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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, December 31, 2015


"Think of then or then you know. That is the angel of death. If you don't think of then, nothing bad happens, except you are confronted or remember something that is thought sometimes with your worst fears gone. You can change the memory as you think to remember or know what things were or what you want to know. This is the ideal point you can think then know things from the area or experience. That you get over. So think then you know then an we do not fear. That is why we can think death is white where life is black, so think then you know that is the way of the land. This is where the heavens can appear like the stars, so think then you know what is there. So objectivity is the inverse of heaven, so think then to do things as you want then the subconscious works with the memory to create what you want. So just try to remember, don't be the victim to the circumstance you create." The book of the heavens

4 stages of death

We are full of the life from God as a lesson with the Universe, with a point and the One-and-Only. All things on this earth plane are full of the essence of life. Our soul is so important because it’s the battery that spins the wheels of life, so that our robotic flesh and blood can go about its duties. We start out on the other side of the veil, connected in the white light fully encompassed in bliss. Then, we come to this plane to learn lessons, so that we can then go back to our true home, which is called by many names, such as Nirvana, Heaven, and Paradise. There are four stages to the process of death depending upon the spiritual upbringing of a person. As thought if there that they exist things by debt or ideal. They exist by ideal or what you think.

First the Angel of Death comes to collect our soul, that is during the process of death. This angel has been called by many names, such as Yama, The Angel of Death and Azrael. The Angel of Death is truly angelic. Once we are touched by the Angel of Death, our soul separates from our body. Thus as we are aware, we may look down upon our lifeless body wondering why people are frantic and sad.

Then when we are ready that is where we decide we are ready, the Angel of Death pulls us through the tunnel of light and we forget about the past or remember the past, this is from the vision we can focus then we can know by thinking we do. In fact we are immersed in peacefulness, quiet and contentment as we see a spot of super bright light becoming larger and larger. Many individuals who have gone down this path and returned have attested to the peace and the feeling of being lovingly held in the arms of an angelic being.

Secondly ones we know are there, once when we reach our destination. See this being is sometimes known as Yama, The Angel of Death, then Azrael that relinquishes his duties and then we stand in a place of amazingly bright light. Some see Jesus, while some see Krishna. Others may see four angels of light or other angelic beings who acknowledge the newcomer to the realm of light. This process has also been talked about by many who have died and returned.

5 clear signs a deceased loved one is nearby

The deceased:

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to get in touch with deceased loved ones. In fact I think that passed souls, will always reach out to us or you in times of need or longing so less weight is less ideal used. They can come with important messages or just to simply give you their reassuring presence and let you know everything is o.k. Usually though, we tend to overlook these phenomenal events as an overactive imagination and classify it in our minds as grief processing. But if we could all raise our awareness a little bit more, we might just find comfort in knowing that we are never alone.

5. They appear in your dreams

5 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby: A vivid dream of a deceased loved one is classified as a lucid dream or vision. This is because of the potency of the dream. Quite often these are so intense that they wake you up in the middle of night filled with emotion. You may even be consciously aware of the fact that you are dreaming and not even realize it.

4. You feel their touch

Most commonly felt shortly after a loved ones passing, the sensation of being caressed softly, either on the back or the hand is a clear sign of comfort from the deceased. Others may also just feel, that they are not alone and sense the presence of someone else in the room.

3. Unexplainable phenomenon

It is not uncommon for passed spirits to affect electrical components in the home. You may find burnt out light bulbs more often, or other devices starting to go haywire for no other apparent reason. Think about it, if you were on the other side… wouldn’t you?

2. Hiding things when upset or appearing objects when acting nice

There have been many accounts of the deceased “stealing” things from the home only to later have them appear in the most random of places. It may feel as though you have lost your mind, but don’t worry they are just trying to get your attention! And apparently you
are not listening. On the opposite, you may also find that you have lost something that is really important and when you begin stressing out about it.. suddenly it appears in the strangest place, easy for you to find and you could have sworn that you just looked there.

1.Sometimes you smell them

Unknown our sense of smell is the strongest of our senses and just one whiff can bring back a thousand memories.

The most common accounts of fragrances are the smell of cigarette tobacco or cigars while no one in the smokes, perfume and flowers.

Interesting story:

My 3-year-old daughter (at the time) came into the room one afternoon. She was playing with her kitchen set downstairs. In her hands she held a plastic plate, plastic food and a spoon. I asked her if she was making herself lunch and she told me “yes but I have to go get more for Bill, I’ll be right back”. (I thought this was a funny thing to say).

She came back up from downstairs with another plate and so I asked her “who’s Bill?”. She looked at me and told me with a completely straight face “he’s sitting at the kitchen table”. My mind quickly raced to try to figure out what she was talking about… until I realized. Bill was our old neighbour he was in his early 90’s when I last saw him and Bill  passed away 2 years ago. She would have been 1 years old at the time of his death.

by LJ Vanier

Possible strokes

You can think of a stroke to create a stroke, otherwise avoid thinking of it to avoid the stroke. Oh yes strokes by suggestion or strength by activity are a possibility of the magic use with energy manipulation, if your realistic think not to weight up so you don't gain back what you lost as if en or some ended moment. Body weight then you won't. Its the power of thought that creates what you think. Say or think a word then you do what you think by what you considered point with a view.

Some people do things out of feeling with the moment or ideal by passing things by. I am just gonna wait or go to work. What we are focusing on or being distracted by things is where we are now. Lucidity sometimes means you see things or do things then its not real, as your just lucid seeing dream with the physical world. Then there is some that convince themselves that it was a dream, when it was done sometime this is when they saw it with their own eyes then this was in their past.

So it was obviously unreal or real to the senses yet not there after, due the this fact they end up rejecting the ideal that it was real. Especially game world activity. Where things occur then by the worm then it wasn't as though done. So this otherwise occurs as this was electricity that was what causes the whack sensation where the electricity goes out then you won't see the visions.

There's a truth about karma that its our own personal sight or that you won’t hear from the mainstream version, that uses self-experience with inside moments. For their experience is there if outside, by what you experience counted as a karmic moment or Yu. Written December 13, 2015 by Jonathon Twiz that reads this:

Now as a man is like this or like that,

according as he acts and according as he behaves, so will he be;
a man of good acts will become good, a man of bad acts, bad;
he becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds;

And here they say that a person consists of desires,
and as is his desire, so is his will;
and as is his will, so is his deed;
and whatever deed he does, that he will reap.

—?Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 7th Century BC

In the West we look at Karma as a cosmic law of justice — cause and effect, what goes around comes around, etc. You may be of the large majority in the West that look at karma as the balancing scale of justice that distinguishes right from wrong. Esoterically we look at karma as something that will affect you lifetime after lifetime, as in, the actions that you make in this life will affect the way you live in the next life. I don’t have any knowledge of what is beyond the here and now; with regard to this present moment, living in the now, you and I are still here, and that is as much certainty as we can get. It is for this reason why I will not talk about karma with regard to its effects on the next life. What I will talk about is the way in which karma affects you in this lifetime.

There are a lot more subtleties and layers of the human psyche involved in the way karma plays out. Your reality is your perspective, and over time your perspective of yourself is going to change based on your memories of your past actions and intentions. This will project an identity of who you think you are, which will enhance or diminish your sense of self worth. One thing that is for sure is that who we are at the present moment is not who we will be in the future.

As we live life and collect wisdom in our library of experience, we become more conscious of ourselves. Whether we choose to use this ever growing consciousness to guide our actions is up to us (bearing in mind the consequences if we don’t). The simple awareness of your ego, past actions, and intentions gives you the freedom to carve a new destiny that will release you from your karma.

“No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basis for all change.” – Jordan Belfort

Awareness is the first step when it comes to removing karma. If you are not aware of your actions, intentions, and feelings, you will continue to make free choices that are heavily influenced by these same feelings–>intentions–>actions. People who are unconscious do not evolve. They are forced to learn things the hard way in life, and the more stubborn they are the more difficult it becomes for them to break free of their karma. Living an unconscious life, even if you get away with your choices, puts you in situations that don’t allow you to be free.

For example, greed will attract the most fickle and conditional friendships and relationships in your life. Your ego will be built on a false identity of fleeting possessions which can lead to status anxiety. You will attract situations in your life where people make unconscious greedy decisions against your best interests. There is a wide spectrum of less than optimal scenarios that can and likely will occur as a result of living an unconscious life.

Again as you see this isn’t a universal punishment, so think as this isn't a cosmic law of justice. The universe is indifferent, where you think and the notion of good and bad are constructs in our own minds. The more selfless you become, the more chaotic you become to humanity. The more selfish you are, the more disharmonious you become with humanity. This person has a total lack of empathy for the situations they cause and in time they will increase the likelihood of running into situations that reflect their behaviour towards them. This is the aspect of karma where the external environment that you attract becomes your karma. When you take from someone or harm someone, you are adding chaos and causing more disharmony in your life and in the collective. When you are empathetic and selflessly contributing to the collective, you are more in harmony with it.

People who have awareness of themselves are in a much better position than the unconscious person. This person may still continue to make selfish, ego-based decisions, but they are far more likely to be slapped in the face by the guilt. This guilt may even become further magnified if a psychedelic is taken. The guilt one experiences should not become your identity, but rather a wake up call to rise to the occasion toward becoming a more evolved person. This is the type of karma where you’re feeling judged from within; your own mind is telling you that you are out of sync with your higher self.

A bad trip can be nothing more than a look in the mirror, seeing all the ugly sides of yourself that disgust you to the point where you feel very uncomfortable with yourself. This is how psychoactive substances force us to break out of negative patterns of behaviour; they show us our shadow side, which ultimately scares the shit out of us. You become aware of the two fighting wolves inside you, one which is good, the other which is bad. From this point on you know that you are responsible for the wolf that wins, which is the one that you feed.

“Karma is real, part of it starts with how you’re starting to feel.”

Karma is not just about bad deeds but it is also about how you feel about yourself. Your feelings and emotions have a lot to do with your karma. Eckhart Tole talks about the “Pain Body,” which is another identification with the ego. It makes us feel like victims whenever we don’t get what we want, feel misunderstood, or victimized. There are legitimate times when we feel wronged, but the degree to which we wallow in sorrow and/or anger can create bad karma for ourselves, even if we truly were the victim. Continuing to identify with these emotions will affect your perspective, adding a negative filter to your world. You will then make actions based on this perspective, which could lead to more circumstances that caused the initial sadness/anger. You will begin to cause problems in your reality that don’t even exist, all because you are identifying with your pain body all the time.

When working on your karma, everything on the radar is just a tip of the iceberg. Karma is often a lack of awareness of how your patterns of behaviour (which often come from your emotions) are holding you back. This is why psychedelics are popular among some people, as they have a way of showing you the karma that you’re not aware of. Emotions can cause a lot of misunderstandings because they filter your ability to process reality when in an emotionally charged state of mind.

Subconsciously you change things by thought recall or suggestion, where unresolved emotions allow us to navigate our Ego through potentially destructive terrain. This can leave karmic imprints that create a repeat cycle of more unhappy circumstances. Emotions that we hold onto can manifest into stress which can cause all sorts of physical symptoms. It can even change the way the brain is hardwired. This is what is called in Vedic and Buddhist philosophy as “Sanskara.”

Sanskara is “mental impression, recollection, psychological imprint,” and this meaning in Hindu philosophies is a foundational element of karma theory.

“According to various schools of Indian philosophy, every action, intent or preparation by an individual leaves asanskara (impression, impact, imprint) in the deeper structure of his or her mind. These impressions then await volitional fruition in that individual’s future, in the form of hidden expectations, circumstances or unconscious sense of self-worth. These Sanskaras manifest as tendency, karmic impulse, subliminal impression, habitual potency or innate dispositions.” – Wikipedia

Embrace your karma, use it as a teacher, make friends with it. It’s not judging or punishing you, but it is telling you the truth about yourself without holding anything back. It is the most honest account of how to conduct your human experience. As long as you choose to evolve, you can suffer successfully through the events in life that slow you down and/or make you feel insecure.

Karma is a very real thing. It is not just our actions that create karma, but also the way we think, especially the way we think about ourselves. The grumpier you are, the more assholes you meet. Our Ego and the actions that spur from it brings us into resonance with situations and people of similar vibration. These conditions that we unknowingly put ourselves in facilitate more actions and ways of thinking that lead to more karmic consequences. Does the Ego create the conditions or do the conditions create the Ego? It’s a chicken and the egg paradox, but a cycle that traps us all. I’m not telling you to abandon society and become a monk in the mountains, rather I am telling you to just become more conscious of how you live your life.

Don’t try to be superior to your fellow man, aim to be superior to your former self. Who you are at the present moment is a different incarnation of who you were before. If you allow yourself to devolve, you will then become more confined to the conditions of your karma. If you evolve through reason and intuition, you will gradually escape the conditions of your karma.

Karma is nothing more than a path you put yourself on. As you become more aware of your decisions and actions, you will then learn to make choices that are mindful. The more conscious your choices are the more you will find yourself in situations that benefit you, and less in situations that cause frustration, anger, sorrow, guilt, or sadness. Bodhidarma said that your choices are like seeds, each of which will harvest at the right time in your life. Karma hits you at an unexpected time in ways you cannot prepare for, therefore making the consequences of your actions more devastating due to the inability to prepare for them.

If you feel guilty about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel insecure about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel frustrated about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel angry about something, that’s your karma.

If you feel sad about something, that’s your karma.

Even with things that are not your fault and genuinely caused by circumstance, the way in which you handle them ultimately affects your karma. In life, there is only one direction you go: forward to positive behavior or backward to neglect or a negative feeling so I think this is where you are going forward in your own way anyway. This could mean you could create what you call a movement stream. Allowing your emotions and circumstances (no matter how hard) to hold you back from happiness is another form of karma.

Self survival and self aggrandizement of the ego are the source of all karma. We have to allow ourselves to go through the process of what we need to feel, let them go, and then move on. The problem is that most people don’t move on so think, make use "then" with a point then think to move on to work or do things elsewhere. Then you move on.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This is where the point is though as thought this is acid to eat away the body, with a point that exists things so if I think that is not there. Then it isn't so I exist where I think or not think to be there as when I am done. I just passed the 13th viel and am going to the bank now. So I am aware my ideal is still a bit large from things that were done. So I will instruct a viel to clearify the situation then fix it by the point I thought there to work or create with the point to work that corrects problems then create what I wish. Where I is the point the brain's pinneal gland is what does things. Then I think to a point so I thought there is a way then there was or there is something to support me, then there was this is magic by the feel by now I think to work with others so I think I might do so.

This means I am aware correctly stated is if the pinneal gland knows or stops things, then allows what is usually done as I am clear now what is being done with what is there. Then it ceases to exist as things are there instead, unless you wanted some body result or bodily injury or something else. So I think then do what I feel is necessary. This is where the brain, directed by focused thinking uses the pinneal gland with the conscious awareness to create magic, this is sometimes drink or food with the physical plane that all works together on the physical level.

This means when you wish or think to create with magic you create by the pinneal gland, then by now that works psychic ideal or energy phenonemon. Sometimes supernaturally done if below a certain weight that I believe is 170 if focused to create as you think. Where spiritual magic is thought to create creates by our spirit. This is proven manipulation of divinity, where you think then the energy is what or where that forms things as you wish. Sometimes with material energy or purified water drinking, you increase your divinity potectial by activity or actions that you do. So I could lose weight anyway I want, that is indeed an interesting thought.

See that helps the ideal materialize or not create as I think if to eat a larger breakfast, then less lunch with less or no dinner I might go below 195 lbs. So I won't regain what I work out to eliminate. So if you thought to work out then you would lose the excess mass very quickly with focused thought water. Physical magic starts with "I wish" then the thought that could happen, that you want or work for is that what you can speak or think as an affirmation or intention. Sorta like I wish to create less weight on the body so I go below 195 lbs or something similar to that which is now less. So ciou for now as I think this is done, hopefully I don't repeat things by my astral shell.

That I draw in the astral shell by focus as though drawing in a worm body, the worm is it then that was screaming out in the ocean by now as I am aware that is when it screams. Then I work or play to create with ideal. Now its us against the worms in the sea, see to kill the worms you might say that were manipulating us or the environs to my or your directed will. Think the worm instead forms as you go outside, when the worm screams then there is a little snake or worm that is laying across your path that forms instead of the sea worm. This is when the sea worm does a gGod trick so he or she that follows God is there by what he or she is conditioned to believe. Think the creative use so we are creative by what we do, then we can create by what you can see to do. See to think is your own awareness so it doesn't get things to do or create, if you don't think to do it then you could do the ideal if to use things over.

I realize what this is so I will think or say this instead. I am not a believer in jesus. So in God's use by name we draw our worm to create instead of us just as we are divine naturally, the point or trick that doesn't work then fades away as though not there including the God trick it then tries with you. However as if not there is what is not so correct where our spiritual or blood singing, with heart pounding thinking to create we create the god effect or divinity effect. That is think then we create.

So if then you thought something or work with something then its gone if not wanted. So what's written is what the astral shell does, what is spoken is sometimes what the person does. This is a point to the skies then as you think to the point, then the point acts as a source if they want to then you get what you want. The link is thinking you know the source or ideal is the source with or without judgement.

Then you can create what you think by some point, some may not agree as God isn't real anyway we are the point the gods are there as were the gods. Then the worm in the sea is dead by magic. Just remember that everything done by a worm is real, so think carefully to them to do or die off. So when dead then the conscious awareness is your born body, not there in or out think to use the sea by your own brain as you think for yourself.

That you can direct or watch by observation, this is with a willing participant there or creating by ideal this is thought for things to occur. So no is the point where yes is the point by our invulnerable worm or other reason, where sometimes yes is the point where no is the knowledge that is there to support our reason. That is the reason to create with magic then work as you wish and act in accord. Ciou as for now too I am done.

Written by caz, libby, heron

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Heat mirage or cold vision visage

The heat in the air is the cause of them, when your body adapts to the heat pressure the illusion called a mirage. So they that think to create use real live situations or activity with a point there, that they allow what's there that you focus to create with the illusion. That you think to see or don't as you think what's there as that is there then magnetics is that by focus, this creates the point then you think where you can create illusion or ideal manifest. Thinking with the intensity where you are an this is with the feel to see the illusion, this is when the mirage you think is where you see the reality then you see what's there.

That you can create by some ideal or focus point with some thought pointed out. Anywhere with gravity. So I thought if you vision things then want to see what is actually there. I think you can see cold air vision or visual cold air waves. Thinking that you see the real world, then you see what was hidden by the vision that's there. The cold vision is due to a cold snap in the air that you see when the body due to activity by the ideal you now the point. Sometimes when that is what you can see, think to use or see to the point by what is or where you consider.

This is what is the use by cellular weight where you think to create something, then the focus is energy to he point that the blood is intensely felt. So that when you think then you create, sometimes with more food or less food need if you hold off.  Then you think with the intensity that is there then the visage or illusion tends to fade away.

Then you see what is there or how the person or place really looks. The point is the area is with use or holding off you eat less then you create with less food what is possible with more food, so all you really need except in certain conditions that require medication is one bite. So as a suggestion, you could think or say now with fruit you can eat your weight up.

This is where the body adjusts your internal temperature, internalizing the energy by internal heat sensation, that isn't there that your brain sees visions from the use that is there. This means you can think to see something then you will with an intense feel. As you're using warm air however the warmth in the air is useful to see what you think called by feel as vision, so you think then you work along the area where others can see so if you can see by the heat or the feel that is with senses by sensation.

Then you know what is there. This is by the point you detect not always is this true. So if you can think to the uses you have you await something or things are there that aren't there, so if you think you ate then you hold off by feel to no longer need to eat so you fool your body into not eating when you really feel hungry.

So you are hungry so your not, this is what ends the point where you don't eat or eat less. Then you lose a possible weight mass, that is with thoughts to work off some weight. This is with the ideal you create, what you eat or drink or other ideal that you think is like yourself an use. This is with illusion to do things in another thought, so with a concept by a point you perceive you can do anything.

Then the heat is there of use or not needed. When you want to see something then you would see something. So all you need to do is think on the ideal then remember the experience that was there, then feel to create with sense that you think you know then you suddenly do from without crap. This is where you know the right one. Otherwise you realize what is there or done by now is done by now.

I believe this is the explanation. As you being useful is there, think as adaption is where you are sometimes, then you think or if your aware then you consider. For work is what you do even though you don't move or service to move. Where then you don't think to see things you won't be excited by stmulus, as you get used to the stimulation then you see the illusion or not by what you do.

 "That is exciting your sense or cells that sense things, so you think you can see it sometimes. There you sense as you see to the point or not, as sometimes you don't where you don't dare do things with the right people in the area. So that is in the point you think." -Shelly

Sometimes you don't so if you see the point, then you know by what you think you detected. What you think as well effects by thought towards something or someone as the cold air circulates around the globe, then refreezes the water as the cold air circulates near the cold water then you suggest by the aura. Then is the use if you think you thought global warming, you can create less water by the thought to refreeze the water where it is except on mainland. As a thought can cause ideal to manifest, so with your thought that is what causes refreezing with the other polar ice cap. That is where the suggestion turns into vision, by clairovoyance or thought psyche perception.

This is where you control the vision by the words you think or speak. The aura then is your body circulation glow that is seen where the body or cells are blood empowered, as I will call this that is eaten fat or ideal focus that creates what you think. When you move or think you exercise, you can create by what you consider the body does. As this is generating with the light or shadows that create what you consider by what you focus to create as you think the point.

The generating is created result as the the end result, that you think is the end result with body activity that you can sense. These are things that is known as genjutsu.This includes hiding things in plain site, where you think its not seen then it isn't where others look except for yourself. Otherwise you could cause some illusion to what exists there, then do what you wanted with whatever you were wanting to use by being undetected.

Now try it without eating your weight, so you are aware that is what works so if you didn't do anything except drink. You probably won't see the green aura glow. This isn't always fat as you are slender, seeing that you can eat things or drink water so you know what occurs. That is what helps some people, otherwise they come up or down with weight by their own solution.

The water as I see it is the problem, that the solution is focus energy to see things that show you aren't effected. Then your body adapts by feel that causes the brain to believe its not so weighty, so you adapt your eating style that fixes the weighing of the time. This I believe causes what you think, for your weighing to appear differently by the feel with the appearance or mass your body has you believe that you lose weight at least by a few ounces.

If not then nothing went wrong as you gained nothing if you did not eat. This is the heat or mirage shield, that your aura projects then the cold visage shield that your body depletes the cells energy, sometimes with thought to manifest is thinking that inadvertently causes instant aging. That is where this is temporary, so you think then create what you fee or feel to be true. This settles the body then to create instant unaging or aging back to a younger appearance.

Then your you again, so you can think to create what you consider or not do things. This is with the point, though your thought is you can create anything. You really could feel hungry by this so you think what you wish then stop, hold off then work with the thought to create what you think. This is with thoought to do things with manifest, by the blood flow or area magnetic field called gravity.

Where you think then focus, then your blood energy surges to make what you could create by that what you thought. If the blood flow is intensely felt you could feel more or less hungry by what you hold off from, this is with eating or if no eating then this is the heat in the area that is a point or a temporary feel. Their way isn't always a good way, so think to eat less as this is also their way to lose weight or you could feel the illusion in the area.

That is a point then that works by use or otherwise a thought sometimes pointed out. That is the point I crave then as I then can sense things, so I am with the sense that I can create by things in use or ideal with focus points. That is point out things then as you think your brain focuses to sense the point then you know what is there. This is then a thought or drinking water bout, that use is ideal then 8 to 10 glasses of water is the area use where this is the point.

So if this were true as a point or illusion, then fat fades away as the point is  your fattened self that you see dissipates to a slenderer self image. So then is what I call the illusion where the truth is you are as you think you are by divinity that you have. So this is a way to create or seem aware then change the body so that you are at least one size less. This leads to the point your body adjusts, then to see some vision that exists till a point the visage or mirage disappears from what is done to adapt to the area feel.

I call it morph that is what you think that counts or is a point, that your awareness starts smelling the area, including yourself. Then if your aware of the others in the area you can create a different approach, sometimes things that you think is good is improved by now. Somewhere isn't so improved, unless you think things improve then they won't.

That is sometimes seems what influences others through the air to see, as though clairavoyance or feel is what does seem to work the energy. Some of what you focus then is where your brain sends alpha signal, that effects the outside of the body that creates what you think through the energy with air by the area response. Then sometimes they see what you think to heat as a projection called collage or mirage vision.

This creates a mirage that uses things to work with those that exist some response. So thought to cancel the mirage is to think to end with things then you see the area in truth. The truth is you see what you want to see, by the subconscious or brain adaptation for awareness to exist or not exist. So I think of don't then this stops. That is all there is thought, I think to this method as I think this use is sometimes. As though to declare the point then you know, then you declare the moment of useful ideal. That is where you bring clarity by a sense with light. So that is all there is to this by a few who know things. So if your aware then your awake, an is with no thought of the blow so think then you can create what you wish sometimes with a blow.

That could be something else that isn't seen until you think it is crap. So if you think you can imitate an animal then you can create the animals response. You just had an animalism. So think your cool as you look at another person then you restore your own thinking. This came from a deep spirit animal guide. Where people are aware then created to what they think. For the point you think is what you get, your direction is what forms or shapes the point you experience.

 Think as though to the point then speak then the animal knows you, so you know to create more intelligence within the animal is training or treasure. Such as a cat then you can act yourself, don't think your the animal though as use is useful ideal to senses you know what is there. As a spirit synchronization with association is due to how often you work with the area or intuition. This is usually activity by now to the point you make this seem like intelligence when its not, so that their way seems like intelligence.

 This then is the point you can cause good or bad behavior with the animal you see. So there is three levels of consciousness, the physical, the spiritual the coplayers space or animalism feel. I think cosplayers space because this gave me an animalism feel yet I was still human. So this is repreived from a priest that represented this, by a 6 petalled flower made with three infinity symbols overlaid sometimes by this point. I think this was a waste so this symbolizes waste products for me. I think therefore to call this the petal symbolism of infini layers.

 Yet if you interlink the symbolisms you interlink the symbol of love, likeness and caring by concern, that in turn interlinks exteriences from all three or no you could say this is where you are alike by thinking alike or acting alike. The animal layer is the cosplayer layer that is where we appear for a short time, then you could say what you look by use if interest then for or with is what you share experience with so you are alike if there enough.

So I don't know I want to know if this works, think the change allow the change to occur with the subconscious, then act to accept the changes as you listen to music that allows adaptation to the change.  Then a few more changed ideal to occur, this is with allowing some point if you see the source is legit with the point you made as them. This is with the quality by what you think with ideal. So think weight loss then your thinking adjusts your body, so your appearing as if weighing less. Whatever you do, you don't have to eat your weight. So I think this is a point you think and if there, then act to accord the point that means accept then make your own point if necessary.

Written ben, caz, libby

Monday, December 28, 2015


Some say Succubi with incubi are bad, but I think there is a substance that can stop their feeding. Like xilithol sugar alchohol that causes them to not bother you from the feel, otherwise baking soda with maple syrup that causes complaceny. Baking Soda with maple syrup is bad for them, baking soda with honey is worse as they feel lethargic. So what they do is attempt to drain a target of their energy when hungry for energy, so when the person succumbs to their charm they are aware of a calm with a cool feel that is around them. Better than the cool air that is there if any already exists to target you.

Baking Soda/maple syrup or honey homemade remedy can help you fight cancer is possibly put to good food use, so think when you use this to keep cancer away as the cancer cells will die with anything that has baking soda. So this is useful ideal for food for thought. See what you can use to use alkaline causes the body to repel diseases then the body creates what you call white blood cells more often so not too much or not too little then this works out well. Then I think this will be useful in the next life I had planned out. So it is going to be after the medieval stages of america so I then can think of safety or some ideal to work as this means I won't have to be born in the dark ages again. This was discovered in the dark ages as you might know. This is a point that then is the use.

Cancer cells love sugar by thinking and mixing and heating alkaline bicarbonate of soda (BS) with sugar-rich maple syrup or honey, binds the two together such that the maple syrup targets the “sugar hungry” cancer cells (which consume 15x more glucose than normal cells), and thus “sneakily” also carries the baking soda into the cells, as needed if inside a proverbial maple syrup “Trojan horse”. The alkalinity of the baking soda either kills the cancer microbe (or reverts it to its hibernation form) inside the cancer cell, such that the cell reverts to normal. For or used ideal, this has an alkalizing effect forcing a rapid pH shift that is where you think then your body feels better. That kills the cell as a point if concept is use then this works. This is to be seen then imagined to create what you wish.

The shock wave of alkalinity is sometimes stomach flu that allows more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cell is reverted or eliminated before the sugar delivery can cause cancer cell growth. Here is the recipe of this amazing homemade remedy. I think you can use this to get over diarrhea though this is risky as the feel is you might keep it. So think as you wish to work off things that exist to be made if you think then that they work. This isn't always denoting the side effects that are the weight eats itself, think as there's no substance to this if too much you could say you get stomach flu.

Ingredients are baking soda with honey or maple syrup, that you can use or make use of with ideal to no longer have cancer. Directions are to combine 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda for every 1 tablespoon of Maple syrup or honey. Because there are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon, the ratio used is 1 part baking soda to 3 parts maple syrup or honey. For example, mix 4 tsp. baking soda with 4 tbs. maple syrup or honey. This should be enough for a week. Think or do not refrigerate this mixture or use too much.

Use is to take 1 tsp. of this mixture 1-3 times per day, for a maximum 1 to 2 month. Don’t take this mixture too close to mealtimes. During this therapy you need to change your diet. You need to decrease the meat intake and allow for no sugar or white flour. This is the things you pour or eat that could contain it. So think ahead that means go for what is possible, that you make or has substitute sugar thats healthier.

The alkalinity stops other races from drawing energy by thinking then they have it. So you could do the same. Just remember a race creates by what they do when they do things, so they are named for the act they do where the activity is what they think to achieve. So you see this if you think the point to do, then you can create sometimes using a device or music. So think not to change the formation then you stop. Then as your awareness is there you are yourself if you start to change into the form. This is the form shift that they do.

Are sucubi bad? yes they get you in an activity that they suck your soul energy with ideal to stay alive. So this causes you to work or your somewhat confused. This also drives you nearly insane, if you think about what they do as you have to think to stop feeding them think what you want then they are aware. So if they were aware or none of then are good, then the male version is worse they get you in an act of emotion then use that energy you release by the feel.

The females are succubi the male are incubi, they make themselves look good. This is a race of vampiric faries where succubi do it by the activity, incubi do it by the act they work with others for ideal. But they are really vampires that are faery. I been told that incubis give back the energy to their keeper, yet not the unbounds so if you think the point to do then you create sometimes using a device or music.

Normally they give back the energy as they can't use it as the ideal isn't possible except for imagination, by their symbiosis as the energy changes them with channeling for magic or what is thought as magic to the persons form for a bit. They only become bound when they draw energy in to work. When they give the energy back they transform back into themselves, except they get the energy as they leave or kill them that they get energy from use. They think the point then the use then, only to do as they see the need for ideal to exist like we do or not.

See then they keep the energy for themselves, as they think of their own form they draw energy from the body. That they use to change back to their own senses. This gives the point an ideal advantage that they use, as they are with an exception or a point that they guess your thoughts or hear your mind. So you the keeper gets the energy back as they think of you. So they are safe if you don't think of them so they won't draw your energy in by feel. As the feeling is there you are feel for them so the ask for likes or dislikes as you think to create with some uses. That they setup, then use as a point is though thought through music.

Just as you can make friends with a succubus don't expect to remain yourself. As they usually try to arrange changing points sorta like a path that you follow. For your best interest think of what I did to get you to say that what you did. Then you end up with ideal that creates what you think. Thats their ability, thinking is used to manipulate the mind then create what is there that they call a concept.

That is where what is there is sometimes emotion or hate or other feel, this is in a place they call there that manifeests where or when you think to manifest that means they feast. The manifest is the point that you then think or otherwise use as a point that you can do. This gets them nowhere so they stop then do something else or think of a better way to go around places.

They have the ability of translocation or they can be watched, but not observed spiritually unless in energy by somewhere where there their body isn't. The aura causes this effect so think when you feel drained they are done drinking, when they are tired you could feel tired or thinking the link broken then breaks their link to you. This is with possibility of a full on drinking bout from you, so act nice if they sense you or remember everything they did, then you create what you thought as they think their suspected.

This is a point or part that gets me, they can create something good from a bad situation where they create bad for the victim. If the succubis has a sense of duty, then they use justice to create justice where needed from what they sense. If the incubi has a sense of justice from this they could have incited it, if they see the need to do things so they stop. So I think then to separate then walk away, as I physically walk away from the area to separate from their mind area where they could effect you.

Since in spirit form they can remain unseen they aren't undetectable, thats when they are normal when physical formed. Unless they change their aura energy to mislead the senses, they are likely to create some sense elsewhere by their illusion that is energy in form. This is with heat or cold emanation by what they think to a thought, thats detected as some formation that you want to see. This they could dismiss as non important so beware the point.

This use is there as though a manafeast where they collect energy, then you think then you control them. They use this to control you so you create what you can do. They only do it for your potential or you think then you create with what is possible. Then if in a good mood from feeding they create what you wish using thought suggestions to create what you thought or have with need being fulfilled. So if they are there or wherever here is, they don't sense you or you don't sense them in activity thats energy as energy is in two forms. So when spiritual you won't sense their energy activity, then when physical they won't sense what you do.

They can only do things to you or with ideal that is allowable to themselves. So that is what you think that matters or somesuch saying. This is a point though you act with second thoughts, except to work with what you think that they think is possible. So when they are aware they can exist things by feel as they are aware by enough energy being drawn as though a bank and the world is their oyster as you can say. When they are nice they use their own energy or if they wish to help, they draw a little energy then think to act or activity that is once thought created.

Sorta like a potato can act to recharge the usb device or power the device. They could make any thing as though recharged with their devicing. This then is what I saw, as I looked to see what they did with my energy. Then I stopped sending energy to the point I thought that was represented as a picture. So then I felt fine. They act as though an energy source though this is where things got strange they pass the energy through a wire to create the energy elsewhere that transfers to where they think. This is an interesting thought. Think you could do that with a 220 volt device? Yes they could without touching the current. So this concludes the lesson on vamps in general.

That is wise to end this point, as they create a manifest for you by what you think. So they don't fear being reverse drawn energy as their creator is the one whom they claim is the being that created us all, as the other if a vampiric nature could draw from them. So I think if they were aware then they act to prevent from being drawn from if to protect themselves. This is sometimes with a witheld devicing or ideal that they talk about to be normal. They draw the ideal energy as if to prepare then work as if separate. Thats how you can tell them apart from you. So their protection is where they are drawing energy to appear or seem like yourself, then they act to do things without hinderance or create by what you think. So I think they were using things to work as they can draw energy to a device that acts as a battery.

Bye is the point they get tired of you then you are aware of things that are there or possible like before. I learned thinking this that I was manipulating a succubus to create for me then she was almost me. Then herself as she nearly acted like me. Then the ideal started pouring in as the person drank something that creates what you think is using or used spirits thats what they can also draw from you. Leaving you absolute sane if you think about what is there, with some other faery then they are what you consider yourself or they themselves are where you thought to be. So I think as they are known they appear good as they use womans intuition as a point to opposite approach, this is also by intuitive approach or mans intuition by some acted ideal.

They as you can draw energy from any source as they think it a source, like we can so they only do this better. Sorta like them yet some are on drawn currency where they could channel the flow if they thought to focus the energy, I am thinking from the electricity which is stupidity to them as the point is done with so they don't need to do so. An ideal then if they are able then they did the current manifest by manipukation with thinking they could leak outside the wire, I think they stop for this could electrocute them as they suddenly feel drawn to an electrical source or a heat source nearby so they stop there.

So focus to condense something then they stop or think to work with something there, as though energy causes water particles to moisturize the area you thought to moisturize. The point is thought to make where you think the point has water, other things I believe that work by now is your focus with water particles to create water from the area. Though from steam or air particle water traces are that you can make it from use, this is use by focus create with feel. If how you do so with electricity think by now so you can avoid electrocution that means to leave immediately, as you don't want to draw electrical energy to you. This by now where they could create nearly any thinking. They aren't invulnerable to things you do. So think of a shape to appear, as you imagine the shape appearing the shape will seem to be there.

If they don't they become apart of the current that they don't think, they do things by their thinking that they get from others by asking with another form. Because thats when things become animated to their minds eye, where the human sees this as well from brain deprivation they see this by what they focus to sense. This leaves the body talking gibberish as the sense is lacking, you think then to the point that I got it from gibberish. So I tryed to make sense of the point then wrote as sensible as possible that is from practice interpreting. So don't mind me as I rant a bit. If you think this gibberish then your nuts as you could say this was nontheless divinity.

Yes I know as you focus thought or ideal to create the brain constricts, so things can sound like gibberish where your thought is sense and when by the feel its sense by sensless acts. So what hexes or constricts is the blood energy. I think that is blood flow where you think then work to interpret, as your seeing things as though moving on their own or your driving a car where things are noticed. That is the movement sense. So enjoy trying to create sense from the things that are percieved. Seen as this is with an interesting challenge am I right? Don't take it and work as you can without too much constriction. Then you can see yourself safer than sorry from too much focus.

So when they are aware they are alert to the point that is made, so they can use or utilize what they relate to feel or realize. As they are usually in a drunken high when they drink energy in the mind, that is how they drink or feed by food eaten as though thought formed into food or drink. This allows them to drink or eat from their body. That is how they do it with what is their own perception by ability by what they do. They can do things as they sense them possible just like us. I think then I know what will happen, I will be attacked one night when in my sleep then so thats why I haven't died from them yet.

 This causes the blood flow to constrict in the brain blood flow, then they suddenly see things as though living or moving on their own. Thats where if not stopped they could drain all the energy from the victim, so I think then if you tink then the bad energy comes from you to the toilet. This is then the point by a thought or not by what they then have been seen to do, that is where this is focus then to create with others energy or their own if not to draw current from some device or person. They don't act the device if not thought to act out a role or think they don't, as they do so you just have to remind yourelf you don't have to do what they suggest. As their way is to get away. They avoid the point that is not so nice as they seem to accept what is said.

 Once they feel secure by pride, then I think this is with the means then they don't think to react as they do things so they were correct by the right things. No matter what the seen ideal is what is there by some point. They can act assured as they accept the area, this is as though a game where then the people then act correctly or corrected by the point. For they then think exists what is there, then they look at various things as obvious so they know what is there or done. This I believe is a psyche out game, so they use this ideal to create with some choice then they remind only when necessary. Their ego is one powerful thing that is a extra sense. Once they percieve things they make up reasons that they think exist by some point.

 Their ways area wise are as there is always someone that you want yet can't have, so you think you hate them. Thats whom they push you on with to get what they want. So this is where they don't push you on by now if there is reasonable regard to this, then you are right as though there is something else to do their way. This is how they hide themselves, so they get what they want in a point if they think they do. They usually hide in a safe location that is unseen to the point. Then they are aware so why they hide is to avoid suspician, so they think they won or then their way is known by the feel that they try to project with the point or thought pointed out.

So this concludes the side of their story. Then they consider what you think or consider what they think, whichever is the point or main ideal they work with or follow to create the conditions that were thought to exist. Due note they can work with others sometimes on your behalf, otherwise they are aware then create as they decide to work with you if you act a certain way. They can cause many numbers of conditions within the body they feed from, so this includes drinking bouts or manic states by the time you think to talk to them. That I think is with them that drink not myself so they are aware by what they do where they do things then I think your aware.

This is their power or extent of ideal, unless they don't find interest in you for refusing to feed them. So I think then this is ciou till next time. As I will explain he aspect of creative genius that exists within to work with those that are needing help, just as they are known they appear good as they use womans intuition by intuitive approach or mans intuition by some acted ideal. This is the point you think that reveals what is there, think to see the thing or ideal then you do. Ask that they could act or work with that, observe or think or have thought to work. What do you see, cloud cover like I have near me. So well that it was there. I think I wish I could live forever or die by my dying breath. This was well done I have earned death. So its free and clear, I in aspect that I think is the point for ciou for tomorrow or work.

ciou work

 Think of your mate as you describe her or him perfectly, adding in the fact that they don't treat you like a dirtbag. That they don't lose interest in you seeing they are slender or slim as you can think that you are then you are a slim person, then eat that way so could they. So this is seen as this is the point if you want someone real, then he or she is as they comes to you or you go to them. So just imagine him or her there asking you things. See then he or she can appear or come, as you wish by you feeling the need for him or think to create as you think the attention is there. Then think to create with the point you make. So I think then create by the feel. So I think to ciou for work now. That sorta thing.

  So if your aware then want to break it off, this can help: Love has won or use this modified by me version with the improved love has won. This means you make what is there or that means you get over the heartache quicker. With relationship knowledge as preparations that allow you to have relationships, there is then their way so you are into relationships. So this is relation by a past memory or something you remember, think to get along then you work with them. That is what interests me about this. What would happen if they did anything.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


In its own way is life:
Giving a wish; This is giving or granting a wish by feel. I can do things for that by spell with your point or aid. You see the creator creates all, so you focus on what you want I channel that need. Then the creator creates the need or ideal that can seem expressed. As a need that is peace or your ideal for the planet where this is happiness, if necessary to appease with a thought to denote the endpoint as a done. What is your basic idea; thinking to give happiness and immortality or some other thing.

So yes I accept as this is till no longer needed where you decide that what is the happy response or not, if to not need the point of madness as this is peace that is set by ideal activity there. Sometimes you can effect other places, as you do things think you are effecting some place you think then effect creatively to effect there or here. If you don't want to effect the place think your not effecting the places as you do things. This is a system of magic that you duplicate things, by now is where that you can see or work with others to create is copyable. So think if you can. Think or feel not to resent if someone outdoes you or if there is a reason to resent, then work with that reason to create as if to work with them not against.

RESOLVE ANY ISSUE There are three things to remember when resolving any issue:

1. Forgiveness: Allow others to do as they choose. This does not mean that you allow others to continually harm you or others, for you would do well to remove yourself from the presence of these persons. However, it does mean that you realize they are operating from their set of belief codes. You do not have to adhere to their beliefs. Thus, if they say or do things that are unkind, you do not have to believe their words or participate in their actions. Many of you have been injured physically and emotionally by these persons, but you have within you the ability to heal these wounds, forgive the other and move forward in your life. You don't actually need a dose of your own medicine, if your going to teach yourself a lesson.

2. Know that you have within you the power to choose the experiences you wish to have. You cannot undo the past, but in this moment, the thoughts, words and actions you express are creating your future. Be mindful of all you say and do, choosing only those things that lead to the life you desire. Whatever you desire is then the point you think to work with by the thought you have. This then is to wait then speak or wait till the ideal is over, as then the point was either an argument or ideal point you have to work with the point then think calm for peaceful relationships. Think then use what you have to afford things or get away with. That is all I need to do now.

You can choose to calm tempers, sometimes by establishing self-control or working with the ideal, then stating what they think with similar words. That is what will also work called restatement except its a statement, as though I think or I will is stated except in terms they accept. Then this is relieving sexual tensions, where you excite sexual energy by focus to work. This is with some  by music [] or activity, that you think then focus or use what exists to excite the blood cell flow.

Thinking with an ideal that exists to energize the blood, that results with a pleasing feel or rush that is the extreme feel when you overexertion yourself with exercise by a pleasure feel. This represented by the elements is through the point with water then fire, with the warming or excitation or with cooling by air then use is earth to work with the ideal as a channel or sabotage if thought too bad. So think if you must to work with what you get and avoid blaming others, this is no trip by no guilt as though you get over things.

3. Make heart-to-heart or talking points to resolve by the ideal being know then understood as you think things through as the speaking is done. This is connections with every person you meet, think to treat carefully those you are near especially with your adversaries. This can be done visually when you are in the presence of the other or this can be accomplished, sometimes remotely with those who are not in your presence. The point is the action by activity you think, then work to then create with life by remembering, what your life was then you can live what your life is by now no use is exception to what you wish as you no longer wish to go on. There was no point this was the use to cause something to exist, life then was to move or not move to the point he or she had the thought then he or she moved or not to do what isn't supposed to be done.

Practice these three suggestions then to everyday situations and you will be astonished at how easy life becomes as you release past burdens and the fear of possible future pain that dissipates away as things resolve. You will begin to live life in the moment, fully in love with yourself and all other Beings. Begin Today! This is the time for your future by now or not so if you need the point then you get the point. Use the point to resolve the issues there, as though if there is no issue as you think calm then there is calm. As this is where you sense yet don't move then if someone is near or you sense, if they are working with things you like then you move to react otherwise no reaction no movement with no reason to strike. Think to work by feel. So think then to 10 or count to ten then you can create calm with a peace of mind.

Sometimes by then counting to ten to cause calming or seeming to give in is not needed, think how you react to the situation an to the point this is no issue. So that then tends to become situations you can handle anyway you want, as your away to aware points though you meditated with a calm ideal. As though the point didn't exist. So you think if it existed then you thought of use, for if there is use your with a way they will accept. That then is use of the memory or the past point, thinking to cause acceptance to the fact by how you sometimes can deal with this is to then accept what is there. So that is what I thought of then as a point to do. Otherwise I think I will not bother as I do my own thing.

So if I were in an angry situation, I would think things through a bit. Then I will go so we aren't angry at each other. Then get some rest or meditate as if not thinking of what you do but allow your body to do things as if the point is done then this is acting as sleep or relaxing the mind. Then think something when your done meditating. You can improve this with music [ ] so you think then things are done, happening when you need them to be done. So think no longer interested as though you were a skinny person, that eats like usually a skinny person does so that is what can cause weight loss if you did so you do.

Seeing that isn't with stress, as you think to release the stress you will get a better sleep. This is the last thing on my mind though, thought you think is what or where you think then consider. That is all this is by feel. I think I will go on my own way, so then you know what will occur without me interfering. So think about life then live to work with what life gives you, then thinking to use my head so that I think is the end point. So what is it, its by thought an interesting technique.

If some wish to die by what they think will work, water is considered the opposite of fire. so understand when i say i love the air but I'm also unsure about this. Because the air is what you think is there. You see there's no substance to it except certain air flow, so the earth is substance or objectivity that is what will exist by ideal. This is where fire is thinking by your point to create. Sometimes by heat or friction the water is amazing by the point. There's sometimes no use by what you do, if this is exception to what you wish as you no longer wish to go on for today is now. So ciou for today by now this is my last will and testiment.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

creation by ability

Speaker ability

If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary to work better. I think or not fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. i figured out you aren't a target if you are one or thinking your one. so lets hope that works as you wish. if you think your a target, stop then think to do something normal. i think i figured out my real illness, if i think to do or write i won't if i panic or allow then i write the ideal. so i will write as i think. think as you want to do things of this.

You don't really have to do it. All you need is to feel the need to work with others as you think then speak. You can feel the spirit as infinite there, yet all those daring or knowable is with dark thought from there so this dimension is something else. The spiritual energy is with infinite reality, this exists as information that is within the cells that exist by energy from the creator. Think the point then the integrity of the mind with the self is possible. State the point then you create by vibes or vibration with the ideal. Then you create what you think by the thought that is ideal you express to get understood by realization. So usually if or when you are aware then state I am aware, then state the other messages that exist feel or your intent. Then you can feel love where you are relaxed or if then spatially thinking with more than the 5 senses. So people can improve. Thinking how to be financially fit or creationist.

Then you are aware with a expanded consciousness, otherwise think then your sometimes aware or with a way to work. So you make with a thought that you think the energy with a focus to work by idea an is there, otherwise make with a thought to work things out as you make with a focus that is thought to cause the idea. That is the way of the speaker or magic creator. So druidically to lose excess mass is to lose weight otherwise, so use two glasses of water, then with one item eaten or cookie then use is with another glass of water then walk around for at least 5 minutes. Think then act as you need to do things. That is what you can do by use with any given time. So work by thought or feel then create by focusing. This in emotion is feel that you think then direct with by focus. I am free, ciou for now this is use with an animal or object. See ya later for ideal by now.
D Warren

moon or planetary creation; what do you think to create? this day if you meditate on something you want to create or activate then the full moon or planet activates the ability to create that as some ideal. that means you are or can create what you wish more easily by the power of the full moon or planetary moon. sometimes this is with use by a devising or object to create with. so I think this works with some full moon. this uses the seven cadenses or the layers of skin energy as energy thought to the item if there is one sometimes by touch to cause results you think the item should be able to manifest or do by the feel.

focused healing; Some focused healing is where you can heal over long distance or shrt range, as though reiki that is healing ability. So think then act as you need to do things. That is what you can do by use with any given time. So work by thought or feel then create by focusing. This in emotion is feel that you think then direct with by focus. I am free, I use Focused Healing because it works. I Love to Heal a sleeping Baby in the arms of their Mother because I can. I can think to remove Burning Fevers, Purge Chemicals seen or unused, even to Purge Mercury from them is such a great feeling to use the ability.

Focused Healing has allowed me to Heal non-working Kidneys to start working again. Focused Healing has allowed me to help a woman born Deaf to begin to Hear for the first time without the use of a Hearing Aid. Focused Healing allows me to Heal Emotional and Broken Hearts, to where they are not burdened any more. This is a useful skill to use that we all can use. I am Honored to have Focused Healing, because I can Heal them, on-line with my Distance Healing ability. Ciou for now.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Soul response 2 for services


On holidays twice as much, weekends is 1.5 times as much, weekends with holidays 3 times as much for consulting jobs that work for the thought. Annoyance is a fee factor. Think instant moment though your use is arrangements. This is the point they make with writing. So I think to leave things alone.

Seeing if things work out. So an if you are bothering me as things go, they can go wrong they aren't my fault so I am seeing that things aren't my fault. So I see thinking goes for this, so with this I am no longer taking advantage of you or you aren't taking advantage of me. I think to keep as reserve of funding is necessary to stay ahead. There is none their way so state or go as if en you want for normal conversation.

So I think the cause is then used things are just. So I will just go along with this ideal. Think things are well then the problems are gone. This is how I gained funding. Now try for the benefit is use by the fee or feel. So I think then this will work by feel. I think this, grand Prix bitches.

Written by caz, d, v, warren

Need based desires

Water with cinammon sometimes with oregano with essence of aspen tree bark or bayer aspirin, then can keep a need down by feel or feel is what you have so all you need to do is wait then the need passes unless its insistent. Thats the way to lose the excess swelling down as this is also a cure. If no other medicine and your near aspirin or aspirin tree bark then you still have coverage. So I think I am through with these logs, now time to live or do what I need to do. There is a vampiric society based off need that works by telepathy sometimes with socialism.

Then there's the normal society that works with each other by an everyday based support with some need based ideal. You can listen with the vampirism then work with the normal land, some would keep peace or manipulate from either as though the 4th or 5th dimension. So I think I can work with either as soon as I am awake I can be assured, that to work by the feel is thought to create some good with the land so thats what they all want sometimes there where peace can exist. This means war is lessened if things are what they are.

But this is then where they are doing wrong by need for attrocity themselves. So they can be a just set or based in sanity type person. This made up my mind so now they that folllow, this paradigm will follow my thought or if you think then you get a service done. Remember if doing magic the weight matters so you can think this though, thought to be that is sometimes with over 201 to some that are 250 is very light magic except with the muscular structure that is medium effects or unnatural otherwise some small effects that you imagine then the thought creates itself. With 200 or less you get light magic that are some minor result or thought, so you have ideal that manifests as you wish otherwise with muscles you can get intense medium results.

With 180 or less you can get medium results that are with impossible effects, that are unnatural or near amazing by thought or focus except if muscular. Then you get heavy effects that are supernatural or spurious results. With 160 or less you get heavy magic that is the effect is by focus or some result is there, due by feel that is supernatural in comparison to normal things. So 1340 or less is very heavy magic where you can think then the energy surges to create with an instance. This is instance magic or ideal that exists by thought to manifest exept with muscular feel you can create extreme results very easily.

They all can with their weight group, create progressively or lesseningly. This is where you think then you create the manifest by progressive idealism. The ideal starts with one thing then works to create better results. Yet muscular in physique can cause the body to react as though 200 or less were 180 or less, where the 160 or less is very heavy that is result on an instance that created by your thought is what you think. So I see this point where there are some dimensions, where you can create as thought very heavy magic or medium was normally now think of what you want.

That is done by focus or ideal expression no matter the weight. As thought all you had to do was drink or eat a small bit, then think to create the result as the end result. This tires a person out as any magic can if the right type or the right area, so use magic by thinking what you want with stating what you wish to occur for easier less tiring end ideal manifests. This allows you to see things as normal without collapse if going too far or extrenuation is overexertion that is where you go too far with ability to work.

If you are to work or you pass me by to work with others your considerate by the point thats there, if you need to work with me work with the feel thats there. This is the physical that is the spirit base so disrupt the physical then you disrupt the spiritual, this is usually used by thinking energy to disrupt things for you or yopu can do thinking todo things your own way. Some call this mischief but there's another name, disreputed disruption by the ideal you think to sense. I am sure this is correct for you, so if sometimes you disrupt the spirit then you make the physical go awry or not is thought mischief to occur.

 So usually as though a point is where you think you were aware, then you are so if you then think of a point your aware then you are. That is the person, dog, cat, seen use or other animal command. The other command is the use of the consciousness that is with anyone or anything. Except the talk back for inorganic things is working or non working states, where in the organic flower or talking flower is activity that is progress or non dying state that resembles happiness. This is where things are working out.

 Anything wrong is some indication, that telepathy isn't possible except which that you notice the certain words or phrases some that appear from nowhere. This is psychic awareness. That you think that I am the ideal then that the device follows, as thought is a point if though thats all that is seen if a point then you create. What you wish is done by the device doing the activity as you think the thought. Sometimes think about talking as talking is as important as doing, especially if you do a good amount of listening too. This is all I need to say to get people going as thats all thats about this. Selavie.

Yet the more you ate or drank there the more you materialized there as though wherever you want, this is where energy eating was useful where you think to eat energy then you "ate". So if to think you are aware then what you think is not is not or what you think is what is there. So not to be there and with your dimension again is thinking to not eat or not the food, then ignore it as you avoid eating to do something else. When you felt like eating then you don't eat, when the need was there as you wait then the need passes away or you can think to the use. With things that are not wisth standing a good point to give then wait till the right time.

So the ability you have is sometimes the device that you use mixed with your activity, that you create with ideal you think then you know by the focus point that are awareness. That is how you can command a dog or other animal form, so if you had a leash you can know or create so it is by feel. This ends this magic guide so enjoy doing magic. So a cure for the excessive eatery need, this is from magic use or ideal focus to create. As the ideal is to manifest otherwise you feel, this is from the intensity to eat more by the blood flow with weighing less as a body reaction.

Curable by a pinch of salt or sea salt with paprika, just a little will do need reduction so this is where you can substitute seasoned salt with salt and spanish paprika with paprika. If you like the taste, this is your orc or ogre transformation end. So ciou for now this is fun to make up and I was following a grudgeful neighbor's thought. What I really thought was, this was once magic now this is a service so its just a thought. Iam Ambluaga

Soul response 2

Ice cream bread

    1 1/2 cups self-rising flour
    1 pint ice cream, slightly melted
    chocolate chips
    rainbow sprinkles
    icing of your choice


    Mix the flour and softened ice cream in a loaf pan until smooth.
    Add in whatever extras you like and stir until evenly distributed.
    Bake at 350 °F for 45 minutes.
    Let cool, and top with your favorite flavor of icing.

Creative seeing

I know that when you think you know you discover your own divinity then your brain reacts better so you have a sense of things when you think you have a sense. So that's just it, there is no uncertain future yet nothing is set by your thought. So your own ideal is your own ideal that you believe it to be so till you think it is not needed or done. This is where I can say things by ideal your use is your own, where I can see or set your uncertain ideal. I mean your own ideal in play so you know what will occur before it happens. This is the way dnd is setup. You play as you imagine then you create to the point if you wish for the events to occur.

That is all there is to our ideal. So this is all there is to this point that you think is set then I suggest. So I think this is important for those to learn so I point out things that you can think is there or set then things occur if the creator creates the point by your feel. By your feel I mean is something or sometimes you can feel a certain way, that indicates something or something else occurs. So when you use this sense you start the statement with I feel or I know.

That alerts them to the point that this is a possibility where possibilities are possible. That is all to this ideal, as you say whatever it is then what they want to hear or accept as the truth. This the sense in truth by those that use this system or you can just think, then focus then you know by what you consider or feel is what. Then they want or can hear things for themselves as listening is to the point the ideal to hear things, for that means whatever makes sense or used correctly is reasonable as a sound ideal. Sometimes this is whatever they want to believe, this is what makes what is there you believed can be made. Just keep your story straight to work with those that want to work with you. So ciou for tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Soul response

So think of the soul the body responds to then offer something you can give then in on they exist for now. I wouldn't do that though because the thinking you offered is an offering of some item that will be paid or disappear from you acknoledging them. If you think to acknoledge they will accpt your fruits of your labor or create as you could think. This is what or where you had to be doing something that had a narrower response then acceptance once they think they don't have to do something. So this is a reminder, thinking this is where you mention the fact that most if overburdened won't do what they promised. That means they probably won't do as they think or do as you've won that fight.

I think this works by the feeling you have or can get by the feel. So if 10 times the body weight is what the body burns off is where calories dissipate away with the basic metabolism. If you think to work then that helps or doesn't help if repetative too much. If your exercising by movement or standing, being still as you think the heart beats quicker as an adjustment or moving around causes weight loss quicker. This means you could hasten the weight loss that you get by exercising for at least being active or walking around 20 to 30 minutes. This is the ideal basically what you think or consider that creates what weight loss you have.

Not to need so if you don't use sugar or oily fat foods from medicine use. Your going to be fine. So for heart pacing exercise use amount of time spent for amount of exercise x  excess mass [your weight - the weighing you want such as 185], this is x .5 before passing out or / the weighing of gravity or 9.807 m/s^2 per second for amount of weighing less before passing out. This is a time limit merely.

Think a time to calm yourself then count to ten by the feel. This is calm your mind, focus on the thought to pace race your heart. Then calm the heart down by allowing your heart to go to a normal pace. This is stillness exercise even as you move about or work out with weights. Yes I no or use this focus, as you think to know as a knowing works for me.

This uses the liver in men or ovary in women. Slender or non use is otherwise. You don't have to raise assurance. These are amongst the cooler things in life. Now he or she will do what is good to work, he or she will see to do what you want so it doesn't matter. What really doesn't matter is the point you make with body weight, if they see no reason to exercise then they won't do the exercise.

So I would use alpha by sitting up then suggest to yourself that you lose weight, no matter what you do unless you don't need to do so. Then wake up from by sitting back then stating I will wake up from alpha mode. This is a mode of thought that leaves me refreshed with nothing I heard, stated or thought, to occur unless you want the ideal to occur. So with the count of 5 or 3 or 1 then count backwards from 5, 3, 1.

This is or was worsened as a defense, perhaps not so much weight was there. If you think to eat sugar before you eat normal food, you give yourself diarrhea in an aspect you think. If you thought to work with others you are aware to the realistic approach, if your aware to what is there or corrupt you can be better than that. Think then you are. By use or idealism you think then create as you are aware to create something. Otherwise just don't go there.

I am a thought by now with what in used ideal I am as an inner child, usually in imagination empowered by imagination in oreo or creativity. As though a point you do things the point being you don't leave things unchanging unless you want to do so.  So go, leave or do something else. That's body weight x ten, that your basic metabolism burns off for a reason not to count calories by activity. Exercise by movement or standing, otherwise staying still is where you lose weight quicker. The weightloss runescript causes you to eat just right. { }

Let's just eat as though you know otherwise we didn't insist or have that much food, thinking to cause weight by theory is weight loss actually by theory this is with an instance by weight loss. Meaning eat less to work with less weight. Also what you see you don't eat like a bug for ideal. Some are aware as you think, thinking this I notice a rendezvous where otherwise there's shock with normalcy than work with ideal. So I think I beguiled enough people so I think I will rest.

As though a hushed breath after which something occurs. I think this. Think not to use this unless necessary, so you have a peaceful ideal then something to mind. Some I think is with their use that is usually a right or wrong in thier view, that is me or others so I think then I speak as I wish to be as though I understood, see I thought to work then work for others. Then this worked by itself for me. So this is the point I made for work, think then you are aware of your options. That is all I know about the topic that is a subject. This is fasting for the ideal weight loss or energy eating by the feel. So look back then think the weight off, that is all you need to do.

So I think that you weigh less if you avoid the high fructose, so is the movies in interest if to get you to see yourself with less weight. This a thought spoken as you lost weight, then try to assure them as a thought is there. So this thought is once spoken acting with assurance to assure you that you weigh less with the thought of less weight by one comment. That is all that I think till what or when I think to need something else. That is all. So ciou for now hope I don't see you again for I have a nasty surprise for you I had you. See you safe from sorrow. Sorrow only benefits one that is worsened by feel, therwise you can lose it by feel anyhow ciou now with distant healing reiki ryuba.

Noticing things

Some never look back.

I could not disagree more or less. There is so much strength to be gained from the past. So you can feel to look back. True there is difficulty, but there is the old cliché that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger. Since you are reading this I assume you are still in the material plane. Look at how strong you are or how lessened the weight you have. If you think you survive then you survive or not survive, if you think you do then you will or don't as you won't if the creator won't save you. You have survived all of those difficulties, hurts and pains. For some that releases in life or working by the feel you have what you get. So you can think or work then is the point so your the ideal.

Your mind uses the past as a reference point. Whenever you see or hear something that stimulates a concept in your subconscious, your mind looks back to see how you handled it in the past. This gives your emotional self a plan of action. Your mind will then set in motion events, thoughts, attitudes, theories and the energy necessary to complete the transaction based on past experience. This is the key reason your personal “history repeats itself until not done”.

There are two Teachings to help you overcome your past history and to set you on a path that will allow you to complete the future the way that you really want it to manifest. The first is “look back in order to see ahead”, which is used in the Bible. Check it out in Ecc. 3:15.

The other is, “draw on your past successes.” They assure you that you do have the wherewithal to accomplish whatever it is you need to do in the now. This is also akin to another Teaching shared in a previous post, which is “use what you have and more will be given unless you don't need the ideal.”

Of course, there is some truth to the words put forth in the saying, “never look back.” It is this; do not draw on the past things in your life that have caused you pain and misery. There are things, situations and events in the past that are hurtful and you still may bear the scars today. Do not let them impede your growth and development. Use them as the experience you have. More importantly, understand why they occurred so that you can truly avoid them in the future.

Life flows in cycles, and your patterns of behavior use those cycles to prove the concept. Change your outcome by thinking the outcome you wish, so that the cycle is not rolling forward, but instead becomes a spiral taking you higher and deeper into the bosom of the Creative Continuum called God. Therein lies the journey for all of us. This spiral allows for creative expression in all that you do, which in turn will bring peace, balance and harmony to your life.

You cannot hold on to the past if you are going to have a new and more fulfilling future.

You are your past sometimes by failure or you are not your past failures.

You are not then what happened to you in the past. – No matter how chaotic the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate. You are not your past habits. You are not your past failures. You are not how others have at one time treated you. You are only who you think you are right now in this moment. You are only what you do right now in this moment. This is where you yes I accept them for whom they are, as you are aware an can't be bothered by now.

Not getting what you want can be a blessing. Otherwise what you think then is the point you consider. Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of good luck, because it forces you reevaluate things, opening new doors to opportunities and information you would have otherwise overlooked. Remember some things in life fall apart, so that better things can fall or you create to be together by now.

This an example of this.

Gene shift; So use is sometimes an ideal to fly with this is where you think of a bubble of energy, then float your body sometimes by intense feel with gravity. So movement is easily done that you think the direction then you go. Some other ideal is think the food or drink will empower some device or cause some activity then eat or drink. This is the basic ideal then to undo, think realistically the things that occured then think or imagine them undoing themselves.

The event or item that caused the ideal should stop, if power goes out or thinking then to undo undoes the event by changing with the activity. If you think something prepared then place the thing placing the ideal in their mind, this is identified useful as though in the mind they will make use of things like the item. So some spices are good like oregano, cinnamon with sage or basil otherwise weight loss. If you add turmeric you can use or make use of mushrooms or vanilla that on sale will create a pleasure or sophorific or sulphur water feel. That is a calmer.

Changing by aging with the cells or youth that is the end result. This is the change to youthful behaviour, then the image of yourself changes or you can create by the feel. This means you create with the feel or drinking water or among other things, your own thought energy with the drink as a positive charge to cause youthful appearance. Otherwise think the change to create then drink the water or other drink to work with the point.

This causes cellular disorder or decellurosis that clears up after the change finishes. That is what is done as you think water to the drink then drink the drink. If you use than is a statement for this, you use this for comparison to the status quo. This is like a communication drop or allowance to the use you think then an work with this is sometimes working by feel. This is where things go by feel then stop or create by what you wish or think.

I think therefore to undo the body genetics corruption. So think to undo inbreeding with removing genetic corruption by the creator that works to create better genes or the genepool clears up. This is only temporary though so all you really need, usually is the thought or thinking to create better or fix by the creator magic. So you can think or work then thinking your aware things will work. This even effects the metabolism or medicinist approach, that is effective with changing hormones of life.

This is usually by now you see if your thinking is reality right, so if I think something its real? I think if you do things or create with things you are becominf more aware. Awareness is a factor that the brain can detect things as the brain is your conscious. Unless thought differently, use is the creator is the one that makes things that can create anything or all. That what is there by now or use is there by feel. Nothing more matters about this except for what you do.

This can bring the moment of distant use or disillusionment, that you think is the due ideal by the point you think or not done ideal is sometimes done by a point that rings false. The people that are aware can create by the feel or work by the focus points. The sex drive slows down if people live longer then when you think the amount of children are less. So this where you think then to notice things that exist are slowly dissipating or not there to worry you.

That is when the need of the body slows down to where the point is unnecessary unless you want children to have children at all. I think therefore then is the point where you consider then work. If you match the point that exists to your area you came from, then think by feel that is shifting to where you consider is important. Thats my theory. Its an ideal use by a few that concern.

Seen is the believable point where you can think something is there but really there isn't anything at all. This is my point for today. This is the point you think not follow to do your own thing by now. Think then create as you think to work better. Think to focus energy to clean the genetic damage, think your energy cleans others where the energy clears problems with yourself. If you remove something broken persay think to clean without harsh chemicals by the area clean water.

This means the water has to be cleaned up so you don't get corroded even further then the area is cleared away that cleans the corruptive element. That the genes could remove the damage, thus they live longer from that and what causes the problems such as birth defects dissapears. Remember if the creator wants to save you then nothing can kill you. This is where the creator can save you money or food to pay for things later. As though you earn more than you pay for things, so you have some money reserved. This is the the theory. Cious for now. From the most satisfied lord.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creative aware thought

Yes if you think then create with the thought that their energy is in the point then you create with their feelings, just do things for them as you do things for people yet remember energy can be programmed. So then speak or think to cleanse, then pass or release the energy back to them. Then if they wish to work with you, they can fall in love if they feel to love by respecting yourself. So yes they could fall in love. Just remember that he or she is alive as a poignant ideal or point by the body energy that is the release, that is released body scents that come with spiritualism or extrasensory perception so soulbonding is stimulating by the nerve cells. That actually are working dendrites that you sense are communication points with the person as you need them or not. So you can bring a person alive by soulbonding. That in language is an is an en.

You bring a soul bond to life by thinking the energy from the creator that is you using the creator, an immediate ideal is that is the being that creates what you wish or feel is necessary. Otherwise you can think or they can think to die or leave the body alone if not to bury said body. They could easily think to die then they will. Thanks for listening to this point of mine as I am now gone off doing something else, just remember by love or energy thought to them you can bring the person to their senses. I think then you just work with them, then they work with things or yourself if they find interest so its alright to continue as you wish. Btw space-x or other space companies succeed, where the failure would normally occur there now normally isn't one. So no or yes what is the use? So ciou with you.

The letter M
According to many, the lines on the palms talk about our character and destiny.

But those who have the letter M on the palm, this is said to be special meaning special sensitivity. It is said that these people are especially gifted possess great intuition and are excellent partners for any business. Then if you are aware, this is better by now. This means you create as a point by the senses. Sometimes they create for a positive or negative endpoint. So think as you like you have the senses for this.

If your loved one has the letter M on the palm, you must know one thing – no joke, no lies and no fraud with them. They will always find that you lie them or cheat. So think to be positive as you just do things well. This aware thought they have of you is where or what you are, see I never act to lose so when they consider that you could benefit from observation or why they can do things. So just wait then things might work out, otherwise do as you thing is necessary. So I think this will work if you think so, then you work what you wish is mostly done. That helps the sensitivity feedback. Think then focus and you know.

Women who has letter M on the palm, have stronger intuition than men, and if both spouses have still prevails woman. They use the sense to what usually was to the senses to detect by the focus point. Now they use the focus point to think then no longer be uncertain. This is where your aware ideal is awareness that indeed is a factor that is what life is made for, the fast fact that life exists by what one thinks by what that is or where you or I think. They can pick up on the ideal by your feel. This means no war is possible without diversity. If there was a woman president then you know the assumed thought where you were or when you are in a state or condition, what will happen if they would try to prevent the wars is success by the ideal that exists.

Some use this feeling as thought ios or ionic beam that cures, thought or feel is heard as though a gifting moment or gift in use. This is where I am the feeling that they do for you create or can work with things to creative ends or produce the ideal that's the end result sometimes by imagination. These people have the power to make the changes they need in life and therefore need to seize the opportunities in life. According to folk tradition all the prophets ever had this sign on their palm, and if you are part of the people who have the palm point M, know that you are really a special person because you have awareness.

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