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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Think and focus to create or work

The animan focus is the animal focus with any man, woman or beast that willingly does things with you. Think and focus on the need to create or work with others that do things, this is just as they feel the idea you focus on. This is what I will do today, especially to cause the tooth decay to not rapidly occur. So I think this is the time to use the pain killer shots for my teeth work today, so I know the point and work with things that can see better light by what is said or done. This means use of empathy or feeling the need the person, or animal feels the point to do things. Think and you know what to do as is, this is the point for the idea. So I will ciou and seeya till next time, farewell.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thought part

The thought part is simple, just for things you want to create. Think of the moment and work with the idea in your mind a bit, then as you do things the idea will come and become manifested. This is: to think and your subconscious creates what you feel is there to create. Thinking about something applies a focus point and the point you create is controllable by feel, that means you know it does what you think or imagine. So once again, this is think about something, focus and the subconscious can create the effect. That allows what you feel or think to see the point, and come into the light of day or existence.

So I think this is the effect of the fox. They think and they can create by feel, except were not fox were human. So we feel the need to do something, and the effect is created by the subconscious that uses the pineal gland. This is usually just to think the pineal gland is used, and think of your need and the idea is sometimes psychically created. This is the idea of the fox. So this is where I will ciou and seeya till next time.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tree zodiac


Soul Tree Astrology: Which Tree Did Your Soul Fall From? The Answer Depends On Your Birth Date

by GOSTICA · February 13, 2017

According to a type of Celtic astrology, your date of birth influences which type of tree your soul fell from.

This form of astrology is said to be very accurate and can tell a lot about you as a person. Locate your birth date below to find out your soul tree astrology, then read on to find out what your tree says about you.

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Jan 01 to Jan 11 – Fir tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 – Elm tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 – Cypress tree

Feb 04 to Feb 08 – Poplar tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 – Cedar tree
Feb 19 to Feb 29 – Pine tree

Mar 01 to Mar 10 – Weeping Willow tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 – Lime tree
Mar 21 – Oak tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 – Hazelnut tree

Apr 01 to Apr 10 – Rowan tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20 – Maple tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30 – Walnut tree

May 01 to May 14 – Poplar tree
May 15 to May 24 – Chestnut tree
May 25 to Jun 03 – Ash tree

Jun 04 to Jun 13 – Hornbeam tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23 – Fig tree
Jun 24 – Birch tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04 – Apple tree

Jul 05 to Jul 14 – Fir tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25 – Elm tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04 – Cypress tree

Aug 05 to Aug 13 – Poplar tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 – Cedar tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02 – Pine tree

Sep 03 to Sep 12 – Weeping Willow tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22 – Lime tree
Sep 23 – Olive tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03 – Hazelnut tree

Oct 04 to Oct 13 – Rowan tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23 – Maple tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11 – Walnut tree

Nov 12 to Nov 21 – Chestnut tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01 – Ash tree

Dec 02 to Dec 11 – Hornbeem tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21 – Fig tree
Dec 22 – Beech tree
Dec 23 to Dec 31 – Apple tree

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Now that you know your soul tree, find out what the tree your soul fell from says about you as a person…

Apple Tree

Many people love you because you’re a pleasant soul with a great deal of charm. You are always in love and you always crave to be loved.

Ash Tree

You are ambitious, tough and don’t take no for an answer. You don’t take criticism well, and tend to be a bit demanding. You may be stubborn at times but you care deeply about the people in your life.

Beech Tree

Your superficial nature grants you great taste, but your love of materialism may also create financial issues. You tend to avoid unnesissary risks, and make a great leader.  You are also a loyal lifetime partner.

Birch Tree

You’re elegant yet friendly and modest. You enjoy the natural world and dispise vulgarity. What you lack in passion you make up for in imagination.

Cedar Tree

You are a friendly, adaptable and outgoing person who loves the luxuruious things in life. You are kind, don’t look down on others and are typically in good health.

Chestnut Tree

You are unusual and free-spirited, uncaring about impressing others. Your strong sense of justice and interesting personality attracts people to you, but you are easily irritated. You often feel misunderstood and may suffer a superiority complex at times.

Cypress Tree

You are a strong soul capable of adapting to many circumstances. Your lust for money and passion may complicate your ability to find satisfaction in life.

Elm Tree

You are a pleasant and tasteful individual full of cheer. You enjoy making decisions for others, but you struggle taking orders from others. You are very noble, but you aren’t very forgiving of others’ mistakes.

Fig Tree

You are strong and independent but tend to struggle when it comes to seeing other perspectives. You are a social butterfly who loves life and sharing it with others, although beware you don’t neglect too many friendships.

Fir Tree

You are both stubborn and ambitious, earning you many friends as well as foes. You have very dignified tastes and enjoy the sophisticated things in life.

Hazlenut Tree

You are a charming, honest, understanding person who fights for social justice. You are popular among your peers, although you can get moody at times. Your good sense of judgment and tolerant nature makes you a great partner.

Hornbeam Tree [sic]

Your laid back beautiful personality is further complimented by your conscientious nature. You need a kind and emotional life partner to create the comfortable and structured life you crave.

Lime Tree

You accept what life throws your way, as you hate confrontation, this means you often make sacrifices for others that impact your own ability to grow and succeed. While you tend to be very loyal you can also harbor feelings of jealousy and resentment.

Maple Tree

Deep down you are full of self-confidence but you often come off as shy. You are very ambitious and always on the hunt for new experiences.

Oak Tree

You are strong, independent, sensible and you don’t like change. You are best described as someone with their head in the clouds and feet on solid ground.

Olive Tree

You are a kind, un-jealous and reasonable person that loves basking in the sun’s warmth. Your balanced, tolerant and calm personality typically avoids aggression, although you have a strong sense of justice and will fight for what is right. You tend to surround yourself with sophisticated people.

Poplar Tree

You lack confidence despite your striking beauty, both inside and out. You know how to be courageous when necessary. You are picky about those you surround yourself with, which can leave you feeling lonely. Your organized, artistic nature craves pleasant surroundings and a reliable partner.

Pine Tree

Your strong personality is suited perfectly by outgoing, fun people. While you are a great companion, you are not always the friendliest person. You fall in love quickly but it doesn’t always last, as you tend to give up when challenges get too hard. Beware that your disappointments don’t sidetrack you from reaching your full potential.

Rowan Tree

You are blessed with many gifts and a charming quality, yet despite your talents you remain humble. You make great company as an independent, lover of life, full of passion and emotions; although, you tend to hold grudges.

Walnut Tree

You are ambitious, noble and kind-hearted, albeit rather spontaneous. You are rather aggressive and at times egotistical. While often admired, you aren’t always the most well liked person in the room.

Weeping Willow Tree

You are a beautiful and honest soul; a dreamer who enjoys traveling. You may battle sadness from time to time, partly because you are very empathetic to the feelings of those around you. While your intentions are pure and you have a kind soul, you tend to be demanding and can be difficult to live with.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hacks again

These are yet more hacks to do things, this is things with life as we know it. So if you want to use them think the idea to do, and state or think the short phrase or word before the semicolon.

Lift off; think your going up in a shuttle or aeroplane. Then think the point to create the idea, just as your feeling an explosion behind you. This is a point that your back in your own body doing your own thing.

Think a point; think a point to create and you make or work things and this is done by the creator, this is creating with energy what you feel is important.

The idea; the feel is the thing that you use, think and you can use it so things work out.

Minding; no one minds each other by feel, as the idea is done the point is some area that is reached. It's a point that is in there. This is as an end.

Pinched; think a point and work with others, this is until you see a good point. Then focus on robbing the moment, and then take away from the area.

Due note: a person that just got pinched you tend to avoid, just because you don't want to deal with their obsessive streak. This means that you are a target, that's as they are a thinking their a target and you want to avoid being a target.

This is a point between people that normally would be peaceful, so they never actually strike at the other. Also avoid them if your suspected of taking by stealing from them, that means to be honest this is sound advice.

Minding; I didn't mind him doing that yesterday, since he probably left early. So I think I will see if he's there today and if not, he had left yesterday. In the first place, this I believe was to goto family and help out, so I think this will be interesting.

I saw several people from the game here this week that bore eery resemblance to the characters there. So I think this Earth is drawing them here.

What if this was to suggest they were real and had karmic debt, whatever the case they still are characters and prey is prey.

The surroundings; if you play a game and want to catch people migrating from the game world, be more aware of your surroundings and know the area. No matter where you are, know where you put your stuff.

Thought; things work out between us, and we get along by feel with idea or indifference. This is where you can think of the best you can get with this, and you make the best happen as a best possible outcome.

Handshake; the secret feel with the handshake or agreement is done to assure the point is agreed upon. So you know this was not my idea, this was just to shake up the world.

This served a purpose when aware of the area or places that are there. So I guess that it works for things that you can do for now and enjoy your fishing.

Fire elemental; this being could if feeling intense cause irratic behavior, so think about it. Feel free to think about ways to get rid of it. I am thinking of several.

Life sentence; this can work for any criminal, this is set by a sentence and ended by a period meaning time. The life sentence is served. This is done even without the period. Since you are not really a woman anyway, I believe it's served as a point is done.

The point; if looking for the reason feel free to ask a manager or the right person. That's if your looking for answers.

Think; The source allows you to be free and is to think your free, thinking your free of the body possession. I think your free of things, that may be considered influence. Otherwise think and you know what is the main point, this is a concept that exists from before time.

Direction; think and you can direct it, or if you order things you direct by feel. Otherwise you can proctor or direct by line of sight.

End of sentence; the end of the sentence is a period of idea, or some point you wish to happen. This includes the idea of the point you make, this is the main point to get what you want.

It's in; it's in the area or range of allowance that I can accept. This is so I think kindly on the moment, and think to work with people. Otherwise it's out.

Illegal copy; this is allowed if otherwise the source is stated.

The other side: if we're alive here the other side is where were dead or off floating somewhere. However, if they that are alive there are dead here, think energy to seem alive here. Then they are somehow alive here.

This is just as though they are alive here, then they live by sharing some energy or drinking water. This also goes the other way.

I think that this is also vice versa. So I think they are both alive here and there, this is until they decide not to share energy.

Sharing; Whatever we share energy with is likely to share back, this is in images or thought by whatever suits the point.

There is also thought telepathy, where we think idea or messages to each other. This is in all likelihood the act of sharing, so don't mind it as it is done or dealt with by feel.

Think a point to create a point is the key to this ideal concept. The point is your idea that sometimes you would like to see done.

This is all in a life long track of people that the third eye knows, and you can realize by use of concept. Sometimes this is by speaking it, so don't be surprised if you speak aloud the idea.

This is where your thinking you know and the spirit provides the information. This is also called silent knowledge and the way to know it.

Being a dear; Offer a helping hand, this is being some help if you care to accept the responsibility of the moment.

Think or not; think or not to stop a threat, go to a safe place if you need to go somewhere else. That is all for now. So think for yourself next time. Capeche?

Thin; think your thin and you become thin in time, that means the time it takes to wear the weight down. This is all that is required to become a thinner person.

Think and you adjust your eating as you go along. Walking it off also works so you know, this doesn't hurt a bit if you think it doesn't.

Think your invisible; if you think your invisible your unseen, this is if you don't seem to be seen by what you do.

Getting through; this is capture the flag or completing a task. Think to capture a command point or getting attention to the area, this is as your at the point where there is one. The more points for your team the better your win.

These are possible hacks for team fortress ii.

Winning; think you'll win and you do. This is the thought that counts, and the creator that makes the win occur.

Switching sides; this is killing the other team by energy or feel and you cause them to be on your side.

Hold off; holding them away causes them to hold off, and you live on as you can do things.

Texas Mashem; mash in a bunch of machines that you would need to have them go around and you only need to focus fire over it to kill them off.

Constance fire; constant fire over an area prevents them from getting near, but they can still try to shoot long range. So a sub machine gun is best for this one.

That is all for the hacks, so sorry to say ciou and farewell till next time. Seeya.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reality hacks

These are reality hacks that will work by the creator creating results. These are short worded description followed by a semicolon, then a description that may or may not occur.

This is according to how it's worded that you will, or need by thinking the idea and feeling it happen. This is unless you don't need it.

The gaming; the game reality hack works for those that want it to work for them. Andrew can use it and win with the idea.

Improvising; this improves your teamates game play by feel.

Head turning; turn the head one way all the way and all the other way. Then straighten your neck, this is just as you turn your head to face forward. The energy is there as the power to do things returns to the body.

Money; money comes back to me, this is double the amount I spend.

The upload kicked in; The concept is done and what do you think of that, as the point is that what you think is done. Unless you don't need it done, then it's not thought of by feel.

If then; the point is if you know things, then you can use them if you need them to work for you.

If; the if point is done or over with, that's some idea or iffy news by fee or feel.

I; I think the point is if you think about it I am okay, so I am aware of my options now. I will do a reality hack to get things done.

Mae; this is a concept an is the point where she gets over it, and doesn't blame me. She gets my article in the newsletter.

Whatever the case, I am not a target of hers anymore. She does not bring it up any more though about whom said what. So she is allowed the desk.

Think and do; think it's good and you can do things, once you get permission to do things.

Stop and go; stop what your doing and go with things.

Think and know; think about what is there and know what will happen by the spirit revealing the point to you before it happens.

If you think about it you will know what will happen, especially if you think "Kris" to get the weapon conscious to answer.

This helps in doing things right by the correct means, too. The next idea will be harsh. It will relieve you of pressure though so think and you will know. This happens sometimes.

A harsh lesson; whatever occurs know about things and things you do will be alright. This is a harsh lesson made better than what would normally occur. I think this lesson ends this vid I am watching so I guess it is.

Think; think kindly on the people near you and you get things better off. The feel is gone away, so I think to use what is necessary to get things done. Maybe he or she can do his or her reality hacks elsewhere.

Delusions; the delusions disappear and my conscious fades away, so I hope to live somewhere else.

Any game; he that plays it near me can win, even if normally otherwise possible. This is normally won by the player.

Power rings; think pulses of energy rise from the feet and create a ripple of blue or other colored energy. The source of energy is your blood going to your pineal gland, and that is how you can sense them. Deny the idea to keep working with the game.

Energy threads; the machine is the source, that works with the point and the feed is energy ohm feelings. This means that you feel to work with the energy without touching it, or you think to avoid if to get to sleep.

Big bomb; the bomb is huge and the explosives are what make the idea seeably viewed. This is where you see things, and strange or fantastic beings seem to be there.

This is where they are there and disappear right after. The bomb effects those that you want to effect. That's about it for this, so on to the next one. Hope you don't get caught by this, as its a bitch to get over.

Gigantuan attack; this is a huge being that is the end result of the big bomb, this is the point you see things that are there but not there.

However when the gigantuan attacks, it sorta eats the whole place. This is done by absorbing of materials energy and creating breakdown of metals.

The solution; think it not there and it disappears by fee or use is what's there by feel. Then the visions end and delusions disappear.

I think as your thinking a point then they end. This is as though you keep having this dream and seem to experience the end of it while your asleep. When you wake up, you are aware of things that are normal again.

Java; this is a point of creativity where you use Java on a computer, then the point is a cup of java to make refreshing conversation with by feel.

Focusing; think to create, and you focus your mind to the thought you have for creation. Then when you think you create what you need by feel. That's how you do some things by focusing.

Hitting; think to hit with what is there, then you do things that should not be. This is used in killing bugs, so think and you know what to do.

It's there; it is there and it's only there, this is also noticing things around you. So think and if you don't know, your spirit let's you know what's there. This is so you think, and you ca be what did the right thing.

Andrew; he gets what he wants out of life, this is for whatever reason that he thinks to get things done.

Kris; he does not bother people anymore. So he gets along with others, and does not annoy whomever it is.  However this is a good tactic, done by thinking a point and getting a result. Think a point then something happens to draw his or her attention away from the distraction and you are no longer ignored as though he or she goes to the door or feels irritated by the idea and you are worked with if you think to be worked with by feel.

An or Sue; she is the idea that used to live, and yet directs positive results by feel from where she is now by idea. Thinking to create things makes things better to do, and creates the idea to do as well.

So think and you shall have something to do. This is directed by feel with An or controlled with sue. This idea works as well, think this statement and do what you want: Think or work as your aware and do as you di or ca do to create what is necessary.

If not that use the ultimate reality hack, work by a lit candle so then think an idea to work as though magic, then use a candle to state the idea you want to occur as though the flame were lit or light the candle flame and think what you need as you state what you want. This is a candle rite that is multipurpose and works unless regarded and not needed.

The end
 The point is made and nobody is home unless they aren't answering the door, so I think I will find something else to do. This is a game plan for now.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Ghosts in time

This came from a past life of a passerby, that worked with animals. He lived as a dog lover and died as an old man driving and had a car wreck. So I think he deserves special ideal to recognize his idea, this is something I scanned that he had at the time of death.

When a person dies, you know it by what they do to indicate the point where things occur and sometimes by mention. Sometimes you meet his or her reincarnated being. This is also by psychic perception that you know things, the idea just comes to you that you know and are suddenly aware of by feel. Yes some ghosts can choose to reincarnate on the planet. This means you will meet him or her, not really knowing when. As a baby if they don't time travel to the past, as a full grown person if they do. Many ghosts can change time, so he or she could time travel to a place and become born again.

Then he or she is a possible helper, if no grudge is there and yes as a man, it or woman. I thought people reincarnate as babies, until I met a dead man that was alive and appeared as described. So if you time it right, you could see that he died awhile ago, but gets reborn earlier than his or her death.

So you get to meet the person as a man or woman, this means time travel is fun, if somewhat interesting. However it makes it so you never actually died, if you look exactly alike your old body. So, you coul d also have look alikes as well. This trick also works with spiritualism , as you think your someplace then you are and at the time that you think to be. This is true unless you think yourself back, then you return to your corporeal shell.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Peace on earth

This is the point the calories are there, or gone is the point by feel. Think to use this doing what you consider important, or think is necessary to get things done. This is all reality hacking labelled orgonne, if you want to use this think what you want to occur as you read it. Otherwise just read the description and state or think the short description before the semicolon. This is where you think the descriptor and state the effect that makes you want to occur. Sometimes it will happen sometimes it won't. May luck be on your side.

Think; think or gone, think to do or gone is the chance that you decide to do things for life is not always fair.

This; this is not always fair but you can think of a way or not do it, and you know things by what you feel.

Use; the idea is done or ignored so you know, this is fun to write. Last time I had a skateboarder up in the air.

The ending; I sense the end is near so I will make this short, I will make everything alright by the creator. I am going now, ciou.

Farewell; Farewell to you whom are my friends and get along with other whom are as well themselves. This is peace on Earth.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If then else orgonne

This is a point you can do things, if the moment exists then you can do it if you want to do it.

Then this is a concept by feel, or else things happen or gone is the use with feel. This is what I came up with, this is just as results may be there of course I will allow it if given time.

If then else; I think if I can do things I will then I have helped out else I know things are different by feel.

Orgonne; this is machine code programming, that creates what you want when you think it will do things. This is a point that does what you want.

The point; Mickey keeps to her agreements. She made one this morning, so I think I will not answer her calls for today. That will be safest of all the things to do for myself.

The events; the events you can live through, that's if you want to live through them as a final result. So think or feel and you know what will happen. This is all I had planned in talking about so your free to go.

Ritual table; think to draw on a surface, this is where you can carve in wax or wood, or draw or create by rite that you think of doing magic to correct the problem you think is there.

See this is to create by rite with the surface drawing, this use is thought energy directed through the symbols you draw as if they are doing what you need.

This is a wordless rite that uses symbols instead of words, but you may speak. This is if you want to speak to effect a final result that way, this is sometimes made better by direct speech.

Like you say the effect is directed energy or brain waves to create with some idea. You can defend with this idea by what you do.

Otherwise you may direct the conversation or activity by voice, and create by suggestion to get a better result. This is how the police talk people down. So think positively and work for yourself, that's what I say and only if you can't get a job.

Purchaser price; this is the price you pay for things that you get. So that may fix the problem.

Think; the point is the idea, your point is what you do. Think about the point, and you get the idea that's being spread.

Think a point; think a point and you know what is being done. Then you know what is done to create the result.

The Doomsday clock; the Doomsday clock doesn't progress another second.

Guilt; I am no longer guilty of anything. If I am guilty, the creator makes the guilt dissipate back into energy and disappear by feel.

This is true; this is an idea to use or put to use with feel, so if that is all it is so shall I swear.

Practice; I practiced what I should, usually by watching others and I think I am ready to show what is necessary in the right time. So I am no longer obsessive, and I think I will get along with others. I am aware as I know. There is no pressure.

Drinking; So you stop drinking before you get drunk. Alcohol doesn't make you drunk. However the alcoholic leaves the room with no pressure except for the room owner, this is before another shot is taken.

The game; this is best left up to the gamer, so thinking about the idea I think it is finished up tonight.

The idea; this is a thought I had on neuropods, that you could create a neuropod effect with a drink of water. Think what you needed to know or have in idea and drink your water or drink.

Then the idea you wanted will have happened, this is if you need it to occur or you will have what you need. Think to remove the effect to remove the right neuropod effect. Think to use your element that you want to use to create the effect that you need. That is the neuropod effect.

Octowaterpad; if you think the water is diverted into three or more channels, then imagine the effect the idea will have occured if possible. Think and it will occur unless you don't need it to occur.

So if you need it and will it to happen, then it's as though there or more water rivulets rose up, think and diverted are things that you don't want.

Then spread energy or fire energy of an open flame by thinking energy goes out, and charged by focus your will directs. What you will you can create by feel.

So that is the main point of this idea. And I will go on to other things now. I think that I know so it's defense or idea that is realized.

Bread crumb; this is a bread crumb mix of a little salt or sea salt with bread crumbs. Though this is thought to create less hunger, I think the point is this: that what you do is use what you get unless you don't need it.

The ending; the end is an idea you focus and you can create, this is with what is there but most times things are what they are for now.

Ice sheet; the ice is formed by thinking to the water what you think or cold thoughts. You can even freeze parts of the water, this is also by thinking energy goes through the water and does what you want or need. Don't do the ice sheet because your standing in water.

Air glide; the air glide is focus air to help glide the body through the air. Feel to glide up and you do. Earth gliding is similar, except you use a glider or skateboard. Don't think to glide up with a skateboard or you might fall off.

Air sheer; sheering away things was never so easy, think and it is done by air circulation and the thing to sheer separating itself.

Air dry; feel the air and if any wetness the air dries the wetness from the surface. The dried surface becomes obvious.

Lightning; energy is fire focused to become intense and then thought released, this is sometimes by thinking it shoots forth from the hand or fingertips in the form of a ball that's highly compressed energy.

Energy redirection; Redirection of it is thinking really quickly to pass it through the hand to the other hand or fingers and allowing it to shoot forth.

Energy balls; think energy absorbs or becomes the element that you need and then forms into a sphere. This sphere goes where you think it goes or can go where you will it.

The conscious of the elemental energy is what creates awareness, this is usually by feel if you need to know things. This can deflect attacks by feel if you think it to deflect, or think it to defend.

So you can form multiple and different elemental balls as you need them, think and you know the peace of mind with a relaxed mind state.

If you breath in and out, the idea is think to trance until you don't need the trance. This is to wake up, think your waking up and you are wakeful.

Earth walls; think if you will, the thought is there and as if a point that is an earth wall. The earth wall forms to your imagined idea, and thinking it there causes it to effect the area.

Conscious; if your conscious after all that idea then you can control the elements and just by thinking of the element you can summon it by feel to create it as you need, feel or think.

However, don't overdo with this or you could explode somewhere, this elementalism is accountably a somewhat unsafe and unstable if elemental in nature energy that you can use.

If overused, this elemental energy can be unused. This is just as you use other things, or you could get irrational, unbalanced and emotional.

Dimensions; the elemental dimension I use is the 7th, it's easy to get there: just think yourself there or if coming back just think you come back.  A list of dimensions are here for beginning students, and here for advanced or those wanting to know dimensional physics.

This uses the power of the subconscious mind, thinking your there causes you to go there and similar for coming back. This is sometimes in the mind so think, and you know by feel.

Feel someone will come or then is there, and then the person will come or is there as though summoned. Feel or think them go and then they go by fee or feel. That's the way this works sometimes.

So if you feel yourself die sometime, just know that your body will be returned by the creator. This means your able to come and go whenever you like, just don't bother people.

Oh in the 7th dimension, if you feel prickly eyes as they say, then don't be afraid to pay them off. Even if or if not aware of it. They will do things for you and forget their differences that lead to dislike.

The end
The effect is done unless not needed, so no need for alarm. The point is already to go so think and you are where you want to be.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I sometimes keep having a dream that I was on a space station that got invaded, and the station got blown up and the dream ends here. This is where I am extra spiritual and the body sometimes does things. I think it means that the point is that space exists for those that need it to exist.

So I think then we create as we go and do as we can. This is is a concept, an I see the point to this idea, that I think the idea is done where things are only as you think. So this is illusion, based on the idea and memories that I had of a past life that I was a game character.

When illusion ends, the point is done and the dream ends by feel. So whomever stops the illusion, creating and making is the use that the person that made use of things creates with your point. This is the point of the dream, its no longer reoccurring as it is there. As long as I use amythest under the pillow, this is where I can correct the dreaming or wrong in life by what is done. So without dreams where are we in life. That is the question of the day.

This was written by a past life of mine a few lives ago, before he or she went insane and destroyed a space station and ended a dream that ended with "I keep having this dream." So I think I will write another dream that I had, I dreamed that I was rich and created with funding to build up my fortune. Making the fortune was a bit interesting, but I knew I had it by what I did. So the dream ends there. That ends the dream posting, and ciou or farewell till next time.

Monday, May 22, 2017

coral orgonne

This is the coral reef orgonne that I thought of amongst many more idea. It had to be inevitable that I made something for the coral reef, so this is it albeit the coral reef is mostly bleached. This is with warming waters and the coral are white because of it, this is as it is now where the coral is mostly dead. This is what it is though that I came up with, that has reports on the idea that exists because of global warming. So this is it.

Think; think to be calm, then focus to create by feel or thought to make with idea or ideal situations what you want to happen.

Rainfall; the rain is the thing, think and you know what is what by how it sounds. Think it will rain and it will. This is with or without an object.

Focus; the focus is the point and doing is the thing, think and it is done or there. But on the other hand, the point could be too much.

So as always have a storm breaker magnet, or focus the thought of psalm 57 thinking nearby that not too much occurs.

This is an idea to get rid of too much rain and lightning, this is just as you think it, think to it or hold the projecting side of the magnet out to the sky.

The psalm does work but it sometimes works slow, like yesterday there was a storm that lasted 10 minutes. This was with lightning and it abided the creator, that is the being that created us all and it was then dissipated away.

So it's common an I am aware that it's okay as it's in practice, it is done thinking the thought of rain till it would start and listening to rain in a music piece.

Hyperstorm; the hyperstorm is using a focus point, this is thinking to create the storm that is in the upper atmosphere as well. Think this isn't going to happen, this is just as though something was off or on if you needed it so.

Think a thought; think a thought to create a point. The point could be anything you like, want or need with idea.

Thought spiritualism; this is your mind that creates, this is by the spirit knowing things as they occur, think to create the point if you need the point created. This is where you can be anyone you think to be or are at the time.

Think a point; think to create what you want and you create by feel, and yet you know what is there by what is done.

Office space; your room is your office area, so think and you know how and what. This is just to do things, thinking to deal with the idea that you create by feel.

Thought space; this is the thought of space in a cell, that could be used as a place or area. This is just to create with what exists or what could work.

This is my last idea that deal with cells, the next few idea are dealing with life events. Such as this space juncture or area I need to repair, thinking to repair it irl will not work unless I can get close up. So glue it and work with it is my option.

Optional stuff:
This is the idea of a point I saw, think or create then work with what is possible. This I think will work with nearly anything.

This I think works; think in a moment the idea is created and serves you for whatever reason that you think to do things for feel. Then think the point is done for you as well as others who show interest.

Then the idea is done by feel or thought. If the interest is there, the idea is done with but thinking the point done is over with I think the idea is done and over by​ by feel, so this is why I don't worry about it.

Think or realize; Ae an if or when you realize that this is done and working for you, then you create a good feel to know things or work with people.

This is done when you think it's done. This is indisclosure by the feel. So I will do something to get back my funds and work with people, working with others has never been so much fun.

The fun point; I know what your thinking and this could be fun as this is now ended.

This is done; think a point to create the main area attraction, thinking to create a point with what is shown I think this will work.

This is work; This is to work by feel. You think the need you know the right feel. That is what this is amazing, this is a fresh start for helping out by feel.

The end
The point is the ending, the area is clear and work is easier. Doing well is doing well, so think and you may well know what to do with the area by feel.

This is exactly a point in the future though, so I know the work to be done. That's what I recorded off of TV, so I know things will be well as I think they are okay. Ciou and farewell till next time.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shadow confrontation

This was written by a friend:

If you're willing to confront the issues that cause you personal distress, you'll be able to move through your depression and into a life worth living. Fear is a natural reaction, and causes our emotional and physical actions. Noone is exempt from fear. As a child, I was afraid of the monsters under my bed; however, when I lost a toy, I looked under the bed. Then I realized that things under the bed weren't so bad. It was a phase in my young life; and we all go through phases, or obstacles that seem paralyzing.

Confronting the issues that cause you personal distress can be difficult. Were faced with fight of flight, and many times the response to an issue is to flee, especially if the issue is a bad one. We cannot avoid stress producing situations- they are a natural consequence of life on planet earth. Confront means to face a situation that makes you uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable to face the issue of unhealthy food and snacks ( they're a source of security to me ).

However failure to do so will only worsen my health. In the short term I may find comfort; but in the long term, i could face the fact of health problems. When we run from an issue, we give up power to the issue. We cannot go from A to Z without going through the alphabet. The alphabet may seem lengthy, but there is a beginning and an end to every situation. Remember, nothing is impossible through our higher power who strengthens us. Turn to your higher power, whoever that may be. Turn to the encouragement of friends around you, who can help you. Turn to advocates, who yearn to support you.

We are all survivors of mental illness, we are not dispowered, were empowered by the enlightenment that we are overcoming in various stages. Our disabilities dont define us, we are defined by the courage and optimism to face the disability. Once again, were survivors. Be courageous and enjoy the journey of life. Have faith that endures all things! Peace, hope and joy be with you!

Written by Tim Buettner

Here are some things that could have arisen for confrontation, this is just to cause the point of fear or creativity by relaxation with release of that fear.

Shadow control; This mental breath of aggravation controls a person that you want to control by feel, this is sorta like puppeteering. Think of a person as a target to work with the feeling. Then think of the idea point to do things then expel a little breath or think to focus a little energy to create what you want and this is released mentally or physically, otherwise this could lead to obsession and thinking that the breath enters into the "target" allows them to be controlled.

This is by your mind of the persons mind, until the time you think to release or they are beaten. This is where they realize what they did, and adjust mentally to work with you instead of being dark and wanting to fight. An a point is where this leaves a weird auratic field, though its easily detected if in use as it leaves one slightly obsessed.

The point; think or create the point creatable by feel with idea to do what is necessary. This is to defeat Kim Jung Un the North Korean ruler. This is whom is dead set on testing nuclear arms or otherwise no more than that is necessary. So think upon your need to stop North Korea's nuclear arms testing, and think to allow no NK nuclear deployment in order to create peace. This is to create peace instead of WWIII.

Jutsu; Think to project and its the thing that you create with by feel. The idea though that's presented is its the idea of magic that's seen. So I think that that things will work out if you think to create by the feel. Think to seem creative and your approach is appreciated. This is creative approach by adaptability with the idea that exists things by the mind energy, or brain waves that effect somewhere that create what you want and is perceived where you want it created.

This is the think it and you create it if its possible, and sometimes you can do things to help that creation along. This does always work and yet doesn't under certain circumstances. So that is where your brainwaves can be called influence and the influence is what creates unless your actions create otherwise. Sometimes if not a good idea, its not enough to create with so the idea is not done. This is also the shadow conjuration by feel. This is also from the game Baldur's gate the throne of Bane. So expect it to work if it does, otherwise don't sweat the big stuff.

However the greater shadow conjuration is using a mirror by thinking kind thoughts to the mirror and then your request to be done. Then, the request is done by the shadows that create what you want. You can imagine a mirror in the air or see use of a shiny surface to create what your idea is, this is with ideal situations by thinking the idea to the reflection or water puddle. Think or state the idea and then you create with the shiny reflection, this is with brain waves that you create what you want.

The creator spell uses some shiny surface, object that you think of, touch or hold or scrying to know what you will do or what to do to get a result. This is where your saying or thinking towards the surface the result that you want, and the energy of the object or surface creates what you wish to create and this can use up the objects energy if not careful. If you think about it, chaos is in use to create some of the end all results so be careful.

The events you can know and live through, this is if you want to live through them and that is as a final result. So think and you know what will happen. This is all I had planned in talking about, so your free to go. This I heard by third eye receiving the information, then I knew I was probably in a police car so I was released as that was stated at that point.

Some spells for use with pronounciation:

ShadBeiz = [shade-be-iz] shadow conjuration spell that allows for making of a Darkness, Invisibility, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, A result, or Summon a shadow in the shape that you want to serve yourself. Be thinking of the spell effect on casting or state the spell effect after this spell to get the spell result that you think to get.

Be wary, shades can be vicious to the summoner unless you have protections from the shade effecting the area. The shade is what they can use to effect you if you don't need something to occur, and your shadow or some other shadow would appear more solid. This is especially when its being done, so that's a warning sign of shade activity.

MajShadBeiz = [mage-shade-be-liz] Greater shadow conjuration, major shadow conjuration that allows for the caster to cast any shadowy version of 1 to 5 circle spells. Otherwise this can be any actual spell that the person thinks on and could state to a mirror for the effect, that is your thought and with intention to create an end result.

This is before or when casting and this can summon a shadowy form to serve you that does the effect. This is any actual form or item. This can even form whole areas of shadow substance or any result that you want, this is with the creators protection that allows the result without shades attacking you. Think and you know to create by feel what you want with need or thinking about things. That is my style.

ChaoCaCrea = [K-aye-ohn Call Cree-all] Creator spell, This is the creator spell I created that uses chaos and makes use of work, this is where your doing things by the feel of what is done with idea put to use. If no work then there is at least some perceptible result, this is just as things done could be considered work. This is also where you state the effect, and then use the idea of the spell in some manner to create an end result. This uses chaos that the creator protects you from, and prevents you from having a bad end with some positive result in the end.

SpeFxCraoCaCrea = [Spell-ih Fix Cray-ore Call Creed-ahm] The unchaotic creator spell, Create by thinking the effect and speaking the spell, or think to speak the result as you think of the spell then the creator that created us all by feel creates the result that you need. Then this creates the effect you thought as this is an idea to become and exist and then the effect is done. This as always works, unless you think it won't create an effect. Think your not effected by negativity or attacks and your not.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cool tricks

These are cool tricks to do with the point that you think, or you can create with feel by the idea you have.

Had bad voices last night? I hate them, just dismiss them as though a switch in your head was labelled voices that you can switch off and flip the switch off. I love how the subconscious treats switches.

So did the trick work for you? I have a few of them. Actually if you want to turn them off, and keep them from coming back I suggest trying it at the moment. Well you now know a useful trick. The switch trick also works with other things as well, this is as it could work with pain and shakes too. Yes I know it works, I just used it for my shaking knees.

If you need yet another trick, try drinking water thinking to nul the voices you don't want to hear. That's another trick where maybe the combo will work better. Cold water is the most effective, as you can enhance it by thought. You can make something colder by chaarging it. Im addicted to water, I love it. I can drink a gallon in 2 hours or less. 

You can charge water with a thought to it and cause what you want. Just think to the water what you want it to do. Oh when the water feels heavier and colder then it's ready as this only takes 10 seconds more or less, this is of thinking to the water. How did the water technique work out for you, if it worked a little. It was more effective than the switch. This is cool for the use of water is all you really need. Feel free to add oregano or basil to the water, and you can cause it to be even more effective.

Think before using this as it could lead the obsessed mind to become more obsessive. Another cool trick is this, think a point and work with the area thinking to draw interest only if necessary, if you focus with the point and work with the area then you can do things in you draw friendly eyes to work with them.

See the point and you can get things or get things done, this is just as you do things for them or yourself. Then you can get money by what you do, this is as if a service was being done. If you think to get money that is true, however if you think to get things for yourself then you may get things from others. That is if they think you do it for them.

Think to do things for yourself that helps others out, that is the real trick to this idea. If you don't you may get bad or worse results. So this means a third trick is to think of a concept, that means they can use and make work with the idea that you do things or can do it. They might however, think that they have the right to deprive sleep. So be careful with what you give or do. This is all in a trick book somewhere so I learned it by observance, then used it but I don't deprive sleep or cause sleep depravation thereof if possible.

This past life had an ability to create what we are by thought, thinking the point he only had to work with those nearby to create greater achievement. Alone he could still do things and get away with it. So I think he died by fire as he was trying to work with others, his life was expended by the fumes and the flames got to his body after. He was born 1976 and died by fire in 2018, awaiting the launch of a mars concept that was useful on the planet. This was rather unclear as to how he had died, so I made a point to my subconscious and the subconscious let me know. This was first by daydream vision and then by statement that I wrote down. This is a way to figure out things if your in a need to know. This is what I found interesting. His name was Andrew Clay and he was with a very good computerist hobby / being a computer hacker. So I wouldn't do things his way, if you were going to get in trouble by hacking.

This is the idea of where you are. These are the suggestions by the area where you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes is the thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do, so that doesn't mean anything compared to this. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought that is there, that is what you perceive from him or her or it by feel. So think it and you can use the idea.

Getting into computer laptop: Atl-ctl-del f10 then it will boot

This is the point by action that can be done by feel, or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's sometimes rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

Think a point: This is a thought. The point is by the action or reactor that exists by feeling it is there. The area is the point you think that exists by feel. The idea is what you create by feel with. The area then is you or your own action and the point is recall by what you do.

Thought; the thought is what abounds, the idea is there by use or idea you think, feel or express. Otherwise you can think the point and the idea disappears.

orgone "or gone" thinking "this is okay as I am thinking your way" or "not":
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel the source of energy. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

Nearby; think to work with it and it will work, this is just as it works by what you do.

gloo it; final option, glue the area with quick hardening globbing glue, that is easily breakable with a jarring hit. however there is nothing there to do so things are alright.

Other things:

Somethings: This is the point, after all my effects of effort with working and eating or drinking, the end result is diarrhea. I think I will celebrate by eating a big amount of marshmallows, and keep with the marshmallows in little amounts so I keep the diarrhea as long as possible. So I think I will keep off the weight with this diarrhea effect.

One last note; Some marshmallows are only 1 calorie a piece for the mini marshmallows, this is the type I got.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thought or fall

This is the thought point or gone is the choice, however much we miss the chance we will get to do something else. So this is the point and the time that exists for idea, and what I came up with:

North Korea or just think; they are willing to talk and work things out. Thinking of the idea you express then acknowledge by feel, you can create by the point or work by relation with a relaxed mindset.

Think peace; oh ok so you can think to let them talk it out with us, and the world as your feeling that they will end in peace. They will end up in peace.

Shake up; this reverses a shake up with me every time it occurs. Otherwise it can happen to anyone including Kim jong un.

Think and remove; this is to think to do and remove, think to die off good or bad roaches and remove them as possible.

This is done by the energy field that rises up and enfolds the roach in energy that kills them off to give us our energy back that they absorbed. This happens return after filtration of the energy through the aura.

Borrowed bike; the bike if borrowed is returned by feel to the loaner, this is done as soon as possible or as soon as it's used and with no pressure to the borrower.

The end point; there is peace but it's undetermined by what is thought. It's rather determined by what is done. Let peace reign forever.

Other things:
North Korean missiles; they don't launch or they explode in the launching phase, and by feel North Korea doesn't get a launch right ever after this. They end up in peace by feel.

Dimensional walking; think to eat less and drink more water, this is done as you think the location or have thought to go somewhere. I did that dimensional walking, that's how I got there.

Think the size or shape to be that way dimensionally, and you can be any size or shape. The next idea to this is walking as you think of the location, and you are dimensionally there.

This is just as you think to remain or be somewhere. Otherwise you aren't there if you think to not be there.

Think or be; this is a way to think positively and work around people. Think or be has been around since the stone ages. So if you think or be somewhere you are somewhere.

This is what you tell people that are stealing. Don't beat anyone up over this, but you are very able minded to get what you need, want or desire by asking for it and not grabbing it out of the hand or wallet.

This is where you could get results, when you don't own it and can work for it. So thank you very much, I will pass you off for now.

Think and go II; think and your there where you think to be, so you know where you are all the time. The pineal gland thought to be empowered is creating by feel. This is with a sensory organ influence, and you create by feel or with thought to what you want.

This allows you to trace the item, and do things to it by thinking the item will do what you need or imagine. This is created unless not necessary.

Lisa Thomas; she only needs 1 cigar pack or cigarellos pack per day if she needs any. She gets off of cigarettes altogether. Whatever occurs, she gives me me personal space.

This is just as though warm turkey. Eating it is not doing the smoking. So there is no need for tobacco anymore. Think and there is no more need for food or tobacco. I wear less shirts and pants this way.

Tracy; she finds or keeps her office keys by the creator, and won't lose them again.

Think and realize; think about it and things you know are realized.

Doctor's appointment; even though they may seem to keep you waiting but they did and yet, they won't so this is just by feel and this is with no pressure on the people responsible.

Think to go; thinking to go somewhere is like focusing to create, this is where you focus to go and your free to do what you want by feel.

Roll of fat; to get rid of the roll of fat is to think it gone as you hold in your stomach. Then it's gone.

Peter Paul; he can stand the pain and work with others. He gets the pain pills he needs.

Theresa bowler; her health is recovered, and she recovers from what she suffers from as she no longer suffers from it.

Usage; I found the right combination of things can create nearly anything. So I think and work with the feeling then I create what I want. This is what will work.

However if you think of what will occur, and use the idea that "I do things" thinking the I is the person. Then you can create with the subconscious, using I statements and focus points of the person doing things.

So think; so think the point and your creating with the feel. This is the way to do things with your idea. This is the way to do the idea.

The life; this is the end if your life. This is at the end of your life that you notice this. But think and you know, this is a point of your life that you realize is true for you.

The end; the end is where you think the end and things end. Thus you can think the end to know and realize, this is what we can do. Don't be afraid to do it.

Addiction; they don't feed their addiction by focus, this is done to break the cycle.

Impulsiveness; they don't use their negative thoughts to do things by feel.

Raging; think of the rage and focus thinking of what you can do. Then attempt to do things or focus, this is as you imagine the result to create things that could be made to exist. This includes flight and energy glow or excessive speed.

Plague; think blood energy is energized and creates what results you think, want or intend to occur. This includes plaguing the area and selectively plaguing people or curing the plague by fee or feel.

Mickey; she accepts what I give her.

Vpngate; it works again.

Flying; think calm and feel the flow of energy, then think to fly as if gliding in the air. Kick downwards to move your body upwards and then your moving as if walking in the air. Do this as you need to fly.

Prey; think and you know the end, He finishes the game with me watching, easily.

The end

Magnetic influence; if you think the magnet projects a suggestion, that means you placed it as though a positive affirmation as you thought to it.

Then you can create by pointing the influencing side, or drawing side towards something that makes what is thought into creation.

This uses brainwaves and the alpha waves to make it work. You can cause anything to draw a person or thing that is wanted to be drawn.

Coin trick; think the coin does things and it does. This is effective by what you do with it and includes holding it, as you think to create what you want.

This works with other things as well, including idea spoken, any object that you hold, and anything that you touch. This works well with the alpha and Omega waves of brain energy produced and this is just by thinking.

You can think anything into existence. Just be careful with what you produce. The idea could be hazardous to your health you know. Just be it and you are it however.

That is how you can be an object you know, this is as though separate from your body yet you still can think with one. This is the beauty of the idea.

The change has also released a golden thread pattern, done by pollups in the ocean that can only make what can be called coral so I guess it's worth it when near the ocean.

The coral if the temperature rises nearby it enough will turn white, due to the organisms that keep the coral "alive" dying off. The death of a coral is amazing, but the creation of coral reef was even more amazing.

So I guess it's time for the coral reef to die, unless we somehow manage climate change.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Think and know opportunity

This day I will work with doing things with others, thinking and playing nice as I can till necessary to do otherwise. So I will go off and do things as possible, I will do what I can till I know what I need to do elsewise. This is a point I think is called creative area energy engineering, and working with energy is what I will do to create results. Thinking the point and the idea, I create with what is there and physically placed if necessary. Seeing that I have an art project due, I might work on this as well in my spare time. So I think working with things, working with people or others, see a point here its called used psychology your psyching yourself to do things. This means your working with the mind, as though working with art. Stop psyching yourself out, this is the game plan for today. Ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ideal focus

Think a point to work with things, thinking to make a cool idea work and there you have it. This is all there is to the idea of a game. Don't think to make the game real however, as the game could be deadly to yourself if not harmful. So I think I will work with the point of an equation, a formulation equates into something that is there or that you want. This is the point of an equation, am I right? So I think I will go do things normally and work with others to create a better path or future. Then I think I ensured that things will be fair. As always, fair practice is fair to life. So sallie vie and ciou.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thinking a point

This is what I have experienced in the game the prey as an ability of bio sensuality. The ability comes from psi enhanchements or enhancement otherwise meant as body working. Otherwise knowledge that is there is what will suffice to get along.

Think energy into the shape and the form shapes you, then you are somewhere else outside your perception. Think or feel the energy out of the shape and the shape is no longer you. Feel or think the shape moved and you moved as the shape. So thinking a point I feel the area then focus my senses to form into the objective shape, feel a change occur by thinking a change or shift happened. This shift doesn't last. So if I morphed into the shape of a box then I would be that box as I am myself, too.  This is until I decided to not be that shape.

Then if I feel the flow of body energy shift me out of my self, think I am that shape and I create my shape as thought the shape I want to be was there. So I am that shape as I am my own shape with a sense of being separate from myself. Then when done I shift back to my body by thinking the body flow and feel of the body otherwise shifts me back to my senses. Seeing as I was that shape, all I had to do was think it undone. Then it is as the object disappears from perception as a poof. This is amazing and the morph ability in the game "the prey".

The rest of the mechanical based or suit based ability; I believe these are self-explanatory, and will self-suffice to seem useful by the point they offer. Such as the viewpoint of: I see bent branches, I focus the feel and come to realize I am more of a stump. The tree is a part of me and I am the tree. The branches are also the tree but the foliage has been brought from the sun which rises in the east which is left. Branches are longer, this is fine. I will leave this as the branches must thrive for the stump to survive. A wider base with the roots. This is just the thought that occurred. Tomorrow I have to go to watch to find what is watching. Have nice day.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Thinking point orgonne 4

The thinking point has been reached by fee or feel, this is with thought to do things and work things out by what you see to do. These couple of idea came up, this is just as though a log of events. This where you can replay, or create the idea anyway you want to do this.

Getting out of things; if you can get out of things you can get off of things, then you can get away with things.

Eating right; I won't eat between meals. I will exercise what I eat off in calories, this is so I gain nothing in body weight and can lose weight instead.

This is as though a switch turned off, and I wasn't hungry anymore. I can do anything that I think I can do or divert the funds from the bank to get achieved. Then I was able to do anything I wanted to get done. Everything is working in my favor.

Think and relate; this is to think or need things, this is just as your about to do things and you really relate to others by feel.

Focusing; the focus point is the thing, think and what you think is done or created, this is if you speak it or otherwise you get what you want. This is usually by action or thinking the idea to create the point or do as necessary by idea.

Focusing on need; focus in idea is your idea thought by a point or thinking to do things, this is just as you think about the point to achieve.

Using the right point and idea then makes you able to do anything, this is where you can do it unless you don't need to do things.

Office keys; Tracy finds her office keys, and things that are missing.

Thinking point; the satellite called the inmarsat is sent up as though correction in position by inmarsat were done.

Think a point; the letter that Mae wrote of recommendation is effective for getting merindy a job by feel.

Destination reached; think a destination to go to and you reach it. This is as though a thought pattern were there. However you just have to think your there. This is in order to know what is there. Otherwise your where you are.

That's the last I saw of him or her, and after that I saw other people that were similar. Interesting fate to foretell on someone.

I wonder what I will foretell on someone else that I run across as a point of fact, this is interesting that I can foretell at all. So I feel that I am good at something at least.

Albeit the truth is, sometimes a good foretelling is a foretelling that doesn't happen and is negative in results. However it could be this, that the ending is good for someone. So I will let it be.

Tasting; if you want to know what something tastes like, then the creator allows you to know. This is either as your promised it or as it's eaten.

So I think it's safe to say if you focus on the thought to know something then you will. Like you know I will bring in customers by thinking of them. See it as they are coming to the store.

I know it works as it occurs. This is at least done with the spirit that knows things before the moment as they occur.

Positive thinking; This is fun, Think of a moment that you know will occur, then it will happen as you wish. Oh think positively as you can when you do this. This is for positive results. I know just the right things to say.

The point; the idea is translation is smooth and creative by fee or feel, otherwise thought is what you can do. However it's in there, think and you know the way out.

This is a result of anti-love on a love society. So beware it's like a rachet to the back of the head behavior. So I think if your in behavior then you know things by what you do for what is done. This society I am in, may require positive reinforcement for the better thought is there by feel.

This is sometimes a conflict of interest, so I think I will see what I can do for now as I say things or do things from my viewpoint. This is the effect of life, love and liberty though, so I think this is where I will leave things alone.

Thinking where I am is most important on the street you know, I hope you and others remember that. As I think to take this onto the street.

So this is a reminder to do things that are making you aware. So I think so I believe to be at peace. This is where I think or get to do things or avoid things. I will seeya till next post, I am with the love of my life.

Think of tomorrow and work with the point, I just increased your intelligence by 100 points. Enjoy yourself as you can, tomorrow might have wwiii I simply do not know an if it will.

Think it and it's there is my rule, that is the main point of life for now, for life is just as precious as it was tomorrow, ciou for a happy end. Enjoy yourself.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I think it is

Yes I think it is, this the new response to things requiring a yes answer that might satisfy people that require things. I will off it as a solution answer after making a point to what I intend and when or why I can do what I do. This is a point to do things or work with things, that otherwise would have been useful with the idea of what or when you think or decide to do things. So I think I will go and do things elsewise, and hope people accept my response. So yes it is a point I will create with or do if I can, so if I think otherwise then I can't do things and won't do things otherwise. So I think it is or not and will ciou and farewell till later. Bye.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Think or do orgonne III

This I think is amazing, this feeling that I have for life. Right now I think was the meeting I least sustained myself for or suspected was to occur. So this orgonne came up:

Think and do; the point is made so think and do things other than what is il advised.

Thinking exorcism; think to exercise and you free yourself from unwanted spiritual influence. This is done by the creator.

The creator also shifts energy away to another area, think to create what you want. This is where you can go I am em, then describe what is m and have fun doing so long ago.

Thinking focus; this is a focus point to use as a final focus and you can finalize things to be. Think and you know things that occur, otherwise the effect is somewhat interesting. Think a point and it's there, this is just as you can create what you wish to gain by feel or fee.

The other things:
Think a thought; this came from a thief: the point is made by fee or feel, the idea is sent by what is thought a useful tool.

This is what has been going through my mind lately, I think I have been spending too much but mostly things are free as they can be free.

So I believe it's time to stop, and this is when I am counting the money as use allows it to be there. So I think I will be doing some derivation effects to distract me away from spending.

This is where I derive a means and work with a point. So he or she does not react to me, I think I will be nice and leave him or her alone when he or she is in a bad mood. So see ya around sucker. Warren

Shifting pattern; make a pattern, draw or trace it as a symbol then think of where you want to be, if you listen to music or think the shifting pattern activates.

Then you are there unless you don't need to be there and returning is thinking you do, this is according to the pattern made by the creator.

This happens as if we're the creator. Thinking it will work allows the moment and things work the way you want.

Think and know; if you think then you know, this is by what is there for what is obvious by feel. You know what to do. This is the final moment of the reality that was there.

Then things shifted and things aren't as they seem fit. Yes it's right on the moment, so accept and go on with life. That's all you can do.

Thinking the point I think the idea then I shift with the subconscious my reality, and I am somewhere I wanted to be. That is how that worked out and I knew it would happen.

Think or feel; if you think or do things, then you know that this will be better off than nothing. Otherwise, you will feel a point occur or a blow to the back of the back and you may be knocked over.

This I saw by what I felt, it hasn't yet happened again, so I guess I am lucky. I hope my luck holds out or I will have to relocate before it occurs.

Yet again I know the point so I know when I can expect it, this I know for sure will happen. This is done, unless I take preventative steps to prevent the deed by my actions.

I am aware of things to come so I am prepared of the moment that may occur as an outcome.

Tapping; the idea is this, state the point and as you tap the chakra point. You can tap all of them and get good results in two rounds.

First round is to state the negative and become aware of it. Second round is to state an idea to occur as a positive affirmative. This is how it's done.

End of day; these days the time is short so I think to end the day early and go to sleep.

The point; the point is made and the idea is done, so I think that things are really interesting as to what occurred by feel. So I will ciou and farewell till tomorrow and bye for now.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting it done orgonne

This is the getting of idea or go by point is a gone point, think of your means before using this idea list.

Elemental doku focus; Think to focus energy of intense nature, think of the energy being there and you move faster with more focus to do things or allow others by feel. This is an enrager if the right person. However, you can forget your need after the doku is done.

Doku shift; think a moment to be where you want to go. The point is a need, your thought is what causes you timewise to shift. This is to go somewhere that you thought to be with energy. If you know the place, you can be there if it's a safe area.

Yet some safe area are with hazards nearby, so let your spirit alert you to the dangers. The spirit knows what forms as it is there when it forms.

This works but not too well with multitasking, or doing multiple things at once. This is so you can track or trace something that you want to know about. Then your spirit let's you know.

Thought doku; think a point and you create with an idea to work with things that are there to work with you.

Thinking doku; think or use is your key here, this is where you think about what is going on or use what you have to get things done.

Other things:

Think a moment and you know what was offered by feel. Think the rule better and it could be if informed you can form what you need or think. That rule might work better and you retain your integrity too.

That means that this is a better way to think of things, if you can keep a thought. What happens is the thought disappears and you are left without anything to think.

So this I think could further be improved with an added and you remember the idea that you want to use. However there are shortened moments of time, this is where your brain adjusts and you don't seem to remember at all.

Then you can say the need or think the feel to do and your memory returns. That is all you need to improve the idea.

So the improved thought rule is: think a point and if you need it to seem service or created then you say your need or feel the need and you create or do things by feel.

Usb wifi; this works no matter the point through the point you can do.

Disappointment; I can take disappointments when they come. I can also process emotion effectively. So I never feel down by idea.

This is the point of working and living for me. So I guess I will do as I need to do things, this is with permission of course.

If I am myself, then I create a shift by displacement. Through gravity the places gravity shift caused you to be displaced to another place and if an area is thought about to that area.

This with movement, and energy can shift you in dimensionally by feel through time with only the spirit that knows what is there. This I believe is called a teleportation or apport.

Dimensionally achieved, I decently believe this is disorienting so wait a minute and you can reorient yourself to the area.

Then go do what you want to do. That is all for this day so of course, I will wait till another day to get more results by feel with thought.

Appearance; This dimensional shift appears like the body breaking up into energy particles, and moving towards a direction that is mainly upwards or otherwise scattering and no longer holding a form.

Andrew; he accepts me into his room by feel and does things for me as if he wants to do things. I also know when he's there. This is done without much pressure.

The condenser; this device creates liquid like essence that forms from the rocks with energy focused through them, and this is just as you think your purpose to the stone. Then the rock charges the liquid essence, this is with that idea I know you need to know or have done.

Shrines; they are easy to figure out, this is just as you think about the point that's there.

Pictures; they are easy to take and can help identify things by the references you have.

Kaor moment; karok moments, you can sometimes get a reward, this is for getting the target or moving something into place. This is from a gaming moment of breath of the wild.

Creators whim; the creators whim is this, think a moment of where you want to be and you are if safely there.

This ointment I made is amazing for the shift. It relaxes the mind and this is created by pea solidified with essential oils and corn starch. This stuff works so well that you can create nearly anything by thinking about the point.

This means you can create with a thought, and as long as blood flows it seems like red Sparks in your mind. This is just as though the pineal gland recieved the blood flow. Then you create psychically as well.

When the energy turns blue or white then it means you can or have drank water. Chemicals in the water can leave the coloration, this is as though an idea were off colored or yellowish sometimes brown.

The mind uses the body condition to color the element of what you use to get things achieved. The reaction to the body is the use of touch in some way, that means you indicate by touch and work by idea for what you can do.

T hink; this is to think of something and the idea will exist if you want it to exist.

Whatever; whatever exists he or she doesn't mind. This is by feel anyway, so I think it's easily dismissed. Thinking about things forms them, so think carefully as once I formed no avarice without thinking about it.

Just as I thought to avoid it the feeling passed. This is just as if he or she did it by feel or thinking by thought.

Feel; the feel of the moment is the point you do or create. This you create by fee or feel. This is the end and the karok moment ends here by feel.

Really this was in a dream I had recently, that led me to believe I could do anything. So I revisited the past and mentally made things right. Thinking about things led to creating them and there I am.

So this at the moment was with a sandwich idea, an think since I was near a restaurant and working with the spirit of others in idea. Then I woke up.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The time is up

I think I have to go somewhere then I do, so this is the point at least until the next update. That is all I will have written anyway, so until I think of something else, that is all there is to do. So if you can, enjoy what is there and if any complaints, take it up with the thought of people that exist to deal with such problems. That is all for today and now I must go. Ciou and farewell till next time.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

the day is over

The day is over and I have things I can do, watch a friend play a game or go to sleep. Thinking for and to myself that I am due some result for wht I did so far. I will wait on the idea and do what I can do for others if necessary. It seems I am tired if anything occurs, so I think I will do what I can for myself. This is what I found was interesting by far, what I think is due is lost weight as I will lose 2 lbs by tomorrow. This does not include the extra weight of the objects on me. So I think I will wait on the sidelines to create what I will do. Just like in a game or gaming scenario. This is where I am sure I will get along with others, I am due a meeting with my psychiatrist soon and he or she will have the shot. This is not like last time where they didn't have the shot. So I am aware and well off by now, I hope I remain so. For now I will ciou and farewell till next day.

This posting relates to this lifetime with:
I would agree more to the point if things worked out by feel. So I guess I will go and do my own thing and allow you or others to do what you are doing unless you are doing wrong in the view of the law. This is a point of prolifics. So I think I will do just that and do thinking by myself or others and work with the viewpoint that I have from others idea. This is a personal idea to do, so ciou and farewell till next time.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today is done

Today is done and I am in tomorrow, so all I need is a point and a way to do things and I am good. So if I am all aware, I will go to the main point of this, the thought to inform people of things that will come up or are occurring. I think that is what I use it for and why is just to do things. If I didn't have anything to do, I would rest and not find a reason to go out and about. So I think I will go and do things and think about things that exist. That is what I use past life research for, as it remains this blog is free information and I will attempt to keep it up as long as I can. So farewell till next time and ciou.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Thinking there orgonne

This is from a ghost I was listening to named adedalas, who died while trying something new and for thinking of the moment.

What I knew the ghost never knew, and this was for a point I remembered to do. This is from the viewpoint, that means a point exists there or no longer is the point recalled. This orgonne regulates memory and the idea that is there:

Mae's job; Mae gets a job working for good pay from a company of her choice. This is the point I saw.

Andrew; he accepts me into his room and allows my presence without problem or pressure. He is not angry at me and what I think he will do he can do.

Thinking; think and what you think forms into reality. This is if you need it to form. If not the item or idea doesn't form.

Think; the effect is an idea you know to create, if you think about it you create it.

Water; if you drink cold water when feeling hungry or intense the hunger dissipates away. She that does this creates the point by feel. She then works and abandons the point.

This is like pouring water on it and thinking that it's okay. He that does this creates things by thinking of things to do. Otherwise he leaves it alone.

Think; think and you know what you can do. This is a point of creativity and that is a concept you can come up with by feel. Think and you realize then as there is this idea in play. That is how this in the end works out. Well, it just is.

Improvement; things improve, the things you would want to have. Think about things improving, that is you like and then the idea is what is better.

Suspect; the suspect if any there is found by fee or feel.

The rage; the rage does not come to me and I no longer feel rage. So I won't transform into a rage being whom refused to reincarnate.

So I think I will stick things out and leave when I can. This is what I will do for now and only if I get the chance.

Too slow; if I am too slow it doesn't matter, so I think I will stick with what I will do when I get the chance. Maybe I will lose 1-2 lbs by the next day if possible.

Allowance; allow by feel what will come and this will work out.

Ghost connect; if a ghost becomes a part of you and someone else was possessed by the ghost, then the memories of the person are shared with you by the power of the ghost. This is until you think your not possessed by the ghost or do things to unjoin from the ghost.

Tiredness; this is sugar energy, exercise enough and your energy comes back. This works thick or thin. That's how you remain thin.

Just as you do the extra minute, this is with activity that allows your body to burn off the hour in gained carbs and calories and you don't gain in weight.

Just don't eat or drink above your natural weight in calorie burning limit and you keep it off. This is 10 times your body weight for simple terms, and you will have lost weight and kept it off if you wait the hour before eating and drinking again. This is with exception to water, that you can drink whenever you want as it has no calories.

Answer; Think about a moment and recall what was said, as you think about things the answer comes to you.

Muffin; the muffin or snack is the key to the point, think and you can get what you need.

The point; the idea is the destination, the point is the reaching of the goal. Think and you are aware, this is a point that you can create. This is with what you think, use is there by feel or work with others by imagination.

Change; Do away with the warfare and fossil fuel market. That's what you get. So I am em, no way do I need to war. Do away with the North Korea market and things are alright.

Effortless diet; eat what you want and when you want without counting caloried food or the calories. This is done when and if you lose weight, this works just as you exercise enough. So don't try this if you don't exercise.

Otherwise you can do the work, and find it an excuse to do exercise. This is a final ending to his presence. What he said to do if allowed to exercise. May his memory fare well.

This included heart pacing by thinking the heart speeds up, and walking or others work out by lifting weights and all for 20 or more minutes. This is if you feel like exercising.

Otherwise you may eat less than your weight x 10 per hour in caloried foods, and so overall this is less than 1700 calories for the day. Also you may avoid eating noodles, and other fatty foods that aren't whole wheat.

Wishes to the creator; If you want something, make a wish to the creator. Need to know and this is either with realization or without indication that it will occur. The event is done when it's done.

So if you need to know, and you will realize when it will occur, then it's done when it's done. Then you realize what will occur.

Think; think to clarify whatever problem or situation that exists to fade away back into energy. This can be done using talking and tapping points on the body.

The end; I may not survive, so I think I will put my info online. Hopefully someone can use it. So farewell till next time and ciou.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thought use

The thought is the use, so I believe its a machine that is dedicated in the 12th to our deceptive grace that deprives us of our use if illegal. This means that you could be anywhere and then focus, then you might get your result. So I had devised a plan to break the 12th dimensional computer, and it was done by feel. This freed us from the doom grace as I will call it. So I hope this progress we get lasts. This is the end of us anyway, if nuclear war happens to the world. Then the end is near if we think of it that way. So I think that we can breathe a sigh of relief that things will work out better as we know it.

Even if there wasn't a 12th dimensional computer, the breakage was imagined and that doesn't happen if not needed by feel. So I think we can breath a sigh of relief again, that things are.. whoops repeating  there its no longer working a script. It seems if you miss a space in some speech or writing, then the thing that acts stops and things work like you want. As though the point were a flaw in its programming. So I think this is great, as I think of it though. Ciou does mean happy ending. So I will ciou and farewell till next time things are done.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

This idea

The idea was a point from a paux faux being, this is an energy being formed from thinking it exists to find out what is there. This being shares its information with you as you think you know it. The being unformed or was not there, this was right after finding out things as though they were being dismissed.

This came from a list of idea that was posted somewhere and was left there by the idea, this was to inform people of what the thought was of the author that wrote it for the day. So I think this past life had had it with people and was wanting to get along with them anyway. Being under stress I believe she or he was aware of the circumstances and things worked out anyway. This is what they wrote by feel:

other idea:
The three card spread, there are many ways to do this but you can think a quuestion and shuffle the the deck as many times as you want. Then take a card from the top and place it on the table surface. This represents either yes if upward/no if downward, the guardian angel or if so your on the moment you asked about. Then draw another card and place it a little upward and to the left. This card represents the conscious idea or the mind and possibly represents the female side of the person. The last card is placed on the right side of the center card and a also a little upwards in position, this card represents the subconscious mind and subconscious idea. This card also may represent the man side of the person. Altogether, from left to right is this alternative spread. Placed from left to right is the past, the present, and the future.

As in;
| | or | | |

Other things:
The point is the thing, this is the reference by the feel that you do or use to have by feel. That is the thing that is the reason to do things for yourself. This is just to think about and then you can create with what you know is right or wrong. This is where equality goes wrong, where you could exerience the equality of the moment and that is all you know about or you foind out unexpected idea and learn some more by the feel that you have. This means you have no reason to fight and things that work just work themselves out as if naturally things were progressive and this does mean that the roach won't come back if you keep applying poison so yes that's progress for you. Enjoy your day and ciou or farewell till next time.

Friday, May 5, 2017

There orgonne

There is a point even I can get tired of orgonne, yet I will keep this short and sweet. As you know, think a point and you can create with a thought to occur things. This can be done with machines as well. That's why it's called orgonne without doing it, unless you justify the means or want to do it. So if you thought you were there then you could be trapped there as that is your inner world.

So thinking your not there, then makes you not trapped there and your not in your inner area or inner world area. That is the place where some orgonne works, and some other orgonne works outside of the inner area. This is where you can manipulate by the world energy, where you imagine the result and need the idea as you think of the effect.

Mae's stuff; I think so I know this, that this is just a point of recreation or repeating the point she remembered by feel.

2 dollar fix; pay 2 dollars and it's fixed by feel or thinking about things.

Think a point; think of a point to do things and then the point is done. Thinking of your home after wards creates what you wish, and you are returned to where you came. However, some things are not always arrived. So think and you can do what you think is best.

The end point; point out the way and you create the pattern by the energy creativity of what is done.

Think; think an idea and point it out and you act as though fulfilling a concept.

Aura of dejection; this is where you remember something bad or good, and dejection occurs because of it. Accept in your feelings and the dejection disappears. However this aura can be directed, think of the person as you talk to him or her and you feel the point that caused your dejection as this pointed to people in the area you also effect the one you speak to for feelings.

Focusing; focus in a point and you get what you want but that is all you can get by feel. This may seeably seem like a ghost did it, but it wasn't so think and you may know who it is that did things.

Hope; this is a wish to create your thought if you need it created. This uses your thinking about what you want and needing the idea, this is just as though psalm 57 were used. This uses the idea you believe something, and hope it works and the psalm creates what you hope for by feel.

This is with focus to create the idea by use of the creator. This is used by thinking or stating, "I hope (make known what you need)", the point then will occur if necessary for the person.

Traffic; the traffic moves on and at a faster pace, safely. So if you can think of it, you can do it. This I think is by feel. This I think I will do by myself. Think the traffic light changes and it does by your will.

Affirmation manifestation; think a point that you want and use it as an affirmation, state it out loud and visualize it and you gain a result from the visualized affirmation. Intuition allows you to know easily the right words to say for this. So follow your intuition, and you can't go wrong.

Cookie fix; think of a point and you fix the moment by either writing, voice or imagining the idea you want as this is where everything works out by what is done.

Elementalism; think in this term to make this work right, this is a point you can imagine elemental energy. This is just as though some of the energy were a thing, and you could safely use it as though an object.

As you touch it, you create with the energy and feel is the thing that creates what you want where the need is the idea that you have that is evokable by statements. I can use intuition with this, so I know what to do with this.

Fyi; Evoking a faery will create mischief because you use focus with the energy and that draws their attention. When you draw their attention, you could evoke their mischief by feel.

So release the element when your done. Then balance should restore itself if you got emotional. This is because you got hormones, this is a point that they can do the job for the body and they get called into play.

This is thought to enhance the body so you can use the pinneal gland and create what you want where this is sometimes needing the idea or thing.

Stupidity; the fae use the creator and the psalm 57 to cause no stupidity to occur. Albeit they do things, they who are there don't get too nearby. This is use available in the thought to prevent stupidity, and not triggering world war 3.

Stapled; the stapled thing causes what you want, think of the idea and the effect is done as you can imagine.

Paint; the paint is energy that could if painted over something, seal away the area energy that you don't need.

Nerf; the Nerf gun is the tool, the bullets are the projectiles it can shoot, that change things to make them who are hit react or do as you want.

The event; the event is the thing that you work with to make what you consider fair play. Think and you know the real problem that exists to be solved, this is unless it was solved or this was done already.

The sidewalk; the sidewalk is a link even if incomplete to somewhere else by ideal points of consideration. This I think is the road on or by the side, this is by a point that you can travel to also get to placed area in time.

Just imagine the area and you know the time to date, this is a point that you are able to be adhoc where you go to by feel.

Spirit time; This is time you think and then you know where you are and what will happen, this is done by the spirit alerting you to what occurs. This is right before you do it, or as you think to know the time.

Side action; think about what you do and then do things as you focus thinking to see or work with others. This is the point you observe by thinking a point is between, this is where that point is and you create with feel or idea.

This may serve adhoc as though your able to observe with a third point of view that you know by spirit knowledge that lies between the moments that exist. This is a point that lies in-between.

This method works for those that want to do thinking, and working in a point from the third point of view. This is created with the idea that you are aware of things that could exist just by imagination.

If in a mood; think of something and say it to someone and you can have fun watching them convince themselves it's true. This is the basis of manipulation and not always done, if questioned over the idea make something up. Then you will get what I call interest by feel and work by the point.

This is a work point and not a working solution to everything you do have near. So feel free to think of different things and work with those that want to work with you.

Figuration; this is figuring out the new area that the brain seems to stem to know about. Think to kn ow what the system is, and the magic that is used to create or do things becomes clear.

Thought; think a point and you create with use for a point to exist by feel.

Think; think a point to work and if you have to work or have work to do then you can go for it.

Warren stealing; he won't ever steal again as though influenced by the creator to no longer steal.

I think the end; the end is near so I don't mind things as long as I get things back by feel. Then I know things are better or good enough. Especially if I don't get hit on by those that want to bash me for stopping by them.

Merindy; she won't be back I learned, but I think she will get a good and decent job placement in return to do something else.

Get use to it; getting used to it is fun so now I know, they need someone now to replace their manager. I hope they get one like merindy except not needing a knee operation.

Think; the point is used to make peace and quiet with things that work with the people involved. That bei ng said, things are alright.

Roach influence; I will no longer eat near or by a I roaches influence, so whatever the cases I ain't influenced by roaches anymore.

This is a point I realized after I got clear of one and as I was in the presence of a roach. Anything after that is your own thing. Whatever, this doesn't repeat itself and as I think about it. This didn't repest the area. That is all for now, so ciou for the moment and farewell till later.

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