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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, October 30, 2009

All about chaos

  This is an interesting document of the chaos as it can be and we live with it and forbear to be against or with use. Modified on 8/12/2012.

Menu of the All about chaos

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soul transformation

Changed on 10/31/2009

   Soul transformations, it is normally dark but not always and when a persons soul is transformed into something else or when two souls are fused into one. Sometimes by thought, as to how the soul will look like with imagination. And also, its by thought and idea acted out to do the purpose. Sometimes letting the subconscious to do the deed.

   Again, soul transformations are really pretty dark, but it depends on the type of transformation. So there are various levels of soul transformations. The belief type transformation and the dark type transformation. The belief type transformation isn't technically a soul transformation, though. Because the soul isn't changed exactly, as the belief type transforms the souls energies. So, the belief type transformation is level one and the dark type transform is level two. As the dark type transformation physically changes the soul.

   Normally, the soul can be in the shape of the body when its seeable by seer's sight or a ghostly sphere otherwise. But the method here for the level 1 belief type, is to instruct the subconscious to achieve the deed of a different shape or to being merged by imagination of it, while you draw the energy to accomplish the act and thinking or saying it has happened, while feeling the effect or merging something together (putting something together). As in, seeing the soul reshape itself and form into the desired transformation by the thought and imagination of the idea and the subconscious does it, using the energy that was summoned. Then, there is the soul shape that embues different attributes. As in, the body shape can be altered by the key altering shape the souls in. Or it gives you abilities, as it is the shape of the soul and is the key to what abilities ya have at the moment. If you added a soul with merging, then you also gain the others abilities.

   Soul transformation in level 2 can usually occur by dark magic rituals, and energy manipulation. and not always by believing. As there is this dark soul transformation, which is forced upon people unless they agree with it. An animal or other soul can be fused with yours by dark magic. This is done by completely weakening you and fully wearing down the chakras. Then fusing the soul to your soul, with fucked up or dark rituals and energy.

   So soul transformation also causes physical changes, eventually. But, again they happen slowly. For the person, they know the shape of the soul by how they act. If they form their soul into that of an animal, they impart the abilities of it to themselves. So you could suddenly find yourself seeing with cats eyes if your soul was in the form of a cat, eventually becoming allot like them. However, it sometimes won't give you the thinking processes that are like the animal, but it will combine the intuitive action that is associated with the animal. Sometimes it will. Essentially, you 'borrow' the ability of the shape.

   It would be hard for level 1, as though, when you think its hard then it is hard and to think it easy then it becomes easier. It just needs the right amount of power summoned for the purpose, as for level 1 & 2 transformation. This effect may take practice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ultimate recipes, potatoes and toast

This is interesting as you cook the food, you make magic for the mouth. The melting of flavors in the mouth from the food is enough to make an idea taste that is magic and savored.

There is three documents on this making of the food so far, maybe more on the main site. Then the docs so far are on toast, potatoes and the ultimate recipes.

The document on toast is here.
The document on how to bake a potato is here.
The ultimate recipes and more are here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Candle meditation clears the third eye

    To clear the third eye with candle meditation, is to peer into the flame and focus the idea of clearing the eye by thought of 'clearing the third eye'. The next act is to imagine a rainbow of color, representing the color of what you want to clear out, or it is better with a white light an pouring from your third eye to the flame of the candle. This candle will consume the energy as a 'fuel' and it can also be imagined as to be there, lit or unlit. Stop, when you can think or feel its cleared.

    Some  personal recounts as to its personal success are:
"I use that method, it helps me feel calmer."
"I know it works because I can think again after a hard confusing day after trying this technique."

Friday, October 16, 2009

The trance of action

The trance of action is where it can help with psionics and magic for getting ya into a trance of action, to focus ya mind and achieve something. To focus in on the idea and do things with it in the mind. Then try to do things as ya breathing in and out slowly to get the effect that ya imagined. That is what some have been doing. So all ya do is ya focus ya mind on an idea to happen and do breathing.

The advanced version of this idea is to focus ya mind, then breath in something of clean air through ya nose, and think on the idea. Then, its to release the breath either through the mouth or nose. Then imagine the idea as ya think it will occur and effect, as ya feel yourself shift into a trance while breathing slowly in and out, in and out..and so on while thinking of the idea till ya trance as if a power stance.

Power stance is the stance to do, as this is to get things to work or do things otherwise as you focus you are strength of body as you project you are focus of spirit and user of the energy that is excessive. The the power stance is to think in a trance, as you breath in or out and you are thinking a one or other thought that you want you get things to do. As this is enducing strength your power level raises, up and down as you imagine what enhancement you want and you are to get things as if in mind except the body is what responds if it wants.  If you get no response, your body is designed to resist effects, as if no drug cast at the person will actually work till it is needed by intention in mind.

The more fire and water energy thought to seem is interred by air, as this is with air flow that becomes what brings the strength up easily and the more you attempt the more difficult you can do. As you do things, you raise your fire energy and things are bringing tragic thoughts. This is what want or need is creating calming thought, and only calming thought of accepting as you tense and release muscle can bring a calming mood if you are in mind of a calming mood changer.

So first of all calm with a calming image and imagine music being played, and if your mind likes the music this will be heard as you 'soother' yourself and do in thought that you think to get done. Stability is there, as you are with a concept and this concept makes with the thought 'stabilize' and you are mentally off now balanced is thought in mind to do things and think balance as this is more dietary in nature and thought as you think better thought is creative and things are done better as if by the frontal lobe in use. This is where you are, unlimited in mind and body can follow suit by metaphysics if it is allowed for by enough fire and air flow energy. This gives you added ability, as you are able to handle it, and take anything that comes as to make use with things to do.

That is now the power weave as it is very cool to in have as spiritual practice is balance, and things done to you are used as energy in thought as its idea to be in use. Such as physics and in body its a dealt with situation, in thought you are dealing with the elements as if fire or other elements such. As silver time can cause things to materialize and outside you are doing things with more stamina as you are faster suddenly. As this is to do things and get results by goal, you are capable and doing as by trait you need to if possible and thats all.

As the show with strength is with intelligence raising to super genius IQ, and yet if not focused on something you can seem rather dumb or smart. This is according to what this can do if you admire the art of levitating you can get rather good results with this as the perception is good or bad as bade by what you do and the feeling is what raises you up in nearly everything in mental latitude. As the higher you go, the more you thinner the air as you have to breathe heavier, you can if you push the moment with energy you strain a bit more and can have a heart attack unless the heart heals itself. As this is true you can in focus, your mind to bring down your weight and your thoughts can produce intensified effects.

This is done as you get a moment to do, and your body somewhere responds to your will as you in thought create by what you think and with out of body motion response to send in focusing energy essence of the aura as to work and play as a if a fox to have fun. Parrallel worlds can respond to this as if a fire burning things down.

Then, if the effect didn't already happen, imagine the result and of the action. Think of the action as done and focus ya mind by thinking on the act ya want, and then breathe a long breath in and hold it, as ya think of the idea. And let the breath out slowly. Feel free to give up and try again as long as ya are wanting to achieve the result or until something happens. If ya try too hard and long, then ya might miss something and in-depth procedure will be possibly missed in the results, as ya will be too focused on the act to notice the effect.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Elvish and fey effects

  From my analysis of remembrances of being a fey. This is how a faery or elf could do it, an effect  being one amongst of many methods and that works well amongst fey and elves, but it won't work as efficiently for humans.
  Basically the method is to focus ya mind by thinking on the idea. Feel the energy build up and compress itself. Think on the compressed energy and imagine the effect ya want to happen, with the energy. Then release, by thinking to release, the burst of energy that is to do which it is charged to do, sometimes by saying the effect. So feeling emotion will make it more effective, as the burst of energy can also be an emotion. This can work long range as well.

  There is also the Elven spells as of here @

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shifting breathing exercises

  Modified on 3/24/2010

  The shapeshifting exercise and other exercises herein are meant as a meditation aid and discipline maker. These aids can make magic and psionics easier. I thought up these techniques and self-experimented with others of them so I know they work. I would appreciate feedback, thanks.

  The meditation for enlarging breasts is to breath in fresh air as energy, will upwards in mind and imagine the shifting of fat from lower body upwards to the breast area, and breath outwards expanding the breast and letting go of excess stress. Do this for 20 minutes or less. What you want to happen is that with every breath a little fat is redistributed from the lower body to the breast area. The reason this works is the subconscious perceives through the conscious imagining of the scene making it happen for real. This is the mechanism achieving and aiding the mind and breathing at the same time. Achieving it through mind manipulation.

  When you do the reverse, the decrease of the breast occurs and the stomach increases. You don't have to understand it to know this. After a certain repetition it will work.

  When you breath in fresh air as energy and breath out stress with the outbreath. Imagine the fat off your body disappearing into a extradimensional container. Doing this makes the fat seem to disappear after a set of repetitions off your body effectively losing weight. The reverse does the redepositing of the fat.

  The calming effect and absolute neutralizing of panic and fear through breathing is to make an image of the fear in your mind that you understand as the reason for the fear. Draw in a fresh breath of air snagging at the root of the fear. Breathe out the fear imaging the air flow pulling the fear out along with the stress by the root of it. Doing this over 1 minute to 10 minutes will decrease fear and stress.

  A karmatic release is to make the negative energy you gathered by doing anything negative and focus the negative through the help of breathing exercises to go into the earth for cleansing of yourself and relief of your mind. Simply, breath in the positive air energy. Hold your breath for 30 seconds or the count of 30. Willing at the same time for the negative gathered energy to be released to earth. Now, release the breath of air with the stress that you feel. You will suddenly feel lighter in body and mind. Do this for 10 minutes or less.

  The Resting Method is the method for making yourself younger and drawing in lost energy in and around a cleansed area healing the body at the same time. Lay on your bed or a place of relaxation. The next step is to focus on the air energy around you as a concept. Draw in that energy and keep focusing it into yourself for 10 minutes or more, till you go to sleep. When doing it, imagine the body cleansing itself of all impurities. When done the smell will be horrible as the body sweats out the toxins and wastes. If you had wounds, the wounds will be gone. You will be younger as well. Doing this last exercise is advisable at bedtime. If done anytime else, do the best thing possible and take a bath after 5 minutes and change your clothes as well. People will respect you for it.

 Advanced in focusing breathe technique is as this is slight breathe focus and is intense after awhile, although it works if repeated. Relax ya mind and breathe in and think of the idea ya want and breathe out, and think of the idea ya wanna achieve with it. breath in and out slowly after this. Then when ya feel the effect ya want to occur, it will be done, but keep breathing in and out slowly till ya are done with the manifestation and imagining of the idea. As ya breath in and out, be thinking of what ya wanna do for the idea and do the right thing as ya think of the idea. The more ya think of the idea, the more of a chance that it will happen.

 Trance shift breathing is used for going into a trance quickly. To use it is simply to breath in a fresh breath of air and release it. Then, focus ya mind by thinking of an idea and keeping that thought. As ya can find something to make breathing more a tool after this so breathe, in and out slowly, as ya think of the idea. Till ya trance. And then ya focus on the idea ya want, or feel it happen and with intention of what ya want as to make it manifest as ya so desire to.

 To do magic breathing, is to burn cedar, sage or pine in the area, unless you use a diffuser and essential oil. And then think of your purpose and let the purpose become, for the intent. As, you breath in and out twice and quickly. Then one long breath. In and out. Think of your purpose of intention,as you repeat the breathing, and then when at least 1 minutes has passed, then try to stop and think and to put out the incense unless you used incense. This breathing style can be modified to fit the shamanistic magic of energy reclaiming.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The wordless spell

The wordless spell is done without words to effect by an affection of energy charged by intent. All to a manifest of an idea or understood action, that can be later denied. Spoken, or the thought mind spoken, it can form and quicker into the manifested form, as of the spoken word that is a part of the intention. An the other part, it is of the thought on the action. Otherwise, it can be used to do things without a phrase an be by an idea to form the intention in ya head, sometimes by thinking the word an of the action, and then sending out energy with a feel as that of it 'being sent out in a rush of energy', to do the action thats meant for it as the energy is charged with the intent. To be understood as of being there, this is of the essence an of the wordless spell.

Some example is; to form the intention of a thought. This thought could be making the water enchanted. And then its a process of sending energy to achieve the thought as it's an intention. Again, with a feeling 'that its sent out on a rush of energy'. 

So when ya try a wordless  spell, remember its the intention that counts. But, the amount of chaos in the area can disrupt the energy or cause it to go awry. This is, as if and 'if' is the word here, describing what type of chaos is in the area in what level. The higher the level of chaos, the more chance of it going awry. It can leave a person no longer protected by his own actions.

There is a feeling wordless spell, where ya form the intention in ya mind an then feel the energy go out, as though with a release of good feelings and energy, charged with ya intention to do the work. This feeling wordless spell, depending on the feeling, is more likely to not be effected by the area chaos. As in, a happy or angry feeling accompanies the energy. It can make it more likely to occur. To counter this type of spell requires that ya have an emotional level, of that which is a similarly used level in the spell.

Dimensional state existence

  There's the planes of dimensions, that include the dimensions themselves with Ether and Aether.

  Ether resides in the etheric and is the spiritual element, or the active element. The etheric is with chaotic and spontanious creation of imagination, and that's where all ideas are first created. Then the idea get's reinforced and goes lower and lower in frequencies such as the astral, to then manifest in the quickest way possible on the physical. Ether is part of the fundamental principle of magic and manifestation in general.

  This is such in which all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. To focus the shifting effect by ether an to shift ya consciousness with it. Is what is also possible. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea, the more chance of it happening. Ask the spirits to guide you for better results or feel and think what you want to happen when using ether, to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your imagination. Ether responds to the mind and thoughts with feeling and is instant. Ether works with you as you desire.

  You can focus the spirits to aid in anything, again for a better result. As, it is with the etheric plane where all our imagination manifests, and where the creation of our lives begin. This includes forming any object. The physical world is inputed as ideas on the ether, that manifest closer and closer to the physical. If the spirits are angered, they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwards. Aether is very similar to Ether as it too can influence void.

  Aether is the element of the mind and is the root of conscious energy. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. Aether is like allot of the elements together, they make up the gray ness about it as different colors that blend together. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming or of any effect by the imagination of it. This is its compressed form.

  Where aether is also the layer that contains all information about the physical, and about people. Its also a source of information and the universal consciousness. Finally aether can influence the other elements and you can sometimes get aether, to change the past to make an effect of the future present. Again, its a source of information and the universal consciousness.

  Aether is referred to by the planes of existence outside, but they are also inside your mind too. As the consciousness works as a portal, you can change it's frequency like a radio to enter these different planes. Then you can think of what is desired and feel it occur, or think of the color and imagine it forming or pulsating into the object or possible event through manipulated elements. The aether is more like a higher layer of encrypted and stored information, and it's usually never changed by the typical individual, not directly. The aether is the roots to what happens in the physical world, and the spiritual worlds too, so it's somewhere on top of it all.

  The aether contains streams and rivers of elemental forces, the spiritual energies of fire air water and earth, and the directions of these rivers and streams indicate the things moving in the world beneath it. But, everything on the aether is made of the same energy, the aether energy, which would be comprising the 5th element. The aether energy takes form of different things as we go there, adapts to our mind to show us symbols so that we can understand what each thing represents.

  The symbolic color of time is gold, and space is silver. There is a golden river of time that is running through the entire aether to indicate that the world is always moving. The aether is also symbolicly the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, in germanic mythology. But the world tree is also symbolicly the consciousness we have. We climb the tree to the world of the gods by shifting our conscious frequency, into higher dimensions.

  Their are different symbolic colors of the elements as well, where the symbolic color of fire is red, the symbolic color of air is very light blue or white, the symbolic color of earth is brown and green and the symbolic color of water is blue. The symbolic color of lava is red brown or purple violet, the symbolic color of ice and cold is light blue. These colors are in splashes, sometimes together, in the aether.

  The practice and philosophy of those who deal with the aether, is that through knowing the aether you can know the physical world, because you can see the cause for everything that happens in the world by symbols. So one small change in the aether can do great changes in the physical world, if you know how to do it.  

The dimensional conscious reality shift
  If you were to shift your consciousness 100% to the astral plane or any other plane, it will switch with the physical. The only reason you see the physical plane as more physical than all others is because your consciousness is deeply rooted here. So all planes are equally physical for those who exist there. And also, learning to shift 100% into higher planes is part of becoming an ascended master. Like in Buddhism and other practices. There is a word for this, its 'ethenl'. To use it, think of shifting ya consciousness to the plane of existance and say or think 'ethenl', after summoning energy from the plane. Once you learn to project your astralbody/ethericbody/soulbody in all different planes, the energy from those planes can more easily be brought to this plane.

By Djihin

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