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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

recoverry or gone

I think with essential oils if for perfume mix with water, if for curative mix with oil so far thats what I figured out except you can create different scents that restore. so think that is to restore or fix abundance this is instant, think as you have to fix the budget you could get things right as though a millionaire. I will get some new stuff though so no worries. carrot seed essential oil

"see as you are capable or want by now, so what I think is you can think changes to the planet to change things to your liking. cool ideal eh? think your delinked so you don't gain weight where the earth energy is what or where you respond to earthen things. think you don't respond then you won't. this is not for perverted use. this is life by the feel. you are where you think you are." n needs
abundance crystal x 2
rose quartz

pink quartz

chi ylang is a golden or green stone considered among abundance or wealth stones the abundance stone, by thought I then think abundance to find abundance to the area or area abundance comes to you. there is other abundance that is all how money is given out by ideal in distrobution. so if you think about the theory or party you can manipulate the bill, this then is what I did as this proves money is only a number. The number is the art you see to use.

I think to leave after to goto some other apartment or home is where, this is more appropriate so your dream is irish. I wonder what really occurs by my brothers win if use is by now I am there for now. This was actually called yang here so ylang is yang, ylin is yin as while in or not in by yang. This was an intentional thing that you were there so you are by intention not there. So I think its from or for freedom. that we gain weight or lose weight as we think then we are. This is where I think things exist or don't exist.

So I might play a game then stop as I have to leave. See tidal wave use is to fix the use so you create with energy or tidal waves create mood swings. So if then the use is a seed for apples or a point so then you think why not plant things, then as you know you see the growth you will know. This I think is important by now you know if to drink carbonated water you can eat more if full, if you think to not eat then you won't so no this goes both ways. No darkness exists where you think there isn't, until its pointless to disagree then you know there is nowhere you can see.

There may be possible creation by the ideal you have, then acted out is what you call empathy except for the path of light or darkness you may think of. This is what or where you are that you are aware. Then you act with honour. This seems that when they draw or imagine a rainbow I see one or allow things to work. Then if they draw things they can create by the painting or drawing. So I wonder what is the point if no use is some ideal. So I think this is where you are aware yet not there, so think then you are appearant where you think to be. Yet don't think to appear where you are no longer are needed. So ciou for later.

Monday, September 28, 2015

interesting old notes

this is just some notes I remembered.

clotho = clotho is spurred genes to cause regenesis or longetivity that allows new brain cells as you work without insanity.

the items I look for I find, thanks to you with your magic. It seems that those are energy things so reform with energy. So think to reform the item from energy to create the energy that is there as though no is no longer missing. I will just go on or off by myself. so this time I will learn from someone more physical based with magic. so enjoy yourself.

I think I am done, really done here so I leave myself out by now. 1-800-231-6083 • orders @ now you don't have to gain weight. so enjoy yourself.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

alter diet

The Chimp or 45 minute 2 hour Diet

This is self-thought, use is to eat whatever you want. Thinking in smaller quantities but not too small, except if your extremely obese and consider small to be large or medium weight, where the point will actually have to be small in this case. Except at breakfast time, where it can be any actual portion size, except large. And, there is a necessity, think to exercise during the day or night, drinking warm water, before meals and right after meals. Why warm water? It breaks down oil and fat easily, where cold water doesn't. But, cold water can cause appetite suppression. So, Everytime you pee, drink 2 glasses of cold water after. When feeling the urge to snack, or eat unnecessary food, drink 2 glasses of cold water, instead. As, the key to losing weight, is breaking down the fat and oils, in a food. And, suppressing your need to eat.
There are two types of exercise, there in this as a point which are the lifting weights style and the aerobic style. Its good to lift weights, think at least once per every 2 or 3 days. Whatever you can lift, where 5 kilos or 5 lbs are a good start weight. Aerobics consist of walking where your doing repetative motion, thinking is no longer forbidden and among other things with the body. Doing so is healthy so thinking I knew this I bet at least to the feel or creativity that is 4 times per week sometimes to everyday, some think for 20 to 40 minutes a day is the key to remain healthy. I think this is the point I reconsider if this doesn't work. Some other diet works too if you think the point through.

But to seem nice, try to be somewhat active every day for they that do things create with their ideal. For you could use your time wisely to create with your ideal. I think with the point to work or do they are aware. Oh yea I think to work so try to keep active, use is theory by activity is during the day and some sleep at night. With limited naps, by feel if any during the day. With you I think these are the ways of an old man. With limited naps is area feeling you are restful, if any activity this is during the day. I think to drink two energized water cups of water is to focus thinking to the water, then wait 2 hours then eat something vegetable or fruit then wait an hour then eat a pure beef frank with other things if you want to eat lunch. Then think to work to the use by exercise. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don't eat just drink water.then if necessary do the teeth hygiene.
" lord housen chousen

I see this is thought weight loss or less the weight. there is nothing more to do so enjoy what you got. as if in effect this is done so the precious effect is over ciou.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


hehe Love the breeds though this just means the breeds are interbreeding so they survive exinction that I sense is coming, as this is a pattern I bet 0 that most aren't going to survive. so the ideal is by prophecy we set this up so by ideal we end or no longer end by the point we survive somehow. so by no you can stop by yes you think you get the authority unless not. if you think you are aware your then able to counter anything assumed, this is where you are able or maintaining till no need to maintain things by now. i mm away.

This is from before the great flood as described so you know what went off after. The volcanoes form ash then the ash if seen is what is there. To see it is to turn around to look so you know what is there then turn back to go your own way. This was written as you can turn your back now to those that turned or were covered in ashes so then I think to be aware is aware by your point, so you think or can think to work with the ideal where things aren't worth it with a worthy point. This is their point by the way you think. I think this turned from breeding to in-breeding so we would survive or not breed at all. I think this is right though the correct means are create as creation is there.

Then if I know you I am aware of what I do or can think. So if your aware that I am gone don't be afraid if I am gone I will be back. So think as you are aware to work as you want then your aware of the point that you think is correct is right. So I think if I am gone I am gone on vacation, work related or vacation. So this blog will be here as it is there or here as I know things are well.

Going well is there so I think I will return now so I can surprise the person. So think to make a funny point to end the ideal conversation, I an aware to no longer german or italian use so I don't get in trouble with others or others act better to me. Then I think so I think then is the point I am aware. That is the rul I think then follow for the long haul. The haul of the ice.

This can describe the animals or people as if them they were accurately accounted for by now.

This is life by the life you live by the point this is ideal nothing is more needed or not more needed if you have more then you can use more to spend with the point. eat less I suggest, that is when protusion is there. so whatever I eat is an instant slim. I think I gained too much for that effect so I am working with some other effect. so I think I will stop here then create what I wish by the creator. because I love you I won't make you eat. now remember c6h12o6 is glucose or sugar. so think stop eating sugar then you aren't fat. I think the church is a fatten me goose religion, anyway where you are fattened like a goose.

However you are your slender to me. If you think to lose weight then you will. if you are some weight then I will lower mine if I can lower the weight by feel. this is by the aura energy. so ciou till next time, I am keeping away from mars as I can't live there. the rules to shifting are so I am sometimes expected, I can stand any weight, I can work with others. Thats what some think. Think they follow then they follow as though a sheep or person.

They follow the belief where you could to to other people as you fix things otherwise they could do things to themselves. They hid their culture behind the culture of the world, so if you remove the culture you get or figure out their way that is theirs. Their way is their own so think to work with your own.  Creation is creation or nothing, so I use this ideal to work with others that they use ideal to work with others. If things are well or go well then you realize things are better or good.

Then they could accept you or you don't have to accept things as a person. A fact to them is if shared by one or many is shared opinion by a point this aspects of a few with ideal. The fact they hid this means they were aware to some things or not aware to what would happen to them. So expect nearly anything. As the range of actions is the point you can think to their use.

I think what took the place of religion is culture experience that means the point especially is with what is there or where you experience you are aware, then at the end you can create as you wish so this is what you consider the point or experience. Think the experience then you can work easier with others or not to do things unless by the feel. So they took the point to work with a church as some experience or a grand ideal to work with or create by rite.

So this means as the rite or ceremony is done, then I am ignored or not there so think or not to not fatten me or work on someone else as I am not there by the point I think you can create without belief of me what I consider important. That means I am aware to what you do think not to bother me. Thanks. This is where I think "or not" so I think this works better by the area or point I think were done.

The ranks or rights of the christian mages is if they or you decide you are a mage with no scale, so if they use ideal then if seeming a certain age or acting right. This is use food or drink to usually create by the correct means where you are are better not eaten alive, if you earn the right by creating a point or use with the right activity is done.

Thus to earn the right is to do a rite then you create with what you think to get some end result that is what you thought would happen thus is the point then to their magic think to create. So I think if you were or ware a point or were such as a werewolf or activity, where they were hungry with no fodder you could be eaten alive so this is if they were there if violate of any rules or laws.

So whats the idea? if you lived on a doom world yet were able to shift anywhere think to shift to the beautydream or other place world then we're alive. only because we shifted to see other worlds before the disaster where some came back. yeah when they came back they found dead bodies, burnt or disturbed with weird grins the people on doom tis interesting they used the shifter to shift away before destruction was there. I was curious. why wait so long till they could be sure. that was because we don't believe what we don't see with our own eyes, until we are wise enough to not have to do certain things so they escaped by the ideal with time.

If you don't force by the point in niceness, so you can do as you want. I don't molecularly control you so you control yourself. So i don't overdo as I am aware so I think I can work. This depends on the organ but you can seem assured by thinking you are. So enjoy your day. The day is going how you think the day is going.

So if your thinking or not thinking, think "I don't need to bash the head for any wrong thats correct". Then you are actually working with others heads, this is for only those that deserve the ideal. Aware thought then is not aware thought now, aware thought now is what you think.

This is what version i do use or not, so i know this is right. So whatever I do I won't eat my body weight unless I need to create less weight. Assuming this is truly, as I don't need the weigh in. So I am in no weight so I guess I will go now. So you gained less weight this time as you lost more or lesser weight feel is there. Good job you earned it. I know they use suggestions so things will work. That's all I know for certain. So expect anything is the ideal.

So anything stolen as replenished yet not always, a chance as business is redoubled to sells as business is suddenly there for you to buy or get things from with each thing taken. Whatever you don't replenish your weight you want to disperse from yourself or others. So just remember 1 1/2 sizes lesser is for lesser weight.

Totals ideal
. un en no. other wise this is then of years to use. That is undone at the end where a number of years to use is interest useful by information.

Translation: Whatever I do I won't eat my body weight unless necessary. Now drop the necessary. Assuming this is truly, as I don't need the weigh in. So I am in no weight so I guess I will go now. So you gained less weight this time as you lost more or lesser weight feel is there. Good job you earned it or not used this point.

Other translation: The body can be based opinion though as they react as though the body hadn't eaten for a long time really to change the body you think to work. Then the body exposes itself to new things then changes to adapt by normal means. So if you are anything the body puffs up then dwells down with less weight.

Any handheld device is like aura energy that causes the body to live until noones around or the energy cell stops holding charge, so if recharged the body could lose weight by focus or the body loses weighed value with a zap to device.

There could be a no hold or hate response. They think to not respond to us by now.. Otherwise you could try to avoid this hate or living by the aura response when you lose weight. When you lose weight you lose response so you don't react as though I don't agree.

Leave it alone then you see improvement. By now your wondering what is happening, so when you leave it alone the device is restored by your aura or not there as the device selestructed. Less weight with selective destructiveness. if the undead are near someone they are capable to absorb by water that's with the cells to shape up like the person.

Then they are acting similar or then relax to appear to revert then shape to seem their natural form. They can be human, animals or either or one of the people that they kill. This appears in the mind to work as though inner sense by water, Outer sense that is heat sensation there by fire sense.

I think that's all I can say about them the humans or animals that is sensing what is sensed. I think you are correct, though thought is as you think. The mind is the body that is response so you wish and usually am with the fee or feel in pain.

That's only hoping on opinion based fact thats based opinion so fact as you know is those ideal with two other viewpoints, seen after some effect where this can change. So I think I will change this now to make things better. Skip the rest. Skip the sleep your rested by thinking you are by the creator. This is immediately in use at the end as I'm in en.

Light poles near the edge. Trash cans near the corners.

Kelly mays says nice.
Others are aware though so I might stop here, enjoy yourself. So think or say don't as you do. This is a different ideal, line or thought.
This is not another line. This is allowing what is legal. So here goes.
Como is coming into sleep or coming out from sleep. So mentioned como is great for uncomotose.
No big fat dude.
Think the fruit is what you ate that caused your body weight to lower, as you swirl outward for inward lessening near the chin thinking the weight that is there goes away.
Go home.
This is don't be there or you could shift there. You saw what this is like. So otherwise there is nothing to do.
No or yes, order is use where chaos is use by useful ideal.
Ne ne paralysis by the giants.
No ne is none.
Think or use is cool. This is from the book of numbers too. This is as essence is use.
Yes is use or activity no is a. And is this. Don't have to do things or go. Leave the body with loose formed clothes, so your body energy isn't restricted, thus doesn't expand or no longer is here to work. So en bathe or no smell by now is gone.
This is inauspicious,think. subtle to get more.

The nishruu can drain magic weight or be careful. Noble.

This is end by now. New ideal that's think what you want now.

This is the point you think or use things, then your aware to what is there or one with nature as nature is what is there.

The point is not if below a certain weight point you do not. Nul.

Note use is as your corrected by means. I think this is use..
Oh no you do due, as a play isn% t done.

Think you don't obsess then you won't due.

So obvious why gain my weight.
When is the point you think.

When this package comes.
When oscillating magnetics happen.

Its here so you know I got what I wanted is allowed for.
I got things done so I left, so much fun by the point.

I think I am really done here so I left.
I am through from now I know much more now.

Then your right where your at where you are by now.
This means your acting correct for your area seen alright.

-2 is weight loss where no longer thought is 2 pounds thats lost.
Redirected to a mutt is the weight you think in character.

This is then where you are aware then you can think to work with others or no usually as you say so by yourself. So if what I think is what I got seen if that were true then anything can be a sign, they don't have to use the building. So if you think then you are aware you know what is there. I think I know what to put in the religions place, "this is them" so I remember to reveal them when this is them in a possible point. If rotting is what you want then thats what you get with sugar.

Another version of this is if I was or went I think then create. You know the rest. This is where you are aware or create as you think. This is where you are aware when you think. So think then your aware by the feel. I think this is where your aware by now so think then if then aware your good. relationships are not enough. thinking to go provoked no reactions, so I think as I think I need the earth or planet to cause my shift or no longer do I need to be here so ciou for now.

Thursday, September 24, 2015



Balance if negative or positive has lost balance and this therefore does not allow interest accrued or balance made by area ideal, and thusly this appears by appointment. Think to remove a point or where a weight that shouldn't be there. Think to create using an en. Do not do nothing. As you think then your aware then don't react to create as you need to. That is what you think to the use not the point then your free.

As with anything taken if there's things there, replenishment x.x then means there is business suddenly. So don't think to steal as economy makes this where things are easily gotten. As you think business there is business. So I learned when I went to notice getting pumpkins, then as I sensed a theft I noticed business going better. I think business is there where stealing was so things are where or what you think.

This means things that are business related are relational where things are there or where things are by now. I learned this was energy use by the creator to counter the ideal effect you think to work. I think business is exchange of things or ideal credit to work with the pointed out fact. So I think I fixed it as I thought to correct the problem yet I put the dogs that were the end result in a cage. So beware if they get out.

If I see or understand that is all I recorded in the martian labs. So I wonder what or where thinking went wrong as they were there in the wrong place near the right time. So I will study this before deciding to do something. I think the cure to mental disorder is lacuma, acai, lavender with water that you can drink with stevia. The body is with the cure the cure is the activity thats noted as they see your activity they cure themselves by suddenly acting normal so they notice then act better. When they aren't near you and they forget about you they don't always behave.

I decided to allow what there is left yet I have a little time, I am sure people are transforming to the point they decided to go with nearly anything. There is some volcanic eruption on earth, so I will have to go back now as I know this thing is dangerous. Perhaps that is what I did so I will live with the results or go some other place.x.x whatever I do I am no longer there. Perhaps save the planet or no longer save what isn't savable. So this depends on how you get or give a grant or easily given fund. This all distrobution of the dollar or money such, as credit so I think this is easily some interest called abundance by budget.

I think I will act simon out yet good with no evil properties shown. I will go do what I can do now I know I am free. So seeya around oh whomever is on the mars by the planet that is probably controlled by a mass murderer with insane person needs that believes people are off their basis near a base of operation. So I wouldn't call to mars or talk to a martian by thought. See we knew ya were around so this means seeya around near or with earth english so bye bye.

What I meant was energy sent is the point you think that is observed by feel you know goes through the aura, then the mind is directed by yourself to create what you wish or isn't going through the aura to remain sane. That raises our vibration to seem what you think. This can do things as what oracle effect you think is there. What you think is there is there till you think of the point you work.

I think there is some alien nearby on my ship, I call earth a ship now so going to go check this out. Yes there is one that wants to impregnate me, so I will stop him by a feel to use the knife on the dick by himself. There now he won't. I believe he would kill me as this is my plan so I will stop thinking it. As I think to the use or to do the ideal I can't afford the hit. So I believe then there is no reasoning with him I will leave him alone. As I am not near him or her.

I am not his or her shape, so this must be a special property of the alien onboard. I believe the alien is able to change shape or make him or herself the shape of the person. this is after meeting then changing to the others aura. So the energy is what or where you think. This means mars is there yet off the basis to the point or uses. I won't go back to mars, as I have so much to do or not do I will leave this as that is non important.

As I am alone I am not lonely.

Self-suggested thought

I will suggest the thing or ideal I hear from haarp so I will stop the radionic vibration relay message. I think this is area intense though so I will think stop to the related relay towers that I think are there. The consciousness of the towers will stop the relay energy then the relayed information will not be a suggestion, this will stop even now this is gone so its done going to go buy something someplace thats safe to work with so I think to use the energy then shift as I can.

No longer thinking to make this is thinking to look the same or not, as I am similar where my old blog describes so this is some son of another.s.x I believe I am safe for now. Thinking to go get something, so I will go now, I think so ciou is his or her phrase word. I am gone now seeya for later posts. Seen some people I wonder what they think after every disaster, I wonder what I look like as I don't always look like them not excepting for the point I won't appear like the heavyweights.

As I think I can shift the body shape as I control matter, thinking by the material molecules that I am done with things to do. So time to exercise, thirty minutes a day or more will work except escuses. So I think this is energy by the feel or area feeling so I will stop writing for now till later. That was what is called an asgassian organism that I was copying, so I will stop copying by now. So I also think another life is there so lets work with people. They said basically, that I am done with life then stopped moving to the point. That I was thought undead or not once thought of after the body was removed.

So I think I will leave this alone as he wrote it thinking that to escape was to another planet, so I will write my own stuff for this isn't my ideal. I believe his or her ideal was type or do things till you achieve your goal, so this is rather interesting its however untrue. nothing is there except what you think. So I think then is now. That is what he or she wrote.

"This is a point I think to use something called the bell tolled, think of things then do them as the bell tolls or a click is heard what you write is what occurs if you need the ideal to happen. Whatever you think happened didn't assuming you were right then they were there then left as there was no reason to stay then they were by manipulation caused to be here then gone as the subconscious can hide nearly anything till thought to see what the ideal was.

This means war is nonsense thinking is non essence things are not here to toy with you, thinking is not forbidden then you are aware. Awaken by 321 with a click of the fingers. The jet or area plane is jays if he comes with it so I will go back now thinking he won't come. I think you don't always have to do things or recall them to use the point. So seeya tomorrow as I am now done."

That is what I saw as interest, what did he or she mean though? I think it was a visitor that occupied his body then thought to shift away he did. This was definitely an astral visitor. They would react that way. So I will talk to you later tomorrow.

final cure; the final cure I will give to you is sorta a combination of oregano or carrot seed, stevia, caffeine that seems you can cure nearly anything by this mixture as oregano or carrot also comes in liquid form. Stevia or caffeine also comes in liquid form so you know this could be a liquid cure. This you can combine with anything.

this is my end of file. en fi

How to gain weight

How to gain weight by normal means

This is control by the molecules where you think to eat or drink sugar, then you create what I think is the point I make. That I believe is unique ability by peaceful or other intent. Actively this is there where you are eating without realizing the the things you eat. So this means we are able to work or make do or seem able to do the point we think is important, frustration or rage is known by the area ideal you think that isn't there when you thought this was.

Think the point then you can get the ideal or expect to not get, as you realize the point then if not there, you could if stressed lose it from things that are there. Don't let the little things get to you if stressful from the point not able to actually have done. Yet you aren't stressed if you can figure things out or don't care, if you think you know or don't actually do things unreasonable as you think its alright. Weight loss is done by the thought.

"Meditation is calming so if with your mind you drop the portant ideal then you aren't hungry, so this means we can't always control ourselves. The point I think I made, if undecided then you will find things that the mind causes not to be used or eaten to see or seem some use, so things are aware of you where your aware of them not always are you aware of the items.

so no worries there. so think of what you are capable to create or work with by life. the molecules are able or ability is there to shift as the mind changes things with a touch. the mind changes things as this is your brain awareness or conscious alertness. So the weight gain is from the point you think you ate something, yet didn't as this was awhile back so you end in pain or your eating more or less.

So assume if no reason is given or for some reason you think to work with the point, don't assume as you think you ate the food you aren't eating with no distraction needed. This means you wanted to so you think then you did. Unless you need one to realize, that you shouldn't have to eat as you have something else to do.

As they see something to buy or someone to buy things for, they will buy it or no longer get the item. So that is how the angle is with the food area that sells food. So you end up in weight unless you exercise enough. That is how this works. The diet is where you know things then apply the ideal as some food is used, so exercise works to create what you think.

So in the end you create or create with what you think. As your aware you are capable, so think to do what you want. Do with this case is to die off the need so think your ahead with what you get. So we thought to lessen the need, lessen the feel, lessen the point as a suppressant was sought. Thus in an international study we used caffiene or gluten.

That we overdid on when all we needed was think we ate the food, then we didn't think to avoid eating the ideal. This was some psychology trick that backfired so when we got off or tried to get off caffeine we ended up gaining some back. So thats all this really is about, how to lose it if we drop the necessary. Think then to settle or resolve the issue as there's no issue as this is a positive situation.

If we think something else eats it we are acttually eating things as we are aware. Things we are aware of are what or where we goto. So the need is not needed if you think this is no longer necessary. The means is the point to work with, think then the item is the point or need as that is our need expressed. The necessary then is the item we use that can indicate by rememberance of the food need. Thus this is proven by how we eat after we think weight less or loss.  Some think to react is good where it isn't so think "no reacting" then you stop things before they start as though "no need".

The body has a need that is dropped if we don't think or intend the ideal for eating. So following after this is how to do so in sections that we remembered after the point. So if we think to use things or used things are eaten as then used is eaten ideal before so we can feel less like eating the food. So if we let the little things get to us, we blame ourselves for eating thus to avoid the guilt we can sometimes get others to eat.

That is the thought we were available to eat or so you think no guilt for eating as we end up eating less. Eating more is not an option, think to work with things that if you think you exist or you could always think to unexist the item. As things are bad off. So that means we're fulfilled quicker, thinking that is how we spend money lets goto the next section.

Weight loss by normal means.

Weight loss by normal means is the due thing. So this is the means we think before the way we are created or raised is by the thought.  As we thought, this is existing things that you think to create as war is not necessary so stop fighting yourself, think to gain the money instead of food then you ahead of the game. If your low on funds don't think to avoid the expenditure unless someone else pays for you. So thats all I think is impertinent so think to drop the weight where you want to exercise. Then you are cool or okay.

So think less work out more then we are unaffected anyway if we think no then eat what we want without counting calories, that was a created devising that was also not working so we can create what we want or eat as we wish. That means we were able to eat yet the point we avoided is usually at night or daytime. Avoid nighttime easier eating, easier by the feel we don't see the food we think its alright. I've seen some explanations but this is a good one.

So as you know if we think that we won't eat after, then as we use peer pressure this by the self or no you won't know what your missing. As we then think this what other way is there to defeat this ideal that doesn't exist? That is discussed now starting with the next section or by activity we build up hunger, eat less to work off the food as we exercise sometimes as we are set to war or work out in peace we exercise. Eat a little more then the body that expanded by bloat unbloats, thinking about things not thought about panics the body then we eat more yat as specified. Now separate then go do as you want.

Now you have the full explanation as set by an expert, as we think to work or work out then avoid eating to lose the natural need to create with food. This means we are able to exactly think to do or work by the feel. In effect we're talking to ourselves, so think to resolve the point without eating then you solved the problem as a fulfilled though is self-fulfilling where you then don't need to eat more. As we think more there is more then we deal with the anger, seen ideal or demon energy inside as no we're just seen ideal if this is seen ideal. Sorta like how the song goes.

Seen as a point you think then do, so think not then you could stop. If there is a way to anger, you can assume then you are capable or you were cheating yourself would know. This is the trick that your mind uses so think the natural ideal that means you eat enough to fulfill two meals instead of one if you think to not eat unless you think no longer eat before you eat.

This works in reverse so you see how he or she is warring then are reminded of yourself then stop. Stopping this you think to no longer do things unnecessary. So think to not do unless you need to do things. So think then is the use, otherwise find out what occurs.

So as your aware or left unaware if you then think you can form what is there. As though a shaping point not unlike a skating expedition that you shape up or shape the move. Some think to create things Some work to get over things. So some do as they want or by this to work with things using expensive "toys". That is their downfall, where they are aware they create yet with what money if none leftover? So budget the point then you know better options. This is true however the ideal or thinking you have shapes the body by what you think. So think if you are with thought, then you are what you think as aware is thought you are aware by what you think.

That is how rheticulous thinking goes. Don't think to stop then you do. Now think to work as though eating less, then you won't gain the wait back. I agree this is important to the point you make. Its as we thought, if they are thought to exist we exist. This is as we are aware as I think this is what or where we are not always whom we are. As assured is thought or as though addressing your own need. Your mind is guided by thinking that forms or creates what you think, such as what you think is creating what occurs. Think then you are doing or done.

Keep thinking this then you will lessen your weight as you think to eat. This was an invention of science with math that was their first way they thought. Now we just think we are disabled as we think we gained or not as no longer do you care or need to do things as though a self-fulfilling thought. The weight loss by normal means is thinking the thought or work then the point is made. If you make a point then you are satisfied, then by feeling you don't want is no no need to gain so you stop.

Describe that then you won't want to might or stop is some as "a good suggestion" is not all. So there is a in point there is an out point remember that." I think was a good ideal at the time, I think to not feel better from the need to eat less you eat more to weigh less. This by the need is eat less you weigh less with as whatever you feel is thought good if good to the body. From "by me or the weight gaining technique by Jay moisant".

Seen as though what you think is good for the body is what you think is good so go for it or you are aware what is there. Think the ideal or no to pause then you are aware. Seen is the thought so your aware for ideal expressed to what you consider. I wrote this in reminder to what I think is the remainder of the group I work with, this is where you stand or think the 13 number because if you went down a dark alley you could see nightmare ideal. So think as your ahead with money. Don't spend so you are aware of possibilities. Things you spend on or near are usually due to the point you sense.

Don't spend as you think to improve, then you are better off than with nothing. See to spend time with others are working with the conditions the other sets. So think the end point then you know what is in store. This just proves what you think guides the body or guides what van be is done, otherwise blood energy focus that creates what you wish albeit that can be true. Time to avoid donuts or sweets when you are needing one.

ben, caz, cashmeir with influence by shelly.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


There is no age. so don't dig yourself deeper in the hole more everyday. i give none at all to your point you think. i think this works by what you consider so your aware by now. ciou.

balance is what the writer of that note thought to write so here is the point.

Balance is required to ensure the best possible experience in our lives. Do you sometimes wonder whether your life is in balance? It is easy to know if you are leading a balanced life. If you do, then:

– you enjoy every moment and every second of your life,
– you can cope with any difficulties that arise,
– you can be happy without any specific reason,
– you can be yourself and love the person you are completely.

Does balanced living mean that your life will be full of only positive people and events that will bring you happiness every moment? NOT AT ALL!

When the rivers of difficulty come rushing through, you are able to stand strong with conviction and withstand the forces that are against you. You allow those experiences to flow past you without succumbing to the waves that shake your foundation. You realize all those waves are merely a test of your will and your strength. You will stand tall when the rivers calm and the waters flow gently, again.

Balanced living is when you can always offset any negative events in your life with positive ones. It is also when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Balanced living is when you are happy working and playing, equally.

It may take some work but, once you recognize and learn the patterns of the rushing water, you will discover the simple ways to balance yourself until the flow slows down again. As a result? You will feel empowered. You will be inspired and energized. Your life will be full of amazing adventures and events, that will make each and every day memorable.

*its all about balance*

cure for cold or cure: where a cure for the cold is needed, any seed including flaxx seed that is you create a cure using celery seed, oregano, turmeric with substitute sugar as possible use is substitute sugar. yet you can use stevia, grape juice with turmeric that is a quicker cure with any seed. so to send the cure or oraflu is you think the item feels what you think then does as you think seeing this is self-thought. I think this is a cure. use is cinnamon with basil added to almost anything.

free loans; loans are free some you need to pay if you want to seeing this is with no need to pay back by abundance with free distrobution by a budget. can't bullemic so seeya around. this is off the basis that is allowed.

Monday, September 21, 2015

interesting magic

caraway camomile cactus or normal cactus with carnation is some interesting cure, they are with bloom not until they exceed a certain weight. for if this is known this is there by now, what you think is there as I was there I am or was where I accede it there.

creative spelling; the moment you think then achieve, that is the amazing in an appropriate moment you can work then achieve. things that are impossible are possible as you turn your head to the left to get energy, imagine the ideal or remember the past then turn your head to the right as you imaging then work you are creative or creating what you wish. so you see the point you think of ways to show results that could cause the correct body reaction. that I know what is there by what I focus to realize.

there is so many stories that one can tell what is there by what you sense. imagined stories that we tell ourselves as to why we can not "do" a wide variety of anything and everything. the trick to the rolling of the neck ideal is this really isn't magic, this is by moving the neck muscles, your creating hillucination or halucination that was creating a point of rememberance. this is use so that is imagined ideal to create with this as you think to cause the ideal that the brain causes.

projection; This is not 1 to 4 so if you think to project your body over a psychic connection, that allows you to be seen or observed as though known. Think the message then you are heard as though known to have spoken the ideal. Feel the area energy or emotion then think your there if enough energy then you can teleport there.

self-thinking; think "i don't see a need" or "if you need to do something else" to someone to stop the ideal, if you dislike or think this to yourself to not do things you won't then you won't.

so I think something; if this is true is there a relationship with ufo's otherwise nde's?
What is the opposite of separation and fear? That is the lesson I learned from my "Angels". I had a very unique combination of having BOTH a UFO related ET Contact and a series of Near Death related Experiences (NDEs). The result was a total transformation of Rey Hernandez which is very similar to 85% of UFO Related ET Contact Experiencers and Experiencers of NDEs. Our FREE Experiencer Research Study, an academic study of UFO related Contact Experiencers, has confirmed this total transformation of Experiencers of UFO related contact with non human intelligent beings (ETs).
I can only speak about my personal experiences. My personal experiences have ingrained in me with a "knowing", not a "belief" but a "Knowing", that these ETs are "modern angels" and connected with the "Spirit World". I also firmly "believe" that the entity perceived to be "GOD" by so many NDE Experiencers are instead "Angels" which can be described as a higher level dimensional ET.
The parallels between an NDE and many ET contact experiences with human looking entities are very strong. FREE has actually begun a separate committee to investigate this strong relationship. Lets explore some of these relationships: 1) All communication is Telepathic; 2) communications are with human looking entities; 3) many of these entities are dressed in White Monk's Robes; 4) A feeling of extreme love in the presence of these human looking beings; 5) ability to manipulate space/time via Personal Life Reviews vs Life Reviews of Planet Earth; 6) the message that UNITY and LOVE are supreme; 7) Out of Body Experiences where you see your physical body below; 8) the tremendous TRANSFORMATION that both Experiencers evolve into (more spiritual, less Ego, less materialistic, belief in Spirit World and Life After Death), etc, etc, etc.
In addition, the preliminary findings from our FREE Experiencer Research Study (academic study of UFO related Contact Experiencers) reveals that 67% of participants to our surveys have had an Out of Body Experience (OBE), that 28% of Experiencers have an both a UFO Related ET Contact AND an NDE, and that 85% believe that these ETs are somehow related to the "Spirit World". Finally, our survey findings has revealed that LESS THAN 15% of Experiencers have stated that their experiences were NEGATIVE.
For individuals that have had BOTH an NDE and had a UFO related Contact Experience-- there are many of you out there-- what is your opinion?

interests use

add 100 to intelligence

I think this is cool so I let you do what you want, now I will go. seeya around.

Post this if you want to on facebook.
"You're up I think i think your ideal is sane where your ready for wear, this mission is to change your profile picture for 24 hours to the character I assign you. Then write as your status: "I intend to fill Facebook with comic book heroes for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Give me a like and I'll assign you a character." Your super hero is by natural ideal, the selection of for a choice."

Sunday, September 20, 2015

thinking this

"Breathe. You're going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you've been in this place before. You've been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you've survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can't break you. They're painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you'll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass."
— Daniell Koepke of
Internal Acceptance Movement (inner. acceptance. movement.)
New Book:
Bryant's Health Story:
Bryant's Page:
  •   this is where then you can think so you are aware. think then so you are creative yet approach or no reproach by this is what you consider. that is a dogs way, a humans way is used to think so don't bother as then what is there is noticed or noticeable, this is usually by feel that you know or realize. so think by feel or don't bother us as use is where you know. So if you think I know that things will work then they will work.

some suggestion
being non hit in the head and english is now use or no en.
a base is our area activity: en is use now this is not.
ne or need base; feed or feel is the bas point the area is needed use.
no is en point or don't is no longer bothering.
so where is the bothering by us?
I think were trapped here so we wanted out.

none don't respond to the point by here that I make or maybe I am curious so I might leave.
no in en is use. ne in use is no use by the end you think as the end use or end point.
the weight doesn't boomerang back with ease as you eat or don't eat the poisonous stuff.

 we're back then he agreed to not think this a base and allow english. he agreed this is english.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

In Ja Sa

Theory in ja sa
When inside you really can't copy. Inside ourselves is a world, this allows what resides our minds our conscious brain awareness, there exists some uses or ideal as well. So you can rest assured that I am aware. That I know what is there by what I focus to realize. There is so many stories that one can tell what is there by what you sense. Stories that we tell ourselves as to why we can not "do" a wide variety of anything and everything.

Why we can not grow, with use is love, accept by feel, forgive with ideal, change by the point, do what we love and on and on so you know what is there. This is what you think ir consider interesting. So you are not always aware till you think you are. I was able to lose 2 lbs this way. How is my weight fluctuating? Amazing or interesting is not the food I seem to be weighing between 200 to 190 so the creator can fix this.

We are the ultimate spin doctors unto our own selves that will justify anything so your will is energy or ideal by points, so you think so that we don't have to "do" the right things that ultimately will help us. Otherwise not bother, till necessary now think to don;t do things if you think them unnecessary by feel. See I know this scripture the ideal is there, then the point imposes things as the ideal then this exists.

So we remain chained to our own thoughts with thinking thought ourselves and are never free or ultimately never happy. So you you see my point or no longer bother by what you did. So I don't really care this is something you did as I was not only a human being or whatever. 2 seconds from a heart attack that is the last play, allowed to have the hewart attack by the creator. So I think this was from a song that I was hearing, so if I heard this from katt what else is true.

Let us be willing to look in the mirror with naked honesty
and acknowledge what needs to change.

Let us be willing to identify all of the things
that hold us back in these " prisons of the mind " we are in
and in so doing begin to forge the keys to open the doors to our own freedom.

We must participate in our own rescue,
to become free to fully live and love
Control over ourselves and our lives is the
ultimate foundation for self-esteem and
self-esteem is the ultimate foundation
for self-love

When taller you can tend to speak more often. think then you can work. I think gives some good answer.
Your Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance. This is your third chakra, located below your heart and above your navel.. This Chakra is all about personal power by feel, confidence with love, joy by desire, thought with concept and self worth by activity.

It's also associated with the intestines which by use are all about moving and flowing with life. You can allow things though. Share or work with the planet, then the planet core shares with you or with whom you think. Word of mouth is not always to do especially the ideal you have from it if dangerous or not in the word of advice by now. So if you think to work things off then they are lowered in energy state. That is about it.

chakra balancer; Think to balance Chakra then the creator balances the chakra: This can seem any chakra point.
Solar plexus:
Sight- Focus on the color yellow.
Sound- Chant the sound "Rahm"
Smell- Use the essential oil peppermint
Crystals- Place Citrine over the Chakra, put in your pocket or wear it as jewelry
Affirmation- Close your eyes and repeat this out loud 3 times daily, " I am strong,l happy and joyful. I flow freely with life". Visualize and feel it.

But to seem nice, try to be somewhat active every day for they that do things create with their ideal. For you could use your time wisely to create with your ideal. I think with the point to work or do they are aware. Oh yea I think to work so try to keep active, use by activity is during the day and some sleep at night. With limited naps, by feel if any during the day. With you I think these are the ways of an old man.

Friday, September 18, 2015

walk off

walk-off; since I am done I will walk things off. since this is already done, don't analyze me or diagnose me, the weight gaining property of the drugs cease now by the creator I think so I am crazy or your just aware. this all is done so this is done already. think to work as you want. a con can lose his stomach or her ideal unless thought is there to keep and the emperor is not yours alone. un t-stem cells to cease the body animated by energy. Well done this is just so Awesome. So if not wanting too much, get a limited amount.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

ideal situation

The area is energy by feel, think then you are aware. So when you are aware you can create peace by the point you do or don't do to work. So forgiven is sone ideal you think to work that is positive treated to bot really have some effect. Such as love that you think is work to create or divert to keep or leave with peace or not effect the area.

think a second to lose mass; this ain't yours In a second flat::an in end ending I think to work yet can't unless this I wish to work. so the creator creates jobs the ability is what you concede or think or work. I see things for a point there you could forget to create other things. so think to create or you won't want to work. unless you don't need to do things. this I think is interesting curiousity. I think I will stop here to work so I know I will get a job by the point I feel. So seeya around.

forgiven = for you give them then something is there. with thinking you create or are given you are positive then repulse by aura energy the demonized spirits. this uses cern or magnetic circular pulas pulse energy that is energy particles to create a barrier through atra, thats emotiob readion, sometimes aura energy or collide by area energy that you think will collide or no longer collide by the circular magnetic energy with the creator or not used ideal. This means link to positive material energy for a positive experience from the creator with some positive space or creator realm. Think a negative ideal to attract a negative energy from the demon realm.

water drinking; drink 7 to 10 glasses with water that you can use 8 oz glasses for to keep off weight or lose weight with warm water, otherwise use cold with warm water so use is to not have hunger, dealt with otherwise by a leaf of spinach or basil or basil lemon to sooth hunger. use the leaf to soothe hunger with warm water to break down fat. this is what works if you have edible leaves or use is cold water.

icebox cake: heavy whipping cream, flavor, cookie rounds. whip the whipping cream with the flavor then till stiff. place a few rounds on a cake pan, then place whipped cream to place more rounds then whipped cream till a cake form is there called a mold. place whip cream around the large cookie with whipped cream then refrigerate or cream freeze. this makes 5 to 10 servings by feel. think to use then you are free. so its not there to make you fat use substitute sugar if you want some sugar.

told off; you can be told off. this is just a thought. just think positive. think you can form reality by some area example or thinking that is activity. the ideal is then you think the example to create a bigger or lesser effect. so not depending off the example you can create things as you think. as ice breaking apart or ice dissolving in water is dissolving weight as though body acid causes the fat stored to dissipate then you are slender.

that is how you can use magnetics to do this by the area feel you think then you create by particles. thinking this then you create by feel the area feet position to create, the movement that you create with is activity to cause the movement. the point then is to think then use so the correct position is to work with others, ideal or your feel then is their point is done or not noticed. Black tourmaline or adventurine is a great neutralizer rock, that acts as an absorber for negative energy and wild chaos.

think as you are somewhere else; seen is the user working by directory or dr enfrank

this is for ideal byproduct or fruit use or medical use. this is unusual concept. drug working feel by user feel.

med use; think no need to no longer need unnecessary medicines. this was finding with the true ideal that you can use herbs or ginseng to cure anything if mixed with oregano or basil. this works if the body or brain signals don't degrade where the mental person still or otherwise gets her or his meds. after the point or as the point exists is the fact that they are well. think med use then what you don't need or state I don't need this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

useful thinking ideal

this is a reminder: Don't eat after the weight that goes up when you eat as then the food you eat is digested. This can appear as though shades, wraiths or nishruu can eat the magic weight by now or not eating when you normally do. Exercise the weight off that you eat, as you walk or work out the ideal is worked as opinion or thinking is done. This is a safety precaution to prevent the obesity from happening easily.

You see the person can eat more if they are eating when they are larger so think to eat less then stop as you start getting bigger or smaller, as you start to eat then you stop when you start to get bigger then smaller. So this is when I think that to save money is no longer spending the cash. I think this was repeated from somewhere else so feel free to change your ideal based off this is the useful thought. Think then you know what is there.

So you won't find a reason to spend by credit exchange or funding is just a number. This is to save your funding for a better day for what is there. I think this is my last day here. Seeya around. Due note: within minutes of change use cold water to preserve the body if the body dies from this. See you won't always gain this back, thought so if as you think to keep the object if this isn't body weight so you won't always gain your weight back. This is done with so ciou is the use you think.

So the fruit or apple cinnamon toast crunch variety. This is non justice for all. Spread extra virgin virgin oil, olive oil or canola oil on toast, sprinkle a sugar, cinnamon, turmeric, oregano mix then sprinkle apple powder so finally use is a microwave for 1 minute or 30 seconds longer to cause the toast hardening effect to keep in practice. yum nummy

I think this is their ideal to use as their point or our way to work with. I think this means peace by none war tactics necessary to the point you use. So if you think to work with this ideal, you can conclude that this then is our life to live. a good suggestion; "whatever I am I ain't plump or uses en swollen. I am en use or no I am not use."

The abundance is just printing the earnings or money with the correct distrobution, that is the easier gains or wealth as though a millionaire yet not all at once as you need only add a rule to the banks. That means the point to work is un ending funding if you can do the job. So the distrobution is all that is the point. I think the right currency is the correct resounding then the reponding point or area response. So enjoy your day. The point you think or allowed currency is the correct response, then note tis is my area by response by now.

This thinking was my magic, you see so all they need to do is on asking to get funding they don't have to pay the funding back. So I had plans that I think I will allow the use by the correct funds. They that were or are aware, I think this is the plan to use by now. So I think this means that you will get free funds by distribution where you don't need illness or loans, if the funding is viewed right get free wealth by area ideal.

slimfast or cancer cure: luvuma, lucuma or superfruit with banana with substitute sugar added to acai with water. add any type of tea to taste if you think the stomach swell to go lesser so lose your focus, seeing focus with lucuma, acai with water so otherwise by feel < 170 lbs. Thats the weight limit for my height before I am fat. So I think I will work it off. So this will be my goal or think something better to work with something thats new. This is so you see its all abundance. This I think is the end point. Thats all for today.

Monday, September 14, 2015

useful ideal

skipping; skip as you need to do the ideal, so you are not as you see yourself in the mirror, so no you otherwise can do this so beware. the danger is you could see someplace then are another place, then if you come back you are returned as a body. as though skipping a point. you don't have to repeat what is listed there or here. so think by the point this is useful if you think this is not useful you don't order or no longer do things, unless you consider things but don't overstate the point. people have different ways to work or shift through gravity.

thought use; this is energy area use. this is sometimes just once or one time through an area or otherwise use is done by now. don't mind me though as I think I know where this person could be.

a spell to handle this recipe:

null absession; revert from santa curse so your unaffected. thyink better to work better that is good suggestion. as that is absessed this really isn't. think to work by the feel to the empaths and healers, i learned some thing today, when some in an act bothers me, and I am thinking about them, i start to get cold like symptoms when i say i forgive you and let it go, the cold like symptoms go away. what this means is that just having bad feelings for some one makes you physicaly sick by now. you can gain weight by thinking you do or if you think you no longer do your not absessed so extra weight isn't there. thats how this works as that is absessed this isn't. just don't think about evil people, and when you think about one of them, think about something else for different results as that is absessed this isn't by what you think.

non absessed or obsessed

I hope you know I wasn't absessed so I won't eat until this is breakfast or lunch with no high fructose or no recreated fruit fructose. your not heavier your awake your aware by the click of my fingers or a tap you wake up feeling refreshed you can do magic night or day as you wish to so you can wish as you want. alright lets do this one at a time, as the system is old so this means the system could fail. don't is do with certain cases or ideal. see the modem works though the creator has to repair this as though a new modem. no war necessary as if no travelling needed. think not to protest the natural. don't try to break the machines though. this is no longer to try to break anything you use.

No dog can affect you. No animal could effect you. I think this works to your benefit to get this done so you are aware to what is possible. Oh i no or yes as i know. see this is a cool point, this is getting information for us so don't worry. so no this is no laptop. just remember things as you can seeing you don't have to do them. So whatever I do I won't eat too much so I am aware to eat right so I work better. So I allow my weight to go lower so I don't gain it back.

Some good suggestions using mindmaster:

I am not absessed or obsessed so I won't eat as I drop the necessary.
No nstall happened here anyway, so I won't be charged.
So if you think then use then anytime this will work.
So I am aware this is non important so I won't mind if people don't need the ideal so I won't react. Go now.
I won't gain my weight so I am slender thin.
I will use some cool point so I don't remain.
I sense things so I am not always unaffected with area effects.

translated to: this is not born so don't.

we let him escape.
i am not with you lord
i know i have been born again
live in mentis 1
live is train
cleanup what i messed up
i am coming lord
i am not there for you


the abundance is just printing the earnings or money with the correct distrobution, that is the easier gains or wealth as though a millionaire yet not all at once as you need only add a rule to the banks. that means the point to work is un ending funding if you can do the job. so the distrobution is all that is the point. the right currency is the correct resounding then the reponding point or area response. so enjoy your day. the point you think or allowed currency is the correct response, then note tis is my area by response. this was my magic so I think I will allow the use by the correct funds.

shifting our way or your way

nay repeat; life biogate is anything said after nay is sometimes done. non repeat is no repeatable feel. so if no longer you, think to enjoy yourself. think a useful ideal then shift away. don't think a biogate then you won't shift there, as you think no biogate you see the biogate is where you think a point then shift to places as though inside yourself or no longer have to be there or seek no as knowledge. this is what or where you are not always where you can go by now.

you can go as this is where you think then the energy is where you can see so, you seem where you want what you are or no longer are there. this is where you are so there is somewhere else or not, as you gain or lose mass by what you do. so if you are where you thought as you are aware to go then your there.

shifting or sifting; first one, think the way in or out from a point you think, think what you want to do then think to as you do this you return or are with your body as a way to return by now. think you return to what you were doing then your back as though no longer gone.

second ideal, so you see that is all I think actually works otherwise you could think you can then act normal. interesting point. wat works for you so think as you want.

third idealism, then that is what works with the ideal is stating something then as a point or anchor. then think the activity to go as you think your back to what you want to do by feel. then you are near some point.

so think your there or back againn, as though completing some activity. thats the 4th way.

the 5th is think your somewhere you think to be or seem, then you are aware with the body as you are suddenly where you think to be there with what form you are. think then you are aware so you then go where you need to go.

the 6th is to think of a hex that shifts you away as though you were gone. otherwise think your drinking or eating some item or food then shift from there. this is a point you think so you create with a storm.

the 7th is think the spirit that goes through everything shifts you, thin or then as you think of then you are gone not always into a moving vehicle. think this is the point you consider for use then you are there. otherwise you are aware.

 think you know what this said so you know, that is where you think you hold the cords of life then shift with the leylines to go somewhere else or not be there. get this, premium is return. I think he was thinking to harm someone as he wrote this so I wouldn't use this.

this is a reminder: don't eat after the weight goes up when you eat as the food you eat is digested the stomach can go out a bit, then as you exercise the stomach goes flat after expanding then unexpanding. this is a safety precaution to prevent the obesity from happening easily. I think that to save money is to no longer find a reason by now to to spend or no longer spending the cash there is. So you won't find a reason to spend by credit exchange. This is to save your funding for a better day. there is a point or day you think, then you can act better to others. so seem as you are or honest as you seem. you can get what you think is allowable. so you are aware then this is a public posting on a blogspot.

"A quick gain or quick use. Be honest with the other person's argument. This is as though a weight demon." -Frank R Williams

Sunday, September 13, 2015

spirit connecti

Are you looking to connect with Spirit?

Automatic or Channelled writing is a great way to communicate with your spirit guides, higher self or even a loved one who has crossed over.

Automatic writing basically involves letting go of your conscious mind or thought processes in order to write or even type a message from Spirit. This is akin to magic as you think to work things out you are aware what exists.

This is what is there to work with then you can change things, so if you want to or no longer change things as you write what you want to write. Think to work or create as you want. So you think then create as you desire to work with the ideal.

If this were true then what other people could do was change the writing as though a magical writ, as though we were the ones that did it then they did nothing or we gave up.

Before you begin Automatic writing, the first thing you must do is set your intention and clear a pathway to allow Spirit to guide you. This is actually changing the writing in their mind.

Then they change the writing to seem similar physically. So if you thought to work or create something think to correct the writing, they read to sometimes create what result you have.

Find a quiet place, either in front of the computer or with a journal and a pen, still your mind and request your guides to come forward. Tgis is a similar ideal to hacking the system. Just think the change so you can create the system change.

Automatic Writing can also be used to connect with beings from the other side but if you are a beginner, it is recommend to call on your Spirit Guides as translators for the soul you are trying to connect with.

This is just for protection reasons, but you can trust that if you are trying to connect with a loved one that has crossed over that your Spirit Guides will help you to reach them.

To begin writing, perhaps start with “Dear Spirit Guides, I wish to connect with you….” You can then ask a question or you can simply launch in from there.

Once you have asked your question or connected, start writing whatever comes into your mind without putting too much thought into it.

Trust in the rhythm that flows and tap into the creative juices that live inside so you can type or write without thought or judgement for what is coming through.

The trick with Automatic Writing is that the minute you start judging the words that flow, the connection will stop and you will find it difficult to receive guidance.

Keep writing till your fingers or hand starts firing on all cylinders and you are completely lost in what you are writing. Allow your hands or fingers to be taken over by your guides, and surrender to whatever messages flow.

There is a deep feeling of connection that comes through Automatic writing. It is a positive feeling that will uplift you and make you feel warm or maybe even tingly.

As you continue, your fingers will start typing so fast that it will make you feel oddly calm, yet excited. Your words will flow like sweet music, perhaps they will also rhyme or there will be a cadence or rhythm to the words.

This is how you know your Spirit Guides are present.

Keep writing or typing until you are satisfied that the message has been received.

Remember the calling of your spirit guide is, as your Spirit Guides are not there to tell you how to live your life, they simply share the wisdom that is held inside of you. We are the ones that abstain or upstain our spirit guide.

Automatic writing is an excellent tool for people who want to get out of their head or who have a hard time trusting their intuition, as it provides instant validation.

So if your aware, start writing and calling with your Spirit Guides. Keep practicing and soon you will have pages of divine inspiration from their heart to yours.

Beautiful post by far, but to be honest I am living a completely new paradigm than my ancestors. Thank goodness, otherwise I'd be wearing a white sheet and waving a confederate flag. Before that, I'd be starving in Ireland. I honor them and their strengths, but I am not repeating the same pattern. I reached the truth then went off to work later on or off. I think this is useful by feel that you think then create what you want by a wish to wisely use what you have. This isn't exactly my life point, i don't ever need to be burgularized again.

Friday, September 11, 2015

I think or work

not unless needed; i es in i ask things in the order I have by things that last otherwise, this is no longer useful unless I needed to fix something so I will do nothing else with this. I think the dog park is useful till you don't have a dog as use is a normal dog. this reminds me of the scene the monster hunters had of a cupabolas monster dog,n i think i sensed one near the area, the monster dog was lost as i haven't seen any sign of it for a week. time to teleport away with no dog near then I can shift to safety. done so now i am done as finished is finished i will live with safety or peace. this is my last ideal on the blog, how to deal with things so not too obvious. i am outta here.

so discordent or discardent is interesting if a big deal. I think to work by what you think you can do. then you know what is to do if you thought you can do things you could know what is possible. Live as though all your ancestors were living again through you. This is there by the point you realize to do. This is though by the point you make is the ideal you made. I realized by the ideal you create. So you create you make then you can can create what you work to get. that is all there is to this. This is the end that I saw.

vampirism; as people died they are aware that is by what awakened that is thier lives as blood flows in the veins they eat normal food not the human that is the ideal energy. so that is the point you can make with life they tend to judge by the feel. prove your usefulness to preserve your life. so they know or realize what is there by the senses so they are aware to their fact that they are aware exists. if you think they are there then they are there or no or bo longer exists there if you don't think they are there they aren't as there is no bo. they can use energy like a ghost to survive or live as they wish, want, thinking with feeding not or usually can think to live. if they think they are gone from the area they are gone. this is their use or way to go. they in their way or use is actually avoided.

what can keep the hunger or sensation down is leaf of some sort such as lemongrass, lemon basil or spinach leaf. I think I imagine things to create them too much as they are starting to occur. as you see as much as you think is possible to used ideal you can create the point, as this isn't a haunted house its a point you think that is useful till proven useless. so you can see the use as use its use not useful if not wanting to go unless you or I want to.

This is though by the point you make is the ideal you made or can make. I realized by the ideal you create. So you create you make then you can can create what you work to get. that is all there is to this. This is the end that I saw. I think by my moment. I will let or live so I will create things to work with the purpose. So you see the area point you can know what otherwise is there, yes as what I saw I can relate too sometimes really late. No I can see what is there. So I don't have to bother you. I will leave this topic alone so I will go off to the next ideal.

Noone has to judge them or step in for them so I am out of here. so they only do what they want when they want to. this is their ruling they create with by some ideal that they wish to follow where they don't have to follow anyone. this is what made me leave so this means no war exists to work as they will as they cease to exist their will disipates away. they work their will the go, so your free from their influence. another vampire can sense them so if they don't want to be sensed then they aren't in poor response.

Italian holiday

Italian Christmas Cookies

4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 tsp. vanilla
3 1/2 cup flour
4 tsp. baking powder

Sift dry or water ingredients or area feel the measure. Cream butter and sugar, beat in eggs; add vanilla and dry ingredients.

Knead and add flour as needed to keep dough from sticking to hands. Pinch off dough, roll in your hands to form a log and then twirl into shape. Place on greased cookie sheets. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes.

2 cup sifted confectioner’s sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
6 tsp. water
Stir until creamy

Dip cookies into icing and sprinkle with trim. Place on wire rack with wax paper on counter to collect the dripping icing and sprinkles by feel.
drink = lose weight as you drink or think to lose weight as you drink water.
itz = use is the by the moment that ends with the moment you think done. this is easily done or ease by the feel for weighing.
i think this is easily the point you retrieve then actually exercise by your feel.
done = the end of things you think or wish with no jealousy. no sat or otherwise necessary.

Current E condition: 74 Deg F
29% Rb = $
25% El energy loss per act
7448% Efq focus energy for 1 second
1.76% Ere energy replenishment regen rate, in 3 sec energy is replenished (E%/Ere=sec to full energy regen)
14.3% Uh of heat used per energetic action
95.5% Fx magnitude
47.8% Fxl laziness effect magnitude
1 out of every 3 attempts will possibly go wrong
3.1 s/a (f)low of time

Peaceful speech

Our words by use, sometimes is your ideal or our thoughts, think and our feelings all contribute to the creation of oe with ideal from our own reality. Our word is a two-edged sword, this can create or this can destroy. See thought is impeccable so this is to create with conscious awareness and love. Our perceptions of others are merely reflections of ourselves.

Therefore as your aware, I think not to put another down or project negative words or energy towards another person, this is thinking to lash out at the other person because of our own insecurities. This is no longer fear you do. This is what you are capable to do. This seems to use the mind by ideal. This is circadeum rhythm we sense as blood energy or spiritualism, as the blood flow is suddenly faster then as we focus to create what we want.

If hit or working we survive, when we exist we can excel. So we are aware to what we do, we exist to use or what we think to use we excel at peace or warfare. I think this is where we result with unexpected peace for when you are aware to the unexpected peace, if that exists that is need by activity. I think with what as a point we do have, by stock or allowance by or for the point you make.

I still or nor that is not as a thought to think to get better results with what you have. The mind creates or makes better with the correct means or measures so think to work as you wish. This not the way you speak for now, this is the ideal you say or how you say this by now. This I think or work is thinking or peace is theory by your area use.

The human mind is fertile ground for the seeds that are our word. So plant the seeds of love, this is no longer fear that guides you. So judging by feel, your not blaming, this is no longer shaming, use is appreciated if right and especially gossiping create poison in ourselves sorrow and others thoughts are allowable without hate.

Hatred you avoid as with hate you avoid things your disliking by feel or not as things are cool by now. Think then as your aware then you lived as life is possible. Life without on going fear or area activity that is done is now. I think this covers this all. I think so I am aware. So this is some use by agreement that we are peaceful. So this is by ideal if now this area or expertise exists peace. This is to experioence what you want so you are with peace.

So think then cleanse to the area put to work with others. This agreement alone is enough to break all of your old agreements unless they are necessary then drop the necessary or if you change the dream with actions by your life you are aware. So be good then die off as you want to see the creator or do good then your free from war. So enjoy yourself as you live or don't try to get born if ill. This is just a reminder by what or where you are. So enjoy the rest of the day.

This was stated in another language as this could miss translation I believe I will state what the language was then. Japanese if now is our moment we will live in glory until you don't have one, a day of glory then is where some think you don't have one then thats the end of it if this works. Think then we are with peace.

Think then we are with what we created by the feel we have. Higher or i people were the gods so I means god that were there except when radiation started to go away. A sight seen is thought we prognose our own or live with ourselves. United we stand as a point is twin towers or things we thought to do. Then we are finished by now so we can do what we think.

Doggie speech

For dog or animal owner or something they told by body language that I did notice.

An if we thought and then we are through we are done as we're finished. see as you want I am not talking to your dogs or animals. if you think about things long enough they could come to you or manifest by ideal or expression noticed then stop, think to work then your free as your off doing something else. this was the way of my life before i found myself with another body wit the excuse that the body i had died by now so I was area shifting to work with what was there. so now you know this is not always safe to do this anymore.

So were done now so I think this is our own unique ending by now. see I think I know so I am not always sure to what I consider unless a faery is a guide. as I am asssured I am a thought to the point I saw so I am unbothered as I don't have to be there. So seeya till next time. as I am now gone yoiu are free to do what you want so I think I will think then create something unique or leave this alone. I am remembered as another name now so don't bother trying to do things with me, as a thought or asking this use as a thought came to mind unless I welcome your presence. ciou or precious.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

interesting note

 Demonic energy can also be called the hollow’s energy. Demonic energy is energy generated due to emotion on anger in the mind thats released to the planet not the body, as you think not to hit you hit an object instead by feeling the area you create with. I see so I think is the key area phrase, need to work by is some area you think to work with or avoid so nevermind that you could get some area effect unless the effect is hazardous.

 Thats the ideal reason you know the reality from illusion. Thus you know the illusion from our reality so you detect a lie or truth as the truth is there. The illusion is the point you thought. So don't not think then if you don't need to you can see what you think or see reality. This means what we need to see isn't always there so our brains make things up that we see instead, so the illusion is not there if you think the illusion isn't there then that means you accept what you can think. So the illusion is a lie. The erratic response is the area reaction. The area reason is your actions so your no longer a walking automoton.

 The energy will stay demonic because it was formed that way. Real demonic concept in idea is what attributes them, to do or being what they are energy can corrupt, corrode and cause evil in instability for the energy of the demons or use is the feel. Think it can be accessed by summoning a demon through invocation by mark or focus into your body and you will experience the energy of demons and not the demonic energy.

 Elongated exposure is likely in a direct affluence to cause an insanity. It takes a demon to form a demon so drip the water or feel you are forgiven, at least by yourself and the demon disappears by the area energy dissipating things unwanted is released not to effect so you leave alone. Seen as though sesame or some celery or celery seeds absorb what you don't like to shift out from the body or plant life takes in the excess energy, you don't lose your mind by oxygen energy formed after the area conscious secreted or created by creted feel with use is less stress more tolerance less weight less eating. Suppress the diet to not want to eat then by imagining the worst or best not to be eaten, what to see or not to do is what you don't want to get effected by with area life energy.

 Summarization is "noughet sei nouin seaon in" the fact to release stress, its easy to get this as thought was as with that energy cleansing. See thois didn't work so I thought use a neck rolling idea, I did things as sight but it's varying inside unless you have a purpose or area not always a concept background on sight or the usage. Say by no drug as area is fire, free this by focus or communication is lessening by feel so you are what is non abuse. This came from Carlos Castenada's books and its relative as this, it's a summarized info of warriorship in nagual terms.

 Where you are, a warrior needs to summarize his all life, because he needs to send his experiences into the dark sea of awareness. To escape from their effects in his life. And without summarizing his life, he can't really loose his 'human form' and if he can't loose his 'human form', he can't really do things beyond of a human's abilities. As like, he can percieve stuff, he can do tk, he can astrally travel etc, but he can't really open.

 Everyone has a personal god that represents us somewhere. Which is formed as us and appears like whom it represents. Its the supercharged form of ourselves that can do nearly anything. Not to be confused with our higher beings, things that are states in mind change by evolving to the thought. It lives in a separate existence that does what it knows and considers what we do so you see you are alive yet death is decay energy, that you can get from the body to send to the planet core or feel is use I think this is use in prison or free by what you think.

 See this is the last result I got with necromancy. They that are necromancers are possibly able to work with life energy. They that are frozen in space are not able to move to the area feel that is cold, hard radiation that infers energy is harmful so don't try this near those that care or not. See the area realize the point, create is thought so use is theory. So you see the area is something with energy, the area is the feeling that is what you feel or seen is the sight. Anonymous is use acknowledged by ideal.

 They work together the higher self and the personal god, except they be in other places. Where the personal god is in an area thats like ours and yet its separate. The higher self lives in the area that resembles whatever it desires on a higher plane and yet its to the purpose of what it decides is necessary. It doesn't do what you decide isn't possible. So our higher self is a taller person or a joke upon the words, it can't effect you with what you don't want as you don't believe in what we do as ourselves. Where right as that, higher selves can guide our bodies into doing things even though we can't think right. This means the higher personal god is a giant or the personal god is our taller self.

 The process of attuning is where a person stands still absolutely, or can think and feel it as a energy of the rhythm of life. You can seem still and this focuses part, of the nature of the area around you to be as though a part of you. This is much like meditation and is very restful. Doing it for a certain unknown length of time will cause the attunement, as it is things can get to seem at least a bit better by what you do.

 This isn't just a test, ask it to do things by stating what you want out loud. If they act to accord your ideal they are out of money or likely to not do well near your presence. So think the agravation comes from no longer getting things or inavailability. Then think how they can get the item or ideal right, so then you know they will react peacefully by feeling the situation then knowing what to do.

 This is with life or area expression thats ideal. Think then your aware once stated I know creates what you wish. So think as you so this is use by realizing this you create things so that you wish to seem or be there, that is as though a thast that is so you are aware. I think then your aware by the feel or area you think. think then you are better. The area is the point so you think your aware.

 This is like your making yourself smell better, by taking and making yourself a part of someone elses better scent temporarily as this is a use of the point in thought. Whence the person feels a sense of nothingness, or shapelessness one has completely attuned himself to darkness as any other element can seem used by which is gotten to you through void and thought as if you think an is connection that is the motion thought to use aspirin.

 Aspirin is a good use an is what you think as some aspirin is fiber that upset use, this is by relief really. I think to absorb acid with the stomach or ideal water by theory is no attacking the food now, non unnatural or high fructose labelled fructose you think unless too much where your aware you don't feel the food or no use intended. I believe even that is with some ketchup, barbeque sauce or other food use by focus with walking cures the effect.

 It may seem like magic as your subconscious works things out and cause the higher self to do the deed or work through your body. Then I think the area activity is the point you consider then no longer is anything done. So violence is avoided. See this is not there or no use intended, as some use is a bad result by a good intention. this is not too good to buy. so to think that in a moment that is all that this is. by fair bargaining i found that this is a realisti or realistic approach to what is business today. so think before you trade. that is all there is to this dark twisted fantasy.

kanye west
bb king

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I went to see someplace so this with terms ii use are for a dog not human or you vare could use with the terms adapted as though atleantian overture. This is with good intention to use without over thinking by the feel.

Shapeshifting is focus the heart to beat then think to shift by imagining the time, thinking to change by intelligence that hanges or changes the body by energy slip or some energy the body shows that you think to shape yourself by fee or feel.

Thinking use you could create something to eat or work things out. So you won't get in trouble by hiding the fact if revealed. Then if your aware your awake so you can go or get better ideal or never mind if people say what you have by now.

Think this is over with because that is done. Then the area is actually non effected till you think this worked to this. So this worked to this. I think I will work with others as some alter planning. This i see or sense is visual perception.

Seeing a point they are aware as en is there so many, farewell by now is as you see or seeya or bye. Use is by the area so this is by feel. I will no longer keep tabs with my experience, as this is no longer an experiment since I know this works.

This is some ideal that's all this is by now. Since I am intelligent I will use the intelligence. So I think I will quit ahead to work off the point.

I think to due or thunk is to beat the area don't allow the pest. So I won't as I won't do this thinking I am no longer for time by use. I am done for now so I can accept any ideal by now.

Be use or desist think or not with command that's all there is to this. This was to buy things or work for him if allowable, so I am done and gone or no longer a bother.

So a dog is not the same as a cat. They appear different or different as I've done this or just don't I can know. By now this is some point you think. Think to work for trinzan hen you are aware. Thinking the point or pattern only creates the ideal. Think the time then the trick is the mind as you think or do you know. I am you don't have to pay with the point. As I think I am to leave or no longer am here.

Don't do evil with this so you don't have to do thing to work. I never intended this to last so long so I cab or go home. Em n shen. Think to create as things correct by themselves or itself with oregano or think no longer to react.

This is a cool point to work. Think to not react or no problem happens. You see you can create nearly anything. Adequet modified is use with energy thinking is use.

This is by matching thought corrects the body so think the point then you restore your mind. Don't think to creàte whàt you wish. I'm outside so all is good. Seen or go, by now your safe don't fly again.

I usually think the mind or energy pattern the ideal is to restore by thinking otherwise. Think to use ideal to work the point by area an concept contact or other area energy is there, sometimes as a derivative you can use water with less food eating or less fatty foods.

Don't think to be or beat up others. Don't mind others then they don't mind you. So you or yues is yes, nu is no or nothing. Thinking is done. So that's there as your aware. This en is think then put things as suggestion that's there as though your mind.

Think then don't do it for you care. This is the last line of defense our way or no longer done. Then this is as though i say it. Then if I am aware kick him out. So no this is uu sod store or your own. So think the work then you are aware.

Think the creation ability with a female is the birth canal ideal you focus then energy comes to create as though the creator weaves by threads of life. The men channel by thinking then interesting in twist to create by focus. Don't think to become a monster or molestor then you aren't this. this is by far the most interesting experience I had.

This is very intrinsa way of ideal. We aren't always born the same way.You know they are the ultimate mate finders. So I uncall the goat. That was just some earth servant anyway. So I will do things on my own. Some dogs or cats think this one is mine own. Think then one is your own by the area. One is what you think, the items so as you think. The point you think then is the one you own use is the area or this is doable.

So i see this is true. Some think to use the ideal so i think no longer to do. If prisioner I think I will let him or her free. I think this you a semblance or are seeing or are in use out by existence is stance. I think I will work this off though so I will go no or yes, to do my own ideal.

This is existence out from the wall by now. I think we're free. This I think was the last member of the doom team that has come near. Due note stop saying things, unless necessary then if to avoid getting conversation that is like a push. This is as though he or she had a push.

He didn't come back, so you don't have to push or cause the bum to go away again. He's gone now to be honest he won't come back so he won't get arrested around here. See ya around. Lesser weight is no by lease or lesser extra weight so think then work by exercise never no is yes with new deals by ideal. Because I notice energy traces.

This is another way not in overlarge of ending see oh no hard feelings, new deal that's just something a hacker put I liked the ideal so I left the point. This is due so do as you think. This was by feel now it's something that means creative approach. Use by creativity. As I thought someone defending so I will let him be or go. So think I don't then speak. Oh en vizunet.

So I knew you'd be back so I guess I will drive you away or leave you alone. I think I made a mistake though. So we hope he stays away as this is on tape.

9182567841 clinic number no hard feel I will drive him away, although on previewing I think I made a mistake that I will live with so I will do better now. This was some interesting end point by a bum, so I will add no more weight needed so I will leave this alone.

Think realize as you take a breath then breathe thin calamity relief. This was sometime ago I take breathe then calm by meditation. So I think calmly to work. Go stoic or creative then your no longer hit. To change by ideal to work with what you think by feel so you become then go somewhere. Focus to exercise then think your no longer moving as you move then create less weight by area interest. This is with capture by interest.

Otherwise feel where you go so you are aware. So I see this is all by exercise you can go where you want. Think better thoughts to use water area focus. That goes colder then heavier that means the water is charged. Don't have to do the rest.

e is 5
Think off use by feel you can work with others. So if you think to work or allow to live your aware.

Cleurus sclerosis clears up schizophrenia to mercy no lingering effects so there is no sign of mental problems at length. Then I think to get peace. Think or not create to stop or work peacefully I think to create is do or not is concept.

Endu endus; end the problem so continue to be okay or see a doctor. Ll stops diseases like parkins. Describe the disease then it stops. This is like parkins. Cured by ju for now. Think then do is the point unless you don't need to hit. So the disease is something, parkins cured now don't need. This means madness is no use. I am no longer ill.

Think to work with other people, as you walk down the area or street you think shift by movement where there is to see. So without anywhere to go you are not moving until necessary. See ya. This uses the consciousness to work with. Not mentioning or mentioning your free by feel.

The free ideal is over think to use with use this is by user feel; otherwise no time trap that you think to use is a time wave for the area, think to wage no war by fee or feel. This is a point you create or release yourself from, by the idiot approach or creator assisting as you find your way out.

Parkuns; to emulate the ideal for a pain or pet or human really that's allot worse the point is release that parkuns or allow things so they get better.

Net in do is to think in work. Do is health or activity running. So go with feel or ideal.
Net do is not think other use. Think in use to do.
Net ad is no longer. Otherwise nice work with ideal.
Net lll is create by area peace effort. Net out this is to stop by with a friend from targeting you. So stop by if you want to.
Bet is due right things work.
Due is no longer to due or die off things you want by feel, now that is by feel then bet the thing you work or right. Not to due.
Xua is exude or create to work or see net. No effect here effects quietly with ideal. When you think of this you don't think here by feel with area work. As though em en no or use.

I know your ability is a fake gift or real gift is acceptable enough. Think to act as thinking to work. That is what I remember of the time. Bill Weaver was there then gone so this was when I woke up. Looking on says this fake is trying to prove the point, now that is sometimes non against another or not being yourself.

So the next time you focus positive thinking this goescto waterr lasting as if you focus your thought into weight loss water so you create less weight. Think to eat less potassium,by feel, eating or drinking less high fructose, thats to non healthy fructose instead to eat fruit or eat less salt so your mass goes down. So if you simulate the ideal motion then you can cause a person that thinks what you want.

I think the weight goes down, seeing so otherwise you will find out the stimulated feel is stomach reduction. This is by focus with fire tiring by energy use. That's the end of my tutorial so buy or go with the new deal you think to get. So what you don't see the reason until I think this is there or isn't there by now.

Wrote by calvin

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