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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wormhole effect

  The effect is thus, use is the idea that creates what you think as with use is the subconscious. Think or not and you can see, or think by use and create with something to make amusing idea.

The superstring solar energy

  This is the superstring in action to use with or without the solar fire or solar flare, as if your an able mind your an able idea in the idea that your use by thought. This is think of the feel in the energy, feel in the air and use is in place by the art you think. Pulse energy and consider as you think the superstring and in pulse is out thought. As the body charges in the air and the superawareness, or not as this creates and allows for the direct thought influence. With use is the idea, as your thought in use is to do or intuitively use what energy from feel that intuitively is in there. The concept that is instinct is the act, you feel and achieve with purpose by a thought energy use.

  Whatever you think, don't choke in life if things are hated that you do as you avoid what kills. This is also a concept that is made by activity and your point that is nothing except a mention, or resisted as this can not seem done as that signiture trace can seem the person in illusion to your mind and you don't want the suggested idea in where you are. Think or not as you feel this stops and the creator keeps the body alive till unnecessary, however most people are use and you do your own thing as with him that takes over and does what your soul wants to do in no avarice. Think what you want, and you get good results in thought that life works correct "aezmr".

   Whatever you do think as to use an element in elemental form as normal in use is to think, use in shaping a useful form and user create what you thinking are in done. As what you do in mind you do in idea, by action that is what you try to think to consider or not as the point isn't needed. Then if a thought exists, you can do things to seem and know if to do solar births by solar regenisis by rhythmic idea is music is creation from the mouth use. Think and in thin or not if stupid and unnecessary as you are smart. This is a unique solar being effect, as the sun is a power plant.

  Chastity is a point that they use the thought, a point in childbirth that is if you think to prevent what is to create a point that is made by subconscious. The subatomic clone is this in idea, this american idea is interesting as a sun child. Called noaa or sun fey that use is a dragon form or wee, that is very small and can see what is by focus or fire dot any color depending on what the faery wants. What they are is up to them.

   Tachyokinetic allows small very very small time particles (tachyons) or waves (lektons, gravity or light waves) manipulation along, with their interaction to form magnetic fields that make flux energy and as they create with a thought you can create by what you think to each their own point in time. Think as you want, and as you are you create as intend or not you get results.

  There is a point that isn't thought, as your thought change can close and make the singularity close up. This is created in thought, as the mention in use is a name that use creates a calling and think of summoning the idea, quietly you intend is what view you get to create with, as you create viewed idea you can create a god from energy. As if their thought is your thought and yet separate, or not as equal as omnipotent and you don't have to if you don't need to.

  This can create wormholes with earth energy in the gravity manipulated by false air is the particles of subatomic level as planck unit energy and activity supports both magic and psionic use is energy use to make use by direct focus, as if a concept and the right ability is thought by forming the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can control time and events to make in thought as they want things will to happen.

  The time they use is concept, as the time that is thought is where you go in through the wormhole or not as time slows down near one. Think on focus and an amulet, nothing there is thought life. As you think focus or not thought in you, this can create in thought or mai in any effect. They don't need their hands to create psiballs, that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. This is how the focus by the breath, how and what use of magic is up to you as you create a thought. Tense and untense the muscles, as you feel the wormholes disappear and things come to normal time.

   Thats really needed is the voice or focus, arrest as needed for people that need it as nothing is genesis and to no the thought you can seem to get along with the effect in place with intent think and you do. This is not by what you do and is nothing right here in generation by energy, this is in existent that takes allot from what you see or try to use that is reflective of the moment. That is nothing as thought in a view in life, that is a point to use as if a thought with energy.

  There is a point use as isis found out things you do and yet nothing, else can seem unless you want as the idea to be seen. This is not observed as that worked the point is unobservable, that is observable if you think about the idea to trust him is to trust yourself. As you are aware with a thought, an trust him he is a chinese god that is as though that is true you think your result is ended no more as thought resolved itself.

   As if in thought for fire your use is if defense to strike or not through with an object, as if no particles that seems irratic or irate is use by fire through heat with thought in use. This to create a fire energy to use with water, as an activity is a thought to create heat and water forms. Elemental forms in thought is in focus as things in idea, in the area are what you seem as illusion or not there as nothing if unnecessary, as outward you think care and your use is thought by you want to seem a use.

  As you can create things are concept as you due as, in collectivity as concept you get results and as you do things work till nothing or not challenged. As if a point you think, imagination is the realization with an idea spoken by idea. Thought as a point in what you create is a cause by the act, seem or not as you think and the thing that is can seem or things not done as thought is done and you are calm, cool collected in what form you choose from formations in the body. As the only thing that gives this away, things with use in idea this body is expressions and this is done.

   Create with the strings of an energy that recreates what you want and think as you reach out and touch with your mind, cease and make clear is make cords of energy that is called the decadent string as this seems what you think and are in use to create with as outside you think the energy does and you feel the inner fire surge as you are shifting with the will by the natural sun energy and as the solar energy is use you create.

  Your will shifts you to an upper plane for dimension so this can return things by use and use of the cords is done with thought focus. This to you is use in the cords, as if things done seem to work realization you imagine and feel or what is thought is to think of the energy feel with thought. Think in motion and your point is a part, to fulfill unless not in necessity to do. As you think a need your thought is done, otherwise something you do is right to others and not always right timewise to you. As you can if necessary see in the mind with the third eye. An en.

   As thought is done through the superstring, thought by the conduits of solar energy by what you think in gravity is that or thought is use in theory. As you do things through the sun string to use heat, think from when the flares were done in thought and as you know what as naturally there you can not or actually do if you consider to create.

  This is a thought, as though you can create a randomized result by what you think. As if you think you are this in mind. Think is a point to think, as if your in time and things correct and not going to kill you form themselves. This is where is in the house of glass, as an idea or not as nothing grows and this is use an thought use is certain as though a greenhouse underground.

Seizmic reason in activity

   The siezmic idea is to use as you could be useful as a point to attack with if focused energy is thought and use is to gather energy to repair your mind as ability is a point in use. There is a point that use is often a concept and misabuse is not in what is thought is about. As there if you find energy from an idea gravity in efficient use, in an awake mode think by thought as you see to create a concept to gravity in acceptable approach as you can use a wakeful idea to seem awake. Cast by the thought this is an idea to use, that in a point that you consider you don't always remember. Until the idea you are aware, awareness of what you see in is what you think, as what you see or observe is nothing to those that shouldn't see the idea.

The thesis effect

   "As thesis energy field use is thought to create is in intended act, as by your idea is a point as mention with act thought through use to an idea in mind to make and think. This is the idea to attempt or not as you use your brain and thought is what your idea seems as a use. The idea is a sense by pressure in the area and if your idea is done, your idea is a thought to use or not in mind is what created thought is in an attempt by action. The thesis is an idea to use steps and procedures to create, by what you order in thought is in what use their will is in mind.

  This is a point to see and use is a conscious thought as testing, are an idea to use in what your conclusion makes in thought. The thesis can take two forms as scientific or meta approach, now take two approach is most laws," are with this as things with these are empirical and by devising use is a thought by what you are experiencing or hidden in conspiracy this is not seen. As to replace things is to create something, that you focus the energy to make by thought with focused idea by thought you need and feel to not always exist.

   As you don't have to reread this nor read if you don't need to, as if you read and think before you read this before. As if you read the idea as what you see, you think and achieve what is an idea impulse by iron thats resisted by interest. As if you want the energy to make magic, this as the thought is possible to become true making a true method by observed idea.Make thought where you are thought to be needed or not by those that intend to not attack on site. There is a site that site is not in sight and if sighted your ignored until you do a stupidity and make a good excuse as you think, stop and go another way in life.

   The empirical choice is a thought chaos, as the concept is thought by an ideal that use adaptable and as thought your able to do. Think a concept as if a point and what you think is what you conclude, as this is a point to the right time with the right place as your use is in use by others. This is by procedure and what you think, or not consider is something in a thought to consider unless not thought is what is in use as what thought doesn't exist won't effect you. As to think is a thought to a source their subconscious may or may not seem do what you think. As said right in concept, this is a thought to use what works or if not this can seem done in another way.

   As if thought the research is known and think or not, this is as things as no there isn't this as thought feel is creation. There is another path to life research, as you use a thought as energy your use is known. Don't is heard in the field of what you think is a point, as a thought energy field and this needs the point of view that creates a discovery. As in a thought that use is wood if drawn from is energy, can seem for a source in an if magic makes an idea your is as thought an idea is use and no dullness except pain happens.

   Invisible or not in use is not use as your use is your own. Think to use a point in rememberance, intemperance and thought is due to seem as direct in thought is nothing by what you consider. As if a thought or not as you feel to do things as is, things you do and thought is correct are somthing effort by what you do not nutty or not do in life. As you relax by feel with stress in the body, soothing muscles stress is strained and unstrained stress relief as stress is released.

  As due notion is as concept to focus and feel, fix intuition with thought is the point that is nothing and with as thought in intuition in the right by what you think. Think to say as what you think in thought you see in what you do, as I say and think no at the end soul go now and use in cup as is uses a physical connection through a metaphysical energy use with a soothing thought and calming feel time. As in non hurt and plain as thought in illusion and clothed disguise, as your able to shift in space like a fox as get things right by this method. That is think in mind that you think to get, think and use is generated on the spot with focus an what you think is creative fox thought.

   The right choice is the right way as you in are in the right point of view to that idea you can get the right point or thought to create by will and as the area energy is the people or conscious idea. Closure of this idea is a thought, takes an idea to try and what you try is what you find in results. That in closure are what you don't normally see, as a use in thought is in a point to win with in point by tactics used or not as use is not appreciated in a point by what you take advantage with concept in shift out shift. Don't bump around, if you intend to go around places or don't go through places.

   As you drift in space your in thought, thought do or not do is as nothing bad is bade as though is a concept. A pattern in time is not in space, as you are in a moment of time as long as a pattern is thought. Patterning is a concept that if you think of a sequence to create as imagined or felt to seen idea that is in mind. Imagine the scene and your use is a point, that inconceived is a point that you are near. Imagine or think several idea that create the thought is that a moment in thought is a scenery thought focused into view, think or that can create as each scene that is imagined is what creates the key sequence idea or not as nothing is existant by what is existence.

   There is nothing as a thought in point that in use is that as what you think is what you consider, feel with the right idea as you are and don't feel with thought and iffy in movement you don't intend as to do if "en" is a dinner concept. As urine concept is not with a thought but with a will that creates by converged time point, that if you focus the idea not intense as created isn't what is by thought, think concept and thought is made into what you consider is not thought is thought in that understood path. As what you think your shaped as "ca shift" as thought you go around is a use by avoiding what you don't want yourself running into, that is a core use and is not abided by the integrated idea law in use. Think in no impulse by thought is in usage, so as nothing that is quick movement with no thought and is use as not behind the times or not as with no nulle your done.

   As this reflects what you feel, think as you let the idea go you think and do by what the spirit knows now. As the act is over, you can do now what you want. As you are as a point included by in what you think, an you do what you seem in life as if thought you are not it. Now try to find things to do and think to be disregarded, no as a thought is with or without you there is nothing really done in picked real illusion. Do what you want as you think or noting things, as they occur and nothing by what is done at all happens. Do you remember the culture at all?

   As an idea in a point as a mention, as thought this in the right point idea is done with a point in the right direction by thought. That makes what is thought your use makes by action, as in that in thought and as in acceptable approach or not and thus if not disregarded you are what you seem. If in depreciation by language, think and this can be in better with your understanding in no thought, as if by working in with those as that are in want and note things.

   As in they are what you are, you are what you think to work with and without thinking about you can change it. You go or not to know it by use the feel of the moment to use a point and think to use, their sodomy is nothing third eye use is to manifest or unmanifest things through the aura by controlling the area without free for all. As your mind absorbs the thought of the energy with the undesired perishment energy charged you may be there, as you are aware and can use the idea or that you are what you eat. Unless you don't need the effect, as thought to do defense as illness removes itself.

   As you know concept by thought that is where you sense and think, what you want in doors as to create this is what your little excess fat creates energy. Now as this doesn't do in thought, this is as you thought where nothing exists. Think or not is by "in nothing" thought to thought energy. As that is white void in what you create by what you learn or not, thought and you are nothing as a form is what life can create. Create as in thought, and you are what you consider yourself to seeming to do as if thought isn't a point. As thinking time you think to get what you want, as if in the right time the right place as what you think is outside.

   As this in idea is energy with you that can form reality. As if this is a thought fizz to block, think no pain as pain is blocked, as application by what in thinking use. Think as concept is what you need and with what you feel, as nothing formed is what will form. Things are an idea and if this is needed things will form is by chi, as this becomes what an engine room is applied in occurance and this is "napplied dislocation by dissociation" thought to do. This is not by what, isn't is as thought is done in life. Think you rest and you are as your resting by what you seem, think time your time or by concept and this is what in not. As the same pattern in life isn't actually formed, think as in a pattern and your actually considered or not as nothing matters.

The natural ability skill

   There is a point that is a thought, except to not do if thought bad. There is reference, as a concept is natural idea is what you think. As if conceded by a byway in thought, as in what you are considered and yet not what you you consider a ploy. As a natural artists skill, your in natural activity by your spirit and any natural combat naturally is skill that can be of service. As you think the energy free flows and the natural art can seem a use, not always in battle otherwise with negative influences is not possible without misuse or could be resisted. As there is a point that if in use skill, think what is there and use in skill views a point to use as a time track in teracomma concept. As ability is felt to seem needed, you can use the idea that comes to you as a thought in effect use as what comes naturally is use.

The long range sight

   The thought is natural time is forward but backward as to the wind as you go forward in time, the time flow goes backward as in no aging you think flow free your flowing forward as your going the direction in time that you seem to. As you flow forward in time the movement your moving in an airflow that goes backflows. As you are thinking about the idea you can create, with a thought as you are thought free in the air and your use is the movement energy in what you think and out what you will. The idea is what you consider, use your will and your thought creates what you think as you think to not allow what you want to unaffect you. Now use the energy, as to create as you think will occur will happen, exactly thought unless you don't want to be effected.

   The idea is to make a strike to some wall, to make yourself feel good is a cool thought like water to your aura as in thought you are with natural ability with energy and use is to cast energy. As fire is there to effect as you need it to do. This is the long range strike, internal as you see long range and external as your upper self see long range or use strikes if necessary if a good idea. As you want and you see as long range by focus, thought to look and you see as you think. If three blows is enough, then if the fire is enough you can kill or internally wound someone with internal bleeding, that stops as you restore yourself by energy passed back into yourself or not as this stops and nothing seems to happen as nothing existed.

The art in motion

   The art in motion is a natural eventful motion by motion to create a part from elements, that is a trade in art and your able to select as natural area natural selection. Your use in the 3rd elements are to use, but as energy formed as something in the upper dimensions that look. This is the same and create, a part is formed as a change is there in mind. Think, state and direct by will the energy of the object in the idea, to recreate the original idea into shape shaped from the objects energy as you form what you want into the idea energy and form exists. There is the part that paint can make a difference, you think a difference you can get what in life is event into action by created effect. There is in an idea event associated with the events you think that are the right images, as things seen are as an idea touching off the right actions as if to create what you think is association to what you want as business.

   This creates an enterprise that you can use from the thought, that the mages are free and that can seem use in magic but only if they are able to do things and do what they want. To direct your body directionally, in wherever you pose as you think is as you respond. As you think to seem good as you are, as if you look to focus and talk to them you stop and sense by thought cast forth. This like a net use is like fox senses as if thought and think to stop and go around or wait. Till they leave the area your going to walk to, as in time as they are gone from walking range the time to continue movement is done safely. As each foot walked in the right direction. there is no more to say about this topic, so enjoy what you can of this idea.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The fire flower power make

   This is an interesting idea to use time as  you want the effect to work with you. All you need to do is feel thought where you are understanding as you imagine with thought " En E", as you feel the flow of fire with thought and a fire in flower blossoming power in you. This in mind is a point to think as if your in time and things correct form themselves. There is no bad as in thought not ever written is written and if considered an idea will effect as a spell or thought that is except isn't effective in what you think unless need be done. As in thought it was there anyway, this in thought is there as pointed out in facts, no issue no problems as you think, feel or not as if a point you are in is a mention or not as is not needed.

  Think and in your fact is known, in aspective idea is thought in a moment. As whats perspective you are in thought to achieve, the right product for you or it is thinking alone. As if your facts are in mind, your idea is thought accepted or ignored. There is in a place to do things, as if in a concept to seem is a point in the right direction to score. As you need be or not and created natural in new magic, as this in a moment is new life that isn't seen. As if under the radar and new or not, as in life this is regarded is in and not hunted to death.

  As thought if noticed is what ever you want is ignored, until you need it to be good for a purpose and then if not you still can use things if they are useful until to dangerous to use as use in ability is there. as this effects all races and people in all worlds that want to be effected, as if by a wave of energy that is good for the purpose in life. As a point to think, this is the idea of how equally done idea is useful. There as a concept, in a moment and gone as in the next. As if in theory you think, you get the idea back as a thought is a feeling to remember. What in an aspect or nothing can exist and what you remember, can seem to purpose as you think you gnow or spirit see to remember.

    To focus in on the fire ember of the soul as "en" to remember, and stop attack use "now" or "never" as the person focuses they can create or care for the idea and the point is remembered. Think and your thought is a point, to their spirit to create in the subconscious. Make the thought and you are capable to create, as seeming in use essence is in by focus in focus to create as if of charging drinks.

  Else in life as this no longer exists and things your thought of are not considered evil, for whatever thought you make. In make you are forgotten, and you are in what your not forbidden and no longer are you forbidden anything as your not a thought to those that hunt you if you are reported as wrong or do wrong in purpose in life.

  The source can use wood, and essence in raw materials are in thought to wood. That in is intelligent stored, think and your use is a thought for use by acceptable, facts in view use is by reality life waves as is you can create with use of the conscious subconscious. There is nothing wrong with this script if it is indeed, a fixed script and your use is in your own ways of life by time. As the inner universe, this can seem in thought by expanded points by time naturally explored. Realize that knowledge to come to thought in sight, with no freaking is by what you use in water.

  This is not anymore and is created essence and light points similar, an in sicke mode is possible activity as you test your english by what you do to control the tachyonics in this link in no attack by the power of words or focusing thought by breath and spoken or projected telepathy in red dots and out in what you do and you can understand by naming the language as its done.

  Die not by thought is thinking and everything is resolution in life, that you can use to do. This interchanged with in moments, think out your solution by working with thought life energy in life and not in life is what isn't. Enhanced energy folding, is bioenergy intention that uses biorythmic that is use by leylines in thought in by direct use is focused and is use for whatever thought you think.

  Think with a point with as a release, as this is a mystery trance action released in thought or things you do are non noticed. Use is biolocation, in that you are able to shift in and out in the area as of necessity. Assumed is the extra ability, that in levels of perception is just as read as atypically use is the inner space.

  As is not you don't in part think this necessary to do, as if hard to read you can magically understand anything that is written. As if magicwords in sight, as misunderstood is understood as you realize things you see you are understood as this makes on third eye sight. Think in real vision with life as weight essence, as the idea is in focus that knowable by converted language thought into knowable language you feel you realize. This or not as seen is in focus, by what you understand and in thought can see by focus, feel and understood idea.

  In defense there is a perfect idea that creates as you will as insidue or not shot energy at the deserving target in mind. Also possible is the gateway idea to thought in a useable point or area as long as you have a destination by what you see and feel is safe by mind you can get to where you think as this.

  As if a gravity wave energy source, as if construct that if in thought can seem and create as you think if you think to use it. As in thought this is the moment, that in interchange as in thought your able to get things and go as is and isn't done. As memory that is there, as you do or find something else to do there is no more except what you consider. There is in whatever you think what you, do what you want an what you don't consider you don't, so don't abuse anymore and you won't think of the idea that will hurt yourself.

  In resonance and dissonance as provided, as if to use travel to disrupt the pattern of life in of the things unwanted and nothing in the idea that are not. As you are what you want and are what you consider, the point this = is equality in used idea that is actually stand out or think for equal idea. As E = energy = mass = space = time. There is in mind what was once a home, and as you time you lived.

  Thought is where you went in life and where you never end, in and out in and what you think is to thing in range to touch now what you will is here. Now no more things will occur in the life you think to aid. Aed is as you want as you think, this is made by thought and delivered. As you decide and as your will exists, and for no reason you are gone as if a will on the wind that is free in flowing. Some business is with blossoms of ability, that is awakened by in the point or miss the point in idea. There is a point in spacial time, that is a thought and what in thought is a good thing until not proven as not bad.

  As if your will you free in thought and shift in and out, to energy as if your nothing your in thought. Think as you will and the sign for it is, think as this is concentrated energy or focus for a ¢ as this is charge in lowered cost. There is nothing wrong to the extra benefit that you get, for things you use makes or creates as you in stop denying it and out your use is what you think. As if you accept the problem the problem disperses, in no the energy and the problem loses the worst case scenario in life.

  Into the darkness, think your free and your free by freed with completed thought. As your mind is your own and you are your own free will in light or darkness, as your free your thought into light actions, as use is the energy you can get free as freedom rules. As if the freedom of the ages is there for use, your use is your own ruling as your rule applies to yourself. Each there own rule applies to the people, that are aware enough to use the rules thought useful.

  As then in these idea as with no at the end and you end, as then no ill can exist and by on th point the thought returns energy that is in nothing but a ceremony in disguise. This uses concert music in what you do by your energy that returns, you can use psychic enhancement.

  As that basically where you think you restore and thought is everyone who wants, as to think to see or not to touch is as created motion to actually restore themselves and with thought in this make is in a thought this is as restored or think restored in life.

  As if a thought at your demise, nothing you do matters as your end is in site and is to return energy use. Think by what you act to think, as the cords in conduits of energy is mana. Think this by the leylines in thought, as your spirit is where you think to seem.

  Think return and this as a source and the superstring is thought travel harmony in thought, as is by an instant motion by instance by magic, that is possible to leave some sickness behind and by rite this seem with energy gone in thought. Think in to some where or weird thought science travel and is aka porting by thought with energy.

  I believe that when chi(female) or han(male) life force, gotten from "the sword of truth" novels by Terry Goodkind, as a innate energy ability is used by focus of or requiring the energy projected forth, the effect is amplified at most 100%. into manifesting in some manner, and after several trials. except for the artist or martial artist will occur an almost instant result called a art mastery moment or a predestined moment or known is an art to do things that does or doesn't effect.

  As you are a point to life there is to create by thought your focus in focus, think an focus as in an idea your life is essence and what you consider creates by what that viewed idea is felt and is as use in the minds as they create you can use the energy as you got it you can think.

  Think as this is possible as the thought creates things, from the air and energy that make by void and your enabling to create thought "in an en" as magic is energy to create at will. The question is the art of energy, think as what you want as to see time and what you don't see, find a place by intuition and thought to go and you are or if not you aren't.

  As they who harness their power or not in as this ability is energy on purpose, or not their power is a break thought of source sometimes in thought known as electricity by the concept that is energy in power that can make or seem what is in thought. As though use to a better practical purpose in life you can seem what you want.

  By focus in feeling and thinking to a crystal, this instructs the crystal to make temporally anything in to work with by what in kind in thought is industry. That is in an issue resolved as some kind of idea of magic is due to their subconscious. As thus the cool idea, creates the idea as you think and focus is done.

   There is a point in time, that can make anything work as if everything is done that if in arterial use your use is time. Think and psionics are easy as your fine in time, think in the energy what you do or thought is to fix by "not" and blood infused magic can create what you think and you know what you do.

  As though a cure through the aura, use in and by ions are in the area restive in use restore by thought as what you think or not and as you think things undone they won't happen as though a thought "fix" or break this effect by tapping a tabletop.

   Realistic approach then is in idea to make by thought and create energy is without some flaws. As a pattern emerges, they who use things are able to use their thoughts to create manifest in anything, that can be crippling in results and is a matter that is energy that is mass or any object that serves.

  As in things to create an individual idea as approach. If they create, they can create nearly anything as possible is mana use that is gaia inertial energy, that uses time and a timewave frequency by at least the filtered planet core energy.

  Their is a way to produce or reduce anything that creates by thought and use is a point to ponder, that is a point and there is no point as nothing exists from what isn't there. There is a thought put forth and any use is a point that magic works. This cancels out what is there on a thought, then and in use in hiderance and though thought is not hinderance this is not crazy by a considerance as is you think.

   As if in a magna is a blood energy directed is by wrought magic energy by will thought energy in magma an what you think out in thought. An that is working in considered idea, concentrated blood is magnetized by what core energy in use. As you are a way with a point in your will, there is a conscious decision to fix or think as a concept is there to use right.

  There is in a way to created idea that in time you can cure and do anything, as if you move around and you create a point in life as if a moment in life created by a creative thought. Think relative concept in use of minced onion to make convinced thought, as you imagine the area in your mind with relaxing soothing music.

   As in a concept you focus, as in thought and meditation away the time to create relative idea. Think not effect as into existance that you watch and you will know. There in a way is life that won't exist, as this is not necessary yet and unless need then no effect will happen. Now what you think is a point in a concept.

  There is a point, as in a point this land is nothing in the mind as her own as this is nothing in thought and nothing in body as no problem exists. There is a point, as in "no nothing in thought" that makes thought in what you want and thinking by what you are in understanding the difference that one has in the area with no indifference.

  As if for what you think if not there does not matter in what minds in thought. As there is nothing wrong, as this is a point, your thought is clear and you think what you want in a clear viewed and clear-minded way.

  Think in thought, focus in an end of life to the area energy as the bade disappear if bad. As if a stream of thought in a frozen river as if a river overflow, think from the dimension that clears the aura and removes parasites.

  As if that is made in ether or channeled by raw energy, then or not as if in now discontinue this use as to drop the thought can seem. As if an idea life force in object use is an amulet or crystal, that is energy by focus shaped of heart energy.

  Your use is thought and what in concept is a point to your use in thought. Say or think and if your a thought in focus, there or not by what you feel in concept is what you think will occur unless nothing happens as nothing is necessary.

  The effect of thought that if you do you in this as is a point to think, as if your an idea or not to bear bad results. As if in use of ability your use is an unknown idea that is a point out of life and prejudice stops, as if a river of clean thought clean energy by lifestream gnowledge thought by "line" as to use a fey cup of life somewhere.

  As that is from the dimension that clears up things, thoughts and hostility's are fallen in away. As if you were a nice being,  your use is your own up to you. Think and your use is your own to use as what comes is what is clear and allowed, by the clear water river.  Thought energy converted to use, created by life is. As the the oceanic river that cleans the consciousess, that can create or make a possible cleansing solution.

  Treat it like an ally that will aid you in moments of absolute need and with respect, and it will aid you at your guidance by will and sometimes in thought this will create and that is what will aid you without your willing. Imagine a rainbow of light and energy enter your third eye to cleanse with your third eye use and that clears the mind of darkness.

  As cleared in thought by focus in meditation as you are that energy and no weight flowers in power by air energy molecules with particles that is ionic with ironic idea as this creates what is in need. As you don't say it or not if you don't need it. Don't say it.

  As isis creates a use by thought as by horus where if you don't mean the reactive right then. The idea to react isn't reacted to what you think, think as this isn't heard if thought or in thought modern. There is a point as things, as you are what is a use and what you think is done.

  This is the idea that in thought creates inner motion to do, think in progress as you need to and an as you get this as is. As minded view in thought idea you can use, what you want or will not to do is as a whim as needed in thought is an idea in which is by the creators will.

  Whatever the meaning is, nulle vindictive nature can not now effect, or not as if you nulle hatred this is what isn't done. Nulle trouble by the energy that life exists as created with the trouble turns into situations you are not effected as affect is effect and things you create are used by what you think.

  Restoration in order of common sense as what thinking done can create, as in you think and as out you think right by thought. Your use is stopped as nothing but a memory and no animals or kitsune as foxes are attacked in life.

  This is a possible way to keep sacred motions right, as this is rare in thought or otherwise and animals, think in area where they can survive and not hunted and released in nulled possibility. This is in by thought with, or not concept thought.

  Think and the parts you think to use, there are points that animals can stand and create as if there out of mind and out in mind by whats in order. Think of the time as the thought you choose to follow, stop as a rule isn't necessary and create of the order by use if chaos is in order.

  There or not of mind makes things as different things, as that you want to effect you or create a cure from in thought wherever you think about as seeming you cure as you think.

  This is an interesting idea to work with if you understood it and can make magic. To use these phrases, this creates interesting area results to make and create. As with the wind that flows with energy and life is nothing but water. As this in flows, as the river that flows you can use a thought, as if a fire that flowers power in life and changing is free and able to be done as in the gene changing is possible in no avarice.

  Without burnout is to think free flow and use, as energy is use in thought or in thought is by rhythmic energy in thinking not aloud of life. As that is chi and restores, that is what in life is made common sense, as an act and with focus be well. This unlocks the ability within, gone is where as good affect makes good in unlimited effect as nothing stinks and soul is copy in thought. Have fun with this.

  There is a thought pointed out in and reduction of stink, as in and out bad oily scent is converted to energy as possible wherever this may be. As your able you amazing, as energy surges and from the core with this. As you need to seem or create without any hand damage, or body damage taken as you bear no discrepancy by disruption when the area has situational problems by conclusive evidence. This leaves me to believe the flower fire leaves one almost insane as you think energy to the sunlight, as you think the light brutal or not to the energy. That shifts energy to the shadow as you think the energy to the planet core.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Summation idea interaction

   There is in a thought to do action as that is a point that you can effect different spaces, this from thinking as into energy you create with magic as not is nothing energy. As you think doing is energy in use sent to nothing, as you think nirvanna from aspirin or other pain killer. As water is with that you can create by focus effect without disruption as your not in life. Think and in idea interred by result in result, as the information in the genes from contact or aura is useful your physical body uses it as information to the different body functions and the body uses is energy from blood circulation.

  This is the natural end result to create fusion, thought is create energy to use a concept as the body focuses with the thought and the energy surges. As you are aware you can use the ability of energy, to create activity and thought is done in activity as a natural life use is possibility. As things you use are natural, as a point you convert by use by thought with imagination. This is use magic and this is health, bringing you to create with the use of information.

  As if you did it you had things and easy is not too easy if not really understood, as the knowledge fruit for an easy energy effect use. As you got the swirl of energy on the opposite side with the body to get rid of pain, think or use a finger to swirl the opposite side on the cheek or area representing the pain and the pain disappears. As sorta an opposite idea reaction in a positive way, if your realistic your released and your mind realizes this as you think to do. As you create and soothing, pain relief may occur.

  As you get realistic from acceptance, you are or what you think is a point from any different con or concept. As if your unlimited by what you think. To disservice is the wrong thing to do so to release is to think release and it is gone. To release yourself from life cast curses, thought or sphere effects think no energy to the sphere as to release from a creator is spherical in sphere.

   There is a thought or conscious, as what you think is a point is to think in thought. What is obvious is by thought noticed where you shift away, as if a disruption in the force as if by a different will and a point different in thought. This is interesting thought, as by what comes is thoughts in perception from where you think to go as in thought. As when and what you do in life isn't known as what you think and reveal is. As this is a known fact as you are what your intention is or not as you are a point in moments to do. What your experience is realized as by feel, as if a paralyzed dream in a moment that your thought is think sphere to create. As unrealized by manipulation and your not effected, by what is felt in what you think you get away with what you want. Make aware is to create and think. Make and do is a there and now or not to seem to understand the language as your spirit interprets.

   As your aware of the fact you aren't effected, as this is alright where you will. You are nothing your life, this can seem by the creator's will. As what you do is nothing and what you think is something, as you form a concept your form can appear. As if by will and focus is an amulet or power is energy. Thought exists as if something your will created, as in this can create by an activity or what you want is done by what you think. A moment seems to the need and the needs are dealt with, as if transaction your idea is realized and as thus your will can shift you as your done in thought. There is a point to use, as this is there free to read and your use is a computer otr thought crystal in effortless idea in use. As thought your okay and yet things you use are not but a dream. There is as thought as use is declared in what you read, as an answer to every question you want to read on..

  As in thought your focus is a concept and thought intended to do, this is what you are aware of and as you are as thought. As you are awakened by the fact that what is there is selective, your issue is over and your usage makes you aware in life. As you are aware, you can form if tired a life sphere by the obelisc creator sphere as "obelia spherio" or not as it disappears where you place and things form. Released when not tired, or when you think to release as you are a point released by what you think as "obelisk desolvo" as you think of a dissolvation of liquid solution.

   Think is to seem and this is to bring an idea by "what you think is what you get, as the right use is the right idea", this is by the correct approach in what you can adjust in life. This is a concept in awareness that if you are aware you are in realization, as a thought use in a concept is utilitized your will is focus as what you will is away as a change in thought as you thought you know and as you are a point you are aware of things. Things you do are nothing by what you do, as activity is awareness and thought is energy by a concept in use and by what you do is what. As research is done in a point that is research, any time is reflective of the idea and thought is to seem obvious any audience.

   That is a point that use is information and thought is energy to get a concept, as what you think is nothing and yet if doing or whatever you do your use is to summarize and create activity. Considered with this idea, as to create with a thought is use with a thought. Think with a thought to use an idea by what you think in use, as you think, focus in use as skill is there your ability is movement in energy. This is a thought to use the activity and whatever means use in a means to unlocking ability by the use of energy given by being near and thought with the free flow particles in spirit space energy known as energy with many different namings. Don't and do different things, for different places, as needed for the idea to achieve is freedom in life.

   No more melodrama and that if it is the melodrama, as the earth energy can seem a in place area as a point to seem good in honesty by idea. This in use is as thought energy, the body interred nowledge is the use that is instinctive idea. Guided by interred energy from the aura, your thought creates circumstances that use makes indication. As your circumstances change by arrangements, the area changes in the energy by activity sensed by subconscious and by thought and use is by the idea. You thought guiding the body and your ability is realized, as you are aware in a thought this is as a point thought in progress. What follows after is the meaning, as use by word explains the ideal and your thought can create what you realize is necessary in what you do in life that you summarize and get ability that is energy.

  As if a walk in the area and you think you need in thought defense as the air flows, you are down to the ground, grounded as anchored or released from spellbinds. As you think of a green or fire or ware gate that is, you think of an exit and use thought that you walk out. If released turns with water to seem, as if void was the realease you were the generator powered by the core. As if you are awareness and needing protection, act to protect by surrounding the person or threat with a green or elemental separating sphere that nearly sucks everything in the area to the area. Stop the balls, if you think to realease as if safe in place in life. Otherwise you can were gate an effect, by use this is a touch you can make or break a were wolf as a wife. This is a day to do as if this is fun, to remember and enjoy the walk.

   The fact is a point that nothing is as things were unless, as you focus in on what the thought is as you are and were doing in life as thought was and is a point. Realize the point and you create what you think, as if in thought you are a conscious awareness by what you think and are doing by what you think. Console yourself you see and do at the time of choosing. This changes what you think, and, by what you think you are if in thought and the art you gnow is in what you think to do in thought.

  There is a point to nothing, as your a point and mine idea is a point as your a thought. As a point to conclude, if you are aware and think to get results, as an end result. There is a thought, and a focus and as a moment not a mirror. Realistically thought out problems are situations, as an open mind is a concept as a thought is energy in effect. Name the effect and you focus in on the moment, to get or create a thought in a results, as you use them as your idea is a point in focus.

   As if in a thought conscious by the area in conscise idea by exploit, as in that a concept with this is what use known by spirit conscious aware with thought perception from the energy of the universe. As when the idea is formed of the fact as its created and what you know, by felt need and thought is a thought in action is thought in dealing. This with intuition and inaction is a thought as nothing is a thought by what you had thought, as a purpose this is awareness and what you think you can know.

  The whole basis is that you believe that it can happen and the change has a channel or path to allow it to happen by some point in time and in a moment idea. To start meditate for 3 minutes to 2 hours on observing yourself and accepting yourself as you are. When that is finished start a timer and observe yourself perfectly still for the amount of time you set it. Observe the body not moving because if you don't move for a long period of time you find that you feel itches and other distractions that you normally wouldn't have noticed. This is called looking for your inner switches that you can turn off after you master not noticing the pains for 3 hours.

  As you focus and use the feel by the area sensation, sum up the point in awareness and awareness surges a thought in an area that is a thought to an end as you think. The thought I am thinking about this is to know something is to seem aware, and as your aware your in knowing by what thought in an idea. This is the summat concept, as defined below in what you think.

  summat = surmise to know, to meet or greet in summation (call to apologies and remember) or surmount (consider by thought to do); disturbance: a surplus that with supplies with magic to overwhelm the shield of another or what is take or feel better, for a use negatve is what you feel in focus that brings to mind a thought scary. Bere is bearing in mind as motion in action is to use responsibility in mind and body, as this in episode released by fey yours is released. If they in some place thought by feeling to them, as if you feel associated to them thought comes from their thought.

  Thats information heard and reminders the subconscious, as from the place they are you hear the idea if necessary. As they felt the emotional feel, they seem to know what you want them to. This is summons or release to seem by focus anywhere, as the point is thought felt need is to make or create. They possibly feel defensive as they will sense, as whats wrong is by sense and correct in the area first. As this is correct in mental balance and things not right and to use, is a point that is the idea effect by attack as a second idea that frees you from the responsibility with the act whether machine or not as thing can exist by what you do.

   That holds your energy in body shape as the shape is a form create, think as in a point by will and link as you are extended in life. Kill in a vision and you get the feel of life, as violet energy that is violence in action. As a violent act as that is a violent reactive source you feel yet, if you feel the idea you can negate the violence as by feel as you think. Think in an act to negate the violence with the creator and use is by feel as you suspend time you create, an act can seem acceptable of a body and if you get away if you do any wrong. As that is acceptable by feel of experience and you can get around, what is causing what you feel in life is gone. As if their will forms in mind as them in use to avoid an act of violence is an act in user life, that in thought restores things as the idea is useful to manifest with feeling as a source is where the thought is and as a thought you can form by will.

   As the body dies you are immortal and use is their soul, done or not in thought as the soul is an amazing idea to collect. As unnatural attribute you hit to think, or if touch to unlock thought to make use of what you do. As a thought as thought is to not do don't in incedence. As the body is dead you can change the fact around and the thought shifts to reflect the new idea expressed by the energy within the body and the skin turns into what otherwise is known as the succubus or incubus as if to survive you are idea that disappears and displaces the body that disappears as to reappear as the form that is reliquished in thought to be. In an incubus form you reappear if necessary as by whatever form is in a shape that formed, as by thought on the shape is as if in focus this can seem a shape as if a succubus.

   This is a malish person with succubus inability that rewards magic thats thought original but isn't in ritualist activity. The attrocity they feel is direct to the point, as a dream to direct is denyable as this is with though the person as if by thought. This makes is in with a thought that is a point to remember, take out the point and your free as you think as they use this if things in use are things in idea. That as with a thought everything will change and things will shift, as with a point the use of energy will shift and adjust the area to create the area electrical. As electrical energy shifts through the wire, your ability manifests manipulated moment in time. That end creates as if your an ideal that is done, as your done you do whatever you think or intend and no abuse is necessary.

   The area shifts as you shift in mind with adjusts to the source in the area in use, think use to get use is to almost overload the electrical grid and being an idealist thought creates motion as brownouts seem to happen. Think as if the energy is from the core and your use is to cause, if the brownout caused by oversurge is due to movement in action from the earth energy summoning. The idea to create core energy of lava energy, redoubling the energy on focus to the planet center and the response back by sending energy. To the core is redoubling body sensation as you feel the planet think, as you stop the conscious center known as dream center and focus to send and the energy can be out by thought and returned by thought.

  Sometimes painful things in painful moments you made in the idea are deprived of energy till you are with energy to seem, as illusion is there or you devolve if you kill the person. As you get the ability, and thought is ability from the aura ineffective. As life energy is chi transfer you shift away, as if to think with a use and feel of the world around you that your spirit is aware and knows what you do where you think and you can say it if you want to or not as you think not. As in energy you shift from the thought in things around you that in act, as ashes in a point of activity in awareness as in hidden form you shift away.

   As if in different form different activity sensed by gravity in use in thought, as if that shifts your perception to suit your mood music corrects. The energy by almost matching with rhythmic idea, there is a point as there is no form and as yet the idea is settled and if your mind feels this. As is your able to fix anything, as to do so is to think so fixes your behavior. This is there as is in a fact to do, as you think the idea to exist the subconscious will create it. As a link to a thought that you perceive, miss a strike energy that is a healing thought stored by what you think in the source as writing reflects what is there in mind.

   As the unnatural as natural feyish energy that forms real life, with mentions as gesture that dissipation in energy forms dissipated supernatural energy. This is in a pointing ability in use that is what, you can use with nothing in mind and thought by interaction. As your spirit uses the energy from those you see to work magic, as a wishes by other that are wasted in life formed as particles that reforms as you think or this is where it won't. 4. strung together words and phrases that come to make complete sentences by a fact that is sensible and expressed. 5. as a shape in form that uses death or other energy to create a dragon in mind according to what you think. This is the safe part, as you think and read difference forms as different shapes are what you can create by interest in seeing as your interested you can interest the shape if it exists as if by the idea and even though it did it didn't before as if by thought that you were as this though is nothing more.

   As your use is your will, things are a use you yourself can create arguments with and irritation otherwhere, as what different and anything is a thought as if wise action creates wise effect that creates space to make different. Think thought to create thought in another time arranged by area shift, as around you is the naturally understood feng shui effect as in an idea as you change the area. The thought space changes itself, as you think your a polite view your accepted and otherwise your nothing, but in a gift this can form on demand as to seem an identity that creates ability. Think and you know on idea that reforms as shape and size that your intention creates in purpose, an this is as fusion creates factual use to shift the body and as this is to think or not as nothing exists where nothing creates.

   As nothing painful by form you draw attributes and change, as to what you want to seem from the ideal source is to seem and use as thought forms what essence chi life will do as that is done. Thado is skill use that is form by use and create is equality to do by thought as in thought your an idea an that can be anywhere in life. Formed by energy is thought is done with skill by energy and as use is a thought, think in focus as that is thought as a source thught as an idea element and made into life as an elemental by what you do that is noticed and thought into action. As in nothing done nothing in use is purpose, there in life is that in focus and creates energy from thought. As is discovered by thought in use your use is none, your use is as a thought and those that are to think.

   As things done an in a point you aren't aware unless realization is what you think from the text as you see a picture you can think the idea you need to seem as if summoned and keep the idea. As that means you use the idea in your mind, you can get things sent as if not paid by you and paid by another in trade. This is as if what you consider makes as if by what you did, you serve the persons interest and what you see isis creates what you get. As if the idea you want is you in essence and the essence manipulates, the moment you feel is to get an idea formed as an object shaped by your will and you get the object.

  There is no more to give, if to stop or nothing not as where you are and aren't in a concept such as time. Think as you want, but if you resolve the issue by magic it won't be resolved by the thought that you have. As though thought made time tampered effects the time changes things around and as you do things, thought changes by what you think and as you think the normal time can reassert its own hold on the area.

  Though no more were with no reinteractivity as an issue, in as if a concept is energy as you don't irritate people this isn't an issue. Think in thought and reuse old thought to think and momentary use create a fix as think as you do and your idea is do, as to think in a moment is to fix by redo or reminders can fix what you thought. As the enchantment on an object, answer as you will to the things you use as you do things with what thought there is. Think and maintain a fixture of the time, to deal with and what you do.

   Think in mote and think no more as your a shape in thought, as you are a thought to see or if not wanted your done in life. Not to do is not done, as if your alive by the grace of the creator you are alive. As this is till you remember not to live anymore, in life you are nothing but a memory if you died before you won't seem to live again. As your in other spaces and in other by spaces in area known as pocket dimensions as in form as in what you do you live, and otherwise your dead as that you look alve and know things as the moment of erasure your no more in thought.

   Think in a moment as you think of yourself, as you do you return to your own mindset as root in mind. As you thought your thought is a concept to use in thought and as you create in thought. As in a concept your thought is a mind set, to know and your idea is a point in what your ideal thats dropped as out an object that doesn't work. As if it is an unuseful thing, as this is the concept to make attractions and thought with the root in mind is a root in solution that is with a common problem. As if the root of the problem thought frees your mind up, what your considered idea is resolved in a form and known is what you do. As that is the trait idea, this is a point to do in conscious view as that in thought is dealing fairly.

   As a faery thought, find the fun in life or work your thought as in with others intended to be helped an thought in mind is thought in balance. As that is this in mind and as your a fey guide in destiny, you devise what you want as thought and you are aware in you as you feel thought you can create or not what you think. There is in what seems as an idea creates thoughts by stimulation, think as use is to an idea there is thought in destiny as a gate that designed is life operated. Think of where you want and wait, think to seem and you are where there is the right difference by time and right moment that at the end occurs. As in thought you are of the right moment as right in action and not if nothing happens.

   The idea is time that use is allowing, as your in time to do things you can get an interesting. Things you use as information is in time by what you use in the moments notice. This is the moment that in thought, is in what use you are to the moment as situations are resolving by what you use in magic. This is thought by focus, and what you consider is what you can create as the creator allows you can seem nearly anything. There is a point in time that thought exists, an if there is a difference there is a moment. As you ask as not in a point your invisible of concept in thinking that is that. This is what shifts or not with will, as with a point and click if you are to know you shift away.

  Think as in the moment as what you do is what you feel as what is there in the moment can disappear by differences in what you think in time. The idea is time that use is allowing, as your in time to do things you can get an interesting. Things you use as information is in time by what you use in the moments notice. This is the moment that in thought is in what use you are to the moment as situations are resolving by what you use in magic. This is thought by focus, and what you consider is what you can create as the creator allows you can seem nearly anything or not as things are adjusted and allowed until not allowed.

 There is a point is by what you do in time that thought exists, in an excuse as there is a difference by view as there created in time is a moment. As you ask, to know you shift away. By what is a thought is a way to a view, as you view you are what way you are in life. As you are well aware of the fact of virtue, this in life is a point to do. There is a point to a path in life, as you are aware you can follow it or otherwise you can avoid it as what you do creates the idea you follow as the path is infringement that creates things in friction and of your own path is realized.

  There is a point to this ideology, as you are a point there is away to do or deal with life. Think in time is to not use magic in such a way that your issue is infringing on the mind in friendship. Find the way and you are aware as if you were not ever observed in view. As to shift in viewpoint is to see and gnow if to trust someone is time to do as shift in view you know in answer. By your word you know what you praise.

  Think kindness as do is dun as in time by what it seems by itself. Think in time what you consider as there in time is a thought as to consist in a good behavior. Thinking with time thought in the past is time that is a way to get a personal resolve by issue that disappears with dispersion of the issue that doesn't happen. Think as things in the past as remembered is with the issue resolved is the time in time.

  If time in an issue is to seem to work and resolve itself, then the thought it uses is to make time to realize and create a thought to make right by whats correct "i" time. As time is imagination the flow in time is a response in moments, that momentary end is your time is a time to correct by a thought to make in an do as you think. There is a moment, as to know your strength is to now your measure, as you measure is to gnow and your point is a thought.

  This is to seem a good reason to know what, where and why in a point that is seen. There is issue resolvation, as a resolution makes things work  with the spirit by "soul" read in use as to resolve the issue is to do the right thing. Think as your thought matters, the issue is resolvable by what you think as time forbidden in use or not as time seems a use. As time began your time is magic, that use time is to think and create what working solution. If in time the idea is issue over, if use is right and you are a point to think.

  Think in thought as time to me, not at all a point that is what creates in time thought as this is time to renew thought and use in your action. As your fission in life, your life is thought and dismissed. As this is in time youth in time is time that is renewed. Think there is a time that is flow in the time you have left, you time is that time to live and search for a way to do things unless you figured it out.

  As thought in action time reveals flows in path, as the fire energy known as time flows that reveal shadowy shapes or silver essence in aura energy that time to seem in is created as if a point that time forgot or if sealed in ideal moments does unseem. This is a time vehicle that is think a flow in time or thought that created view, this is from a touch manipulated by thought and adjusted by what you do.

  As some time moment past or present is an issue resolved by what you thought now in a moment and fix in time. As the issue comes back, if the issue is there your issue disappears as if fix by the spirit or no and do something else.

  The Colors Associations to a person is associative with how people react to color plus the hair color will effect personal character and clothing is color changing, that is effective by what thought makes of most people in around an area plus their will creates what is that are mixes between. If no color reactions and thereof, think use to seem a use that is up to you by will and energy will make. What is thought or not and now you think, think it now you won't or not as nothing exists from somewhere it exists. This is the next part of the manual.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Mysts

   The mysts of time are unique and are colored as if per the idea or function, and as with "qudolphi" this is the point to get and go or do and see if you intend the idea to understand what you do. As in a conclusion, everything is real as if you have already seen something it won't happen, or it will happen if unless not needed if you don't intent to occur idea. As in the idea timewise, likewise you can call a thought or name a conclusion, work with or cause to strike or seem to work seizmatically. As a point in an idea by focus, thats made by concept to accept, what is in thought and what see is what you can use as a thought is to make or not as nothing seems as if this exists.

   As you point a needle and think in to project, project is if to seem useful if you want to remain in the area as ward is not there. As you say or think, the idea is something as please think and do better and as you get better in what life you live or not this can seem as you think to understand what you say to them as if to go and think up and down the costs go as the desire is there. Costs go down as the rise in magic is up till a reasonable point, and make it seem reasonable and it is reasonable in what maintains the level of what magic that is in by mana energy.

  As you travel with what sphere influence there is a focused intensity the felt waves that reality reflects there to sense to seem. As if you are aware and you think if you are a good point, you aren't if you think to see as you can create an idea to cure. As with a thought by and you work with the mind to restore the body by in concept, that ideal projection by what you think is a thought to send as you think and consider. As you are with focus in fey magic focus by what you seem to do, as things are perceived with action and thought to the person is here or there and as you do things.

  You get the ideal that is perceived from them in thought or by thought, that energy heals by what your focus energy in thinking you work with someone. As the balance in thought adjusts by what you do, you are a thought that is gone from them as they don't think of you. You are agreeing with a thought you are to gnow and to do, this is in an idea and if you are aware you can use a thought to create with or not as they want as if you think and survival is done. If your in need then make, an ask as you seem of something. As an intelligent idea your use is a point to get an mai, as you make the right decisions as living longer or not is an executive decision.

  Think a need or in a point by recall in what you do as focus and you think otherwise and you can create a scene that in fades, eliminate as false things can become in real life if intended to seem real. Say or seem with "occupance inin" that by fixed idea is to make, by realism for creative reasoning in some idea to seem real if already there.

  As a thought, they are animal spirits mythological, as they can form as a mythical beast is due in life from what you think and fey that are informers. Due or mention, you get what you want or not as you feel, things like getting the idea in necessity, unless you can't then don't worry and if proven its not always necessary.

  The idea in thought as you think you do is focus the feel and thought becomes clear as you are able to create from what isn't there as if nothing was done as if intended and if not intended your use of energy is to create with focus as you feel in the form to shape the energy, as if your focus is shaping reality if by use in thought.

  Unless this is by focus and feel with the energy flow to create, think as if your energy is a thought and act in care as your use is your way of life with a way of life. As if a pathway you live as what you will is if energy is directed, as if by will your wish is as what your focus in to create. Think is if felt to not think and just do or not and walk away and as with a focus direct by thought, this is to the brain as stimulus is to create with a focus by hand motion to create with avoidance of inconsiderate viewpoint not expressed in expression.

  Yet if you hate from what you experience you can learn or to avoid what you hate, so what you hate after the idea so you can avoid the use of practice or what you hate isn't done if you think to ward the idea away, now that is not really unlikable as if that is habits or traits are old thought in a list you can modify to your favor as if the thought is what they change to think. As attributes you can think to remove the trait, and those that aren't supposedly useful won't be there.

  As if those you target, as not hit won't be hit. As to think is to release, and on feel is to use a source to create as if use is thought with useless concept converted by a change with thought. This is done with thought direct energy as essence in life, if thought is use and use is if a thought by what you think in use by what you consider in a point by example.

  As energy in a source is what you think the source is capable of in life, this can create as the spirit is the free flow force that flows in everything. Just think the effect, as you think and feel and you get a result. If satisfactory you can use the idea, as an end result with a feel in the original moment and thought "release" to make or not as this isn't necessary. As an example is a grey mana mysts idea, that uses the thought ritual to create or feel cool thought to use. That is the area by what you see, not do or create in thought to some life you see.

   This is a thought is possible naturally felt in moment concept that witchcraft creates to seem real, as you want, your need can manifest with a visualize concept moment as you feel something. You can know what you feel and as this is a psychic idea in practical use,  as in a moment you are aware by focused feeling to gnow.

  As a thought is in foecus by focused view, your use is a focus to others and that is a point as if by spirit you can create what thought seems in use. If in thought things happen or thought was real, and useful as if otherwise not if your not certain. If the idea you tried worked or if the idea worked out you are certain, otherwise acts and certain things will create certain results countable as an end result.

  The idea is sadist are among us and nothing can effect them until we can't and can think to effect them. So use the mysts and tools as tools that are useful, to manipulate area resources to get things to seem right by correct methods. As the moment is as a point to consider, use the feeling to trigger the right memory, as you get to think and use the idea or concept as the idea works for you.

  As you think of the point in action and thought naturally occurs an understanding, as that in focus is a point that brings awareness by what you use in thought. This is as natural understanding points in life, are understood by the act you think. This is where the spirit is a use in motion, in as if movement is the use considered with the intuition.

  As a natural gift with motien or thought in tragedy, with a positive spin this is a concept that as if a use in explanation the tragedy is averted and the point is with no despise in life. This is dissipated or positive activity is thought, as in use to get an understanding is what life you live as this reflects by auratic use your life is sacred to the creator as you think life you are with some free idea to use by what you hear, see, use or think in life.

  Useful in thought in use is a use to do now, as you project forth an image that is you but not you and as you are thought to do something you can do what you think and that use is in a fact that life reveals in mind as not now. That in most cases mostly all the languages are possible, as you focus on to use or listen as to seem a thought is to bear the right expression as this creates the correct reaction by what you feel expressed in the pose in the body also known as body language or what vibes and you give off energy influence are understandable by your spirit are possible.

  This is the idea spirit tongue to know, as you recognize this as what this makes. As is "an idea in whats an ending of what you think with the spirit war", unless there's not a war and in idea you get practice makes perfect until not needed think and disappear as if not there your not visible.

  Inin is another layer of reality that can use this idea as this is possible,  as if regeneration and ability restoration is by energy guided with the energy being. As if an inner thought forms body in an animal soul shape, that is an added soul as if this allows people to regenarte thought or not as regenerated body thought with focus.

  Think of any animal spirit such as dog, cat or in other animal or other spirit, as with fire energy in with intent focus you can get explosive thoughts "with a use" or think like water and you are cool in temperment of composed thought by what you do and this is experimental.

  As you can regenerate even lost limbs, this is by what you do know is with your spirit. As you know with knowledge from gnosis, as to think an idea and focus as you know what the idea really is by life with active use. So to use a thought and thought is an idea. By activity and thought in use is with root world as the root world is the base world most magical, think and use can create as scientific in thought is by use in what is a concept.

  As if that is if thought and respect creates things to do, as in a thought or not that is from the root form in thought to seem as if of their use. And to get back from this hell layer, then use discipline as if to move and as you in a possibility you are of use in and of what distance, that you use the idea to detect to movement and in moment you see to seem and by focus to make thought then is to then "10 minutes or less shift back by what you think".

   As if in a moment, the mysts that come from the faer marsh and summoned with thought to them, as the idea stated as useful decision is thought energy created as is useful and in then you can be useful as in this idea is credible points to disrupt the energy as if a black light or multicolored flashlight disrupts the negative water energy flow.  Then as if your a point in use, your use is a thought, as either a good or bad example in what makes or disallows use.

  Then as if your time is in now time and this is the area that shown, shows the way as things are there and is slowed down to point magic with activity not detected. This is by us or others and if things such as what you think in machines, can cease working or start working again by the energy and imagination causes the machine to seem a use as you use imagination. As that in idea if the machine works by then, your energy can make orgonne and the machine work as usual as indeed. Your negative use is what you use as repose is nothing and stun, as if thought to the attacker as nothing but a pose is meditative trance.

  Think and as you think you can use endless curses and act, as space is in a port that is a point of view and the door is the airlock. As if you see in the air or raise from the ground the thought that what you do is raise objects from the ground, as if telekinesis your use is money and what to seem is a source from the ground and yet in life this "makes" and "as if the flow of life is time that is free". If unnatural use is unnatural life let them know thought your use as a concept is what you use is a thought, that if you want something it can manifest if given form. As this is brujo as not witchcraft by life energy, think and "yet" can seem counted is as such in with natural source energy.

   You use fat essence stored in is used as a store source as enchantment to correct the area, in mind or in use this is magical in what is done and not in disruption is thought and as you get slender. You shift in an area that you think to visit, as with a will as a way and to exit out an open door as you you think of an area and start moving after things settle down as if a "cindy" moment. As you can get a point to think restore the equipment, and smooth the energy out as the only thing you can actually fix is thought as you think to fix and the idea corrects things.

  That need fixing as the energy is a construct, that is thought programmed by what you as tho think is a point and if not this is "done". As if you did any damages, think, focus on the idea no damages and think and they are gone. If not, think as you do and as time if you indeed were in each individual space in space, as an area and as you leave the area this is energy as if infused. As if gating to restore what use of ability with energy itself lost representing what is a thought in mind, think in what is there and acknowledge the reality that is nearby as you think, write and correct as to seem policy is to get what resolve as if to do things.

   As yet if you need to or ever not intend and yet in nothing as you are the idea as otherwise spoken, if you don't see it again then assume and it will be back and not always in life by what you think and your will influences what is in thought. As in what you fear you don't assume as you skip the inside and avoid what is disliked or you get the with point is wave energy by chaos that is with waves gating and with higher planar energy by thought in what your getting in the way that dissipates in the area as in the head or object. Then as now as you are in what you want and not if an idea in thought is not allowed and not is nulle into nothing. As this as into what if action is directed, as then this creates as is what you intended in use what you use done.

  Nothing exists for something in a thought, limbo effect and yet as nothing else matters. You are as yet if and always will be as if not a person's faith and yet this is to keep the area, as it is then it will remain as long as the area is thought to exist as nothing exists. This works for certain people unrecognized and by what is thought from a master, is a perfect trap if thought seem used right thought not shown. Think not seen and it disappears and yet can remain visible or show what is in thought. Look at it an you can create what you think, as in a thought there is no activities against you as is there or not if "nothing exists" is there.

  "You can control height with this, as you think you can seem to be or in not as a point to avoid and dismiss thought. You see if in a raise in height, you are in height and not in weight. As if in a point consistent to thought directed will, your thought is what can direct the aura and is as a thought to do what they seem to need. Except they are instead of you, if you need them to or not as nothing needed nothing done." By Brujo the brother.

   Something from thought, and the idea is a recreated area from the subconscious. All thats left is to enter and stand or sit down, as if the way to leave is the way you came from as by direction you walk and shift as you think about the area you feel. This is any time you are going to, so think about the time as this is a point of idea or wizard activity or mention is what creates a space in life.  This interest is intrigue by what you think.

  That is what you want to appear in, from a part of space through, the sphere world matching to seem to appear in from outer space area. Which you show by what you feel, and think to seem to show them from what is there as that is the in source of life. As you get in a fight if use is defense with a thought in a hit to a hit, find and accept as to think exit and walk away or not you leave if unwanted.

   As if you are a point, as a time in a time with a thought your use is a folding thought as if a destiny gate can draw you through if you think the idea to shift you. As your use is a pointed use as from memory in reference to guide, as your use in thought and as thought a point in confidential idea, as to seem a use as your use is as a source and if your an idea to use.

  To jump gate out think and form a gate with the element to shift away with that as you, use is by walking through the mysts in time with mind or body. Thus, when and such your use of thought is to gate away and the right key is gnown by people, as you think the feel brings the information you need and your use is writing. As shift on use is going through an open door, as to think shift to use you. In as thought is in a moment that in time your well.

  Because this is exactly seizmotically in magic, as seizmology as in thought focus by the activity as in energy for use is thought in the wind if available. As you think the activity is energy, and what focuses wind as you sense a fire somewhere. Thought in energy is you shift in thought and go in wind, in as a thought you have idea to walk and go and the other that you can sense. Shifts in by movement seize the out moment by movement that shifts you about, and out as a thought sense where it is known by spirit and you know the seizmology location and that is what use there is by feel.

  There is a moment, that if you think and see think the thought of an area and what is there is revealed in thought. That and other things can go on as this isn't always useful, if it in view doesn't work as to mirror show by will and thought to the mirror.

  As if a thought and your flow is life with spirit that decides where you go that you care to seem. Seem not to care as you in focus fire energy and cauterize with the fire as if at the wounds to seal the wound if open and your wound won't fester, as this is momentum at the wound with energy to create ions to heal by as you think you are okay. There is an acknowledgement as to all appearance, you can be by magic any shape and size to which is spirit and which is a point that not is done. There is what you are as a were and other things, as an animus is the spirit that is flowing energy that is through in anything and as if a thought.

  You are aware and that is a use as if that is a targeted area or not, that you can get energy by what any activity from which is there. As the mysts in the use of magic is thought that forms on a use and this is any activity, as if you think and do you you dismiss it and the "let it go" idea causes the mysts in mind. If as to dissipate into thin air this is as if thought is seem not there, you can on the idea to shift with will think to shift away by thought.

   The green energy from an altar is in death from an energy transfer from the earth element by another, or as you set an idea in action, in nothing and out nothing as this actually happens as you are in a use and thought is direct to create. A thought and manifest of the thought, they have if what you are using. As a point not of you keep it this is a fiery mist, if there makes what you think and if manifested didn't attack you. From what the thing senses, as this is from what you have in thought don't plan in the heard thought. As the thought in a point is what the thing you summon can hear. Don't seem to react to it and the thing will stop.

  As in what you are and this is "as flow of life", as you can seem or create by money and faith in temporal reality by a thought. This is with use, by belief in yourself and what you can do in thought as life is thought that in your thoughts can work. This is only limited, by what you think you can do. So lets use this with care, and as you can seem a cool use for whatever you want whatever you thought there isn't there. For the blood mysts, this is here outside existence.

   This uses the idea, an as if to manipulate the area or create as this is "en" to do as a task as a thought is to make out in an, idea thats revealed by what you do and thought as you do is good in life by activity or not that. As a mastery of magic is that and what you want, as if that isn't desired isn't there as what you do is nothing. As if what you do is in a thought you can get a good reaction, as what you see is what you can get or what you need is what you think and if what is you are and thought out idea is what makes unless needed. Where you are and as you are is nothing as vanishing in life brings you to where the thought and as a thought, you are to see as you should be but a point and are anything not but what you think you should be.

   As no there's not any hate ever and no threatening or thresholding even if unlocated an unlooked at and in a point by person or otherwise no expressed hate, with haste you in an idea are not but a thought as you are natural in order by spirit and act normal and active with what in the creator is aid and you seem in thought. The mysts are interesting and summoned if you feel a use for them, as your will is focus thought as that is free energy abounds as you think you are.

  Don't think and you are what you think, unless necessary as if what you want or consider is in the properties list that are gained from the source. You are what you say with what you transform yourself to seem and do. Mystery compulsions of the fey themselves that ceases the moment you don't need controlled use of another. What you think you are or another is as you are thinking is not, then you are as what you think as they can be what they want. As you are in what you see, or as with a way there is thought with the world you are in as this you want to see in life.

   Use as life drain by or with the fey, to the table or other area as needed or given energy back is think or work as with a memory by that as you make from memory what you seem is assumed thought or not and this disappears. Then if now and thought of a mystic eye spell, now you are thought as if there in time to manipulate the moment. Things you do is to create divinorium in effect, considered "Thought transforming form" is kheper interest or not as what in thought can seem is possible is good or not as this isn't what is, where to seem able and yet this is to cope with nonsense.

  As yet since you created and if you are able and aware you can stop, as if you were a thought as to use a thought is think imagine and seem. As you were if to shift where you want as your spirit knows is safe, as in a thought if you transfigure and then shift and going is fun as you aren't without thought. There is a point to all this, you are not what you seem to be if you appear and be nice unless you are certain. You are what you want, as you are what the idea seems to in thought be unless needed not to be there.

   As you use the thought projected third eye you can seem as to do so, as you can get energy back or with regenerated thought this is water to go drink and do things with exercise, and as if you live and to shift away is with an individual being. As that is a concept use creates a use, that is thought in a concept to create a moment. As this is a point, you can get free by thinking your free, as you watch temporally what think to see by a view as if a big viewscreen. As with no danger, you are what is not bad off and safe for what you think or not. As you are nothing to those that are what is near as, financially as if nothing existed unless necessary you are able and can make what wealth exist is possible.

   If as this is a point and as if you live with more energy, as if a concept is a point to watch you are a moment and you shift. Think to someone or someplace more useful, as if summoned except a moment if no longer needed. You can stop and dissipate, this is into water in the outside world by what is done with senses by event with a ritual scene. As sensation is there you can feel, and no plague is what you can think to dismiss and dissipate. The plague that is black plague, energy drainage removes the idea as you remove or kill a bug to create a reformed person from essence if necessary.

   Then and now you get a good feel in the situation, as you are with use this is understood feel by what you think as if a "thught" as tight thought that is a point and a larger understanding in reference. As you are a point and nothing more your idea, is a concept and thoughts a concept moment in what abound to do in thought and look by distance. Thoughts to look and know can, as seem identified by shape to trigger what you think and if so you are what is now not, as if a point in time forgotten. What is forgotten can be remembered by what you seem or not as you are to remember, what in mind is a thought to know and stand to do.

   Hence or not you are done in life, always prepare ahead of time unless not possible to fix what is wrong and you are an avatar there is a way to know what is there or not. As your spirit uses gnosis things you do, can make a spot as if it doesn't gnow for what it senses. So this is the thought and is the fun of what is a moment and thought, write what you know and know what you write arrives ahead of time before the moment that is thought that can make you get away before the moment your death arrives. Think or not as you don't say as an expression, what you don't really mean to say can seem forgotten by what you don't seem and not as you keep what you want ir nothing else is a concern.

   As in this is a thought, as the frustration to what is there can make an intention by point and mentioned fact become an idea not unlike fiction. As if there is a point that is and is to realize and what you did is as if you want that can seem in a thought. As if a thought to use as if to correct things by, use a moment to cool the area and raise an ideal life energy as if music in a thought energy drug as in no headache with thought and hurt is non hurt as subliminal is in not as no to not think in to do with no thought comprimise by upper or lower dimension compromise.

  As with what you do in a thought, think you are a concept and you can write magic, from the event by what is an act intent to get better idea. So if you are a way to live, you are a concept and things that you do can create. This is a useful idea to think as a point is to do and work into spells as into the mention you can create a subliminal message that is thought suggestion.

   This is thought formed from reality to explain what is a complete area, copy in a thought by area and use the thought to get a created point. The idea with what you think, and this in a concluded fox result in time and thought. An this in a moment is thought, or what you do an idea by use seems as thus makes as thus sometime as a thought is with energy. That in use or nothing creates something from air as by that valued idea is, and this is a concept to think out and or be not in thought.

  As think work is what you want and you never intend to act, this is to think as you don't act to make compromise to work. As one with the wind and world, is as or not if thought by what you do or this is a thought as to think is to fix and create. As an idea if to think aloud and use is there in what you think, and also as if we are impressed you can get away with allot of idea that is unusual. As intuitive understanding understood by thinking focus and feeling what you see, as you think to gnow and you will to understand as the understanding comes in an idea and that is intuitive ideal.

  This is your subconscious that can do this or not, unless the bad result is known before the moment and if they who watch are not seen. They are not knowing as in they attempt to watch in form, unless they think by what they will in thought is from the third eye in use. As gathered from the crown with clean energy from cleaning, with water as this is into the chakra is clean energy in use. This is to gnow from the beginning, as thi is invisible as sentence to a body that can shapeshift as you can now be free by asking anyone as the subconscious will free you as you will the freedom to exist.

   The idea is a point, as in and what could, be taken correctly from what is said or thought wrong. As a thought, this is a concept and what you do is your own chosen. Otherwise, just that is from the idea that that rather useful to create with or not is able to feed you with food energy. With food energy comes water energy, that is a thought to work with as for whatever comes in life. This is a point to remember and win the day, as by your deed through by what position is or not a positive thought is to you through water. Why things work better is with warding and thought of spells, as in with a premonition.

  The power of words are useful to do an idea with, you use this. As a point is in needed moment, makes you aware is by as this is a point or lack thereof in life. To create a possibility, and lengthen your life is to use this. As a point in use, is faster chi movement as a possibility. As if a thought in your use is this, as to create a metaphysical idea in a moment to moment copy in use. As to get a warning thought is the use of the aura idea not in thought as a use is meditation, voidal meditation then is use by what you think as you can use the aura chart as

   Think to not care as is to just use a thought and thought is in a point to do, as you care you go where you want otherwise you return with a thought as if with a thought is a concern by concentration and think as you concentrate you can get a point to use and heal the heart. Think as if you are a point to use, for use is gnow you are to know another idea as use is by "oh boy" or others. As you are, sate your idea and the thing you do fades away as if thought seems the orin is original as is origin or yourself, think warp or "Inin En" as an easier shift so if to think to create as to create an energy or concern yourself with another, this makes in a complete sentence a sense that now in magic creates what is in a thought. As you are this is a point concluded in life, as what is out you are never dead by as if in thought until necessary as this is senses in use.

   As in an ending you are arranged as in a place as if you are a condition to learn as in the thought you are a point in condition and as if you don't break or in don't break, do good as you don't crash with no and as if you are the ship in a place and move as if no condition in you are whole mind. This is a made thought in a conditional idea, as if you are a place in time in an area that is a point in time. Think you can use any ability that you think use of in life, and the use is there as if a place in time makes it as in thought is a correct motion in mind.

   The system in a point is in time, as what you in time can seem to create and nothing in mind is nothing as we are free. So as we are dead to the system, and alive in motion and think as you seem monster no more and you act right and do right as the phase world will respond good in use is a belief in motion. As you are not a conditional you are thought, by what this is in this creates what seems real and as if released in a context and as you release in what is done and you in thought are to get energy back in time.

   There is a point to abandon the body, and nothing use is to send energy back to the body you leave as you think to make a possible use. Things with the body as an image in your mind, are sometimes what you do or what the body can seem. As you can treat it like a form that lives, as you will the idea and the life it lives is a point to what you are doing. Think to the body as for what you want, as you are a thought you can live and get things done as if two bodies instead of one or two idea that comes as a vision.

  There is a way you live as thought you want and the body does as you think is necessary. As hereditary idea is there you can glean information to work, as if alive and with no point is the more you are near people you in thought can get energic from the inner being. As in body in being your gathering, with gestering as the energy from around them.

  As this is a point, as if a moment is to do what you individually think, with intelligence as if to do is to get things done as correct by the right moment in time. Because as this creates the time that is correct, as the right timing is there as this is done by what thought you do as inme. There is a point in time that you have to quit an do what is best with life, and that is when and what is in storage as you are unable or should store things else. As to stop and do things is to ruin things you do, and the idea in use is done or what you do is ignored. This is at the end or beginning, as if things were worth the effort.

   Whatever you think, you can remember by feeling energy uprise and feel to in focus and work out with another. As you think on what you think to gnow, your spirit sends as if information and the body uses as energy that is interred. As use if intended as if every intend, is result as a rite is practical by what is uses there as doing your powering by what you always do. As whatever you do into the moment, as you get to do an idea to achieve and things work as they are what make sense. As a thought is said to get done, as magic can happen this can seem and as long. As you can remember and you can get magic done, no matter whenever as never done.

   You don't have to do this, now if you don't need the time in practice and in a thought is control you are with reason by what you notice. As stimulating in an area thought to see you can create, or feel by thought for what is a possible idea. There is a thought that as you look, you are seen by what is there as if by a two way communication mirror that use is a talk through thing. That is look, think and talk or send a thought to do with no problem and you can think back to perceive a concept, as if to a scene or think you see an area as you look they look back and possible is a thought.

  This is a joke that you don't have to take it so as you are serious, and that progress isn't dependent upon discovery. As in thought there is nothin energy and this a point by effective feel with the vibes. As with the use, the thought is a concept that if not ignored the idea seems good or if ignored won't get you in trouble. Think it's dependent upon acceptance of the discovery as in a thought your a concept and can seem to do whatever.

   This is acceptance on the body you choose to become, by the temple of atlantis as you are a point to it and you are what does the transformation. Think alike and gnow what you do as you are only alike if you want to seem, as if like in body but not in mind or as you in them and they are as acting as they want and as your a god you can give them things they need as if you think. Because you think your alike, you can seem to use an attribute and create what you think by focusing on your need, and the spirit helps you by making you realize the idea to use what you think in life.

  As you do the reactions that come naturally, by what you seem to know before the moment to what you think and feel that your body in thought does as you do differently in mind. Think to gnow and as if your about to do, leave the area and the conflict is solved if any is there as if just do or not as nothing happens. Then and now if in thought and if about to seem attack, shift away to think defense and walk away, as you project the idea of a defense to the target and they might stop or do something else.

   Green energy is really safe for both identified the environment and our in moment by budget life. In therefore many people switch to this energy as a  source, as an act and they see as they don't know what they actually do after they kill unless they are told and can specifically attack as if "orien not" because that is what it was. An idea and stop someone from doing things, as if to get it is to get what you want and life becomes better.

  To his idea is when dark energy isn't there ignore here, as light energy works to create night and things can seem cool with her as she or he wants time and can manifest. What is necessary as if a thought in what is creates a point, and she can appear like anyone as is this is not in any danger as nothing exists if nothing is will if different per each place she or whatever form is as from essence from darkness and formed in light. As if a thought, as you are a point in time as reference is a thought and thought itself is nothing but a refresh in what you learn by what you study as if you knew what you wanted.

Fairy mist of time and growth in timewise idea

   Calling the Fairy mist is simple as imagining the target and saying to yourself "I call the fairymists of time to shift my target that I have in mind to where I want it!" Now imagine in the group an item or idea that shifts in place, a hold thought in energy and focus to see and shift with a force of the movement of the will. Then as you imagine the white mysts, think by what you can seem and you feel the idea to do. As you think or feel with focus to shift, the place or the army group can seem to appear where you want the target to appear.

  Another way of doing things in idea and if no need you no this in thought, to use it as a transport medium. To do this focus on the idea of "transport me to where I want to be Fairy mist of time". Now visualize the thought of said place you want to be in thought. As you think to hear someone you can hear the voices of others, anytime and anywhere as if you were there and a thought called the 6th sense reveals the idea. There is no listening in, if you don't want to seem heard.

   Visualize yourself near a big tree in the "book of legends" as in said place, as in suddenly appearing there on the spot near the idea that is a person as study is done. As if part of the power you have by ability with energy that suddenly comes and goes, as is to feel force with a feel of thought. This can seem to pose a point, try or not as you are or thought in use is done. What you do comes naturally, as what you think is known by earth and as the leylines work with the spirit. As what by earth is the element, unless not needed with thought and your spirit manipulating the idea into what exists. What in this is, in what isis can help create, cover and correct and with use by the mysts in time any time by study or thought in need to see or seem.

   This is the simplest thing to call the Fairy mist and tell it what you'd want. One such example is with thought to say to yourself, these words possibly are "I call the Fairy mist to defend myself and those things I find important!". "This is more simple" with the fairy baiting technique as "I call to the Fairy mist of time to me myself as access is in to the place of my desire!" Now imagine said place and a portal will open. This is a point with as or with controlled folley, as you can't always take people at face value. To see better is simply a thought, to "see long view", is to think a "hold thought" in energy and focus to see and possibly shift with a force of the movement of the will and return later or in movement step after use is done. There is is a point that your use is to think, and feel the body weight does go and dissipate as you feel the excess go to the planet.

The yellow myst of time

  Elion Myy created this idea as yellow magic with mysts. The I Ching idea is yellow wind or imagine yellow that is sulfer to use in te point in the wind or prophecy, that is energy to use to see or create, use is thought by focus or feeling to know as you are aware for or from info from someone in these moves as from a volcano that links to magic to use a point without any actual purpose. You gnow by gnosis, to the area that is universal knowledge.

 "That blown away by thought or creative ideal in use by hydrogen as some energy. If you just do or not, imagine yellow air focus you can create a yellow fireball, if the heat is focus in the air or creative in use or manifest with no illegal drugs by use. That is use so do wat you want." -SG1 thought

   As gold or fools gold is what you thought, this is empowered by ore or ore idea that can convert drug energy to use. Think so you see e was in thought, so he creates viewable results by thought. Think createable is ability, so still this is idea in thought create as you will energy will come to created feel.

  Thought not or idea to use is create as you set apart or set aside with feel to dissipate sulfur air, as movement use if a match this turns or creates to seem in free energy or not if no use so think seeing is okay or not as if no abuse in life no stimulus.

   Think as you feel the area energy because no one living is harmed, see or feel the idea in use or thought to create in idea manipulation sometime with magic or feel by interaction or no power is in energy to what you see that creates. If you are to be unrealistic no creation then no effect to not do things with the idea or get better vibes, thought with reverberation or thought feel from area senses is that use is vibes. As vibration to see or gnow what is going off in an area, as if volcanic reaction or what is there in the thought you see as I learned this from meditation focus.

   Now this uses the ore called gold with area energy, that if you direct or see use as there is a source that you think. As a source you prefer is a myst of time if psychology or some point that if called, this is what can create and make what is a think and do misting effect. As if not there, you can create or think to create or not create unless not interested.

  As the idea is done and you can think as with the body and is a use, with the bio organic idea as thus is the vampires that run it. The idea personally becomes the point, as you think to use things and use is in thought as is a thought to cure or make things by use. As us can seem, a store with some use from the person that is.

  This is a point to do work an create a point to get a thought and "us" is the state of mind. To call it, think the mists that exist are yellow and appearant, to shift you at a focus you create an idea with a thought. As with vigilance, is a moment in ritual in the mind. Vigilance spell: Say near candle "Oh Good in vigilance, Be good of vigilance, Oh Be of Joy now." This will give good vigilance, increase to your joy to accept it and keep it there. "Oh seem of cosmos" to cancel it by wat you seem to others to create or not seem use as you walk away.

   This is like the other mysts, as in a concent the idea is a thought and what you focus in or near, to create a thought and make a moment unless you don't want that moment and the idea becomes other things. As to look and you can seem, or create what is true from what is false. This can seem useful, if to only do otherwise you are well. As if a cure folded in the blood, if by energy with essence from some dissolvable solution. This if thought can allow, no overdose is allowed as drugs or things similar as is energy to the source in life use.

  This can seem what is formed from que idea as you think a list, or program as if you can get a program or thought that makes a thought seem what you want as the equipment is what you want to seem in form by or from reality in life as a thought as it uses what you show or want. This is what can seem human as you think to use what is. This can use a human approach, in what is a thought and as energy as a concept. If you really want to show the human approach, then do something else to go show whom cares in thought transacting by thought transaction or with effect. Say one truth and you are counted in true, and your idea works even or not. Most idea done, as if no is to create with a real physical reality and thought is modern progress as if an end conclusion.

   As you can get in use, or if a thought and you create something with the mind expanded in view [ ] as a moment monitor as this is really in a concept if in the body and outside the mindscape you can create with a thought by a will and then you can remember again. As you can choose to use trickery in reality or a basis of truth in reality, or not as a religion of activity you can get or seem a point that you want to create with as trickery in view is false. Until true as the idea, is thought true as if seems and happens somewhere else.

   This is formed from the basic idea that biology idea is to create, as if what you think as the life energy in excess can seem used and the yellow mysts are what can create a point and seem from whatever you say. This is the pea and other energy that helps form or do things, to create from the yellow energy as you can get what you feel unless you don't want to be effected to give it a name. This is powered by yellow energy that creates as the conclusion in by impartial, speach or what you can use or not as you think or focus to create with subconscious as a "quote by quikwrite" is good. This can form things within to seem without, from imagination as "inme" or seem to exist outside your body if you want the idea to manifest. As "do" as whatever is impossible can seem possible. Now don't in unless you don't have to and the yellow fire or lightning, and can create a wide swath or do things as you think to use an idea formed from yellow dye, yellow fire and "tellow".

The blue myst

   The blue myst is the magic myst, think "ise" to realize potential if nothing possible then you will gnow or nothing happens, no as if nothing a moment that is myst and that is a point that use in thought is mention that is what you can think to create with. The idea is the thing that creates what can make, and use is to seem or not as you are nothing in life excepting what you want to seem or otherwise you are as you want to be. That is a thought, and you are what seems an instant creator.

  The idea behind what you do in the blue myst, you know who you speak to as this is magic as if this is mana and use is what you think. Nulle abuse with a thought as the mana user can create with a thought and use is a point, in that creates what you think from the element you can use as if air or instant rebirth is of the person and the clone is there to work things.

  Out or not as to create is taught to use, whatever rules you think to use are applicable to the area that works with energy makes and seems an idea if necessary. As if the point you are, what can hear and think what you want as you form reality as if on a thought. Use is portals, or not as "trureality is what that you seem to break your word or not by use of your word as if by words" as this is the idea as to mind you can use to seem mana in use, and create instant gateways to what is. There is a point you don't get as it isn't done, as you are a presented as idea is a way to do things you get no results.

   To summon the blue myst is to create a thought or make a thought to seem. As to call an idea is to use a point, and mention with intent creates what you want or think of a myst and color it blue. As if thought is a cause in what you say that makes use, this is the particles in use and does what you say. The blue myst is the idea, that is a point that creates knowledge from gnosis and to produce, the blue myst is to gnow the universe as this is within and of use is to seem to gnow what you know by what you do in life and whatever you do.

  Don't redemption or say sorry, unless necessary in what you do as by what you do you get better. If you think no defense as a concept, as if what is you put to create then you can defend. As if you knew what to do, or not as in "so" use is a point to seem and do. To write the past if necessary and make the present with a point, as a concept of the future that can remake things better. If to make this is better natural magic, an it is make better the active way and uncreate is a thought as you undo with a thought in what life there is. As you are thinking the idea, you can make what you think by what you say this seems or not as this isn't as it seems.

Grey mana mysts

  Grey mana can shape time mysts that are concept in thought to exist what you wish, think to use that is energy by what is there with a displacement to where your soul thinks to be in life. As your love in life is there or energy is thought, your use is creative by feel or not in use by thought so you use sapient thought to create some cool thing by focus. As in or not as in energy your energy in idea isn't by the effect, to create a help or thought in no idea to use the idea to do or not.

  See or know is thought to use or create where in you are unless hammerage to the boy is heart attack or thought is energy earned money, thought by hemmarage I mean is created is good stuff to drink or use myst can create interesting heart stress. So use is energy to heal as energy, this goes as you feel or you do to reason or create is restoration to the heart.

  This is a thought to create as you focus or there in life is focused merit. Grey blood myst is the area you see or create in the area to use was interest by idea, so I thought the grey bleed idea thought with fix or this is safety in mind in thought to create by nothing or concept in the area. Energy is area thought manipulated by the intent to use energy concept, sometimes earned to make with idea by use or creative feel that energy creates is what the creator made or the creator makes as long as this exists or unexists by feel.

  Their energy creates or if focus this is energy thought to create what you manipulate to exist, if regarded incorrect is what not allows as this is an area not to be touched except to those vampiric. As you see as you are to live with life so don't or die if in something that is very likely to work with endangerment, if nothing worth living think this is energy as a source to use is by use to create with water or you think or live by the thought you see as that is a sorta sacrifice as if throwing away food. Now that was not worth the effort, so this is curious by what you see or sense. That is the idea I got from the mysts with te fey meeting.

The thought assisted telepathy

   The thought assisted telepathy is as in thought is a thought that is a concept that can create and make by assisting others on a concept to do thought about and as you think to feel the idea the thought direction comes from this as this is a point to create an activity. From what you think to occur if in a possible necessity to make with each individual concept is an idea for each different use in idea in speech. Express the need or think, what you will and the energy will create as the subconscious needs it to as is if you harass then you in quit hitting as outward no harassment. As this work can revert to a version that use is what is needed as on, with a need this is between you and a point. As things are what seem to understanding, unaccepted are left out by things not being worked. The idea with you is thought, as you are working in life as in thought.


   The dark energy in the night that fuels this myst, nightmist is darkmyst ruled by your own will and night aids as needed as is made from the absense light in the area that is bent light energy to the task as that is but isn't a myst and serves dark impulses and basic idea to defend with dark defense. Summon the idea to manifest, if you need defense you can get defense as you wish as you word things. This is the way to the idea shift as you focus in on the myst, you think and feel you in thought become in from the energy and out to seem you and create as you wish.

  Dismiss the thought of the darkmist in thought, as you want to and it will be as if stepping out of the myst itself. Where in thought is natural magic is an effect to do things in life in thinking, by a thought and thought that creates is with a thought to create in a moment or not created in in mind.There is mind is a voice that if you listen to it you can hear, with the voice of knowledge as this is a form as knowledge thought can seem with the god Pelor as he works with people in energized mood and allowed by a point out in thought sense in intuition.

  This is with Tengri and is support in working, with the knowledge god Oghma that gives and trades gnowledge. Thinking with a point you feel or are seeming, and to need to know creates in mind with Llerg and Ioun, with a concept by Mystra or Boccob as thought guides in thought and this ruled thought is by Odin in life. These are gods so this is an idea to think, and use if you are curious and "now" or "gnow" is to know.

  The myst dissipates things as past is thought, as now is the moment the thought "dissipate" is to resolve and create a solution in the past as now where the present is not having the issue again in life and link as to think to touch and it dissipates away as you shift away. The idea is that if you are worked with by it you are easily weaker, and if you are you can find, do things and not torture them in some way as if you do you do the purely elemental torture only when you feel they deserve the moment idea. If use is there with it, and you feel a dark mood stop using thought of attack and do something as defense to allow for else as the darkmyst can make a dark mood set by the myst in use.


  The lietmist moment your thoughts are light in a thought as dungeons formed from need positive in nature is by what you do or otherwise you can form an idea by thought action shaping. The light myst, is a point to create and make with fire and possibly sun energy. All you can see use to do things with is use the light around you, and think and feel the myst as you think and the idea you want is likely your forming secret or idea to create itself. With a thought your cursor is like a want, that creates what you think, as this acts as a wand. These are the good impulses that you follow with this and paining can dissipate away.  Think a thought and if your need is healing on thought or need you can heal as the light mysts create a hale or healing effect. This myst is also called the felt delight myst as you can use food and water energy as thought to the body.

  This is the idea to do, get a better resolve and a good picture to work with and create by feeling what you think is necessary, into what you are wanting to do and as this works this will repair itself and you will repair. This is a white myst in energy, as if from a thought that comes from what is said or thought in the area, makes the idea and the white voidal realms will do as you think. Think of where what you want to seem, and it in will can create if you want in what you thought and shift you as if a point in time is thought. As if everything said is put into the article, in some way if unseen by what you think as myst.

   This can shift as payment, in an object delivered is if by objective that come as items that seem magical to you or others as well. To call the whitemyst of time is to think, visualize and imagine the use by actions to summon the myst into existance here where you are as if a thought were the intent and you are the idea that summons. As if stepping out from the myst as you step into an area right through the mysting plane area to where be in the area you want. This can materialize things easier, as if the moment a person is born and you can guide the person. Thought directed pulastic essence, is what this myst offers and this does this well with light energy pulse that dissipates the dark energy and mood is lifted as things seem better. Better then is for the moment that gets a better result in view, by directive idea put to thought realism programming the idea into the energy to make cause by seeming to manifestation. On light idea with what is as a dark nature removed, purpose is not served and you can create what is needed. As you "ca in the moment", or not is doing a prospect that is a thought.

 The Concept Talk

  The basis of a concept is a talk point in the past, and yet in the thesis you are a way to get a point to do. As your a way to do things better, you can prove an idea in what you think as in if you are well you can get things to get done. As if your well enough, to get a place and think as if to get things you can get a byway or causeway, as if to fix or not if in a thought you can seem to do better or do things as well. "Thesis" then is a "point" to "consider", consider and what you get is to work if in life you are doing all the way good as if not hit and a thing to work with. Thesis is alright as long as it makes sense or not as you think to do things as if something else.

  There is a thought to do, as you think you do you can get along with whom is in there. There is a point to this part, as a path of light is a proven concept as in idea you are okay but you can get get along with them even if you are not well you can get a thought timewise motion to see what is to work a considerance in idea. The idea is a thought to do as a talk point, as a good point is to work and think or nothing happens as nothing exists. There is a thought and a moment, and things in a moment are not in actually done unless necessary and the moment ends in no incidence.

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