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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For Pete's sake

The point I spoke to Pete and did some orgonne for him, then was a moment that this was done and the moment I listened to him.

This is then a point of idea, to say Pete's sake and do your own thing. Think and you are aware. This is what I came up with for others or myself.

Think; to make this work, think this will work out and Pete's out by feel. Doing what you need by what you want.

Downplay; The trump administration stops terrorizing scientists by not threatening information removal.

The replacement; the idea of the system is replaced with something better if necessary.

The end

The president; he has something to talk about. Think to work and you get a job. That is a point by the feel, so think and you know things by what is done.

Debt paid; the debt is paid by printing money and allowing free credit. This is the symbol of prosperity. This uses their idea and less inflation by feel. This is treating money or credit as though the payment to the national debt.

The sense; the sense of the area is the point you saw, a bloody and disruptive area that disrupts criminal activity wherever it is. All except for downloading free stuff and pirated material.

The ending; the ending is where you can see the time and know the right time to contact people.

The idea; the idea is the simple point that you create by feel and work by the area or different time or place being known about.

The area; This is the area known as the point or place of origin. So you know what to expect by now. I however am with thought.

I won't go back there so I know this is true. So I know this is correct. I think it's avoid or act to go.

So for Pete's sake if threatened, I avoid or attack if attacked unless I know I can walk away. Think to do if you need to do things, the point is not to bother others. If a dog, try to get away and hope they don't chase.

That's how you can deal with them if you run into a dog pack. Where you run away until they stop chasing. That is if you run fast enough, so that is what you should do. Now you can go near that area.

Spending; I no longer follow the god thrift or finance for now.

The end; the ending is the point and the point is the moment that can last until you think it doesn't last. That is the moment in idea.

His trick; the trick is this, the aura can show anything. Anything that you want to show or think about showing by feel.

Visual sensation; This is a point that the body senses can pick up, usually to see or know if you want to see it or as you want to see it.

The aura; the aura can create what you think by emanations with energy or otherwise as you see. This is unless you don't need it to be created.

Just think that thinking things you create. Then you create them eventually if you want to create them, then you create by focus or the idea thought about is from manifestation. This is where your not creating things if you don't need to do things by intention.

The end

The main point; create as you want and use what you can your not being slashed in budget costs. So think to spend wisely and you can create what you want.

The m; they don't exist and people aren't M's anymore. That is simple and the case of a misresponse. So the point I think they can get, I will leave it on my blog.

Thinking; Thinking of value here, I have known that I am different so I will go and I will leave soon. That is all for the main point in life.

Plausibility; However for plausibility, I will need a cover story so those that call me won't find reason to see, that what I say is an unplausible excuse and serve someone else unless I don't mind that point. So I will find a reason to leave as soon as possible.

The excuse; the points of irritation by Ricardo is a little too much so I will go now to avoid him.

The action; the act is cool till I need to do things, that is all there is to this.

The cost; the grocery tax is dropped and there is no exceptional taxation on groceries anymore.

Think; the cost goes down and the cost of living is lowered. Life gets simpler after this, so think a plan and stick to the point.

Thinking a point you will get a response, otherwise your ignored.

Friendly; your friendly so you can get somewhere or get away with things. That is all this is anyway. This is without stress and people can do what they want unless too violent because your in debt.

Think repose; the response is unnecessary, the point is made so your alright and okay with things.

However I am gone, so it doesn't matter. This was just a point of idea if it were true. No scuffling will occur. Stress is reduced by feel.

Thought; though the point was done, what I think is this. The point that was made doesn't matter. So I think this thought is a point to the past.

Unless you don't want to warn people, this is of course the point. Think and deliver, that's the point to this idea. So it gets accepted and passes review.

That is all for now. So this is what I think, I can get things done easily and now things are working out I will ciou and farewell till later.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Think orgonne

The point is the thing and the idea is what you want or need. That is how orgonne works, the creator creates what you want and things can work themselves out. That is what I intend with this by idea. What I feel is what I owe as a point to society, thinking to create as I go.

Think; this will work by the creator that exists things and things are what does the idea.

The thought; the point you think doesn't matter, the moment is over, think and do as you must.

The shot; the shot is there that comes on time and the effect goes with no weight gain, so what occurs is upto you or the doctor. Think and you know this will work out.

Thought point; what I say ends the moment if necessary or what the management says ends the point.

EJ; he doesn't need to have us nervous to feel safe.

Federal government; the federal government is doing a good job.

The shot Ii; the shot or the right medicine is there in the correct dosage.

The project; the project is done, gone and over with so think and this is done.

Bounce; the point on a bounce and your released. The memory is over, think and work with the event. Keeping the phone in the pocket.

Update; they had the shot and I don't have to worry over staying until I move out.

Jay m; he finds a place for me an uses the best judgement. This is by feel that things occur after this.

After this things occur by the point and that measures the means the idea, so what you have could work out. So think positively and go with the point being done.

This is done; this being done, I think the point. So think and things will occur, this is what that is so you think this will occur or otherwise would work out by feel. This is where I think and things occur.

Finished; I am finished now, there is no reason to worry. Things will work out and I won't miss the auspicious days ahead.

Other things:

The internet; the internet works.

The birds; the birds eat all the excess thrown bread.

Think; the thought is creatable and done if needed or not if violent.

Except; the exceptance is the case, the point is the moment and ended by the point or not done unless necessary.

Bedbugs; whatever the case, I don't want the bedbugs. So I think I will stop and do something about it.

Activity; if you want activity to stop, then intend the point to stop and say "no, don't" or "no, stop". The activity should calm down or stop. This is where you can allow things as a yes or you could say "yes, please" otherwise "yes" will suffice.

Thinking; think as you'd like, this isn't a point to react to so your aware by now. I think this will work out anyway. So your aware of your options, think and you know what to do.

Think and stop; think to spend, feel and stop if too much or too many things already bought anyway.

Hope; saying I hope or hopefully and some idea to cause, creates if necessary the condition or point that you want by need or thinking by fee or feel with an idea.

The end

Finances; my finances will work out well or unwell, this is the best I can do for now. What I think is so is best. This is the best for me by far.

The point; the point is calm under idea and what have you for influence. This is the main point of life.

Think as you like; the point is done, think and this is over with by fee or feel. Thinking a point you find a friend and that is a point by what you call.

Credit; think to use it if you want to pay it off later. That's the deal and always the option. This is as if I did something right for the moment I suggested. So I think it's done.

The point; the idea is simple, you focus you work you create by feel or thinking.

Civil; the civil moment is an idea to work with others and do what you should or want to do. That is the indicative point, thinking to make things work out creates peace throughout the land. So think and you can do things. What I think is what I feel sometimes, yet that sometimes is not enough so I hope you enjoy your day. Ciou and farewell by feel.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The flashback

This is a update to the card reading page, linked to the site and this is basically what I see for now. So enjoy what know as what I see is sometimes what I discuss or can say if I need to discuss it. Some times are noted in the card reading article and some are not. So I think this is rather interesting as to what is said or done, compared to what is posted. This is thought as though the point is a moment and you only have to list the idea. The aura is the displayer if I want it displayed. This is a good point to post the link and let you read. The link is: or not bother as its no longer necessary, this is how you basically read playing cards for divination. This is the point to living not the point to do things.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thinking point VII

The thinking point I think about most is this, the point I was working and creating by feel then someone came in to work with me. So all I had to do was use suggestions with my work and high hopes is it worked out well. This was my hope for today, but if not then things work out by feel.

Time was my thought point for this but my real thought was: thinking a point I was aware of things and aware I was able to deal with anything. Think a point and you can do anything by the feel of things. This is the lesson I learned by what occurred with some grey aliens attention, that distracted themselves away from me as things just happened that I thought would occur.

So if your targeted by greys, think your not targeted then think a point to happen to them and then they distract themselves and you aren't effected. So if something happens, then you can do things when you want to get something done or when something occurs that you think and the creator makes happen. Thats the way this works, if the greys existed at all according to the alienists. However if they didn't exist, then your just fine and you decide your own fate.

So I think if to construe the point, if I say that then this is a point in reference for the area is well construed to work with what I think is a point to do. So if you are aware of things, then this is a point of reminder to be nice today and tomorrow so things aren't so bad off. Think a point or feel an idea out, then ciou and things will go well. So I will say ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2017


The point to this, finally, is this. Think for yourself and do your own thing. This is what I have been noticing at home lately. So I think the idea is this, think and do what you need to do to create what effect you need. The idea came about from the point of recall, mixed with the point of a moment to reflect on. So you think, that is what I thought until it was pointed out. This is all in your mind think for yourself means that you are aware and awake, that is what is done or dealt with by feel or some point. This is with the idea that you know what I mean and react responsibly, so think or do what you want to do to get along with life. That is the message that I got from this point. So what I think for this update is simmple, thinking is for those that want to think. Doing is for those that want to do things. So thinking this I will ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Normal things

Here are some normal things that I thought of, that this is covered by orgonne or machine energy manipulation. Think of the moment to create what you want.

Space-x; they get a launch off today successfully. There is no communication and prelaunch checks errors. The two issues reported are resolved today before T-1 minute by the creator. So by feel the problems and thrust vector factor resolved and the inconsistent data resolved. We can change the future, we can change the past by the future that we think is there. We create by treating the past moment as though the present, then we use a future moment that we think to use as a point. That is what we can do, this is usually by the power of the creator. The weather is perfect for a launch today. This is without stress and things are working well.

the shot; the shot is on thursday, they have it and I can get it from their use. The point is an idea that I use what is available, so I will wait and see if this is right for me. Think positive and work for what you have if you need to work.

decisions; I make the right decisions for today and wherever I make a decision. I end the point with an idea written down, if necessary.

diet; the diet is cool and I think is cool to use as food is the thing, so that is where you eat something less of things and that is the diet.

water mixed with crystal light flavor packets and salt or sea salt. Your choice. This is a point that you can use or not use, this is a curative and its up to the chooser if he or she likes it. In an in most or in moderation in most things. This is a point of recall.

This seems to cover for the social security administration office. Just think the energy of the area or moment creates what you need.

Wait time; the wait time is shortened, the time takes less per person and time is less per moment. That's if you treat each time as though a moment that is done.

The mment; the moment is there yet is not there if not completed. This is the moment by feel. They give the SS card as they can. However this is just fine.

Numbers: no number is paused or no number is paused in progressing too long. Each number in the SS administration office goes by quickly. Excepting for teeth.

N343; this number isn't paused on too long.

N344; this number goes by quickly. This is as any SS admin number unless at normal speed.

N348; this number goes by quickly unless normal speed and things are well.

This was my visit at the social security administration office. End result is I got my SS card back.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chris's orgonne

This is created by orgonite resonance. This is what I think will occur, not what I want to occur unless necessary. So this is the point. The point I will make is simple, think for yourself and do your own thing. If you do what others want, then that is what you decide. This orgonne reflects that and the orgonite resonation creates what I think as though the correct man or woman is there, this us thought to the orgonite if necessary as a want. So my gifting of the orgonite, otherwise placing the orgonite someplace unspecified, creates what I want.

The idea; the basic idea is this, the moment you think is the moment that you act right. So that is what I am going by for now.

Seraph; they make certain things are alright and if about to steal a physical thing, it's not stealable. Otherwise this point can go alright.

This is en point and alright so the Coke machine won't catch now. This is as though a marking were placed. The symbol causes the effect that is done.

Dentist; there isn't any extra work or cavities since last time. There is no pain dealt today an it's done already. Everything goes alright today.

Cavities; Whatever occurs, my cavities do not enlarge anymore. I am alright with the world. This is the ending point that I saw.

Learning; this is a learning situation, think and you know what you see. This is the end of my line. So I will do what I need to do to make peace. Think positive. Work better.

That's all I need to do to get things done. So I think I am done with this topic, gonna go on to the next one. Enginuity.

Engine work and repair. See this is later. I will think of it. Then write it and discuss if necessary, so that is all for now. I am content.

Updates; I found today to be different, thinking a thought I was aware of things and using what knowledge I had. I fixed the point by what I did. Sometimes only a comment was necessary, so this day will go easily and no different. This is from a peace filled day that it was meant to be. Hopefully this remains so.

I have other idea, thinking ahead I oblige others or only have to plan for what may come. That is all for this update.

SpaceX; the mission for space x goes well tomorrow with no explosions. This is with or without me watching it, yet I will get time to watch the flight.

This is the point that I am aware of that is going an going to happen by the creator.

Think; this will work an nothing will go wrong. So think to make this work.

The em word; the em is emphasis to some and work to others that create by the area or fee with feel. I then go with speed.

Triggers; they disappear​ before activating. Unless the trigger is causing saliva.

Sold; he's sold on my services I offer, if I offer any service.

HGH; the HGH is produced in the body as an idea aspect to lose weight by feel.

En spirit; the point is an idea and a point is direction. Think and you know what is going on.

Computer; this won't overheat. The virus disk rescue CD will complete.

Space debris; the space junk gets thrown out and pulled to the atmosphere so it's to be burned up.

This; thinking this is use in skill.

Use; use is what you can make use of by feel or get to use. This is guided by a point, the use is with intuition guiding instinct. You know by becoming aware, then you know what you need to do even before the moment.

The act; However you act, you act right. Thinking before you act. You know what to do if you need or know to do it.

Logistics; This is logistical point of view. What you need to do is up to you, you just know how to act sometimes. This is reflected upon by what you learn.

SS card; I get my social security card today, I wonder if I can get the Lukesha thing going.

The point; the point is done and this is the deal. That things work out between us and things aren't so bad off.

The van; the van I ride in works an the doors start working better, otherwise they are repaired by feel.

The ending is this, magic becomes easier and things are more able to be used in the area. If so, things start working. The end.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is where I was thinking less for myself and more for what other things that could occur will or could occur. So if and when I was aware, I was creating the point to make the basic idea seem useful. Plausible if for other reasonings, this when that was required by those that were listening. Just so I could pass things off as normal. So when I was aware, I was aware or went to do things as a main point to the area. Mainly to help improve the area, mostly to increase the possibility of acceptance. So I think I am aware and know things, I set up the point to reflect my knowledge. So that was how I got along in life.

This was from a past life called ezra, I wonder what occurred to her as she was going places and passing her self-motivated actions as an act to get acceptance, this was mostly for what she did for to to others. I believe she was born 853 BCE and was aware as she went to go do things. She died of a hernia and this was a stroke that brought her down after. So I believe that she was a mentor to many, but she was aware of a few that she relied upon carefully.

So careful that I think she stopped doing that after an idea occurred to her, this was the idea that she could do things better if she went off alone. That was all I remember except that her ability was magical, all she had to do was think and focus and energy would come to create what she wanted. That was all from this past life. I can still speak to her ghost but her language is a bit hard to understand.

Plans for today: to get my SS card and de-virus someones computer with the use of the creators help. This is for 10 $ look fee and 20 dollars per hour, where the 10 dollar fee comes from half the first hour. So I will ciou and farewell till later.

Monday, February 20, 2017

New life

I feel as if a new life was born somewhere else on another planet, so that all I have to do is let this body die off. When I shift I shift by soul to spiritually be somewhere else, I can explore the area or see for myself what the area is like. Then I can choose to accept the body or work with what I have and get made a body that I choose where I want and when I want. So that's how the process works, I wonder if it works out for me. If I think about it, I will work with what I have and do what I see is correct. This is for the circumstance, so I think the point is the reason and the reason is the idea. So ciou and farewell till then. Always remember, tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Past life rememberance

Past life guidance point

Trying to remember a past life? So your brain won't recognize the memory sometimes that the soul has. See it takes meditation. Which your brain tries to do and yes it can be as though just too flustered. So just let it meditate and you can do this by listening to music, then the memory comes back. This is where you don't think of things as you listen, then as you hear the music and words you realize the memory by what occurs to you. So then if you get flustered you won't get flustered and think of things.An idea is the effect as though no use is no use, you remember what you remember. Using this technique, you will remember something.

That can come from that time as you "need" to know the time. Think and know, correction, don't think of things unless you want to think of things and that you would remember. So now you know the rememberance theory, some people do whole days of memory searches and write stuff down. So then you can create a memory in your mind, that you can watch and work with the info without worries that it will happen again. See that's your second option. Oh yes, the rememberance may come back as a dream if you attempt to remember enough. This is what I use for this blog.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Some articles

These are reposted with permission:

Earth's Divinity
· Yesterday at 1:21pm ·
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"Human life in common is only made possible when a majority comes together which is stronger than any separate individual and which remains united against all separate individuals. The power of this community is then set up as 'right' in opposition to the power of the individual, which is condemned as 'brute force'. This replacement of the power of the individual by the power of a community constitutes the decisive step of civilization." - Sigmund Freud

Love and fear are on two opposite sides of the spectrum and both cannot coexist for where there is love there is no fear. All favorable emotions stem from love and all unfavorable emotions stem from fear. Any emotion that stems from fear may arise if we do not live in the present which is very evident when one is overly thinking. Interestingly enough, modern societies and those in power will always pursue to control the masses and they have done an unfavorably excellent job at puppeteering our emotions. It is the two main emotions of love and fear that dictates our every behavior. The "fight or flight" response, an expression of our survival instinct, seems to be manipulated throughout humanity in modern societies for we have been culturally assimilated and heavily enculturated. Our incognizance to the illogical behavior keeps us entrapped in our colonial mindset thinking that our every decision is one that deals with our survival but is yet a reaction that stems from fear. Love is also distorted in modern society that we replace it with materialism, sex, and anything that temporarily feeds our ego. It is this form of control and deception that keeps fueling the modern system. Rather than focusing on our survival, we have become hostage to our own way of thinking.

Subjugation in modern society is very common and has been in process for a few thousand years. When indoctrination occurs, the individual adopts radically different beliefs by use of systematic and often coercive pressure. The individual becomes disconnected from their traditional cultural values. The indoctrination that occurred over the few thousand years has had a devastating effect for many tribes across the world including humanity as we are still suffering from the results of colonization. The disconnection from our traditional cultural values opens up a new arena and one that is filled with modern values based on destruction and illogical behavior. Unfortunately the unfavorable quality we may have due to this colonial system has much to do with unfavorable events including the fall of the family structure.

Our emotions are puppeteered when the modern system triggers our love or fear. Analyzing our behavior we should ask ourselves if we are building or destroying. Are we reacting from a position of fear or from a position of love? Our lives are mostly lived without compassion and filled with an egocentric approach to life. Living without any regard of our fellow man has led to live a life in a fast paced society where our reactionary behavior doesn't give us the chance to sit back and look at life from the perspective of reason. We are always in competition with one another. What are we competing for and what are our aspirations? Are we feeding the system that led our ancestors and us to this state humanity is currently under? Much of our time is spent fueling the system. That which is built on destruction cannot prosper and grow into a civilization. It is apparent that ancient civilizations upheld values that are not imperative in modern society. We cannot allow the system to trigger reactionary behavior from us especially if they know how to manipulate any emotions that arise from love and fear. What are we doing to cultivate the self and grow spiritually? What are we doing to keep the family stable?

The longevity of any relationship depends on how much love we put in it. With the support we can provide not only will there be longevity and expansion, but there may also be a struggle that one can overcome with honesty and openness. As it is with growth, it is essential to be open and honest in any relationship as is well expressed in nature for all our struggles are different. In order to assist with longevity and expansion one must also be compassionate and empathetic so we may understand the individual and heal. The circumstances and influences one has experienced in one's life will lead to the emergence of the kind of individual one has the opportunity to encounter. We are the sum of what we have been exposed to and there have been many other emotions in play from whence he or she was born.. How can a family or any external unit remain stable if there is no love and how can it survive when fear arises? There are qualities that we should express if we are to have stable and harmonious relationships. The solution to today's troubles is love. The expansion of love would be extremely beautiful to experience if it was presently prevalent in every heart. Spirituality is an uphill battle and we will have to continue to fight and push forward and not allow fear to push us back.

In conclusion, John Lennon states, "There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace eternal life."

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New dental day

This is a new dental day, I will have no new cavities and my gumline will have healed up. That is my hope, so I will go about my business as usual. Thinking and find that people are willing to work with me. The point for today? the dental checkup, getting places is gonna be fun. So I think I will arrange a ride with a friend or two. So I think I know whom I can go with. The idea is simple, she might do the trip again. That is all for today, ciou and farewell till next time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

thesis in idea

This is a thesis I had, this came from a past life I will name lifetime 12, the point in the past this came from was harsh. So these might not be advised for usage.

Thesis; power is energy and energy is life to the area, so think and you know what is in it for you or is not there for you at all by now and enjoy your day. The lady you think about is a lifetime you want to know. So enjoy what you figure out.

Thought; the thought is a point or some idea you pick up on by what you see is there or not there due to movement. See what you can then as the moment the life exists you will know about it. Enjoy.

Haarp; the haarp energy is the key to control it, think and focus then the pitch in your ear dissipates away. This is used by the power of the creator, meaning that you direct it with your pineal gland.

The power is your pinneal gland or third eye, the subconscious is the thing that controls it. If you think to control it an if it is possible, then you can make anything happen. Enjoy your power.

This allowed:

The thinking point viewed by thought, I thought of things so I guess this will work to place them:

Thesis on work; the work is complete, so I think I will test it or rest and do what is necessary to live out my life.

Thinking; thinking this is a modern day delusion the thinking point is this, think a point and you create with some area that exists by what you feel. Or not to stop this effect.

Thought; the thought about point is a point to the past, thinking some present thought returns the body to the future present and the present is changed by thinking a future thought that you may want to occur.

Seeing point; seeing a doctor may be advised if you do any time shifts with this effect.

The point; the point that you made is simple yet direct. So think and do as you want. If I may say, you look better than any resident here excepting a few, so think as you must.

The walking dead; they may form here but if they do you have a way out. The point is made by the TV program and cable otherwise.

The point; See the point then focus is what creates things, this is just by thinking it possible to form the effect here. This is known an as the TV or cable effect is if used. Think and the effect fades away.

The guide; They can launch the guide. The guide is fixed. This is done by fae.

The result; they easily defeated the bad guys in the episodes. The TV doesn't go bad in the signal.

Ghost in the shell; get the series an the movie comes out in March.

$ ricardo; get Ricardo and I will be nice.

Dr. Office; they answer the call.

Bullying and fear mongering; this doesn't happen anymore. If it is, then it's reported and stopped. So I am empathy. Empathic to the point so I feel and work for others.

Police report; those with a police report on them aren't allowed in to an apartment if just coming in to rent.

FedEx; the FedEx truck delivers my package today to me.

Apartment next door; anything broken is replaced for cheap prices at good quality. He gets a rebate or a replacement flat screen TV.

The machine; fixes itself and he or she doesn't break the machine. Any jamming is undone. The tray actions work. The machine works.

EJ; he doesn't mind me, no matter what I do. If he's about to strike or be aggressive, he leaves. So he doesn't effect me or anyone with violence. He does not notice me and consider me nosy.

People; they don't mind me and I don't mind the people around me. That is all. Ciou and farewell till later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Seeing with orgonne

Haarp end
This will end the haarp, noticing what is necessary I noted things as they would occur. Until things are not necessary the main point is now done.

Think and feel; thinking as you feel you create as you go, so the point is mute and the haarp ceases to exist by fee or feel with focus. People behave anyway, no matter what you do or what is do om done.

Thought; thought is your own so think as you want to create with the moon. I don't have to be taken on to be near as something else.

The end is the haarp signal drops and isn't detected by what you or I hear. The suggestions didn't happen or needed to be followed, that were broadcast by the haarp relay towers. I am not a target by the towers psychics, though I am aware that they might laugh at this attempt.

Other things:
I don't ever find reason not to do things like brushing my teeth and gums. I hope people's response to me are positive and things work out.

So there is no negative actions against or toward me. That is all for this, reading or not I will do what I may. These idea are interest of mine:

Fear; nothing holds me in fear. There is no fearful reaction.

Coming after me; he or she won't come after me for a look. I heal anyway, he and she does not mind the point. So there is no fear and no problem occurs.

Merindy; her body seems to heal by the energy that is there. So she recovers and doesn't need surgery.

The ending; the ending is a point that I watch and that is all. That's if I need to watch it. I am free from that world shown even without giving or having to watch the ending.

Focus; the point is avoided or made then and I see or know what is necessary to do things. However I don't target or bother people.

I am not bothered by people, this as well for the mood I am in I think be nice and they are nice.

I am aware by what I do, that I am doing well so I am well enough to avoid complications. The ice statue is not shattered, if there is one.

Moment; The moment he thinks to cause trouble, he leaves the area so I am left alone. I am alone. That is all.

1800 quit now, the numbers are 1800 784 8669. These are the numbers I got translated for a friend that allow for quit smoking patches.

Quit smoking now; the body responds to create less need for smoking. This is with less stress.

Illness; there is no illness remaining after a healing occurs. So I am, yes.

People; they don't see the need to confront me or make things worse. They see the need for creativity and conform less unless necessary.

Think; the point is made it doesn't have to be made again. Unless you want to make it.

Mark banks; decides to leave me alone.

Thinking; I see whom I get near and know about those that are near.

Think; think a point and you know what to do.

I; the I in this case is a hit to my website. It gets attention to by the right online people, this is with no intention of hacking or bad idea with information.

Intent; If there is such intention, then the site disappears or the browser crashes that linked to it.

If there is such intention, then don't push the envelope or things could go interesting or bad. Further notice could get you in a bad way or indisposition. So think before doing things next time, this is your fault if it goes bad. Don't download it if illegal, that is all.

Typing trick; think of what you quietly want, then think the idea is typed as you mimick typing. The subconscious will explain something, then the idea will seem to type itself.

Threat not; Everything is without threat, think and you go and do what you want. This is as though you think, it is done and do what you want to get things done. There is no threat if not a dog. I am not a cat. So I just think and feel.

Thought; the thought is what is there if you want it there.

Slitting; this does not mean I am splitting my mind, it means I am going away and there I'm gone. I'm sure that you are aware, that this does not effect me it merely seems an affront and I back away.

So don't mind me. Whatever I do I don't react to people if they threat unless I want to react positively or irk by feel is not always done. Think and you know.

The idea is not irritating if it's Chris or other than ricardo but do note ricardo. In idea it's okay by itself. So Ricardo is submitted back to Griffin. That is all there is to this.

The end

North Korea drops it's need to display power and thinks to stop using its ballistic missiles. They did drop their ballistic need however, so we don't have to worry over them. Don't act like the North Koreans. No attack ne├žssary.

I move out with Jay's help and get some other place. However water causes you to lose weight can cause me to lose weight. This will be fun. So ciou for whenever, gonna go watch something.

Monday, February 13, 2017

eleventh lifetime

This came from a eleventh lifetime I found mentioned by card reading. So I was reading his thoughts as he was reading mine. So even now I think he died by a sudden heart attack as he was driving in a vehicle so then he was left there. The ambulance got to him too late, just as he was about to move he didn't move again. I think this death occurred on 12/16/2016 on an alternative timelime. So I am not surprised that he lasted so long and died at age 44. However given that he was targeted by heart disease, it was a premature death and he could not come back from as he did before as though he just had a stroke. His ability is listed below starting with suggestions he followed.

This is the idea of where you are. These are the suggestions by the area you think to create an idea, for you can suggest to yourself so you deliver to the point and with a point sometimes thought. See I think that sometimes spoken is the point of view by what you do, so that doesn't mean anything compared to this. When you do something you get something done, think before you speak as your likely to find it is happening sometime as its true. The way this works is through your next life and the energy thought that is there, that is what you perceive from him or her or it by feel. So think it and you can use the idea.

naming; naming people is with a suggestion, so just think and you know the name if you need to know the point thats related to it. If you name it then I might do it.

see it eat it; If I see it then I might eat it.

An upmost it; An idea is to upmost the idea to make this work.

An rip in it; a rip in it will tell the tale.

no discouragement; no discouragement happens.

an it; an will it.

en it; at the end of it. whatever it is, it better be important.

I am then and aware; This sets you in the past if you came from the past and any past life is no longer there.

This is the action that can be done by feel or otherwise is the thought sometimes that is possible if the condition is right. These are tricks and don't always work, so I think and work where they just might work right. Otherwise I just think and do things by thinking. That sorta rhetorical thought is what this could be. You can't argue with an idea that's rhetorical. So the thought by orgonne is this:

thought; the thought is sometimes what occurs, think and you know what is done or what to do.

contention; for those that want to contend with you, they contend with themselves then work with you if they want to work with you.

genetics; you can change genetics by feel, just think the change to occur the changes and drink something to make it happen.
the changes can be permenant or temporary as you want them to be so. so the effect is simple, think the change and drink some water and you get the genetic change of your desire. this is where you think your need and drink water and the change occurs.

orgone "or gone" thinking "this is okay as I am thinking your way" or "not":
This is the ability that exists as you do know, but think as this is not done if uncounted for a point exists as if by feel as you don't know you won't use it except when this is not usually by feel. This shows a willingness to go do things. However the thought is the use of something. Think of a point and you create a point by the feeling in that you have something to work with by feel the source of energy. So another use is to think a point and usage comes easily.

conception; this got me in trouble; but the basis for this idea is think to work with others, this is where you draw affection to make better idea and if the opposite sex you could have romance with those that want to do things with you romantically. the conception comes with their agreement, that you know an idea and discuss it with others, this is so that you know what is good or bad about it.

doing things; I am gonna do something so totally interesting, since its martin luther jr. day I will work to create no sound and push someone over unless not there. if in jail by this I will ensure that he knows it was just an issue so this will be an idea worth the moment. of course the card reader or reader of cards that is working with me can read what I do as a card point. so I think its fair to say, all fair and fair gain.

card reading; of course I will give a card reading too, using the same body I was born with as energy and the body that does the reading as the energy tracer to detail what to say. so you see it takes two to give a good reading. that is all. ciou to you my readers.

The end

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What I'll do

This is from rememberance from a note I had left for myself: Some part doesn't turn against you unless your drinking straight alcohol. So think and your well. This is a part of you that you work with and that is all. The other parts are there if you look for them, as they are apart of the body as well. The area is the point and the point is the idea, this is a point that you know what you look for. So go look and that is what you think it is by feel.

So much for being nice. I think I will do what I want and ignore the rest of the typing for today. As all I type is things I remember, I can type them later. As I think about this, I used the idea of an isotope. Place yourself somewhere and think an effect that you think will occur then make a mark or idea represented by a marking that you saw. That uses the power of the marking and directed by your pinneal gland, this creates what you want by the power of the isotope.

So for what I saw what I know is true, is the fact that you know I didn't take anything. So this is the end point that I saw. This is what I know by what I think or shall know for what I see or work with to create by feel. The area is the thing, so I have to be in the right area at the right time, then the correct thing happens and I exist well with others. That is all I am doing today.

I like this comment; Choices: Make a choice, take a choice. You take the consequences when you make a choice. You make the consequences when you Take a choice chosen by a chooser. It just happens the choice is mine for taht. Maybe I will work by the feel, instead. The thing is, when the time comes, you will no. Plowed over, but picked up and dusted off. The entire crop could have been destroyed. The string beans only had made a minor infraction of not knowing when to shut their stalks. Mass of kisses.

North Korea; Although north korea ballistic did happen no more. I think this might end good though, if the president treats them right. Lets hope for the best.

Other things; I guess I get to watch walking dead today, so when I go down today I will turn on the cable tv and flip to the right channel and watch. That is fun for me today. That is all for now, ciou and farewell till later.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Think tank

This is an idea of a think tank, the point is a place where you in invitation work with others. See and work by yourself or for those that you want to work with. Then you are aware by now with what is a main point to do, think and tank with water or juice. Then you are working with those that want to work with you. That means ans is and this is what that is by now. If feeling hostile then it could be a hit at least to the website you own, if in a fight to someone or to your self its a hit to the body. So if being nice its no body hit, so its a website counter hit instead. See if you think a point you get a point, so this is a think tank you either can observe or realize by reading about it. If you don't want it, then it disappears, then it didn't occur as though the idea never happened. That is all for the think tank, ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Focusing with orgonite

This is the focus with orgonite that I did. Think to orgonite to create your thought if you need the effect to occur.


The point; my Blu phone always seems to work. No matter what occurs.

Merindy; she didn't hurt herself, this is just as though she was psychically healed. She acts okay and capable to create by feel or activity. she doesn't need surgery.

Mouth; I have enough saliva in the mouth and this makes it to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Hurt; the hurt dissipates away.

Bed bugs; the bedbugs go away and were all killed off by fae.

Whatever; I am not crap, I am good at what I do and well an this is done if i am off or not offended by knowing things with the spirit.

I'm an offended person, so this really counts. So please get me off this planet. Thank you for your help.

Sheila; the point she's sick means that she is ill no longer so I think this is done. She however, gets put in a nursing home to be watched over more carefully.

Treatment; she or he will pass the physical. The recovery will last a shorter period of time.

After treatment or leavetime; nothing will go wrong and noone will act out of sorts as per the time merindy is not here.

However the things needing correction are corrected and that is all. So think as you want, this will be fixed. Whatever this is for now and ever don't take advantage of the clients here. Thank you.

The cross; by signing the cross I don't mean God, I mean the creator of energy conscious that creates what we need. This is need to have occur your idea, unless the other does not agree.

The end for now. This is the point I leave and won't stay, so I can go do what I want and not be bothered. So farewell until I return.

The mounting; the motherboard is mounted and connected to correctly. So when the computer is started, it works right even if it takes a bit to fix or the computer self-fixes itself. However this doesn't cost the device or the person.

The working; he or she that works on machines figured out what's wrong and fixes it saying he knows or I don't know so that it eventually will work by doing things with fee or feel.

The video card processor works with the graphics card. Yet I notice an upgrade may be necessary to get my flat screen to work with it by feel. So I will spend as least as necessary. Thank you installer for getting it that close.

Creator or god; whomever, make the right actions be done and cause the computer to work. Otherwise the return may occur.

The return; the return is done and people are happy, whatever the case nothing is wrong. If the return is computer parts, then I get my full refund yet no refund was necessary.

Dark chocolate; Dark chocolate stevia is sent easily to my mail area.

Marks money order; his money order reappears or he somehow gets back his money to pay for his thing by fee or feel soon.

Shock treatment; The creator does this by fee or feel. Mark banks can take pressure and shock as though well. So he gets his money back.

Feel the way; I feel the way you go is the way you end up. So think and you know the way to go.

End up working; the way you end up is how you work, this is done by how you feel.

Grocery tax; the grocery tax will be eliminated. This is despite the shortfalls with congruence and cordiality allowing peaceful relation.

Relation; relations improve and I back off to give people their space. However I won't be overrun or knocked over like last time. So no one is overburdened, their way is their way and no one is too grateful.

Submittable; if submittance is possible then things are good. The machine works and people are with some good idea.

Merindy; she relaxes and works better, this is as though she listens to the right things.

Keeping; keeping things is easy, think and you know by now what is to be known.

Thinking; Think and you create what you feel is appropriate.

Albert; Albus always supports you so this is a must, think to create or work by feel.

Thank you for listening and reading the post, I will update you regularly until I no longer have interest in posting things. So ciou and farewell till next time.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Good ideal

The point I am about to make is simple, its based off a class I just went to. This is just an example of what I went through today and the point itself. I believe things should go well from this point on, this is as long as thought allowed to work with others. The point is to make better for the better idea or better point that is stated. So if this is working for you thats fine, hopefully this is in a non hostile manner. Otherwise think of your solution along these guidelines. Think to work with others and not go against them, this is just as long as you feel like being friendly. So for a point as I think about living I think about life as a skill set, this is so you see my point and things work with the point you think to use. So ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Final results

The final results are in, the inspector passed me. I will get a renewal on the room rent amount and the housing authority sets the price. So I think alls fair in fair practice. Thinking of a point in use, I think its a concept in a point of life. If you fair good why complain? So I will set a result using my phone that I want and think it will work out. Then I will get a favorable end result where some people don't always get a favorable result. This is what I seem to do day in and day out so what I will set today is thinking to create a cool idea, this is with thought to make thinking work for me or working matters work for others. So ciou for now is the moment we've all been waiting for. Time to go and do what we need. Ciou and farewell.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thought focus IV

I am aware this is the thinking point to any orgonne, also some unusual orgonne that occurs if I need it to happen or not if no longer necessary.

Think; Think a use and a point comes to exist if necessary. So think this thought before use, the point is made and you are correct by what you feel until proven otherwise. This is a time of the day that your considered or not, except your point and go.

Use; use in brushing is unusual by feel but possible by idea. So think and do if you need the end result. That is the result that is thought to occur by feel.

This; this I think applied today, the thought to occur things is there if you wish to know.

The room; the room exists for those that want it to be, otherwise it ceases to exist by feel.

The cease; the fire once set, ceases the real Giants from existing and that is that.

Chocolate fix; the chocolate fix is able use and nimble fingers. Use is on a chocolate containing bag. This doesn't always have to be done for now.

Work out; things that are there works out by feel, so basically things work out.

What works; Laugh so this will do with what works to settle your point. Think and you know what I mean by now. Think and things are where they are known. This is use by feel and that is all.

User point; the use is done and no bad occurs. This means another success out of the point of recall for later. I hope he gets a prescription for it.

Chris s; he does not mind me. Whatever I do there is no trouble from things or him.

Thought system; the system is like a Linux machine yet based off of the brain and how it works. This only means that they are with an idea by feel.

Mickey; she reacts right and correctly for the moment by fae or feel with idea to create.

Fae; the fae are faery and sometimes willing to help. Think a point and they will respond.

The fee; the fee for all this is applied if you need something that requires money. So think a need and feel to create your desire or not and think then your free.

Merindy; she gets what she wants done, thinking to get this done by Friday she turns it in on time.

Dentil appointment; any dentistry done does not require teeth pulling. All it requires is filling in the teeth. However there is no excessive bruising done, this will be a worthwhile trip. So whatever happens, my fillings don't come out of my teeth.

Dental; I don't get new eroded holes or erosion cavities in my teeth. However whatever occurs, I don't miss my appointment with the dentist.

Lisa; whenever I talk to her I don't feel stress or strain.

Dentist; the dentist uses enough pain reducer and doesn't need to feel like pulling teeth as necessary.

So my teeth are not in pain no matter the point, also my gums don't have infection. My gums and gumline heals quickly. The bleeding dissipates quickly.

Merindy; she isn't nervous about the tour.

Mark; he's not here to stay if you care to know because of the way he acts. He is not bothered to react to looks, he is given his space. He is not there by idea. He works if he can work.

Computer; the computer usually is a brain. So think and the idea is known, if the other intends it to be knowable or you know by what is done. Then you know something. However it doesn't have to be a person.

Set; things go the way they should, I am not bothered by looks or whatever occurs. Everything will be alright, even if it's tomorrow. Just watch yourself.

Setting; the set point is a done deal unless it's not necessary. So I think this is fair enough.

Deal; the point is this, you think of the idea and use it or don't bother to use the point. Those that think to control others will not control others if they don't want to be controlled.

So he or she that is overcontrolling is not overcontrolling. This is a point not done, unless made in idea by fee or feel.

So I think before I speak, otherwise I see this is a point before I work. However he doesn't pressure me and she doesn't distrust me. So he isn't domineering and she isn't too manipulative.

Fixed; fixed a few problems that may have occurred. So I think I will enjoy myself today. Today will be a Superbowl party so I will enjoy it.

See that's if I can think to make things work right. Nothing goes wrong for me. So whatever he does is not a threat to me. However sometimes not being there speaks worse for your actions.

EJ; he doesn't mind me whatever I do and nothing bad will occur tomorrow. I won't warn him of what I do.

Superbowl party; whatever I eat I won't gain weight from as I lose weight by what I do with feel.


Monday, February 6, 2017


The freedom of speech is an appropriate subject today, so I will say that if you want to speak you may. Yet you can sometimes behold the point that occurs with the idea you present. So I believe we can do what we want unless we think its not such a good idea. That being spoken, I will leave this topic alone. I will move to another idea that is if you have the means, then think before you speak and work with others to work things out. So I will go on and find my way to Proxima B again today, as a form of exploration this time.

This is where I am right now in spirit until I am needed here and then I shift to and from the place, so my soul is creating some form that could exist there using the creator and I will go do my thing. So thats how it works, I think to go and make with what is there. Thinking to be somewhere as I am aware then of two different places. Then the spirit shows me what is there and the soul creates a form in the best possible manner to live there if I so intended to stay. That is all there is for now so I will go on and do my thing, oh yes the area of the exoplanet is rocky so I may need to work with the terrain. Ciou and I will let you go.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My escape

This is my escape for today, think of a place to be and then I am unless I am needed here. So if I think I am on the exoplanet in alpha centauri, Proxima B,  then somewhere along my time I am. So I think back to my own place and time and then I am there as well. Then all I need to make this real is getting out and about places to bein the open air and work with others as though alive and fully awake.

This I think is useful information, this is just as long as you stay in alignment with the point by some focus point. So think and do what you wish with it.

I won't gain any weight today as I think and do what must be done. If I eat I eat wisely, so I won't gain weight I will lose body fat as I lose weight. I will lose at least 1 to 2 lbs by tomorrow due to what I did. I won't treat others as a bumper car. This is viewed as working and walking normally, acting sane and working with others by feel. This is the main point by what I feel. So think and I am alike. Whatever, I am not misaligned in relating or attracting people. So sallie vie and fair the well.

ya = yes

naent = no, stop

there is nothing wrong with what your doing, just think and you stop.

This is some idea that you can use it if you want it.

So we could be a timer group, the people that do time experiments and then create with some writing for our or their achievements?

I think this will be interesting, as judgement is upto the beholder. This is from a time bandits idea, thats where it came from and it works as an idea to operate from our own homes, we use time and do things to create wealth or do things as necessary, but we won't do the stealing that is a part of time banditry. See we will only do the time manipulation. So that is if you want to form the group with us. Just remember, the right idea or suggestion at the right time, the subconscious does the suggestion at the correct time. You do the feel or focus by thinking and feeling what you want. So with what I spent, I gain back 200 dollars. That is all I need right now for my computer parts expenditures. I shall await my money. Ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Patchouli prince sh corrant priscus

Saturday, February 4, 2017


This came from a past life that I will name, priscus, as the name means trap or ancient soul.

My host is gracious enough to allow me to stay, so I may as well go get things to go. Thinking as I am I will never step foot in here again. Seeing how a friend almost hostile is here. I will see to go to someplace I can go to so I can seek solace and do what I need to do. That is all so ciou and beware all the crooks that could exist.

How funny that they say "never be too grateful or you will regret it and hate the person that helps you." So I will call myself priscus as a third name. Patchouli prince as a hippie name. So my name would read, Spellhawk Patchouli prince Priscus Corrant, where my normal name is Chris Moisant. The names have no power over me. So I will use what I can and do what I will. Ciou and farewell, till tomorrow.

Friday, February 3, 2017

My rent day

This is my day I pay rent and I will be awaiting the manager to do it. This day is usually fun for me, as all I have to do is wait for deliveries and go on deliveries. Thinking about this, I believe that I can create miracles just by doing magic. This is trusting that the creator creates the effect. So I think I will do some here, nothing will go wrong for me today, thinking this as a suggestion will create the effect as thought the creator made what I wanted and things work out. So ciou and farewell till later.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I just have to be careful from this point on for I went to the dentist today, then had 2 teeth pulled and the rest were decided to be filled in. So I think this will be a point to work with by feel, this is where I don't mess up my teeth any farther. Then I do things and might get more fillings if I am not careful. So I think I will go and do my things, hopefully I won't make a mess of my teeth this time. Ciou and farewell. I wait till tomorrow to have paid my rent. tata

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

thinking orgonne III

This is where I am aware and thinking what I want to get what I desire, unless it's not possible.

Thought; think for yourself I hear, but think what and where. I wonder at these people with their application.

Think; thought created by what you think is applauded by a joke or a laugh, so think as you like and you get results.

Get; now is the point that I get there, with what I have or what I use I guess I shall go and see for myself.

Got; got the result that I wanted, I earned a respite and think to help instead of hinder.

Gone; now I am gone I wonder what he will think, so I think I will go around doing what I think best. The point of recall.

Done; I believe I am done here, now it's time to leave. So sorry to see them no longer, so I will be back when or however I feel better I will go where I need to go. Ciou till whenever.

Back; I am back from the place I think I went for some strange reason. So let's hope I can stay or go to where I want to go. This time I won't go rogue on others.

Where; where I am I won't be bothered so I guess this is it.

A point; if I need something it's there unless I need it gone. That is all for this idea. As I am aware, I am there and enjoying my life. So there you see what I see for now or not if I don't desire this.

Jay Moisant; he comes he goes and he gets a ruby zoisite pyramid as well. This will happen anywhere from 10:30 to 11 am. Jay is good and no longer a bunch of nerves so I think the zoisite helped.

Peter Paul Smarr; he's having a good day. He reacts and acts as though he isn't with stroke damage.

The thought; the thought that I exist passes away from the planet, I am someplace that I want to be.

Where; where I am I am so I will be with what I have or had. Some might count this unfair, but I think this fair since I did have it in my possession.

Whatever the case, I end up with what I had if I want it and the conscious of the item shifts itself to me. So that is all there is to this.

Thought; I shift by a thought, focus on a destination and I am there by the power of energy and the creator. Think or feel, your will is your own so you don't owe me a thing.

Think; think of the place and you are there if your spirit uses your energy of the body to shift with fee or feel.

Paper wraps; Think or feel, feel or think I am out of paper wraps. I shot them all by rubber band.

Think; the way is clear so I am leaving while the way is clear.

Food pantry; the numbers go cycle quickly through till 16 is called for getting food.

Lisa; she leaves and doesn't come back if she wants to be ungrateful. I know when she leaves. I get a mini muffin, too, without having to pay for a cheese snack. She's not ungrateful any longer.

A prayer; I get my money back that I spent.

Think; this sets me up for a more and better life.

Think again; the point is made, avoid by being honest or not in the area to be questioned if going to be arrested. Whatever I do, I don't annoy people.

Thought; the point is made, I am done with this so ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

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