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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tone Magic

  The magic of tones themselves. The effect is like this, just do the tone. Then, the tone done correctly gets a result. The correct result is the right tone. When tone magic is invoked, things happen and then created effect occur from nothingness. This makes almost any tone able to cause events or actions.

  The tones are F E A B G as on a piano or stringed instrument.. C creates calmness, clear headedness and anything you need as you think of it. A creates moments and occurrences from those moments. The E creates the energies. B creates energy effects like swiss cheese in the mouth without being there. F creates Awareness. G creates ground and thought effects from the planet. Combinations, GE is grounding. The BEC creates beckoning effects. BEF equal moments. AE creates effects from energy itself. EF creates the original form you were. AEC false but light with no considerance. AEF creates restoring effects. BEA creates positive amplitude.

  BCE creates energy for the body. BFC travel to another place and time. BFG creates solitude and restoration and allure. EBA creates a control tone that restores functioning. BEG Energy along the ground occurs and what you think will possibly manifest. EFG create the body to be normal. GEF Restore natural body weight and tone. Tone chords can cause effects too. As in EBFGG makes effect of the body, this creates any result and thought can direct the result.

 ACFG creates a stopping point to manifestation. ACFE stops body effects. BECG creates restoration and halting effect. BEFG creates a stopping point to equal moment. So a downward tone creates restoration to the cells. An upward scaling creates ideal feeling. A G E creates antiaging by some control to the cellular structure, just as A G E F creates tone deaf and weighing less.

 Really if you focus on the d and c note to form healing, then you can heal better when using the a note vibration. So its a c d chord vibration that restores, this is with some weight lessening or memory improvement. If health is what you want, then think of health as you strike a tuner that is at least two of those three notes.

 As a, c, e is destructive to bad cells with c, d, e tones are good for restoration. So ciou for now and think to get along with others to retain peace. So bring some peace to the lives of others, remain a spiritualist then use your faith of your own experience to restore some order.

 This is the end of my list, now it will be other things that come to mind that I post, ciou.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The mystery way

  This is the effect of getting places without moving. When you stand still, there is this other self that can respond to your will. It can move as you want where you want and do exactly as you think it should. When it does, it makes things happen for you. Its a mystery as to why this other self exists. But, it seems to exist in an upper dimension. It can even be accessed by sitting down. Prequirement, a relaxed mind and the thoughts of the other self. Feel the need and think of the effect you want it to do and it will do it. In this way, mysteries can occur and invisible action directed by yourself will make things manifest more easily here. In manifest, I mean to create some thing or motion and result.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Dragon God

  The Dragon God is to use the element of choice. This can be any element. Use the thought of a energy tornado and feel it formed. Then, send it forth by making it move with thought and feel of the energy moving. This energy goes toward a target that you think about. Then, when it swallows the target whole. You are in their mind and they tend to become like your shape unless you leave thier mind. Where anyone can do anything and it always is possible. Then as you are you are and you can either act a god or start attacking their form in their mind or do other things. This can go on till you don't want to attack anymore or command the mind by stating it in their mind and quick thinking the thought as you see the you right there in their mind and see as this is a want to speak there. Then, when you want to leave their mind, leave through a door in their mind. Then, think as you leave their mind to shift to your body. Then, they should go back to exit their world. Or, you should shift to your world. -From Lee

Thursday, May 9, 2013



  Omnifocus is the application of the mind and usage of understanding to enhance the mind and produce omnipotency. This is induced by thoughts and telling the subconscious to make the mind be in Omnifocus. The act of doing this is to meditate while listening to music, stating out loud 'Omnifocus'. Then, you gain the necessary focus and understanding. This understanding comes from intuition, which is the soul.

  The meditation can be avoided, if you use self-hypnosis. Then, mention the word, 'Omnifocus' to yourself. And, you gain it allot faster. Hypnosis is described here at and Also as you can think, you can trance to get into a self-hypnotic state. This is thinking one thing, omnifocus, and breathing in and out till your mind slips into a self-hypnotic state or trance.

   Omnifocus works by making energy pass along the frontal lobes of the brain. Seen and used is natural genius and understanding comes to yourself. As though you were omnipotent. If enough energy starts happening and passes along the frontal lobes, then true omnipotency occurs. With meditation, omnifocus takes 1 to ten minutes to create by feel with focus.

   So that is suggest to imagine or work with others. where you suggest things that bring imagination or use is the pinneal gland that is your third eye. this can use the third eye you think to exist or non exist things. so imagine the item or person near then the item or person are there. so true omnipotence is useful as you use your third eye.

  See you can think to see or know what is there then you do. otherwise you can see what is available or read as your blindfolded. the third eye can do nearly anything so that you think to create. Yes indeed assume to don't assume to create with thinking or work by feel.

  So assume that you just know. Otherwise you will want to learn or know things. Sometimes you don't know to realize though as all you need do is think to ask, then you know then don't assume after some get onto you for things or work with your own belief that others are opinions like your own. That's the limit of ability with the manipulation power. That's where the omniscious ability is a power.

  This is energy firing off with the blood firing with the ego, that is the body is the ego. The third eye then can be felt or you create, as you think to then know so the awareness is there to what you see. you are only as powerful as you think you are so think, as you want as thinking allows the ego or the conscious awareness. that is the brain that adapts to circumstances to allow you the thought you have by the dendrites nerve ending firing off a charge or energy.

  This ideal is explained more in depth on tachia use. This is use of energy and accelerated electrons that create, seen or what you call a thousand powers with the crown chakra shift of body or ideal change otherwise the ideal is a change of place to somewhere else explained here.

  Then you see this is the body shift or rapid change by some in a expansion, that creates as you think then unexpands as you think to resume a normal shape. That is all I can call a point to this. So think what you want to think then think as go. That is all there is to this except that this is an ideal or act of inconsistency.

As psi is use

   As a point you think then incite transer by vanilla with water with maybe a bit of substitute sugar, then a point is genious thought as you transer concept to the body change. As a tensers created body and dragon strength as pzi or enemy chi life as the ideal to depiction is the idea that is transferred psi or life energy, as chi to your aura and think in thought to project it forth.

  As you go or think you mask your trace by aura detection. Isis protects as you are with atheos and this is the god that makes this possible, thought and use is your in fire by focus and realized idea. As the thought exists then you know what you know, this is use by feel with what you think by feel is right.

  As psi this is a cool use as if magic and that is in your perceptual awareness and think your not effected, as sight is thought in or not as you redirect the thought to some object is and your immune to most energy effects. Things in thought can be redirected by the thought to yourself to see and do, things as redirected by what you think.

  As there is no feeling no focus, think and no energy there is no essence except that you thought stored. Then and now is a point to create as your thought is essence that keeps a body alive, as time allows your thought is your own individual use. This is if stored right not fatness to the body, as you move about to work off the fat buildup if your still too long then. You know what you know to do by what you realize.

  As the thought you think is redirected, think in the focus in mind otherwise you won't be seen and nor the thing you look at from the person or your parents and events you experienced. As this is the soul that is revealed in a thought focus and this lets lets you see, what the soul wants you to see or not as the memories in the soul are not observed by the block.

  That they see, as you thought in focus as if the thought was in idea on the area and the thought they perceive is a released thought in mind. As to ask you can seem to think they are a point, to work with to be friendly as you know what you are doing in something. Think in thought and meditate as you thin what you want, as you about to do an idea to pass the time.

  There is the thought that is the focus point, and as you point things out your focus shifts them around as if the thought were a wheel. As you think a wheel in what you wheel, or think a gauge and shift and you shift what your thought is directed at that isn't noticed. As in you don't think of the wheel the wheel actions stop that you notice and you won't be psyched out anymore.

  Pointed thought in focus and use is a concept to show, as you direct in the focusing word you see what is there as energy that you see. This is what they who see psychically can use, as directed to the real will in thought is words as this will can be what you think. Think to see and show what you want instead of what you do, as they will see what you thought with multidirectional omnipotency thinking as used in ideal with the subconscious and out is focus.

   Think you use your own psi, and this use is absorbing the energy you see and feel is useful. Thought as this is a trip to the hospital from extrenuating circumstances. To stop the idea that weight is from this, think you a slender person and not in weight. As this is anything tattoo effect and leads to the effective restoration, by projected energy in use by focus creates as thought is will.

   As thus, thought is nothing as the point is use, as if a car otherwise and your thought is not noticed. As in use if our thoughts, are used its not noticeable by effect. As psi in use is the thought you don't want to focus in on the tires to use the area energy, as this is a brain reaction as you perceive you can see 10 different things at once.

  The concept you don't want to feel is not felt or reacted to, as from the past your use is the city block to redirect to with feel or not and the thought stops there by the feeling and draw the "U" as in the thought there is not reacted to moments in time.

   Think and direct in feel with this is psychic ability as this is from use of thought. As a point or useful idea is energy in thought to cure with a "grater with cheese" thought as thought energy and that this is energy. As use is greater undeterrable effective shielding that does what you want. To use with gnosis is to get a point in pointed out mention or thought in thought reveals nothing.

   This is possible with a use you can do, consisted with in ordered idea by energy. As the fire blow. this is the in a thought to do, think and use energy in effect to in seen use view and create effect to avoid is hate. As you think think to create a hot energy that is as you will use is realized, so work unrealized and done by intuitive thought, as a power is a energy gained by use and use is or not in psychic ability.

  Gain chi energy as a possible use, time to go is to use energy converted from a source to use. Built up is a thought as energy is chi, use in breath and out breath as you think to breath. That is the heart restoration use as this is the han or hand over the heart or groin area, that use is focused energy that guides by thought projected energy to create what you think.

   Water chi effect is to use the thought and you create a transformation that is a khepser effect, as the element in use is thought to seem what element and thats use by the element manifesting by transformation with thought changes by the subconscious. By thought that your use in thought this is created by thought and is as thought can exist before the time. As you are straight in the moment, your use is a point in considered idea.

  As this is nothing in use as thought is converted by the conscious use with the subconscious use, think by the creator and the point is mentioned you can either make or not the idea you think to create with idea to do. Think not and the thought doesn't need to be done, seem to think and your thought is as think use as thought energy in use, this is possible by instinctive feel and use guided by intuition.

   Fire blow is make or not to create as thought exists the place by a chi blast, as a release of energy is a fire blow as an incident thought as energy to use is this as energy and chi creates. As the fire suddenly exists and unexists with a focus by thought, as a thought your natural as you feel your unnatural in ability.

  As you think to draw in the fire and use is the mention by symbol you are hitting with as you trace with the thought moment is, as you project as a meditative trance with a point your idea is there. As a point where there is a concept think reference and what you see is what you feel or not feel as if an ad in legacy by the felt idea in effect that, as that what you think creates as a thought is there to mind.

   Think "release" at the target and only if deserved will this effect, except for exceptions as this is thanks to the effort by Dr Electra or electrification in electrical source energy. Think in a thought and this is a point, as Chan Li or channeling in a video that use was shown. So think of use, as a use and think of the fire energy that you can in use and build up in the aura. As this is not use, use a focus at a walk to get use in use as you focus at the wall with a value in thought. In thought you forgive with fire as it heals by touch don't acknowledge touch.

   What you value will appear if you think, you see and fell the accidents as the can happen and seem if necessary to react to the memory. Quit the pattern if you think about the event you see, think it stop and it will as the wall will reveal the thought make the motion. You can manipulate the memory as the past or future is modifyable, as though the thought occurs you think at the wall and use is to change things at will.

  As this is all perception, trick the mind and the mind changes the things you want. Stop psyching yourself out by thinking you can do things, think stop and do stop before you run into someone and you stop. Stop and react normally as you think reveal and thought is what you think and things you do are au natural.

   As if you think "inm" a thought and point the idea out, the thought is a mention that becomes reference. As written down or not its remembered, as you are in focus your thought can seem where you think the death idea is. Create and your thought of your home is where you want, in or not in thought this makes a point if observer viewed that can get the energy to create by memory by what you think to remember. As the idea created by a concept, what you think can in seem to bring memories in aware focus.

   This is the bioelectric field as energy is a point, you can create by effects as by thought to strike out the thought that is an idea that use is spheres in thought and energy to create with is a point to use. As a mention is done you can get a thought to use a thought. As you use things, and you can get things and easily. As if a thought in use, your use is what made thought. What you think to leave is a fire mark by thought, as if a self-creative sphere in life. As though a psychic impression on the wall is a smudge, your creation is your own idea or others.

   As you are psyched out, an you pump your body in folding the blood with feel and with energy. As you want something to seem right your enhancing as use allows you to see the right idea, as you want someone to see the result this is where the body biolinks and you are seeing the idea as they can too as you think. This is to break the link as you think of the link, you can imagine a knife slashing the link and it is imagined gone. They if psychic, can see the the effect as if claire is as claireaudience turned on and off as with a will and switch on a wall.

   As they see in everything they think to see, this is the signiture trace effect and as a thought your trace is detected by feel. Think and thought of where and what the person is doing at the time, this is where he fire emanations in the aura is the will in idea. That is their brains are psychic and they can wild in thinking create with dream energy and created idea is a dream that is focused by thought, as fire in focus creates from some area energy. As you think and perceive use, on a point or gesture to direct the mentioned idea in fact you can seem to create and make by thought, with will in desire.

   There is less likeliness that even if your thought you will seem energy, and only if your chi is not actually in the body. This allows the vision effect to see and use things, as you think of the future or life feel in the energy and with thinking "future focus" you can create free with will. Think as you are and focus brings fire by kudilini and this is by the fire will. As they see the emanations, you can see the aura and the colors as if a colorful energy shell. Think time and think the idea you know in time, as the time is known you are aware and thought keeps you from harm.

   Think what you want you can get what you think to occur by focus in time, as you can see the idea you can know what the idea is by feel. As your feeling the point that is actually made from the thought, you perceive and the thought you use is thought by those that you think need to know or not. With this wall view in thought you can see what you want, and think what you will to create as you think and the creator serves the will. The idea is the idea that your use is their use, if you think or don't think and use their energy as their will allows. They are an idea in effort by use and think in use and the aura creates the use as an idea or not as the character is non persona in thought use.

   This in things will create a view of even invisible things, as results are what is in thought you can get a point and the thought is what is in conclusion by think and do as an end resultive field. Think a will and they are in intuitive motions or thought, as you think fix is what is created this is by the thought you create in an idea. As this is true you don't ever have to goto the hospital again, and that means no pills or anything is actually needed as there is no standard that you can use so stop. As there is a point in reference, what you thought is fire formed into manifest.

   Intuitive in action is a spiritual thought, by the use in action and your use is as though thought were a point to do. That build up of fire is with an inner energy, that is chi and fire can exist from the idea that use is an use in idea. As thought is a motion or thought is in time and bayer aspirin, is a drug to keep from the headache caused by this. Svanning is as thought is focus in the time that is thought and the perception you see is as thought comes and you see what are things in life where you think in time to be or as you you want to seem you are.

   As this is in use by thought, your focus thought in use if your own is a use to create by will, thought and make by will are as you think as you want chi comes up and makes with the will you project forward or otherwise. As you can get what you want as you "do" is make with a thought in focus, as you think your done or not and thinking this stops will create better for something else in the idea done. This is the effect that is to seem or be, as that is the secret to this in what you think that manifests in what thought you use. Its in the right, that by use your thought can create, an energy to make a thought exist or unexist by will alone. By Dr. Electra.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Instantaneous transfer

   This uses the electricity and lava as an energy source. Then, your mind and body gains the ability of instant shifts to alternate worlds. Some of which are just alike. Some are very different. Most likely you are shifting to a similar world that appears the same but has different actions/reactions. So the world shift is done by thinking about where you want to go. The mind state, which is how your brain is thinking at the moment, is what alters in perception. When the brain pattern matches that of the alt world, then the perception shifts. The thinking about 3 things that are in the normal world, where you came from, returns your brain pattern to the normal perception and your spirit shifts you back to the world whence you came.

   To link to electricity is sorta dangerous. But, if you resist the urge to touch the bare wire, or touch the actual electricity. Then, your fine and can use it. It may take willpower and thought to do, but its possible. Thus, the link is accomplished by thinking about lava and imagining the lava as though a dark red ball. Then, imagine yourself as a stick figure. And, imagine a line thats drawn from the lava ball to your stick figure. To link to electricity, then is to to imagine electricity as a ball of silver white light and yourself as a stick figure. Then, imagine a line drawn between the silver-white ball to you. Then, wait for about 10 minutes. And, the ability will come to you. After that, relax your mind and think of where you want to be and your body will find its way there, in any manner it thinks of. Be sure to blend in and not be noticed.

   To delink from electricity is simple, and sometimes necessary to prevent electrical accidents. It leaves you able to shift. Think of you yourself as a stick figure. Then, imagine the line between you and the silver-white ball breaking. The link to lava is needed to keep the ability you gained. The electron transfer is needed to make it work. It can be an electron of the body. The moment of electron transfer from the valence shell of the atom causes whats linked to it to shift when the destination is thought about. The mind makes the transfer happen and then deactivates the the link to the electricity valence shell. This can allow you to travel to anywhere and anytime.

   To delink the electricity, leaves a trace pattern on the mind from the source. This can lead to seeming memories of the other place and easy transfer back on a thought. Sometimes the brain can do a replay, or act out the scenes of the other dimension. Sometimes, this appears as a vision. This is a memory residue, which is purged from the brain by acting it out somewhere unseen. As it seems to be though, there is no bad aftereffect. What triggers the replay, is stress and focus. So, keep a relaxed mind and use relaxation techniques to keep it from replaying. Otherwise, you can say 'reverse pattern' as a suggestion to the brain and body using the electrons of the body removes the pattern. So, to 'delink pattern' delinks itself. The pattern ceases to effect. Since, most patterns come from somewhere else.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The inner universe

The more expanded upon ideal is here: inner_universe article.

  The inner universe starts with an expanded consciousness with exploration of your inner world, which can be expanded upon by expanding the consciousness. Think yourself to your inner world to inner peace. Expand the consciousness using any technique you want, including this technique, to be beyond the world to other worlds, and then those worlds are yours to explore. Those worlds are real to you as you are on them. The more worlds you are on, the more strain that is on your mind and the more your physically distracted. The longer you live, the stronger you are in ability. Most others don't see the person's inner world. Unless the person can show them through clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability of the mind to make people see what you see mentally and speak to others mentally.

  You gain ability to manipulate those worlds, by usage of the world when you work with them enough. When you control them, you worked with them enough to understand them, unless you have a good ability and then you gain that control early on. Control is able say anything and it manifests. Manifestation is the act of creating something with thoughts and nothingness. Nothingness is the source energy, the source energy is where everything came from. The more you think about what you want, the more it can manifest in the real world.

  You can add onto them, by viewing movies, or moves that cause remembrance. This can be any moving picture or anime that you watch. The world thats physical is around your body, the mental world is the inner world controlled by the subconscious and is in the soul, which is anywhere you want it to be. The mental world allows for instant travel, by mere thought or fantasy. This even allows time travel. Magic can cause the events in the real world that is around your body. The mind and subconscious causes events in the mental world.

How you tap into the power of your inner universe for anything you want to do energy wise, think to create then the inner universe is what creates the effect by the subconscious creating what you think or want that you can sometimes state. This causes you to think. So you think what if to draw anime & movies to add to your inner universe and what power you gain, this is from watching animes and movies to add to your inner universe.

See you don't draw upon yourself unless you want to not feel tired so you draw upon the creator, you can draw upon them as you think about seeing the anime. Then you are able to use their ability that you know about in the anime, first in your inner universe then physically sometimes. For usually somehow the ability manifests as a self-experience that your aware of the way the uses are by now. Otherwise you make use of the ideal you see then the energy from there is here to work or use, as you think to draw the energy you can create like the character or however.

So if you want to then you can, as long as the energy is there. See to do or draw is with creative ideal. Nothing more. This is where things are aware or you are more aware by the ideal, that feel is thought then ideal is conscious or sleep. Think to rest then as you lay down you are shifting to your inner universe, otherwise your going from your inner universe to your own body. So any energy you send doesn't always come back as its long range, as your aware your psychic or knowing by feel what is there or in there if the area is dark.

As relation is sometimes dynamic your ability is aware points of view. This where you think or use is feel to go, as you know or realize where you are by statement. You can go back if you want to go with some ideal, otherwise you know what is there by what you can do. So this is where you think then the ideal is formation or formed ideal is obvious. The physical inner universe I don't bother, but I think I can form things simply by thinking or imagining the ideal then sometimes the particles will form what you think or think say.

How you form the inner universe is think the inner universe exists then your subconscious creates what is thought. The inner universe is there as though a space exploration game, that is played by experience with ideal you think to put to use. Otherwise interacting with the inner universe is thinking a point then "as a defense you see you are aware you exist. The conscious is aware of the area then no defense is needed", then think as you are aware or not there is the point. The ideal point is the ideal you think to go with or work with by thinking or focusing then you realize what happens by focusing then your aware thought reveals what is there.

This really is just another world, your there conscious wise by ideal you are experienced in suddenly. So think what you want then you know what occurs as the inner universe is a wire trap, what things are in the inner plane that seems within you isn't always out that the existing wires trap the essence then. Use is where ohm energy sensation is the feel by sensation that exists, so then you can create by knowing with things that you sometimes are aware of by feel or cause things to exist. That is all there is by feel as a social prank to the inner universe.

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