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Monday, July 23, 2018

the triple goddess and the god

The goddess is also known as the triple goddess. The Triple Goddess is the stages of a woman’s life:

Goddess – strong representation of the feminine energy

The Goddess is at the heart off all nature religions. Her feminine energies are equal to the God, who is also known at times as her consort. For women this is wonderful, as we can see strong representations of what it means to be a woman. For men it is amazing, as they can have more feminine energies to enjoy and connect with too.

The Goddess is known as ‘The Triple Goddess’ as she has three aspects- Maiden, Mother and Crone. These represent stages of a woman’s life, her monthly cycles, and also the phases of The Moon.

The waxing or growing Moon represents the Maiden: adventuring, hunting and free. The full Moon represents the Mother Goddess: full of powerful creativity energy and new life. And the waning Moon represents the Crone, where the wisdom is drawing inwards and incredibly powerful. The Crone is also depicted as a traditional ‘witch’ and her power has even been feared throughout the ages.

There are Goddesses who traditionally represent each of these phases and energies. You can find out about them and call on them for inspiration, power, magic and protection.

Goddess – art
Finally, I would like to share a beautiful poem with you called ‘The Triple Goddess’ by Kalioppe. I will just share a few lines of the poem, as it is quite long, but you can look up the whole poem online if you’re interested.

“The Triple Goddess

As the Maiden, I saw through your eyes as a child Spring rains, green forests and animals wild!

I saw you run freely on the Earth with bare feet!

I watched as you danced in the winds, blowing free!

As the Mother, I bore all the labor distress Of birthing your child, and I felt the caress Of your hand on the face of the new life so dear.

I heard its first cry and I eased your fear!

As the Crone, I brought blessings of wisdom with age (Wisdom not found with the turn of a page). I was there as you taught the correct way to live:

To love and to trust – to take and to give!

I was there in the twinkle of your aged eye!

Maid, Mother and Crone – We are all One – Yet We are all separate as each role is done.

We do not leave you – We’re always there… deep in your spirit where nothing can hide!”

Bright blessings,


Some more information on the god: The idea is this, the god is the being that summoned the goddess. This means he helped create the triple goddess. This process took many years by many followers, but she was a masterpiece when she existed. So the god is able to adapt many things, known as the star god for forging the cup of life from a meteor. He used star metal weapons and was able to defeat aliens on the planet by what he did. By the time of 1300 BCE he had many avatars. The god is the one that slew an one eyed giant and claimed the name Odin. He could do what he needed, even today. His ability as I recall the idea is long range geneticism, this was where he is a long range planner nowadays.

So he can create miracles, he works around things, he is using the system that he helped shape. If he is so sure of the future, then he is sure to step up and assure us that things will be alright. This is what he has done on a number of occasions. The god is a being that creates by several names, through the centuries he has been known as Immortis, Immora, Odin, Old one and several people or others. I think he left me his weapon for a short time, that found him in the end. So I am assured that he is as thought. A god or divine being that has had many forms. I know of two forms that he has had, an immortal six fingered six toed form and the 5 fingered form we know today. Except that things are what they were, the tail of the human is starting to come back and some people have 6 fingers again.

He has seen 3 races of people on this planet: the 1st race was humanlike and I named them ogre magi, they could do what was needed if necessary. They used the aura energy and this was where they created by thinking about things, that was where they create by feel. Doing things was sometimes necessary, this was done in order to get results if none were there.

The second race: Atleantians or energy humans that could create using the mantle pocket of the planet and they are interesting to look at by idea that you perceive.

The third race: He helped with humanity, this is where he helped make and shape humanity as other stellar races helped as well. So where they are in the end is they are blended in to the race. There are two or more forms of humans so there isn't just one. Some say science is the heart of man, they who observe can see.


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