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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Magical mapping

  Magical mapping technique, is based off the idea for echolocation. The idea is to use your hands (or any other part of your body if you know how) and touch the ground (or, with more advanced users, anything touching the ground) then you send some energy into the ground and use your subconscious to see where it goes. If you pay attention, your mind will show you a map of the whole area based on what the energy reads, including trees, water, even other life forms.

  There are very practical applications for it besides basic mapping. Some of them can be used for fun. One could be hide n seek. Since the energy returned can show you where other lifeforms are, you can use it to find where people are hiding, especially if you know the area very well. Or hunters could use it to find what they're trying to kill. There's other ways to use this kinda energy, a lot of it relies on creativity to see what you can come up with.

  Another practical ability is using object charge for object location. The idea is that when you use an object that you know you're likely to lose later, charge it. Just the act of charging it makes it easier to find by magic mapping, because it broadcasts itself to you when you call out to the energy you put into it. If you get good at it, you can charge the object with qualities like colours or emotions, which in one aspect makes the object easir to find amongst other charged objects (since the energy is a different colour. Not only that, but if you choose to charge the object with an emotion, the emotion can transfer to someone else who touches it or uses it later.

  You can also set a trigger release for the energy in the object, like charging an object with joy so that it releases whenever someone angry touches it, or there's also charging it with an emotion attuned to a specific person. Theoretically I could charge a necklace I give to a girl with happiness that's attuned to her energy, meaning it makes her happy whenever she wears it, but nobody else feels that effect. Old mages who were extremely powerful could use it to set traps. Imagine walking through a hallway and seeing an ordinary looking pencil on the floor. You go to walk by that pencil thinking it's harmless, and the proximity attunement on the pencil activates a trap that causes the pencil to shoot a lightning bold or fire at you automatically.

By Joshua

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evil blow

  This is an example of what not to do, except on those whom you think deserve it. This does not effect people who have no karma thats bad. You know when they do when they emit badness from them or feel bad to be around. However, if physically hit by the blow, then they will feel it and possibly be knocked back.

  This is a mentrolo effect and is in use pass the blow. This is an effective countermeasure with enough energy thats focused. This effect is used with the thought of 'pain' or 'hurt' being projected towards the target. When you use pass the blow, your gathering all the attack energy of the other attackers in the attacking limb and using your own attack action. Then, nailing the target with it as you *project* the idea you want to inflict on them. You don't need to actually use a attacking body part, you can use just your voice. This makes it an arguement though. You may use this to take out beings.

  This can at the least cause a spiritual blow. At most cause a need in the target to want to kill themselves. They would cause activity that gets them hit or inflicted upon, if you projected a 'inflict' or 'kill' with the blow. This can also cause brain control, if you just used the gathered energy and willed an idea for them to do with suggestion. It only actually works with the energy being projected.

  When you use this technique, you are losing negative energy and passing the buck. This can be used in war. It creates a stunning blow, that can knock a person down or cause them to die. This happens only when enough enough energy is utilized. You only need to form a fist and punch forward, to do this with air. Otherwise, it can be any other physical blow or mental blow. Anger amplifies this and when you use a crystal for power, you triple it. Any evil blow will cause unstability and more easier suggestion. Unless, the person is rock hard and unfazed by the hit. By rock hard, I mean unemotional or decides not to react to a hit.

  An ideal use is to arrest someone with this. Gather your energy and the attackers energy. Then, project it towards the target by a willed and projected 'arrest' thought. This, if it works, will stop the person in their tracks by arresting their movement. If the will is spoken as though intent, it must be loudly spoken. This is released, by thinking and willing 'release'.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seeing energy projections with impressions

This is how you see energy impressions, step by step. Practice it till you can actively do it, quickly. This takes a little training by repetition to get the feel of things.

1. Look at the list word, a word phrase or object that is stressed or impressed.
2. Calm your mind and let the impressions come from the feel of things.
3. From what you associate with it, tell your subconscious to display the list or  idea in your mind.
4. Relaxed and calm, you will see a 'glimpse' of vision with the thing you want to see.

Now, to impress a word, phrase or object, follow these steps.

1. Relax your mind till its calm.
2. Think of what you want to imprint in the word or energy.
3. Focus your mind and use intent and/or touch to impress on the energy of the word or object. This is your thought that you want to be known.
4. Use your subconscious by stating the intent or willing the impression. This is to make the impression stay with the energy of the word or object.

Tested by DarkPoison

Saturday, December 10, 2011


  The persona idea came from the Persona Anime. This is where a manifested form that you choose will form into existence. Its made up of your personal energy and the energies nearby and any energy you want to link to it. It can do nearly anything that you intend and want to happen or be done.

  This persona is amplified by feelings and your great need. Amplify your persona further with electrical energy or other sources. This allows greater effort.

  The more need there is, the more the amplification. Thus, you can manifest a persona by thinking of the form you want it to appear as and doing personal activity to direct it. Your will is the strength of the persona. So, if your will is into other things, then thats what your persona does. And, it appears weak in what you wanted it to do, by this effect.

  This persona is an energy body, that can physically manifest results, if enough energy is available. You can produce more energy bodies that are personas. The more personas that you produce, the more your heart can be overactive. The fatality of this is that too much persona activity can produce heart strain. With enough heart strain, there is possible heart attacks.

  There is chance that it will only effect the spirit world. With enough need and directed energy, it can effect the physical.The astral can be effected, differently, and by will alone. So there is really no need for the persona to be used for the astral.

  This shouldn't leave you insane, unless you have genetic damage. Which is obvious, by deformities and inconsistencies of the body. As in, sudden heart problems and failure. Amongst other things, it is appearant if you look for it. This includes the mental problems, that come from brain damage.

  There is no age limit, as the longer you use the persona the stronger you are. This is up till the point of when your body is aged enough, that you start losing more personal energy.

  You can switch with your persona, to do scouting and observations. Just remember to come back to your body. If you can't remember or must try to remember, then you can use reminders. This counts as an out of body experience, where you can start to forget after 24 hours, being in your persona.

  When summoning through your persona, try to remember, to keep craziness from you try these rules:

1. For those things you don't want to effect you, distract yourself as you attempt to gain effects. Then your unconscious mind does your intent and you don't get any conscious interference. Your unconscious mind will do only your intent and block out the things you don't want.

2. Know yourself. When you know yourself by observation you can figure the intention out easier.

3. In pursuit you will find your persona more easily controlled. However, it will do your willled intent only if it wants to. The persona has its own mind thats separate from you.

  When you 'gift' the person you meet with your persona, there is a chance you awaken their persona and give them a way to produce persona efforts. You can control them with it. Mostly, you give them an added ability. You can also shield the person, including their ability. Then, you make it unseen yet there. Sometimes, if they allow the effect, they won't ever realize there is an ability. And, you can control by suggestion what they do.

  From Marji - '..different people I give different personas, parents have one and good friends have another. Classmates have another, creepers have yet another and etcetc. It's something I've been doing literally forever, I never knew it was magic.'

  Due note: When the persona comes, it comes forcefully. So be prepared when it comes, for the reactions may be harsh. If you have a immersion energy pool, then you can create more result with the persona effort. This info on how to create one, is here at tml.

Monday, December 5, 2011


  These are the tunnels of time, that you create and go through to reach somewhere. Although unique, if you can do it, you can end up in another time and existence. You can end up there, but you don't really know it. If you make a sigil that means to you the meaning, 'to shift', then it happens faster. But, in order to do it is to create a time tunnel and through needing to be 'there'. This is as you are thinking of the place you want to be in. And, the time tunnel 'forms'. Physical activity is the thing that activates the Conduit. The sigils or the keys might be anything but they must be sigils. It can be an action or a certain thing you will never do. or just anything.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The essence of transfer

  This is when you transfer the energy essence of a wound or effect to somewhere else. This can be a rock or person. When you transfer, any machine in the area can hang. When using a crystal, and drawing energy to cause the transfer, there can be a slight hang of operation in machine. When you tell the crystal to take the wound energy, and not use the area energy, then other damage energy and the wound disappears. To get the hang of this, use focus and make breathe, in and out three times, to create a trance and make the effect easily. When you can't use trance, imagine your intent and state the effect and end result.

  This is done by the will. So, try and do the transferrance when you are tranced. Will the transferrence to happen, state your intent and add a 'done'. Choose your target for transferrence, be it human or rock. Imagine the target to transferred to, that helps the moment to occur easier. The target can be anywhere. It can lead to corrupted returned attacks or a shift of the energy. The total removal of the wound or effect. If a leg break, then you can remove the leg break energy, don't expect immediate healing. Expect instead an accelerated healing. On a waning moon, it can lead to accelerated attack. A waning moon is a negative moon.

  Optionally, you can choose to transfer your soul energy to another. This makes it possible to add your info or knowledge to the target. It can make it seem to the target that you 'usurped' them. This can make things uneasy between you and the target. Enough so, that the person can try to attack you. When they feel that they are usurped, their mind may seem overtaken by the will of yourself. Usurping happens, only when enough sough soul energy is transferred. This is when they gain more of the shared info. And, their mind is overwhelmed by it. This can be be where you 'transfer' your spirit to the target. Thats when the person loses their will and is truly your slave and does what you need.

  Where you find difficulty, use reason, and then attempt. For when, you can attempt to transfer your fat to the target. This is stopped when you make their feelings intolerable, though it may seem difficult. Just transfer your feelings and extreme emotion to the transferrer. This causes overload and they stop till they calm down and recover their mental state. Transferring any mental idea or point of view is possible. Its their subconscious that receives the info.

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