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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Void manipulation

  To manipulate void, suspend disbelief by not thinking and doing by the feel of things. You can create anything with void with this method. This creates any effect you need by creating events through use of the subconscious. And making things happen, thus you allow your subconscious to do the void manipulation. All you need is the effect of understanding what you want and get your subconscious to do it. You can create the events by actions and conscious guidance.

  But, all thats needed is your energy that is used to create events. Your activity causes the life energy that the subconscious uses to gain effects. When you travel through time, you get the effect of doing efforts or actions. You can travel through time, by using void holes that act like power conduits and these conduits are wormholes. That go to another place and time. Strange anomalies can happen, during the effect you get. Such as hearing the voice that audible from nothing. To close a void hole, will or make it close up with intention. Otherwise, you will get destruction with energy drainage. When you can open a void hole, then you can close one by will.

  When you do this, know you can go and explore nearly anywhere. But your energy is what sustains you. Otherwise, void can be used to drain things by will or make constructs with. Constructs are the idea of a shapes and can be any shape or size. This is the construct that allows that effect you want. And, it can be used to create any effect by drawing from effects, activity and excess energy. This construct can make results which are created effects, when thought is directed at it. Void can make the user insane or crazy.

  The sustaining of yourself from where you send yourself, may be necessary to keep your body alive. There is substance use or food and drink being eaten and drank. Then, there is a usage of the eternal side of the object. This is useful in sustaining yourself for a long period of time. Taking the objects energy is just one way to do this sustaining. This may mean to use the moment of what works to keep you alive and well for longer than 1 hour.

  As it may seem like instant results, its really sequential events that occur one by one. But, if the events are sped up, then it seems all at once. And if it is, then the situation is where you end up aging quicker. This makes you more apt to forget things. And, you end up a dehydrated corpse. Because time void is more quicker than here. It can bring you to places that are quicker than anywhere your from. A blink of an eye is the moment of that place viewed by your mind.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The levels of existence

 This is the raising of your energy body to be in a higher plane of existence. Mostly by subdoing or suppressing your ki energy temporarily and giving something up to make it goto the energy body. This is making the energy body rise through the roof of where you are to the next level. This is either in a building or outside. Sometimes, you can just feel yourself rise upwards. Then, you start percieving things at a higher vibration. You can percieve more dreamlike things, the higher you go. This is an alternate view on dimensions themselves.

 Due note: Just remember, the right actions create the right effect. The wrong actions get an erroneous effect. The actions you do, may be right for the dimension your in a lot. However, the right actions otherwhere aren't always so right. Each dimension has its own rules and effects. So, wherever you go, be prepared by observation and feeling. If it doesn't bother you, don't abuse your presence and you don't have to mind it.

 Another thing to note: You can't really put a number to the dimensions, because of the fact that some have large gaps, and some the fact that if you know what you're doing, you can go to any level of the multiverse, mortal, immortal, or whatever have you.

 The heavens are actually the stars and the worlds above. Except, when the heaven is reached, its like a roller coaster land of thrills, and you can change the scene at will. This is also the place where you relive your memories. But, you are almost always guided unseen. This is the Gods thing with the people there. Heaven is more described as the afterlife, here.

 Thus, the next level you are able to goto is the level of the Omniverse. This is the level of existence above Heaven that seems like ours, but can change to be anything you want. This level is with 4 layers. So if you think uncleanly, you get poofed out and to somewhere else.

 That layer is pretty easy to find, but working into the next layer is kinda hard. This is the darkmatter level and a negative 6D, which exists within a lotta empty space. The darkmatter level exists as a opposite layer that is nonexistant to the senses. Mainly from the outside this is true, but when in it you can sense it fine. It is a total opposite to the world we see. Feel yourself go there, as you walk through an open door or open your arms and walk forward and be thinking of being in  "there". This is in the darkmatter plane.

 Then you shift there and the rules are what you make. You use and you are honorable. Whatever you say, is what is and how things will be. Speak in a negative language, like english, and you get a positive result. Think positive, be positive. Or, think negative and get a positive result. What you do physically here is an opposite there, what you think, manifests there. It has unlimited layers of dimensions in it. These layers build experience. What you sense there, when in it, is whats there to experience and work with. To get back, think of going back and spread your arms and walk forward.

 To shift to the other layers in the existence, state a symbolic idea or trace and draw a symbolic shape. Each symbol is a way to shift you to the shaped reality. Its a shape that can be geometric. As the basic shapes go, the - or dash draws you to the negative space of that reality, where everying negative is positive. An equal sign, is the equal world where everything is equal. A plus sign, where everything is additional and superficial.

 Holy symbols can make you shift to the area represented by the religion. A cross can make you holy feeling and comply to things. The ankh can make things peaceful and have you feel like a god. The uncross or reversed cross can make you feel in control. This makes compliance of others to your will. The other holy symbol can bring feelings of what they represent to you.

 The geometric shapes are.. A square, where your subconscious builds the world and you set the rules to live with. A diamond, where you are somewhat greedy and yet have a clear mind. Everyone has a clear mind, with a level of greed that is there own. A trapezoid, where everything is a trap if you don't do what you say and intend to do. A circle, where the world is a loop and everything reverts to the original point after the events you set in action play out. A rhombus, where you get to be the ruler and play a game of life that you set the rules to.

 A star, can be up to 20 points. This can shift you to a star world where you live inside the heart of a star. You get whatever you want in the star world. Each added point after 3 points is a different place and a different star world. The 20 pointed star is a blue giant. The other shapes are up to your subconscious to draw, as they are inhuman and shift to the perspective view. Like the Illeum, which is the collective of all your missing power and its a huge boost to your body. If, you can take the energy amount there.

 What you experience, you see in a vision or double vision form. Double vision is where you see two things at the same time in the same area. As though a double layer of existence or a layer of existence that overlays this one. The voided level is the plane If you don't have the personal power to shift there, you can build it up. Mainly through understanding things and doing physical activity. This builds up ki, or personal chi energy from the green glowing hera area of the body.

 Your body stores more ki energy the more it does, when it does. The more ki you have the more magic you can do. You basically work with things that hold your focused energy and this acts as a feedback and increases the stored amount in the body. With enough ki energy you can do anything.

 This is true for the most part. Most likely because the next layer up from the omniverse hasn't been created yet. Thus, the void plane exists above the Omniverse as a level above that.

 This level is where the realms of existence exist. They can portray anything you would want to see by imagination without much trying. These realms have some different rules, they are found out by being there. Access is by gates. There are different gates that goto different areas. Basically, you just get another "verse" that's equivalent to what we know as a positive 6d. At that level, everything is mostly just energy.

 When you rise upward, then you rise in energy and this can be with your gods or higher self energy, then you keep your current energy and can raise it by ki actions. This is doing activity that is with the life energy you have. The more ki energy you have, the higher you go in vibration. The lower in level you can go, unless you suppress it and send it to the energy body. Eventually, you can make your personal energy, or energy by ki actions, rise enough. This makes you your higher self.

 The higher you go, the more you can use belief and will with intent to get results. The lower you go, the lower in vibration you get, and the more you can make things occur by cause and need. This is sometimes by caustic actions. The lower in vibration, the more easily effected you are by beings, like demons and personifications made by yourself. So, the higher you get, the less effected you are by beings and these are the demons and fire beings.

 The acceptance of giving up what you gave up, will make it appear in the higher level again. Taking back what you gave up, will lower you to where you were. Thus, you won't lose out by missing things, unless you want to. Getting things and objects, and your energy body can use the thing's energy to gain more energy from them. However, if you don't use the objects energy, then you you could be dragged downwards. This is by your own actions and personal energy attuning itself to the level below.

 So far there are 5 safe upper levels, and one unsafe wild area of dreams. This is the last level that can be gotten to safely, by humans, unless they know what they are doing. Then, they go where they want. Other demihumans and demigods can go higher easily. This includes elves, fey, dragons, ogre and demigods.

 You are at level 1, the 3rd dimension, or the physical planar existence. At this level we can percieve 4 layers. where the layers are 3 and the 4th is a combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This is rather simple, the subconscious perceives the unreal as real on the 4th. Thus, it can convert the energy of the unreal event into a manifested form.

   The first is unseen. This is where you feel the moment and its not obvious to the naked eye.
   The second is seen, this is the visual world governed by perception.
   The third is unreality, this is the dimension of conjecture and is abstract. Where we get to imagine things and its transmutable. Whatever we think, is possible and this dimension may represent any other place. Whatever is real isn't there.
   The fourth layer may exist, as it would be with time related moments, observable and yet unseen.

   Transmutation is alchemy of energy that sometimes uses materials like gold and objects. If your good enough at it, you can get results by transmuting the unreal to make it real. We can transmute anything from the unreal. This is done by the subconscious mind making it appear or materialize in some form. We use our subconscious by the use of suggestions.

  The higher you go, the lesser the energy that is there, and the more god energy. The lower you go, the higher the energy and the lesser the god influence. Also, the more you percieve reality as it is. The levels below are partly unsafe and tend to get more deranging or disillusionous. You can start seeing visions more easily, whichever way you go. The lowest safe level is the astral plane, the -6th level. The level after that is somewhat unsafe, the omniplane, or lower aster 'lower omniverse', the -7th level.

 The lowest level is hell, which can show you anything you want to see. This is as you are tortured to darkness and brought back endlessly. Such torture is described here [].

 The higher levels are described here [ ].

 The lower levels are described here [ ].

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shapeshifting revised

 Shapeshifting, this is where you think about the shape and it changes your form by activity that sets it off, sometimes activity you do, that is the active part of the brain..this creates the shift in the body. other times, thinking about the change, that makes the body's based on hormones. it's tingling of the body, that is what makes the change and it's an indicator that you have. look in a mirror then you'll know, especially if you state the intended shape to the mirror, however there is a point that it stops and your body is done with that for now.. So think about that and you will do what is necessary.

  Shapeshifting can be done more easily on the full moon or new moon. But once learned and strengthened, can be done at any time after. Full moon is a time of unlocking and the new moon is a time of slightly lower chances. However, if you link to lava you don't need a full moon.  Lava linking is described later in this article. This shapeshifting isn't for everyone as some people just can't do it.

  Shapeshifting has to be conscious. As you think to shape yourself you transform formations by your inner world that changes, if you want it to to your physical formation occur. Think of the form or shape you want to be, then go into trance mode by breathing in and out while you think of your need that is your intent. Then feel energy as it flows within and outside yourself. Then, will it to change you into that form of choice. Feel the morals flow away from you. What helps it is to decide to change and stating ahm, pronounced ah-m, to get higher energy. The shapeshifting form last for as long as you want.

  The herbs are area aware if someone dies near them thinking about herbs or think to create is what your creating by area herbs or not think to use them. If you use turmeric you restore brain function with ginger or marshmallow root as use is a "pacifier by area feel" think don't, non set then this you see is use by feel to think someone else. See or think to use paprika when you think.

  Thin or become with someone you are to be, seem or create with energy from request. You are aware by feel to what you are or shapeshifted as though a shapeshifter. Think to shapeshift back as you use ginger with paprika, stevia with death or theory is cinnamon keeps shapeshifter or able activity normal or use is by feel the chilli powder is a mask by energy effect. So cinnamon with marshmallow root, hot chocolate no is nitrogen with oxygen by estrogen by two parts with ginger. No energy is there except psychic or marshmallow added to turmeric allows ability by this as no restrictor effect. See ginger with cinnamon is a nono if your tired of it. Think to not go too far.

  This can be taught to anyone. Self practice makes it possible. Anyone can do this with enough actions, and that is anyone whom wants it enough. The more things you do, the higher the ki. The more you attempt the effect, the better you get. This is done by doing actions directed at or with the shapeshifting attempt. For an Q&A and a better method on shapeshifting, look on Blazes guide to shapeshifting.

  Shapeshifting actually occurs when the third eye responds and makes the effect happen. This requires opening your third eye and keeping it open for as long as necessary. The way to open your third eye, is to think its open as you imagine it opening. Then command it to stay open and command it to do what you want. Command is done by thinking what you want of the third eye to the third eye. For third eye practices and more information on the third eye. Read this article on third eye practices.

  What helps this better is to get energy from the earth or space. Then, try to do a linking to lava or space. This is where your imagining a stick figure image of lava or space and yourself. The lava or space infuses you with needed energy. Wait for 5 minutes and then attempt the transform. When you attempt the transform after this, spike it by thinking lava or space and the words 'spiked with 100% energy'. Then, after a week of this, spike it with 500 % energy. After a few days, try 1000%.. and etc. Then, when you achieve the shapeshift, you get the shift easier the next time. You don't have to spike it whenever you want. When you want to speed up the transform, then spike the lava with essence of yourself every 10 minutes.  The speed up point for lava spiking, is at 1000000 %.

  So to give back your unneeded excess to earth is to think your giving energy excess back to the planet, so you ensure that you don't get overloaded with too much energy.  This is to think of earth and state or will, 'I give back to earth the unnecessary excess.'  Afterwards, you should feel purer and have less likeliness of illness. Too much energy has a black look and feel and can cause instability. The body could get a bad reaction to natural stimulus.

  The shift can be shaping yourself as another human as well. You can become another human formation. See if you just think the point to become something or someone and feel the need happen, otherwise feel the need to change your shape then think of the formation. Then the spirit causes the subconscious to make your form into that formation, otherwise you can be shifted to become that form. so think as it does then you shift change.

  The alternative method, with the third eye and spiking, then is: Imagine the third eye opening. Spike the lava. Then, imagine the form you want to be or have a picture or the person right in front of you. Then, say or think 'I choose this form' or  "I want to be this form" and feel the energy flow like water and shapeshift you into that form. The open third eye will cause it. Feeling the energy flow helps the process by opening all your chakra points.

  Be aware, if you have any counter intentions to shifting form. For example, if your afraid you'll get hurt from shifting, then it wont happen. Because, then you hold an intention to stay the same. Don't think you will get hurt, specifically, think you won't get hurt. Spend some time creating feelings of safety and wellness around the experience of transforming. So you would only transform into that person and you would keep your same clothes.

  At first there will be pain, but your body gets used to it. There is no instant result with the first times you try this. There is possibility of it working, the more you try the effect of shapeshifting. The more you try with directed energy, the faster it becomes. You might feel hungrier after your attempt at shapeshifting. So avoid eating after the attempt, for 10 minutes. Until the urge to eat dissipates.

  This is an alternate method. On the ground, a circle drawn. Use the star of david connecting the sides. Have a stone of quartz central. Use candle flame, or bowl of water at each point. This is used as desired. Stand central of the ritual area, behind the quartz stone. Kneel or sit. Press hands in front, and invoke energy into the circle. Using the mind to imagine it lighting up with blue light.

  Now charge the lines of the circle until you feel the energy is sufficient. Then concentrate on the desire of what you want to change into. Go and state aloud, "transformatius opum." This is best manifested under full moon's glow. This will give you the desired form that you decide on getting.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


 This is to filter things, think of the intent which is the need to do filtering and state your need as thought out action. Stating the result, filter, your making energy clean and causing the programming in it to remove any unecessary programming. The subconscious knows what energy. Thus you won't react strangely or be unstable with clean energy.

Eye of the believer

  This is the effect of the third eye to cause belief in what you say, do and act out. This creates in effect the reactions of the body, to gain a response. What you believe in, tends to be known and worked by the subconscious. State the effect or will the effect as you need it of what you want and the subconscious does it. An essay on the third eye is here at

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Negative Enhancement

  Just an idea. The idea of negative enhancement may seem like something you cast on your enemies at first, not something that you could use on yourself. It's giving something the effect that we see as negative - like reducing your capacity for reason, making you sad, or angry, or unlucky, sick, etc etc. So why cast those negative traits on yourself? The example I'll use is enchanting a small object that you carry on you like a ring, rock, or necklace to have that negative effect affect you when you have it in your pocket or wear it. So imagine you enchanted it with shortening your temper and making you angry. Because you're on a permanent roid rage you'll have to find ways to recognize and control your anger in order to stop it negatively affecting your life and relationships.

  The point is to increase your baseline of self control. When the negatively enhanced object is removed, you're even more calm and controlled than you would be normally. It's the same idea as physical exercise. You get worse, then during recovering (by exerting your self-control) you overcompensate and are even better than when you started. The idea is the same regardless of the effect, in that it improves you and makes you more resistant to the negative effect you casted in the first place. Because who likes playing life on easy mode?

  Here's a primer.. restricting yourself is simple.. think the restriction and that it applies to you. Then you get the effect by a statement. That statement is 'Done' or something similar. To unrestrict yourself, think your 'unrestricted'. Then make a statement of a similar word to that regard.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time shielding

  The moment of time manipulation, is where arranging events happens. This event, when you perceive it happening is when the Ium is aligned as you would want then memory lapse can happen. Then the time event easily happens. As, you place yourself there. The Ium is there by you thinking it there. Otherwise, you get it to ya by stating 'Ium' and intending it there. You state what you want or need and possibly think your intent. Then it does things.

  When creating a time event, things may pause or something can stop. The larger the arrangement, the more paradox is possible and the longer the pause.Just accepting it will make things better, then continuing something else. If you do, you get better at things and the stopped things continue. Time contusion is what this is called. This is also a time glitch.

  This Ium is a special time particle that makes events happen and effects as you need. This is where you can create a shield, that surrounds you and you can manipulate effects, events or will it to protect you. This shield keeps time particles from bombarding you. Where the time particles bombard you, you may get memory lapses or charges. Considered with greater focus, a moment of thought that happens somewhere else. This is time lapse, a moment of shifting somewhere spiritually and changing or doing things. This moment ends when you get tired of being there or when you decide to be somewhere you want to go.

  Time replenishing is where the time shield goes and makes energy goto you and reverts your tiredness from a source energy going, to recharge or renewing the soul. It can also renew your energy as you lose it. Then, there is the time shield effect thats replenishing supplies. They can be reappearant anywhere. As the timeshield causes the supplies to arrive, in some manner or form of arrangement.

  If you get intruding and corruption or any trapped corrupting particles, then let things go and tell the person to stop the intruding and the corruptive essence dissipates.

  There is a convergence point in time where the time particles make a transitioning effect. This is where you are likely to swap places or cause effects on those you think on. When the trading effect happens, you stop the event and possibly the paradox. Then, things go back to normal as your spirit fixes things.

  One thing to note, is when energy slows down, it "freezes", when time particles slow down, it gets kinda cold. When energy speeds up it heats up, hence when time particles speed up it heats up.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eldritch magic

  Eldritch is condensed mana magic to cause effects and it transcends time and space. This uses the death of something to get an effect with added personal mana energy and other energy. To kill something doesn't mean you always kill it, you just stop some function. By using this, you can master the negative.

  The way we gather it, is think of a container being in an object and this makes the energy gathered by a thought 'anme' at the object. This makes it gather the necessary energy. When used by thinking about it, the effect is possible to create a detriment or death in the object. You create effects with thinking about the container of energy, and stating or making by willing your intent for the effect.

  If you decide to end the eldritch energy that effects by objects. Then, decide to stop it, and it stops itself.

Self-hypnosis meditation

  Sit with no arms/legs crossed, clear your mind and think of 10 stone steps going down into the water. Keep going down them in your mind until you're swimming in the water. the water is your own mind. The room might feel like it's spinning, you'll feel out-of-body. then think of a hallway inside yourself, behind each door is a room with one of your past personas in it. Practice more. Don't listen to music. Focus on the idea of waves crashing over you and washing away your stress and your mind will clear.

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