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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

theories orgonne

This is theories or otherwise gone is the moment. So think or work as you like. This is the end point orgonne I thought up, these are points that works by the creator creating the result. This is with influence by feel or fee with thought.

EJ; on his way out he does no damage. He doesn't find his way back in either. He does not cause any trouble while here. He leaves almost immediately. However Mae keeps calm.

Mae; she remains calm and better than before. She puts things back into her room. Mae gets over her anxiety.

Mail; I get my mail and packages soon by fee or feel with thought.

Computer; I figure out what the problem is and make things better.

The problem; this is fixed by feel, creating what you want with what you have. That is an idea by fee or feel.

A trick; think or say something is in the trash like a hamburger. Then touch the body area corresponded to your need to remove, and say "your feel is gone." This is sometimes done with a touch or hold to the head.

The feeling should disappear and into the trash by feel. It is not actually meant to remove your brain.

Think and know; think and you can know what to do by what was done. This is an obvious example from sometime ago. So on with the new stuff.

On and do; on you think and around and around. This is alike a merry go round. This is en. Viewed were the area, there's noone left. This is like 100 year old news though.

Aston ishing to me though it is. Since this is an alternative world, I might as well go collect things to send to myself.

Paranoia; think or act you are no longer paranoid by feel. This is an idea to make or work with by focus to create peace.

The point en is near; the end is near and all I need to do is wait. Then I can jump planets as I think of the planet to be. I will use the end energy to shift planets and hope I survive the use.

Eating; some food is restorative, some food is not. So I will eat or drink to restore lost health and stamina. This is balanced off by exercise and keeping active. This is useful for me now. So I might as well go exercise.

The end; I am aware of things that belong places, this is where I've been mostly. So I think I will go do something else for now.

Text ability; this is mention something in text and it can act as though ability.

Think so; think of something and the creator changes things and it's created.

Roof ji; the roof or sky ji: it's the jingle that can give you away, but this is the idea. Think of someone being there on the roof. Then look up at the rooftop. Then if you want to do things, this is you doing activity that you think of by fee or feel.

So look at the rooftop or sky and possible planet, think your doing things and your energy spirit does what you think. This is including the idea of baring wood on the roof and jumping to another. Entering the building or looking away makes it so your back. This can happen in an instant.

Ground ji; think and focus energy to the ground to create what you think by feel. The planet energy creates the effect using your spirit as guidance.

Don't do the roof or ground ji with a scent. This is as though your on the roof of the center of the world, and a scent is likely to give you away.

Rememberance; think of a time to remember and feel you remember then you do by the creator and energy spirit. If you remember a time you remember a place. Think or feel and you know by far what is occurring with what is done.

Watching; think of whom you want to watch, and the person or people you watch won't sense you if you think about not being detected. You can watch by the subconscious anyone that you think otherwise to observe.

Dentistry; today if I have dentist work, I will have no pain occur by feel or view. This is some pain shot to the tooth. Then the point is done. Enough painkiller is given and they do a good job.

However I can pay the bill. So that is also good. What I think is this, that I am lucky to have a good dentist.

Stamina; if needing extra stamina and no food is near. Then think to deal with it by swallowing saliva, otherwise you can be holding or dropping extra weight off your back. Think about the point and you know what to do in any given situation.

Mercy; shoot, with the point she is done and its three or free.

Calm; if I could effect by words, mae is no longer paranoid. She is left alone if angry. However she is no longer angry either.

I'm a rich bitch; the point is made, and I think this means I can't always do what I want. I just need my space.

I can see that; I can see you are okay so I will leave you alone by what I do.

Theories use; theories are from thesis that are idea, experiments lead to law that allow you to mention the law and you get the explanation known.

Mails hold; the mail no longer has a holdover of my package. This is without pressure.

Maes instability; her instability is no more, by feel she is alright. I hope this lasts as she is supposed to do the newsletter, unless she can pass the duty to someone else. This remains true for now.

The end; this is the end of the drama, thinking to do things she gets her way by what she does. So ciou and farewell by the feel that is there.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thought and do

This is a point that is thought and you can do if you think to do things. This works by the idea that you create with a thought to the right things. The things resonate and create what is necessary by vibrations. Usually called vibes. This works with orgonite really well.

Entry; You don't have to enter and do things unless necessary, this is just as things you can do are where your aware by feel of what you want. Think and you know thinking to do things that you want.

Focus; However you do things, you can achieve success by focus and the need that you think to do.

Be forewarned; If your not wanted there, your not going to stay there. So this is the main point of the area activity. Seem to be friendly until the main point is your needed elsewhere.

Ward; This is the main point of the idea, think and forewarnings aside, if you aren't wanted there your in a ward and there you will stay.

These are a few things that came up over the past few days. This is as though I could change minds and behavior by influence with words and the creator.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Think and go II

This is the point I think about this or go and I am gone. This means that I lived this already and I think I need a break so I thought this up in the meantime.

Avoidance; the need is the thing, and this sets how much you can handle. This with emotion processing is improvement.

The more you can process the more you can handle. Otherwise you avoid by feel and the fee is the thing you think about.

Think; the idea is the point, you know what is and isn't true. Think about it for a bit, the thing is you aren't effected by anything that your not wanting to be effected by feel.

The point for today; think to enjoy what will occur by feel. This will be fun. Think and you can do things as you want or need the idea.

The driving; think and you drive better, this is as you feel you drive good. However no assault and battery is necessary.

Writing; So think and you can write a letter or note to get things in writing and you get over it.

Eating; whatever I am eating I will lose weight from by fee or feel with thought. Though if I don't eat noodles and high fructose then I will keep off the weight easily.

American captives; they are released from North Korea.

Thinking for yourself; if your thinking for yourself then it's time to get away. This means things might get ugly. Especially from this point on.

Things; things get easy to cause peace after this, so enjoy the moment. Unstable minds become st able and people are at peace. This is the moment you think about, but do want to see unless stealing of course. Time we went away.

Think and again; if you think your in a moment or idea that's a repeat moment, then you can say again.

Think as you can; think and work as your able to work by feel or think to get the ability to work.

Idea; See as you can do things, this isn't easy so think about that and work with the idea you have.

Merindy; she gets the okay from her doctor to come in and work by feel.

Pain; whatever the case, I don't have heart pain by feel with what I do, feel or hear.

Steve's right arm; the right arm works right by feel.

Focus point; the focus point in idea is what I need to look at to create what I need to do.

EJ; he doesn't come into the pd building. Although he's been spotted across the street, this is where he's been sleeping in the grass. Whatever the case, I don't run across him again.

A point; This is the point in my own world and not the illusion. The illusion only shows what is possible here. I wonder when they will catch up to the Bible. This will be interesting to know by feel or far sight.

This means things are not always as they seem, I wonder when this will end for now I need to go on. I will only use this when I need to use this, this idea has out lasted itself. It's time to end it now.

Done; This is done and I am at rest, for now I am waiting for editing to get finished. This means that I am going to only have a short time to wait and things will be finished. I hope to do better and bigger things when I can. That is all I can do for now.

Aura of shifting; this is energy of the aura that I use to go places, these are places that I think about and then shift back to my place.

This is just as I think to go back or forth. The aura intensifies and intensified shifts the body by feel.

Then by feel you know where you go or can go. That's how it works. Yet in application it can take an indeterminate amount of time, unless you think it happens instantly.

In the meantime I will go; That is what I will do in the meantime, the aura shift, thinking to be somewhere then come to as though I was here. This is how I will pass the time for now.

Andrew; he succeeds in what he looks to do. He gains the achievement on his gaming.

Apology; if trouble and apologizing then it won't happen again.

Mae; she calms down and realizes what to do. This is whenever she wants to do things, or waits till she's ready to do something.

Whatever; whatever occurs. It seems like nothing to those that observe it. So I guess nothing happens unless you think it does. That is until you see things that interest you. So ciou and farewell till later.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thinking point orgonne II

This is time to do things now I am done with the game, this is my own idea that I thought to use as orgonne.

Historical facts; I think to those that want to know, the facts are rep orted perfectly. So I will report the facts as they occur.

Perfect distraction for a pet: this is done in a ghost mode and not as yourself. Treat this as though you were fighting ganon with princess Zelda helping out. Just imagine the dogs response as you defeat ganon.

This can distract any pet that sensed this activity. All you need to do is think of the moment and the things the pet sees and the third eye causes the pet to sense it.

Dissipation; the being is no longer and him or her being defeated dissipated it to and of another place and time. Time to follow along and get away to my own area.

I believe I can do this by thinking of the place as I use the energy there to shift with and this is how the ghosts do it. As for now, I think I understand by how they do things and tend to shift away later.

Now all I need to do is get away before wwiii occurs. Ciou is a happy thought, I hope it remains so. To his thought then, that's all there is to it.

Found; I found the being again in the place I went to, it was beautiful and yet not there. This was until the red cloud reformed from boiling anger, and the response of he's a non reborn anger being.

Now and then; he's ready again and yet I have the energy bow, I know that shoots energy arrows and as he's weakened he had weak spots. So I am ready for more shots.

I am nearly done; I am nearly done with this, he is wrathful till a point so I will continue as you want to do things ghostwise, thanks to those suggestions I have.

I think I did it; he made a sign of peace and laid down and a princess appeared. He is now disappating a second time and the princess focuses, and a white globe surrounds her.

Just as it expands outward and as she raised her hand up, it is an idea that disrupts the being then dispels the being and now it's no longer.

Dog distraction or memory; this is a perfect dog distraction, so I will let the dogs there see it and serve as an alert guard to the being being a distraction.

This is seemingly as it's dispelled, and this I believe can also be done by a sylph action to distract the dogs minds too.

Happy ending; this is now a point where we go on and leave the ruins behind. So she asked if I remember her, and I do. So now all I need to do is leave.

Now all is peace, I am aware now that I am free to go as I can. I am aware of the land as never before. As all I need to do is discover what went poof in the reeved area, then I am going. It's as if someone was watching over me.

Other things:

Things also go on; things also go on to make a better point, so I believe I am seeing the end of a cycle.

I am aware of thought; I am aware of things as they exist, so I know when they as people are there. Also I know when things are done, this is just as they happen or occur by feel or fee.

The peace being; this being forms when he or she wants to form as a sense of peace occurs, then the being is formed out of thin air.

This is any shape that you think that the being is formed as, or otherwise if formed with emotion, it can form out of air any activity that is due or creatable.

Defeating a being; Defeating it is not so easy, think it disappates as your hitting a vulnerable spot. Think of the time and then do whatever you want.

This is useful to create the idea of it's dismissal into reality. Then think it did dissipate harmlessly and the being disappears. Thinking it disappears to go back to the creator makes it gone for good.

Think and dog do; the point is idea and thinking a point excited them, so time to leave the dogs alone.

The store; the tea shop is a priceless cup and this I think serves the purpose. Look in a cup with or without water in it, and think this is free as you are aware of things you realize what to do. This is msking use with things to make or prepare what you want.

Masking; masking things makes things work by what you need.

Necessary; neces sary things are due by fee or feel so think and things work out. This is as though you had what was necessary, so I think this is an idea to do or make yourself better from feel.

Teck; technology, the technology is where she is there but you know how to work with it. This is done by working with the relation, or time memory that it had gained when it was used.

Perfect track; the track is perfect in many ways and works with any machine. This works except for writing unwritable formats.

Perfect dream; usage is a point to remember and create by the fee or feel. This is with thought of things you can do. This in dream form can mean dreaming by focus or creating by idea, this is as I think an idea with a point, sometimes this helps to remember.

This uses the dream body, the body that is a dream form created by thinking it there. The dream body can encompass many things, including things that shape it or people it senses nearby.

You can only use their knowledge at certain times or irl the dream form you will know and it will interact.

This is dream form that never reincarnated and yet remains at peace. So that is in and of itself a dream body. Enjoy your dreaming.

The removal; the removal of negativity is seeing it in some form, written down, this makes the negative effe cts not happen.

Weight loss; the weight loss effect is simple, think your going to lose weight and you will as it only matters how much add a number of how much weight to lose, this does not effect item weight.

Weight cts; This is from a counselling thought in session, count the calories as with food you take in, this is making sure to stay under 1600 to 1700 calories altogether. Then think to work it off as you do things.

This raises the heart rate, and you get more exercise. This is just done as you create with what you have to do. This uses info from my counsellor.

Hearts; the heart amount is actually the feel you have or the emotion you can handle by fee, feel or thought.

Stamina; the stamina is built up sustainable activity that you can do. The more you do the more you can do next time, too.

The point; if this is the end then no wwiii occurred, so I accept this place and time. That is all for now. However I can shift anytime. So ciou and farewell till later.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Organization and other things

Other things to know. This works anytime to create by organizational skills and other idea use.

NSO; Things they do are cool and unusual as an organization goes. They are unique and very able to do things for others. Think of them and you might get somewhere if needing a place to go.

Work; If and when the point is made then you can do things as necessary. Thats how NSO works with others sometimes. This is a point to work with others and do as you request. So I think I will write a bit about them if I need to write about them. However, this is for starters. NSO has a good dental viewable dental clinic that's sometimes free and that is all I know for now.

Healing; Think of a point to heal and use the psalm 18 for liberation by thinking psalm 18 as you feel your need. Otherwise psalm 57 can be used for magic and create what result you want by thinking the result and saying I use psalm 57.

Crystals; The crystal can be of use, think to transmit your ilness to the created gemstone and then touch the stone and its done. The gemstone or stone if you touched a stone, this absorbed your illness and you no longer have it. Think of the stone or gemstone as a storage bank and then touch it, feeling or thinking to regain or give up an attribute. Hey, even money can be an attribute to gain. So think and you may know, this is the point you realize the truth is out there.

Store bought herbs; Other healing methods require purchase, such as oregano or sage bought from a store mixed with turmeric and celery seed for brain healing with purification added to weight loss effect. Where you can get good body feel by using parsely or vanilla extract, you can think to use this with water and get a decent drink effect by feel with or without sugar.

Essential oil; If you want the effect of essential oils that can cure nearly anything, this is when they are applied to the body. You can look online for them, maybe use and sea rch for therapeutic essential oil and you can get some there. Any essential oil can work but only some can be ingested, this mainly means the fruit essential oil can be ingested. When using essential oil, drop 1 or 2 drops into the palm of your hand and this can be the left or right hand. Then use the other hand to spread the drops of essential oil to the area that hurts or bothers you. That is all there is to this.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To thought orgonne

This is a point to thought with area feel orgonne. Thinking the ointment will get you results of pleasure, however to think of the point and you shift by feel to see the point. Since your just a thought form now anyway, you can shift at will and anywhere you want to be.

This is as though a feat of progress, so think of what you want or need and you can do this. This is the orgonne I thought up to do this:

Tracy; she does the inspections today. This I will pass in and create a good impression for what appears by feel. Whatever happens else she isn't mad.

Melding; I think when you think you are sometimes perceived, then you create a meld of minds that's temporary and they read your mind as if you spoke it. Unless you don't need to be read mentally, then think about just saying the point if up close enough to be heard.

Unmelding; think to not meld or focus energy that causes the mind to be itself and you are left yourself. This is as though you didn't meld your mind.

The end; So think and this ends the mind melding session and I hope you enjoyed it.

Ciou; think of a way or a path to do things, thinking of a way doesn't always mean to do things your way. Thinking of things actually means you remember the point and create with the idea that you have.

That is all there is to this, think of a way to work and you know the way to do things. So that means farewell or this works out in a happy way.

Happy ending; This is achieved by what you do sometimes, so think of a way to get things done and it's finished. That is all there is to it.

Thoughts; This was in my thoughts at the time of this idea and action thereof. So I think I will do what I can to get what I need and that is all I can do.

Past; This is a point in the past life where I was wading through water and had to do things by feel to get across the river. This I did with a point to remember as a passing point. This is until I don't need to pass and that is all.

Present; I am now in my own area and focused upon moving to a better place, so I think I will spend my time doing chores and working.

So as I observe and create what I need to have created. By feel I am all right, so I think I will do what I need to do if I am to get along with others.

Cool; things cool off if too hot and seem okay. Especially in the Arctic or antarctic. This also works with anti-war effects. Just think of the war or upcoming war, and the war or warfare tactics are quelled.

This is just as if psalm 57 was used as a wish, this is with psalm 18 used to liberate you and your country from conditions or any wars while thinking of your need. The point if not needed to cool off the area will allow heat instead. This is without blowing up at each other, as well.

Summons; thinking me there and by need I was there. However, you can deny a summons and you aren't there. This is to go when you go and when you came.

Newsletter; the newsletter gets completed, this is on time and printed by feel.

The heart; the heart is the thing that can contain nearly anything good or bad. What you think is this though, if it has enough power to hold that which you think to contain or what you think it contains.

If it doesn't it gets out and things can get weird, by feel this is an odd feeling yet looking at my heart beating. This is what may have set off a release of the darkness within, so watch out.

Think and things are done; things are done for now, all you need to do is wait and things will work their own way out. You will find your way to get places this way.

Thinking the good thought; This is sometimes to the good of what can exist. So think a good thought, and if the heart can't contain the darkness then that too gets out.

Thought to do; Don't think just do, and hope you survive.

Other things:

Laser light; I noticed one side uses laser light so I might as well deflect it or Dodge by walking.

Thinking point; he was knocked to half his health, and as I think about this I will create by feel. This is me put to work or using what I can to make the best things happen.

Rejuvenation; think of rejuvenation and do things then you look and act younger.

Caz; chaos lady that served a purpose in life, maybe I will meet her in life sometime.

Fire; fire comes from the energy intensity and feel that it will form, so the fire or heat in the air forms the fire in the area. This is if you think of a shape for the flame to form, this is also as ideal can form it.

Beaten; I beat the monster as I think about this now, the fact is he didn't exist. Time to make my escape.

Where I am now; I am near the area and looking at a boiling red cloud, that should not be there. I will try something.

The being is gone; I believe I defeated ganon at last and used the sylphs to do it. The princess is over there. So I think I will talk to her.

She was right; he was manifested and denied the need to be reborn, so he was a rage being. I only have to acknowledge that now.

Going on with life; I will walk away easy from this and make what little time of the day that is left to be of use. Time to go.

To another place; time to go now and I will go see and serve others, as I need to do things so. But wait, there was a poof at the roof of the area, gonna take a look.

Back; I am returned to my place and time, so if I displace again I kn ow what to do. Ciou till next time and farewell till I blog again. That came from my link experience there.

new effects orgonne

Think new and you get this effect or gone is the point by thought that exists and yet you remember it as you can remember. This orgonne is meant for the moments you think up things and things work out because of it.

Thinking; think of a moment that you want or need some point to occur, then the point will happen as though psalm 57 were in effect. This is as though the idea was "I call upon the creator to make psalm 29 using psalm 57."

In the idea; in the point by idea you can think you did something, yet it didn't always occur by the creator. Yet it happened by us to work things out.

Think; the point is made, accept the idea and the area effect as though naturally done. Thinking this will allow you to do a point of acting so you are aware of what will occur or had occurred.

Time thought; Thinking in time that you are somewhere makes you into the pe r son, and the person into you. See that's whom you sense or feel is you. It doesn't really happen, this is just as you are yourself and they are themselves.

Feeling processing; this allows for easy feeling processing so you aren't so emotional.

Whatever the case; people's problems disappear as the energy that caused it disappears, and then disperses by fee or feel.

Power and fallen things; things fallen and power outage is restored by feel. This is unless the fallen thing was an evil or bad idea not done.

Interest; the place or people are still interesting and good to look at, this is until you no longer need to see the places or people there, if anyone remains to be seen.

The end; as you look at the area, then you are aware of the places you've been and things start fading away. As they do you remember yourself where you were and are to be and as things are done you are aware of the places you need to be.

Then as you think kindly or however you think of the time, you are there where you think you are and the end is done. As you consciously shift from the body to your body that you are going to be your aware of the things there.

The end of the shift; That what you think marks the end of the shift, this is through time and space so you are where you are. Looking up at a roof of the building and thinking for yourself.

Other things:
Prayer wish; the prayer wish is a wish or thinking point that you need as it is empowered or thought to happen by the psalm 57.

This is the magic psalm that can do things for you, sometimes this is just as you or others are able to do things. Sometimes it's done by the creator, this is all up to perspective.

Thinking a point or call you use the phone or ideal device. This use is what you think, the objects can serve as energy or a source where you need them to be a source.

Interest; think and you are aware of things that exist, you can also track things using the energy of the grid or area. The feel is the thing, the picture is what you think should exist somewhere. This means your third eye guided you to find the idea or item that exists to feel.

Melting; the effect is simple, think heat and direct heat to the area that is iced over then you melt or if intense heat, shatter by a point or psychic blow to the area.

Laser; focus energy into an optical lens and then when intense enough the laser light will emit. An intense and high enough energy laser beam can cut through anything. Otherwise, if you think of a eye opening up where you want to strike, and then think the light goes through it transformed into laser light by feel by the third eye "pineal gland" having energy by such thoughts. Then you can produce a third eye effect, mainly a laser blast glance light effect. This is truly an effective beaming effect shown in a game or two, mainly zelda: breath of the wild.

Thinking creation
What I think is this, that my thought by feel or what I think creates, this is just as I need the idea. This is where you think and things can work out for the better. Think a result first to solve the problem second. This is to affect the cause. This causes the effect. I think this is the point. So thinking in essence makes the thought that forms the intent, and the intent serves as the purpose of an action that is in-between idea and effect.

Thus, sometimes it makes itself manifest through summoned energy by imprint on the energy, and affection of the person or thing occurs. The person can deny or allow things then things settle down. This is the point due to some experiences that I had, when I had them was another time and space but things worked out anyway.

I wonder what would have occurred if things were different, had there been another race of aliens that were humanlike on another planet. So whatever occurs it doesn't matter now, all that matters is the thought that counts. This is what I remember the most from the past life that this came from. However different things could have been, there are disagreements and settlements so I think it mostly ends up in an ideal settlement. Most of the time, anyway.

However when it doesn't it doesn't matter in the end, and as you know of things things are better off said or not said if to keep the point in calmness. I think this settles the point and things are as they are now, so think as you like things as things could change for the better or worse. If worse, you always have another way out.

That's what I believe anyway, I don't really know what others believe nowadays about this death after life thing. So I am now going to leave this alone and continue on with other things, some other time. I might as well go back and do what I can, this is until I don't need to be there. So I will ciou and farewell till next time and hope to see you well.

Monday, April 24, 2017

thinking point orgonne

This orgonne allows me to go anywhere, ant sized or normal sized. This came from another selfie moment.

Think and do; think and do things by feel if you need to do them by what you know.

Time effect; think of the effect as though your thought adjusts time and bang something then you adjusted things in time by fre quency or idea effect.

Think of the time; think of the time and you are there, if you watch by feel or create by the point. This is with some area observance that indicates what will occur or has occurred.

If you think of the time you can think of the place, then your the person there if you want or need to be there.

Think; the time is there, think and you know what to do.

Psalms; the Psalms can be of use, think psalm 57 to cause enemies to subside r no damage to occur to us. Also you get good fortune and magic to happen some result that you imagine or need.

Use of psalm 29 is for storm breaking or removal, so if a storm removal is necessary then think the need and wish the psalm by number to occur.

Think or use; think of the point or use the idea and you get the result you wish. This is all with thought to your ability to create what you need.

Written by spelly, Libby, cazzy

Sunday, April 23, 2017

team fortress II

This orgonne works with the idea of a team fortress game session. Thin k it will work and things will work for you.

The team; the team you decide to play with by the feel or area expertise.

The weapons; the weapons are there to play with just join in and have fun.

The goal; a team is the goal with what the points are, the points seem to be what you decide to earn by killing the most people or things excepting your own team. If you have the most kills or your team does, then you can call it a win.

This is done by earning a winning point after a certain amount if time goes out on you. Then your dead and things are where they are placed.

The start; the complex is the start sometimes. What you find is yours to work with by feel. Enjoy the game.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


This is the self end I experienced and I work with it as orgonne is possible.

Think and done; this is think and your done. Think a point and your done with what you do, this is till you need to do something else.

Separate self; I observe a self of the princess separate from the body and reform nearby and ask "do you remember me?"

The look; the look up to the top of the building was because we heard something that was a popping noise. And as I fade away I am myself where I was before I came here and doing what I was doing. The end.

The end; I notice less need for war and work is better so I think my ploy worked, getting energy from there and instructing it to cause less calamity and have no war to occur.

Kaos bomb; this can form anyway you want it to form. Think and it stops as you to think the chaos to the area, that means it should go to effect as you wish an idea for whom you want it to effect.

Timer device; the timer times the time and a llows you to effect those that you want effected if you need them effected by fee or feel.

The refrigerator; the fridge is an ideal food storage, that instead of aging fast ages slow the food and drink.

The microwave; the cooking device, that uses heat you direct by area waved particles centered in on a space. This can also serve as an energy source.

The cabinets; the cabin et is an ideal storage for dry food and herbs or powders. May this come in usefulness. When I play or watch another game that is allowing me to be there. Also stored is a possible elixer or wet or sealed materials as well.

The phone camera; the phone can act like a camera and a point to transmit things by feel.

The ability; the ability comes from the camera device. Just hold it and think of what you want then the effect is done, usually by what is achieved is what you know you can do.

Exploring; exploring is the easy part, think and you will know what to do.

Interaction; this is tricky, thinking of your need you get a reply. If you need one, then you can think to type or work for a point to do things.

Other things:
Self focus; focus with the body created with the mind as you needed something. This allows you to focus on a thought to create by the subconscious. The soul is the acting energy source to this.

Point things out as though through the point you gain ability and the point fades away by the feel. Yet your aware by the feel of what is possible, so if you think of a way to do things your well aware of how things are in any given area or point you need to know.

This is how you can focus the mind and create with a thought. No matter how powerful they were or are in games. This is where the subconscious shines. However the subconscious can follow a script.

So think of useful things to do and you can get them done. Yet if you think to use them later on, they can become useless if you notice them doing things they shouldn't be doing.

So think of a way to stop the script an then the script shouldn't effect anyone. This is for safety o ly. If they misbehave they will stop moving and that is all.

Review; if this theory is a game then this theory is a point to view it or watch by idea with playing or watching. This is worthy of my time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

link life visit

This is the normally done things and also noted is the idea of things that are needed and done by orgonne if necessary. This is from my memories of the past life of a person named link.

Think to make work; think this though thought evades me at the moment. I may remember what I need to remember by now but I know for certain that I need some time to rest. So I will take some time to rest myself and work on things I thought up otherwise.

Remembrance; I remember the points and now I can go on to the area and do what I need to do. I wonder if it's appreciated or not even thought of yet. Yet I believe in doing things early.

So I will do what I need to do to get the job done. I hope the plan succeeds. I certainly think it will. Now on with it. I will do what I can and hope things work themselves out. That is all I can do.

Eating; eating is simple, eat off the land and work with the food that's available. That's all I can do for hunger does exist and things do exist to be eaten. Whatever is there may be on the ground or near the area. I am near something so I will do what I can do.

Machines; the machined things aren't a problem, hopefully they will work.

Waiting; be paitent and you will be rewarded. We will be prepared.

Noticed; I notice a red smear in the sky and it's getting way larger. It appeared over the area I used to call a castle. That could now be anything that covers the ruins.

Banished; I suppose it means that the thing that we banished is gone. Now I think I will go on with life and wander with a friend till I am near the destination that I am going to go and shift near.

Travel; Going over terrain can be a challenge, what I think though is the fact that I watched the redness disappear as though the sylphs did the deed. I am thinking about idea and things disappear to correct for the addition of unwanted things.

Hope; Hope the good things last today as I rescued a princess today, and I think she went along with what I wanted to do. Hope the good deed keeps her in a good mood. I know I am in a good mood.

Good tidings; I am going to go travel today, and think to work with those that need me to work with them. That is all I can do.

Fight; I got into a fight today that may have defeated me, so I will lay down and as I close my eyes I will die silently.

Other things:
These are other things that I found interesting or otherwise did by spirit.

Think of this; the idea is set by feel, thinking of the point creates what you want. This is set and done by the creator. Credited by thinking of him or her.

This is sometimes by mention so I think this will work for now. Hope the good day lasts. As I look up into the sky to notice the anomaly I will remember this always.

Thinking; the thought is what counts, this is the point I thought about until now. The use of energy and creating by force. So I will do what I can and work with whom wants to work with me.

Maybe by use I can create the user feel for those that want to know what I feel or think. So they can easily guess the thought. I will talk as I can and do what I will do. That is all there is left.

Awake; I am awake as always, so I think I will stop for now and do natural things. Thinking to create things I cooked for the first time. I used an old pit and firewood and a pot.

The use; That was the use I had thought to put to the use before me. So now I wait till morning to complete my mission, this is good as my goal is to deliver the goods. Ciou for now until a later time. I am glad that I can tell my end there.

The end

I remember laying down and resting and rising out of my body and hearing Zelda say to me, your time is up you did well you may go on now and go to the afterlife. Farewell my friend see ya later.

I remember waking up here and doing what I was doing before or as I was watching someone play the game. That was it for my link experience. Till next time, ciou.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

think and focus to create orgone

If you focus and create the point then by thinking and imagining, then as you need the result you can create what the result is by fee or feel with thinking.  Think and focus to create orgonne, the energy effect or programming that the machine does that is thought as magic.

This is the area effect of which you think to create by focus, feel to know and work to create the result as an end result. This is how orgonne or machine energy can do things you want. The point then is the idea that you create what you want, this is just as you imagine the result.

This is sometimes with a touch or symbol being drawn. The end result is what you think is the end result, that is the secret to this technique.

Think, imagine and you create the point then is a point to work things out and make what you can with what you can. As a gamer said once, I make off with what I can get and use it if necessary.

That means I can get away unless I don't need to and do what I want if your intent is to explore that is done. If I explore enough then I can know I gained more than if I did just the main quests unless the main quest is left.
-Bruce davenport

This orgonne I thought up to work with that thought:

The medallion; the medallion is the key to the area, if I don't have all the parts that doesn't matter. All I need is the 1 part I got. So I don't need any more parts of the medallion.

Barring sphere; think pure energy to expand from your aura with focus to your hand and thinking your triumphant raise your hand and imagine a white energy globe expand up and out to Barre the being or effect that should not be there.

If you thought, you'd think of a barred effect. Then if necessary, slash or stab the being and the seal is done. Otherwise touch the person to cause him or her to not be there in some way.

Think and go; think to do and go on with what you want to do.

End use; the end use of the idea point, think of the effect and focus on your need to create what you want as an end result.

Pushed by energy; when you push the point by a raised hand and focus the point is made, and the pure energy creates what you call a result. This can be done also by imagining or willing the element.

This is where you want to effect to create what you want. This is like your using air flow to push upward and raise yourself up however high you want to be.

This is done by resolution with a push back by air, and I am thinking that's done. I am through with this though. So on with the monster defeating feat.

Monster defeating; this uses the purification of energy that corrects their mind and they stop to do something else or stop altogether. If they persist they could collapse, unconscious by what they do or their energy being awareness that's used up.

The telling; tell to a confidant what you want and you feel relieved.

Things there; things there are appearant if you think to see what is there. The spirit can plan and place anything or cause anything if you feel it's necessary.

This is by feel or with thought. This can be used to deform the creature and allow things that are there. That is what I will do for now and that's how I will deal with this. Done and now I can enjoy my life.

I wonder; how will people react when they suddenly can't enter? That is fixed by thinking the idea is right timing to enter with the key. No big deal. Think and your advanced.

Wandering; As I wander away from the castle, looking for better things to get done, I will remember it as the castle that link saved and Zelda sealed by fee or feel.

Decision; I will never come back to the castle again. It was wrecked by ganon and people may come and go to it as they want to view a wreck. Seeya old thing.

Daruk's protection; this aura shield is where you think or feel the aura intensify, and then project forth a point or feel that is auratic energy and blood within.

Mwc; See that's the making of reddish light, that causes no damage to yourself. So if in an idea or game your protected by your aura and the creator. Your protected by what you do.

A rememberance; the rememberance is by thinking about the point, then the spirit causes your brain to remember it.

Shield or weapon focus; this is where you focus energy to the shield or weapon and then use it. Otherwise you can focus the energy you have to some devicing or devising and create an effect of what you imagine or feel should happen.

Cryogenesis; think as you focus on water that the water or some part of the water turns into ice by your focusing on it.

Cryokinesis; think it raises up and the frozen particle form raises up to be at the level that you want. You could freeze a wound and lift up the particles of the wound energy away from the area.

Magnetics; think of the magnet in use, the magnet is able to draw or repel the metal or material that resides there. This is done as you focus, feel the draw or repellation and you sense the area otherwise for metals.

What helps this is if you hold a magnet and focus energy though it to cause what you want. This works most of the time, but not all the time. Thinking of a magnet that you hold you put it forth to cause what you want.

Healing; think the idea you want to do, such as healing and focus on the wounds that are there. Think that the water in the area changes to your will infused with your energy, that causes the wound to heal and extra endurance.

This is as well if you think it will. The water particles respond to your will, and do the thing you feel or think will. This should happen results.

Uplifting magnetics; You can use magnetics too to cure or restore yourself, thinking to pull up the wound energy to leave the body or you could give yourself extra endurance to do what you need to do.

Stasis field; think of energy creating stasis and surrounding the threat, person or object and then think the idea to occur what you need, which is a state of frozen position.

This is thinking energy to where it will work by feel and idea. Whatever is effected by a stasis field is usually slowed then stopped by the look and feel of things.

Teleport; think of this area and create for yourself. The more you do the more you shift, the more you appear where the area is.

Thinking your in there makes it so, unless you don't need to be there. Sometimes this works, so if you try it don't give up too easily.

Other things:
These are the other things that you can do.

Filing; Mae: she succeeds in filing a report and created idea is what she wants if she needs it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Think and do orgonne

Think and do or gone is the point. That is the lesson of the area. This is think and do or gone is the point by idea that occurs. Thinking that you do with things makes what you do occur, this is by focus that you create with what you have.

Think to make work; think the point and then you create with idea that you have by the point that occurs.

That means your point is a point that you can do or allow by spirit with others to do things. This is done with patience and work is what you think is work. This is what i thought of for now.

Orbital atk; their launch of the 18th goes off the pad and people enjoy the view.

EJ; he moves out successfully by today's time of the 17th of April. He calms down by feel as though weed were done, the creator prevents him from vandalism by fee.

He no longer acts too crazy. He no longer comes by Palo duro even today, this is with influence by the creator. He gets caught by the police before he escapes, that's if he does and this is for being places he isn't supposed to be. He doesn't mind me.

Rent pay; Theodore paid his rent today, I think that this means if you want to pay your rent the rent is paid by fee.

Weight loss; I will lose 2 or less fat lbs today, and this does not include objects on my body. Think the heart pace and this is authority and that's if a done deal.

Sugar; the craze for sugar isn't there, this is as though things work out by feel. See that make it so I don't need to eat sugary snacks by feel with discipline.

Somethings; things work themselves out in the end. Thinking the point, the idea is done unless not needed by what is area fee or feel with thought.

Tracy long; she doesn't mind me by feel. Whatever she does, she isn't too busy to handle any situation. This is with no stress no pain.

Andrew; I know when he's there and he lets me watch him play a game or talk to him, if necessary or if I need him to as this is by feel. This is just as though your without feeling pressured into it and are considerate.

Think; this is where you are able to think of thinking and act in concession. So you act in Accord to create what you want. Then you do what you want. That is all for a game players viewpoint.

This works by being in the right time at the right place. If it didn't actually this then is where you were doing something illegal. So now we get to other things.

Other things: these are things that are possible and manipulated, this is by the energy or imagination with thinking by the feel of things. They aren't actually going to occur until you need them to happen.

Think and do; think as this is, I am about to do a trick to not escape and not return. This is an exception, except to escape in a game and return by feel. Seeya.

Game; the game becomes easy to beat by the creator and things needed to be known are known about.

Orbital launch; the launch is easily done. This is with no problem and nothing wrong. The shipment gets there to the ISS. This is as an idea to go.

Sleep; I seem to have gotten enough sleep for the day and daily living. This is with a ring or ding by feel. I don't react as though lack of sleep occurred and things work out. Whatever occurs you get enough sleep.

Today; today is not so stressful by fee or feel.

Crazies; the crazies out on the street avoid the building. This includes EJ.

Trump; may 13, 2017 to oct 13, 2017 is not the wwiii date. This is sorta a prevention idea, think and create with the feature or the idea you imagine and this might occur.

Resolution; So think a result first for a resolve to solve the problem second by feel. This is to affect the cause. This causes the effect. I think this is the point. Tomorrow is probably also right, I will think upon this the rest of today, until tomorrow. Prepare a response for that which is prepared. The creator is credited by crediting a creation. Crediting is what you think is credit or money if used in that way. That's the way I think of it anyway.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Thinking orgonne un

This is from thinking a point and the spirit seeming to allow you to know what it knows, this is while it observed the idea being created or made into use by activity or some action.

Think; think of what you want to make work, this is an idea and that is all it is. So far so good.

The sun; think energy goes to the sun and the sun influence causes by your third eye the North Korean weapons to not work as planned, this is including they blow apart on the North Koreans.

This is all by the power of the sunlight and electromagnetic fields that are projected by the sun. So this will energy infuse the weapons and cause them to not work. Think and this will work to defuse the moment.

The end; a solar flare will take out the rest of the weapons that aren't in play also owned, if by the North Koreans so think and you can create this effect.

This is used by thinking your intent, this is thinking at the sun with a console. The clay is the channel device. With which you don't forget by fee or feel.

Smart; I am as smart as Andrew or smarter by intuitive feel. This is where I fill in the gaps or blanks, so to speak this is to go somewhere and have an adventure. No attacks occur anyway, so I might as well go as though "in an ss".

Water ship; on a bet or promise to take you with me, I if released won't take you with me and this will unform the water ship.

Release; I release you from your promise to take me with you, so go along on your own as when I come down I will be myself.

Trust; Because with or without that I would trust, this is what would occur by human nature and I know what to do. So go and enjoy yourself.

Aspergers; think and know, the disease in part becomes nothing. Think and he or she can focus, this is thinking to do normal things like cleaning a room.

Anti-kkk; the history group that goes after KKK members. Thinking to improve their land they work with what is available and make amends where necessary.

Historia; the point is history, the idea whatever you think it is. Sadly in history, I believe nothing is gained by looking at history except information. So I think this is safe to know.

Vlads body; they search for it in the right spot and find it by feel. Only to dig it up and relocate it to a better location or let it go.

Things with peace in mind, what i believe is that no war breaks out so your safe by fae or feel. How are you going to leave the planet this time?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Focus you can get or gonne

This is used by the focus point, thinking to create and work by idea with feel. Your creating by feel with the idea to energize yourself, appreciate it and create what work you are capable of. This is by feel with thinking to do just for making yourself useful.

Think and you know what to do. If you think to end the program then the third eye ends the program. That is basically it for orgonne, this is what I came up with:

Think to make this work; think this is the idea to do with time to do it or you notice it done by others.
I am aware; I am aware for now this is the time, think and go is the idea. This is then the point to do.

Zelda game; as any game, the game works perfectly. The saves aren't lost. The games are not with problems. They will work better. They don't have problems.

Rememberable; He or she doesn't forget to get the weapons and items that he or she needs. He does what he or she needs to do. This is what he or she sets out to do that gets done.

Eating; whatever causes me to eat doesn't cause me to eat.

EJ; he acts as though needed to act as if I did as requested.

The point; the point is simple, use of idea to create results. That is all for today. Ciou and farewell by now.

Different day:
This is a different day that I noticed this stuff occurring.

Tracy; she doesn't mind me and passes me on inspection.

Kim Jung un; these North Korea no longer seeks to fool American president Trump into getting money using the Chinese.

EJ; he won't touch another in violence, thinking or not thinking to do what he does. He does however, lose his front door keys to the building. However things go, he does nice things instead of vandalism.

However EJ may be, he's caught by the police before he gets to real life area that he lives as an apartment. He gets to the crisis center instead if not caught.

Thinking; thinking of a time machine, your fee or feel is need that you think and the creator creates in time. This is sometimes before the moment when you need the point to happen, this is when you need the time to do things.

Thinking point; the thinking point is done, if you need it to occur.

Focus point; the focal point you think to see is what you notice, if things are necessary or in focus.

Things change; the game changer, the point is made or work is done and thinking is all that's needed. This is done to enjoy your time or create by feel or thought.

Game change; Thinking a point you think to change the game and things are different by observance or feel.

Gone; I am in a point of focus or not if no longer there. So think a useful point and you are gone by feel to where you need to be. This is without a trace, and thinking is what I know to do. So think or fae and it's gone.

Lisa Thomas; she no longer threatens me for any given reason. Think of a way and she is gone.

Think and known is this; the point you can see or work with is knowable. Think and you know what to do. This is just as your a point not always remembered.

Area, exist, shift: think of the area, the area exists and if the area exists with an object or wall then you remain, if the area exists with no blockages then you shift with the creator shifting you or without focus by feel or thought.

Safety; This is also where you know it's safe and shift, if you can survive the area and exist on what is there. Your spirit knows when or where and the conditions, this you know by what you feel or think.

Traps; This is where your spirit should beware spirit traps, and plan accordingly. Also your spirit can appear as faery or other shapes, and grant wishes or you create a wish that your subconscious grants. This focus uses the third eye. This is done through the third eye pineal gland. If a faery form they are still people somewhere, this is so they are fairy or idea that is possibly observant. So if you think or imagine, you can create.

This is done if you want the observance. So then they could also be a ghost here, that you think to have done things and all you need is to give a little energy.

Think; This is just as you can think of the time and place, and know of the place as things are occurring where you think the time. Otherwise, think the place and the area resolved itself.

Other people and things:
Mae Burkhalter; she gets enough sleep to settle her mind and remain peaceful.

North Korea; every time North Koreans are about to do a missile test, they are distracted away from the doing with doing something else.  This is so it didn't happen here.

Otherwise their missile fails and blows itself to pieces, this is before it even gets launched, as it's launched or before it even gets there.

Their way; the way they go is their way, so I think their way to know the way they do things.

Our way; the way we do things is our way, so you may know what way you do the idea you can watch by fee, feel or thought.

Fruit; think to put energy through the edible fruit like a banana, and eat it for the knowledge of the soul and Spirit and you realize the ageless ones information.

En if; if the program is too much then the program ends and stops influencing you. Think it stops and it does in an ideal point at the end you think will occur.

Bluff; bluff the moment and think to work things out. This ends the wwiii dc comics scenerio. However, what ends the real scenerio is this. Thinking good, calm thought and focus to do what is necessary.

Things will work out by the creator. This I think will work if all parties agree. Otherwise, it's luck for you. Seeya soon and ciou as I farewell till next time.

Friday, April 14, 2017

new and improved

This I learned today, my room is clean and ready for inspection. So I don't have to worry about things going bad, this is by the point of inspecting the room. I think I can rest assured that I will pass, thinking of the idea I will write it down as its possibly a part of some method. So I think this is an idea of mine. Think of the moment and work with others so that when around and they need help, your there to be called on unless you don't feel like helping out. So I think this is fair, I will let people do what they want, unless they are doing things that aren't legal or I don't like it. This is the idea my past life had.

My new idea Life is full of moments, live with the moment and work with those that want to work with you and they improve. Otherwise you can leave them alone. Just be near the right area that you know will be necessary with things to do, seen is the point and if they call on you your likely to help if you can. So ciou and farewell till next time.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Generally done by orgonne

This is generally done things by orgonne. Think and you know, this is the main point for today. So what you think you can use as material, this is material that exists for today's time and place.

Think to make work; think a point and you create with a point. The point is made up to you. The idea is done if you need it done.

North Korea; they no longer need to start a fight or nuclear war is not done by feel.

Think and you know; thinking a time exists makes it exist, making things occur created rippled effects. Thinking that time doesn't exist makes it cease to exist unless you want it to exist. This is all by the power of the creator.

When; the effect is when you think the effect or idea, then that is where you need the point and the idea or effect is created.

What; This is usually done by the pinneal gland by thinking and the brain waves create things with their influence felt or the creator creates what you need.

Think to make work; the thought is this, think the point and think it works then you create by the subconscious as though the pineal gland were a thought.

Knowledge; Then you know things by what you do. For, the the effect is a summation or creation by feel. Think and you know what to do with it.

Credits; Written by cazzy, Ben, spelly

Thought; the credit to this page had a few comments added on to it. Here are what I remember:

Think; this thought you had must have been big. The grand thought of the ages. So I think you believe every energy being that you spoke to. So we will do you a favor, and kill all the beings that shouldn't be there. Enjoy the service.

Done and welcome; I am done and your welcome, the service is over. You are free of annoying beings. Enjoy your freedom.

This kind of thing; think a kind thought if I do it and due to natural death occur no response.

Back; the back repairs itself and doesn't need to go into disrepair. This is one thing I can do with this. Amazing right.

Thinking; this is a point as in thought thinking itself.

Settled; this is settled by feel, think and you are free.

This k; this is where k must mean something else or you just treat it as though it were kill.

I wouldn't treat the letter k as a letter to kill by, although it is true in Latin it means chop, main, kill and that's about it. Think about the meaning before you speak it and you won't treat it that way.

The treat; meant as a gold lick or lock of gold, I think this means that you were always aware of your letter. Thinking good thoughts I would say your thinking about killing yourself by this method, or you could call the cops on me. So I would just be safe not speaking to you while incensed.

Elsewise; Think before you speak or do actions in my direction again so I don't get the wrong idea, if intense and feeling this moment and it's a special day then do something else.

Hell; ellish activity is not hellish by actions. This is a proven thing.

Freedom; free if you want to live normally your emotions, then think and work with others as you can bear the moment. Then your free of emotional strain as you calm down if stressed, this king I knew made the method he lived with the results he made. Mostly suffered by feel, so he could do things by idea.

Comments; These were the comments I remembered and felt were apt to do things for me. So I was aware of the moment that passed me by and I created yet another idea to work with by feel.

This was based in fantasy mostly, so the effects are real if you want them to be real. That is all for now, ciou and farewell till later.

Other things:
Think; the thought is abound, the point is there, and as you think it's found or there. Then it may come to your attention as to where it is. This is how you find lost mail.

Otherwise; think the thought and then work with the idea, the point is done with as you think for yourself.

Fear; fear is not there if you don't need it there, the main point is that there is no resident there. For reason to continue, if no one there to work with by feel then do things by yourself.

Nosferatu; Think Nosferatu as that is meaning, no weight fear at you, thinking good thoughts and working with what results you get.

Method; This is the method I used for the last 4 years here. So I think what I think kind thoughts of just to work with others. Think the point and the subconscious​ does what you want or need by feel with thought as you think what you need.

Another method; the way to straighten backs is this, hold your breath for 1 minute while sitting in a straight backed chair or laying on a bed.

Then on release of the breath your back is corrected. Sometimes this just works. Sometimes it doesn't. If you do this enough times, your likely to correct the back bone.

This is if done about one or two times a day will work. If you have no back pain, it worked as though you see a back specialist. This can even repair slipped discs.

So precious is our time here on this earth. So I will ciou and farewell till next time.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The peace of the moment is what seems to stem the tide of war, that is the saying I remember so we will continue to keep the peace. The idea of the moment fades away the moment its not needed. This is the power of the moon, the full moon that is there, So if you know what I think you know what I can mean to do with this. This is from an excerpt of the past that I did have in a past life. It was a marine biologists lifetime and I think she died by what I can call a bad back used in conceptual exercise. This is the first life that was a female, so I think I will explain more of her ability.

She could create by feel and work with thought or think the point and the creator created what she wanted by feel, this was as she thought about the point to create and what she felt was created as this was what she needed. This is her actual ability in progress and activity, so as she did her work she was aware what he was doing and thinking of to create what was necessary. This is a point in time.

How she died was a mystery at first, understood as time went on, but she was aware of every living point that happened to occur. So I think this was a sad point indeed. When she bent over and had a heart attack and didn't move again. That was all to this post, so ciou and farewell till later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

general stuff

This is general stuff that goes on and works for you, wherever you are.

Think to make it easier and things you need are easier to get; think and you know things by what you do or feel and you realize things as things just exist.

The thought; the point is the guidance, the guidance is the realization. This is in turn guided by the mind use over matter, and the body following suit. The pattern guides the moment, the moment is done by those who want to get a result or you can dream it can be done.

The pattern; this was in a note: the pattern is the brain wave, so when you are aware of the moment you know what you can do. I did what I needed to do. So I left while I could. I hope to see you soon. You know where to find me. Your livened one, peace.

Interest; Think and you aren't effected by stress and calm down. Thinking for yourself and working are not so hard. So we don't make it hard for them.

Japanese islands; in effect the Chinese don't get ahold of the Japanese islands, and wwiii does not happen. This is done by the creator.

Justice; the justice department is here to serve, I think this means problem fixed. I will leave you alone. That is all. That is en.

General tsu; the general effect is what is done, think and you know what to do. As you think, you can pursue your interest. This is done, unless no longer interested.

Connected; I am not connected to the event, so I am not effected by what I do. Un is the point of repair. No is the glue to your teeth. So is the restoration to a better time.

This is the three tones of the past, present and future to create what you want. This would work with anything. Just have to say the syllables.

Un no so; this could be a tongue twister or it could be a hit on a webpage. Think and you know how to apply it.

Know; So this isn't a hit to the body, think to work with what you have. This is for a better place or time to live. Think and you know what to do.

Timing; those that are riled or easily riled are not in the vicinity of the area of those that would rile them. This is timing in itself. So I wonder if it works.

Peter Paul; he brings me places on request and when necessary. He drives me somewhere.

Thought; what was thought at the time is this, that you could do it if you earned enough or wanted to do things. Think and you can do what you need to do.

Think; think a point to do things with an idea that exists by feel. Otherwise don't bother with the point as he or she is likely not to do things, and this is including ghostwise activity by ideal situations with feel.

The point; the thought is done if you need it it's possible, as thought it's provided for by the creator.

The Patsy; she does what she wants and she comes over to collect rent if necessary.

So; true is the point think and resolution will occur. This is a point you can think about things and things will work themselves out. So accept and work with what is there. That is the key to success.

Meeting; the president and Chinese leader get along well and produce along the lines of great results.

Money; My money is earned or gotten back to me that I gave away or spent. So my credit rating doesn't go down any farther. It goes up instead.

The roach; I don't get any bad result from the roach if in my food. However, I know no more roaches will get in my food. So I think I will carry on and do what I need to do. That is all I can actually do.

Peter Paul; he feels like going today or tomorrow to the store. He is likely to go as necessary. That is all for now.

Clear skin; water with essential oils clears the skin Everytime. Specific beauty can be this applied by a wet rag.

This works with what you think of appropriate essential oils and this opens the pores. As long as the skin pores are open, this stuff on the skin is clear.

Trump; he does not take away all our rights. Trump gets impeached instead.

No fathoms; no bankruptcy no problem no worry.

Syria; Syria missiles will not have to fall on syria or us.

Police; they won't come after me, I am not suspect for what I do is not illegal. This is without worry. Whatever the case, they are no longer looking for me.

Hunger; I no longer fee or feel hungry so I think I will do what I need to do. Work things out. Do things as necessary. That sorta thing and other idea don't just occur. They just happen if you need them to occur.

Russia and America; they no longer have strained relationship.

Thinking; the thinking point is what or where things work. So think and you are aware, thinking to improve things I found were interesting by points of interest.

So I think I found what I am looking for, whatever the case I no longer look for things or people that should not have to be found. That is all for today or tomorrow. So I think this will work for you. Ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sometime maybe on the 18th, the supply to the ISS will occur. I wish them success. The creator causes this to work right. I howver am aware, that I need to work with the area and people to create what I need to do what I want. This is the idea and technique, however, to think and create with the energy as you think the idea the idea you imagine is what you create with by brainwaves or area feel. Cast about by the spirit, the energy creates what you think. This means you can create by just a thinking about things. So ciou and farewell till next time.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Focus with idea orgonne

This I do, think to create with focus and the focus with idea is what occurs. This is just as you think to the device or water. So this works most of the time, but sometimes with timed events it does not seem likely to happen anything. This is what I thought up:

The idea; the point is the focus and the focus is the point, think and you know the end result by the spirit revealing what occurs. This is when you think to know the idea and when the idea is formed. That makes the idea happen.

Cavity; my tooth cavity doesn't get bigger. This occurs no matter what I do. So no matter what I do, this point of a cavity doesn't happen unless a filling occurs.

Waiting; eat less if I have to eat, go do something else if to eat or go somewhere else if to avoid eating and exercise it off if I do.

Think; the point is made, what you think may be created but things aren't always what they seem. There is an illusion going on that allows we should see what we want to see, but we lead ourselves out of the illusionary state.

Thus as we are caring or aware, we know the point and realize what actually goes on. This means we are where we are till we make it so we realize, what is illusion and what is not there only matters if you think it's there.

So beware getting caught by a 3d illusion projected by 2d surfaces. That is why I acted the way I did, this is until I realized the creator is those that create, a god is a being like other beings. There are many gods because of this point, so think and you get what you want or don't and you won't create hassle.

You can go where you want to go. Think of this the next time we meet and a good discussion will occur, spiritualist style. That is all there is to this point.

Ask for what you want if you think you should, otherwise feel what you want as you think of the need and the idea you want is given. That is all there is to this idea.

FCC regulations; the ISP providers can't spy on you or share your personal information. Your personal internet information is secure.

Bruising; no bruising occurs, even from an operation.

Thus; the point is ideal, situations create what you want. Think about this and you know what I mean.

Your; a point to remember and this is a thought that you can work with by fee or feel.

Thinking; thought is a concept and thinking is a point. The thought that counts is the point you make, otherwise you may think and work with others.

Thought; the thought you have is sometimes allowed, think and you know what to do.

Other things:
Mice; the mice disappear from the building. The dead rat scent dissipates away, this is done by the creator.

Dentistry; I am and was allowed my dentist appointment and I get free treatment. This is without a needed tooth pulled, so allowed is in a tooth filling. This is without pain, of some course, with noting the fact that I am aware and not that bad off. I am going to aware state to be alright.

Vlad; they find the body of Vladimir the impaler. Otherwise known as Vlad the impaler.

Things; things work out and what works stays as a point in play by feel. This is unless unnecessary, meaning things that we have to do is something.

Palo duro; they eject those that they see as problems. For no appearant reason.

Nso dental; they have grant money the next time I come for teeth fixation.

Spacex; they get the reusable rocket launch going off into space without blowing apart by feel. This is without problems and situations. This is with allot of work and thinking. This is en as then done by the creator.

Strangers; they don't get jealous or overreact.

The end; the point they do is identified, think and you know what is done or what to do. As you know, when your about to cross the street they wait. So that proves this point.

Trump; no, climate change is exactly possible. Think and you know the point, so you can allow the states to prepare for changes and disasters before they come.

I think this means war is averted, so think better of other places. I think however, you can prepare yet climate change will occur anyway. So it doesn't matter unless you think to act and prevent the disaster that you think naturally will occur.

China; the china situation improves, as though there were no situation. The china shipment comes through and gets delivered.

The president; the president no longer wants to shut himself away from the rest of the world. This means that they that are responsive, will work with the USA and the president with no war happening.

Other stuff:
This is stuff that occurs in the background, I am with thinking to allow or to create things for the idea or scenes that exist. If not needing the scene, then the idea or scenes does not exist. So pick a scene or idea to occur and think of where, then the scene might happen.

Lost weight; I lose weight and I name how much by feel. This does not include the item weight on the body.

Trump's decision; things such as disasters won't be harder to face.

Jwst; the James Webb space telescope is ready and gets deployed to space without trouble. The jwst works just fine.

The finance; you have the money, someone wants to spend it. Think and you don't spend too much or you don't spend at all.

Pete; Peter Paul finds his tag information and Medicare card. He finds what he looks for by fee or feel with thought. Then he takes me on a trip to the store.

Low security prison; the idea is the point, we think and you know. So I am not apart of a low security prison. But I can go anywhere at any time, I am thinking this is the point that the ointment is used. So think and things ghostwise will work out. This is where you think then are en point.

Think; this was from a note I read: the end point is done and dealt with already, so I think this will work out by the area you feel is safe. Just try it and you know results. However you won't be here, I will so I think try not to leave a big mess. Thanks.

This came from a memory of the walking dead world, right before I turned into one of the walking dead. Its interesting how time coincided with the timing of the cable show. Almost like I was there, but I wasn't as I am here. So I think as I watch it, I will remember it and things like thinking and notes or other things that occurred from there will come to mind. So ciou and farewell till next time. This is though as I can imagine this blog, as if one I put there and almost as it is written here.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Calm or peace orgonne

This is the remainder of the orgonne that I wrote for the orgonite rebuffer devicing I thought up, that I think to the orgonite and I make work with what I have. Then the influence is what I think or have thought to create by creator means with the third eye pinneal gland.

This gland; this gland is not dangerous it is innocuous, as it is useful and otherwise creative by fee or feel to put words and use what subconscious suggestion I may feel is necessary.

This is the gland; the pinneal gland is a defunct organ in the brain. That allows psychic impressions to be directed and when you do that you direct the brain as the point is done with the area idea that is achieved. Achievable is the thought and they think it was their idea.

Working idea; This doesn't always work unless you think it does with the element your associated with activity, as you think of something good to do, thinking the idea to the device causes the device to create the idea. The then device will create what you want.

I am done; just once, things will be done if you need it to be done. Otherwise it's earned, as though usually by feel you are aware of what you can do.

Think, act or create or chris; think, do and know. That is all that is necessary to carry the day through. I am through and done now, so I will go and do what I need to do. If you do this, then think your separate from the whole and working by feel. Then your free to do what you want to do.

Think to make work; the thought is what works with or without us. This is by fee or feel. Pay the fee, work the feel. That is what I got from watching the walking dead as you know it's right, then act to work or don't work if you don't think you can.

Ending of the series; What a great ending it had, as though it were a dream sequence. My question, what was the dream and what was real? Answer, none of it as it was only a TV show on cable. This is real though if you think it is.

I loved the saving of the main character by Ezekiel and the end scene where they describe various things. So I guess that's it for the walking dead until they come out with another season or something. That's all folks, ciou.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

some exploits

These were some exploits of Carla that I remembered, this was from the past and now almost anyone that wants to can use them as experience.

Some exploits I did were to create the point and make what works adding by feel if I want it, this was with the point of expression being said. Other exploits were I was able to say what I wanted, and the creator created what I wanted. The point was this always seemed it safe, and this was due to a point or if dumb then it wasn't worth doing.

So that is what I would do for the world today and what I think for today's time, in order to create by a word written down and this was created on the moment if necessary. Oh yea, the best part is, the effect would occur if I needed it to happen, or not and otherwise things would occur by this idea. That the creator created for himself, and he amused himself to see his creations use the ideal point.

So there's no end, think to form things that will end if certain things are done. That is the secret to some life. The result is the thing that creates the point. Think a result first to solve the point and problem second. This is to affect the cause. This causes the effect. I think this is the point. Tomorrow is probably also right, I will think upon this the rest of today, until tomorrow. Prepare a response for that which is prepared. The creator is credited by crediting a creation. The crediting is in the creation. That is all there is to creation.

Blank state
As you think by you going other places then you are spiritually, your body has a blank mind that is like a blank slate that you can suggest to so as you think your somewhere else your mind is blank and you just do things. That means this is an idea that your able minded even if blank, so go do it if you must or want something to get done. Just think and you know what to get done. That is all I will say after this. So I think you can enjoy yourself after this.

So if you think with a thought to relent the stress, then your cool. This is in new concept by a moment and is a need to be created unless not wanted. The idea is of making better in results, this is where you are to think and feel as tense
release as if by thought you allow the muscles to relax. This is in the moment you think "relax back". Then your free of much stress, and things on your mind seem to go away leaving you sane. After that you can act calmly and calmed down, this is where your thinking to do normal things and you work better with others. Ciou.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

End point

The end point that I foresaw, that I know is there and that I will acknowledge as a complete idea in what things are to be done. So I will or have known what will come, I set up a little idea to warn me of events that my subconscious show me by vision what will be. Then I will decide what to do about it and think to create as I need. So ciou and farewell, as a point of reference is a referer point think and things, they will get better.

the end

This was the last vision, that I saw of a dead person from a apartment. She was the one that got removed, and I think this was related to her by the name of Carla. This was in 2014 or some other time sometime.

This quote from a comment suits her, "Think a result first to solve the problem second. This is to affect the cause. This causes the effect. I think this is the point. Tomorrow is probably also right, I will think upon this the rest of today, until tomorrow. Prepare a response for that which is prepared. The creator is credited by crediting a creation. The crediting is in the creation. That is all there is to creation."

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Timer point

This day I will work with what I can, I am thinking with life I can get away with things but with death I can avoid the problems. So I will go with neither and do my own thing as I don't really have that much I owe. I just feel that I do and then there's more where that came from. So what I will do instead is plan out this idea carefully and stop spending, so I know that I won't have to worry over finances. This is a day to work things away and with idea to do I might as well do what I need. So ciou and farewell till next time, I will seeya and I hope to work with comments.

Monday, April 3, 2017

time point

This is the time of life, the time things work out and you are aware by feel. You know what I think? the actual aliens are us now and the grey aliens were forced away by our energy bodies. They however, left the government the elenium that ran the ships the government was using at the time. So the point is this, our energy bodies formed from cellular energy that was released from the cells. This youthened the body and loosed the death energy or decaying energy that formed as a physical energy or ghost form. Thinking created the formation into shape and the shaping was energy molded in our image. So we were the gods of ourselves.

If the energy body was allowed for, then we experienced by soul experience or images perceived with what was there. We could do nearly anything and reform a body from thin air.

That was the gist of that day I saw the raising of human kind that we called humans. Interesting how it works with the Humans cable tv show that is there.

thought: the stevia and tea diet
this could be improved by thinking to use tea and stevia drinks that you make. If you think to use the point then eat as you like, so hope you don't get cavities as you avoid high "fructose" corn syrup. I recommend brushing the teeth and working out by walking so you will get the most of what you need. Keeping your heart pacing at above normal even after the exercise is done for 30 to 55 minutes a day. The trick is eat grains or some bread to allow the exercise to not tire you out. This is what will work if you think to eat less than 1400 to 1700 calories per day and try not to eat at night as you might eat more.

6-inch wheat bread sub: 200 (bread) + 106 (swiss cheese) + 113 (cheddar cheese) + 75 (3 roast beef slices) + 102 (3 ham slices) + 60 ranch dressing = 656 calories

sub 2: 200 for bread, 226 for cheddar cheese, 102 for 3 ham slices, 45 for ranch, 30 for bbq sauce. Making 603 calories altogether.

thus, you have the wave and their well. think and you know the rest. yes I think its allowed for, but try to be on time, thanks.

thank you; the point is made and you are free to do what you want. think in a point and your aware by the feel or thought. however if you think to lose weight, use fruit juice and since its fruit otherwise mixed with water and other assorted ingredients. then you can make things work out as you balance the bacterium in the stomach with protein and think to not eat. as you think or work by feel, essential oils that are fruit and taken internally can act as though probiotics. the natural balancers of stomach bacteria.

think you; think your shape and you are the shape you think you are, unless proven otherwise this is proven to work by feel or thought by idea. this would work with anyone, as you imagine using the ideal point you are aware by the feel what is right with the correct means.

the; the end is near anyway so I think this will do for now. going to go to the press with some of the information by fee or feel. ciou.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This time

The time isn't right, I think if I knew what to do I would do it, but none of the things I wrote indicate to go yet. Since my brother is the one in control of this point. I guess I will let him decide when and where. So I will move when I can where I need to. That is all there is to this. This guides the moment that I noticed:

In effect; It's there or not in effect or later to effect as it's there or its gone and the phone always remains.

Think; think a point and the creator can create it, if you need to have something created unless violent. Then it's there where you can find it.

Thought; the thinking is done, so if you think the thought you get a result. This works ad-hoc as though you think an end result, seen or not and the idea manifests or is created.

Answering; when looking for an answer, the answer is obvious by feel or you find what your looking for as an answer.

Other things:

I might as well satisfy myself with making biscuits or something. Here is an excellent recipe.

2 cups flour
1 or 2 tbsp baking powder
Frozen butter grated in with mix

Add a little water to mixture and mix and then bake scooped round batter to 350 degree heat until golden brown tops.

So I guess till later I will see ya around. Ciou and farewell till later on.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


The sweets of the moment are what I will try to avoid now, this means no use for sweet eating to lose weight with. This is by feel and with thought. So I think this means I will go with wholesme food this time. Thinking to work it off has become easy, all I need to do is wait and not overdo the calories on the hour that my body naturally burns off. I weigh 159.4 lbs now so I will try to stick with that or if I weigh lower then I will keep that if I can. Then as now I think I can do anything. So I think I will ciou and farewell till later.

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