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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cool tricks

These are cool tricks to do with the point that you think, or you can create with feel by the idea you have.

Had bad voices last night? I hate them, just dismiss them as though a switch in your head was labelled voices that you can switch off and flip the switch off. I love how the subconscious treats switches.

So did the trick work for you? I have a few of them. Actually if you want to turn them off, and keep them from coming back I suggest trying it at the moment. Well you now know a useful trick. The switch trick also works with other things as well, this is as it could work with pain and shakes too. Yes I know it works, I just used it for my shaking knees.

If you need yet another trick, try drinking water thinking to nul the voices you don't want to hear. That's another trick where maybe the combo will work better. Cold water is the most effective, as you can enhance it by thought. You can make something colder by chaarging it. Im addicted to water, I love it. I can drink a gallon in 2 hours or less. 

You can charge water with a thought to it and cause what you want. Just think to the water what you want it to do. Oh when the water feels heavier and colder then it's ready as this only takes 10 seconds more or less, this is of thinking to the water. How did the water technique work out for you, if it worked a little. It was more effective than the switch. This is cool for the use of water is all you really need. Feel free to add oregano or basil to the water, and you can cause it to be even more effective.

Think before using this as it could lead the obsessed mind to become more obsessive. Another cool trick is this, think a point and work with the area thinking to draw interest only if necessary, if you focus with the point and work with the area then you can do things in you draw friendly eyes to work with them.

See the point and you can get things or get things done, this is just as you do things for them or yourself. Then you can get money by what you do, this is as if a service was being done. If you think to get money that is true, however if you think to get things for yourself then you may get things from others. That is if they think you do it for them.

Think to do things for yourself that helps others out, that is the real trick to this idea. If you don't you may get bad or worse results. So this means a third trick is to think of a concept, that means they can use and make work with the idea that you do things or can do it. They might however, think that they have the right to deprive sleep. So be careful with what you give or do. This is all in a trick book somewhere so I learned it by observance, then used it but I don't deprive sleep or cause sleep depravation thereof if possible.

This past life had an ability to create what we are by thought, thinking the point he only had to work with those nearby to create greater achievement. Alone he could still do things and get away with it. So I think he died by fire as he was trying to work with others, his life was expended by the fumes and the flames got to his body after. He was born 1976 and died by fire in 2018, awaiting the launch of a mars concept that was useful on the planet. This was rather unclear as to how he had died, so I made a point to my subconscious and the subconscious let me know. This was first by daydream vision and then by statement that I wrote down. This is a way to figure out things if your in a need to know. This is what I found interesting. His name was Andrew Clay and he was with a very good computerist hobby / being a computer hacker. So I wouldn't do things his way, if you were going to get in trouble by hacking.

This is the idea of where you are. These are the suggestions by the area where you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes is the thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do, so that doesn't mean anything compared to this. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought that is there, that is what you perceive from him or her or it by feel. So think it and you can use the idea.

Getting into computer laptop: Atl-ctl-del f10 then it will boot

This is the point by action that can be done by feel, or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's sometimes rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

Think a point: This is a thought. The point is by the action or reactor that exists by feeling it is there. The area is the point you think that exists by feel. The idea is what you create by feel with. The area then is you or your own action and the point is recall by what you do.

Thought; the thought is what abounds, the idea is there by use or idea you think, feel or express. Otherwise you can think the point and the idea disappears.

orgone "or gone" thinking "this is okay as I am thinking your way" or "not":
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel the source of energy. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

Nearby; think to work with it and it will work, this is just as it works by what you do.

gloo it; final option, glue the area with quick hardening globbing glue, that is easily breakable with a jarring hit. however there is nothing there to do so things are alright.

Other things:

Somethings: This is the point, after all my effects of effort with working and eating or drinking, the end result is diarrhea. I think I will celebrate by eating a big amount of marshmallows, and keep with the marshmallows in little amounts so I keep the diarrhea as long as possible. So I think I will keep off the weight with this diarrhea effect.

One last note; Some marshmallows are only 1 calorie a piece for the mini marshmallows, this is the type I got.

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