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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

General effects

This text is from daily living and covers several days in time. Feel free to use the idea presented as suggested thought to your subconscious.

Shawn; he gets over his cold.

Think; the thought you have will create what you need.

Creator; this is the idea, that creates by the power of thinking and the god or angels. The angels are people sending a message, sometimes. So I think this deserves a point by feel that the spirit does what is required to make things work out.

Fusion; Metroid fusion is a good video game. The real effects is where you state something, then by focusing you can alter your dna and battle for energy. This is how the idea will work a manifest.

Andrew; he shows up and with his dad, then we go to eat.

Mail; mail today comes early on and I get what is coming.
Ankh; this spell creates a point that you need or honking occurs. This works with or without an actual ankh. However this sometimes just creates a honking sound.

Mail; the mail comes earlier than usual and I get what I expected sometime.

Think; think a point and you create some idea especially if you need something.

If; if he or she gets better, then I can guarantee this will create a meeting. Enjoy in yourself. This is a point to the past.

Healing; It's a minor incantation, think of healing and state Hale as you imagine the person healing up or being normal. Otherwise you may think of healing the person and some god creates the effect. That god you recite by name into doing what you think or feel. That's my healing incantation.

Another way to heal; This is how you imagine the effect, if you imagined yourself holding out a hand with golden rays hitting the damaged area and stated "Hale" as the thought came into focus. The disease goes into recession.

Diabetes damages the foot for some reason. Some feet have been in a constant state of degredation and healing for years.  foot became infected about a month ago and didn't tell anyone.

The penicillin approach basically stops the bacteria from being able to reproduce, which makes it much easier for the body to eliminate the infection. So in 10 days and 30 250mg tablets the infection will be gone.
Inner world exploration; Yea I create things with my inner world. So I could explore using what I learned about worm holes.

So sometimes I use aura shift myself. Think to shift with the aura energy and you go to where you think or feel to go by feel, or the use of the spirit. This is done, so i know and am aware of things.

Mail; the mailman even delivers mail labelled with the sendee name spellhawk corrant.

Thought; Think and you will know, no weight gain occurs by feel.

Get; I get what I can and things for real work themselves out. So a penny is a gift, the idea is luck is gotten by what you do with it. The penny lifted up will grant you luck, this is especially true if you work for something and the tales side is down as you lift up the penny. The penny tales side up will turn bad luck if flipped over to show the heads. This is lore of the penny.

Mail and Clayton; the mail comes earlier today or tomorrow and Antwaine Clayton responds to my texts or calls.

Thought; Everytime I think this thought that I can relax, I am relaxing by feel as I do things or just sit and sometimes lay down to meditate.

Crossing; travel
Cross; travail, traveling by feel as you think to work with what is there.
Crass; gross or something similar.
Ankh; honk
Hypo; low
Hyper; high
Bitch; female, this is used as in English where es is plural.
Nost; not or note something done.
This; anything
That; anyway
Um; women or woman
Umlay; less weight otherwise woman's weight.
Lay; weight
Ee; recipient
Shop; steal or buy
Leave; walk
Ban; reject
Work; create
Time; make or stop by
En; the end
Ausp = Auspicious; the moment of clarity within any situation.
In; made
The; time by feel
Frulyn = Conservative; save money or save up
Lib = liberal; free, liberal intuition.
ViulaXtret = Vanilla extract
Els wyr = else where, else were.
Cna; can or senile senility.
Zao; zero or no that is if negative is 0. Sorta like stating no roaches.
Okau; ok or okay.
Zeo; ha cking cough or smokers cough.
Zea; the end of the hacking cough.
Reno; again number, against.
Scalp; sell off the street.
Dank; wet or damp
ery = Arrive; arrival

This completed the list, so I a m going to go now. Ciou and farewell until later. Goodbye.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Some gaming effects

This is from the elder scrolls online

You can do a teleport strike to engage ranged dudes easier, that is done by thinking of the target and allowing your intensity to cause the spirit to strike out against him or her.

There is a blade ability, that is the blade of woe ability originally from the Dark Brotherhood in a game,. This is created by tracing or etching a symbol, that you decided will cause the blade to do things. That can create what you need, this is with use of the blade's consciousness. Again, that creates what you want or need. This is a point in the past.

I think to summon the enchanted dagger to one shot unaware people, this is without getting a point against you if your not witnessed, this is done by tracing in the air the symbol. See then your allowing for it to appear and then imagine the blade striking the target, that you need to strike.

alchemy; the alchemy is magic by the moment of change and the point is this where you create the change by what you use as substances and material essences. So think to use the right substance, this can be a plant or other item, then you create the change that you need to occur.

So enjoy yourself as things work out. This is fun in idea, yet not to be done against someone irl. So use with caution. Ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Experiencing negative energy?

This posting came from's blog. That is here.

Published on January 20, 2019
Clear Out Negative Energy with Sound Therapy
written by Oranum []

Sound Therapy – get rid of all negativity
It is possible for some people, especially the ones who’re spiritually tuned in, to detect negative energy in a room. It’s possible for places and locations to retain the negative energy that may have come from traumatic events. This negative energy can end up affecting those who move into the new location or place. Now, the good news is, there are many ways to get rid of all that pent up, stagnant negative energy. Some use crystals, while others practice smudging. But there’s another method that works just as well – sound therapy.

Yup, sound can help cleanse the negative energy inside any environment. You see, sound is nothing but vibration and depending on the kind of vibrations you produce, you can either produce positive energy or negative energy.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which sound can be used to drown out negative energy and restore positive energy.

Sound therapy

Sound Therapy – Singing Bowl
Singing bowls are highly effective at getting rid of stagnant negative energy. This is especially true if you’re using metal singing bowls, which are known to stimulate the fresh circulation of grounding energy.

To use singing bowls, just hit them on the side using a mallet. You can also circle the rim using the mallet to create an extended note. Once you learn how to make the bowl sing, just move with it around the space and let the vibrations bounce off the walls.

Sound Therapy – Bells
Bells carry a sacred symbolism. It’s almost universal; from church bells to Tibetan bells. The ring of a bell is to know to create a burst of positive energy. The strong vibrations produced by a bell tend to disperse any negative energy that might be present within a given space.

So, ring your bell throughout the space to recirculate all the fresh energy possible.

Sound Therapy – Clapping
By bringing your palms together, you are aligning and clearing negative energy. Clapping your hands lets you eliminate stagnant negative energy.  The technique works best for room corners, where negative energy is often concentrated.

When clapping, start from the bottom and move to the top.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

some interesting ideal

This is some idea that I thought of by feel. This I can create with what I have and work with suggestion. Feel free to use it, if you can.

Personal; this is personal because you make it personal. If you think to make things selflessly then things will work out better.

Orajel; instant relief. At least this effects teeth, so this may be enough for the idea to work.
I hope it is.

This works; if you have to depend on a product, then this will work. However I hope to fix my teeth and deal with the situation once and for all. Wish me luck.

This; this is a repeat moment, so disregard the orajel idea. I think I will do things by meditation instead.

canc; the cancellation of things you don't need.

1209; this is what I will earn by feel. So I don't dread the moment, I live with the idea.

The moment; the moment where you sense time drag on is over, time will now move along quickly and quietly from this point on done with idea by sense alone. Restlessness dissipates into energy and things continue on smoothly.
The end; the end it is. This is my ending. Think about the idea.

Get along; people get along with each other and respect each other's property. This happens by feel, if nothing else.

Replacement; So one thing mentioned or in thought can replace another similar thing in mind that is done. Think about it. Eating while exercising; try not to eat as you exercise. This allows you to work off the excess, this is done so your without building up more from eaten calories.
I impeach you; I the creator impeach you from the office you hold. That's what this says, so it's only done to those that deserve the point.

Worry; I no longer worry over anything. However I do not break anything, intention wise.

Won't; if you say won't, then you will if necessary.

Mail; Think now you can do what you want. So the mail comes earlier today and delivers my mail. Today the mail comes early. So basically whatever delays the mail does not delay it in post.

Idea; the point is allowed and what you do is allowed for by feel. So things seem good, if natural as can be expected.

This means things are allowable and the feeling I have is what will alert me to what exists. This is what exists for you here, if you need to be here then you are here without anxiety. I don't mind things and I don't mind the silence or non communication.

Mail today; the mail runs early today and I get my packages today and tomorrow if possible.

More fit; stronger and less weight.

Thought; the thought is what creates what you need by idea being thought about.

Money; I regain in funding what I spent on Herbalife.

Sheila; she no longer hears people's or dogs thoughts. She however does ask me to go to the store for things.

Thanks; the idea is gotten across, thank you for participating in my blog. After this is normal idea that went on.

Magic game; the magic game is ended, think of what you want and your sun conscious or subconscious can make things happen. Otherwise think of what you want and you can make things happen.

Youe; this can help with the stolen goods thing.. state youe. Pronounced yow-uh-eh, then the situation should fix itself with some action done by you.

Chodding with KK; Think of anything that messes up your life or energy, then state KK thinking the Latin meaning will be done. That is kill, cut and chop. That cuts out the problems.

Money flow; There's a spell that causes money to flow to you, it's another free formed one except that it's easy to state. The spell is duin. Pronounced do-in.

Do; Do is yet another Latin misnomer..It stands for die off in Latin. Not intended or intented as that in English. It ceases and can kill anything. If you want to use it safely, think of what you want to stop and think the Latin meaning of do as you state do.

Youi; The idea this does is to regain double or triple the money that you spent. Yeah it is worth the point to say the effect.. so that is why there is a free formed spell that does this too, the spell is youi. Pronounced yowl-uh-in.

Church ladies; they either come or don't come today. If they don't, they come next week. That is done for sure.

How to do relaxing; this is how you realize things and relax, sometimes done while doing things. The skill is done by thinking of your idea and listening to music.

Then either writing it or making realization by needing the point known. This is what happens when you listen to the right music as you stay still or go do your thing. Then when doing your thing.

You can realize the feeling you had when relaxing and your response of the body is relaxing yet again. Simple yet easily done if you do things to practice the idea. So enjoy your day while doing this.

Dr appointment; then the Dr will see me early and I get the shot earlier. This happens with no extra stress.

Thought; this is where we are meeting and doing things. Despite the bad idea, things work out for the better.

Mail; the mail today comes earlier than usual. No stress occurs to people.

Mail next day; the mail comes earlier than usual.

His worker; his worker will wait for him. However the wall of Mexico and USA is considered with funding support.

Fund raising; my fund raising is a successful endevour, this is with no stress.

Refreshed; I feel refreshed and think I can do what I need to do.

Eislug; either eat a slug or do things by feel.

Here; I am here. Don't fight me now.

Unaging; I am unaging physically by what I do or suggestion. The suggestion, "I unage the aging that I age." This will work for you, that works as though an affirmation.

Andrew's mom; she turns around and decides to allow Andrew's medical marijuana. She at least returns his keys to the car.

S'well; the body doesn't swell up in weight. So what occurs after this is interest only, so enjoy your day and work well with things that come. Ciou and farewell by feel. Goodbye.

Awake; those that are aware and awake don't ask until things are reasonable.
Aware; in termittent fasting, fast or eat less two days in the week. This intermittent fasting is with 420 calories per those two days.
Bug = Bulg; bulge
Fet = Fart; person or gaseous odorous scent
Bare; lake, pool
Invisible; reverse
Inverse; unseen
Invert; house
Live; exist
I; interesting
Will; create
Work; make
Shifted; translation
Buzz; news, cut
Pesk; pesky, bills so n pesk ends the pesky moment.
Tact; tacit moment
"."; End or ending that you think.
Larceny; written bad checks or something done that's illegal.
Tea; this
Petition; a point on a piece of paper that details your need.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Demonic speech pattern

Here are some demonic language notes:

Bare; lake, pool
Invisible; reverse
Inverse; unseen
Invert; house
Live; exist
I; interesting
Will; create
Work; make
Shifted; translation
Buzz; news, cut
Pesk; pesky, bills so n pesk ends the pesky moment.
Tact; tacit moment
fiends; friends in demonic terms
dick; investigator
war; fun
strike; love
world; large
pour; jelly
promises; wins
promise; win
eat; need
um; ok
bread; ready
show; come
time; on
park; yo or greeting
police; peace
policy; security
instant; party
it; weight
alright; lose
by; if
as; the
drink; fluid
precious; appreciated
there; win
iffy; more
crap; things or something
enough; reason
yes; do
no; silence or n otherwise nothing
well; excuse
doings; objects
doing; object
this; done
fructose; high fructose (if not in fruit)
al; allowed
de; denied
accent; stood (out)
port; shift
shit; care
crap; shift
heinz; didn't or in heist
ore; or
heist; hit
web; site
not; in, into
smoke; cigarette
forgiven; leave
pisk; pass
into; pose
see; look
view; looking
bought; free
sight; things
seeing; understanding
seen; understand
know; understood
knowing; sighting, viewing
buy or contribute; sell
feel; contribution, help
now; immediately
pick; draft
don't; good
get; gain
money; dough or bucks
spry; young or younger like

Feel free to use them as you need to have some effect. So to block the need to eat is stating, "good, not need." Then you won't need to eat.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Some new magic

Here is some idea that I ran across, that recently just occurred for me. So I was aware of things and knowledgable enough to make things work out. This is what I noticed.

Normal idea:

Connection; The modem reconnects or connects solidly by feel or fee. The modem works despite what occurs to it.

sell; I get paid for the product I sold on ebay.

church ladies; the mayfair heights church ladies arrive today if possible with good luck. Dienne gets better, then finds that she doesn't need to be in the hospital.

plan for next day; wake up and undress then weigh myself. Then make my plan for eating, after that I will relax to music and take a bath. After the bath, I will get exercise done and wait for the mail. Then go with what comes naturally. Go to the bank and deposit funds. Then place the funds in my paypal account, if the sell goes through I will ship the product and come home from mail center. Then relax by what I do.

Whatever; the paypal credit is handled better and is fixed.

En; at the end things are done and fix themselves.

en this; the need is there and finds a way to create the point.

eruption; eruption of energy and lava, that happens soon enough. This can be hastened by a spell: ilya casta orta-lick sirya = cause a raise in lava flow.

marshmallowy goodness; This is where you use marshmallow extract in your drink or shake, it promotes good health and settled feelings.

Some spells

The shift spell; think you are linked to the area and feel things change and shift around. This is how they do things as they think to shift.

olor ilya viirin et-kuinu-va olor soma = Wake up from dream state. ilya is pronounced [il-ee-a] and soma is pronounced [some-ah].

en olor olorson = end the prospective person or things such as roaches.

ilya viirin ui hampa ma = no delay in mail or things that are there.

ilya viirin ui hampa centa = no delay in communications that are there. Think of the communication or conversation to stimulate by stating spell.

illi viirin quer-ala-va urra valto hya alma = turn good from bad luck or wealth. Hya is pronounced [hee-a].

cu nsuna = cure insomnia. Atleantian spell pronounced [c-uh n-soon-ah].

baking magic; this where you think of the eed and bake to perfection. As you think the idea the food will do the point the idea manifests with. This is done by feel.

illi viirin quer-urra valto mina alma a ala-valto = turn bad luck into good luck.

illi viirin luith talantass = spell researching.

illi viirin tap-in baur ana osp = stop smoking. Think of the person to effect as you state the spell.

cant cys = spell research, pronounced [cant sis]

bureau cladesc en = end the government shutdown. this is similar to u-bureau cladesc for no government shutdown. This is the end. This is pronounced [bury-you clade-s-c ee-n].

me uyn t fm tyi = I win the radio contest. This is pronounced [men oo-in t fmm tin-in].

me emyn bij t fm tyi nau = I get awarded by the radio contest. Pronounced [men emm-in by-j t fmm tin-in nay-un].

writing stuff

libby thing: the bow, the arrow, the archer, the target, the angle and the whistle art thou. all that is outer creation other than god is beyond you. functioning as a an organic machine experiencing the universe, then not being aware of it is a matter of choice in the 21st century. anything that reaches the speed of light cannot have a body; and the velocity of univere's expansion  is faster than the speed of light. so everything has actually happened, we're falling behind in the present tense.

the further we look, the older we reach everything that is under time's influence is traceable in matematical codes. when I move my arm, it is logarithmically explicable. that way we go beyond time by gazing beyond billions of lightyears away, we see the birth of the stars and till that day everything has been a continuity of powerpoint slides happening in the present tense. though everything experiences the present in its own time.

I mean, in the whole universal context singular actions may not change the big picture in their own quantumary ways. that is because the gravity is the deal. the world-decorating is on earth, yet they do not know the 'decoration'; those voyagers in ocean do not know the ocean. they don't know that they shoot the arrow of purpose, no one knows why, neither the bow, nor prey 7 heavens and the earth, and all that dwellth inbetween they do not know of.

yet they are sailing everyday and night that is the way of the worlds, some of them templed their souls beneath the belt of orion on the same direction towards the Eastern Star, the dıgi the dog' during the rising sun of the capricorn some of them bathed under stars during the lunar eclipse some of them did not do anything, as it was sabbath many of them did not do anything, either as the simulation overwhelmengly got them in the very first beginning, those who live by the sword die by the sword. -libby

Well whats weird for me is the aura trick, this is where you think of what you want to be perceived and then the aura projects the idea. Seeing through someones aura trick is seeing through illusion, that is true sight. The seeing of the moment that you direct by idea being spoken. Then the idea is known about and things are okay. However, the illusion can be directed into created reality or to be real. just suggest that you see and perceive the reality for what is there. That is in what's there for all the moment in time. So what you think is spoken isn't always what is said, or what is worn is worn and perceived differently. This is the aura trick in idea. -SH

within the matrix

definitions: (skip to end)
jedy = thaw; melt or melting moment where ice turns to water.
jody = askance: questionably; questionable point that you think about.
cos = because
lig = live; living moment (this could even bring someone into a living dream state)
eit = legit; energy hit or exit point
oo = cool
so = snow
cys = sis
adyo = hooked; addicted

Well that's all for now, so I hope you enjoyed this, that is where I say ciou and farewell, so this is good-bye for now I must go.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Contribution page

I am raising money for keeping my sites available to view here at alt-sites and here at, also there's this blog your reading If interested, feel free to contribute to my site whatever you want, that's if you feel satisfied with my site. If you need the link, the link is here. The Logo and donation button for my personal Organization is this:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New ideal

This is a list of new ideal that creates on a need and works on a point. This is done by the subconscious mind creating the manifest. The more practice that you get the better things are by feel.

Text-effects; this is a point by effect that you point something out as you think about the idea and you get the idea manifested if you need the result.
So don't think a roach manifests and need one to be there, that is where there is safety to think about and something else that will manifest instead.
That's unless you want roaches to manifest. So be careful with what you think as you point things out and need the result. That is all for this effect.

The shift; whatever you type in your phone is what you get, just think about it as you think about the place and fold your hands in uponst each other hand, sorta like a diamond. Then you will soar and go to where you want to be. If you don't want to be somewhere then you aren't.

Super-self; the super selfish are no longer super selfish,  the body becomes super in ability and things work out by feeling. So they think about others, this creates what you need by realizing what you want.

Acai; restore body spell.

Nacquiri; return journey spell. The travel spell is nacqui, pronounced (nack-que-ee). Think of destination when stating.

Nacqeurna; journey spell, think to be there where you intend to be. Then you are there by stating the spell. This goes to where you think you are anchored.

UI; think this spell to go an y where by the power of the third eye, this is directed by the consciousness in thought. Pronounced Oo-ee.

Counter; the point you realize is the thought, that is the counter.

The mail; the mail runs today, I get the mail by feel that's faster today. This is a point in idea that occurs early on by feel, that is with the point being done by the mail man.

All my mail from China and uk gets here faster than usual without delay. The mailman puts my mail in my slot and gets the rest right.

Aba; the abation spell, that abates what is mentioned in a point after the word is spoken.

Focus; if you focus on doing things, then you know by the spirit and things work out by feel.

Think; the moment you realize is here, think about things and you can create what you need.

The idea; think to exercise and if you bathe in warm or hot water then you handle the acclimating by extra bathing time.

This acclimating is when you try to exercise and the exercise doesn't seem to work due to the body getting used to it. Otherwise you can do extra exercise.

Think and you know what to do, think about the idea and you can create nearly anything. This is really all you need to know. Enjoy yourself as you do things, since things you need are where your at. Think about it.

Restrictive dieting; This is where you choose 2 days, that is any two days, then eat only 400 calories that aren't carbs per that day. Then eat and exercise regularly the rest of the days.
Instant dollar; when you need one, you get one. A dollar is almost always proffered by feel. This acts as though you lit a candle and wished upon the flame, that some money will come to you with no stress.

Rubbing effect; really this causes some irritated spot if overdone, except the side effects of rubbing a material thing against the skin is to cause the bad energy to dissipate harmlessly into the object.

So think about the idea, if not in you then the item or thing is what holds it. If the item or thing is a throw away item, then all is good as you just got rid of some bad energy. So enjoy your positive vibes and think of things that you need, maybe you can get the idea or point of receiving the idea. That is all for this idea.

Fire dragon; this spell is summoned by thinking of fire in a dragons form. Countered by thinking aguamenti and summoning a water energy or a dragon of water.

Interrupted dream; this is where you think of the dream as though with interrupts, then the dream stops as though a computer were interrupting your dream state and the dream ends then and there. This is as if a point were done. 

So think what you like and need a result, then sometime state the point to get the idea done. So when life is like a dream, that dream stops by interrupted points and continues on normally afterwards.

Think; think of the need and you create by the idea you speak or need to happen. This is where you gather more wealth by feel. So think positive and work with what is needed.

Description; describe it and it sometimes stops, that's if you need it to stop. So think I and you get the flow of words. This is how things work and the word that exists things.

Councilor Antwaine; he gets here earlier in the day than planned and things I think to get I can get. He answers my texts.

Bad luck; bad luck turns into good luck and things work out by feel.

The mail; the mail comes earlier today after 1 or before, so things work out for the point that happens.

Fast 20; this is where you gain a fast enough 20 dollars. This will happen if you need it to occur.

Humidity; the humidity of a bath clears up the problem with humors or feel. So think to take a bath and your relaxing in humidity.

Eye light shift; think the light shifts as you eye the light where it is and then shift your eyes to what you want the light to be.

Government shutdown; when government shutdown is mentioned then the government shutdown finds a way to not be one. The condition is beaten, you don't have to experience it. This is just an exercise.

Mail delay; the mail delay is over and you get your mail. This includes China and other countries' mail.

Mail; you get the mail earlier today than usual.
Think; the idea is done by what is dealt with or things that will happen. So ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Acme; skin condition of pimples.
I; flow
En; at the end.
Run; cost
Ahift; shift
Foc = Force; cause or make by creative means.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Various errata and magic

This is some stuff that I needed for the moment. Enjoy and use as you wish.

Normal idea:

Late; If late, then its belated.

If normal; then the idea is normally expressed.

Edill D; If you call upon him, you better have a good reason. He doesn't pop up for no reason. So he allows you to see and things are what allows what comes by realization. So he pops up if he feels like it. Pray to him by: This is my prayer edill d whose power is infinite grant me my desire if you desire it please grant me my desire list of my call!!! Prayer for 30 days, I will work for you one effect. The ritual is one morning 1 at night and then the afternoon. This is his symbol here: .. or here at

chair situps; This is leaning over and coming back straight up. All the while being in the chair.

orange eggnog; this is using pumpkin pie spice or pumpkin spice mixed with nutmeg, basil, turmeric, some sorta powdered or granulated alternative to sugar like powdered stevia or splenda and one tang zero sugar or orange flavor packet. Think and mix together, when you combine these ingrediants in a sealable jar or empty spice container, then you cap or seal it and shake it so the ingredients mix. After that, you use a cup of water and the mixture and stir and enjoy.

4-ingredient pancakes; 1 ripe banana, 1/3 cups of instant oats, 2 eggs and 1/2 tsp baking powder. Blend together and fry up in a frying pan and your done.

philly beef diet; wake up, wait 30 minutes after drinking water, drink more water then eat beef or a philly beef steak and some fruit. Then wait 2 hours or more and eat a normal meal or healthy snack, if possible. After that snack around or do what is necessary to hold off and not eat the rest of the day. Don't forget to exercise off the caloric energy. That is all to this diet. As always avoid high fructose corn syrup. so this worls out beautifully.

Ezpz = easiness; easy peezy, this is activity within easiness and there's sometimes no regrets.

Dow = unexpected; this is where things have unexpected results.
dhema = dharma; natural law, this is nature effects by natural means.
seo = shelled; this is where your hit by blows.

government shutdown; the government shutdown does not take 2 weeks to resolve. This situation takes only a few days to a week to resolve, instead.

sour grape; just add water to a grape packet and use a little artichoke extract liquid. Then you have a sour grape drink.

zero sugar orange tea; mix one zero sugar orange tang packet with unsweetened tea, then add substitute sugar like stevia and you have what you need. This creates the zero sugar orange tea, that is naturally without any calories and tastes a great bit like orange. If you add dark chocolate stevia and vanilla extract to the mix, then you have dark chocolate orange tea with zero calories. Amazing right.

remembering; intensity of the moment is a good thing sometimes, if you focus by thinking of what you need and stating what you want. Then you remember picture clear and create what you need, this is a point of life so accept it and get over it. When you do this, the intensity dissipates away and you get things done easily. WHat you remember, this is where you think of the idea and focus on a task. Sometimes speaking, sometimes not. If you don't, you can still know what you need to know, then you create what you need by what is done. This is a point put to the past. So think of what you need to know and focus on the task, the intensity of the moment is what can help finish the point and you still remember if you are calm. That is all for the rememberance, think of what you know and you realize what you need to know. This is how rememberance works.

Thinking spell; Focus and think of what you want, then you create by transferrance of energy with the thought and the need to to manifest the result as an end result.

Eggnog; think to focus on water, then work with words what you need to occur. The point is done by mixing pumpkin spice or pumpkin pie spice, sugar or sugar substitute like stevia, nutmeg and what you wish to add like orange tang zero packet. Then put a little of the spice mix into the water and mix it by stirring or shaking it up and drink. When you drink it, then all you need to do is think, speak and create what you want or need. That is all for eggnog.

Some spells

ilya viirin caro colu putta a horn au ala-dortha ana laus = This is when you make by frequencies the pestilence to stop and be driven away. Otherwise you could focus and think on the ultra frequency that you can create the result by imagination of the roach or roaches stopping, then the frequencies are stopping them that you don't want. So to move or otherwise, imagine the frequency result of driving them away.

ilya viirin caro pusta-ye lenna-au = make stop and go away. Think of person or thing such as a roach and say spell as you think the time of moment, this is done when you state the spell.

ilya viirin car-hi laqui ala nathrin = make do now. This works even in stores, where then you go home after waiting a few moments.

ilya viirin car-putta hi = Make a stop or a stopping point to someones activities, that happens to be nearby. However don't waste your energy on things that don't need to occur. Meaning you don't always need this spell, if you don't need to do it. This spell can be done in any typical language. So don't get me wrong, this spell worls with the way you think and the point that you think about things. This idea could even stop an annoyance from occurring.

ilya viirin in laus mai = his hair is well done. this is a shift point, you don't have to use this spell.

in his mai = sea elven spell of not the high score so make this by influence.

mai his = sea elven spell of make the high score.

ilya viirin cenya-nna byl ni = This spell allows the caster to be looked at in favor by feel. Byl is pronounced [beule].

illi viirin tuc-lie ana sad hela athrabeth = Draw people to the area or conversation. Have people in mind, that you need there when you state the spell and all that occurs.

il ne gan [ill neigh gain] = Negate illness and weight; This stated will negate all weight gain and illness.

illi viirin hosta-madhin unotima anna iqui nathrin = get gifts if necessary or possible.

illi viirin san-n nira onta uve-o anna iqui nathrin = get an abundance of gifts if possible. Uve is pronounced [oo-veh]

illi onta uuve heb-va acca olya = Obtain abundance and avoid having too much.

illi viirin onta heren a vald-lhu = beget fortune and happiness time. Lhu is pronounced [looh].

eit rlu t syi ezh = [ee-ight r-luh t sink-in ee-zeh] weight loss of 7 lbs.

ilya viirin hilk-am-ui amba = freeze-up no more.

yqw yan atleine ehnix enu rlu ept koux  = [why-qew yay-n at-lee-in-eh ee-eh-nie-x ee-nun r-luck epp-t koala-deluxe] eating suppressant that causes weight loss except for objects. The x is silent. So you don't have to say it.

Self-suggestion magic; This is thinking point magic as if in a mai magic result. Think to trance as you breathe in and out. See then you can state what you want as you need the result and get a result that you needed or wanted. If you remember to wake up from the trance. I suggest that you wake up after hearing a startling sound, then you do. So this uses self suggestion as a way to do magic, where you need things and you get the re sult from the subconscious manifest. Otherwise you may imagine the result and create the idea by feel.

illi viirin ava hoth acca olya apa kwa = Don't expect or hope too much on something. Think of the idea to avoid and state the spell. Hoth is pronounced [hold-th], Olya is pronounced [old-lee-a].

il ya in = atleantian spell for "no your not", if you think of the idea that you don't want as you state the spell then you get the result of things not done.

il ya no = no you know, this allows you to know things and what occurs is what you think.

imprint; think a soul copy copies itself into an item and the imprint is knowledge that you know by touch. The soul can copy itself numerous times, stop and think about this fact. If the soul reimprints itself onto the body that died recently, it could come back to life. This means erase the imprint and make the idea work right, this is done to cause the body to die forever as the body that recently died loses the soul. So things that it does after wards is what you think it does.

 So if the body dies and the imprint isn't erased, then the soul of the body goes to the item or thing as a temporary constructed idea that is then a point that is useful for its the idea that you may think of as though a horcrux. Really the soul shifts as it needs to shift. This really isn't though you may think it is. This really is a soul construct.

 So think about what you want and need the idea, then you may get the point you desire by feel. So you can give an imprint from yourself, think the body part also has energy. Then send some of that energy into the object or construct. The point is done as you think about the idea, then the subconscious does what you feel is needed.

writing stuff

This is for writing stuff and things later.

definitions: (skip to end)

ipsim = Oop um, The dark angels; they start as good to know angels and end up as demons of greed. They can often appear as things, if they want to learn something. Point something out and they stop wanting to be demons of greed. This is all in an effect.
psim = sim being; sim of an angel, simulation of an angel that is portrayable on the sims.
sim = simulated perspective; simulated person, sim dismiss, a sim is a being or person that creates by your will and works with some result.
hai = hi or greetings
ema = emaculate respond point; emma, (come) over respond (positively), this is where you get an over response that's over reactive in nature. That's basically it for the idea. I think I will work with people on their response to reality and make irritating stimulus disappear by feel. So I will go now and post some more later, ciou and good-bye.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Time effects 2

These are often used techniques and idea that don't get realized too often, that's unless you think about things and need something. They basically happened over the christmas time period. So enjoy them as they are visible.

 Thinking; think and you know, that's the way of the spirit and the information that comes from the soul. If in need; if in need and it isn't really coming, this otherwise will come. That doesn't include weight gain, though you might think it. So enjoy what you have.

 Paul m; Paul Moisant is told and believes he can come over soon enough, think and say what you need or want by feel for the next few things. That is all. So Paul Moisant contacts me soon enough, then tells me he can come over. This has no stress and moments related to it.

 Auratic energy shield; the aura is the body sending energy outwardly and burning off decaying debris air. So to form a shield of it, think that you feel energy swirling upwards and formed is a second layer to your aura. So that provides protection or does whatever you think it will do. This is usually an aura energy shield, that sometimes is in a form of dense air or some element, so you can do this multiple times and form an effect called the creators shield.

 That means energy as you think an know about lives in the shield as the shield does what you need. So think about what you want as you need it and you can use the aura shield to create what effect you desire. See as the shield dies, then you know about things it did and have the shields ability as your own. So this means the shield could be an object or a person. Think about the idea. The point of using the aura as a shield, that makes you eating your calories.

 This is sometimes how the subconscious creates, think the want or need and you could manage to manifest the idea into creation when you think it exists. That means you create what you think exists, so think of what you need and you could get what you wanted. Just remember, the more you think about things. That makes this where this means the more you create the moment with the idea in mind. In this way, you create your heavenly space. So think about things and you know what you want to do.

 Fruit; watermelon lowers blood pressure, blueberries or antioxidants cease leg pains and mental problems. Vitamin-c cures the disease by feel, this works if you have enough of it.

 Payment; Tracy ivy will pay me sometime for services rendered. Gift bag; this is where you place a gift or two in a bag and that counts as wrapping. This is where you tape the bag up and tape a name tag on it.

 The end; this is when everyone gets a gift, that happens by feel and preparation. So think of what you want to get and you could get it. The idea is a gift in wrapped wrapping paper, the point is a noted record. That means they that received the gift are thankful by feel. So enjoy the moment and then your free to go an this is sometimes done as this lasts only seconds.

 Self-wish; The power of a self-wish. You can state something and if you intend it you get it. Ah the way you go is use the aura and focus your thought or thinking for intention. That's how the self-wish works. The aura is the energy, that the body puts off that causes the air to be breathable. So if you decide not to make a self-wish about something, after it comes to my mind to make a self-wish. So you decide not to, that automatically makes it counter-self-wish. This is like wishing that you don't get it. Sometimes it is bad, sometimes it isn't. Let's say you don't want to alarm people. That's a positive counter to a wish. Go for it I'd say. One thing, a wish doesn't always occur. So your lucky when it does. However if you don't intend it, then you won't get it. That's the way this works out.

 Mail; the mail man or mail woman brings me the mail earlier today. They even bring me lafayette's mail, this is sometime if not today. Restore; restore condition, this restores any condition or from any condition, that you think to restore.

 Think; think of what you want and you could get the idea that you need, sometimes this works by feel. Idra; the weight draw to people that want the weight.

 Effect; think to gain what you need by what you think about. This is a noted effect that's somewhere by idea.

 Sain; Try saying sain and you can get easier results. Now try for things. Pronounced (say-in). This stands for where you allow for things. That's when things are already as they should be.

 Sein; if you need sewing, then you'll find yourself sewing. This happens when you say sein, otherwise pronoun ced send-in.

 Ues; This is to help you raise your disablement payments. Ues is the spell. YoU-yes is how you pronounce it. Think of your payment going up as you state the spell. Oh the spell isn't instant. It may take some time. So be prepared to wait.

 Ies; what you eye you get. ios; think this term and things run smoothly. Service such as trash vehicles also runs smoothly.

 Slippage; slippage of tires on the 29th of December, doesn't seem to happen. Thought; think of the place to travel to the area. Then the place is known, this works when the spirit energy consciousness informs you. That's information of the idea, that's around there and known by insight. That is before your actually there you realize what is there. This is spiritually known insight working for you, that's kn owable by feel.

 Booze; liquor is no longer allowed on Pd property, so I can rest assured. See that I will carry off ably and assuredly see to the liquor, that's there to toss into the trash. Excuses: you stop looking at the mental excuses and do what you can.

 Lafayette's mail; his mail arrives and the normal mail arrives soon enough. So think and you'll have it soon enough. For given is enough, that you have what you need.

 Smokers; the smokers lungs heal up very quickly. Mail; the mail comes earlier today than usual. I am here to get the mail, that's if any is for me.

 Accidents; accidents won't happen.

 Cern; the particle accelerator group pays us off. That it can afford to pay.

 New years celebration; the idea is simple, we work with what exists and watch the ball drop, after that is the fireworks. So enjoy the show.


 Mio; abrupt; abruptly do things. This makes people do abrupt activity.
 Trap; mouth of something or someone.
 Stool; toilet
 Be; exist
 Cologne; perfume or smell good oil for man
 Perfume; smell good oil for women
 Paces = tests; testing points that either you go through or the machine goes through.
 Spry; very agile and young-like.
 Up = if Positive; secure, secure minded
 Car = interrupt
 Le = less
 Ezpz; Easy peezy, within easiness and no regrets.
 Dow = unexpected; unexpected results.
 Dharma; natural law, nature
 Shelled; hit by blows.
 Emma; over respond, this is where you get an over response that's over reactive in nature. That's basically it for the idea. I think I will work with people on their response to reality and make irritating stimulus disappear by feel. So I will go now and post some more later, ciou and good-bye.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 the year of love

This post came from blog posting: Mainly here.

Published on December 31, 2018
2019 the Year of Love
written by Oranum Psychic Sensei

Greetings my friends, 2019 is upon us!

Prepare yourself for a blissful new year, full of Love; and please first of all receive my blessings that come from my heart to you:

“May you experience the birth of your dreams,
May you see the realization of your projects quickly and easily,
May you have the abundance you so richly deserve for having the courage it takes to follow that quiet guidance within; the tiny voice of your heart and gut feeling”

In this year that has passed you had to digest a lot of situations. Some parts of them have become love, while other parts you could not digest and it is still giving you hard times. This is why it is essential to ground yourself for the new year.

Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!

Love is sharing however most of the time our needs prevent us sharing. Remember that love, genuine love, always gives without asking back anything.

If you are in the state of mind, thinking “Oh, but Sensei, that is always me who is calling and organizing things…”, well my friend, that is the perfect example!!! It is like you only do something to get something back; and when you don’t get what you think you deserve, you struggle. Know that you need to cut this devil circle.

You don’t need ordinary love in your life, which is sickening, Buddha used to say: “Love yourself!” Naturally he did not mean the egoistic way. When you really love yourself, it is not for a reward.

Love is nourishment of your soul, that gives strength and a strong base to build your life. Don’t start from the roof.

And to help you to begin 2019 in an amazing way, I will give you a special prayer and technique to stimulate abundance in your life.

Now is the right time to put yourself at the center of your world. Love yourself and take the first step toward real love. It is like throwing a stone into a silent lake. The first, circular ripples will arise around the pebble, very close to the pebble naturally, where else could they arise? And then they will go on spreading; they will reach the farthest shores. If you stop those ripples arising close to the pebble, there will be no other ripples at all. Then you cannot hope to create ripples reaching to the farthest shores.

And launching the stone in the lake means reducing the distance between spirituality and materialism. To do so you need to take care of your spirituality and your reality with proper action of love.

"Active spirituality"
Sit comfortably, start to breathe in very deeply and when you inhale please smile each time. Do it for a minute and then without stopping the breathing,  repeat affirmation like a mantra, twice a day a for a minute:

“God is the Light in which I think, feel act and express my self every moment of my life”

When you finish don’t forget to make a little gesture of loving yourself. A little action that triggers one of your senses genuinely, eat what you like, smell your favorite perfume, go shopping or wear your favorite clothes.

The concept is simple: by raising your vibration with the affirmation you create some ripples close to you; then immediately doing sensorial love action, you allow those ripples to expand and to reach people and situation. By keep repeating this daily you will see „little miracles” happening every day in the new year!

"Active sensorial walk"
Sometimes go out of the block where you live for 5 minutes. Have a walk, walk slowly, breath in and smile. Observe everything around you; all the little details. Smell the air, listen any sound, touch any surface have a 360-degree sensorial experience.

When you arrive home you will feel at peace cause this switched of your mind for a little bit. Another day make it 10 minutes and you know which is the good news?

You can use this simple technique in anything you do, and anytime in 2019 and after. When you talk to your beloved, to your boss, when you try to get that creativity or find a solution that is missing.

Prepare yourself actively for 2019 of Love, a year in which there is no reason to sit and ponder passively! Remember my friend, that there is one path. Either you decide to walk it and embrace it, or living passively in limbo and in your mind; it is up to you.

Love light and abundance

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