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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


  Get this there is with feel no ascension in drug use, so there is no ascension except to rise above the clouds to escape earth or gravity in the area unless you think there is then the subconscious creates it. Ascension means to rise above. In essence by feel, here or there is no space to rise above or descend to view as though flying above the clouds. If you think no longer to be the emotion your not going to act insane. This psychologically is sane, that most can get bored with so they allow nearly anything.

  So the Realm that you physically reside in is in essence an illusion by feel. Therefore as you see, no one truly ascends or rises above the illusion. So if overemotional focus to not be the emotion as the emotion can overcome you. If you think to be emotional think not to be emotional then your calm. So thats about it by now.

  Your Realm is used similar as use is thinking or this is what its like with ideal to watching a movie. When the movie is completed, you leave the theatre and continue with your life. There is no ascension process; you simply progress onward. In the same manner, the ascension that many of you aspire to is simply another step in your daily routine. If you think then you are ready to do things.

  Granted for some, the next step will be out of your body. Yet there is no rising above or going to a higher place as you can see or as you feel you can go to somewhere else. You can always escape the gravity to go above the clouds or avoid the area. This is moving soul wise by use with your body as essence or what you eat or drink thats essence. If there is a way then you can have things to go to the point.

  Your Higher Self is in charge of where you go when you leave this plane. Once you have re-merged with your Self, the "you" that is now in physical embodiment no longer exists, although there are Essences of you that remain. These are your memories and experiences. The emotions and thoughtforms are left behind, but the data of the memories are recorded in the Akashic Records or other records here where the Higher Self can revisit them at anytime. It is what the Higher Self wants to experience that decides where your Essence will go next.

  The common use of the word ascension implies that you will be rising to a higher level. In one sense, this is true because as you re-merge with your Higher Self, you regain your expanded consciousness. Yet nothing has happened to the Higher Self that has made it rise above or be closer to God. So maybe you think to use a candle or think as you are near a lit candle, thinking to rise above the clouds as a use to escape gravity then you expand your consciousness so with spiritual experiences you moved yourself. This doesn't mean you moved to another plane, this does mean I think you are where you think you are till you move or find a way.

  But why find a way, if this is illusion enjoy what you can. As you think you could project the ideal so I think this instead, this is usually by feel like a bakery or some place I think you realize this is illusion. So you realized you can't rise above an illusion yet? I did then I realized this really was awareness, that struck me as I focus in some with awareness. Then I think what I see or feel is where I see a point as one this is a point. I think then that I know what this is by feel, a way to cope with reality. One so you are aware what exists. Two is so you can feel better thinking you are going places. This does not assume or stand out, so true if this is illusion by now.

  We hope this has given you some clarity. These concepts are difficult to describe using human language. Know that you are perfect, you always were and you always will be. You do not need to do deeds to earn your way to heaven. You do not have to perform specific tasks or do anything in order to ascend. There is no place you are rising to. Go forth this day and relax, knowing there is no place you need to go, nothing you need to do and no one you need to save. Allow yourself the freedom to simply be and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  Yet if there was, seen in three easy steps you can rise above the clouds. As you can ascend to above, so think you ascend above the atmosphere. When you ascend, you go up in the spirit by use with the world energy and become one with your god. This allows you to work with higher energies and live a dream life.

  This is basically going to a higher dimension of your choice to live in and you become able to do anything. As if "What you want so if you don't bother me I won't bother you. Until you can feel the purpose out or wherever as you want there is no real reasoning, till you think to not concern as care if you can feel you can still not be a monster."

Step 1. Live an learn with life.
Step 2. Learn of things.
Step 3. Love what you do and what others do for whom they are or may become.

  Here are 5 steps of enlightenment that govern the Ascension.

  Enlightenment rules:
 Number 1: Learn the importance of life. This is until you can break rule number 3. Also, until rule number 2 does not matter. This is because of what you realize from rule 1.
 Number 2: Stop learning.
 Number 3: Know when to break rules. Because sometimes you have to, to get through life as rule number 2 applies.
 Number 4: Know yourself. Know what you do and how you do it.
 Number 5: Know others. Know what others do and how and what they achieve.

5d abundance

 11 Tips for manifesting abundance in 5D!

1. Have a global ideal and various personal missions

If you want the Universe to support you with material, emotional and human resources, you should have a noble purpose which is worth supporting. Creating a good life for yourself may not be a complete mission statement. Just think about it this way, would you give support to a charity with your mission? Is your reason for being on earth compelling and transformative?

2. Express gratitude for the support that you do have

Living in fear of scarcity, of circumstances, of the future and all such negative thinking is associated with 3 dimensional living. If we focus our thinking on the negative aspects that is what we will attract and experience. Expressing gratitude is a more secure way to lock down the higher vibrations in your mind and body which will attract the optimal circumstances into your life. Be grateful for the many ways that you do thrive.

3. Keep good company

Those who think negatively, or who's vibration is less than optimal according to the above mentioned characteristics, should not be entertained more than necessary. Other people are big influences on our energy fields. From the material perspective scientific studies show that your close friends can often reflect your weight, your mood, and your wealth. So use compassionate discernment and see how discussions proceed, what you do, and how you feel when spending time with certain people. To be at your highest potential, you should surround yourself with those that you admire and would like to emulate, because they will probably end up rubbing off on you. Additionally positive, successful people are often well connected socially and are guided by inspiration, so they may support you in ways that you would not have anticipated.

4. Purge old energies

In addition to negative companions, negative habits, belongings, thought patterns etc. should also be gotten rid of in order to make room for the new 5 dimensional ways of thinking and being. Simple activities such as cleaning your 3D space can free your mind to some extent. Also avoid negative stimulations like wasteful TV programs, movies, the news, gossiping, junk food, etc.

5. Keep your eyes and mind open

Opportunities and inspiration come from the limitless mind of the Universe. Having an optimistic attitude that looks for connections and expects good turns of fate is more likely allow life to deliver such circumstances to you.

6. Share

The old concept of tithing can have some truth to it. If you put at least a little of your resources towards a good cause and improve the circumstances of others, you are likely to make positive connections and good karma for yourself. That energy comes back to you in positive ways.

7. Practice Positive visualization

Without getting excessively caught in daydreams or the 4th dimension of illusion, it would not hurt for you to have an idea of your dreams. Visualizing and feeling positively about your intentions can add increased energy to your goals. Just be cautious not to become overly invested in materialistic outcomes. Also, you do not want to be rigid about processes or outcomes because things can often occur in better ways than you could imagine.

8. Forget about time

While using your time well is one thing, to believe that time dictates your outcomes is another. You don't want to feel restricted by normal linear timeframes. With the support of the Universe behind you, things can be accomplished in a much briefer period.

9. Learn and teach

Keep your intelligence and wisdom expanding in your areas of interest, at least, if not in broad ways. Share this knowledge with others who are interested. This will give room for your mind to expand.

10. Be creative

Do creative projects such as writing, making other forms of art, using your body to dance or express, etc. Being creative opens up the doors for further inspiration.

11. Connect with your Soul

Your inner Self is centered and wise. It knows how to get you in alignment with your life mission. It has the quality of peace that allows for inspiration and guidance to flow through you. It will help you to accomplish many of the above mentioned recommendations as well.


 KINESIOLOGY has been in use and applied in many ways. Doctors and chiropractors have been using kinesiology for years to determine what procedures and formulas are best for their patients’ well-being. Kinesiology is also a method of communication between your body and your Higher Self. We will show you one method, although there are many alternatives. We choose this method because it is simple, you can do it yourself and it can be used without drawing attention to yourself when in public. Like any tool, the more you practice, the more proficient you will become.

 This method of kinesiology can be used in many applications. While in the store, you can focus on an item while using finger kinesiology. You can ask, “Is it in my best interest to use this product?” You can also ask for dosages. “How many of these vitamin C tablets should I take today? How many times today should I take them? Should I take them with a meal or on an empty stomach?”

 Research ways to use kinesiology and practice before using it as a reliable source of information. This is not a tool to foretell future events. Your emotions can skew the results, so always be centered and to ask the three questions suggested in yesterday’s message. “Can I use this tool? May I use this tool? Should I use this tool?” This uses the subconscious that is what or where you think then ask then the subconscious indicates what is there or allowable.

 This is not unlike fishing where the subconscious answers with one word or a statement as you ask a question. So I think this is where you are aware or used to getting results. How about you? I don't sabotage my life. I know things are tough by this is based on need. The worms only generate more worms by the person thinking of them. So I think better for the future.

 Your body will respond using the data it has stored from your lifetime of experiences, innately knowing what is best for you, so questions related to health are appropriate. However, it does operate off your current belief codes, thus your fears may override what is best for you. For this reason, it is good to release negative thoughtforms and habits that keep you locked into limiting patterns. Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy this day! So you see at least the core reactors that are keeping me here, keeping me from moving to another place or with schitzophrenia is blown though not keeping me anymore why am I here? Tamriel go rest seem rest go to the spirit world and bother us no longer.

 I think then create as you are aware to be or work as you think to create cool ideal. that is what I was taught to the point I think from then. I think so use is I believe to work with them. So option is opt or discovered, in is with, with out is not. I think I will use this next time someone wants by mailing as there are different ways to opt out. I think then is enough to describe the goings on or so I think then there is I believe is there so I think I will leave things alone till later.

 Ciou for now in part is partings for in inconclusion this is coming from outside yourself so I didn't know or this isn't what I think. Just remember, love does not always mean attachments. This is no longer a war as though a candy land so this is the last life I will live on this planet. So I think this was meant as a peace offering. So ciou for later. I see so I know you so Novusdae.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

interesting points of V

Here are 13 ingredients that dissolve liver stones, gallstones and kidney stones as well as decalcify the pineal, hypothalamus, thyroid and pituitary glands and activate the heart, third eye and crown chakras. Enjoy these drinks anytime or for 1-2 weeks before your next liver flush to soften and dissolve stones.

1) Apple juice - contains malic acid
2) Lemon Juice - contains malic acid
3) Grapefruit Juice - contains malic acid
4) Kombucha Mushroom Tea -
5) Malic Acid -
6) Orthophosphoric Acid -
7) Gentian Herb -
8) Bupleurum Herb -
9) Chanca Piedra/Gold Coin Grass Herb -
10) Aloe Vera Juice -
11) Apple Cider Vinegar -
12) Fresh Urine - for more info visit
13) Bitter Melon from


When you meet anyone, remember it is not always a holy encounter. As you see him, you will see yourself. As you treat him, you will treat yourself. As you think of him, you will think of yourself. Never forget this you can imagine or work with someone, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself. Think then things are aware to create as things can exist the point you make by feel.

I think what is so if you are then think you can see the ideal or real things, so then you know whats for real. I am aware of the main problem of this, so I am not so sure what to think except to work with others or play along yet don't actually do things. I see the surface seem as nice as pie but when with them you feel awful and struggle to form a sentence? To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events by ideal. I think if you buy your way out then you won't have a problem. So think what you will.

It is to perceive the essential nature of things you do. Nirvana Heaven is real it is Eternal Universal Love that springs from within embrace the divine nature of your self, day to day in a graceful way.Your inner light is greater than the darkness. May your light shine brightly on every path you travel by feel. There is meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler revealed by the god. The god is a servant of the creator so he or she will know so what will be is what will be.

Years ago I learned this only now I realize it as things real are possible. So I think then return. So exercise if you want to exercise. Seen as a point then act aware. Sometimes as a point this is seen, so you might not want to do things so think then you can go exercise or stay active thats how the french do it. I might as well do something normal now since I just did the exercise. So ciou till later is ciou for later or not do things near the right time.

Friday, November 27, 2015

additions or subtractions

The life of an incan child:

Thinking made; I think to make, by creating a point to create by feel or focus then the pen is the last thing to happen, as thought writing it to form the ideal as a make then sometimes destroying the piece of paper that it was written on after storing what you made.

This is the way of life: think to create as you go or thinking is made, fed, sometimes fattened on maiz for sacrifice or non fattened as non fatted, seen or other things are working with others, pain or thinking, aware of the telling point, if death then fix by spirit or if alive then fix by activity. that is from a sacrificed spirit that shows with the body that was found recently, seen more than 500 years later or less.

Et ek etsy; Think to create as you are aware to work, see or think to not eat if you don't want to gain weight.

en etsy; this is a drug of pure pain that feels like ecstacy sometimes.

te new; pain or thinking as you think to work or create as you are aware to be awake.

te no; your aware that is the telling point your working by a spell that works with you.

pua e ele; this is thought so you fix things by feel. otherwise think a different thing to show a different color with your aura coloration, sometimes to show a different thought so you are not easily read by thinking the person is reading by you. this seems how you feel differently or no longer get read by feel as suppressed. this indicates what you think or have thought to use. whatever don't become meaner and meaner as though I wasn't a rat. I think this is good enough though so next item that up for bids makes sense.

pua e elle; great ideal to use but not to do if no reason or not as earthen style is focus. think as your awake. use by feel then is thought to create something. a psychonaut can do this with the inner world to explore the inner worlds that exist what you think. if one could coexist with the world one can explore strange new or old dimensions, so I am not so sure what to think.

stamina 2; think stamina to work as you wish then you aren't tired. otherwise think an attribute you can have then you end up with it.

thinking; thenking or think then activity to work is this as a point or reproach so then is enough to kill the pain so I go on to live. this leads to acceptance as your useful, I think then I am use to the area so I am accepted sometimes.

system; user fields or what you think is there is what your able to use or sleep as you are tired otherwise meditate the tiredness to act as sleep. if understanding is a statement I do know about it otherwise not as I think about it an its invirtual. you don't have to act it out. at least the core reactors that are keeping me here, keeping me from moving to another place or with schitzophrenia is blown.

my schitzophrenia clause is blown so I will not continue acting the schitzophrenia anymore so I will let it rest. gonna think to create something here so you know what is what. think what you like as things work out. then the ideal is sound so enjoy life.

this was written by caz, ben, libby, consort for interesting thought an a rao atharvo to blow generators for you so things go dark. i wouldn't continue with this. so I will end this here or work for by now peace to bear life. all I can do is bear life in an ideal point so I think I didn't know you so ciou for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Some short stuff

infini gate; ka si summons a gate by thought with infini as fire, earth, water, ice or air, spirit, plasma or ka sa infini as some element that interacts to create what you think, as a gate to places that draws you forth or creates your form where you think to form that creates as you wish. This uses sha otherwise ka or spirit to manipulate the gate to exist then you to leave by things represented by things in use or play for now. This is then a use for the moment you usually give or get in return. So don't be worried over the response to the gateway that is activity. Whatever you do you consider what went in to make the event.

In en ed; Think to create or event by no drunken nature. This is where you think the point for focus to think of the event to create as you event the point this is awareness, that modifies the event where you think the change then the change can happen that occurs. Think the point to create with the ideal or things occur for you, as there is no alcohol use with this as necessary as this will happen wherever things do occur as if by when things occur. This is ended as the effect stops then you continue as you want to use things by now or things are at link end by themselves. This is to use aspartame in a moment.

End point: Think the feel or see to create the ideal to work the point so you consider. This creates the point you consider infini feel by a prism, seeing that this is the point or effort you do think to do something else to end with this result. Seeing that is the effort of completion that you think the words they are spoken that you think to use. You think then create with things or what or when is the things you consider. Think the sigil to create by words you think to use or imagine the end result. Think the end result as you think the ideal event in the air. Think otherwise to see or cancel out the sigil effects of this and then death or thought can dissipate the point if you don't need the result by some end result being done.

This is the end result. This changes the infini type, thought to work with different memories. They are the plasma children that exist the end result with how things form. They are born from the solar flare that creates them with ideal or not in an unknown advent by feel or use is your own. This can cause no plasma children that are around. Think to end this effect is to think the result then draw the rune or sigil crooked or misformed. I think to end things you don't end things as things end themselves an just en themselves. People are aware that people exist, so I think that I will go free with this.

So if you use alpha mode an then things are an end or continue by hypnotism that skip the ideal point conscious blocks out so you don't have to do the end. This is the end point with or without as an en as your aware an the end is done. All possible because by faith your somewhere else or filth is gone. This means you see what is non corruption by no result is there a love effect. This is a point no end happens unless you want one. Ah so if a love ideal, I think if you think of him or her then think the end then the effect is non obsession or non affair is use not or aware.

If in a fight think to create distraction or what you consider interest then if possible don't fear it don't bother to attack as you walk away. Thus is a fight end. Think to say or work with the end as an end result then the end or activity may proceed what occurs. Otherwise seem assertive or talk with a normal tone of voice as you say yes or no this is what I meant. Yes I think this works for me. So the next time I get somewhere I willl think to go someplace then my area or where I think is subconscious manipulated to create what I the am aware exists peace for now. This I then think is a perfect time to stop, oon as a stopping point I will ciou for now.  This is like touch upon the ideal or person then they calm down.

Ever spent time with someone who on the surface seem as nice as pie but when with them you feel awful and struggle to form a sentence? This is a caused by your Empathic antenna sensing that all is not what it seems. You are detecting that what this person is showing is a fake persona created to hide something from others. When an Empath comes across fake people it is common for them to shut down as a form of protection. This can be seen as stumbling over words or one’s memory and thought process being affected. Anyone who is not emanating by truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert.

I bet I can get along with nearly anyone, so I think so I suspect that nothing is wrong so I think this thing is done, thinking this thing is complete causes me to stop then do something else. I believe I was wronged in the past so I thought to work with others this time of the now or future, thinking this I do right. So I will say my ciou, ciou till tomorrow.


See then don't be too grateful or you might resent it.

The process of getting there is the quality of being there.

Any thing you want To achieve you must feel and be grateful as if you already have it. That is how the reality of how our illusion works.

This is because life is a projection our bodies are a 3 Dimensional hologram in a holographic world.
Use in a way you have to pretend and intend in the illusion
You have to pretend because reality is actually pretending
Reality is pretending. And appearing Human is an anomaly.

If you have to pretend to manifest and then it happens "then it cannot be real"
Only the insperience projected by experience is real

And you have to know how the mechanism of reality is structured
In order to manipulate the inner projections.

Re member when you go to a movie, the movie
In order to Create movement a number of frames is passed (projected) in front of your eyes and your physical consciousness cannot remember everything so images
Can be Implanted in below your conscious awareness that they call this Subliminal seduction as you are aware.

Thus in physical reality the same thing is happening

They did that with the World
Trade Center bombing. They manipulate images and then broadcast to the masses
And moon landings
Because all of reality are high frequency images....when you are not aware of the true structure and how the mechanism called physical reality is structured you can be tricked by those images.

But they cannot fool us because we are always observing in and outside of holographic reality.

Humans for a long time was not aware that their reality is images that the Brain
Decode and translate so we experience physical reality as real as a real outside reality. When it's really happening on our inside. It a holo deck a holo suite .

So to experience the time or movement is to switch from parallel
Reality to parallel reality as each frame is projected in front of your eyes
As in a movie. All of reality are still images and each movement is in it's own frame as a film strip.

Again where are the movements and people in the movie when it's not projected or projected, so we aren't afraid we might be stronger and more unlimited than we could imagine. Most important is the face by fact, don’t doubt yourself. Don't use negative thinking. Stop negative self-talk. There are no fears of failure by this. Fears of success fade away. Don’t procrastinate by now. So stop trying to please everyone.

Once these factors are properly overstood
One can actually begin to see that all of reality is holographic projection

And objects don't exist in locations they exist in frequency vibration
So earth while appearing as a physical place
Location is one of the variables of the object called Earth equation
Making it seem to occupy space and time.

Earth is actually in your consciousness
Your body in also in your consciousness
You don't have a soul you have a purpose. You can think then work. This is a point by ideal. Where your soul is having you.
Your soul is having a dream
And dreaming you up
And it's waking up in its dream
Realizing it's under it's control.
You are more powerful than you know and they don't fear the day you discover it.
Gaining money and wealth is not gaining fat.
Gaining wealth fast is not impossible.
Think to get what you can.

your twin flame is ready to manifest say or type yes to manifest.


Right now, you’re sitting in a magick circle in the center of the universe.

You've become a master of your reality. You sit cross-legged, in a position of power, as mantras run through your mind and you watch the future change to fit your Will.

The more magick you've learned, the more ecstasy you've experienced. The more magick you've learned, the more you've learned to dance with the Universe, and all of its Gods and Goddesses.

And far more than that: The more magick you've learned, the more you've now learned to fully use your brain. You've learned to use it in the way that shamans throughout history have. Even more, you've started to use your brain the way all successful people in all walks of life are using thiers. And you can fully tap that power now.
That's because you're the rarest kind of human.

Psychology asks us to dwell on the negatives of the mind. But Magick dares us to find the limits of what's possible. Seen and those limits have not yet been found—they’ve barely even been tested. It takes brave pioneers like you to truly begin to push the limits—you're truly one in a million.

Welcome to matrix 5.0

Think to create as you feel to work.

So Take a second ...

In this time of chaos and emotional upheaval and stress and tension ... Take a second.

Every reaction is like a hamster ball we're rattling around in. Every point of view and focus is occurring within this moment and intensely present within a fixed view.

So take a second. Take a breath. Take a moment. Let your mind loosen its grip. Let your chest exhale. Let yourself breathe out some tension. Breathe out then feel it.

Now look at everything again to do better and better each time. It's not the same. It's not basking in the emotional urgency of fixation on the moment and obsession with conflict. It's just from now for now.

How we "live in the now" is by observing it from multiple perspectives ... Observing and Engaging Consciously ... Rather than being trapped by the collar-and-leash combo it has on us when we are slaves to an activated and fixed perspective.

Take a breath. Take a moment. Reset. We can Let the world re-introduce it's beauty and impermanence to us. NUF

Think to create as things work.

Nature spirits

All plants have Nature Spirits overseeing them. There are myriads of these Beings living among you. Their role is to assist plants in obtaining their needs. When you go into Nature that is untainted by human hands, notice the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. There is always a perfect balance.

These areas provide enough food for the wildlife. The number of wildlife in the area is naturally balanced. Trees shade bushes, which provide homes and shelter for animals and smaller plants. Insects assist with the clean up process, breaking leaves into perfect food for animals and plants. Birds have places to roost. Bees assist with pollination.

Nature Spirits assist plants as needed. There are many types of Spirits who have been given names such as: sylphs, gnomes, fairies, elves or little people. They have been spoken about in myths and legends for eons. When you have a yard that is large enough, set aside a special area for them where no humans trod and invite them to dwell in this space. If they accept your offer, you will find that these areas flourish when left undisturbed by humans.

Many Spirits are mistrusting of humans because they have seen the careless ways humans treat animals and plants. Humans who have a lack of gratitude are especially repugnant to them. Some Nature Spirits are delighted when they can communicate freely with conscious and caring humans. At this time in your history, Nature Spirits are open to working with humans, for they are having great difficulty maintaining balance within Nature due to man’s disrespect.

You can call in these Spirits and let them know you wish to work with them. They may not answer at first, but you can be sure they are watching to see how you interact with plants and animals. Not all of you will see them, because their vibrations are rather high. However, when you release your fears and replace them with loving behaviors, you may begin to catch glimpses or have full conversations with them.

Each species of plant has its own caretakers. For example, there are devas of sweet peas, oranges and cedar trees. These devas know what their plant species need. If you have a garden, there is a deva who oversees the entire project and can be invaluable when you are plotting the garden. Pan is the overseer of Nature, often manifesting himself as part man, part goat. He is a real entity and is available to assist with your gardening and landscaping decisions.

When you learn to communicate with the devas of your plants, the results can be astounding. Ask for their advice and know how to listen to their responses. At times, you may receive answers that make no sense, but through time, you may discover why you were given that suggestion. So if against or for then there is no attack that occurs with the point by ideal.

Your gardening efforts will increase exponentially as you attempt to bring Nature back into balance with just Va or air. Tomorrow we will suggest some tools you can use to begin communicating with these highly intelligent Beings. Selamet by Theresa Crabtree! © 2010.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

useful tibits 4

 We must keep in mind, there cannot be evil without good sometimes and those who actively seek to share the truth and light are usually attacked the most in ways where others may notice if thought to be noticed. Being a light in the darkness. The living among the dead. It is an ever going battle or way of life. Its important to look out for one another on this awakening journey because as we all know, it was never suppose to be easy. The greatest challenge and sacrafice lies within us all. Be careful my friends and dont give in to the worldly ways of man.

 Follow the light and keep looking up forevermore. Keep reaching out because we need it now more than ever or use is manifesting. I think meaning I think to focus to do then not focus to do as things work out, then things come more easily. So you see work then do is the way to get results by the ideal you think, that generates things by the point you can consider thats done. Think the point then you create or not create as manifest is sometimes something else. I think so I believe this is what was to occur but never did, this where things suddenly got easier to manifest so I will look at more modern or later works for examples. Don't think it hard work just do, see ya later then use is ciou for now.

I must remember:

Na is Earth or trust by concept
Ma is Water or flow with area use
Shi is Fire or surrender by will with ki life
Va is Air or faith by feel is the ideal use
Ka is spirit or ether that you focus with ideal moment
Ya is Sky or space otherwise plasma

We often speak of the importance of the elements of surrender, faith, flow and trust. We have been asked the difference between faith and trust by space and we are happy to clarify for that is for you. Think the point to work by the uses or I think with a good point you might understand. Faith is the belief that there is something there to work with that exists. It does not matter if you call it deity, for source, other consider the creator, A god or Goddess. You could even simply call it “more” if you do not know exactly what you believe.

Faith is simply the acknowledgement that there is something vaster than your individuated aspect of self.

Trust is the belief that not only is there something bigger than you or what you have, that bigger something has your back.

Earth Water Fire Air, Space. These five elements operate with each other or combine to & transform to another element. Two stones which are earth element, when create friction ignite fire. Water put on this fire will transform seen with use to air. Spirit is the energy when this occurs. Space is where this plasma occurs by friction with fission. There is a sound or shape for each element in nature by you or by your feel.

Amongst their interchanges are mixtures such as mud along with a different element seeming ice or water with cold airflow, gravity otherwise air earth, air fire or heat, fire water thats steam due to fire or heat that doesn't quit till it goes out, some lava or earth fire, fire air or fire in the air. This would take sustenance to work with fire in any way.

OM Nama Shivaya is the most powerful mantra that you can do. Our body is made of five elements. Our brain and body energy vibrates and gets activated by the frequencies created by certain sounds. Chanting Om Nama Shivaya and Nama Shivaya Om can transform the body, brain and mind and impact the elements differently in both cases and effect a different outcome. OM Nama Shivaya an esoteric way of chanting in five different order & activating the sound by ideal that comes to you with insight or intuition with the body can effect changes by the feel.

In better health condition
In wealth creation
In activating mystical and psychic powers
In spiritual awakening
In ever abundant state

Sharp focus, more concentration, higher thinking, emotional mastery and dis-ease cure are additional benefits

Think to receive five special mantra of shiva to fully activate brain power to work by the feel.

Find a balance with physical mental emotional social financial and spiritual life.

When mantra is chanted in a group of say 10 people it's energy or power is multiple or amplified into 10 raise to 10 ie 1000 or share in life your circle too divine thanks

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Paralyzation is sometimes where fallen angels do that. Like body paralyzed where they calm a person, then use the talents to produce results that cause the person to fall unconscious. If thought they are paralyzed, then if things go on by continuuance that is setup by the person they are basically paralyzed. I think they use the energy against a person then paralyze them. They paralyze them. I see this point came across my mind as create a point to work. I em use is uses by feel. So think for your own self with the ideal you have or don't do things. Think by use that is all for now. ciou for later.

I was told this: You have a true abundance mindset - although you want change, you are happy and at peace with your life right now. Your positive energy will help you to attract what you desire in life.

You can picture yourself living exactly the life you want, which means you are already over halfway there! Try to strengthen this vision by imagining yourself ALREADY having what you want… imagine just how good it would feel, and remind yourself of this every day.

You have great self-belief and are fully aware of your own power when it comes to choosing the life you want… And as a result, abundance, success and joy naturally flows towards you.

You are lacking a little direction in your life. Before you can manifest effectively, you need a vivid, clear image in your mind of exactly what you want. It’s important to follow your heart and find out exactly what ignites that fire of passion inside you.

Just remember, effective manifestation does not require you to justify your desires or ‘weigh up’ options. It’s vital that you allow yourself to follow your gut instinct and commit to what you want, this is energy by vibration with 100% certainty to give up on the ideal that hard work is sometimes usual ideal done.

For necessary things do the work or unless you think the point to manifest the subconscious manifests, this is usually by thinking to create an end result then give up on doing things if no results as you just do the point or not do things.

As your mind off wanders you find the solution to get things, as you work to get resultive ideal give up on the negative ideal. Think to give then you get results. That is mostly whats there to this point. As you are aware you can stop then transform by focus to seem something or come out of things. I think tge thought to change is what you think where you think to change things around.

As a manifest this is with the point unchanged from activity otherwise you can change to become something else. This is the experiment where you see a changing ball then your out of the experiment or change things as you see necessary as a manifest. Think the change then relax the mind as you let go of stress so does things or people become more pliant around you.

This is interesting. This is where I change things then things become from what did not exist. The I is the pinneal gland that causes the change where you think then the I changes such as changing a rod or fork body that you can suddenly bend. Bending forks supplies are interesting by this best to leave the forks unchanged.

I think the cool ideal is attractive use as you do things then don't do what isn't necessary as work is work not always hard work. The point is think to just do this then the situation to correct then the subconscious fixes things just as your use is a point in a daze or just thinking. Just remember that hard work isn't always necessary unless the thought you think is there.

Crystals can be used to make a change as well:

 "crystals can be used by using the pointed out fact or conscious level interaction that the crystal does things you think them or state the ideal. I think your focus point or focused ideal is what changes."

This came from "Do crystals really work?"

I actually believe it works by now, so I think to ciou till later.

Monday, November 23, 2015


wakeful mantra or thought to meditate to:

I woke up today awake I am alert by the feel use is easy to get things done, all I did was the meditation that allowed my feelings to improve. I can do normal tasks more easily. Now I wonder what is next for me, a little bit of delusion coming so I will wait things out. I believe I will survive if I need to survive the volcanic downpour of ash however I will not survive the lava if it comes here. So lets hope I don't need to survive what isn't there. I feel so precious, ciou for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

meditation uses

Meditation uses alpha to the point. I think to get to alpha is use as your waking up or sitting up straight then you leave alpha by laying back, then you can use the count of 5 to setup by the count with 5 to setup a trigger by thinking the count of 5. When you breath out the air on stating the number then breathing in as you start to state another. This is to wake up from the state, so state I will wake up refreshed and remembering what I did. Then continue back from 5 to wake up, otherwise even if you scratch or hear a noise your still in alpha unless you think you wake up.

I think of now then use the ideal your grateful for sometime in the past or otherwise sometime one or 2 years ago for happiness. use of alpha meditation is good to seen view or a giant screen that you think of a problem or situation, see the problem shown on screen then move the screen 15 degrees to the left then imagine the the change then occur as shown on the screen then move the screen to the left 15 degrees. this clearifies situations or ideal. you can also think or state things to occur thinking they will unless not possible. the more you attempt this the more you can get results.

Otherwise seem to be in a car then feeling things the car or area has then imagine what you want then that may occur. compassion then is to imagine a white light extend from your heart through your body to shine from the body to shine to the area to make yourself aware then compassionate of what you see. you can use intuition, think of the problem or situation then let it clear up as you imagine a solution or let your mind wander. call it insight by feel, intuition by the use, intelligence with activity or whatever the point is. this is useful as the solution comes to me.

So in use is "no I am done" or think things to work. think of the ideal then let your mind wander then you are with a solution. think "I am do" for I think I am aware so I do to resolve situations, then you can create things as you wish. so just remember listening to mood enhancers or usually doing activity as you listen to music this helps as well. so I think to lose weight by meditation is use by the point to get into alpha state as you eat less if you think you do, then think your exercising as you are imagining the exercise for 30 minutes where your doing normal things.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

waste use

this is the instant moment of psychically commune or not use things by communication or decision. think to know before the activity occurs, then you know what will happen by the spirit that reveals the info some way to you.that is the way to psychically speak to another before they react to your presence. given the indication that you might get in trouble, don't grow them and keep them you might want to give excuses to your presence. do so if you want to evade the issue. this is written in the handbook of the boyscouts of america, handle the situation as you see best to react or don't react to work as you act. dark chocolate fixes by change to the metabolic or state of the body.

The body changes what is called by how fast one processes food to what or how quickly one adapts to the food without gaining fat. Some aptly put cherry essence as this is thought to work the point you think to work then you are aware by eating a cherry your awake. Think the point then work the body to use vanilla extract as a soporific to its maxixum potential as a calmer reaction by feel. With celery you work off more calories than you eat so your safe. This is how you can condition then evade the point of weight gain. see that is simple so think ahead of the time to guess the rest, this is precious information for a point in regard so ciou for now.

cambogia fix
1. Mix a jar (or cup) with your favorite fruit and mix it with water overnight
2. In the morning, take one Garcinia capsule or 1/4 teaspoon garcinia cambogia and mix it with your fruit infused water then use.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

wired reasoning

I will revert post-dramatic stress to another really thats nothing, think to use things so we were or are not binge eating. that is all there is to this. I think so I see to believe this works for us not against us. So I went along with it till now, now I am going to make the religion change from christian to druidic for real. This will be fun for now we will see wyhat will come. So think to work or allow to work to create better ideal. seeya then ciou for now you see I really did know you yet didn't before till you spoke. So remember this, most people illegal are likely to go for illegal things. That isn't saying you can get get along by the feel. You just know what is really there sometimes by the response. so this is a precious moment, seeing how one reacts by a happy ending ciou till tomorrow.

lil wayne

I discovered the nature of the green candle. So whatever this is there's no bad impression. There so I think if you use a green candle you could cause bankruptcy if its lit. Use it by leaving it alone. Battery powered ones are unique, they can't be "lit" they only light up by turning on a switch. You could get something free if you use one. You can use my thought not my will. This reminds me to use the point I thought to use by now. Thought to create what is possible to create as you think. Ciou till tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

interesting things to work with by ideal

Mambarasai; see to make things be or lessen for things to get better by feel for knowing by understanding, yet some are in denial don't do it so things can get better tomorrow.

Nanakai: Create while those who are creating or aware you are creative, so you are creating for fun for want is desire. You know what this says about things.

Think you see the symbolism then you are the meaning as you are activity or then the meaning comes clear to you, as though you read a read comment or connect the ideal meaning to the source as a trace to understand what is meant. The symbol is what is there if you see what I meant such as work, working together then apart. This could be written as work, working to see what is together then dissipated by things. The symbol is symbolic of the ideal you think. This means no war is there unless there is one so think to create as you are aware. So I respect the man that was here. He was a great imitator of me but died trying to go about the business as he thought to go. Ciou for you see this is for now.

ancient shift: maximus fabricatio redeo fantasia
newer shift: maximus aevus multus fantasia
new shift: maximus aevus adigo comformo fantasia
newest shift: maximus cedo fantasia

Monday, November 16, 2015

alternative medicine

alternative world medication: Some cherry with vanilla essential oil, don't have to do so as this is things put to work as otherwise chamomile oil or extract creates a sorta weight loss thats pleasant if added to oregano oil you can stand then the essential oil is more effective. Some tea, vanilla, cherry to resolve mental problems. Some or a little chocolate, tea with cherry to resolve by dissolution to your mind as the brain resolves the problems it has the situation you percieve dissappears or dissipates away headaches as though topomax. This is the last of my medicine knowledge so I think I will work with this as though topomax. So I will go back now to go on with life as I am nearly anywhere I think I am. All I need is to remember the situation or place, as I was in special ed school or someplace else and know some more as chocolate, vanilla with cherry added to peppers like paprika works out well. These are cut out ideal for the taste or tongue to work by meditation.

Because flaxx seed is known to cure, chamomile or turmeric restores function, used or combined to vanilla for therapy relaxative with the cherry possible use is the restorative for almost everything like oregano that helps recover, vanilla with cherry seems to cure. This means geat warfare on the drug business that exists to support medication or I am thinking to work with just invega. So if this works out, you can create what you wish by the right combination of herbs, legal drugs or ideal usage with cinnamon that halts sometimes with cadmium that restores mixed sometimes with copper that energizes.

This means no war is possible that isn't there so think to create as you are aware. So I see peace is coming for france and other countries, so combine with a little sugar then you have a weighing less effect that might not fade away. I figured out I don't have to look like cindy. So just let this go as this will fade away so ciou till tomorrow as vanilla, cherry with extract of any sort works to bring back the ideal you know for now.

next time

I am in competition with things that be where no one is the culprit. I have no desire to be better than another or its anyones guess. I just aim to improve to be better than before, thats just me though. Then anyone can create what is desired and I'm free by what I do. Life is a school that you learn what you remember, where your soul knows what is there or just already knows. Ask yourself one simple question on your way home or going to work: Would you want to be a student in your class? This is an unknown like a darwin. So there is no better feeling than going to bed at night. Then not having to set an alarm for tomorrow morning. Its okay since they know you don't know.

Then ask if you want to know: "Who are you?" Then you will know yourself or what is there or not if there. Think to the point, then go with the ideal. Thats all there is to this as I think to make, shape or change is otherwise destroy by feel. These were the options I had since I was observing, now I will change to shape or stop by feel. I think so I believe I was wrong or something where I wasn't or I will use the word of chaos or order book if I must. This will be fun by now. Thought to create is cool so I think to create is shaping, sometimes by the changes you cause or create by feel. People aren't stuck in the kingdom nor do they have to be born there.

This is the point I feel. My spirituality is unique to myself. I make no apologies for what I did, for not fitting in or fitting into a spiritual box so I create my own magic. Oftentimes by alowing what I choose to celebrate into my life. So if you want to be strong, learn to be by yourself. Sometimes we need someone to be there, not to fix things or anything in particular. But just to let us feel free that we are cared for or supported. Cheers to all those people that want to be themselves, then not to care about fitting in.

This is an abstract image that will reveal your true self. Think then if this works, go with the point or it is clear to go as you can. Most people should realize that special education teachers, that are really angels that are disguised as extraordinary humans. teaching is tough but so are you, there is only you where you are the silent observer. The imaginary personal image of unage that that is appearing in your dream with separateness. This is because everything appears in or is filled by your own awareness. So precious is the point so you know or understand so ciou till next time. This is the final dream end.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

some writing

some writing by un kenald unkind

Aboriginal prophecy;

I was in dreamtime described here as a dream. I seen this great wave going. I tell people about this wave. It wasn't a tidal wave. This was a spiritual wave. So think to me, I believe that the Dreamtime is going to be that. I believe the revival is going to start in Australia when we're Dreaming. It's the hummingbee that I'm talking about. And love. We've got to learn to love one another. You see the point to this, that's really what's going to happen to the earth. We're going to have tidal waves. We're going to have earthquakes. That's coming because we don't consider this land as our Mother. We've taken away the balance, and we're not putting it back. My interpretation is This tidal wave of consciousness is this ''day'' we are living in. You look all around more and more people are seeing through the illusion perpetrated on humanity. People are seeing through the vail more than ever before in human history.

(When they speak of the Hummingbee and Love. I see that as in align with the Mayan 2012 prophecy. 2012 was when the ''Truth'' vibrations were going to hit ''Earth'' and keep resonating at a higher and higher level. I use the word ''Truth'' vibrations because ''LOVE=TRUTH'' ''TRUTH=LOVE'' and truth is what humanity will experience. Frequency is what created this reality and influences it from the microcosm to the macrocosm. That was ''never'' a prophecy of the end of the world or apocalypse of the world. But it was the end of the ''Great Deception'' the ''Apocalypse'' of false knowledge. The ''Old World Order'' is scrambling to keep power and deception upon humanity. The more they try the more obvious it will become to all.

As you can already see this planet is going through earthquakes, storms, floods, tidal waves, tornadoes. Natural disasters have increased significantly. That is because the Father religion (War Religions) Christianity, Islam, Juddaism destroyed those ''Goddess'' religions. Those that worship the ''Mother'' EARTH and Nature. All humanity at a time, the ''Golden Age of Humanity'' were in ''harmony'' with the ''goddess''. When at one with nature and earth humanity ''EARTHLINGS'' are at ''Harmony with eachother by simple acts as though actual activity is real focus or connectivity. Everything is connected. Once we get back to taking care of the planet were will take care of eachother, it is a symbiotic relationship. So remember don't drink alcohol with this, this only creates what is there slower or by not doing things. Doing unsafe drugs tends to create things that you imagine, the result you imagine there as there if here not there. If in doubt, its okay as though it were a lib.

So as this goes the ''Mother Earth'' goes her ''Children'') by simple and small acts that can help one connect with mother earth, like recycling. walking outdoors, awareness of breathing the fresh air with most reasonable ideal. The point is mute or created by the feel. Chi is life that is from activity. Thinking the uses the point is mute we're all in this together. Thinking the point the reasons are clear, think then use the point as you think before you speak. Thinking the point to work for the benefit you have or can get in life. This means war ends by the act of communication with words of understanding the point. Think then work by the feel. This is the earth mother religions tenet of fact. I think this suits the purpose so wish for happiness then so ciou till tomorrow. As you think to go biolocated you end up in multiple places as though multiple directions. If your religion is worth killing for please start with yourself, as your unable or able minded for your able to think.

Deeper Meditative Experience
Try This Guided Visualization

    Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and begin to visualize a bright, white light of Source energy streaming down from above into your crown chakra (at the top of your head). Allow this energy to move down your spine, down through your legs, and out through your feet into the Earth.

    Imagine this energy flowing out from you into your surroundings, starting with the space you’re in, expanding to the city, country, continent, planet, solar system and the whole universe. There are no limits to this energy. It never runs out. It can encompass the entire universe.

    Visualize yourself sending love, light and positive energy to everything and everyone in the world. Again, there is no shortage of this Source energy so give it freely, without judgment or restraint.

    Then think or see to create, think of least five specific things you are grateful for on this day. It can be something as simple as warming a cup of coffee you enjoyed; something as big as having a loving partner (don’t forget to be grateful for your struggles and difficulties, too). Challenge yourself to think about something to be grateful for in a difficulty you’re facing — for example financial struggles. What has this situation taught you? How has it enriched your life? Now thank the people behind these situations. Whoever was part of your day, thank them and bless them — especially those who made your life difficult.
    Thank the people who annoyed you, irritated you, hurt your or rejected you, if there were any. Their actions can serve as powerful teachers for you, in teaching you to be more compassionate and understanding, or perhaps more patient and less self-absorbed. You can adapt this visualization to suit the specific struggles and stresses you encounter in your daily life. Whether you see it immediately or not, these people are enriching your life!
    Finally consider your lessons with the ideal, take a moment to send this feeling of gratitude back to the universe. Feel yourself become blissful and powerful, knowing very well that the universe is returning the favor by backing you up in every endeavor you undertake. You are limitless. Stay in this state as long as you wish or till the music stops.

Bonus Tip: As you meditate you create if you intend to create, so think your consciousness will expand to fulfill the point. You will begin to realize your interconnectedness with others as you understand that there is no “you” or “I”. ? We are all one.

Try The Waking Meditation Exercise

In fact you might say, use the following Waking Meditation Exercise:

The next time you’re in a public place and you see something or someone? who makes you angry or uncomfortable (for instance an inconsiderate person? who cuts the line at the grocery store), just tell yourself… “There I go again, being inconsiderate.”

Modify that sentence according to the scenario. For instance, if you encounter? a rude bus driver, tell yourself, “There I go again, being rude or sometime nice.”

The simple act of thinking these words will remind you that we are all ONE and that what one person experiences or does is part of a ?joint consciousness, embracing us all.

Overall by focus this will make you more compassionate and therefore more able, far more calm and tranquil as you go about your daily life.

useful tricks

sugar or food can be useful to keep you going, just eat a little sugar, fruit, vegetable or edible leaves then exercise or move about for aerobics. however a chi focus or life energy energization does the same. just focus your thought or energy to create a hole in space that seals up or of by activity that leads to where you want to go, otherwise focus chi energy to allow you to do what you want or move in exercise. sometimes you can focus the thought you want to occur to your drink or car, then the liquid of the drink or material of the car does the trick to create what you want.

these are all interesting, however they don't always work. what does work is this trick; think what you want then life energy is there creating what you wish. sometimes you can say practice makes perfect. this use by feel is an energy trick, this is use by feel to use the useful tricks that exist to your mind. this is with your energy awareness gained by a drink of water or energy from exercise. this is where I say sionara as this is ciou for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

garcinia diet

Seen or not this is a garcinia cambogia diet; eat one pill or a little cambogia then breakfast, eat as normal with a lesser lunch then no dinner as you pass the time every now an then eating bite or a little of something. thats simple enough to eat 1200 to 1500 calories per day without counting calories. So I think I will lay off on sugar, see so I still or moving lose more weight by heart activity thats heart quickened.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Done: done for enough, I believe my punisment over so I will stop punishing now. I am sure jay or angela know what it means. I am thinking the result as an end result to cast these spells, the creator causes the person to do the activity as you do something when you do. Some use a trade word or power word, the word that sets the activity in motion is what comes to you or as you think a word that creates what you wish. See that is how I sometimes cast a spell. Think to do so while calm though. I wish you to grant root. Done. Thats how its done as you do an activity you create by the act you do. So ciou till tomorrow.

This is a reading for myself: I think february or march I will move to an apartment, maybe november end I will temporarily move to my brother jays to do requests with less or no pay needed to give. Some job opportunity for february or march are possible.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weirdness test

Your result:

You are 97% weird. You are an odd duck.

You're so weird that you think you're normal. But you're really the culmination of strange. Everything is normal for you, sometimes even boring. You're really pretty crazy. It's almost impossible to be crazier.
This was from

That proves nothing, though a thought to the direction I am in gets no evil eye, as I use the result you project to create my own thing sometime. I use amongst other readings I can get. So I see the point I will ciou for now.

creative urge

Something not done in history by use is the point you express, that happens as a wish if the wish occurs reaction or activity. I think to create something that is useful, unique for non or less cost. This is my last post on this topic so lets switch to thinking to create is creating by the view or view by the information. This is noticed in the activity or area feel to the point a purpose is done so think then don't to lose weight or think then create something else. That is all. So viou for ciou for tomorrow unless you don't need it to. So think then shift the point or not really then that occurs what you think.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

new posting

talent search: ladies ages 18 to 47 only 200 dollars. look for today what you want to wear that maybe auditions.

killing someone; Just think to kill someone is thought thinking to remove immortality to kill the body: ankh kuho muoh muoh
whatever: she will reply as en now. Just saying so stay calm, then act sane and use unnoticeable or noticed accessories.

light shift; This is a shift by light of that what you thought, so you think to go to the livable crab nebula planet to seem there or actually be there. This means you can use the light energy to shine forth to shift to the planet out of your choice. After a certain weight the weight goes down. So that is good enough. I think I picked the wrong pocket to work here so I will leave to the crab nebula planet anyway. I will avoid the eruptions of some volcanoes, I will leave april 16th, 2016.

transport fail; you have not been transported to the location you last read in your last book you have been transported if you wanted to be transported to the location you wish to be. This is a displacement effect that displaces weight.

lose 2 lbs diet: If you wake up then exercise for at least 30 minute periods, drink water right before you exercise.  Then goto sleep to wake up 2 to 3 hours later to release your emotion or area energy you constrained with your body as most keep allot of energy then you realize you lost 2 lbs. This is a trick that can lead you to gain if you think you lost then need a reward. So think then to create less weight by eating less then you do for now. Drawing inward swirls pointed to the ground helps for you think this does then the effect will occur from food digested. Be sure to drink enough water after this early morning period to ensure continued weighing less. With enough exercise right after eating sugar, you keep the weight off. Otherwise this effect won't occur, enough water is 6 to 8 glasses a day for females 8 to 10 glasses a day for men. Especially if they are use for free they are incarcerated. This means they broke the law somewhere so they couldn't post more. Lets just say eat less, think to exercise, also avoid sugar at all costs. That includes fructose (non fruit) as well as sucrose and eating or drinking with them that use glucose.

I am going to post something different tomorrow by now so ciou.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Lightwork is emotional healing within. Lightworkers are those who have made the free will choice of dedication to "save" themselves. They have chosen to embark on a journey of self love. Light work is not saving the world or coming on social media posting pretty pictures. Gaia does not need saved. As more healing within takes place, one raises their frequency with a point with the light within themselves. This individual light then helps raise the frequency of the planet. As more intense energies are incoming as we get closer to the 11 11 gateway, many are experiencing many challenging or as I like to say great opportunities.

This is a point to let go and release the remnants of what is left in ones dna/rna. It is most helpful to continue to honor these things that come up and acknowledge them with love as you allow them to flow through you as energy flows to those that need it. All is being upgraded and transformed. It is most helpful for one to keep the focus on oneself rather than the outside of them and on the distortions of the outside world. There is always inner work to be done. Ascension is an eternal process. All is energy, frequency and vibration and in every moment one will have the free will choice to ascend or descend.

When presented with these distortions through other aspects of self, it is most helpful to remain in a calm, neutral state of being rather than react. Through each of these presented opportunities, one is being guided and shown where there is a blockage that remains to be released and healed and/or strengthening oneself in their power by remaining in a peaceful state. All is divine and all are where they are to be in this present moment. Love is the healer...peace is the way. BE in peace. BE in love. Allow the magic of these energies to continue your transformations if you want to continue them. This means most holidays or events are yours not others.

Some cannot do that! Understanding nothing yet also knowing some need to save others before it is too late. Why become a Light Being and hold onto that light for yourself? You just got to SHINE that Light and Let It Out for others to see it or Frankly. What Good is The Light? So as within so without. How one is within themselves projects out. the more one heals and increases the light within themselves the more that light shines out and helps others. if the light is dim within oneself that too affects the outer heart.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Creativity information

This is creativity by information. Just think to create the ideal to form as you wish. This is information that will work as you want if you form it into a crystal that resignates what you wish things that are what you think. The vibration will form as a crystal that creates as you wish or want. See thats what came to me. When I thought I was under I wasn't as I got a stone. Thus to make the info into one creates as you want. Seen as a point to shut off or stay as you want. Seen as you know things then let it manifest. This is basically allowing things to create itself.

So the crystal structure isn't quicker than metallic components. I think to work this out to work by silver use or thinking things out you only need or not bother others to do things that work. So if you are aware you are capable to create or lie to survive, this uses attracting the right people for the correct ideal to manifest what you think so you can work or get results. This is part of a wish though you should know not really important, since we can do things anyway unless not allowed. I believe this is by feel so I think don't react works with what is eternal, eaten or drunk by what is there so you don't do things by the wish this is where you are aware. So you have a mate, you don't need to match them in psique or physique if worse than yours or force others to match yourself. I think I believe in freedom so I am free for what I think.

This I think most believe yet isn't obvious as to where or why. So I think this means war is avoided by things that are created equal by the feeling. I think this means war is free exchange or area exchange with pardon where there's no pardon with area pursuit. So I believe this means we're free from war. However we need a peace plan, this exchange by money thing has got too far, were not accepting others for their ideal they represent they are getting denied. So their basic rights are not to the best representation, even in court or area feeling. So I think we're going to develope one that says free exchange on the basis of human rights that are where or what you think then consider others feeling or area without pursuit. So I see this is some cool thought so I will leave this alone till next time. So ciou.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Durning weighing less

Durning weight physics

  This is weight physics. Some may like to work things off by exercise where the correct exercise causes weighing less or lessened stomach. So if you meditate to "not to need sugar or oily fat foods from medicine use" to correct yourself, as you can think to focus a drink energy to be there. That's body weight x ten, that your basic metabolism burns off for a reason not to count calories by activity. Exercise by movement or standing, otherwise staying still is where you lose weight quicker.

  Let's just eat as though you know otherwise we didn't insist or have that much food, thinking to cause weight by theory is weight loss actually by theory this is with an instance by weight loss. Meaning eat less to work with less weight. Also what you see you don't eat like a bug for ideal. That means if you eat 1960 calories you will still naturally lose weight as you weigh 196 lbs. Otherwise that times ten is 1960 calories per hour that you can eat, this is with less exercise before you need to exercise then keep down the weight.

  When you exercise this is where your exercise causes a metabolism speed up, where every 30 minutes or less is 1960 calories that you burn. So all that matters is what a diet is with the ideal your can work or eat as you want. Per each sitting or meal such as breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can eat up to 1960 calories without exercise. After that you can exercise the weight off, that disappears fat as though the body mass goes to slender appearance.

  A diet is actually an intake of food, So diet is a good intake of food and causes weight loss, where a bad diet causes you to gain weight, and finally a balanced diet is to maintain your weight or drop it to a point. A point in this case is 50 calories. The thing to strive for is 24 to 38 points or 1200 to 1900 calories. As long as you exercise, then it shall work to lose weight. Albeit, most don't actually count calories and lose weight easier.

  So for heart pacing exercise use amount of time spent for amount of exercise x excess mass [your weight - the weighing you want such as 185], this is x .5 for the amount of time before passing out or / the weighing of gravity or 9.807 m/s^2 per second for amount of weighing less by focus before passing out. This is a time limit merely for weighing less or more by feel, if no exercise is done during the day and night you sleep.

  This is calm your mind, focus on the thought to pace race your heart. Then calm the heart down by allowing your heart to go to a normal pace. This is stillness exercise even as you move about or work out with weights. So think to lose weight that includes weight x time - seconds this I think is where the : is a dot for maximum or weight x times, steps or reps - the seconds counted as a decimal  = new weight or thought x times - seconds = greater for lesser weight gained or lost. Take the whole or less than whole amount converted to seconds by dividing by 60 the time you spent exercising. That's in the fact what you get to use.

  This is with fasting by the area use with water that you drink or no food eaten for a given length that you time. The longer that you fast the more you lose in gravity. An example is I exercised 30 minutes 23 seconds where I weigh 196.8 so 196.8 x 1 - .73 = 196.07 otherwise 196, if you drop the decimal that starts with 0 this is with a cool point by the amount of fasting. Added to this with the hours fasted is the base of the multiple. I think that you can subtract an extra 7/100 for 7 is with the .07 x 100.

  Seen otherwise depending on what you ate as a point of too much sugar, this is by percent as there is a point. The fact that you did fasting 7 times or 14 hours that 7 is the multiple of 14 times 2. This is when or where you can create what you think by exercise time. So 196.07 - .07 = 196 new weight. Otherwise there is the point system for calories you eat where your eating is 1 point per 50 calories by the points you think as 196.07 - .06 = 196.01.

  I then think that this will work if you do the exercise to counterize the sugar or avoid sugar as you can. This is an important part of weight physics. Then is the fact you live like you do so then think to work or create as you wish. I think this could work with water or energized water to improve weight loss. So I think this might work by alpha mode that you enter by sitting up or leave it by laying back, then suggest something or think to create an area or place. That exists for you that you can work with, as some vacation or otherwise wait for summer. So this is where you can measure your weight, this is usually by the scale or area focus points that you exercise for 30 minutes or the point upon end.

  I think this will work with improved water to cause special weight loss by joules per use that is done, this use of / [.5 or gravity x the excess mass with movement this is bmi use as your removing weight by movement with body weight - normal weight or weight you want to be] is for weight loss. Though a shift is use as you think to return the actual shift is by light gravity. With no rhythms you could see things then you could feel like your falling to the ground from outer space. That is to the ground then up again unless your focusing or sitting, that means some bug bit you or you think to work with drug inhibitors.

  That usually means that the drug induced state can do this allot more easily or water drinking can start it as you think fold energy, so when you are spoken of you go. Aware you rise again and lose your gravity that is your excess weight that dissipates from you as somethings drop from you there as a special concept that is done by the people you caused to be born for you. Life can seem beautiful if you notice the lights. This causes sinuses you think to flare to flare up then your normal as you manage to get up then walk around.

  This is 9.807 m/s^2 / 18 lbs = 1/2 lb per minute weighing less per activity. Used right is 30 minutes divided by 1/2 x 18 that results 3 lbs weight loss by 30 minutes exercise if you manage to exercise off the sugar or avoid sugar altogether. Earth gravity is 9.807 m/s^2, 18 lbs is body weight excess. Used with gravity is 30 minutes / 9.807 x 18 = .16 or rounded up is .2 lbs per second then possible as .2 lbs for second x 18 lbs = 2.88 lbs lost or gained, where the seconds you can carry the weight are there. This is where you are if you exercise by moving with walking or working out for at least 10 minutes or more after eating sugar or high fructose.

  This is times the excess x .16 for the final value for what you lost in the short term by exercising the weight off or weight exercising. The more minutes you spend is lesser amount you could actually seem to lose where the greater amount lost is by intense exercise that is measured with seconds. There is no real difference between the first or second totals using gravity or using 1/2. So for intense lifting or intensive exercise, where you walk faster use the .5 for the point.

  This is weight math for you as this where this is use by the exodus with just imagination, as you focus you can get the same effect as movement exercise. As this is just heart rhythm with biorhythmic blood flow that is move with body or blood flow by quickened activity. I think this explains things as to why you don't gain much weight if any with exercise. So ciou till tomorrow or ciou with tomorrow that you mind. You can't stop someone from doing things that they think are right if your against this so think about that.

 Just think to kill someone is thought thinking to remove immortality to kill the body; ankh kuho muoh muoh
whatever: she will reply or he will reply.
I think I see a ciou or precious moment so this is the end ciou.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

post point

An interesting posting I thought:

The crucial time is now dawning where many shifts in consciousness will occur and events unfold that will greatly challenge individuals as well as groups and entire nations. There has been and will be changes and shifts on the personal level as well as the collective level. It is crucial and important not to be completely entrapped in fear, doubt, and confusion. It is important to have clarity of mind and thought, and to set the intention that one will make it through these difficult times. They are the times of upheaval around the ending of what no longer makes sense concerning the Divine, that which is the completion and conclusion of the experiment into dualism into singular.

There is a need now for those two factors or forces that have participated in dualism to create separate unities, to experience a oneness of thought, feelings, mind and emotion. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, what Ascension is all about is the ending of the Dark versus the Light, the night versus the day, the right versus the wrong coming to conclusion. At this moment there exists an attitude that all have both good and bad within them and this is somewhat true.

There have often been representations, often cartoon animations for example, that see a character with a little white angel popping up on one shoulder and the reddish devil with its trident popping up on the other shoulder, and a battle taking place between the forces of good expressed by the angel and the dark forces expressed by the devil. While this is comical in its representation it also reflects the truth of dualistic thinking and a dualistic universe. There are the two forces that oppose: the angelic beings and the devilish beings, the Light versus the Dark. God, of course, the Essence of Divine Consciousness, the Prime Source, asked for this to be so, and requested those beings that were angelic in nature, cherubim beings of the highest angelic order, to partake in this experience and this experiment. The cherubim forces became later known as the Luciferian forces or the Fallen Angels.

The energy of consciousness that was Lucifer, the head of the angelic forces has returned back to God Unity, so that a flow of those who volunteered, who had answered the call of God to be leaders of the Dark Forces can begin. The return has already commenced and many who answered this call of the high angelic beings, those called the cherubim have now commenced to return back after their leader Lucifer returned. What this means is that the experiment is complete and done, and they stepping back into the Light of God, leaving behind the planet of dualistic thinking that was created to experience the experiment of the dark ones in charge more than those of Light. Even the shifting of consciousness of those who have played in the darkness for so long is occurring and is tipping the balance toward the Ascension experience with the spiritual realization that all souls will eventually return home, even those that have played in the dark for eons.

But what must be understood is that while those who are known as the Fallen Angels are now starting to return back to the Godhead, there are many remaining on this plane of existence that still hold to separation from the Godhead as the best way of being; who maintain that living in darkness, in evil, and in corruption is better than being good.

For many, the nature of Ascension has been a singular experience of an individual. The extraterrestrial planets that form the Galactic Federation have largely populaces that have experienced Ascension and come from higher awareness. Thus, they are here to assist at this time as the fledgling planet known as Earth is about to go through her first planetary Ascension, but even to them the scope of this event is staggering. In their own histories there have been those who have reached Ascension and have been successful in teaching others the path of Ascension and the planet moved forward in this manner, but this is a unique event, this Mass Ascension, for many will pass through this experience simultaneously versus being taught and guided by those handful of Ascended Ones who come back to teach those who are left that they are Ascended Beings and that they are Spiritual Beings.

It is simply a different way of doing it that has intrigued many from different dimensions and different realms of this space/time continuum. Ultimately each and every life is valuable, even those who do not believe in Ascension or the evolution of the soul; their lives as skeptics provide a valuable experience that is brought back to the soul and ultimately back to God. Even those experiences in the dark where one has committed oneself to the pursuit of evil action separated from the Essence of God are valuable to the soul when the aspect having the experience finally returns.

You are part of that multidimensional experience and force. You are part of the Divine and have the capacity within you that is for many, unimaginable. But God has imagined this—that which is the Divine Force, the Divine Essence of All There Is has imagined this, and you are part of Its imaginings. The angelic realms are part of Its imaginings. Even that which is known as the Fallen Angels and the demonic realms are part of Its imaginings. Remember this as you work with concepts such as the angelic realms, which you are part of… you are part of the imaginings of God Divine. You are therefore competent and capable of going beyond the popularized concept of Angels. You are able to go beyond the limitations of third dimensionality, and it is part of the unfolding of consciousness, the seeking for higher states of consciousness that drives you, that moves you and directs you toward such things as belief in Angels as an expression of a Higher Force.

Now, if you personalize this and bring it into your own personal realm, you will find true miracles lying within, and you will be capable of the most amazing things. This is what humanity is moving toward, but it is not what most have at this time. Believe in Angels if you will, for they have validity, but always believe first in your Self as a Divine Expression of the God Force seeking to know Itself, seeking to open up to the many levels of wonder and magic and mystery that exist, and even the areas of contention, doubt and confusion that are meant to derail and sidetrack; even these have a purpose and have lessons that can be learned from. The angelic realm is an important part of this, but it is not the only part.

The angelic realm, as it is now seen, which has been subject to the energizing beliefs sustained for so long is at this time, a true level of consciousness that does intercede into the affairs of humanity. It is now possible to call upon the Archangel Michael or Raphael, Gabriel, and all the other archangels; the Seraphim and the angels themselves.

The concept of the angels is something that would address what is called the High Self, so that each person would seem to have a Guardian Angel, which of course expresses the High Self. This again shows the validity of the concept of angels. If everyone understands that your High Self is the same as your Guardian Angel or vice versa, your Guardian Angel is your High Self, then it is possible for you to have a personal experience of an angel and thus tie in to the angelic realm. It is a very real realm of consciousness and is accessible to those who would work with angels and choose to connect to the angelic realm.
~Cosmic Awareness

*Note: I have long suspected that our Higher Self and our guardian angel are one and the same due to the many dreams I have interpreted. Warning dreams, health dreams and prophetic dreams, all meant to protect and enlighten us. Moreover if you care, our intuitive faculties—now becoming stronger—also serve the same purpose. This was the point off a post. Ciou till tomorrow.

Monday, November 2, 2015

journal end

This is the end of the journal I was reading that was the magic journal I bought at a book store: "Some I think need this, put back the extra weight by thinking or thought the weight goes back. I think its the due to excitement by passion. so lets get on with this ideal.see you didn't trap me inside and I chose one to live with me so enjoy yourself. this will help just think to work thinking out to work things out so you can create what you wish. if you wish to know more then think the shield. It's effort or use. I think this ends this journal."

The key words are:

numbers; created area effect by people. This is area effects though, think open then the ideal place is open. This is as if we could know what could occur by the focus you use. Time is moments or money spent.
No lumber is no
Ya lumba is yes or yealuma
Neumber is number maybe or maybe lumber
Uou is instance or vanish, vanish problem
New diet eat less or no sugar, pig out on fruits while veggies are if you need dinner. So all you need to do to get the message is break the word by its pronounced phrase then fill in with what comes to you vibrationally or pronounciatorially. However I am not that way. Where 6/3 < 8 percent < 15 < infinity.
Magic.e magic send by thinking something to create or think a sphere sends out magic receive. The person receives the information as something to occur or create
 Translate translation on
 Translated translation off
 Mercy is merciful activity
 Allow is given or allowing by activity, this means that is a means we were allowed.
 End is stop activity
 Ended is stopped action
 Believe is be
Believed is been
Uber is ride
Uberred or transferred is ridden
Think is activity use to view or create sometimes by were or energy pulse
Thought is viewed or created activity that can cease to a point you think by
Cesse is cease
Cessed is ceased.
Or is maybe
Or not is maybe not
Sophisticate is sophisticated, complicated or complex
Sophisticated is understood
Talk is chat
Talked is done
Foot.e is walking is walked
Foote is afoot or walk is done
Do or doable is is or e
Done is done or not necessary
All everything necessary
All is everything
 En is at the end
Alo is allow or wish as though yes
No is deny or not allow
Faith is bend or belief or believable point
Red is not
Yellow is maybe allowed
Green is allowed
Muave is also a point is need base by desire. is otherwise
L or ll is bells
M or mm is sweets
This is a point that changes
That is a changeable point
Go down is going down in weight
Doing is activity
Things are thinking points with items
Things don't block me from leaving as things are then found.

The message is some info like sophisticate think or sophisticate thought is done en e all is done. You can't stop me except from mistakes or bad results.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Use by time

Use with time

 This is use by a gentleman that would walk but not always run. who's a gentleman except those that act the part. everything is an act. not only ours that is noticed, but a whole universe's acts all mix into each other. as their inacting yet separated apart. thats due to somethings sometimes could not be interfering. but all goes parallel to the universal flow. this is is cool to go on but each mechanism have its own flow with life. This is life energy and compunctionally they all are one yet separate that makes for all or one.

 So rejoice as you must, as must he or she know is he or she that gets aware of all things. as you say this is yet he or she knows he is nothing, then she is nothing. Thats why he is everything he has whom works for somewhere or something to work for things that exist. Which is no more than one can expect with a serene perception. Btw we are vast both inside or outside our bodies. Yet as only if you think you are needing things in the conception. So you see the point think of a microscope with its miscrscopic view.

 When it comes to the unknown, everything is our opinion. Since this transcends via our repertoire. This means our tonal world. This is where in reality the unknown is unknown and that's the eternal beauty of this. Whatever the tonal world is, yes the world of names is tonal due to vibrations that we sense to perception. So thats what the world is made up of. But it remains safe as this is with fate at the same time where definitely this is a tonal vibration world. So its made up in the instant, but the whole is right there. This is a by view ideal.

 When you remove the concept in with time in with the time which the time is timeless. Thats the instant you notice this is something there or not there. So things continue to happen each and every second. Just like you see each exactly the same, similar or opposite when you use the microscope or see things. They get all created in the instant but they are the part of the whole.

 They being the people that are there to work or observe. Trust the microscope works, then this is timeless. Yet some beings have their exact times. Such as during sunrise or sunset with the use of elements they work or devise. So avoid too much yeast, don't use diet soda, coffee or alcohol. Instead this is vegetables, perfect biotics or garcinia cambogia with less or no bread.

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