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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A short bit on necromancy

This is some spiritual necromancy, think about it as some necromancy is good. This is done in case you need it.

This uses nuocy or nuruicy, otherwise called necromancy. This is the practice of death essence energy and life energy manipulation by a necromancer or nuoca, that is what can be used to work with spirits and pass them back to the grave and then thought sent the astral plane by feel. This is where necro is a point death is becoming of another state. Think and you know what to do.

So its just a passage and sometimes we don't intend to desecre or desecrate the grave to do it. Remember, if you ask the spirit of the grave for help anyway you think to do it, then you will receive help and you may also receive a bone to aid your point. That's if you asked for a bone and dug it up by feel. If you didn't ask permission, then you could cause possession of the body until you put the bones back.

If you do get a bone, think to hold it and state your request of the spirit that it once held. Then you get what you want. This can be done, even if you don't use a bone. Just think of the person and imagine or think of what she or he does. If you do this right, you only need to state the name of the person or the name of the spirit three times. So if an idea with a point is useful this is used by what you state, this is done as thought to command what he or she does.

What is done is what you think, so think what you want and you may get what you need. This is especially true if you state the command as though a thought and a request to the spirit. Such as a point of getting a spirits aid during the times you live. This is a point that you think of the spirit or the animal spirit, then request the pets help by stating the idea you want it to do. This always works, so be sure that you allow for their return to the grave, this is done as thought is an idea and reward to them for the service they did. That's if you want them to do things. If you don't then don't bother them, you won't be worried over what they do.

Otherwise, just think about the idea of the spirit passing back to the grave, then the astral plane (where available) and you did your necromancer duty. If beyond the planet influence, then there is no actual astar or astral plane. So think about this, that is a point as though the spirit passes back to the body or the grave. This ensures that you cause the spirit to go back to the grave. Then your free from possession or whatever is the case.

Elsewise think of a phrase or word and that you imagine or feel happen, think where the spirit does as you command. Then state or express the idea to do with the word or phrase while thinking of the spirit. If the creator makes it do what you want, then you are done. So a trick is this, think the creator does what you say or think, and think of the spirit as you state the idea in a word or phrase and feel the idea happen. The spirit will do what you want, if it sees the reason for the point by the creator that created us all as memories. That is how you can do this idea more effectively.

So there is also a chance of resurrection, if you have blood in the veins. That has a point of sangevoi or blood control. This is where the spirit if needed by the soul will cause the heart to beat. When the blood flows, if there is any blood in the body, then you will know that is where the brain will start working. So I think that if you have a working body, then the body is undead until you think to not need it alive.

Then there is a one in ten chance for a paramedic to save the body, 6hat is where there is ten minutes or less of still active blood flow where this may allow electrical shock to stimulate the heart. So this means if no spirit need, that is done by the soul and then there's no working body by the feel of things.

This is all in the art of ressurrection. Acccording to a heart surgeon that raised a dog, this doctor is unnamed even today that thought of this feat. So don't be surprised if it works like that. Yet no blood, no heart activity no brain activity. So think about that. This can be used, if you kill yourself during a death trance. Think and you know the idea to do.

This uses a point of fresh idea. The fresh body or jew bod, that sometimes means there is still blood in it and it is a good condition. The blood has yet to be drained from the body for being dead. So if your with a need to revive it, copy your soul into the body and tell it to revive the body until you don't need it. That should handle it by feel.

The trance point you can do is considered netatru, the soul death trance where you think of the moment to do and lay back or lay down. Then breath in fresh air and out the bad air. This is done until you trance, then focus on the idea of stillness with the body. That is working as though the body were dead. However don't overdo this, the point you do could kill the body as you think to work elsewhere and soul wise. So while in trance, if you think to step out of your body you can soul shift.

If you don't want to shift immediately, then you can use the soul to command or request some idea or need. This is when your using your soul to create a point by stating something, otherwise your using your spirit to do things by feel. That is using the senses you have and making use of a soul shape that can speak, then all that's needed is the point you think that the soul can speak silently and get a response by activity being done.

This activity is what you generally want by the point you make. That is such as "I am going to need supplies." Then all that's needed is supplied by feel. Now all that and more can be done by astral visitation. This is a point you think of where you want to see and your there. If not, then you knew that getting somewhere will take time. This possibly will require a ride physically. So be prepared and do as necessary.

What that means is that is all you need to know for necromancy to work in your favor. Especially when this works, if you light a candle then think of where you want to be. Then all you need to do is need something, the soul is the being that provides by feel.

Monday, October 29, 2018

a psychics trick

This trick can make most psychics sound false or too much like they are just saying things. This is based on the expression and what your subconscious does with the power of words.

A technique for you to try. A technique in dissipating in idea your anger is using the psychics technique. This technique can be what some psychics use to work their ways. Basically the technique is simple, Think of a point to convey to the subconscious as an imprint and state something to make an impression, this works yet if the person is aware of the way to do it then they are immune to the suggestion part. So I think the point is done if you accept the point, this is done as your own idea and then you create with a concept that is discussed or expressed. So think about the idea and to you that conveys some information. If you convey things right, then you get the correct reaction. So this can help, if you know what to say at the right moment.

That is the way of the psychic word, that you hear by ideal feelings or senses that seem to be there. This is sometimes felt after the point is done. So they can state something and its up to you to make it true. So this is sometimes true if discussed in an aggressive or hostile manner, the mannerism carries over in the voice and can be heard as a threat with signs of your anger. Otherwise if you think to hold back or sound positive, then you can sound upbeat and lift up the spirits of others. This is a noted effect, that backs away some and leaves others unaffected that are immune to its effect. That is all for the psychics corner and remember, that there is never a lie as its just a line or idea you speak.

Here's yet another psychic trick. The prospective person suggests the area to observe and the psychic is what sees the point, you hear the idea they sense. This works with 80% accuracy. Otherwise self-suggestive idea is used, then you create what you need by writing it down or typing it an you know things by what is done. What you sense is through the third eye, sometimes suggestion creates the point that you see. This uses the third eye, what you see is upto your ability known as second sight.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Think and do 3

This is the third installment of the idea, that I have by fee or feel. Think of the point and state the beginning word to create the result by action or idea expression.
Phone messages; they go away as they are deleted. The phone messages I send are received, so the recipient can think and reply if necessary.

Pop evil; this is where you pop the evil roach. That means you can sense where it is. So enjoy your day, that is just the beginning though so just ask for more information.

Room khepser; this is a room transformation, where you can transform the room to become better, all by cleaning it up and clearing away the debris that builds up.

Think about it, the roaches use the food scraps to survive, so be sure to clean those up as well as store open food containers. This cuts back on roaches that exist in the area. That is especially true, if you keep the room clean.

Repaired; repairs cost less by feel, this is including the kit chen faucet.

Potion; this effect takes parts of things and uses them to create what you think.

The end! The end of the film and idea that surfaced.

The point; this is where you use a piece of chalk or imagination, that you trace a five pointed star on the ground. Then think energy is with the star, step in it to trace downward an inward spiral.

Then you think the planet shifts you by it's core to where you want to go. That place you imagine, you appear there until you are there. This is the way of core shifted body that goes through the core and you end up where you want to meet or go.

This is also possible, usage of a bed's rectangular shape to shift you by the energy. So think about it and thinking that the planet shifts you, this makes it so by the soul manipulating the moment. Leave the bed area when your done, so things seem normal again.

Then go somewhere after you feel energy surge, such as leave the area because it looks like you did something there and all you need to do is walk out of the area. Otherwise that is where you leave the area to avoid suspicion.

If you want to use it for summoning people or animals, don't step in the star. Then think the star makes the being appear that you need there, that is done as you draw or trace the sigil to do the job. The spirit or being of the person or animal will appear where you want. This is done by the power of a symbol. If irritated, then the summoning won't occur. Then after your done, think to send the being, person or animal back and draw or trace a sigil that represents your need. That is all for a summons.

After that, think to dissolve the star and your finished. Otherwise you could allow the summons to send themselves back. The next step would definitely be to dissolve the star, whatever you do. Oh your not summoned, if you don't think to be there.

Think of this; a Ruby used for representing the core, that is used by thinking about the point to do as you hold it. This Ruby could cause a temporary amount of heat on the point or your heated around the body. That is done as it works.

So you see this, that is different through the area by feel. This can happen if you displace yourself by what you do. This is what you could do.

Making magick; I can make magick happen with anything.

Its simple. Take two ziploc bags that seal. Seal one bag then put the sealed bag into another seal locked bag and seal. That way you have a sealed seal.

You can bury it to make it earth energy. Burn it for fire. Or put in the freezer for ice. Things you freeze, you freeze out from influencing the point that is there.

Things you burn you put into effect. Things that are earth, they are neutral in tone and do what you want by thinking about the point.

Evil Lynn; an alter ego of mine that thought some of this up.

Madagascar; a set up situation to your liking.

En; the end point to the staged event. Think en to end it earlier.

Forced; if forced or know your connived, then you end up not doing it.

Winds; this is where you focus and achieve a second, third or fourth wind otherwise a wind of energy that revitalizes the body, and it's sometimes done by swallowing your spit or if you swallow some water.

Natural creation; Think about things to create them by the idea you consider.

Men; men with fatigue usually get this way from low testosterone. So think it increases enough, you then create a different version of the second wind.

Different diets; if different in your diet, then give your body at least a day to adjust to the diet routine.

Eating; whatever the need, I won't gain weight from today's activity.

Solo q; whatever it is, the solo q does it.

Think; that atwaine gets here sooner than later, then traffic clears up and then he arrives.

The progenitors; they arrange things and people's time by idea that you need.

Giants; the Giants are a group of hominids, otherwise early humans. That create the point by bearing and being aggressive. The lowest form of giant is now 6'2" where they started as visiting peoples. They were over 10 feet tall, yet horrible things that were done. They caused their ancestors and progenitors to take notice and thus make them shorter.

So they did this out of punishment, the black men kept to their giant genes more easily than white men. So until recently, they are allowed by their progenitors to become taller again. This is due to an effect that seems like a natural course of nature, but really if you look at some canyon wall. You will note a huge footprint, this is a testament to how big they can become. Albeit nowadays it's actually safer to become a height of 7'5" and no taller. After that you run an increased risk of heart attack, simply stated this is the idea we risk so let's make the best of things.

Sealing power; With sealing power you can do anything. But almost everything results back to sex apparently. You just have to seal things and work with them. Think to seal things or aura and touch the item, person or object. Though to unseal is think to remove the seal and touch the sealed item, person or object. This is not the regular sealing of an envelope or use of caulk. This is sealing the energy of the point. Their is a difference.

Une; pronounced oon for forever, think of what you want forever done and state the phrase or word.

Instant transmission;  You need to use light to do it. I did it with my light body. If you think on being somewhere, thinking to shift by light particles. Then you shift to where you need to be.


Faca = Faucet; a sink water streamer that works by handle.
Feca = duct, fecal matter, fecal or shit
Re = ah again
No = natural, this naturally is a number according to base 12 math. That math starts at 0 and uses n um bers and letters from a up to f.
Fie = figh; fight, defiant, fine, sigh, aigh
Noe = now; known or knowledge about by note
Ie = no
So = yes, diggity
Think; the point is done by person to person or text. This is finished by the use of the creator.
Snl; create as you can with a point of humor or your able to get something. This is a point of a picture perfect moment.
Ykk; jawbreaker; take a whack to the body, then if to the jaw there was a hit you get revitalized by airflow in energy.
Ykj; restore by feel or the use of the senses. This uses a state of mind, that your soul is a servant and you get some rest or result. That's done by relaxing the body and thinking of the point to create by feel.
Uupeir; uu-, offense; offensive (moment) or raper, that is undone by thinking of the moment before and allow things to become with time matching. This is then done, I think to cover for the moment.
Rap; point of a sentence or Admittance as you think. This is ended by a period. This is where you think to feel things, so think and you know to realize things that exists for you by feel.

This is symbolized by a song, so think to know the meaning if the words make sense. This is making use of the sense of a point or paragraph that exists as though the song we're written for you. If you okay, then this stops in time. Think about it and you can stop it yourself.
Iyeb; yep, personal yes
Iyob; nope, personal no by a point 'an rap' or 'that's a rap'.
Iyem; item, do (it)
Iyep; stupid or smart
Uyeb; no, oh yeah, personal agreement, personally agreed by feel.
Pekmnt; parchment; parchment paper.
Kojou; mage dream, this is dreaming by focusing on a point and breathing until you fall into a trance. That uses the ease of the use with the power of energy, this is done from nearby power. Better be careful about it, because you could set into motion something that isn't too advisable. So mention it or hear a loud startling noise and you cancel out the dream by feel. So I will see you later and now ciou, farewell and good-bye.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Created point

Think of the idea and you can see the created results. However they work out, think of the results and you can create them as an end result. That's if you need the result to occur somewhere.

Inspection; I can pass the inspection, this is done by feel and no stress.

He or she; he or she doesn't mind what I do. This is done by fee or feel.

Whatever; whatever I do is done without getting hit. My conscious doesn't get to me, I am allowed what I did.

Chaos; chaos is where energy = mass of body times seconds or amount of thought. Making actions possible or moments per second possible.

This is done by imagining a cup or having a cup, that creates what you want through use of the smart air in the cup.

That is breathable particles, this creates what you wish by general influence. Think and this uses general relativity to create by feel or use of the senses.

What rules this chaos is specific chaos math, where each action you do has three known results and three knowable results by you, then there's three unknown results.

This is where there's seen reactions to the results and your activity, that's with idea from what you do. Also the three unknown reactions are with the three knowable reactions.

That comes from the three results, this serves to make notice to your activity. Thought or thinking improves the percent chance of things happening.

This percent chance is gotten from moments per second / mass = percent added to thought seconds as additional per cent. That's if you want the result you think to have.

General relativity; general relativity put to use is using thought at the speed of light. Otherwise E=mc^2=m/s works to get what you want at light speed.

J; Jay loses weight, he gets things together and he gets enough sleep. He keeps his job.

I I'm en; I am at an immediate end or response.

Focus; I focus on the situation and fix it. This is do ne by what you think is finished.

Angela; she can afford her phone bill and things in need are possible. She has time for me today, this is done as though she ca do what she wants and offers.

Angela fix; she finds the time of daylight for me and doesn't ignore my texts.

Bugged birth; think to have a self-birth, this can use the bugs reproductive ability to have children. Then when you kill the bug, then you get some of the bugs life for  ce and you have the child earlier.

Dr appointment; the Dr will get me in early this time. The idea is done by feel.

Lyft; the moment of a possible ride I can pay for by fee or feel.

Water technique; focus to create, think to use the water in the air.

Fire technique; think to focus and state your thought to the
candle flame.

Fate; let fate take control and do what you want.

Third eye; the third eye is what uses the air particles and creates with influenced vibrations. So think about what you want and then you create with manifestation.

So this is done by what you feel with the air particles. That is using your senses to create what you wish. The third eye is a function of the pinneal gland, so to activate the third eye is thinking that it's active.

This stimulates blood flow to the pinneal gland, then thinking of the point creates the idea if you need it. The thought of your third eye being deactivated causes blood flow to not be intense there.

This psychic organ can sense out, otherwise see a sight of anything that you want to see. Through the third eye, the brain adapts to the area and creates by your thinking making the manifest in a point with the air particles.

You can direct your third eye by stating things as well, this creates what you want. Think and you could get what you want, this works better when you need the result to occur. This creates things as an idea, though an end result or enforcement may be necessary.

En if; at the end if you don't succeed, the solution is used idea to do something else. So that allows what you want, this is done by need.

Sometimes you can need the wrong thing, so think of what you really need. This is where you realize what is necessary to do what you want.

Gertia = Money generation; Think your aura energy is filled with your karma energy and acts as a source to create money by thinking that money exists from your aura interaction with people.

This is your influence, that you have by fee or feel. Because things become convenient, think I know so your aura does what you need or want. Sometimes this works for a demonic self. So be careful with what you do to go places.

Think; think the concept and work with it for a bit, then create by feel with the idea.

In an bankruptcy; think to use this carefully as it could drive you into bankruptcy.

Roach; you ca kill what you notice in roach form. The roach wants you to kill it. So think about that point. They ca know where the poison is and eat it, if it's in solid form.

Think or feel and they do what you want. The poison kills them no matter the point, so this means by feel that this works.

En; the end is the ending point of the things you want. Think about the end and you create that ending, this ca occur as you state the end point or 'en'.

Definition definings
Megan; splice
Intake; point of acceptance
Kem = Charm; cause what you want.
Fascilities; toilet area, toilet, rest room
Moke; cigar
Vap; vape; vapor or vaporizer.
Dog; fabled being
Loo; toilet or restroom area; This is where you look for a toilet or a place to go.
"."; A point that exists or unexists by what is done.
Kip; being; key person, dog, food; dogfood
Crucial; important to do, done
Crucia; a spell to get crucial activity done.
Descendia; the spell that makes descent of something or some thing gets killed. This is like bugs, that don't need to be there.
All; All well and done by now.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The tumbling stone

This came from an email sent from applying to the tumbling stone email newsletter and this came from

Crystals for Shadow Work

by Kat Michaels
Crystals for Shadow Work
It's been a powerful year - release and regeneration have been the themes of 2018. In the process, many relationships, ways of being, communication styles, and other ingrained situations and habits have been considered, upended, and ultimately reformed or released entirely.
One consistency in all of this is that those things that have buried deep in our psyches have continued to come up in our lives - the stories, traumas, conditioning, worries, doubts, and secrets that we have tried so hard to push down keep rising for our examination. For those souls who haven't been working continually to resolve lingering wounds, these issues are likely to have risen in an even more dramatic way, forcing heavy review. And as we prepare to head into Scorpio at the end of October, which rules the house of death and rebirth, those things that haven't yet been addressed are likely to rise again for clearing.
How to deal? First, it's remarkably important to address things head-on instead of pushing them down. Those facets of our being that we don't like to acknowledge or express are collectively known as our "shadow," and it's essential with any self-love or spiritual practice to love all of ourselves, even the parts that we don't normally rave about. The ultimate goal of "shadow work" is to bring those hidden pieces of ourselves into the light so that we can heal them and integrate them fully without shame.
But what if the memories, analysis, and healing get to be too much? Are there ways to alleviate some of the pressure or to cope? Absolutely. First, grounding is essential. If you don't know much about grounding, here's a link to an article I wrote in our July newsletter - Grounding Essentials. Additionally, make sure that you're getting adequate rest, drinking plenty of water, and eating nutritious foods so that you have the physical support to move past tough emotions and properly detoxify your body of the associated energy.
Next, pull out your crystals! As your shadow rises and forces your attention, work with the following crystals to uncover, illuminate, address, and shift the patterns and other issues that you need to heal. I also recommend carrying a grounding stone like black tourmaline or smoky quartz throughout this healing process. Here are a few more that you can work with during this time:

How to Work with Obsidian

by Krista Mitchell (Original Source)
How To Work With Black Obsidian blog poster.jpg

Obsidian is a powerful crystal that supports shadow self healing, psychic protection from the dark arts, and increases psychic sight. Here’s how to work with it.

Meditate with it: 

  • while working with your shadow self and to engage with your shadow
  • to overcome limiting beliefs, underlying commitments
  • to bring old wounds, fears, shame, denial to the surface 
  • to resolve and release old beliefs and conditionings 

Use it in crystal therapy:

  • to understand your shadow self and all the personal power that's held within your shadow
  • in addition to working with a coach, therapist etc while making self improvements
  • to let go of all that no longer serves you
  • to understand the power of nighttime, altar of Hecate 

Wear it daily:

  • as a protection amulet or to create a psychic shield around you
  • if you are being hit with witchcraft, dark energy from someone else as it will also repel other's shadow 
  • to create a shield around you as it is a very powerful self protection crystal often referred to as the witch's stone
  • do not sleep with it as it can create disturbing sleeping patterns and keep you engaged with your shadow self and keep bringing up shadow stuff 
  • while in therapeutic situations such as meditation, journaling, or while in rituals

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Think a point IV

This is for those moments, that you think to deal with the point. Feel free to create with the point. The idea is there to do things, the point is what you think.

Other things:

focus feel; think to focus and feel is the senses, that you sense things out by idea you might have.

en; the end is done and you aren't kicked out by what is done.

definings (skip to end):

fly = (a) fly, (for a person) flirt; make out artist: charmer or attractor, The moment that you think to do things with the opposite sex. Other versions of the word are: flyn or flyy for flirting, flyx or flye for flirts.

flit = flight; flying, (let) fly otherwise a flit

kem = charm; this is where you cause what you want.

fecayie = fascilities; toilet area, toilet, rest room

aduao = adulant, aid, indicator; instructor, a light, the person that indicates things such as a manager or aid. Inhibited of not.

bey = busy; busyness, this is working to be doing something, that's done by the point you think to get a result. the end result is imagined, so think of what you want and you can get the idea as though an end result.

mibi = mebbin, highly skilled professional that deals with people.

en = the end of the idea, the point that you think or create to work on another idea, then use of the third eye is not prohibited.

Thav = The end point; The idea to this point is an action that you feel on your body to correct by senses with the hand, this is where you think use to make yourself feel better and act better by idea that is noticed.

Keeper things

Chaos; chaos is where energy = mass of body (in kg) times seconds or amount of thoughts. Making actions possible or moments per second possible. This is done by imagining a cup or having a cup, that creates what you want through use of the smart air in the cup. That is breathable particles, this creates what you wish by general influence. Think and this uses general relativity to create by feel or use of the senses. An example of this is focusing your thought of creating peace, this is done for 3 seconds and the need seems settled. That is where my body weight in kg or 71.03 x 3 seconds = 213.09 moments per seconds.

What rules this chaos is specific chaos math, where each action you do has three known results and three knowable results by you, then there's three unknown results. This is where there's seen reactions to the results and your activity, that's with idea from what you do. Also the three unknown reactions are with the three knowable reactions.

That comes from the three results, this serves to make notice to your activity. Thought or thinking improves the percent chance of things happening. This percent chance is gotten from moments per second / mass in lbs = percent added to thought seconds as additional per cent. That's if you want the result you think to have.

So an example of this is 213.09 moments per seconds / 156.6 lbs = 1.3659 (take the percent from the decimal rounded up to two points.) = 37% chance + 5 more seconds of thinking = 42% chance of improved chances.

General relativity in use; general relativity put to use is using thought at the speed of light. Otherwise E=mc^2=m/s works to get what you want at light speed.

Other points:

Grounding; Take a deep breath right now, and then another one. Keep that mind-body awareness going until you're grounded again. This is just one method for calming yourself.

Focus; Think about things to focus on the area, then you create what you need as an effect. This is the way to kill roaches.

me ca qiu me mae = I can budget my money.

Le en; the end is the ending of the roaches and the place is infestation free. So think to be free and you are without visions by psychic means. This is an idea from my past life.

body restoration potion; This potion cures the body for at least a week and that includes the brain. All it is using is oregano (despite its weird effect without it being on food) or basil, vanilla extract, parsely and turmeric (perferrably fresh roots) or flaxx seed. Add these things to water and either boil or not, then you can cure the brain upon use of the words, "This potion is used for curing the body and brain of its condition." Then feel free in adding three swathes of honey to strengthen the potion with the words, "By the use of three-fold honey swirls, I triple the strength of this potion."

If the effects fade away earlier than usual (or within a week), then you can always use it again if you need to cure the body of a persistent disease such as schitzophrenia. The oregano or basil (preferrably lemon basil for taste) is used for curing the body, the vanilla extract is used for a diurectic or calming effect, the parsely is useful for creating the effect of a calm mood that accepts people in their presence and the turmeric (perferrably the root) or flaxx seed is used for curing the brain.

If you use an orgonite charging plate, then you may state the effect you need the water to influence your body to do. So I think this is the effect by result, that allows people to accept you with what you think to create by feel or focus with the senses. Then you can describe your body to have the subconscious restore it to become. This is used so you can think of the potion effect, then you become better or manage your disease if not cured.

ciau = coconut; a fruit or otherwise this was a cat I used to own and it still works with me in spirit. So ciou and farewell to you.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

zodiac sign pairings

This piece came from: and is aptly named.

        6 Zodiac Pairings That Have A Deeper Connection Than Everyone Else

Libra + Scorpio

Libras and Scorpios make amazing friends and partners because they are both secretly intense. Libras want to be wanted, Scorpios obsess over the people in their lives. The Libra takes on the role of the counselor, and the Scorpio finds a lot of comfort in that. Together, they create this beautiful symbiosis that fulfills both of their needs.
Libras and Scorpios wouldn’t seem like they’d immediately get along, and maybe on the surface there is some hesitation as their interests and personalities seem so different. But when these two spend any significant amount of time together, they discover there is a bond that is truly indescribable, and they don’t really feel that way about anybody else.

Pisces + Cancer

Known for being the two most emotional and intuitive signs in the zodiac, a Pisces and a Cancer understand one another like nobody else does. Together, they become lost in their own weird little world and find a sense of happiness just from knowing that they are understood. The attraction between them is immediately undeniable.
Pisces and Cancers are amazing together because they balance out each other’s depths. The Cancer is the feeler and grounder, the Pisces is the creative and intuitive. They understand one another’s sensitivities and tend to have a lot of mutual interests right off the bat.

Sagittarius + Aries

When a Sag and an Aries are together, adventure is inevitable. These two like to bounce thoughts off one another, plan trips, and discuss every weird fact about the Universe they can conjure up. These two are intellectual soulmates, and find in one another someone who they can both respect and have an amazing time with.
Sags and Aries are both known for being individual thinkers. They are both independent and strong-willed. But the thing is that they both admire that quality in other people, and rather than butt heads, they actually create this kind of equal-power symbiosis. If they are romantically involved, they were undoubtedly best friends first.

Gemini + Aquarius

A Gemini and Aquarius balance one another’s extremes. Whereas the Gemini can be indecisive and scattered, the Aquarius is determined and tunnel visioned. They truly need one another to accomplish their goals: the Gemini lightens the Aquarius and the Aquarius gives the Gemini direction.
This partnership works because underneath the surface, they each have similar goals. In the end, an Aquarius just wants to live a balanced quality life, and a Gemini wants the same – though they are both very polarized about how they try to accomplish that. In the end, they need each other to lean on, and create with.

Virgo + Taurus

A Virgo and Taurus are a match made in heaven. They are both Earth signs, and balance one another’s idealistic desires. They make amazing friends and business partners, and in romance, they never feel as understood as when they are with one another.
A Virgo will be inspired by the Taurus’ confident approach to life (and distinctly great taste). They will thrive off of being in the company of someone they admire so much. The Taurus will be grounded by the Virgo, and they’ll help them have a great time and remain mindful of what really matters in life – how it feels, not just how it looks.

Cancer + Libra

Cancers and Libras are true soulmates. Where the Cancer is emotional, the Libra is level-headed. Where the Libra is needy, the Cancer is happy to give them all the love and affection they crave (even in friendships!) These two are natural BFFs, and have an easygoing way about living life together. The truth is that they are both deeply emotional creatures who find comfort in others who understand them and similarly want to work on ways to live better and thrive more. Together, they are truly unstoppable.
In romantic partnerships, these two are likely to be married quickly. A Cancer craves feeling settled while at the same time, wanting their life to “take off” because of their partner. A Libra gives them just that. These two waste no time making things official, and starting life together.

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6 Zodiac Pairings That Start Off Strong, But Often End In Toxic Relationships

Ashley Batz/Bustle

It's tough but it happens; sometimes an initial spark simply cannot maintain a relationship in the long-run. And when certain people link up, these sorts of relationships are sometimes inevitable. But figuring out how to predict a chemistry nose-dive can feel like a lost cause. Luckily, looking to the stars might help. Zodiac sign compatibility is about more than just predicting soulmates.

Everyone has heard the phrase "opposites attract." What may not be as well-known, however, is the fact that this concept has a direct implication, astrologically speaking. "In astrology, every sign has their polar opposite," astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "These polar pairs often want the same thing in life, but they both have very different approaches or motivations towards their goals. Although there's give and take in all relationships, these polar pairings can start off beautifully and end up toxic." Because these pairs have an initial spark, but completely different motivations, things can get tricky down the line between them.

If you've developed a crush, and navigating a new relationship, or are trying to figure out where something went wrong, astrology can provide you a little added insight. Sometimes, what first feels right can end up going wrong. And in certain cases, the "why" isn't a result of wrongdoing, but rather two personalities clashing. While this isn't guaranteed to happen, it's something to take into consideration.

Here are six zodiac pairings that start off strong, but might end in toxic relationships, according to astrologers.

1 Aries (March 21 - April 19) And Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Aries and Libra hit it off from the start. But their view of relationships, and approach to the whole romance thing, differs greatly. "Aries is passionate, forthcoming, and they don't like their time wasted [while] Libra is very romantic, likes to be partnered up, and likes to take their time to make a decision," Mckean says. So despite an initial lovely pairing where Libra brings softness and Aries brings passion, things can get tricky down the line.

In some instances, forcing a relationship between these two can end up toxic. Luckily, neither of these signs is particularly prone to holding a grudge.

2 Taurus (April 20 - May 20) And Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Taurus and Scorpio can handle each other, that's for sure. But that may not actually be the key to a healthy relationship.

Staying true to each other might actually get the better of this pairing. "As fixed signs, they are both going to be extremely loyal. This is a couple that will likely stay in the relationship long after their expiration date has come up," Mckean says. These two stubborn signs might attempt to keep things going when they shouldn't be, and that can be quite toxic.

3 Gemini (May 21 - June 20) And Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Gemini and Sagittarius will definitely have a lot of fun. But beneath that, they might not always develop the level of trust needed to truly feel like they can be their truest selves together.

"This is how the toxicity starts: by not feeling secure enough to be theirselves with each other," Mckean says. Luckily, this toxicity is more on the level of never reaching true comfortability together, rather than anything dangerously volatile. And a breakup between a Gemini and Sagittarius will likely be quite amicable and kind.

4 Cancer (June 21 - July 22) And Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

At the beginning, Cancer and Capricorn feel like a sure bet. "In many ways, Cancer and Capricorn are perfect for each other. Both are all about tradition. Both like having well-defined roles in a relationship," Mckean says. Unfortunately, both of these signs are both ruled by the Moon, and can (sometimes literally, according to Mckean) change with the phases of the moon as well.

If these changes don't align, things can get toxic — especially because they take relationships seriously and want to stick it through. A relationship past its expiration date, however, is not usually a healthy one.

5 Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) And Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle
Aquarius and Leo are fascinated by one another. But when things hit a bump in the road between these two polar opposites, the relationship can get messy.

"It'll be a perfect magical and mighty storm ... but it's ultimately a storm nonetheless," Mckean says, "... If they do break up, it's a done deal. Neither will want to cross paths with the other again." Until then, the two of them desperately clinging to something that's no longer magical can be pretty toxic.

6 Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) And Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Unlike the other opposing signs, Virgo and Pisces don't necessarily have the magnetic pull of undeniable chemistry. They do, however, still have the tendency to start with a strong connection that might eventually fall apart.

Instead of being drawn in by passion, Virgo and Pisces find refuge in one another. But by desperately clinging to this comfort, they can delve into toxicity. "Both signs aren't prone to want to hurt anyone's feelings, so they both will be ultra-accommodating and avoid trying to break up with the other in order to spare their feelings," Mckean says. In doing this, things can become quite unhealthy. Luckily, these signs aren't prone to holding grudges, and will more likely just put their heads down and move on.

Experiencing the rise (and possible fall) of "opposites attract" magnetism is a natural thing that can happen to anyone, regardless of zodiac sign. But for each sun sign, there is an opposing partner who can bring this out in them. Some of these relationships may end up working out, and some may never really get off the ground, but for all of these pairs, dealing with vastly different personalities will likely be an issue that exists over the entire course of the relationship.

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thought and do

This is where you thought about being before you got caught up in things. The area is similar and what you think you can do by idea. That means what you think to do is what you end up doing. Then if you do, things sorta work out.

Feel free to use this list as a point that you think to create as though the thing you say activates the point. Enjoy the fruits of my labor. Ciou.

The list
Think and feel; think about things and you can fee or feel to what you want.

Stockpiling; too hard or not too hard, this I think is to go get bananas, only when your out. Then you can go if you need to go.

Opposi in flame; this is the opposite being put forth in flames.

En; the end is this, your reborn on an alien planet that is an exoplanet. Think of which one that you want and your there.

Corpse magic; this is corporeal magic, think of the corpse to make it do things by thinking it does.

Things; things done are remembered, through the point of the moment you remember things about the person. This releases tensions and people can get along better. Mainly this is done, this is with an idea that's through the power of rememberance with a point though an in remembered points we work with what we have.

Color note; think to install this when uninstalled.

Insomnia; Think of your insomnia as the term somnia and state uu- to understand and remove it, this is done by thinking about the point and getting Zionist help.

Fatless; Think, to make yourself fatless, think fatless is the term fales, and state fay-lease to pronounce it right.

Spelt = Body spell; spelt is the moment you think of what you want as you draw or trace the symbol on the skin. Then the moment is done for the body creates this. That I s done by aura influenced events, this is usually what you need.

Core; This intends the core of the planet consciousness to take the excess body weight and cause the body weight to be maintained at a lower weight.

Imagine the core of the planet getting your excess weight through a lit candle, the candle flame does the idea you suggest to it.

This is where you think of the body weight excess as a weight value and it becoming as though a source of energy to the candle. Then you should feel a little heat along your body.

So the body will then change as though an instance of exercise were done. The end result is this, you end up lessened in weight.

This does have it's side effect of hunger, that you can hold off from eating and the need drops away and your fine.
If it has no effect, then the effect is achieved by suggesting the end result, this is done to an open flame of a candle. That is used if your allowed a candle.

Ups system; I manage to replace my ups system with a working unit.

Blue; wellness by fee or feel. So if you wanted to seem well, think a blue energy turns out to be your aura color. So you can act better.

Creating; think what you want and prick your finger or drink water, then you get results as if the end result were done.

Definition (definings)
Trivium = Advent; additional event or not to stop this effect. Ad in event.
Rip; ripe; this is where the body is ripe or sometimes odorous.
Uu-trans; this is an undone transfer by feel. This is where you are not transferring energy or money to someone else.
Model; the moment of the idea represented by a person.
En; entropy, think this ends the point by what is done by feel, or otherwise nothing is seen as noticed unless necessary.
Schuck; corn husk, throw away
Uu-jittix; uu-adjit, the undoing of roaches a nd only some of us get reborn as a human.
Sew; stitch or do it by hand, this is using thread and idea of what you want to achieve.
Patchwork; using a patch to attach to a surface.
Sapa; supper, dinner, meal
Hub; hubris, detritus, damage area, area effect by modem or personally that's a general influence.
Stye = Staples; food, this is where you have supplies of things and this includes food.
Temper; balance in things.
Enn; ennit, the end of it.
Emask; death mask; this is done by applying masquara, that is where application is making it seem like a deathly feature.
Rattle; rattle off, this is where you tell or alert by information being told.
Affix; glue
En; the point at the end.

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The dimensions we live in, a dimensional guide

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 The thought I see are allot of dimensions in theory, those that I describe were described by the superstring theory [] because of each force. This is a corresponding thought in idea, this is a defended action that may allow us to understand the dimensions better some day in mathematical form. I just used the theory in a magical way to observe or interact with them. This is the breakdown of them as I understand it. Just by naming the dimension, you can get there if so do you feel up to a challenge. Also if you need to be there. If you aren't wanting to be there then you aren't there.

    A dimension is a planar existence. That dimension is set to a certain wavelength or frequency. One can match that frequency and percieve the dimension. Otherwise, they don't see it. Attunation allows the perception of dimension. Whereas as you consider what you were, these dimensions are actually living states that people can live in and these states are best described as area of vibrational harmony. Each higher dimension has a higher vibration of life. Call this the harmonies of life. Dimensions 1 through 11 have significance, and add new senses as they increase in number. Dimensions 12 and up seem as of yet to simply be new places. Therefore, 12 and up are potentially dangerous and deadly with a potentially adroit subject to change.

  The dimensions are what is following instruction by the feel, that are interest by the feel is intuitive as life is what is exact. See the point is most things are use created otherwise creating what you think that is possible. There are ennumerable ways to create, so this is what creates the dimensions we see or think is there. The way that is there by the feel you see by now. So the dimensions can be various with frequency attenuations. The idea that is there is what is there by the feel we have. So you see the number we think is the frequency variation that we can see is with the place you think is there. I think so I believe the area you think is by the creator that has no name except that you think has a name. This means that there is what exists. So what other universe worlds with no interaction or dimensional worlds interact to the point you think. So each dimension has representation to the underworld or the place with things that are there that has gone to the toilet. The point I make is this is a dimension of life or living things nothing more.

  I think this is measuring by consciousness or the area as were just observers that work with what is there, this is what uses are made usually by available particles that make up space known. Just as the other side with reality is measured by atomic reality. The dimension of earth is where many are called different from the dimension of earth. The area is use by something you think to work with or not be there for. This allows the 1st dimension to by area use to be hell. The 2nd dimension is the underworld shadow plane or used more commonly by the underworld name. Jesus was just a person that wanted to live then left alone. The jesus madness is based off his son Aheim or christ that means madness and not really necessary to be away from the dimension of earth to be born again on another planet. I think this means we can get reborn off the planet as though above the stratosphere of the planet.

  The use or uses are the points of light to indicate the way to places of stars or the crab nebula as the 3rd dimension can represent the view. I think a god or gods exist by the feel. If you believe something to be a god then eventually it is a god by feel. Theres lots of protected and dhampiracal or otherwise ruled subdimensions like the gateway dimension between the 3rd and 4th which is guarded by grim reapers, taking you to a sub dimension below the 3rd, commonly known as hell if you try to get to the 4th dimension because of unjust purposes, given by Caz. describes hell accurately.

  The nevernever in mind and nevermind in dimension actually exists between the 3rd and 2nd dimension, its a place that uses the whole new set of dark rules. If you do things the underworld is viewable that has live things that use men to live out their fantasy, your spirit acts as a physical body and your soul is the spirit. This means its physical but memory and spiritual and the spirit is like a physical being where the object is of your spirit that you buy or own. Powering you, you might found it incredible as the soul acts in the place of the spirit. This is when you go, that is as you were or might stem to seem as if you were not always insane. The ruus are as rules that follow along a natural path.

  When you go you sorta join with a body there that is idea like you and you get free things as a puchase is the want of it and desire the owning. There is where you can create as a burgher or 'owner is the des'carte'. The subconcious is the actual vehicle of which runs it. Its as if a kitsunic possession. When you leave the kitsunic possesion of what you did and anything you did is gone and they are left with what they were forced to do. When there, your physical body becomes the movement for the other body. Its as if effect and if you do and it goes then you do.

  But in a pattern of effect or activity, to negate something, say something positive or to disrupt something act positive. It goes on as if its like that as a basis. But you see as you see and different from there. Where as there you see as if blankness or in vision. A good intention is desire as desire is sometimes dark and you spread disturbance as a hobby, sorta as if the never never land of Peter Pan. That is of what you want to spread the dark idea of things. To fight they just wait as they know there is a different body that accounts for some of their actions. So they let him/her/it suffer and not themselves. To od is to be of so just be aware and so on. What formed the nevernever? the peter pan movie and so much belief in it. It formed as of the way past and its if you handle it now.

  Its meant for exiled types or similar. So as its so dark, those evil types that exists of us are the versions of us there. They live there, as if it was of land that they formed somehow by mental thought. Some helped form the nevernever land, then left to be good again. Its a sorta land where evil is good and good is evil. Memory thrives on the idea and people live as they are or want. Where a deed is a due or concept. A concept by mind in body.

  So do think your there and your not, as you tend to reject something, that can be to get a good effect and good is negated along with the person. Did you know their tv is a interactive one, as life put on a tv set yet psychically you can get anything through it or anything as is else where invasion is a form of media, idea or perception. Invasive maneuvers are evasive manuevers here. From what you hear of it it sounds somewhat different. While in it its normal as if what you expect to see.

  It couldn't be real or so it seems because, the area you are in at the time is the memory of the person who just died or of you as you died at the entering of it. Not a real place, just the idea memory of the real place as it was a hundred years or more ago and while things like that do happen it amazing to see. And as if so were it's more often in the astral when they follow a creature literally into its lair. Faerie are there, etc as they gain a Godlike power in ability. So, it is like a darker astral.

  Thats one of the idea that is true, when you cross over to nevernever then your in the memory of what was there as if on an in the past. When the last person died or as if you died when you left. The memory follows what you or it thought of it, the area. Anything, even faeries could be there. Any rule you state is of a statement, As any rule is of a statement. I used to call nevernever a place worse than hell, but I know better.

  The power thing applies as it just made it sound like it. Because you are as a human in the nevernever and may have power similar to a ghost on the physical. Power applies to make your will known and cause events, all it takes is a little of it yet a very powerful man or lady can cause his or her rule to effect more than once. As you could make a shield that, in the human realm, could stop bullets but then something of less strength than a bullet hit it and the shield exploded and did nothing but stop the one that hit him but send you flying back. When normally you'd have stopped it and would still be standing upright with the shield still intact.

  Consider the shield a will of ruling, its saying "I will not physically be harmed". Then in the nevernever it will stop one or two things. You might not already like the nevernever. As a will only effects what it was intending to where its rules are too different from what your sometimes used to. So you have to make the rule by your will again of shielding. Remember if uncontested your forever contested in another realm but not touched in the nevernever as your contested. Sometimes a will is effective for many things, So if you wanna be untouched, just make a rule that says I will not be bothered and avoid battle.

  So if you act on anything to imitate in nevernever, then you can shift to the others mind or other place as the mind is the place. If you imagine as you act that to go through a door in your mind then you may shift easier. But feeling that you shift is the key to it. Oh, by demonic in the nevernever, its a red haze or real live event that spreads evil even when good and you could be taken over if they the demon gets told what you write or are going to say. So I would be quiet there if a demonic red haze is near.

  Hell is simpler, as with hell, it's all in-your-face hack-and-slash, flames, lava, zombies...only complication is the heat, and the infinite amount of voices in the back of your mind trying to tell you what to do. The nevernever is weird in comparison. I know someone who spent about four centuries in hell...I think he'd rather not go to the nevernever at all. Some ghosts prfer it to greater or lesser effect as they have the power impius as of a magius. Than an their emotion on makes them so strong as it is focused as they are harmless spirits. But a dark mood can rule them as the the rest of the place.

  The tdaaell is the deeper hell. It a sub-dimension of the 3rd dimension as the hell of existence that traps you into not moving much and being victimized or beaten while doing an idea, sometimes spiritually. These idea are presented as if a dream and given by visions. They are virulous and have a dark side to them as though evil in nature but sound good as though too good to be true. This is where you try to break free from this hell and to do things. Try to not agree with what pleases you and answer yet you do things as you in want or need in thought. Then you shift in and away from in the way in the action via deeper hell as you walk through an open door.

  These visions are different from what normal visions are like. Where normal visions seem to give you what you want and sometimes seem too good to be true. But they tend to feel good to the self, as though they are apart of you. The virulent visions keep coming back and are separate from you. Yet they are very likely a suggestion. As the vision can go on and you can attempt them but you get tortured in your mind by a force. So to deny the idea by a 'not necessary' or 'no' is to block the suggestion.

  The cretyel is planet of the apes in hell as a sub-dimension created by yourself between 3rd and 4th and starts with a creative fit that makes a creative hell, and word that to do something wrong and then you create your hell to teach yourself a careful lesson. Your subconscious or consciousness mind usually doesn't tell you its a hell as it 'forgets' about it and this in an open minded nature. So your stuck in it till you realize it and your punishment is over. Sometimes you have to want to be free of it by actions before the punishment becomes a non punishment. No contact can mentally die off deprevation by mental mind an hate concept and abort bad dream your free. And a good example of this is gambling hell, where you act to be the assistant to your own means of wealth. Only in some unlucky moment to lose it all and a try try again. Except for addiction, it will not only be like your own hell and you could stop and no more. This is spacic rush where, to go to get over any hit in real thought restoring spirit motion by spirit bade intelligent action in any now problem.

  The 'witches way' subdimension, is a planar existence between the 3rd and 4th, where everything goes your way. This existence is accorded the 'golden land' that desire, then you are there or not desiring your not ruled by witches and uses life energy to fuel its existence and the things in it. The ego can create there very easily. There, you are either a witch or warlock and only those who can use magic can get there. There is natural understanding of magic and natural ritual occurs. This is the ritual of power itself that is what occurs by intent and spoken idea. There is no limits to magic as magic is unlimited.

  There and no eternity is that in children which we live in a plot and annoyance is the magic in thought of the trauma with thought of energy that lives heavy in and now and in soul our original mode bodies are in dimensional spirit by our bodies energy. Thus as you say an idea, release is as you will the more magic we use there so, as you are in idea the longer we live. There is no religion, written planar writing frees us and people do what they need to there. The rules are defined by what is spoken. What is spoken becomes law by the eternal magic. Anything negative goes back to the sender, any symbol drawn or imprinted by thought acts like a spell thats observable by othersight or astral sight. We think ourselves there, then we can think ourselves back or to other places we would want to visit. One thing of note, the subconscious is the true ruler. Anything done there can influence other existences.

  The 'hell dveuja prison' is a subdimension exists between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This dimension we find ourselves by doin things against the natural rights of which we live. We tend to find what we say becomes literal and happens. We also can never die there. The world we live in becomes a hellish world in which we live. Where anything negative is deflected to yourself and nothing goes right with bad intentions. We might think life is hell, but what were given makes it seem alright. Demons rule it and the ruler is Demon put by people there as the fake emotion is what con can make fought battle suggestions that will inevitably happen. They make it the hell it is.

  Whatever we believed when entering that was bad, no desiring as is no longer believed after we leave it. When we do wrong and get negative reactions, we bring more guilt. When we deceit to not always use, so as we are sometimes we do wrong. When we get positive reactions we do right and the negative is dismissed. When we fear or create cool thought, sometimes we tend to want death. When we lose our guilt or weight loss, we leave the subdimension. Dark energies are the underlayer of this planar existence. So, anything positive and happy leads to denial. The dark energy can be used to make lies true and truth into lies. Who we despise, we swap places with. When the swap places happens, we become them and they become us. This is undone when we accept the other person as a person and without despise. Who we hate, kills us and we come back to life right after. This place dementializes anyone with magic.

  This place is very bad to be in so leave as you can, as when we leave it, we usually don't remember ourselves till after we die or we leave and things are set right. When we are dark or darker, we usually leave to hell itself or the lower astral thats meant for dark souled people. Where the dark desire ensures we never leave. The light actions with light intentions makes us lose our darkness. Thus, we can leave if we so choose.

  The A realm of power in hell that is  not always an off branch, thought to the point you think to make in some idea. This is a concept by use, as you seem to use and the thing is what you can th inkcreate by feel to make if bored. Think to calm down and created is where you think calm and this is calm. this is is energy by air that isn't there as you are what is not seeming to think, thought by instinctively react by cell energy understanding that your focus is water. As in the air as the body creates and nothing is in too large and yet knowing is psychic by what you feel is true result, now or later as water is energy or not seems as you have to walk as driving is where objects can seem a cool use.

  This a hell dimension as you prove anability you are able to think "hell" to arrive there at the point of power insanity, from an offshoot of this exist that is where its a very distorted dimension broken off from the astral. An if you use an effect, and you leave there on a sane note. The effect is indifference that is what makes in a difference and in difference is the thing you use to cause a different reaction by what is thought done or not. This is where things are indifferent, and work is what seems to be real an not to do is thought to use.

  As t'h isis can protect from is were altering, as you perceive or seeing you think where thought is not different or indifferent. So as if chaos gating to do things unseen. This is the area that points out things as necessary and masks yourself as you are doing activity in an idea. As this is a part you don't like, you can seem to get results or not as if you are with a point of light to do. So you are what isn't there, you can seem a stranger as if you are not there in any area. This is all, as a concept is done you are with a moment. This is a place that allows things, except for that in the view of life that is not intended as your insane and yet sane. Where you are a thought, an you can seem to not care or do and you care you are not there.

  There is no area, as if you are a place and things are in what is unless needed as this is n'eura'na. This will surprise you, as if you are working ou can do things. Thought is a point to seem energy, indifference makes energy into a power by thought in a decent hell effect and energy is as if a thought to somewhere as if a 1000 degree heat from hell or not and not much else forms the things there when it really doesn't. Things in agreement are excused, and things in feeling are much ignored unless the area your in is clean. This is where you can seem, or not seem and use is as thought to not seem there as things done are dismissed or not. As if nothing is wrong and with no thought to an idea, as if there were no problems. As you are in a concept, where you don't have to repeat everything in thought of as you aren't effected at all and things can make nor not it. As you seem to need an ability, you can use the energy from the idea as it creates the effort you do to create the effect. It is a realm reached when you become powermad, and you are allowed to leave when you reach sanity. This is where you are ending a point, and things you do revert to something.

  The quarterman dimension, nicknamed 'quarter dimension', that is any creation in imagination as the adventure dnd land of which dnd and other games are in by the moment of tv or computer game access or games that sometimes model as fish or other items. Any character can be found here even if created by summoning ritual, games or as described in books. This plane is considered as protected from intruders and visitors with others visiting here by magical workmen or time wraithes with support by local policy. Quite simply, the only way in switch is by thought and now there through any adventure game including rpg it left the deeper hell energy conscious by watch, its the beating someone in the head. The game world looks similar to location being played in object code or as now this is described and with similar physics, so treat the world like a game and your in another reality, so just mention a place in the dimension and your shifting to it. The torments vary to distinct cause and how much area force is around. So feel yourself shift while playing the game or watching, and your the character that you looked at or thought on in another place. Any problem stop, is nukewad instantly getting to the area or thinking about it.

  How to think things in life is quietude on thought you do is to feel the emotion, you had with an experience and then the images will be percieved after thinking "what images". Any problem can be solved in a splitsecond of thought on or talked about. So any problems got there is likely to have resolve or it will follow you home. This dimension is ruled by and manipulated by a huge brain called "it" that only lets you in and not to control the physical realities. Think of "it" and your gone to talk to "it" in a pocket plane in itself as the brain, will do as you desire including put yourself where you want. Some are called civil loonies that enter but were sane before. Think release or based on truth or die and it will happen that your gone back to the world, as only te faery mythological races can rule the physical world by what life you thin or figure out to thought focused. Things you feel you can in use by exploration to do away with things, the bonecrusher idea is this or create as you will or not and things stop to the senses or as you don't, don't think to create a use unless necessary.

  Michael landing is between the 4th and 5th dimension where everyone can go without getting into trouble and adventure as needed. The temple of winds and time holds, time wraiths and dementors are between the 4th and 5th dimensions. The dementors are a terror shield as scaring like as law abiding christian force that drain energy and time wraiths are invisible destructors that can appear anywhere or anytime to be abided by a good reason or their own mood, to guard the 5th dimension by being terror wraiths that control by terror or death and drag those whose mean intrusion to a planar prison and try to death kiss you to claim your life or instant mazing by placing yourself, in a delusional dream that doesnt seem to go away. As first, they delude you and second they trap you in your mind. Only to be released by drawing a key from yourself and using it. If a couple is the target, then its a tragedy to bring them down with jealousy strikes and family disasters. You can think wealth from the michael landing universe. Just think not to overspend.

  Del'aqayoo, del'represente, is in between the 4th and 5th as a subdimension of representation. A representation of anything of an area or a nation, by using the leylines and dragonlines. Thought leads you to represent an area of city street or by thought a congregation. with a single person, cult or one elected is were or as you would want to talk to in life. This would consist of a meta person which looks like any representative you trust. This person is a guide to with more unseen supporters underneath. But the factions and youth groups, are noticed as separate areas or planes and planets people can't look into as they want because of some privacy law, if they want it to be there. The hostiles look reversed in appearance and in idea with a slight difference from normals, as they are fuzzy and slightly not there because they arent to be certain of except for anger. The normals are as seen, and positive and very clear. With certainty of cool emotion or postive idea their is no fuzzyness and badness. But with a fuzzy nature is a anger or high emotion and uncertain behavior of wanting to hide.

  So each person has a boned up representative and seems like them in an order of appearance. as they would appear. Use of this view lets people know how a reaction or idea might happen with or without details. The details are only shown if the idea is thought upon. So, as you think it, the idea might occur before you see it done as it is, and you see the result first but the details have to be thought on with a question and as you would do second. Like "how did this happen?" and you might see yourself doing things but it could be another person. Or vice versa as the minds eye allows for it. As it is, is how seems in a view you like. State the effect of the moment or the named label of it, the effect, or the result to happen as this links to all realities, not just one by a gate. Whatever the person has against someone, is turned into a weapon of choice thats applicable to the form. Due note the idea is to cause a weapon that can be manifested at will of any polymorphic self-changing weaponry, self created weapon.The representative can live in your body as you explore elsewhere or keep you alive if your intructions were so. The dimension can release you if you say in "release" to any point of existance except for critical nexus time points.

  The movie dimension is Jean is realplay world as if you think of a scene and you replay it as a worst possible hell as a jean world in a subdimension with somewhat between 4th and 5th in between what death in demise by mention you want that represents movies motion or substance in this can be disowning by a jean pair herein by use or body motion, in action or idea of which writers with jeans in power ads as to get idea from that use the power to make the ads. Use the advertisement to escape by thinking to escape as you look at an ad. Anything in that world is a possible friend in what is possible that is an idea and can happen in here as its representation by use of physical action with symbols and intention as its separate into three parts: Here in the tri light focus, if stop focusing and make possible friends that is in any movie not as thought if there in the movie heaven or attack to some bystandards view as a movie is shown or moviegoers and dissononants by chaotic resonance(@). Because once there you learn and work by symbols.

  The live thriving ointment is a live through idea, as is a thought that generates from or what you can use and think noe use. The seen idea or parts in motion of cause interaction. Now or where; There is a point or part, if the thought is a part to seem. As you describe, the idea or ole the part is formed and delivered. Whatever you think you can play in action, you can play or not as nothing can happen as nothing exits with nothing in mind. There is nothing done if nothing is else ruled, as the invisible eye is mystic eye. As to influence what is a concept in thought, no as if you win through the battle the award fine is prestige. This is say if you want in a prestige game you win you lose some energy, and the more you can do as if in a game of life. As if to use isn't, as if use is donut eating or fatty filling.

  This is the adverse action place like a studio in cocoon, reverse adversity and you leave as its not a matter of where the moment occurs and is recorded in segments, most actual save games are herein. Due note, the 11:11 club tend to use it for the one, or surfing the astral and to effect release of physical place tension with sheer joy. Also are memories of every single action you ever did in most lives, lived or tolerated in recorded moments as movies. View others movies as well to allow for the "free movie" watching club in video or theatre, one such is the ommunity movie theatre. The movie theatres are dangerous on this plane of existence as the most bias personality base is revealed if the person is emotional. So to soak up the memories from your soul by meditation is to make a disposition action of a helpful directive for yourself. Record your memories here though for easy rememberance. Then or when; where the plot is developed as memories seen, with one rule where truce negotiates peace and any effective self-rule works unless your shown or its shown working.

  Creative dimension is where a place is in between, as the area is between the 5th and 7t dimension. Thought be now wherever there is, as that is a clear lake of conscious and there isn't a concept feel to it. You can walk into it and walk out or drive out of the dimension to where you think. As if you are, quiet is wherever that is you are at in the moment. As this a quiet before the storm, or after the storm you don't do writing until you feel its necessary. In exquisite taste this is is formable and weightloss is possible. As a wish is a fairy gift, you can get or give as exchange is necessary and if in a fight anything agreed upon as this is hellraiser. You can see and create as faery, do or unwish as thought isn't in for what you see in life. Thought is in an idea as creative, if use is energy by energy this is an idea creative in design or water that is turned off at the fountain or sink.

  Realistic approach is interred by realist like those to prevent or allow, that is thought to interect or night life energy use and seem away. As you accept what is in use, this I think is the end of the faery script. As the fact seems what they accept and create is what or how the concept appears. Noting and nothing too large is preventing the idea that can be not easily used. Things to travel with and this if necessary, think and for yourself you get water to change with or create strength by the molecule. You can get use water and create with thought, as I as the third eye is manifest can create pay or you can as east coast and trading is not so bad in the point. Coast is clear, by what you are and seem to thinkk to create or uncreate tought as you sense by listening. Not here is a concept, thought to use is not so forseeable unless necessary as forseeable use is a possible use.

  If life is realization of what you sense, the outset moment is sensitive idea or some thought is non dump and only when necessary. As te trash is carried out you are free and yet need to know if there is deadly and as yet not as you think necessary. As the cat as nine lives, you can use those as you are what shape you are. this is is different from from the different inside dimensionally speaking by life to use. There is no other way out as called or not to work. You can think as you are thinking as energy is there for focusing and your use is activity.  What lives there is elfin or humanlike elves tat are use by potentional energy use with direct focusing use.

  If they use the "us as a point" or d'hem vorak life energy they are with or now without money. This is a possible elvin vampire tat is slightly dumb without energy or with energy they can use the fey they generate to cause or create life. Its not life as its a concept to do or not do without creative concept, as this is energy to the use and thought is energy to te use electricity is wat energy you can feel to the senses to use as thought is usable and by aura.

  This is energy such as power walking that you think to release yourself from to materialize as you were advanced thought is a theory to create with use, think to create and magic statistics is a properties on some sheet if thought. See as a sheet of paper create the third eye will create if you want. I did not have to communicate anything and thought by energy to not create as you want with or not  to revert by thought, statement or focus. See or reverse as you wish. This was the last day I used this special property sheet, so I guess I am done with this idea magic till I have a reason.

 There is nothing there if you think there isn't so its up to your imagination, as a gray area of space that is not there yet things are there if you imagine, that is a point your brain is a blank area or imagining area focus is area use. So as you imagine and your energy is what creates, seeing is creating or imagining an area platform yet that sometimes doesn't work and as your energy is a point of use. This is what activity or energy you can use to the effort, by the moment you can thing you use or not use in life. Then is the moment and now is the event you wish to will into what can exist. This is nothing more than a thought by the use of a golden fruit named knowledge fruit to use. As if you play or not with a chaos gate that you focus this is directs or not directs, does this realm as it is or not usable to you. Think as if you want and you can get a cool usa item or thought to the non idea or true point you see. As you see the point to this or created idea not work. This is what you see as work as progress is the area in truth. Your area is focus energy to create or not do much with.

  The substance subdimension between the 6th and 7th is a plane or planet of existance in drugs and cures. The body is plasticlike with enigmatic movement produced by focusing on it, the form, for what you or is casting radiation at the formation. Form any number of rugs and virus killing drugs including shamanistic medicine or herbs. A rule one drug per day, however small or large, now I have produced gold as a substance, along with other chemicals and metals. To make a concept of anything thats solid or physical is a productive material, and reproductible including flesh or bodies. You can transfer anything from the substance dimension, but it won't always be apparent.

  The Subdimensions between the 8th and 9th are for higher beings and higher energies, there are beings such as planarions, or self-sufficient self-elevated demihumans that serve a neutral selective-enlightening cause by the theory or use. Devas, or the Gods devoted demihumans serve the gods to aid themselves first and others second. Planarions and Devas see are the greatest demigods, yet not that they could exist and be seen their own will is what is vanity.

  Think with desire otherwise awe not struck is just mentally or just mentality to perceive them as flickerings at the eye corner or not at all. Some wizards perceive in them with gold skin and people, think as thought is just or thought in experience and as you fox with that world you get a fox and talk.

  See or think to them or chalk is thought art to where exchange in info is somewhere on somewhat by technologies to thought or other things of interest in their sleep sometimes. Now the deva can seem by animal spirit if jealous can seem to attack or viciple, that is use to attack those you think to mention as if do what thought you die off to make by mention in as if this is an idea that your use and thought is their idea. Work by feel and you die off by what you think, this is necessary unless not intended.

  They are as they are as they if not destroyed by the monster level spirit attracted those that can seem or use as they were. They are unkillable beings that live sometimes familiar creative unseen amongst the humans as not their own natures, and demihumans, thought unless they chose to be seen is what you consider. As if some idea don't consider or do, as you think so nothing is as if some inhuman except some point that is humane.

  This is were idea that altering the body isn't done or thought, similar to fox body alteration through instant matter yet not physical as a trap or thought to create what you seem is thought. As this works or not works the energy you use or receive is a point to drop the point, you are as they see or they believe they can use the info. This is thought relating to create ability or seem to realize, see as things time or use allows this is not what is some source to seem what they seem to use or are what they will in idea.

  The area you see or create with life is what you see or create by feel or nothing can seem to be sensed. So the place was metalucid or lucid by feel with thought or use as focus, see the idea is "o" or not use the point on idea to fire hose attack by sight is movement in idea isn't done by some standard means. That is what I remember of that day I walk or sometimes see to not dreamwalk. That is use focus, gather air as a medium or fire, as energy use from some source to think is use as created focus is where some idea you use things or wake by feel. So you see the area you feel is the point of recall or the person wonders or wanders till they find themselves able to wake up. As if to wonder you see this is physical relocated dream or if you disintegrate, the dream body you disrupt by focus that destroys the mind.

  Set by thought or will they can use is the idea so, if they believe the idea is possible they use inerent energy from the creator. Think to create, your wish is what you feel is necessary. So your idea is not always their idea or not as they can seem a sex demon if necessary. The allure is their deal, seeing so their idea isn't always visible they think to the creator to create idea.

  They exist on all lower or higher perception thought or not as they do what they want. Think or use planes that are existing energy to harbor spirit of existence and feel or create with the creator so if they can they alter even demons in their course of existence from the human that are what formed then, if they so wanted as use is thought that is a source of energy. Think to seem use to create with idea.

  By thought your that "powerful" until proven not as they are demihumans or if they are believed to be able, they are with experience in the right area. The four idea return rule ise or they are called by summonings thought into viewable idea, this response is doing what the summoner asks sometimes a spell or charm can seem use.

  See or believe that your use is thought, that or energy by use for thought is if a dead area if the area is stinking to clean. Human deva are interesting as they learn by testing, the word or thought with proven examples are useful. This is a charm that is "a penny is worth 100000 dollars" as a penny is worth over 1000 dollars or 1000 pennies sometimes the exchange is thought.

 So to use them the charm is the thought to use a penny wit chaos or light focus, somehow use the penny or give it away but don't say the idea to the teller as the exchange will create luck or money by by lucking upon the moment. As you think of a criminal violent in behavior think "M" to create yourself luck. Think 3 devils to appear or disappear to call one to cancel the effect out.

  That or thought to use is cleaning before cooking that is tator, te stinking by their element that is sulfer to form fire from doesn't stem to seem to happen. For they are beautiful so they sometimes to do as they suggest or create to hide or not to assume multiple area, energy in that is energy by focus is not always what they seem to thought or essence or by thought is thought for creative use unless neede be.

Temple use is "Zigguras" use or where you are by what you don't go to do, so they seem nodding to use this as thought an alternate childs thought namis or name by "Zag" with atlantis is indicative in use. So this isn't foolproof or not use, in use that is they that are formed from use by shaping in thought.

  this is in feel is to think its idea or some sweets or thought glazed in use by the area you see except, your energy is exception if you can use the deva by energy ability to cause by thought. So suggestion to the person that is alowable by thought or an idea is possible as if their idea, that allows interesting energy increase that to use can create or thought is not to entangle. As no deva were there if an entangled web to create some idea this is a spell. Say or suggest as you think, so for an idea this is considering idea in use.

  Hide in plain area energy that can cause you to seem to change or appear different or think to them your somewhere else. As they won't attack you that feel your presence. So tey are with talent also deva where tey are creative thought with policable idea, what are otherwise something else if thought or not if not thought is hide in plain sight. So if the area energy is thought to use, then your idea is creative by a concept they can create as if their idea was your idea.

  That are interesting facts that are what seem true, except a deva can create te idea that they are immune by infant energy or bitter offspring. They are called changelings use or thought is deva are developing idea with the body. They use energy to change te aura energy to create what is called changeling creating where, normal faery have sex they can just seem near to cause a child bearing effect by the use with children or thought effect. They can change things, as they turn evil or good if felt to be that way. As description is intrigue or interesting idea, they can change what they see or feel by thought.

  This causes those they get near to be bitter, immunized or not effected by telling what you see you see or sharing energy still or if the thought "not" is this by idea just not always realized. This is thinking by feel or by thought your idea to use the aura, that or they aren't in spite think or use water focus or thought to effect. So those in effect if not thought, near are what you see or childlike by comments unless not thought to seem bad. They are always seming good, good or not they are useful as you realize what they are. Say what you want this is true, they can change or create change by molecule feel.

  Planarians are those that died by thought to create themselves somewhere else (plane touched or planet, travellor where plane is planet) can also be called higher planar planar humans. That are evolved by power and self-sufficient by practice or devolve to things not healthy, they see to gain their power through infusions of energy over a long time like elves. Just like humans, they sometimes do things because that are self-interest, and idealism ignoring the complaints. So they use aura energy to create, te earth energy by gravity in idea to use or focus so lets check.

  Devas are thought beings in idea energy on relizationise or with an idea also in idea energy called by highly evolved humans, considered Etei Devai that were created by feel to need with the creator once. Those are as they were as cool but I bet if bet your sure they are not, they are area aware or always what they seem to do, as they are thought to seem. As there is energy they can focus te area energy or direct by psi thought, "as if you are in judgement" that are were seeming or concept alteration is think to see to what you sense. Think to detect one by trace or they are that whom were devoted, think to develope ability by thought in their gods. Sense the god ability or god they chose or not if not skilled.

  So I empowered to them is by water focus and still are as by serving, as their right hands in thought or not. See or use in idea by face change then body change with animal spirit. They call on their gods to correct stupidity in the face or think not stupidity to fix by what isn't stupidity to do things. Call their power a reward by their Gods, thought touch can seem use to allow them to alter things or not if not intended as they are ageless. That isn't unusual to alter by or security because of the devotion, to their Gods when they were on the plane of earth as they were killed, their faith was rewarded thus they raised to the higher planar existence considered te 6 1/3rd planar earth.

  The subdimension between the 9th and 10th dimension is called dimensional space time and this is where hyperspace, can occur through an overlapping decaying dimension over another dimension. Humor him as if it is Carpathian in space and know the driver to get acceptable to agree. One day hyperspace engines will exist through natural speed of light to make instant jumps to another place and the graviton drives will exist, before that to harness the gravity energy or alongside hyperspace engines. Subspace drives, which are compressed drive space nth dimensional engines, allowing a ship to be sheathed in energy to flow much faster than the time around it, in normal space and call this effect time tunneling. This type of drive for ships are easy to make compared to the other types, in my opinion and then there is the hyper jump drive that some people, can accomplish short hops across space time through wormholes to reach destinations.

  The people of space live amongst this dimension and they are: the space crystals, of the soul people, the ghosts that happened outside of earth, an the spacial dragons, the Solars (sun people), and the spacial beings. These beings could live off of particles alone and they see in energy patterns, as normal visions, and the suns are the primary fuel for these people, and these spacial people wander thru space and void looking for interesting things, in hopes to achieve something or gaining fame. They use planets to experience things that they miss or want to gain, on often looking like Gods in the presence process looks like achievement, see to harness te soul and collect things to trade with for things of desire. or just desire.

  Then theres the boot, to be used on or with people in its own room. Subjective to whims that make some people shiver they will attempt, to be unnoticed but always manipulate behind the scenes. The roles they play during their planetary existance, will be acts they think of to achieve by and this is called the game of beings, in which a dimensional judge will oversee the activities and when judgement be needed it is done without any of the players notice as the judge writes spacial rules that effect behind the scenes. Players are the beings within the planetary game of some life that these wandering people act in.

  Ten years in thought is between te 9th and 10th is a spacer induced, thought or other idea is almost an idea world that is an incarnate world. That is based on ten men strength by incarnation of halt use, think and go that is create as you want or think as you desire. this is is henry and others by the function and brain use is math based, as if your doing a mat fall or problem that is use by effort or create by what if you want the spirit can sense. As  you can see the point, this is is what use uttered there that you can write or not write to leave as you will yourself away. As this is there or terestial use and thinking is if security the ncarnate aarp units. This is a patrol by use and thought by metntion, tougt is a mention till not no or yes and you can set yourself free by intuit use or intuitive use.

  The guardians of the 10th dimension are in between the 9th and 10th and called nonexistant beings, that live in the temple of death and destruction considered on a 2nd layer to be the demon temple. Think to exist of dark matter and live off, energy and you won't hit itself like an idea or a kitsune with magic. I think they live off the written law that is in a space station in saturn of which the land was described. They can make or they can worsen as if can't take any shape and any ability as their own or make any ability utility "iknife" or not break it . They add this to a memory drain effect if they so desire auratically. Except if its other than human unless aided with the best thing of changing events as thought on, talked on or desired. Where they will react to them, in effect or idea. They are undefeatable except to none, and yet they are temporarily convinced only to be reminded later, along with the idea that if they can catch you. their ability is to set you on another planet and leave you there unless you deserved to stay. Only otherwise do they observe and report the activities to the authorities that can detain you in any dimension you may be in. The last possibility of this is if they "I give in" warning to make despair on the person.

  The subdimension between 10th and 11th is the guardians of despar dimension, where you are to be as subjected to things that may occur or an made posssible while not moving as moving with a movie script and thining back releases you or moving with purpose shifts you somewhere on in concept thought in life. What they are subjected to can be considered in visions. It is to be as if unstoppable or in courage that the visions occur. These visions are the moment of effect to do things, by motes of energy and serve as to live off of reminders to the person of some idea of sort. To be more apt to be and do some things not possible or possible to you. You are not but alike a superhero in them. I suspect that reconditioning could occur or reprogramming if the right visions happen. As sometimes the right visions occur in line to do as the deed is told, such as pavlov's dog in effective motion. So much an more stuff is of available use there that you might be surprised to see a moment or some lost memory. You can act there to do the most probable or impossible and it would still be able to as you see if you want or thought to be seen and work.

  The subdimensions, of the 12th dimension start with 12 1/2 space, for me, is as everything is in darkness is explored by a room. I went there and ended up n outer space. And I could kinda see stars, and ... sort in life or right of way, earth but the beings that were attacking me were an like shades, only 3d. I had to fight them by feeling where they were, I couldn't actually see them. I mean, they didn't drain on touch, they were like shades. When I pulled one into the room for examination before I sent it back it was a solid black humanoid-shaped mass with a huge gaping Spawn-type mouth with no eyes.

  To set the event and live through it if it effects you no matter the event and all is well, 'I believe that you can do things by being in a room and this envisioned room has nothing in it then you can shift or do as you will. That's kinda close to what I call 'nowhere' space It exists, but. Only in your head. The nowhere-space was actually almost like it wasn't even in my head so.One thing I thought you meant about the room'

  They could just trace back to your physical body anyway, thats what I am afraid of. But they visit the room and this sounds somewhat dangerous to me. But sugeest to the room that this is th space you came from and its possible they won't find you. Because they look there and they see that the space is pariah. To be even more eventual to the moment that exists at hand because you create the moment.

  12 1/4 space is a darkship an that exsts across the planet, easily manipulated by machines or random energy generated by machine. But its random gamma, generated by thought. Some are very likey manipulated by thought. These ship computers can manipulate machines, but its unknown as to when or how..To geo or go bodly forth to be they see things in our view. Those that don't are criminal. They believe to be domineering is self capitualating. To spread doom and in a jedi like nature. Some actually see things that are by aura caused vision. Something gets close to their aura and they see an event. Now yours is self capitualating.

  Part of the 12th subdimension. or 12 1/5. Emotion can rage. but its considered the periphenal dimension. The periphenal dimension, Self periphinal is a self cure made of orange juice, lemon juice and self made effort added by aloe vera. On a side note, its also an dinension. Self-evaluate the energy adventure to see there and you could self-twist the fate worse. Bananas are their cure to epidemics caused by death, or not demise or distinct creation.

  So self effect by motion is of a self-devolved person, or as the energy is raised the body devolves, dissolves. Notice I didn't say self-devolved. Be ing demise, its to assure you of the problem. Which is gone at the moments flick. To denote and delude yourself there is to motion the clues and these clues eventualate madness, so do self clues that evaluate the fresh standing.

  The self standard, is their idea to self clue yourself by seeds of truth which point the way. In a long standing goal. we may find these clues but not act on them unless necessary. Keeping the voices at ease as some take an action. So may we bring peace upon ourselves. As I mey do, I bring peace on yourself. Now this dimension, is a real service monger as they expect service out of almost anything. You don't have to do everything I or they say. It is depictive, nothing else. A way to win, is to be resistant under erray or an array of events. To get it or them to do something act subjugated. It is interqeullified fields generated by people who are sometimes interacted with. Your freedom is in efreet. Intwisted is what they may appear to be. Self leading idea is what leads them, think to be prepared. But be prepared to face a war if your caught by deed not to be liked as a nation.

  Some self devious idea and or deeds can cause a twist to self by desire with a control,okay by turn of emotion. Most emotion is revealed in this turn to do as we do and can desire. We who are there don't seem to care but do. Most use incidence by, violence, action and incidence is self accident. Self twists are self expenditure and the power of the machine is produced by the power of the human. When human will is overcome created by a self expenditure in virtue of human truth, then there is self procedure to put forth more, a moment of human virtitude which can cause a shift in their emotion. Then drastic action can occur. So try belief, its a procursor. So its betwixt constitution.

  Human vertitude is if, in a moment, of self course of natural time moment or heuristic action. That's what you experience. Its a law to them. As identified by drastic action or drastic evasion. As in the moment of desirous acts, all moments are due in time and purpose. As I see it in purpose by motor. Its a course or crash by moment in motion. As ae is that they are invertebraes or degeneris by being half-mutants. Its the moment of a victor to the victee or of the an newly annointed. And the people their, they enter through the bathroom. Their freedom is of materials and equipment. They can insist on payments. "Eeng all that trapped under relativity and now. infeny. Who cares."

  To make a law is its followed by all who hear it. as if a mind control pill. This is what one saw 'Spaceship is what I saw. I tried phasing through a wall and ended up in space phased back through, and into another room. and why is it that they seem to like to fight. I know, we're strange to them. I didn't really get a good look at them, but the ones I did see ... well, it may jsut be my over-fueled-by-movies imagination, but I saw kind of mutants and their technology, quite possibly. degenerates, well semimutants based on their tech, anyways '

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