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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Gomez magic

 This is where you think of the idea, then create by doing things you feel are right. So think and the soul creates with the body what you wanted. THere are some spells that follow:

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for idea with the effect and that's use of the trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

Cripple; This makes the target crippled and they are out of the fight.

Defiance; This effect is a point you do whatever you want, think and your targets create by actions of rebellious notion. They do this out of request using defiance of do it.

Sublimate; This spell turns a target into some material on the material plane, that you want them to turn into, including gold.

Sublime; This is where you think of the idea, and the targets become lithe as a relaxed person can become. They do not fight.

Slackreicon; This is where you slip and black out only find yourself somewhere you want to be. No matter what.


whatever; whatever I do that's illegal, doesn't cause problems with my machines or connection to the matter what.

lizardman; it disappears by feel no matter what as though sent away by feel with love or good feeling overwhelming its needs..and senses

ring of fire; this is where you think the aura sends out a ring of fire, think an it uses the fire energy in the air to do it. you can send outwardly the fore ring, that's as though it were an expanding ring that you create what fire damage you need at a farther distance from you.

poison area; this happens as you focus poison essence through the aura, think and create a poison spread to the area and targets that kills them.

link and learn; this is where you cause a construct to exist, that sends a link and your mind chooses what to learn. it can be anything that you want to know.

portal; think about the energy that creates a portal in the air. this energy makes a slit in the air, that causes itself to expand into a oval or circle you walk through to another area, that your soul causes you to exist in with ideal by feel.

summoning orb; this orb causes you to share your energy, think of the construct being there and the construct is formed that makes a summons. this can be a challenge, target or creature that forms from nothing as you need it there. it causes the summons to not exist there if defeated or no longer needed. if unneeded, the summoning orb ceases to exist.

orb of elements; this is where you cause the orb as a construct, that spreads out lava balls in a spiral pattern. otherwise, it can send out yellow fire or whatever element including poison bolts. that you want to effect the target. that runs into it or you target them by feel. 

electrical arcs; use the orb to create electrical arcs from the sky, if you think to deal some damage with lightning.

line of fire; this is where you create with an elemental orb a line of fire, that connects it to the target by fire energy. its disrupted when you think its disrupted.

tentacles; these are summoned by the orb, as you think to lash out at the target and the tentacles form out of energy. that do the lashing.

pillar of light; this creates what you think, a pillar of light that comes from the sky to illuminate the target as it deals radiance damages.

stone attack; this is where you form stone on the target that blasts apart and its dealing blunt damages to the area and targets.

verse magic; think of the idea as though a verse, need it to occur as you think of the idea and speak one or two words to create it. this works like you suggest to your subconscious mind, that's creating with the subconscious as you state the idea represented as one or two power words.

stone pillar; this is where you use a orb construct to create energy pillars of stone to shoot up from beneath the targets feet. impaling them with blunt damage.

wind ring; this is air circulating really fast around you, that pushes back the targets that get too close by you. as it deals shrapnel damage from what the wind picks off the ground.

circles of fire; think of circles in the area being on the ground and imagining fire burst from the circles. this instructs the subconscious mind to cause fire rings, that do fire damages to the targets in them.

pillar of flames; this is where you can cause by an orb construct, the pillars of fire to strike the targets.

fireball fountain; this is where you cause by orb construct, a fountain that shoots fireballs in the air that unerringly strike the targets.

fire elemental; think of the elemental forming where you want and it shoots out fire to strike the targets.

lightning storm; this is allot of energy spread through the air, that generates lightning strikes where your targets are at the moment.

fire pillars II; this is where you think about forming pillars of fire, then the orb construct makes them appera and they shoot out fire like a filamethrower in 4 directions.

elemental armor; this is where you summon a circle of elements into your aura to create a protection by the elements either blocking blows, bouncing off element effects or absorbing the elements put towards you. add +5 AC as you have this effect going on.

Blue plasma balls; these balls are formed by the orb construct, that roll towards the targets as though drawn naturally towards them and they deal fire damage.

cataclysmic strike; this is what the focus of swirling energy will do with lifting items and things like rocks in the air. then, it hurls them at all the targets.


Separated; this is where you separate the things you don't like of your body, that is done by the soul or spirit as you don't need it. think and it disappears from you, only to reappear somewhere you think it should be.

fani willis; she doesn't ruin the trump prosecution case. no matter what.

asshole; I am no longer an asshole with the keurig machine. no matter what.

passing; the manager cassandra passes me easily in my room inspection no matter what.

mgr; she is in a good mood, so she easily passes me in my room.

chain reaction; this is where you set off a concept that manifests by statement, this concept starts another reaction that sets off another reaction and so forth. this means you create a moment in time, that is repeated until you don't need it to occur by feel.

the reaction; its controlled by idea expressed as a feeling, so think and you know what to do.


eradication; this is where you eradicate the bugs, wherever they may be. that's using radiance or light energy to do it. en

release; on hit your released by what you do of constraining energy.

think; think of the idea and the illusion is gone as you think you dispell the illusion in itself. however, the illusion can display whatever you want.

energy; this energy effect is where you will things and its repeated by the energy that manifests it.


flying with sound; this is using sound vibrations to lift off the surface of the planet and fly.

judy; she doesn't mind what I did or matter what.

always; I always seem to know what I do or what to matter what.

MB; This is MB to earned money no matter the point.

judy; she doesn't mind what I do or did, no matter what.

emma; she doesn't mind what I do or matter what.

debby; she doesn't mind what I do or did.

will; he doesn't mind what I did or do.

think; things work no matter what unless not desired.


the act; the act is the thing, what you do is what you intend to kill.

creation spell; the point is something done, where something needed is something done. that makes for what you intend as you need to do what you can. think of the idea to do, then you create with a point and the body uses what you think as though an energy source to create with by feel. the idea is a point, so if you think to create with time, you make with the idea and time energy creates what you need. time energy is sentient, so think and you know what to do.

focus and create; focus upon your thought, then need the idea as you will it to exist, then the idea will exist as long as you intend it to to exist. this is the way of the matrix.

thought; if you think about the idea, you cause energy from the soul to create the effect, that is what you want by the idea you need.

shit; the idea is what you thinki about, the moment you shit is the moment you experience shit. so think and you do what you want.


think; this is where you think it was not done, then the subconscious mind makes it so as you end up reverted to the point before. that's reversion, now here is reverrsion.

The effect; break down doors by drawing energy from it as you attempt to break it down.

vision; the vision is of what is there, that comes from the dungeon itself.

I in out; this is scrysight where the third eye exists a copy of itself where you want to see what is there.

flatline; this causes the person to die in the hospital bed and as he passes away he flatlines.

I as ga; I as ga is not taken as I as gay, no matter what.

I as la; This effect is where you create for the moment make by laws.


strain; if the strain is broken, its not effecting you.

monoxide; this is filtered no matter what occurs and I don't suffer from it.

writing stuff 

Also have you ever realized a self reproducing power? Like a self reproducing AI?

I understood that fractal can do this apparently

Benign examples of self-replicating code include:

1. Cellular automata: These are mathematical models that consist of a grid of cells, each in one of a finite number of states, such as on or off. The cells evolve through discrete time steps based on a set of rules, and some configurations can lead to self-replication or the creation of complex patterns.

2. Genetic algorithms: These are optimization algorithms inspired by the process of natural selection. They use principles such as mutation, crossover, and selection to evolve a population of solutions toward an optimal solution to a given problem.

3. Self-replicating programs in artificial life simulations: Researchers use computer programs to simulate the behavior of living organisms and study evolutionary processes. In these simulations, self-replicating programs may emerge as part of the evolutionary process, allowing researchers to study aspects of replication and evolution in a controlled environment.

These examples are typically used for research purposes and are not designed with malicious intent.

for dnd

strength of ten men; this is where you increase in strength by +10 to your strength and strength related rolls.

Pillar of magic missiles; This is done with 20% energy as though an energy effect of a pillar formed by will, that forms from the ground due to the orb construct. This pillar is created and shoots magic missiles unerringly in whatever directions you wish it shot with radiance damages. There are 1d8 magic missiles formed for levels 1-9, 1d10 magic missiles for levels 10-19, 1d12 magic missiles for levels 20-29 and 2d8 magic missiles for levels 30 on.

Force bolt: Force bolts are an idea of your force being projected as a weapon. You get force bolts by expending 10% energy. Focus and know the force by imagining the force as a small ball in front of you. Imagine it shrinking to the size of a needlepoint. Now yield the force and hit the target by thinking it hits, otherwise linking the idea of the ball of force to the target of your choice. Basically as you think with ideal to do, draw a line in your head from the force ball image to the target picture. Now let go of the force ball. You have one force bolt, then it splits into 1d10 force bolts. These hit unerrigly the target or targets, think and they are instantaneously done using one action.

Wall of fireballs; Think of a wall of force, that comes up by the Orb construct creating it. Then this is what happens, that shoots off fireballs to hit the targets, that's as you think of them to be hit. This wall will shoot off 1d8 fireballs for levels 1-9, 1d10 fireballs for levels 10-19, 1d12 fireballs for levels 20-29 and 2d8 fireballs for levels 30 on. They hit unerringly. The energy it takes to make this happen is 20%.

Death ball pillar; This is done with 20% energy as though an energy effect of a pillar formed by will, that forms from the ground due to the orb construct. This pillar is created and shoots death energy missiles unerringly in whatever directions you wish it shot with death and decay damages. There are 1d8 death missiles formed for levels 1-9, 1d10 death missiles for levels 10-19, 1d12 death missiles for levels 20-29 and 2d8 death missiles for levels 30 on.

3rd eye projection; This is when you think of the element and gate it in with one hand, think and project it however you want with the 3rd eye. You know the effect that's done by psychic feelings or sight. That is using the 3rd eye to strike down the target with the element, that you want to effect them with and by doing this idea. 

This can last up to 1d6 rounds per combat and until put out, or not wanted outside of battle. This is where you use the power of the 3rd eye, thinking to create what effect you want or intend. The 3rd eye uses the blood energy to create whatever result you want, that's as it is the pinneal gland that does the ideal. 

The lightning trap; this spell creates what you want, lightning walls and the effect of trapping your targets between them. The damage of the walls are dealt only as they try to escape and do things with the walls.

The energy room; this is where you think about the idea and it's there. The room made by bioelectricity produced by your body and represented in your mind. You decide what you want as an entry, then they come as you need them to come. The room looks like a normal room with items, chargers and it's even complete with a computer system.

Lightning sword; this is a lightning sword created by a spell, that has a throw attack that does normal damage at first and gets 2x stronger each time you hit enemies with the sword.

Lightning gun; this is a lightning gun created by a spell in your spirit hand, that has a projectile attack that does normal damage at first and gets 2x stronger each time you hit enemies with the weapon.

yes; this is a response to get what you need. be careful what you agree to do.

Coldness; The area heat is directed elsewhere and coldness spreads through the area like a radiating source. This means you can cool yourself off in the summer heat.

Creative; This is a point you know what occured, if you think to know.

bark skin; this is where you think about the sking temporarily hardening. then the skin is harder to cut through. its like you give yourself a barklike skin and its hard like the sole of your feet. this adds +3 AC.

thought; the point is pointed out, the obvious is known. its all it really is at moment's notice.

Paladin spells:

Paladin spells are where you think to channel your God or the creator energy and use his or her energy, thinking to create a result with idea that you intend and stating your purpose or intention.

Dark control; After you attune to darkness, you can think to create results with control of the dark urges. This spell controls the dark urges in people and attackers, if they occur. You can make the attackers drop dead or they do what you want..

Command; This spell causes the target/s to be commanded, and that means they do what you want.

Compelled Duel; This is a enchantment spell. This spell allows spellcasters to compel an enemy to ignore other targets and attack only the spellcaster. Force an enemy to attack only you, giving it Disadvantage against other targets.

Divine Favour is an evocation spell. This spell allows spellcasters to empower their Weapons to deal extra Radiant damage. Description Your prayer empowers you with divine radiance. Your weapons deal an additional radiant damage.

Divine Smite; Divine Smite allows a you to expend a Spell to deal additional Radiant damage with a melee weapon attack. Your weapon emanates divine might as you strike, dealing an additional 2d8 Radiant DRS damage by feel.

Heroism; This spell allows spellcasters to instill themselves or an ally with courage. The affected creature cannot be Frightened and gains Temporary Hit Points. Make yourself or a target immune to Frightened and gain 5 Temporary hp.

Protection from Evil and Good; This spell allows spellcasters to surround themselves with magical protection against Aberrations, Celestials, Elementals, Fey, Fiends, and Undead. 

Searing Smite; This spell allows spellcasters to cause their melee weapon to flare with white-hot intensity, searing their targets on hit.  Your weapon flares with white-hot intensity. It deals, on top of weapon damage, an extra fire damage and radiant damage.

Bright spell; This is a spell, that shines really bright light on an enemy like faery fire. It deals extra radiance damages and blinds them.

Shield of Faith II; This spell allows spellcasters to surround themselves or an ally with divine protection and gain a bonus to their Armour Class. Surround a creature with a shimmering field of magic, that increases its Armour Class by 2 and the caster takes the damages the protected would take. Range: 18m / 60ft Concentration At higher levels. Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit. 

Thunderous Smite; This spell allows spellcasters to cause their weapon to ring with Thunder as they strike, pushing targets away and potentially knocking them Prone. Your weapon rings with thunder as you strike, pushing your target 3m / 10ft.

Wrathful Smite; This spell allows spellcasters to channel their wrath through their melee weapon, possibly Frightening their target on hit.  Your weapon absorbs your wrath as you strike, possibly Frightening your target.

Branding Smite; This spell allows spellcasters to cause their weapon to gleam with astral radiance, allow them to mark targets with light, preventing them from turning Invisible. 

Lesser Restoration II; This spell allows the spellcaster to cure an adjacent creature. Cure a creature or person from being Diseased, Poisoned, Paralysis, or Blinded.

Protection from Poison; This spell allows spellcasters to grant a creature or target they touch with protection from Poisonous effects. Touch a creature to grant it protection against Poisonous influences.

Blinding Smite; Blinding Smite allows you to expend a Spell to deal additional Radiant damage with a melee weapon attack and possibly blind their target..

Crusader's Mantle; This spell allows spellcasters to imbue their allies' weapons with holy power, causing them to deal additional Radiant damage. Radiate a holy power that emboldens nearby allies. Their weapon attacks deal an additional radiant damages.

Warden of Vitality; This spell allows spellcasters to heal allies repeatedly with Restore Vitality. While this aura lasts, you can cast Restore Vitality as though to heal yourself or nearby allies by hit points.

Death Ward; This spell allows you the spellcasters to prevent a target from dying. Protect a creature or target from death. The next time damage would reduce it to 0 HP, it remains conscious with 1 Hit Point left.

Staggering Smite; This spell is only available for those that want to use it. It allows spellcasters to cause their weapon to attack their victims minds with Psychic damage as they strike.

Destructive Wave; This spell allows the caster to create a massive shockwave, that damages all creatures and can possibly knock them prone. Create a shockwave of either divine or malevolent thunder, that damages nearby creatures and possibly those you target. 

Dispel Evil and Good; This spell allows spellcasters to protect themselves from Evil and Good creatures, think and it allows them to break Enchantments on allies.

Light shield; This is a spell that infuses an aura with light energy to make a shield, that protects against three attacks.

Searing light; This is a spell that uses searing light that damages the target with radiance and makes to remove debuffs the party could get. Like poison, silence, or diseases.

Undead prevention; This is a spell that can be cast on fallen enemies, that prevents them from turning into undead.

Holy spell; This is a spell, that blesses weapons with ability to deal holy damage. This is a holy light, that can dispell demons from the area.

Freedom II; Your free by the power of your deity of any condition or paralysis.

Turncoat spell; Lose your diety, but gain 2 saving rolls PER TURN until battle is completed, then gain status 'exhuastion'. Which makes small and long meditations fail until it expires.

Bogus; This causes the moment not seem to occur by the power of your deity. That's as though you dismissed the idea. Think and by dismissal, you create with the subconscious mind what you wanted instead.

faith spells

Divine strike: lightning; This is where you create a thunder strike by feel.

Divine radiance; This is a spell that causes radiance of the dawn in the area and it kills vampires, shadows and undead.

Soul retribution; Whenever an evil aligned character casts a spell, this activates. Every roll the evil aligned char rolls with -1.

Chicken vengeance; Spawn as many chicken zombies as chickens or small livestock, that you want played. Each chicken has +1 to dice rolls in every circumstance and 100% health with half your stats otherwise.

Despair; Lose your whole stored inventory, but gain 2 stat points. This does not effect your bag of holding or ring of holding inventory.

Meditation; This is where you focus and think calm thoughts, you meditate no matter the point. Breathing in and out, you calm down and if you listen to music. You create a restoration of energy to 100% and health is restored for long meditation. Half healf is restored and all energy if you short meditate.

Mastering; THis ability allows you to master or keep calm the targets you want to master in idea. They don't strike out as though it were a natural thing.

Prevention; This is where you think of what you want, thinking that's a will causes the idea and if you don't need it your subconscious causes it to not exist or effect you.

Explanation of advantage and disavantage; Things or characters with Advantage have a +2 to hit, things or characters with disadvantage have -3 to their hit. This means if you have no line of sight, you have disadvantage. Where, if you have line of sight you gain advantage. Same for dark and light area, if you have darkness, maybe through a darkness spell, and can't see through the dark you have disadvantage. If you have light, maybe through a light spell, you can see and have advantage over the target if its your turn.

Fire burn; The energy creates a burning effect, that makes one shotting the target happen to burn up the target into ashes. 

Fire transform; This causes fire energy to suffuse the targets and change the targets into something else.

Fire will; This spell causes fire energy to make the targets do what you want, that's as you focus on the targets and will them to do it. That creates a result by the spirit causing your will, and this uses the soul to create what you desire.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

misfit magic

Misfit magic creates what you see if you don't intend to get something and make it look good. Think and you know what to do.

Some spells

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. So you know what it does.

See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells that you like as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time, the effect happens for the energies will surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think.

Void; we are in illusion, it's called the matrix. It's really nothing there except energy, that is utilized by the mind to create visions of what we want to see.

Weather; the winter weather ceases itself and warmer weather takes it's place except for the north and south poles. No matter what.

Delivery; Walmart makes it's deliveries early today no matter what. I get the delivery they sent.

Thought; you know what to do with the energy so you create what you need by what you want.

Walmart; they deliver my deliveries no matter what to me quicker than usual with no problems.

No matter what I manage to get enough exercise done.

The point; I manage to get things done and with clear focus no matter what.

Ih eh ihm; this causes God to abort the child or effect you get from spells done by Muslims.

Il eh ihm; this causes cancellations of disease and illnesses.

Il uh huh; not much known about this except it can cause I don't know responses.

En ub en

In weight; no weight. Hold in stomach and think weight reduction as you drink something.

Thought; the kill is the thing, truth be told you don't have to die to get a cancellation of an answer or argument.

Spend; I won't spend too much no matter what.

No matter; no matter what I end up lessened 60 lbs.

Focus and love; think of the idea and you get a good ideal result.


Debra; she doesn't mind what I do and is willing to take me to the store on demand. She no longer avoids me no matter what.

Focus; no matter what people don't mind what I do or did.

Whatever; it's never too cold for me to walk around outside. No matter what.

No matter; no matter what I don't include more eating I include less eating instead.

Weight less; this you do as you eat less and exercise by feel.


The stranger is able to get to her meeting no matter what without problems.

Guilty; I feel no guilty conscience for doing things.

Slimmer; I am getting slimmer no matter what.

Focus; the focus is there, energy levels up, this is the end of the line.

Deadly; deadly force is not required to handle the point of experience.

Think; the point is expression that allows for the idea you want.

Space x; they have a successful launch no matter what.

Burnt out; I am no longer burned out of watching the bg3 game or exercising no matter what.

Joe Biden; he wins no matter what is done. same for the other Democrats. All except for the corrupt ones.

Em n; this means condemn not and make with in a point of expression.

I am aware; awareness floods your mind and body then it creates a knowledge of everything.

Beware; the trash is there don't come near unless you want to clean it up.

Shape shifting; I can change form as I think of the figure and focus to create the change.

Incentive; this spell makes it so the targets get reasonable replies, that's to cause them to accept what you offer and you get something in return.

Rng; random effect

True life; the restoration of the body to perfect health. Then, reviving the target you restored to life.

Nurse practitioner; I get the meeting over the phone with oak Street done easily and successfully no matter what.

Concentric; think about it and you get focused enough to do anything you decide to do.

Oklahoma ice; the Oklahoma ice melts easily no matter what happens.

Oklahoma ice storm; this is where the ice storm over Oklahoma doesn't happen.

Supreme Court; trump is not given immunity no matter what.

Kubuntu; I can load opera developer no matter what.

Opera developer; they manage to make it work again no matter what is wrong.

Alina Bologna; she gets all my extra weight.

Affordable connectivity program; they do extend the program by feel and I still have matter what.

Internet and cell phone..; I can easily afford the cell phones and Internet no matter what.

Incoherent; no longer incoherent, this means Biden wins.

En; the end is surprising..think about the moment and it could occur.

Kingdom; the kingdom of heaven is no longer on earth and the planet stays a democracy no matter what. So no kingdom on earth.

Nazism; no such thing exists now, so go on with something else.

Ubuntu; they finally fix their snap problems no matter what.

Tooth; I fix my tooth no matter what.

End; think and it's done.

Things; things are not tough to my mind no matter what.

Energy; wolfheart feels like going to helsin in the druids grove. No matter what.

Transport; this is summoned energy by feel that it's there. then you will the energy to shift you to some area you need to be.

Sheila; she allows the inspection of her housing.. no matter what.

Loss of weight; I manage to make my excess weight disappear and not come back on me. No matter what.

Klarna; I manage to pay off all my klarna debt no matter what I do.

Pictures; I can always find the picture I need for free no matter what.

Loss of weight II; all my unwanted weight disappears off my body and doesn't come back on it. No matter what.

Weight loss III; all my unwanted weight disappears from me and doesn't reappear no matter what. This is no extra weight even if I get exercise or no exercise. This works even if fatty fatty fatty is said.

Cassandra; she doesn't mind what I do or did no matter what.


Cassandra; she gives me the response I desire no matter what. I get the clear tub..

Entertainment; they that see something happen makes what they can for entertainment.

Mail; the mailman comes as early as possible and  brings the mail I need. No matter what.

Speed up; the mail event comes early on and I get my mail and packages no matter what.

Cassandra; she responds to the current management and tells me her answer.

No go; think about it and you get to go do what you want.

Tote; I easily afford another tote for putting things no matter what.

Bills; I easily afford all my bills by what I get and earn.

Items; I easily afford all my items I need by what I do or get.

Money; I get double or triple that of my bills and items I need. No matter what.

Katrina; if she does my inspection, then she passes me no matter what.

Charge; the charger used to charge the phone works no matter what.

It's; it's an idea the creator makes and if you need it created it's created.

It's in; it's in idea you get paid for your service. No matter what.

Biden; his brain stops shutting down on him and he gets better with age no matter what.

Improving; the cost of things lowers by feel no matter what.


Thought; this is a good point to end this meeting..ciou.

Wolfheartfps; he no longer is resisting by retaliation my thoughts and he does what I want no matter what I do.

People; they don't mind me no matter what I do or did.

Travis; he doesn't mind what I do or did. No matter what.

Will; he doesn't quit being our manager no matter what.

Travis; he accepts me no matter what I do or did. Even if drunk.

Felicia; she gets better with either a new apartment or her apartment improves. No matter what her life improves.

Ricardo; I no longer look like not act like Ricardo no matter what.

Debby; she takes me to the dentist on the matter what happens.

Walmart; they arrive and I get my order no matter what.

Centurion guardian of faith; this is where you think about an ancient guardian that is of your faith and it has 200% health. It strikes out at any target you want targeted.

Things; think about the idea of being in a vacuum of space. Think and imagine it, what you want is given by the void of space. This is a manifest done by feel.

Looking good; I look good no matter what I do.

Psych doctor; he will see me quickly or quicker than usual and allow me by feel to be as I am no matter what.

Train; the train in Edmond gets done quickly no matter what.

Republicans; they no longer torpedo the migration bill.

I get; I get to the dentist appointment no matter what and they accept me..

Dentist; the dentist does a good job and I feel no pain. My fillings stay in no matter what.

Bathing; I believe in regular bathing so I am always clean.

Focus; the focus is there to be sane and safe. Thinking you know allows you to know what to do.


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Finished magic

 In focus, you can finish up almost anything, so think of the idea as a project and you create what you desire with the basis in what you do. This creates a finished magic effect as I thought to "end" the idea. Some spells follow..

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for idea with the effect and that's use of the trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

thought; you get your money matter what.

sunlight; This spell causes the sun to "share" its radiation energy and flood the area with warmth.

Psychosis; I am no longer a person trapped in psychosis. no matter what.

starlight; I can control the light from a star to effect as I want it to effect.


Republicans; they are not good at governing.

democrats; they are excellent at governing.

Coldness; The area heat is directed elsewhere and coldness spreads through the area like a radiating source surge.


en; This ends the moment.

Trump cases; trump gets the criminal trials and gets convicted before the presidency election with no problems. Time is no longer on his side no matter what.

time; I have a right to do whatever I want, that's about all.

The beating; this is where you think about the idea and cause a beating from it.

Soul clones; The soul can form clones of itself, called soul copies. That create what you want and even dissolve after not being needed. These copies can form clones of energy that look like what you wanted it to look like and they can effect the physical realm. So if you think to do things, then they can guide you or do it for you.

sociex; This causes the targets to become unwilling to talk and do things to you.

weightless; no matter the weight, I can always lessen my weight 40 - 90 lbs by will no matter what. This works even if reversed.


Weightloss shift; This is where you hold an object, touch an object or think of an object. Then, your spirit shifts the excess weight to the object and as it goes, it disappears from you and stays away from you.

next door; the next door neighbor doesn't mind me asking no matter what and I get a good answer no matter what.

business; the person that lives in room 14 doesn't mind telling what he has no matter what.

of course; there is a changed weight.

an; another idea is done.

of; off the moment you know to do things.

ef; Efficient idea in what occurs.

en; if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.


ghost busting; This is using a spiritual weapon to strike out the ghosts, that exist whenever a person leaves the area.

put; this is a helm you wear, think and you know what to do.

room 14; the people that live in room 14 are not effecting me with effects I don't like. the is nice to me no matter the point.

The trick; Imagine it and it comes to you or goes to where you want it to go, that's if what you want is coming from the land of imagination. This uses the suggestion, thought, imagining things and making use of the subconscious mind.

The missed opportunities; This is things done after the effect of creating with actions and making with idea.

SS; This lowers the body weight.

success; they are completed.

I no it; there is no hitting here.

I av to go; I have to go.

U go ac t; Meaning you go back in time to your time, foca and go.


I en wi it er; I at the end with hit here.

in ef ga; This can gate you anywhere you would like to go.

Transformation; Think of the idea to become, send a little energy and the target becomes what you need the energy to transform it into.

toffer judgement; This is where you offer a judgement to make the moment.

True heal; this uses the creator to make the target healed fully.

Quantum shift; This is where you use the creator as you cause the creator to create something, this is when you think of shifting in time to where and what area in time you want to be. This works as you think shift using the dimensional energy, think and place or goto the 4th, 5th or some other dimension. Then using time as though an element, thinking of when to come back to the normal planar existence. Whenever you come back, your in that time you wanted to be in and things are as they are in life.


slickdown; THis is where you put mud on yourself and get out of the grasp of those holding you.

Court order; This is where you think to seem like a judge and order something from a higher power.

Energy golem; this is where you sacrifice by giving it up of 1 to 3 things to the creator, think and form an energy golem that can emulate any element. once the energy golem is unformed by will, then your items reappear or are given back where they left you. The energy golem, acts like you and is well behaved.

Solar flare; This is the effect of creating a solar flare, that is created by the focus of the mind to cause sun spots on the sun. This makes intense heat, think and malfunctions of machines including communications occur. The sun reacts to your thoughts, as you think and need it to do something. However, once its set into action, its caused to effect everywhere near the area you wanted to effect. Use this carefully.

Rain spell; This is where you think the moisture in the air coelesces into clouds and it falls in the area you wanted.

Snow spell; This is where you think to create the effect of snow, that's as you focus in the area coldness and moisture. Then will it to form into snow that falls upon the targets in a 50' area. This does no damages.

Ice storm spell; This is where you think to create the effect of ice, that's as you focus in the area coldness and moisture and feel emotional. Then will it to form into ice that falls upon the targets in a 50' area. This does damage to the targets.

Tornado; This is where you focus at the clouds in the sky your emotions, then upon imagining a tornado as your feeling good a tornado forms with your need for one.\

defamation; the spell you cast to cause someone to not appear so good. there is a repercussion to this, where you can get a defamation lawsuit and owe money.

defamation II; the second version of this is where you think of the idea, and protect yourself from defamation with the right actions.


Time; Time is ended.


Klarna card; No matter what, it gets processed on amazon, quickly.

Focus; the cause is done, if you focus on the idea and think its possible if neccessary.

viewership power; the power is in your hands, focus it by statements and if heard or known about. Its done if you need it done by the power of the subconscious mind.

too old; if too old, its abandoned so it doesn't matter what occurs with it.

Think; the energy of the creator raises your stats per level by the level as amount.

long range power attack; this is where you create the point of extra power, as you project your energy towards the enemy with a long range attack. add an elemental effect to your attack.

runes; the runes are what improve the effect, this is where you have 1 rune for 5% damage increase. 

force projection; this is where you cause energy to be projected and that does damage to the target.

thought; the point is the thing you get from a situation and nothing much matters as I am one.

blaster; this is the effect of sending forth energy that's concentrated energy, thinking to blast apart the targets.

done; en it is, whatever you think, it is of your own mind. nothing exists around us as we use our minds to think from the void things we need.


water; drink clean water and you heal quickly (like 10% more per round than usual) with stamina increase of +10 stamina.

mushrooms; this improves endurance.

fire view effect; this is where you see a view of people and their energy source. so with this view comes the ability to draw in their fire or add to it as its a source and strengthen your own or their own.

stat allowance; this makes your core stat as though each mod point you have be a +5% damages.


This; wolfheartfps wins all bg3 fights no matter the point and easily. He doesn't fight me no matter what.


Phantasmic illusion; This is where you think to get an illusion that effects the area, thinking to the mirror what you want and a phantasm comes from the mirror to create the illusion of what you wanted. The illusion is presented to your mind and seems realistic by the mirror being creating it. However, once your aware of the idea, it no longer effects you. This breaks the illusion, disbelieving in the illusion till it disappears. Otherwise, its stronger and stronger till it seems realistic the more you believe in it. Once gone or disbelieved, the phantasm is no longer "fed" by your belief and disappears back to the other side of the mirror as though dismissed. Illusions spells are cool, because they can effect what actions an enemy takes in an indirect way. It is still up to them how they react to the illusion. So think about it. If the targets think they were dealt damages, they deal damage to themselves, instead. Whatever you want, you can create as though in an instant moment ended by thinking its ended. This is what it is.

Electrical pool; This makes a point of electricity that spreads out for 60' radius and it causes the targets of this idea to suffer electrification. That is formed by focus and made by the creator.

Orb of consciousness; This makes in the idea of orbs created by your conscious thoughts being sent forth physically of what you intend. Whom they touch knows what you think.

Particle cloud; This effect causes particles to be very active and cause disintegration of the targets you target as it passes through as a cloud through the area. This effect is done by concentration, think the energy is active of the area as a cloud that is 70' and its formed and goes where you intend it to go.

writing stuff 

for dnd

Life effects:

Life effects are everyday spells people cast to help with work. The thing about these spells are they use life energy given by the creator that does not overwhelm you.

Purify water; This is a spell that purifies water to make it safe to drink.

Thought creation; The energy of life is used to create your thoughts into reality.

Re-energizer; This spell boosts your Energy by 100%. You can add +100 temporarily to your Energy %. That's until you use the energy up by doing activity.

Health boost; This is a spell that gives temporary HP. The effect lasts until a full rest, that's as you gain +100% additional health.

Improved effect; This is a spell to create improved energy effects. That's +25% restoration or damages for levels 1-9, +50% for levels 10-19, +75% for levels 20-29 and +100% for levels 30-.

Plant life; This is a spell that collects life energy from nearby plants and heals you by the energy, that's as you gain in energy from it. That's +25% for levels 1-9, +50% for levels 10-19, +75% for levels 20-29 and +100% for levels 30-.

False life; This spell causes you to gain 100%+constitution mod in temporary health. That's if its done by the shadows granting you, and your allies the health from your targets.

Debuff protection; This a spell to aid homeostasis. A spell that protects from extremes of temperature and removed debuff status effects.

Thought protection; This protects you from the thought life creation of others.

The energy manipulation; This effects the spells that are directed at you or your allies, you can transform it by reprogramming the energy into doing whatever you want.

Adaption; This is a spell that helps the caster and allies adapt to any environment. You and your allies can survive whatever the conditions.

Time shift; This spell causes the idea to exist in time, think and the targets can experience the idea as though it occurs again.

Time effect; You experience the effect without having to do it as you think about the idea to know. This is time in effect.

Time and again; This effect is where you cause the target to experience the same idea over and over again, that's per round as you need them to experience it. If you don't need them to experience it, then they don't.

Time restoration; This fixes the time changes that you cause, so think about the adaptions and changes and its as though you never did them. 

Evolution; This effect can cause the time of change that makes the targets evolve into something else, that means you or your soul decides they change into by feel. This is instant and done by the subconscious, that's as though in an instant moment in time. This is where you could transform a target into a cat form. This can be done long range as though you changed someone into something else even though you never meet them. This is in effect.

Stimulus effect; The response to stimulus is a trait of life, so this spell is what doubles how far you see and helps you notice things you would've missed otherwise..add +5 to your perception check. The range of sight is where you can see things by a perception check.

Deep focus; This is where you use memories of life, thinking to cause a focused improvement. Sorta like hypnosis its trance instead, yet you can wake yourself up anytime. This improves the creation of any effect you think to create. Add +5 to all focus related rolls.

False living; This spell is where you project idea onto the target's subconscious mind, that creates the false memories that never happened. You can manipulate anyone you think to do this to do what you want by feel.

Insurgencies; This effect is where you create by cause, thinking to make the idea that you intend to have as a manifest. This effects what you want, where you want and as an aftereffect, it surges the area energy to create it by feel.

Undead to living; This is a spell that turns an undead monster into a living creature.

Death to life; This spell causes the dead to be living again. No damages occur to the targets as you think about the target being alive, your thought and willing them to live causes them to be revived by the power of the creator.

Life to death; This spell makes the living targets die and they crumple to the ground dead.

Life correction; This makes the target not attack you, that's as your thought projected at the targets corrects their life in an instant moment that occurs to them. Its as though no mistakes were done by them and they are relaxed. This is as though they were smart and saw no need to attack you. This ends the need to attack and combat over. This can effect any combatant.

Life event; This is where you think of things and the targets live through it as though it occurred to them.

Enervate; This causes whatever you think about to live, that's as though the idea were a person and you can control it. The counter is "un enervate" said whenever you want.

Thought focus II; This is where you think about the idea and are entertained by the thought you perceive. This distracts the target for 1d6 rounds and keeps them from attacking. It starts with yourself and ends with them.

Inanimate life; This is doing a spell, that gives life to inanimate objects. The inanimate life has thoughts you can sense, that's as it creates whatever you want to experience for itself. It shares its experiences with you by perceived thought. If you don't want to be distracted, don't use this near yourself. You can cast this on the targets' weapons or items. They are distracted by it for 1d6 rounds. As they are distracted, they do nothing nearby and leave you alone.


spells relating to social situations:

Social gain; This spell causes you to gain a good idea of what to expect. WHere, you could gain things as they stand and cause yourself to be rewarded by feel. Think and you get a +5 to your charm and charisma related rolls.

Social reward; This spell causes you to be rewarded in some manner per social interaction.

Incentive; This spell makes what you off seem reasonable. That makes it so targets get a reasonable reply, that's to cause them to accept what you offer and you get something in return.

Extra charm; This is a charm spell that makes anyone, even hostile enemies like you more. Add +5 to your charm rolls.

Better deals; This is a spell that lets you perfect the art of mercantilism to get better deals from shops and traders.

Fame; This is a spell that makes the caster more famous. Add +10 to your charm and charisma rolls.

Defame; This is a spell that reduces fame if you want the crowd to go back to ignoring you. That negates the +10 to your charm and charisma rolls gotten by the fame spell.

Social standing; This is a spell that lets the player know their social standing, that's with different people. That is a number over their head only they can see or something.

Social standing II; This spell causers you to know by intuition what your standing is with different people. The social standing just comes to you.

Morality; This spell causes you to raise your morale by +2 through getting better results and showing good morality.

Audience spell; This is a spell that lets you speak to a large group of people at the same time. Like to warn them of a goblin invasion or epidemic.

Dialogue; This is a spell that lets the caster know how different dialogue choices, that will make the person they speak to react.

Charm monster, where you cast this on your target/s, even if a monster, then you cause them to be friendly toward you.

Friend spell; This is the moment in time, where you cause the friendliness of the target. That is thinking your making friends as you talk. This works with the moment, where you consider the point of expression and know what to say. Add +5 to charm and charisma rolls.

Relation; This spell causes your target to think that somehow your related to them. Otherwise, you relate things to something else and get what you wanted by need or expression.

other spells:

Empowerment; This spell allows you to become empowered by hit. You get the amount of damages as energy and health to yourself.

Rough up; This spell causes the target to be beaten up and have half their health.

Character attacks; this is where you think of the target and character assassinate the target, ruining their reputation and making them look bad. Put a -5 to the targets charm and charisma rolls. The targets you character assassinate, they lose interest in assaulting you.

Angellic protection; This causes angel wings to surround you and you raise your AC by 5.

DnD; This is where you cause an effect you think about as you roll the dice.

En; The point of expression you need to end is ended by stating En.

Social combat; This is debate where you attack in the point by the idea being expressed. The sound of your voice deals damage in idea or directed speech. That's where combat is the area of chat being directed at another, if its with a purpose to expose or cause blame where it belongs. This is where it gets hurtful, so think to ease the tension and you know what to do. The combatant that wins is the one that says the last comment, and the loser stops talking and leaves you alone or gives you money.

Incident spells: This is the spell empowered by fate, thinking to create with incidence what you wish to occur.

War; this spell creates peace as they war with themselves in their mind. They lose interest in physical warfare and you win the fight.. 

Peachy; peaceful as you are, your demeanor makes you cause calm by how you feel. Your feeling is projected forth and the targets lose interest in fighting.

Incident II; an incident proves to the fighters, that they should seek peace.  You win as they no longer seek to fight.

Victor; this is a spell that brings decisive victory without any bloodshed Art of War style.

Resolution; this causes the subconscious to make the targets respect each other and resolve to not fight you and your team.

Rebuilding; this is a spell that aids in the rebuilding process afterwards. Mainly it makes it happen.

Signs; Your subconscious makes the right sign to create the result you desire. This takes some interpreting yet I think is where your causing signs cause peace, so the sign of an olive tree is present in the combative minds. This causes calm and peaceful interactions instead.

Sanctuary II; this is a spell that makes anyone in an effected area, they have to get a 15 or higher on a willpower check to initiate a hostile action.

Transform; This is a spell that turns an enemy's ammunition into flowers.

Psychology; This spell causes the targets to not need to fight, as their minds present a psychological statement which makes them not attack.

Fight simulation; this is doing a spell, that turns a fight into a simulated fight. so you can show the enemy how bad, they will get beaten if they choose to fight. In the end, the opponents choose not to fight. If you roll a 51 or above on a 1d100+luck you cause them to stop fighting.

Obvious ideal; You pan out your frame of view, and think of the hidden connections things might have. Things become obvious by what you observe.

Magic whittling; This is where you turn a log or block of wood into anything you want made of wood. It makes ladders easier to get.

   Weird spell; This kills all your enemies with fate and by the power of fate, they can be killed or damaged. So this spell uses fate to kill the target, however they will die. See that's if you want to kill them. Otherwise, nothing happens.

   Fate spell; This spell is castable at level 10 or higher and causes fate to effect the targets, that's anyway that you intend them to be effected. Mention the fate spell and what you want it to do, then its done. That's like killing off the need to eat, or making them die on the spot by fate itself with a natural condition like a sudden heart attack.

Everything; This spell casts the everything has its own time effect and creates per moment what you want.

Real thought; This is thinking about things and they happen by feel. That's if you need them to occur in happenstance. 

Happenstance; Think of the moment and as you speak about it, the subconscious creates the moment as a point you express. This uses conscentration, where you happen to go into a trance state called a stance. Then, thinking by mention, you create the effect easily. Add +5 to your focus and effect rolls. You wake up from the trance by a sound.

Sharing damages; This is doing a spell that shares the damage between two fighting groups, so they can't hurt each other without hurting themselves.

Force; The moment you focus on the targets your indomitable will overcomes their ideal. Then reason makes them think to give in to your will. Make a will roll and get a 10 or above to get this to work.

Do; Its in idea that you do, so you create with a point of expression and make with the subconscious to cause what you need to occur.

Advantage; This is using a spell, that gives defenders a huge advantage over attackers. You get a +10 to your attack and damage rolls.

Fate II; This effect is where you think to do things as a point is done by fate. 

Effected; Whatever the cause, you aren't effected by the effect made by others.

Pain; This is where you focus the pain the targets have by magic, then they leave the area. THere has to be some sorta pain they feel, first. If not, then this won't work. Ghosts have the pain of death, so they leave if you focus on them and cause them to feel it.

Peaceful petition; This is doing a spell that petitions a war god to stop the conflict, that's done through the help of a peace god like Pax.

Pendulum of Peace; Cast this deep in enemy territory to initiate a peace talk by the power of the creator, that's between two opposing forces under a large pendulum that starts point towards war, but slowly shifts to peace as the talks progress. This completely resolves the current conflict until fate intervenes again. Requires level 15 to cast.

Goes does; This is an effect that creates peace where you think it will effect. You win, fight over.

In war; This translates to no war, where in is no and war is war. Think of things to create what you intend by feel.


Altar; These are materials for the Altar. So you can build the Altar or do what rite you need, and get a result from your God. This is where you create with energy and use Altar materials, crafting an Altar that appeases your Gods.

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Info magic

This is where you think about information and your need comes to you. Its like a summons, you think it its there. This I think is interesting, as you could even summon 100 dollars to you. More spells follow.

 Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for idea with the effect and that's use of the trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

travis; he doesn't lose his wallet or doesn't mind me no matter what I do or did.

trade; The deal is the trade, service for service..

travis; he finds his wallet, no matter what..

all at once; This where things stack and occur nearly or all at once.

Knowing; You distinctly know what's on it.

Unn; Think unn and you gain back all the youthfulness of your life as you remember your experiences. This works as you restore all your experience in your life or after use a haste effect and age a bit. So you unage as you become youthful and remember your all your experience in life.

ungaffe; This is where you see the gaffes and mistakes not happen no matter what.


its in efficient; things are in by efficient means.

lapis; the lapis lazuli gemstone can make the user immune to damage for a few seconds, if they touch their weapon to the ground

speech; no matter what, I don't have a speech impediment.

negative; no negative effects me no matter what.

Think; So think and you know.

I can; I can figure out any spell, that I see or think about by analysis.


eidetic memory; This is the memory that you recall by needing to remember as you relax by feel. This is where the soul brings back the memories you need to remember as an insight.

Eidetic memory transfer; This is where you need the soul to transfer memories to or from someone, this is like a computer sending files and information through a transfer effect. You can send anything to others, that's as you even can send wounds themselves. However, the brain stores the energy of the physical state and idea in the neurons. This is where the neurons are resulting memory storage. So rhink and ytou know what to do, that's as though you remember it you can react to it if it is still stored in your brain.

does = doesn't

dies = did think, did what I thought


for dnd

The cluster bomb; This is where you focus to create a construct, that gathers in energy from the heat in the area. This is thought placed by thinking it goes somewhere you want to effect. When you need it to effect, it bursts outwardly like a bomb to damage those targets you want effected. This can repeatedly do this as long as you want it to do things per round. Also, it can heal you and your party as it bombs the targets you want hurt. That's until you no longer need it or say "no" to the construct, think done and then it disperses harmlessly as it heals you.

Energy construct clearer; This effect is you telling the creator to cause the constructs in the area that you don't want, thinking to make them do what you want and disperse and dissolve into nothingness.

creator's protection; Even if not done or done, I am still or moving around protected from harm and incidents no matter what.

Poly geometry; It's aligning with true North and where you focus energy with true North for better shape effects. The number of sides determines what effect you get. This works as you imagine the shape and sides as you face true North and think of the targets or trace it in the air. 

The different sided effects are:

1 sided is a line or circle that can speed the targets up.

2 sides is a conjoined oval that causes whatever you imagine or need to happen to occur.

3 sided is a triangle that can slow the targets down.

4 sides can build up energy.

5-sided shapes lessen energy and cause lehargy in the targets.

6-sides is hexing them to do your thoughts like turning the targets invisible.

7-sides could be angel summoning or angellically created effect.

8 sided is an octogon that is used in stopping the targets.

9-sided is a nonogon used for focused energy force that deals radiant energy.

10 sides is time shifting to the time you and others want to be in by feel.


Omnigeometry;  The study of geometry in multiple dimensions or across various geometric systems. Use the 3d shapes of geometry by imagining the shape and thinking, that's done to create with it as you say what you want to the gm/dm.

The 3d to 5d shapes are in effect:

A ball causes containment of some force, targets or energy effect. It renders the target immobile and unable to move.

A cone is what lets you generate a cone of elemental force, your choice. Also, it gives you another health bar full of temporary health.

A cube causes a power source to empower the body, and the spells you do with 25% more energy or damage. 

A tesseract is a 4th dimensional hypercube that lets you throw things through walls, ceilings and floors.

A 5th dimensional hypercube causes similar or same things on an opponent that they do to you.

4 sided pyramid lets you create a masterwork, that's using one of your skills once a day.

5 sided pyramid makes all the enemies fall over at the same time. Skipping 1d6 turns.

6-sided pyramid heals friend and foe to full health. Good if the enemy gets the upper hand at the start of a fight.

Spellfire; Spellfire is a fire that doesn't go out until verbally commanded to that can melt anything.

Spellfit; Spellfit is a temporary buff to the body increasing strength and dexterity by +4 as it causes a fit of madness on those you want to  curse by your aura making it happen.

Spellfight; Spell fight could make the target attack the closest thing to him.

Spellforce; Spell force could be a kinetic force that pulls enemies towards you or knock them away and potentially off hazardous cliffs or pits.

Town spells:

Building location; You know where you go and look and you find the buildings you need.

Rain spell; This spell causes rain to fall and make the crops better and weather as you want it to occur.

Sunny spell; This makes the sun peek out by feel, you get a sunny day if you need it by the creator making it happen..

Universal translation; This where you hear or read the languages used and understand or know how to respond by the creator translating for you.

Economy stimulus; This spell stimulates the economy. The creator makes a magic field around the town, that reduces scarcity and increases productivity. It causes you to have lower prices all around and higher quality goods and a better selection.

Futuristic; This spell makes a town more futuristic and it will offer good technology for sale.

Progress; This spell makes the targets think good as you need them good.

Feel: This spell causes the target to feel good about something, think to do and they agree with you with a charisma roll.

Agreement; This spell causes you to seem to agree so the target agrees. You always seem to get the deal. This uses a charm roll with a 10 or above rolled as success.

Realization; This spell causes you to relax by the feel of energy or Ohm currents. You realize the name of the town or world. This is where the calmness and relaxed state lets the spirit find out and send to your soul, that you realize its thoughts from the idea sent.

Church prayer; This is a prayer that creates what you want. Using the creator as the source that makes the God request create what is desired. There is no limit to this spell.

Gohd; This blocks the effect that you don't need that's created by some God. It translates to "hold god", that makes the effect mentioned not occur by him.

Exploration; This spell allows you to explore the town or area and you don't get in trouble.

Relax; This word spoken makes you relax by feel. You get +5 to all your rolls.

Disguise; This spell causes you to make your appearance adjust, think of the person or being and you appear like someone you see or saw. 

Intent; Think of the idea where you think and create what you need, that's done by your soul creating what you desire or want as a need is there.

Knowing; This is where your targets are killed by a spiritual force and you can think to stop it. This happens if you intend it to occur, otherwise nothing happens..or you realize what you need to know.

Consciousness; This is where you shift your awareness to that of another body. Then instantaneously, when done you shift back.

Powering up; Think of energy generating the electro current, that is spread from your hand or spirit hands. Think of the device and its possible to power your device like phones or computers.

Luck roll; If you need to know or get to a place, you can know and get to it by a luck roll that has a +5 bonus to it.

Spirit manifest; This can create wherever you want the spirit manifest, that you direct by focus and creating with the spirit arms and hands. This can create a real manifest, that's as though you physically did it and the spirit body can do things separate. That is energy sent from yourself to create a result. Think and you know what you can do.

Warp; The warp energy is the energy projected by the spirit hands, thinking to create extra speed bursts. Think of the idea and you can be very fast, that's as though guided by the soul to not run into things.

Soul items; This is where the soul creates the items you need, think and you happen to find it wherever it is sold cheaply or nearby you.

Getting answers; This is a spell that causes charm to the person and they give a good answer. You must pass a charm roll to cause this effect as a success. Also, you have a bonus to your charm roll of +5, thinking to help you out from your soul and spirit interactions with them.

Flatulence; The spirit body does things on its own, think and it creates the spell for you without you seemingly doing it. This can physically cause a farting sensation, that makes what you want with what you have in mind.

Flat line; This causes the person on a machine support to die by heart attack.

Sage; This makes the evil in the area disperse. Forever.

Ability; This is the energy manifest from thinking of the effect, think of the need and you get a result by the soul creating the idea like an end result.

Teleport; This is where you shift to somewhere else, thinking of where you need to go and willing the idea to happen. It takes practice and when its done, there usually is a black out.

Jail shift; This is where you think of jail and sending the person there in spirit, the body usually finds itself there by feel. Release is if you think "your released" and they shift back.

Gahd; This is what causes God to dismiss what isn't liked. Otherwise, whatever the element it is its God dismissed.

Then if; if you need help you got help, this is an idea in itself.

Instant judgement; This is where you send energy to the target, then need it to cause what you say. So as you say a judgement, the energy causes what you want the targets to do.

The spirit rite; This is where you focus with your spirit and know with the soul realization. You basically, think to create an effect and the spirit or soul does the rite in instant time. Then you get a result without actually seemingly doing it.

Hellfire strike; This is where you cast 2000 deg F fire at the targets. The creator causes it to form as you need it to create fire effects and incinerate the targets. This fire does x2 damages and easily targets the targets..

Monday, February 5, 2024

Boundary magic

 Think the point to get the point, this is done to set boundaries. That you express and the person talked to could respect, as you set a boundary. The idea is you respect me and I have less stress. This is boundary magic. Some spells follow.

Some spells:

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for idea with the effect and that's use of the trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

Energy protection; This energy is programmed to create by idea you think to the energy, the energy consciousness is creating what you need. WHatever machine that doesn't work will work no matter what.

Ugliness; if you think your ugly. Don't. You can be whatever you imagine.

Think; the thought is understood, its what you think and need others to understand.

If it mentions heavyweight I am no longer heavyweight no matter what.

no matter; no matter how much it goes up in weight it goes down the same or double as the weight lessens I gain even more ability no matter what.


Love n Hatred; This is energy channeled by the soul and spirit into causing weight lessening and healing no matter what.

muscle weight; No matter what, the muscle weight lessens and I am left with lesser weight.

ensign; this is a special rank, that isn't normal.

think; if you think you get what you want as it is mind over matter.

enjoyment; I enjoy what I think is good..


Acceptance; I can always accept what I know or see in life.

Winter storm; the winter storms of january is cancelled! This is an effect of the mind to cancel out the white stuff or sleet that falls from the sky.

for dnd

Thougght; think of the round being 1 minute outside of battle.

Summons; This summons whatever you want to summon, no matter what unless you don't need it. It has 100% health, otherwise your stats and ability to create with energy that you send to it.

Draining; This is the rubbing of the spirit to the target body, that drains the life source of the target so that the target is lethargic and doesn't move..for 1d8 rounds in battle or until you no longer desire this effect.

Unrelenting storm; Think of the idea and create a storm of energy, that strikes unrelentingly the targets for 2 rounds and no concentration is necessary. also you gain 100 temporary health for 1d10 rounds or 1d10 minutes outside of battle.

Inspiration; Each successful action gives you a inspiration point and you can use them for an additional reroll.

item: Gripper boots; These boots are tough and rubbery that are water proofed, think and they can even grip ice or snow as they have spikes on the bottom.

item: Gripper gloves; These gloves fit whomever the wearer is, and its a smooth warm leathery feel with rubber gripper pads. Whatever you grip you hold.

Walking bomb; This is where you walk around and send energy bombs from built up activity energy. That's going to the area you want to effect with the targets in it. That is where you focus energy and let loose. You create a fiery bomb effect by feel.

Walking bomb II; This is where you think about farting and your body lets one loose in the area. This happens as you walk or are still. This distracts the target for 1d6 rounds in battle or 1d10 minutes outside of battle.

Area of effect; This is where you think about the element and it is there as you want it to be there. Then, it's there by the power of the soul using the creator to make what results you get. However, this can even effect those with sanctuary in an area effect. Where, there is micro and macro effects. The micro effects are small targeted effects, that effect a target. They deal more damages by x2. The macro effect causes normal damage, yet more targets are effected by feel. Nonetheless, whatever you choose to do, know that you create what you want if you need it..

False hope; If you think of the idea and make it sound good, then it is accepted by the target or targets and they do things for you.

Crazy; The point is with focus, think and you know what you can do. This spell causes the target to say insane things. If the target mentions things that are insane sounding or things without proof, then they are taken as crazy. This is a -3 to their charisma and charm rolls.

Bomb object; This is where you create with an item that you leave or throw somewhere, that means you send the energy that you build up by doing activity to the item. Then if you channel the creator's energy, you cause a energy bomb effect by it being near the targets.

Peace song; The sounds you make cause peaceful interactions. That targets no longer want to fight you.

Eggo; This is the effect of creating with an idea to goad someone or some targets to make mistakes and die from it. 

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