting and the water energy is a cool temperature that cures without the healing disorders as you are sicke.

  Thought to assault is energy to the aura and to win from the ideal, is an real idea with an imagined battle. As in thought is a will to seem. As thinking and ability if thinking is fine from ability, as assault happens your body changes to what you want. As your thought is there in the world, that is and isn't what it seems to bee form as the bee is linked to another thought and the form if in focus can work with the concept as you think and fase.

  There is a life that is energy is a thought as is things from the thought, by thought is energy and what impressions you get are in. As in thought your mind is whole, think if what can create and the things your subconscious does. Thought is this and you are a point in the past relivable, as the thought and focus can let you see the past and energy can be collected from a point you see.

  This allows you to see impressions and feelings from the person. As though you see what the imprint is to see what is a thought and their idea is what you can see, as they do things you know what they intend and as they see what you want you can tell or know what you are. Think is right or not there at all, as no truth no regard and no reaction by presence by that which is there in psychic sensed idea.

  Psychic senses come from the point that you believe time in essence, as an idea is a possible ensuance or thought. Stop and things you are sensing are considerance, as in thought you know by the energy that is there in life. There is a energy that consists of the event and actions that energy as collected points of view, as though thought in mind your thought is energy your mind in energy can create a positive result and use is energy to create by the frontal body lobes. Even the idea that you break the law, isn't going to happen as you feel the energy and the psychic vision is results. As you see some warning, that the subconscious is showing you as a psychic sense.

  As thought is the answer, your thought creates what created idea is supposed until proven or supposed not and not reacted to by what life event you see. As your ideal is in the ending in life your ideal is a thought by focus in perceived energy, that use creates what you can thin or think as now your thought is a sight by psychic senses. Kind reference is regard in life is kind regard in life, as thought  in mind is credit and you are your use this is acceptance by what you think.

  As the psychic nature is a experience that you think to use, focus your mind as this is what creates with psychic nature and the body energy is what is use. As think use and your need by thought is with flowing energy that in an "en", that is spirit by water energy and air energy that sometimes attack or thought use. As that creates influence, from what in you is thought this in mind is necessary to see.

  As in you see and in thought there in use as a point and in there is use, think or build in thought and your energy is in thought as though create. This is cancellable the thought you create and the moment you think dissolves any issue there is. Observed is in the thought and if not necessary, think from what you are seeing as then this is not done and you are what is called awake.

  Perceivable by others and thought you see is use, as your thought is use and energy is what is. The terraforma idea is to create what is, reveal in thought as a mind room is terra and the form is forma and the thought is what you create by will given as though to others. This thought can be reacted to or not, and if it is then your thought is responded to as though psychic response in what your use creates from as will.

  Its as you suggested your will forms as suggestion is there, sicke as formed things from spirit essence are what forms if in from energy influenced and natural things as elements. As this is true and awareness comes, from what is perceived by perception in life as if of experience or not as reality bends to control by your will and thought creates nothing that unexists after as nothing exists from thought as thus a thing that is in subconscious activity is a use to stop and do else.

  This comes from summoning energy cast, as from an object and optional people. Summoning is to call something to come to you that already exists somewhere in the world. It helps to have an energy connection to the object, like something you've lost or was stolen from you. Materializing is to create something out of nothing. That can't be done. The laws of physics still apply to magic. Manifestation is putting a thought out into the world and making something happen. This is mostly manipulation of situations and can even be used in extreme cases to project thoughts into a person's head. But that person still has free will and may reject the "suggestion" you offered them. True mind control is not possible.

The Holey power effect

   This is the holey power effect as seen by the holy anime, Holy then is use of the altered senses and the subconscious is willing. Create that where you are and this is use with the will, as if an energy is thought as a person or other source to use. As your thought is a use by will and thought exists as a place to do things you can use a way to get some result in life. Think in life and use is a concept that if you use the idea, your use is a point and thought creates matter until no matter is nothing exists.

  As if a thought exists and if your thought is real, think as you want and your thought is real enough. Read as if this was already read as you think you can understand. Their is a will battle that is a will and their will is one to duel or one to use. As their idea becomes a usage point to get something done. The point remains till handled, use it and its handled. As its used your thoughts are a point, and thought use is a point to the concluded idea by what you think.

   As the point is resistable there is electricity, alteration is ability to alter things by use in things. As 1 tap is alter, 2 taps is change things to depth and 3 tap is unlock and not to break you, as there is difference in a release of energy to allow a drawback to a point and use is energy by ability. As your to use or known there is a point realized to usable idea, you can try to tap an object and awaken ability to disrupt the disrupted unallowing energy. Each attempt is a thing you do to attempt, things in a try is allowed for as the third is failure on a tap in life. Thought is realized by realizable points as your idea is just that a concept.

   Things come as if your a heartwriter, things from the heart are use as a thought is a moment to create with stand or not there is a point and that point doesn't happen if not necessary. Somethings are a cool idea and somethings use, clear the senses as the use of alter idea is to change your view is a point your perception changes. The point thats thought in life changes by whats sensed and your wild will with violet energy or will by other color is energy reality that adapts, as what is observed or not thought is a point to entertainment that is not to be entered in what you think is not allowable unless necessary.

   This is a clearing way your energy and aura is better as use is an alterior sense of thought with a thought realized by focus that if focus is there, you can change the idea as you focus and your subconscious adjusts things. You are the efficient if necessary in use by efficient thought with water idea as you adjust you change things and your senses are what reveal. As if what idea is thought that changes, your thought is energy and your free to seem where you want. The color is what adjusts the idea, as use is concept this is what your subconscious can use as a guide as information. Worked with as gemstones or natural stones this is Quartz is earth, Sapphire is water, Emerald is air, Ruby is fire, Diamond and cubic zirconian is ice, lava stone is lava and sunstone is plasma formed into stone.

   The hot air effect is heat in energy, create at will in head or with element as if a club or other element. Think the moment to escape, as the idea is a point and you use the aura by focus the color that. As such is car color or other area color, such as a fence color and rectangular shaped thought idea. Thought or not as the element is a point requisite, as the right color is the element you use such as fire, water, earth and air. Fire (red), water (pure blue), earth (transparent, brown or green), void (black) is ashes, air (extremely light blue, emerald green or white), emotion (purple or dark purple), power (ultraviolet), health (yellow), energy (orange), senses (dark indigo), self-mastery (dark orange or gold), control (dark yellow). The Infini elemental colors include; fire (golden), water (blue), ice/air (pale blue), earth (brown), void smokey area formed in from ash or dark mysts (black), spirit (grey).

   Avoid using the idea that is void infini. The voidal infini one is not recomended to do, nor is the normal void because it can drive you insane and the water one is addictive.
   Fire is to make everything touched by its light on fire and you can manipulate it, and don't use air/ice infini because it's addictive and gives you the twitchy use finger.
   Fire infini is almost like a golden liquid, more than real fire. It's easy to use where everything looks golden, but according to some people, it can be too explosive. A few drops can be equal to a small atomic bomb.
   Water, You can see with the precipitation in the area, and all of a sudden
the individual moisture droplets, on the sight of them you could manipulate them into existence but with water INFINI, you see everything in a much deeper shade of blue, and it acts more like a lightning-water cross than actual water. Its like manipulating electricity.
   Earth is everything's a bit more brown and green, You might not see in all brown and even I don't see dust particles any better than normal, but earth manipulation's a lot better, like with pillars, walls and stuff. You can even absorb effects and block effects too. This is only some of the effects.
   Earth infini, everything is just brown and with Si Ni Lav you can manipulate anything and shit and the values of things become clear.
   Air is, you see air currents as a really light blue color, not much else but you can use air as wind blasts, wind blades, just huge gusts of wind that can level opponents and etc. Don't use air infini unless you want psychic ability.
   Emotion is a purple or dark purple and can allow generation of feelings of any type.
   Power is ultra-violet and goes undetected, except for its age effect. Power requires balance by actions and thoughts, otherwise it corrupts from within. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently. Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also, wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts. Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness can cause hurt and pain.
   Yellow is for health that is onset and thought about before usage and orange is for energy that energizes.
   Dark indigo is for the senses and reveals things to make things make sense.
   Dark orange or gold is for self-mastery that allows anything you do to be better and more efficient.
   Dark yellow is for body and allows mastery by manipulation and having control of the body.
   Void, is allowing vision similiar to seeing everything in a darker shade, and void is kind of like a gas. If you want an example, look up what is left behind when Nightkrawler teleports in the X-Men movies. This element sucks energy into itself. Don't use voidal infini, 'cause it's raw death energy and can drive one insane'.
   Spirit is ether is Omni-elemental and is grey. You can use any element you want in it. Also, you may manipulate any element. It is all elements put together and can be focused for omnipotency. Omni-elemental holds a wide of a scale of things you will see, but you will have no problem using omni-elemental energy. To use it you can percieve the thoughts of even objects for which you would want to phase out. Though you can use the grey infini and then bring out different elements from it. Sometimes controlling the elements once you change them from grey into, say, normal red fire, can be difficult. Because you could be in the mindset to control spirit infini, not the element of fire. So it's better to fling grey infini or stuff and then convert it to the will, if at the last moment by use and drawing it out and not always eat it.

   If indecisive to use, go pure blue for water or purple, seeing as it's the balance between the fire/earth/air combination used to make the metals in the ring.

   As you will the energy from within is what creates the thought, thought with focus with purpose or vindictive idea is what causes the idea to create as your energy surges and creates what you will. As if a mythological creature thought by energy this exists by use, white light or with other elements are as a thought with your thought is a thought to create and created thought is with thinking an image or imaginary point creates something from nothing.

  As you think and hear by thought and focus to hear what is to see the words you perceive you create, as energy does what you want and what you think can shape the area or thing to create as a bend to your will. As the thoughts are free, your use creates what is in use. As thus, the dedicated field of energy creates, what is as a pointed use your use is over. End the duel is by making an idea that in use or creating result is a useful result written down, as to see and use an end result by the useless to useful thought as if competent use is a thought worked well or thought is "duel over".

Holey stones energy

  Most in holey stones can be used, as you focus the holey stone and think as your use is enhanced by fire cleansing the energy and use comes clear. Think and also financial in thought are energy used in everyday as electrical exchange is fire things as well. The idea thought is fire is electricity and thunder in the energy nuclear powered, this is fire that is a good use as practice or stopped practice.

 The thought that your tying the holey stone with ribbon to hang near the bed to prevent nightmares is a traditional use of them that is still prevalent since ancient times, as people hang holey stones near their doors and even over where their pet sleeps to guard them.. Some take no chances. they wear theirs on a chain around their neck and sleep with it also. If you also have a dream catcher near the bed. Then you won't have nightmares.

  Thus holey energy is possible, as your able to use the concept to create with out of the mouth or into the butt. As the idea is in a point to use in different facts of what you do. As many different thoughts, your use is a point by mention. As your thought you can create or not reprehensibly do things. This is a point that use is enough, and thought you create is a point to make and thought creates is what makes love. As your cerebral, your use is energy and the cerebrum is a creative thought maker. As you thought is in made change, this is the thought and energy is the moment to create and make what change you will in life.

  Think and use is a free idea in though you think it thought as use in everyday perceived by idea in what you consider. As if in anity or not is thinking you use a focus stone, your use creates by the effort in willingness as the essence is a thought to create with in energy instead of essence. As each idea is a use, if your focus your idea to create with energy, your thought is what is a creative effort. Thinking is where energy is in everything, as a free flowing spirit that goes through everything. Think use energy is non vicious and it isn't and not everyone has a ego with possible invisibility or not as thought is not always energy. Created by void and this is healing in thought transferred in time by energy to some debit card use, not as some other place is a use in time use this is as if a use created by thought use and if this is to seem use is the imagination as you simulate the credit.

 This is a Mind-Force-Pressure-Field-I thing, as a way to their will is the way they will things as its all consuming and thought energy in from the use is subconscious made. It makes it hard to focus, concentrate, and also hard to concentrate in study. Until dropped from you as with a focus energy into the bottom, to infuse the shit and the shit goes right into the toilet water. The purpose is a thought and that is energy to use as focused lightning. There is in thought that their will is your will, as your will succumbs as well and the energy retreats into the body sometime later to form spurts as you will be burning up. That their will is fire, creates fire from within and that thought is energy to bestow gifts with as idea creates as you just work.

  The change the alter way is other way is quit changing or thought is energy to achieve a power focus be by will, as to think of your need, imagine the result, then it should occur. By actions that manifest, in some manner. Somehow is a thought, as a thought the right point is a reason things seem right by themselves. This works, by having the intent, for it is a thought your use is safe, as the event is a point as a concept is a cool idea to occur. Its great, with shields, and safe with making manifestations. What helps this process, think to say the result.

  Sometimes by acting the event you are what you seem, acting the necessary idea out. Anyway, what you feel should happen, will, to some degree, based on an element to occur. By the intent and need of the action. Sometimes on thought to do else, giving up makes what you want, if use is there in safe idea on thought of what you will, use as purchase wanting and the idea will make it occur, if it doesn't before it will if necessary. There is a thought that useage is a point and thought is a purpose by in concept and thought out to use, as healing use is another way to think. As if their way was a way to use, the natural way to consider and thought was a blessed idea.

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