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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Theory use

The thought that exists is what creates. Usually this is by pattern so if you think the pattern differently then, it happens figuratively and sometimes differently. So this is my resolve for a weather pattern, the resolve is where this is my idea. Just feel the area form the pole to draw the lightning and you then imagine the negative pole dissipate. This is how you form lightning strikes. So simply by thinking a thought you form clouds and then shape the storm and focus is like the direction that it goes. Then the storm dissipates away only to reemerge from the merged with matrix energy where you want it to reform. This is how a storm can form and go away from the area, this is only to dissipate away till its nothing. So this is until you can't, seeing as its just needed to be done.

That was my idea from a past life, I saw then when I was in a store that I passed by when I was finished up. So I think it will work to fix a drought. Thinking to the area your thought to form a storm and then have the creator create it, that is the third eye pinneal gland that creates when you think it does.  So if you think the point then you get a point.

This is where you can reach as though into a black bag. Then pull out the item you think you know by feel. That is a main point that this creates by what you try to think. Then achieve a result, that is what you think is the intention by a point you want to occur. The real intention is to create something. Such as undetected items and such. Otherwise you could bash a pinata and hit by the senses that are jedi like, and you open the candy molded bag up. Its fun this way.

So think what you want and you know things, this is a point by what you realize or consider until you realize there is no things to find. This was my way till 20 then I was aware or away with life and things turned out to be that the way was I knew things and thinking I knew them I was aware by what I could do or did. So ciou till later.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Thinking I am aware, I did it and the manager was the one that helped clean up. So I will work on cleaning up and clearing up things that come to pass. So I see with a clear eye I got a new tanzanite ring. This one even more beautiful. So I think this will fit me as I am or as I am slimmer. Given as I am to exercising with abandon. I will work and do things as I can. So sorry to go off and do other things, so ciou till a moment comes that I write more. Think of this blog if you want metaphysical or mage advice. Thanks for reading.

This I know to be true, thinking of the volcanoes made me aware that they are awakening. So what I think is this. That we won't have to worry over climate change sooner than later as the point is where the ash is carbon it blots out the sunlight and most know if you do that you get colder temperatures. So whoopee! I am pleased to say, we just might get the volcanic winter we always wanted. You see the weather permitting, we drop a few degrees with a few eruptions that are major enough or you are aware by now what this means. You are not wrong in your thinking that climate change can be ceased. So ciou for now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Awaiting with dread

I am awaiting with dread the enevitable judgement of my place and what I need to do to fix it up. Although I have to admit there's not much, all I need to do is fix a leaky faucet and maybe clean out a closet full of stuff. But I think that isn't a problem, see this is a point I will admit that the manager is gonna love me. She really is gonna not mind the fix up. So what I think is this, that I will have a somewhat easy time passing inspection with the people that will direct my housing payment. So this will be fun. Ciou till later.

Monday, December 26, 2016

birthday luncheon

This will happen, I will finally get some gifts and thats a fact. Thinking of the point I had I will see the use of the pointed out idea and things will go go smoothly. That is a concept that occurs something this time today at 12:30 in the afternoon.

So this is a notice I read somewhere from a past life, that I saw the notice listed on his bulletin board online. I think this will be similar today yet an moment in the past. So I think this is an amazing idea that I lived through this already. Now all I need to do is remember the past. So ciou till later.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Xmas dinner

Thinking of the point I think of this idea, the gift exchange. So if things were to occur, then I think to create by what I do have. Thinking of today the xmas dinner, I figured out that I will get my gifts from family today. So if what I think will happen, then thinking by the feel will create what I want in life. A state of existence that reflects on what I want to see. So what I think then, this is the point I consider for living the point for death to occur is simple. The idea is nothing to do and nowhere to go so I am doing what I can and thus I can do no more and fade away from this life. This came from a past life called prism. He used prisms to create what he wanted with use a golden light, that came from the prism as it was remerged to form the light that feels good. That is all from the kitchen today, ciou till later.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

New stuff that came up

This is the new stuff that came up and I wonder how to deal with it. As for that point that's over with, this I think is for new points of life.

Teeth; my teeth are taken care of and i brush them stoically each day or night and I take care of them. If I need to go to the dentist then I will.

Paul and Virginia; they came and went with me, this is just as I wanted the point to occur.

Thinking to do things; thinking to do things I thought to create a program to make something occur if necessary. This is the program I thought up:

Thought creation- the thought I need to happen will occur if I think it necessary. This doesn't effect those that don't want to be effected. Thus what I think doesn't always matter and I almost always have something to do by this program. Think about your need to get this program and to make things work for you. Due notice, some things just don't occur due to this effect. The end

Supplies closet; the double doors that is leading to a supplies closet does not pry open by now.

Thinking; whatever happens, if I don't want my body then all I need to do is think of where I actually am. Then blink and it was as if I was just here.

Arms race; the arms race of nuclear weapons doesn't happen again.

Clean power bill; they don't nuke or remove the clean power bill act.

Italian supervolcano; the Italian supervolcano goes red alert.

Business; after doing business, sometimes I get to keep the pocket change.

This is the life I chose to live, exchange is possible by feel with what is done. Ciou till later.

Friday, December 23, 2016

New orgonne II

New orgonne is after this, as in your over and eager then gone. That is from this lifetime. So read as you want to know. This uses the ruleset of new then overeager then gone. So think if you want to apply it for yourself. This is an endpoint for some here that was plotted a year or more back. This is what I thought up.

Overheating; the device doesn't overheat.

The enticed; the enticed aren't enticed or enticeable.

Roaches or other bugs; I do not eat like the bug or I don't eat if near it by the feel.

Snow; think of a pattern then feel the area temperature, the cold if there causes you to experience snow.

Reiki; think of the area to effect and think energy goes there, this is done as you focus energy with a thought to goto a chakra point or area long enough to do your thought. Otherwise you can think energy to the aura.

See the body knows what to do with it to heal by feel or thought. Think no extra energy goes to the area to create the basic idea of slenderness. This I think applies to people that want to appear slender. So think and you are aware.

ULA; their launch goes well. This is without a problem. So think and you realize what things are for by fee or feel.

Merindy; this works for peter paul as well so when she or he says it hurts or it "hurts" all over it doesn't. So think and as you are away think to go somewhere you want to go, this is in an end you decide to have means you have no fear.

Heather n Danny; they both recover from their illness. No stress happens to get to them. This means your important enough to work with by feel. Unless you don't want to be worked with or something else happens then, you get what you wanted and that is to be left alone.

Gone; I am left alone or gone from the area, thinking to make the time work for me. I think I created a monster of a headache, so I will rest now that I can.

Rested; Now I rested I can think straight and do what I need to do. Take care of things. So things work out if they are or what I think is this is an excellent time to escape.

Everette pruitt; he leaves me alone. I remain unharmed near him and he either gets evicted or leaves to move out by himself. Otherwise a manhunter goblin takes him in the middle of the night. He disappears and doesn't come back.

The endpoint; he's evicted and I will figure out a way to do it in the end. This will take a short while so bear with it.

The church lady's; dienne comes today with my gift. This is sooner than later.

Mae; she remains slender no matter what she does. Things work out for her in the end. She isn't stressed out.

Noe; I am aware, so I know what is coming. The point the day exposed is not done if illegal. So this is where I am aware.

Everette; he isn't afraid to take his strong dose of medication. He gets the food he needs.

Lisa; she gets her meds taken and appreciates life.

Aid; aid is given to where it is needed and sometimes when it is needed. Unless for climate change, if for climate change its given when its needed.

Time en; the time of the end is near, so think of the time to watch it. I have time at the end of this. So I think I will go work with people. That is all.

Observation; This is for the new year. What I think i will know, I will know so I will realize what is there by what occurs to me to observe. Think and you will know what this means. That is all the end is for by now.

New stuff:

The new; the new stuff naturally will fall after January comes around, but we will see what may come for when and where things occur.

Thinking; the thought occurs naturally that things are okay, thinking things through helps and things work out by themselves.

New; the new ideal situation is this, think and you know what is there by what occurs.

The thought; thinking a point you create by activity, other use is a point to make things work by what you do.

Existence; if there is a way then there is a point, think and you know the way unless you have other things to do. Things that work out are existent by a point of light. Other reasons do not count toward the whole unless you think they do, so think and you know what you can do. So ciou till later.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fun today

There is fun today as I get to go out with my brother and his wife. This is to have a private birthday celebration, that would normally take place on the 26th. So what I think is this, there is less likely chance that it won't happen for when it will occur some result. See this is some end result of the time, that means what I spent on doing things for others I will get back in some form or another. So what I think probably does matter unless it doesn't. The point being that my thought doesn't occur some result. So say what you want or whatever you do, I will be gone for today at 5 pm. Think and this will mean nothing to you, so thinking is soul transfer or a point I go seeya around. What a weird life I lead sometimes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

hell life

This is a past life that was perseverant enough to learn my language through nostradamus techniques and work with things that I did so I could only do the idea and he would get the point and write it up for a technique of his. This is the point and his future sight is his ability, this is useful to him as well as this is usage of orgonne and the pinneal gland that works as a third eye. That was able to be used as you focus and think and you create, this is used as energy flowed to the pinneal gland to do what you want. I think he died of static shock and systematic heart failure that went on for 10 minutes and when he collapsed to the ground then, he was not aware and did not wake up nor was he aware of things that occurred. So he was oficially dead and they then he was terminated in the hospital. That is what I saw and I got most his methods he wrote down. This is a summarization of what I saw so far.

This is the idea of where you are. These are the suggestions by the area you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do, so that doesn't mean anything compared to this. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought, that you perceive from him or her or it by feel.

no eating; You don't have to do things that autocomplete the eating. This is a point to the past moment.

pay; pay in right and unusual experiences won't occur to you unless good to know, then you know in idea about things an in use is in the use. I figure that if you set the right orgonne, then your safe by what is done.

peace; make peace with your self as this could be what you say. your last life breath if he gets into a choking mood and decided to take it out on you. he's going after you now, so think about this one. I think your released now think and work in peace.

This is the action that can be done by feel or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

thought; thinking is not forbidden so think and you know. so you can think then focus and you know or create.

necrotic; this is where you think to be somewhere and stay still, so as you thought to be in a place then your there by feel then move to retun to your body. this emulates the body death then shifts the soul some planet or area and then acts as a projection. as you think your awake and move about then your aware of things, this is used as though you had a life after death moment. you are actually aware of things, see what you think is that you do things so things work out and you can do anything with this or things that are there if told about them your aware of by feel.

energy; energy doesn't create for you if you think to use it, seen as a piano tuner this is where the attunement to the energy is something else, sometimes other than the thing necessary to do the job. this is use in an ideal situation with rubber or some type of rubber effect. think and you will know when this is true.

living in the 6th; if you happen to goto the 6th dimension then expect to die right then, if you use your soul to find the body and cause it to live by the 6th dimensional energy this is with the creator doing your deed. Sight and sound are there and as you eat there you extend the body lifetime, so use this as it really is dead anyway just animated by feel. Then its use the creator energy to make work done easily by feel, otherwise quickly its done and your aware by what you do with things by feel. So you can think this place is here as the 6th and the place you came from is there, think of a moving plate where you walk quickly and get up on a rope ladder to escape the pit of doom as water fills up. Think as you like this place still exists and carry what you can of gold. Enjoy.

orgone "or gone" thinking "this is okay as I am thinking your way" or "not":
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel the source of energy. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

Think an end; think an end point and write it down and that will be the end that occurs.

hellenistic; the idea is the hell works for you and all you need to do is think, thinking to place someone or yourself in hell to get them there. once you place them it takes an angel to get them out or they don't come out of hell.

language; peruvian on is yes, or is ore or gone, no is number count, in is no or net, net is yes, so is off, an is ain't, tree or not, un is out, en is at the end, fo is focus by focusing, do is done in use, fe is female, gi is man or mail

angellically; this is where you think an angel or engel does what you think or want by feel. This is then if gone. Think about it, if this were true then you'd be dead somewhere as you were driving along. When a necrotic thought occured to you and you wrecked the car, this is just as you found yourself laying there stone dead. Then life goes on and you know things by what is done.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Past life II

I think this is a different life from mine, yet I am unsure and yet am sure it came from a past life experience. So I think the main point is this, she lived and she died on a similar night. She was aware or awake at night, staring at the walls, then thinking the point is done she gets up and dies of a heart stroke. That is the end I saw. She lived till 66 years of age and I don't know when she was born.

Her ability; She could create as she goes or work as she thinks is necessary. Her mind drew intereste to the area and she could create by a thought. Her life was a mystery even now. After I saw glimpses of it I wondered if I should even know her well enough, but as I think about it I dismissed the thought and worked with what I had. This is what I saw for this person that is now dead, this was at least in the alternative lifetime:

This is the idea of where you are. These are the suggestions by the area you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do, so that doesn't mean anything compared to this. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought, that you perceive from him or her or it by feel.

eating; You don't have to autocomplete the eating.

pay; pay in right, know in about things.

This is the action that can be done by feel or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

language; I:yes, wish:given, to:towards, not:due notation, eat:each thing, too:also, much: (to) mulch or munch. Yet you don't have to autocomplete the eating.

so he knows; he or she know what was done and doesn't mind it.

orgone "or gone" thinking "this is okay as I am thinking your way":
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

thinking; the point he thinks is much like a concept compilation, think about what you have to do and you can get better results. This is where I can help you out, but send me the stuff as information first thank you. Then you can work with what I send back, if it works thats great, otherwise you can deal with it yourself. Thast is all for now.

orbital atk; the launch succeeds when they attempt it. They fix their problems quickly if any situation occurs, so the situation clears up and power goes back to the pin or whatever is wrong is fixed. The weather clears up, this allows that they don't abort launch or work by feel. Earth science is not against the policy so this is okay. Think and you know what you can do, this is used as though a ciou moment or happy ending occurred.

party; the party happens for me on the 20th, the 22th and the 25th, I can think it is as if its done and imagine the result so its done by feel. that is the secret to my magic, so what I think is an act of achievement and things are done as though ciou were used. Focus on fun at home, think or say poof and any and all confusion or things unliked will *poof* disappear.

party II; so although strange tastes are there, feel or think and stress is possible. it doesn't actually mean that one dimension is merging with another, it could mean that a dimension is collapsing in upon itself and people are slowly being driven crazy by the insane and things they sometimes have to do. this is set off by the shifting away from the dimension and emerging other places. this is sometimes due by the stress on something that allows the source of life or water.

So if you see signs of stress, everything and everywhere by then you will know that the dimension will become as nothing. seeing how this works, think of this as a drawing in 3d, your place in time is shifted in perspective by the vanishing point. that normally is used for pictures that get smaller and smaller as you go go into the distance. but this is the case of where your thinking of another place in time and you disappear from here as this dimension closes down think about that as a party is going on.

See this doesn't mean that the reality is going to disappear altogether in a blink of an eye if you leave a place or time, unless you happen to blink and you see a different place and time. then things changed by actions done to go about your business. so who's effected by this? most of those whom show signs of stress. This is with a weird point and nothing to expect. I don't have to be in my room for this to work. All I need to do is watch and not really interact.

The only thing about this idea plan is that this is a world, how will it suddenly disappear in a blink of an eye?

Unless it disappears in a moments notice, then it won't. As you can see with the ULA's launch, it didn't go wrong. It may have had a glitch, but that was somewhat resolved and quickly fixed as it went off real well so I think we're safe.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

things by the feel or a point by orgonne

These are things that create by the feel, this is with a ghost influence and working by sorcery. This is what I came up with by feel.

Aging; most things age but I don't, its been twenty five years since then and I still look at least 10 years younger. I think most women have this anti aging disorder. So I am not surprised that actually I act and look 20 years younger.

Wonder; If they orbital atk the gods are aware of this place, at least some have come back to live again as they once were. So I am not surprised by the fact, this is a fact that they live again as they want to live.

So I think that they are alive most the time anyhow, so who is the next god or goddess to become aware that they are devine? I believe many will but some are earlier than others. So I think to see and I know.

Body adjustment; think the gravity around your body adjusts the body weight and creates what you want as though in the end you get what you want.

Body actions; However the body does what it needs to do, this is thought to support its current mind frame a nd thought b y feel with physical actions sometimes. So think to adjust the mindframe, then you know things by what is done.

Cold; the heat or coldness does not effect me and things work out as though well or you are well without it. So you are well either way.

Think; the point is made so I will do it if I think I can. That is all from the kitchen.

Money; I gain more than I can spend and I save what I can.

If; if things work out the way I think, then I will be not responsible for any action that I am held liable for any reason.

Mail; the mailman will run today and deliver mail.

The prize; the prize is a gift card that I can use. So think and you wish me luck.

Delivery; people are where they need to be to get the delivery as its done. I am at the right time and near right area to get my deliveries otherwise.

Orbital atk and NASA attempts; an fate makes it work, they do the delivery of the space load to the sky.

Calcite; calcite is used in the atmosphere to cause cooler temperatures.

Need; so if you need to think, think the obvious and do what you need or think.

That one won; that one attractive woman that wanted the apartment gets the apartment.

Pete; he gets the best deal.

Things; things work better and work out for those that want things to work. They that feel are sure to succeed. Think and your rewarded.

The point; So with climate change and all, I believe that you could expect snow without ice after this. May Atlantis rise again.

Space shifter; they use a superconductor made of gold to form a tube and then pump it full of microwaves to shift naturally with some idea of another dimension to go. Then allowed to cool down, the shifter shifts back.

This they use as well with the EMdrive to propel yourself forward by electricity converted to microwaves, this is put to a copper tube and this is used until not needed.

Climate deniers; they no longer deny the climate is changing by our activity mixed with natural activity.

Climate; They who are climate deniers no longer deny it as fact is based in a point. This idea is what you think not react to by feel. So Donald trump can no longer denie it as a hoax nor say it is one. Think and you do, this is the end of my vision quest. So I do agree.

Chris lasiter; his car works even if unexpectedly in en or in the end.

Strange feel; I feel strange no longer, this is true as if I was aware and not in a dizzy fit. Thinking to pass the fit, I passed it to the planet. So the fit passed and I am fine for now. So whatever sickness I have I no longer have it.

Hunger moment; I don't have them so I won't eat too much.

Donald trump; he's a conman no longer. Whatever they fear won't happen, this is if it has to deal with trump.

Wicked; there is rest for the wicked. There may be work for those that need it. So think and you are happy.

Lisa; she is able to accept me as I am and things soothe over by feel.

Door prize; for those who participated, Chris m won the door prize.

Peter Paul; he doesn't have to worry over driving his car.

Set; nothing is set against me. Gamewise and normally I am safe from harm.

The end; the end is what I decide and let others decide with me, so I think this is the endpoint.

The end

Saturday, December 17, 2016


I made the appropriate arrangements, thinking to make things work out I actually tried something today I shouldn't have done. I went out in 23 degree weather and walked quickly for 30 minutes. So what I think? That was risky as I am now dizzy and nearly had frostbite. Seeing things as I did I had made arrangements for 1 birthday party, 1 private celebration of xmas and 1 xmas dinner party on the 25th. So this will be fun as the dates are random except for the 20th, the 22nd, and the 25th. However I dare say, I won't be going out there tomorrow for my exercise as I will do it inside where its warm instead. That is all for now and ciou.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

xmas dinner

I just learned that I won't have a xmas eve celebration, so I guess we open gifts on the 25th. So if you are aware then the point is adjustable, think and know what to do as your aware by feel and know what you are getting into by what you do. So if you think you are aware of this idea, think to work with what you have and you are well protected against things like stealers. Think and you know what you can do. So if you are are aware then think and you are protected, as ever vigilant against those that might take advantage of you. This is my last idea to protect against thieves. So ciou and sallie vie.

this was a note on my door that I found written by a lady called lisa monroe, then I knew of her but at todays time this is a different lisa indeed. ciou and seeya later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

feel free by orgonne

The free orgonne that I am aware i just went through at least psychically, I will put here. This is just as a point is some idea to do of things or work with the ideal situation by feel. This in part actually came from a past life named zahn. Who lived 100 years and was born 1900, that means he lived till 2000 ad on yet another of the various worlds similar to our america.

His ability was manipulating time streams and creating ability from what was done. This served him well till he died of a heart stroke. He had a pension to know things before the moment as he acted the prophet rather well. May he be born on another planet.

Dogs; they don't attack me anymore. The dogs calm and leave me alone. As I go across the area, they leave me alone.

A; an action is the area action is set the moment your thinking it is, the point you do is what you come across as doing. Do nothing then the task goes to another. That is all there is to this.

Me; there are allot of me's out there so choose one. That's a joke, so think about it.

Game ending; The area shifts me to the final encounter place, so if I thought about things they might manifest as me and I would be spared a battle, this is as if in a game world view.

Thinking about this I think the king mistook my object as me and got the objects soul instead. So I am safe and I did not even have to fight him.

I had to lend him a hand, making game sense that I was safe and better left alone. This ended the game and all I needed to do was shift to the area myself, this is after the battle.

Being a faery is fun by this means. Using the object switch is even funner. So I ended up in my own space this time. I hope the peace lasts.

Thought; the thought of the moment is a thought pointed out. So your free to do what you want. If you persist that won't last. Enjoy your life, so your free by now.

Self-thought; the thought that exists creates what you think, so I feel self-thought creates what exists too if you need it to exist by fee or feel.

Tv; The disease they show isn't a disease, so the undead vampire isn't walking dead or undead unless you think it is with too much pooping or focusing.

See; the thought existed till you thought not and the thougbt or thoughtless was capable of sending you back to where you wanted to go.

Thinking; the TV ads aren't really there, what's there is a void of white light that serves as a noise. So if you were able or aware, you are not insane.

So think and you are returned from TV land, that is like the maxpads commercial. Then the room that you are sitting or walking in is apparent. That is all that occurs.

What's around you after the fact is a white void, that is the energy that the third eye pinneal gland shows you in a heightened sensation known as psychic enlightenment.

So that means you are aware of things but psychically or not particularly is the idea that you are anywhere. You only need to decide that and you are somewhere to identify where you are. After that your free, this is just a set and things work by how they are working. That is all there is to this.

This means you know this is used on a tv prgram somewhere. So if I think and I am calm by what occurs. I will do what I can. So think about it and I do what is required, this is sometimes to make a point.

Perfect chance; As I think of it, this is a perfect chance to do things. That is what is portrayed, but isn't what is there in use or done. So think about it for a bit, this will be fun. So I am going or gone now. Ciou till later.

Other things:

Device; as it is, so any device worked.

Cygnss microsats; the orbital atk flight works well without bothering anybody and they manage to deploy the space vehicle, this is done no matter the point and even if cold weather is there.

NASA; So we didn't push that idea of astrology after all. We aren't messed with even after this point. So that is in the news. That's all.

Area; so to avoid sweets, I do not want to stay here.

Famished; thinking to work I got to avoid eating, so I think I might eat a little thing and soothe the hunger as I do something.

Eating; I am not eating too much, that is good for me so I think I will avoid food while doing things. That always seemed to work. However I think, I am not a slave to people.

So eating is forbidden except a small mini marshmallow maybe, this is every now and then till I think its time to eat. This is as I am somewhere else. If at my actual home, I eat as I want to eat.

Thinking; I am not alone, so I must be careful not to disclose myself if I will get in trouble. What I think doesn't matter, as I am aware of the presence I will not do stupid things. Maybe I should light an incense stick to cleanse the area, think for it to focus is a smokey area to close their gate.

Finished; I am alone at last, so I might as well say it. I am done with the website till time will tell there is something to add. So if I think about this, then I will go about my business and not be bothered by people.

Shifted; I shifted back home using the smoke as a focus point. So now I think about it, I am free by orgonne.

NASA; NASA and space-x does well and creates or does what is necessary to get the job done. That only means this is a point that I am aware of and that they succeeded. This is the task they state they will do.

The FMdrive is a forward movement mobility idea that has copper tubing and microwaves put into the tubing to make the pull. They work the EMdrive into a ship and use it, they make public use of the EMdrive thereafter.

So things are well. I think there is no discrepancy in the news, this is used as they account for themselves and they make work of what's available at the time. The EMdrive becomes available, the end.

Freedom; I am free from the room, this is a point where I am ordered away or gone. Thinking the main point of this, I get things every now and then that remind me of there. Their way sucks though as they use too many sweets.

So I am free for life from the place I thought of as prison. This place was named Palo Duro for a reason, they keep bringing you back to their way because I know they are low in rent and all. So if I am right, this was a waste of living for me so ciou around.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The laugh is on you, people that exist are there where you think them to be. So think and you are aware of them if they are around. See if you think about the idea, then you know what is there or if you don't know then. You are aware by what is done. So that is the rule to invisible world area places and idea points of light. This is the end of my analogues for now so seeya layer.

This was a note given to me by a friend that was in my past life, that I will call lily and I was aware of everything that the note declaimed. So I am aware that this is a point that this life will end soon, if at  the point of release of the spirit from the body. So I brought myself back to life by necromancy and I will not live by necromancy, this is a decided point from the the past life that was there.

I wonder about that now, if I ever died then as I attempted something from that life. I was only in thanatoic death trance where I emulated death, I wasn't actually dead as I thought about things and I was aware of life I am sure. See that I was aware now, I was too focused on death in that female past life.

So I guess my ability was reabilitized and I am now able to manipulate death energy by a thought. So guess the thought and you control death itself. This is the thought I had, "I can control death energy" and my subconscious caused that trance. So things seemed to work out after that, this is the used idea as though were reached and if I had a near life experience. This is a point that existed by the feel.

So if I am right about it, my death experience is magic and on this page, how to do necromancy, this in itself brings about the power of an object. As from where else does the item energy get its consciousness, this is from a point of view that you are aware and except from a cellular death energy that does what you want.

This is an example argument if someone was arguing the point with me.

So I that is the point of this writing, this is used to power items and allow you to do other things with death energy. Right? So if I think about something then death energy surges and creates by missing points or used idea with what I need. Otherwise I think and create what I need by filling in the point. Thin or not I believe this is a loophole of some area item I listed, this is the use as the consciousness indicated it to me then died on me. So what I think doesn't matter, am I correct? I believe I will stay out of arguments of others, this is with other people knowing this one.

So I think the answer and so I know the response before the moment is there. I will work with others and use them as example. Seen is the exitence of what you want and the evidence is there. That is all for now. Ciou till later.

Monday, December 12, 2016

trumper notes

These are notes that exist things or don't exist by what you think, otherwise they don't exist and this is as we do as we want.

I went back in time and changed peoples minds over subjects that were discussed. Then I came forward in time to observe the changes to get these idea.

Otherwise I thought about the time to be in, an then the time is what I wanted to be in that was there. If the time doesn't exist, you don't want to be there.

The technique, think of an area that is observed by the right people, think about your idea and they can read what you talk about. Think and its known about, otherwise its left alone.

This I used in writing things so I at least got things legible. This is what I came up with:

Mail; the mail I ordered comes to me. This is asap or as soon as possible.

Merindy; she finds the receipts she looks for by feel. She finds what she is looking for by feel.

Feel; Think a point and you know it by feel. This is a point made by me at least a few dozen lifetimes ago. So don't be surprised at the outcome. He had a twisted idea of hum our.

Money; See I have 50000000 dollars, so its ez in the bank and easily gained money. However I am not tasked too much by demand and I can make the payments easily. This is as though I wore a golden citrine or tigers eye wealth stone around my wrist or as a necklace.

Obama executive order; Obama's executive orders are not undone. Whatever is done, I am done.

Thought; what I want I can get by feel with or without help. This is my last will and testament. That is all for bowing what you ack nowledge by feel.

Christmas eve; we will have a Xmas eve party this year on the 24th of December. Things work out with no worry by feel.

Time; I find time in the day to get things done.

Done; I know what I can do from this point on. I know multipurpose in the things I can do by feel. However I don't multitask, so I avoid stupidity by what I do.

The end

Sunday, December 11, 2016

I am thee

I am not mistaken, but something is out there in space. So I think and prepare by what I do. This is what I thought when I went out to survey, for I work with people while they were doing things. So I think this is the case with a certain person that was suspicious of my motives. So I soothed things over and things worked out.

This is what I read from my mom one day when she went to survey work. So I used that today when I went to the shortcut and talked to someone after a dog attack, this was with loose animals that were used as guard dogs. So I think this is yet another day that I go by there, this is as I am sure that the guard dogs mansion doors aren't opened.

So I think this was a lesson to guard yourself better, while in walking unusual places. This is the point that it is sweet and short, get out of the area and don't come back till the dogs are safe again. I wonder if the owner knew they were loose. So ciou and see ya well. Oh yea rhe = reabilitate or repair by dna activation. Thanks for the idea typo.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Focusing by art

I believe in focusing, where I think about things and when I think to create them as its my decision. I will decide when and where. So this my life I think I see by now. So if I thought a point, then I will think to create by feel. This is without any worry and you can set your eye on what you want, this is used as a point is made then things occur. So what I think doesn't matter, what feel does matter. This is recorded in the history books, this is used as a trump moment with focus and the thought to create by the creator.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

see by sight

See, feel or think a change to cause a change to occur. This could effect the body, the soul the area or other things. This is the point where you ate too much and I am gone from desperation. Thinking to leave, you are gone as well. The feel is the point that you think of other things like orgonne. Where you can think other orgonne and that will work by feel that you know. So this is the orgonne that I came up with:

All eaten; he considers all that was possibly eaten, was eaten by all so all has eaten.

Leftovers; any leftovers possible, this is given out and I can get some there unless not necessary.

The next date is easier as its less fattening, but in the meantime this is what I came up with.

NASA climate research; trump won't cut the climate funding for NASA. They won't lose the funds they have possible. So you don't have to worry unless you want to do things.

Bill; the bill is this to improve nasa spending that's good for various means, this includes climate research.

Angela; she can come by what you think appropriate. An that is today.

Tomorrow and after: these are the times you can think appropriate thoughts and work within the vicinity.

Options; trump has no options to limit NASA funding and has no option to undo Obama's climate legacy.

The TV; the TV works and whatever occurs, I can watch it. You can now, think and if it had to mess up. This messes up during a long commercial break.

Poop problem; NASA finds a solution to their astronaut poop problem in space.

Kneecapping; trump and gop isn't trying to kneecap climate research.

The net; the network works by feel and the computer works with the network. Otherwise I know its fixed easily.

Chris laster; he does not break stuff anymore.

Scientists; they ha ve no reason to worry over trump with trump.

NASA contamination; the other planets contamination by people won't be contamination. Space war avoided.

Hillary and Trumps position; they allow the climate research and earth science by feel.

Thought; think and you don't think too much unless it was too much. However if you think you think a thought. So your free to do what you want unless harassing.

European mars lander; the european mars rover will land su cessfully on mars.

Climate agreement; think to go through with it, so whatever happens the climate agreement doesn't fall apart. That is all about the accord.

Earth science; the earth science division of NASA will not be gutted. This is the schiappelli moment.

Think and things work out, that's the lesson for today. So seeya later old friend.

Nulle bed bugs; null the idea by bed bugs > nul
This creates a pull to the bed bugs, this is used as if per each 1 bed bug > nul or zero. This works by thinking nulle to the bed bugs.

Thought; this I think applies here, think a thinking a point and used is the thought to generate less bugs around the area. So this is per each 1 bug > nul or zero. This works by thinking nulle as you think of or to the bug.

Think; I Chris m get most of the bananas.

Fixation; I manage to update and fix Bruce's computer easily by feel. The necessary fix is done, the point is made and I am aware of the solution.

So all I need to do is think and the spirit creates the fix needed for the browser to work with the game. The creator supplies what is needed. Then that is all that's required.

A way to lose weight; no bread no rice no potatoes and make sure you eat lotsa grains.

The sprinkler guy; his job becomes easier and without pipe breakage. If I incur any debt by this, then its not. As this is where we can get availability of water, this is without leaking. This is good for business and cheaper for us.

At&t; Whatever occurs, no mitigation action will happen. No slowing or mitigation of my internet will happen by feel. However by feel, I do the right things to avoid the detection and not getting warnings by the entertainment company via internet.

Decoration contest; Chris m will win the prize for the door decoration by feel.

House deniers; climate deniers will be shunted out of the white house. I think that this explains allot. So think and it is done, otherwise not much is done on the climate by the white house.

Space; the space program includes something about deep space, making it accepted for funding without slash cuts.

David; his room is given away and as this stands, this is the end I saw for him. This is truly interesting as it is, the point is it was actually vacant for more than a few weeks. Given time I am sure he will get over it, but who really needs a drunk as a personal room holder.

Nuclear fusion; they implement it sooner than normal.

Dark matter; it becomes obvious by what is noticed. This has its own separate world. Some words are:

Thi; this

Mea; means

Yah; your

Weh; way

So; so

Ul; you'll

Go; go

Idea; this is may you take me out there. So yes I am willing to take you. So Yahweh is okay.

Think; the point is idea where you think return and you get money or items back.

End; the apes think by themselves and work through others, as though they read the skull in their mind and read the mind. This was made by Lafayette.

The end of his life was a heart stroke, that led up to walking dead disease. The disorder lasts till not necessary, decided by the self and working with others only makes them strengthened.

Think a change and he or she creates it. The person lived till 2016, but he or she was laying still without a beating heart and no way to bring him or her back. What a sad tale indeed.

Priscus; I was aware that my ancient name is priscus, given that things will work by what you feel is right. priscus means ancient in latin and old soul otherwise. thinking the point then, I tried something and succeeded by use of using my old one knowledge. this allowed me to work with others by feel and this time this trick works: think a point and you know by what is done with or with out the idea. So ciou and faretheewell till next time. SH Priscus.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Post dramatic past life

Thinking of this life I was reminded of the past and working with the idea, this reminds me that things in work are creative by what they feel like. That means that this in life was work by what you know, or working in the idea that exists in the natural world. That was how this old life worked. So when she lived was 1936 to april 16, 2016 in his own alternative. As the text revealed what is there, I am surprised by what was done.

How he died was the heart arteries clogging up and not being clear, so as they are clogged he had a stroke. This was a main point of a friend of mine too that lived and just got out of the hospital today. The noted idea after this is the past life with newer idea, see that is representing life from a past life viewpoint what could occur as she was 80 years old and with lifetimes that are enjoying life.

This is the idea of where you are. These are private idea that I wrote down by observance with the third eye. These are the suggestions by the area you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do.

This is the means a friend of mine used, the means was focus and think and as you focus on a thought you are aware of things as you relax to know what is there. So you can do that and that doesn't mean anything compared to this point. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought, that you perceive from him or her or it by feel.

senior; the senior moment does not occur.

bugs; there aren't any bugs and if there were then the bugs cease to exist, the main point is done so there is no high fructose here so stop and think.

dead; anne is dead, I can no longer stay as I have to go. so wherever I go it won't be here so I can be caught and jailed, so ciou till later.

This is the action that can be done by feel or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

hdd; my hard disk drive does work no matter the point that it went through and quickly, this is used as if working from before the point it would stop working or go to the store for another hard drive. So the laptop does work, it has a hdd with information on it, that means it does not have to be wiped. so if it does work, even if it seems to stop working it starts working right after it seems to stop. sometimes this happens by one to three taps to somewhere.

stolen; I believe I finally am done with the idea of writing his memoires. I am thinking that the spirit uses the soul to create by feel, so if I think hard enough then I can shift by will. so I know things aren't stolen as this is if the point were as though not stolen things you need are found again. thinking to work with it it starts to work again, this is as thought as if it had not stopped working. besides even if they were taken, then the stolen items don't get her fired. whatever happens, the ghost doesn't effect real life. however if the ghost wanted to make the items reappear then, so for a little energy from me then it can do that idea and making the object reappear if needed.

orgone thinking:
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

the point; the main point of living is over so I might as well end it here, thinking to work with others I will fade away an in the end I leave the body behind and allow the creator to be in an idea to empower my spirit. Thinking to cause my own shift to occur for anyone that needs it to go where they want to go, simply put the thorough searching won't find them as they wish to be somewhere else. Thanks mattman for this effect.

thought; the point is done this is not always finished, so what I think is the point that this occurs is no longer done.

time shifting; think of a place and/or time and your there.

time abuse; doing time shifting with too much after effect. this is the time abuse that is mentioned, not always is it seen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ghost conjuring service

I offer my service as a ghost conjurer, I can use ghosts to create what I want as I think about the idea to create. The ghost creates by drawing a little energy from me and things I want to offer as a source. Then thats that. Just call: 405-225-1268 and ask for spellhawk or email with a subject line as ghost request.

Monday, December 5, 2016

the new lifetime

This is a time of december, the time where the past ends and the new life I live takes over. So I think this is a december worth mentioning, I finally managed to fix my finances up and work things out with the bank. So what I think is the idea that I am aware now, aimed right in the right direction and working with others by what I can do. See if your thinking about things creates things, think and act or think and don't act unless you have a counter thought.

So the thought creates if I need it there and what I think is a thought the idea manifested by the thought exists, then the thought becomes reality. That is what this december is for by feel. Making things manifest as though a dream were there, otherwise you know by then what the point is and the cause is so you know the idea by what you do.

This is what you think.That means what counts is things you do. This is thinking a point and being perceived by what you feel. So that is how taste goes for things and how its senses. The thought is ideal situations with this idea, so think and you will know. The thought that exists is the thought that you know, this is the point of magic or idea creation.

This feels as though this is like the end of my life on the original planet, that I lived on and by usage of gates I devised for those that want to use them. Those are area shifts by thinking, that cleverly were created to make an use things like what you want. So I think this will work out in the end. Ciou till later.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

the end of the old lifetime

This is an old lifetime that I noticed was called charles, that lived a certain period of time till 2014 or beyond at his aunts. I could never detail the date and time, yet I think these are the events I remember of it that start with taking the spirit of the gem.

taking the spirit of the gem
Taking the spirit of the gem, I basically separated my mind from the diseased part and the normal thinking pattern reemerged. this is what you think a thought to create by the gem and the gem reforms itself outside the gem creating two of the gemstones as you think to create the gem the gem takes place an event where it shapes itself and then the gemstone finds itself to you. This works on objects as well, so if you think the object shape is there and formed from the object energy then the shape shapes itself from where you want it formed. This is the way of shaping and from a book, this was used as with vocal and idea to shape the shape the form is a shape. This is the point of thought of the day at my school, so I think I will work with this idea to form money by feel and work with the thought.

See then the object reforms as if the idea is from its essence in essence, this is with idea to create another like it by what you think is energy. Thinking hex or charm will use this idea or it won't do much. This is the process used to shape itself from air to the area that you can find the item. Thats how it works in the wizarding world. Where in the real world you think you need an object and you find it whether or not you have to pay is how you decide you get the object at first. Once formed, the object will be there for you where you want it and when you want it there. So that is all there is to this topic.

proving the lunar landings were not a hoax, they prove to themselves that the lunar landing wasn't a hoax.

the way of activity; its active or sorta active then its active with things as its quiet, this is because I sense activity that numbs the senses then. when you get used to it your aware of the activity again. thats how it sometimes works. you just have to have patience or do work and not eat unless necessary where you think to need food.

avoidance; avoid the stores that you might buy from till they close, thats unless they don't close or you know you won't eat things from there. this includes bakeries and food stores so this is just as they could sell you calorie laden items you don't need to eat or drink. This is so I just in nothing and the body eats its own fat. Otherwise I will eat candy if necessary, where other people eat normal things. So this I think I will do now.

If I think hard enough, I can manifest anything just by the power of the spirit spirit utilizing the soul energy or leeching by feel if you think of it that way. So I think and then imagine things and then the subconscious does what I need. This is whether you need or think or think and need in case of no magical effects. So this is what I will do for now. He will be surprised to see me again.

surprise; I surprised him, I got there by thinking my weight and fat were energy sorces and I could get anything done through imagination. So if I thought long enough, maybe then I could get along with my brother. So I know things will work out and all I need to do is stay away till things cool down and they realize what they missed.

return; my return was simple, I thought of my place I came from and thinking of the area to shift to, which is always outside the home or area that that I might be suspected for teleporting to and by magic. So I think then I know that I will make a point to him and on return I will get along and apologize for what I did. This will be a reunion as I taught my friend enough to figure out things for himself. So now all I need to do it is think and feel to leave.

thinking; thinking upon return I will need my items brought to me so I will contact my friend chris and get them brought over, this is after telling the address.

I think therefore I know he might want to visit again with me, so I invited him over..he left and seems very intrigued by what he saw, thinking upon this I noted down that I might have to move somewhere. So I think I will fascillitate this as my mom has to give up the house due to rent.

moved; I moved and it was to deville as a good point I let chris know and his brother paul wants to move in to help pay rent. this will work out.

visits; they visited a bit and left as usual but soon I will have to move in with my mom in some other town. So faretheewell to paul and chris and jean that brought them.

paul; paul moved to his own rental, leaving me here with his memories and my brother. So all is well, as I think about it, time for my move and cutting off visitation to the area thaqt chris visits.

I moved; I lost the apartment and moved into my moms and might goto job core. So I think about this and here I stay till I do and find a job, forced by my parents.

Job core; I came and I went thats all there is to say about this topic. So I think I will move on now and stay at my moms or my aunts house till I die.

last few meetings; the last few meetings I had with chris were sweet and very interesting, he changed and is very concentric unless thats an act but he is very able minded and is acting like he's getting over things. So I will leave him be.

I am faring well; I think do not worry, so I know that I am aware of things, so this is my endpoint.

thought; this being my end post and point, will work with anything that I need. So I hope that my memory remains with them that I knew them by feel, this is just as I won't get to contact them much. So if I think a point out by them I will remember them and I know chris moved from his house as I tried calling his number that has been disconnected. So this is what I think, ciou till later and do what I want. That is all for now. farewell my friends.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


The thought to exist something doesn't seem with me today, so I think I will try other options. It seems if you let the laptop battery run down and then try to charge it, the hdd isn't always there to work with so this happened before. I believe that they that designed laptops should design them, this is so that the hard disk drives can work even after the point is done. Seeing how mine stopped responding may have been a trigger somewhere else so beware and watch out for things to come. I have put very interesting things on that hdd. So seeya around and good luck with your life, this is a recorded message I heard from somewhere.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Corrant dream II

The dream I dreamed the third time and think it might happen, this is where I was awaiting a death sentence and working in the yard and found my way free. Then I got caught and put to prison and the guard killed me in another attempt to escape. So I think I won't enjoy prison, but I know the interpetation to this dream.

Death Penalty
To dream that you are given the death penalty means that you need to reevaluate your life and the decisions that you are making. You are going on the wrong path. Alternatively, a death sentence means that you have a limited time to respond or to do something.

To dream that you are a convict suggests that some situation or relationship is making you feel restricted. You may be experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream represents your feelings of shame and guilt. This dream image is trying to tell you to stop punishing yourself.

To see a convict in your dream indicates that an aspect of yourself is unable to freely express itself.

To see an armed guard in your dream represents rational thinking. You are being cautious and practical.�The dream may also be on pun that you need to be "on guard" or alert about a situation.

To see a prison guard in your dream suggests that your belief and/or your way of thinking is restricting your own growth. Your fear of making mistakes is preventing you from experiencing life.

To dream that you are imprisoned suggests that you are feeling trapped or unable to move beyond a certain point. Perhaps your outdated beliefs or old ways of thinking is preventing you from going forward.

To dream that you are in prison indicates that you are being censored in some area of your life. You feel that your creativity is being limited and that you are not allowed to express yourself.

To see someone else in prison in your dream signifies an aspect of yourself that you are unable to express freely.

To dream that you or someone is released from prison means that you need to make some major changes in your waking life. Eventually, you will overcome your obstacles

To dream that you are breaking out of jail refers to your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. Alternatively, dreaming of a jailbreak means that you are refusing to accept the consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of breaking someone out of jail suggests that you are compromising your values or beliefs.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Money matters

I got into a bit of luck today with money, as I think about the recognized idea then I know or realize the point. So what I think is this, that things will work out with or without orgonne, that is machine coding that creates by your energy and the idea you imprint to the machine as programming. This is using the machine as a construct with your energy as instruction that you think to program. So I think this will work out and this thinking is done for now, that as it is necessary creates what I wish. So I think then I know, thats what I get with imprinting a machine seeya and ciou till later if concrete.

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