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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Focusing techniques of the big 12

These idea are a list of things to focus on and you can create what you want with the idea you see.

Think and show; think of the idea and show what you can even as support if necessary.

If; by one sniff you can tell if things are done, overdone or undercooked. So think of the idea and you can seem aware of the circumstances, that arise from the point that is caused.

This is true; the bolt of darkness is where you focus void energy from thinking from nothing is energy that is released by thinking the energy is going into some form or the wall itself.

This could work as they have to leave dark marks on the wall, if you imagine the markings there. This gets you a somewhat dark mark that appears on the area.

Otherwise you might use a restoration potion of oregano, basil, parsley and turmeric or flaxx seed mixed in water and working to seem heated on a stove as it is drunk or eaten.

The given; this is the point you think of things and your spirit manifests the idea as a result. A suggestion is this: I will get my SSI and SSDI continued. No matter the point.

Think or focus II; think of the idea and you create by the point, this is where the body creates the idea by need or energy that is with the soul or creator unless you don't need this. This is with an idea of working by feel or creating with a concept that you do things with idea. The concept is herbs, think you know the right herbs for the moment and the correct thing happens.
Correct; The correct thing happens anyway, then I remain on SSI and SSDI. So mae keeps her job. Her relationship improves.

Praying; think of your need and hold your arms downward, then you get things from the planet energy. Thank the planet by name and you set the planet to doing things for you with your thanks.

If you hold your arms upwards in a Y formation and state your need, then as you think your idea to do you create by focus using your own thought put forth to the creator. We're out of here, there you go and that's it.
So there's the earth goddess with the arms downward and the creator with the arms upwards. This was information given by someone who knew about the idea. So I am sure it's acceptable and accurate.
Mae Thomas; she calms down and gets better by feel, this is as though she had her medication and her condition disappears. Thinking for the better idea, she does what is right. So I think this will work out. Especially since she makes the trips on which she plans to do.

Think and feel; this is where you think and do things nice, think what you want as to do the idea  is if you meet and work with them. This effect ends by what you decided was an end. So thought is free, then really thinking is non Illusion.

This is Illusion; you can detail every thing you want and create with energy so the aura manifests what you need or want. This is where I differ in action, think about what you want to do and the illusion ends where reality takes over.

How to tell is when what you think is doing things by the energy conscious. This energy consciousness creates what you think as you sense things that are there.

This does mean that you are free, if the energy consciousness frees you so think your free and you realize what is there. This uses the third eye that's activated and generated by focus, this is where you think the third eye is if formed. So in an idea things work out by feel.

Think or else; this is where one can think or do what else they have on their minds. This is where you think peace, then you are with peace by minding things that are there.

Female cave; think in a cave that there is a well empowered by feelings and emotions, this means whatever is around the well is there by feel. Clean up by doing things, work by doing activity with life and death that you make use of by idea.

Reminder; you don't have to do what's written, you only have to do what you think is necessary unless you don't need to do things and this is understandable by feel.

Y; wide retriever
X; lenient, cut out
A; active, thanks
D; death essence energy
E; energy or body blood flow otherwise
Do; shift
En; if

Other things:
Think and seem; this is the silent idea of losing 12 lbs by feel. This is where you make the correct choices and you lose the pounds, that's if you need to lose the extra weight.

Immolate; think to imitate having the item and the energy of the item appears where you think the item is so. The item then disappears and you can find the item by feel.

See that is with idea of what the store is and where the item is in the moment. This is a way to get discounted items by the energy conscious, psychically.

Think and realize; if you use yourself as a source for magic, then you can expect yourself to age. So use an object instead, this is done by thinking you do.  The object ages instead as the object does what you want, this is with idea by the energy consciousness.

Time and realize; this is for heavy traffic, think to work with the creators energy and go as you think you know the right way. This allows you to do what you want to say or do. If you use the creator you create what you think or feel is correct for the moment.

The trick; So if you say I quit or I will stop by and do things then you turn insubstantial and shift back.
Think and relate; this is where you think and relax by relating and doing things with people or your thoughts by feel.

Think and mean; this is where you think a point and get the meaning from what you perceive.

Think and in no response, you create respite by what you do. So I will go now, then ciou by feel,  good-bye.

This is the end of this listing.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Some point on dreaming

This is some point that I did by feel, if I think to remember the idea being done. This is the key to remembering, btw so I think I will write on the dreaming part.

Dreamsoak; this is in the dreamworks. A DreamWorks in idea is by what you do, think of the moment and work with an idea. The point you create is a created point that you remember as though a point in a dream. Think to wake up by a loud noise, otherwise tripping over things and you are aware of the surrounds. Think of the time and the work and you shift by feel, this is sometimes felt as though a passing through of a light water mist.

This is a point that you passed through a sprinkler system somewhere, so I think you could wake up by what you do or think is wrong and you realize what is wrong. Thataway you can be sure to time things just right. If you have the dream ability. You can also do this in alpha mode, In that case, think to wake up then you are awake and aware.

If you breath in and out and think to enter alpha mode, then you are in alpha mode. Think to wake up and you are awake. In alpha mode you can imagine what you want or desire and the body does the correct point that I think is the right thing. Then you change your mind around. This also helps in reality shifted points. This alpha mode is dream mode, btw, that to wake up sometimes takes a loud noise. This uses to translate whatever you see there or some dream interpretation of the dream symbols.

Writing; Ever since I put in writing that I had a good attitude and will pass my inspections I started to since three months ago. I used that method to see psychically what would occur. The trick is think positive and you are positive.

That is all for now, there will be more later on, so I will revisit this post and add to the idea listing. Ciou abbbd farewell. Good-bye.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rocket launch

This is time for a rocket launch, think of a graceful time and you know the idea that will occur. Sometimes the idea is different from what is there. That is when this is all in the mind.

Rocketry; think of the seventh chakra gate as you create with the soul. This can appear as a rocket ride or something else you decide it should be there or here. This is a point to do and believe you did right. Thus is the point you can relax.

This; think of the moment and you set up the event by what you consider in use here by feel.

Think; the idea is known, this is true of most things so think to go as you can go.

Thought; the idea is the point you do things, think of things so you know what is done by what you do with things.

6th object trick; the sixth is there and where you can think harm to the object. Then the person that is represented by the object is sometimes hurt.

Chillaxin; this is where you chill out and are relaxing. This allows you to do what you believe should be done.

Cancelled; the point is called cancelled by eating some marshmallows or mini marshmallows.

This does; this dies off, more easily than you think to do things.

Think so; think some idea and you create some result and this is by focusing with some things you do, these idea are by the aura energy manifestation using the third eye and crown chakra. Somewhere that you think is actually active.

Think or do; think about the situation or do things with what you need or can do. This is the way of life for some, so I will make things better for them.

Think to go where you can, this place I believe my mind wandered into is confusing. So I will think to guide those that are here. This means those that are there are not in any danger.

I will change it to think or get, this is where they think and see what they need or get what they want where they can. This is a fairer rule by far.

Ifea; long knife or wife activity
7th; the idea is recently dined upon or done
6th; you won't gain weight
5th; you will work by feel
4th; the way is the lessened ego
3rd; think of things that you can do
2nd; think of things that are done
1st; the idea is your own

Thus; thought

Be; belief, believe in the result by what you think


Think; your free to go do what you want. When your free, you tend to go where you need to go to get things done. So enjoy your day.

The mind; the mind is like a tardis, think the time and place and you are aware of that place. This is where you think of the time and place, allowing your mind to wander, you can find experience by idea that is there that comes to you. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So don't waste it on just this.

This thought; think of the moment and you are aware by the feel that you have. This I believe is how things should work. If not then leave things alone, this is true except for the bridges you may cross.

I know I'm now free, so I might as well explore as I can now well go. This will be fun. I think I am free from the place, that held me there. So I might as well go now and work with what I can.

Gnats; think of place to see as you hold your breath when going through a gnats cloud. Then your there, this done by the energy of the place transferred through the gnats.

Think and see; if you think and are calm, thinking to the aura energy to do things. Then you can go places spiritually.

Coming back is take a walk and you find your way back. The feel and color code with this, if you perceive a light green cup then it's tea or similar substance.

If you perceive brown then it's food and normal substance, if the color is light grey that you perceive it's imperceptible matter.

At first you are insubstancial in form then if you feel solid in the area, then you are likely somewhere you need to get out of like a ditch or the area is dirt and your walking around out of the dirt autonomously.

Things; Things peacefully happen around the area. So peaceful is the area that I could fall asleep.

An en of it; think of this as though you were able to do things, then the idea is set by thinking of what you want to do for a point. This is where things change in the present. This creates things by feel where peace now reigns.

Though other changes happen otherwise. This occurs as you think a change happens in the past to create a positive change today's time. This is just one thing that is occurring, so think it happened in the past and it disappears.

This is a focusing trick that I do, that uses the third eye guiding the aura by somewhere else. This is an idea that works if you think the point works.

Think lift; think a lift occurs and things are good to go.

SSI and SSDI; the evaluator for my ss is done and they get my second form in time to create a continued social security income stream. This is without breakage of the income, so think as you like until a point.

Think; this works by feel, so think of what you want, so you might get the point of idea as an end result or idea.

Think an end; this is where you think an ending by the thought point, that you realize with the stream of consciousness. If you think fascinating thoughts, then you might get fascinating responses in return.

This is all empowered by the stream of knowledge or z level conscious that the planet uses to realize things.

If you do; if you go you get free stuff and things that work with you by feel. Stuff on the table is just an example.
This is where; think of going somewhere else and you do otherwise you can think of someone else going somewhere and they do.

Think and en; think and end the point with an en, which means that point you think at the end. This point occurs as if by magic.

Get; get away
Hit; webcounter hit
En; at the end there is none
Sixth; think and your released.
Enjoying; at the end I'm in joy.
Thought; an en in hit.
Sheets; area cover
Do; shift sometimes this is using the aura energy, so this is with thinking what you need to have done.
This is with the idea or point of relaxing the mind and the thought that you want to happen, the body will respond as though rested and restored a little at a time using the aura or body energy.
In it's own time you can see assured improvement, think as you are relaxing a bit and your thoughts restore function to allow the body activity.

An alternative way is focus energy your aura has to do things you think or suggest. This always works and only after a certain amount of time, that means your aura creates what you think about the idea.
This is with feel and idea timewise, think the time to do what you want. This way you are there in the time that you want to see.

Think of this as an experiment, where the third eye is powered by the pinneal gland thought to seem active, this creates what you want otherwise through the aura energy.

Suggest to the aura of the person or yourself and you can get what you want. That is unless you don't want to do the idea. Then this won't work, mainly because the mind senses your no longer wanting the point. Then the mind does what is appropriate.

This is what expands the mind and consciousness, where you think you know what's there and you sense what is there by vision or feel.

So I think this ends the series for exploration. Space is explored after this point with idea, that you want done. So I will ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Monday, July 23, 2018

the triple goddess and the god

The goddess is also known as the triple goddess. The Triple Goddess is the stages of a woman’s life:

Goddess – strong representation of the feminine energy

The Goddess is at the heart off all nature religions. Her feminine energies are equal to the God, who is also known at times as her consort. For women this is wonderful, as we can see strong representations of what it means to be a woman. For men it is amazing, as they can have more feminine energies to enjoy and connect with too.

The Goddess is known as ‘The Triple Goddess’ as she has three aspects- Maiden, Mother and Crone. These represent stages of a woman’s life, her monthly cycles, and also the phases of The Moon.

The waxing or growing Moon represents the Maiden: adventuring, hunting and free. The full Moon represents the Mother Goddess: full of powerful creativity energy and new life. And the waning Moon represents the Crone, where the wisdom is drawing inwards and incredibly powerful. The Crone is also depicted as a traditional ‘witch’ and her power has even been feared throughout the ages.

There are Goddesses who traditionally represent each of these phases and energies. You can find out about them and call on them for inspiration, power, magic and protection.

Goddess – art
Finally, I would like to share a beautiful poem with you called ‘The Triple Goddess’ by Kalioppe. I will just share a few lines of the poem, as it is quite long, but you can look up the whole poem online if you’re interested.

“The Triple Goddess

As the Maiden, I saw through your eyes as a child Spring rains, green forests and animals wild!

I saw you run freely on the Earth with bare feet!

I watched as you danced in the winds, blowing free!

As the Mother, I bore all the labor distress Of birthing your child, and I felt the caress Of your hand on the face of the new life so dear.

I heard its first cry and I eased your fear!

As the Crone, I brought blessings of wisdom with age (Wisdom not found with the turn of a page). I was there as you taught the correct way to live:

To love and to trust – to take and to give!

I was there in the twinkle of your aged eye!

Maid, Mother and Crone – We are all One – Yet We are all separate as each role is done.

We do not leave you – We’re always there… deep in your spirit where nothing can hide!”

Bright blessings,


Some more information on the god: The idea is this, the god is the being that summoned the goddess. This means he helped create the triple goddess. This process took many years by many followers, but she was a masterpiece when she existed. So the god is able to adapt many things, known as the star god for forging the cup of life from a meteor. He used star metal weapons and was able to defeat aliens on the planet by what he did. By the time of 1300 BCE he had many avatars. The god is the one that slew an one eyed giant and claimed the name Odin. He could do what he needed, even today. His ability as I recall the idea is long range geneticism, this was where he is a long range planner nowadays.

So he can create miracles, he works around things, he is using the system that he helped shape. If he is so sure of the future, then he is sure to step up and assure us that things will be alright. This is what he has done on a number of occasions. The god is a being that creates by several names, through the centuries he has been known as Immortis, Immora, Odin, Old one and several people or others. I think he left me his weapon for a short time, that found him in the end. So I am assured that he is as thought. A god or divine being that has had many forms. I know of two forms that he has had, an immortal six fingered six toed form and the 5 fingered form we know today. Except that things are what they were, the tail of the human is starting to come back and some people have 6 fingers again.

He has seen 3 races of people on this planet: the 1st race was humanlike and I named them ogre magi, they could do what was needed if necessary. They used the aura energy and this was where they created by thinking about things, that was where they create by feel. Doing things was sometimes necessary, this was done in order to get results if none were there.

The second race: Atleantians or energy humans that could create using the mantle pocket of the planet and they are interesting to look at by idea that you perceive.

The third race: He helped with humanity, this is where he helped make and shape humanity as other stellar races helped as well. So where they are in the end is they are blended in to the race. There are two or more forms of humans so there isn't just one. Some say science is the heart of man, they who observe can see.


How to choose beauty everyday

This piece came from

How to choose beauty every day?
There are certain practices or better to say a type of mindset and attitude that you can easily apply in your everyday life when you feel you are out of balance. In case of any negativity arises these are the steps you have to take to eliminate the bad impacts of your cloudy mood.

We could have said to surrender but it probably has a negative tone for you.  However accepting the circumstances rather than feel bad about them is very liberating. Don't resist, accept and that itself will ease the situation.

Ask for helpRemember that you are not alone and never really were. You may even feel gratitude for this simple fact that you have someone, somewhere to turn to when you need help and support. It may be the Universe, your family or friends, the important part is to ask for help.

No doubt that Universe will give you the help and support you need in a form that serves you the best. Remember this when you find it hard to trust the wisdom of the Universe.

Tune into loveLove is the most powerful force in the whole Universe, therefore whenever you feel down tuning into love is the ultimate solution. Search for the beauty around you, concentrate on your breath, feel the gratitude, connect with nature or choose whatever you like and helps you get in tune with your true self, love.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

think and make

This is where you think and make a point for things to use for idea in situations. Think to use this point described and you create by feeling the point is done.

Think; this is thinking by feel with the idea you have in mind. This effect is what you call interesting. Mainly because the effect is thinking and the point on idea is Divine created, using the conscious of energy to create with by what you do.

Basic; this is basic in the idea you use. Think of the point and you use what you need to use. That is to create the basic code.

Time shifting; think the time and the place to appear in and move around. Think to take a walk an you find yourself there. By d.

Purchase; make a purchase and your there in time. This has a side effect of believed area, that you think you sent your spirit to by feel.

Storms; storms arise if the thought occurs to create a storm, you think the storm will be there.

Perhaps; perhaps if you move about and do action, then you time shift or show exercise results.

The break and do; the break point is due by feel and feel free to exercise around the building or area.

Sprinkling; a sure sign that things are happening. I wonder what will occur.

Encyclopedic Definitions:

Time shift; think movement through the area by time and gravity movement.

Time; the area and movement that's done with time.

Dhift; direct death essence or energy shift: the death of the body creates a shift point for the spirit, think yourself somewhere you want to see if you do things with this type of shift.

For after a time, the great eagle of life and death adjusts your location. This is done by shifting you to the spirit land.

As you might guess, the spirit land is the astral space that Odin used timewise to create the astral plane. This is where you can go, if you don't think the location to goto by feel.

Butterbeer; sugar, water, maybe turneric and definitely melted or powdered butter. Mix it and wait for 10 minutes then drink. Well beer is beer and can bring about a final foul taste to some mouths.

Think effect; thinking effects are the effects of the mind, think the effect and you can create the idea as an effect by what you need with want or feel.

Focus effect; the focus effect is the idea you feel or think about, then the area that can create the effect is what can do things for you.

The area is where you know about the place and the consciousness responds by creating the effect with energy influence.

Sent; the idea you think directed by thinking or items that are there as reminders, this can be used as a way to send things or energy of something to create an exchange or reception.

The idea II; this idea came from my brother, the idea is this: that you can exchange a gift, if you don't like it and it's temporary if a human gift. that if an ability is exchanged, then that is temporary and the soul can always replicate the gift by feel.

The addiction; the addict can become redirected to a safer substance, this is such as sugar water or sugar foods or safe herbs like oregano instead of dangerous substances such as addictive weed or other similar things.

The idea is simple, think and decide that you can. Then your subconscious will do so as you decided to exchange the dangerous with the non dangerous. That is all you need to do.

The herbs; the herbs are actually a way to get things to go. This is where I think the herbs are useful, that are herbs you buy for cooking. They are with other properties, though you have to look them up.

Think of the use as though your intuition guides you to the correct ones. The right ones at the right time is what is considered a temporary cure of almost any condition.

See this is with use of turmeric to restore brain function and oregano or basil to cure physical illness if any exist. Fish oil or Omega-3 fatty acids cures the body if enough is used. Flaxx seed is more useful in restoration of brain function. Otherwise do your research, what you learn could save a life sometime.

Adnd mirror; think of the mirror that you use in the bathroom, think your message to someone as you think of the person.

This is done as you stand in front of the mirror. This mirror can seem to link to any place, so if the person exists then you get a response by a mental vision.

When you think yourself somewhere, then standing in front of the mirror will shift you there. A silver backed mirror will shift you easier than a normal one. Though either will do.

Break the mirror or think your back with your body as though you looked in the mirror and thought "you will do" to return from such a trip. Whatever you learn is yours to share, this is your information after all.

Think and flee; think and go with the point, if you must know is what or where things can exist. So if you think yourself away, then you are gone from the area to seem unaffected by what is there.

Make and Effect; the make and do effect: think of the effect and think Mail comes as you focus aura energy to make the idea you have ordered, that then they can do. The idea is done by what is focused into creation.
Otherwise nothing is felt.

Think and I; think about things and use the I consciousness by feel. This creates what you want by idea that you do or don't do.

The creation; this is where you use the I conscious to create by feel. This is also a strange ending where you created things, think and those things support you by feel.

Nothing else seems to occur by what happened to you in life, this is done by what you can do. So your well off.
Think and go; this is where you think about a place and go somewhere that you need to go.

End; the end is sweet parting, think about the ending and you get better results by what you did or do now. If not then the optimal choice is to go your own way.

In en fi; So in a point at the end you find your own idea that you do. No fighting necessary.

En if; this uu qualifies as undo so this means uu-what I don't like and that is the idea.

Done; done in effect, do in negativity in case you run into a ghost or something, this appeases ghosts as they die off negativity.

The room; the room could be in the hall or the enclosed space of an area that you decide how to leave. This room is separate but equal to each their own self, think timewise to do what you want.

The walkway; the walkway that once existed, goes around in the area and the point is to walk or go another way.

The sphere; the spirit is the revealing agent, think of the need as you want and you get what you think is needed from the sphere that is dimensionally placed with in circling clouds.

Feel free to do things without a hit to keep things by feel. This might be necessary for our next step that we do.
The soul asylum point; this point of separation is done by what you think and this is thinking done to do something after.

So once again, the point of separation is the moment you think to do something and you are amazing by what was done. If you wish more quotes, just ask and I will deliver them. Thank you.

Think your free; think your free and the subconscious mind creates by the suggestion, that you want for what you want.

Think and quote; this is where you think about the experience and place a quote by feel.

Think peace; peace will reign a I think forgive and forget the bad. This will bring together two great nations. So think of the best point and you can get along with others.

Think and go; I think I will go now and not bother the ghost anymore.

Think and no; this is where you think and no your way that is bad. Think about things to do and plan your life out, this is or was a fortunate moment in time for me though. So I will remember it well.

Think and show; this is where I think about what I have and show the needed idea to pass the moment I need to pass the moment in time.

Dentist office; think and know, they use enough novacane to deaden the nerve. This is a point in the end that I saw. I know things will go well.

I think; what I think I realize by now really I am alone and working by myself. So I will make the best of things, this means if I possibly can do things I am good with a skilled approach.

The magic bus; thin or not I can take a ride through spirit travel, that is with thought to go to somewhere else. This is used to go and stay somewhere else. So nope I will go and do things, this is forseeable as something else is done.

Go and do; think of the area and the place, then your set if you go there as you do things by feel.

The dentist; I am numbed, so I don't feel the drill, this is done as it goes through the area of my tooth. This works out by feel.

Ss; they got my mailed in ss form and I keep my social security payments. If they don't allow that, they send me another idea of one. Whatever occurs, I am not cut off from SS.

See and go; this is what you can call a point that I remember an explanation. Where they say to think, they explain how to go through teeth then that's the idea.

Think this; this idea is an idea to work with and things can go on that you may note, but don't expect miracles where there aren't any to give. So I will go do what I must and i hope you have a good day. Lynn.

Note; think means thine kill or thin ok, so I think you can safely say this kind of thing is over and I am aware by what I do. So I will go do it and get it over with. Ciou.

I will; I will get what I need or they got what they needed and this saves my SSI and SSDI. So I think I will do what I can and save myself trouble. Ok, I am well now. Ciou.

Unique; if you ever need the reason to counteract someone, call upon iz to cancel out things he sensed you don't like and the idea is done.

Otherwise you can always suggest to yourself the point that you use English as though Latin where each letter is a word and this is undone if not wanting to cauterize or cause punishment by feel.

This is where each their own letter is effective by idea. So if you don't and you need to stop, then you do things normally.

Chakra gate; this is the chakra gate level of consciousness, there are 7 levels that spin and in control they are able timewise to be used.

They are the root or base system, the groin area, the heart area, the kidney's area, the throat area where you need to be good at communicating, the third eye area, the crown chakra area that is used to leave the body and the outside of your body.

This is where the soul lives as a body form. This is the seven chakra gates. Think as you want, this area is only rare to visit if the soul allows you to visit him or her. That is where the soul can appear like anyone you want to see.

This is done because if you leave the body you may note that, this is where anything is possible so the crown is at the top of the head. So I will go now, ciou and farewell. Good-bye for now.

Decker; to deal with kill, absolution
Wittlin; whittling, drilling, carving
Punis; punishment by whatever means you think of doing.
Exces; Allowance and non punishment

Friday, July 20, 2018

think and greet

This list of idea you can meet and greet, this is after thinking over the idea for a bit. To use these for magic, think of the idea and then feel your need to create what you want.

Di; did
Did; didn't
Ca; can
Can; can't or a can
K; kill, chop, maim in ancient, ok in America
In; flowing
Ou; out, ouch that, crouch
Ok; otherwise kill
Cot; bed made of hay, xx thought is crotch
Funct; function, functional idea or activity.
Gr; greet
Me; meet
Is; done, equals
By feel; time
Tot; thought, decided
Gay; happy
rape; rate person

Idea that you can do with this:
Think and flow; this is where you think about idea and flow by the point. This is where you think your way and know your path. Think or feel to know your path.

Think a point; this is where you can think a point and create the idea by the aura energy influence.

Think and feel; the feel is the spirit, the moment is the idea point and the thought is the condition that your in by feel. Think to do work and exercise the weight off. This is the way to go.

The thought; the point you think is the point you create, think of your idea and the point or act as you want, the point creates itself.

The idea; the thing you say is what you can get, this is with idea that you do things to create the idea, then the idea is done.

The cure; the use of oregano in any specific way, otherwise you can use basil and with water or food ingest the herb. Usage with turmeric improves the brain function. This happens to occur by feel.

Watching; the point is watched and observed if needed by feel. This is any event that you don't have to participate in by idea.

Yet this with a point by idea we can create effects, this is usually through the aura and energy directed by thought with a point the third eye uses by feel or fee.

Think of the moment and we can use that to shift with a focus point or idea, this is used to use a concept that will work with your third eye pinneal gland. This is a point put to the past by feel.

A point; This is the point by the eye, that you can create by idea being used and things that happen will exist by a point.

Think; think the point and your body does what you need.  Think a point and things work themselves out. Think the need and the body does things as though it dies and comes back to life capable of doing the best or the idea of body functions that normally wouldn't work.

This is like child birth where you would normally not have a child. This can represent itself by the point of a gathering and the idea is given by a shit or fart. The intense internal body function generated itself by what you think will happen.

So this is what I remember happening one day at my house, when I laid down and died then came back to consciousness. This is just a reminder as to what will occur if you think the idea enough.

I didn't even have to touch my crotch. So think if you need something, then you may get what you want by feel.
Live or die; this is where you live it down by idea that you do otherwise you feel that your with life energy coming from others aura. This in the point is where you can die by feel, then you create with the aura energy you collected.

If a rape occurs then you can see a deformed child or adult, that is really there because the child that's born is defective. If the child is defective, then dont be offended the thing to do is care for it.

Subtle dear; this subtle death made by the 6th dimension, that can cure anyone usually if they use the energy of their returned body. This is used to create by the aura better health.

This is energy in the end with the result you think and not what you consider in use. If you did, then you should be prepared timewise to face on moving objects.

These 6th dimensional objects move on their own as this is energy of death impulse. So you've been warned. No kidding on the objects for real, the 6th is deadly.

Subtle energy; the energy of the 6th dimension on another dimension is subtle, yet can cure almost anything that can bother you. So I think this is done with and over by sexual feel.

The idea is useful if you think death is an engine that you can use as though a game. Game play is with the gravity and control of the objects. Thinking I am done playing this game, sends the energy back.

Think to use the energy this is done by thinking of the person and the thing to do, then the person experiences things that happen to occur to him or her. This is what will happen with the 6th dimensional energy withstood and is what is possible with the 6th.

The use is actually active by thinking the number 6th and needing the dimension to respond in that manner that you want done. That is all for the 6th dimension to do what you need. Don't need to stop the effect.

The 6th energy; the effect is build up an idea and sun energy causes a sudden downfall.

Excelliarmus; excellent thought: this is a push by feel and creates things, that you do, did, think or work and learn. The spell is countered by stating ecenn, the aura then shares the restorative energy that you think to restore people hit by this.

Feel this; the point is done by doing illusion activio or activity you do generally some idea some idea could be anything, so what you say is going around the table is doing some activity physically in general.

Encell; the end of attack: this is the end of the battery that is physical attack. So the effect is this, increase intelligence with excellence and make to work things, that can create effect by what you do.

Encelleideus; think of the wall mural that moves and either command the wall to not show murals, others look toward the wall and look away to break the eye shifting there.

The encall; the end call is by spiritual intuition with what you do with the area, that creates what you wish and this is spoken.

Xcontrol; think intense feel amongst the intestinal track and think your thought to the person. This controls the body 75 percent of the time. The side effects with this is loss of bowel control, that is done if overused or otherwise your will is overcome.

Bone idea; think the spirit animal is satiated by food with a touch to the bone, then the effect the food nearby is what the spirit feeds off of as energy.

This creates satiation in yourself, this works as you feel really satiated from the spirit animal seemingly summoned. That is until you dismiss the spirit animal. This stops the effect and creates the idea of the moment.
This point; this is a point where you can think of what change you want, then think this idea "this is now, that is a point that's later." Then the change is complete. Yes I know things are possible by this technique. This is including Gene changing.

The function; the brain function is where you think or realize what you know, the obvious is noticed by the spirit and revealed to you.

This is done by the soul insight, that you happen to realize and remember. This is so you realize what you see. Think and you can remember what things are that you need to gnow.

You can get any ability recorded by this sorta analysis when watching or playing a game. That's basically the idea.

Energy; this is basically in the energy effect. This effect is where you focus on a candle flame or machine and create by thinking about the point to exist.

Time is a function of this idea, where events occur by the area and things that happen are what is in a moment. A moment is what will last until no longer needed or none recorded. This is a moment in time by feel. So I will go ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The 10 dimensions

Mental Vaults: Mental vaults of the mind are dimensional vaults in truth. They can be opened in the mind and are leading out to outer dimensional subpockets, that exist in any given plane, but the area they lead to are storage spaces, where what they store determines how much energy they have and what resources they hold. In the vault you can make requests for things, like energy or idea to come to you from these mental vaults. On the more powerful mental planes, you can even manifest idea into becoming real. Most mental vaults are found and not actually made. It is possible for more than one person to find the vaults.

So this is done by searching in their minds and with the intent to 'find a mental vault', where the sub-c helps to find it by using the person's intention as you use intuition as thought with an instruction. The mind vault is a point with a mental room, that you can think or imagine what you want and it becomes real. So seem careful with what you imagine and things are better off. If things get worse, then you know that your not at fault. Your part of the cure, then all you need to do is think of the solution that works a win win or win lose where you win and they win or lose situation. This works for you if you want the idea to work.

The 1st dimension is with the Atomic Humans and a sub pocket of Hell. They are the atoms themselves. Not much more to be said, aside from the fact that it is possible to talk to them. They can chat with you by mind chatting or text. Think what you want to tell and you talk to them. The atomic humans reborn as humans are with bulbous noses sometimes, they can similate their world in your mind and have you believe that it was real.

This is like they were with misaligned genes, that they were born with because they were energy human before and didn't know the proper human formation or reformation. This is with experience, that you know the proper human reformation. They can make themselves appear in your place, that is if you need them to as if energy humans. So no as they can appear as ghosts and work as humans, but they are just imagined beings in place of a person.

Otherwise the 1st dimension shares itself with a hell subpocket dimension. This is where the 1st dimension of Atomic Humans is shared with a pocket dimension of hell, that is where you are not there if you think your not there. You can plant or place anyone there by thinking them there. This is similar to a mind room, where you are able to form what you imagine into creation or mind reality. This is where the reality is where you are and things are what you think.

So if you think hell places someone someplace, then that is what hell will do. That is where this is a suggestion of "(name) go to hell." Then release is a countersuggestion of "[name] don't go to hell." Otherwise think the creator, that created us all releases us from hell. You don't have to believe for this to work. Otherwise an angel or the creator can release you from hell. If you think a god will help you then a god will help, though we are all devine we use the creator as a source. So this is why things work as they do. So think and things work out as they will work for you. This is what or why things work in the first place. The idea is also where they are life forms of hell, otherwise giant sea worms. This is where the sea worms are your shared body and doing what it wants. This is an energy being otherwise. So I think this ends my lesson on hell. This is where you can say this is all? Well that is what hell is all about. If you need more information then read the hell article I wrote in some time back.

The 2nd dimension is a place of darkness and no light exists there. The third eye can see there as though a light were there. Though you have to activate the third eye by generating the third eye using blood flow that goes to the pinneal gland. This is the shadow dimension. Shades live here. They see only in black and white, when it comes to sight, touch, and feeling. They are capable of draining on touch in a wraith-like fashion. They live inside of (or outside of) objects, drain the light energy upon contact, thus casting a shadow. Mages using sorcery can create a 'shadow double' which will go around performing the tasks it wishes. This double lives on the second plane. Sometimes shadows from this dimension will try to contact a human. Then they transcend their own dimension and this uses a mirror, that by description is what they do to get to other places and dimensions. Then they either haunt the place near the mirror or the area is free of guilt, if you think then they have no emotion to use. This is done as a way to haunt the area by feel, so don't feel and they are not able to be there.

The 3rd dimension is us. Humans and Subhumans this can work with by feel, the beings as well as plants, trees and animals also live here. We cannot see above the 4th dimension with our physical eyes. Our third eyes are what see above and beyond, this is where the third eye is active by thinking the point. That is where your third eye is generated by feel.

Some notes and a theory on the 3rd: The third dimension does not only add up/down, but it is my theory that it also adds the concept of gradience, this place uses the varience of frequency and pitch to make the vibration or "somewhere in-between" points. For example, when Shades touch something, they instantly drain it. When you watch them do it, it appears as though they simply “became one” with it. Like when you allow a drop of water to touch the surface of a glass of water, they instantly “blob together”. When we drain things on levels above the 2nd, on the other hand, we typically do it a little bit at a time.

It's normally hard to take in an entire target at once. The 3rd dimension can host the area life as a point in living beyond the area of a planet, if you go beyond the atmosphere by the spirit then you escape its gravity and you are free to explore space. That is by what is done or what is there that becomes obvious with each idea you think or percieve with the mind's eye.

For space and beyond, the 3rd eye is that what percieves psychic events and area that you want to see. If you don't percieve anything, then there was nothing that could be used to survive with by feel. So I think the 3rd dimension can host things and other dimensional life as well, this is obvious by the feel of the being and sometimes the being is obviously there where only partially are they sometimes visually there.

The 4th dimension is the time mist dimension and serves my needs perfectly, I can do right or wrong and noone seems bothered. I can find what I need off the market, this is for cheap and effectively quality. The 5th only serves those that do right or correct things. Just think of what you want and the effect is this, where you get what you want and thinking directs the point to create the idea. This is a direct effect of life by what I do. If I don't want the idea, then the point it exists usually fades away or it goes to someone else. If the effect is noted, then you can recreate the effect by feel.

The 5th dimension is a plane of created effects, this is the area that exists for those that will do no wrong. The effect of this is to use the point and make use of what you have. This means there is nothing wrong by feel, and things are aware to help you understand things that exist. Deexisting the things can create havoc by feel in the area, especially if you want to create peaceful intention and they know you. If you deexist things then the person that needs to use the item will miss it and make use of things to reclaim it. This is the 5th dimensional way. Get to the 5th dimension by thinking the number 5 and thinking your there in the 5th dimension. You you will feel a subtle shift and things will reveal what is there by your thinking of things to appear. The objects that you value will travel with you and you will find them again.

So think of where you want to go and you can get there. The 5th dimensional language is simple vowels and hidden in english speach. So if you find yourself there, expect some objects to be there with you and some to disappear. The 5th dimensional magic is this, think of what you want and the idea will manifest what you want with wannting a wanted effect or creating a field of expertise to work with this idea, be careful the terms that you want to create with as you could set off a bomb if you think of things. Things such as bombs being "right" and thinking of things, these are what creates anyway. So enjoy this effect as you will or can do.

Those that mention the 6th in life, only mention the dream part of the 6th dimension. The dimension of bad effect towards the living. If your alive in the 6th dimension then your hunted by objects, think and you are treated similar by others in the inphysical as you treat others here. This is ruled by the text, and your able to return to the physical dimension after death or thinking you return. This is the last thing I will do for this moment in time. So yes that's true.

Observations of the 6th physical dimension, this is the area that is there. The place is creative by feel and noone is there, the internal dark view is what I notice and things are likely to rise up due to some dark impulse energy with live people nearby. That means they can think themselves there by feel, this is with what is the number and the idea to do things with by feel. Think of the point and the idea is known, this is done by what is there or what you know is there. I think the area is there and the third eye, this is using the pinneal gland blood flow by thinking the blood flows to the pinneal gland and creates by what you think. This is what I noticed in the 6th dimension physically.

This 7th dimension the building and people that are there built up or someway by something, then the place with people bow backward self-neutralizing the body. This is weird to watch. But, the event is watchable and things are observed from there or here. The third eye created by the pinneal gland activating by thinking the pinneal gland is active with blood flow, allows you to watch the event by feel or thinking you see the idea. This idea is the rare thought, so watch with what you want to observe the event. This is done by negotiation. BTW, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten so far. So this is where the dimension is building things up or someway, then bending people and structures backward and this is as though their bodies are made of energy particles. think of the moment that things exist for you and think of shifting back to your own planet and dimensional time, then this shifts you by the aura energy that can create what you think where you actually are for now. That's the end of fessing.

The 8th is where you walk around in an area and things appear strangely. The 8th dimension is a place where instances are there and thinking creates the point, the idea is what is described by feel and the idea is allowed for by asking for things. What your aware of is the idea, what you know is the situation. The idea is often looked into and what is thought is gotten as further idea if warranted. The exiting through the open door is what allows you to go to another place or time. This is where you think, this is how things work by going into detail.

Things work by what you do, but I wouldn't say any further than that, because most likely the idea is things are different per different person or experience. This is how I noted down the new area or higher vibration area, that required positive thinking and going places as I was doing things for people. This is the new area in general, now the new area in purpose is the place is set into different segments.

This is where you can note different activity with different things in play. This is an idea that I had for a long time, as to exit the level of chakra area is to go down the stairs thinging your passing through a gate to get to the area that you need to go to. This is how I enter in and leave the area that exists, that is until I think it doesn't exist. Then the area simply stops being there, this is where my mind suddenly perceives the area as the area and the new area is where I am or other planes of existence can exist instead. Such as an exoplanet presented by the soul.

This is where I can explore and work with what is there, thinking about the area and making better the place improves the places integrity. So this is what I noted down as I remembered it, I decided to write the idea down by feel. This is the 8th as I saw the place. The 8th outside is where things are strange, the place is an eery or hazy heated area that you can walk around, then you are in another new area where you move autonomously. This is done by idea then coming back is think of the place, so to allow the energy to guide you back gets you to return. The store is easily worked with and you know things by the area energy. This is what I noticed by feel.

The 9th; The 9th dimension is where I noticed things were instantaneous, thinking about things created by the point what you needed. If the area is dead and the place releases you to the normal world, then you are free to go do what you want or feel to do. Think of the new area your in to escape to the place outside, then your free of the building that exists by the feel that its there. This is somewhere along the lines of the action of walking, the place disappears by the feeling that you sense. The idea you have may be everlasting, but its otherwise instant outside somewhat. The particle form is what indication and if they exist of what is there.

This is much like a game world that you can exit by thinking this point is where you walk off the edge of the map and walk to exit the game to the normal world, an the point that is existing is where you create with the fey. You can create the faery by use of an energy trick to make it appear similar. You can create with the faery by thinking you do, then the effort to get places or make things is easier said than done by feel. A drive in a car will shift you places that you think to go by things you do, this works by the silver energy in the vehicle actually doing the idea that you think. The idea you have isn't flawed, its limited by what you think. So if you think its unlimited, then you get unlimited results.

This I think describes the 9th dimension by feel or idea. The feel is what you think, the idea is what is exposed. If you indicate someone else then the person there is not thought about and can get away with nearly anything. This is a trick of the 9th dimension. There may be other tricks of the 9th dimension, but this plane of existence doesn't exist outside of the earth's sphere of influence or atmosphere. So I think its safe to say, if you go beyond the planet, you are in the 3rd dimension and that is where you still are by feel. If you think your other places then by aura energy you could be there, but I think its a safe bet that your still here where you can remain seen and this is because the soul wants to seem seen.

10th dimension; The dimension of divine beings and god energy, think of the area and your there if you think its safe. Think of the idea to create and the need you have creates what you think. This is how it works, the idea you have is what you do. Think of the idea and its possible by the subconscious as you think its possible. This is where things exist by thinking or feeling the idea does. The idea is where or when you want things the item can exist by the feel, this is acting as though its there. The point is that the area is there if you think the area exists, the area unexists if you think the area unexists or deexists. This means the area ceases to exist. Any ghosts in the area that are energy in physical form disappear as well. So if you think to get away from a energy ghost that you can walk through, think to deexist the area and things come to normalcy by feel.

The energy in the 10th is conscious or "I" am a god energy, this is where the energy creates what you feel. The divine people that exist there caringly create for you, otherwise things exist for you asked for them. You know things by the energy that exists the idea, this energy is the conscious energy that's there. This is where you give and get equally by feel, that is wish or speaking by feel and created is idea. This is what you have gotten by idea with the feeling that you live with by feel, this is where you give or get things by idea to give what you need is to get what you can.

For more info on dimensions look here at the dimensional physics guide.

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