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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mirror aura third eye

 The mirror aura third eye, is the mirrored aura of the third eye, and the idea is basically originating from Myror. The city, of mirrors, that has a base world of what appears normal, but it has an unseen world, thats viewable, in the mirror. The vision, of the third eye, can make you see your mirrored self, with the aura, in the mirror, that reflects your own aura. Without this person view, and looking in the mirror, your not seeing the aura, or the third eye, that you'd have in the mirror.

 For more information, on the third eye, look at this doc, of a third eye seminar.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Choronzon, the demon

 This file was modified, on 1-26-2011
  Here is a bit of Demon lore. About, Choronzon, himself. If you wanna know more, search by googling the term 'Choronzon'.

  Choronzon, Literally means a feeling of blows, that is often by a raining of blows that are metaphysical. And manifested through the interaction of the being, Choronzon, especially when he doesn't really want to answer. Otherwise known as the Demon of Dispersion, Choronzon is described by Crowley as a demon that is the temporary personification, of the raving and inconsistent forces that occupy the Abyss. In this system of idea,  Choronzon is given form in evocation only so he may be mastered. He can appear, again, as though a raining of blows, by the person who summons him, mostly on others.

  When one summons the Choronzon, using themselves as a vessel. Mostly by Calling his name three times and stating, 'Choronzon, be in the vessal I choose!' Then state whom will be the vessel for Choronzon. As, Crowley invoked it using himself.

  People near that person may notice, that to fight the vessel as though said person was a possessed person, though mainly to get the possessed one off of them was actually possible with a magical dagger or magical weapon, and this is what may be necessary. And they can shapeshift, too, with becoming very strong as its also where the person can try to rip a throat out with teeth.

How to fight demon choronzon

  To fight choronzon, try to exert control over choronzon wherever he may be. Suggest to the persons or your own mind that choronzon's control is no more and things are okay. If you can't cause the person to fight choronzon themself. Then attack with a magical dagger. Till he relinquishes control.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The power focus

     The focus of power, to achieve results with, be achieved, by Focusing your mind, and Making thoughts, on what you want to happen. Then, Don't do anything and keep focusing your mind, on what be necessary. It will occur, by your aura causing the effect, somehow and by the action you want, manifesting, by itself.

  The other way to achieve a power focus be, to think of your need, imagine the result, then it should occur. By actions that manifest, in some manner. Somehow, by themselves. This works, by having the intent, for it, the event, to occur. Its great, with shields, and making manifestations. What helps this process, be to say the result. Sometimes, acting the necessary idea out. Anyway, what you feel should happen, will, to some degree, occur. By the intent and need of the action. Sometimes, giving up, on wanting the idea will make it occur, if it doesn't before.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Egyptian Forcecraft spells

To help bring money (ARABIC) (this has been known to give some bad results every now and then) (don`t expect to be a millionaire! This is to give you what you need)

The 1 chant consists of 4 lines
Aye Ab, Abber Abra:
Kah! Brakad!
Kad, Kadder, Kaddab.
Dabbar, Dabbar, Kadabbar!

For better health ( This should be done with a
small blue candle,considering you may be ill and
you must do the chanttill the candle is burnt out
and on a Sunday and visualize the infected,or injured
area while doing this)

1. Sagosol
2. Preeva Quilt


Kepser Nanno Rimda Reegah = to help gain respect

Protections and Healing

Bare Nu Lairt on Hear = circle of protection

1. God cweeth eak swilch--------|
2. Bare nu lairt on hear--------|-- said together means circle of protection
3. God gewort there airdan dior-|

god gewort there airdan dior somotb = Call a defense 

1. Brenyar theekan-----------|
2. Astyrian ongonn mid songe-|--to protect yourself
3. Kwen lair lufiend beon----|

In brekeh = unbreakable shield
In brekh somotb = another version of the unbreakable shield

Faedaric ic bidde thay hait = To help protect yourself against legal proceedings

closea agate = close gates and negate effects of happenings of people who came

To heal bleeding wounds

gyamit niluil mayzhiwundl heawund = (gil-am-might nile-lung-mill may-zhi-wound-l

Fbi agent begone. this consists of three verses.

growl Iggs oily,
turing kennan irth,
oodles fbi agone !

To gain luck

1. Aye Abbar Labbar Dabbar

2. Aye Dalabbar Alabbar

3. Ongonn Labarr Kadabbar

Drive away thieves

Aye Kalabarr Salabbar

God Alaban Halabba mid

Sor Malad Had Malabbar

Stel kan halass irlion sirr

Another version:
God Drivawa tief there
lalabarr dalamarr surcero byr
selanci dalamara stupido purito
reverto lallabar sorbeto loll

gwava unforbi asorl
sorc lebmonski pas
labra symn lewarr

Roving gate is a gate to go where you want by some direction
sysm portus brovtum
portus item token
portus tt motb

Tranplant event - think of event to transplant into now.
remus leuportus tye
lordus typortus sarra
so motb insur

Spell dismissal
dedendra lehr somotb

larm lebnowki lya
parratl sobriety sol
naerant sesame lora

Creative madness
laibort mordomus somotb

Manifest obj where you want
naist lauron moross
save mas mak
moros lapros preiss
remako pardon meila

Release spell
saijin sorkov ladda
aor sorcera parvas
awago motbe God

Read language
reda jw juu
lixu parag motb
readj rumoiko selek
remai lang gnono

Abortion of chold or project
alela reiko solo
salo rolo nario
sharlet relo mottb

Cure cancer or disease
abelas pardos moros
mas larv perro
parlon dept mesar
mekar paron larra

Incurable spelling or mistake
silencis sodamus parvarti
sodamus silencis curst

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mentally teleporting to parallel realities

 Modified on 5/6/2010

  The mental shift to parallel realities, is to use the effective force, of nature and movement..while you think about shifting 'mentally' to some place, in your mind. Then, focus energy from around you, instructing it to 'make you be there' and do some physical action. You have to move your mental self, with your body, as a physical action. This action, can be anything, including just moving a finger, or body part. Then, your there, until you do movement to be elsewhere. As, your mental body appears where you want, oftentimes, by the movement, of the physical body. The mind can draw the physical energy, produced, by the body in movement and have it be counted, as kinetic force.

  Your mental body also tends, to move with your body, unless you think it will move differently. Which leads, to differentiated problems, of the mind and body, in dimensions, sometimes by the activity. Where some mental actions, by the mind body, is able to cause certain body actions. And, the mental body is doing different things, then the physical body. So, as a way to get back, is to think, 'I am back where I came from', or, to just want to be where you came from, feeling the shift, as you do a physical activity.

  The effect, that is done is, to do an idea and the action, that makes it easy to shift. The idea is what you think about. The action can be any physical thing. The shifting happens mentally, and forms a body from your mental energy, in the place you wanted, to go to it.

  A danger is to be of those actions done, by your mental body, as they can reflect back to your physical body, in so many ways. This includes the damage done, to your mental body, that also can transfer, to your physical body, in a weak form. When the idea is let go, the mental body dissipates, or you can will the mental body, into doing things, by intent.

  Due note: If transfer effects happen, then you can 'forget' being yourself and become your projected self. Until, you need to be yourself, then the transfer effect dissipates and you remember yourself.

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